Working on the edge of town has its advantages. During the day when people came to the work site, they were usually there for a reason. At night there was very little going on, so anyone who came out there was there for a better reason. Sometimes, there would be the odd occasion where someone showed up needing help of some kind. This is where things got really interesting one night.

It was close to midnight, and all was quiet at work. When a striking young brunette came to the front door at work. She was wearing a light sundress which did little to hide her wonderfully curvy body and large breasts, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because when the cooler air of the lobby hit her, her nipples stuck straight out.

When I opened the door, she was in a rush. “I have to pee, can I use the bathroom?!” she was in a rush, and pointed to the bathroom right around the corner from my desk. She raced into the restroom and soon after I heard the toilet flush. Which meant that she would be leaving me soon, which would end my excitement for the evening. Or so I thought…

A moment later, she popped her head out of the bathroom door and mentioned that she had dropped a contact lens and wanted to know if I could help her find it. Being the helpful guy I am, and with nothing else happening at work, I went into the restroom to assist this buxom brunette beauty. As I entered, things changed very quickly.

It turns out she didn’t lost a contact at all… which was fine by me. Because she had pulled herself up to sit on the marble top sink and slowly spread her legs to show me that she wasn’t wearing any panties, showing me her trimmed pussy which was already glistening with her juices. She said softly, “lock the door, there’s something else I really need you to do…” I reached over to lock the door to the restroom and she proceeded to lift her dress up and ordered me to lick her pussy. Who was I to refuse this order?

I placed my tongue on her clit and she shivered with excitement, moaning slightly as the feeling of pleasure began to fire through her body. As I continued to lick, the amount of wetness coming from her pussy was getting quite generous… so much so, it was beginning to overwhelm my mouth and getting into my goatee and mustache.

Sensing she was getting closer to cumming, I took first one finger then two fingers and inserted them into her very well lubricated sex hole… her response was to begin moaning and writhing with more intensity. Then things got crazy!

Just as I thought she had already cum, she proved me so very wrong… she grabbed the back of my head as I continued to feast on her soaking wet slit. Then she began to cum… and not just a little bit… she began to pump out female love juice so hard and fast that I couldn’t keep up. I guzzled as much as I could, the rest fell to the floor or ended up on my face.

She released my head and hopped down off the sink, raising her dress over her ass and offering her dripping pussy for me to fuck the hell out of. I was only more than willing to oblige. After slipping on a condom, I entered her pussy from behind and was fully in with just two deep strokes. My cock sent new waves of pleasure though her pussy and she responded by beginning to get wet again. As I picked up the pace and intensity of our fucking, her pussy responded by getting wetter and juicier, until she couldn’t hold back the rush of liquid any more and flooded me for the second time, this time drenching my cock and balls.

I kept fucking her until I could not hold my own orgasm back any longer. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, whipped off the condom, and turned her around just as cock jerked and let loose a sperm salvo right onto her face and large breasts. She then sucked my cock into her mouth and cleaned it off. After catching our breath, I exited the restroom first to make sure the coast was still clear. Seeing nobody else around, I tapped the door and she followed me out.

After giving me a very hot french kiss as a thank you, she went back out to her car and left. I never did catch her name, but I’ll remember her as long as I live.

Conversation in the ballroom came to a halt. There wasn’t a gavel pounding on a table, or a fire alarm, rather it was Sidney Rich, purposely late, entering dressed in a revealing form-fitting red and black dress, followed by a beautiful brunette in a dark-blue business suit with a pink blouse.

Both women and men rushed to greet her. She received cheek to cheek kisses from the women and affectionate hugs from the men. I stood demurely outside the clustered hub-bub observing closely the cheery greetings. I knew most of them by name because as Sidney’s Executive Secretary I’d seen their resumes, and memorized their names and faces.

Sidney turned and spook over the din “Nikki would you be a dear and get me some bubbly?”

Nikki stepped to the nearest wait staff, retrieved a flute of champagne and took it to her.

“Thank you darling, you’re a dear. You may mingle.” She turned to Paul Edmunsen one of Sidney’s major competitors.

My task was to meet as many members of the management staff of competitive firms and pick up as much information as I could. I was the most under-dressed woman at the reception which made me standout in the crowd. On my way to one of the many bars, I was stopped by a handsome older man who I knew to be James Henderson.

“I get you a drink Ms…?”

“Alderman, Nikki Alderman Mr. Henderson. Yes, I’d like some Champagne.” She touched his arm with a well manicured hand with nails matching her blouse.

“How…how do you know my name? We’ve never met?” He asked confused as his eyes wondered over her body.

“I’m Mrs. Rich’s Executive Secretary, and I’m required to know the name and faces of all the important people in the business,” she said confidently and with a strong, clear voice.

“That’s very impressive. Don’t go away. I’ll be right back.”

Nikki watched him rush to a waiter.

“Hello there, I’m Mike Sanders, I assume you’re with Sidney. It’s just like her to dress as a prima donna and have her assistant wear a business suit, even though you’re much more beautiful. She loves the spotlight. That’s enough gossip; I don’t know your name.”

“Mr. Sanders, it’s so nice to finally meet you after having read most of your critiques of various clothing lines. I’m Nikki Alderman, Mrs. Rich’s Executive Secretary.” She offered him her hand.

He accepted her hand and held it. “I’m pleased to hear that someone reads my remarks.”

“Mike, I saw her first,” Mr. Henderson, said as he returned with two flutes of Champagne and handed one to Nikki.

“Jim, Jim we’re two old men who shouldn’t be taking up the time of this beautiful young woman, rather than fighting over her. Why don’t the two of us go to the veranda and smoke a cigar”

“Mike, why don’t you go away and leave us alone. I’d like to get to know this beautiful encyclopedia better.”

“What do you mean by that remark?”

“Nikki here has been required to memorize all the important names and faces of the people in the business. Isn’t that impressive?”

“I did notice both her beauty and intelligence, but we should leave her to men more her age. Jim, I think Ms. Alderman must think you are a dirty-old man.” Mike said stealing a glance at Nikki’s legs.

“No, I don’t. I believe both of you are complimentary and charming. I know from what Mrs. Rich has said that I’d find men of your charm and character.”

“Oh, oh Jim, did you hear that? She must have a degree in diplomacy.”

“Thank you gentleman but I need to check on Mrs. Rich after all I’m a working girl. It was a pleasure meeting you and hope we have a chance to talk later this evening. In the mean time enjoy your cigars.” She smiled walking away to the mob surrounding Sidney with a please smile on her face.

“Nikki, there you are! I’d like you to meet Ben Franklin. Ben this is Nikki Alderman my very efficient Executive Secretary. Nikki this is Ben. Ben is with the investment firm of Hedges and Rogers. I’d like the two of you to talk. Is that all right with you Ben?” She took him by the arm and kissed him on both cheeks.

“It’ll be more than a pleasure to speak with Ms. Nikki.” He responded as he surveyed the voluptuous brunette.

“Yes, Mrs. Rich I’ll be glad to talk with Mr. Franklin. Is there anything else you’d like me to do?”

“Just run along. I’ll find you if I need you.” She looked at both of them with a big smile.

He took me by the arm and led me away from the throng. “She certainly is a magnet for people.”

“She’s the CEO of the biggest women’s clothing line outside of the large box stores, so it’s not surprising she would draw a crowd and the dress doesn’t hurt,” Nikki said laughing at looking up to a handsome man with very blonde hair. He’s by far the best looking man here. I wonder if he’s married.

“An outfit like that is appealing to many, but your simple business suit is attractive and it doesn’t detract from your wonderful figure. I bet you’re stunning in a dress like that.”

“Thank you Ben. It’s nice of you to notice.” I’d bet he’s thinking about how I would look naked. I know I’m wondering about him. He’s handsome with blonde hair and piercing green eyes, and he’s built like an athlete.

He picked up two flutes of Champagne and led her to an alcove near the rear of the room. He took a sip of wine and motioned her to a chair. “A man would have to be blind not to notice you.”

“Thanks again. I assume Hedges and Rogers are not only investment bankers but are also into risk capital. She held the flute close to her mouth and sipped the nectar from the glass.

“Your assumption is correct.” He ran his hand through his hair.

“Why would Mrs. Rich want me to talk to you? Rich Incorporated isn’t a risky investment, and I know we don’t have expansion plans in the works.” She finished her wine and placed her hands in her lap.

“Sidney is a shrewd business woman and I assume she’s looking for a silent partner with deep pockets, and as it turns out were both located in Atlanta.” He leaned forward staring her in the eyes.

I was unexpectedly struck how green his eyes were and how sexy he looked in his tailored suit. Don’t see a ring. He must not be married. “You’re correct about Mrs. Rich, but there’s been no talk of a silent partner or the need of outside investment. Isn’t it a coincidence we’re both located in Atlanta, and we had to travel over a thousand miles to meet.”

“Nikki there you are. Mr. Edmensen and a number of us are going out for a late dinner. I’ll see to myself. Call me at nine. Good night. Nice meeting you Mr. Franklin.”

* * *

“That’s the best news I’ve heard tonight. May I take you to dinner, for a drink, or to my place? Ben asked with both humor and lust in his eyes

“Why Mr. Franklin, whatever do you mean?” Nikki asked in her most charming voice.

“I intentionally had Sidney introduce us. As soon as you walked into the room in the wake of the over dressed and ostentatious Sidney; I wanted to meet you and spend the night with you.” His green eyes sparked in the light and perspiration sprouted on his handsome face.

“Why don’t you tell me what you really want Mr. Franklin? ” She stood smoothing her skirt.

“Would you please stop calling me Mr. Franklin? My name is Ben and if you’re going to accept my invitation we need to be less formal.” He stood and held out his arm.

She took it and said, “I’ll accept your invitation to dinner.”

“Is that all?” He asked as they walked arm in arm to the entrance.

“We’re going to be here a week what’s the rush? I don’t even know you.” She elbowed him in the ribs.

“Two people attracted to each other as you and I are don’t need a long courtship.” He pulled her closer.

“Ben my hormones aren’t raging like yours I’ll take you up on dinner. After all I’m not some dumb blonde.” She laughed running her hand through his blonde hair.

“How about dinner in my room?”

“Ben, oh Ben, you men are in such a hurry. I think the Claremont restaurant on the top floor would be a better choice.”

“Damn, why am I attracted to intelligent brunettes rather than dumb blondes?”

“I can’t answer your question, but I’m glad you think I’m smart,” she giggled.

He laughed and led her to the elevator.

The meal was wonderful, the service excellent, and the unlimited supply of wine was delicious.

Nikki drank responsibility while enjoying Ben’s company, his conversation, his sense of humor, and his constant suggestive remarks. He hasn’t been aggressive, he’s incredibly handsome, and from what I can tell has the means to please a lady. I’m going to take him up on his offer. It should be fun and I haven’t had a good fuck in a long time.”

At the elevator he asked, “Your room or mine?”

“I think it’s late and I have to get up early.” Nikki hesitated even thought she had already made her decision.

“It’s not that late and nine isn’t too early. I would love to show you my room and my other abilities.”

“What abilities are those? She matched his stare with one of her own.

“There difficult to describe. These skills have to be experienced rather than described.” He looked at her with a sly grin.

“Ben, I decided while we were eating to go to your room.”

He started to kiss her.

“Not here, in your room.” She brushed the back of her hand over his crotch.

* * *

Sex came naturally and rapidly between them. Inside the room, they tore at each other’s clothes as they kissed with tongues of passion. Once undressed, they were in bed. He was between her legs and buried deep within her.

“Wow! Your cunt is as wonderful as you are beautiful. I’m sorry I couldn’t wait. The next time will be much slower; I promise.”

“Who wants slower? Show me those skills you were bragging about earlier. Fuck me,” she whispered in her ear, spreading her legs, holding him closer, and tightening her muscles around his cock. My god he’s big. I wonder if I’ll ever return to normal.

Ben was like a machine;he fucked Nikki at the perfect pace.

His jackhammer stimulated the length and depth of Nikki’s pussy. Every nerve ending cried with pleasure. She grunted with each forward thrust, and when she couldn’t stand the thrills any longer she moaned, “Give it to me!”

With one final thrust his body went rigid and their juices intermingled as they came together.

“Oh, oh, yes,” She moaned as her inter contractions coursed through her body.

It took several minutes for their secondary spasms to cease, they held each other and finally they lay next to each other on the bed.

“That was wonderful. You weren’t bragging about your abilities.”

“Thanks but you were the wonderful one.”

For much of the night, Nikki’s body was worshiped. His hands and mouth were everywhere. Her body tingled from his massages. Her breasts throbbed from his suckling. Her clitoris pulsated from his persistent tongue. Her pussy pulsated from his long, thick cock bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.

Finally, they slept.

* * *

He woke her at eight and carried her to the shower. “You have to call Sidney by nine. I’ll have something for you to eat when you’re ready.”

“I don’t eat much for breakfast.”

“Continental breakfast it shall be.”

She showered as fast as she could while thinking about the pleasure she’d experienced. I’ve never felt this good after having sex. He’s an incredible lover and we have five more nights to spend together. I don’t know if either of us can keep up the pace, especially since Sidney may have me working my ass off.

She restored herself as best she could, dressed, and walked toward the talk coming from a radio.

He kissed her lightly on the lips. “Sit down and have some juice, coffee, and Danish.”

“Thanks, what are you listening too?”

“I want to see you again tonight,” he said turning it off.

“I’d like that but I’m a working girl. I don’t know what Sidney has planned for me. We should be attending meetings all day, but she’s not always predictable.”

“I’ll work around your schedule. I really enjoyed myself last night.”

“I did too.” She smiled as she lifted a coffee cup to her lips.”

They fell silent as they ate.

They both spoke at once and then laughed.

“You first.” He looked at her with blazing emerald green eyes.

“I don’t know what to say. I didn’t think I’d be so affected by…”

“I didn’t either. What are we going to do?”

“I have responsibilities but I want to see you again.”

“Only see?”

She laughed. “You know what I mean.”

“I’m going to brush my teeth and get dressed for the meetings today. It’s time for you to call Sidney.” He kissed her again as he passed by.

Nikki dialed Sidney’s hotel room but no answer. She dialed her cell, again no answer. What’s going on she always answers her phone, especially in the morning. I’d better check at the desk for messages. There were no messages. This is strange. I’d better check her room. “Ben I’ve got to go. I can’t get Sidney on the phone. I’m going down and check her room. I have a key.”

He came out dressed in a dark gray suit that was perfect for his hair and complexion. “The first meeting isn’t until ten. You check on her and I’ll meet you in the conference room.”

They kissed.

Nikki took the elevator to the floor on which she and Sidney had rooms. She entered but found nothing out of place. It doesn’t look as though she’s been here. I’ll wait until lunch if I can’t find her I’ll contact the authorities. I’m worried, this isn’t like her.

She returned to her room. Changed clothes and got to the conference room just as the presentation began. For the next two hours, she took extensive notes on her laptop. When the lecture was over she rushed out the door and saw Ben smiling at her.

“Wow! You look more beautiful every time I see you.”

“I don’t have time to talk. I’m going to Sidney’s room to see if she’s come in, if not I’m going to call the police.”

“I’ll go with you.” He took her arm leading her to the elevators.

Nikki opened the door and heard noise in the bathroom. She looked in. Sidney was putting mascara on her eye lashes.

“Sidney, where have you been? I’ve been frantic worrying about you.”

“Is someone with you? I thought I heard something.”

“Yes, it’s Ben Franklin.”

Sidney smiled a knowing smile. “Ask him to leave and arrange a time for the two of you to meet. We have to talk.”

Nikki went to the other room. “She seems okay but wants to talk. Why don’t you come to my room at six, then we can arrange to go to dinner.”

“You’re sure she’s all right?”

“She was putting on her makeup. She’s fine. I’ll see you later.”

“You certainly will see me later.” He took her into his arms and kissed her with passion before leaving the room.

“Okay Sidney what’s going on?’

“The same as you and Ben.”

“What do you mean?”

“Paul Edmunsen may be a competitor but he fucks like a Viking. I haven’t had sex that many times with my husband even before we were married.” She looked at her haggard face in the mirror.

Nikki laughed. “You’ve been sleeping with the competition?” She raised her arms in a questioning manner.

“Yes it was wonderful. I don’t remember having that many orgasms. He must have gone down on me at least three times. He has a fantastic tongue. It’s almost as good as his dick.” She sighed.

“Do you think it was a good idea to have sex with him? After all he is trying to take business away from you.”

“That may be true, but he certainly gave me the business.” She fell back onto the bed.

“While you were making out, I went to two sessions this morning and took extensive notes, so you didn’t miss anything important. It would have been nice if you’d told me what you were doing. I was worried something horrible had happened to you. I was about to call the police.”

“I didn’t have time. We went to dinner and left the others to have a drink. Before I knew what was happening he was examining my tonsils and cleaning my clock.”

“Sidney, I’ve never heard you talk like this before.”

“It’s because I haven’t been unfaithful to my husband before, and I’ve never had better sex.”

“I think you’ve made that perfectly clear.”

“What about you and Mr. Franklin?”

“I’m not about to tell you about my private life.”

“It’s okay Nikki; if I wasn’t so happy I wouldn’t be talking like this either. Just think we have five days left. Paul will have me worn out before we go home on Saturday.”

“Sidney, I can’t believe you plan on spending all your time having sex with him.”

“Maybe not all my time but a goodly portion. Now be a dear and go to the afternoon meeting. You’re free as a bird until tomorrow morning. Then we’ll have to do some serious work.”

