world of warcraft

Lady Sylvanas licked the last bit of cum off of her fingers as she and her Dark Ranger companion walked away from the Zeppelin which had ferried them from Orgrimmar and back to Tirisfal. The Goblins maintaining the ship waved goodbye to them and busied themselves with getting their pants back on. It was dark and humid. The ground was wet from a recent downpour and the ashen clouds above were as ominous as they always were. Chilling wind billowed down from the mountains to greet the two ladies, ruffling their hair and the feathers upon their shoulderpads. No other race outside of the undead would ever wish to call this place their home.

“As beautiful as ever,” Sylvanas murmured. Her eyes shone like a beacon in the darkness that enshrouded Tirisfal Glades. They seemed to be searching for something, though the Dark Lady showed no signs of trepidation. Clea caught on to her Queen’s subtle movements and carried on with wary footsteps. Sylvanas was in high spirits. Her body felt refreshed and rejuvenated. She felt alive in a most ironic way and she was eager to show it. The two Dark Rangers melted into the shadows, and from a distance the maniacal laughter of a certain headless horseman could be heard.

“Shit, this place is creepy. It’s like the sun is afraid to shine some light on this place.”

“Shut up, Pestle. Are you trying to alert every walking corpse in Tirisfal?”

They were close, very close. They weren’t very quiet either. A group of 40 Alliance wandered through the woods. The party contained men of all sizes and races, and they were following a dwarf who’s eyes constantly glanced up from the map in his hands to the foreboding road ahead. Sylvanas smiled, tongue tracing over her teeth and vampire-esque canines. Another burst of laughter from off in the distance signaled Sylvanas’ mischievous incantation. She whispered a string of sentences in both Thalassian and Demonic, Clea eyeing her curiously. Clea’s attention soon shifted to the raid party stalking through Tirisfal. A number of shrieks and gasps had arisen amongst the group. She quickly made out the haunting vision of a number of ghosts floating through the woods all around them. Apparently the Banshee Queen had intended to scare them with her spell, rather than harm them.

The ghosts of Lordaeron citizens meandered about aimlessly, ignoring the Alliance party atop their graves. They whispered to themselves, but their language was both indecipherable and chilling. The group was shaking in their plated, cloth, and leather boots. The paladin’s within the party struggled in vain to drive the spirits away, but the spirits continued to ignore them. Sylvanas soon appeared from the shadows behind the group, body transitioning out of the shadows with Clea swiftly following suit, swords at the ready. The Dark Lady’s bluish-purple lips parted and her mouth opened wide as a horrific screech ripped throughout the forest and glades of Tirisfal, silencing the vexatious Horseman in the distance and piercing the ears of the warriors in front of her. Her banshee scream caused the Alliance raid group to drop their weapons and cover their ears, some passing out and others screaming in vain, their voices drowned out in a similar fashion as the Horseman.

Her shriek was silenced with the closing of her luscious lips, however they were soon opened again as she muttered yet another incantation. Skeletons sprouted out of the ground like plants around the Alliance, spraying dirt all over their armor. The skeletons did not attack them, but instead confiscated their weapons and whatever they could grab off of their armor. After they took everything they could the thieving skeletons took off for the Undercity, leaving the warriors looking like third rate guards.

“I didn’t yell that loud. Stand up so we can have some fun.” Sylvanas began counting the group with one of her fingers. “Thirteen humans. Three Gnomes. Three Dwarves. Six Draenei. Nine Night Elves. Six Worgen. This is going to be fun.”

“Is this a good idea, my Lady?” Clea looked at the group of distraught Alliance, one hand wrapped tightly around a sword and the other wrapped around a breast loose from it’s confinement within her tight tunic. Sylvanas ignored her.

“I’ve had nothing but Goblins and their exploding mechanical sex toys to entertain me for the past few days. I know all of you strapping young and some not-so-young men have struggled hard to collect all that gear and travel to Tirisfal, and I know you probably think I want to kill you. Luckily enough for you I have no desire to kill you. I want to fuck you, however if you do not wish to go along with my idea I can always fall back to plan B and drag you off to the Undercity for testing in the Apothecarium. What do you say?”

The men looked at each other, unsure of whether to test the undead High Elf. Their lack of confidence soon paid off, and they nodded to their beautiful captor. They stood on shaking legs as the group of skeletons from earlier came running back from their trip to the Undercity and surrounded them. Sylvanas and Clea grinned, their armor and weapons soon stripped off and given to their skeletal servants. “Raid me, boys.”

The two undead High Elves took their positions against two trees, bent over with legs spread and hands dug into moist bark. They looked back at their captives, eager and waiting. “Well come on. We won’t bite.”

Two humans seperated themselves from the crowd and took a place behind Sylvanas and Clea. The two men looked eager and scared at the same time, no doubt wondering whether or not they would be killed after their little romp. Despite their fear, it wasn’t long before they were balls deep in the Dark Rangers and thrusting in and out wildly. It was obvious that they had been traveling for a while and had not had any sort of relief. They hammered away at the ladies like their lives depended on it – and it very well may have. Their thick hands gripped at Clea’s milky white ass and Sylvanas’ own blueberry colored ass, occasionally rising up and slamming back down, leaving searing red marks on their round cheeks. The two women were enjoying themselves, humming and purring like content kittens as the humans’ cocks penetrated them over and over. Their happiness was soon cut short, however. Sylvanas’ partner was the first to cum, his nails digging into the cheeks of the Banshee Queen’s rear as he deposited his seed inside of her. Clea’s partner followed suit and unleashed his load as well, drenching the ranger’s insides with white goo. The two men stumbled back when they were finished, feeling oddly lightheaded. “Who’s next?” Sylvanas stretched, arching her back and giving the Alliance a good eyeful. The raid group seemed a lot more at ease now after having witnessed their two friends fuck the Dark Lady and her companion without any negative repercussions. A number of other men approached the women now, erect and very horny.

Clea was quickly grabbed and lifted away from the tree before finding herself slammed down upon the cock of a hairy Dwarf. The elf cried out, a shiver running up her spine. His cock was thick and it stretched the ring of her pussy out wide against his shaft as he proceeded to bounce her up and down upon it. Clea was taken by surprise again when she felt the head of a cock pressing against her tight asshole. It was a Gnome, and he soon impaled her ass completely on his shaft. The two men wasted no time pounding away at the girl, and her open mouth attracted the attention of a tall Night Elf. The purple man grabbed her face, prying her mouth open and then ramming the entirety of his length down into her mouth and down her throat. With Clea riding the Dwarf cowgirl, the other two men quickly fell into a synthesized rhythm, which, judging by the frequency of her moans, was very effective.

The Banshee Queen was receiving plenty of attention as well. The boisterous woman was riding atop a slender Night Elf reverse cowgirl style, his long purple cock penetrating deep inside the bowels of her ass. Her slender blue legs were wrapped around an equally blue Draenei who was busy ravaging her pussy and standing next to her was a Dwarf having his cock shined by her hungry mouth. She groaned every time the Draenei’s shaft came crashing down into her, his balls slapping against her and his fat cock stretching her wide around his massive girth. Sylvanas was enjoying herself, and she yelped when the Night Elf’s hands wrapped around her jiggling breasts. He groped them and squeezed her nipples, causing her to arch her back and cry out through the dick in her mouth. She sucked at it greedily, her saliva forming a slimey coat around the Dwarf’s manhood. Spittle and precum dripped from her lips and coated her pretty face as she violently sucked and bobbed. The Dwarf’s hand rested on her head and guided her along his shaft, her blue cheeks hollowed as her lips formed an ‘O’ shape while she threatened to suck the life out of him through his cock. At the rate she was sucking it wasn’t long before he exploded in her mouth. Sylvanas swallowed all of the Dwarf’s tasty semen and pushed him away with one hand when she was sure she had sucked every last drop out of him.

The Dark Lady let out a groan as soon as the Dwarf’s member popped out of her mouth. The Night Elf and Draenei pounding her holes didn’t let up for a second, and her oversized breasts bounced obscenely without hands to hold them in place. Sylvanas leaned her head back, dark blue hair covering the Night Elf’s face and a smile spreading across her visage. A human’s semi-flaccid shaft bumped across her forehead and face, causing her to open her mouth wide and make a loud “Ahhh!” sound. The human took hold of her head and guided his hardening shaft past her bluish-purple lips and down her welcoming throat. Her mouth was warm around his cock and he soon began to thrust into her as well, using her mouth like he would use her ass or pussy. The men using her other two holes came shortly after the Dwarf did, the purple Elf below her shooting his load up into her ass and the Draenei ontop of her nutting himself deep within her soaked cunt. The large blue man got up and stumbled away while the Night Elf laid there unmoving, cock still buried within it’s sheathe.

