This is the third installment of Dani and Jay’s performances as wrestlers in order to make money to pay the bills. Hope you enjoy and check the previous chapters!

Dani let out a loud shriek as Debbie the trainer sat back and pulled on her chin. It was hard for Jay to watch his girlfriend in such obvious pain but training was part of the deal.

“Seriously do you have to be so fucking rough?” Jay yelled at the female trainer.

“Yes she does,” said Chuck the male trainer who stood beside him to make sure he didn’t get any ideas of jumping into the ring and breaking up the hold.

“If you two want to be one of the elite teams you need to practice hard and learn to be tougher.”

Jay looked at Chuck and shook his head. He thought he was an idiot. This wasn’t their life or something they wanted to be the best at, it was simply something they were stuck doing because they needed the money. Chuck saw the disdain in Jay’s eyes and didn’t like it.

“Show her what else you can do to her in that position Deb.”

Debbie adjusted her feet and smoothly hooked both of Dani’s arms over her knees and put her in a camel clutch. Dani groaned as she was stretched. Debbie held on to Dani’s chin with one hand as she reached back and squeezed her ass.

“You better think of something or I’m going to stick a finger right in that tight ass of yours.”

Dani felt a sudden wave of rage as she felt Debbie’s hand caressing her butt.

“Come on Dani! Get out of that hold.” Jay yelled his encouragement.

She gripped Debbie’s legs and dug her nails into her flesh. Debbie yelled out and let go of her. She stood up and backed off rubbing her legs and seeing where Dani and dug into.

“What the fuck is that you little bitch.” Debbie was incensed as her legs reddened threatening to bleed.

Dani stood up slowly stretching out her arms and shoulders.

“You told me to think of something so I did.”

“I meant something that wouldn’t get you disqualified or punched in the back of your head.” Debbie finished as she went to the corner and picked up her water bottle.

Dani looked at Jay and rolled her eyes making him laugh but infuriating Chuck.

“Come on Jay let’s see what you can do,”

Jay locked arms with Chuck and jostled for control. The man was a little bigger than him but seemed much stronger. Chuck turned his body and hip tossed Jay to the mat. He held onto his arm and before Jay could react he had an arm bar on him.

“Fuck! Ease up you prick.” Jay yelled as he struggled on the mat.

“Ease up? Shut up and try to get out of the hold. Christ you sound like a pussy.” Chuck shot back obviously unimpressed with the effort.

The training went on like this for another hour and a half and then repeated later in the week. Debbie and Chuck were trying to make Dani and Jay tougher and meaner but they were very resistant. The trainers were called into Drake’s office at the club to give him an update on all of his performer’s development. They went through the roster one team at a time until they finally reached Dani and Jay.

“So how did they do?” Drake asked with interest.

“They are good but not tough enough yet. We really tried to push them and they didn’t react the way we thought they would.” Debbie answered with a deep sigh.

Drake sat thinking about her answer obviously disappointed. He wanted the couple to take it to the next level and be one of his dominant teams. The audiences love them especially when they get mean and full of attitude.

“Maybe they need a real hard beat down in front of everyone to inspire them to train harder.” Drake swallowed the last of his drink and pointed at the pair in front of him.

“It’s going to be you two against them this weekend. I want you to punish them during the match, really work them over and teach them what tough is. I want you to be all over Dani, finger that pussy, lick it and fuck it hard in front of Jay. He’ll react badly and when she is ready to cum stop everything. I want her to beg you to make her cum. Understand?”

Debbie and Chuck both nodded understanding what Drake wanted and they were more than happy to teach the other couple a lesson. Chuck definitely wanted a piece of Dani and looked forward to giving Jay an ass kicking.

“I can’t wait to see the match.” Drake finished with a sadistic laugh.

Fight weekend arrived too quickly for Dani and Jay, they were still feeling the aches from the intense training they had been put through.

“What was with them this week?” Dani complained as she stretched out her arms.

Jay knew what she meant as his back had been bothering him for days thanks to being flipped and thrown across the mat by Chuck.

“Do you know who we’re against?” He asked Dani hoping she may have heard something at the club.

“No idea. Apparently Drake is keeping the matches a secret.” She shook her head finding the whole topic annoying.

Jay sat on the edge of their bed and wondered when they would be done with this. He didn’t want to wrestle for a bunch of perverts anymore and especially didn’t want to see his girlfriend violated again. It was too hard on him, on them as a couple. He also didn’t like that Dani was working at the club as a server. He didn’t trust Drake and knew they were pressuring her to become a dancer instead of just serving drinks even if she wouldn’t admit it. It would all go away if the position he applied for happened for him. He would be able to pay what he owed Drake and Dani could quit. She could focus on finding another job without worrying about the bills.

Dani left Jay in the bedroom to his thoughts and stepped into the shower. The hot water felt good as it rained down over her naked body. She closed her eyes and thought about their situation. She hadn’t told Jay about Drake insisting she become a dancer next week, he said she would make more money and since they owed him she should do it. Jay would not approve of her stripping as a job but what could she do. She couldn’t lie to herself, since she had been working there as a server she often wondered what it would be like up on the stage. She also wondered what it would be like to hang out with some of the girls after hours, she had been invited a number of times but always said no fearing it would be too wild.

“Do you mind if I join you?” The voice asked from behind Dani.

Dani turned and smiled at her boyfriend. It had been a while since they had showered together or in fact even been intimate. She watched him as he let the water run over his body. He looked to be in great shape to her, much leaner and harder looking than when they first met years ago. She gave him another smile as she knelt down slowly in front of him.

“What are you doing?” He asked surprised by her.

She didn’t answer him but instead took his cock in hand and stroked him. He hardened after just a few strokes to Dani’s delight. He felt good to her and she missed being close to him or at least as close as they used to be. Her lips pressed against the tip of his cock as she kissed him lovingly. Softly she licked all around Jay’s head eliciting a moan from him that echoed in the shower. Dani pushed his cock up and licked from his balls up his shaft to the tip.

“God that feels amazing.” Jay looked down at his girlfriend just as she opened her mouth and took him inside.

She took a few inches of his cock into her mouth and he groaned even louder. Dani started to bob faster and suck harder. She held onto his hips as his cock pushed into the back of her throat. Jay couldn’t believe how hot she looked sucking his cock and when she looked up at him with her blue eyes he almost lost it. Dani felt his excitement growing and she wanted him to cum. He was breathing harder and his muscles tensed. Dani moaned as she took most of his cock into her throat her eyes locked on his. Jay couldn’t hold on any longer and let out a grunt as he shot his load into his girlfriend’s mouth. Dani closed her eyes as she tasted his warm salty load on her tongue. She swallowed over and over as Jay shot more and more. Finally he took a deep breath and his legs relaxed letting Dani know he was done. She lifted her mouth from his spent cock and smiled up at him.

“Wow that was incredible sweetie.”

Dani stood up and kissed him on the cheek as she exited the shower.

An hour later they were at the secret location where Drake hosts his wrestling events for his favorite clientele and friends. The couples were all in the back waiting to find out who they were wrestling against when Jessica walked in with a sheet of paper. Jessica was Drake’s newest assistant. She was a sexy little thing (5’2″ and 110lbs), with long blonde hair, blue eyes and tight body. Dani watched her closely and didn’t understand why she would want to work for Drake.

“How old do you think she is?” Dani asked Jay very quietly not wanting to be overheard.

“I think she is only nineteen.”

“He is such a pig.” Dani frowned deeply thinking about Drake who was old enough to be this girl’s father.

“Listen up I’m going to read out the matches.” Jessica yelled to get everyone’s attention.

The room went quiet as she announced each match. Dani and Jay waited patiently.

“And finally the last match of the night will be Dani and Jay versus Debbie and Chuck. Good luck to everyone and have fun!”

“Fuck me we have to wrestle the trainers.” Jay threw his bag into the corner in obvious frustration.

Dani sat on the bench and shook her head. She didn’t want to go up against them after the last week of training they had.

“This isn’t good,” she said to Jay obviously concerned.

“We’re going to have to cheat and do whatever it takes.” Jay said with a shrug of the shoulders.

The matches seemed to be going fast and the anxiety was building inside Dani and Jay. Dani paced the room while Jay leaned back against the cement wall with his eyes closed trying to block out all the negative thoughts he was having. They heard the introduction for Debbie and Chuck and the frenzied reaction from the crowd as they were announced as the Trainers from Hell. Chuck stood in the center of the ring and flexed his impressive muscles while Debbie yelled out what she was going to do to her opponent. Dani and Jay took their position at the entrance and waited for their cue. The cheers got louder when Dani stepped out into view. Jay didn’t know how she was doing it but she made her usual entrance full of energy and playing to the people. Jay looked more serious than usual and received a few jeers. He ignored them as they climbed into the ring. Dani stretched against the ropes getting even more of an ovation while Jay stared down Chuck.

“You look meaner already,” Chuck said with a very sarcastic smile.

Chuck was stronger than Jay for sure and unfortunately for Jay he was also pretty smart. He wouldn’t be outwitted easily. Debbie was much stronger Dani. She was two inches shorter (5’7″) but heavier by thirty pounds (160lbs). She was very solid and Dani knew it was muscle. The dark haired woman seemed ready to run across the ring at Dani as she bounced on her feet. Jay couldn’t help but be distracted a little at Debbie bouncing as her large DD’s were a sight to be seen.

“You like those big tits don’t you? Too bad you won’t be doing anything with them.” Chuck noticed Jay’s sideways glance at his wife and again taunted him. “But I’ll be doing a lot with your girlfriend’s perky ones and that pretty little cunt.”

Jay stepped toward the laughing Chuck but the referee stepped in between them.

“Save it for when the match starts,” he said calmly as he pushed Jay backward.

The referee made the signal for the bell and Chuck decided he would start. Jay nodded at Dani and held the rope for her as she took her place outside the ring.

“Show me what you got bitch boy.”

Jay fought the urge to sprint across the ring and start throwing punches. First that is what he wanted and secondly it could get him disqualified. Instead he bit his tongue and started to circle Chuck.

“Smart man to show some patience, I would have fucked you up if you had of come running at me.”

