women’s panties

Over the previous week, Alicia and I had discussed our wedding night plans in detail. We were only to have Friday night and Saturday night, so we wanted to make sure that we made the best of them.

The night before our wedding, we had exchanged, but not opened, wedding night gifts. Then, we had decided that one night would be “mine”, and one night would be “hers.”

This night, Friday night, would be mine. “Just promise me one thing, Mistress,” I said when we were discussing it. “Promise me that you will still be in total control. I still want a good, hard spanking.”

“Don’t worry,” Alicia said. “I’ll burn your ass up if that’s what you want.”

As we drove down I-40 towards Wilmington, we talked, held hands, listened to music. I sometimes was surprised at how conventional we looked and acted to everyone, yet how profoundly different our relationship was from the so-called “norm.”

I was very happy to be Alicia’s slave. And, the role of dominant mistress suited her. She was my physical and emotional superior, and I was comfortable with that. We had managed to strike the proper balance between my submission to her, and my managing to keep my ego intact. It was because Alicia, being the insightful person she was, had never publicly humiliated me. She had never sought to break my spirit. I was dominated and punished, but my humiliations were private, for her eyes alone. Alicia knew just how much pressure to apply, and when to let off. It was through her domination of me that I finally began to feel “free.” Alicia fulfilled a craving in me that allowed me the freedom to love her and submit to her. And that is what I wanted, anyway.

For Alicia’s part, I think that she had been hurt before. I don’t know how many times she had been in love before, but I suspect it hadn’t been many. Maybe my unconditional love and submission to her will were what she needed to finally feel love. In any case, we were, I believed, a perfect match for each other.

The sun was going down. From Chapel Hill to Sunset Beach takes nearly four hours to drive. We had left our apartment at about two-thirty. We had about another hour to drive, and the sun was already low in the sky. It was going to be a cold, blustery night, but we would be warm in our rented house.

“I’m getting anxious to get there,” I said.

“Me, too,” she said, smiling at me.

“Tonight is my night, right?” I asked.

“Yes, Phillip, tonight is your night. Do you know what you want to do?”

“Yes, pretty much. But I want you in control, as always. I need it.”

Alicia stroked and squeezed my thigh. “Yes, darling, I know you do. Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

It seemed like forever, but we finally crossed the famous pontoon bridge between the mainland and the island on which Sunset Beach is situated. When we got to the house, it was completely dark and cold, but we turned on the lights, and I started a fire in the fireplace. I unloaded the car, locked it, and came into the house. It was already starting to warm up.

I prepared a light meal, and we ate in our wedding clothes by candle and firelight. I could hardly keep my eyes off Alicia. She positively glowed. Her cheeks were flushed slightly, and not just from the chablis we were drinking. Her beautiful coppery red hair was very becoming, put up like Kathy had done it. Her skin was flawless, creamy white and slightly freckled through the opening in the front of her dress. I could also see and appreciate the swell of Alicia’s breasts through the opening as well. Her eyes sparkled in the candelight.

“Would you like me to bathe you?” I asked.

“No. I’ll take a shower. I want to get started on your special night.”

“Then let’s open our gifts,” I said.

We put the dishes away, cleared the table, and went to the couch with our wine glasses. Alicia handed me my gift, and I handed hers to her.

“Open it,” I urged. I admit I was a bit nervous as she tore the wrapping.

She opened the box and pulled out a pair of old-fashioned, ruffled pink panties, a waist corset that hooked in the front, and various pieces of jewelry.

She smiled and chuckled a little. “Oh Phillip! I like them!” She held up the corset. “How does this work?”

“You hook it up the front, under your breasts, and it makes them stand out.”

“As if they don’t stand out enough right now,” she laughed. She picked up the jewelry. “What about these?” she asked.

I picked up two of the pieces. They were small gold chains about an inch and a half long, with tiny golden filligreed balls hanging from them. At the top was a hook. “These are for your breasts,” I said. “You fit the hook over your nipples. See, you can adjust them so they don’t pinch too much.”

“I think I know what this is for,” she said, picking up another other piece. It was composed of a U-shaped clip, with two gold chains hanging from the ends. From the chains hung two small golden balls. This fits around your labia minora,” I said. “I really think it’s sexy. I can hardly wait to see it on you.”

“And this one?” she asked, holding up the last one. This one was also composed of two gold chains, from which two small golden balls dangled. The chains were attached to a small, smooth conical object.

