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I stopped sobbing and let my anger take over. I needed to leave. Fuck this pack. They didn’t need me. As far as they were concerned, I was still kidnapped. Let this pack fall apart. I don’t care. It’s not like they would be able to find me, only Eric could and my mate was gone. My other half. If only I had treated him better. I had taken for granted his time here and didn’t show him how I really felt. I couldn’t stay here.

“I love you forever. May your soul watch over me and join my parents in heaven,” I said kissing his lips.

I slipped out the pack quietly covering my scent. That way they couldn’t find me. I was going to have to walk to Sam’s house and I wasn’t going to do that naked. I pointed at myself and clothes appeared. Now, once I got there, I had to leave. I had more than enough money to move and start over.

“Hey gorgeous, need a ride?”

I looked up and saw a man in a yellow car. He looked harmless and at that moment I wouldn’t care if he wasn’t. I would rather die than do this. But something was urging me to stay strong.

“Yea,” I replied walking around the car.

I got in and gave him the directions. The longer I stayed in this city, the harder my will was to live. I was heartbroken in every sense. It felt like a piece of me was missing. It was.

“We’re here,” he said.

“That was fast,” I replied.

“Yea, it was only 30 minutes out. You looked pretty occupied with your thoughts,”

“Well thank you. I don’t have any money on me to give you but I could run in and grab some,”

“No it’s cool. Your phone number would be more than enough,”

I smiled. “If I had met you a couple of weeks ago, I would’ve given you my number. But my boyfriend just died and I am nowhere near ready.”

“Wow that sucks. Well hey, if you ever need a friend, I’ll be around,” he said slipping me his number.

I smiled and got out the car. I waved as he pulled off and walked up to the door. I crumpled up the number and threw it in the bushes. I didn’t have my phone or key on me, so I would have to use the spare key. The door opened before I could twist the knob.

“I missed you,” Sam said hugging me tightly.

“Oh Sam I’ve missed you too,” I said crying.

“I have news. Jake asked me to marry him!” she said happily. I was happy for her. “But there’s more. I’m moving in with him. And there’s more… We’re moving to West Virginia,” she said quietly.

I smiled. “That’s great; I am so happy for you” I said hugging her. “I also have news for you. I’m moving to New York… alone. I’m just here to get my things and say goodbye.”

“Wow what about Eric?” she asked.

“It didn’t work out,” I lied while shrugging. “Relationships; they just aren’t for me.”

She smiled understandingly. “Mom!!!!! Dad!!!!! Come here!!!!” Sam yelled.


It took 3 hours but I was finally on my way to New York. After the crying and the goodbyes, I went upstairs and packed with Sam. Coincidentally, she was leaving that same night as me. Her parents were in tears.

“We’re losing 2 daughters. At the same time,” Her mom cried.

I just hugged her while Sam and he dad rolled their eyes. Even though they were sad, they booked me a one way flight to New York and sent me off with more than enough money. I would be OK for at least a year with how much they had given me. Plus I still had my dad’s money. Sam had dropped me and my bags off at the airport and after a 10 minute goodbye full of promises and tears, we went our separate ways.

“Flight 408, LA to New York is now boarding,” the announcer said.

I grabbed my carry on and headed towards my plane.

“Goodbye California,” I said tearfully.

I boarded my plane and was shuffled to first class. It was just like Sam’s parents to insist I ride first class instead of economy. I sat in my seat and put my headphones in. It wouldn’t be a long flight so I didn’t get too comfortable. Instead I thought back to Eric. I hadn’t been with him for that long but I felt the same pain as if I had been with him for years.

“Goodbye Eric,” I whispered.

I let the tears roll down my face. I didn’t bother wiping them off. I wanted to let the world know I was hurting. I wasn’t ashamed to grieve for you Eric. I had been scared to love you but never ashamed. I cried myself to sleep and when I woke up I was in New York. The time difference was clear. Where it was sunny in Cali, it was night time here. I had been off my plane for 1 hour and it took 45 of those minutes just to reclaim my bags. I had been trying to get a cab for 15 minutes. In just 1 hour I was fed up with this entire city!

I tried something I saw once in a movie and whistled. To my astonishment, the cab stopped. I started packing up the cab with my suitcases when the cab driver stopped me and did it himself. I thanked him and got in the cab and closed the door. What now Tal?

