woman in charge

The characters and events in this story are completely fictional and the names are made up.


Tamara held tightly onto the counter in front of her, her eyes shut, her cheeks blushing. She gasped lightly as the forced pleasure she was enduring hit her body deep. The sexy redhead was still wearing her retail uniform shirt, but her jeans and panties were down to her knees, her big round ass exposed for the world to see. And I was right behind her… with my hard thick cock completely buried inside her ass.

I couldn’t help it this time, I just couldn’t go slow. This time the sexy bitch got me so hard, I had to make her take my full length in her sweet tight hole. Tammy gasped and moaned lightly as she felt it slide in and out, each time making her wonder how she could take it all. She wasn’t the only one moaning. Our co-worker Jacklyn, a cute teenage black girl, was watching us and laying on her side, her own finger teasing her virgin asshole.

The store was open and some people were around, but we were still the only ones there. They were all frozen in the middle of whatever they were doing. Some were caught in mid-step. Some are still holding a box of cereal they were about to put into their basket. Outside every car and person, everything was frozen in place. I’m Josh Gutierrez and I have the ability to freeze time. Not only that, I can make any woman do whatever I want and make them confess their true thoughts no matter how personal.

This happened when someone else named Rob gave me this power, and it could only be used ten times. So far I used it on a college girl named Lorena, the second time with some hot girls named Kylie and Jessica, and later on the redhead I’m fucking right now, and the third time with some friends named Ashley and Alex. I also wanted to experiment with my hypnotic powers and left some thoughts in mind of another girl I really wanted named Tasia.

I was moaning hard as I felt my thick shaft gripped so tightly by Tamara’s sexy ass. I promised myself to not waste this power on the same girl twice, but today her new dark blue jeans made her ass look exceptionally well, I just couldn’t resist. She made me so hard, I decided she had to take care of my hard-on herself. Plus Jacklyn was also here today, wearing form fitting black slacks, so I decided to take her too.

Last time I was with Tammy, I made her believe we were long-time friends, and she confided in me so deeply, we could have casual sex if she needed it. Usually after I have my way with them, I make them forget everything when time unfreezes. I was just too damned hard to want to waste time starting all over with Tammy, so I asked her to remember what we did the last time time froze. It actually worked, and she was now letting her ‘lifelong childhood friend’ fuck her in the ass.

As for Jacklyn I decided to also make her a real close friend, and have neither one of them be jealous of the other. I also told her to start teasing and fingering her ass, just like I did with Alex before. Even though she didn’t want to, she was unable to resist my command and soon found her own index finger forcing itself in and out of her ass.

Tamara moaned loudly as I started going faster, slamming my cock deep inside her each time. “Aghh!!! Oh fuck!! I can’t believe how good this feels!!”

I breathed hard just letting her take my shaft as I continued to pump it into her. Thanks to her remembering the first time, it was so much easier to fuck her ass this time, she knew just how to accommodate herself.

Jacklyn was moaning lightly as she slide her finger into her ass. “ohhhh fuck… Josh… I don’t know how you’re making me do this… some of my friends do this… but I never thought of doing that… I didn’t even know you and Tammy did that…are you really gonna fuck me in the ass like that..?”

“You don’t know how many times your sweet ass my cock so hard Jackie… you were the one I wanted to fuck before they hired Tammy… You bet I’m gonna fuck your ass, baby… so keep preparing yourself..”

Tammy started grinding her ass backwards against me, matching my rhythm, “Forget about her, sweetheart… just focus on me… you’re getting me so close… Just fuck me good…”

I was more than happy to obey the sassy southern redhead’s demands. I gave her ass a slap that made her squeal in surprise as I continued to rock against her. Both of us moved in a perfect rythym, as she pushed herself against me every time I thrusted against her.

Tammy’s voice raised a pitch as she went faster and harder. I could tell by her heavy pants that she was ready to cum. Trying to hold back my own orgasm, I fucked her tight hole for all she was worth. She finally tensed up as she let out a loud groan of intense pleasure.

“AGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH!!! OH….. FUCK!!! Ahhhh….” She grit her teeth as she felt herself attacked by her own orgasm, never imagining such bliss from anal sex. I kept pumping into her, eager to cum too, but I didn’t want to finish just yet.

