I couldn’t wait any longer so I forcefully pushed her to the bed, crawled up between her legs and kissed her deeply while mauling her tits with my hands. She was busy rubbing my cock and trying to get me to enter her as she was clearly ready to be fucked. I wanted to take back a little control and also wanted to enjoy her magnificent body a little more, so I decided to make her wait for what she wanted.

I kissed down her neck and on to her heaving chest where I basically devoured her chest with my mouth, but resisted the urge to suck on her beautiful nipples right away. Instead, I kissed around her chest and both tits while caressing her inner thighs with both my hands; coming close to touching her pussy, but never making contact. At this point she was breathing very heavily and her body is writhing on the bed as I tease her with my tongue and hands.

When I finally took one of her fully erect nipples into my mouth, she let out a loud moan and thrust her hips towards me, trying to force me to fuck her lust starved pussy. I continued the teasing by spreading her legs wide and caressing her thighs and ass with my hands, brushing my fingers across her pussy and between her as cheeks while sucking hard on her nipples.

“ohhhhh fuck, make me cum” she moaned softly between breaths as she continued thrusting her pussy towards my cock that was now dripping pre-cum like crazy.

I figured she was worked up enough, and I wanted to taste the pussy of this magnificent woman before I fucked her brains out so I released her nipple from my mouth and kissed my way down her flat stomach towards her dripping wet love tunnel. I spread her legs with both hands and teased her a little more by licking her inner thighs and breathing heavily over her clit before diving in.

“oh fuck yes!” she screamed as and started cumming as soon as my tongue flicked her clit.

I kept licking her dripping wet pussy as she came hard, grinding her pussy into my mouth and moaning obscenities, encouraging me to continue. I pushed her legs back further until she grabbed her knees and pulled them towards her chest giving me deeper access to her pussy. I pulled her ass towards the end of the bed so I could kneel on the floor to fuck her deeper with my tongue and begin exploring her amazing ass. I rubbed her inner thighs and then cupped her ass cheeks with my hands, enjoying her smooth skin and tone muscles. I then slid one of my thumbs down beneath my mouth and rubbed it against her smooth puckered ass hole. It was already slick from my saliva and her pussy juices dripping down so I swirled my thumb around a few times making her ass muscles quiver.

Rachael’s moaning increased again as I started playing with her asshole and she managed to say, “oh yeah, that’s good” before erupting in another intense orgasm. As soon as her orgasm was about to reach it’s climax, I pushed my thumb into her ass and sucked hard on her clit, causing her to scream out in pleasure. I could feel her ass muscles contracting around my thumb, and her pussy released as small stream of sweet cum into my mouth, something I had never experienced before.

As much as I was enjoying her sweet pussy, my cock was really starting to ache and I was finding it harder and harder to ignore her desperate pleads to be fucked. I stood up and rolled her over to her hands and knees on the end of the bed. Rachael was ready for me so she dropped her head to the mattress, spread her knees a little and pusher her ass up. My cock was ready to plunge into the exotic beauty but the site of her juicy ass pointing up at me was just too much to resist, I had to get a closer look.

With her ass up waiting for my cock, I dove back in to grab her ass and lick her pussy. Despite no getting the thick cock she was expecting, Rachael was still very pleased to have my tongue back in her pussy and she moaned deeply and pushed her ass against my face. As she did this, my nose pushed between her ass cheeks and my face was literally buried in her pussy and ass. She then raised her head back up and steadied herself on her hands to bounce her ass back into my face, grinding her pussy on my mouth and her asshole against the tip of my nose.

I grabbed her ass with both hands to gain a little control and settle down her movements, spreading her cheeks apart to get a good look and her tight puckered hole. I was mesmerized by her ass and without even thinking I started running my tongue up and down between her clit and her asshole (something I’d never done before) and even started pushing the tip of my tongue in her ass. I don’t know what came over me, but I was so turned on by this sexy woman and her amazing ass that I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Rachael loved this and grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in tighter saying, “ohhh yeah, tongue my fucking ass baby…mmmmm yeah, fuck that’s good!”

I tongued her ass a little more, enjoying the nastiness of what I was doing and the dirty response I was getting from Rachael. I was now fucking her ass with my tongue so she released my head and lowered her chest back to the bed so she could reach back and spread her full ass cheeks with her hands to open her ass even more for my oral assault.

