Tyler got out of his limo and walked into the Market Place. The man said she would be in the back room, waiting for him. If he enjoyed her, he would send the man a page to let him know that he chose to bid, and a transaction would be taken out of his bank account the following day. This kind of thing had to be done carefully though, otherwise one risked being charged with kidnapping if the woman decided to run to the police. The broker promised that this one was trained well, but still he cursed himself as he rushed up side stairway for allowing his regular driver the day off. Glancing down one more time at his watch, he opened the side door and walked into the cool dark room.

She woke up in a cool, dark room. The worst appeared to be over now, all that was left to do was sit and wait. She heard the sound of feet as they walked down the corridor and then a door creak as someone entered the cell. Judging from the size of the silhouette towering above her, she could tell this must be a man. Could it be the one she was supposed to be waiting for?

“You there, stand up female and come over here,”

His voice had a gentle, but commanding tone. She stood up and cautiously with eyes dropped to the floor walked slowly over to where he was standing. She gazed up with him with fear in her eyes as he walked around her, examining her ripe young body and long red hair. He placed his hand on her hip, using the other to unzip her long, white robe. She could hear him gasp as her nakedness was revealed.

“Oh yes, you are beautiful. Now to see what that body can do.”

He bent her over, feeling the tight curves of her buttocks as he kneaded the flesh with his fingers. She straightened her legs and placed her palms flat on the floor. Waiting and listening. Suddenly, she felt something hard press up against her rectum as he thrust his cock hard into her ass. Searing pain began to blind her as she fought desperately for control. Choking back a sob, she stilled her breathing and waited, patiently for his assault to continue.

Over and over, his cock ripped at her ass, as she kept her body straight and her emotions under control. In and out, she felt him slam against her. Finally something hot filled her stretched hole and she winced from the pain as he smeared her ass hole with his cum.

“Oh yes, that feels so good.”

He stroked back and forth, in and out as he used her ass to milk his cum. Wiping his cock off on her ass cheek, he picked her up and held her in his lap while he used his cell phone to dial the number of his broker.

“Hey there, Tyler here; I’d like to place a bid. Yes, take it out of my London account. What was that? Well someone left one here, I just sampled it myself. Ok, yes. You do that. Uh huh, I understand. Goodbye.” He looked down at her with a puzzled look on his face, slowly stroking her breast.

“Who owns you?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand.”

“Why are you here, does he owe money? Is that why he placed you on the slave market? How did you get here? Did he leave a number?”

“I do not know how I got here. I just woke up, and here I was.”

“Well do you remember anything at all?”

“You mean before I fell?”

“Fell? What do you mean? Are you hurt?”

She gave him an inquisitive look.

“All angels must fall from heaven and take part in the Trials before they can get their wings. It is my duty to serve the first man who finds me, as long as he wants me. One day they will decide I have fulfilled my duty and will come back for me. Then I must decide to either stay here on Earth, or go back up to Heaven for the Cleansing in order to receive my wings.”

He wanted to tell her she was crazy, that maybe they let her out of the psych ward a little too soon, but there was something different about her. Those eyes, so void of all emotion, yet so innocent. Her voice was so gentle and hypnotic. Part of him wanted to get up and run, the other wanted to stay and hear what she had to say.

“And what if I were to say I don’t want you to serve me? What then?”

Her eyes took on the only emotion he had seen since he took her into his arms. Fear spread across her face and her voice trembled. He watched as she struggled to calm herself as she answered him with a tremor in her sultry voice.

“Then they will come for me. I will endure 7 years of Hell before I am allowed to take the trials again.”

Her eyes looked toward the floor as he held her in his arms, dumbstruck by her words. Hell? Was she serious? Good Lord! He leaned forward and gently kissed her lips, pulling her up to him and sucking her tongue into his mouth. She pulled back suddenly, eyes wide with terror.

“You are not going to eat me are you? I’ve heard of humans and cannibalism before!”

He almost laughed out loud at her innocence.

“Eat you little one? Oh yes, I plan on eating you, but not in the way that you mean. That was just a kiss.”

She touched her fingers to her lips for a moment and repeated his words.

“A kiss,”

“Yes, a kiss. Steady little one and I’ll show you again.”

Gently he pulled her close and kissed her again softly. Sliding his tongue into her mouth and playfully toying with hers. She began to gasp, rocking her hips against his shaft.

“I’m sorry. That was wrong of me, I should have kept control.”

She said as she stopped rocking. Lifting her chin, he looked into her eyes.

