Chapter Twenty-Five: The Second Week

“So, you’ll be here at the end of the month?”

“Of course, master.”

“Good, I’ll see you then.”

Jack hung up and set his phone down. He just finished talking to his brother and first angel, Jimmy. As of now he had four angels and had big plans for each one. At the end of the month he wanted a big blowout, but he would need West and James on good terms before even trying.

James worried him more than West did. West seemed almost too easy to control. His submissiveness was surprising, and it made Jack wonder whether the trait was natural or created synthetically when Jack became his god.

He got up and got dressed. It was a Tuesday morning. Jack went down Ambrosine’s hall to get her for breakfast. He knocked on her door and Miriam answered with a sneer.


Jack smiled and released pheromones as he spoke. “Good morning. How are you?”

“Fine,” she snapped. Hints of pink gleamed behind her eyes, but she kept her arms crossed and stared him down. “What do you want?”

“I’m just here to pick up Ambrosine.”

“She’s not here.”

“Where is she, then?”

“I don’t know. She’s your girlfriend. Ask her yourself.”


“You’ve got a phone, right? Use it.” Miriam slammed the door in his face.

Jack stared at the door in shock for a few seconds. She treated him like dirt, but he was determined to change that. Soon enough she would be on her knees begging him for pleasure.

Jack looked around the hall for something to do. Samantha and Maggie both lived down the hall.

Maggie. He liked the idea of her and decided a morning visit was in order.

She answered the door in her pajamas and messy hair. The top she wore to bed was a loose-fitting tank drop that gave a great view of her breasts and nipples. Her bottoms left even less to the imagination.

Before realizing who it was she gave a great yawn and a half-hearted, “Hello?” Then she saw Jack, rubbed her eyes vigorously, and smiled. “Oh, god, I’m so sorry. I was just…” She glanced back at her room. “Uh, do you want to come in?”

“Of course,” Jack said. She showed him in and closed the door. Her bedroom was still clean and cherry scented. Lying across the bed she had the dress from last time. Judging from the stains it hadn’t been washed. “Keeping a little piece of me for yourself?”

Maggie blushed and hastily grabbed the dress. Behind her eyes Jack could see a flare of pink. It was all she could do to keep from smelling it before hiding it away “I…I was going to wash it, but it just smelled so good. I’ve been sleeping with it at night.”

“How is that going for you?”

She shrugged. “One hundred percent honest, I haven’t been sleeping much. I just keep fingering myself raw.”

There was something profoundly sexual about her. Normally, Maggie was rather reserved. She teased but never went too far. Masturbating each night a new behavior his influence obviously cultivated in her. The seed he planted had bloomed rather quickly.

“That’s a little obsessive, but I’ll take it as a compliment. It just means that you can’t live without me.”

“Totally,” Maggie said. She shoved the dress into her wardrobe and closed the doors behind her. When she turned one of the straps on her top slid down and exposed her left breast. The nipple on it was bright red and very swollen. She looked down at it and then smiled lecherously at him. “I’m not complaining, but you’re visiting me awful early.”

Jack shrugged. “I had time to kill and thought I could get a blow job from my favorite busty blonde.” He slumped down on the bed and stretched out. “If you’re in the mood, that is.”

She gave him a big, movie star smile while kneeling and cupping his crotch. “For you, Jack, I’m always in the mood.” She squeezed him through his pants.

“Then let’s not waste time talking about it.”

She nodded and pulled his pants and underwear off. Then she took off her top grabbed her swaying breasts for his entertainment. They were so big that the flesh spilled out of her grasp. Jack, who was accustomed to incredible breasts, was still awed by her rack. She smiled at him from between his legs. “Go ahead and enjoy the view, mister, because they’re your whenever you want them.”

“That’s good to know, because I’m a sucker for big breasts. For now your mouth will do, though.” He put his hand on her head and pulled her into his crotch.

She breathed deeply and let his presence fill her. It flooded her blood stream and filled her with fire. She kept breathing him in until it burned too intensely and all restraint was lost. That is when she opened her mouth and started licking his heavy, swollen balls.

Jack grew and so did his power over her. She grasped his shaft and stroked him. It was limp but beautiful. With loving care it would blossom into the gargantuan godhood of her dreams, and with all the passion in her body she would nurture it. She sucked his balls into her mouth and nursed on them.

As usual Jack defied all logic by growing to record breaking length and girth in record breaking time. In what seemed like an instant to her Jack was fully erect. While his cock grew in her hands, his balls swelled in her mouth. She suffocated on his huge, sperm-laden testicles while marveling at their size.

It was too much for her to handle. His taste and scent were too strong, and her already submissive mind sunk lower into debauchery. She lifted up and licked at his shaft and crown. Her stomach felt empty and longed for the warmth and fullness of his sperm.

“This is here is the cock I know and love,” she whispered between licks. She dived down on him, shoving his cock to the back of her throat and sucking deeply. She moved her hands up and stroked him as well. Sometimes she went back to cup his balls.

There was a knock at the door and Jack called for them to enter before thinking. Maggie didn’t hear him and didn’t stop. Her whole focus was on his cock and his pleasure.

Ambrosine stepped inside. She was wearing a sweater and a pair of jeans that hugged her figure gloriously. When she saw the two of them she smiled. “Oh my, would you look at that.” She closed the door quietly. “That’s quite a sight, but is this what you came looking for, Jack? A blow job?”

Jack smiled at her. “No, no…Well, maybe.” He grunted as Maggie took him deep. She gagged slightly on him but didn’t stop until her throat has stretched around his crown. “I…ah…Just wanted to grab breakfast with you.”

Ambrosine sat beside Jack on the bed. She sniffed the air and gave Maggie a sympathetic smile. “Well, I’m sorry that I missed…breakfast.”

Jack shrugged. “At least you get to the chance to see what a good girl Maggie is turning into.” Jack held Maggie’s head in place and fucked her mouth. Even as she choked on his cock she moaned hungrily for him.

Ambrosine, like Maggie, was lost in lust. Her eyes glossed as she breathed deeply of the sex in the room. It was always a struggle to maintain composure with Jack in the room, but this was too much for her.

“Maybe she could use a hand…or two…or a mouth?”

“That would have been lovely, but it’s too late.” Jack tensed and came. He came directly down Maggie’s throat and filled her stomach with his scalding hot seed. In just one shot he nearly drowned her.

He released her head and allowed her to pull up. She pulled her mouth free from his cock and but didn’t pull away entirely. She stroked him and held kept her lips wide apart. Sperm rained down on her, covering her in all over. Some of it even flew out onto the carpet where it would stain.

Ambrosine toyed with the hem of her sweater. It was always astounding when Jack came. She wanted to masturbate to the sight.

Maggie shivered. Being drenched in Jack’s cum was a life-affirming experience. It was so thick, hot, and aromatic that all her body went into sensory overload. Her orgasm gave way to a series of lingering orgasms afterward.

She cooed and tilted her head back. “Yes…”

Jack sighed and leaned back on the bed.

Ambrosine slid down to her knees and kneeled beside Maggie. She smiled at her. “May I?”

Maggie shrugged. “I guess. I mean, he is your boyfriend after all.”

Ambrosine took Jack’s cock from Maggie and started licking it. She cleaned it thoroughly with her mouth and then swirled her tongue around the head, trying to get every last drop of cum from it. When she was done she planted a kiss on the tip and held it out for Maggie to do the same.

Ambrosine stood. “Do you need a towel?”

“No thanks. I’d rather eat it all.”

“Oh, dear, I know you would, but it’s way too much.” Ambrosine looked around the room. “Where can I get a towel for you?”

“If you insist on getting me one, there are some in the top drawer of my dresser.”

“Of course,” Ambrosine said. She extracted one and tossed it to Maggie who started wiping clean.

“Thanks, I guess.” Maggie looked at the sperm sadly.

“There’s more where that came from,” Jack said. He was dressing. Maggie stared at his dick.

“I believe that wholeheartedly.”

Jack did up his pants and pulled Ambrosien into a hug and a kiss. When they parted they looked down at Maggie who was still toweling off. “Would you like to join us for a meal?”

“No thanks, I’m actually pretty stuffed.” Maggie glanced at her bedside clock. “Besides, I’m going to be late for class. Rain check though.”

“Definitely,” Jack said. He winked at her before leaving.

Maggie looked at the wasted sperm one more time before throwing the towel in with her dress. She didn’t have time to lament the loss. Class would start soon, and she still had to get ready.

On Monday Jack restarted his week. The previous week had turned out well. All three of his targets were coming along nicely, and he was confident that the second week would prove to be another success.

Jack had class with Mrs. Meter three times a week, so he saw her every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This constant exposure combined with the measuring she gave him kept her intoxicated and wanting. She never had time to recovery from the drug that he was.

Mrs. Pratt only saw him twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, and it had been a few days since his last chance to speak with her. Jack was eager to see her again though. She was going to be his most difficult conquest among the teachers, but that also made her the most exciting.

Mrs. Mueller also only saw him twice a week, though her class was awkwardly spaced on Monday and Friday. This meant that he spent the bulk of the week without contact, but he had more recent contact with her than Mrs. Pratt. Jack didn’t concern himself much with her though. Despite her lack of sexuality, he had a strong foothold already and knew that with a slight push she would submit.

Jack met Maggie early in the morning and they walked together to class. She kept her soft body close this eyes and stared in open infatuation. Jack noticed this and laughed.

“The way you’re carrying yourself it’s like you’re my girlfriend.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You’re standing awful close, and the look in your eyes and the smile on your face. It says that we have sex.”

Maggie laughed. “Jack, clearly you’ve never had a normal relationship. Women don’t normally fawn over a guy.”

“I guess that’s true. I’m not really a normal guy, am I?”

“Not at all,” Maggie said firmly. They passed through the school cafeteria on the way to class. Before leaving they picked up a breakfast sandwich and a drink.

“Still, people might think we’re dating.”

“Does that bother you? Will Ambrosine be jealous?”

“No and no, but I’m more worried about you and your boyfriend. What was his name?”

Maggie nearly doubled over with laughter. “Him? Jack, you don’t have to…I broke up with him.”

