Chapter 09: Scarlett’s

I had had just about all of work I could take. The normal order of things had been falling down around me all day, and the call of the coming three day weekend was just too strong. “Fuck it,” I said in a half-whisper to no one in particular. I looked up at the clock and it was only one in the afternoon; I’d just been back from dinner for half-an-hour. I shook my head, turned off my computer and grabbed my coat. My boss saw me walking past his office and he cleared his throat.

“Sorry man,” I said, pulling my arms through the sleeves. Ordinarily I’d have gone without the jacket, but it was Spring and there were storms popping up without notice in this part of the world. “I gotta get the hell out of here or I’m gonna bury someone in the footing of the new building,” I said without remorse, hitching a thumb in the general direction of the brand-new factory our company was building across the parking lot from our current one. I got what we call “The Eyebrow of Disbelief” in the place of a “Oh hell no; you didn’t just say that.”

“I gotta,” I said, shaking my head. “My 40 hours are already in and I’m out. Have a good weekend and I’ll see you Tuesday, man.” He shook his head and grunted something that passed for a “Thank you for your thoughts, and you are in mine as well. Please feel free to leave early and enjoy your weekend.” Though, in retrospect it sounded a lot more like “lazy little bitch.”

Work was regressing from my mind with every step toward the door. The workers were no longer Gladys, Sara, and Casey. They were tight asses and heaving chests encased in cloth. They weren’t factory workers. They were obsessions, with barely-noticeable nipples drawing my eyes up from their shapely thighs and hips. They had ceased to be my co-workers and underlings. They had simply become blondes, brunettes, redheads, and that sultry, sexy little Asian girl.

I damn near walked into the door instead of through it. I hit the handle quickly to avoid looking like a complete ass and the fresh air hit me like a sack of hammers. Goddamn did it feel good to be out of work early on a Friday for the first time in more than three months. Experience had taught me that there’s only one place to go when it’s Friday, you’ve got some cash in your pocket, and you’re in the mood to drool over the scenery: Scarlet’s.

The bar was on the third floor of a building downtown. I don’t know what sadistic fuck decided that was a good idea, but I know that since Scarlet snatched it up a couple years ago, the place had a booming base of regulars, and in the college town full of young professionals, there was any persuasion of meat on display in the huge bar. It had gone from a third rate dive to one of the best bars I’ve been to in my life; having grown up in what was the essential party town in the Midwest, I’d like to think I’d experienced some good ones.

I was there before I knew what was really happening. My brain was on auto pilot and my eyes were soaking in the sights in the cars beside me. More than one of the girls in their Daddy’s cars made me lick my lips to keep from drooling, but most of them were a little young; hell, some of them weren’t even legal, but it’s never illegal to look.

My car found an assortment of empty spots downtown, so I took a close one. I planned on being at the bar for the next 12 or 14 hours, so I figured, the closer I park, the easier it’ll be when I try to find the car when I was ready to leave. The staircase, once dark and narrow, had become well lit and narrow. Street signs, old neon signs, and various vendor posters hung on the climb up to Scarlet’s, but the improvement in scenery from a few years back didn’t mean that the climb still wasn’t steep as shit. At least Scarlet had had the common sense to install some brass hand rails for the climb.

The place was not as dead as I’d expected it to be. Scarlet was behind the bar, looking like she just showed up and she’d probably be running the bar all night. She gave me a cross look when I came in. Her hands went to her hips, her bright blue eyes sparkling darkly. Her head shook and a loose coil of her curly crimson hair shook out from behind her ear.

“Dark, damn it. No fights tonight, all right?” she said sternly. A couple of the regulars at the bar both threw looks and then nods in my direction as they smoked fondled their cigars and went back to their discussion. My hands turned palm-up in front of me and an innocent, sheepish grin crossed my face.

“What?” I half-whined. My hands moved, most of my knuckles cracking as they traveled to find their places on my hips. “That guy hit me, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember,” Scarlet said, rolling her eyes. “I remember you fiddling with his girlfriend all night, too. You had it coming,”

“Well, I just figured if he wasn’t taking care of her…and besides, what happened to self-defense?”

“HE WAS HALF YOUR FUCKING SIZE!” Scarlet said, apparently a little louder than she had meant to, she licked her lips and looked down, her hand ambient wiping the bar in front of her.

