“The red one,” Claire said.

Lisa made a face.

“You know, natural redheads really shouldn’t wear red blouses. At least not in that shade. Why don’t we try something a bit more natural Autumn?”

Claire nodded, her arms full of clothes anyways.

“Let’s just go to the change rooms and try some of these on. The party is only in a few hours and we are running out of time,” said Claire.

Claire’s long, flowing red hair trailed behind her, a natural scarf billowing out from her beautiful head. She raised one of her dainty fingers to her eyelid, wiping something away. Lisa watched her, transfixed by the beauty of her tall, skinny, fair-skinned friend.

Lisa, herself, was nothing short of gorgeous, but didn’t have the long legs and wonderfully carved arms of Claire. She was shorter, a good head below Claire, with wide hips and larger, heavy breasts. She kept her hair short, choppy, and stylish, and wore dangling hoop earrings that were shown off easy because of her hairstyle.

“Ma’am?” Claire’s singsong voice was slightly muffled behind her piles of clothes.

An older, nondescript lady was bustling past them.

“Where are the changing rooms,” Lisa called out in a more alert tone.

The lady pointed quickly down the halls away from the Womens Clothing section, and Lisa grunted in appreciation.

“Let’s go,” Lisa said, tugging Claire by the arm sleeve.

The changing room was entirely empty during the time of day, and so Lisa pushed open the closest expansive stall door and pulled Claire inside. Claire plopped down on one of the comfy benches therein, and her pile of clothes fell off of her in explosively colorful waves.

Lisa kissed Claire roughly and passionately, pushing her small pink tongue into her friend’s fumbling mouth. Claire’s candy-apple balmed lips parted easily once she realized what was going on.

“Here?” Claire asked.

Lisa nodded ruefully, already unbuttoning Claire’s skinny jeans. Claire sighed and laughed, relishing the fact that Lisa was so often boyish in her conquests.

“Careful now hunny, I’m a bit more fragile than you are,” Claire giggled.

Lisa grunted, pulling the pants away from Claire’s hips and off her flat butt.

“Oh shut up. I saw the way you were looking at me out there. You haven’t been thinking about clothes for forty-five minutes,” Lisa answered her.

Claire put her hand over her mouth and giggled. Lisa was really determined now. The pants were off.

Lisa stared at Claire’s unassuming green and white striped panties. There was an almost imperceptible heady musk coming off of her crotch. Lisa could feel the heat there, or at least could do a great job imagining it.

Lisa pulled the panties off slowly, relishing in the site of a dewy string of fluid coming off with the sparse cloth, attached between the panties and Claire’s fiery red bush.

“Wet already. Whore,” Lisa smirked.

Claire pouted. “You did say you noticed my mood,” She said.

“I’m so fucking glad you don’t shave. God you look like a woman.”

“I am a woman,” Claire growled. Then she laughed, her tiny breasts rising and falling.

Lisa’s breasts rested on the knees of her friend, until she parted Claire’s legs after taking the panties all the way off.

Lisa inhaled the smell entirely, basking in it, then she naughtily sniffed the panties and licked the dew off of them.

“You are so naughty,” Claire said.

“Tell me about it. I feel like I haven’t had a meal in weeks.”

“You at my pussy this morning you silly girl.”

“This morning. Jesus Christ that was like six hours ago and coffee washed the pussy off my tongue only a few minutes after.”

Lisa pushed her tongue into the base of Claire’s closed pussy, slowly trailing all the way to the top and above her clit, planting a kiss in the middle of her red pubic hair. Claire’s pussy opened compliantly, her puffy lips blooming apart.

Lisa pushed one finger deep into Claire’s pussy, finding it to be exceptionally wet, then noisily pulled her long finger out and placed it into Claire’s mouth, who sucked on it eagerly.

“You are dirty right now,” Claire said, tasting herself.

Lisa gave Claire’s cunt another long and languished lick, and Claire made a noise like an animal.

“Cover your mouth or I’m going to pull you over my knee and spank your pussy until my hand is drenched.”