“What? When?”

“After that night in the shower, that’s when.”


“Because, I don’t like him anymore, and keeping him on the line would be an awful thing to do.”

“I’m sorry if I had anything to do with it.”

“You had everything to do with it, but you don’t need to be sorry. He and I had no future together. I want you and only you, even if I have to share you.”

“I see.”

“If you want to feel sorry, feel sorry for the fact that you’ll probably steal every woman in this school from him before the year is over.” Maggie smiled knowingly. “That is what you’re going for, right?”

“Close,” Jack said. “I plan to fuck all the pretty girls, at least.”

Maggie shoved him gently. “Sometimes you’re such a pig.”

They made it to class early and ate while chatting. It felt private, intimate, and almost normal. Maggie was his slut, no doubt, but she also felt like a friend in that moment. Being alone with her reminded him of what life was like before all of the magic and the gods. It was simple but pleasant.

After finishing their meal Maggie threw away the trash. On the way back to her seat she undid her jacket and revealed her low-cut blouse. The material was thin and tight against her body. She had enough sense to keep the jacket on so as not to be lewd, but it didn’t even begin to hide how her breasts were hiked up and nearly popping out.

Jack, being more hot-blooded than the average by far, couldn’t help but marvel. “Earlier, when you were eating and smacking your lips like slack-jawed beast, I had forgotten how attractive you are. Thank you for reminding me.”

Maggie laughed. She grabbed her breasts and shook them a bit. “You’re very welcome.” She sat beside him and rested her hand on his thigh. “Maybe I could give you a private showing later.”

Mrs. Meter entered the room around that time and students were shuffling in the sluggish, early morning manner that they always did. Jack winked at Maggie and said, “Count on it.”

Throughout class Jack focused on Mrs. Meter. It was difficult to keep his eyes trained on her with Maggie breasts only a foot or so away, but he had more important plans.

Each time Mrs. Meter looked at him a wave of euphoria and lust rushed through her. As class went on she was blushing and shaking a bit. Sometimes she made mistake on her work, and when she did she looked back at the class and giggle awkwardly.

After class he approached her. He asked for help with measuring again, and she nodded eagerly. They went back to her office and this time actually took the measurement. When she told him how big he was they were both impressed.

“I mean, I knew I was big but damn…”

Mrs. Meter licked her lips.

She stroked him off after that and caught his cum on her face and body.

“You should bring a towel next time because with me it’s always a bit messy.”

Mrs. Meter giggled and licked some cum from her hand. “I can see that. It’s just the price of being a man, huh?”

“Yeah, something like that,” Jack said as he left her office.

Monday remained uneventful after that. It rolled into a lazy Tuesday, but on Wednesday things picked up. Jack walked to class with Maggie again, but after class he spared Mrs. Meter. It was his intention to let her lust build up for him over time, that way when she did give in it would seem natural and unprovoked from his end.

He had lunch with Jennifer and then spent history class breaking down Mr. Pratt’s resistance. His will was strong but lacked resolve. Once Jack started tearing him down it was a rather quick and simple process.

He had a test that he pretended to do. His rune gave him all the answers, which open up plenty of free time to pick away at the old man’s mind. On the way out of class Mr. Pratt pulled him aside.

“Can I help you with something, sir?”

“I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work so far. You’ve set the curve on every test, and I know you’ve done the same in my wife’s class. It’s students like you that make our days pleasant.”

Jack peered in on Mr. Pratt’s light. There was a faint pulsation to it. Pink frost glistened in the edges and was spreading quickly. He saw Jack as somehow superior and wanted to win his approval.

“Well, you’re very welcome,” Jack said. He shook Mr. Pratt’s hand and went on his way.

In Mrs. Pratt class Jack was true to his word and remained vigilant. He never pushed too hard. Playing it safe hadn’t slowed him considerably. Mrs. Pratt was coming along in her own way. She seemed vaguely aware of his power and, to his surprised, was attracted to it.

Breaking into her mind was just the start. From there he struggled with a mind that rivaled Jillian’s in brilliance. Even worse, compartmentalized her every thought and feeling and she scrutinized them as well. As a psychologist she kept a keen observation of her own mental faculties and seemed to assess them regularly.

The conversion of Mrs. Pratt quickly turned into a war of attrition. Minute by minute, hour by hour, class by class, Jack aimed to wear her down.

Luckily, her personality gave him some leverage. She was infatuated with her seemingly brilliant, unnaturally charismatic student. During class she stayed close to him. She spoke with him before and after each day and showed extracurricular interest in his life and studies.

That is what gave Jack the confidence to seduce her. If it were a matter of wit or willpower then Jack was easily outclassed. In a game of persistence, though, Jack had a clear advantage. His stubbornness knew no limits.

The Monday prior Jack had played it safe and worked through her at a snail’s pace. Wednesday was no great change, though he did worm his way in deep enough to start planting seeds. He dug in and raised her arousal.

A faint blush touched her cheeks, and she closed down, ejecting him from her mind. On his way out Jack saw faint bulbs of pink light gleaming within her. Then he saw nothing.

He opened his eyes and saw her smiling at him. He glanced at the clock. Class was almost over.

“That is enough for today. I will see everyone on Monday. Have a pleasant weekend and make sure to get your reading done.” She went to her desk and started organizing her things. A few students stopped by to speak with her. Most were quick to leave the room.

Jack got his things together and waited until they were alone.

She looked at him while loading her bag. “May I help you with anything, Mr. Hillton?”

“Yes, actually, I needed to talk to you.”

“I assume you have questions about today’s lesson.”

“Why do you assume that?”

“You clearly weren’t paying any attention.” Mrs. Pratt slipped her bag on. The way she wore it wedged the strap between her breasts and pulled the shirt tight against her figure. She caught Jack staring and blushed again. “Like right now, you seem distracted.”

Jack was surprised. She seemed to be flirting with him. He closed distance and released his erotic breath. Leaning in, he said, “I am embarrassed to say that you’re right. I was distracted. In fact, I find this class very, very distracted,” he said.

Mrs. Pratt breathed deeply. She blinked, as if confused, and then shook her head.

“You seem distracted, too.”

She laughed. “I would say that it’s simply Monday, but…Anyhow, I can get some notes together and e-mail you a copy. Would that be acceptable?” She wasn’t sure why she offered. Normally she was uncompromising and unaccommodating. For Jack, though, she made an exception. “We could also find the source of your inattention and address it.”

“We could,” Jack breathed. He leaned in close, and she didn’t retreat. A pink glow was in her eyes. “When does your husband get out of class?”

She furrowed her brow. “He will be in class for two more hours. I am finished for the day, so we have plenty of time to talk, if you would like.”

“I would love to. It’s a private matter, though, and must stay between us.”

“Please, Mr. Hillton, I have a doctorate. I understand how this works. Feel free to tell me anything and know that I would never betray your trust.” Jack was getting closer and preparing to share his clandestine knowledge with her. She smelled him and noted that he had an acute scent of cinnamon. It made her feel warm.

“The truth is that all throughout class I was distracted.”

“Clearly, but I want to know what it was that was distracting you.”

“You,” Jack said calmly.

“Me,” Mrs. Pratt whispered. She sounded a mixture of overjoyed, uncertain, and proud. “What was I doing that distracted you, exactly?”

“You weren’t doing anything inappropriate. The problem is that I am attracted to you.” Jack looked her over. “All of you.”

She smiled faintly but pulled back. “I see…” She folded her arms over her chest and pondered the situation. On the one hand, Jack was a very handsome young man with a bright future ahead of him. His attraction to her made her feel young again. On the other hand, she was a happily married woman nearly thrice his age that also happened to be in a position of authority over him. If there was anything more inappropriate in the world she wasn’t sure what it would be.

“Well, there is little we can do about your attraction to me. I won’t condemn you for it, as it is perfectly normal for a man of your age to be…preoccupied by such biological wants. I do ask that you try and keep such thoughts contained. You have a brilliant mind, Mr. Hillton, and it would be a shame to waste it on such…primal things.”

Jack was momentarily taken aback. He stepped in closer and conjured his breath once more. “That’s it?”

She sniffed the air. “…What do you mean?”

“I mean, that’s all you have to say?”

“Yes, of course. What were you expecting?”

“I don’t know,” Jack said. “I was kind of hoping that you were attracted to me, too.”

“Oh, I am,” she said without much thought. She cringed. “I mean to say, even if I were attracted to you there is nothing that could become of it. I am your teacher, and I am married. No amount of mutual attraction would change anything. Now that we’ve solved the issue…”

Mrs. Pratt tried to leave but Jack took her by the shoulders. He pinned her to the wall. “Nothing has been solved,” he said. His breath curled around her head and pooled at her nostrils. She gasped in shock and pulled it all in. Her eyes were distant, and Jack took the chance to steal a kiss.

It was quick, light, but intense. Warmth surged through her entire body and seized her muscles. She clutched him tight and parted her lips for him. In a moment the simple kiss spiraled out of control. She sucked on his tongue and felt his hand against her chest. She moaned out passionately.

She felt weak when Jack released her lips. She couldn’t bring herself to remove his hands, so she stood there quivering while he handled her breasts. He had both hands on her now and was behaving like a horny adolescent. Despite everything she was enjoying it immensely.

He leaned in and licked her lips. She tried to capture his tongue and failed. When he kissed lower she lifted her head and granted him access to her long, pale neck. He planted kisses on a trail down to her collar and bit the soft flesh there, leaving a welt.

Mrs. Pratt’s light was resilient. Against Jack’s mind it would have endured for years, but Jack changed the game in that instant. He escalated their relationship when he kissed her. The combination of his touch, his scent, and his taste assaulted her on too many levels for her to process.

She burned with passion, and it made her feel absolutely alive. With her intellect she had long since grown bored with life. Everything was redundant and fit into a pattern. She worked. She ate. She slept. Periodically she made love to her husband. It was all routine and a boring one at that.

Jack licked her neck and lowered one hand. He traced his fingers along her stomach and then grabbed at her pants. He smiled at her in a mischievous, endearing way. She shuddered and smiled back.

