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I’m the middle of my kitchen in the pitch black dark. I’m drinking warm milk; I couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, I hear a noise behind me. I scream, but his hand is already over my mouth. My heart races, the adrenaline pumps. I begin to kick out in any way I can. He picks me up like nothing, my feet facing away from him, protecting his body from my blows. He takes me to the bedroom. He quickly flicks the bedroom lights off. I still haven’t seen his face, his body’s behind me, but not close. I keep kicking back, but rarely make contact.

He clamps a hand cuff on my wrist, and attaches it to the bed post. With even one cuff tethered, I know it’s all over. He quickly cuffs my ankles and remaining free wrist to the four posts of my bed. I’m stuck, completely vulnerable, exposed. I feel tears come to my eyes, “How could I let me self get into this position.” My screaming has stopped out of disappointment in myself, but he gags me tightly regardless. Though all I could see of him before was a large, looming, shadowy figure; he blindfolds me. I whimper as he takes away my access to light. I feel more vulnerable still.

I feel something cold touch the skin just above the neckline of my nightgown. It makes me jump. The blade digs into my skin just enough tell me the cold object is a knife. My heard pounds as I feel the cold metal caress my breasts. Then I hear ripping and feel air lick my body as he cuts my dress from neck to hem. I feel the dip into my panties, the cold metal pushing my pussy hair aside. In two quick motions my panties leave me. Splayed as I am, my pussy and every other part of me is completely exposed.

I whimper and squirm against the restraints, feeling exposed, embarrassed and scared. I feel even more scared, as I realize where I’m squirming the most. My hips rolling against the bed, I feel myself getting wet. “That’s sick,” I tell myself, “How could you possible let this situation arouse you?” I sigh, “You’re a dirty girl.” Fingers tickle the bottom of my feet, I squirm more. Then they travel up the inside of my ankles. I fear I know where they’re heading. They travel slowly up my inner thighs. My heart pounds as I brace myself for the invasion.

I think that I should call out in protest, but I don’t feel the urge. My gag is holding my mouth tightly in place, regardless. His fingers caress my thighs, but then he’s on the move again. His fingers skip my very exposed holes, and gently dance on my upper pussy. He crosses my stomach, and stops at my chest performing extra touching on my breasts. He circles his fingers along the large base of my D cups, then his circles closer and closer to my nipples. I squirm as his circles the very outside of my areolas. But then he moves on caressing my neck, crawling up my chin.

He quickly releases my gag and sticks three fingers in my mouth. “Suck,” he instructs. I start to obey, but then I realize I’m appalled at the order. I’m not going to make it easier for him to rape me. I bite down instead. My teeth release and my head rings as he swings a hand hard across my cheek. He growls, “You will be punished for your insubordination,” he says the words slowly punctuating each one frightfully. I feel his breath on my ear. Over the pounding in my head I hear forced whisper, “Don’t forget, I know you’re enjoying this.” He plunges a single finger into my pussy, quickly followed by a second, I scream and begin to thrash. This, unfortunately, pushes his rough fingers further into me, and rubs his thumb into my clit. I give a very involuntary, slight moan. I can’t believe I could find pleasure in this situation! I’m sick; I begin to cry. “Stop, please stop,” I sob.

He chuckles, then takes his fingers from my pussy (I feel relieved and disappointed at once), and stuffs them in my mouth. “These lips,” he says as he harshly pumps his fingers in my mouth, the taste of my cum overwhelms me, “say stop, but these,” he takes his hand from my mouth trails it down my body, past my breasts, abdomen, pubic hair, and deeply plunges into my pussy; Three fingers this time, “are telling me to keep on going.” I moan and arch my back this time. Before I can refute or explain, his mouth comes down on me, my clit assaulted by his tongue while four fingers plunge in and out of me. His fingers curl against my special spot. I scream, “ah, ah, ahhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh” as I come close to organism.

Then, as suddenly as he started, he pulls his lips away and his sopping fingers out. I whimper loudly in disappointment, and almost cry. I’m still writhing on the bed, trying to get off.