I felt myself blushing slightly. “This one,” I said, “is for your butthole.”

“You’ve got to be kidding!” she cried, blushing and putting her hand over her mouth.

“No, Mistress, I’m not. You see, this part,” I showed her the small cone, “goes inside to hold the jewelry in place.”

Alicia was still blushing. I think I may have shocked her. “You will wear my gifts, won’t you, Mistress?” I asked anxiously.

She took her hand away and looked at me. “Of course I will, Phillip. You are a good slave, and you deserve it. Let’s do this: You go take a quick shower, and then wait out here in the living room for me, like the naughty little boy that you are.”

I undressed quickly and took a shower. When I got out, I quickly rummaged through my suitcase and retrieved what I wanted to wear, then went into the living room. Alicia took her gifts and went into the bedroom, closing the door behind her.

I was trembling with excitement as I put on the few things I had gotten from my suitcase. I couldn’t wait to see Alicia in her costume.

It seemed like forever, but it was only about thirty minutes before my mistress bade me enter the bedroom. Alicia had darkened the room by leaving only one lamp on, and that covered by a red scarf.

She was sitting in a chair beside a table, on which burned a candle. She stood up when I entered, and said, “Come and stand before me, Phillip.” I walked closer and got my first look at her. I was stunned. She was exactly what I was hoping for. Although she had added an open white silk blouse to her ensemble, I could still glimpse the small golden chains and filligreed balls that dangled from her nipples. Underneath her breasts, nipping her waist in, and making her titties jut forward, was the black corset I had given her. And below the corset was my favorite piece of clothing: the pink ruffled panties.

I came over to her. “Stand up straight!” she barked. I came to attention. “Who do you think you are, flirting with that little tart Twyla!”

“Mistress, I would never…”

“Be quiet!” She walked very close to me. I could smell the light, astringent scent of her perfume. I ached to reach out and touch her.

“I bet you’d like to see me, touch me, wouldn’t you? Well, if I ever so much as see you looking at that little whore, I’ll never lay a hand on you again.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now, how do you think you should be punished?”

“I–I think I should be spanked. Spanked hard, Mistress,” I said quietly, my voice filled with emotion.

Alicia went over to the chair and sat down. “Then get over my knee,” she said.

I went over and got over her knees. “I’m going to spank you good and hard for flirting with that little tart,” Alicia said, and began laying hard slaps on my butt and the backs of my thighs. Even through the boxer shorts I was wearing, the blows hurt. After about twenty-five or so spanks, Alicia said, “Stand up!”

I stood up. “Pull down your underwear,” she said.

I pulled down my boxers, revealing the white silk panties I was wearing. They belonged to Alicia. I had “borrowed” them for the weekend. The panties were fairly skimpy, and had lace around the waistband and the legs. They barely covered my erection, which bulged out in front. At the tip of the bulge, my leaking cock produced a growing spot of wetness.

Alicia didn’t expect to see me wearing a pair of her silk panties. Her eyes got wide. She looked up at me and said, “How dare you wear a pair of my panties!” I said nothing, thinking it better to remain silent.

“Now they’re going to be ruined! You’ll stretch them out. Oh, Phillip, you have been a very bad boy!” Alicia may have been surprised and a little pissed off, but she kept looking at the panties, and my cock bulging through them. “Turn around,” she ordered. I turned slowly around. “Just as I thought,” she said, “they’re not going to be worth anything after you’re done with them.”

To me, the panties felt wonderful. They felt light, smooth and very erotic against my skin, and especially against my cock.

“Get back over my knee, Phillip. You’re going to pay for those panties with your ass!”

I scrambled back over Alicia’s knees. This time, she reached over to the table, picked up a hairbrush, and began spanking me with that. The blows hurt, but they were more than balanced out by the delicious sensation of my cock against the panties, nestled in the valley between Alicia’s legs. She spanked me hard with that hairbrush, and I could feel the stinging warmth growing over my backside.

Eventually, she got disgusted with even that. “Stand up and pull down those panties,” she barked. I rushed to do so. “Get back down here!” Back over her knees I went. This time, I was treated to the even more delicious sensation of my bare, erect cock rubbing against the soft ruffles of Alicia’s panties. As the blows from the hairbrush began on my ass, I began moving just a little, rubbing my cock against the ruffles. It was heaven.