Sylvanas climbed up off of the Elf and sank down on her knees in front of the Human who had been face fucking her. She dived back down onto his cock, sucking and licking, her tongue sliding against his throbbing shaft. The man’s hands grab ahold of her pointy ears, using them to help guide her along his shaft. Her pursued lips gripped his cock tightly as they moved from tip to base, his eyes fixated on her like he was in a trance. Sylvanas’ hands rested on her thighs, gripping her flesh tightly as she leaned forward. Her nose ground against the man’s groin but she kept pushing, waiting for her reward as her tongue continued to snake it’s way around his shaft. Her efforts soon paid off as cum surged out of his cock and into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop and continued to suck on the Human’s organ for a good minute before standing up and looking at Clea.

Clea was finishing off the Night Elf in front of her, face buried in his crotch and her holes leaking Dwarven and Gnomish cum. Sylvanas watched her suck him off and play with his balls until he exploded onto her face and hair with an audible groan. Clea looked slightly disappointed that he did not cum in her mouth and she used her fingers to feed herself all the cum she could catch. Standing up, she looked at Sylvanas and then to the crowd of men in front of them. The ones who had already had their turn looked exhausted while the men who hadn’t looked eager and very horny.

“Who’s next?” Sylvanas asked with a toothy smile, and she licked her lips when the 6 Worgen in the group approached. She circled around the group slowly, exaggerating the sway of her hips and still smiling happily as she eyed them up and down. Their cocks were well sized, though she had seen and experienced bigger, even in her pet Worgen back at the Undercity. She positioned herself on her hands and knees in front of them when she was done inspecting them, taking her time and drawing amusement from the tongues lolling out of their mouths. Clea took position next to her, the ranger’s pale white bottom in direct contrast to the Dark Lady’s blue one. The 6 creatures wasted no time, and soon, after a little infighting, the three largest busied themselves with Sylvanas’ holes while the other Worgen ruthlessly took Clea.

Sylvanas was mounted by the largest of the group while the other two Worgen presented themselves to her face, their long erections hanging in front of her and brushing against her cheeks and nose. She took one cock into her mouth just as the man ontop of her plunged his manhood into her eager cunt and drove it home. She groaned but did not stop sucking even as she was bounced forward from the Worgen pounding her from behind. It’s furred hands slapped her rump over and over while he penetrated her, the force of his hips slamming against her and leaving red marks on her blue body.

Clea was in a similar position on her hands and knees except that all three of her holes were being fucked at the same time. The largest Worgen among her group was ontop of her and drilling her ass hard, stretching her further than she had ever likely been stretched. The second largest was below her, large cock snuggled deep within her pink pussy as the thrusts into her ass from the other creature guided her back and forth along his shaft. The smallest of the men had been given her mouth, but despite his size his cock was nothing to scoff at and she initially had trouble fitting him into her mouth. Never-the-less her head bobbed up and down on it as if it was nothing while one hand fondled and massaged his impressive balls, precum and drool coating her chin. As her holes were penetrated over and over she couldn’t help but think about how glad she was that this raid group had decided to come.

Sylvanas got off on the men spectating her almost as much as she got off on the cocks pumping in and out of her. She had been repositioned to mirror Clea so that now all three of her holes were filled. The largest was once again on top of her, but this time his canine-like shaft invaded her asshole as opposed to her pussy which was also similarly occupied. The giant male atop her was drooling heavily. His neck rested on Sylvanas’ shoulder as he rutted into her and his claws drew blood from her skin. He was fast but extremely powerful. The other men simply sat there as his thrusts bounced the Queen along their shafts, and she resigned herself to being little more than a ragdoll as her head was rocked back and forth along the dick in her mouth. This continued on for several minutes, with the largest seemingly unphased and unslowing. The other two, however, did not have the same amount of stamina. The Worgen fucking her pussy shot his loads into her with a mix of a whimper and a growl, while the one in her mouth sent his doggy batter straight down her throat.

As soon as his two compatriots were finished he lifted Sylvanas into the air and pressed her against him so that her pillowy breasts were pressed up against his chest. From this position he resumed the pounding of his cock into her ass. Sylvanas was a little surprised, but did not seem to mind. She wrapped her arms and legs around the Worgen and allowed him to bounce her up and down along his cock, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of his fur rubbing against her breasts. From behind him the Banshee Queen could see Clea, who had apparently swapped the Worgen for a number of Humans. Sylvanas laughed before addressing her companion.

“You seem to have -Ah!- taken a liking to my idea!”

Clea did not respond due to the cock lodged down her gullet, but instead she nodded slightly.

“If it had been up to her you all would have been dead by now,” she said, turning her attention away from Clea and to the Worgen who was still drilling into her behind. He was panting, but he growled slightly at her remark, fangs bared. Sylvanas grinned at him, flashing her unnaturally sharp canines back at him. She leaned forward, her bright red eyes boring holes into the Worgen’s own gray eyes. The Dark Lady opened her mouth and spoke slowly, panting slightly from the vigorous treatment of her ass.

“Some canines emit an odor when they are afraid, you know.”

Sylvanas slowly traced the tip of her tongue along the Worgen’s snout before finally biting down. The Worgen’s hands gripped her tight before releasing himself inside of her bowels. The two temporary lovers cried out as he hilted his cock in her ass and his seed invaded her asshole. They remained locked in this position for a minute, both bathing in the afterglow of their orgasm. Sylvanas withdrew her mouth and teeth from his muzzle before climbing down, legs shaking slightly. Like the others of his kind, the Worgen reverted back to his Human form and sat down, clearly exhausted.

Clea was just finishing up herself after taking the loads of 3 Humans and two Night Elves onto her face and hair. She stood up next to Sylvanas and gazed at the remaining raid force, not bothering to wipe the cum off of her face or body in general.

“There are only 19 of you left and I’m not even close to being defeated.” The Dark Lady turned towards Clea and bent down, using her tongue to scoop up some cum off of her cheek. She swallowed the white goo before continuing.

“Seven Humans. Two Gnomes. One Dwarf. Five Draenei. Four Night Elves. I’ve got an appointment to keep, so let’s make this quick.”

Clea was approached by two Night Elves and a Draenei. They had the undead High Elf on her hands and knees in no time, with one Night Elf underneath her, one behind her, and the Draenei in front of her. The two Elves eased their ways into her slowly, obviously forgetting about Sylvanas’ appointment. They fucked her slow, and she appreciated the unusual change of pace from the norm. She closed her eyes and moaned, ignoring the Draenei and the drooling blue cock he was resting atop her forehead. After half a minute she eagerly took him into her mouth, suckling on his fat head and twirling her tongue around his shaft like she was cleaning it. She moaned again, feeling the Night Elf below her playing with her swaying tits as the Elf behind her massaged and lightly spanked her ass.

At last feeling a spur of ambition, she leaned her head forward on the Draenei’s cock, taking his length all the way in until his balls rested against her chin and her nose ground against his crotch. She stayed like this, suckling and cleaning the gigantic shaft with her tongue. Her lack of a gag reflex quickly caused the Draenei to groan and flood her throat with his seed, but she was taken by surprise when two small tentacles rose up at the same time and blasted her in the face with sticky cum. As she withdrew her head off of the cock she laughed, wiping cum from her eyes as the Draenei went off somewhere, already exhausted. Yet he was quickly replaced by another Night Elf just as the Elf behind her gave her a few powerful thrusts and shot his goo into her ass. Clea bit her lip and sighed contentedly before going to work on the cock pressing against her lips.

Sylvanas Windrunner was sandwiched inbetween two Draenei. She had her legs wrapped around one while the other impaled her from behind. The three of them were the loudest in the clearing and it was amazing that the two men could even fit inside the undead Elf. She let off one of her signature banshee screams as the two buried themselves to the hilt inside of her at the same time, threatening the health of everyone in ear shot. As they continued to hammer away at her the sound of flash impacting flash resonated throughout the woods. The trio fucked fast and hard before erupting in a chorus of moans, cum flooding Sylvanas’ holes and splashing against her body. The man fucking her ass fell back, but she continued to ride the other man who struggled to peel her off of him. Sylvanas didn’t stop until the Draenei’s cock was flaccid and his feet were unsteady. Upon climbing off of the man, he collapsed next to some of his companions, chest heaving and mouth panting.

