Fiona had continued to dress as Francis and Bill had chatted away at the door either oblivious or aware enough not to interrupt Francis’s negotiations, either way by the time he’d finished she was in the process of buttoning up her blouse thinking that her duties were over.

She was wrong.

Francis turned to her when Bill had left and said, “Did I say you could dress?”

“Erm, No Mr Mulherne,” she said looking at him with her fingers on her buttons but now frozen.

“Well I suggest you undress again down to your underwear and get used to being in only your underwear Fiona because if that’s what I tell you to work in come Monday, that is what you shall wear is that understood?” he asked.

“Yes, yes Mr Mulherne,” she said instantly unbuttoning the two buttons she’d already done so that she could discard her blouse and quickly moved on to removing her skirt.

“That’s better,” Francis told her before taking his seat again and telling Fiona to get behind her desk in her chair, “Ring Mark Cross for me and tell him I need him here urgently,” he told Fiona.

“Yes Mr Mulherne,” she said picking up the phone and dialling a few numbers. It rang maybe three or four times and then Mark must’ve answered, “Hi Mark, can you come back in to work please Mr Mulherne needs an urgent meeting with you,” she said and then listened as Mark spoke before she answered him again, “The meeting will be,” she looked across at Francis for instruction on to the location of the meeting and he just pointed at the floor beside his chair, “The meeting will be here in my office Mark,” she said again listening before hanging up the phone.

“Well how long will he be?” Francis asked Fiona.

“He’ll be twenty minutes Mr Mulherne,” she said.

“Good, I’ll go and grab some lunch from the canteen then and I’ll be back, if you eating here then stay as you are but if you need the canteen dress but come back here immediately to undress and eat,” he said leaving the office.

I picked up the phone and dialled her straight away.

“Whore,” I said as soon as she answered.

“Hello Owner,” she said back to me as I watched her on the camera.

“Did you like Bills cock in you pussy whore?” I asked her.

“Yes owner,” was her response.

“I watched him make you come you looked so sexy coming on his cock whore,” I praised her.

“Thank you owner, I couldn’t help myself,” she confessed.

“I have a feeling you’re in for more cock when Mark arrives whore are you ready for some more cock?” I asked her.

“Not really owner but it seems I have little choice,” she said sounding very upset as her voice cracked a little.

“Don’t worry just think of the extra money you’ll make just for getting cock in you, taking cock for money will come easy for you because your such a good whore aren’t you whore?” I said letting her know that I was happy with what was happening to her.

“Yes owner I’m a good whore,” she said.

“Good, now remember I’m watching and I’ll see you later when I pick you up,” I said putting the phone down and going to make myself a quick sandwich.

When I returned to my room and the camera Fiona was still sat her desk alone sipping a bottle of water, at least twenty minutes had gone so Mark was running late and Francis was still to return from the canteen. I’d eaten a half of my sandwich when I heard the loud clunk on the screen of the door opening and closing and Fiona’s head flicked up at the same time acknowledging the sound also.

It wasn’t until nearer the door did I hear voices and a moment later Francis, followed by Mark Cross entered the office chatting. Both fell silent as they entered the office and a huge smirk spread across Marks face when he instantly noticed Fiona sat behind her desk in nothing but her bra with her huge cleavage on show.

Francis took his seat opposite and told mark to pull up the other armchair so that they were both sat on the side facing Fiona, she had nowhere to hide.

“Right Mark I’m going to cut to the chase,” Francis began as he turned towards Mark, “Last Friday night after hours I swung by here and caught this slut on all fours taking a good fucking from yours truly,” he said pointing a finger directly at Mark.

“Yeah, sorry about,” Francis cut him off by holding up his hand.

“Shut up Mark I’m not interested, luckily for you Fiona her has attributes that I like and that I can put to good use, hence her new attire, but now I’ve seen the other side of Fiona I understand that it must’ve been too hard to refuse sticking your cock in her,” he said again talking about her like she wasn’t there making sure she knew her place.

“Exactly Mr Mulherne it was almost impossible to refuse,” Mark said now more comfortable in the fact that he knew his boss wasn’t about to fire him and was in fact well on his side.

“Now as of Monday Fiona will be moving upstairs in to a new purpose built office block that will be necessary for her role as the new company Deal Facilitator, her role in the company will be explained on Monday afternoon when we have a team meeting to discuss a few things ok?” he asked Mark who was now looking a little puzzled at the whole situation as he took another chance to look across at Fiona’s wonderful cleavage.

“Yes, ok Mr Mulherne,” he said.

“Now the reason I’ve got you back here is to offer you Fiona’s position as manager of this department, you’ll get Fiona’s salary after an initial three month period as well as other perks that come with the job,” he told Mark who was clearly pleased and smirking ear to ear at his new promotion that in effect I’d earned him little did he know it.

“Ok great of course I’ll take it,” he said.

“Now the next thing I need you to do is pick an assistant manager from the team here,” he said to Mark.

“That’s easy, Nick Moulton, he’s the best bloke out there by a mile I’ll have him please,” he said to Francis still with the huge grin on his face.

“Ok good choice he’s a good reliable bloke,” he said to Mark before turning to Fiona, “Ring Nick Moulton and tell him its urgent and he needs to get her asap,” he said before spinning back to Mark and offering him his hand to shake.

In the background Fiona was talking to Nick Moulton, “Hi Nick it’s Fiona can you get to the office asap its urgent and Mr Mulherne needs to see you?” she said and listened before hanging up the phone.

Francis looked over at her waiting for her answer,” He’ll be five minutes Mr Mulherne he’s only shopping over the road and is about to pay,” she said.

“Good, I’ll wait until Nick’s up to speed before we celebrate properly,” he said.

I knew where today was heading and I thought back to when I’d asked Fiona if she was ready for Mark’s cock this afternoon, I had a feeling that she had two or three cocks on her menu this afternoon.

Nick arrived pretty much five minutes later and came bounding in to the office already asking what the fuck was going on until her saw his boss, Mark and Fiona sat in her bra, “Holy shit what the fucks going on here?” he asked everyone in the room.

“Sit down Nick and I’ll quickly explain,” Francis said diverting him to the sofa in the corner that Fiona had previously used to conduct informal meetings and employee performance reviews, “There is going to be some changes around her from Monday Nick,” he said.

“Ok, I’m listening,” he said still staring at Fiona through the gap in Francis’s and Mark’s chairs.

“I’m not sure if Mark has told you or not but on Friday night I caught this slut here,” he said pointing back at Fiona, ” on her hands and knees getting a good seeing to from Mark here,” he said.

“No way,” Nick said looking at them both, “You dirty fucker Mark, and Fiona I never expected,” he was cut off by Francis before finishing what he was saying.

“Well because of that Fiona’s other attributes have come to my attention shall I say,” he said getting big grins in response as they both knew exactly what he meant, ” And from Monday she’ll be working upstairs in a new office area as the company Deal Facilitator,” he said.

“Ok,” Nick said through his big grin that never left his face.

“Now that obviously leaves me a manager down and Mark here has readily accepted that position and he chose you to be his assistant,” he said.

“Sound of course I’ll accept,” he said.

“Like Mark after three months you’ll get Mark’s pay and a host of company perks,” he said offering his hand to Nick who hurriedly hoped up and shook his boss’s hand.

“Excellent chaps, now that the formalities are out the way we can move on to more interesting matters shall we,” he said smirking at them both before turning to Fiona who was looking awfully uneasy sat behind her desk,” Don’t look so frightened Fiona you’ll soon be used to all this,” he said as she looked out at the three pairs of eyes staring at her.

There was a moment of silence in the room before Francis spoke again, “Now as Fiona her is on her induction day for her new position I need to see how she goes about situations to see if we’re going to have any problems when we start on Monday, she passed the little test with flying colours so have every confidence in her attaining top marks this time around, so Fiona why don’t you come round her and start by giving Mark a congratulatory blowjob,” he said as if asking her to shred some paper.

“Holy shit, “Nick said flopping back against the sofa and springing back clapping his hands, “This is insane,” he said excited.

From looking at nick I say he was similar age to Mark, maybe slightly younger and placed him around the 28-30 mark, he wore no visible wedding ring so given the chance I’m sure he’d be up Fiona’s hole like a rat up a drain pipe.

His excitement grew yet again when he watched his ex-manager walk out from behind her desk in high heels and full stockings and suspender set with nothing but sheer thin material covering her already wet inflamed cunt lips.

“Fucking hell Fiona all these years you’ve been hiding a body like that from us, damn,” he said slapping Mark’s shoulder, “You jammy cunt,” he said.

He along with Francis and myself on camera watched as Fiona was about to sink to her knees between marks legs, but a slap on her arse cheek from Francis stopped her and he told her to remain standing to do it.

She bent over and fiddled with Mark’s fly for a moment and then peeled his boxer shorts waist band back enough to fish his cock out, his flaccid cock was soon in the grip off her magnificent fingers and I watched as intently as the others as she wanked him over and over until his cock began to swell.

“You know what Nick get up here I’m sure she can make use of that other hand on you dick,” he said and the eager nick didn’t need another invitation and was by her side in an instant.

Mark at this point stood up next to his mate in front of Fiona and she somehow managed to carry on masturbating Mark with her arm facing backwards as she faced Nick and with her free hand eventually jostled his belt undone and pushed his trousers down and pulled his boxers down just enough.

To be honest I couldn’t see Nicks cock as my view was obscured but he was grinning a lot and I could see both of Fiona’s arms now pumping away in unison as she worked the two cocks before her in to solid hard rods. As she went about her work on the lads cocks Francis stood up and unclasped her bra which Nick pulled from the front of her boobs and straight away grasped at her right tit and mauled it roughly, at this point she briefly allowed her hands to leave the pulsating dicks and her bra fell to the floor between them.

She was now having her nipples pulled by the two as she pleasured them harder and faster pumping their cocks as fast as she could. I then watched as Francis began removing her knickers pulling them down from her already assaulted hole and down her legs until she was told to step out of them, which she did without hesitation.

“Get your feet apart Fiona,” Francis told her as he sat back in his seat watching Fiona pleasure the two men who she previously managed, “Have a good feel lads, especially you Nick that dirty fucker Mark doesn’t need to get acquainted like you do,” he said before chuckling to himself.

Fiona’s legs were now well wider than shoulder width and access to her cunt was extremely easy for Nick who just reached his right hand forward and his hand and fingers were free to rub or probe Fiona’s hole and clit however he saw fit. She didn’t stop wanking either of their cocks for one second even when Nick began hammering three fingers deep inside of her hole causing her to stumble a little.

“Your cunts soaked already Fiona you really are a dirty one aren’t you?” Nick said continuing to finger fuck Fiona with three of his now well lubricated fingers.

“That might have something to do with Bill fucking her this morning Nick, don’t thing that you’ve got that much ability on women you cheeky fuck,” Francis joked as the three of them laughed together.

Mark asked, “Who the fucks Bill?” looking over his shoulder at Francis pushing his groin forward in to Fiona’s tight grasp.

“Bill’s the bloke running the contractors sorting out Fiona’s new office,” Francis told Nick and Mark.

“Fucking dirty bitch,” Nick said looking at Fiona who looked down at the floor clearly ashamed of her situation, but again like a good whore never stopped pulling their cocks and continued to let Nick finger her hole that was beginning to have a real good effect on her.

I thought that he was going to finger her until she’d come but Mark had other ideas and said declared that it was about time Fiona had some cock up her, and with that he turned her around and used his hand to guide her head forward on to Nicks cock whilst he shuffled in behind her.

Nick had thrown his head back as Fiona’s wet mouth had engulfed his cock and let out an almighty groan and a laugh as he savoured the feel of Fiona’s wet mouth now expertly bobbing up and down his solid prick. Fiona had placed a hand on each of Nicks hips for support but again Mark had other ideas for her.

“Reach back her Fiona and spread your cunt for me,” he said standing behind her waiting as his cock pointed out in front of him waiting to spread her folds again.

She reached back and pulled her arse cheeks apart as close to her cunt as possible so that like Mark had requested he got a good look at where he would slide his cock, but she was now struggling to balance as she continued to suck Nick so eased her legs apart a little for better stability.

Mark than eased forward and placing both his hand s on the small of her back he held her still and fed his cock into her soaking entrance just as he’d done on Friday.

“Mmmppphh ummphh ummmmmmm uummmm,” was clearly heard coming from Fiona as she moaned and groaned on Nicks dick the more mark stretched her open with his dick.