Tammy dropped to the counter, holding onto the register to keep her from sliding off and falling. It took ever fiber of willpower to pull myself out of her perfect ass. Desperate to get off, I turned to Jacklyn, “Ok baby… get yourself over the counter now!”

Jacklyn stopped playing with herself and looked at me, “Wh-what..? You serious…? You really gonna…?”

“I said now Jacklyn… hurry up.. I’m so hard right now I might just cum all over Tammy right now..”

With no choice but to obey, the teenage cashier quickly ran up to her own counter and leaned over in a similar fashion as Tammy. She was still hesitant and looked at me with a bit of concern as I quickly approached her, “Oh god… Josh… you’re not really gonna do it are you… I mean… not in the ass…”

I could barely wait and got myself behind her, already rubbing the head against her hole, which made her squirm. “I already told you… I’ve been wanting to fuck your ass for the longest time.. Get ready for it…”

Jacklyn could only close her ears and brace herself as she felt my hard cock push its way into her ass. Even when her finger helped her loosen up, she still felt her small hole forced to stretch over my thick head. “Agghhhh!!!! Ohh… oh fuck….”

The teenage cashier couldn’t understand why she was allowing this, but due to my command, she felt that if there was ever anyone she could trust to take her virgin ass, it would be me. No matter what, she couldn’t pull herself away from the table. She kept still, letting my thick shaft work its way inside her.

I grit my teeth at how tight she felt, and moaned in deep satisfaction. I could fuck Tamara’s ass all day, but it was great to be the one inside Jackyln’s ass too. I moved slowly in and out of her, making her take half my cock, allowing her body to accommodate me.

Jacklyn could only gasp and moan, her pussy already damp from her playing with her asshole. She was surprised having me take her anally was also turning her on. Her moans would be more frequent, but she wouldn’t say a word. She was too shy to admit she was loving it, but I wouldn’t have that.

“How do you like it cutie? You like having me fuck you up the ass?”

She’d feel her cheeks blush brightly as the truth was forced out of her, “Oh fuck… it feels good Josh… Mmm you fuck my ass so good… I never thought I’d let anyone do this to me..”

“Do you want me to go a little faster baby? Think you can handle the whole thing?”

“Yeah… fuck me harder baby… maybe me feel all of it… just not too hard ok?” She couldn’t believe the things coming out of her mouth. Her body on the other hand kept telling her she wanted more.

I continued to pump my cock inside her, slowly sinking deeper each time. Her ass was so nice and tight, my cock never felt so snug. Soon all of me was inside her, my balls slapping her cheeks. Jacklyn was panting harder and it seemed she was loving it as much as I was.

“ooooh baby… you fuck me so good… Fuck me harder…. Fuck my ass like you really mean it Josh…”

I gladly slammed my rod inside her, seeing that she has now succumbed to her own desires. She thrusted backwards against me, both of us groaning as we grinded against each other. I didn’t want to stop until I shot my load up her cute round little ass.

“I can feel it baby…. I’m gonna cum Josh…. Oh fuck….. I’M GONNA CUM!!!”

Jacklyn’s body shuddered as her first orgasm given by another person rocked her hard. She didn’t have much time to catch her breathe since I was still insider her, fucking her hard. She’d whimper as my shaft pumped into her, as I was just about to cum as well.

I rocked her body hard as my hips slapped her cheeks. Finally letting go, I groaned as I felt myself shoot my load up her tight little ass. She gasped as she felt me finish inside her, and I finally pulled out of her. Both of us were breathing hard, and Tammy, who was now fully dressed again, finally broke the silence in the room.

“You really sure love fucking us in the ass, doncha hun?”

I looked over at her, “I sure do… Now both of you girls will forget that any of this ever happened once time has been unfrozen, do you both understand?”

Tamara nodded and Jacklyn uttered a tired “I understand…”

I walked over to Tamara and kissed her lightly, the feisty redhead actually letting me do so. “But you… I want you to continue to play with yourself for the rest of the week, fantasizing about me fucking you in the ass… and how much you love it… alright?”

She blushed and said, “Alright.”

I kinda wanted Jacklyn to do the same, but I felt it would be weird of both of them suddenly started fantasizing about me around the same time. I put my pants on and said, “Time unfreeze… NOW” and braced myself.