“Okay, I promise I’ll play nice,” I said. “Tonight,” I qualified after a short pause. Scarlet shook her head and a smile wrapped around her lips, her gorgeous hair shaking with her movement.

“Jesus Christ, just don’t break anything tonight, hon.”

“Promise,” I said, sitting down in front of her. Even with the interior of the U-shaped bar being nine inches taller than the floor, I was still looking her in her gorgeous sapphire pools.

“What will you have today then?” she asked.

“Well, I figure I’m gonna go reset the high score on my game again, so nothing that’ll get me too sloppy. Bombay and Tonic sounds about right,” I said, leaning back. My eyes drifted down her creamy neck to her ample bosom and it’s canyon-like cleavage that was almost constantly on display. She had on a tight red lace top today, and I was pretty sure she was trussed up in a corset or something under it. She must have nodded, I caught that stray strand of hair bobbing out of the corner of my eye as she turned. I got a good look at her ass as she got a glass, two lime slices from the fridge, and the Bombay Sapphire from the top shelf. She mixed it perfect, as always, and before she turned I had fished a ten out of my back pocket and had it sitting on the bar. A well manicured, dark crimson tipped set of finger nails pulled the bill off the lacquered wood and she put it in the till.

“Change today?” she said, knowing full well that it was all hers.

“You know better,” I said, nodding to her as I stood up.

“Fool, Abs,” I said nodding again as I walked past the two at the bar. Fool, one of the bars greatest poets and the most regular of the regulars waved at me as I walked by, not stopping the dialog he was engaged in with the sexy brunette who was in mid-drag from her thick cigar. She nodded to me, and pulled the thick brown stub from her mouth just long enough to blow a smoke ring past me as I made it back to my haven: the game room.

The normally quiet air began to be parted by simulated gunshots and bright flashes as I wandered my path back to my electronic Mecca. My ears knew the sounds too well. Someone was playing my game, and I had a good idea of who it was. I leaned against the heavy wood of the open doorway, drink in hand, and took in the site of Scarlet’s friend from down South. She’d been in and out fairly regularly; I’d talked with her here and there. She went by the name of Crimson and she was staying up in this part of the country until summer; waiting out the weird weather we’d been having all winter long. Normally her kids were at day care and she was helping Scarlet get the bar straightened up for the night rush. From my angle, her normally busy self was shifting her weight and blasting away at aliens with the fake hand gun. I kept my eyes glued on her fine ass, clad in a pair of slightly loose jeans. I waited for the game to come to a slow spot and cleared my throat loudly.

“Fuck!” she said, nearly jumping out of her skin. “Gave me a fucking heart attack!” she said, her drawl making the profanity sound sweet, sultry, and definitely arousing. I smiled my Cheshire cat grin and saluted her with my G&T. The cool glass met my lips and the self-medication began. I nodded to her and shifted my eyes to the video game screen behind her. She whipped around and started plugging away at the aliens, barrels, and anything else explosive.

“Nice to see you, too,” I said after swallowing. I licked my lips as I took in her shape, my eyes undressing her from the top of her head to her sneaker-clad feet. I wasn’t lying; I could stare at that body all day, fantasizing and imagining. I managed to divert my eyes back to the game over her shoulder. “Hey, shoot that green thingy in the upper right-hand corner,” I said softly, the ice clinking in my glass as it met my lips again a second later. She did and the screen faded to black, a “Secret Zone” full of power ups and extra points appearing.

“Thank you,” she said, her trigger finger making the game thunder and echo with the sound of gunfire in the small room. “Played this game before?” she asked, her head turning so her eye could catch mine for a second before returning to the game. I laughed a little bit. She went back to concentrating on the game, I went back to undressing her with my eyes, trying to figure out what kind of panties she may or may not have been wearing. The game ended all-to-soon, but not before my mind let me practically feel her warm flesh under my hands as I imagined running one up under her shirt and the other checking the question burning in my mind. Crim scored well enough to get her name on the board, and she seemed dismayed that her 957,895 points earned her last place. “Son of a bitch,” she said lowly. “Who the fuck is DRK?” I looked at the screen, knowing what it would say. The top nine positions were all maxing out at 999,999 points, and all by DRK.

“I am,” I said, taking another slug out of my drink.

“But your name isn’t…” she said, thinking for a second.

“The Darkness. Old ‘net handle. Started using it back in ’96.”