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A Day in Church

Petric trod into the Cathedral of Light during moonless midnight. The sun had been down for a good six hours at least, and the large centre of worship in Stormwind was utterly silent. Candles flickered fitfully, several dozen of the thick waxen stems placed along walls, chandeliers and in metallic candle holders. Only a few people were there, scattered among the columns and benches.

Most of those were priests or priestesses.

He saw one of the men lighting a candle, then leaving through one of the many doors. Only two female acolytes were left, a young woman with red hair and face speckled with freckles — quite pretty, really.

The second one was not actually human, but Draenei.

He had gotten used to the strange aliens. Despite that he could remember clearly a time when even the sight of a dwarf or gnome had been unusual, the azure-skinned humanoids seemed to have integrated into Stormwind perfectly.

No one even raised a brow at them any more.

Well, not unless they saw them performing one of their more…outlandish festivals or ways of behaviour.

The woman — the creature — came over to his side, leaning over to re-light one of the flickering candles.

„Greetings. Welcome, and be at peace.”

He nodded in response. Their accent was still peculiar, but not unpleasant. Looking up, he blinked.

Petric doubted very much that clothing from the clergy was made to expose as much as that. The woman’s cleavage clearly showed, some of the brilliant-blue skin lighter then other parts of her body.

The Draenei noticed his lingering gaze and offered a small grin, showing a row of white teeth.

„I am Seriva. Go ahead and enjoy the magnificent view of the….Cathedral.”

She sat down next to him, kneeling beside him in a way which offered him a clear view down her low-cut dress.

Petric cleared his throat.

Well, that was certainly one of their outlandish ways. They had little shame. He could never decide whether he liked or disliked that quality. Part of him wanted to tell her to throw on something more…conforming. Another part….

„Thank you, milady.” He replied politely.

„Oh, Seriva. Come here, you.” The human woman had walked up, pulling the Draenei to her feet. „Let’s go. We have tasks to be about, and not everyone is as used to your…ways as I am.”

The woman, who seemed younger, sounded for all things like a mother.

„ I am sorry, milord Paladin.” She recognized him from the training grounds, clearly. „She has not yet gotten…used to life here. What you can say. And what you cannot say to a stranger.”

She emphasized the last words with a meaning glance at the Draenei — Seriva? – who seemed unaffected by the admonishment.

“It’s fine.”

“See, Cat? It’s fine! Stop being such a prig!” The blue-skinned creature pulled loose and sat down again, grinning.

“We have….Paladins too, you know. Vindicators. Strong men hunting the foul and the corrupted. Are you like that, hmm?” She pressed against him now.

Her breath smelled lightly of spices and herbs and the feel of her breasts, even through the dress, was clear. Very pleasant.

He even felt his cock rise quickly, a surprise. Usually it required far more. He was young, but no boy. Yet she was…he looked at her. Black-haired, blue-skinned, exotic and enticingly beautiful.


Seriva’s smile widened and nostrils flared.

“Seriva! Stop teasing the man!” Cataryn attempted again to pull her to her feet but the other acolyte managed to dodge somehow, looking up at her.

“That’s you, not me, Cat.” She grinned at the other woman. “I don’t tease, remember?”

She grasped his left hand, pulling it and cupping it around her right breast.

“Go ahead — feel it. I don’t share your human aversion to…this” She pressed closer, inhaling audibly as his hand tightened slightly.

He squeezed her a little, revelling in the feeling. It had been some time since he had last done this, yet he did not share some of his…associates feelings on this kind of amusement.

“Oh, for the lights sake! Out here?! Don’t be such a Flip-skirt, Seriva!”

“Oh…shut up, Cat. You humans are…oooooh…far too….uptight!” The draenei purred, tail lashing much like a cat’s as it squirmed on her floor.

Petric shot a quick glance at the freckle-faced human acolyte before continuing, squeezing the Draenei’s large mound. With a quick look at her face, he put the second hand on her other breast, fondling both of them before leaning in, kissing her.

She ferociously met his lips, kissing, nipping and even biting lightly. Her tongue tasted the way she smelled, spicy and exotic. Her hands roamed his lower and upper body, seemingly without plan and more by instinct.

“Oh…yes…” she panted, leaning her head to the side. “Such honesty and…forward for a human..go on…please”

Cataryn looked furious.

“Honesty Is a virtue, isn’t it?” He asked, grinning, before leaning in, kissing and licking his way along her jaw, to the base of her thin tendrils.

She twitched, rocking against his body violently, when he licked that base of one of the strands.


Cataryn had pulled the Draenei to her feet, her other small hand firmly wrapped around part of his wrist.

“You should know better then this, Paladin!” She hissed, bright pink marking her cheeks. “Come here, now!”

The smaller human woman nonetheless managed to push them both ahead of them, toward the private quarters of the Draenei priestess-in-training.

“Cataryn, you prim little puss…” Seriva mumbled, glowing eyes glazed.

Petric walked beside her. It was true. Perhaps it was night-time, but visitors could still come to the cathedral and they could certainly disturb them at any time.

The room which they entered — Cataryn scowling like a harpy pushing them inside — was small, but well-furnished with a sizeable bed. To his surprise, Seriva pulled the smaller human inside the room as well, slamming the door.

“What are you doing?!”

“Showing you some fun, Cat”

The Draenei glanced at him, then showed the human woman teeth and tossed her head, still pinning her to the wall with one slim arm.

“Release me….I have no…interest in this. Do what you want but leave me out of it! Let me go now!”

Seriva only smiled, and Petric found himself smiling back. Not at her, but at the human woman.

“You’ve been an intolerable little….what’s the human word?” She looked at Petric, then snapped two slim fingers as though just remembering. “bitch…for weeks now. You need a good…fucking”

Again, the word in common sounded on on her tongue. The horned creature had grasped his thickening cock through the thin breeches and was stroking it slowly, familiar movements indicating both much experience and skill.

Cataryn snorted.

“You’re such a whore sometimes, Seriva. Sometimes? All the hrasting time!”

“And you’re afraid to have fun, that’s what. Are you a child?

“I’m not a whore, that’s all.” The human countered hotly.

Seriva’s smile faded slightly and she pulled back, letting the human go. “As you wish. Go then. Go and leave me to my…fun. Why are you just standing there? Do something already!”

He realized the last was aimed at him, and quickly got behind her. Cupping both her breasts, he pulled at the fabric holding in her breasts, pulling it down. “mmm….” He breathed, squeezing them none-too-gently.

“That is…aah….harder!…if you can leave, Cat. Do try…” She leaned back against him, rubbing her firm rear against his hardening cock. Something much like a purr rose from her throat .

Cat frowned, trying to move from the wall, then seeming to notice something restraining her. Something magical, perhaps Her eyes widened, alarmed.

“That’s not funny! You know very well I’m not…good at that yet, Seriva! Let me go!”

“Oh, Cat…..Cat….Caaaaaaaaaat….fuck..I’m..cumming!”

The Draenei’s body shook violently in his hands, her tail snaking around his lower leg and wrapping it’s way up to the knee slowly. It was a curious sensation but not at all…unpleasant.

She threw her head from side to side, eyes closed and bit harshly at her lower lip, hard enough to leave a fading impression of teeth.


Petric held her roughly, squeezing both of her full breasts hard, rubbing his thumbs across her stiff, dark blue nipples.

At last she slumped forward in his arms, leaning as she raised her head to look back at him, then at the now wide-eyed Human woman. A small trail of clear saliva ran from one corner of her mouth.

“I just can’t do that, you see…I just can’t let you go” The alien’s voice was ragged, thick with pleasure from the climax. “Having someone watch me like you are makes me all the more…eager”

Again she looked back at him, licking her lips slowly.

“You can’t do this to me! You just can’t!”

Grabbing her by her neck, he led her to the bed.

“Watch and learn, my sweet little Cat. Besides…he’s doing things now, not I..aeeeh!” She squeaked at the sudden move, then giggled.

“Want to do things, Paladin? Want to do things to me?” She giggled, falling onto the bed as he pushed her and spreading both legs and arms.