Her muffled noises were now a permanent soundtrack to the sordid display that was taking place before me on the webcam in Fiona’s office. Mark really began to plough in to Fiona and now she was really struggling to stay on her feet and had to release her hands from her arse cheeks to hold Nick’s hips again but Mark never said anything, he only fucked her harder now that she was able to brace herself against his thrusts.

The hard shafting that was being dished out on Fiona’s pussy by Mark soon had the desired affect and within three minutes of her bracing herself on Nicks hips she pushed herself up and off nicks cock.

“ARRRGGHHHH UMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM SHIT SHIT ARRRGGGHHHH,” Fiona shouted and groaned as her body lost control and her body shook through the intense orgasm that Marks cock had forced upon her.

“Get your fucking lips back round my meat,” Nick said grasping her head and pulling her mouth back towards his cock and filling her mouth with a thrust that stifled her moans in an instant back to the muffled sounds I could hear before.

Mark fucked her for another couple of minutes after her orgasm and then pulled out and stepped away leaving her cunt void momentarily, that was until Nick seized his opportunity and turned her around and bent her forcefully sending her head down between her knees so that she had to place a hand on the floor for balance. He stepped straight in behind her and drove his cock balls deep in one swift easy motion knocking her forward a little and her loud yelp confirmed he was inside.

I watched as the sixth cock since she became my whore began fucking my mother in law Fiona as her descent in to complete whoredom continued.

Nick fucked her hard and deep for a minute and then pulled her up and pulled her arms behind her back so that he could grasp them and pull them backwards causing her back to arch and head come up and backwards. In this position as he thrust up in to her he pulled back on her arms so that she could feel the full force of his dick ramming inside of her and every stroke had Fiona crying out.

I had a wonderful view of her face all screwed up and grimacing and the way her tits bounced and swung about as the pounding jolted her body was a site that had my cock bulging, Mark openly mauled her tits and pulled her nipples as his new assistant drilled Fiona for all he was worth.

I knew for a fact as I’m a man that Nick would continue to fuck Fiona until he too had made her come because no way could he of come first or relinquished her cunt until he too had that badge of honour for himself. Luckily for him as I could sense he was running out of steam Fiona suddenly declared that she was going to come again and Nick seemed to find some extra energy.

“Go on,” he said, “Come all over my cock Fiona, come on, come on you slag lets have some more come shall we,” he said over and over for nearly a minute as Fiona’s orgasm boiled until it spilled over uncontrollably.

She came hard and nosily in front of the three men for the second time in less than twenty minutes but she didn’t care, her cunt was full of cock and she had Mark’s in front of her still hard and ready to fill her again, she looked at her boss Francis who was smiling as her eyes closed and screwed up as he body shook and legs buckled.

“Oh no,” Nick said pulling her back even more and slamming in to her over and over again as her body lost complete control on his cock, “Sluts like you need fucking through orgasm,” he said as he pounded her until her body went limp and she was just hanging forward being held at the wrists by Nick and impaled on his cock.

She looked like a well fucked doll and when Nick pushed her off she fell on to the floor, her weak legs unable to hold herself up any longer, the toll of the orgasms taking effect.

“Are you having a go boss?” Mark asked Francis.

“You know what I wasn’t going to but her performance has got me horny, keep her occupied for a minute while I get undressed,” he said standing up, “Get her up on the desk,” he then said to Mark as he shed his shirt.

Mark lifted Fiona up and pushed her back towards her desk just she’d been made to do with Bill earlier that morning and she propped her bum on the desk and then slid backwards half way on to her desk and laid backwards immediately opening and splaying her legs in front of Mark. Her well used cunt looked wonderful and moist and the brief glance that I got at it before Mark fed her his cock again nearly made me spunk in my hand.

Nick climbed up on the desk on his knees and knelt as close to her head as possible and turned her towards him and told her to open her mouth, which she did instantly and accepted Nick’s cock again and hungrily sucked his helmet and an inch or two of his cock. Mark fucked her slowly and rubbed her bullet like sensitive clit until Francis tapped his shoulder.

“Come on out the way Mark it’s my turn,” he said pushing Mark out the way.

Mark went and joined Nick up on the desk on the opposite side of the desk and now Fiona had to work both cocks in turn , her horribly used pussy was about to receive the fourth cock of the day and it just happened to be the biggest.

By the way, her name is Sarah Taylor. It had been a few days since her encounter with Mr. Matthews and she couldn’t get over it. That same night, she fingered herself to a huge orgasm remembering how she rode him. She could still feel their mixed juices dripping out of her pussy and it made her hornier.

During report, she learnt that Mr. Matthews now could do several things without assistance such as getting out of bed, going to washroom and so forth. She was glad to hear that because it made her mind go to other places; of imagining him, pinning her against the wall, with her hands tied up and taking her right there…..She was interrupted by her reverie by the nurse manager calling her name.

“Nurse Taylor. Daydreaming again?” She blushed at the comment as the other nurses snickered. She lowered her eyes, staring at the floor as the report was finally finished. Everyone got up to leave and she sat there for a moment. The nurse manager returned with a grim look on her face. “It appears you will be doing the night shift alone tonight. Your fellow nurse has called in sick.”

“Oh great,” Sarah sighed. “More work for me tonight.”

She gathered her stuff and headed to the medicine cart to prepare to give out the medications. The last person on her list of patients was Mr. Matthews. “Well, that works out fine,” she thought as she went around the ward, dispensing it. When she reached Mr. Matthews private room, she checked her watch and it was time for break. “Hmm, everything seems to be working out perfectly for me.”

She gently pushed the door open and it appeared that Mr. Matthews was asleep. She put the medication on his side table. She walked over to the front of his bed. He looked peaceful lying there. She lifted up his sheet to make him more comfortable but instead she peered underneath and saw was nude. A smirk appeared on her lips as she pulled it back down and went to lock his room door.

Unknown to her, Mr. Matthews was aware of everything she was doing. He was finding it hard not to say anything as he felt her push the sheet aside and spread his long legs apart. She settled between them and lied down flat on her stomach, her fingers making contact with his cock.

“I wonder what I should do first,” she said teasingly, as she began to fist his cock gently, her fingers playing with the head. “Maybe….” as her voice trailed off, her wet tongue made contact with his slit and she heard a hiss up from above. “Aww, you’re awake now!” she whispered as her tongue lingered her on his slit longer this time as she stroked him.

“More please!” he begged through gritted teeth. “God, she’s good,” he thought as she continued to make his cock arise to the occasion. Her hands went to his balls, tugging them as her mouth swallowed his shaft. “Mmm,” as her lips stretched around his thick shaft, sucking profusely up and down as he moaned, now sitting up to watch her intently through partially closed eyes.

His fingers grasped her head as he demanded, “Knee on the ground.” She did as she was told, as he positioned himself at the end of the bed, face fucking her now almost to the point of gagging around his thick prick, holding her head firmly as she took him down her throat.

“Oh God,” he groaned. “Sarah, you’re doing well.”

He face fucked her more roughly.

“I don’t want to cum in your mouth; that we can do another time.”

He removed her mouth from his dick as his fingers began to caress her breasts through her shirt. She pushed her boobs more into his hands as he slid her shirt off her shoulders, leaving her in her lacy bra.

“What size are your breasts?” his voice ragged.

“38 DD,” she answered.

“Mmm. They’re beautiful just like the woman they’re attached to.”

He leaned downwards to capture her mouth in a kiss, as he slid the straps of her bra down her shoulders.

“Sit in the chair, Sarah.” He said sternly.

She got up and walked towards the chair, his eyes gazing at her ass, making him harder.

He limped over to her, bending down on one leg as his large hands pulled down her pants. He pushed his head into her crotch, savouring the scent of her arousal. He moved in closer and licked her through her panties. “Mr. Matthews,” she groaned. “Call me Sean,” as he continued his assault on her sex, ripping the fabric aside to taste her wet lips. She grasped the chair tightly as he licked her lips, his fingertips spreading them apart to look at her pinkness.

His tongue delved inside her, softly at first as he played with her swollen clit. His light brown eyes saw her remove her bra, her full tits resting in her hands as she twisted her nipples as each touch and taste brought her closer to ecstasy.

He was rock hard as he changed tactics, now sucking on her clit, sliding a finger inside her.

“Sean!” she cried out, as he thrusted deep in her.

“Sarah, what do you want?” as he thrusted long and deep, pushing her closer each time to her climax.

“I….” she started as he added another finger, and she exploded, her juices coating his face, a long, delicious moan escaping out of her. He pushed in and out, touching her sweet spot, bringing her to another orgasm.

“I want you to fuck me!” she whimpered.

To be continued…..

His obsession started with her the night of her house warming party. The guests had already left and he stuck behind to help her clean up and was the last to leave. He and Melissa had been good friends for the past few months and to say that he was more than interested as a friend was an understatement. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek as he reached for his coat to leave for the night. “Good night, Jason. Thanks for all your help.”

“No problem, Mel. Anytime,” He grinned at her, showing off his dimples.

“Talk to you later.” He walked to his car, just about to press the key fob to open the door when he realized he had forgotten his wallet. He slapped his forehead, remembering he had left it on her granite countertop in the kitchen.

He strolled up the walkway, knocking on her door but she didn’t answer. He peered through the glass windows and saw that no one was in the living room. Since her house was a bungalow, he walked around the side towards her bedroom to see if she was there. What he saw stopped him in his tracks.

He saw Melissa slowly undressing herself, watching some porn movie and her hands moving all over her body from her lithe neck down to her sex. He was absolutely mesmerized by the way she pulled off her top and threw it onto the bed and letting her jeans drop to the floor, kicking it to the side. She teased her slit by pressing the silky material between her puffy lips and moaning quietly.

Jason started to harden as he watched her, climb onto her bed, her legs widespread as she reached for her purple vibrator. He could clearly she was neatly trimmed beneath her panties as she took the vibe and pressed it firmly against her clit as her eyes focused on the porn movie she was watching.

How he wanted to reach through the glass and help her out, touching her engorged clit with his fingertips, plopping between her smooth thighs to lick her wanton pussy. He groaned in frustration as his hand found his bulge, rubbing it through his black jeans. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he would have to do something about his erection.

Surprisingly, she didn’t see him standing at her window as she continued to touch the vibe on her nipples, her mouth forming an O as she encircled them. She wiggled off her pink panties and he could almost hear her sigh as she played with her wetness, occasionally bringing her fingers to her full red lips to taste herself. A groan escaped through his throat as he hurriedly unzipped his jeans, dropping them to his ankles as he reached inside for his thick, long penis. He pulled it out, his fingertips smearing the precum forming on the head as almost in rhythm to her delving her digits into the depths of her cunt.

They were practically moaning in tandem as she ripped her bra upwards, exposing her erect nipples as she timed the vibe on her clit to her constant finger fucking. Jason was now fully stroking himself, hard as a rock, as he imagined himself in her bed, fucking her hard, plunging into her deeply as she told him she wanted him to fuck her harder.

He could see her soon reaching climax because her breathing was becoming shallower until finally they both couldn’t take anymore, and he came, spurting ropes of cum all over his hands and onto the grass. He watched as she squirted, her juices flowing onto the bed.

She rested against her pillows, breathing deeply, as the porn movie continued to play on. She turned it off with the remote and stripped off her bra. She jumped off the bed and headed into the bathroom. Jason was frozen to the spot and knew he should leave but couldn’t.

“What am I doing? This is my friend.” He thought, coming to his senses. He searched through his pockets for some tissues and wiped his hands clean. Since he didn’t live to far from her, he would come back tomorrow for his wallet or she would probably give it to him at work anyway, he pondered. He strolled to his car and drove home.

As he got ready for bed, he couldn’t get Melissa off his mind. He relived the whole event again and brought himself to another orgasm, coming over his stomach. He wiped it off and finally felt into a deep sleep.

The next day at the engineering firm at which they both worked, he saw Melissa waiting near his office with a big grin on her face.

“Missing something?!” she asked, waving his wallet in front of his face.

He laughed as she handed it to him, “Thanks. I didn’t realize I didn’t have it until I reached home.” He conveniently forgot to mention that he had knocked on her door shortly after he noticed it was missing.

“You should have just come back for it.” She replied, folding her arms.

“Well, I didn’t want to disturb you. I knew you had a long day with the party and all.”

“Oh Jason.” She sighed. “Well, at least you have it now.”

She glanced quickly at her watch.

“It’s time for me to head back. Lunch?”

“Sure.” He replied.

He couldn’t help noticing the way her tight skirt emphasized all her curves with her long black hair flowing down her back. He wanted her so much but he knew she saw him as just a friend.

He headed inside his small office, leaving the door slightly ajar. He drank his cup of latte as he browsed quickly through his email until particular one caught his eye.