“Okay, but get some sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.” Nikki left wondering what had come over the uptight boss who was always business.

* * *

Nikki breathless grabbed a sandwich, her laptop, and got to the afternoon session. She didn’t have time to pay attention to the eyes focused on her as she concentrated on the lecture and took good notes. At the break a number of young men about her age fumbled all over themselves trying to make an impression, but she diplomatically defused any serious interest. She was thinking about Sidney and her strange behavior and talkativeness which was unusual, but even more about Ben and the way he made her feel when she was in his presence and especially when they made love.

She had three hours till Ben would arrive, so she took advantage of it by soaking in the tub, taking a nap, and picking out her ensemble for the evening, and adding a little make up to her face. I’m not into one-night stands but I don’t have an impression as to Ben’s attentions other than getting into my panties again. He’d be a real catch for me, but I’m not sure he’s interested in me for a more meaningful relationship. Nevertheless, I’m going to prepare myself as though he’s going to be the man I’m going to marry.

Her ensemble consisted of a long white dress with a deep-cut neckline, white three inch heels, and garnet ear rings and necklace that almost matched the color of her eyes. She waited anxiously for Ben’s arrival.

A knock on her door caused her to jump and rush to it, but she stopped to calm herself before she opened the door to see Ben dressed in the same suit he wore that morning.

“Oh my God, every time I see you in a different outfit, you look better than the last time. How long can you keep that up?” He stepped through the door kissing her lightly on the lips.

“I don’t know. I only brought clothes for a week.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t have time to make plans or a reservation for this evening. Where would you like to go so I can show you off?” He stood with his hands in his pockets surveying every inch of her.

“I haven’t been in a casino yet. Why don’t we go to the closest one, eat in one of their restaurants, and walk around the gaming room. Will that provide you enough time to be seen with some eye candy?” She held out her hands and twirled in a circle.

“You’d better not do that again or we’ll not get out of the room.” He took her arm and escorted her to the door. Outside he hailed a cab and told the driver to take then to the Bald Eagle Casino and Hotel. The entire structure inside and out looked like eagle feathers and statures and images of Bald Eagles were everywhere.

“This is elegant in a feathery kind of way,” Nikki said as Ben paraded her around the large room full of slot machines, a card and roulette area, before taking her to the Desert Sands Restaurant on the second floor.

“Did you enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame?” Ben asked as he followed her into the restaurant.

“What do you mean?” She turned to ask him.

“You didn’t notice all the eyes following you around as we walked through the casino?”

“No, I was interested in the people, the machine, and the noise.”

He laughed. “I was the envy of every man who saw you.”

They ordered and ate leisurely. She talked about the sessions she attended and her concern for her boss’s behavior. Ben was a good listener. He paid attention to her rattling on and on. He asked questions at appropriate times, and nodded positively at her statements.

Sarah hated the third floor, even when she didn’t have to haul a crate of books along with her. The ceiling was low, the aisles were narrow, it was always either too hot or too cold. There were no windows, and the only exits—the main stairway and the emergency fire escape—were often hard to find amongst the maze of shelves. As much as she loved books, spending long periods of time in the top reaches of the store always gave her creeping sensations of being trapped.

She cursed her luck that now, an hour until closing time on a dead Sunday night, Mr. Winters had decided that this was the best time for her to do shelving up there.

She’d worked as fast as she could, avoiding her usual side-tasks of straightening and dusting in favor of just dumping the books in their approximate locations as fast as possible. She was now down to the last few in the crate, an assortment of political commentaries earmarked for Middle Eastern studies.

She rounded the corner to proper alcove, already fantasizing about a warm shower and bed, then stopped in surprise.

The bookshelves on the lower, friendlier floors were proper bookshelves. Up here, they were mostly accumulations of scavenged wood planks and cinderblocks. One of these planks had collapsed, spilling its books onto the shelves below. Since this shelf had been the top shelf, and the top shelves often held oversized, heavy books, their considerable weight had taken out every single one of the rickety shelves below them. Some of the cinderblocks had fallen over too, scattering cracked stone amongst the books scattered across the floor.

She dropped the crate in shock as she surveyed the carnage, broken spines and crushed covers everywhere. She debated pretending she hadn’t seen it. No one had heard the crash, so there would be no way to tell that it hadn’t simply happened overnight. She could just gently tuck her books in amongst the mess and call it a day.

But as quickly as she weighed this idea, she abandoned it. Mr. Winters was old, and it was hard enough for him to even get up to the third floor. Repeated bending and kneeling to sort the books and drag out the broken shelving would be beyond him. And even though customers often stuck to the lower floors, her pride couldn’t abide the thought of letting the store open with this mess left in the open. Depending on when one of the few other employees was next on the schedule, it might not be dealt with for a couple days.

With a resigned sigh, she knelt down amongst the mess and started gently pulling out and stacking books.

She worked in silence, nothing but the sound of the gentle scuffs and thumps of the books as she moved them, and subtle creaks of the building. Normally she would probably hear customer voices drifting up the stairwell from the lower floors, but tonight the store was empty.

Thus, she noticed right away when a heavy set of footsteps slowly ascended the stairs and stepped onto the wooden floor. She paused in her work. The steps hadn’t sounded like Mr. Winter’s usual wheezing, heavy climb, but a customer at this late hour was equally unlikely.

“Hello?” she called tentatively. There was no verbal response, but she heard the steps start to move slowly across the floor. “Careful coming over here, some shelves broke. I’m working on dealing with it now but let me know if you need anything.”

She leaned over to get back to work. She could hear the heavy footfalls navigating the maze of shelves a few aisles over, but the person attached to them still hadn’t said anything. Part of her thought it was a little creepy, but she told herself it was probably just one last-minute browsing customer that had a set of headphones in their ears.

As she sorted, she realized with frustration that the collapse had spilled a bunch of subjects together that wouldn’t be easy to parse back out again. The stack of books on Alexander the Great, for instance, could just as easily go under World History as Ancient History, and there seemed to be an arbitrary distinction whether works on Turkish culture were shelved in history or grouped with the other modern Middle Eastern stud—

The footsteps suddenly came around the end of her row she and stopped right behind her. She sat up, surprised, and started to turn around. “I’m sorry, am I in your—”

Before she could, a strong hand grabbed the hair at the back of her head. She gasped, but before she could cry out another hand reached around and covered her mouth. She reached up to grab at the hand on her face, but it was locked in a strong, masculine grip. She tried to struggle, but the hand on the back of her head was equally strong. Slowly, both hands guided her head around. She had no choice but to shuffle herself around on her knees in response.

She looked up at the face of her assailant. Green eyes stared fiercely down at her over a strong chin covered in well-groomed stubble. His clothing was nondescript, the same sort of jeans-shirt-and-jacket combination she’d seen on many young engineers her age around the city.

But the minute her gaze met his she froze, overwhelmed by the dominant energy he was directing down at her. She released her hands from his wrist and slowly relaxed, never looking away. His hand on the back of her head tightened in response.

He released the hand from her mouth. She considered speaking, but the hand holding her head shook gently, telling her to remain quiet. She shuddered, her lingering adrenaline rush magnifying every sensation, from the subtle draft that worked it way across the floor from the stairwell, to the rough wood under her knees, to the pinky finger of the hand on her head stroking ever so slightly back and forth across her hair.

He traced the line of her jaw with his free hand, and that too was unnaturally intense. Her eyes fluttered slightly, unsure where to focus her attention. She could feel herself starting to draw inward slightly, becoming even more light and relaxed in his grip.

He removed his free hand from her face and reached for his pants. With surprising dexterity, he undid his button and zipper one-handed and reached inside. He shimmied his loosened pants a little lower on his hip then pulled out his cock.

He stroked it slowly, watching her. Her eyes flicked back and forth between it and his face, watching his gaze intensify as his cock grew larger and harder in front of her. He pulled her head toward him very slightly, then leaned forward to rub its hot, smooth head across her cheek.

Finally, he spoke, a low smooth growl. “Open,” he commanded. She quivered, dropping her jaw open slightly. His free hand let go of his cock and reached forward to grab her jaw, forcing it open more. She whimpered and struggled slightly, trying to keep her balance on her knees.

He slid into her, his warmth and size overwhelming her mouth just as his scent overwhelmed her nostrils. He groaned slightly, and his grip on her hair tightened. Obediently, she opened her mouth even wider and flicked her tongue along the underside of the head.

Gently, he started sliding in and out of her mouth. She relaxed into it, and reached her hands up to grip his thighs to steady herself. “Mmm, that’s a good girl,” he growled, and started to move a little faster.

She closed her eyes. Gradually, she stopped thinking about the broken bookshelves, the pressure of her knees on the wood floor, or even the building ache in her jaw. She was overwhelmed by his strength and force, and her world shrank down to just his smell, his taste, and his pleased moans above her.

She felt his legs tense under her hands, and his grip on her head pulled her further onto his cock. She gagged a little at the sudden force, and then again as she felt him start to come in her mouth. Hot, salty spurts filled her throat and she struggled to swallow.

“No,” he growled suddenly, pulling out slightly, still releasing a few final spurts into her mouth. “Keep it in your mouth. Don’t swallow until I say so.”

She nodded, and as he pulled out completely, glistening wet from their combined juices, she kept the last of his cum in her mouth as she sank back onto the floor.

He watched her, his gaze still intense as he pulled up his pants. “Come with me,” he said finally, and held out his hand. Meekly, she held up one hand. He grabbed it by the wrist, pulling her swiftly to her feet, and then started to lead the way out of the maze of shelves.

They descended through the bookstore, still blessedly empty. Sarah still felt floaty, following his strong grip as much as descending under her own power. Part of her, though, started to break through the fog and consider how strange it was to be walking through her place of work with a mouth full of semen.

They reached the first floor without incident, but as they approached the front the spell was finally broken by Mr. Winter’s voice calling across the shelves. “Is that you, Sarah? Jeremy was just here looking for you, I sent him—Oh, looks like he found you.”

They had rounded the last row of shelves and were now in view of the counter, Mr. Winter’s seat of power. He sat on a high stool, surrounded by stacks of books to be processed, and was now peering at them over one arm of his throne as they came down the aisle.

Sarah realized that Jeremy’s hand on her wrist had suddenly shifted down to clasp her hand. It still gripped her tightly, reminding her of his instructions, so rather than swallow the cum to respond, she just smiled at Mr. Winters in response.

“You don’t have the crate with you, did you get those last books shelved?”

Sarah’s face dropped as she remembered the broken shelves. She had to tell him about them, but she still couldn’t speak. On top of that, she remembered her resolve to fix the mess before the store opened tomorrow. She looked up at Jeremy pleadingly.

He smiled at her and squeezed her hand again, this time in reassurance, and he turned to respond instead. “No, it looks like one of the shelves broke and scattered a load of books everywhere. Sarah has to work at the restaurant tomorrow, but I have the day off; I can come in first thing and help you rebuild them and get everything cleaned up.”

Mr. Winters grumbled good-naturedly. “God help me, one of these days I’ll earn some money to get some real shelves for up there. Thank you, Jeremy, that would be very helpful.” He disappeared briefly as he leaned under the counter, then came back up holding Sarah’s coat and purse. He handed them over the stacks of books and she took them with her free hand.

“He’s a keeper, that one,” he told her with a smile, not bothering to lower his voice. “I’ve known many girls with much worse taste in boyfriends, and very few with better.”

Still unable to respond, she smiled shyly, turning to look at Jeremy. His green eyes danced mischievously and he leaned in to kiss her delicately on the lips.

Jeremy straightened, then started to walk to the door. “Have a good night, Mr. Winters! See you in the morning!” he called over his shoulder, and lead them both out into the night.

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. I want to emphasize that this is not a work of fiction by me, but an actual email correspondence. This person requested that I respect her anonymity, and I have honored her request as well as I can. Whether her story is fictional or not is something that I can’t say; I am merely presenting it here for your enjoyment. Accordingly I am now filing this material under the Letters And Transcripts category.


Oct 10/08/08 10:15 PM


As usual your email gave me a lot to think about. You have gone through so much, I just have to ask, how are you now?

I guess I’m not surprised that Jay took nude pictures of you. I have taken a few of my wife, but generally she is not very supportive, so they are few and far between. Is Jay the only one that has taken nude pictures of you? Do you know what happened to all those pictures?

As you can imagine I’m a bit of a computer geek. I have a several computers, broadband Internet access, a color printer, scanner, and a digital camera. What kind of computer equipment do you have?



Oct 10/09/08 10:32 PM

Hi Paul

Jay was the only one that I let take nude pictures of me. He literally took hundreds of them. Of course, they all weren’t taken in one session. There were several sessions as well as several other times that he just took pictures. I often wonder what became of them. I know some of them made it on the internet. Lee posted several of them on a site after everything blew up. Fortunately that site has long been taken down. A few tears ago, a male friend of mine told me that he saw a picture of a girl that could be my twin posing nude on a net site. I didn’t ask where he saw it and changed the subject but I was certain it was me from his description of the surroundings.

You asked how I am now. I’m doing just fine. Joey and I did divorce after the thing with Jay ended but it wasn’t because of that. He knew very little about that situation. I divorced him because I grew tired of supporting him and his alcoholic lifestyle. That’s another story but it was one of the best moves I ever made in my life. After that, I went back to school and finished getting my degree. Then I started teaching full time. (High School History)

Bowling has always been one of my past times and I met and married the guy who owned the bowling center I was bowling at. The funny thing about that is that his name is Joe. We have been happy ever since and never discuss any of my past.

I taught full time for ten years and just this past year decided to go part time. (substitute) Now I work on a reduced schedule of two or three days a week. I made that decision because money was no longer the key factor and I felt I was getting stale with the job. I had lost my enthusiasm. I’m much happier now and only work enough to keep me active.

How am I now?

Answer: Happy

I do not have any of the pictures Jay took of me or I would send you one. (I really would) I could have kept any of them but for obvious reasons didn’t. BTW, Jay also had several video tapes of me stripping and us having sex. I did keep one of them but destroyed it long ago.

Other then e-mail, reading and games, (I enjoy on line chess) I’m not much into computers and don’t have a scanner so there are no pictures of me on my computer except one that a school photographer sent me via e-mail for approval before it was put in the school yearbook. If I can find it, I’ll send it to you.


Oct 10/09/08 11:17 PM


I am glad to hear that you are happy now. With everything that happened, you deserve it.

I was wondering how often you check your email; it doesn’t seem to be every day like I do. This isn’t a problem, just something I was curious about.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with Jay. I’ll hold my questions for now.

Best wishes,


Oct 10/10/08 9:58 AM


I do read my e-mail every day but on days when I teach, I don’t often reply. Generally, If I receive an e-mail from you, I try to get back with you either that day or the next. If it takes longer, it is because I was teaching and felt that I didn’t have time to give you a proper reply. As you may have guessed, I’m not teaching today. I wanted to give you a longer reply last night but I was getting tired.

I did find that school picture and inserted it into an e-mail for you. I felt OK sending it to you because you have built up a level of trust with me and you didn’t ask for the picture. If you would have asked, I doubt if I would have sent it. With the things I have been telling you about myself, I felt it important for you to know that I’m not fat and ugly. I didn’t want you thinking that I was only doing it with Jay because no other man was interested in me. My husband does have other pictures of me on his computer but we have an agreement between us. He doesn’t touch my purse or computer and I don’t touch his wallet or computers. That is why I feel so safe e-mailing you.

I also wanted to make a comment about why I keep asking for questions from you. I find it difficult to just sit down and write about those experiences. it’s not so much the subject matter as it is “Where do I start”? When you ask a question, it tells me what interests you and immediately past situations come to mind that help me tell this story. It isn’t like, do I include this or do I include that. With a question I know what needs included to answer your inquiry. It just makes it easier on me. I know for a fact that I have already told you things as a direct result of your questions that most likely would have been left out if I were trying to write a narrative. So, keep the questions coming!!!


Oct 10/10/08 8:47 PM

I thought I would continue telling you of the events from my past from where I left off. In the interest of brevity, I’m not going to describe every thing that happened because things began moving fast. I’m going to try to stick to the things that were important aspects of the entire affair.

After that Tuesday night when we first had sex, we were both flying high. The sex was good for both of us and we were both rather giddy about our new relationship. To move things along, I’ll just say that we started doing a lot more flirting during business hours. The flirting included some light touching by both of us as well as some kissing when we felt we could get away with it. It was all fun and exciting.

The following Tuesday I purposely went in to work two hours late. I did that to give me an excuse to stay over because I knew Lee would be going to her class. That would give me time alone with Jay. I was anxious for a repeat of the great sex we had the previous week. With all that had been going on and the excitement of a new relationship, I wanted this to continue just as much as Jay did. I was still feeling guilty but Jay had done a good job of convincing me everything was OK.

Jay was telling me that Lee and him had both had affairs before and even done some wife swapping. He insisted that because of that, she didn’t care if we were having sex. At the same time he was telling me repeatedly that Joey didn’t care about me or he would be spending more time with me and doing more to make me happy. It seems silly now and incredible that I would believe any of that but I was eating up every word. Maybe it was because I wanted to believe him to justify what I had already done. I don’t know. I do know that Jay was very convincing.

