wizard of oz

At this point in the story, you might be wondering how Dorothy would be able to continue her stroll down the yellow brick road, which was now what she was doing with the scarecrow and tin man on either side. Well let’s just say that Miss Gail was making up for lost time. She had craved sex for years, and the anxiety built up inside her on the Kansas homestead like mercury rising.

Now she was in a land where amazing sex with most amazing men could be found every few miles down this strange colored road.

The forest grew thicker as the three travelers continued their journey; the knotted, twisted tree branches like skeleton arms surrounding them. Soon, almost all sunlight had been blocked out, and Dorothy and her men were beginning to feel slightly apprehensive.

“Do..do..do you think there are w..w…wild animals in here?” the scarecrow stuttered.

“Gee, I sure hope not,” replied the tin man. “You mean like lions?”

“And tigers?” said the scarecrow.

“And bears!” added the tin man.

“Oh my!” Dorothy exhaled, pointed to an area between two trees. There, in the darkness glowed two large yellow eyes.

They stood, fixed on the spot, afraid to move, and suddenly, there was a blur of fur as the creature charged towards them.

The scarecrow practically jumped out of his straw at this, and the tin man gripped his ax, but shook violently. Dorothy however, didn’t flinch and raising her right hand, brought it down hard against the face of the beast with a loud “SLAP!”

The lion’s reaction was not what they expected. He began to sniff his nose, and blotted his eyes with the end of his tail.

“Wh-why didya have to hit me for?”

“Because you tried to scare us,” Dorothy explained, bewildered as to the lion’s emotional state. “But c’mon now, don’t cry,” she continued. “You’re supposed to be king of the forest. Is that any way for a king to act?”

The lion looked up at her through his tears, and just like the tin man and scarecrow before him, Dorothy was amazed at how familiar he looked, for the lion looked not so much like a lion, as a man in a lion suit.

“King?” he said aloud.

“That’s right,” said Dorothy, and she smiled coyly. “Why don’t you prove to me how manly you can be.”

With this, the tin man nudged the scarecrow. “She really is quite the little tramp,” he said, but the scarecrow just scratched his head.

Taking her hands in his giant paws, the lion led Dorothy to the side of the yellow brick road. He lay down on his back, and Dorothy could instantly see his kingly staff. Unlike the scarecrow and tin man, Dorothy did not have to remove his cock, for the lion was naked, save for his fur.

His cock was mammoth, and tan in color, and she worried if it would fit inside her. But the lion was impatient with her delay, and pushing down on Dorothy’s shoulders, began to stick his prick inside her.

“Oooo!” Dorothy squealed in pain, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure as she lay down on the lion’s tummy. It felt like having sex with a warm rug, and she twirled his fur in her fingers as he roared towards the tree tops.

“Let me get on my knees,” she purred to the lion, and in a flash, he had thrown her off his belly, so he could position himself behind her.

But the moment the lion saw Dorothy’s succulent ass cheeks, he started to have other tastes. Dorothy’s heart skipped a beat as she felt the lion’s long wet tongue slide down the crack of her ass. His claws grazed her cheeks as he spread her apart, and he slurped with delight her tight little asshole.

Dorothy looked over her shoulder at her two other men, and she called them over. She told the tin man to scoot under her so she could slide down his chrome cock, and told the scarecrow to take out his big corn cock because she wanted so desperately to suck it. But these orders were difficult to word as Dorothy’s whole body shuddered at the pleasure of having her ass eaten out.

Soon, she had the scarecrow’s cock in her mouth, her tongue sliding over his tip, while she felt the tin man deep inside her pussy.

Then suddenly, she felt the lion’s cock push against her wet little rosebud and she felt her sphincter open like a blossoming flower.

“Ohhh yesss, please!” Dorothy squealed. “Fuck my ass! Ohhh please fuck my ass!”

The lion rammed her hard, driving his fuzzy cock deep into the bowels of her country ass, and the feeling of having three cocks inside, all of different textures, sent her over the edge.

“YES! YES!” She screamed out, and began to feel dizzy. Was she blacking out? Was it all too much for her? Oz was fading away.

When she woke, Dorothy knew she was no longer on the ground. She could feel soft sheets and pillows beneath her.

Was she still in…?

Dorothy rubbed her eyes and looked around. She was in her bedroom back in Kansas! Suddenly, entered her bedroom with Zeke and Hickory behind him. All looked worried.

“Are you feelin’ alright Dorothy?” Hickory asked.

“You hit yer head pretty hard,” added Zeke.

“Oh, I had the most wonderful dream!” Dorothy exclaimed. She studied the faces of the three men and instantly, it dawned on her why the scarecrow, tin man, and lion and all looked so familiar. “And you were there Hickory,” she said. “And you Zeke. Oh and you too Hunk!” Dorothy looked around. “But where…where is Auntie Em?” she asked.

“Why, your Aunt and Uncle went to go find you a doctor. I reckon they’ll be gone for at least a few hours.”

Dorothy grinned. “Then what are you waitin’ for boys?” And throwing her arms over her head, removed her dress.

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