It was addressed to their manager and him.

It read,

Hi sexy,

I can’t wait until I see you tonight. It has been way too long since we have been together. I have missed your hard shaft penetrating and stretching me, your long fingers pulling on my nipples as you fuck me, your warm cum splashing down my throat as I suck you off for my reward.

Anyway, I can’t wait until tonight. 8 pm as always at my place.


Jason knew Melissa had by accident had included his name. What shocked him more was that she was having an affair with the senior manager who was supposedly happily married? A flash of anger burned through him as he wondered why his good friend would be in this situation. She always presented herself as the goody-two-shoes woman who would never have sex with a married man.

“What a fucking hypocrite!!”

“So, she prefers to fuck married men than fuck me,” as he swirled in his chair. “Maybe, I can use this to my advantage, “as he printed off the email and put it in his locked drawer in his desk. “I think I’ll be paying Melissa a visit tonight.”

Later that night, he snuck into the bushes by her house and waited.

He saw the senior manager Dave arrive and Melissa quickly opened the door.

He crawled to the living room window and saw they were drinking red wine, with Melissa snuggled into his chest. Then he saw Dave lift her chin and kiss her, which was like a knife to Jason’s heart. He was jealous as he saw them quickly undress, throwing clothes all over the place as Dave carried her to the bedroom.

He snuck over to that side and peeped over the windowsill to see Dave firmly planted between Melissa raised legs, licking her pussy and her squeals coming through the open window. Jason was getting aroused as heard Dave ask her huskily, “Baby, you want more?”

“Yes,” she mewled as his head dipped to suck on her clit, thrusting one finger into her wetness. Jason could practically hear how wet she was and got more enraged that it wasn’t him pleasuring her instead of this cheating douchebag.

Jason didn’t wear any underwear as he unbuckled his jeans and took out his hard cock. He began to fist himself as the action got more hot and steamy with Dave now plowing deep into Melissa, her legs planted high on his shoulders as she screamed for more. Their groans and moans hit Jason right to the core as he could feel his balls tightening up as he heard Dave growl, “I’m going to cum!”

He watched feverishly as he saw Dave stiffen and continue to pump his cock furiously inside her as he came, seeing some of his white cum, pouring out of her pussy. Jason stroked hard now and came, shooting onto the wall of her house. He stared as Dave leaned over to kiss her again.

For the rest of the night, Jason sat there taking out his camera and taking pictures of them fucking in various positions, avoiding the use of the flash, so they wouldn’t know. Since he had a high power lens, he knew the pics would turn out good. He masturbated several more times as well, turned on by being a voyeur, wishing it was him again sexing her.

Since it was early Saturday morning, they were finally exhausted and Jason could feel his eyes drooping. He made his way towards his car which he had parked far down the street. “I’ll develop these later after a few hours of sleep.”

He got up later in the afternoon and went into his darkroom to develop the pictures. He hung them on the line, proud of his workmanship. He waited several hours, relaxing and catching up on work until he saw they were finally dry.

He put it in a brown manila envelope and dropped it onto her front door during the night.

The next morning as Melissa went to get her Sunday newspaper, she saw the envelope.

“What’s this?”

She ripped it open to see the explicit photos of Dave and her. She was flabbergasted. Her hands shook as she read the note that accompanied it.


Her blue eyes scanned the area, seeing if anyone was around but it was quiet except for a few birds chirping happily.

Jason chuckled manically knowing he had where he wanted her. He wanted to humiliate her for what she had done as he peered from down the street. He couldn’t wait until Monday to begin his games with her.

Monday morning, he passed Melissa’s office and saw that she had dark circles under her eyes.

“What’s wrong, Mel?” he asked, pretending to care.

“Nothing, J.” She seemed very despondent and distracted.

He placed his hand on her shoulder and said, “Well, if you want to talk, you know where to find me.”


He quickly walked over, closing the door to his office. He rubbed his hands together, decided how he would torture her first.

He fired off an anonymous email to her.


She looked around nervously, wondering who the hell was sending these messages. Luckily, Jason’s office faced Melissa’s desk directly, so he could see if she obeyed his commands. He saw as she sighed dejectedly as she discreetly, touched her nipples and saw as she slid her hand down her pants.

He could feel himself getting erect as she got bolder, opening a button on her blouse and lifting her bra slightly, to squeeze her nipple. By the way her face was flushed; he could tell she was very aroused. He absolutely enjoyed seeing her like this as he could tell by the rhythm of her hand that she was playing with her pussy. He wished he could smell her arousal as he began to masturbate under his desk. His eyes never left her as he could tell she was close. He saw when she bit down hard on her bottom lip to stop herself from crying out as she came. He came as she did, cleaning himself quickly when the senior manager stepped in to his office to talk about some figures in his report.

He pretended to listen to the manager prattling on while his eyes were completely focused on Melissa. He could see she appeared to be very uncomfortable, squirming in her seat, her eyes glancing here and there wondering if anywhere saw her. A wicked smile crept on his face as the manager finally left so he could send her another email.


She was angry that someone was sexually blackmailing her but secretly turned on by doing something naughty like masturbation at work. She blushed because her pussy was still tingly from her orgasm and making her very horny. Jason watched as Melissa eyes went straight to Bob’s crotch as he leaned against her desk, chatting to her. Bob was a very attractive intern who had just joined the firm this year. “Hmm,” Jason thought, a light bulb going off in his head.

Melissa heard the beep from her email client, telling her of a new email in her inbox. She opened and it read:


She had to read it twice to see if she read it wrong. “Suck his cock?!” There was no way in hell she was going to do this. Jason saw a flash of anger on her features and he quickly sent another email.


“Oh shit!” she muttered under her breath. She didn’t pay any attention to Jason going pass her desk to slip into the men’s washroom. He locked himself in a stall, ready to see if she would do as she was told. Bob was still in the bathroom washing his hands when Jason held the click of high heels on the floor.

“What are you doing in here, Melissa?” he asked quizzedly. She seductively moved towards him, laying a hand on his package. “I need to feel something hard in my mouth,” she replied as Bob didn’t know what to say as he stared down at Melissa unzipping his pants.

“But…” he said as she cut him off, capturing his mouth in an explorative kiss, staring deeply into his eyes to see if he was interested. He was hesitant but responded more as his pants fell to his ankles as Melissa worked her magic on his length.

They were French kissing now as she quickly pulled out his cock. “Melissa,” he groaned as she jerked off his semi-erect shaft slowly, his hands squeezing her breasts in appreciation. She purred wanting more, as he unbuttoned her blouse, pulling her bra upwards to access her nipples. She sighed as he bent down to take her nipple into his mouth, sucking on it.

Jason opened the door slightly to take in more of the scene as his hand slid along his hard dick. Melissa got more than she bargained for when Bob suddenly pushed her back on the sink. She let go of his cock as he moaned, “I need to taste that sweet pussy of yours.”

He ripped down her pants and panties, leaving her completely bare. He went down on his knees, to pleasure her with his tongue and mouth. She bucked under his ministrations as he sucked on her clit while his finger played with her wet slit. “You taste so good,” he mumbled as he slid a finger inside. “Oh God!” she cried out, as she grinded his pussy into his face.

“Yes, Melissa. I love it like that!!” he muttered encouragingly, as he licked and tongued her pussy. He loved the way her juices were coating his tongue as he pushed a second finger to add to the first. Her orgasm was quickly approaching as he continued to finger fuck fast until she came hard, her juices flowing over his fingers and face.

He licked some of it off with his tongue and got up to kiss Melissa again, so she could taste herself in their kiss. “Mmm,” she purred. She needed to be fucked hard now.

“Bob, I want your hard cock inside me!”

He lifted one leg so it could rest on the sink with the other one planted firmly on the floor; he slammed hard into her pussy. “Yes, like that!!” she screamed, his thick cock slamming hard and fast over and over. “Feels so good!!” she said as he gripped her hips, plowing deep into her, his balls hitting her ass with each thrust. “More,” she cried, her nerve endings on fire, each time he pulled out and slammed into her.

“Melissa, you’re so tight!” he groaned. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold out. He reached around to play with her clit, as her orgasm rushed through her as he thrusted deep. He continued to pummel her until he pulled out, growling as his cum sprayed over her ass.

“I needed this.”

“We both needed this,” he retorted and they laughed together.

Jason was surprised by these turn of events. He ejaculated many times listening to them fuck. He was quite elated to see how fast Melissa was becoming a slut and his dick twitched at that thought. “I wonder how much further I can push her.”

The back door opened and I stepped inside out of the hot afternoon sun and into the cool air conditioning of the bank. Standing there holding the door was Angie, the hot little blonde teller that I’d been having frequent rendezvous with for the past few months. We had recognized each other at a bar one night and started to talk. We hit it off and she ended up spending the night, and most of the next day, with me at my place. After that we started to see each other on a frequent bases, no relationship just sex… just the way I wanted it.

These little afternoon visits to the bank had been her idea. On days when I could get out of the office I would go through the drive through and she would send my receipt with a time for me to be at the back door. At that moment the door would open and we would hustle into the storage room where I would fuck her brains out until she had to go back to work.

Today I was horny, horny as hell and I needed to pound this little girl and but good. Angie was wearing a cute little flowered skirt cut up way to high to be considered ‘professional’ but I suppose that if you are fucking in the storage room during your lunch break the length of your skirt doesn’t really concern you, now does it? To complement her skirt she wore an almost see through sheer white blouse, unbuttoned down to show off her cleavage. She didn’t have the biggest tits I’d ever seen, but they were perky and sensitive and always receptive to my touch.

She closed and locked the storage door behind her and in a moment she was on me, fumbling with my belt in a desperate attempt to free my cock, which had been at full attention since I pulled into the parking lot and kept growing, aided by anticipation and now, her hands. She dropped to her knees, pulling my boxers down with her. Mere moments later my cock was buried in her throat.

I’m rather proud of my cock; It’s no 13 inch monster but it’s just under 9 inches long and thick; I’m happy to report that I’ve even made some girls who went black come back with my weapon! But I digress… where was I? Oh yeah, getting an amazing blow job.

Angie licked up and down the shaft of my cock, pausing only to take my balls in her mouth and gently rotate them around with her tongue. These sessions always amazed me – when she and I got together on the weekends she usually liked it slow and gentle but when we were here she was like a mad beast. She stopped licking my cock and began to move her mouth up and down on my now fully hard cock. Taking as much of me as she could, she made that great ‘gurgle’ sound that girls make when a hard cock is pressed up against the back of their throat. She held herself down as far as she could go and bounced up and down on it a couple of times, trying to shove it deeper. When satisfied she wasn’t going to get any more of it down her beautiful throat, she moved her lips back up my cock, pausing at the head to flick her soft tongue over that most sensitive part of my organ.

Again and again she went down to the depths of her previous effort, aided by my hands on the back of her head…. Guiding her to take even more. She didn’t get the whole thing, but she go a lot of it and left it covered in a sheen of stringy spit that dangled from her lips when she removed her mouth. I couldn’t take much more and I wasn’t about to toss this load anywhere but in her pussy.

“How much time do we have?” I asked.

She looked at her watch. “About 25 more minutes.”

“Lets stop wasting them talking, lay on the table over there.”

She did and I grabbed one of the chairs away from the wall and placed it between her legs. I set her calves on my shoulders and began to kiss my way down her soft left toward her pussy. She pulled her skirt up and I could see her pussy was freshly shaven, totally bald the way that she knows I love it. My kissing continued, first her left ankle then her calf and the inside of her knee. Then onto the right ankle, calf and knee. I began moving my hands over her amazing thighs, feeling their soft skin just over the taught muscles underneath. “God, she has the greatest legs” I thought and not for the first time.

My lips brushed past her knees picking up speed as they headed for their prize. I reached her with my tongue reaching out to taste her. I placed my lips on her lips and drove my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could and began to lap at the sweet nectar I found there. She let out a soft moan and then a louder one – I have gone down on her every time we’ve been together and was starting to get the hang of what she liked. I took my thumb and parted her lips, finding her hard clit at full attention. I pressed on it hard and elicited another moan from her. I continued to lick her hole and my thumb action was starting to do its magic as she got wetter and wetter, a sticky slippery sweet tasting wetness that I knew meant she was really getting into it. Her body went stiff and then convulsed under my touch as her first orgasm ripped through her tight body. After shocks made her calves tremble on my shoulders and I pulled my hand away. I licked her one last time, tasting her sweetness one last time before I stood up and prepared to fuck the living daylights out of her.