“I love it when you are rough. I could use a reddened pussy right now.”

“It’s already red.”

Lisa licked and licked, changing her pace and sloppily spelling out the first half of the alphabet with her tongue. Claire cooed and moved her legs, loving everything she was receiving. Lisa’s pink tongue moved further and deeper inside, between the lusciously puffy lips, pulling out little gobs of Claire’s pussy juice. Sometimes, during the early afternoon when Claire was especially horny, her womanly liquid would get thick and creamy, and especially heady.

“Delicious today aren’t we,” Lisa asked.

“Oh god don’t stop,” Claire begged, placing one of her hands on the back of Lisa’s head. Claire loved her friend’s hair, it made it so easy for her to control what was happening during cunnilingus.

Lisa especially loved to give it, relishing the taste of good ripe pussy on her tongue. She used to have to beg Claire to let her go down on her, but now it was their primary source of lovemaking. Claire was a bit more awkward when she was in control, but Lisa was a good teacher.

Lisa licked some more, pushing her tongue in and out of Claire’s pussy, fucking it slowly and determinedly with her tongue. She alternated with her middle finger, driving it in and out of Claire’s tight cunt. Lisa moved her tongue up, lightly pressing it against Claire’s clit, which elicited an excited series of muffled gasps from her friend. Lisa licked and licked, putting on the pressure and speeding up her determined licks.

Lisa moved her finger in and out, in and out, eventually adding another finger and opening up Claire’s pussy more. Her fluid was dripping easily out of her open cunt, and Lisa’s tongue moved back down to the base of her opening and lapped it up.

Claire began to tense up, her legs tightening around Lisa’s head. Lisa knew that Claire wasn’t going to last much longer, so she returned to Claire’s budding clit and moved her tongue with fevered abandon. Claire pushed down on Lisa’s head, calling out loudly and forgetting to muffle the sound. Lisa laughed into Claire’s lippy pussy, licking harder and harder.

Claire began to cum, and so she tried to push Lisa’s head away from her clit, which was becoming increasingly tender. Lisa knew that this would happen, so she grabbed onto both of Lisa’s wrists and continued to lick her pussy. Claire was really screaming now as her clitoris was under fierce attack. Lisa wouldn’t let up until Claire performed the magic three, which Lisa found out that she could do. Claire was both dismayed and on fire with lust at the knowledge, knowing that her friend wouldn’t get off her clit until she had performed her trinity of orgasms.

Claire shook again, the second orgasm wracking her body and causing her legs to shake uncontrollably.

“Please!” Claire cried out, but Lisa held her wrists in a death grip and licked even harder and faster at her engorged bud.

Claire thrashed her head from side to side, loving the feeling but afraid that any more sensitivity down there would cause her to explode. Lisa licked harder, waiting for the explosion. Claire felt the third orgasm bubbling up inside of her, a fierce stream, and a sudden eruption moved her and she really screamed loud. Lisa clamped her mouth down on Claire’s pussy as a thing stream of fluid shot forward and down her throat.

Lisa slurped loudly and rudely, keeping her entire mouth pressed down over Claire’s mound until she stopped moving.

A knock sounded at the changing room door.

“We’re okay in here, just leave us alone!” Claire called out.

Lisa pulled her face away from the mess she had made, trailing long strings of saliva and pussy juice.

“You are an animal,” Claire said, laughing.

Lisa giggled, and Claire licked at her friend’s face, tasting herself and giving Lisa a grand kiss.

“Come on, the party is in a few hours and I haven’t tried on any of these clothes,” Claire said.

Lisa shook her head.

“We can try on the clothes, but we aren’t going to any stupid party tonight,” Lisa said.

Claire laughed, hugging Lisa tightly.

A top senior student and a surprisingly progressive career in the retail industry, Michelle worked her way up to assistant manager at Vivienne’s Boutique. The unique vintage-new clothing combination seemed to attract a loyal and consistent stream of clientele. Continually increasing sales, success and now a beacon attracting many newcomers to the mall, there was serious discussion about opening one or two more stores within the next year. If the expansion plan were to become a reality, Michelle would be a prime candidate as store manager, as Cecilia would open the new store.