“You’re fucking good,” she complimented. I saluted her with my glass and smiled.

“Not so bad yourself,” I said, giving her a good look up and down, the smile on my face turning into something other than appreciative as a twinkle in my eye joined it, completing the predatory look I get when I see something I want. She smiled and the air filled with a silence between the two of us. “I suppose I’ll have to roll the score again to take back all the top positions,” I said, pushing off the door frame and stepping toward the game. Crim moved aside, picking up her Coke and taking a swig out of it. I pulled three quarters out of my pocket and plunked them into the front of the game, squared off in front of it and got ready to reclaim what was mine.

“Always gotta be on top?” she said, sounding a little dejected. I know she’d worked hard to get that high score of hers, and it was kind of a dick thing to do, just jumping on like that, but I needed to blow off some steam from work or else Scarlet probably would have had to kick me out for life.

“Not always,” I said, looking at her for a split second before I shot my attention back to the game. In that brief second, I managed to rake my eyes up and down her body and I’m pretty sure I subconsciously licked my lips. The opening scenes of the game rolled and I took a final swig of my G&T, draining it down to nothing but ice and fruit. I missed the first few guys and got hit once; my mind wasn’t in the game. I kept seeing scenes involving a hot tub, Scarlet on one side of me, Crim on the other, all of us naked and randy as fuck. My mouth kept going dry and got wasted in no time flat.

“You sure you’re this mythical DRK?” she asked playfully. I looked back at her and she had sat on the pinball game nestled into the corner, her eyes twinkling as she taunted me. “I don’t think you are, and I don’t think you can beat my score,” she teased further.

“Oh? Sounds like a bet to me,” I said crossing my arms over my chest as I leaned back against the game. “Or is it a dare?” I asked, the insatiably suggestive grin returning to my face.

“A bet,” she said, taking another drink of her soda.

“All right, I accept. Name your terms,” I said, slowly licking my lips.

“Okay, the bet is that you’re not this DRK fucker and that you can’t beat my score,” Crim said, her accent making my pants suddenly uncomfortable. “When you lose, you get to wear a bright pink t-shirt all night and every hour, on the hour, you get to sing “I’m a Little Tea Pot” at the top of your lungs while standing on the bar.” I couldn’t help but laugh, but Crim was dead serious, that devilish twinkle in her brown eyes and her teeth were slightly biting into her lower lip.

“Deal. And when you don’t win, I get you,” I said very clearly.

“Beg your pardon?” she said, her eyes wide, the smile gone from her face as her mind crunched through what I just said.

“You heard me. When I roll the score over, I get you. Right here even, in the game room,” I said, my grin growing. She looked around, and the tip of her pink tongue snaked out along her lips, trying to wet them. “Don’t even pretend you don’t know what I mean.” Her eyes melted, I could almost hear her mind going and I could tell she was running her tongue along her teeth. Her right eye squinted a little bit and she smiled.

“Don’t know what I’m worried about, you’re not DRK, anyway,” Crim said, stealing my Cheshire grin.

“Hey Dark!” interrupted Scarlet’s voice from the bar. “You dry yet, hon?” I kept my eyes locked on Crimson’s and I saw the color drain from her face as something of an “oh shit” started dancing in her eyes.

“Nope, I’m good for the moment,” I shouted back, plunked my three quarters in and started my game. I kept my eyes on Crim the entire time, not letting my eyes leave hers. The opening sequence began and ended, and the aliens of the game started appearing. I took a hit and I wasn’t shooting back, and the color came back in her face as she turned up a smile.

“I fucking knew it!” she said, her drawl sending shivers up and down my spine. Still not looking I shot the screen. “HA!” she laughed, “you pegged a cop! Two more hits and you’re done!”

“I’m not going to get hit again,” I said confidently. I shot again, striking my target dead-center.

“Are you trying to lose?” she almost choked out. I shook my head and smirked, waiting another two seconds before shooting the last cop in the level. “That’s it, that’s all your life!” she said, bouncing on her toes. My eyes shot down to her chest and followed her nice rack as it bobbed with her body. “You’re done, buddy, that’s…hey, what the hell?”

“Welcome to the secret version of the game,” I said and turned to face the game screen. “This is called Kron Hunter Mode. Turns you into one of the aliens, and you get to kill aliens. Worth almost double points for everything and you have better weapons.” Crimson’s hands went to her pockets while her head and shoulders dipped a little bit.