My cock was still rock hard as I moved it to the entrance of her sex. I teased her with the head of it before sinking it halfway in and then quickly removing it. Her hips rose to meet me and she groaned with displeasure as I withdrew. Almost as quickly I was back in her, pushing a little more of myself in her this time. I was about three-quarters in her when I began to fuck her with a slow in and out motion that I knew would help loosen her up for the pounding she was going to take when I got her ready. She raised her arms over her head and wrapped her legs around my back as I began to fuck her with deeper, more forceful strokes. After a few more strokes I was buried in her as far as I could go and she let out a cry of pleasure. “You fill my like nothing else,” she said and I knew it was time to deliver the way she was wanting me to.

Grabbing her ankles off my back I placed them on my shoulders, exposing the back of her thighs and opening her to me more completely. I began by ramming my cock into her deep and not at all gently; she seemed to respond well to this and I did it again. Each time in I tried to fuck her harder, eliciting little moans from her that had to be stifled less anyone else in the bank hear and come to investigate. Again her body tensed and went stiff as another orgasm ripped through her body. When her convulsions subsided I inquired as to how much time we had left in our session.

“Just over ten minutes,” she said.

“Can you stand?” I asked, hoping that we could fuck standing up – a favorite for us both.

“As long as I can use your pole for support,” she said with an evil smile as she stood and walked over to the supply shelves. We had done this before.

She placed one foot up on a shelf and hiked her skirt back up, I was over there in seconds my dick finding its spot in her wetness. We both loved this position, standing face to face with her leg on the shelve next to us. She liked it because she could grab my ass and pull me hard into her, I loved it because I got to run my hands up and down her unbelievable thighs and cup her tight ass.

She was pulling me into her hard, our bodies beginning to be covered in sweat despite the air conditioning, slapping into each other in the nicest of ways. Angie tossed her head back and began to quiver, I knew she was warming up for the big one. I decided to do what I could to help her along, seeing as our time was quickly coming to an end, and placed my hands at strategic points on her body. With my right hand I found her clit and began to press on it as I had before, putting just the right amount of pressure on it that would elicite the best results. My left hand I moved from cupping her ass to between her ass. Using some of her juices to lube my middle finger I gently inserted it into her anus up to my first knuckle. That got the response we were looking for and in seconds she grabbed me tight and pulled me to her, suppressing her scream in my neck as orgasm ripped through her body.

When her orgasm subsided we had only a few minutes left, long enough for me to cum and get out of there before someone came looking for her.

“I want you to cum in me,” she said with a devious smile on her face. She had confessed to me that she like to have me cum in her on these lunch time romps because for the rest of the day I would run down her thighs and she could have a ‘cum treat’. No lie, that’s what the girl said.

“I have a better idea,” I said withdrawing my cock from her pussy. “Turn around and put your leg down.” She did as she was told, though I’m not sure she was ready for what I wanted to do. The weekend before we had had our first anal experience together and she loved it, especially when I came in her ass – the first time she had ever had that done. We didn’t have time for a full on anal escapade but that didn’t mean I could have my fun.

I put my cock back in her pussy and fucked her with long, strong strokes. While I was doing this I was taking spit and lubing her ass, sticking first one then two fingers in her – if she knew what I was planning she didn’t let on, or stop me so I figured I was good to go.

“I’m going to cum,” I said. At the last possible second I pulled my cock from her pussy and shoved the head of it in her waiting ass. She let out a moan – pleasure, pain, surprise, I don’t know and at that moment I didn’t care much. I was too busy emptying my seed into her gorgeous ass. I pumped again and again, empty all that I had inside her before stepping away and leaning against the table. She turned and looked at me.

“That was nice surprise, and quite nasty. Thank you.”

“No problem I said, it was my pleasure. Really.” I said smiling.

She smoothed her skirt down over her thighs and looked at her watch.

“Good timing, I’m about due back on shift. See you tonight at your place?”

“Absolutely,” I said.

“We can start what you finished in my ass.” She said. She tossed me her thong panties. “You keep them, I won’t be needing them this afternoon,” she said with a devilish grin.

It started like any other day at work, dull, mundane, just what I expected. It was just myself and Harriet on the shop floor today after two of the other staff had called in sick. Luckily it wasn’t very busy and there wasn’t much to be done.

Harriet was in good spirits today, but then she usually was. She smiled over at me as she walked towards the stock room to collect something for a customer. I watched her go, admiring her figure as she went, thankfully getting a great view of her spectacular tight arse.

Harriet is one of those girls who is just about perfect in every way. She’s the same age as myself, 24 and is easy to get on with. The conversation always flows and she is always ready for to have a laugh. A pair of large brown eyes that you cant help but get lost in and a set of sensual red lips that draw you in help to emphasize the beauty of her face which is framed by short brown hair. She’s tall, 5″10, but there are still plenty of curves and legs to die for! At a guess I’d put her at a size ten.

Unfortunately my admiration was soon interrupted as a customer entered the store. I served the gentleman and a short while later the store was empty once again leaving myself and Harriet alone.

” I can’t believe how quiet it is today.” Harriet complained.

“Tell me about it.” I replied. ” I think I may die of boredom at this rate but I guess it’s handy since the others are off sick, we wouldn’t want it to be too busy.”

“True.” She said, smiling across the till at me.

I was stood behind the till and at that moment was extremely grateful for my 6″4 height advantage. Harriet was leaning on the till directly in front of me, the tight green top she was wearing clung to her tits giving me a great view from above. There was certainly more than a handful available to play with and it took al of my will power not to conjure up the image of what those pert breasts would look like without the green top covering them.

“We are going to miss our store targets if things don’t pick up.” Harriet said, snapping me out of my fantasy with a jolt.

“Not that much we can really do about it though is there?” I pointed out.

She stood in silence for a moment looking as though she was thinking of something to say but couldn’t quite find the words. Eventually she looked up at me from her leaning position on the till, a smile spreading across her face and a mischievous gleam in her gorgeous brown eyes.

“Lets make it interesting.” She suggested.

“Go on?” I prompted, intrigued by her suggestion.

“Well lets make a wager, whoever sells the most from this point on wins! Simple really.”

“What can we wager?” I asked. “It’s just over a week until pay day.”

Harriet fell silent although I knew she already had an answer. She liked to play games, it was what she was good at and one of the things that made her so much fun to work with. It was also one of those things that I just knew would make her great in the bedroom.

“Ok how about if you win then you can ask me to do anything you like and if I win I can ask you to do whatever I like.”

“I beg your pardon?” I asked jokingly, laughing as I said it.

Harriet broke off into a laugh to, shooting me one of her best smiles.

“Scared you’ll lose?” She taunted.

“Of course not, but what exactly do you mean by anything?”

“Be creative.” She replied with a wink. “Competition starts now.”

I watched her walk away to serve a customer who had just entered the store, her hips swaying with every step. I knew that given the chance to get creative with that body was not something you could pass up.

I left the shop floor and went upstairs to the staff room to grab a drink of water. As a knocked back the first glass I looked at myself in the mirror. My green eyes reflected back at me. I have a shaved head and a small amount of stubble around my strong jaw. Despite my height I’m certainly not lanky spending most evenings working out to ensure my body remains athletic and muscled.

I filled the glass with water once again and began to drink. As the water trickled down my throat I couldn’t help but think Harriet had to be joking. She was being a tease, that was all. Either way I was still going to ensure I sold the most on the shop floor.


It was finally closing time. As soon as I’d got back onto the shop floor a queue of customers had suddenly emerged. The store had remained busy throughout the day giving me no chances to even speak with Harriet let alone ask her exactly what she meant by “Be creative”.

“Well so much for it being boring.” I said as I locked the doors.

Harriet laughed behind be. “I know! I can’t believe how busy it got!”

I turned to face her, our eyes met and I couldn’t help but laugh along with her. She looked so amazing, even in our work uniform. The tight green t-shirt hugged her body, showing off her delightful curves and the grey trousers made her legs look as though they stretched for miles.

“So let’s find out who won.” She said. “Of course it will be me. Maybe I should think about how creative I want to be.”

I walked quickly towards the till to hide the bulge beginning in my trousers. The images forming in my head were out of control. I was certainly having an easy time being creative.

I waited eagerly as Harriet clicked the mouse as she navigated the computer checking through the sales we had each made today. The suspense was killing me!

“Congratulations.” She said with a grin. “Looks like you won.”

“Of course.” I replied cockily, smiling back at her. “It was just too easy.” I teased.

“So how creative are you?” She asked, her eyes remaining locked on mine, refusing to let go.

“I’m not sure.” I replied. I couldn’t think of what to say. I didn’t want to sound like some kind of pervert. At the end of the day she was surely just teasing and playing a game. “Give me some inspiration, what were you going to ask me to do?”

Harriet finally broke eye contact with me and began moving from behind the till. She walked towards me slowly, as she did her eyes seem to take every part of me in. Her soft lips pulled up slightly at the corners forming the most sensual smile I’d ever seen. She came to stop just in front of me, our bodies almost touching. She stared into my eyes for a long moment then her lips inched towards my ear.

“Well.” She began in a whisper. I could feel her warm breath against my ear. “There were so many things I was going to ask you to do.”

I struggled to keep my breathing under control. The electricity between us now was unreal. My blood was flowing through my veins, hot and fast, my cock hardening more with every moment threatening to close the distance between us.

“Like?” I managed in a choked response.

Harriet place a hand on my chest. “I was going to ask you to un-button my trousers, slide the zip down then slowly remove them so you could see the lacy panties Im wearing. I’d then ask you to remove them slowly, freeing my aching body. From then, well, be creative.”

She inched her lips even closer to my ear and nibbled the lobe. It took every ounce of my will power to not tear off her clothes right there on the shop floor. I resisted.

“Maybe we should go to the office?” I suggested. “Then let’s see how creative we can be.”

We started our way up the stairs, Harriet taking the lead. Her arse was directly in front of me giving me an excellent view. I couldn’t help but think that shortly I would finally get to see that magnificent body in all it’s naked glory. We stepped into the office and let the door close behind us.

I took a step towards her, our eyes were locked once again. She smiled at me, her smile growing hungrier with every step I took. We were finally close enough to touch, our noses pressing against each others. I stared into her eyes for a moment, my hands now tracing the curves of her body, slowly, gently. I could feel her body shake with the pleasure of my touch. My fingers ran lines across her lower back and her sides, making their way to rest on her arse. She sighed with pleasure as my fingers made their way to the belt line of her trousers, sliding gently across the flesh of her stomach.

I inched my lips closer to hers. It seemed like a lifetime before they met but when they finally did “gentle” went out of the window.

They met with all the electricity of a lightning storm. The warmth that spread through my body like an inferno ravaging a building. My fingers no longer traced lines but held firmly onto the beauty before me. Harriets hands were all over me, her lips kissed mine with a passion I had never felt before. Our tongues danced as our bodies clashed.

I felt her hands tug at my trousers, the zip being pulled down and my button being torn off completely. My lips moved down her neck as she removed my trousers completely followed by my shorts, freeing my cock from what had just felt like a prison cell. Her skin felt warm against my lips. I let out a moan as her hand stroked the shaft of my cock, slowly stroking it causing it to grow harder still.

Harriet slowly dropped to her knees. I watched her as her tongue slowly worked its way along my shaft. She tickled my balls with the tip of her tongue then worked her way back up my shaft towards the head flicking it lightly with her tongue. I felt like I was in heaven as she finished her teasing and wrapped her lips around my cock, slowly taking it into her mouth.

I began to breath heavily as she sucked my cock, her lips working their way up and down my shaft as her tongue worked magic on the head. One hand gently rubbed at my cock, tending to the area which she couldn’t quite fit into her mouth. I could feel my balls ache with the desire to cum but I wasn’t about to let our moment end just yet.

I pulled off my shirt then bent down slightly to help Harriet to her feet. She grinned at me as I did and once again our lips were locked. I could taste myself which only served to turn me on even more. My hands all but tore Harriets trousers from her revealing the black and red lacy panties she wore. I wrapped my arms beneath her legs prompting Harriet to wrap her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. I took a few step forwards placing her on the desk directly ahead.

I stepped back slightly to give myself some room then dropped to my knees. I inched closer to the underwear she wore, slowly sliding it from her exposing her smooth shaved pussy. I kissed the inside of her thighs, edging closer and closer, my fingers tracing patterns along her legs. Harriet moaned loudly the closer I got, she was practically begging for contact.

My lips met her pussy, the warmth of it felt amazing, the taste of her was magnificent. My tongue worked wonders, the tip of it flicking gently against her clit. I felt Harriets fingers run across my head, holding me against her pussy as I licked, her juices flowing more rapidly now.

“I want you inside of me. I need you inside of me!” She pleaded.