Chuck made the first move by shooting for Jay’s legs. Jay almost side stepped him but Chuck caught his left ankle. Jay hopped on one leg trying to reach for the rope so he would have to let go but Chuck pulled him into the center of the ring. He swept Jay’s right leg sending him down on his back while still holding his left. He then put his knee to Jay’s ankle and dropped to the mat crushing it. Jay yelled out it pain as Chuck got to his feet and looked down at him. As Jay rolled to his side Chuck dropped an elbow to the side of his head. Jay forgot about his ankle and covered his head fighting the darkness that was trying to overwhelm him. Chuck straddled Jay’s back and pulled his left arm back and up into an arm bar. Jay was in serious trouble as the stronger man threatened to dislocate his shoulder.

“This is too easy. I didn’t realize you were such a pussy.” Chuck taunted Jay mercilessly.

“Shut up you bastard!” Dani screamed at Chuck not liking the insults he was giving to Jay.

“Oh baby I can’t wait to get a piece of you. When I’m done with this pussy I’ll come over there and give yours a workout too.”

“Trust me he’s been talking about fucking you stupid for a long time.” Debbie shouted across at Dani.

Chuck gave Jay a little slap in the face to add insult to injury. Seemingly bored with the hold Chuck stood up holding Jay by the wrist. He whipped him hard into the ropes and watched as he bounced off. Chuck jumped into the air and drop kicked Jay right in the jaw. Jay crumpled to the mat. Dani covered her eyes not wanting to see it. Chuck pulled a limp Jay to his feet and quickly threw him between the middle and top ropes to the floor.

“Get that garbage out of my ring!” He yelled to the crowd which was appreciating everything he was doing.

Dani ran over to Jay to see how he was. She tried to help him to his feet.

“Are you okay?” She asked quietly.

He looked at her and nodded. He straightened up and climbed back up onto the ring apron. Chuck ran forward and clotheslined him sending him falling backward off the mat to the floor. It was a sickening thud that brought everyone to their feet including Drake. The referee hopped outside the ring to check on Jay. Surprisingly it looked worse than it actually was. Jay was able to respond and told the referee not to stop the match. Chuck looked out to Drake who gave him a smile. That was all he needed. Chuck went outside after Jay. He pushed Dani aside and then stomped on the fallen Jay. The referee counted to four before Chuck backed off. Chuck gave Dani a smile and pointed to his cock which was partially erect.

“Look what you’re doing to me.”

The referee demanded Chuck get in the ring or he would be disqualified. He then helped Jay to his feet and rolled him inside under the bottom rope. Chuck laughed at the weakened state he was in.

“Tag me babe,” called out Debbie to her husband.

Chuck reached out and tagged letting Debbie get into the action. She strutted around the ring stopping and to stare at Dani in the corner.

“I hope your man can still get it up after the beating my hubby has been giving him.”

Dani looked on with disgust as Debbie rolled Jay onto his stomach and mounted him. Her large breasts pushed into his back as she slid a hand underneath him and grabbed a hold of his cock. Jay had no reaction as Debbie started squeezing and stroking his flaccid penis.

“Come on baby you know you want to get big and hard for me. Just think of my big tits bouncing up and down. I know you liked that.”

She looked over at Dani as she molested Jay in the ring. His cock was starting to respond to the stimulation while he continued to lay there virtually motionless.

“Now that’s a good boy get nice and hard.”

Dani swore in the corner seeing that Jay was getting hard for Debbie. Jay tried to push himself up onto his knees but Debbie put more weight on his shoulders forcing him back down to the mat. Her hand moved along his shaft faster making Jay harder until he was fully erect. Jay started to squirm slowly regaining his senses, he could feel what was happening to him and quickly became aware he needed to move. Debbie let go of Jay’s cock and put him in a chinlock. She sat back as she pulled on his chin stretching his neck. Debbie looked at her husband and winked knowing she was in control of Jay. She let go of him and reached for Chuck who tagged himself in. Chuck turned Jay over and put him into a headlock squeezing his head between his arm and chest. Debbie didn’t leave the ring. She went between Jay’s legs and took his cock into her mouth. The referee started the thirty second count that they were allowed to double team during a sexual attack.

“Get her out of the ring ref!” Dani was screaming for him to break it up but she was ignored.

Jay was struggling to breathe as Chuck applied the pressure but what was more concerning to him was how good it felt to have Debbie sucking his cock. She was wild. She bobbed up and down on him taking him completely into her throat. The thirty seconds was agonizingly long for Jay as he fought to ignore what he was feeling below his waist. Debbie lifted her mouth and a long string of saliva connected her mouth to the tip of his cock as she backed away. She smiled as she wiped her mouth and gave Dani a look.

“He tasted good can’t wait until I get seconds.”

Jay tried reaching back with his arms to grab Chuck but his predicament only got worse. Chuck let go of the headlock and hooked his arms in a full nelson. Dani saw Chuck’s muscles flexing as he pushed on Jay’s neck. His face contorted in pain. The referee asked him if he wanted to quit but Jay was able to say no but barely. Chuck showed an impressive amount of strength as he started to stand up while keeping the hold on Jay. Jay couldn’t believe he was being pulled up to his feet. He felt a brief moment of relief once completely standing but it was very brief. Chuck suddenly lifted Jay high into the air and slammed him down onto the mat releasing the hold. He went for a cover. The referee counted to two when Chuck pulled Jay up by the hair. The crowd went nuts nobody did that. The referee wasn’t sure what was happening either as Chuck broker up his own pinfall attempt. Dani couldn’t believe her eyes. She knew Chuck could have pinned Jay and won the fall. She looked around at the people who were cheering Chuck on to further punish Jay and saw Drake giving him the thumbs up. She realized they were in more trouble than she originally thought.

Chuck dragged Jay to his feet again this time stepping behind him and putting him into an abdominal stretch. Jay cried out in pain as Chuck tortured him. The referee again asked if he wanted to give up. He shook his head no but he was close. Debbie put her hand out again for the tag. Chuck carefully let go for a second to tag her but went right back to the hold. Debbie came into the ring and dropped to her knees in front of Jay. The referee started the thirty count as she once again swallowed Jay’s cock. Dani stood helpless in the corner watching her boyfriend stuck in a painful hold as his cock was sucked by Debbie. Jay turned his look to Dani, there was desperation in his eyes and she knew what was going to happen. Debbie knew too as she pulled his cock from her mouth and stroked hard aiming at her chest. The referee was at twenty when Jay let out a gasp and Debbie felt his warm cum land on her large breasts. Dani saw how much Debbie liked it as she pressed Jay’s cock to her boobs and spread his cum over her flesh

“Oh yeah baby, he can’t fight that talented mouth and those gorgeous tits.” Chuck cheered his wife on as she milked Jay for everything.

The referee called for the bell signifying the end of the first fall. Debbie got off her knees and returned to her corner proud of winning the fall by sexual submission. Chuck released the hold by throwing Jay down on the mat face first. Dani ran to her boyfriend to check on him.

“God Dani I’m so sorry I couldn’t do anything.”

She hugged him seeing he was defeated physically and mentally. The crowd was electric it wasn’t too often the woman of the team won over the man and never like that.

“You need to get out of the ring so I can start the next fall.” Dani saw that the minute between falls was passing quickly and she didn’t want him to be in the ring anymore.

He agreed and let her help him out of the ring, the referee was ready and restarted the match. Jay slumped down in the corner leaving Dani to take them on alone. Debbie chose to stay in the ring and fight. Her eyes were on fire as she looked at the tall sexy blonde across from her. Dani saw the intensity and it was intimidating. They went to do a traditional lock up when Dani pushed away Debbie’s arms and slapped her hard across the face. The reaction of the audience was incredible as they jumped to their feet. Debbie held her cheek feeling the harsh sting. Dani watched her waiting for her to retaliate but instead the bigger stronger woman laughed.

“You’re going to wish you didn’t do that you little whore.” Debbie said with a wicked grin.

Debbie walked straight forward at Dani pushing her back into the ropes, she kicked her in the stomach doubling her over. She smacked Dani’s ass sharply making her jump. The crowd laughed and clapped with their approval. Dani turned and tried to slap Debbie again but Debbie ducked. She grabbed Dani by her blonde hair and walked her around the ring. The referee told Debbie to let go and started to count. He counted to four when she flipped her over by the hair to the mat. Dani rolled to the outside to regroup. She stared at the dark haired woman on the inside of the ring. She didn’t know how she was going to beat her. Debbie ran over and kicked Jay as he began to stand up in the corner sending him to the floor. The referee admonished Debbie threatening to disqualify her. Dani distracted by what she just saw failed to notice Chuck coming around from behind. He hit her from behind clotheslining her and sending her crashing to the ground. He picked her up quickly and rolled her into the ring.

Debbie took both of Dani’s legs and held them up. Dani tried to fight it but she could not stop Debbie from turning her over and putting her in a Boston crab, She leaned back putting pressure on Dani’s back and bending her body in an unnatural way.

“You are a flexible bitch aren’t you?” Debbie teased as the people watching were loving how the blonde was being dominated. “If you paid attention during training you might be able to get out of this.”

Dani cried out as Debbie bent her legs back further as she sat down on her back. Debbie laughed as the referee asked Dani if she wanted to quit. Debbie answered for her with a loud no. She let one of Dani’s legs fall free as she held her in a single leg Boston crab. She licked her fingers lewdly and reached between Dani’s legs to rub her pussy. She played with her lips before pushing two fingers inside her. Dani let out a loud gasp as Debbie pushed them deep inside her.

“Yeah baby! Finger the hell out of that pussy.” Chuck yelled from the corner enjoying the match.

Debbie didn’t need much encouragement as she began working Dani’s pussy hard. Jay was back up standing in their corner and saw the expression on Dani’s face, a combination of pain and pleasure.

“Come on Dani fight it. You can do it.” He tried his best to support his girlfriend.

Dani moaned as the fingering only got harder as Debbie moved her fingers in and out of her faster and faster. She took a deep breath and tried to gain her composure. She twisted her body slightly and saw her escape. She reached for Debbie’s right ankle and pulled it back. It was enough for Debbie to lose her balance and fall forward. She scrambled to the ropes for safety as Debbie got to her feet.