“I think…that a resolution is within reach.” He grabbed her bloused and ripped it open. Buttons exploded everywhere on the floor and desk. Her milky white breasts were in view, restrained by a silk bra. Jack gazed at them. “Would you look at that…I think I’ve found what exactly has been distracting me.”

Mrs. Pratt stood against the wall. Her nipples were aching for him. “What are you going to do to me?” She meant to sound frightened but instead sounded desperate. Under such an onslaught even her poker face faltered.

“Nothing much, I just want to show you the true face of god.” He traced his hand along her stomach again before kissing her. His body was hard against her and felt firm and young. She met him and pressed against him even as he slid his hand into her pants.

This was the first sexual contact in years for her. In the routine of their lives she lost all want for sex over a decade before. His fingers brushed against her womanhood and when they did everything came back in a rush.

She gasped and clutched his shoulders. Words were inadequate to explain. Everything was jumbled in her head. He ran his fingers through the silver curls of her womanhood, and she held him tight and resisted the urge to grind against him.

Jack looked her in the eye and watched the way her face contorted in shock and pleasure. When he slipped his index finger into her she closed her eyes and shuddered. Her face was bright red as she panted. Clearly it was the most intense pleasure she had ever known.

Jack finger fucked and kissed her, and the entire time she gripped his shoulders tightly. She never fought him, not even when he undid her bra and started teasing her breasts. Not even when he undid her pants and slid them down to give him more room to tease her.

She moved however he asked. He put her in a chair and spread her legs to give him greater access to her pussy. She kept her silver pubes trimmed. Jack slipped a second finger into her.

“Are you enjoying this, Mrs. Pratt?”

She nodded. Something was coming. It was a mixture between pleasure and pressure. Once, early in her marriage she felt something similar, though it hadn’t lasted so long. That had been nearly half a century ago, years before Jack was even born.

“Tell me what you’re feeling.”


“Pleasure,” Jack repeated. He laughed and rubbed her clit with his free hand while fingering her. “Come on, is that the best you can do with all those doctorates?”

“It’s…It’s indescribable. It’s passion and rapture.” She smiled at him and quivered. His dark eyes were watching her, appraising her. He sought something from her, and he needed it as badly as she needed him. Her stomach ached. She looked down at his crotch. “Let me…show you!”

She grasped him through his pants and was awed. Jack was hard and impossibly large. Her rational mind imagined him to be grotesquely oversized, even comical. Her irrational mind laughed off this notion and called her rational mind a prude.

She stroked him through his pants while the pleasure within her swelled. When it took her she arched and lost track of his endowment. He clutched one of her breasts and sucked its nipple into his mouth. She clutched his head tightly and shrieked.

“Yes! Yes! This is what I’ve needed! This is true pleasure! Yes!”

Nearly forty years later, after a marriage, after children, Mrs. Pratt finally experienced her first real orgasm, and she was so excited about it that she let the world know. Jack had to kiss her to keep her quiet.

Once she settled her legs felt like jelly. She could hardly stand and only managed that with the aid of Jack and the desk. He was still kissing her, and she was kissing back with unparalleled vigor. She slurped and smacked at his tongue desperately, like a woman gone mad, and she clawed at his body and pulled tight against him.

Her orgasm revitalized her. She felt thirty years younger, and Jack could see it in her eyes. She was reborn under him and with him inside of her. Years of stress and disappointment had weighed on her, but now her blue eyes were bright with joy and behind that burned with a considerable pink stain.

“That was absolutely fantastic, Mr. Hil—No, Jack. Jack is appropriate now.”

Jack laughed and pulled his hand free. “You’re welcome. Mrs. Pratt.”

“Call me Juliet.”

“Fine then, Juliet. You’ve made quite the mess.” Jack held his wet, musky fingers to her face. She could smell herself on him.

“So I did,” she said while looking cross-eyed at his fingers. “It is hardly my fault. You were the one…pleasuring me. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Maybe so, but still, it is your responsibility to clean it up. Especially after all the work I put into it.”

A shiver went through her. She had her first orgasm only moments ago, and yet pleasure was defiling her body once more. The way Jack spoke to her was new, even refreshing. While he may not have been her intellectual equal, he carried himself as her superior.

She opened her mouth wide and cleaned his fingers as requested. Her taste was powerful but secondary to the taste of his skin. She didn’t care for her juices but would do this again if asked.

Slowly her cleaning turned even more sexual. She ran her tongue along and between his fingers, and she stared him in the eye while doing so. With a smack of her lips she released him. “I can do more for you,” she purred, and she grabbed at his crotch. He moved away. “…Why?”

“Because there’s a way to go about these things, and this isn’t it.” He tossed her clothes to her. “You’ll want to clean up. This class will be occupied in about thirty minutes.”

Mrs. Pratt stared at him in shock. Her body still felt like jelly, but she felt contented and rather confused. With effort and care she slid her panties and pants on. “We could find somewhere private if you’re worried about getting caught.”

“I’m not,” Jack said. “I never really worry about that.”

“Then why can’t we…”

“You haven’t earned it.”

Jack left the room. Mrs. Pratt stared at the empty space he had just filled. She put her bra on and pulled her blouse tight against her body. With care she managed to keep her top closed with her bag strap.

When she made it to the hall Jack was already gone. Her mind was clearing a bit, but she still lusted for him. She wandered how long it would be until this moment passed, and knew deep down that it never would.

Since futile pursuits were never her calling she turned her attention to a better use of her time: she considered the myriad of ways in which she could earn the right to pleasure Jack in return.

The progress made with Mrs. Pratt on Wednesday was exceptional, and going into Friday Jack viewed his pursuit of Mrs. Mueller as cherry on top of the delicious sexual sundae that was his life. Throughout the day he kept himself ready and built up a considerable lust to unleash on her.

When he entered class he was hard enough to break a desk in two. His aura was out of control and had passersby lingering and staring as he sauntered through the halls. It was difficult not to take advantage, but he had enough willpower to the course.

When she saw him Mrs. Mueller blushed. She had a faint smile on her face that held throughout class. Like Mrs. Pratt, she hovered about his desk. Even during the lecture she never strayed far.

Jack kept his eyes on her the entire time. His gaze was intense. She stammered frequently. Looking at him made the air thick and warm. Each glance to him lingered. Already, she was his.

Class was a blur. As soon as she let the students go the room was empty, which entirely was not unusual. Evening classes on Friday were usually sparse, and students were ready to leave even before the class started. Jack remained though, and he looked at her in a way that made her tingle all over.

He approached her, and she could hardly look him in the eye. “Still having trouble with that essay,” she asked. She had a mischievous lilt to her voice and knew deep down that he wanted more than advice.

“No. I’m having other troubles.” His voice was smooth, controlled. His breath was warm against her face. He kept his eyes fixed on her. At first he looked at her, and then he looked into her. “Take me to your office.”

She gathered her things quickly and obeyed. Mrs. Mueller’s office was nearly identical to Mrs. Meters. The difference was in location. She had an office in the education building due to a shortage of office spaces for English teachers. It was a short walk between buildings, but the fresh air did nothing to clear her mind.

She unlocked the door and was embarrassed to find her whiskey left out. It sat on her desk, a shameless mark of sin. The bottle was half empty. A glass sat beside it. It was still sticky from recent use.

Jack picked the glass up and examined it. He smirked. “Well, well, what have we hear. I guess it’s true that writers like the drink.”

“Oh? Uh…Ha…” She was ashamed and excited. Luckily, Jack didn’t seem at all put off. That was enough to set her at ease for the moment. Her crotch throbbed for him.

Jack set the glass down long enough to pour a drink. Then he held it out to her. “Here, drink this,” he said.

Mrs. Mueller hesitated only a second. There was something in his voice that was irresistible. She swallowed the whiskey with one gulp and winced. The burn spread through her.

Jack closed the door. The office was small, and with Jack’s big presence it felt even smaller. She was completely alone with him and at his disposal. Somewhere in the corner of her mind she knew that was dangerous, but all she could do is continue to smile.

Jack poured her another drink and gave it to her. Then he put her in her office chair. “Drink,” he said.

She swallowed quickly. The alcohol was hitting her fast and hard. She giggled a bit. “I’m not used to men being so…in charge. My husband, he never talks to me like you do. He…He’s never really around. Doesn’t want me anymore…Never really did.” She swayed a bit. “He’s gay, you know. I mean, he’s in the closet and everything, but he’s not fooling anyone. He’s certainly not fooling me. I’ve…seen him, with a man.”

Jack kept silent and watched her. The alcohol loosened her up, not that she needed it. Her mind opened before him and was easy to warp. He moved things into the place he wanted, and she just went along with it.

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” she said. She cupped her breasts. “These haven’t been touched in, oh, about seven years. I haven’t been fucked since before my son, and even then he didn’t want it. It was…horrible…passionless.”

Once Jack had her mind how he dropped the charade. Rather than interrupt her he simply undid his pants and exposed himself. His divine cock sprung out fully erect.

She fell silent and stared in awe at him. The air was thick with his scent already. His cock was the final nail. Any part of her that would resist crumbled. Even if it killed her-and she figured it would-she wanted him.

While talking she had been fiddling with the whiskey glass. She set it on the desk and scooted in closer to him. “Wow…I mean, really, just wow…”

Jack took her thick, curly brown hair and pulled her in close. He slid his cock along her face and displaced her glasses. Normally he liked women with quirks, but Mrs. Mueller looked prettier without the glasses.

He buried her face into his crotch and let her breath deep. That was where everything in her life changed. As she grew increasingly intoxicated on his scent she let the past go. Her husband was gay but Jack certainly wasn’t, and that was all she cared about.

Jack pulled back and let his cock slide across her cheeks again. “Now then, if you open your mouth again it better be to suck my cock.”

She nodded quietly. He pressed the crown against her lips. A pearl of hot and delicious pre-cum burst and she licked it up absently. She kissed him and stared up into his eyes. Jack was a man, a real man, and so deserved her respect and obedience.

He nodded.

“Thank you,” she whispered, and then she opened her mouth wide to accommodate him. She licked around the glans and then took him deep. It was difficult but felt natural. Her husband had only let her suck his cock once, and that had been far too long ago.