I stood up and looked down at Harriet. She looked amazing as she stared up at me. She was laid across the desk, her legs spread wide at the edge of it inviting me to penetrate her. She smiled at me as I stepped forward. I ran my hands along her legs causing her to quiver with excitement. My cock was so close now that I could feel the warmth of her pussy against the head.

My cock pressed against her wet pussy meeting resistance at first but was soon past the first hurdle. The head glided into her warmth causing us both to cry out. I gently rocked backwards and forwards, her natural lubrication welcoming me deep inside of her. My balls slapped against her as I began to pound her, driving my cock deeper and harder.

I kissed Harriet hard on the lips as her legs wrapped around my back. My hands ran along her thighs then onto her stomach then towards her tits which were obstructed by the material of her t-shirt.

“Rip it off!” She demanded.

I was surprised for a moment but wasted no time. My fingers grasped at the material and tore the t-shirt open exposing her red and black lacy bra. Harriet raised her back just enough for me to fiddle the clasp of her bra and remove it. Her two lovely tits were definitely more than a handful. I took them in, perfectly rounded and pert, her nipples small and hard. My tongue worked its way town her neck towards her breasts, slowly circling her nipples. I kissed at her nipples, slowly sucking and kissing them as our bodies rocked together, my cock pounding her.

I could feel Harriets body shake beneath mine as the feeling intensified for us both. She broke away from my kiss and looked into my eyes.

“Stand up.” She demanded.

I slid from between her legs and stood before her eager to see what she planned next. She stood up from the desk, her body a picture of perfection.

“Sit down.” She demanded again.

I stepped towards one of the nearby chairs and sat in it. Harriet stepped towards me, her smile almost predatory now. She place her knees on either side of my thighs and knelt over me on the chair. Her pussy was directly over my cock now and I ached to feel her again. She pulled me into an intense kiss as she lowered herself onto my cock.

The fire burned in us once again as I felt her warmth slide down the length of my shaft. Once again I was deep inside of her. She began bouncing on top of me, hammering her pussy down hard along my cock. We were both moaning loudly now. Harriet placed both her hands on my shoulders to support herself as she leant back slowly, exposing her breasts as she rode me.

I could feel my balls tighten as I sat there watching her breasts bouncing as her pussy slid up and down my shaft. I could feel her pussy contract as she began to scream, her juices running down my thigh as she came. The pleasure of it was too much. My cock hardened inside of her and I let out a yell as I began to cum. I could feel the intense pleasure flow from my balls along my cock and out into Harriets pussy. Her fingers dug into my shoulders as she screamed her loudest and then her body went limp causing her to collapse into me.

We held each other for a long moment, the heat and sweat of each others bodies merging into one another. Harriet eventually raised her lips to mine and our kisses were gentle once again. They met with passion but this time it was less urgent and animal. Our tongues once against danced. After a while our lips parted.

“That was definitely creative.” I said jokingly.

“It really was.” Harriet replied. “We need to have more competitions like that.” She said with a wink.

She collapsed into my arms once again. We sat together for a long time before getting cleaned up. I watched Harriet as she dressed herself, making the most out of her torn t-shirt as she could. Even dressed she looked as amazing as she had moments before. I could feel myself aching for more, so much more.

Since their meeting on the stairs, and for the next few days Ben and Lisa had continued to flirt and continued to think about each other when they masturbated.

The flirting continued on the system and after only a few days they were meeting up again for another break and drink.

“I’ve been booked on a training course the week after next in Birmingham” said Lisa. Lisa knew that Ben had colleagues in Birmingham who he visited occasionally with work. He could easily get a day working from that office without anyone battering an eyelid.

“Oh yeah?” Ben asked inquisitively. He hadn’t actually clicked at this point what Lisa was thinking. “What’s that for then?” He added.

“It’s the final piece of some training I’ve been doing for year, but it doesn’t really matter you Muppet, I was hoping you might visit the Birmingham office while I’m down there, maybe take me out of lunch?” She said, raising her eyebrows and staring at him in a ‘get the hint?’ way.

“Ahhh I see … Sure I’m sure I could sort something out, I’ll check my diary and get back to you later.” He said in a professional tone, as there were a few people nearby. “I could use your help too, if you don’t mind, while I’ve got you – a couple of things actually”

“Ok, sounds interesting” Lisa replied with an interested expression.

“First thing, I have some new jobs coming up soon in my team. I’d like you to join us. I need someone like you. If I get you the job spec, will you take a look?” Lisa nodded and smiled. “Secondly, I want to order a new tablet pc, but my wife will go nuts if I do – if I give you the cash and the link, will you order it for me please?” Ben enquired.

“No problem, happy to, just don’t blame me if she finds out” Lisa joked back. “Tell me more about this job, would it mean working for you?”

“Yeah, but don’t let that put you off” Ben joked back.

Lisa was secretly thrilled at been asked and the prospect of working with Ben. His department were very forward thinking and she knew she could make a real name for herself in there. Not to mention, it meant she could sit near Ben every day and check him out, and make sure that no one else was getting their nails into him.

“I’ll print the spec off for you as soon as I can, and share it with you before it’s released”, Ben added.

Ben too wasn’t lying when he said he needed someone like Lisa in his team. From a work perspective his current team whilst doing well was in need of some serious shaking up and he knew Lisa could do this. He also liked the idea of been her boss, and the elements of control this would give him over her. Adding a gorgeous girl like Lisa to the team was always going to be popular with his colleagues too.

They finished their chat and headed back to their respective offices.

“Actually, I’m in a meeting near you now, I’ll come with you in the lift if you don’t mind” Lisa said.

“Sure – with pleasure” Ben said with a glint in his eye. Lisa caught the look and it sent shivers down her spine. A few days earlier she had shown Ben her pierced nipple and they had continued to flirt which had only added to their sexual tension.

As they walked to the lift lobby Ben said in a voice so no one else would hear, “If we are on our own in the lift, I’m going to feel your tit again, ok?” Lisa was feeling very horny now. She loved been instructed what to do, and that mixed with the risk of getting caught was having a definite effect on her pussy. She nodded shyly back to Ben.

The lift was indeed empty and as soon as the doors shut, Lisa pressed the floor required and turned around to find Ben looking at her with lust in his eyes. He wanted her and she knew it. They stepped together and Ben’s hand cupped her breast through her top and he pinched at her nipple through her thin top and bra.

Their eyes caught and they leaned in and kissed, but only for a second as Lisa broke the kiss and stepped away, her nerves got the better of her and she need to know what floor they were at.

After smoothing down her top and checking her flush face in the mirror, the lift stopped at the floor they needed and they stepped out. No one was around still, but it was too risky to do anything here.

“Wow – that was amazing” Ben said “You are an amazing kisser, you have made me horny and hard in only a few seconds” he added. Lisa giggled and said quietly back “You’re not bad yourself … see you online in a bit sexy, send me that stuff through”. Lisa headed off to her meeting room. Her pussy was very wet. She couldn’t wait to get home tonight to get her trusty rabbit vibrator out.

Ben saw Lisa come online on the company messaging system

Ben: Hey

Lisa: Hey – been waiting for me to come back by any chance lol

Ben: Yeah – too right.

Lisa: I’m H

Ben: Hi H??

Lisa: No Muppet – I feel H … orn*

Ben: ahhh … I get you lol – so am I

Ben: I want you, right now at my desk

Lisa: ooooh, is that how you’ll talk to me if I work for you?

Ben: mmmm it might just be, yes

Lisa: well I don’t work for you yet, and my current boss wants me to get some work done for him, so send me those details and I’ll see you soon.

Lisa: Have fun tonight … I will ;-)

Ben: I already have

Lisa: WHAT??

Ben: yep – been to the toilets – had to.

Ben: TMI? (too much info?)

Lisa: no – I want to know more … dam work… promise me you’ll tell me soon

Ben: ok

Ben sent Lisa the links later that afternoon and Lisa ordered the tablet as promised. A few days later in arrived. Lisa sent Ben a message

Lisa: Hey

Ben: Hey you

Lisa: I’m definitely going to apply for that role.

Ben: Great. I hoped you would. I have loads for you to do.

Lisa: Cool. Your tablet arrived this morning. I’m working from home today. I just thought I’d let you know. I can bring it in to the office tomorrow, or if you’re desperate for it, I could meet you with it today?

Ben: Excellent. Thank you. Where?

Lisa: Here, I only live 10 minutes away from the office.

Ben: Ok … are you sure? Are you on your own?

Lisa: Yes … and yes

Lisa proceeded to give Ben directions to her house, which as she said was only a few minutes’ walk away from the office. They arranged to meet at 14:30. Ben had a 15:00 meeting back at the office, so it was only going to be a flying visit.

Ben set off to arrive at half past two. His mind was whirling with questions, as he walked to her house.

Lisa was also wondering had this been a smart move? Her neighbour was her boyfriend’s drinking buddy. He was home quite a bit. What if he saw Ben arrive or leave? She was panicking a bit, but it only seemed to add to her horny state. However, it was her time of the month, so she knew that there was no chance of them going too far.

Ben knocked on the door quietly, and Lisa opened the door quickly. She had watched him arrive. ‘Dam he is sexy’ she thought to herself as she let him in.

“Hey, how are you?” Ben asked as Lisa shut the door behind him.

“Good thanks – you? – Would you like a drink?” She asked as she walked past him, leading him into the kitchen lounge area.

“Yeah please – I can’t stay long, I have a meeting soon. Do you have any juice”? Ben felt the need to add in the ‘can’t stay long’ comment so as to not feel he was imposing, but as he looked around Lisa’s room he wished he could.

“Sure – take a seat – I’ll just be a second with your drink” Lisa said as she walked into the kitchen.

“Nice place” Ben commented as he watched Lisa’s ass in her tight grey trousers. She looked amazing. “Nice arse too” he added with a cheeky tone in his voice.

Lisa turned around and saw Ben smiling as he moved his gaze from her backside to her eyes.

“Oi, you cheeky sod” She joked, but was delighted with the compliment.

Lisa fetched back two drinks and handed one to Ben.

“Cheers” they said in unison, as they clinked glasses and took a sip. Lisa sat down next to Ben facing him. They looked at each other and smiled awkwardly. They both wanted to be alone like this, but equally not like this. Ben chanced his arm and leaned towards her a little. Lisa responded and they kissed gently and quickly and broke away, before smiling again. Ben put his drink down on the floor and Lisa instinctively followed.

This time when they looked at each other their faces had changed – Lisa still had a small smile – but Ben was looking lustfully into her beautiful eyes.

They leaned in again and kissed passionately. Ben put shuffled closer to Lisa and put his arms around her arms and pulled her in closer still. Lisa responded by putting one arm around Ben’s big shoulders and the other resting on his knee. They kissed for a few seconds before they broke, but remained close, immediately looking into each other’s eyes. Lisa kissed Ben on the lips again.

“Mmmm you kiss really nice and smell really nice too” Lisa said.

“You are gorgeous – and wow – you’ve made me really horny kissing me” Ben replied. Ben always got horny and hard by kissing. Always.

They met again and continued to kiss. Ben put his hand to Lisa’s breast and squeezed it through her top. Lisa muffled a gasp into their kiss. It felt so good having his hand on her.

Realising they didn’t have much time, Ben moved his hand down and under Lisa’s top. Quickly going back up to her bra covered breast.

“Oi” Lisa said feigning surprise. She loved it really. Ben’s other hand moved around behind her back, again under top and skilfully unclasped her bra with one hand.

“Mmmm I’m impressed” Lisa said as Bens hand moved under the cup of her bra and directly onto her perfect breast. He broke from their kissing embrace to raise his arm of the hand which was under her top, lifting her top to expose her now naked breast. He looked her in the eye and without hesitation, dropped his head down and took her unpierced nipple in his mouth and gave it a little nibble and suck.

“Mmmm that’s amazing” Lisa said. “Don’t forget the other one” She encouraged.

Ben moved his arm over and lifted the other cup of her bra. He moved his mouth to the piercing and gently bit the already hard nipple. Lisa Groaned and put her hand instinctively behind Bens head to pull him towards her. Ben moved between each nipple for a few minutes.

Lisa’s pussy was on fire. Ben was uncomfortably hard in his trousers.

“You have a meeting soon don’t you” Lisa asked.

“Yeah” Ben replied as he left her breasts and returned to kiss Lisa on the mouth. “I am so horny now” Ben added. Lisa had seen the bulge developing.

“Me too, but we can’t … it’s a bad time” Lisa said. “I really really want to though she added” I am really horny too – I can see how horny you are – and that’s not helping me either” she added.