“If I am to keep you, you must never deny yourself pleasure or pain. Unless I tell you otherwise, do you understand?”

“What do you mean? What is this pleasure and pain?”

He thought he was going to lose his mind. Could this beautiful angel really have come from Heaven and not know at least pleasure? As she looked up at him with those innocent eyes, he decided his mind as made up. Whether she was truly an Angel or whether she was simply crazy no longer mattered to him. He was going to take her and train her in the arts of submission. She would be his Angel, his submissive Angel.

Taking her into his arms, he slid his cock under her.

“I will show you. First you will feel pain, do not hold back. This will only last awhile and then will turn to pleasure. Trust in my Angel, the pleasure is by far worth the pain. If I decide to keep you, I will show you both pleasures and pain beyond your deepest imagination.”

Thrusting his cock into her he watched amused as her eyes became wide with fright. Blood began to slide out between her legs and she began to tremble in fear.

“It is ok, it is only the preparation. Your body is now preparing itself to take me. This will only hurt the first time. The second time will be much easier.”

She began to relax as tears ran down her face, sobs building in her throat as she choked them back.

“Do not hold back. Release the pain as well as the pleasure.” He stroked her hair as he pumped in and out of her tight virgin pussy. He could feel her sobs subside as he spoke quietly to her. Telling her what a good girl she was. As he fucked her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her again. She began to moan quietly at first. Then before long her cries became louder. He kissed her shoulders, her neck, breasts as he rocked his hard thick rod deep into her depths. Watching her writhe as pleasure took over her pain.

“Yes, that’s a good girl. Let it out”

“Oh yes!”

She cried out as his thrusts became harder, longer, and deeper. She clung to him, screaming at the top of her lungs. He felt his balls start to swell as he pumped deeper and deeper into her sex. He felt her body tighten and twitch with pain as he shot load after load of sperm into her hot love box. He watched her face contort as she came with him. Screaming and clawing at him until finally she feinted in his arms.

He wrapped her robe around her and picked her up into his arms as he carried her out to his limo. He held her tight to his chest as he wrapped her arms around his neck and sat down with her still on his lap. Stroking her hair, he gave the driver instructions to take them home. Nothing in the world mattered at this moment except for this submissive angel asleep in his arms. He couldn’t wait to get her home and make her his own little love slave.

Hope you all enjoy my new story series, they were inspired by a now very close friend who I met on a swingers site, Laura is very real and very sexy and I am proud to say she is also my girlfriend now and knows I have written this as she has read it prior to release onto Literotica.


I had been searching high and low for a place of my own for months and had been visiting the local letting agents offices on a weekly basis asking if they had anything that would suit me, knowing I wanted a 1 bed flat in a quiet area of town for modest rent it was always going to be difficult to get.

Over the weeks I kept finding myself looking at the properties to let in the agents windows and at one such office I just couldn’t help myself, not once had I been inside but every day I walked past on my way to do the my employers banking.

It was surely fate the morning as I walked past that I saw this stunning lady step from the office door just as I was about to pass, letting her slip out on the street ahead of me I could only focus on her amazing body and her stiletto heels as she tottered down the hill, I could not believe my luck as she stopped outside the same bank that I was heading to.

Getting to the door we both must have been early as the doors had not yet been unlocked, finding some confidence I said to her typical on a grey day huh?

Replying Laura said “oh yeah it happens to me every time, not once have I got here and found them open yet”

Asking her if she worked at the letting agents she replied she was the manager of the office and as she looked over me she asked, why are you looking for somewhere to rent?

I told her I had looked in the window every day on my way to the bank but never seen anything in my price range so had never bothered coming inside.

Smiling right back at me she said gently; maybe you should sometime we only advertise our top end properties but know lots of landlords locally who maybe able to help you out.

Thanking her she passed me a business card from her purse and as I looked over it she said now you know my name, what’s yours?

Hesitating slightly I said I am Mike, and it’s a pleasure to meet you Laura.

Smiling she said the pleasure is mine, and as we stood chatting the clunk of the banks door lock swung over and one of the cashiers pulled the door open.

Being a gentleman I allowed Laura to go in first besides she had the best bottom I had seen in years, thanking me she took her business straight to the counter and soon was finished and on her way back to her office but not before reminding me to pop in and see her soon.

Hoping the teller sorting my companies accounts would hurry up so I could catch Laura on her way back just was not going to happen this morning as the young bank clerk was obviously training and being talked through every payment that she was putting on to the system.