That Tuesday night we used the big leather couch in Lee’s office for sex. Again Jay took me to new sexual heights with his oral talent and the sex we had was just as exciting as that first time. The fact that we were doing it in Lee’s office only added to the excitement. As I was leaving that night, I casually mentioned that I intended to repay him for the oral pleasure he had given me. That stopped him dead in his tracks. With a very surprised look on his face he asked “You mean a blow job”? I just smiled and said “yeah”. That seemed to really excite Jay but I wouldn’t know the reason till the next day.

Jay was excited about the blow job promise because that was something Lee absolutely would not do. He claimed that he had only had one in his life and that was when he was in high school. Just the idea that I was willing to do it excited him. He also felt that I had way too much class to ever consider doing anything like that. In fact, he didn’t believe that I really would do it until I actually did.

I gave my first blow job to a boy when I was 15. He was my boyfriend and of course wanted more then just kissing. I began giving him hand jobs and that kept him at bay for a long time. Then one day were alone in his family room and kissing. It was getting pretty hot and heavy. Clothes were coming off and I feared that he would want more then a hand job. I was right. I tried satisfying him with my hands but then he started pushing my head down there. I really didn’t want to do it but the alternative was to risk getting pregnant. I did it but it really wasn’t much more then putting the end in my mouth and using my hand to get him off. Yes I swallowed that very first time. I did it because I didn’t know what else to do with that stuff in my mouth. I must be a natural because I didn’t gag choke or anything. It just seemed like the quickest way to get rid of it. I’ve heard horror stories from other women who gagged and even threw up. It didn’t affect me that way at all. I’m not saying that I liked it then. I am only saying that I could handle it.

After several other blow jobs, that boy and I eventually broke up. What I learned from it was that guys were very willing to take a blow job instead of sex. I would give a hand job to a boy I was dating but not serious about. The ones I was serious about got a blow job. That kept my virginity in tact until I was almost 17.

Over a period of time I improved my hand/mouth coordination to the point where I felt I was pretty good at giving blow jobs. (never had a complaint) The other thing I found out was that I began to enjoy doing it. It did and still does turn me on a lot to give a blow job. I’m even feeling a bit horny now from just talking about it. Both of my husbands felt that I’m addicted to doing it. I think they are right.

I told you about that to let you know that Jay and I had completely differing viewpoints about blow jobs. To me, it was no big deal and I enjoyed doing it. To him it was something you only see in porno movies and don’t happen in real life.

I teased Jay all week long about giving him a blow job on Tuesday night . It was driving him crazy. He was like a kid asking “Are we there yet”? When Tuesday did arrive, we went into Lee’s office and kissed for only a short while. He was too anxious. After lowering his pants, I had him sit in Lee’s chair and I got on my knees in front of him. To further tease him, I kissed and lightly licked it for the longest time before taking it into my mouth. Jay generally had fairly good staying power but I think he was ready to blow even before I started. Normally, I have pretty good control over when I want to guy the get off but there was no controlling him on this night. Within seconds of entering my mouth he was ready. He announced that he was going to cum and even tried pulling my head away. Of course, I would have none of that. I wanted to taste his cum. By that time I had grown kind of fond of cum. He got off in my mouth and I drank it down.

After he finished, he immediately started apologizing for cumming in my mouth. It completely amazed him that I wanted him to do it. He was even more amazed that I had swallowed it. After a short recovery period, I used my mouth again to get him to the point where we could have sex. he was wanting me to finish him with another blow job and I did consider it but I was really after something else. We moved over to the couch for sex. It was good but not nearly as good for me as those first two times. After the excitement of his first blow job in years, I think the sex was a little bit of a let down for both of us. Later, he wanted yet another blow job but I didn’t do it. I kind of wanted to but didn’t.

After that night, a blow job became a regular part of our Tuesday night get together’s. Later as things progressed between the two of us, Jay was demanding blow jobs.on a regular and daily basis. Maybe he was trying to make up for all of those years he did without. I don’t know. What I do know is that he would begin choosing a blow job over regular sex.

Rather then stretch this out too long, I think I’m going to stop here. I wanted to make the point about how the sex began shifting early on from doing everything to please me, to Jay seeking pleasure for himself and showing less concern about my pleasure. It’s funny how I can look back now and that fact is as plain as day. I never saw it then.

From this point in my story, things progressed slowly over a period of time. It was slow enough that the changes in our relationship became nearly unperceivable. When I continue this, I’ll try to show how things got from point A to point B without me being aware of the path he was taking me on.


Oct 10/10/08 9:41 PM


Thank you very much for the picture. I have to say you are a real stunner. I have attached a picture of my wife and I from my daughter’s wedding so you can put a face to the name.

I was wondering if you have read the next chapter in my MILF Chronicles story and what you thought of it. I have also started a new story line called “Jolene Listens” and I would appreciate any feedback you might have.

As I read about the things that you did with Jay, I got the impression that some things were consensual and some were not. What kinds of things did you do with Jay that you objected to? In a lot of the stories I’ve read about situations like this, the man demands that the woman dress in a certain way, for example, only in short skirts. Did Jay demand that you dress in a particular way? Another common theme in the stories is having sex in unusual places. Did Jay do that to you, and if so where? You said that he made you have sex with other people. Can you tell me how many? Were there ever situations where he forced you to have sex with more than one parter at a time?

That’s all for now. Thanks for answering all my questions.



Oct 10/11/08 7:16 PM


First of all I would like to thank you for the picture of you and your wife. You didn’t have to do that but as you said it is nice to have a face to put with the words. Additional kudos for your generous comment. “A stunner”, I don’t think so but it was still nice to read. Lastly, I do want to thank you for the questions. They do make things a lot easier for me.

I do want to be honest with you in all regards. With that in mind, I have to say that I have not been back on Literotica since I went back to read part two after you sent me part three. I believe I told you that I enjoy erotic literature but I’m not what you might consider a frequent reader of it. Sometimes, I might read the stories on Literotica everyday over a short span of time, Then there are times when I don’t go there for months. I have not read the Jolene series but will make it a point to do so in the near future. You are a good writer and I enjoy your offerings.

You have asked about things I objected to doing with Jay. As a general statement, I will say that I objected to everything Jay either requested or demanded with the exception of the consensual sex between the two of us. I would say “No, I can’t do that”, or “No, I won’t do that” only to have him talk me into it. There were a lot of factors involved there. Perhaps the biggest thing was the fact that everything was so new and exciting. I was in a sexual amusement park and all of the rides there seemed scary. Jay would talk me into something and I would find it exciting and enjoy it. That made me even more susceptible to moving on to the next ride that was even more of a risk. Through most of our relationship, It was me agreeing to his demands. Only toward the end did he take my option to say no away. I have to say that I was excited about what we were doing as much as he was.

The other thing was that we were on a roll with everything. We weren’t getting caught so there was no price to pay for our indiscretions. We were having a great time and not having to face the consequences. Because of that, things were able to continue and escalate.

Perhaps the thing that he wanted and I disliked the most was him showing off to his friends. I was usually willing to do things but only wanted him involved. Jay liked to show off and liked telling people that I would do anything he wanted. That was embarrassing to me but he didn’t care. That too escalated from him telling people about things we did me doing things in front of people. I didn’t like that at all.

One example was a Saturday “Party” he wanted me to attend with him. I made the excuse that I was going shopping to Joey and went off to meet Jay. My understanding was that it was a Saturday afternoon barbeque at one of his friend’s summer camp. I understood it to be a social type thing with other couples he knew. My only concern was that people would wonder why I was with Jay instead of Lee. Jay told me not to worry about that.

When we got there, I quickly learned that this was no social and it wasn’t couples. Other then potato chips and pretzels, there was no food. There were three kegs of beer, a few bottles of cheap whiskey, and a bunch of guys. I was the only woman there. That made me very uncomfortable. I did not want to be there but had little choice because I rode there with Jay. It angered me that Jay would take me to something like this and I let him know it. He said that he wanted his friends to meet me.

I was given some grape kool aid concoction and Jay got a beer. He introduced me to a lot of red neck kind of people I really didn’t want to meet. With the exception of a lot of foul language, everyone was respectful. I clung to Jay out of fear for my life. This was definitely not my kind of crowd.

The point I’m trying to make here is demonstrated by what happened when we sat with a small group of guys talking. Jay and I were half sitting on this wall and several of his friends were just standing around drinking beer. I just sipped my drink because I didn’t even want to see what the bathroom looked like, let alone use it. Jay had his arm around my shoulders and right in front of everyone, let his hand drop down to begin feeling my breast. Then he commented that my boobs weren’t big but had a “nice feel to them”. Then one of his drunker friends asked Jay “She’s got another one there that ain’t being used”, “Do you mind”? As if that wasn’t shocking enough, Jay answered “Help yourself”. The guy walked toward me and I turned and said “Jay”? He said to me “He won’t hurt you honey”. The guy actually started feeling my other breast. That was humiliating but I didn’t know what to do.

After a few minutes of enduring that assault, the other guy started opening the buttons on my blouse. Jay didn’t seem to mind and just kept talking like nothing was happening. I was experiencing serious fears of a gang rape. I knew better then to try stopping the guy. He was too drunk to reason with. Jay was my only protector and I said to him “Are you going to allow this”? By that time the guy had my top open to my waist and was pulling it out of my jeans. Jay just laughed and said “Sure, I kind of wanted a better feel myself”. Then everyone laughed. In the meantime, his friend had completely opened my blouse. I wasn’t wearing a bra so my bare boobs were exposed to all of his friends when they weren’t covered by a hand. When his friend jammed his hand between my legs, I jumped and Jay finally let him know he was going too far. He told the guy “That’s my territory”. and then told him that he had his fun. The friend moved away. I started pulling my blouse back together to button it but Jay told me to leave it open. I did.

Nothing happened for the next five minutes or so. Then Jay said “damn, you’re making me horny”. He took my hand and held it over his erection and said “Look what I’ve got for you”. Then he said to his friends “That’s got to make her mouth water” and turned to me and said “Doesn’t it honey”. I didn’t answer but he pressed it until I said “yes”. Then he told his friends “This girl will suck my cock anytime I want” while turning to me with “Won’t you honey”. I felt humiliated and quietly answered “yes Jay”.

The guys started taunting Jay saying “How about now”? I immediately pleaded “Please no Jay”. He smiled and told me “Give it a kiss for the boys”. I told him no in a way that really said “don’t make me do this”. Then showing off for his buddies, he ordered “Kiss it now”. I leaned over and kissed his erection through his jeans while everyone jeered. Then he announced to everyone “I’ll let her finish the job on the way home” and pulled me away and toward the car. I did finish it during the drive back to my car.

That was just one example of him showing off. It sticks in my mind more because it was the first time he publicly humiliated me. There were other examples but I’ll get to them another time. Ask that question again.

You asked if he wanted me to dress in any particular way.

It may be a common theme in stories and I can verify it does have a basis in reality. In the beginning, there were no demands or requests other then the comment that he like something I wore that day. As the relationship got more complicated, he started requesting that I wear skirts more often. He also wanted me to wear tops that buttoned down the front instead of pull over tops. At that time I was glad to do that for him. I assumed he liked me in skirts because Lee never wore a skirt or dress and only wore T-shirts and pull over tops. . The real reason was that skirts could be hiked up to be revealing and button up tops could be unbuttoned. I was pressured daily to open an extra button and often did.

He next asked me to not wear a bra to work. At first I went without one some of the time then later always went without one. Because of my small breast size (34B), I could get away with it. Sometimes he would ask me to wear a dress with nothing under it. I was uncomfortable with that but did it. He wanted me to wear short skirts to work. I wouldn’t because it was very inappropriate. I did wear one that was mid thigh once and got disapproving looks from Lee. Jay did buy me a sexy jumper and a very short skirt but I wouldn’t wear them to work. He did understand my reasoning there. During my last months there, I seldom wore anything under my outer garments at Jay’s request.

Sex in unusual places?

That was more the norm then not. Of course there was every room of the office. There was my bed at home and his bed at his home. His truck, my car, and Lee’s car. In front of a floor to ceiling window that was viewable by traffic on a nearby road. A public park (several times) A church parking lot as well as other parking lots. A rest area on an interstate highway. A movie theater blow job. A boat in the middle of a river. Three public restrooms (men’s) Those are the ones I can immediately recall. I know there were others.

Perhaps the two most unusual places were under the stands at a high school football game. Lee was in the stands. The other really weird place was in a graveyard in the middle of the day. He wanted to do it on this one grave. He also insisted that I strip completely naked for it. Actually, in most of the places I mentioned he insisted that I was completely naked while he either just unzipped or pulled his pants down to his knees.

How many people did he force me to have sex with?

To be honest, I’ve never really counted. I can safely say more then ten. but probably less then twenty with several of them (like his brother) more then once. It was all men and one 16 year old.

There were times with multiple sex partners. Usually, it was Jay and someone else. Jay enjoyed watching other men have sex with me and sometimes didn’t even participate. He would have sex with me later. There was one time in a motel room when there were 4 men and Jay.

I think that answers your questions. As always, I can elaborate more on anything that I’ve told you if that is your desire. Again, your questions are always welcome.


Oct 10/11/08 11:33 PM


I am continually amazed at what you went through with Jay. Just to put things in perspective, though I’d like to tell you about some experiences that my wife and I had with another couple that we had become good friends with. [I have deleted the actual story since it reveals too many intimate details about my life and is not necessary to understanding Sharon's response.]

I told you that story to let you know that a lot of people do things that later they realize were mistakes, but seemed right at the time. Most of them never tell anybody, so we all think that we are the only ones. Our unique relationship allows us both to talk about these experiences which is probably a good thing, from a mental health perspective. That said, I still feel like I have to be careful about how I ask certain questions; I don’t want to risk offending you. Also feel free to correct me when I make an observation that is wrong or if I say something offensive.

When you told me about Jay forcing you to have sex with other men I was thinking more like four or five, but when you indicated that it was more like 10 to 20, I was a little surprised. That he included his own brother was even more so. I’m assuming that was the first man he made you have sex with, so maybe next you could tell me about that experience. Was Jay’s brother like him? Did his brother know about your affair with Jay before he had sex with you?

Best wishes,


Oct 10/12/08 9:49 PM

Hi Paul

I enjoyed reading about your sharing experience. It really makes a person wonder about how many other so called “normal” people have had similar experiences but never get the opportunity to express them because of the attached social stigma. I don’t know about you men but women seldom discuss sexual experiences with other women. Women tend to care more about what other women think about them then they do men so we are always putting on a false front around other girls.

The exception to that rule would be best friends and even then there are things that just aren’t discussed. I’m a good example of that. My best friend is Ann and I did tell her that I had sex with Jay but never elaborated and she still, even today, doesn’t know the extent of that relationship. I also know from her that she has had men other then her husband

I think the point that I am so badly trying to make is that I agree with you. There are probably a lot of people who have had experiences they never share with anyone. I’m sure that unconventional sexual experiences are a lot more common then either of us would care to guess.

There is something else I wanted to mention. Men seem to always be hung up on size. With men, it seems that bigger is always better. Generally that isn’t the case with women. Men seem to be fixated on big boobs and the size of their (for lack of a better word) cocks. Like most women I have little interest in either. I wouldn’t want big boobs and I’m very happy with the size I have. They don’t sag and I can sleep on my stomach. As for a big penis, you men definitely have the wrong idea about them. Sure, we girls might tease about wanting the big one but the facts are very few of us do. Your wife is right. They can actually be painful. The vast majority of women would pass if confronted by a big one. Still, men seem to think that is what women want and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. I feel safe in saying that if your wife came home and said she had sex with another man, one of the first questions out of your mouth would be “How big was he”? If my husband came home and said he just had sex with another woman, the question “How big were her boobs”? would never enter my mind.

My experience with Jay did have a pronounced affect on me for a long time. Actually, I was more of an emotional wreck while it was going on then after it ended but there were lasting effects. For the longest time afterward, I was afraid to get close to any man. I felt used by Jay and wasn’t about to let another man do it to me again. It also affected my enjoyment of sex. My mind associated sex with my bad experience with Jay. That took a while to get over. The important thing is that I did get over it and put it behind me. One of the reasons I went back to school was my desire to change professions. I even associated working in an office with my Jay experience. There were many a night when I would just sit by myself and cry about what had happened and what I did. I was really in an emotional hole. The only exit I had was to put everything behind me and completely start my life over. Now I know it was the best thing I ever did and the reason I am happy today. Telling you about it now after all of this time has also been a huge help with me putting this behind me. By holding all of this within myself, it has been like a wound that wouldn’t heal. I find now that as I tell you of each experience, it is as if I am lifting it off of my conscience and replacing it with a sense of relief.

Talking to you about this is in fact the final action I needed to rid myself my experiences with Jay. Even though I put it behind me. I avoided facing it. It was like I put it on a shelf in the back of my mind. I could ignore it but it was always there. Telling you about it is like taking it off of that shelf and throwing it away bit by bit. That is why I am opening up about this in as much graphic detail as I can remember. Your understanding has given me the opportunity to rid myself of this and I’m trying to take full advantage of it. With that in mind, I would like you to not hold back with any questions you might have. Please ask them. I’m sure that your concerns about my feelings in this matter have caused you to hold back with the more pointed questions. Please don’t. It is the things that are the hardest for me to talk about that I need to get rid of the most. Do not be concerned with my feelings when asking questions. I welcome them.

You asked to be corrected if you were wrong so I will correct you. Jay’s brother was not the first guy he shared me with. The first one was his friend Greg. That was a surprise to me but not to them. They had it planned. I mentioned Jay’s brother because that wasn’t a surprise, it was a shock. I could almost understand him wanting to share me with his friend. I was like a toy that he could have more fun with if he let his friend play too. Giving me to his brother was a complete shock. Like you, I could not understand it at all. I do somewhat now and will tell you about it.