“Feel me” Ben said. Lisa didn’t need asking twice, she loved feeling hard cocks. She felt such a slut, but it only made her feel hornier and hornier. Lisa rested her hand on Ben’s bulge and gave it a squeeze. Ben moaned and leant in for more kisses. Lisa skilfully teased his cock through his trousers while Ben continued to play with her tits as they kissed. Eventually Ben took his hand out from Lisa’s top and moved it down to his belt and started to undo it.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked.

“I want to feel your hand on it” Ben replied. Lisa liked been told what to do. Ben undid his belt and the button of his trousers. Lisa then lowered the zip and put her hand into the waistband of Ben’s shorts. His cock was thick and hard and she loved how it felt in her hand. She started to squeeze his cock and gently wank him. Ben loved it.

“Stand up and wank for me” Lisa said.

“In front of you?” Ben asked. Lisa nodded, looking him in the eye and biting her lip seductively.

Ben did as he was asked. He dropped his trousers to his ankles and pulled his cock out through the fly of his shorts. Lisa was impressed. Ben was very hard and she could see the veins in his cock.

Ben started to pump his cock with Lisa’s face only inches away. She kept looking at his cock and then up to his face.

“Cum for me” Lisa said, after looking up from his cock and straight into his eyes. Ben’s wanking speed increased and he felt a very familiar sensation. He was going to cum.

“I’m going to cum” Ben told her.

“Good – I want you to cum in my mouth” Lisa replied. This was enough for Ben and he motioned Lisa’s head closer to his cock and she took the tip of his thick throbbing cock in her mouth as he continued to wank to his climax.

“I’m Cumming” Ben replied. His wife never let him cum in her mouth, and so he was amazed when Lisa took more of his cock in her mouth and started to give him a Blow job. It was a matter of seconds before Ben grabbed Lisa’s head and shot his cum into her mouth. Ben was sure he had sent three or four shots of cum down her throat. Lisa didn’t spill a drop. She slowed down her sucking and took Ben’s cock out of her mouth. She looked him in the eyes and groaned a pleasured groan.

“Mmmmm that was delicious” she said in a very sexy voice. “I love cum” she continued. Lisa focussed back on Bens cock. A few drops of cum had continued to escape from Ben’s cock and she dropped her head back to his cock to clean up.

“Fucking hell Lisa that was amazing. You are amazing” Ben said. Ben stepped back a bit and Lisa stood up. Ben tucked his cock away and started to pull his trousers up. Lisa came close and they kissed. Ben could faintly taste his cum in her mouth. It was a small price to pay for what Lisa had just done.

“I need to go, but I feel like a dickhead now – just Cumming and going” Ben said.

“Don’t – I got what I wanted too … well I wanted something else too – but I can’t have that today” Lisa replied. Ben continued to do his trousers up and took another sip of his drink.

“See you later” he said as they walked towards the front door.

“Yeah – see you tomorrow … oh, don’t forget your tablet” Lisa remembered.

They kissed again behind the closed door and Ben set off back to work. He’d been longer than he thought he would be. He had so many thoughts racing through his mind; had that really just happened?

Lisa sat back down to her desk her mind swirling too; OMG have I just given another man a blowjob in my house? Lisa knew the answer was yes and she wanted more of Ben too. She was definitely going to have to make this Birmingham meet up happen next week.

This story was written for Anna Belle. It is my own creation and I hope you enjoy it.

Anna Belle

It had been a long week at work and while the bosses were out of town the workload had increased if anything. Anna Belle and I are coworkers and long term friends. In all the years we have known each other there had never been a spark. Nothing to build upon and more often than not things had been “friendly professional”.

What changed you might ask? Well, Anna was in a relationship that seemed to be turning more serious until out of the blue she was sent on trip overseas. What started as harmless banter about the trip turned a little more exciting with the discussion of how she would survive the month long ordeal without any physical relations. Toys were suggested discussed. Her interest in this topic peaked my curiosity. I have always been the naughty risk taking sort and this conversation would definitely have caused our HR department some extra work.

You see while Anna had been getting more serious with her current beau, he didn’t know she was seeing someone else on the side. The relationship wasn’t monogamous however they had never discussed sleeping with others. I began seeing a different side of Anna . Instead of the prim and proper mother of fraternal twins, I was seeing the sexier side of my co worker.

Back to the present, Anna was working in her cubicle when I stopped by for a little chat. The day was grinding to an end and we were killing the last 20 minutes. Anna asked me if I would be able to give her a ride to her car on the other side of the complex. I agreed being the gentleman I had always shown myself to be. After packing my things for the evening I stopped back at her cube and she was just beginning to gather her bags. She slid her chair under her desk and in doing so knocked her purse to the floor. As she leaned over to pick up the items that had spilled out the site of her was awe inspiring. I noticed several new things about my friend and co worker. For a start she was wearing 4 inch black heels. These did amazing things to her legs. The calf muscles bulged and her short black skirt rode up on one of the most gorgeous heart shaped asses I have ever seen. As the skirt rode up I also noticed that she wasn’t wearing the pantyhose of a modest mom. They were actually thigh high stockings. My pulse began to race as I was enjoying the unexpected gifts I was being shown.

Anna is a workout fiend. She never misses a day and it shows. She has rock hard calves and sculpted thighs. She hardly carries an ounce of body fat. Her shoulder length dark hair frames one of the most serious expressions I have ever seen on a woman. She can stop a man cold with one glance most days. Today when she stood back up she stopped me dead in my tracks. What she had seen was me enjoying the view. I was cold busted. What was even more of a shock; I didn’t receive the icy cold stare that I expected. It was replaced with a look of lust and need I recognized all too well. Being coy I thanked her for the view and the inspiration and asked her if she was ready to head out. She smiled and if anything blushed a little before heading for the door. I dropped her off at her little red sports car and told her I would see her in the morning. She quipped back if I was lucky I would.

The next day started as the last one had busy as ever. I don’t believe we had time to say more than 5 words to each other. As noon rolled around we went our separate ways to lunch. I was 30 minutes late getting back, however, when I did there was meeting request waiting for me. Anna Belle had requested an hour meeting in one of our conference rooms. I was curious as to why she had selected one in a different building of the complex. I was more curious as to why the note attached said “A well deserved break for Friday”

With 5 minutes until the scheduled meeting I looked around for Anna, she was no where to be found. I headed off to the meeting thinking about the work left to do before we could call it a day. I arrived at the room and the door was shut. I knocked and entered finding Anna sitting at a conference table with a folder and her laptop on the desk. I noticed she was wearing a white blouse that buttoned down the front and a prim ankle length blue skirt slit modestly to the knee. She waved me to a chair and said she had one thing left to finish. After a couple of minutes she closed the folder and stood back from the laptop pushing her chair back from the table. She asked me to come over and look at what she had found. The tension in the air was palpable. The thoughts going through my head about this woman and the conversation of the previous night had me excited and un- nerved. I walked over to her laptop and on the screen in front of me was a vibrating dildo. Not just any dildo it was built like a rabbit with a clit stimulator on one side however it had an anal probe on the backside. She saw my expression and smiled telling me it was what she had purchased for her business trip and she had been using it ever since. Again I smiled uneasily, I was not about to make a first move on her. She walked over to me looking deep into my eyes and mumbled something about a hard week and we deserved this. All I could see was that deep look of lust in her eyes as she leaned forward and kissed me.

This was what I had been waiting and hoping for. The gloves were off. As our lips met and our tongues danced with one another I slowly brought my hand up her back under her hair and took and large handful of it in my grasp. The look on her face turned to surprise as my grasp tightened and began to pull her head back. I exposed her throat and to roughly kiss and lick my way up from the bottom of her neck toward her lips. I heard a soft moan escape her lips as I covered them with mine. Her chest began to heave as I ran my other hand over her taught stomach and up the front of her shirt. When I got to the top I began releasing the buttons slowly. With each one her exposure and her excitement grew. By the time the shirt was unbuttoned lust had completely overtaken her. The lacy Victoria secrets bra proved to be no challenge as I popped the front clasp. Her breasts were now exposed to the air.

Her nipples were small and pink the size of a pencil eraser and stood out nearly an inch from her breasts. The areolas hardened and shrunk just barely visible beneath the swollen and excited nipples. I began licking my way down the freckles that dotted her cleavage and crossed the line to succulent milky white flesh that surrounded her sensitive buds. When she felt the fingers of my left hand on her right nipple she shook. I realized just how sensitive her nipples were and knew that if I took my time she would be Cumming from just this simple stimulation. I began to softly tweak her right nipple with my left hand again. This time increasing the pressure and slowly beginning to stretch it away from her body. Her breast being a perfect handful without the slightest of sag was completely covered by my hand and while I stretched her nipple I began gripping the entire breast. Her hands shot to my head and clutched my mouth to her left breast. As I took her second nipple into my mouth I let my teeth graze sides and applied ever increasing suction. Her low moans now became constant and as the volume increased the tone depend and I could feel her shaking become more intense. I took the tip of her nipple between my teeth and began squeezing her right nipple harder as I began to slowly bite down on her left. She began to buck and the word YES escaped her lips as the first orgasm of the day enveloped her. I felt her relax in my arms and saw the dreamy look in her eyes. I moved her back to the conference table and laid her gently on it with her legs dangling off the side. I was finally about to get the prize I had been longing for

As she lay there I began to raise her skirt, her legs began to part and the skirt began to slide higher. This revealed what I already suspected stockings and a garter belt. The aroma of her excited sex was intoxicating; however it was still hidden beneath her skirt. With the stocking tops exposed I used my teeth to remove the clasps from first one and then the other leg. She was beginning to awaken from her afterglow at this point and watching me intently. When the stockings were unfastened I rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled her to a standing position. Facing away from me I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and I laid it on the chair. Again I was smiling like a Cheshire cat. Standing before me feet shoulder width apart was the object of my lust. Her stockings falling down to the 4 inch blue heels, the matching garter belt framed a perfect taught ass with dark blue t-back running up the middle.

I reached down and removed her foot from her left heel. The stocking sliding down was deftly removed and the foot replaced back into the shoe. Kneeling down behind her I slowly begin to tenderly lick my way up the back of her leg. Tasting every inch of her calf, feeling the muscle bulge and become taught with each swipe of my tongue. I begin softly teasing the back of her knee enjoying the tender ticklish flesh. I worked my way up the back of her thick muscular thigh, she then leaned over the table and as my tongue reached her rock hard cheek she again began another soft slow moan. I ran my tongue all over the cheek of her ass without separating it or making any move between her legs. I stopped and took a step back, admiring her bent over the table before me and began to move in for the second leg. I again removed her shoe and slid off the stocking, placing her right foot back in her shoe. This time I took my left hand gripped her left cheek while working my mouth up the back of her right leg. When I reached her right cheek with my mouth I begin to squeeze her left check with my hand as I softly began to bite the right one. I leaned back and slid both hands over her cheeks she began to shiver expecting what was about to come. As I softly rubbed her cheeks I let my hands drift away and brought them back with a soft slap to each side. I slid my hands up and under the t-back hooking it with my fingers and began to slide it down. Anna Belle again started to moan as she felt me pulling it from her. The t-back was soaking wet and as it slid to the floor she stepped out of it. With her legs still shoulder width apart I started knead her ass cheeks softly at first and evenly getting stronger. As I separated them I saw heaven. Her lips were clean shaven, swollen, and her wetness was dripping and running down the inside of her thighs.

Anna has the most beautiful puckered, pink star I have ever seen. I softly blew on it and watched it constrict. She began to wiggle not sure of what lay in store for her or where I will head next.

To be continued …

I had been looking forward to this day for a week. I put in to have today off so that I could come to work with you and be a “volunteer” for your company. Since you’re a semi driver, I know that we will have a whole day together with only your drops to get in the way of our time. Working as much as we do, I treasure the time I get to see you but it never feels like enough. So I am happy to get this chance to ride around with you. But it seems I didn’t account for the fact that you had other things I can do as a “volunteer”.

Now I’m lying in the sleeper of your Peterbuilt, tied tightly down to the bed. I’m dressed in a gag ball, my studded collar, blindfold and restraints. You made me put in earplugs so I can’t hear if you are coming back to play with your fuck toy. My breasts are bound so tightly they are probably as purple as the monster cock that is buried in my soaking and sloppy wet fuck hole. Now when I say monster, this toy is huge. It is 18 inches long and 9 inches in circumference.

My nipple clips are clamped tightly and thanks to the rope system that you rigged up, my nipples are now being stretched towards the roof of your tractor and are pulled in whatever direction you decide to turn. My tits are so painfully sensitive that I could almost cum. Instead, my cunt is gushing girl goo and I am making a puddle beneath my ass.