“Oh yes.” He replied, climbing atop her and pulling up the fabric of her dress, exposing both her legs and her thin panties, already transparent where her pussy had moistened the cloth. “There are so many things I want to do to you. So many things I mean to do” He grinned, stroking her firm buttocks.

Her tail lashed, wrapping around his wrist.

“mmmm..” She purred, getting on all fours, facing the wall where the voyeuristic human priestess stood.

“Do it.” She looked back, grinning. “Do whatever you feel like, Paladin. “

He took her waist, then pulled her up against his wide chest, her tail lodged between her back and his stomach. She seemed to like filth and dirt, much like some of the whores he had heard tales of.

“I’ll fuck you.” He whispered in her ear, pressing his britches down. He felt her inhale as the thick, warm shaft fell rigid against her lower back.

“Mmmm….” she purred, shivering against his body. Her facial tendrils seemed to quiver in rhythm with her tail and her brilliant eyes blazed.

“Do it! Don’t make me wait! Don’t you realize what it feels like to wait, for one of my kind? FUCK me!” She bared her teeth, this time at him, seeming feral.

Without further ado, he repositioned her, pressing her brutally against his chest and slamming her down, penetrating her to the base.

“Nghhhhh…..tighttt…..oh..light” He panted, pressing her up and down to establish a firm but slow rhythm.

“Oh yes! Far…too…long ago” She panted, eagerly driving herself up and down, pressing her breasts against his palms. “Squeeze..Squeeze them hard. Fuck me in front of the pretty girl…make her watch me get it….” Her words were a delirious, drunk mumble.

Cataryn, he saw, had wide eyes and was vainly trying to shift, look away or somehow cross her legs. She had stopped protesting however, and was reduced to only glaring at him in outrage.

Slowly, they picked up pace, him fucking her roughly against him. Her moans were sudden and bestial, if not numerous. She panted non-stop, stroking her hands along her own toned stomach and uttering a deep, throaty purr every time he slammed his thick, throbbing cock deeply inside her.

Her pussy was heavenly, surprisingly different from the human counterpart. It squeezed at precisely the right times, dripped excitement freely down his shaft, and her

“Yes…harder..go harder..”

She leaned forward, burying her head buried in the sheets, delicate hands and fingers clutching, clawing, raking the fabric.

The wet, slapping sound of their bodies meeting filled the room and there was the musky scent of sex in the air.

“You’re such a bitch, Seriva!”

The sudden comment made him look up and her as well.

Cataryn glared at them both, squirming against the wall. Her hands were trembling visibly and her eyes were wide, watching them.

“Oh….aaah! Shut up, you prim little…thing, you.” The draenei propped herself up, leaning on her elbows and watching the redhead while he pounded her from behind. Her tail lashed faster, forming intricate curves in the air.

“Just because it’s been…what? A year?….oooooh. You should learn to…Ah!…loosen ..the…FUCK…” she snarled “up! You…humans…” Seriva moaned, trailing off and closing her eyes.

“Eleven months!” Cataryn spat, then blushed furiously. “Just because I don’t…fuck every visitor who catches my eye doesn’t mean I’m..prim. Slut.” she mimicked, muttering and struggling with her ethereal bonds.

“When I get out of this, I will. Make. You. Pay.” She promised darkly, glaring at the horned acolyte, then at him and blushed.

He offered her a smile, knowing it to be both delirious with pleasure and slightly amused.

“mmm….you promise? This one…ooooh…is making me pay pretty well already…ah.” She whimpered.

“Curse and Fuck you, Seriva!”

The azure-skinned humanoid giggled, then moaned, arching her back.

“Ooooh…lover, you’re so…very…big..” She gave pleased little shudders, pressing back on his thick, thrusting cock violently.

Petric moaned deeply, grasping her ass and pressing further inside her, eliciting a squeal from her. On a sudden impulse, he wrapped his fingers around the base of her tail, running the tips of his sword-calloused fingertips along the smooth skin.

“Aaah! AH! Fuck! Aieeeeeee!” Seriva screeched, twitching and shuddered violently, her tight cunt suddenly moistening quickly around his throbbing cock. Her body arched further, slamming back against his chest with force. Her facial tendrils quivered violently, her blue tail lashing along his stomach

“Cuh….Cuumminng…nngg..mmm” She announced needlessly, a sudden bursting giggle erupting from her throat in mid-moan.

He groaned, unable to hold back any longer at the constant stimulation his cock received. He grunted deeply, pressing his shaft to into her, balls slapping against her bare ass.

“Oh yes…give it to me…inside me, human. Don’t…hold back. Not…aaah….even a little”

She whimpered, shuddering violently at the first spurt of cum he shot inside her.

“Aaah…Light!” He moaned, causing her to giggle again as he shot stream after stream of cum deeply into her. The view of her brilliant-blue skin, the feel of her tendrils, her horns, her tail. It was all incredibly erotic, making his cock twitch violently and staying hard even as he emptied inside her.

Finally, she fell forward, pulling from him.

He shuddered violently in pleasure as she did.

Seriva’s skin was slick with perspiration, a sheen matting her dark hair and forehead and she lay to the side, legs spread open wide to give the entire room a clear view of her nude form.

“Light indeed..” She mumbled, eyes closed to the world but a thoroughly pleased smile on her lips. “That was…enjoyable, Paladin. I haven’t had a…” she smirked “pounding that good for months.”

Demonstratively, she ran hands down her neck, collarbone, full breasts and stomach, then beckoned him.

“Come here.”

He smiled and obeyed, leaning into her and atop her. She kissed him fiercely and he kissed her back, running her hands over the soft skin. She smelled stronger now, even better then before.

“Mmm…” she mumbled, slurping against his tongue as they finished kissing. “You should visit the Cathedral more often when you’re in Stormwind. I still have years to complete my training. And…faithful ” she giggled at that, winking at him “parishioners are so very rare, you know.”

Petric smiled back at her. “I will try.”

He doubted very much that other Paladins — his mentors included — would give much approval to…this kind of spare-time, even if he had heard from credible and less-then-credible sources that there was indeed this kind of attitude among the Draenei.

“Good.” She purred, stretching languorously. “So….what now, lover?” Her gaze wandered down, lingering on his still-hard cock and her smile widened.

His gaze guiltily fell on the poor redhead still restrained against the wall.

“Oh, Cat. I forgot you there, I’m sorry.” Seriva’s eyes widened and she twisted her head, looking at the other Acolyte.

The Draenei’s eyes were still filled with amusement however.

“Very. Hrasting. Funny. Seriva.” Cataryn bit off every word as though an oath, glaring at the dark-haired creature. “Let me go or I’ll report you to Priestess Aristaya, I swear.”

“Oh? Will you, sister?” Seriva slid loose from below him, standing and unconcerned by her nudity.Both by her nudity and the clear trail of cum running freely from her sex and down her inner thighs. If she was at all concerned about the threat, she didn’t show it.

“I will. I mean it…let me…..” she trailed off, looking alarmed and glancing past the Draenei, at him. “What are you doing, Seriva?”

The Draenei had approached her much like a stalking cat, sauntering. Her tail wagging back and forth. The alien was circling her slowly.

“I asked, what are you doing!” Cat repeated, her voice rising a pitch or two.

“Such a mouth on such a pretty girl. Such a little fire-hair you are, Cat.” The Draenei leaned in, obviously kissing the woman deeply and muffling her protests.

Cat squirmed violently against the Draenei, pulling against her bonds.

Petric rose and approached them curiously, watching the erotic spectacle.

Cat was panting when Seriva released her. The behorned woman was stroking the Human’s full breasts with both hands, rubbing one of her cum-stained legs between her thighs.

“I can smell you, you know, Cat.” Seriva whispered in tones obviously meant to be heard.

“I don’t…know..what you mean! Let me go!”

“Of course you don’t. You reek of sex and lust like…” She moved her hand below the redheads dress, pressing up beneath the cloth, her goal obvious. “ a…fucking..slut” she mocked the other woman’s earlier heated insults.

“Ah….” Cat gasped


“Not now…please, not like this…” Her words were more a whimper.

Seriva’s response was a wet, audible kissing and licking of her pale neck and collarbone which was rewarded with the woman’s first wanton — if muffled — moan.

“You just did it! And he did too! Did you!” Her protests were breathy now, her hands fiddling and twitching without pause as though wanting to grab something.