“Ohhhh god, you like eating my ass don’t you?” she moaned with my tongue buried deep insider her ass.

She was right. It seemed nasty, but I did love liking her ass. I was tempted to stay between her ass cheeks forever, but cock was throbbing and desperate for release. I just couldn’t resist any more so stood up and plunged my cock into her hot pussy with one hard push.

“ohhh fuck!” Rachael grunted as she was filled by my thick cock unexpectedly.

She immediately she immediately pressed her head into the mattress and pushed her ass back into my cock, meeting each of my thrusts with one of her own. I fucked her hard and fast, grabbing her ass with both hands and kneading her firm flesh as it slammed into my hips. Remembering her conversation with Kate out in the hot tub I wasted no time giving her what she wanted and started tracing one of my fingers up and down the crack of her ass.

Rachael pusher her ass higher and said, “oh yeah, stick it in my ass baby, make me cum again.”

With my cock still pounding her pussy causing her ass to bounce and jiggle against my hips, I pushed my index finger into her ass as deep as possible. I was amazed at how smooth and tight her asshole felt. As many times as I tried with Kate our ass play never went this far and this was the first time I ever had a finger fully pressed into a woman’s ass. Entering a woman’s ass like this triggered something inside me that I never felt before. It was an animal lust that made me crave this woman and her sexy body even more than before. My face was flush and my body felt hot, and all I could thinking about was taking more of her and making myself cum.

I pressed my finger deeper and worked it around a little and then inserted my middle finger as well. Rachael let out a growling moan and kept fucking her pussy on my cock. When I felt her pussy start to contract around my cock and her ass clench down on my two fingers I started to cum hard. I roughly pushed both fingers deeper into her ass and grabbed her ass with my other hand and pumped my cum into her pussy as hard as I could.

Despite cumming earlier in the hot tub, I climaxed harder than ever before. My body felt like it was burning with desire as I fulfilled my primitive need to use her body for pure sexual satisfaction. I was feeling light headed as I felt like every drop of fluid was being drained through my cock, but my body kept going, fucking Rachael until she could feel the same lustful release that I was feeling.

“Ohhhh fuck, I’m cumming!” Rachael yelled as the feeling of my cock erupting in her pussy triggered her own orgasm.

Our skin was wet with sweat and our bodies made a slapping sound as they pounded into each other. We were both losing ourselves to the extreme lust of the moment and kept fucking each other until both our bodies finally collapsed onto the bed.

We were lying on the bed trying to catch our breath when we heard some fairly loud noises coming from the main room of the suite. The sounds of sex were un-mistakable. The sounds of bodies slapping and lustful grunts and moans were easily heard through the open door of the master bedroom. When I heard the words come out of the woman’s mouth as she started demanding to be fucked harder, part of me didn’t believe it was Kate. She was saying things I’ve never heard her say, and saying them in a way she’s never done before. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but it definitely turned me on and sparked my interest.

Despite cumming three times already that evening, my cock was rock hard again after listening my wife begging to be fucked hard by another man.

Rachael started stroking my cock and said, “hearing her get fucked like that turns you on huh?”

I didn’t say anything, but let her just continue stroking my cock.

“I’m not done with you yet, but let’s go see what they are up to” she said with a smile as she got up from the bed.

I followed her out the bedroom door and we peeked around the corner into the main room. Anthony was sitting on the couch across the room and Kate was straddling him, bouncing on his cock. Her head was tilted back and she was moaning loudly as she impaled herself on his long black dick over and over. Anthony was grabbing one of her tits roughly and pulling on her nipple with his left hand, and his right hand was wrapped around her waist grasping her ass as she bounced. When I looked closer, I realized he wasn’t just grabbing her ass, but was shocked to see he had his entire index finger buried in Kate’s virgin ass hole.

Kate always stopped me any time I tried to do more than just lightly play with her ass. The closest she ever got to having something up her ass was when we had sex in the shower earlier that evening and she actually let me press directly on her tight little rosebud. Now I was watching Kate become sex crazed; moaning and talking like a slut with another man’s finger pumping in and out of her little asshole. Seeing her do things she would never do with me should have made me angry, but all it really did was make me hornier and desire her even more than I did before.