“So it turns out you were paying attention after all.” Debbie said with a fake smile as it was obvious she was angry at having her hold broken.

Dani got to her feet, she saw the look in the other woman’s eyes and knew she had embarrassed her. Debbie charged her but Dani was quick enough to step aside and she smashed chest first into the turnbuckle. She fell backwards knocking the ind out of her body. Dani knew this was her chance and climbed to the top turnbuckle and dove. She splashed down on top of Debbie.

“Holy fuck you got her!” Jay screamed from the corner barely heard over the rest of the crowd who were on their feet cheering.

The referee counted 1…2…3!

Dani had won the second fall by pinning Debbie in a serious upset. Even Drake was on his feet clapping as Dani raised her arm in victory. Chuck came in and saw to Debbie, she was furious at being beaten especially by Dani.

“I’m fine! I want to start the next round with that cunt.” Debbie hissed at Chuck.

Dani and Jay heard what Debbie said and Dani motioned for Jay to leave the ring.

“Are you sure? She looks kind of crazed.”

Dani gave Debbie a second look and while she wasn’t sure she thought she could use her anger to her advantage. She would be prone to making mistakes or at least she hoped. She kissed Jay on the cheek and guided him out. The referee signalled for the bell and as expected Debbie was ready for a fight. She charged Dani but this time she was smart, she caught her pushing Dani back into the corner. The vicious slap could be heard throughout the arena as Debbie’s open hand struck Dani across the face. Her cheek instantly went a bright red and her eyes filled with tears.

“That’s for thinking you are better than me you little bitch.”

Dani held her cheek staring at the angry woman in front of her and felt a wave of intimidation wash over her. She swallowed hard as Debbie stepped toward her. Debbie locked up with her but twisted her body quickly turning it into a standing headlock. She walked Dani around the ring stopping in front of Chuck. She cranked hard on Dani’s neck and smothered her as her face pressed into her large breasts. Chuck reached between the ropes and gave Dani’s ass a good squeeze, he liked what he saw. Dani kicked at him while the referee chastised him for his interference. Chuck ignored him and reached for Debbie tagging himself in. She continued to hold Dani in a standing headlock as Chuck got down on his knees behind her. He wrapped his muscular arms around her thighs and began eating her pussy from behind. Dani could only stand there and wait for the thirty second count to finish as Chuck licked her pussy relentlessly.

“You like his fat tongue inside you,” Debbie teased as a soft moan escaped Dani.

“Fuck you!” She spat out in sheer defiance.

She hated to admit it but it did feel good as he spread her lips with his thick tongue. The referee tapped on Debbie’s shoulder telling her to get out which Chuck was ready for. He quickly wrapped his arms around Dani’s waist from behind pulling her body tight to his before she could run to tag Jay. He popped his hips lifting Dani off of her feet. He threw her back over his body delivering a thunderous belly to back suplex. Jay jumped into the ring instinctively to help his girlfriend but was cut off by the referee.

“Get the fuck out or you are disqualified!”

Chuck didn’t even notice Jay trying to come after him as he got down straddling a prone Dani. She had been knocked senseless after being dropped on the back of her head. He gripped her hair with both hands as he crudely pushed his cock between her lips and into her mouth.

“Fuck her pretty face!” Debbie yelled as she watched from the corner eliciting a loud reaction from the crowd.

Chuck worked his cock in Dani’s mouth making her to suck it. Dani felt the thick cock slide into the back of her throat and she fought not to gag. It was so demeaning as the man straddled her face and fucked it. Jay again considered running into the ring but stopped when he saw Dani slowly slip her hands around Chuck’s hips. He was so enthralled with fucking her mouth he didn’t notice. She gripped him tightly and without him knowing was in control and sucking his cock aggressively. Chuck seemed oblivious to her being in control all he was focused on was how great it felt. Jay was confused as he couldn’t believe he was now rooting for his girlfriend to make another man cum if she could.

“Watch it Chuck! She is trying to make you cum.” Debbie saw the shift in power and how Chuck was blind to it.

Chuck let go of Dani’s head and tried to get up but she had a death grip on him. She strained to keep bobbing on his big cock as he pushed at her forehead. Finally he was able to pry her mouth from his cock and fell back onto his ass in doing so. He looked at Dani who was breathing heavily who suddenly turned scrambling to get to her corner. Chuck reacted just as quick lunging for her and catching a long leg. He pulled her back to the center of the ring as she swung her hands at him. She managed to slap him in the face but it didn’t faze him. Chuck ignored the stinging and pulled her in close, his arms wrapped around lower back and his hands clasped as he put her in a painful bear hug. He squeezed her hard forcing a pitiful whimper from her as the air left her body. The referee gave Jay a quick look to warn him not to interfere. Chuck lifted her off her feet and began shaking her from side to side as he added more pressure. She looked like a ragdoll in his arms and it was very affective as her arms and legs started to go limp. Finally when there was no resistance Chuck let go of the bear hug and instead scooped her up for a bodyslam. He carried her over to the corner where Debbie watched anxiously before throwing her down on her back. Dani lay there on the mat with her eyes shut fighting to catch her breath unaware of Chuck standing above her leering at her slowly writhing body. He carefully and silently got down between her legs and in a sudden swift motion grabbed her ankles and put them up on his shoulders. Dani’s eyes flashed open and she tried pushing him away but he caught her wrists. He pushed his body forward pinning her hands above her head and in the process hooked both of her legs folding her over. Chuck grinned as his hard cock was in perfect alignment with Dani’s pussy. He plunged down into her making her cry out. Debbie clapped her hands together and whistled her approval as her man started driving hard into Dani’s snatch. Dani was at his mercy trapped under his full body weight as his intensity grew. Jay slumped against the ropes watching at the sight of his girlfriend folded over being fucked hard by this man. It was so disheartening for him to see as her knees were literally bouncing off her own shoulders with each powerful downward thrust into her pussy.

Noticing Jay looking defeated in the corner Debbie decided to rub some salt into the wound, “Hey Jay, she’s finally getting the big cock she always dreamed about. She might decide to come with us tonight and be our bitch.”

“Shut up you dirty skank!” He answered as he gestured with the middle finger.

Chuck’s muscles flexed with every motion and Jay could see Dani was quickly becoming overwhelmed as she was now moaning as his solid piece of meat worked like a piston. There was nothing she could do but take it as long as she could and hope Jay could break it up somehow.

In a low deep voice Chuck spoke to Dani, “You love how my cock feels don’t you? I can see it in your face that you don’t want me to stop. So you know I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you in the gym.”

Dani shook her head trying to ignore his words and trying to focus on anything other than his cock and how it actually made her feel. Her moans were getting louder as his body slapped against her. Chuck could see he had her close to cumming. She wasn’t resisting at all instead she was just taking it from him. He then saw her eyes close and a long deep groan escaped her.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you?” He asked with a grin.

He started pounding her pussy making Dani cry out. It was like a knife in the heart for Jay hearing her react that way to Chuck. He knew she couldn’t help it but still hated she was getting any satisfaction from him. The referee took a closer look and was on his way to ring the bell when Chuck stopped. He held still inside Dani.

“Not yet ref she isn’t ready.”

The referee started to argue but Drake shot him a look. Jay stood with an open mouth not understanding what was happening.

Chuck smiled at Dani and laughed.

“You’re going to beg me to let you cum before this is over.”

Jay couldn’t believe his ears and neither could Dani. Chuck didn’t move he just stayed buried inside her and let some of her composure return. She was still trapped under him and there was nothing she could do about it. He started pumping hard again and in just minutes Dani groaning and moaning. She was on the edge for the second time when Chuck plunged all the way in and stopped.

“You fucking asshole!” Jay was infuriated seeing his girlfriend being tortured.

Chuck ignored the angry voice and continued to try and manipulate Dani more, “Beg me to let you cum and I’ll give you the orgasm you need.”

“Fuck you,” she answered back quietly and unconvincing.

For the third time Chuck waited for Dani to regain some control of how she was feeling. He started to grind on top of her pushing the head of his cock against her. She gasped loudly and closed her eyes desperately fighting what she was feeling. The crowd erupted when Chuck threw his head back and started fucking her wildly. Drake even held up his glass saluting Chuck as he drove her to the edge for a third time.

“Beg me you little slut I can do this all night.” Chuck loved taking away any power Dani had over her own body in front of everyone.

Dani was desperate to cum, her body was on fire. She looked over at Jay for permission. He saw in her eyes she couldn’t fight it any longer so he simply nodded his head. Debbie saw the interaction and let out a loud victory squeal.

“Please let me cum.” Dani said almost in a whisper.

Chuck snorted and gave her a single powerful thrust that shook her body.

“You need to be a lot louder than that whore.”

Dani bit her lip struggling with it her last ounce of pride stopping her from giving into Chuck. He again stopped and waited for her. Chuck looked up at Debbie proud of the dominance he had over Dani. Debbie gestured and he pounded her pussy as hard as he could. Dani writhed under him, bucking up at him trying to feel him even deeper inside.

“She so fucking wet buddy,” Chuck spat out at Jay in between ruthless thrusts.

“Don’t stop please make me cum I’m begging you to make me cum!” Dani said loudly in sheer desperation for everyone to hear including Jay.

The people watching stood and cheered, there was even a CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK chant starting as she had been broken finally. Chuck didn’t stop as he drove his cock into the blonde’s aching pussy. Dani’s body shook and she cried out as Chuck forced the most intense orgasm out of her. The referee called for the bell and the end of the match. Chuck pumped her a handful more times until he felt the squeezing of his cock subside. He pulled out of her pussy and let her legs fall from his shoulders. She turned onto her side with her hands between her legs holding her pussy as she tried to catch her breath. Jay slowly made his way into the ring and over to her, he could see her juices on her inner thighs.

Drake took the microphone, “that was fucking brilliant. Now to the victor belong the spoils so Chuck and Debbie they belong to you, do as you please.”

Debbie hugged Chuck and kissed him as they celebrated a dominant victory over the couple that would not work hard enough during training. Chuck smirked at the site of Jay kneeling down beside Dani as she tried to get her senses back. Debbie asked for the bag on Drake’s table. The referee not knowing what was in the bag went and got it for her. Being dramatic she made sure everyone was watching as she emptied it out on the mat to a loud cheer. On the mat was a large strap on with bright blue dildo and a set of handcuffs.