When she held him she silently thanked God for giving her the chance at not only another cock but Jack’s cock. It had been too long, and she had forgotten how wonderful a stiff cock felt. Jack especially felt great due in part to his size but also his steel hard rigidity. Unlike her husband he would have no problem fucking her.

She licked down his shaft and up again. Another pearl of cum had formed in her absence, and she was quick to lick it up and savor the taste of it. A small orgasm hit her then, and that alone was enough to forever endear her toward Jack. From that moment she was his.

With great care and attention she wrapped her mouth around him, and she went as far as she could. Her jaw ached and her lips stretched. It had been so long since she was with a man, and Jack seemed to be more than just a man.

She sucked as if she would never get the chance again. She dipped deep on him and choked frequently. She stroked him with both hands in a slow, loving way that would seemed more appropriate between lovers than a teacher and her student. She slaved over him like his cock was the only thing that mattered.

Jack leaned back against the wall. He was overwhelmed. Mrs. Mueller’s blowjob was enthusiastic but clumsy at best. What overwhelmed him was how dedicated she was. From the very start Mrs. Mueller worshipped him. She threw herself into the blowjob with a willingness shown only by his most sex drunken followers.

Her passion alone was enough to bring him to climax. Jack held out for as long as he could before pumping her full. Thick streams of cum erupted into her hungry mouth, and like a true, natural-born slut she swallowed without hesitation.

She choked and sputtered, but to her credit not a single sperm hit the floor. Some ran out of her mouth and down her chin, but she was quick to scoop it up before it could go to waste. When his orgasm ceased she purred contentedly around his cock and kept swallowing. She seemed genuinely proud to eat his cum.

He disengaged from her mouth and shot the last bit on her face. She held her head in position and kept her mouth open. A series of orgasms were exploding within her in succession, and each made her squeal pitifully.

“Oh…This is what I’ve missed. It’s been so long since I’ve been with a man, and I don’t think I’ve ever…” Jack held his limp cock to her. She grabbed and kissed him all over. “I think I love you, and I know I love your cock. It’s so big…I didn’t even know men got this big.”

Jack laughed. He was breathing heavily and resting against the wall. No woman had showed such devotion in such a short time. “No man has a cock this big.”

She looked up at him. “Of course…”

“I’m your god now,” Jack said.


He held his cock to her, and she kissed the crown while staring into his eyes. She understood the intention of his words and reacted appropriately. Already she worshipped him. Perhaps later, in a moment of clarity, she would feel regret but it would be short-lived.

Jack put himself away and left the room quickly. The smell of sex was so thick that even he feared losing control. Mrs. Mueller would certainly fondle herself raw. He thought that she might even spend the entire weekend in there, wallowing in his cum

As he left the office he crossed paths with an older woman. She was slender, bespectacled, and had short, grey hair. In her youth she had certainly been a beauty of some notice, and even in her advanced years she held an off-beat charm.

“Oh, sorry,” she said as she stepped aside to let Jack pass. She sniffed the air.

“No, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” he said.

She blushed and smiled faintly. “You’re fine.”

Jack smiled and walked by her. He felt a small spark of arousal in her but didn’t want to wait around. Before leaving the offices entirely he looked back. She entered the room across from Mrs. Mueller. The name plate on the door identified her as Mrs. Ash.

This girl is a story in itself so it would be rude to Jenny if I just assumed she would be added into the tale of Pat!

About a month later, I was in an old local haunt of mine when Jennifer walked in with Lynsey. They saw me and smiled but it wasn’t until a couple of drinks later, that she approached me, while her Lynsey was on her mobile.

“Hi. Um, I think you spoke to Lynsey when you were in the bar the other night. Lynsey said you were with your aunt?” she said.

“Hi Jennifer. Um, no, it was a work colleague, well, long story really” I responded, smiling as warmly as I could.

Lynsey had obviously tried to make out Pat was nothing special and Jenny innocently thought I was with an aunt! Well she was quite a bit older than me. I offered to buy her and Lynsey a drink and she accepted. I joined both of them and Jenny asked about Pat again, while Lynsey just smiled. It transpired that Lynsey was in a relationship and seemingly very happy while Jenny was single. I decided to try and come clean as I had to admit I kind of liked Jenny and I was also worried that if I kept being evasive, Lynsey would tell her about seeing me in the cubicle at the other bar.

“Look, I have to admit, that woman, well we’ve been seeing each other for a while and it’s not perfect but you know, I just didn’t want to lie to you” I blurted out to Jenny.

Jenny looked at Lynsey puzzled.

“But we saw her” then trailed off and shrugged.

She noticed me glancing at the door and smirked.

“Worried you’ll be caught by the old lady?” she joked.

“Um, she never drinks in here. Besides, she’s always busy on a Tuesday” I said in response.

“Can I ask you something blunt?” she suddenly said.

“Of course Jennifer” I responded.

“Okay. And it’s Jenny by the way. Look, I just wondered, she must be in her forties that woman. And you, well you’re a very, very good looking guy. I just don’t get it” she retorted with honesty.

The drinks flowed and although the girls were drinking slowly, I found myself becoming quite drunk. It transpired they still lived in town but Jenny was intrigued as to why I was with Pat. Eventually, when I had drunk far too much, I mentioned she liked oral and I liked giving it. Rather than be taken aback, Jenny seemed interested at this and I noticed Lynsey’s eyebrows shot up too.

“Well that explains a lot” Lynsey announced but when Jenny tried to ask why Lynsey covered up by slyly saying I had a long tongue and it had to be of some use rather than just talking all night.

Both girls were in fits of laughter at this comment at my expense and I smiled ruefully, silently glad Lynsey hadn’t landed me in it either.

“So basically it doesn’t matter about her age because, well you’re a giver eh? My friend had a boyfriend at Uni like that. Had him wrapped round her finger. Everyone envied her,” Jenny surmised wistfully.

“Some people like to give, some like to receive” I replied vaguely, with a smile.

“I’m a taker myself” said Jenny grinning.

One thing I was happy about was the fact Jenny wasn’t offended and if anything seemed more interested at this information. When they both had to leave, Jenny turned to me.

“Well, it won’t last forever. Take my number and if you’re single again, well” she trailed off, thrusting her number on a piece of paper to me.

Just as she was about to exit, she turned back and walked up to me.

“And I love getting oral sex” she whispered in my ear before kissing me on the cheek and leaving.

I sat nursing my last pint, quite captivated by Jenny. For the first time in ages, I began to look past Pat. That weekend she came round and hardly spoke a word to me, just fucked my face for quite a while before some sex and then wanted me to drive her to the city to go shopping. I began to wonder how long we would last, but was still in thrall to Pat’s domineering side if the truth be told. Another 2 weeks past and I bumped into Jenny again. She was running in the park and I was just back from the gym .

“Hi again” I said smiling at her.

“Hi again to you” she replied breathing hard.

I noticed her legs were quite fit and she seemed to notice me noticing but didn’t say anything.

I turned to go to my flat when she spoke again.

“You want to know why she’s never around on Tuesdays? I’ve been to that bar for the last two Tuesdays and she’s been there too, although she hasn’t recognised me. And she always leaves with the same bouncer” Jenny announced.

I turned, my mouth open.

“Really? Are you sure?” I asked.

“Sorry, but I’m not making it up. You have a right to know though” she said and with that she jogged away again.

It was a Monday and I called Pat up and asked if she was around the following evening.

“You know I catch up with Hazel on Tuesdays” she said indignantly.

I waited until the next night then went along to the bar and nursed a beer in a corner booth before I spied Pat arriving. The bouncer greeted her with a kiss and I decided to wait. Once she was at the toilet, I left and waited across the street. It wasn’t until another hour had passed that she exited and there was the bouncer with her. As they were about to get a taxi, I casually walked past. Pat spied me first and the look on her face was guilt.

“Hi hon, I’m just off to Hazel’s with her new man” she quipped.

“Really? Every week?” I finally plucked up the courage to say.

Pat looked torn but I walked off and left them to whatever they wanted to do.

I texted Jenny, thanking her for putting me out of my misery and she immediately responded that it was no hassle and if I wanted to catch up, she was free. I was flattered Jenny was into me, but she clearly saw something worth pursuing and we decided to meet up at my old local the following night. I had a great time and we had a lot in common. Jenny looked great in a summer dress but I was the perfect gentleman and booked her a taxi when it was last orders, asking if I could see her again. We kissed then she left and I looked forward to catching up with her soon.

Prior to the following Friday when I was to meet Jenny, Pat turned up at my door on the Saturday before. She had obviously been drinking and said nothing as I let her in. I thought to let her sleep it off on the sofa and tried my best to make her comfortable by taking off her boots and putting a spare duvet over her. During the night, I felt movement on my bed and in the dark, I could smell her pussy before I felt it land heavily on my face.

“Lick” she said aggressively and through a mixture of being turned on at her forcefulness and the simple fact that I had a bare pussy on my face, I slipped my tongue inside her.

Pat reached orgasm through a mixture of fucking my face and letting my tongue take it’s skilled toll on her resistance. When her peak hit, she gripped me with her thighs and came hard but she wasn’t finished. I was pushed below the covers and her legs parted while I licked and tongue fucked her asshole. It seemed an age before she wanted me near her pussy again and then longer still before she came again. We slept after that until morning when she enjoyed another orgasm before taking a shower and asking me to drive her home. We didn’t speak the whole journey until I dropped her off.

“Are you still seeing him?” I managed to finally ask.

“Yes” she admitted and left to go inside.

My date with Jenny on the Friday went really well and once again, I didn’t push things but by now I was really finding her increasingly attractive. She asked me about Pat and why I went with an older woman, joking that I was still getting more of the same as she was a year older than me. However, we parted with another taxi home for Jenny and in a way this just made me want her even more.

Before bed that night, I received a text from Jenny which simply said So you like giving oral?. I responded that I did and she replied Good, just checking and signed off with a kiss.