“Aw fuck,” she whispered as I started clearing the level in near record time, even for me.

“That’s right, sweetie. Fuck is the operative word in that statement,” I said, my cock stirring in my pants and my trigger finger twitching on the gun. She stepped back from my peripheral vision and I focused on the game. It wasn’t until the hardest part of the zone that I felt her manicured nails dip under my t-shirt and rake against my abs. Goose bumps erupted in waves across my twitching muscles and I could feel my hair stand up on end.

“What the fuck?” I asked, as I cleared the zone. “Hey, lady, we had a bet…”

“And we never said anything about,” she started, pausing long enough to mash her impressive chest against my back kiss my neck with her luscious lips. “Interference,” she breathed against my ear lobe as one hand drifted up my chest and the other started massaging my rapidly engorging cock through my khakis.

“Fuck,” I moaned as the next zone started. I was having issues concentrating and I was missing points left and right. The more I missed, the more Crim giggled behind me. I let my left arm drop and it shot to the firm ass behind me and gave it a gentle, tickling squeeze. The giggle was replaced by a moan and I pulled her closer to me; close enough I could feel the heat start to radiate from her crotch. I kept pulling the trigger and kept trying to concentrate on the game, but Crimson was trying as hard as she could to distract me. Her efforts weren’t the only hard thing.

“Ooooh, what’s this?” she said breathlessly, the heat from her voice crashing into my neck like a drunken rhino. My toes started to tingle as she started really stroking my length through the fabric. “Must be uncomfortable in there,” she cooed. I couldn’t even breathe as I was still trying to shoot aliens, keep my balance, and enjoy the feeling of her hand sliding up my pant leg only to slide into the waist band of my pants, finding my raging cock at almost full mast. I felt her hand slide over the head, already slick with pre cum and I just about fell into the video game.

“Hey now,” I breathed heavily, sliding my hand around her hip and seeking the source of her heat as she had sought mine.

“Ease down there, tiger,” she said, licking my ear as she did. “You want to play with that, you have to earn it,” Crim mewed and pushed my hand out of the way. There was no way I was going to let her slip out of my fingers after that. The rest of the game was a blur; I was getting a hand job and her lips were everywhere on my body. I finally saw the score roll past 999,999 points and I dropped the gun, no longer caring about anything other than the impassioned redheaded nymph that had been coaxing every fiber of my body to lose.

“Well fuck me,” her voice crashed against my neck like the calm before the storm as I blasted the last of my initials into the game’s high score list.

“Now there’s the idea,” I said, spinning on my heels and picking her up at the waist, spinning her around and carrying her over to the pinball game in the corner. She squeaked from the sudden movement that or it could have been my hands; both grabbing her ass to pick her up, both thumbs tickling between the backs of her thighs, finding the heat that I was formerly denied. I set her gently on the thick glass of the pinball machine and stared at her for a second, the look of a predator on my face, hers wore a mask of expectant lust. My hands were up her blouse in a flash, unhooking her bra with lightening speed, and they kept pushing, rolling her bra and blouse up over her amazing tits, exposing her pink turgid nipples to the relatively cool air of the bar. My mouth sought her left nipple, my hand massaging the flesh around my lips, while the other moved south, tickling her flesh as my rough finger tips lightly teased, barely touching her soft skin as they found the fly on her jeans and opened it with the same speed as her bra and blouse. She leaned back, her head falling back in a moaning giggle as her ass lifted off the glass below her I pulled her jeans off quickly, pulling her panties off with them, noticing only that they looked like they had black and lace on them. I wasn’t interested in the flimsy material, though. My eyes were fixated on the fiery nest of crimson fur before them.

I locked my eyes on hers as I knelt on the floor. Her legs spread, making room for me as I started kissing at her left knee and moved up her inner thigh. The closer I got to her sex, the faster and more passionate the kisses became, the more I let my hot breath crash against the silken skin of her inner thigh. I felt her fingers start to run through my hair as my broad shoulders parted her legs even further. My lips kissed, my tongue licked, and my teeth nipped at the tender flesh between her thigh and her pussy, attacking it with the unhurried urgency that her thigh had been assaulted with. I moved quickly to her glistening box and stopped. My eyes still on hers, I edged the tip of my tongue out of my mouth, stretching it to its utmost before wiggling just the tip, moving it from the base of her slit, all the way to the top, taking an eternity to find and flick her clit with the tip as if it were the touch of a ghost. She let out a passionate, low moan, the sound a symphony to my ears as I pulled my tongue back in my mouth, savoring the taste of her.