For now, I’m getting tired. Unless I get an emergency call in the morning, I’m not teaching, so I will write and tell you all about the brother experience as well as your other questions tomorrow.


Oct 10/14/08 7:53 PM

Hi Paul,

As promised, I will now tell you about my experiences with Jay’s brother Rick.

Jay was close with his brother. There was only a year difference between them in age. They grew up together on a farm and always did everything together. If Jay was a loser and he was, his brother was a bigger loser. At least Jay had a pleasant personality and some common sense. Rick even lacked that. His personal hygiene was even terrible. The sad thing about that was that he didn’t care. Jay was not the brightest guy in the world but he had an astounding ability to manipulate people. I was a good example of that. Rick was just crude and obnoxious. If he had any redeeming qualities, they escape me.

Rick was not a frequent visitor to the office and I barely knew him. He would stop in periodically when he wanted money. My only contact with him was when Lee would come to me and tell me to make him a check. He never said hardly anything to me or anyone. I’d give him a check and he would be gone until the next time. Jay did tell me a few times that Rick thought I was “beautiful”. It was more like a passing comment then a statement.

After my relationship with Jay got very involved, We started seeing each other outside of the office. With Joey’s work schedule, I had the free time. Jay didn’t. A lot of the times he would use the excuse of doing something with his brother to get out to see me. Only once did we actually see his brother at one of the redneck bars we went to. Rick was a heavy drinker. He sat with us at a table but didn’t talk much with me. It was almost like he was afraid of me. I was content with that because I wanted nothing to do with the drunken bum. Every other word out of his mouth seemed to be “fuck”. He couldn’t even complete a sentence without using that word. Anyway he didn’t stay with us very long and went off to drink with his other drunken friends. I felt that even Jay was a little embarrassed by his brother.

The first time Jay actually shared me was with his friend Greg. That is another story that I won’t dwell on now. I only mention it to inform you that Rick was not the first time Jay wanted me to have sex with another. I had done it with Greg several times before Rick came into the picture. I understood that Jay had no qualms about letting another guy have sex with me. There was even another friend named Don that Jay insisted I give a hand job to while we were riding in my car. (Jay was driving) I’m pretty sure they were the only two before Rick.

On this one day, I believe it was a Friday, Jay came to me in the office and said he had made plans to go to Beth’s house for a party and wanted me to be there. Beth was another employee. I didn’t think that was a very good idea because of office rumors. Jay’s response was “Don’t worry about it”. “She knows”. That was a surprise to me but it probably shouldn’t have been. Then he told me Lee would also be there but she was going to drive herself because she had something else to do earlier. Since I had no idea where Beth lived and didn’t live in that area, Jay was going to meet me at the office and drive me there.

I never socialized with the staff much since we literally lived in two different worlds. Jay was very insistent that I go to this party. He said it would help alleviate the snobbish attitude everyone thought I had. He even told me to dress down for the occasion by wearing jeans and a T-shirt. That seemed to be the common dress code for people in that area.

After work, I went home and changed out of the dress I was wearing. Then I made the hour plus drive back to the office to find Jay waiting for me in the parking area. I got into his pick up truck and we went to Beth’s house. Everyone seemed a bit surprised that I had come but everyone was friendly. It was a typical party with everyone socializing and drinking. Jay stayed pretty much by my side. About an hour later Lee arrived and explained to everyone why she was late. It isn’t important but she had to pick up a friend at the airport.

After Lee got there, Jay stayed away from me. Lee didn’t and we were kind of hanging out together. I was amazed at how Lee could drink. They passed around a bottle of whiskey. Everyone would take a drink out of it and pass it to the next person. When it got to Lee, I expected her to either pass it on or take a small sip. She gulped down a large quantity like it was a bottle of water and never flinched. I passed it along without drinking any.

There were about twenty people there at any given time. People came and left. Most of us were hanging around the kitchen and living room area. Some people had drifted off to another room that was like a family room with a TV. Lee and I decided to see what was going on there. On the TV was a hard core porno movie. I learned that porno movies were a common part of these parties and even the women watched them. This was out in the country where VCRs were essential because cable didn’t go out that far. Porno movies were the common adult entertainment and no one thought much about them being on.

Lee and I sat down on a couch with Suzy and her husband. Another whiskey bottle was being passed around. Generally, this was far from the social event I was used to but I was trying my best to fit in. I wouldn’t drink out of a bottle everyone had their mouth on but I did try to act as if the porno movie was no big deal. After a short time, just about everyone was crowded into this room. Jay was in a corner talking with some other husbands and basically ignoring me. I sat quietly with Lee who was talking non stop with everyone.

That was the scene when suddenly a joint was passed to me. I DO NOT DO POT and don’t like even being around it. Apparently, no one else there shared my view. This was another cultural clash. These were all basically country people. Because of the lack of entertainment options, they regularly grew and smoked their own pot. Several joints were being smoked and passed around the room. To avoid seeming too out of place, I tried to just ignore it. It was hard because the room was like a cloud. Lee was really into smoking it. What I did find amazing was that of all of the people there smoking the pot, only one or two smoked cigarettes.

I was still sitting with Lee who was getting more boisterous with every puff. She turned to me and said “God, I’m getting horny”. Then she went on to explain how pot always made her horny and that the porno movie was only making it worse. Lee was clearly drunk and high. She was having a problem with repeating herself.

She must have asked me 5 times if I liked her. I answered “of course I do” and told her what a great boss and friend she was.

Then Lee made me very nervous by asking if I liked her husband. I was very concerned about where that would lead. I know I that had to of turned white when she made the statement “I’ve seem you two around the office”. Before I could answer her (as if I had an answer) she asked “you want to fuck him, don’t you”? I denied it. lee slurred out “Don’t lie to me honey”, “I know better”. To say the least, I was very uncomfortable. Lee told me that Jay wanted to “fuck” me and thought I had a better body then she did. Then to my surprise, she started crying. She said that I did have a better body then her and she couldn’t blame Jay for wanting it. She said to me “You’re so pretty and I was never pretty” and went on to put herself down as an ugly farm girl. I tried lifting her spirits by telling her that she was attractive. Lee seemed so far gone that I wasn’t even sure my words were getting through. For the next twenty minutes or more I listened while she told me about how guys only wanted to date her for sex and would never call back. She said she was so ugly that she had to ask a guy to take her to her high school prom because no one wanted her. She just kept putting herself down and repeated that she wished she looked like me. It seemed to go on and on.

Finally Lee moved her face right in front of mine and asked if I really thought she was attractive. I said yes. Then she asked if I really liked her. Again, I said yes. The next thing was the shocker. I didn’t see it coming at all. Lee pulled me to her and kissed me on the lips. This wasn’t a friendly peck. She was trying to kiss me like a man kisses a woman. When I said “Please no Lee” her tongue went into my mouth. I was weakly trying to push her away but was afraid of angering her because her moods seemed to be shifting from one extreme to another. I was letting her kiss me but was doing little in returning her advances.

What I did notice was that everyone there had been ignoring us earlier but weren’t now. We became the center of attraction. Every time she would let up for a breath I would tell her “No Lee I’m not like that” but my words were not heard or ignored. There were people in the room actually cheering her on. Lee openly started groping my breasts and that brought even more cheers. I felt helpless and very embarrassed. Lee was really getting into it and breathing hard. I wasn’t.

Paul M. Rexer headed into the kitchen in yesterday’s cotton trunks. He didn’t have any fresh underwear with him. Or clothes. Or much else for that matter.

He hadn’t expected to see the cutie from work in the street. Hadn’t expected to go for lunch, or to spend the afternoon hanging out, and certainly hadn’t expected dinner to be part of the equation. And then mind-blowingly good sex to top it off.

Who would have thought that quiet, unassuming little Jake Preston was so much fun? Or such a tiger when it came to sex? He had been. Responsive and vocal and surprisingly eager. And who would have thought he’d like him this much after half a day with him?

Paul smiled to himself and pulled two mugs out of the cupboard. Jake hadn’t even stirred when he’d climbed out of bed, hadn’t moved a hair by the time he’d used the bathroom. And he looked so sweet when he was sleeping too, with his short brown hair just a little bed ruffled and his face so soft. He slept so quietly that Paul had been half afraid he’d stopped breathing. But no. It just seemed that he was simply much more peaceful asleep than anyone else he’d ever taken notice of.

There were things in the fridge, all very neat. It made him smile. Of course Jake wouldn’t just be super organised at work. So there were things carefully ordered in the fridge, but not what he was after. No bacon or tomatoes. Eggs, though. He’d wanted to make more than that though. Pancakes perhaps? He turned to the pantry and opened it up. He felt at home in this little kitchen, like he’d been here a hundred times before. It was nice. It felt… weird. Nice, but weird.

The pantry was looking a little sparse and very neat too. He wondered what Paul usually ate. Probably someone who cooked from scratch all the time. Or didn’t eat much at home. He was a small guy, and in good shape, but definitely on the skinny side.

So pancakes would be cool then. If there was a cookbook in Jake’s house that would have helped though.

Paul checked the other shelves, finding not a cookbook in sight, but a phone, blinking red at him.

He blinked at it. A phone in the pantry? Well, that seemed odd. The apartment was small, but not that small, right?

Messages, he realised. He wondered if they were old. Or important…

He could see himself, carrying in a breakfast tray to Jake, along with a piece of paper with his messages written on it. It felt nice. Domestic. He smiled. He really liked Jake. More than he ever thought he would like a timid colleague no one really noticed unless it was to poke fun at for his work ethic or his neatness. Never maliciously, since he’d stepped in that once, months ago now, but still. He’d never seen this happening.

Paul picked up the pen on the small pad next to the phone and pressed the button for the messages.

“Hey Jake,” the message started. The voice was bright, loud in the space. “Honey, I’m so sorry, we’re going to have to postpone. Joey picked up something on the flight down, and even thought I’m ok, you know how Joey gets when he’s sick and if I went out now, I’m afraid he’d do something stupid like eat a whole packet of cold and flu tablets without reading the label and wash it down with vodka and then I’d find his body cooling in the middle of the floor when I got home. And I don’t want that. And neither does he. Anyway, we’ll see you soon. Oh, and let us know about Rex, ok? None of us can wait to meet him.” The voice had gone sultry and then laughed. “Bye, sweetie.” The message ended with a click and Paul stood frozen, not hearing the next message begin to play.

“Let us know about Rex?” He repeated to himself. His skin had gone cold and tight. That was weird. That was not good.

What the fuck was that supposed to mean?

Jake had bumped into him in the street outside his favourite coffee shop. His regular Saturday morning haunt. Had Jake- had Jake engineered the meeting? Had Jake followed him? Planned this?

He found himself giving a small shiver. That wasn’t right. Jake… Jake couldn’t have done that.

Except he could have. Jake was all about plans and lists and details. He drove them crazy at work with his careful graphs and charts. What was to say he couldn’t have done this?

And told his friends? Friends who had flown in from somewhere?

Shit. What had he got himself into?

Paul stared at the phone a bit longer, and then carefully pressed a button to make it stop. His heart was pounding. His palms were sweaty.

He tried to tell himself to calm down, that Jake was nothing he couldn’t handle. But obviously he watched too many horror movies, because now there was this idea nibbling at the edges of his mind that Jake was a serial killer, or a cannibal, and had plans to rape, torture and kill him and bury various parts of his body under the red flowers in the tiny front yard outside his unit and no one would ever know what became of him…

His snort sounded loud in the small space as he tried to tell himself it was ridiculous. But he’d scared himself now and he had the desperate urge to flee.

To get out, now.

To run, before little cutie Jake appeared behind him in the pantry with a smile and a carving knife and a wild, crazy glint in his pretty brown eyes…


Jake’s bedroom was fairly small. He didn’t mind much. It felt cosy, and it fit his double bed, so that was fine.

The lack of room was generally a problem for other people, rather than for him.

Which, he considered as he stared at the ceiling, wasn’t a huge problem in itself, seeing as no one stayed long enough to really notice.

He hadn’t done more than roll onto his back since he’d woken up. Well, he’d reached out, found the other half of the bed empty and cold, and had quickly drawn his hand back. And then he’d lain there, waiting.

First he’d told himself that maybe Paul had gone to make coffee or something. Except there was no noise at all.

Then he wondered if Paul wasn’t trying to be quiet so as not to wake him.

Even so, it was far too quiet for him to have been in the shower or doing anything else.

Jake rubbed his eyes.

He couldn’t believe Paul had gone. Not after how amazing everything had been. No way.

He supposed Paul might have got up early, that he might have slept through Paul making coffee. Even now, Paul might be reading yesterday’s paper at the kitchen table, or watching the morning news with the tv on mute…

It took effort to pull himself out of bed and pull on some track pants until he could take a shower. Preferably with Paul.

But it became abundantly clear that that wasn’t going to happen as he looked around his little unit.

Paul had gone.

Jake swallowed hard. He should have realised that before. When Paul’s clothes hadn’t been folded on the chair in his room where he’d placed them next to his own last night. Before that. When he woke up to an empty bed.

He should have known before that. Before he’d somehow convinced himself that Paul had been interested in him.

Jake hugged himself.

Should have expected it. Should have known that it was too good to be true. Should have remembered that no one wanted him. Not really. People didn’t really like him, and didn’t want him for anything beyond what he could give them.

And here he was, hurt again.

Hurt? Hurt wasn’t the right word.

It was far more painful than that.

It was just more proof. Proof of how lame he was. Of how pathetic he was. More proof that things didn’t happen like in the movies. That hoping for something better was useless. Wanting someone to care about and to care about him was no better. It was all a great big joke.

Jake prodded himself into action. It was no good moping. No good sitting around and wondering why he couldn’t be more interesting, more exciting. Anything. Just more. It didn’t do any good.

He stripped the bed and opened the windows to the chilly air outside, and put the sheets on to wash. Then he showered and cleaned the bathroom.

He knew he should eat, but food didn’t appeal. And yet, he didn’t have many more jobs to do on a Sunday.

Jake decided to dust, since that was something that could never be done too often and since it would take him a while. Windowsills, picture rails, picture frames, the tops of doorframes and light fittings and cupboards. The tops of all the furniture. The legs and backs of all the furniture. Those places that dust caught even when you didn’t see it.

But it didn’t take him long enough.

Jake decided to eat after all. It might make him feel better.

He ate a small breakfast. Half a cup of muesli, with a quarter of a cup of yoghurt, half a banana, and a glass of juice.

Then he washed the dishes, put them away… and noticed the two mugs standing on the cupboard.

He hadn’t put them there. He knew he hadn’t. He turned them both so the handles were both facing the same way. But they were still in the wrong place.

Jake put them in the cupboard, and wondered if maybe he oughtn’t clean his cupboards out. It had been a few weeks since he’d done that.

So he sat on the floor and pulled everything out, wiped and disinfected all the surfaces and then washed and carefully replaced all the contents. The plastic cupboard was always the worst. Plastic containers always seemed to lose their lids in there.

But he was done with that before long too.

Jake sat back and swallowed hard. This was part of the problem. He knew it, and he couldn’t stop. It was Sunday, the weekend, and he was cleaning his house. His house, where no one came.

People thought he was boring, and uninteresting. That he had a dull job and that he was even duller.

No wonder no one wanted to be friends with him. Or hang out with him. No wonder Mark had left him. No wonder Paul had gone. No wonder he ended up home alone. And when he did make an effort to go out and do something? Well. His day with Paul had been amazing, if completely unexpected. But it left him yearning and aching today, and the hurt didn’t feel worth it.

Jake got his bed linen out of the drier and made his bed up.

He swallowed hard as he smoothed away the last of the creases.


Now it was exactly as if nothing had ever happened.


Paul walked into the office, trying to look as normal as he could.

Of course, he’d realised how ridiculous he was being when he’d got home from Jake’s, but that didn’t make things any better. Even if Jake wasn’t a serial killer or a psychopath, there was something frighteningly desperate about a man who would tell his friends about someone they barely knew before they’d even had a date.

He’d given it a lot of thought. For a while he’d thought maybe Jake could have texted someone, called someone, perhaps while he was in the bathroom at the restaurant or something. Except Jake didn’t own a mobile phone.

So for him to have told his friends about Paul already? That was strange. Really off. And Paul couldn’t shake the idea that maybe their coincidental meeting hadn’t been so coincidental at all.

Jake was already at work. Of course he was. He was probably one of the first to arrive and the last to leave. He was standing at the photocopier as Paul walked past. Paul didn’t look at him directly, but he could see enough out of the corner of his eye to know that Jake hadn’t looked up either. He did suspect, however, that Jake wasn’t normally so red.

Paul went upstairs to his office and sat down at his desk. He let out a shaky breath.

Couldn’t he go back to before? Not really noticing Jake apart from when he needed something? Knowing what he knew now? After that day he’d spent with him?

He doubted it. He really really doubted it.


Jake felt the heat of his cheeks as Paul walked past, and didn’t dare move a muscle. His chest hurt from hoping so bad that Paul would speak to him this morning like nothing had ever gone wrong, but Paul walked past without hesitation, without a word.

Jake finished the copying and gathered the papers together, walked back to his cubicle.

He drew a deep breath and spent a calming few minutes re arranging his pens and straightening the few things he had pinned to the wall. A photo of his parents outside their house interstate. A picture his niece had drawn him. Two articles reviewing books he’d worked on. A couple of old postcards from his sister.