“He needs to be cuffed.” Debbie said to the referee pointing to Jay.

The referee went over to Jay and instructed him to put his hands behind his back. After a small argument he complied. Debbie smiled as she knelt down behind Jay and slipped her hand around grabbing his cock.

“If I didn’t know better i think you enjoyed seeing your girlfriend begging like a slut.” She teased quietly so only he heard.

She slowly stroked him while Chuck returned to an already tired Dani. He pulled her up onto her knees and positioned her in front of Jay so he could have a close up of her sucking his cock. Chuck put his slick dick to Dani’s pouty lips and she obediently opened her mouth. She willingly started to suck and take him deep into her throat.

“Good girl show your boyfriend how you suck a big fat cock.” He taunted as he gave Jay a dirty look.

“I think he likes it more than he wants to admit.” Debbie announced as she ran her hand up and down his rock hard shaft.

Dani glanced over and saw Jay had indeed hardened. She didn’t know what to think about that but Debbie was handling his cock like a pro so what else could she expect. She started to really suck Chuck’s cock hard eliciting a deep groan as she slurped noisily.

“Fuck she can suck dick.” Chuck said with a breathless laugh.

“Just look at her swallowing his cock, she loves it,” Debbie whispered in Jay’s ear.

Jay was watching Dani perform and couldn’t believe it was her. It was as if his girlfriend had turned into a porn star. Chuck put his left hand in the front of Dani’s hair and tilted her head back as he began jerking his cock with the other.

“He’s going to cover that pretty face with cum.” Debbie whispered again as she continued to stroke Jay.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” Chuck ordered Dani.

Dani did as she was told without hesitation. A thick rope of cum shot out from Chuck’s cock and landed partially in Dani’s mouth with the rest on her lips. She licked and swallowed at it as a second and third hit her on the cheek and over the bridge of her nose. Debbie screamed loudly making Jay jump.

“It’s my turn to fuck your girlfriend.” Debbie said as she got to her feet.

Dani watched as Debbie picked up the strap on from the mat and put it on. She pushed Dani forward onto her hands and knees and then positioned her to face her boyfriend Jay. Dani tried not to look up knowing that Chuck had covered her face with cum. Jay watched with some more excitement than he wanted to show Dani but it was impossible to hide as Debbie put the dildo to her pussy. Dani gasped at the feeling of the dildo entering her because it felt huge. She slowly slid it in and out getting into a rhythm. Debbie gripped Dani’s hip with one hand and reached for her hair with the other.

“Look at your girlfriend’s face all covered in another man’s cum. That’s a real whore.” Debbie said with a laugh as she pulled on Dani’s hair snapping her head back so Jay could have a good look at her face.

Jay did look at her face and it was shocking. As he stared Dani’s mouth opened as a grunt escaped thanks to Debbie’s increasingly hard fucking. Debbie watched the bright blue dildo splitting Dani’s pussy lips and disappearing inside her. Her lust took over as Debbie lifted her hand from Dani’s hip high for Jay to see and brought it down sharply on her bare ass. Dani squealed loudly making Debbie and Chuck laugh. Jay also noticed Drake laughing out of the corner of his eye. Dani’s eyes were wide open as she looked at Jay and she saw a mix of sympathy for her but also excitement.

“Your boyfriend likes seeing you getting treated like a little bitch.” Debbie teased noticing the tension between them.

“Fuck you.” Dani said in between moans making Jay smile briefly.

Just a few words before reading the story, this is an extension of the already published “Sex Wrestling Couples” by Femfightfan. Love the idea so much I decided to write a chapter. The characters are new with one exception and that is Drake, decided to keep him as the person running the show for consistency. Hope you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.


Drake leaned back in his high back black leather chair and started laughing. He smiled at the couple sitting across from him in total surprise at their request.

“You’re serious? You want me to set up a match between you two and Ali and DeShawn, let me think about that for a minute.” He leaned back taking a deep pull from his Cuban cigar. There was no doubt in either Dani or Jay’s minds that he liked the idea but he had to get something more from them. After all it was a favor and in Drake’s world no favor was done for free.

“There has to be steep consequences for the loser. This is not my normal way of conducting business and my clientele comes first so I need to be sure it would be something they would want to see. But I do have an idea if you are interested?”

Dani looked toward Jay when Drake finished speaking. All she wanted was the chance to prove to Ali she was better than her and to see her face when she lost. Jay was being silent as he promised he would and leave the decisions to Dani. “Yes we are.” She looked back at Drake and waited anxiously while Jay stirred in his seat curious to know what Drake’s proposal entailed. He didn’t share the same opinion as Dani and thought she was making a huge mistake.

“I can hype this up as a grudge match, the clientele will love that. So there needs to be a catch, something that makes this match different from the others. It’s going to be a lumberjack match. I’ll surround the ring with other performers and if anyone gets tossed outside their job is to get you back inside as quick as possible. And lastly after the match when the winners get to do what they want with the losers we’ll record it and give it to the winners for an additional prize.”

“Dani think about it! You don’t know what they would do with a tape like that.” Jay finally broke his silence now that the stakes were getting even higher.

Drake raised his glass and acknowledged Jay for speaking up. It was an excellent point. Ali and DeShawn were already in the sex business running their own website, they performed for Drake simply for extra money. They were not in dire straits like Dani and Jay and on the verge of losing everything. To them wrestling was rock bottom and only a part time gig until they were both back on their feet. A tape like this being seen by the wrong person could easily ruin future opportunities.

“Listen to your man Dani this affects him too. I’m more than happy to make the match but once you agree and I set it up there is no backing out.”

“I want to do it Jay. I want to show that bitch that I’m better than her after all the crap she’s being saying about me at the club and to the other girls.”

Jay looked at his girlfriend in disbelief not understanding why she lets Ali get to her so much. He threw up his hands and motioned for her to answer the boss. Dani didn’t like seeing her boyfriend upset but she would make it up him later and in the end he would be less upset after fucking Ali. While she wasn’t the prettiest girl that wrestled for Drake, she was full of attitude and would probably be a great lay. She also thought Jay would enjoy the chance to bang a black chick.

“Fine set it up.” Dani finally answered Drake with an intense look in her blue eyes.

“Consider it done. I’ll phone Ali and DeShawn and let them know about the match, I doubt they will pass up the opportunity.”

The next night Dani found herself at the club, her heart racing expecting to run into Ali and there be a huge scene. She surveyed the room while the music blasted in the background. It was hard to see with the dim lighting but there was no sign of her anywhere, maybe she wasn’t in she thought to herself. She felt some relief and picked up her tray. It was going to be a long enough night without an added confrontation with Ali. The bartender gave Dani a smile as he pushed a handful of drinks her way.

“You’ve got a bunch of suits in your area.”

Dani laughed and let out a sigh as she loaded her tray. She saw the group he was talking about and knew it would be a good night for tips but that meant it was probably going to be a night of being pawed at. She walked over and smiled brightly at them, she flirted with them all as she put down their drinks. It was obvious they were all pretty well sauced and there for the long haul. She caught their eyes looking at her legs and breasts and encouraged them by smiling even more. After several trips back and forth to the bar Dani had already made nearly two hundred dollars. She had also developed quite a buzz thanks to the shooters the suits had bought for her.

“So you think you can kick my ass do you?” Ali had come into work after all and decided to confront Dani.

Holding back her surprise at hearing Ali’s voice Dani finished serving the suits their latest round of drinks. She turned around and quickly assessed the situation. Ali was pissed, she stood in her skimpy bikini and four inch heels with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her heavily made up face. It made Dani feel good to see she was upset and couldn’t help but stoke the fire a little more.

“Damn right I do and I’m going to.” Dani set her tray down on an empty table and crossed her arms over her chest. Ali took a step toward the tall blonde server and laughed. She bumped her shoulder as she walked passed her making Dani stumble back into the table of suits. Her heart raced as she watched her soon to be opponent get on the stage. She wasn’t the prettiest dancer at the club but she was very athletic and had a nasty attitude. Her attention was still on Ali swinging around the pole when she felt a hand slowly moving up the back of her leg. She knew it was one of the suits having a cheap thrill and normally she would playfully swat the hand away but she was enjoying the sensation of this stranger touching her legs. She let him caress her for a few more moments before she her attention to the table.

“Hey Sweetie, can I get you something to eat or drink?” Dani asked as she pressed her body next to his shoulder and smiled at him. His hand moved up her leg higher and under the bottom of her short skirt.

“Depends if this is on the menu or not.” Dani felt his hand close on her ass sending a shockwave throughout her body. Dani noticed out of the corner of her eye the bouncer start to move but she shook him off. She leaned over and whispered in his ear that it was not but he was free to look. She moved his hand gently and smiled at him earning her another five dollar tip.

The remainder of the night passed by quickly, her taxi took her home and dropped her off. During the ride up the elevator all she could think about was the feeling of the suit’s hand moving up her leg and finally squeezing her ass. She walked into their apartment and dropped her purse on the counter. Jay was sitting on the couch in the living room on the computer. He looked very sexy to her in his boxers and plain white shirt.

“What are you looking at?” she asked as she came closer to him. “Just looking at this job website I heard about, nothing interesting though unless I want to volunteer for drug testing.” He smiled at Dani as she sat down next to him. She felt bad for him, he was laid off from the job he loved, the job he went to school for when his company followed the trend and cut heads during the economic downturn. She could sense his anxiety but knew of a sure fire way to relax him. She subtly reached for his crotch and massaged it slowly. Jay knew what she was doing and appreciated it he also knew she was probably turned on from work as it has happened before. He’s learned to accept that part of her job as a positive rather than a negative. Jay set the computer down on the coffee table and leaned back into the couch enjoying Dani’s touch. His bulge had grown significantly in just a few moments as Dani went from massaging him to stroking him through his shorts. She adjusted her position on the couch, moving onto her elbows and knees. Jay reached for her little skirt and pulled it up above her ass. He loved his girlfriend’s ass and caressed it softly through her tiny silk panties. Dani pushed his shorts down far enough for his hard penis to spring out at her face. She took him in her hand wrapping her slender fingers around his shaft and stroked. She gently kissed the tip of his cock which was already coated with precum. Her tongue dragged around the head of Jay’s seven inch cock as his hand squeezed her ass. She opened her mouth and eagerly took him inside. Jay groaned his approval as Dani started to bob up and down, she was more turned on than usual he thought. She was sucking his cock far more aggressively than he was used to. She slurped loudly and gripped his shaft tightly. “Damn baby. That feels so fucking good.”