As usual, Michelle’s life continued to flourish in school and business. Her academic skills combined with the ability to learn fashion trends and business management quickly earned her a strong reputation in the community. Lacey and Andy continued to support Michelle’s assistant supervisory role in their respective part time positions, though now working more hours and enjoying the increased commission and bonuses as a result of their hard work. As for weekends, Michelle put in a few hours on Saturday mornings, which were a regular occurrence, leaving the rest of the weekend to her disposal. It was then, on Saturday afternoons, that the rituals would begin…

Now a regular fixture in Michelle’s personal and intimate life, Nathan requested that she be ready for him every Saturday evening, to his specifications. The dark golden, now caramel-blond highlighted wig was kept styled every week in precise condition as though it was her own hair. Meeting Nathan at her apartment, where she now lived on her own, Michelle was subjected to a full head and body shave, plucking of eyebrows, application of makeup, accessories and clothing all picked out for her by Nathan. It was both an exciting and perplexing experience for Michelle, who always wondered what was in store for her each time. While the head and body shaving, usually done slowly and while she lay in a bubble bath by Nathan himself (remaining fully clothed, making her feel exposed) was a consistent ritual, the clothing, accessories and choice of cosmetics altered according to Nathan’s wishes.

Following these procedures, Michelle found herself often overwhelmed by the attention, control and mechanical nature in which Nathan moved her body from position to position, changing his penetration entry at will. She was his mannequin, after all. It was pleasurable as well as nerve-wracking. On one Saturday, as expected, Michelle arrived at her apartment, ready for her weekly makeover. Nathan stood in a crisp pair of blue jeans and a sky blue coloured t-shirt, embracing her as she approached him. His warmth was always sought, though short-lived in their relationship, as he often wanted to start the proceedings as quickly as possible to satisfy his strong fetishistic urges.

Expecting the same treatment as always, Michelle began to slowly disrobe before Nathan, getting herself ready for his full inspection of her nude body, as he remained fully clothed. As she unbuttoned her blouse, Nathan placed a strong hand over hers.

“Not this time,” he said, looking at her intently and smirking a little. “I have something different planned for you today.” Lifting his hand and firmly gripping her arm, he motioned for her to leave with him.

“Wh-where are we going?” Michelle asked nervously. She knew he could be spontaneous, though the last couple of months proved quite routine and she should have known it would eventually change.

“It’s a surprise,” he said gleefully, almost cheery. That irked Michelle a little. She was accustomed to his being in control, but would he go too far? If so, how far would that be?

Nathan eagerly opened the passenger door to his car, providing an invitation to a very nervous Michelle. Her hesitation was brief. She then slowly slid into the leathery seat, strapping herself in. Every second was punctuated several times by her beating heart. Nathan quickly settled in and drove off to an unfamiliar part of town. There were older buildings and areas going through urban development. The uncertainty of where they were headed further intensified Michelle’s anxiety, though she was thrilled just the same. When they arrived at a historic house surrounded with an iron gate, Michelle’s eyes grew wide. Nathan hadn’t spoken a word throughout the entire ride.

“Here we are,” he spoke carefully, noting Michelle’s widened eyes and hesitation. Her wig had caused her scalp to sweat, as there was two week’s worth of stubble grown underneath. The weather had become unusually hot. Although Nathan was adamant to have his way, he also wanted his lover to be comfortable and enjoy what he had planned.

“Honey,” he said, in an unexpected tone of endearment. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. This is an old spa that my family used for generations. There’s a nice lady here that will take care of you, as I requested. Now please…let’s get you ready to meet her!” With that said, he dashed to Michelle’s side of the car, opening the door to help her out. They climbed a set of stone steps leading to a heavy wooden door in the centre of the house. Just after knocking, a round, middle aged lady with a friendly smile answered cheerfully, asking them to come in.