Then he sat at his desk and opened the files he was working on today.

And wondered how he was going to get through the day.

Jake rubbed his eyes and wondered if he shouldn’t just quit. Save everyone the trouble.

By the end of the day it was worse.

He’d started to relax, started to believe it when he told himself things would be ok. He’d chatted with Kirsty and Melissa for a bit, and they were nice. He liked them.

Except when he’d gone back to his cubicle, Paul had arrived shortly afterwards.

Jake couldn’t help the little frisson of anticipation over his skin. He still wanted Paul. Still liked him. But Paul had spoken to him coldly and quietly, told him he didn’t want to hear any rumours or any talk around the office, in no uncertain terms.

Jake had frozen up, nodded jerkily, unable to speak or move away.

Paul had given him a hard look, and left. And Jake had been a frazzled mess when he’d gone. He couldn’t believe that Paul would think he’d do that. Why would he tell anyone what an idiot he was? They laughed and gossiped enough about him without him handing them fuel to burn him with.

When the chief of the branch called them all together for an emergency meeting he’d gone in still flushed.

Paul had been sitting up with heads of departments. Jake had hoped to get a chair far away, but his own department head had waved him up next to her so he could take notes for her. And then he’d been opposite Paul. For the whole two hours.

Even as he’d made careful, neat notes, hardly looking up at all, he’d felt Paul’s icy eyes boring holes into the top of his skull. He felt naked and raw.

The nervousness made him ill.

By the end of the meeting his nerves were wound tight and he had to escape into the stationery closet to organise things just to regain a measure of control.

He’d been feeling much calmer when he headed to his desk. He even managed to get some work done.

Then Paul appeared.


Paul had been beginning to think that the day would be ok, in the end. That it would all work out. He’d overreacted, and there was probably some highly logical explanation for what he’d heard, and if he spoke to Jake, he was sure it would all come out.

“Mail,” Sarah looked bored and more annoyed than usual. He guessed she didn’t much like doing the mail rounds while Steve was away. He received his mail, offering her a quick smile and a murmured thanks, both of which she ignored.

Paul saved his work, and pulled his mail towards him across the desk. There were a few more envelopes than normal. Some internal mail, external mail, some junk which should never have made it to him in the first place, and a small blue envelope.

The blue one caught his eye. He wasn’t used to coloured stationary. Nor was he used to receiving letters addressed like this.

He checked the rest of them. A few of them weren’t for him at all. But the blue one was the only one that was cause for panic.

His heart began to pound as he re-read the address label. His skin went cold and he felt the familiar tightening of fear around his stomach.

This was beyond slightly odd now. This was beyond weird. It was off, completely insane. Wrong.

Paul wondered what to do. Was he afraid of Jake? Jake was small, unthreatening. He shouldn’t be afraid of him. But he was apparently completely crazy, and Paul was more than slightly freaked out.

Was he supposed to go to his manager with this?

He tapped the envelope on the edge of the desk.

Seeing someone in management would require telling them what had happened with Jake. He wasn’t sure he wanted that to get around. And that might be bad for Jake, too. He didn’t want to humiliate him. Humiliating someone unstable was potentially a very bad idea. So he’d speak to him. Just to get him to back the hell off and stay away from him.

Paul straightened his suit and took a breath, hoping his thundering heart would slow down.

He’d speak to Jake. He’d tell him firmly that this was not ok, and tell him to stop this and just stay the hell away from him. Because he wasn’t afraid of Jake, and he wanted Jake to know it.

So he’d tell him.



Paul’s appearance struck Jake dumb again. He’d blinked, let Paul steer him into his cubicle and push him into his seat.

“You should be ashamed of yourself.” Paul hissed in a whisper. Paul looked pink, slightly wild. Jake stared at him, feeling his cheeks turning scarlet and knowing there was nothing he could do about it. “There’s something very wrong with you, Jake Preston. You’re already enough of a laughing stock around here. You should be thanking me for not spreading around how disgustingly pathetic you actually are.”

Paul shoved some internal mail into Jake’s chest. Jake jumped and clutched it on instinct.

“Stay the hell away from me.” Paul hissed, then left without waiting for any response at all.

Jake sat at his desk, trying to breath evenly, trying to suppress the tears welling in his eyes. It was like his brain had stopped working. Like his brain had turned to mush.

He clutched the edge of his seat with one hand and the letters with the other and stared blankly at his screen.

When he felt able, without betraying himself by shaking or crying, he slowly got up and made his way to the bathrooms.

The disabled toilet was never used, cleaner than the others. Jake locked himself in and leant against the door. He felt clammy and sick. And when he looked in the mirror he was nearly grey.

Paul had always been nice to him. Paul had always been professional, but friendly. Jake had admired him, found himself attracted to him. Found reasons to make himself useful.

But if he hadn’t bumped into Paul in the street on Saturday… even if he had… it had been Paul who’d suggested lunch. Who’d suggested dinner too.

So what was he to blame for? Why should he be ashamed? He couldn’t think of a single thing he’d done. He couldn’t think at all.

They’d spent the whole day talking. He’d really enjoyed Paul’s company. He’d thought Paul had enjoyed his. He’d taken Paul home. Was that what Paul thought he should be ashamed of? But Paul had enjoyed the sex, he was sure. The sex had been good. Paul had been a better lover than he’d had in a long time. He’d driven Jake wild, made Jake lose control like he couldn’t remember doing for years, and Jake didn’t understand how that could translate any way other than Paul enjoying it too. And so they’d had sex on the first day- so what? There’d been a connection. There had been something there. And dammit, if that’s what Paul was lashing out about, then he should be ashamed too.

But what if it wasn’t about the sex? What was he supposed to be ashamed of? And what was wrong with him?

And Paul had called him pathetic. Disgustingly pathetic. A laughing stock. Jake pressed the heels of his palms to his eyes and let his lungs gasp for air as they would.

What had he done?

And how could Paul had gone from looking at him like that to being so cruel to him?

What was it that was wrong with him?

He’d lost track of how much time he’d spent in the bathroom, but had waited longer to make sure he looked ok before he left.

He’d been fidgety though, unable to settle.

Jake decided he needed another job that would calm him, and settled on filing.

Marissa laughed when she saw him there, feverishly tidying things, but he ignored her rather than smiling like he usually did.

He was a laughing stock. People were laughing at him to his face.

Well, was it wrong to like things neat and tidy? No one around here complained about not being able to find anything, and they took it for granted too. If he wasn’t around, they’d soon find out what chaos would ensue.

The week got worse from there.

He couldn’t concentrate on his work, so he tidied and organised. Everything.

But then he ran out of things to tidy. And the next step seemed logical.

Unfortunately, his boss didn’t seem very understanding. Dusting seemed to have been ok, but vacuuming apparently wasn’t.

“Jake Preston, what are you doing?” She demanded, standing with one hand on her ample hip and watching him wrestle the vacuum cleaner out of the cleaner’s closet. And there was someone laughing.

Someone laughing at him. Because he was a laughing stock and pathetic. And apparently everyone could see there was something wrong with him and he didn’t know what.

“If anyone else cared even a little bit about what this workplace was like, then I’d have a damn sight less to do than I do now.” Jake snapped, hot tears stinging in his eyes.

He saw the surprise on Hillary’s face, looked away. People were probably staring, and he was going to cry.

Pathetic. Yes, he was pathetic.

“My office. Now.” Hillary’s tone was cool, but he didn’t care. Crying in front of one person was a huge step up from crying in front of every single person he worked with.

He nodded, bent to get the vacuum cord, which had somehow tangled around everything, and started to wind it into a neat coil.

There was a strange silence which buzzed in his ears.

“Jake?” Hillary sounded mystified.

He swallowed the lump in his throat.

“It’s a trip hazard to leave it like this. Putting it away properly will only take me-”

“Jake, I said now. Let someone else deal with it. My office. Go.” Hillary sounded outraged. Shocked.

He hesitated, looked up.

People were watching with fascination, with morbid curiosity, frozen mid movement.

Jake shivered despite the hot blush glowing in his cheeks, and turned away.

He felt ill leaving the vacuum lying there, but he had to go to Hillary’s office. Had to or she’d fire him. And how would he get another job? It was a surprise they’d let him stick around here this long.

He let himself into her office and looked around. Maybe she was going to fire him. He twisted his fingers together, looking around her office. It was a mess. A complete mess.

And the people in the hallway were probably laughing at him.

Struggling to draw deep breaths and stay calm, he found his fingers moving. Picking up the pens, replacing their lids, moving the books on her desk into perfectly even piles.

Unfortunately he hadn’t had time to even tidy the whole office before she was right behind him.

“Jake Preston!” She said loudly. He fumbled the day-to-day calendar and put it back on the desk, carefully squaring it with the edges of the timber.

Hillary was watching him.

“Sit down, Jake.” She said more quietly after moving around her desk and taking her own seat. He obeyed, reached out to straighten her pens as he did.

Hillary’s hand came down on his so fast he jumped. But she didn’t do anything other than gently catch his hand and hold it fast.

“Jake, is something wrong?” She asked.

He felt a cold shiver slide over his skin, shrugged.

“Do you need some time off?” She asked.

Jake shook his head. If he was home alone, all the time… he’d go crazy.

Hillary squeezed his hand in both of hers. He blinked rapidly to try to stop the tears welling up behind his eyes.

“It’s getting worse, isn’t it?” She finally said. She looked sympathetic. And that was it.

Jake found himself crying, covering his face and letting the misery pour out of him.

And Hillary was passing him tissues, coming back around her desk and rubbing his shoulders.

“Please,” he choked out. “I’ll try to stop. I will…”

“Honey, it’s not that simple.” Hillary sounded sympathetic, but that was it. He knew he was losing his job.

He drew a shuddering breath, nodded. “I c-can take my stuff home today.” He told her.

“What? Jake, I don’t want to fire you.” Hillary squeezed his shoulder. “But I don’t think I can keep you on. Unless you do something about this.”

“I’ll try, I will. I can stop.” Even as he promised, he wasn’t sure he could. That was the problem. It was like he had to do these things.

“No, Jake. I mean… you need to get professional help. Alright?”

He shuddered, looked at her.

“You need to go to your doctor, and get a referral. Ok? You need to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist and get some help, alright, Jake? You can’t go on like this.”

There was nothing to do except nod. Nothing else that seemed possible.

So he nodded.


His home was quiet and still. He let himself in and went to put his work things into their proper places in the files and trays in the little desk he had in the corner of his small lounge room.

The internal mail he could deal with directly. His latest pay slip, a note regarding the company’s Superannuation regulations, a letter from HR reminding staff about the company policy about requesting holidays, and another envelope. A blue one. He frowned at it. It was addressed to him, but it had “(and Rex :D )” in brackets next to his name.

He carefully opened the envelope and drew out a navy invitation to a birthday bash. From Greg. He frowned at the name. He shouldn’t be surprised. He had told as few people as possibly about Rex. Greg obviously didn’t know.

He sighed and rubbed his face. He wouldn’t have ever been invited except that Greg had taken a liking to his ex. He wondered if he shouldn’t call him and just hand over his number.

Jake sighed and went into the kitchen and put both the invite and the envelope into the recycling bin.

And then the mugs in the cupboard caught his eye so he straightened them until their handles were all lined up.

And once he’d straightened up the cutlery too there were so many more things that needed doing before he could even think about calling the doctor and making an appointment.


Paul hadn’t seen Jake around the office for days. Part of that had been his deadline and the fact he hadn’t paid attention to much else for days, and when he had he’d just been grateful that Jake appeared to have taken his warning to heart. And then he’d thought Jake was avoiding him, which kind of relieved him, but then it seemed… odd.

Of course, Jake was neat beyond anyone else in his office, but when he walked past his cubicle it looked like nothing had moved at all. Like Jake hadn’t been in.

He didn’t want to ask anyone about Jake. If Jake had weird ideas about him then he didn’t need to add to that. Did not need Jake to get any more ideas about him than he might have already had.

Of course, that didn’t mean he was averse to taking an opportunity when one came up.

A couple of the graphics guys were looking for something, rummaging around and making a mess. He’d been watching them, wondering why Jake wasn’t helping them find whatever they were after… until one of them burst out with ‘where the hell is Jake when you need him?’ and another one’s head shot up and he replied with ‘what, you didn’t hear?’

Paul moved closer.

“Went crazy and got sent home. Seriously, man? You didn’t know? He totally flipped out, like psycho, we’re talking.”

Paul almost stopped in shock. Jake had what?

“Yeah,” a third put in with a suggestive look. “Apparently he’s been getting crazier since his breakup.”

“Hey,” Paul said to them sharply. The shock was quickly being replaced by a cold feeling. A deep something moving inside him. Fear. Jake’s breakup? Paul hadn’t intended to do more than listen in, to find out what he could. But this was gossip and this was freaking him out and he did not want to hear anymore. “That’s enough. I don’t want to hear anymore gossip around here, got it?”

They looked at him. He doubted any of them knew exactly who he was, but still, neither did they seem keen on picking a fight. They shrugged and went back to what they’d been doing instead.

A break-up? What the hell had Jake been thinking? He’d told people they were dating before they’d ever even had a date and now they’d apparently broken up? This was getting way too weird for Paul. Way, way too weird.

Paul tried to steady his nerves. He wanted a coffee, desperately, and preferably spiked with something warming and whiskey-flavoured. Of course, he was at work, so that wasn’t going to happen.

Instead he tried to work for a while, and then went to find Kirsty. She was a girl who’d both know what was going on and be sensitive about it.

She was in her cubicle, and quickly went to push a tub of yoghurt out of sight when he came in.

“Can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked her.

“Ok.” She said, sounding a bit suspicious.

He sighed and leant against her desk.

“Jake.” He kept his voice low. “What happened?”

She gave him a long look. “Why you asking?” She finally demanded.

He liked the fact she wasn’t keen to tell him. It made him think she was unlikely to tell anyone much of anything. So if she knew anything about this supposed ‘breakup’ of Jake’s then she wouldn’t be all hot to tell everyone how he’d been tricked. “I didn’t know anything had happened. I’m worried about him. That’s all.”

Kirsty sighed and pursed her lips.

“You know his neat-thing? Well… it was getting worse and worse. People were talking a lot more than normal, but Jake was… so preoccupied… I don’t think he noticed. I don’t know. Anyway. Hillary confronted him…” Paul listened with a growing sensation of dread in his stomach. “… and then… Look, no one knows this but me. But she told him to go home and not to come back until he’d got help.” Kirsty looked sad. “So I guess he hasn’t.”

Paul blinked at her, a stab of pity hitting him in the stomach. “And that’s it?” he asked.

Ok. So Jake was perhaps a little crazy. But the poor thing. Paul didn’t want to feel sorry for him, but he couldn’t help it. Maybe Jake just needed someone to give him a hand. Apart from the whole crazy thing, he was a nice kid, really.

“Well yeah. Ok, so he flipped out a little, but it’s not like he went completely insane!” Kirsty flared at him.

“And no one’s bothered to call him or check on him?” He corrected coldly.

Poor Jake. He was probably home on his own. He must be lonely. Even people who were – unstable – got lonely, he was sure. That was probably half of it.

She stopped and then looked away.

“Right.” He said.



Paul felt awkward, knocking on Jake’s door after the way he’d left that morning after he’d spent the night… but there was nothing else for it. Someone had to check on him.

And even if Jake had some weird ideas about him and had a bit of a creepy stalker thing going on… Paul couldn’t help but thinking about him and hoping he was ok.

Paul had to knock twice more before Jake answered the door.

And when he did Paul just wanted to pick him up and cradle him close.

Jake looked harried and flushed, and even if he’d done his hair it still looked flat and dull somehow.

And then Jake saw him and went even pinker and looked at the ground and said nothing.

“Jake. Hi.” Paul hesitated. This was awkward. He could hardly speak. It would have been so much easier just to touch him, hold him close. But he couldn’t. Obviously merely sticking up for Jake that while back had been enough to give him ideas. He didn’t want to make things any worse. Any weirder. “Uh… so you haven’t been at work.”

“No.” Jake breathed his answer, still not moving.

“I wanted to check on you.”

“I’m ok.” His voice was so soft Paul barely caught it. And he didn’t look up.

The deep dread in Paul’s stomach grew. “Can I come in?” he asked.

Jake looked up at him, and Paul hoped desperately that it wasn’t fear that had flashed in Jake’s eyes before he looked down again and shook his head.

“Let me in.” Paul said quietly, hoping he was being gentle.

Jake ran his hands into his hair and clutched his head, moved inside.

Paul followed. Jake was hunched, looking at his feet. Paul looked down, but his shoes seemed fine. When he looked back up, though, Jake was shaking, wrapping his arms around himself.

He was sure Jake hadn’t been like this before. He would have noticed. Of course he would have. Ok, so he’d thought Jake might have been a little anal about being neat, a little messed up in what he told people about who he dated… but this was… this was something else.

“You going to be back at work soon?” He asked, hoping he was being encouraging.

Jake let out a keening moan and turned away, shaking his head. “No. I can’t. I can’t.” His shaking was worse.

Paul reached out for him. Jake shrank back but Paul was too worried to let him move away. He pulled Jake towards him and into a hug.

It wasn’t as much of a hug as he’d hoped. Jake stayed too tense for that.

“Why can’t you?” Paul asked. Jake went to pull away and Paul caught a glimpse of the tears in his eyes.