Jay let out a deep groan as he moved his hand from Dani’s ass to underneath her body and right between her legs. She moaned loudly with his cock in her mouth as his fingers pressed against her pussy hard through her wet panties. He smiled as she pushed back against his fingers. Dani took as much of him into her throat as possible making Jay fight the urge to cum. She had never tried to deep throat him before. He closed his eyes tightly and concentrated on massaging her pussy. Her head lifted off his cock and she struggled to catch her breath, she pumped her fist up and down Jay’s shaft as her breathing returned to normal. Her body was beginning to tremble and Jay knew she was in the process of having a very strong orgasm. He smiled again at the feeling of her panties going from wet to completely soaked. Her thighs closed tightly on his hand as she laid her head flat in his lap. Her cheek was pressed to his thigh as she held him in her hand while she experienced her orgasm. Slowly, she grinded herself against her boyfriend’s fingers. She did this as she tried to regain control of her body. She let out a soft satisfied sigh before taking Jay back into her mouth. She sucked on his cock with purpose, she wanted him to cum in her mouth and Jay was no longer trying to hold back. He wanted to shoot his load down his girlfriend’s throat.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah. I’m going to cum.” He groaned at her as she again took most of him into her throat.

Within seconds of his warning Dani felt her boyfriend’s body jerk hard. Then she tasted the bitterness of Jay’s cum as it splashed into the back of her throat and inside her mouth. She swallowed it hungrily surprising Jay even more. Generally Dani wasn’t big on taking it in her mouth but tonight she was ravenous. She had drained Jay as she sat up next to him. She smiled shyly at him as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. He laughed and kissed her forehead softly feeling amazingly relieved. Dani was also relieved and curled up on the couch beside him soon falling asleep. Jay watched his girlfriend sleep but couldn’t stop his thoughts from drifting to the next day. They would have to perform at Drake’s and wrestle Dani and DeShawn.

Saturday arrived and it was fight night for the couple. Dani and Jay sat in the change room of the secluded arena waiting for their turn to perform for Drake’s VIP clientele. Jay stood up and paced as his nerves got the better of him while Dani sat quietly with her face in her hands. She was thinking about the rules for a lumberjack match and more importantly who was going to be on the outside of the ring. Jay was busy reading the general rules that had been posted on the wall as a reminder to the performers.

A woman only had to pin a man for three seconds as opposed to a man having to pin a woman for seven seconds. A same sex pin was three seconds. Women could punch men, but men were not allowed to punch the women. No punching to the face was allowed, but women could slap another female opponent. When a tag was made, a one minute double team was given to the team making the tag. Once a sexual move was initiated on an opponent, a saving move by a partner would result in immediate disqualification and removal of the partner interfering. The remaining partner of the disqualified team would then be subjected to thirty minutes alone with the other team. There was a one minute rest period between falls where you could tag out and let your partner start the next fall. The final rule allowed the winning team to sexually use the losing team for an additional thirty minutes. Drake as he does for all the newbies, stressed to Dani and Jay that meant if you are disqualified one member would be subject to one hour of sexual humiliation and abuse and the other partner would only be with them for the final thirty minutes.

“Ladies and gentlemen tonight we have a first, it’s a lumberjack match! The ring will be surrounded by other wrestlers in order to keep the action on the inside. There will be no escaping in this grudge match. First please welcome the people who will be on the outside.” Four couples came out from the back and surrounded the ring; there was Christine and Dave, Vince and Heather, Laurie and Don, and lastly Toni and Mike. “And here are our competitors; first is the team of the Black Panthers, Ali and DeShawn. She is 5’7″ and weighs 130lbs and he is an even 6’0″ and 185lbs. The couple strutted to the ring to the cheers of the audience. They were very experienced and had put on some memorable shows for the audience in previous matches. They high fived Christine, Dave, Vince and Heather as they entered the ring. Apparently they were good friends outside of the wrestling which was not good news for Dani and Jay. “And their opponents, Fire and Ice, Dani and Jay. She is 5’9″ and weighs 133lbs and he is 5’11″ and weighs 180lbs.” The couple nervously made their way to the ring. The cheers and cat calls sparked some excitement within Dani similar to what she would feel serving drinks to the suits at the club. But as soon as they stepped inside the ropes and looked across at Ali and DeShawn the butterflies returned.

The referee gave the couples their instructions and told them to choose who would start the match. Dani looked over and saw Ali standing there with DeShawn on the outside and took a deep breath. Jay stepped between the ropes leaving her inside.

“Oh that’s right bring that tight ass over here so I can smack it.”

Dani shook her head at Ali, she had no class at all. They slowly circled each other in the middle of the ring. Ali was the first to make a move as she charged Dani pushing her back into a corner by her shoulders. The referee tried to separate them and started his count. Ali stepped back breaking cleanly or so it seemed. As soon as the referee backed away she smacked Dani hard across her face. Dani’s knees buckled slightly more from the shock of the sudden strike than anything else. Ali stepped further back laughing as Dani straightened up and moved her hand away from her face which was a bright red. Dani moved out of the corner and they circled each other again. She charged Ali and ran into a hip toss, she flipped Dani over onto the mat temporarily knocking the wind out of her body. Ali was quick to attack by stomping on her stomach. She gasped and clutched her tummy rolling over to her side. Ali pushed her over onto her front and straddled her back grabbing her under the chin in a chin lock. She pulled back hard forcing a loud painful groan from Dani.

“Come on baby you can get out of it!” Jay yelled trying to encourage his girlfriend as her hated rival put her through a world of pain.

Ali smiled as she held Dani’s chin with one hand and reached underneath her to caress her breasts. Dani was furious at herself for being in this position so early in the match.

“Oh I feel some nice hard nipples. You like it when I touch your tits don’t you?”

Dani grimaced as she fought to twist free of Ali. She crawled over to a neutral corner as Ali stood in the center of the ring laughing. Dani got to her feet and regrouped. Her and Ali met in the center of the ring and locked up. Both of tried to get the advantage. Dani struggled with Ali’s strength but at the same time Ali was surprised how strong Dani had become. Ali went for another slap to the face but Dani ducked. She kicked Ali in the stomach doubling her over and then shocked everyone with a DDT. Jay jumped up and down screaming encouragement and telling her to go for the cover while DeShawn simply covered his eyes. The audience was cheering loudly routing for the underdog. Dani quickly rolled Ali over and covered her for the pin. The referee started to count. One, two and….. Ali barely kicked out. Dani stood up and gave Jay a quick look. She ran into the ropes and bounced off jumping high into the air and came down splashing Ali driving the air out of her body.

“Fuck yeah! You got her babe, pin the bitch!” Jay was going crazy in the corner at the thought of stealing a pin fall this early. The referee began to count again. One, two….. Dani didn’t see DeShawn come into the ring as he pulled her to her feet by her hair and delivered a hard clothesline. Jay came into the ring quickly but the referee grabbed him and struggled to get him back to his corner. DeShawn seeing Jay’s mistake picked Dani up again and body slammed her. Ali was getting to her feet when the referee finally got Jay outside. Dani was in serious trouble now. Ali gripped Dan by her blonde hair pulling her to her feet, her eyes were glazed and she was breathing hard.

“I’m going to make you pay you fucking bitch.”

Ali was furious and embarrassed at how close she came to losing the first pin fall. She kissed Dani hard pushing her tongue into her mouth before stepping back and then slapping her chest. Dani cried out and dropped to her knees as her chest turned bright red. Ali ran into the ropes and bounced off. Dani couldn’t see her coming but felt it when Ali bulldogged her face first into the mat. Jay’s jaw dropped seeing his girlfriend laying flat on her face. Ali looked over at him and blew him a kiss. She kept looking at him as she slowly ran her hands over Dani’s prone body. They moved down her back to her ass, she squeezed Dani hard with both of her hands.

“Grab that ass!” DeShawn was yelling from his corner to Ali enjoying what he was seeing.

The crowd erupted at the first real sexual attack of the match. Ali squeezed her ass again and spread her cheeks for all to see. She looked at Jay as she raised her hand and brought it down spanking Dani. Jay started to come into the ring but the referee warned him that he would be disqualified for stopping a sexual attack. She smacked Dani’s ass again this time forcing a yelp from the blonde on the mat. She tried to crawl away from Ali but got pushed hard forcing her under the bottom rope and falling to the floor. Jay couldn’t see his girlfriend on the floor but he did see Christine and Heather converging on her quickly. They pulled Dani up to her feet and shoved her back into the ring just as they were supposed to. Ali attacked immediately by giving her a hard knee to the shoulder. She pushed Dani to the floor again with her foot this time. While Christine and Heather went to her, Ali ran over to Jay and slapped him across the face and spit at him. Not thinking Jay stormed into the ring after Ali but was cut off by the referee. Seeing the referee distracted Heather trapped Dani’s arms behind her back as Christine reached between her legs and pushed two fingers into her pussy. DeShawn laughed loudly in his corner as did Dave and Vince. She fingered Dani hard and fast forcing some loud moans from her. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Are you serious right now Brittany?”

“Yes I’m serious. I want to fight you.” She said with a smirk. She was standing up in the living room looking down at me on the couch while I was trying to play Halo 4. She had on what could only be described as an outfit that one would work out in. It consisted of a top that was like a smaller, thinner sports bra and a pair of booty hugging boy shorts, both the same color and both bright orange.

I paused the game for a minute to really look at her. She is short, only five foot two and she can’t weigh more than 110 lbs. She has a big ass and above an average chest, but a pretty skinny waist. She was still looking down at me with my controller in my hand and all I could say while starting to laugh again was, “Yeah right”! I un-paused my game and started playing again as best as I could considering my laughter.

“I’m serious Keith. I want to fight you, but it’s not really fighting, its more wrestling, no punching or kicking allowed.”