Still, the spanking I was getting on my bare ass from that hairbrush could not be denied. It wasn’t long before the warmth progressed to genuine discomfort, and then to pain. Alicia knew how to spank me, and how to make it hurt. Each blow delivered hurt mightily. It wasn’t long before I was attempting to dodge the spanks. Alicia only held me more firmly. Eventually, I began groaning in agony. Tears stung my eyes. “Oh Mistress! Ow! That really hurts!” I gasped.

“I want it to hurt, you bad boy! I told you that I was going to burn your ass up, and I am!”

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! The blows rained down on my ass with no letting up. Alicia’s arm was especially strong that night. She spanked hard and rhythmically, never varying the pressure, only the location. She moved from my thighs to my buttocks, and then back down again.

I was sobbing. Tears poured down my face. “Oh Mistress! I’ll never look at Twyla again. Never again!”

The spanking continue unabated. “Do you promise! Really promise, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress, I promise!”

“Well, I’m still not done yet!” she said, and continued spanking.

At one point, the pain became secondary to another feeling. My constant movements to avoid the blows to my bottom had caused my cock to rub against her panties, arousing me intently. My constant leakage into the depression formed by the junction of Alicia’s thighs and crotch had produced a warm, soft, slightly wet place for my cock to rest. As my mind retreated from the pain into the pleasure, the place my cock was in became a soft, inviting pussy. The feeling built and built until, like water bursting through a dam, I came shudderingly, gushing semen all over Alicia’s ruffled panties.

I was gasping in pain and pleasure, groaning in mixed agony and ecstasy. Alicia had stopped spanking me. Large teardrops splashed on the floor beneath me. “Oh Mistress,” I cried, “I came, I came.”

I felt her take a deep breath. Her voice calm, gentle now, Alicia said, “You’ve had enough punishment for right now, slave. Get on your knees before me.”

Slowly, painfully, I got into a kneeling position before my Mistress. She opened her legs wide and hitched forward slightly in the chair. “Now lick your come off my panties. Lick it all off.”

I moved forward between her thighs, found the wet spot, and began licking at the thick, salty pool of sperm I had deposited. Much of it covered her pubic mound, and I could sense Alicia’s excitement as I lapped at the material directly over her pussy. When I was done, I sat back.

She looked down. With embarassment, I realized that I was momentarily limp. “I want your cock hard, slave. Would you like to look at me? Would that help you get hard again?”

“Oh yes, Mistress.”

She stood up before me. Slowly she removed the silk blouse she was wearing, revealing her titties, with their attached jewelry, in all their glory. My cock stirred slightly just at the sight. Then, she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, and slowly pulled them down. She stepped closer to me, and I suddenly smelled her aroused, overheated sex. Spreading her legs, she ran her hands from her pussy, up over her torso, and cupped her breasts. Dangling between her legs, I could see the small ruby jewels twinkling in the muted light. Impulsively, I lurched forward, burying my face in Alicia’s red pussy. Groaning, I kissed and licked at it, my tongue finding the metal clip holding the jewelry in place. “Mmmmmm,” Alicia sighed, running her fingers through my hair briefly before stepping back. She turned around, spread her legs again, and reached back to pull the cheeks of her ass apart. “Do you see it, slave?” she asked quietly. “Oh yes, Mistress, I see,” I whispered, for dangling from Alicia’s puckered asshole were two small golden balls suspended by chains. “Then show me how much you love me.” I moved forward and buried my mouth and nose in the cleft of her buttocks, reveling in the taste and smell of Alicia’s musky asshole. I kissed and licked all around the chains and the balls, and even attempted to insert my tongue. Alicia held herself like that for several minutes while I worshipped her orally.

She moved away again, and said, “You are hard again, I see. Get on the bed in a kneeling position.” I scrambled onto the bed and assumed a kneeling position. “Stick your ass into the air.” I did so, and once again, the blows came down, this time with her hard hand. The pain from my previous spanking had, by this time, subsided somewhat. But this new punishment renewed it with a vigor, and soon my ass stung mightily. I got maybe twenty-five to thirty blows before she stopped. My eyes were closed, but I opened them when I felt the bed shift. Alicia was climbing on the bed with me. She lay down in front of me with her legs spread wide and a pillow under her butt. “Now, slave, eat my pussy and asshole. You’d better do it right and make me come, too!” The pussyclips and anal jewelry were still in place. I was made to gently remove both with my teeth. Then, I dived into Alicia’s pussy, licking and sucking and tongueing if for all I was worth. She tasted wonderful! Sweet and tart and slightly musky. I moved downward and sucked and licked her asshole, rimming her thoroughly. It wasn’t long before Alicia was uttering delighted cries and sobs of pleasure. She urged me on with lustful mewings. I covered her entire pussy with my mouth, tongue-fucking her, then moved to her erect clitoris, flicking back and forth, then up and down. “Oh god, Phillip! Right there! Right there!” she sobbed. “Don’t stop! Keep going! Oh, oh, oh, aghhhhh!!!” Her body bowed upward, then convulsed in orgasm as an earthquake of pleasure flooded her body. My Mistress cried out hoarsely as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her. Her juices practically flooded out onto my tongue, and I drank them greedily.