Petric felt his cock throb appreciatively at the undeniably sexy scene playing out in front of him. He had often fantasized about the two — mostly two human women however — and this seemed even better then the fantasy. He moved closer without first truly noting it, wanting to touch her.

She was very beautiful in her own right. Ripe with thick-seeming fire-red hair, a full bosom and a curvy build.

“Mmm…that’s right…we did.” Seriva mumbled, her voice muffled against the human’s skin. “And now it’s your turn…” She looked up, baring her teeth. “….bitch. I’m going to show you what a little slut you are.”

“I’m…no-” Cat broke off with a sharp yelp as the azure humanoid bit down on her shoulder, looking up and again baring a set of very fine-looking white teeth.

Even though it made her feel quite guilty, Livinia had been relieved when Kalendras had taken his leave of her. He had spent a few more hours with her before excusing himself, saying he still had a few more matters to attend to before he left for his trial run with the guild the following morning. Knowing that he would be gone for a couple of days gave her hope that she would have some time to figure out her rather strange predicament before he returned. After all, if he was accepted into the guild, and she had no doubt that he would be, it would certainly become awkward if Belcarm were to learn of their relationship.

Belcarm was another matter entirely. They had been comrades for the past two and a half years, they had both started out together; teaming up when they left Silvermoon City. At first she had despised him, he represented everything that she hated about Silvermoon; but he knew his way around the woods. She decided that it was better to team up with him than ignore him because they trying to eradicate the same creatures. Eventually Livinia realized that even though Belcarm was a Blood Knight, he was actually pretty decent. Over the past few years Belcarm’s loyalty to her had been unwavering they had gone from inexperienced adventurers to well honed fighters together. Belcarm was a dear friend, even if his conceited and self-righteous attitude did rub her the wrong way at times.

Now that Livinia thought back to her time with Belcarm she realised that she should have at least had an inkling of his feelings for her. The jokes that he only made with her, his seemingly innocent touches, the twinkle in his eye when he healed her (which he did far more often than was necessary). Even the fact that, to her knowledge, he’d only ever had one other lover. Livinia cursed under her breath and shook her head; she’d been so blind.

Livinia sighed, gave her Windrider a grateful pat on the rump and unsummoned him. She did a quick mental inventory of everything she carried with her to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything and walked towards the portal to the Twilight Highlands. While Belcarm was playing puppet for the Death Knights she figured she might as well take the opportunity to clear her head. In her years of adventuring she had decided that the best way to cleanse her mind was to indulge in some hard fighting. It was for this reason that she stepped through the swirling purple vortex before her and ignored the strange feeling of light-headedness and disorientation that accompanied the use of portals for travel. In less than a moment she stepped out on the other side of the magical portal and into Dragonmaw Port.

She took a few seconds to regain her senses completely before she walked out of the Portal House and towards the giant bonfire in the centre of the town. Livinia then begun the familiar spell that would summon her ever-faithful pet, Borris. When the giant cat flickered into reality beside her she heard an affectionate growl before he leapt at her, knocking her onto her back in the dirt. He showered her with happy licks and her laughter rang like bells through the deserted town square.

“Borris! It has only been a couple of days!” She sighed, he backed away from her slowly and hung his head. “You funny little thing!” Livinia scratched him behind the ear. “Fancy going and killing us some dwarves?” She asked, Borris’s tail twitched back and forth and he lowered himself into a pouncing position. “‘I’ll take that as a yes, huh?” She asked.

Livinia hitched her pack higher on her back and turned, taking the path towards the city gates. Before she managed to walk fifteen feet she heard her name being called out from behind her.

“Belcarm?” Livinia said, eyes widening at the sight of his familiar cascade of black hair. He was wearing a deep silver tunic with black leather pants beneath it. The tunic was embroidered with traditional Elven knot work in light silver which caught the sun enticingly and complemented his spectacular eyes. She loved looking at males in armor, but Belcarm looked so effortlessly handsome in his casual clothes that she couldn’t help but appreciate him. Livinia blushed and looked away from him. He grinned as he approached her, apparently noticing the red tinge to her cheeks.

“What are you doing here?” She asked him, “I thought you’d get stuck with one of those week-long patrols?”

“Luckily all Master Pyreanor wanted me to do was deliver a message to Champion Dawnrose.” He said with a shrug “I figured that you would be headed here anyway and decided to wait it out rather than return to Orgrimmar.” He said with a grin, clearly conscious of her appreciation.

“Yup.” She nodded and patted Borris as he nudged her thigh. “Borris and I are going to kill us some Wildhammer Dwarves.”

“Well, I’m afraid that will have to wait.” He said with a frown.

“Narkrall Rakeclaw specifically asked me to get it done.” She said “And I am assuming he wants it done as soon as possible.”

“We’ll make a deal then.” Belcarm reasoned with a suave smirk “You come with me and help me with my quest and then we will sort yours out… how does that sound?”

“What quest are you doing looking like that?” Livinia asked with a laugh, going into battle dressed as he was would be completely suicidal.

“A special quest. How about you stop asking questions and just trust me?” He had a playful twinkle in his eye that made her smile and roll her eyes.

“How am I meant to know what to do then, you trog?” She asked. Now it was his turn to roll his eyes.

“Just be quiet and follow me before I change my mind.” He said, then turned on his heel and took the path that led outside of the town. Anger sizzled in Livinia as she grudgingly followed Belcarm. There was one thing that always frustrated her when it came to the Paladin; his intense conviction that everyone ought to be doing what he thought they should. Even though Livinia was loathe to follow him on principle, it was always more fun working with someone else; that way there would be someone there to appreciate when she made a good shot.

Livinia and Belcarm walked for ten minutes before they reached a ramshackle hut on the outskirts of the town. Belcarm held the leather flap aside for her and she crossed into the one-room building.

In the centre of the room there as a swirling portal of deep purple and blue. She turned back to Belcarm and gave him a quizzical look, but he just grinned.

“In you go.” He said, putting his hand on the small of her back and giving her a gentle push towards the portal.

“Where does it go?” She asked, he shook his head.

“Anar’alah!” He growled “Just get in there!” This time his push caught her off guard and she tumbled through the portal, she could hear Borris’s growling fade into the abyss as she was transported through space.

When she fell out of the portal she landed on the spongy grass and looked around. She had spectacular, uninterrupted views of the world all around her. Livinia stepped away from the portal and spun around slowly, taking in the beautiful scenery that surrounded her. She could see the giant green trees and thick forest that was unique to Feralas and knew where she was. With a satisfied smile she noticed the other mountain top nearby and confirmed her first thought. The Twin Colossal Peaks. Ever since Kalendras had told her about them years ago she had always wanted to visit, but she and Belcarm never had time for leisurely sort of activities.

Livinia heard a loud growl and turned around to see Belcarm being pushed out of the portal as Borris pounced after him. The big cat downed the paladin with a growl and then looked up for his Mistress. The portal popped out of existence behind them and they were left on the windy mountain top.

“Leave him be, Borris.” Livinia laughed making her way over to her pet. Borris backed away from the elf with his tail twitching, just begging for a chance to pounce on him again. Livinia offered Belcarm her hand and he took it, she helped him up and he dusted off his clothes, looking thoroughly annoyed that they had gotten dirty. “Told you your clothes weren’t suitable.” Livinia said with a grin.

“They would have been if your kitty hadn’t pounced on me.” Belcarm said, disgruntled “You know, even after all this time I still don’t think he trusts me.” Belcarm grunted, readjusting his armor.

“I don’t think he does.” Livinia agreed, smiling at her pet “But it is only because he doesn’t like people with egos that match his own.” The cat snorted at her and Belcarm crossed his arms over his broad chest.

“Wait here for a moment, okay?” Belcarm asked. Without waiting for a confirmation he strode over to the Orc fisherman. It was a sign of their friendship that Livinia didn’t follow him just to spite him, there were only a few people that she would grudgingly take orders off, and in most situations Belcarm was one of those people. He and the Orc talked for a moment before Belcarm gave the Orc some coins and the Orc gave him two small objects in return.

“What are those?” Livinia asked when Belcarm returned to her side. He handed her one of the items and she inspected it closely. It was a small, round ball of parchment that was hollow in the middle. There was a thick string that came from a hole in the center. Curiously, Livinia lifted the item to her ear and shook it. She could hear some light scraping as she did so. “What is it?” She asked.

“Time will tell.” Belcarm said. “Now strip.”