“Your right, that’s not fighting. Die alien asshole”

“Will you please pause that or turn it off so I can propose all this to you?” I could tell Brittany was getting a little mad at me from all the laughing and somewhat ignoring her, so I paused the game again.

“Okay, its paused now, what do you want?” I said to her in a sarcastic tone.

Brittany sat down next to me and pulled out a folded piece of paper from shorts. She unfolded it and handed it to me. It was some sort of contract with a line on the bottom of it for me to sign and a line with Brittany’s signature already on it.

“What is this shit?” I asked her.

“It’s a contract for you to sign if you agree to everything. You can read it or I can tell you, it might make sense if I tell you.”

I just stared at her with a blank look and she started to explain.

“Okay, we are going to wrestle. It is going to be a submission style match with absolutely to punching, kicking, eye gouging, or anything dirty like that And illegal in most MMA fights. It will be a best out of 5 match. First one to make the other person tap out 3 times wins. You with me so for?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I could tell she was dead serious so I wasn’t laughing anymore.

“Good. We are going to do it right here in the living room on the carpet, after you move all the furniture back against the walls. Besides all the rules I have already stated, everything else is pretty much fair game, got it?”

I started to look over the contract in my hand and everything she said was right there, almost word for word.

“Oh yeah, and you have to wear a pair of your boxer briefs, nothing more. I will be wearing what I have on.”

I thought about it for a moment. “I can’t fight you.”

“It’s not fighting its wrestling, and why not, I have been taking MMA classes at the gym, I will be fine.” She said with a smirk, like she was waiting for me to react that way.

“MMA fights are based in weight classes. I am 80 lbs. heavier and 8 inches taller than you. It isn’t fair by a long shot.”

She pretty much just ignored my last comment. “If your too scared, just say so. But, do you want to know what the winner gets?” she purred.

“Yeah, I guess, and I am scared, that I will hurt you.”

“Simply put, the winner gets the loser.” She pauses long enough to see the confused look on my face. “Now I know we already have each other in the girlfriend boyfriend sense. That’s not at all what I am talking about. The winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser for the rest of the weekend. Being that it is Saturday afternoon, the winner gets all night and all day tomorrow with the loser. It can be back rubs, cooking, cleaning, blow jobs, whatever your heart desires, the loser must comply no questions asked.”

I could tell that she was getting pretty excited with all this part by her body language and the tone of her voice. I know where this was going, and if somehow she actually got me to tap out 3 times then I would be doing all the chores in the house and probably spending the rest of my time with my head between her legs. Brittany is a very sexual person, but in the three plus years we have been together, she hasn’t been into anything crazy, just straight sex in many different positions. It wasn’t until recently anyway. She wanted to fool around and I was tired after a 12 hour day in construction work. She kept bugging me and bugging me until finally she got up and slammed her pussy right into my mouth while I was laying in bed trying to sleep. She wrapped her legs around my head like she was sitting Indian style on my face and told me that the only way I was getting to sleep that night was if she came in my mouth. Ever since then, she has been addicted to having me going down on her and her being in control of it. I definitely don’t have a problem with it, I love going down on her, and her being a little mean about it makes it even hotter.

“So you are trying to tell me that the winner gets the loser to basically be there slave for the rest of the entire weekend, no questions asked?” I asked her as I started to think of the possibilities and getting a little turned on with the situation.

“Yes sir, that is exactly right. Make me tap out three times, and you can do whatever you want to me or with me.”

“There has to be a catch. This all just seems too easy.”

“Then you shouldn’t have a problem then big boy.” She said as she started to kiss my neck a little.

“No, but it still doesn’t seem fair. I would love to win and all, but it just doesn’t seem right.”

Brittany stopped kissing me and looked in my eyes. “I already signed it. I am totally game. My classes have taught me a little and I think it is actually a fair match.”

I looked at her with a slightly mad look at the fair fight comment which made this hot blonde that is basically sitting on my lap smile.

“Come on, don’t be a pussy Keith. Just eat mine.” Brittany laughed as she said. “Plus, haven’t you always want to fuck my big ass? If you win then it’s all yours to fuck as you please.” Brittany turned around, stood up and stuck her ass in my face. “All yours.”

My dick was rock hard now staring at this big ass swaying in my face. Then she pulled down her little shorts a little, grabbed that back of my shoved my head and shoved my face in her ass for a couple of seconds.

“All yours.” She chanted again.

I pushed her down to where she was sitting next to me again. I was still up in the air, but I had at least one more question. “If, or should I say when I win”, I laughed, “and I make you my slave for the next day and a half, what kind of feelings are there going to be? Are you going to be pissed off because I fucked your ass hard and made you deep throat and gag on my cock, and made you pamper me and cook for me and whatever else I do to you? Are you going to leave me then? Are you going to kill me in my sleep or not let me get any air the next time you are sitting on my face? I don’t want to lose you for all of this.”

Brittany was starting to get a little irritated. “God, you really are being a pussy. I give you the opportunity to use me as your slave and fuck me in the ass and you are just back peddling like a little bitch. I am proposing this to you. I have thought about this for a while now. I should be making sure that when I win that you can take it if lose to a girl that is so much smaller than you. Are you going to leave me, or kill me?”

“No, I am sure there is nothing that you can do to me to make me feel less about you. I love you with everything I have. You are my everything. I just don’t want any animosity towards each other.” I said to her, trying to calm her down a little.

Brittany grabbed the contract from next to my Xbox controller on the table and handed it to me with a pen. “Here then, sign it. I am not going to leave you or kill you or anything like that. There will be no hard feelings after the weekend, and I won’t be telling anybody about anything and I expect the same from you. It is supposed to be fun.”

I looked at her eyes on last time for a few seconds, leaned forward, signed it, and handed it back to her. She hugged me tight and kissed me all over. She was as happy and giggling like a tween age girl at a One Direction concert.

tight and kissed me all over. She was as happy and giggling l my proper attire on for the festivities. She walked out of the room towards the office and I could hear the filing cabinets open and shut.

I moved all the furniture against the walls trying to leave as much space as possible in the center of the room.

I went to the bedroom and pulled out a pair of my all black boxer briefs that were a size too small, so I know they would be extra tight and maybe I could distract my girlfriend for a second.

When I got back into the living room, Brittany was bending over touching her toes stretching, with her ass facing me. The boy shorts she was wearing were so short that her ass was hanging out of the bottom when she was bent over like that. I’m sure the position was completely on purpose. I walked to the other side of the living room and started stretching myself.

“Are you sure you want to do this, I will let you back out?” I asked her while I was stretching my hamstrings.

“I’m sure. And I really don’t care if you want to back out, because if you quit, I win.” She snapped back at me.

She got up shaking her neck out and stood in the center of the room waiting on me to finish stretching. I was done and walked right in front of her. She held out her hand for me to shake it and I did. Then she nodded her head as if asking if I was ready. I nodded back, and it begun.

She started to circle around me make me circle around. I reached out and tried to half ass grab her arm, I was just trying to size her up. Next thing I know she grabs my arm and kind of jumps and plants the back of her legs into my chest throwing me down and on my back. At the same time she managed to get my arm in between her legs and set in a perfect arm bar. I was so shocked, surprised and caught off guard that until the pain started, I didn’t know what the fuck just happened. She started cranking my arm downward, using a lot of force. I started to try to get out of it, but with her legs wrapped around my arm and firmly planting me to the ground, I couldn’t even move without it hurting worse. I laid there for a little while longer trying to figure a way out of this until she gritted her teeth and cranked down real hard which made me tap out on the floor with my spare arm.

Brittany let go immediately and stood up, leaving laying there holding my arm. “One to Nothing,” she said as she let out a little giggle.

I composed myself as best as I could and stood up. I looked at my girlfriend who is now smiling at me. “What are you smiling at?” I asked her in an angry tone.

She smiled even bigger at me. “Nothing at all. But in case you didn’t hear me before, the score is one to nothing.”

That made me embarrassed and mad at the same time. How could I have been forced to tap out so fast? I’m in good shape, I know how to wrestle. All of this was bad enough, but the fact that Brittany laughed at me when she won that round, made it so much worse.

“Alright, I’m ready to go again.” I told her. I wasn’t going to lose another round. I was committed to this and certainly wasn’t going down without a proper fight.

Brittany walked back to the center of the living room, still grinning. This time she looked at me and said “ready, go.”

She was really quick this time as she shot for my front leg. It was so quick that it caught me off guard again. This time I had enough balance to fall forward on top of her. She grunted as I landed on her back. Brittany was still trying to grab my leg. I reached my arm back and under her chin. I worked at it for a few seconds until I had a choke hold set in nice and deep. She started to go nuts in this position. I just leaned back, choking her even more and she had to tap out.

I let go immediately and mocked her by saying, “one all”. She sat up and looked at me. The icy look in her eyes told me that she was furious. I couldn’t help but smile a little, which I’m sure made it worse.

She stood up and pushed me back at the same time. I laughed as I got up and told her “in case you missed it, the score is now one all.” She squinted her eyes at me as if trying to burn a hole in my head. She walked to the center of the room again.

“Ready, go.” She announced, not caring if I was ready. She then swept in with even more force than the last time. With me not really being ready and the force in which she grabbed my legs, she sent me tumbling to my back. I was still trying to catch myself when she spun around and sat on my lower chest while facing my feet. She grabbed my arms and pinned them under her legs. I started to pull them out from under her when she grabbed my balls through my shorts, which made me stop in my tracks and let out a loud yell. She shifted her hand until she had a vice grip on my boys, squeezing them like she was trying to crack two walnuts in one hand.

“FUCK…That’s cheating you bitch.” I shouted at her.

“I don’t give a fuck you price of shit. Just try and get out of it.” Brittany snapped back as she rolled my balls around in her hands a little.

I started trying to move out from under her, but everywhere I would try to move, she would just squeeze harder. I tried pushing her off of me, but I just started buckling over from the tight grip.

Brittany started to laugh with me struggling and groaning in pain. ” All you have to do is tap out you little cocksucker, and the pain will stop” I started to say something back to her, but she squeezed my balls so hard I thought they were going to explode, which made me tap out as soon as possible. Brittany started to release her grip, but gave them one last quick squeeze to make me wince once more. She got off of me and said, “2 to 1 now bitchboy. Take a short break while I go to the bathroom for a couple of minutes. Don’t go anywhere.” She then skipped away and down the hall.