2 days later however, Pat was at the door again. I was actually going to ignore her but she kept ringing the bell and when I went to ask her to leave, she just pushed past me into the flat. This time she didn’t even bother to lie on the sofa and slumped onto my bed. When I went to remove her boots, she shoved my shoulder and told me to lie back. This time she mounted my face, facing my feet and said this would be our last time so one orgasm for old times sake. I stupidly went along with it and Pat relaxed and began to enjoy my tongue. I gave her 3 orgasms and in the morning she was astride my face again, looking down at me as I licked her pussy again.

“Pat this has to stop” I said in between licks.

“I know. Look, he isn’t the first. I’ve been seeing a few guys while we were together, I’m surprised you never hit on that” she announced cruelly.

“What?” I tried to say but she sat down harder on my mouth.

“Just give me one more and I’ll go” she said and almost pushed my head into the pillow with force.

Through a mixture of fucking my face hard and an eventual resignation from me that it would be quicker if I just brought her off, I licked her until she came. She finally got up and pulled on her clothes, having already had a shower.

“Pat, that’s it. I had no idea but I think it’s clear this is over now” I found the strength to say.

“I know. But it was fun while it lasted” she said, walking to the door.

I didn’t bother drive her home and she at least reasoned I wouldn’t after her announcement too.

That weekend, Jenny finally accepted an invite back to my flat. Inside, we made short work of some Chablis before we kissed and Jenny whispered that she couldn’t wait to find out if I was as much of a giver as I’d indicated. However, our peace was shattered by the doorbell, which went on ringing.

“It’s Pat probably,” I blurted out.

“Is it? Right, I’ll fucking answer it” Jenny said and I let her go to the door first, following down.

“Oh. Is Dominic in?” Pat said, flustered when she saw Jenny at the door.

“Yep. Dominic!” Jenny called to me.

I turned up and glared at Pat.

“Um, oh” Pat said, now completely unsure what to say.

“Look you old bitch. You had your fun with him and you cheated on him. And now he’s with me. And from one woman to another, don’t even think about coming around here again or I’ll be having words with you” Jenny said aggressively.

I had been quite prepared to tell Pat to get lost myself but coming from Jenny really seemed to shock Pat and for the first time I saw her a bit more pathetically. She certainly looked nothing compared to Jenny who now seemed positively radiant. As she shut the door, I heard Pat shuffling away and Jenny turned to me, fire in her eyes now. She moved to kiss me and my strong arms encircled her as she began to kiss passionately.

“That’s made me so horny. And I think it’s about time we did something about that” she hissed, leading me by the hand.

I looked at her for the first time and my mouth actually began to water at the thought of what we might be about to do. I lay her on the bed and slowly peeled her clothes off, divesting of my own. I could see Jenny eyeing me up approvingly and after kissing her again, I began to kiss her breasts, then her stomach until finally her thighs were either side of my head. The taste when my tongue touched her could only be likened to some sort of deified nectar. I threw all politeness out of the window and as she probably hoped, I attacked her wonderful pussy with the enthusiasm of a pardoned man. I wanted to impress her and let her feel how deep my tongue could go, before leaving her in no doubt about how much I liked her body by licking from her ass crack, over her anus and through her pussy lips to her clitoris.

“Aahh, I love that” she announced in response to my tongue running over her ass.

“I’d be honoured to do that later” I replied truthfully.

She sighed at that and I settled down to give her a well deserved orgasm.

“Thank you so much Jenny” I mumbled while I ate her out.

“Mhhmm, thank me with your tongue” she quipped while I continued.

Nothing more was said but she must have been thinking.

“When I was younger, I was never the prettiest girl in the class or the one who always got the boys but I knew I wasn’t ugly and I knew what I wanted. Just because I didn’t have a different boyfriend every other week didn’t mean I was clueless about what I liked. Mind you, when you’re a teenager dating a teenage guy they don’t seem to grasp that you want oral a lot. But I know what I want now and I don’t see why I should compromise when there is always someone who’s a good fit for you out there. You know what would be great? Getting oral every day. Mhhmm, that would be fantastic. Say, would you do this to me every day?” she suddenly asked out of the blue.

“Yes Jenny. Um, as much as you wanted” I replied without a moment’s hesitation.

She settled back and revelled in what my enthusiastic tongue was doing to her. In fact she actually came quite quickly and as soon as she had calmed down, I slipped lower to lick her asshole. In my excitement I burrowed my nose between her pussy lips too and that brought another sigh from her.

“How long were you with that old bitch?” she suddenly asked.

“Um, 6 months” I mumbled.

“6 months? I’ve been single for the last 3. You could have been doing this to me. What a waste. Ah well, no matter. We can do it every day now” she hurriedly added.

“I know. And I’d love to” I replied with total honesty.

Pat may have loved the oral pleasure I selflessly gave her but Jenny loved it too and she had even more oral stamina than Pat. By that, I mean she really could handle it every day, more on that later. And she knew what she liked. I was so pleased that this wonderful girl liked me, I really pulled out all the stops to please her. After licking her asshole for some time, I kissed down her legs and approached her feet. I showered them with kisses before taking her toes in my mouth and sucking on them, something I’d never done to Pat. She seemed to enjoy this but was soon insistent I go higher again. When I moved up, I went back to her asshole, but she pulled me up by the ears to her pussy.

“You can do my bum again later. I need to cum first” she announced and sighed as my tongue darted all over her wet pussy again.

As her zenith approached again, she did something I would grow to become familiar with. She locked one hand in my hair and as her orgasm hit, she thrashed my head about the place, while I tried and somehow succeeded, in maintaining contact with her clitoris. It was a long, drawn out orgasm and she thankfully didn’t have any objections when I slid up her body to slip inside her at last. We hardly slept all night and when my cock wasn’t inside her pussy, my tongue was in it or her ass. After more sex in the morning, I drove her home and had goosebumps when she said I could take her out again and she looked forward to it.

During the week we exchanged the odd racy text and I asked Jenny what her favourite position was. I assumed it might be oral or if not, then something sexy regardless but I was a little surprised when she said it was standing with a guy kneeling to give her oral. I hardened just reading the text and knew that this was definitely a position we would do the next time we met. Jenny had asked me what I preferred and I responded it would have to be a girl sitting on my face.

I had been impressed that Jenny obviously liked me and told Pat where to go quite forcefully. I reasoned that she could be quite aggressive when the occasion demanded and looked forward to finding out if that extended to the bedroom.

We met on the Friday and I took her for dinner at a French restaurant in town. Afterwards, I asked her if she wanted to come back to my place and was delighted when she nodded. I was finding Jenny sexier all the time and couldn’t take my eyes off her legs which were extending from a floral dress she wore. Jenny suddenly stopped almost when I did, as we passed the park near my place and almost with telepathy, we walked to the edge of it. Kissing, I was soon dropping to my knees as she parted her knickers and my tongue swept over the delicious pussy lips.

“Quickly, before someone passes by” she urged me, one hand on my head to press my face against her pussy.

I lapped at her slit and sucked gently at her clit, trying to give her a quick build up. The more I tried, the more Jenny seemed further away from orgasm and when we heard voices, I stopped and stood up quickly. I could tell she was disappointed as we went back to my place but before we got there I paused on the stairwell. Kneeling on the step quickly, she suddenly felt my lips on her asscheeks and giggled.

“Mhhmm, this is better” she said as I slowly began a journey to her anus first.

As I licked around it, she spread her legs a little and put her hands on the wall for support as my tongue found her asshole and tried to get inside it. As I rimmed her, she relaxed and began to butt up against my face. Eventually though, she turned round and as she became more turned on, she held my head to her crotch as I licked her delicious pussy.

“If we’re going to be doing this whenever we meet up, I want to have at least one orgasm in this position” she announced to me.

“That sounds like a good idea” I assured her.

I lapped and sucked until eventually, she sighed louder and her hands held my head steady while I grasped her thighs and ate her with relish. She came hard against my tongue, trying to muffle her sighs of pleasure as I brought her off.

We went inside and after I ate her out in bed, she let me fuck her.

A few weeks later, Jenny was at her window, which met her waist perfectly. The lower half was open and while I knelt behind her and thrust my tongue into her welcoming asshole beneath her skirt, she was hailed from down on the street by her neighbour and friend Felicity. It was a first floor apartment so they could talk almost conversationally but I was well hidden from view thankfully.

“Hi Jenny, are you coming out tonight?” Felicity asked her.

“Yeah, that sounds good. A few of my other friends are up for it too so it could be fun girls night” she replied back, not letting on what I was doing to her.

“Cool. Say, that guy who’s been coming round, are you seeing him? Jenny, he is absolutely gorgeous, what a hunk. How the hell did you pull him girl?!” said Felicity in amused surprise.

“Yeah, he brushes up alright. And yeah, we’re dating” she Jenny announced slightly smugly.

“Well, I don’t know how you did it girl, but well done. He is something else. I’ll call round yours about 7 and we can meet the others in town?” Felicity suggested.

“Sounds good. See you then hon” Jenny called down to her.

Meanwhile I had maintained what I was doing and glanced up Jenny’s back while my face was pressed in her ass. There was no doubting her sex appeal and although Jenny wasn’t the conventional beauty, in some ways she was even more amazing because of that. The idea that this ordinary girl had bagged a hunk clearly impressed the other girls, but little did they know Jenny had me wrapped round her finger. I did anything she wanted and our sex life bordered on idyllic for her. Daily oral meant that on the days I didn’t stay over at her place or she didn’t stay with me, I drove to see her and would go down on her while I was dressed for work, before she was content and ready to start her own day. I made a point of never leaving her needing an orgasm before her day began properly after what happened the month before. I had been running late for work and texted her to say I’d be round straight after work. Instead, Jenny turned up at my work and asked me to step outside with her. After some furtive glances, we entered the disabled toilet and I knelt down and licked her to orgasm. She left, while I had to go back to my desk with my face covered in her drying juices. After that, I never neglected my morning duties again.

It was the summer after my senior year in high school, just three months of killing time until the start of college. I had just turned 18, and I had been single for the entire previous schoolyear. Small town, small school, and small dating pool made for an incredibly dull senior year. My girlfriend for the first three years of high school, the girl I lost my virginity to (the only girl I’d ever slept with) was a year older than me and had gone off to college.