“Where to pretty lady?” he asked.

“Actually, I don’t know. Can you take me to the nearest hotel?” I asked.

“Sure doll. You’re not from here are ya? You have an accent,”

“No. I’m from L.A,”

“Ah, they do breed some of the most beautiful women. What made you choose New York?”

We were stuck in traffic but I was just enjoying the scenery. They say New York was the place to be and I had to admit, it was lovely at night.

“I wanted a change of scenery,” I said.

“I feel that. I can’t wait to get the hell out this city. You sure a little pretty girl like you will be OK in the Big Apple by yourself,” he teased.

I laughed. “I think I’ll manage,” I said.

“Well we’re here young lady. You stay safe out here. It’s a lot of crazies around here,” he said making a circular motion with his finger pointed to his head.

“Well then I will fit perfectly in,” I said half joking.

I looked at the amount of the ride and handed him 200 dollars while the bell hops started unloading the cab. I watched as they put my bags on the trolley and got out the cab.

“Hey the ride was only 23.91,” he said shocked.

“Keep the change,” I said shrugging.

“No no no, I couldn’t do that mam,” he said while handing me the money back.

“You’re the first person who has showed me any type of hospitality since I arrived. Have a good day and stay safe,” I said walking away.

“You’re God sent,” the driver said driving away.

I walked into the hotel and looked around. It was a nice hotel. Very fancy looking. I walked up to the desk and rung the bell. A woman came out the back and she looked like she had an attitude. I prayed that she didn’t because I just was not in the mood for it.

“Hi, I need a room for tonight,” I said sweetly.

“Sure. Are your parents around?” she said rolling her eyes.

“Actually, it’s just me,” I said politely.

“Listen little girl, rooms here start at $400 a night. I don’t know what you’re trying to pull but it isn’t going to work here. I’ve had a horrible day and you are making it worse,” She said raising her voice.

I was shocked. My mouth literally fell open. AS the shock wore off, anger replaced it.

“Listen bitch, I just flew 5 fucking hours on a plane after seeing the love of my life get murdered in front of me only to arrive to this fucking city to have my luggage lost. You wanna talk about a horrible fucking day? You wanna compare misery? I only wanted a fucking room and you’re being hella fucking rude.” I said using California slang. “Matter of fact, I want to speak to your fucking manager!!!!!” I yelled.

People where staring and I saw the manager scramble around the corner very quickly.

“W-w-what’s the p-p-problem miss?” he asked stuttering.

“All I wanted was a freaking room. But she,” I said pointing at the woman. “Assumed I was trying to pull a fast one because I didn’t have my parents around. I assure you I am old enough to travel alone and I damn sure can afford a room.”

“Y-y-yes yes! I will g-g-get one for you r-r-right away,” he said.

After getting my room for free, I was escorted upstairs with my luggage. The manager had offered a penthouse room on the hotel. I had offered to pay but he insisted. I would find an apartment tomorrow. These hotels just didn’t do it for me. I plopped down on the bed and my sorrows finally caught up with me.

“Eric I miss you! I should be with you. I should be in your bed… Our bed,” I sobbed.

I definitely felt the emptiness in my heart that was once occupied by Eric’s presence. I hated that I couldn’t feel him anymore. It was like he had disappeared altogether. I hurt. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well. I wanted to die, but something was holding me back from taking the plunge. It was like a tiny flicker of light in the darkness. It was dim but it was there. Maybe it wasn’t enough. I screamed in my pillow and punched the headboard. I sobbed and screamed until my throat hurt, and then I just laid there and cried myself to sleep. I figured I would have nights like these for the rest of my life.

I woke up groggy and my eyes were puffy from a night of crying. I would just have to wear sunglasses. I sighed and looked at the clock. It was already going on 2 PM.

“DAMMIT!” I screamed jumping out the bed.

My body was still on LA time and I needed to start my apartment hunt and I needed to start it by 12 PM. I needed to be going now. I didn’t have time for a shower and breakfast. I brushed my teeth and threw on some shorts and a tank top. It was surprisingly hot in New York. I walked out and hailed a cab. Getting one was easier this time.

“Where to?” he asked.