I just laid there trying to think of anything other than the pain radiating from my groin. I started thinking that losing wouldn’t be that bad. I hated all the chores and didn’t like to cook much, but I love going down on her. I thought about giving up, just to stop all this and give into the chance to spend the next day and a half fucking my girlfriend with my tongue. But my competitive nature wouldn’t allow that. I knew she wouldn’t just drop it, and would keep rubbing it in every chance she got. I wasn’t going to lose this shit. Besides all that, I really didn’t want to lose to a girl.

When Brittany skipped back into the room, I was in the same exact position that I was in when she left. Brittany smiled at me while towering over me. “Get up bitch. We only have one round left.”

I started to inch my way up slowly, “one round left? We have two more to go.”

“No, only one. Because, when I win it, it will be all over.”

“Whatever.” I said as I finally got to my feet. I was still hunched over holding my groin.

“Look, I will let you start this Round.” She told me, as if giving me a gift.

“Okay, give me another second. That shit really hurt.” I stood there still trying to catch my breath. She just stood there smiling at me. Even though I was mad at her for hurting me so badly, I’ve got to admit, she is still so damn sexy. “All right, I’m ready, are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready, waiting on you.” She said as got back in her fighting position.

“Okay, go”. As soon as I said those words she swung her right hand in and planted a brutal slap on the left side of my face.

“That’s for calling me a bitch, mother fucker.”

My ear was ringing and I was a little dazed. This gave Brittany the perfect opportunity to take me down again. She pretty much shoulder tackled me. I was again on my back she flew up and grabbed my head and jerked it towards the ceiling, all while sliding forward and stopping to sit on my chest. She then brought her legs up and slid them around my head and locked in a head scissor. I grabbed her legs and tried to pull them apart, but they didn’t even budge.

She squeeze harder leaving me more helpless. She raised her arms up and started flexing right in my face. “Haha, I’ve got you so beat. You are done for bitch boy.”

I was losing all the blood flow to my head, and I could feel myself getting dizzy. I tapped out on her leg.

“What are you doing hitting my leg like that?” She asked as she was laughing hard at me. ” Don’t be such a pussy.” As she said that, she released my head long enough to push my face into her barely covered pussy. She then squeezed again to keep me there.

I felt like I was really close to passing out when she finally let me go and stood up. She put one foot on my chest and flexed her arms again. “Haha, I win, you lose, I am the champion of the whole wide world.” She then let me get up and handed me a bottle of water From the coffee table. She took a drink from her bottle and then said, “good match. But you are my slave now and I want a clean slave. So you go and take a shower. And then you can cook dinner for us when you get out. But first, lay back down.” I did what she asked. She then pulled off her tiny shorts and squatted on my chest. she looked at me for a second and then shifted forward so her pussy was right on my mouth.

She sat there, smiling down at me. “Well, first thing you are going to do is eat my pussy till I cum down your throat. Then you are to shower.” She started to rock back in forth on my face. “Oh yeah, just like that.” She purred.

She grabbed my arms and put them over my head and pinned them in with her legs as she shifted until she was straddling my head. She started to grind harder and harder on my tongue. I could still taste her sweet pussy even though it was covered in sweat.

“Yes, That’s it my little bitch boy. Make me cum”.

Brittany slid forward so that her pussy was on my nose and my tongue was now licking her ass. She reached her hand down and stared rubbing her clit. Her squeals were getting loader and faster, making her sit down harder, blocking any air intake that I had.

“Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. Fuuuuccckkk.. I’m cumming. Oh my god.” She screamed while bucking away on my face.

Once her orgasm passed she sat back on my chest. I was gasping for air while she was smiling at me.

“Goddamn that was good. You are so very good at that bitchboy. I have never had my ass licked before. That is something you are going to have to do more often.” She hopped off of me and snapped her finger and pointed to the bedroom. I took that as my cue to get up and go get cleaned off. I was catching my breath so I couldn’t say anything.

As I started to get up I was thinking that this wasn’t going to be too bad at all. That was fun.

“Oh yeah, hey Keith.” She yelled as I was halfway down the hall. I stopped and turned around. “I was fully expecting to win. This is going to be a great weekend. For me anyway. Remember now, you can’t back out now. You signed the contract. You can’t complain or bitch or anything. I’m in charge, whatever I say goes. I have a lot planned. If you think that you are only going to be licking my pussy and now my ass, then you are seriously mistaken. All I will say right now is, I’m going to break you and make you wish you never signed that contract. You will probably cry and I know you will be sore, and there is nothing you can do about it my little bitchboy. Now, go get cleaned up and hurry up, I’m hungry.”

I was speechless. All I could do is turn around and walk to the bathroom. I leaned on the counter and looked at myself in the mirror. “What in the fuck did I get myself into?” I asked myself.


I hope everybody enjoyed this first part of the story. Comments are always welcome. I would like to know what you think, if you have any pointers or advice or whatever. Tell me what you think should Brittany has in mind for making Keith cry. Thank you for reading.

I decided to carry on with my adventures in the mixed nude fighting club. I wasn’t too concerned that my last opponent Eve showed the world that she was clearly the superior sexual beast. I basically had the opportunity to have sex with an amazingly beautiful woman and life was not looking so boring anymore.

After taking some time to clear my head, I decided to accept another match. In the club, it was the woman who challenged a man, and she would normally choose her next opponent based upon her own strengths. It was no secret that the public enjoyed watching matches where the women were the victors, and little rules like this tended to give the women more of an advantage. It also allowed the club to weed out men that no woman wanted to go up against for whatever reason.

I had 3 challengers. Two of the women were 1-0 and 2-1, but I was leaning towards the challenger with the 0-2 record. Not many of the women had losing records, and I decided that her lack of a win would be a good match up with my non-existent experience. I clicked the ‘accept’ button, and the scheduling macro chose a mutually acceptable date just over one week away. I took one last look at the picture of my adversary. Her photo didn’t reveal much other than she was slightly heavier set than most of the other girls. She didn’t have that perfect hourglass figure, but don’t get me wrong, she was hot.

I then decided to review the point system for a real match. The winner was the one who first reached 10 points. Points were awarded for four different outcomes. First, if for any reason you orgasm, your opponent gets 2 points. Second, a combatant can declare their submission for 2 points, but if the submission is in response to avoiding an orgasm the referee can delay the submission at their discretion. Third, pinning your opponent’s shoulders back on the mat was worth 1 point. Points for another pin would not be given until an orgasm or submission was achieved. For these three methods, only after a submission does the referee stand up the combatants to ‘restart’. There is no relief when you are pinned or orgasm, the match continues. Finally, the females have a fourth option, the knock-out. If a man loses consciousness, she automatically gains 10 points for the win.

Four days before my match, Kate arrived for my weigh-in. I was 158 lbs and had lost a few pounds as I had increased my training over the last few weeks. Kate and I began to talk about next match. “I see you chose Madison,” she started. “She is an interesting one.” I asked her why she would say that. “I don’t think she’ll last long in the club. She lost those two matches because she can’t handle a man penetrating her vagina with his penis. Most women would relish the opportunity to meet a man thrust for thrust, but Madison emotionally falls apart and ends up losing. She chose you because you tried to not fuck Eve. Plus, she heard that you have terrible wrestling skills and she feels that you are a good match-up for her.”

I looked at Kate, and asked her quite bluntly. “So, she considers me to be her best bet to get a win.” Kate nodded her head yes. “One more thing,” she continued, “Madison seems to like her men pinned on their back. She weighed in at 149 lbs and has the skills to keep you down. Don’t let her do that or she’ll be running that point total up quickly.” I again thanked Kate for her advice, and saw her out.

On the day of the match, I was pretty pumped and excited. I had decided to heed Kate’s scouting report and try to fuck Madison’s pussy. I thought the risk of me losing control and having an orgasm was worth it if I could get an advantage over her. On the drive to the club, I daydreamed all the different ways I could penetrate that woman and make her my slut.

When I arrived at the club, I registered and entered the men’s change room. Just like last time, I started my warm-up an hour before my match. The referee came in to deliver my robe and asked if I had any questions. I shook my head no.

When the time came, I made my second entrance to the wrestling mat. The camera guy had nothing else to do, so he began to film my entrance. I tried to look tough and began to hop around like a boxer does before a match. All that I accomplished was bouncing my junk out of my robe and into plain view. The referee chuckled and I turned red with embarrassment. I just made my way to my start position and tried to regain my composure.

As I calmed down, the ladies change room door opened and out walked my opponent. She was 5’6″ with short auburn hair that fell to her shoulders. I could tell that she was a little apprehensive and I told myself to focus. The referee walked over to me and removed my robe and Madison sized up her next opponent. She smiled and nodded her head in silent reflection. Apparently, she liked what she saw.

The referee than took off Madison’s robe and I finally got to get a good look at what I had agreed to face. She reminded me of that girl in high school who was really athletic and wasn’t afraid to take on the boys. My eyes walked up and down her body and took note of her waist, hips, and thighs. She was bigger than what most men would consider perfect dimensions, but this wasn’t a screening for a pin-up-girl. I was about to get into a very physical wrestling match with this woman and she was solid.

I was still lost in thought when the referee shouted, “For $1000, ready… Fight!”. We began to circle one another, moving in and out, trying to size each other up. I watched as her 36C breasts, which stood at attention in the cool air of the gym, bounce up and down. She barked at me, “Stop staring and come get some.” With that, she lunged forward and tried to go for a take-down. Our bodies mashed together, and we awkwardly spun around a few times as we tried to trip each other up.

She lost her balance first, and fell onto her butt. I took the opportunity to try and execute my plan to pierce her vagina. As I put my hands on her shoulders to push her down, she opened her legs, wrapped them around my waist, and clamped her thighs around my midsection. “Are you really prepared to wrestle a real woman?” she taunted. Before I could answer, she grabbed my head with both hands and buried my face in her chest. After a quick 180 degree roll, I was on my back with Madison on top of me. Her soft breasts were strangely inviting and suffocating at the same time. I used my hands to push her shoulders up and free my head. She didn’t resist, and quickly scooted her hips further up my chest. She almost had me pinned!