My lips shot to her right knee, her plea to return them was a silenced whimper as I began nibbling, licking, and sucking my way to the junction of her thighs once more. Again, once I was home, I gave her an agonizingly slow, tongue-waggling lick, this time I was sure to round her entrance, flicking against the sensitive flesh before wandering up to her clit, batting at it, licking it, and fluttering my tongue against the pink pearl.

“Oh fuck yes,” she hissed in her sultry accent.

“Hey,” I whispered, letting the heat of my breath crash against her molten sex. I could see her muscles quiver and goose bumps erupt over her flesh, but my eyes were still locked on hers, waiting for them to open as the pleasure finished washing over her body. She didn’t voice a response, but the lust-glazed orbs spoke volumes. I could feel my grin creep across my face; the infamous grin, the one that earned me my nickname, the grin of a predator that has its quarry cornered.

“Don’t make a sound,” I said and began my assault. My hands, previously not touching her went to her body like a duck to water. My right hand, more coordinated than my left, shot to her chest and began caressing her breasts in turn, her erect nipples rolling between my knuckles as the hand massaged the flesh beneath it. My left hand, being significantly faster than my right, went to where it would be of the best use. My index and middle finger met her g-spot at the same time her clit was sucked into my mouth, grasped gently between my lips and batted like a piñata with my tongue. My fingers flew in her core, her juices flowing more and more freely by the second as my hand pistoned, my fingers flexed and snaked inside her and my mouth ravaged her clit.

Her thighs clamped around my head and I felt her body shift. I saw out of my one non-thigh-covered eye that she had lost the strength in her arm and had fallen down on the glass below her. Her hands were looking for anything to grab on to, one finding the tussled hair on my head, the other finding purchase on the Pole Position game next to us. I kept assailing her sweet pussy, relishing its taste, not letting up for even an instant as I tried to pry her thighs apart with my shoulders. I slowed my hand down significantly, the flailing digits still buried in her, but they were no longer stroking to her pink depths. She relaxed a little and I could hear her panting as my ears were once again exposed to air.

“Holy fuck!” she whispered in between panting breaths. “Scarlet’s gonna fucking kill us!” she whispered, trying to sit back up. She slid a little on the soaked glass under her and another squeal escaped her lips. My Cheshire smile rolled across my face and I reached up to my goatee to wipe her juices from my chin.

“Can you,” I started, pausing for an instant to give her clit a quick, heavy lick, “think of a better way to go?” I didn’t wait for a response, I simply dove back in, my hand rocking in and out of her and my mouth was everywhere; joining her fingers, tracing her lips, sucking on her clit, and nibbling the sensitive flesh beside her quivering mound. I managed to keep her shoulders wedged open this time, though just barely, and I could hear her moaning, trying to not scream.

Her chorus of “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yes! Yes!” hit my ears like a fine symphony, but like that symphony, she was just warming up. My hand left her tits and went to her mouth, covering it to keep her quiet and her breath flared in and out of her nose as her whole body started to quiver. I nibbled her harder and faster through her orgasm, drinking her juices, lapping at them to catch as much as possible before it joined with the sizeable puddle forming on the glass under her. I could feel her heat spread with her wetness as my cheeks became coated and I knew she was dripping from my goatee as well. She screamed against my hand, her whole body arching. She’d have fallen off the machine had my face not been there, her entire body weight crushing against my mouth.

I let her ride hard and fast through that orgasm before pulling my fingers out of her dripping snatch and pushing my tongue in, feeling it hit almost the same depths as my fingers. The pink bud of her clit met fresh air for less than half of a second before it was found my thumb. Simultaneously, my tongue started stroking in and out of her like an oil derek and my thumb started softly rolling and wagging over her sensitive nub. Her walls clamped down on my tongue every time the tip barely touched her g-spot, and it was as if her sex was trying to suck it back in every time it retreated to my mouth, carrying her nectar with it.