I looked at the first place I had circled and gave him the address. We pulled up to the place and I thanked and paid him as I got out the cab. I walked in the rent office and asked to do a walk through. I was mortified. It was infested with bugs. I crossed it off my list. The next 6 were just as bad. Some were even worse! I was discouraged when I ventured to my last entry. It wasn’t in the greatest part of town but I would at least check it out just to say I did. To say I fell completely in love with the apartment would be an understatement.

The apartment was a 2 bed 2 bath. Very affordable. Living room, dining room, kitchen and patio? It was perfect.

“When can I move in?” I asked the man who owned the building.

“Today if you want. You already filled everything out and gave me the down deposit and 1st months’ rent,” he said handing me the keys and walking away.

That was surprisingly easy. It only took 30 minutes. I thought they would have to run my name and that it would take at least 3 days. But I guess not. Money talks. I walked to the first payphone I could find and dialed Sam’s parents. She picked up on the first ring.

“Hello?” Mrs. M said.

“Hey Mrs. M, its Natalia,” I said.

“Henry it’s our little Natalia!” She yelled. “Oh we miss you darling. How is the city? Why didn’t you call us when you landed? Do you need money? Did you find a hotel? Are you OK? Do you want to come home honey? Did you call Sam? Are you eating?”

I smiled as I listened to her rattle off questions.

“Margret hush. You’re being a little to protective. Have some faith in the girl for God’s sake. I’m sure she’s fine,” I heard Mr. M say in the background.

“Answer my questions Natalia,” she whined.

“The city is fine. I didn’t call because I was so tired I passed right out when I hit the bed. I don’t need any money. I found a hotel. I am OK. I do not want to come home. I haven’t called her yet and I am eating,” I said mentally recalling the questions. “Did I miss one?”

“OK, you know we worry,” She said. “No, you worry. I know she’s fine,” Mr. M interrupted. “Shut up Henry. Natalia, we think of you as a daughter,” she said. I could hear her tearing up. “We’ve seen you grow up since you were 10. We’ve loved you since you came home with our little Sam you know.”

“You’ve said all this before Margret. Stop crying woman. The girl is fine. Don’t depress her ya old sap. She’s just a chip off the old block so I know she’s OK! If she’s anything like me and her dad, the girl is fine woman,” I heard him say.

“I miss you guys very much. I promise to call every week. You have always been a mom to me Mrs. M and you were always a second dad to me Mr. M. I thank you for everything. I actually called because I found an apartment and I’m moving in tomorrow. Its 2 beds and 2 baths. I plan on finding a roommate. Maybe,” I said.

She squealed. “You did? Give me the address. I’ll handle everything,” she said.

“I already did Mrs. M,” I said.

“Do you have furniture? No! A security system? No! Appliances? No! Food? No! Cable, internet and phone? No, no and no!” she said impatiently. “Are you going to tell me no? NO! Now you give me the address and let momma m handle it.”

I rolled my eyes while smiling and gave her the address. I could hear her making demands and I sent them my love before hanging up. I needed a job. I figured that would be the hard part.

“If all else fails, I could always be a stripper,” I said half serious.

I walked to a little diner I had passed on my way here. I was hungry and my feet ached. I sat at a table closest to the windows and waited.

“Wow. You are really pretty,” the waitress said.

“Thank you, so are you,” I told her.

She was honestly gorgeous. She was literally breath taking. She had big blue eyes and long blonde hair. She was about 5’7 and slim. She had a gorgeous smile and she seemed genuinely sweet. I could see a tattoo on her arm but I couldn’t make out what it said. She was a prettier version of Barbie.

“Where are you from? You have an accent. Oh and what ya having?”

“L.A. What do you recommend? I really haven’t ate anything,”

“The cheesecake brownie. It’s to die for!”

I started to tear up. I couldn’t help myself. I was turning into that girl. The emotional wreck that cried at everything. That was the dessert Eric and I had shared together on our first date.

“Hey what’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said smiling. “I’ll have that.”

She brought my food out and we had a conversation about the differences from here and home. Her name was Jessica and she was from Georgia. She was a really nice girl.

“Gotta get back to work. Come visit me again sometimes ok?” She said.

I nodded and ate my food. I left her a 20 dollar tip and left the diner. I thought about walking but decided not to and caught a cab back to my hotel since it was getting dark and I had nothing else to do. I needed to get a cell phone but I didn’t want to be contacted. I would do the contacting. I didn’t want to be around people and Mrs. M told me my apartment would be ready tomorrow, so I didn’t have to shop for furniture. I walked in my room and turned on the lights.