I was pulled back to the stock room where I was pricing items with Tammy. Jackyln was back at her register, working her line as fast as possible. Neither of them were aware of what we were just doing when time froze. Tammy would still occasionally blush when looking at me, since she had been fantasizing about me due to my commands.

The work day went on and I thought it was going to be boring, until suddenly my phone buzzed. When I checked out the message, I could barely believe what I saw. It read ‘This is Tasia, when can we hang out?’

I felt a slight blush hit me as well. I could barely believe this was really happening, and without freezing time. She barely knew me and had no real reason to suddenly want to ‘hang out’ with me except for the hypnotic commands I told her the other day. I quickly texted her that I can see her after work and will give her my address during my break time.

Soon work was over and I was on my way home. I was eager to take a quick shower and get out of my work uniform. Part of me was excited to have the sexy redhead come over, but part of me was nervous about what might happen beyond my control.

After a while, I heard a knock on the door, and sure enough, Tasia was standing right there. There she stood with her sexy red head, bright blue eyes, and a slight smile on her lips. She wore a strapless blue top and nice form fitting blue jeans showing off her slender tight curves. I tried not to stare too much, but I felt myself getting lost into her eyes.

Tasia soon snapped me back to reality, “um.. are you gonna let me in…?”

“Oh um.. sure.. sure…” I quickly stepped aside as she stepped inside my humble apartment, “Make yourself at home.”

She slowly stepped inside and had a look around the place before sitting herself down on my bed. “Nice place. Small… but it works. You live here by yourself?”

“Um.. yeah.. I do. The rent’s not that bad and it covers water and gas as well.” I grabbed a chair and took a seat, not knowing what would happen next.

“Listen um.. Josh… I know we don’t know each other all that well… I mean we hung out a few times with all our friends but I didn’t even know your name until this past weekend…”

I noticed this wasn’t easy for her, but decided to go with it, “Um… yeah.”

She looked at me and smiled and struggled to find the words to what she wanted to say, “I kinda… hmm how would I say this…. Well… I’m a very busy girl.. with my life.. my school… my job… I barely have time to hang out as is…”

She fumbled around and looked at me, still smiling as if she couldn’t believe what she’s saying. I blushed a little and looked at her, “Um.. ok… but what are you trying to say, Tasia?”

“Look Josh.. I’ve dated before… and well.. they turned out to be jerks in the end… but um… how do I say this… I miss the fun… you know… the um… boyfriend-girlfriend kind of fun…”

I played along, “Boyfriend… girlfriend kind of fun..?”

“I miss the sex..” she almost blurted it out. She took a second of silence, not believing what she just said. “I said it… yeah… I miss the sex… Not the drama, not the arguing…. But yeah… I miss the having sex part of the relationship… it’s been 4 months since the last break up. And I’m not the one-night stand or singles bar type.”

I didn’t know what to say, “Oh.. so um… why are you telling me this..?”

“I don’t have the time to get emotionaly invested right now… and to be honest.. I kinda don’t want to risk another relationship turning sour and ending in heartache…but I was thinking.. just thinking…Maybe if I met a nice guy.. someone I didn’t know that well… someone that I wouldn’t fall for and vice versa…”

“Oh… you mean like friends with benefits…? Like… no strings attached…?”

She nodded, “Yes! Exactly that!”

All I could say was, “Wow… I never figured you as the type..”

She slowly got up and walked over to me, “Josh.. I was thinking… what if you and me… well… what if we became friends with benefits… People seem to fall for me all the time.. but do you think you can handle that? Have a relationship with me, without feelings getting in the way? Be my special someone to give me a good fuck every once in a while… sex and nothing more?”

She was so close to my face, I was fighting hard not to fall her for her already. I kept telling myself this was my chance to fuck her, not to fall for her. I still wanted to freeze time a few times before deciding if I really wanted to commit to someone. Right now just focus on the sex… “You and me Tasia…? I um… wow… I mean.. we hardly know each other..”

“And that’s the point. Just don’t be a jerk and it will work out fine. Well… do you want to do this…?”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. My hypnotic powers were working out a lot better than I thought. “You and me… no strings attached… Just sex… um.. sure. Why not?”

“Good. Now, there’s a couple of ground rules I want to lay down on the table.” Suddenly she seemed a lot more serious and in control.