“Hi there, I’m Glenda,” she announced. “Nice to meet you Michelle. Nathan has spoken very highly of you. Please come this way (motioning to a corridor leading to the back of the house). We have the room all set up and ready for you.”

Michelle felt a little less nervous, given the matronly lady’s friendliness. She was a middle aged, pleasantly attractive woman with a strong body and stood just over 5 feet. Her hair was short and worn in tight curls around her head. Instead of walking beside or in front of Michelle, Nathan followed from behind, relishing every moment of her nervousness, before discovering her fate. The room was bright with a rectangular skylight overhead, a large window overlooking a lush garden on one side, as well as a viewing window for passersby to see inside. It was not private at all.

In the centre was a table adorned with straps, gynecological stirrups and scented lightly with perfume. Michelle was now standing, in surprise at the apparatus that she would be helplessly strapped to, while Nathan and Glenda looked on. For the first time in a while, she hesitated…froze…

“Now Michelle,” Nathan spoke gently, firmly. “There is no need to be shy or embarrassed. You have a beautiful, natural body that is going to be waxed entirely until you are silky smooth all over.” Then, he motioned towards the door of the room where another figure could be seen. It was Lacey.

“Hi Michelle,” she greeted cheerily. She wore an ivory, lacey vintage summer dress and gold colour heeled sandals. Her long, dark wavy hair worn in a high ponytail. She had obviously been briefed by Nathan as to what was going to happen, Michelle thought. This made her feel conflicted, yet strangely comforted.

“I know this is a big step for you, Nathan explained everything,” she continued, now walking around Michelle. “I’m hear to make you feel more comfortable…” Reaching towards Michelle’s head, Lacey gently removed Michelle’s bobbed wig to reveal a week’s worth of stubble growth. Slowly, she lifted her small, diligent hands to touch the velvet and rub her head in circular motions. Michelle closed her eyes in relaxation, not expecting to enjoy Lacey’s touch as much as she did. She was prompted to re-open her eyes at the supple brush of Lacey’s lips against her nape, now giving her soft kisses, working her way to her lips. Wow, thought Michelle, this is enjoyable.

Glenda circled around the ladies, enjoying their pleasuring each other, and gently led Michelle onto the table where she was gently strapped, her legs spread, in the stirrups. Her torso was held in place with a leather strap, as well as her arms, leaving her hands free to feel her velvety scalp. As Glenda professionally prepared the wax for Michelle’s denuding, Lacey gently traced the curves of her nude, shivering body held firmly in place, lightly caressing and smiling. She loved having the upper hand and enjoyed Michelle’s shivers as a response of delight.

As Glenda applied the wax, the tearing off process caused Michelle to wince, though Lacey cupped her friend’s head in her hands, kissing her lips softly to ease the discomfort. Nathan observed this procession of erotic exchange: the soft, caresses of Lacey’s hands and lips in contrast with Glenda’s ruthless ripping off of the wax strips. As she continued, Michelle’s legs trembled in their stirrups, and a moistening between her exposed labia formed. Glenda completed the last of the waxing and began to massage Michelle’s legs and arms. As she did this, Michelle closed her eyes in relief, without noticing Lacey’s decent between her spread thighs. With her diligent fingers, Lacey opened Michelle’s lips below to taste the newly smooth crevices of her clitoris and labia. Tender strokes of the tongue developed into quick flickers, and as Michelle’s moans grew louder, Lacey lowered her tongue into the anal cavity, spreading it wider as she did this, drawing up her tongue upward in strong, firm laps. Michelle reached her finale when Lacey returned to the top of her clitoris, engulfing it fully and sucking it’s tender moistness. Nathan could be seen standing right behind Lacey, now fully erect yet fully clothed. As much as he wanted them both, he preferred to remain clad, in a position of dominance, causing Michelle to feel more vulnerable to him and Lacey. Glenda finished massaging Michelle, having done so during Lacey’s pleasuring of her.