Kate seemed like she was having a continual orgasm as she continued bouncing on his cock while talking dirty between lustful moans and animal like grunts. Anthony was really enjoying himself as well, slapping her ass and tits with one had while fingering her ass with the other. Rachael and I watched for a few minutes as neither of us could take our eyes off our spouses fucking each other with the same wild passion we just experienced in the bedroom.

While we were watching, I pressed my body against Rachael’s from behind and caressed her body with my hands roaming across her ass, stomach and chest. Rachael responded by pressing her ass back against me and moving her hips so her ass and lower back rubbed against my rock hard cock. I could have stood there forever watching my wife become a total slut before my eyes, but my dick was already aching to cum again and Rachael’s dark luscious body was calling for me again.

I turned her away from the action and kissed her as I grabbed her ass and lifted her off her feet. She squealed playfully and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. We continued kissing passionately as I walked back towards the bed and laid her on her back. We continued kissing and groping each other as I slipped my cock back into her cum filled pussy. I fucked her slowly at first, but her hands quickly went to my ass to pull me in harder and force me to fuck her with more force.

She broke our kiss and tilted her head back and started to moan as she enjoyed the action. I was standing at the foot of the bed so I was able to straighten myself up and watch her as I fucked hard. I now had her legs spread wide with my hands on her calves and watched as her beautiful tits bounced back and forth on her chest as I pounded away. Rachael was really getting into it and she started playing with her tits with one hand and fingering her clit with the other.

She seemed to be nearing another orgasm when she said, “fuck my ass baby, I want that thick cock up my ass!”

When I heard these words I felt my cock twitch and my balls tingle with anticipation. I had been thinking about this woman’s ass ever since I first saw her at the pool and now she’s begging me to fuck it? I wasted no time, pulling my cock out of her pussy and pushing her legs wider and back a little to lift her ass of the bed.

She grabbed her legs with her hands to keep them spread and moaned, “oh yeah, fuck my ass baby, oh yeah, fill me with that thick cock!”

My cock and her ass were already well lubed from my cum leaking out of her pussy so I grabbed my cock and guided it between her amazing ass cheeks. I teased her asshole with the head of my cock, causing her to moan and plead for me to stick it in. My body was trembling with anticipation as I felt my swollen mushroom head press against her tight asshole. I always fantasized about having anal sex but never thought it would happen since Kate always rejected any attempts I made. Now, with my wife in the other room fucking like a slut, I stood here with my cock at the entrance of this exotic beauty’s anal passage.

I was lost in the moment and just stood there with my cock lightly rubbing her puckered asshole, admiring the sight of Rachael begging me to fuck her ass. Once I heard her beg enough I was snapped back to reality and I slowly pressed my cock against her puckered hole until the head popped in.

“Ohhh…fuck that’s good!” She moaned as she felt my thick mushroom head stretch her anal opening.

My cock is thicker than Anthony’s so I took my time pushing it deeper into her ass to allow her to adjust to the extra girth. Rachael was breathing heavily and fingering her clit slowly as she continued talking dirty and encouraging me to go deeper and deeper. Once I was balls deep in her ass I paused for a moment to allow her to relax and allow me to enjoy the feeling of having my cock buried in a woman’s ass for the first time. Her ass felt tight and it was slowly contracting around my cock, which felt amazing.

“Ohhhh yesssss, give me that cock…..mmmmmm, fuck my ass!” she said as I started fucking my cock in and out with long slow strokes.

As I started fucking harder, she started fingering her clit harder and her moaning and grunting increased to new heights. By now I was pumping her ass as hard I did her pussy and she was losing her mind begging me to fuck her harder. As I continued my assault on her ass I reached down to grab her tits and pull on her nipples. She seemed to like it rough so I pulled her nipples even harder and even slapped her tits a few times, which she loved.

Her ass felt so tight, and the taboo feeling of finally fucking her sexy ass was taking its toll and I was getting close to cumming again; and I could tell she was getting close as well. She finally sent herself over the edge when she started fucking her pussy hard with three fingers. She erupted in a loud, almost violent orgasm, which caused me to lose control and dump my cum deep within her ass.

We were both completely spent and collapsed on the bed next to each other, trying to catch our breath when we heard Kate say “wow, I’m going to have to try that!”