“Take your gear off…” He said slowly, as though it was obvious. Livinia glared at him and he rolled his eyes. “Here-” He slipped his fine tunic over his head, removed his boots, and then dropped his pants until he was left standing on the mountain top in a small pair of cotton shorts. Livinia was just about to complain- she had enjoyed seeing him looking so handsome in his fine clothes, but then she stopped and realised that he looked twice as good out of his clothes as he did in them. He was standing before her in only his undergarments, the sun shining on his creamy white skin, his perfectly sculpted chest, and his silky black hair. Livinia bit her lip, using the pain to pull her out of her reverie. Belcarm then made the movements that Livinia knew would summon his windrider. When the creature appeared he balled his clothes up and jammed them into the saddle bags.

“Now your turn.” He said with a nod.

“Why?” Livinia asked, still extremely suspicious.

“Is this part of your quest?”

“No… Well- sort of – yes- please, just do as I say… for once.” He said, a tinge of desperation in his voice.

“Fine, but I am not putting my clothes with your windrider… I am summoning Oscar.” Livinia said with a sigh of resignation. Livinia summoned her own wind rider and slowly stripped herself of her armor. She followed Belcarm’s lead and stripped right down to her underclothes. When she had finished strapping her items to the majestic creature she looked over her shoulder to see Belcarm’s eyes raking over her appreciatively.

“Now what?” She said, wrapping her arms around herself and turning around. Even though the weather here was quiet warm, the wind on the mountain top was enough to make goose bumps rise on her normally smooth ivory skin.

“Now unsummon Borris.” He said. Borris looked at him and growled angrily. The big cat prowled over and begun circling him menacingly.


“He can’t use one of these, can he?” Belcarm held the strange item and Livinia sighed again.

“Here Borris.” She said patting her knees. When he trotted over to her she knelt down and gave him a firm hug. “It won’t be for long- I promise.” She said. She gave him a kiss on the nose and rocked back on her heels, concentrating on the un-summoning spell.

When Borris had flickered from their presence Livinia stood and looked over to see Belcarm staring at her, eyes full of desire, and a cool breeze reminded her that she was extremely under-dressed. She wrapped her arms back around herself somewhat self consciously. Belcarm closed the distance between them and pulled Livinia’s scantily clad body against his own, their smooth hot skin burning together. He put his lips against her ear and nipped her earlobe playfully. The intimacy sent a jolt of desire down to the pit of her stomach and her breath caught in her throat.

“You should never cover yourself up.” He whispered, breath hot in her ear. “It is a crime to cover up something as fine as your body.” Even though the words kindled the fire of desire deep in her stomach, Livinia laughed.

“And you wonder why I used to think you were joking.” She said. “Now, what do we have to do? I’m going to turn into an icicle if you don’t hurry up!”

“Now listen carefully,” He said softly, “when I tell you to, you need to pull the string away from the parchment as quickly as you can… Got it?” Livinia nodded and Belcarm kissed the crook of her neck slowly, tongue darting out to lick her sensitive skin playfully. Belcarm stepped back from her, the entire front half of her body feeling cold from the sudden distance between them. He gripped her hand and led her towards a rocky cliff on the edge of the mountain.

“What are we doing?” Livinia asked nervously as they approached the edge of the mountain. Belcarm turned and gave her a dashing smile.

“The first time we came to Feralas you wanted to come up here because a friend told you about it. Your friend said that this was the single best thing he did on this continent. We didn’t have a chance to do it back then, so I thought we could do it now instead.”

A friend. The only person who Livinia had ever talked to Feralas about save Belcarm was Kalendras. Livinia was still distracted, trying to recall what Kalendras had told her about the Twin Colossal Peaks, when Belcarm handed her one of the small packages. Without notice or warning he gave her hand a hard tug and the two of them tumbled over the edge of the mountain.

Livinia screamed in horror as she tumbled over the edge, only air and freezing water many miles below them. Belcarm kept a tight grip on her hand as they fell. The wind roared in her ears and she looked at the deep waterfall pool at the very base of the mountain.

“PULL!” Belcarm’s voice boomed as he dropped her hand. Livinia fumbled with the parchment bundle in her hand and she gripped the string and pulled with all her might. A shimmering silver powder puffed out from the parchment, which dissipated into thin air, and she felt a sharp jolt.

Now instead of falling they were floating. The world below them approached at a leisurely pace and Livinia was suddenly struck by how beautiful everything looked. The waterfall pool below them trickled into several smaller pools further down a hill before disappearing into a lush, almost overgrown, forest. At her current height she could see above the canopy of trees and for miles and miles beyond where the horizon turned into a jagged line of dark blue shadows.

Livinia looked to her right and smiled at Belcarm.

“This is AMAZING!” She shouted. He gave her a cocky grin and shrugged as if to say that it was no big deal. He looked purposefully at the pool below them and then tucked his knees up into his chest. Livinia followed suit and braced herself for impact.

There was an almighty splash as the two Blood Elves hit the pool and found themselves falling through water instead of air. Livinia felt a hand grip hers and drag her slowly to the surface. When her head broke through the surface she gasped for air for a few moments before throwing her head back and laughing. When the laughter finally subsided and the adrenalin rushing through her body settled down she looked over at her companion. He was watching her, with a big smile that spread to his green eyes. He waded over to her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Amazing.” He whispered throatily before he pressed his lips against her. The feeling of his kiss brought a second adrenalin rush. His smooth lips on hers, their near-naked bodies pressed together in the cool weightlessness of the water, all of it was so intimate that it made Livinia feel light headed. Slowly he pulled away from her begun to swim to the shore of the pond, Livinia followed him. When they reached a spot where they could both stand comfortably he pulled her back into his arms and resumed his assault.

Their kiss deepened and Livinia’s core began to throb with desire. She could feel his erection pressed against her stomach and he leaned into her slightly, making her groan. One of his hands came down to cup her buttocks and pull her into him harder, she broke the kiss and threw her head back, exposing her neck to him. He took the opportunity to rain a trail of kisses down her neck and collarbone, biting and sucking where he saw fit.

Finally he pulled away, chest heaving and face flushed with desire.

“Come,” He said, gently pulling her out of the water. He led her over to a spot underneath a massive oak tree and he closed his eyes. He muttered a few unintelligible words and a wicker basket and a blanket appeared on the ground between two massive roots of the tree. “Sit.”

Livinia fell to the ground and her eyes widened at the sight of his tented shorts. He looked down at her and grinned. “Now, now, Hunter- not just yet. You can have desert after you finish your lunch.”

Belcarm sat down opposite her and reached into the basket. He pulled out some cheese and bread, he divided it into two equal portions and handed her half. Livinia took it with shaking hands.

“What’s all this?” She asked, face furrowed with confusion. She looked up at him and he gave her a tender smile followed by a careless shrug.

“I just thought we’d do something nice… We always spend our time fighting and sorting out other people’s problems. I wanted to focus on us for once.” He took a bite of his cheese and chewed thoughtfully.

Livinia couldn’t keep the blush from rising up her cheeks. Not once had one of her lovers ever done anything like this for her. She watched as Belcarm ate his food and a smile slowly crept onto her lips. Why hadn’t she ever really noticed how handsome he was? His thick black hair was as long as hers and extremely well kept, even after falling through the air at high speeds and being drenched in a freshwater pool. His face was as finely chiseled as any statue’s and his eyes held a combination of determination, conviction, and humor that said a lot about his personality. Livinia broke some bread, rolled it into a ball, and popped it into her mouth.

All of her other lovers had just taken her, as she had with them. Even Kalendras often took what she offered and made himself scarce. She knew why she and Kalendras were never able to spend time together, due to their different responsibilities and paths, but nevertheless it was something that their relationship was sorely lacking . Livinia’s heart skipped a beat as she realised that Belcarm truly did like her. This whole excursion had been so indulgent, so intimate, so relaxing. She looked up at her companion. Seeing him sitting so contentedly made her heart flutter. He caught her eye and she gave him a small smile as a sense of guilt settled over her. She had to tell him about Kalendras… but not yet. There were some things that were better done on a full stomach.

“Why is your hair still so perfect?” Livinia asked with a grin, reaching out and stroking his quickly drying tresses.”Even after that massive drop, or after a battle, you never ever have a single hair out of place.” Livinia said shaking her hair in disbelief. “

“I made an oil for it…” Belcarm said, his cheeks colouring slightly.