Once she had completed and stamped all the paperwork I needed I decided to take a slow wander back passing Laura’s office without bothering to look in, instead I decided this morning I needed coffee so went and got a Latte to take away from the nearest coffee shop to work.

Days went past and every day I would walk past Laura’s office but never see her around and wonder if it was purely coincidence that we ran into each other, my search for a new home was still no better than it had been before our meeting outside the bank so the very next day when I had my day off I decided to drop in.

Getting up early as I always did I made sure I looked my best and smelt good, it was fair to say I wanted to look professional when visiting the agents.

Jumping into my old faithful car and heading into the town centre I decided to drop into my office and make sure the guys were all ok and getting on with the jobs I had left them to do in my absence, thinking there was no point in rushing down into town much before half nine I decided to sit and have a coffee with one of my staff.

Wishing I now had not come into the office at all my boss decided to pay a visit to our site and then I was stuck, every 5 minutes I was looking at the clock and dropping hints that it was actually my day off, not once did he notice I was not in uniform until we sat and he said why no uniform today mate.

Quickly I explained that it was in fact my day off and as I had parked on site I thought I would pay a visit to the office to make sure all was ok, I mean that was my job as site manager.

Finally getting out of my office around half 10 I took myself into town and walked the couple of miles right to the other end before making my way back visiting each lettings agent I had registered with, some had properties of interest but there was always issues with each of them that made me feel I would not want to spend my hard earned wages on renting them.

Feeling a bit low I grabbed a coffee and headed for Laura’s office, now I had no reason to not go in and see her.

Stepping inside I was immediately greeted by a bubbly blonde girl no older than maybe 20 who insisted on taking my details, giving her all my information she hastily said I am not sure we have anything for your budget at the moment but we will be in touch if some thing comes in.

Feeling even more flat now and not getting to see Laura I thanked the agent and got up to leave but as I got just outside the door a silver Mercedes pulled up and out stepped Laura from the passenger seat, quickly I said hi there and as her phone rang she held one finger aloft signalling me to wait for a moment.

Ending her call Laura apologised and said hi Mike how’s you?

Telling her I had just been in to register my details with one of her agents she nodded knowingly but when I added she said there is really nothing suitable on your books she simply said come back on inside.

Walking in with Laura she introduced me to the other girls in her office, the bubbly blonde was Chloe and a fiery looking red head named Kimberly then her bitch as she called her Amber who did all the accounts and paperwork.

Dropping a fresh pile of paperwork onto Ambers desk Laura said come into my office and I will make some calls for you.

Heading inside it was clear this was normally not the kind of agents that deals with my low budget, the fittings and plush leather sofas in Laura’s office screamed money.

Telling me to sit I found myself sinking into the soft leather and as Laura took off her jacket she came and sat by my side with her laptop and mobile.

Asking me what kind of budget I had and what kind of apartment I wanted she quickly scribbled down the details, looking up and smiling she said that gives me enough to work on now give me 5 minutes I know a landlord who has some places going at the moment.

Watching her sat there on her mobile with her long legs encased in her pencil line skirt and off white ruffled blouse that was open enough to give any client the faintest of views of her cleavage, standing about 5 feet 9 in her heels it was obvious she was fairly short without them on.

Relaxing herself into the back of the sofa and slipping her 5 inch heels off I liked her already, her long dark hair cascading down past her shoulders and just slopping past her eyes made her looked even more sexy.

Trying to sit and relax I pulled my jacket off and Laura pointed me to the coat stand, not wanting to be obvious or rude I folded it into my lap for a moment as I was beginning to twitch and was already semi hard just sat watching her.

Putting her phone down for a moment she said go on, go pop your coat up there we may be a while.

Finally as Laura ended her marathon of calls and pulled her legs up onto the sofa neatly folding them under herself as she turned and talked me through the options.

As it turned out this beautiful woman had found me what sounded like the flat I was looking for and said we could view it around 2pm if I wanted, looking up at the clock it was coming up on half past 12 anyway so I suggested that as she had been so good to me that I treat her to dinner.

Smiling and accepting my offer she said I normally go to dinner with Chloe but on this occasion I can make an exception for such a gentleman.

Standing up and putting my jacket back on Laura slid back into her heels and grabbed her short leather jacket from the coat stand.

Standing back a moment Laura said “do you think I look alright to go to dinner?”