We looked up to see Anthony and Kate standing naked in the door way, no doubt watching us as we watched them earlier.

The four of us sat there without saying a word for a few moments. It wasn’t awkward, and there wasn’t any tension in there air, just nothing needed to be said. I think we were all exhausted and all very pleased with what transpired that night and what was still to come. Finally, Anthony and Kate came into the room and sat down on the bed with Rachael and me, both sitting beside their respective spouse.

Kate and I didn’t say anything; we just looked each other in the eye, exchanged reassuring smiles and kissed each other passionately. Rachael and Anthony seemed to do the same, and then we all agreed it was time to get some sleep. Anthony and I spooned our wives and we all drifted off to sleep in their king bed, completely exhausted from the night’s activities.

That night I had a very vivid dream of Kate and Rachael on the beach. I couldn’t talk to them, and they couldn’t see me, but I watched them as they sun bathed and played in the water. They were the only two people on the beach until two men appeared. The men were naked with huge muscles, huge cocks, and no faces. I watched as the men approached the girls and tore off their bikinis. Once naked, the girls proceeded to suck and fuck their huge cocks like crazed animals. The huge faceless men eventually cam, spraying ridiculous amounts of cum all over Kate’s and Rachael’s face and tits, and were immediately replaced to two other men. This continued over and over as I watched the girls suck and fuck an endless number of faceless men with huge horse cocks.

Needless to say, when I awoke late the next morning, my cock was throbbing and aching to join the action on the beach. The sun was beaming in through the cracks in the blinds so I knew it was morning. I looked at the clock and it said 10:37. The other three were still sleeping so I decided to get up and take a shower.

I stood under the shower head for several minutes, just letting the water run over my body as I thought about the events that took place last night. Not only did I have sex with an amazingly beautify woman that wasn’t my wife, but I watched my normally conservative wife turn into a sex crazed slut as she fucked a man that she just met that morning. I was very excited about what this new development may mean for Kate’s and my sex life, but I was also concerned that there may be some type of backlash from last night after Kate sobers up.

My wood never really went away after waking up from the extremely erotic dream, and thinking about what happened the night before made my cock ache even more. Without even thinking about it I started stroking my cock as I relaxed in the hot shower and continued reflecting on the situation Kate and I now found ourselves in.

I was pulled out of my daydreaming state when I heard the shower door open behind me. I turned to see Kate stepping into the shower with a big smile on her face.

“Do you need some help with that?” she asked as she stepped in and grabbed my cock with her hand.

I pulled her in close and kissed her deeply, before looking her in the eyes and saying, “how are you feeling?”

“I feel good” she said, squeezing my ass with both hands. “Are you okay?”

“I think I’m great” I said looking deeper into her eyes, “I was concerned that you’d be upset with what happened last night.”

“I thought that I would be upset, but I’m not. The more I think about it, the more I realize just how much I enjoyed last night. Both the things that I did and watching the things you did. To be honest, I’ve never felt so alive.”

I paused for a moment and just looked at my beautiful wife. I finally smiled and said, “I love you so much”.

Kate didn’t respond, but she pulled me tight and kissed me. We kissed for several minutes, just holding each other under the water and pulling our bodies together as tight as we could. Our hands started exploring each other’s bodies, and it was clear that we were both very horny. As soon as we started touching each other, we were both breathing heavily and shuddering from our lust for each other.

I was kissing Kate’s neck and fingering her pussy while she was softly stroking my cock. Her body was trembling from the stimulation and she was nearing an orgasm. I thought she was about to cum when she grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear, “I want you to make me cum with your cock.”

She pulled my hand away from her pussy and turned around, spreading her legs and pushing her ass out to allow my cock access to her pussy. She let out a deep moan as I slipped my cock into her pussy and grabbed her tits with both hands, pulling her body against mine. I held her tight, kissing her neck, caressing her tits and slowly fucking her from behind. She was right on the edge of cumming, but I wasn’t fucking her hard enough to send her over the edge. I held her there, pulling on her nipples and building her towards a big climax. She was breathing hard with her chest heaving against my hands, panting and moaning for me to fuck her harder.

“What do you want?” I whispered in her ear, slowly fucking her with my rock hard cock.