“You have something like that and you let me get around with my hair looking like a birds nest? Why didn’t you tell me about the oil?” She asked, instead of blushing more his lips quirked up in a wicked grin.

“I like seeing your hair messy.” He said suggestively, and her mouth popped open in shock. A moment later she started laughing and rolled her eyes, then had some more bread.

“I honestly didn’t know…” She said trailing off and breaking eye contact with him. He sighed and she frowned.

“I still don’t know how you didn’t even have a clue.” Belcarm said exasperatedly. “I dropped so many hints that even a Mechanical Yeti would’ve picked up on it.”

“Are you saying that I am dumber than a Mechanical Yeti?” Asked Livinia, her eyebrows raising to her hairline, Belcarm laughed.

“No, it’s just that-” He stopped and thought for a moment. “Do you remember the time where we first saw the Stonetalon Mountains and you looked up in awe and said ‘It’s going to take a while to scale those peaks’?” Belcarm asked.

Livinia could remember that moment quite vividly. The Stonetalon Mountains were beautiful, they had taken her breath away when she had first seen the range disappearing off into what seemed like eternity.

“And then you said that it would take you less than ten minutes if you were given a chance?” Livinia asked, confused by the direction of the conversation.

“No, I said that it would take less than ten minutes to scale your peaks if I had the chance, and I said it while looking down your top.” He said, Livinia snorted with laughter.

“That’s right!” She said, suddenly remembering the unbelievably sleazy tone of voice he had used. “Bel that line was so tacky- surely you didn’t expect me to believe you?”

“Okay.” Belcarm said rolling his eyes “What about the time when we killed that ogre in Dustwallow Marsh and I picked up the club and made very suggestive movements with it?”

The memory made Livinia laugh- seeing Belcarm with that Ogre’s club had been extremely entertaining and a relief after the brutal fight they had just won. She remembered that she had laughed at him and rolled her eyes before she continued looting the corpses, in a much better mood than she had been in earlier.

“Classic overcompensation.” Livinia said with a dismissive wave.

“Fine.” Belcarm said shortly. “What about the first time we went to Dalaran and that Mage was showing us around the city. She started hitting on me and I put my arm around your shoulders and held you close so that she would take a hint and leave me alone.”

“I thought that was because you weren’t interested in her! Or any female for that matter!” Livinia said defensively “The entire time we were with her you were nattering on about the flowing sensual lines of the archways or the subtle Quel’dorei influence in the layout and design of the main walkways!”

“Well it was true!” Belcarm said, throwing his hands up in exasperation.

“Yes Bel- but you sounded so….” Livinia trailed off and from the look on his face she knew he didn’t need to hear the rest of the sentence. “Fine… what about that time that we met Rexxar and you then spent the rest of the day describing, in vivid detail, how amazingly sculpted his muscles were.”

“Well he was very well built!” Belcarm said “Just because I can admire a fine physique does not mean that I’m not interested in females!”

“If you say so.” Livinia said with a shrug, and Belcarm glared at her. “What about the time that we adventured with Helios- the other Blood Knight? You both hit it off really well and he even slapped your arse? You giggled Bel! You giggled like a little girl! Then he said he wanted to compare your Hammer of Righteousness with his Hammer of Justice? Then he winked!”

“I honestly thought that he wanted to compare techniques!”

“Bel, you are good, but not that good!”


“Seriously though, he was into you.” Livinia said. “If you’d have asked him back to your room he would have jumped your skin without hesitation.” Livinia laughed as Belcarm shuddered at the thought.

“How about this,” Belcarm said, eager to change the topic “do you remember when we defeated Ragnaros, and you were badly burnt, and then I healed you?”

“Bel, you always heal me! Even when I get a tiny scratch!”

“Yes, but after I healed you I tucked your hair behind your ear and you said thanks, then I leant in and almost kissed you. I would have too if Kahora hadn’t interrupted us!” Belcarm said, and Livinia could hear the frustration in his voice.

“It was adrenalin.” She said with a nonchalant shrug.

“No. That was me trying to kiss you.” Belcarm said, clearly very frustrated. Livinia remembered back to the moment, and now with the benefit of hindsight, could see that she was wrong to pass it over as adrenalin. She felt terrible for Belcarm, and just more than a little foolish for never noticing him.

“Well, I know for certain now that you don’t swing the other way.” Livinia said with a suggestive grin, and shuffled over so that she was seated beside him on the picnic blanket. She placed a soft kiss on his cheek and rested her head against his shoulder. “And to be honest I’m quite glad that you don’t.”

Fifteen minutes later the two had finished their food. With a flick of his hand Belcarm banished the picnic basket into thin air and laid down on his back. With a relaxed sigh he pulled Livinia against him, and she rested her head on his chest. Through his firm muscles she could hear the study drum of his heart.

“Belcarm…” She begun. Their meal was over and in the silence that ensued her mind had drifted back to the woes of the past couple of days. She had resolved to tell him about Kalendras after they ate, and now there was nothing to stop her.


“I have to tell you something.”

“Yes?” Belcarm said, voice backed by the chirping of birds and the roar of the nearby waterfall. Livinia gritted her teeth and steadied herself.

“You know my — er- friend, Kalendras?” Livinia begun, not knowing how exactly to phrase her words. As she spoke, his hand crept between them, his fingers tracing delicate circles on her skin, making her blood burn and her breath quicken.

“Yes?” As he spoke he turned on his side so that he was facing her and his fingers slipped under the fabric of her knickers.

“Well, yes, him… and I thought you ought to know-” His lips pressed against hers and he swallowed her words. She was about to protest but one of his long fingers slipped into her slit and probed her clitoris, she moaned into his mouth . “It’s just that he and I…” Belcarm’s finger moved down to circle her entrance and she gritted her teeth. “Belcarm, you need to know-”

“Tell me later.” He groaned huskily before he brought his spare hand up to brush away her bra and his mouth engulfed one of her breasts. Livinia cried out as his tongue expertly stroked her nipple and his fingers teased her lower entrance. She reached down between them and slipped her hand into his shorts, a triumphant smile playing on her lips as she took his hot and hard staff in her hand. She begun to stroke his shaft slowly, enjoying the look of sweet pleasure on his face at her touch.

Belcarm’s finger slipped into her entrance in one fast fluid motion and Livinia cried out in pain.

Suddenly he froze, his green eyes turning sharp as he looked up at her. Very gently, cautiously, he moved his finger out of her and she had to bite her lip to stop herself from whimpering at the stinging it caused.

“What’s wrong?” He asked her, concern overtaking his desire.

“It’s just… I’m a bit-” She begun.

“Worn out, hey?” He asked with a guilty grin. He pushed himself along the ground so that his head was at the same level as her pelvis. “We did go pretty hard at it last time.” He said. Livinia frowned and tried to figure out the best way to break the news of her liaison with Kalendras.

Belcarm carefully peeled her underclothes down her thighs and took a closer look at her swollen nether regions. He tutted and cupped his hand over her mound.

“What are you-” Before she could finish the question Belcarm started an incantation and an intensely pleasurable tingling thrummed in her mound, all soreness and stinging replaced by an erotic stimulation.

“I am good at healing more than just battle wounds, you know.” He said. Livinia’s stomach flip-flopped and her heart fluttered nervously. She looked down at him over the pale plane of her body and she couldn’t help but smile, touched by this caring side of him that she had never received from anyone else.

If she were to be honest with herself he had always been quite considerate. After each fight he was sure to heal her, and even Borris (much to the cat’s chagrin) before himself or any other companions. He had refused to let her endure any sort of pain whatsoever. Even though Livinia believed that some wounds were best left to heal naturally she always gave in to him, not wanting to fight over something so trivial. When he had healed her he had always been very careful as well, making sure to place his hands so as not to hurt her further, and running his fingers over her skin slowly to make sure it had healed correctly before moving on to someone else. Now she thought on it, she also realized that his touch had always lingered a little longer than it needed to, just as his hand was still cupping her protectively.

Livinia’s revelation was interrupted suddenly as Belcarm’s fingers pushed back inside her. This time when she cried out, it was in pure pleasure.

“Much better.” Belcarm said before he lunged forward and used his skilled tongue on her pleasure pearl.