I feel the truck stop again, but it could be for another red light. Nevertheless, my whole body reacts and tingles with anticipation. After what seems like and eternity, I realize you have gotten out of the truck, leaving me alone and waiting, which adds to my torment. Then, when it seems like I have been alone forever, I feel the monster being yanked out of me along with an earplug. You slide your fist into my cunt with no effort. “I bet your so wet I could get a watermelon in your sloppy pussy. Would you like that whore?” I shake my head no since I can’t talk with the gag ball and my panties shoved in my mouth. “Yes you would. You always want something bigger crammed in your hole.”

You continue fist fucking me till I’m about to explode. You pull your fist out leaving me empty and so frustrated I could cry. You replace the earplug and start the truck making me think that we are leaving. Suddenly I feel a much larger object sliding into me. You had to use a little effort for this one, but I’m still so wet that the Tre Semme shampoo bottle slides in relatively easily.

I know your expectation, I am to make sure that whatever you put in me stays in me or I am to be whipped. Since my highly sensitive jugs and overheated snatch are what’s exposed, I have little time to concentrate on my sexual frustration since I have to focus all my energy on keeping the bottle in. I almost accomplish it too. At the next stop you have to hit the brakes a little harder than normal to avoid a collision with another driver. This causes the ropes on the clamps to pull harder shooting my attention to my over sensitive breasts and the bottle slips out. My noise of distress alerts you of my failure to follow your command.

Even though you know it isn’t my fault, after you get done at the next stop you uncoil your whip and smack my boobs, stomach, thighs, and pussy until they are a bright pink. You remove my earplugs and explain that you didn’t whip me till I had welted because you understand that the bottle falling out was not open defiance. You were lenient because of this. However, I still had to be punished so I would remember who’s in charge and that your understanding wouldn’t equal complete mercy. I nod my understanding and you replace the earplugs.

I feel you sit on the bed between my legs then feel your fist slide into me again. I relax and enjoy your abuse of my body. I feel your body weight shift and then your hot tongue is bathing my nipples, one then the other. I almost cum, but again you stop.

I let a frustrated growl slip and you take charge again. This time you decide my punishment should be stretching. You pull your fist out and start sliding both hands inside my cunt. Thanks to the shampoo bottle, there is more room. You move your hands apart and start stretching me further. I feel like you are trying to pull me in half, but I can’t communicate with you at all. If I struggle I pull my nipples and add to the sensitivity and I am sufficiently silenced. All I can do is lay here and allow you to do whatever you want.

I feel your hands moving in and out but now they are twisting as well. The pain is turning into pleasure now and you can tell that from my moans. You take advantage of my relaxed posture to push your hands in hard and fast. Both hands disappear into my slutty cunt and you smile triumphantly. You give me a few seconds to adjust then interlock your fingers inside my twat and start fucking me with one huge fist. I’ve never felt my pussy so full. I manage to last for a few seconds before I orgasm so hard that you think for a few seconds that I might have peed instead. Soon you realize that it is wave after wave of girl cream shooting onto your forearms, jeans and bed.

I pass out with my release, but you don’t feel as though I should be resting just yet. I soon wake to the feeling of being stretched even farther then I ever thought was possible. The Tre Semme bottle is wedged back in my cunt, but after being double fisted, it doesn’t quite feel that big anymore. Now you are trying to stuff my snatch with the monster dildo as well.

My breathing alerts you to the fact that I am no longer dead to the world. I realize that the earplugs are gone when you start talking to me. “I should’ve done this sooner. With you tied like this. I can finally make my pussy the gaping hole I’ve always wanted without any fights, struggles, or complaints from you. After seeing both my fists disappear, I am realizing what a good whore that I have. I am going to have to find bigger objects to fuck you with soon. Maybe a two liter bottle?” I shake my head in disagreement again just as you get the monster in with the shampoo bottle.

“What do you mean no? With what is in my cunt already I know you can handle it. And it is my cunt isn’t it slut?”

I know if that’s what you want, it’s going to happen so I don’t even bother to respond. I can only hope that you don’t plan on it being today.

Again you take the driver’s seat and I marvel at your self-control. Two stops and the knowledge of the constant torture of me and I would have figured that you would be ready to bury your cock in me to see how loose I actually am now.

The truck stops again, but you inform me that it is not a scheduled stop so we won’t be playing again yet. I hear the door open and close then the door lock. I am thankful that you have granted me back that sense. It’s much easier to keep my mind off my throbbing tits and snatch when I am concentrating on trying to hear your approaching footsteps. I hear the lock pop and the door open and close again. Your voice reassures me that it is indeed you. “Boy do I have a surprise for you. This is really going to stretch that slutty twat of yours further than it has ever been before. I can’t wait to see it buried inside you, your fuck hole wrapped around this baby. I think I’ll wait till we get home to use this one though.”

You make me stay like this through stops three and four but then make one more unscheduled stop at QT to get something to drink. You are finally nice enough to release me from my ties and torment. As I get dressed, I feel as though I have been fucked “with” the semi rather than riding in the back all day.

You climb back in and hand me a bag with a two-liter of soda in it with an evil grin. I shudder inside, but silently take it. “If that’s what he wants” I think to myself when we get back to the yard. I get into our truck and wait for you to clock out. I am so lost in thought about the day’s events that I don’t see you until you are climbing in the truck. You start the engine and head for home.

As I climb the stairs to get to the door you ask me why I am walking bow legged. I don’t answer but instead shoot you a look that says you know why. The door hasn’t even fully closed before you start ripping my clothes off again. You push me onto my knees in the doorway and fuck my face, grabbing my hair and not letting my head move. About ten strokes in, you slam your ten inch cock down my throat not caring if I can breath or not and shoot your load directly into my stomach.

After you pick me up and take me into our bedroom where you throw me onto the bed and promptly tie me down again. You get off the bed and leave me alone to wonder what you are doing now. I hear you get into your backpack and then you walking back towards the room. I know that you are carrying something when you come back, but you are hiding it so I can’t see it. You go directly into the bathroom and I hear the water start running. “That unscheduled stop I made earlier was at the bowling alley. I managed to get our newest toy for free. I’m going to wash it then I’m going to fuck you with this bowling pin!”

I shudder in fear thinking that it’s not going to fit, But I feel my pussy gush with anticipation. I must have creamed a lot more than I thought because I see you look between my legs and grin. “I know what your thinking, don’t worry, I’ll make it fit and I see how excited this makes you. Your eyes are saying NO, but your pussy just screamed YES!”

I lay there waiting watching your every movement. You sit on the bed between my legs and start to work the bottom of the pin in. I start to argue, but you cut me off. “With everything that has been shoved inside you today, I have faith that you can handle this too. Now shut up and don’t make me have to gag you and torture those poor tits again.” Promptly I shut my mouth knowing any further argument will get me in trouble.

You grab some lube for the pin and coat it and then I feel the bottom push into me. The farther you push the further I stretch. I feel my pussy finally give in to your demands and half of it slides into my cunt. I cry out in pain but it doesn’t matter to you. You keep fucking me slowly with the huge object until I start to moan in pleasure instead.

After a few minutes, you pop it out of me, untie me and make me get into doggie style. You get some rope and securely tie the bowling pin into my cunt. Then I feel lube being applied to my back door. You slowly start to push your cock in, I play with my clit quickly while it feels like your cock is ripping me in half. I can’t hold out and cum fast, but your not anywhere near done with my asshole yet. You continue to ride my ass telling me how tight I feel and how I am now well beyond a whore or a slut. No whore or slut would allow anyone to fuck them in the ass with a bowling pin in their slit.

I can tell that you are getting close to cumming now because you are pounding, my nasty asshole with such animalistic force that you don’t care if you are hurting me or not. You shoot your load deep into my bowels while calling me every name you can think of, but I barely hear you past my own orgasm. I cum so hard that I squirt my juices out around the bowling pin and onto your thighs.

We both fall onto our sides, your cock still in my ass, completely exhausted. I start to drift off when I hear you say “I hope that pin doesn’t bother you since you will be sleeping with it in you. I want to fuck you loose pussy in the morning and I want your cunt good and loose. If I enjoy it then I might make it an every night requirement.”

“Yes Master” is all I can say.

The last thing I hear before sleep takes me is “next time it’ll be your ass getting stretched and you will not be allowed sleep until that pin is used as a butt plug!”

(To better understand the story please read Cockboy Ch. 01.)

Jeff showered, shaved, and started his day. His mind was racing. “What the hell happened last night? What was with those girls, and why couldn’t I stop what they were doing? Kristen is so confident and tough, and Mara seems shy but she is devious and wicked when she’s with Kristen. And they have so much against me! Shit, what was I thinking when I started jacking off at work? And to get caught by the same girls that I was peeping on!”

“I had no choice but to show up at their apartment. Actually it was sort of cool being made into a ‘cock boy’ for these two hot girls. And being made to shoot a huge load in front of them. It certainly wasn’t bad as punishments go!”

He struggled into a clean security uniform, grabbed his keys and his wallet, and headed for the door. He had to be there by 2PM.


At ‘Teens and More’, Kristen led the young girls through the task of processing a huge shipment of clothing. The new styles were in for summer, and since the company had shifted focus there were many new styles. Since Kristen was the senior employee, beside the manager Carol, it was her job to lead the all female staff through the orderly process of displaying the new summer line. Carol had, of course, just happened to be out on a personal day.

They’d all be working late tonight. The company policy was that for every late night like this there would be pizza for all when the work was done. Kristen ordered the pizzas and sodas to be delivered at nine thirty. At nine she announced to the girls that there would be food and beverage in the conference room in thirty minutes. They didn’t usually use the conference room, but Kristen had a plan.

She slipped from the store and hurried into a back corridor, then followed the tangled maze of pathways until she got near to the Security office. She knew that Jeff was there because she had seen him earlier when she went to lunch.

She used the same technique that she had used before and silently opened the door and peeked in. Jeff was looking at the live video feed, and talking on the phone, He confirmed that everything was fine. He said goodbye to his boss and put down the phone. Jeff spun around to shake his frustration and found himself looking at Kristen.

He was shocked at first as he looked her over. She was a true beauty, her body lean and inviting. But the look on her face was anything but inviting. She looked stern and powerful, like she was in command. He immediately felt intimidated.

“Hello, Cockboy.” She sauntered over to where he stood. He couldn’t, or didn’t, speak.

“You were good last night. Mara and I enjoyed it very much.” She looked at him hard and he dropped his eyes in shame. “Look at me.” He lifted his eyes to her demanding stare.

“You have shown that you will bear punishment to keep us quiet. That’s good, since you violated the trust of everyone in this mall. And you spied on Mara and me. But don’t think that you’re off the hook because of last night. We’re not done with this yet.”

“Mara and I talked it over last night. We’ve decided that that there are five steps to your punishment. You have completed step one and done very well. But there are four steps left to go. You will need to do as we say four more times before we forgive you for what you’ve done. Do you understand, Cockboy?”

Jeff started to speak but Kristen stepped very close and held up her hand to stop him. He was blushing hard. He knew he had to hold her stare and not look away. Her face was only inches from his.

He couldn’t stand her glare any longer. He answered softly. “Yes.”

She grabbed his tie and pulled him even closer. “When everyone else is gone lock up the mall. Come and see me and Mara at the store. Be there at 9:30.”

She spun on her tall heal and walked out of the door.


Jeff had been thinking about what she said as he walked around the circumference of the mall and locked all of the doors, It was 9:25 when he made his way back the the center section of the mall. He was torn. Part of him wanted to run out to his truck and flee. The other part wanted to go to ‘Teens and More’ and do what he needed to do to put an end to this.

At 9:30 he found himself at the entrance to the store. Kristen was just inside and she watched his approach. She crooked her finger and invited him in. He slowly walked up to her.

“Jeff, you did as we asked the last time. You made a big mistake by spying on us. I know that you can turn and leave at any time. But you know that we have the video of you jacking off while you looked at videos of the changing rooms.”

Jeff said nothing.

“Your task tonight is to follow me and do as I say.” Kristen looked hard into his eyes, and Jeff found himself blushing again. She turned and walked toward the back of the store. Jeff followed.


Kristen had told the girls that tonight’s pizza party would be special. They had worked hard and deserved a special treat. Mara brought in the pizzas and a selection of drinks and put them on the conference table.. She placed plates at the eight center chairs of the big table.

The girls filed in and sat around the table, tearing off pieces of pizza, laughing and talking over each other as they enjoyed the food and drink. All eight girls were in a happy mood even though they had worked late. They liked working here, liked each other, and liked the late night pizza parties. When they had finished and the table was cleared Kristen rose. Everyone quieted and looked toward her.