“But, of course, I’m always first,” He straddles my shoulders, squishing my breasts against his bare ass. I move my mouth to the side and close it tightly, guarding myself from what was about to come. He uses a slow growl individually punctuating each word, “You WILL suck my cock now, if you do not or if you bite down on my cock you will be punished.” His hand reaches back and cups my pussy, I writhe against it trying to get off. “If I don’t cum, you don’t cum, ” he tells me harshly as he pulls his hand away.

I groan in disappointment. I forgot I was trying to keep my mouth shut. He forces his cock in. I try to pull away, but it’s too late. “That’s a girl,” he praises me as he pumps into my mouth. He starts to fuck my mouth hard. I’m having trouble breathing, I’m sputtering at any oxygen I can get. He fucks my face harder. Tears are streaming down my cheeks. He pulls my hair back hard; forcing his cock further down my throat now. I feel myself starting to pass out from not breathing. I don’t want to be unconscious with this guy. He’s going to kill me. I bite down hard on his cock. If he’s going to kill me, I mind as well try to take him with me. I try to bit his penis off. But before I have the chance it’s ripped from my mouth. He slaps me hard on the face, as he yells, “Fucking bitch, you will be punished.” He roughly reattaches my gag, as I’m trying to catch my breath from the assaults. I breath raggedly against it.

He leaves the room. I feel relieved, even though I know something bad is coming. I just want him out of here for as long as possible. If he puts that fucking dick in my mouth again, it’ll bite even harder. I don’t care what he does to me. He comes back in, but I’m still feeling defiant. Without a word he wraps rough rope around my wrists. I hear him tying the other ends to the bed. I wonder why he has to double secure me, but then release my wrists from the cuffs.

I’m so shocked, for a moment I don’t move a muscle, but then I begin to thrash against the new ropes and discover they have a lot of give. I hit out at him in any way I can. But as he can see me, and I can’t see him, it’s a more tiring than successful venture. He un-cuffs my ankles. I kick out at him in thanks. But he grabs me roughly by the ankles and flips my hips around so my ass is in the air. I don’t like this at all. I fight kicking and hitting back at him. He grabs my ankles again and pulls hard, dragging my legs roughly over the foot board until all my slack is gone, and I’m pulled taught against my wrist ropes. He cuffs my ankles to the base of the bed posts. My pussy is sitting on the footboard. I continue to pull against my restraints, but all my struggles are rubbing my pussy, and my pussy is getting hot and wet, yet again.

WHACK. Not wasting anytime his hand comes down hard on my ass. “Ehhh,” I scream against the gag. Before I have a moment to recover, he gets me again; even harder than the first. So hard, tears are forced out my eyes. I suck in a big halting breath as he continues to whack me. I start to sob. “Why is he doing this to me, it’s not fair, I’m a good person.” Thwack. I scream and cry fresh tears. That wasn’t his hand. Thwack. I feel whips ends lick different parts of my ass. Despite myself and all the pain, I could still feel my pussy getting sopping wet. I’m sure it’s not something he’s missed, my holes are so incredibly exposed. As a change of pace he brings the whip somewhat gently up at my pussy. It hurts, but I feel the fluids flowing as my pussy continues to rub against the foot board.

He’s thwacking my poor raw ass, alternating between his strong hand and the whip, but he’s caressing his handiwork as he goes. Even the caressing hurts, as the skin is so beaten, but it’s undeniably arousing. And now I’m noticeable humping the foot board. I can’t help it. It’s my only solace in all this pain. But I fear what will happen if I cum. This is all the punishment I can take. I’m writhing, pulling against my restraints moving my body in whatever little way I can. His whips abandoned for the moment, his hands are coming down on me in a rhythmic fashion. One hand’s hitting my pussy, the other comes down alternatively on each cheek. I think the blows aren’t as hard. Maybe my ass has become numb or maybe his hand has become tired.

I feel him lean down, releasing his hands from my ass. His naked body makes contact across the span of my raw, burning skin. I feel his hard cock bob behind my ass. He grabs my neck, choking me slightly and whispers ruggedly in my ear. “I give you permission to cum, cunt.” He pushes my neck forward, and comes down hard on my ass with the whip. I scream against my gag. I relieve some of the pain by rubbing my raw pussy hard against the foot board. He’s pummeling me with the whip harder than ever, but each hit is bringing me closer to organism.