Livinia’s couplings with Kalendras were all about the mixed feeling of pleasure and pain, fullness and being pushed to the limits. With Belcarm it was all about the subtleties- the feeling of the tip of his tongue as it swirled delicately around her clitoris, the slight bend in his fingers as he aimed to reach a spot inside of her that made her cry out with every contact. Even though none of his body parts could even hold a candle to the sheer size of Kalendras, Belcarm’s attention to detail, eagerness to please, and intimate gestures were incredibly erotic.

It wasn’t long before the combination of tongue and fingers drove Livinia to a sensational climax. She opened her mouth and cried out as her body tensed and then released, her hands clenching at the leaves and soft dirt that surrounded her. As quickly as she came, her body turned sensitive, and Belcarm instinctually slowed his tongue and slid his fingers out of her. Livinia pushed herself up and reached down, her hands settling on Belcarm’s ears. She pulled him gently up to her level and kissed him, the taste of her musk heavy on his lips. His tongue probed her lips one, twice, before pushing into her. Not breaking the kiss, he sat up properly and crossed his legs in front of him, leaning into her kiss. His hands tenderly caressed her breasts as she reached down to fondle him.

Livinia loved the feeling of his hot, soft, lips on her own. His tongue was not rough like Kal’s, and the kiss was mind-blowing. The intimacy and desire mingled in her mind and it was only then that she truly realized what her past couplings had lacked. She could feel Belcarm’s affections in his attention, the way he kissed her alone was enough to know he cared. It was different from her casual flings, it was passionate not greedy, desperate not rushed.

Even though the kiss was wonderful, Livinia was even more aroused by the sound Belcarm made as she stroked his cock. Every couple of strokes she could feel some of his seed escaping his tip, desperate to find its way into her core. He broke the kiss and let out a guttural growl, then he grabbed her around the waist. With a bit of maneuvering he straightened his legs out and pulled her onto him, her glistening womanhood throbbed against his erection.

With a mischievous smile Livinia pushed Belcarm back into the dirt. The crinkling autumn leaves matting with his normally perfect hair.

“You have controlled everything else today. Let me take care of this.” She said, making him grin as though he had just defeated Onyxia. In an instant she had raised herself and positioned him at her entrance. Without warning she slammed herself down onto him in one hard motion. Slowly she rose again before crashing back down onto him. She continued this rhythm, enjoying the complementing sounds of their flesh colliding, her moans and Belcarm’s grunts of pleasure.

Livinia’s clitoris began to throb again and she abandoned her position. Instead, she leant forward, her bare breasts brushing against the hot skin of his chest, as she rode him. This time, when she came, she threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy, and continued her frenzied pace until the slightest brush of her clitoris made her entire body shiver. She collapsed against him, her head buried in his neck and she heard him laugh.

“I like that.” He said, his cock twitching inside her, and she knew he was close. In her own rash attempt to reach her peak she had completely ignored his encroaching climax. He slowly, tentatively, begun to grind into her again and her mouth set into a determined line.

This time he would come with her.

It didn’t take long once she sat back up. Her nub was sensitive enough that the slightest pressure from their colliding pelvises was enough to cause the pleasure to build. Tempted as Livinia was to throw her determination to the wind and ride out another orgasm, she resolutely watched his face as it contorted in pleasure. She listened to the increasing pace of his breathing and cried out as his manhood pulsed inside her, preparing for the onslaught to come. When he grabbed hold of her hips and slammed her down around himself she knew he was close. His fingernails dug into her delicate skin and she finally gave in, allowing the pleasure to consume her. This time though she felt him freeze and then shudder as he released load after load of his seed deep into her. Their mutual cries echoed through the forest and their carnal joining came to a roaring completion amongst the sound of the wind rushing through the trees and the squirrels foraging for food.

When Livinia collapsed against Belcarm again he wrapped his arms around her and pressed his lips against hers in what could only be described as the most grateful kiss she had ever known.

“Thank you.” He murmured into her mouth, pressing his forehead against hers in an endearingly intimate gesture. She squeezed her eyes shut as the guilt of her deception flooded her again.


Five hours later Belcarm and Livinia returned to Orgrimmar with matching smiles. After a day of incomparable intimacy, mind-blowing sex, and the sounds of their enemies fleeing in terror, the two were thoroughly exhausted.

“I’ll walk you back to your room?” Belcarm asked, Livinia nodded and smiled as his hand bridged the gap between them and claimed hers.

They walked the way from the portals to the inn in companionable silence. As they walked Livinia desperately tried to puzzle out the best way to word what she was desperate to tell him. When they entered the over-crowded common room Livinia heard her name over the busy clamor. She froze as the sound of the deep voice flooded over her, but she turned and was relieved to see that it was only the Inn Keep.

“What’s wrong, Gorp?” She asked the unusually friendly orc.

“This was left here for you.” He said, holding up a package. It was large enough to cradle in her arms and was wrapped in rough undyed calico and tied with some fishing line.

“Thanks.” Livinia said with a slight nod and frowned, dropping Belcarm’s hand reluctantly to take the package. However her reluctance was short lived, replaced by a novel sense of curiosity.

Belcarm followed her up to her room without a word and she held the door open for him to follow her in. She threw the package on the bed and turned to face him. The package now forgotten as a million words rushed through her mind.

“Belcarm, I…” She begun, but was cut off as he bounded across the distance between them and pressed his lips against hers. He wrapped his arms around her and she melted into his comfortable embrace. Her world swirled with the warmth of his affection.

When he pulled away from her he smiled and tucked a loose strand of scarlet hair behind her pointed ear tenderly. His eyes fluttered from her face and the corner of his mouth pulled up into a grin.

“So, you going to open that?” He asked, gesturing to the package on the bed.

Livinia turned and looked at the parcel again with a frown. She had no idea what it was. No one ever sent her anything and she certainly hadn’t ordered anything from any merchants. Deciding that it was probably some benign and useless gift from her parents she walked over and tugged on the fishing line. When the knot came untied she reached into the bundle of fabric and her fingertips brushed against a luxurious material below. She pinched the contents carefully and freed it from its confines.

A luminescent silver dress slithered from the package and swirled around in front of her. The fabric of the dress itself was fantastical, shimmering and changing colour slightly in the dim light of her room, as silver as a coin one moment and as luminous as the silvery winter moon the next.

“Dreamcloth!” Belcarm said, his voice filled with awe, as he reached out and touched the fabric. Livinia looked down at the material more closely and realized that he was right. “Where did you buy this?” He asked curiously.

“I didn’t…” She said, voice trailing off. She held the dress up against her body and her eyes widened in wonder. The dress was low cut in the front and even more so at the back. When it was on her it would probably reveal everything above her hips at the back and most of her cleavage. The dress was well tailored too, the lifeless fabric holding a shape that showed her clearly that it would hug every one of her curves. The fabric rippled in the slight breeze from her semi-open window and two pieces of parchment fell from its folds onto the ground. She leant down just as Belcarm did, and they grabbed one piece of parchment each.


I said I would get you a new dress to replace the one I ruined. I would say it is almost as beautiful as you but that is a lie. I look forward to seeing you in it, and promise to take better care with this than I did with the emerald one.


Livinia stopped breathing and her eyes snapped up to Belcarm, who was happily reading the parchment in his hand. With a grin he held it out to her.

“An invitation to the Diplomat’s Ball in Silvermoon City in three weeks time.” He said in a guarded tone and she sighed with relief. It was a mere matter of chance that she got the note from Kal and he got the invitation. She reached out and took it from him. “Who sent it?” He asked, curiosity burning in his eyes.

“Er- my Mother and Father.” She lied quickly. Well, it wasn’t entirely a lie. They had sent her two tickets to the ball a few weeks before but she had sent them back. She had no desire to attend their boring parties, even if they were full of delightfully boring socialites. However, with the gift of a dress and the invitation coming from Kalendras she could hardly refuse. With him there she might actually have a chance of enjoying herself.

“They only sent you one ticket?” Belcarm asked “They didn’t think you would want to bring anyone?” Livinia had heard that tone in his voice before. She knew very well that he, as an Elf of low birth, was in awe of her family’s long history and prestigious name.

“I never have before. They must have given up hope.” She said, suddenly feeling bad for refusing the earlier tickets. She knew then that Belcarm would have enjoyed the chance to see the inner workings of Silvermoon’s high society, but she couldn’t think of any idea more repulsive than going to the ball.

“They are having an exhibition before it, did you know?” He asked, eyes lighting up with excitement. He had always been one to appreciate fine art, architecture and literature. Things that she found quite dull and dry.

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