Of course, I’d gone on a few dates, horrible and awkward affairs that had left me coming to terms with my routine of fantasy and masturbation. I was starting to think that I’d had all the sex my lame social existence would ever allow. Still, being an 18-year-old boy, the only thing that I ever thought about was girls, and my complete failure with most of them had not ended my dreams of lust. Instead it had led me to broaden my sights until I fantasized about nearly everything imaginable. A light breeze was enough to get my dick stiff as a board physically, and mentally my fantasies had become limit-pushing fetish quests. I poured over the 900 number ads in the tattered porno mags I had, imagining every delicious and perversly advertised kink.

I had been mowing lawns since junior high, my summers spent in 100 degree heat and high humidity shoving a gas mower around the yards of everyone in my neighborhood. People moved over the years, spreading out my net around town so that at times I was piling the lawnmower into my VW beetle and driving a few miles to go mow lawns.

Ms. Vann, while not exactly a shut-in, was easily the fattest woman I had ever seen in real life. She was tall, a huge and sturdy woman always dressed in flowing muumuu dresses. I never really thought of myself as having any kind of fetish for that, but I had found a magazine once dedicated entirely to overweight women and had to admit that there was something appealing about it. Maybe it was the outlandish curves, the smallness of me in relation to these women, the power of a giantess, who knows. Maybe it was just the sense that these women existed outside the standard realm of attraction, and so were potentially more likely to venture beyond standard missionary position. In this particular case, I couldn’t have known how right that was.

While shoving the gas mower in concentric rings around the yard in weather that felt like waterboarding, I often had fantasized about Ms. Vann. One hot afternoon in early June after I was done mowing, I was trying to wipe the sweat from my face onto a completely soaked shirt. Since I had mowed Ms. Vann’s lawn for years, I didn’t feel too terribly awkward going into her house to get a towel and a glass of water. When I didn’t see her around immediately, I went to the kitchen and poured myself a glass. The AC felt amazing, and soon I was shivering a little in my wet clothes. I finished my water and went down the hallway to the guest bathroom, hoping to find a towel to dry myself with. My pants were sopping with sweat, and once in the bathroom I took them off and began to dry my legs.

I had lost quite a bit of weight over the last year, and was still shocked by my skinny legs since I had always been a chubby kid. I peeled off my sweaty shirt and blushed. My legs may have lost all baby fat, but it was beginning to look like I would have fat kid “bitch tits” my entire life. I held the towel up over my chest, trying to ignore the shock as the fabric touched my sensitive nipples. I taken off my green grass-stained shoes at the door, and had stopped wearing underwear at the start of the summer thanks to something I read in an old Playboy. I looked at myself in the mirror of the bathroom, turning to see my butt and legs, trying to ignore the unmanly, supple, fat breast curves of my torso. I covered myself with the towel the way a girl would, the hem up around my armpits. My pants and shirt were in a wet pile, and I bent to pick them up and spread them out to dry. The towel fell forward and cold air drafted across my backside as the door clicked open suddenly. I turned in shock, dropping the towel. Ms. Vann stood immense in the doorway, her sharp intake of breath turning quickly to a hearty laugh as I scrambled to pick up my cover.

“Why on earth are you naked in my bathroom, Mr. James?”

She walked into the galley bathroom, taking up the full space with her girth. I stumbled backward, toward the toliet and stammered a reply.

“I was sweaty and my clothes were wet and I needed a towel and…”

“Shush. Put some clothes on like a normal person and…are you aroused, Mr. James??”

Sure enough, my dick was betraying me. Despite the fear and embarrassment, I was hard.

She stepped ever closer and took the towel from me. Her huge fingers and thick hand brushed my face in a calming manner and she put her other arm around my back. I fell into her fat bosom, the adrenaline of the moment draining out of me.

She just stared at me for what seemed an hour. I started to squirm under her gaze, hoping soon she would at least say something, give some hint as to how over my life was now. I tried to swallow and my throat let out a half-sob.

“Shhhh, shhhhh, Billy……this could change things. I’ve seen you look at me with that teen-boy lust, before, Billy.”

She placed her hand on the bathroom counter and it creaked slightly under her weight.

“Not many men ever look at a woman like me with that kind of want. But I’ve seen it on you. I’ve seen it, and I’ve waited. You just had a birthday, didn’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Yes, I thought so.” She stepped back, but kept the towel. “What about me makes you horny, Billy?” Her hands ran down her sides suggestively, then she ran a finger up my bare and hairless chest. Her finger traced lightly under my tiny breasts and flicked my hard nipple. Before I could answer her, she remarked, “You have the chest of a pubescent girl.”

Tears welled up in my eyes.

“No no, it’s beautiful, little one. I find your body incredibly sexy. I’m not ‘conventionally attractive’, but I see something about me is working for you too…I know you’ve watched me, and thought about me, Billy, and I’m almost certain you’ve masturbated thinking of me. I hoped I’d have this chance once you were legal, and I don’t want to waste it.”

Ms. Vann moved forward, causing me to step back until my bare back was against the bathroom wall. She pressed up against me until I could smell her skin. I couldn’t move around her, and her weight was against me like a threat. She shifted one hand between us and brought it up under my chin, holding my face to meet her eyes.

“Are you still turned on, Billy?”

My cock pressed hard against her flesh, trying to stand straight.

“Yes, ma’am” I whispered.

“I like some pretty kinky stuff, Billy.” Her hands pressed up my chest again, cupping my fat. Her left hand moved up to my throat and closed lightly around it. I looked in her eyes, my dick so hard I was leaking out pre-cum.

Ms. Vann leaned her mouth down to my ear and whispered, “Would you like to know what I like, Billy?”

“Yes’m” I breathed out shakily.

“Mommy likes to be worshipped. I own the things I fuck, and I’ve been watching you for years. I want your sexuality, I want to own you like a whore for the next three months. I want you to worship me, Billy.”

I stared up at the incredibly large woman who had to be my mother’s age, trying to put in context the pornographic language coming from her lips.

“When a woman has the body I have, it’s not enough to simply have some sex and move on. I have needs, little one. And I want you to fulfill them. In return, I will fuck you like nothing ever has. I will give you the sex you imagine late at night when you think even God is asleep. If you agree to be mine, to worship at the altar of my lust, then get on your knees and be baptized.”

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I sank to my knees naked. Ms. Vann lifted the hem of her dress and tucked it under her monstrous tits. With one hand she held up her stomach, revealing a hairless and dripping pussy tucked between her giant thighs. her other hand touched the back of my head and moved me toward her snatch. My tongue reached out as my palms hit the floor in front of me to hold me stable. She pushed my face into her womanhood and moaned. I could barely breathe, her juices and scent were acrid and strong in my mouth and nose. I felt my cock spurt its load onto the floor as Ms. Vann let her stomach fat down onto me, both her hands now holding me in place as she ground her cunt into me. I heard her say, “Now, boypet, you will be marked by your mommy. Cup your little titties and pinch your nipples, then open your mouth and prepare to receive my sacrament.”

I did as she said, leaning back on my heels and cupping my tits like a slut. My mouth was open and I stared into her eyes as she began to pee. At first I flinched back, but her huge hands grabbed the back of my skull and pulled my mouth to her flesh. I drank her piss, marked by this giantess, my sticky little cock stiffening again at the sheer lust on display. She finished peeing and wiped one hand across my dick. she placed her cum-covered finger in front of my face and spread the semen on my lips.

“If you get dressed and leave now, I understand. It’s a lot to adjust to, having the opportunity to have the kinkiest sex you’ve ever imagined. If you choose to stay, you’ll be in my bedroom in 5 minutes. I need my baby boy to lick his Queen’s asshole until she cums. She put one hand behind her back and then wiped under my nose, the scent of her musty ass filling my nose.

“Mommy has so much in store for you, my little girl-boy. I’ll see you in my room.”

She moved from the bathroom, her dress falling back down as if nothing had occurred. The door clicked shut behind her. The air conditioner shut off, leaving me in a still silence. Ms. Vann’s piss was drying on my face, mixing with the sweat on my skin. My dick was covered in my spunk, but still half-hard. I was on the edge of horny abandon, my nerves skittish and jumpy. I closed my eyes and thought of all the perverted things I’d done to myself in the last few years, the times late at night when I had licked up my own cum from my hand, or beat off furiously while doubled over, shooting in my own face. I thought about the wet dream I’d had of a woman taking me from behind, of the one time I had tried to accept my shame about my body and had tried on one of my mom’s bras, then fucked my asshole with a cucumber until I came without touching myself. To now discover that Ms. Vann was as perverted as me, maybe even more so…I rose to my feet still smelling her ass and her wet pussy on my lips. Her bedroom door was open at the end of the hallway. I heard her deep, matronly voice call to me.

I entered her bedroom stroking my cock absently. My eyes searched the room but there was no sign of the giant middle-aged woman who’s piss I wore. I heard her voice again, and looked into her master bathroom. There was what I assumed was a walk in closet through the bath, and I entered to discover that the closet opened up to a room hidden from view, a half-bedroom made possible by shortening the living room wall on the other side. Ms. Vann sat on a high throne, a wide and sturdy chair on top of a short stairstep. Her seat was angled so that she was laid forward into supports that were carved to resemble the breasts and torso of a Wagnerian opera singer. It was almost viking in its style. The place where her crotch rested had some kind of protrusion extending from the chair seat into her pussy. I could hear a subtle hum. The wood below the chair was stained a dark gloss from what I assumed was years of her juices. She motioned behind the chair to what I realized were kneeling pads. I placed my legs into the chair and my body was guided into a position supplicated behind her ass, which hung above me thrust out and spread open by the chairs construction. The vibrator in her cunt laid next to a small trench in the wood that guided a dribbling stream of pussy juice and sweat out the back of the chair, and without hesitation I licked up a mouthful of the nectar. My tongue then found her asshole, the musty and dark scent and taste of her most profane and dirty spot. I licked slowly across ever part of her voluptuous fleshy ass, and then settled again into her hole. Her great hands pulled her cheeks further apart and she cooed sweet nothings to me as I drank her lustful river and cleaned her most hidden places.