I love giving pleasure to my Mistress.

Eventually, she got too sensitive, and pushed my head away. I remained kneeling between her legs, allowing her to rest.

“Now fuck me, Phillip. Fuck me now. I’m ready.” She spread her legs again, bringing her knees up past her waist. I got between them and placed my cock at the flowing entrance to her pussy. Suddenly, I was engulfed in the exquisite sensation of Alicia’s warm wet cunt sliding over my cock. She was hot, so hot. I plunged down into her honeyed depths. Cock, pussy, and lips all came together simultaneously as we melded our bodies together for the first time as man and wife. We both moaned in ecstasy. She threw her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist as I began pumping in and out of her pussy. I ground my pelvis against her, causing her to gasp in pleasure. “Oh yesss!” she whispered into my ear. “Fuck me good, Phillip. Oh, fuck me!”

We both held on to each other for dear life as I pummeled her. Excited as we were, it wasn’t long before our voices joined in murmured endearments and choking half-sobs of rapture. “Keep going, baby. Mama’s going to come soon. Make mama come. Make mama come hard.”

I was like a man possessed. I fucked deeply into her silken cunt, trying to delay my own climax, which was becoming imminent. “A little more, baby! Just…a…little…more! Oh, oh, ohhhh!” Alicia cried as her whole body spasmed in climax. Once again, she uttered hoarse ecstatic cries as waves of pleasure washed through her body.

My own climax was very close now, but she said, “Don’t come yet. Not yet. As your reward, you may put your cock into my butthole.”

I slipped out of her pussy. With her still on her back, I pushed her legs back a little further, revealing her pink-brown, puckered anus. It was already well lubricated from the copious pussy juices which had run down into it. My cock was also slick with pussy juice. I placed the tip at the opening, and pushed slowly.

“Go slowly, Phillip. I’ve never had you there,” Alicia gasped.

I applied steady, gentle pressure, and slowly my Mistress’ asshole opened to me. “Ah, ah, ah,” Alicia grunted as I spread her open. Eventually, I felt my cock pop through the sphincter and ease into her rectum.

“Oh Mistress, it feels good!” I said.

“It does to me, too, Phillip. Now, enjoy yourself, but be gentle with your Mistress.”

I began pumping in and out of her smooth, grasping butthole. The muscle at the opening gripped me differently from her pussy, a completely novel sensation. I felt my orgasm building again. Without realizing it, both Alicia and I were moaning continuously with the pleasure and sexiness of it.

“Oh Mistress, I am going to come!” I cried.

“Fill mama’s butt up with your come, darling. Fill me up!” Alicia mewed.

Her words spurred my climax. I felt a bead of exquisite pleasure-pain race down the length of my straining cock and burst out the tip in an explosion of pent-up, orgasmic, splashing male come. I seemed to come forever, and as I did, I gazed into the eyes of my wife/Mistress and immersed myself in their green depths. I pumped into her butthole for as long as I could, then fell exhausted onto the bed beside her. We immediately came together, sharing a deep kiss.

I must have dozed for a few minutes, because the next thing I was aware of was the feel of a warm wet washcloth washing my genitals. “I’m very pleased with you, Phillip,” Alicia whispered. She crawled into bed beside of me. I went to sleep again.

I awoke to the most exquisite sensation. I opened my eyes to a dark room, only gradually realizing where I was. I heard a low gurgle and then a quiet moan, and I looked down to see the top of Alicia’s head bobbing up and down on my once-again erect cock. She must have been doing it for some time while I was asleep, for it was only a few moments before my pleasure peaked and I was shooting gob after gob of semen into Alicia’s hungry mouth. She sucked me completely dry, crawled back up beside me in the bed, put her arms around me, and went to sleep. She whispered, “You are part of me,” into the darkness, then grew quiet. Once I heard/felt her deep even breathing, I went back to sleep too.

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