I couldn’t help but moan against her sex as she started quivering and twitching for the second time in a minute. This time I was relentless, speeding up my ministrations, my lips and tongue smacking noisily against her drooling slit as I drank her in like fine wine. I don’t know how long she rode that wave, but when I decided to let her down, her whole body was quivering and there was a set of teeth marks in my palm where she bit down repeatedly.

I pulled my tongue out of her and softly, slowly kissed away from her crimson furred mound to her right knee. My mouth returned to her sex for long enough to kiss it tenderly, paying attention to her entrance and her clit. Each touch of my lips brought a sharp intake of air and a twitch from her, and then my lips traveled down her other thigh where they left her body. I stood up on shaky legs, my cock standing almost straight up. I looked down at her heaving chest, noticing them shake with every pounding beat of her heart thundering like a jackhammer.

“Oh God, stick me with that thing,” she said, panting heavily. I stepped forward and ran the head up and down her soaked pussy, spreading her juices even more as it slid from her clit to the base of her slit. I knew if I stuck it in after making her cum like that I’d be done in no time. Crimson looked at me expectantly and I felt the smile cross my lips and I backed up.

“Not now,” I whispered and circled her waist with my arms to pick her up.

“Yes, now!” she hissed as I pulled her down the pinball machine and set her on a chair near by. She looked pissed as I tucked my dick back in my pants, but not before both of us noticed that even the brief contact left the tip glistening in the soft red, green, and blue light coming from the video games.

“Not now,” I said again, still smiling and looking over my shoulder at her as she pulled her jeans back up, neglecting her panties. I felt my dick hop in my pants at the knowledge that I’d be pounding her later this evening. My hand found my glass by the video game almost on reflex and I walked back out to the bar. Scarlet threw me a nasty look but said nothing. I knew I reeked of sex, and I hoped that Scarlet would take her anger out on me rather than laying into Crim about it.

“Well. Looks like you’ve had two drinks now,” she said. “And spilt the fuck out of one of them,” she added, an angry twinkle in her eye. I heard Crimson cursing quietly as she came out of the game room, her bra clasp evidently not cooperating with her. After a short struggle she pulled the damn thing off through her sleeve and threw it at the two guys playing foos ball. I hadn’t even noticed Joe and Chris in here, but they sure as hell noticed Crim, and then their eyes went to me. Joe rolled his eyes and pulled the black lacy bra off the table and Chris’s face split wide in a goofy grin and the guys went back to their game. Scarlet sighed heavily and poured me a glass of Jack. “You know, I try not to tell anyone their business, you least of all,” she started.

“Why me least of all?” I asked curiously and took a pull of my whiskey.

“Because it does the least good with you, dumbass.” I could only nod in agreement as she continued, “But if it’s not too much trouble, can you not fuck the help? Crim’s up here trying to get things sorted out and you’re ramming her with that fucking flag pole of yours,” she raved quietly, pointing at the bulge in my pants.

“I did not,” I said. Scarlet sighed and rolled her eyes. “Tongue, fingers, dick, whatever. Please don’t?” she asked. The request was rhetorical, and I didn’t want to get my ass banned if I broke her rules. I nodded and chose to not speak. My eyes hit the clock on the wall and I saw it wasn’t even 4pm yet. Scarlet followed my glance and then we both saw the door open at the same time, and two pair of eyes were riveted to Red as she walked in the door.

I looked at Scarlet slowly, my eyebrow arching.

“Fine. You can fuck her, but only because you two have a history together that happened before this place. None of the other waitresses.” “Deal,” I said and drained the glass. “Besides, Fem hates me and Vana views me as being the typical chauvinistic prick that just wants to get two girls at once, particularly lesbians.” Scarlet’s sigh of frustrated resignation let me know it was time to stop talking. I got up and wandered over to Red, closing the distance in the almost empty bar with no problem at all.

“Boo,” she said, her eyes dancing as she saw me wander up.

“Boo yourself. Were you a good girl today?” I asked, my tongue snaking out to slowly lick my lips and finding the taste of Crim still all over them.

“I wasn’t expecting you to be here already,” she said demurely. I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

“Office?” I asked quietly. She grinned, the smile almost resembling mine and it made my cock surge back to life in my pants. Red shook her head and led me by my rapidly re-hardening dick to the back of the bar, toward the offices and bathrooms. She hesitated a second there, and I took the opportunity to bend down and start sucking on her soft skin, my teeth gently nipping the nape of her neck.