“First off, I’ll be in charge of this. You’re MY fuckbuddy, not the other way around. You will come to me and please me whenever I say. If I’m not in the mood, you better not pressure me… but you better be ready when I am. You got that?”

I was surprised by her sudden take-charge attitude, “Um…alright…”

“Like I said before, I don’t know you that well Josh, so if you have other girls on the side, all that stops right now. I’m the only woman you’ll be sleeping with and I won’t be catching something from any other girl you’re sleeping with on the side. No girlfriends or flirting, I’m the only woman you have to worry about satisfying.”

“Um… alright…”

“This special relationship ends when I say it does. So whenever I find a boyfriend or decide that we’ve had our fun and it’s better to part ways, I will be the one to tell you and to end it.”

“So um… only you can call it off…?”

She smiled, “Yes. Only I can decide when we end this. I own you now. If I catch you with someone else, I’ll bust your balls.”

“I um… I guess I can work with that…?”

“Yes.. and remember, this is just for the sex. I’m not your girlfriend so don’t start acting all gushy or needy on me. We’re not going out or holding hands or anything like that in public. As far as our friends know we’re just friends that hardly know each other, just like we’ve been up until this point.”

“No dates or public displays of affection, got it… “

She smiled and leaned in closer to me, “Good… now that we’re both perfectly clear on who’s in charge around here… how bout we have a little fun to start things off…?”

Before I could even answer, her lips were already pressed deeply upon mine. Soon her tongue was jammed into my mouth and her hands were wrapped around me, keeping me close. Her stern firm grip told me that I had lost all control of the situation. I gave in and started to play with her tongue.

She soon broke the kiss and licked her lips with an almost evil smile. “mmm… not gonna lie… I really did making out with someone… My last boyfriend might have been an asshole but he was a great kisser… and you’re not so bad yourself…”

The fiery redhead extended her arm and I took her hand as she led me to the bed. We both sat down and continued that intense kiss. Our lips locked in lustful passion as our tongues continued to fight it out. She took my hand and directed to her small firm tits, which I quickly grabbed and caressed.

As things started to heat up, I gently pushed her on her back as I started to get on top of her. She quickly broke the kiss and shoved hard against me, pushing me on my back. She pinned me down, staring into her eyes, “Nuh-uh. I’m the one in charge here, remember?”

As she moved in to kiss me again, her hand slid down my body and took a firm grip of the crotch of my pants. My cock was already hard as her fingers slowly traced alongside the length of it. “Nice… already hard… Are you that eager to fuck me, Josh?”

I looked into her lovely eyes again, now consumed by lust, “Yeah Tasia… I’ve been wanting to fuck you since the first time I saw you…”

She smiled and slowly slid down my body. “Really? Let’s see what you have for me…”

I looked down at her as I felt her hands start to unzip my pants. They were soon yanked down to my ankles and my boxers soon followed. I felt the cool air hit my cock, which only stiffened more since I knew Tasia was the one looking at it. Her fingers stroked it gently, getting a feel for how thick and hard it was. She smiled at me as she stroked my shaft, “Wow Josh… you really want me that badly? I’m almost flattered…”

I gasped as I felt my cock enter her nice warm mouth. Using nice and slow motions, she rolled her tongue over the head, bobbing her head back and forth. It seemed she wanted to savour every moment of it as she sucked hard every part she pulled back. “Oh fuck… I really missed this…” I would hear her mutter under her breath as she continued to suck on me.

Tasia would stroke the rest of the shaft and also lightly carress my balls as she continued to suck on the head. Everything she did felt so incredible, she was probably the most experienced when it came to giving head that I ever had. I couldn’t help but moan at how wonderfully perfect my cock felt in her mouth.

“Oh you like that huh? Now don’t go losing your load just yet…” She got up and started taking off her belt. She soon pulled down her own pants and small red panties and started to mount me. She moved so fast I could barely notice the small red patch on her little cunt before I would feel its warmth hovering right above my cock.

She gave me a look as she positioned herself to sit on my cock, “You ready for me, baby…?”

I could only nod, it was all so good to be true I felt like this was all one sweet blissful dream.

We both moaned as she lowered herself on me, forcing my hard thick cock up inside her eager wet pussy. Her tightness was amazing, and she was so wet my cock seemed to slide upwards until it took her whole. She must have been wet since she stepped through my door.

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