“Eric are you proud of me? I’m trying to stay strong like you would want, but I miss you every time I breathe. I know we didn’t get a lot of time together, but I cherished every moment. Even when we weren’t on the best terms,” I said out loud.

I suddenly felt weird. My mouth watered and I ran to the bathroom. I made it to the toilet 1 second before I threw up everything in my stomach. I groaned.

“Now I’m getting sick,” I whined.

I laid down on the bathroom floor and started thinking. Why didn’t I get there sooner? I could have saved his life. Then again, if it wasn’t for me he would be alive. I sighed. I really was kind of clueless when it came to love and romance. I ran my hand over my stomach and noticed a slight bump.

“The fuck is that?” I asked out loud.

I stood up and walked the full size mirror. I raised my shirt and saw a little belly. Not noticeable but definitely there. I groaned loudly pinching the fat.

“See what happens when you don’t work out after eating Natalia? What did I tell you? You gain what when you’re lazy? You gain weight!” I said scolding myself.

“Definitely clueless human.”

I pouted at the thought. My wolf was being mean. Not only was I sick and self-conscious, my feelings were hurt.

“You don’t have to be mean wolf! I thought you couldn’t talk,” I said.

Silence. She was very rude. I walked back to bed. It was 12:30 in the morning, but I wasn’t tired. Maybe a shower would help. I walked back in the bathroom and turned the shower water on. I willed my clothes off and watched them hit the floor. I was being just that lazy. I stepped in the shower and instantly felt relaxed. My body was more sensitive and the stream of the water on my nipples made me orgasm hard.

“What. The. Hell?” I said shocked.

I stepped backwards from the water and touched my nipples and felt a shock of pleasure shoot through my body that made me squeeze my thighs together and moan. I slid my hand down my body and touched my clit. I pushed against it and had another powerful orgasm. I fell against the back wall screaming. I didn’t know what was happening to my body, but I loved it. I sat on the side of the tub and lifted one leg. I had my back to the wall and one leg on the ground balancing myself. I squeezed my nipple and guided my hand back down between my legs. I was very wet and not from the shower. I slid 2 fingers inside of my pussy and imagined Eric was the one fingering me. I could picture his fingers sliding in and out of my body. I squeezed my nipple harder while speeding up the pace of my fingers and threw my head back in ecstasy as I came again moaning Eric’s name. I shook as the orgasm washed over me and let it take me for the ride. I breathed hard and I waited until I could feel my legs again to stand up and wash up. I turned the water off and went into the room not bothering to dry off. I was exhausted. I threw myself in the bed and pulled the covers over up to my neck. My feelings washed over me and I held myself and cried as I longed for the happiness only Eric could bring me.

I woke up tired. The clock said 11:39 AM but my body said no no and hell no. I dragged my body out the bed and walked into the bathroom.

“Good morning Eric,” I said out loud.

I brushed my teeth and got dressed to start my day. I ordered some food to the room and lounged around for a couple of hours. I would go for a run and workout later. I had to lose this gut. This was just not attractive.

“Ok lazy. Time to launch operation gut no more,” I mumbled putting on my workout clothes.

I walked down the stairs instead of taking the elevator and walked out the hotel to start my jog. I found a trail and ran for an hour and a half stopping every now and then to enjoy the beauty. I found a gym and did some working out for another 2 or 3 hours. I always loved to work out, so I didn’t realize I had been there so long. I got lost in the burning of my muscles. That was enough for today. I walked in the locker room and showered. I rolled my eyes as I realized I had forgotten to bring extra clothes. I thought up some clothes and watched them appear. I was pleased with the look so I got dressed. I walked out the gym. I had been in the gym for longer than I thought. It was dark outside and it was seriously freezing. I recited a spell warmth over my body and instantly felt the warmness surround me. I loved this witch thing. I needed to consider buying a car.

“Give me all your money and I won’t hurt you,”

I turned around and looked at the man with the black ski mask on. Are you fucking serious? Why was the universe fucking with me tonight? My day had been normal and fine. Why now?

“No,” I said harshly.

“I wasn’t asking bitch,” he said walking towards me.

I felt myself growing angrier by the second and I was pass trying to calm myself down. I felt my teeth and claws sharpen and lengthen.

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