Her body shuddered against mine as she heard me talk to her in a way I never have before.

“Tell me what you want.” I whispered in a more authoritative tone.

She shuddered again and was breathing really heavily, but managed to quietly respond. “I want to cum. I want your cock to make me cum.”

Finally I released her tits and bent her forward until she was steadying herself with her hands on the shower floor. I grabbed her ass with both hands and started slamming my cock into her pussy. The way she was bent over with her legs spread caused her ass to point directly up towards my face and I had a clear view of her tight little asshole. I pulled her cheeks apart with my hands and started rubbing her puckered hole with my thumb.

“Ohhhhhh yesssss….” She moaned as she felt my thumb rub her asshole.

“Do you like it when I play with your ass?” I asked as I continued to tease her asshole with my thumb.

“Yes.” “Did you like having Anthony’s fingers in your ass?” I asked, pressing my thumb against her tight hole a little harder.

“Oh yesssss…” she moaned loudly.

“Do you want my thumb in your ass?”

“Oh fuck yessss…..” she hissed as she pressed herself back onto my cock.

I kept working my thumb around her ass as I continued fucking her from behind. It finally felt relaxed enough and I pressed my thumb into my wives ass for the first time. When my thumb popped into her extremely tight asshole, Kate erupted in a huge orgasm. She was moaning and grunting like I’ve never heard before and I had to wrap my other arm around her waist to hold her up as her climax took over and her body went limp. I pumped my cock and thumb in and out of my wife as I felt my cum welling up within my balls. I cam hard, shoving my thumb deeper into her ass, and we both nearly collapsed to the floor.

I was able to hold us up as I felt the last few streams of cum release into Kate’s pussy. I then pulled out and lifted her back up, collapsing against the shower wall, holding her tight and kissing her neck and shoulders. I held her for a few minutes, kissing her and caressing her with my hands.

We were both jolted back to reality when we heard Rachael say, “hmmmm, mind if I join you two?” as she opened the shower door and stepped in.

When Rachael stepped in, I could see that her face and chest were a little flush, and her pussy lips looked like they were dripping wet. I was pretty sure she had been watching us fuck in the shower, and probably fingered herself to an orgasm in the process.

“Looks like you two are having some fun” she said as she stepped up next to both of us. “Any energy left for me to join in the fun?”

I looked at Kate, not sure what she’d think of being naked in the shower with me and another woman. She just looked at me, then at Rachael and then down at my cock, already growing again from having another beautiful woman in the shower with me. She didn’t say a word, but grabbed my dick and kissed me hard. As I was kissing Kate, I felt Rachael press her body against mine and felt her hand join Kate’s on my cock. Kate released me from her kiss, and Rachael immediately replaced her lips on mine and kissed me passionately.

Rachael kissed me for a moment, and both girls stroked my cock in rhythm together. It felt exhilarating to have two naked women right next to me with two hands on my cock. I grabbed both of their asses and pulled them closer to me, pressing both of the tits against my chest, and both of their pussies against my legs.

Rachael then released me from our kiss and turned to look at Kate. Both woman were still stroking my cock, and both were pressing the pussies against my leg as I pulled tighter on their firm asses. They locked eyes with each other and Rachael leaned in to kiss Kate. Kate hesitated at first and pulled away slightly because she’d never kissed a woman before, and I doubt ever considered kissing one before today. But before Kate could put up a protest, Rachael grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in. Kate didn’t seem to kiss back at first, but to my surprise, after only a few seconds she let go of my cock and embraced Rachael with both hands kissed her back with a lustful enthusiasm that was shocking.

I backed away from the girls and watched as they kissed passionately and groped each other with their hands. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Their tan skin was wet from the shower and their sexy bodies were pressed against each other as they made out right in from of me. I instinctively stroked my cock as I watched Kate enjoy the kiss and feel of a woman for the first time.

They both explored each other’s bodies until Rachael’s hands reached between Kate’s legs. Although Kate cam only a few minutes before, the sensual touch of another woman on her pussy overcame her. She stopped kissing and her hands went to her sides as she gave herself to the passion she was feeling from another woman. Rachael leaned down to kiss Kate’s nipples and continued fingering her pussy until she erupted in another strong orgasm. Kate fell back against the shower wall, pulled Rachael’s head into her chest and thrust her hips out like she was trying to fuck Rachael’s hand. I was in awe as I watch Kate’s wet body being wracked by an orgasm brought on by another woman. She looked so sexy and so free. It was almost enough to make me cum for the second time in just a few minutes.