Finally, after what seemed a trance-like eternity, I felt the hum switch off and Ms. Vann stood up from her throne. The vibrator made a slick suckling noise as it came free from her pussy. I stood up and backed away from the chair, my eyes fixated on the dildo.

“I see you want it. Suck it clean for your mommy.”

I walked toward the throne and climbed up the steps, getting my face to the height where I could taste this woman’s sweet toy. It shone with her juices as I put my lips on the dildo, sucking it all in and licking the device clean. When I got down from the chair, I saw Ms. Vann had put on some sort of harness around her massive hips. Her heavy breasts were held up by a combination of leather and latex in a domination fetish bra. She commanded I get to my knees.

“You drank my piss from my cunny. You licked inside my ass. You’ve let me say ‘Mommy’ a few times, and given no argument. You went down on my vibrator. and if i’m not mistaken, you’d like even more. Am I right, little one?”

“Yes ma’am. Yes, Ms. Vann. I don’t know why I’m like this. I’ve always thought about dirtier and dirtier sex. I think what turns me on is kink in general. I’m sorry, i’m sorry…”

I began to cry.

“No, no, no baby. Don’t cry. I couldn’t be more thrilled that you feel that way. I had fantasized about seducing you, and hoped you’d be into a few things…big women, first and foremost, obviously. But now I want to show you how deep this rabbit hole can go. We have this summer. We can do anything we want. I’ll call you parents and tell them I need some in-home help this summer, projects around the house. I’ll even pay you, and you’ll be my little whore. Would mommy’s little whore like that?”

I looked up at Ms. Vann. Her hand found my throat and she held my gaze to hers.

“Would. Mommy’s. Little Whore. Like that?”

“Yes, please Mommy, anything for you.”

“Good. Now I’ve got a bra and panty set my niece left here last year and I think it will fit those little a-cups of yours nicely. Once you’re all pretty for mommy, I’m going to introduce you to my strap on cock. I think you’ll love it when I take your asshole and make it my pussy to fuck, don’t you Billy? Mommy’s cock will fit just perfectly inside your boycunt. Now run find your babygirl clothes so I can teach you to service your ruthless Queen’s fat dick.”

She gave me a light swat on my ass as I got up to go to the closet between this playroom and her bedroom and bath. In the closet was a wire basket full of giant bras and undergarments, unmistakably Ms. Vann’s, judging by the amount of material. Folded neatly under those things was a much smaller pink pantie and bra set. The bra had padded cups and the panties had a tiny bow in the front. They were carnation pink. I stepped into the panties and pulled them up, tucking my stiffening dick back between my legs. I looked behind me and saw my pert little bottom in the girlie cotton and shivered, thinking of Ms. Vann’s plans for me. The bra was tricky, but I figured it out and finally was ready to present myself to the new center of my sexual life. I walked into the playroom to find Ms. Vann stroking an enormous flesh-colored dick attached to her harness. It had to be a full foot long, as wide as a soda can, and it matched her pearly, pale skin almost exactly. The leather straps matched her corset, and she snapped her fingers at me. The action caused a jiggle to run through her entire body, obscene amounts of flesh poured from every seam of material. Her fist ran up and down the length of her cock.

“Oh, you look so sexy, baby girl. turn around and show mommy your backside.”

I turned and got down on all fours, bowing my back and perking my ass up into the air. one hand rubbed my tits through my bra, then slid down to stroke my little rosebud through the fabric. I closed my eyes, almost fainting from the anticipation of Ms. Vann’s dildo. Instead, I felt the pressure and quick pop of a large buttplug going into me. I had never experienced a professionally made anal toy, and the perfectly contoured shape of the plug was a welcome pleasure. Ms. Vann attached a collar and leash to my neck and led me off the bed and onto my knees. The cock bobbing out from her huge pale crotch was in proportion to her weight and stature, a grand and obscene manhood for this outsized and mountainous woman. She rolled the leash around her wrist and pulled my face to the end of her dick.

“This is my cock, babygirl. This is your mommy’s fat, beautiful dick. It is the greatest gift you can receive, and you will love every second of my time inside you. I will bless you with regular fuckings, and your little asspussy is going to become the finest piece of tail anything has ever fucked. For now, though, just let that plug get you ready. Look upon mommy’s cock. Kiss on it. Lick my shaft. Put your lips around the head of my thick and powerful dick. Slide mommy’s cock down your little whore throat and become my dicksucking princess. It’s okay here. It’s okay with me. Your Queen commands you to be the slut I see in you!”

My drool-slick lips parted and caressed the head of her dick. She guided the monster into my mouth and down my throat. I relaxed and opened up, my eyes rolling back as my Mommy Queen made me a cocksucker. My ass ground the plug back and forth inside me and I licked and sucked on Ms. Vann’s strap-on. Finally, she pushed me away from her, pulling the leash to place me on my back, on the bed. She stood before me and pulled my panties halfway down my legs, then lifted my feet and crossed them at the ankles. I felt the buttplug come out from my asshole, but the emptyness was soon filled with the pressure of her giant cock.

“Push out, babygirl. Open up that cunt and let mommy fuck you. That’s it…Mommy’s wants to give you her dick, babygirl. Mommy wants to give you her dick…”

She thrust forward, the head and first inch of shaft leaping past my sphincter before she stopped again. She wrapped the leash tighter around her hand and pinned me to the bed by my throat. Her other hand reached to the nightstand and picked up a cordless phone receiver. She began dialing and slid anouther inch into my ass. My feet dangled over her shoulder, panties on my ankles. She put the ringing phone to her ear.

“Mrs. James?” she asked as she pushed her cockhead further into me. I flushed bright red at the fear of my mother on a phone here, now, in this room, while I lived out my darkest fantasies.

“Oh no, everything is fine. I had billy do some extra chores around the garage for me, some honey-do’s, you know…I have a few boxes in the attic I’d still like his help with. I was just going to order him a pizza, but wanted to let him check in with you. Here he is.”

With that, she held the phone receiver to my ear and stared me in the eyes. She began to slowly slide her cock deeper into me as my mom spoke in my ear.

“Billy, are you being nice and helping out Ms. Vann?”

“Yeah, mom, it’s just moving, uh, boxes, uhh, and stuff…” I could barely put a sentence together staring into Ms. Vann’s eyes while feeling her dick move further into me.

“Well, your father and I have that Rotary thing tonight, so we probably won’t see you until tomorrow morning. Don’t stay out too late once you’re done at Ms. Vann’s. Be nice to her, do whatever she needs, okay?”

Ms. Vann’s voluptuous flesh touched mine as her cock completed its penetration.

This, as the title suggests, is the continuation of Chapter One of Billy’s adventures. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the first part.


Ms. Vann, a long-time customer of my high school lawn-cutting service, had this day revealed to me her desire to make me her personal sex acolyte, indoctrinating me into a perverse world of sissydom and crossdressing. I, being an 18 year old small-town outcast with a penchant for sexual exploration, agreed wholeheartedly, and had been fucked like a back alley whore by an incredibly fat woman. Her weight wasn’t all perfect curves made large, much of her flesh was dappled by stretch and cellulite, and her sweat was profuse and acrid. Still, I couldn’t deny the days I’d spent mowing that fat woman’s lawn, cock hard in my shorts at the thought of her mass crushing me into her privates. I’d never even dreamed of the heights of pleasure today’s real experience with Ms. Vann had brought.

I had slept for a few hours, I assumed, since I was alone and the room was dark. I looked around the bedroom for a clock, feeling the lube between my asscheeks as I rolled in the sheets. The bedside digital read 8:12. With my parents out at a social event, I knew I had the night to continue this fantasy. Honestly, I had to keep going to prove the reality to myself. I still had a collar around my neck, and the leash meandered off the edge of the bed. I licked my lips, tasting the salty residue of my crazy afternoon. My hands slid down my sides, passing over the fabric of my bra, embracing my tits. I pushed past the feeling of shame, turning it into a contrary lust as my ass bucked out involuntarily at the caress of my femininity.

I went back in the bathroom, where the light of a scented candle illuminated the mirror. I strutted and gave my most sultry looks at the whore before me. I found my panties on the floor and put them on, letting my cock stick out over the elastic. I stroked myself to my own image, turned on by the duality of my sex. Finally, I dropped to all fours and put my ass in the air, bucking out my last few pulls as my cock shot cum onto the bathroom floor. I opened my squinted eyes to see the huge shadow of my Queen filling the doorway.

“Well, at least I know you aren’t faking for my benefit. You really do want this, don’t you babygirl?”

I looked up, still on my hands and knees and decided to embrace the moment. I nodded yes, then pushed two fingers into my ass and licked my seed off the linoleum.

“Oh yes, yes yes yes, little one.” Ms. Vann moved to the toliet and sat down. By the time I sat up from my snack, I could hear the stream of urine splashing into the bowl water. She finished up and told me to flush the commode. I reached past her hulking frame and tripped the lever, disposing of her waste. Her rolls of fat hung forward off her, covering her pussy, and she slid forward on the seat and used her hands to reveal her cunt to me.

“Lick the dew from me, sissyboy.”

I moved into position, genuflecting low before my Queen’s piss-wet jewel. I licked the bitter drops of her golden pee and could taste our earlier adventures in the folds of her lips. I ground my ass into the floor at the memory.

She stood, shoving me away. “Meet me in the living room. Pizza is on its way. Put on the clothes on the bed. No undies, sweet. Understood?”

The question was clearly rhetorical, because she left the room as soon as she said it.

I left my panties on the floor and looked for the clothes. They were on the edge of the bed, a very short miniskirt and a low cut sweater. Thigh high white stockings, black wedge heels, a short pink wig and red lipstick were next to them. I blushed, but despite my fear I began to pull the stockings on, relishing the feel of the fabric on my skin. The sweater and the bra underneath showed off my breasts. The shoes fit too well to be an accident, and I began to think Ms. Vann had been serious about watching me for years. Once the wig was on, the only thing breaking my illusion of girlish charm was the hard cock lifting my skirt hem. I took the lipstick and went to find Mommy Vann.