“Friends, you have all done a great job for ‘Teens and More’ tonight. Without your enthusiastic support, we’d be just another store that closed it’s doors within a year. It is you that has made us successful.”

The employees all clapped, and a few yelled. So far, so good.

Kristen continued. “So tonight we have a special reward for you. Please let me present Jeff.” Kristen moved to the door and pulled a reluctant young man into the room by the arm.

“Mara and I caught Jeff doing something that he shouldn’t have done. I won’t say what it was. Jeff’s punishment is to do five tasks for us. He completed the first task last night. Tonight brings him to task number two,” explained Kristen. “Jeff has a very impressive cock. Tonight he is going to show it to us.” Kristen looked at Jeff and smiled. Jeff looked terrified.

“I need two girls to strip Jeff. Any volunteers?”

Every girl giggled, but two rose to their feet immediately. It was the twin sisters, Erin and Kate. The two redheads started moving toward Jeff. Their pale faces were slightly flushed as they stopped next to the boy.

“Jeff, you know that you have four more things to do for me and Mara before you have fulfilled your debt. Is that correct?”

Jeff’s eyes were on the floor. He knew that he had to answer. “Yes”, he said.

“Erin, Kate, take off his clothes.” Without hesitating, Erin pulled off Jeff’s tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Kate stepped behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Slowly she began to unbuckle his belt.

Jeff blushed deeply as he watched Erin unbuttoning his shirt.

The girls seated around the table all stared with wide eyes as Erin pulled Jeff’s shirt off, then his t-shirt over his head. Kate released his belt then opened the catch on his pants. They fell to the floor leaving just his boxers. Jeff tried to cover his growing bulge from their stares, but Kristen firmly grabbed his hands and pulled them away. Erin and Kate went to their knees and each removed a shoe and a sock. The twins then removed his pants from around his ankles. Jeff was visibly shaking.

“Excellent, girls. Please return to your chairs. Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to play,” Kristen smiled at the twins as she pulled back an unused chair next to the table.

“Last night Mara and I came up with a name for Jeff. You’ll see why.” She turned to face Jeff. “Cockboy, step up on the chair, and then onto the conference table.”

Jeff looked at Kristen with pleading eyes and shook his head left and right, begging her not to make him do this. She saw that he was quivering, but the bulge in his boxers was obvious.

Kristen’s eyes bore into Jeff’s. “Your mind says no, but your cock says yes. Your blushing face says no, but your cock says yes. More importantly, you know the consequences if you don’t do as I say. I order you to stand on the table.”

Jeff let out a meek groan as Kristen pushed him toward the table. He climbed onto the chair and then up onto the table. Kristen followed and stood closely behind him on the table.

“Ladies, for tonight’s entertainment I now present….Jeff the cockboy!” She reached to his hips and slid his boxers down. His erection caught in the front as she kept pulling the boxers lower. “Tah dah….” She yanked his boxers down and his cock sprang free, slapping up against his belly.

A collective gasp went through to room. Then, silence as the girls stared at his huge hard-on. Finally, Erin spoke softly. “Holy shit, Kristen, you told me and Kate that it was big, but that thing is… enormous!” Now, all the girls started talking at once.

Jeff stood there with his eyes closed, feeling totally humiliated. Kristen pulled his boxers off of his feet and tossed them on the floor. “The girls want to see your big cock up close, Cockboy. Lie down on your back.” She positioned him in the center of the table and pulled him down, then stepped to the floor and sat in her chair. Jeff laid back on the table with his cock pointing toward his chin.

Kristen took the lead again. She slowly reached out and gently wrapped her hand around the cock. “Now, Jeff is obviously very excited. We do not want to let him come. You may all touch and fondle this whopper and play with his swollen balls, but DO NOT make him cum. To stop him from stroking himself each of you grab the arm or leg in front of you and hold him down on the table.” Each girl grabbed with both hands and held him down. “Mara, you’re on cock watch. If he seems close to coming, squeeze his shaft and pull his balls down like we did last night.” Mara immediately wrapped a tight hand around the base of Jeff’s cock as Kristen pulled her hand away. Kristen and Mara shared a devilish smile.

“We’ll go around the table and take turns. I told Erin and Kate what we’d be doing tonight. They’ve been waiting all day to get their hands on him so they’re first. Kate, why don’t you begin. Cockboy, I want you to keep your eyes open and on your cock.”

Kate released Jeff’s leg and moved her head closer until she was breathing on the cock. She reached gently, brought up her index finger, and pushed it lightly onto the hole in the center of the head. Jeff moaned.

She began by running her fingers all around the swollen cock head with a look of wonder in her eyes. “It’s so hard, but so soft,” she mewed. She then tickled all the way around the underside of the big cock head while Jeff shuddered. Next, she wrapped her hand around the middle of the cock and slowly stroked up and down. “I can feel his heartbeat.” She brought in her other hand and hefted his nuts. Then both hands were on his balls, gently squeezing and pulling. “God, I didn’t know that a man’s balls could be this big.” Letting go of one of his balls, she grabbed his cock and held it pointing straight up into the air. “How long is this thing?”

Mara, who still had a tight fist around the base of Jeff’s cock, answered. “We measured him last night. It’s 8-7/8 inches long and almost 6 inches around.”

Kate sighed then said, “look, the tip is leaking. Can I have a taste, Kristen? Please?”

“Alright, a new rule. Each of you can have one lick. But no more or he’ll enjoy it too much, Remember, we’re punishing him.” replied Kristen. She saw Jeff’s pleading look again. She smiled and winked at him.

Now Jeff’s eyes were on Kate as she leaned forward. Still holding his cock straight up, she stuck out her tongue and took one long, slow swipe of his cock head. Jeff’s ass nearly came off the table but the other girls had a firm hold on him. It was the first time that a tongue had ever touched his cock.

“Ooh, I just love the taste of pre cum,” purred Kate as she released his cock and smacked her lips. “OK, Erin, your turn.”

Jeff watched as the beautiful twin sisters switched places. He knew that if Mara wasn’t holding him so tightly he’d be shooting cum all over the room. He groaned and laid his head back. Mara used her other hand to grab his scrotum. She slowly but firmly pulled his balls away from his body and down toward the table.

“For those of you that don’t know, a man’s balls pull tight against his body just before he cums. To prevent that you need to pull his balls away from his body,” said Mara as she continued to pull. His balls finally felt looser in their sack. “OK, Erin, he’s all yours.”

Erin softly grabbed a ball in each hand and squeezed, then squeezed harder. Jeff let out a loud groan. Then she pulled his balls up high and dropped them. They flopped back toward the table. She did this three more times, loving the look of the heavy balls flopping around.

“I’ll never think the same about a man’s balls after seeing these. I’ve never played with them before like this. I think it’ll become my new hobby,” she said as all of the girls giggled.

She aggressively wrapped both hands around the big cock and again squeezed tight, then tighter yet, and finally nearly as tight as she could. Jeff twitched and rolled his hips from side to side. Erin loosened her grip and began to stroke him with both hands. Even with Mara’s finger and thumb tight around the base, there was still plenty of room for her to stroke away. She heard Jeff start to pant so she released her hands.

Erin looked into Jeff’s eyes and said “What’s the matter Cockboy, do you want me to keep going until you cum? I’ll bet you do. Would you like to cum all over my hands?” Jeff shook his head. Erin laughed and teased him. “I don’t think so. You’d enjoy that too much.” She pulled his cock up, winked at him, and slowly ran her tongue around the tip. She stroked him quickly, released him, and went back to her chair.

Jeff watched in a daze as they continued around the table. First, the short girl with the big tits. “Hello big cock, I’m Suzie.” She shook his cock like she was shaking hands as the girls laughed. Suzie first concentrated on juggling and rolling his balls in her hands. Picking up the cock she put her thumbs on the pulsing cock head and pulled the hole wide open and looked inside. Next she stroked the cock slowly and softly from base to tip. Soon she was stroking his shaft vigorously, finally squeezing out some pre cum before taking a slurping lick. She handed his cock to a shapely blond girl. This girl introduced herself to the cock as Heidi. Seeing more pre cum oozing out Heidi started by swabbing his cock head all around with her tongue. Jeff moaned and tried to thrust his pelvis. She giggled as she pulled his balls away from his body to keep him from coming then stroked his shaft long and hard. When Jeff started to pant again she let go and slapped his cock hard back and forth a few times. Jeff screeched in pain.

Next was a very hot Latina. “Buenas noches, Mr. cock. I’m Maria and I love big dicks.” She placed her elbow in his pubic hair and held his cock up next to her arm. The cock went to past her wrist. “You are the biggest cock that I have ever met!” As the other girls laughed Maria grabbed a ball in each hand and sniffed them. She then grabbed the cock with both hands and stroked while she ran her tongue around the head.

Now came the girl that Jeff had been admiring for weeks. They had spoken a few times at the food court but he had been too tongue-tied to say much. He knew her name was Andi and he’d wanted to ask her out but just couldn’t put the right words together. She was blond, almost his height, and had a nice, firm body. She surprised him by stepping over and giving him a kiss on the lips before pushing her tongue into his mouth, She moved down and put those lips on his cock and quickly took the first couple of inches into her mouth before pulling off with a smirk. She took her time running her fingertips all over his shaft and balls. Then, leaning down, she planted a soft kiss on each of his balls and stepped away. Jeff was more excited than he had ever been.

Kristen turned to Mara. “Your turn now, room mate, I’ll take over on cum control.” Kristen’s hand replaced Mara’s as she tightly squeezed the base.

Mara started by using her finger to collect a small drop of pre-cum from the cock head. She slowly stuck the finger into Jeff’s mouth. She then ran her hands all over his shoulders and chest and pinched each nipple hard. Jeff groaned and shook. Mara continued running her fingertips down his belly and thighs and all around his groin, never touching his cock. She went slowly and softly. “Do you want me to touch your cock?” she whispered. Jeff shook his head rapidly. “Tell me what you want.”

Jeff looked into Mara’s eyes and said loudly, “yes! I want you to touch my cock. Please, make me cum!”

Mara smiled and looked at Kristen. “Kristen, why don’t you and I work on him together?” They descended like vultures. Kristen’s free hand grabbed one of his nuts, and Mara held the other. They pulled them down and away. “Oh, no, cockboy, you don’t get to cum yet.”

They both pulled hard, almost painfully, so that Jeff’s balls were stretching his sack as tightly as it would go. Jeff groaned and twisted as the other girls held him tightly. Mara grabbed his cock and stroked quickly while they pulled his balls. Jeff’s moaning became constant. They worked him higher and higher, his breath coming in gasps. Suddenly, they both let go of him, removing both hands. The big cock twitched and throbbed before the girl’s eyes.

Kristen spoke loudly. “Cockboy, you are to cum in the same way that you came last night. I will count down from three, and when I say “now”, you’ll grab your cock with both hands and jack yourself off for us girls. Eight fully clothed girls are going to watch you spurt uncontrollably.” She put her face over his and looked him in the eyes. “Will you do as I say? Are you ready to cum?”

Jeff screamed, “Yes!”

Kristen continued. “Girls, release him….. Cockboy, three.” Every eye was on his throbbing cock, including his own. Kristen silently counted to 10 then said “two”. Jeff groaned, and his arms began to shiver. Kristen silently counted to 15, then said “one”. Now Jeff’s whole body was shaking.

Kristen silently counted to 20. The girls were all holding their breaths. The big cock was swollen and twitching.

“Now! Come for us, Cockboy!” shouted Kristen.

Jeff’s hands were instantly wrapped around his cock. He pumped fast from tip to base. His head fell back on the table and rolled from side to side.

It began. Jeff’s hips rose off of the table and he let loose an anguished scream. A huge wad of cum flew from his cock, splattering onto his chin. Another, and another, and another. His chest and neck were covered with cum. He stroked and shivered as more cum pooled on his belly.

Finally his hips fell back to the table as both hands continued to stroke slowly. He was vaguely aware of the girls clapping and yelling. He opened his eyes to see Mara and Kristen leaning in close and staring at his eyes.

Kristen spoke. “Well done, Cockboy! I’m sure that none of us will ever forget this night. But we can’t leave all this man-cum in the store, you’ll have to take it with you.”

Mara and Kristen each slid two fingers through a pool of cum and brought their fingers to Jeff’s lips. Mara said, “time to clean up your mess.” She firmly pushed her fingers into his mouth. He had no choice so he licked them clean. Kristen’s gooey fingers slipped in next.

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