He begins to whack upwards at my pussy with his other hand. I bear my pussy down, meeting his blows. I’m out of control pulling and pushing in whatever way my restraints will allow. “Cum for me WHORE,” he yells. I grunt in effort. “Cum for me, you dirty girl.” I moan as my pussy over flows with juice. I feel his hand whacking my pussy is getting soaked. It feels so good, but it hurts even more than the whips, it’s too much, too big. By pussy’s tingling so hard; it’s painful. He continues whacking me. I continue exploding. I pull hard against the restraints and pummel my pussy into the foot board. I scream through my gag. I cry as my body crumples finally through with the biggest orgasms it’s ever survived. I’m limp. His whacks on my pussy have become assaults as the area is too overcharged. A couple more good thwacks from the whip and it all stops.

I sigh a breath of relief, but I’m not even able to begin to catch my breath before his cock rams into my soaking, pulsing pussy. I whimper. It’s too much right now. It feels even worse than the assault on my ass. He pushes further, plunging to the hilt. A muffled “NO” escapes my gag. He pulls all the way out, and slams back in, in protest to my protest. “Don’t tell me what to do SLUT.” He growls in my ear. He yanks my hair. Pulling me up, arching my back as far as my restraints will let me. He rides me, crashing into my sore ass, and pulling my scalp away from my head. I whimper at being used so roughly. His rock hard cock continues slicing into me.

Despite myself, I start to feel aroused again. My very raw pussy is rubbing into the foot board even harder now because he’s arching my back by pulling my hair. My pussy tingles mostly in pain, but I can’t help it from turning into pleasure. He continues to ride me, banging into my sore ass, banging my sore pussy into the foot board, and banging his bulging cock into my g-spot. My juices are flowing freely, I’m screaming in pleasure against my gag.

Tears burst from my eyes as his cock suddenly finds a new hole. Without any care he massacres my virgin ass. It feels that I’m ripped in two. I’m too shocked to make any sound, but my body shakes mostly in pain and anger, but the arousal from before has not died from the assault. He pushes himself in to the hilt, then waits a moment, presumable to adjust to the tightness of my rectum. Then, as suddenly as he became still, he rides my ass mercilessly. I whimper and scream against my gag. It’s a scream pain mixed with pleasure as my raw pussy continues to writhe hard against the foot board.

I feel him shoot his load into my ass, stream after stream, but his cock’s still hard. He continues to ram in my ass and growls, “Cum for me you fucking whore. Cum as I ream your ass you slut. Cum as I squirt into your whore of a body. Come on cunt, let your cunt flow free. You dirty little bitch, cum for me.” And I do. I can’t help it. He pulls my hair harder against the restraints, my pussy shoved even harder against the board. Tears stream down my face as my cunt releases a flood of juices. I thrash against his hand pulling my hair, the restraints biting into my wrists and ankles, and his cock stretching my ass. My pussy pulses painfully hard. I shake as the pulsing in my pussy dies down somewhat. He pulls out of my ass and releases my hair. I hit the bed hard. I’m wrung out, there’s nothing left in me. I sob uncontrollably in release.

He immediately removes the blindfold and gag. This allows me to catch my breath a bit easier. Gently, he releases the cuffs on my ankles. He works slowly on my wrist restraints. He lifts me from the foot board and rests my head on the pillow. He lies down next to me and pulls my lifeless body to him, my head against his chests. I hear his voice catch as he asks, “Was that all right, darling?”

I feel him shaking beneath me, as he gently strokes my hair. It takes all the effort I have to lift my head and look into those big, dark, loving, tear-filled eyes. I slowly lift my lifeless arm to cup his face. “Thank you Johnny, it was perfect,” I tell him honestly with all the fierceness I can muster in the moment.

“I love you more than anything,” he says caressing my face, tears escaping his eyes.

“I love YOU more than anything. Thank you, baby, thank you so much. Don’t be sad, thank you for giving me this gift. It was better than I could have imagined,” I tell him, wiping his tears.

He nods his head slowly,”I enjoyed it more than I thought I would,” he considered, his tears dying up.

“Good,” I tell him, smiling. I drop my head to his chest, no longer able to keep It up. I nuzzle into him as he strokes my hair.

“I guess I should start planning the next one,” he muses, lightly caressing my sore bottom.

“I guess you should,” I say calmly, though my heart picks up and pussy pulses in anticipation.

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