As I moved down the hallway, I could hear the low sounds of a television. Ms. Vann sat in her overstuffed leather recliner, watching the flickering screen.

“Oh, wonderful, you’re dressed”, she said without turning. “Come here and kiss your mommy, pet.”

I went to her. She sat reclined in the chair, her satin robe open. She wore black stockings held by thick black straps, her huge and pale thighs pouring out the tops. Her pussy lay bare, and she looked me up and down while gathering and releasing her pillowy breasts. She bit her lip and I sank into her lap. Our mouths met and we kissed, wet and sloppy and hungry.

“Where is your lipstick, pet?”

I handed her the tube, explaining that I’d never worn makeup before. We stood out of the chair and she walked me to the mirror on the wall, filling the view behind me as we faced ourselves. She took the lipstick in one hand and my cock in the other.

“You see, baby…” She began to apply the makeup as she stroked me. “You just put the lipstick on like so…” Her pace quickened and I struggled to remain still as she dolled me up. Suddenly, as she finished my lips, her hand slapped my cock. My erection cratered as I fell to my knees with a shout.

Just then the doorbell rang.

“Ah, pizza’s here. Babygirl, you should answer the door. Without that unsightly dicky, Tommy’s not going to know you aren’t my niece Katy in for the weekend. Tommy and I have an understanding regarding his tip, so once he’s good and hard send him back to Mommy’s bed.” She unhooked my collar.

‘Nice and hard’, I thought? Ms. Vann was already gone, and I walked to the door as the second doorbell chime rang out. Tommy was a big dope of a football jock. Not a star athlete, not the kid making the papers, just a big dummy I knew from his monosyllabic threats towards kids at school. “Hey” was Tommy’s favorite word.

“Hey” said Tommy, as I opened the door. His frame was muscular and powerful, and he held out the pizza box as if it nearly offended him to have to waste strength on it. “Um…..is Ms. Vann here? She ordered this. I gotta, um, give it to her.”

What came from my mouth next shocked me. In a faint and higher register voice, I answered, “Yeah, I’m her niece Katy. I’m just in from college for the weekend. My Aunt is in her room, she said to send you back once you were…ready.”

Tommy smiled, the entendre clearly sinking in. He stepped into the house and sat the pizza on the table, unbuckling his jeans as soon as the door clicked shut. “Then get me ready, hot stuff!”

Tommy’s cock was ridiculously huge. I had thought the dildo Ms. Vann had worn was a fantasy silliness, but here was something comparable in the flesh. I felt the warn weight of his dick as it began to stiffen in my hand.

“Yeah, get that look in your eyes, bitch. You all do. Look at my dick. Now lick on it. Yeah.”

Tommy’s lack of poetry didn’t matter to me when faced with this thing. I put my lips to the end of it, my tongue mapping the fold of his head, the ridge, his every vein as the monster awakened in my warm and inviting mouth. He put his hands on my head and began to feed his cock into my throat, hardening into me like a velvet glove made to hold his dick. I opened my throat and accepted him, again and again, as his manhood gave my mouth purpose. It took everything in me to pull away from his fully engorged member.

“Finish me, slut!” Tommy nearly shouted.

“I can’t. You’re for her.” I motioned down the hall and Tommy nearly fell over stepping out of his jeans to run toward the bedroom. I licked the precum off my lips and straightened my outfit, then had a slice of pizza from the box on the table.

After a few minutes, Tommy returned from the bedroom and walked to his jeans, his flaccid dick still huge between his legs. “Later slut,” he said in passing as he moved to the front door. “If you’re in town tomorrow, you should give me a call. Your Aunt’s got my number.” And with that, the first boy to put his dick in my throat was gone.

Ms. Vann entered the living room and immediately went for a slice. She sat in her recliner, ignoring me as she ate. Her sausage-fingers fumbled with the remote as she began to change settings on her entertainment system. The screen went black, and porn came up. It was a scene of a transexual stroking her thick cock. A young man entered and began servicing her, sloppily licking her manhood.

“Come sit on your Ruthless Queen’s lap, sweet boypet.” I did as I was told. She reattached my collar and leash. Her hand moved under me, cradling me, and I felt her fingers against my hole as our tongues played with each other. Suddenly she was inside me, fingering me as we kissed. I moaned without thinking, and felt her smile on my lips.

Her pace grew faster, and then without warning she pulled away. Her hand was on my leash in an instant as she rose from the chair and roughly pulled me to the ground before her.

“Drink me.” she commanded, like some terrible Alice in Wonderland character.

I placed myself prostrate before her pussy and flicked my tongue up to her lips, awaiting the golden stream of my Queen’s pee. Instead, a huge gooey mass of Tommy’s semen began pouring from her and down my throat. It tasted different than before, different than mine.

“That’s it, little whore. Look at me, you really didn’t think I had something going on with my pizza guy? He’s not like you, no, but I’ve got something he wants, I guess, and he gives me something I want.” She giggled. “I guess now you want it too, little cum-drinker?”

She was right, I was suckling her pussy, my tongue digging for every drop of seed.

“Get it all, that’s my good girl. Maybe someday mommy will let you have it from the source. I assume you got him hard by sucking him, not by a handjob?”

I nodded.

“Good for you. Did you like it? His cock is amazing, even though Tommy’s kind of a dolt.”

“Yes Mommy Vann, I did like it. I did.”

I looked up at her, almost shaking at the thought of what this woman might get me into, and what I might be willing to do for her.

She let the leash go slack and I fell away from her crotch, a ribbon of cum connecting me to her inner flesh. She broke it with her dark red fingernail, curling the strand around her finger. She offered it to me and I licked it clean. “Good, good,” she cooed. “Now, lick mommy’s chair seat clean and I’ll be right back.”

She turned and strode away into the house, leaving me to my duties. I looked at the leather recliner behind me. As my tongue touched the dried patch of mommy-wet on the chair cushion, my eyes teared up at the wondrous direction my sexual awakening had taken.

Ms. Vann returned in a few minutes, dressed in an ankle-length red dress, obscenely shaped to her massive silhouette. I had never in my life seen her in clothes this suggestive. I had doubted anyone in town had. The dress split up the sides to the peak of her hips, making the skirt into a lewd shred of a loincloth draped before her billowing gams. I could see the pendulous sway of her strap-on beneath the fabric. The dress was pulled down under her tits, and she gathered and dropped them over and over as she smiled at me. It gave an effect like pouring her breasts through her hands. When she stopped, they fell heavy and full, her nipples like fingertips. She walked toward me and took something from behind the recliner. It looked like a harness for a large animal. Ms. Vann began to put it on me over my sweater, moving the leash from my collar to a ring on the center of my back. She settled into the chair and shifted the front of her dress aside.

“Kiss both mommy’s nipples, little girl-boy, then take the bottle of lube on the table there and grease up my cock. I want you to oil it with the lube, get every vein nice and shined so it can move smoothly up your sweet little ass-cunt. Don’t you want that, baby girl?”

“Oh god yes, ma’am. Yes.” I wish i’d had more beautiful words to give her. My lust was causing me tremors and I wanted to die riding this woman’s beercan-thick, 10 inch cock. I took the bottle and began to rub lube onto the dildo, my hands caressing every molded vein and ridge. I ran my palm down the shaft, feeling the swell and fall of the girth. I even lubed up the massive balls, with their strangely realistic textures. When there seemed to be a visible wrapping of lubricant on the dong, Queen Mommy Vann pulled hard on the leash and turned me to face the TV. She flipped my skirt up onto my back. I had never felt so much like a sextoy in all my life, and I fell into the part with total abandon. I wanted cock, I wanted cum and pussy juice and the sweat from the skin of anything that rutted and fucked. I wanted lust, pure lust distilled and poured down my throat through the asscrack of this obese goddess Mommy.

I felt her fingers push into my ass and spread me, preparing me to receive her. The dildo plunged into me, and though it was painful I let out a deep moan of pleasure. My back arched and I kicked my hips back, riding on her dick while she held me with the harness and leash. I crossed my feet at the ankles, bowing my back like a swayback mare, devoting my entire posture to the accomodation of my Queen Mother’s blessed dick.

As she sank to her balls in me, her head rubbing against my prostate, I opened my eyes to see what new scene was on screen.

I quickly realized it was her bedroom. I was on the bed, Ms. Vann was over me. No audio was accompanying the video, but clearly I was taking the strap-on cock of a giantess while dressed in women’s underwear. By the look on my face, I was enraptured. The video paused, the motion-blurred cock all the more terrifying as it held still in the assault on my bottom. From behind me, her cock shifting inside me in rhythm with her breathing, Ms. Vann began to take me through the video and give me notes on my performance.

“Here, baby girl, you can cross your legs at the ankles, like the old cheesecake photos, and the boys will love it. Pull your ass open for me next time, when i’m like this…do you see? Then I can go deeper into my babygirl’s little puss. Ooh! And here, here if you’ll suck my titties I can cuddle you in my arms and fuck you. Let’s try that…” She turned me, the cock twisting in my ass. Her nipple found my mouth and I latched on, plugged with my mommy’s pacifiers at both ends. She rocked back and forth in the recliner and watched ourselves on screen, rewinding and pausing the tape as my Queen found moments where I could be improved as her boypet, her summer sissy whore.

In just one day, I had gone from a frustrated lawn boy dreaming of the freedom of college to a sex-crazed fuck-slave, praying like a heathen to the alabaster Goddess who’s cockhead was now in me like a second spine. I wept and watched the screen, listening to the cooing suggestions of the whoremaking fat suburbanite fucking me, my tears cutting through the cum on my cheeks. I smiled, beaming as her dick rubbed my prostate just right, and my dick exploded cum out onto my crossed legs. I flashed to the image of myself in my mother’s things so long ago, feeling blessed at the chance to feel this accepting and intimate pleasure. I looked at the semen on my thighs, tasted the cum on my fire red lips, savored the strokes of my Mommy’s endless cock. I was the luckiest boy ever in the world, becoming the sluttiest girl ever in my dreams.

As scared as I was at the thought of video proof of my perversions, I was still glad to learn more from Ms. Vann.

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