What was I meant to say to that, I mean I really had a thing for her so said yeah you will do. Slapping me playfully on the arm she said so where are you taking me.

Again I had no idea where she liked to eat or what she liked to eat so being a gentleman I said its your choice but don’t break me, I have a deposit to pay yet. Smiling Laura took my arm and we headed out into the lunchtime rush of the town centre.

Finding a small Italian bistro just down the road Laura said she goes there all the time and the food is excellent so we headed on inside, immediately the waiter greeted us and cheekily said another man with you Laura.

Sitting she said ignore him, he is only jealous, every time I come in here he tries to chat me up but he just is not my type.

Feeling more confident now I knew she had a sense of humour I said so what is your type, ignoring me she gave me a look and said lets order shall we.

As we sat having lunch together we got chatting about all sorts although mainly our work lives and as I told her where I worked she genuinely seemed interested which made a change.

It turns out she is half Italian her self which explains her classic looks and silky jet black hair, commenting on her features she smiled and said what about you then, telling her I am half Irish she said that says it all.

Asking her what she meant she said well you are a little cheeky but seem nice so the Irish side would be about right, not being able to control my words as usual I said and you being half Italian seems right too.

Asking me why I simply said because you are very classically beautiful whilst blushing, smiling and staring me straight in the eyes she said thank you I knew you were not really the shy type.

Soon enough our dinner came to an end and I asked Laura if she was to accompany me to the viewing, telling me she didn’t really have to as it was not through her firm I felt the slight feeling of disappointment but she read my eyes and said that she would drive me to the viewing as she knew the landlord personally.

Reaching her car I was soon being raced through town to where the flat was and hoping to get there alive, commenting that she was a fast driver Laura just said its my way, I like fast cars and nice men looking over at me again.

Stepping from her car I realised I was in one of my favourite areas of town and as we walked into the flats I expected a young some what cocky owner to be meeting us, I am not sure why but as Laura had said she knew him personally I had put him down as her type of man.

As we got to the front door the landlord had obviously spotted us coming and swung open the door inviting us inside, he was not at all what I had expected and in fact was much older and well spoken.

Stepping inside Laura introduced me as one of her friends and said this is John, shaking his hand he asked me all about my work and lifestyle before showing me around.

Really there was not much to see as the kitchen was in the living room and the bedroom had a shower and sink in one corner with a separate door going off to the toilet but it would be fine for me, telling him I was very interested indeed he said no problem let me speak with Laura and we will arrange something.

Both of us shaking his hand before leaving Laura drove me back to her office and as we headed inside her mobile rang, looking over her shoulder at me Laura mouthed its John, listening to her setting the deal she was lying to him blatantly saying she had know me for ages.

Before I knew it the call was over and Laura said the flat is all yours if you still want it.

Thanking her she said its no problem, I had to ask her why she had gone to all the effort to help me out though and she said in simple terms you seem a nice guy.

I was not going to let up, I thought there maybe something more than friends or a business relationship, as I went to leave and Laura sat herself back at her desk I thought I had better ask while I still could and closed the door walking back over to her and asked I don’t suppose you would be interested in going for a drink sometime.

Looking up from her pile of paperwork she said yes, yes I would be very interested.

How’s about Friday night, pick me up from here about 6ish?

Staggered that this stunning half Italian beauty would even want to go out with me I said yeah no problem at all and with that I left her to her work.

Walking back to my office where my car was parked I felt like no one could touch me, I had just secured a new home for myself and had a date with Laura too so deciding a pint would not hurt I called one of my mates and met him in one of the towns pubs.

Telling him all about my day and my date with Laura for Friday night he asked if he could tag along, I didn’t see any reason why not but I text Laura to make sure it would be ok.

Receiving a text message back she said she would bring Chloe along adding she is also single right now, I could not help myself but to text back I hope you wont be for much longer.

Sat watching my phone for a reply it never came, wondering if I had just over stepped the mark a little I decided not to contact Laura again until Friday.

Friday mornings were always manic as I had to do end of week accounts and paperwork before my weekend off, managing the rota I always had another member of staff in to do my normal daytime duties so I could get done by mid afternoon but this morning we had more cheques in so a visit to the bank was required.

Waiting until just after 9am I wandered down into town to do our banking and as I went to pass Laura’s office she once again appeared to go and do her banking, calling after her she stopped and waited for me.

As we met I thought what the hell and put my arm around her waist as we walked along, she obviously did not mind as she turned and kissed me on the cheek.