Michelle was slowly released of her confinement, and with the help of Glenda and Lacey, hoisted out of the stirrups and now untied straps. She barely stood now, still shaking, overwhelmed by her orgasm. Instead of having her clothing returned to her, Michelle was shocked to find Nathan undressing himself, and sitting on the table. He motioned for Michelle to approach him and bend over, facing his erect manhood, taking the head of his penis in her mouth, slowly stroking his shaft internally. Nathan relished the ribbed texture on the roof of her mouth against his penis. In this position, with her bottom exposed, Glenda applied her strong hand to her butt cheeks, spreading them wide, as Lacey produced a small plug. The cool liquid drizzling into her anal crevice made Michelle quiver, but Nathan’s hand held her firmly in place to ensure she continued pleasuring him. As she did, he produced a small set of clippers without an attachment and carefully began to remove her velvety growth. Little flakes rained down over her shoulders, Nathan’s shaft, balls and lap as she continued, trying not to move as Glenda held her bottom firmly in place, lubricating her as Lacey inserted the plug. Every now and then Michelle’s eyelashes would flicker away remnants of her bristly hair being shorn.

Nathan continually progressed until he reached a climax, as did Michelle, from the penetration behind. He continued the clipper shave, initially beginning from the front, moving towards the back, then gently, slowly over each of her ears, so she couldn’t escape the constant humming of the clippers, deliberately and loudly in her ears. It was a reminder that she was his to do with what he desired. As he completed the clippering, he simultaneously finished promptly with an explosive orgasm, coating Michelle’s freshly shaved head in his ejaculate, then instructing her to stand up, freeing streams of cream to flow down her nape, neck and back, warm and sensitive. She closed her eyes as she did this, enjoying the warm, trickling sensation of Nathan’s cream on her back, some of which trickled to her bottom, joining with the warm fluid she was lubricated with.

Lacey began to undress herself as she stood before Michelle. Nathan stood behind her now, lifting her dress over her behind, then further up and over her head, taking it off and throwing it to the floor. She wore no underwear beneath. Her firm breasts began to bounce, as Michelle noticed Nathan was now fucking her from behind, both of them facing her. Nathan instructed Michelle to spread her legs once again, now sitting in a comfortable, black, leather chair, one leg over each arm of the chair, as Lacey dove downward into her soaking pussy. As the trio continued another journey to mutual orgasms, Glenda smiled. She then turned to prepare the lather, warm a towel and brought a straight razor, to which she gently began, in small, careful, gentle strokes, to remove any trace of hair from Michelle’s head. Lacey, whose face was glistening from Michelle’s juices, rose to kiss her in the chair, and held her head in place as she did, to assist Glenda. Nathan reached orgasm again. He was very satisfied.

“Lovely, just lovely,” he commented, watched the three women. As Michelle’s head became completely denuded, Glenda asked Lacey to tilt her head back, so that she could shave her eyebrows. It wasn’t long before Michelle was completely hairless, from head to toe. Her fully nude body could be pleasured and played with by all of them, and they enjoyed her very much. All that made her nervous, now melted away, as she lay calmly, drained of all that she could endure, surrounded by people that desired her and wanted her to experience that level of desire too.

“I have a new wardrobe for you,” announced Nathan. Michelle beamed at the thought. “Also…a new wig.” From the corner of the room, he wheeled over a portable closet, opening it to reveal a collection of fine clothing: silk dresses, angora sweaters, and a variety of cashmere skirts and tops to co-ordinate. The colours ranged from charcoal grey, deep burgundy and navy blue to light turquoise, sky blue and lilac. On top of the clothes sat a row of silvery, shiny faceless mannequin heads, all wearing different wigs: shoulder length blond curls to a jet black blunt bob and bangs as well as a layered auburn inverted bob. Michelle was thrilled. The ladies circled around her, and led her to a nearby shower to get ready. Afterwards, she would wear an outfit and wig, chosen from the new selection by Nathan, adorned with new jewelry and perfume from the ladies, ready for a night out for dinner and dancing.

Life with Nathan was unpredictable, frightening and very erotic all at once. Michelle wouldn’t have it any other way. An eventful day at the spa would turn into an even better evening.

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