“Because everyone’s laughing at me. Because they’re talking about me. I can’t, I can’t,” Paul’s heart sank.

“They’re not. They’re worried about you, Jake.”

Jake shivered, shook his head.

“They are.” He whispered back.

“Look.” Paul began carefully. “I, uh… don’t mean to pry. Ok? But have you been to see anyone?”

The shaking got worse, and he was terribly afraid that Jake was going to cry. “No. No I can’t. I can’t, ok? I can’t…”

“Why not?” Paul was mystified. And then Jake was crying.

“I haven’t- I can’t! I have to finish. I can’t go out when it’s like this, I can’t leave a mess. I just have to keep- and then I can-” He broke off, covering his face.

“Jake,” Paul said quietly, running his hand up Jake’s back. Jake tried to shrug him away. “There’s no mess, ok? You’ve got everything completely spick and span, huh? I bet there’s nothing left to do. How about we go-”

“No, there is, there is,” Jake kept shaking his head, kept trying to pull away. “I can’t- not without…”

“What? What do you need to do?”He let go of Jake and gave him a gentle push so he’d show him. And Jake got the hint.

The small bathroom was spotless, scrubbed to a blinding white, but the smell of bleach was almost overpowering.

Jake picked up a worn cloth and immediately started scrubbing the grout between the tiles again. Perhaps Paul had caught him in the middle of something.

“I just have to finish up,” Jake said, drawing a couple of deep breaths which Paul thought must have burned his lungs with all that bleach around. But Jake was sounding calmer. Better. “And then. Then I’ll be ok. Just let me finish.”

Paul waited. It took Jake a lot longer to clean the tiles than he’d thought, but that was ok. And the way Jake then went at the taps made him surprised that the chrome didn’t all peel away.

But it was when Jake began on the already spotless floor that Paul began to realise there was no end in sight. That Jake had probably been going in circles since he got sent home.

“Jake. Come here.” He finally said.

Jake spared him a glance, no more.

“I’m nearly done,” he promised, a hitch in his voice. “I swear. I am.”

“No. Now.” Paul insisted.

“No. No, I can’t,” Jake sounded half panicked again.

Paul fell silent, decided to let Jake think he was letting it go. Until Jake walked past him and then he reached out and caught him, and pulled him into his arms.

If he hadn’t already been worried about Jake and if he was crazy and what he’d told people about him then he might have kissed him. Pulled him towards the bedroom and cuddled him and if that led to something else, then that was good, too. Told him how pretty his eyes were or something. Tried to distract him somehow.

As it was, he didn’t know how.

Jake let Paul hold him though. He rested his head against his chest and just let him hold him.

Paul wondered what to do next.

“Ok,” he whispered finally. “I’m going to be blunt, ok?” Jake eventually gave a tiny nod. “Now. We both know there’s something wrong, right?” Jake gave another reluctant nod. “Jake, I want to help you with this. And if that means I have to bully you into coming with me to see a doctor then that’s how it is. But we’re going, Jake. Now. Right now. And you don’t get to argue because I’m not giving you a choice. If I have to carry you out of here kicking and screaming then that’s what’s going to happen. So you might as well resign yourself to going. Now. Where are your shoes?”

Jake shrank, but he didn’t argue.

And it wasn’t long before he had shoes on and Paul had half steered him to his car and was driving him to the doctors.

While Jake looked like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world but there.


Paul waited outside the psychologist’s room. He’d started bringing books to read, since he’d gone through the magazines the first few days. Weeks ago now.

Jake had had a lot of visits. For hours at once, days in a row, a lot of the time.

They did seem to be helping. Especially considering that the first week it had sometimes taken an hour or two to get Jake out of the house. Sometimes it had even taken a phone call to the psychologist to help to get him calm enough to leave.

Now Jake answered the door when Paul arrived and came to the car without even shaking. Now Jake didn’t seem to sweep the inside of his house with his eyes before he left as if to make sure everything was still as sterile and clean as it had been moments before.

So the visits definitely seemed to be helping. And Paul was so glad that he didn’t dare look into it more. Jake went quiet after the sessions, and while he was desperately curious about what the psychologist talked about with him, but he didn’t want to ask. But Jake certainly didn’t volunteer any information.

He’d spoken to Hillary, and thank god she’d understood, put Jake on sick leave. And he’d spoken to the higher ups to make sure no one cared he was leaving work every day for a couple of hours to take Jake where he needed to go. He just wasn’t sure Jake would do it if he didn’t prod him along.

Paul stood up with a smile for Jake when the door opened. He always did. He hoped it helped Jake to see someone friendly waiting for him on the way out.

The psychologist came out first.

He’d only seen her a couple of times.

“You must be Paul.” She said to him, walking over and sticking her hand out. She was small and plain and somehow unthreatening. He liked her. “I’m Dr. Hoskins.”

“Nice to meet you,” He said politely, shaking her hand. Jake had come out behind her. He was looking small today, looking at the floor. He sat down and seemed to deflate.

Paul wanted to go over and put an arm around him. Hold him. Something.

“Can I talk to you for a few moments?” Dr. Hoskins asked him.

He blinked. She wanted to talk to him?

“Of course…” He agreed, giving Jake another glance. He hadn’t moved.

Dr. Hoskin’s office was cluttered and felt safe and warm. But Paul couldn’t have imagined that Jake would have been able to walk in it without trying to tidy it those first days.

“Have a seat.” She didn’t lead him across to the desk, but across to a couple of couches by the window.

“So how’s Jake doing?” He asked her, fully expecting her to tell him she couldn’t tell him anything due to client confidentiality clauses or something.

“Better.” She said simply, smiling. “I think we got to him in time.”

“In time?” he asked, feeling slightly surprised. Maybe Jake had said she could talk to him. “What does that mean?”

“Paul. Jake has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. It gets a fair amount of publicity.” Paul nodded slowly. Yeah. He’d heard of that. “What is means is that there’s a circuit in his brain that’s not functioning like it should. Instead of a thought being followed through, he gets stuck on a loop. There are things he can’t stop thinking about. That’s the Obsessive part. The Compulsive part is the fact that these repetitive thoughts compel him to perform actions. And those actions only reinforce the thoughts, so the cycle repeats itself.”

Paul nodded. “But he didn’t used to be like this.”

“There’s probably always been some measure of it within him.” She said mildly. “We find that there’s a measure of it within anyone. Rituals, counting, that sort of thing. Problems occur when it starts to interfere with daily life. When people can’t actually function anymore.”

Poor Jake at work was what came to mind.

“The worst part is for a lot of OCD sufferers, is that stress makes it worse, but the OCD itself makes them stressed. Again, it’s a cycle it’s very difficult to break out of. So I’m glad you brought him in. He could have gone on the way he was for a long time. There are a huge proportion of people with OCD who never manage to hold down a job, and I think Jake was well on the way to becoming one of them.”

It made Paul sick to think about it.

“I need to ask you something.” Dr. Hoskins leant forward in her chair. “Now. Jake has a pretty strong social anxiety which is exacerbated by the OCD and maybe arises from it too. He thinks people think he’s a freak, that they look at him funny, that they laugh at him behind his back…” Paul felt a cold shiver run down his back.

“He’s been teased a little. But nothing really malicious.”

“It doesn’t matter.” She shook her head.

Paul sat in silence a moment. Oh, Jake.

“At some point too, you told him people laughed at him.”

The air left his lungs like he’d been hit. “Oh shit.” He had, too. Paul rubbed his face. He’d made everything worse. He finally looked back up at Dr. Hoskins.

She was smiling at him.

“Maybe you’d like to tell him why you told him that.” She suggested. He felt cold. How much did she know? She couldn’t know everything, right?

“Right.” He nodded carefully. “Of course.”


He pulled up outside Jake’s unit, but Jake hesitated, looking at him. His hands clenched in his lap.

“Do you want to come in?” Jake asked him very quietly.

Paul felt a wave of something like pride. He bet it had taken Jake a lot to ask. And then he felt like a schmuck.

“I need to talk to you. I need to tell you something.” Jake nodded. Paul sighed and looked at the steering wheel. Better to tell Jake here, where he wasn’t in Jake’s house if he upset him. Better here, where Jake could decided when to leave. “Ok. You know that day, when I told you that… I told you that you were pathetic and a laughingstock?” Jake met his gaze with a slight tremor. A determined, defiant look.

“Yes.” He said. Paul doubted he’d ever forget.

“I should never have said those things. I freaked out and I … I lashed out at you. I didn’t mean what I said. I just panicked when I saw my name on your letter. But I should have asked you about it. I shouldn’t have just…”

“What letter?”

Paul blinked. “You know- I brought your mail. It had got mixed in with ours.”

“What letter? What are you talking about?” Jake seemed genuinely confused.

“The letter. It said your name, and then mine in brackets. I just got weirded out, that’s all.”

“No.” Jake shook his head. “I’ve never had a letter addressed to both of us. Why would I have?”

“I know what I saw, alright?” Paul felt sick. Jake wasn’t crazy, he was just… just Jake. So why was he denying this? “And if that’s not enough- that morning I left.” Jake looked away at last. “Don’t ask me why, ok, but I… but I listened to your messages. And some guy called Joey had left a message wanting to know about Rex.”

“So what? I don’t get it,” Jake looked lost.

“So you think my name coming up twice around you like that is what, some sort of coincidence?”

“But it wasn’t your name, it was Rex. You’re Paul.”

“So why would you call me Rex?”

“I didn’t! You’re not, you’re Paul!”

“Paul. M. Rexer.” Paul said tightly.

Jake blinked at him and the moment stretched out. And then dawning comprehension lit Jake’s soft eyes.

“Rex,” he said, in a voice which suddenly shook. Paul waited to hear what he’d say. “Rex was my ex-boyfriend, you-” Jake burst out, then gave an odd choked noise and ducked out of the car before Paul could think to say another word.

“Shit.” He said to himself. So what, the friends had been ringing up to find about the ex? Not him. And the letter… had been addressed to Jake and his ex. Not to him. Which meant that Jake hadn’t done anything creepy like following him, like pretending they were seeing each other to people and then telling them they’d broken up. Which meant… he’d panicked. He’d been a huge fucking bastard. For no reason at all.

Paul hurried to get out of the car and follow him. Of course, hurrying never worked and he ended up being slower than he normally would have been once he’d untangled himself from the damn seatbelt and managed to get his key stuck in the ignition.

Jake had already gone.


Jake hadn’t answered his door, hadn’t let him in. Paul was pretty sure he wasn’t going to.

In the end he went home and hoped that Jake wasn’t back to scrubbing floors. He couldn’t stop the image though, couldn’t stop thinking back to how frantic Jake had been that day, cleaning his bathroom. Unable to stop himself.

He picked up his phone.

Jake answered on the third ring.

“Hi, it’s me.” Paul said quietly.


“Are you ok? What are you doing?” He immediately wondered if that had been the smartest thing to say straight out. But he was worried.

“I’m fine.” Jake did sound ok, too. Quiet, but ok. “I’m just… I’m not cleaning uncontrollably, if that’s what you’re asking.” He sounded slightly bitter, and Paul kicked himself.

“I’m sorry.” He said, as sincerely as he could. “I’m… I’m an idiot, you’re right. Rex just isn’t that common a name though, you know. I jumped to conclusions and I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry, Jake. I’m… sorry.” For the things he’d said, and the way he’d acted. For not having been there more.

There was silence down the line, and he remembered how quietly Jake had breathed while he was a sleep. Which led him to thinking about how peaceful Jake had looked sleeping. While led him to thinking about the other things they’d done in Jake’s bed.

Paul closed his eyes.

Jake didn’t speak.

Paul cleared his throat. “So, uh… pick you up, same time?”

Another short silence.

Paul wanted to pick Jake up in the morning, kiss his soft cheek, maybe build on that.

The knowledge that Jake hadn’t done anything like what he’d thought, the idea that he’d overreacted entirely… it was a heavy weight in his stomach. Except at the same time, it freed him. It wasn’t a problem that he liked Jake now. He didn’t have to argue with himself about the wisdom in being attracted to someone who’d tried to trap him or someone a little stalkerish. He could just be attracted to Jake. And savour it.

“Uh, look,” Jake began. “Paul. I really appreciate you coming and driving me around and checking on me. But… Dr. Hoskins and I have been talking about this for a while, and … it’s probably time that I started doing things for myself. You know.”

The air felt like it had been sucked out of Paul’s chest. He felt winded. “Right. Yeah. Of course.” He tried to sound positive. This was a big step for Jake. This was moving in the right direction. And yet, he still felt hollow.

“I feel like I can do it, now. And I have to start. I can’t rely on other people forever.” Jake went on.

Paul closed his eyes. “No, you’re right. I understand. Yeah.”

“Cool.” Jake had gone quiet again.

“Yeah. Ok. So, uh… so let me know, right? If you do need a lift anytime. Or if you need anything. Anything at all, right? And anytime. And just because you call doesn’t mean you aren’t independent or that you can’t take care of yourself, you know? But I’ll come. Anytime you need me.”

Inside, Paul pondered the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’.

“Sure.” Jake agreed. “Thanks, Paul.”

“No worries.” Paul answered, a thick knot forming in his throat. “You’ve got my number.”


“Ok. Right. Well, call me, ok?”

“I’ll see you later, Paul,” Jake said quietly, and then he was gone.


“Paul,” Hillary thanked him as he held the door open for her. The end of another long week and he was tired. She looked tired too.

“Good news, isn’t it?” She added then.

“Getting the rights to the new Cresswick book?” He asked blankly.

She laughed. “No. Jake.”

Paul blinked, his chest tightening a little at the mention of the name. He missed Jake. Not that he’d ever spent much time with him, apart from that one day. Apart from those hours accumulated over maybe two months driving him around. But he missed him.

“What…?” He sounded blank and felt silly.

Hillary just laughed and nudged him gently.

“Everyone will be pleased to have him back. Don’t play shy with me, Paul. He told me.”

“Right.” Paul agreed. He knew he sounded surprised, confused. Jake was coming back to work? Hillary knew? Jake had told her? And not him?

He tried to ignore the sting.

“See you next week, Paul,” Hillary waved, heading towards her car.

He watched her go.


Paul was at work extra early on Monday.

Jake wasn’t.

He suspected it meant Jake wasn’t coming back to work as soon as he’d thought. After all, Hillary had said nothing about when this would occur. He’d just hoped, more than anything, that Jake would be in early, like he’d used to be, and that he’d be able to catch him, talk to him.

Other staff started to trickle in, so Paul got another coffee and settled down to get some good work done.

Nine on the dot, and there was a commotion, a burst of laughter and excited talking out of place for a Monday morning so early.

Paul got to his feet and went to look out of his office.

Down across the floor of cubicles he could see a small group of people, growing as staff appeared and began to congregate.

And there was Jake. Jake in the middle of it all, absolutely grinning, looking pleased as punch. Almost glowing and looking fit and healthy…

Better than Paul had ever seen him.

Paul wanted to go down, to push through the people around him shaking his hands and welcoming him back, and to take Jake into his arms.

Except that Jake hadn’t called him for weeks. Hadn’t answered his calls or responded to his messages. He hadn’t even told him he was coming back to work.

Paul sighed and sat back down at his computer.

He wanted to see Jake badly. But he wasn’t sure Jake wanted to see him.


It was just before lunch that Paul went downstairs to make some photocopies and just happened to walk past Jake’s cubicle.

Jake was there, working quietly.

Paul stepped in and their closeness made him ache.

“Welcome back.” He said softly.

Jake looked around, and then offered him a cautiously friendly smile. “Thanks.” He said simply. “It’s nice to be back.”

Paul gathered his courage. “You look really well.” He said.

“Thanks.” Jake answered, but his smile had fallen somewhat.

They watched each other for a moment, then Paul finally sucked in a breath and leant down.

Of course, he hadn’t intended to kiss Jake. Not entirely. But he’d suddenly found himself overwhelmed with the need to touch him, to somehow show him how much he cared about him and liked him… and so he bent to kiss his cheek, with the idea of moving towards his mouth.

Jake ducked his head slightly. A coldness settled over Paul. He’d hoped, really hoped, that he hadn’t entirely blown things. Maybe he had.

“Look,” Jake said, looking awkward. “I’m sorry, I just… I’m not-”

“No, no.” Paul shook his head, feeling foolish. He meant to tell Jake that it was ok, but he couldn’t find the words.

He settled for clearing his throat. “Well. Glad to see you so well.” His tone was heavy no matter how much he’d hoped it was light. Didn’t matter. Not really.

Jake nodded, looking down at his hands.

Paul took his leave.


Jake was like a new man. He seemed happier and more lively. He talked more with other staff, ate lunch with them; he laughed more.

It made Paul ache. It was like the little spark he’d seen inside Jake had suddenly filled him with light- and now everyone could see it. It felt like losing something. Like he’d been robbed of something. And he hated it.

So he avoided Jake. He didn’t want to be pushed away again, and Jake had made it clear that he wasn’t really interested in friendship, even if Paul had been there for him all those weeks. Even if Paul had kept calling to check on him even when Jake never answered. Never responded.

Melissa appeared in his office doorway, smiling.

“Paul, we’re all going to go out for drinks after work. Join us?”

“Everyone?” he found himself asking. That seemed like too many people, surely.

She laughed. “Ok, whatever. Me and Kirsty and Jake and most of the floor crew. Like a welcome back thing.”

Ugh. Paul almost couldn’t believe how drastically things had changed.

“Ah, I can’t tonight.” He found himself answering, his lips moving without any thought.