Madison wasted no time and began to make her way further up my chest as she was going for a school girl pin. I was lost and before I knew it, she had pinned one of my arms under her leg. My instincts kicked in and I fought her attempts as she worked on my other arm to completely sink her pin in. I focused all my attention and energy on avoiding that outcome.

Without me realizing it, Madison switched strategies and swung her other leg across my chest to scissor my arm. She then plopped herself down across my chest and grabbed my free hand. She overpowered my one arm with both of hers, and pushed it away from my body. I took stock of my situation. I’m on my back, with her face down and draped across my chest. My one arm was trapped between her legs, and my other arm was trapped in her hands. She had me in a cross body pin and the referee was inspecting me to determine if I was truly down. I tried to buck her off, but we both just fell back to the mat. The weight of her body forced both my shoulders down and the referee gave the first point to Madison. “1-0 Madison, by pin.”

Without missing a beat, Madison used her two arms and bent my lone arm at the elbow while twisting and folding it onto itself. She got a good grip on my wrist with one hand, and dropped the other hand to my defenseless penis. I groaned as she began to jack me off and her taunting continued. “Ha! I’ve always liked to be the one on top.” She wasn’t in a great position to get me off quick, but there was no rush, and she had all the time in the world. I was stuck, and she was slowly working me up. I couldn’t believe that this bitch was having her way with me and I was powerless to stop her. I used my arm trapped by her legs to try and grab something, anything, for leverage. All I got was a handful of her ass. Madison laughed at my feeble attempts to struggle and told me to just give in. I continued to resist, but I knew I was going down a path that would end badly for me. My loins tightened, and I began to spew cum. I now understood what it truly meant to be forced to orgasm by your opponent. It was a strange sense of trepidation, disappointment, and relief. “3-0 Madison, by orgasm, 4-0 Madison, by pin” the referee shouted in quick succession. I relaxed and the pace of her hand job slowed to a gentle massage.

My mind fogged for a bit, but I soon regained my composure and begin to resist her unwelcome advances. “Why are you resisting? There is no point.” Madison chided as she began to increase the pace of her hand job once again. I then realized my predicament. If I didn’t get out of this position, Madison would continue to work me over until I give her a chain of orgasms and the win. I had to get out. As I vainly struggled against her pin, the referee knelt down and asked me if I wished to submit. Madison laughed and began to taunt me. “If you submit, we’ll be half-way done before we really even begin!” I knew I had no other choice and declared my submission. “6-0 Madison, by submission.” the referee shouted.

Madison gave my dick a few more rough tugs before the referee told her to get up. She released my manhood and stood up to start again. She looked really pleased and seemed to have an air of confidence about her. I had started this takedown with the intention of fucking a naked woman, but ended up giving her six unanswered points. “You want to hit the mat and wrestle again?” she cooed. “I still want that school girl pin so I can show you a little surprise.” Damn, this woman was kicking my ass both physically and mentally.

We danced around the ring and I was being more cautious and stayed away from her taking me down when she gave me a quick shove that pushed me back a few feet. “Penalty! Outside the ring,” stated the referee. Arg, I wasn’t paying attention and had strayed too close to the edge. The referee walked me to the middle of the ring, had me lie down on my back. “Madison, take your position, and let me know when you’re ready to start” said the referee. She giggled, and mounted me in a 69 position. She wrapped her legs around my head, and grabbed my cock in both hands. She gave a quick ‘start’ just before she guided my member into her mouth. Ughhh… I grunted.

This match was getting away from me quickly and was literally leading to a blow out. My cock quickly became stiff as she sucked me off. I thought my only way out was to distract her by eating out her pussy and force an orgasm from her. I grabbed the thighs wrapped around my head and parted them enough so I could go to work with my own tongue action. Surprisingly, she didn’t fight me on this and I began to stimulate her. My plan seemed to be working as she slowed her assault on my penis. Just in time too, because I was primed and ready to shoot my load. Madison adjusted her hips and made it even easier for me to access her clamshell. My tongue continued to lash her pussy and her own moans gave me hope for an orgasm.

After one particularly long “Mmmmm…” escaped from her lips, Madison took my cock, swallowed it once again and with a few quick motions forced my second orgasm. She freed my penis from her lips and used her hands to manually drain me. The referee shouted “Score 8-0, Madison by orgasm.” I was in the midst of my recovery period, when she jumped off me, swung around and crashed down quickly securing her school girl pin. “Score 9-0 Madison by pin.” I looked up at my beaming opponent. “You ready for your surprise?” she teased. “I usually just do this for myself, but I’ll make an exception for you.”

With that, she put one hand on her clit, and began to rub herself furiously. I didn’t understand what she was doing, if she had an orgasm, I was pretty sure I’d be getting 2 points. With her other hand, she grabbed my hair, tilted my head up, and screamed her own orgasm. It then became apparent that her orgasm was my disgrace as she squirted some cum from her quivering pussy. This woman could ejaculate! As the warm liquid splashed onto my face, I could hear Madison snicker at my misfortune. The referee shouted “Score 2-9 David by orgasm.” I was angry with myself for once again becoming someone’s plaything. My opponent was so sure of herself that she gave herself an orgasm just to mess with me.

My anger continued to boil as Madison relaxed to enjoy her post release glow. I decided to act. With all my power, I rolled to my side and caught her off guard. We rolled 180 degrees onto her back and I folded her legs toward her head. Within a few seconds, she had gone from a school girl pin to being pinned herself. I looked at the referee and she said “Score 3-9, David by pin”. As my anger continued to rage, I looked at my opponent and she was white with fear and she began to plead with me “Please don’t do it. It hurts so much.” I noticed that her cunt was exposed and knew that I had a chance crush her spirit. I made sure to keep her legs pinned and positioned myself to take advantage of her vulnerable fuck hole. I had my opportunity to remind this bitch that she was facing a man, and men loved to fuck women.

As the head of my cock began to probe her pussy lips, Madison burst into tears. I wasn’t a mean guy and the pathetic sobbing drove a stake through my heart. I was here to add excitement to my life, not assault a weeping woman. I was torn. I decided to take pity on her and whispered that if she submitted, I wouldn’t fuck her. Madison told the referee she submitted, and the referee said, “Score 5-9, David by submission, but I’ll allow you to continue your sex attack for awhile.” I stuck to my word, and let her go without piercing her trembling frame.

Madison mouthed a ‘thank-you’ as she got back onto her feet and wiped the tears from her eyes. The referee was amazed at my mercy and told us that we could start again. My heart wasn’t in the match anymore and I lost my concentration. I met Madison in the center of the mat and swept her feet out from under her. She fell back onto the mat and I went down on her and began to eat out her pussy once again. With ease, she clamped those thighs around my head and began to squeeze. I looked up at her face and her eyes were dancing once again.

She knew that victory was one submission away and crossed her ankles and poured everything she had into that head scissors. I began to see stars and even if I wanted to hold out, there was no way I could stand the pressure. I tapped out. The referee shouted, “Score 11-5 by submission for the winner of this match, Madison!” My opponent loosed her grip and let me roll away. She pumped her fists into the air and began to celebrate her victory. I just lay on my back, and asked myself whether showing mercy was worth losing $500.

The referee interrupted Madison’s celebration and asked her if she is ready to proceed with her sexual finishing move. Fuck, I say to myself, I didn’t really think this through. Madison crawled over and mounted me in another school girl pin. She trapped both my arms and spread her legs as she thrust her beautiful clamshell within an inch of my mouth. She ordered me to eat her out. I complied.

She began to squirm and made soft ‘yes’ noises as she encouraged me along. I knew where this is going… I was going to get squirted on again. She then pushed my head back with one hand and began to finger herself with the other. “Open your mouth,” she gasped. It was a fascinating sight, seeing a woman work her own pussy in such close proximity. Her labia gave way to probing fingers as she stroked herself to higher levels of sensitivity. Around and around she caressed her soft folds, ever increasing her level of distress. It was an intimate dance she was performing and I had the best seat in the house.

Her breaths quickened as she passed the point of no return. “Here it comes,” she groaned. With both hands, she grabbed my head and guided my open mouth to make a seal over her dripping hole. She clamped her legs closed and cried out in satisfaction as she quaked her sweet orgasm into my mouth. After her release, she was spent, and the stress seemed to melt from her body. Madison just sat on my chest for a minute in her own little sex coma and enjoyed her first victory. Finally, she gave me a big grin, stood up, and stumbled her way to the ladies change room, her legs still wobbly from the exertion.

After I cleaned myself up and had a shower at the club, I was wondering how my actions would be received by the community. The fighters I witnessed in previous videos were ruthless and took every opportunity to take advantage of their opponent. Even Madison didn’t hold back on her final head scissors and sexual finishing move. I was still processing this in my mind as I walked out to my car. I almost didn’t notice a lady standing there until I was a few feet away.

“David, I want to thank you and say that I am sorry you had to lose.” It was Madison. “You should know that that I only joined the club to make a bit of money for school. I now know that I can’t handle even the threat of being fucked by a man. I’ve quit the club, but wanted you to know that I think you’re a good guy.” With that, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and waved good-bye. As she left, I thought of the adage that ‘Nice guys always finish last’.

The next day, I checked the club’s website. I had an email from Kate and learned that my match had caused quite a stir. Many women were lighting up the forums wondering who this man was who would have mercy on his opponent. Apparently, my videos with Eve and Madison were getting a lot of downloads because of the buzz. Kate finished her note by saying that I wouldn’t have to worry about losing the $500, my portion of the video proceeds would more than compensate me.

I already had a few new challengers and I was in awe of all the beautiful women who wanted their chance to participate in my next naked romp. As I went off to bed, I had no idea how I was going to choose between them.

Thank you for reading the second of what I hope to be a nine part series.

I accept the criticism that readers may become lost in my story because of inadequate background information. I purposely try to insert as little as possible to keep the plot moving. I want to avoid long, mind-numbing preambles.

I don’t accept the criticism that the club’s business model makes no sense. It’s fantasy. It’s not real life. To anyone who disagrees… HULK SMASH YOUR FACE!!!!!

Stay tuned for “Match #3: David vs Claire”

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