“Jesus,” she hissed. “You are ready to go, aren’t you,” Red breathed heavily. Her lips met mine, our lips parting in their embrace to allow each others tongues to invade well-remembered paths. She broke the kiss and her eyes were heavily glazed. “Whose pussy have you been eating?” she asked meekly, her hand stroking my rod slowly, her finger nails grating against the material covering it.

“You’ll find out, I’m sure,” I said, smiling. She pulled me to her lips again and pushed me back as she kissed me hard and deep, and I knew she was not only kissing me, but eagerly tasting the remaining juices on my lips. I expected to hit the wall, but instead I was pushed into the bathroom; my eyes barely caught that it was the ladies’ room.

It was my turn to break the kiss and she pushed me to the sinks, pushing my shirt up over my head and starting to bite and kiss her way down from my lips to my neck, then aggressively heading toward my nipples. I unhooked her bra and I felt the heavy weight of her chest free itself and my hands were pulling her shirt up over her long red mane. Her hands unbuttoned and unzipped my fly with the grace of a slight-of-hand artist and my cock was once again exposed to fresh air, albeit only for a second.

I let out a loud, low groan as her throat closed around my head and her nose rested in my thick brown curls. She pulled off, letting my piece of meat bounce as it popped loudly and wetly from between her lips. “Ate her but didn’t fuck her?” Red asked with a cat’s grin across her face. “Just put the tip in?” she teased, her tongue snaking out and battering against my sensitive head like a rabid butterfly. I shivered with the sensation and electricity shot from my toes to my brain and back to my toes again. Her lips plunged to the base of my rampant cock once more and she started doing her thing; I was never really sure what it was, but between her lips, her tongue and her throat, she still holds the record for world’s best blowjob. But that’s not what I wanted today.

“I asked before if you were a good girl,” I said, pulling her up, feeling her taut nipples slide up my bare skin as she moved.

“Why don’t you check for yourself?” she asked and backed up half of a step. I slid down the sinks, my hands grasping the backs of Red’s thighs. They moved up as I moved down, the leather rising and exposing those delicious thighs, and ultimately the exposed, trimmed, dark red bush that I’d been thirsting for. It wasn’t delicate. It wasn’t tender; I buried my face in the delicious red-haired snatch before me, feasting cravenly on the soft folds, drinking her growing wetness as my tongue probed into her depths. “Oh shit!” I heard her voice half-moan, half-hiss.

My dick was iron and after teasing myself by stopping with Crim, and I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. I took one last deep kiss of Red’s pussy, gave her clit a fast, hard suck, and I stood up, the head of my cock sliding across her slit, seeming to position itself as my hands went to her ass and I lifted her in the air, suspended only by my fingers and the rigid pole impaling her depths. Red squealed delightfully, that squeal turning into a low throaty moan as I started pulling her up my full length and then let her drop back down again. Her mouth started kissing my neck, her lips attempting to silence her moans into my flesh. I spun us around and backed us into the handicapped stall, and I sat down, Red still firmly embedded on my dick. I still kept lifting her, letting Red ride me with no effort of her own. My back arched as much as the close quarters allowed, and hers was as well, her beautiful hair rubbing against the door as she shut it.

“Oh fuck yes, oh, fuck, so good,” she moaned in a whisper. My eyes were glued to her tits as they wobbled with her smooth ride, her nipples moving in slow circles with her body. Her pussy started clenching down wetly against my invading meat, our bodies rocking against each other rhythmically. “Oh fuck,” we both sighed as our breathing turned to panting and our skin grew slick with a sheen of sweat. I could feel her inner walls tightening and my thickness throbbing inside her as I slid almost out, letting the mushroom head stretch her entrance before we bucked at each other, our hips slamming home with a wet slurch of juices. Every junction of our bodies left us grinding against each other in our urgency, her clit against the thick root of my rod, her depths stretching around me. Each time we separated was a rush of sensation as my length felt every fold, every ridge, and every pleading squeeze of her sex as it slowly came out into the air, only to be crashed back down upon and swallowed by the silken pink flesh. We moved in practiced unison, her hips rising against mine, she leaning back on my knees for support, my hands seeking her all-too-familiar tits, mauling them in our haste, teasing and pulling her nipples while squeezing them between my knuckles.