“No worries, then. Maybe next time?” She invited, and then slipped away, leaving Paul to wrestle with something that felt a lot like jealously.


“Hi.” Jake said, slipping into the chair across from his.

Paul looked at him, found himself offering the smaller man a smile. “Hi.” He said. Jake was being friendly to him. More, Jake had chosen to sit with him in the lunchroom.

“Busy week?” Jake asked, opening his lunch.

“Yeah, something like that.” Paul agreed. “Just not managing my time well the last few days.”

Jake’s smile was amused. Paul doubted he had that problem.

“So I heard you were the one Cresswick wanted to work with?” An innocent enough question, Paul supposed as he nodded. He hoped it was, anyway.

“Yeah.” He agreed. “He’ll be in in a few days.”

“What a coup.” Jake said with a smile. “Hot shot author changes publishing house… and you get picked to be the one to work with him.”

Paul shrugged and smiled. He was good at what he did. But he was still pleased, Jake was right.

“How about you?” he asked. “Anything exciting going on?”

Jake laughed. “Not really. You know.”

“No?” Paul asked, half surprised, half hopeful. “I thought… I thought you might be interested in that promotion that’s going.”

“What, me?” Jake’s voice had risen. “Oh no. No, I’m not applying.”

“No? Why not? You’re not interested?”

Jake blinked, looking a bit confused. Stunned. “Well. I’m not… I mean, I don’t have the experience.”

Paul shrugged. “You’re qualified. People really respect the work you do.”

Jake looked down at his lunch. “I don’t know that excessive organisation is something they’re looking for in a candidate.” He finally said softly.

“No.” Paul wasn’t going to lie to him, but he wasn’t going to let Jake keep thinking that was an issue, either. “But organisation in general, and time management skills, and details; they’re all really important. You’re better at all that than anyone else around here. And you work hard, Jake. Don’t think no one ever noticed all the extra hours you pull.”

Jake went pink. “All that time off though… I- I don’t know.”

Paul smiled and shrugged. “It was sick leave, Jake. I don’t think anything more has been said about it. Officially? It’s just sick leave.”

Jake let out a short breath and shot Paul a half smile. “Maybe.” he agreed. But he still looked wary.

“Definitely.” Paul said more sincerely. “Jake, honestly. People ask you for your advice, they take their problems to you. They respect your work. I really think you could have a chance at it.”

“I don’t know.” Jake shook his head and looked away, then smiled and gave a small shrug. Paul thought that was enough for now.


Paul sat at the bar and tried to look at his drink and keep his eyes away from the smaller man on the other side of the room. Jake was tucked into a booth with a whole lot of people Paul hadn’t thought he’d even known before. Jake was being friendly to him now, and he suspected he’d be able to go and join in and be welcome, but he just couldn’t bring himself to move.

Some Christmas party this had turned out to be. Paul’s heart wasn’t in it.

“Want some company?” Hillary took the stool next to him.

He shrugged. He didn’t really want to answer yes or no.

“I thought you and Jake were friends.” She said after a moment.

“Yeah. I guess.” Paul answered, unable to keep some of the bitterness from his tone. He’d gone so far out of his way for Jake, and to be pushed away and avoided had really hurt. This strange ‘friendship’ that had sprung up between them didn’t salve the wound either. It just made him uneasy and regretful.

“Oh.” Hillary sounded surprised. “Oh!” She looked at him with big eyes.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Paul growled, tearing his eyes away from Jake’s smiling face.

“You and he…” Hillary said suggestively, gesturing. Paul sighed and shook his head.

“No.” He didn’t really want to go into it.

“Why not?” She demanded loudly. He winced. “Is he gay?” Paul nodded. “How do you know? And do not tell me you ‘just know’ or I’ll hurt you.”

He sighed and gave her a look. Raised his eyebrows briefly.

“You mean you- oh. Oh.” Hillary was catching on. Paul shook his head and sighed. “Well,” she tried. “What happened? That’s it? Come on, Paul! Did you ask him out?” Paul didn’t want to talk about it, but at the same time…

He hadn’t ever asked Jake out.

He wondered if he should. He could ask him out, make one last effort. Give Jake one more opportunity to wound him and then accept defeat if Jake said no. When Jake said no.

But then… Jake had been friendly again recently.

The thing was that Jake had ignored his calls and had been so stand-offish when he’d got back to work. Paul just didn’t know what to think.

One more try.

And then finally accept that Jake wasn’t interested in him.

The evening dragged. How was he supposed to ask Jake out, to even speak to him, when he never seemed to be alone? Not even for a moment.

He was always talking to people, surrounded by his new friends. Paul couldn’t help the bitter hurt he felt. It didn’t go away, no matter how much he told himself that Jake deserved friends, that it was a good thing. The fact was that he’d been Jake’s friend before anyone else, and yet he was the one here who wasn’t spending any time at all with Jake.

Paul wondered if he shouldn’t leave, if he shouldn’t just go home. It seemed so pointless to keep hanging out here when he wasn’t enjoying it at all.

He stood up from the bar and went to the men’s room.

It wasn’t empty. It never was at the moments when he’d have liked it to be.

He ignored the two other occupants and went about his business.

The door opened as one of them left, and a smaller figure moved through the door right after him.

Paul’s heart sped up.

He’d never seen Jake in a bathroom before- which meant nothing, granted. But now he was here and Paul couldn’t stop overanalysing. Because Jake had been shy before. But not just shy; he’d been shy and obsessive compulsive about cleaning. And bathrooms-

The other occupant left the room too, leaving Paul alone with Jake.

He turned, intending to walk straight out of there. The bathroom was not the place to confront Jake or to try and engage him in conversation. Even just being in there with him was… weird.

Jake was standing at the sinks though, his hands full of paper towel.

Paul couldn’t help but look.

“Hey, what happened?” He found the words leaving his mouth without any thought.

Jake shot him an amused look in the spotted mirror. “My drink decided it wanted to make the intimate acquaintance of my shirt.” He said dryly.

The stain Paul eyed wasn’t a small one, either. It looked pretty much like a whole drink had found its way onto Jake.

“Ah well.” Jake said with a grin, examining how wet the fabric of his shirt was. “Not my favourite shirt, anyway.”

“What a MILF!” I commented as Stacey walked by me in the food court.

There was just something about that particular salesgirl which especially attracted me. It was true that the mall’s rules technically discouraged any kind of relationship with staff, but Stacey wasn’t on the shopping center’s payroll and thus not really my subordinate. She worked in the bath and body shop close to the information center. I didn’t really care about what she did for a living, of course. That didn’t make a difference to me.

No, I was attracted to the brunette’s playful manner and saucy wit. I also loved her cute tush and her small, but firm breasts. Her legs, while average in length, were quite sexy as well. Stacey had a very soft and easygoing attitude. The fact that she was known to be a mom just made her hotter. It didn’t hurt that she preferred to reveal a lot of skin, either. I would have been more surprised if she’d been a virgin instead of an expecting mother, given her open and pleasant ways.

“Excuse me! What did you say?” Stacey backed up and approached me with a grin.

“I believe that I called you a MILF, which stands for… ,” I repeated my observation.

“Mother that I’d like to fuck, right?” Stacey joined me at the table, clearly enjoying herself.

“Naturally,” I answered coyly as I ate my meatball sub.

“So, what the hell is stopping you? It’s not like I’m getting any at home, I can tell you that. Not since I got pregnant, that is. I know why, too. Damn motherfucker just fucked me to put a bun in my oven and then went back to his boy-toys. I don’t know if he’s gay or bi, but he certainly shows more interest in men than me. I snooped, because I wanted to know where he got his balls drained when he wasn’t boning me. I’m not a particularly jealous woman, but if it takes away from me getting laid, then I get angry. So, what about it, you German stud? If you want some ass, cum and get it,” she was surprisingly frank with me.

“So, hubby isn’t cutting the mustard for you these days? Well, I don’t mind pitching in. Neither my wife nor I are exactly the poster kids for marital fidelity, either. This isn’t my first marriage, for that matter. I called you a MILF for a reason. You’re the sexiest lady working at this mall, if you ask me.

“I have to warn you that I’m already having an extramarital affair with a neighbor lady, a Tejana named Carlita. Her husband is in prison and she has needs. I had to agree to end it when he gets out, though, since she plans to be faithful once he’s no longer fucking cellmates. Something about being a good Catholic girl, but still needing dick. I think that she’s kidding herself, though, ’cause she wants me to go bareback. I’m likely to knock her up and she should know it.

“I should probably just break it off with Carlita and make you my new mistress. She might take it hard, though. Like I said, she’s fooling herself. She has feelings for me, even if she pretends otherwise,” I felt obliged to confide in Stacey.

“No, don’t break it off with her. You can have both of us. I don’t want to see the poor girl go without. She might be an unfaithful wife, but so am I and so is yours, from what you’ve told me. It’s her husband’s fault that she is spreading her legs for you instead of him. If he hadn’t broken the law, he wouldn’t be in prison, would he?

“Unless he’s innocent, but that’s not the impression that I get. She wouldn’t be quite as eager to fool around if she thought him falsely accused. On some level, she blames him and is paying him back for getting both of them into this mess. That’s what I think, anyway.

“Besides, if she’s falling for you, she doesn’t deserve to get kicked to the curb. Love merits better treatment than that. I guess that I’m getting romantic here. I like that you’re being so kind to your neighbor. It’s very sweet of you, even if you have ulterior motives.

“So, what about your wife? Who’s she seeing on the side? One man or several? Or a woman? Just wondering. Do you guys still get it on?” Stacey encouraged me while eating her corndog.

“You won’t believe me if I tell you. As you might have guessed, I know what she’s been up to, and it shocked even me. Are you ready for this?” I asked Stacey, suddenly in an unusually gossipy mood (very strange for me, but then we were contemplating an affair, so why not tell her everything about my marriage).

“Try me, Otto. I mean that in more ways than one. I might well surprise you,” Stacey assured me.

“Alright, but this might make you lose your lunch,” I warned her.

“I’m pregnant, so I’m always in danger of tossing my guts,” she reminded me.

“Very well. Katie is fucking her own brother, Desmond. Yeah, him. My brother-in-law. The guy’s a frat boy. Quite literally one. He still lives at Phi Epsilon or something like that. One of those Greek houses. I wonder what his brethren would say about incest. He’s about seven years her junior and apparently they’ve been fucking since his first summer after college. Not that I care.

“I think that she’s in love with him, though. I’m afraid that she might leave me as soon as he graduates and gets started ascending the corporate ladder. I guess that won’t be too much of a tragedy, except that I’d miss her. She’s a slut, but as long as she doesn’t get jealous, I’m fine with her screwing around. She hasn’t complained about my past affairs and I like being married to a slut provided that she’s not a hypocrite.

“Katie’s damn good in bed, and yes, we still fuck. I’ll have three women to service if we become lovers, but at least Desmond is helping out. How will you honestly feel about that situation, though? Jealous yet?” I probed.

“Hell, no! I’m not gonna be dissuaded by a sexy situation like that. Incest, eh? I love it. Maybe I can talk Katie into a threesome with you and me. Or a foursome, if you want to add Desmond. I wouldn’t mind including Carlita, but she might not go for that. She might get jealous, in fact. If she does, though, just point out that both of you are married, so it’s not your primary relationship. I’m like Katie, more interested in having fun myself than stopping others from having it. Jealousy is stupid and spiteful.

“So, I’d say that you’re out of excuses, Herr Hauser. I dare to hope that I will soon find myself in bed with a hunky German. I know that you’re well-endowed, too. I’ve seen your bulge through your pants. Since hubby doesn’t want to fuck me, a sexy Prussian will do. One of these days, I’ll get the nerve to confront the bastard. Until then, to use a term that hubby knows too well, let’s keep it on the ‘down-low’.

“I’ll meet you anywhere you want, anytime you want. If we had enough privacy, I’d drop my shorts and bend over for you right now. This pregnancy has me horny as hell and hubby won’t do a thing about it. I’m not so far along that it’s a bad position for me yet. Do we have a deal? Want to commit adultery with me?” Stacey invited me rather brazenly.

“You bet your sweet ass I want to fuck you. And I will. How about tonight? Katie is at her folks’, no doubt riding Desmond very hard. They were both supposed to be there. And I’m glad that you talked me out of dropping Carlita. I’d miss her too much. Just as I’ll miss you, I suspect, if we ever end our affair. My place tonight?” I suggested to the MILF.

“Let’s do it. Meet you after work and you can fuck me into next Tuesday. It’s a deal, Otto. I’ll hold you to it,” she said as she kissed me on the lips.

“Of course, babe. I’m a man of my word,” I wrapped up my lunch as I headed back to my desk in the mall office.

“Good to know,” she blew a kiss at me, before walking back to her shop.

I naturally turned around for a chance to stare at her ass for a second. My cock was more than a little hard by now. Stacey had that effect on any red-blooded straight guy. If her husband didn’t want her, he had to be gay.

The rest of the workday was a breeze. I buried myself in work and tried to forget about the fact that I made plans for an adulterous encounter with one of the sexiest pregnant women in the world. When the time came to clock out, I saw Stacey waiting for me outside of the mall office. The look on her face displayed brazen lust. She still wore her wedding band, which fascinated me.

“So, I take it that you plan to get it on while wearing your ring,” I teased Stacey as we headed to my van.

“Why not? I already know that I’m married and screwing around on my old man. No little game like taking off my ring is gonna make a difference to me. On the contrary, there’s something very sexy about having you take me while I carry two reminders of my husband. One’s the band, the other is my baby, of course. It’s naughty in the extreme, which is how I like things right now. I’m in that kind of mood,” Stacey told me as we kissed and went inside the van.

“When you talk like that, you make me want to fuck you right here and now,” I warned her.

“What’s the problem here? Go for it. Fuck me right now. Take my pussy and fuck the hell out of it. I’m all yours right now,” she told me with a “come hither” look.

I couldn’t say no to that, and thus I found myself screwing Stacey mere minutes later. Her shorts and panties were at her ankles and my cock was deep within her very wet cunt. This girl didn’t waste any time at all. Her message to me was one that she belonged to me first. Hubby was the past, due to his own actions. Divorce was just around the corner for that couple.

I’m not sure what exactly made Stacey cum the first time with me inside her pussy, but I didn’t mind it. Maybe it was the risky, semi-public nature of the act, in a van in a parking lot at the mall where both of us worked. I fucked her for several more minutes, causing her to cum a second time before I shot out my own seed. From behind was always my favorite position, anyway.

After I came in Stacey’s cunt, she stood unsteadily and put her arms around my neck for a kiss. I grabbed her waist and slipped her a generous amount of tongue. She broke the kiss at last and pulled up her shorts after a considerable length of time. She evidently wanted to go home with me and have me take her delicious pussy again.

During the drive, Stacey put her fingers down her panties and rubbed her clit to enjoy herself until we got home. She had a look of apparent impatience while I drove, so I was quite pleased to finally get us there. Once the door slammed behind us, Stacey left a trail of clothes on the way to my bed, which she didn’t take long to find.

A very naked Stacey awaited me on my marriage bed, where she proceeded to lie down and lift her legs to encourage me to fuck her once more. I didn’t resist the urge at all, tossing aside my own clothes to get them out of my way as I approached her. My mouth latched onto Stacey’s as she wrapped her legs around my waist. My cock thrust forcefully into her cunt, going almost as deep as I had in the van.

The sex continued for another fifteen minutes, with my uncut dick using Stacey’s pussy to our shared gratification. Adultery had always been a nice pastime for me, but this was much better than usual. Stacey was as horny as I’ve been told that pregnant women could be. She didn’t disappoint me at all, as I came once again inside her. I lay with this new lover, the two of us relaxing in each other’s arms and both of us turning a bit drowsy from the mix of hard retail work and plenty of steamy sex.

There was something about holding Stacey that also pleased me. She really needed this intimacy as well as the other kind. I didn’t lack this with Katie, but it was great with Stacey as well. She obviously missed it with Patrice and I helped her out at this point of things as well as the sex itself.

I awoke first, ready to piss and quite aware that Stacey lay in bed next to me. I grinned as I thought about the sexy brunette in the marriage bed, which had seen more than a little extramarital activity in its day between my affairs and Katie’s.

As I washed my hands, I saw Stacey come up behind me and felt her hands on my belly as her arms enveloped my waist. She pressed her lips to the back of my neck and started licking it toward my upper back. I turned around and kissed her mouth, using my tongue to plunder her as thoroughly as my cock had done with her pussy.

Stacey melted into me as we kissed, her tongue lovingly entwining itself with mine and her lips seeming to fuse with my own. Her passion suggested a deep-seated attraction that was more than purely physical. It was like that “Vulcan mind meld” thing from Star Trek, but with plenty of emotion involved. She was alive with her lust for and increasing bond with me.

“Stacey, I’d say that this has gotten a bit more serious than it first appeared. Would you agree with me there?” I asked the woman, already knowing her likely answer.

“Yeah, I think that you’re right. I not only enjoyed fucking you, but also snuggling up with you and falling to sleep. I have needs, emotional as well as sexual. Would it be such a terrible thing for you and me to become lovers like you and Carlita are? I’m not trying to replace Carlita. As I said before, I like the way you are about her. I just want my own affair with you. I want to be your other mistress.

“I don’t care about your wife. It sounds like she has another man to help satisfy her, too,” Stacey agreed with me.