Making me blush slightly was the last of my worries as I once again felt my cock straining against my work trousers, as we headed inside Laura went off to do her banking and I once again tried to get in and out but yet again it wasn’t to happened.

Half expecting Laura to be gone when I turned round she was stood waiting for me by the door, taking my arm as we walked back towards her office she asked me if I fancied coffee with her.

Making my excuses as I was so snowed under in paperwork I said I would have to see her at 6, kissing my cheek she said softly I will see you later then lover.

Getting back to my office one of my staff who was a good friend commented well you took your time, telling him to shut up and go do some work he laughed and said I will go put the kettle on then boss.

We always had a working relationship where we would take the fun out of each other and it just seemed to work.

That Friday I had never been so glad to see the end of my day, if it wasn’t paperwork then the regional managers were on the phone wanting me to do this, that or the other. Why people insist on things at the last minute has always been beyond me.

Managing to get home to my house share I got myself showered and changed making sure I looked as good as I could and called my friend who was coming out, replying he asked what Chloe was like and when I told him blonde, cute and busty he said give me 20 minutes and I will be round.

Grabbing a taxi into town so I didn’t have to drive we got to a bar near to Laura’s work about half hour early as I needed a pint to stiffen the nerves, not sure why I was nervous at all as we had already spent more than enough time together.

Getting to her office at bang on 6pm I found the door to be locked and no sign of anyone around, wondering where she was I decided to hang around for 5 minutes but there was no sign of anyone.

Laura’s car was still here but no sign of movement in the office at all.

Giving her a ring she said she had to go on a last minute viewing and would meet me in the Italian as soon as she got back.

Asking her about Chloe she said Chloe had to go home and change, we’ll see you both in a bit.

Wandering up to the Italian the same waiter recognised me and said “and now he is with a man yes”, asking him to find us a table for four he soon shut up and left us to enjoy a drink before the girls showed up.

Watching the road down to where Laura’s office was the very same silver Mercedes pulled up and she stepped out, this time though a suited guy followed her into the office. Expecting she was closing another deal I sat back and waited, about 20 minutes later they both reappeared and he got into his car and drove off.

Asking my mate to wait at the table for me I walked out to meet Laura in the street, she looked stunning in a fitted knee length skirt, blouse and her leather jacket with stiletto heels on again. Putting my hands around her waist and looking her in the eye I just said you look beautiful as ever and as she draped her arms around my neck our lips met again.

Walking her into the bistro my friends eyes near strained at their sockets as I introduced them, asking Laura if Chloe was on her way she gave her a ring to find out she was, turns out she was about to walk in the door of the bistro.

Telling my friend to go and greet her he said how do I know who she is, sat looking at him to say give me and Laura 5 minutes alone he said oh ok and left the table.

As soon as he left I told her how stunning she looked and as our lips met I felt her hand stroking my inner thigh, I knew I was hard for her and now so did she.

Breaking our kiss she looked at me seductively and said I would not mind seeing that later on.

My friend had obviously been keeping an eye on us because as we settled ourselves again he walked over with Chloe on his arm, not really knowing what to say or do Laura spoke up and said well everyone lets order.

With her knowledge of their menu she picked 5 or 6 dishes that suited us all and ordered in Italian just to show off I think, also she ordered a couple of bottles of very nice wine and with that we all settled and got chatting whilst trying to forget some of us had to work on Saturday.

Sooner than everyone would of liked it was getting on for midnight, Chloe although having to work Saturday was obviously keen on my friend and Laura and I had plans already.

Paying up the bill and getting the bistro to order us 2 taxis we went and waited outside, the girls had their private chat as did me and my mate and it was obvious he was taking Chloe home.

Walking up to Laura and putting my hands around her waist I asked like a gentleman would you like to keep me company tonight, she replied with her eyes then as our lips met again the taxi cabs pulled up.

Saying our goodbyes my friend and Chloe jumped into the first one and Laura and I got in the other, as the taxi driver asked where to Laura gave him an address and then said you don’t mind staying at mine tonight do you.

Replying the same way she had before the taxi arrived we were soon kissing passionately in the back of the taxi, I wanted to satisfy her like no other man could and soon I hoped I would be able to.

Pulling up outside a exclusive looking gated block of flats we split the cab fare and thanked the driver for putting up with us, saying goodnight we headed to the gates. Laura tapped in a code and the entrance opened allowing us enough space to walk in.

Saying to her this looks very nice indeed Laura told me it comes with the job, one of my perks I guess you would say.

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