“Oh fuck me, do I miss this,” she cooed between pants. She impaled herself on me and started grinding in slow circles, her clit making contact on each pass. A hand left her tit exposed to the open air only to find her pink bud a second later, crushing between us as we moved, strumming her sensitive nub like a guitar when the pressure was released.

“Oh Jesus!” she hissed breathlessly. “I’m gonna, I’m gonna…” Red panted.

And then the door opened. We froze for a second, our hearts thundering in our ears, the pulses through our groins making both of us shudder in pleasure.

“That fucking asshole. I can’t believe he did that to you,” I heard an all too familiar voice say. I knew immediately who she was, who she was talking to, and who they were talking about.

“I was all primed and ready to go, Jesus Christ, I’m still dripping,” I could hear Crim’s sexy accent say. Red leaned against me, her turgid nipples raking through the hair on my chest, and my stiff prick grinding deliciously inside her as she moved. I stifled a groan, but just barely.

“It’s okay, honey,” I heard Vana’s voice say soothingly. “He’s awfully stuck on himself and probably did it for fun,” she continued. Red started rocking against me, rising just about half off my dick before sliding slowly back down to my lap. My whole body shivered with the slow sensuousness of the act. Red’s teeth nibbled on my ear lobe for a second before her lips parted from my sweat-soaked skin. Her eyes met mine and they tried to bore through me, her hips starting to gyrate as she rose and fell with me inside her.

“You’re fucking evil,” I half-moaned in the quietest whisper I could manage.

“Hello Evil, I love to fuck you,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. Red leaned forward, her hair cascading loosely around us. Her fingers went to my back, raking red trails over the muscles and she bit gently on my earlobe as she batted it with her tongue.

“No, it isn’t okay,” Crim’s voice said again. I could hear that she was starting to sob, probably crying just a little bit. “It’s so fucking hard to make friends up here and everyone treats me like a summer fuck! I just get to know people and I end up in the same situation over and fucking over again! I swear to God, the next time…” Crim started up again, but her voice was cut off. Red stopped moving on me and we held our breath, hanging on the next word as my dick tried bobbing as it throbbed in her velvet vice. We both heard the light smacking of lips and a very deep sigh.

“It’s okay, baby,” Vana said softly, almost with a motherly tone in her voice. We heard another embrace and a kiss-muffled moan of protest from Crim. That protest sounded again, a little less firmly, and then a third time, fully accepting what was happening.

“Holy shit,” Red said, still nibbling on my ear. “They’re gonna fuck right here in the bathroom!” she almost squealed in her whisper. She started riding me with more passion, both of us listening to the soft rustling of clothes beyond our door.

“Crim’s not wearing a bra,” I said, my breath raking up and down Red’s neck before nibbling it very softly with my lips. “Or panties,” I said breaking the kiss off just long enough to speak. We heard the sound of a fly button coming undone and the slow pull of a zipper followed by two moans, one urgent, one wanting. “Think she’s getting her pussy fingered?” I asked, my hand still working her clit slowly. “Think it’s soft and sensuous?” I asked, giving her an example as her bud slowly rolled around the tip of my finger. “Or do you think it’s fast and hard,” I asked, my finger flying in the limited space between us. My lips crushed against Red’s to kiss away her loud moan, and the sound was muffled almost completely. Red started thrusting herself forward and backward on my crotch, letting the simple motion slide my almost continuously throbbing member in her soaked pussy. She hesitated only when it was buried to the hilt, savoring the feeling before rocking completely back, letting the head barely pop out of her snatch before sliding forward and slamming it back to its full depth. We heard the stall door next to us open and we saw articles of clothing hit the ground under the stall-divider.

“Vana, I’ve never…” Crim started to protest in her sultry southern tongue.

“I know sugar, it’s okay,” Vana’s honeyed voice rolled out.

“Oh god,” Crim said on the other side of the wall. We could see her right foot pointing toward the stool, and we could see Vana’s left pointing toward the sinks.

“You’re fucking amazing,” I said, whispering into Red’s ear, nibbling the lobe between words as my finger slowed to making slow circles against her drenched clit. “You’re getting off on listening to them, aren’t you,” I whispered, making sure my breath was kept low enough to not be heard by the other two. Red only moaned in response. “You’re getting wetter by the second. You wild little sex machine. You want them to hear us, don’t you. You want them to hear us like we hear them,” I said, pausing in my words to listen to the soft mewing coming from the next stall and the wet smacking that was all too familiar.

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