“You can certainly sell yourself. I see how you do so well at work. I’m not opposed to being your lover and vice versa. We have a bond, no doubt of that. Hungry?” I thought of the fact that pregnant women needed to feed both themselves and their babies.

“Yes, actually. Then I’ll service you again and again. I don’t care if we’re caught, though I don’t see how we would be. What can we eat?” Stacey inquired, evidently famished.

“We just ate up most of the leftovers yesterday. I can fry some eggs and bacon, but it might take a while. What sounds good to you?” I asked my new lover, who really charmed me by now.

“As delicious as that sounds, I don’t want my new lover slavin’ over the stove when he could be getting frisky with me. Can we just order a pizza? I’m craving pepperoni, onions, and mushrooms. How about you, honey?” Stacey suggested, her eyes pleading with me.

“Pizza it is. I’m not really in a cooking mood in any case. Mine will be sausage, green peppers, and black olives. We can sample a little of each others’ pie, too,” I proved agreeable to her idea.

“Well, I have another kind of pie to ‘sample’ later, if you wish. I think that you’ll find it pleasing. Since hubby doesn’t eat me, why shouldn’t you do the honors? But I like your idea, too,” Stacey smiled with her usual playful attitude as I picked up the phone to call the local pizza shop. This was a Mom and Pop store, not a franchise or chain, and its pizza and wings were fantastic.

“So, what do we do in the meantime?” I asked Stacey with mock uncertainty after hanging up with the owner.

“Oh, I think that we can find ways to kill the time, baby,” she answered in a voice that left no doubt of her meaning.

“A woman after my own heart. Let’s get busy. We have half an hour to spare,” I led her to the loveseat, where my next treated awaited me.

“I told you before, I’m all yours, honey. Have your way with me,” Stacey invited me.

It was an offer that I definitely wouldn’t refuse, whether I could or not.

This story was written by two people (my cyber lover and I) living half a world apart over period of few days, several years ago. Each of us wrote little bit then the other continued and so forth. I have lost contact with her now and I miss her immensely.

Unfortunately, it was written in other language than English (our native language) and I find it really hard translating it to proper English. So please excuse me if it is not always 100%.


I am entering large room full of sun. The room is furnished in rather sober, but effective and modern way. Lady sitting behind big writing desks nods only and by pressing button on the desks announces you that I am here. She smiles and tells me to enter your room. I am opening massive, soundproof door and entering.

Now I am in your office. It is large and very nicely furnished. I see simple furniture in the style of Art Deco in perfect harmony with modern computing technology. I stop in the middle of the room. You sit behind the desk, slightly sideways towards me. “Sit down please, I won’t be long.” Perhaps you did not even notice me. You do not pay me any attention and concentrate on things on huge LCD monitor in front of you. I am sitting down in comfortable armchair. Sitting against tall windows covered with partly closed vertical blinds, my body is covered in strips of light and shade. The light does not bother my eyes that my whole face is covered by black veil attached to elegant black hat. Putting my handbag next to my feet in black stilettos, I cross my legs comfortably. Your inattentiveness lasts some time by now and I am becoming lightly drugged by the play of light and shade on my body.

I am making myself even more comfortable, sliding deeper into the armchair, my head resting on the back of the armchair. I am slowly unbuttoning my tailored black jacket. After a while, my skin is covered only in the red satin of my corset that tightly holds my breasts, tummy and hips. I notice movement from your desk. You turn your head towards me and want to say something. Your mouth dries out and you just stare at me. That encourages me. I sink even more into the armchair and pull my tight skirt with longs slit on side higher, offering you glimpse of lacy garter holding my black stockings covering my firm tights and slim calves.

I lift my right leg and slowly move it on top of your desk. Then I do the same with the left leg and end sitting against you with my legs wide apart. There is just your desk between the two of us now. Without a move, you measure me with your sight. I can hear your breath. Your body trembles slightly, but otherwise you look absolutely untouched. But your hands squeezing handles of your comfortable chair are giving you out. Slowly, my palms are starting to move from my neck down. Very slowly, I move them towards my breasts, my nipples hardening under the tight grip of corset. I stop on my belly, hook fingers behind my skirt, skilfully open it and take it off my body. Now I am lightly stroking my hips and then run my red fingernails over exposed part of skin on my thighs. My mouth opens just a bit and my tongue waters my perfect lips. I wear bright red lipstick. My lips are soft, velvet like, vulgar and asking to be kissed. All the time, I am watching you through the veil. You can see only shine of my eyes. I am mesmerising you with my eyes like an asp paralysing its victim. I know I have full control over you.

My fingers are resting in between my legs, softly touching soft fabric covering entrance to my already wet love tunnel. Pulling the fabric to one side, I let you see what my own touches do to my body. My fingers are immediately wet from juices flowing from my freshly shaved pussy. Suddenly, you stand up and slowly walk around the desk towards me. Your hands reach my face and ever slowly, you lift my veil to have a look at my face. Your fingers pat my face and a tip of your thumb glides over my lips. The red lipstick sticks on your thumb.


Even though that the purpose of your visit is clear to me from the very first moment and big bulge on my perfectly tailored pants shows that, I make few steps back from you and with pretence of professionalism, I ask you “what can I do for you, Madam?” However, I am not waiting for you answer and am returning back to you. My right hand takes your chin, and bending your head backwards, my lips are nearing yours. Suddenly, our lips are locked in passionate kiss, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. My left hands weights your perfect, pear shaped breasts. Without hesitation, my hand slides under the fabric of the corset and I take your nipple between my fingers and rub it a little bit. Your tongue darts into my mouth in response to my stimulation. My right hand leaves your chin and not long after I feel wetness of your panties. I slowly and gently rub your pussy through the fabric, knowing that this type of stimulation makes you even hornier. I can feel your pussy opening and asking for more attention.

In the meantime, your hands skilfully undo my tie and my shirty is forcefully open, buttons flowing all over the room. Your bloodlike red fingers scratch my chest, leaving red marks. Knowing how sensitive my own nipples are, you take one between fingers and squeeze and pull on it. My moan is lost in our never ending kiss. Our mouths are fighting between each other. You bite my lips, I bite yours, causing each other moments of painful pleasure followed by more of passionate kissing.

At the moment when your hands reach zipper of my pants and my painfully hard manhood, my own fingers touch your pussy directly for the first time. I cannot believe how wet you are. My fingers are tracing your pussy lips from bottom to the top, finding very hard and swollen clitoris. I take it between my fingers and gently stroke it. At the same moment, you pull my pants together with my jocks down to my knees and my suddenly free penis springs towards you. Drops of pre-cum appear immediately at the top of it. You take it to you hand and roughly stroke it two or three times. No, that would not work — I would cum too soon. I pull from you and kneel in front of you.

Moving your lacy panties aside I plunge my mouth to your pussy to taste you for the first time. You taste fantastically and smell even better. The panties are in a way. With your help, I pull them off and throw them on the floor. Kneeling between your legs, your glistening pussy just in front of my eyes, I do not wait and start enjoying it. Kissing and licking between your tights just above your stockings, I am slowly moving towards your pussy, smelling that wonderful scent of horny woman. My tongue traces slowly each lip, and then I plunge it between them and lap that fantastic taste of your flowing juices. For a moment, I lift myself and with another passionate kiss let you to taste your own juices from my lips while my fingers are opening your pussy and stroking your clit.

Kneeling back between your legs, I am starting earnestly eating your snatch. Your hips are coming forward encouraging me to eat more and indicating growing passion in your body. Your tights are holding my head between your legs now and one hand is pushing me closer and closer. The other hand is searching for my nipples. I am taking your swollen clit between my lips, sucking it in and biting so gently. You moan, push against my mouth and your body trembles in coming orgasm. Your tights are crushing my head while I am fervently eating your cunt. Suddenly, for a brief moment, your tight grip eases and you explode in orgasm, again crushing my head with your tights. My mouth is flooded with juices and I hardly manage to swallow all of it. I know this is your first of many orgasms for today.

When your orgasm subdues a bit, I stand up, sitting on the edge of the desk between your wide open legs. My shirt is torn to pieces, my chest is adorned by several red marks. My pants and jocks tangled around my ankles prevent me from making faster moves. My dick is sticking in front of my body, pre-cum flowing out of it. I look at you and seeing your smile, I ask “what was it we were discussing, madam? What can I do for you? Or did you actually come to offer me your services?”


“Or did you come to offer me your services?” I repeat after you scornfully. “Services? Oh no, but perhaps earnings from investment, mister director,” I continue sternly. You continue standing in front of me provocatively with your pride standing hard and high, dripping with pre-cum. I lift my leg and push the heel of my stilettos to your groin. Your lips make grimace and then you say, “I deal with my investment as I want, not as someone else wants…” With that you take me gently but strongly, lift me from the armchair and sit me on the desk. Leaning back I support myself on my elbows. I am teasing you by pulling from you and squeezing my legs together. You take me under my knees and forcefully open my legs again and at the same moment pull me back to the edge of the desk towards your hips and your hard dick.

My hands impulsively clean all the papers from your desk, letting them to fall on the floor all around it. You take my buttocks, lift me up and then lower me on your hard cock. One of my legs is now around your waist, the other on your shoulder. You start moving inside of my pussy. Slowly first, but moans of my pleasure encourage you to fuck me harder and faster. I am laying in front of you, my hands on the desk my long hair falling down on the other side of the desk. The desk shakes with each of your thrusts and I am starting to scream in building pleasure. I am lifting myself a bit, supporting myself with my hands. My feet hooked behind your back I am helping you to fuck me even harder. You are pulling my nipples and playing with my breasts. One of my hands finds your full balls and squeezes them.

With that, you make one last full stroke and I feel stream after stream of your cum filling my pussy. You have had so much for me that it is overflowing, gushing out on my tights and belly. I collect it with my fingers and spread it all over my breasts. Then I move one finger to your mouth and let you taste it. Stream of sweat is flowing down your face. You relax a bit after the orgasm and your dick slips out of my cunt. I push you back and you sit down into the armchair. I am straddling you now, sliding myself from your knees towards your still nearly fully erect dick. My cunt is longing for more. I take you to my mouth for a moment to help you gain back your full hardness.


You do not have to do much to get me back to full readiness. This time my hips are moving forwards you, pushing deep into your mouth. Closing my eyes, I am enjoying the feeling of your lips on my hard dick. As only you can do, you deep throat me and it doesn’t take long for me to be moaning again. Your hands are massaging my balls while your mouth and tongue pleasure my dick. Bringing me skilfully on the edge of another orgasm, you leave me suddenly.

I moan disappointingly. It does not take long though, and my dick again completely disappears in your mouth, the tip deep in your throat. I wonder how you actually can take me so deep. I am sure that I would be gagging should I have something that long and thick in my mouth. I am stroking your hair with one of my hand while the other one searches for your breast. Your breasts, released from the hold of corset now, are bouncing from your chest and are hitting my thighs with each move of your mouth up and down on my dick. I am massaging your breast, giving particular attention to your nipple, squeezing and pulling it rather harshly, but it seems you do not mind that. You are starting to moan again too and I can feel another orgasm building in my loins. You do not stop this time and I start gushing into your mouth. You try to swallow it all, but it is too much and some of it flows on my balls and then on the black leather of the chair.

You won’t let my dick to get soft. Your tongue is licking the head and you try to stick the tip into the opening. Your fingers are massaging my shaft and balls and I am in no time hard as a rock again. Your mouth leaves my dick and in a moment, you are sitting on me, my dick deep in your cunt. Your cunt swallows my dick completely and you start riding on it. I take one of the nipples into my mouth, first just sucking on it, later biting it firmly, and increasing your pleasure. My hands under your buttocks are helping you riding on my hard pole. My fingers are reaching your pink pucker circling around for a moment. Your moans indicate that you do not mind me paying attention to this part of your body, so I straighten one of my fingers. With your next move down on my dick, finger enters your anus. It enters it without any resistance and with each your thrust on my dick is entering your asshole deeper and deeper.

You are riding on me in systematic, slow and deep rhythm, always nearly letting my dick slip out of your cunt and then swallowing it completely again. Suddenly you start struggling for your breath and start shuddering in another huge orgasm. Your long fingernails dig deep into my back and then scratch it painfully. Then you stop, moving slightly up and down, my dick deep in your cunt, my finger deep in your ass. You are just shuddering, moaning and screaming with orgasm, your pussy muscles squeezing my dick like a vice. If I did not cum twice already, I am sure I would fill you again. However, I can hold myself for now and save more cum for later. Perhaps for your ass… You start coming back from your orgasm. We kiss passionately and then look at each other…

“How about something to drink and eat? Or do we continue and fill the last hole with my hot spunk?”


You can see how tired I am from previous orgasms and that I would not enjoy it as much as I could right now. You stand up and walk towards large cabinet in the wall, opening bar and fridge. As if you knew, you have there everything that we need. You pull out bottle of red wine and some food. We move to the comfortable sofa and armchairs around coffee table and big LCD TV in the corner of the room. We sit opposite each other. I do not do anything. You make food for me and feed me. You take cold cherries from the container and teasingly put them on a tip of my tongue. But before that, you lick them. You pour bit of wine to the glass, but do not hand it to me. You drink deeply and then let me drink from your own mouth. Little bit escapes our mouths and stream of dark red wine flows on my neck, my chest, and breasts and slowly towards my snatch.

That gives you an idea. Slowly you put the bottle between my collarbones and let stream of wine flow down by body. The cold wine feels very nice on my hot skin. You look at my hard nipples that start to harden even more and are getting darker. You bend and start playing with my breasts with your hands, mouth, teeth and your tongue. It is hard to resist the new wave of coming pleasure. To help, my fingers find my wine soaked pussy and start playing with my clitoris. My head falls back on the backrest of the sofa.

You notice my hand and laughing say, “if you can take my thick dick, I am sure you can take this too…” I feel something cold, thick and rather rough touching my pussy lips. Opening my eyes and bending my head to see, the surprise discovery makes me smile. Yes, I love to eat corncobs, but I have never had it in my pussy. You are slowly pushing it past my lips inside my love canal causing me more pleasure. You are slowly fucking me with it and I am feeling another orgasm building in my body. I am writhing and squirming with pleasure. “Take it out and fuck me with that fat dick, please. I want it there.”

You do not wait any more and I feel warmth of your hard dick in the opening immediately. I pull you by the hips and at the same moment push my own hips towards yours. In one movement, your dick is buried deep inside my cunt and I am not going to let it out soon. Just few more deep thrusts and I start feeling big spasm deep inside my body. I bite your hand that has been close to my face. My body is shuddering and completely spent I collapse underneath of you. Breathing deeply, I try to recover and relax in your lap. My eyes catch the large TV screen across from us. On it, I can see the two of us, now holding each other tightly. You take the remote control, hit rewind and shortly afterwards you press PLAY button again. “Sit down please, I won’t be long.” I nearly faint. STOP.


“How dare. This is bit too much,” you pretend being upset looking at the screen where I am just starting eating your pussy.

“Didn’t you say you would like to have your own TV show? So, I have just given you your first acting lesson. And to avoid any shyness, I have rather not told you anything… I hope you are not upset?” I answer your question apologetically. At the same moment we hear voice of my secretary from the intercom.

“Sir, I know you said no one can disturb you, but I have the minister on the phone and he wants to talk to you urgently…”

“OK, I will take the call,” I say and with sad smile walk to my desk. Siting in my chair, I lift the headset and for a while just listen. Then I start talking too.

“Yes minister. All is going according to plans. Actually, right now, the CEO of the company is in my office and we were in the middle of negotiations when your call came through. I think their proposal is good and I think we can reach mutually beneficial agreement in the next few days,” you hear me answering.

I am concentrating on the discussion and trying not to get too much disturbed by your body and what you are doing. Suddenly I feel your warm mouth on my now soft dick and hear you whispering something about neglecting you. I put my finger on your mouth, asking you to be quiet. I continue in the discussion while you are quickly and skilfully waking up my dick again. I am starting to have problem keeping my voice composed. You pull me by legs and I slouch in the chair. Then I feel that you take my left ball into your mouth and are sucking on it. I let moan out, luckily I manage to cover the microphone fast enough. I say something to the minister few more times. Then you suddenly start licking around my anus and I nearly ejaculate… Luckily enough, the call is over. I put the receiver back into the cradle and being upset, bark at you “fucking bitch. This could cost me my job? Do you think it was good idea giving me blowjob while speaking to the minister?” and slap you firmly across your face.

“And what do you think? Is it fair to leave horny, show me that you have recorded all of that and then you go and talk to minister?” you appear from under the desk and holding me by my dick and balls are pulling me towards the sofa. Then you suddenly bend over the backrest of the sofa, stick your bum in front of you, spread your cheeks apart and yell, “Come on. I cannot wait any more. Fuck my ass now!”

I take generous load of juices from your pussy and lube your asshole with it. Then I push the head of my hard dick against it and ask you. “Are you really ready for this fat dick in your ass?” You just mumble something and I notice your hand in your cunt. I take it as yes and with one push burry my dick completely in your tight asshole. You yelp with surprise, pain and pleasure at the same moment. But if I try to take it out, you move against and try to get it even deeper. I start pumping your ass. You leave your cunt and hold me by my balls. I roughly take one breast and squeeze your nipple hard. It does not take long for both of us to reach orgasm. I fill your last hole with my hot load and fall on you exhausted.

When we recover little bit, I notice that video is still in play mode, replaying previous scenes. “Madam, we will have to re-take this scene, there was problem with recording equipment,” I laughingly suggest.

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