Kate eventually settled down and opened her eyes, looking first at Rachael and then at me. I was just standing there like an idiot with a smile on my face and my cock in my hand. Both girls looked down at my cock, and Kate moved over and kneeled down to take over for me. She stroked it a few times with her hand, then kissed and licked the head, teasing me for a moment, and then engulfed my swollen cock in her mouth. She started sucking hard, and took me deeper than she’d ever taken me before. Rachael moved in next to me and gave me a quick kiss before kneeling down and helping Kate with my cock.

The girls took turns sucking my cock and kissed each other the few times one of them didn’t have a mouth full of my dick. Rachael took one more turn swallowing me whole and then she started positioning herself to lay down on the shower floor. Once she was down on the floor she started pulling Kate’s knees apart and tried to slide her face between her legs.

“What are you doing?” Kate asked, popping my cock out of her mouth and looking down at Rachael’s face between her knees.

“I figured we’d both taste his cum at the same time,” she said with a big smile on her face as she pushed Kate’s ass up a little so she could slide her head beneath her pussy.

“Ohhh…OHHH!” Kate moaned as Rachael’s tongue touched her pussy lips and she realized what was happening.

Kate looked up at me with an almost embarrassed smile on her face and then went right back to work on my cock. Kate was now sitting on Rachael’s face with her knees on either side of her head. From what I could see, Rachael was licking Kate’s pussy and grabbing her ass with both hands causing her to fuck her face. Kate was moaning loudly around my cock and grinding her pussy into Rachael’s mouth. The vibrations from her moans felt incredible as she swallowed my throbbing cock and I was getting really close to cuming.

I looked down to see what Rachael was doing and could see that her hands were now spreading Kate’s ass cheeks apart and she was probing her ass with her with her index finger. The sight was just enough to send me over the edge as I started to cum, squirting my cum directly down Kate’s throat.

As soon as she felt the last drop leave my cock, Kate spit me from her mouth to allow herself to catch her breath and steady herself for another orgasm. She was now on her hands and knees, still grinding her pussy into Rachael’s face.

“ohhhhhh, fuck yesssss!” Kate screamed, bouncing on Rachael’s face as her third orgasm of the morning took over.

I peered around her ass to get a better look at what Rachael was doing and saw that she had her face buried in Kate’s pussy and had two fingers pumping in and out of her ass. Kate’s bouncing was because she was rocking back and forth on her knees, forcing Rachael to finger fuck her ass even harder.

Kate’s breathing and moaning started to slow as her orgasm started to subside. Her ass lifted off of Rachael’s face and I now realized that she was moaning and breathing heavy herself. To my complete surprise, I looked back and Kate and saw that she was fingering Rachael’s pussy furiously as she caught her breath. When her breathing slowed enough, she leaned down and started sucking and licking Rachael’s erect clit like a little cock.

She obviously had no experience eating a pussy, but she knew what felt good. Whatever she was doing seemed to work because it wasn’t long before Rachael was moaning loudly and begging for Kate to make her cum. Kate kept working on her clit, but moved her fingers from her pussy and actually started fingering Rachael’s ass with two fingers. Rachael immediately started to cum, spreading her legs wider to allow Kate to fuck her ass deeper.

When Rachael’s climax ended, Kate lifted her head from her pussy and spun her body around to kiss Rachael again. They held each other while they kissed and caressed the other’s body, enjoying every inch of each other’s smooth tan flesh. I stood quietly and watched them enjoy their moment together for what seemed like hours.

Finally Kate broke the silence. “We should finish our shower and then go wake Anthony….he shouldn’t miss all the fun.”

We took a few more minutes to wash each other’s bodies. There was a lot of laughing, tickling, groping and kissing, but we managed to finish our shower without getting carried away again. We all got out of the shower and dried off before heading back to the bedroom to wake Anthony and add one more cock to the party.

When we entered the room, Anthony was still sound asleep in the bed. Both girls couldn’t stop giggling as they approached the bed to wake him up. They whispered something to each other before slowly climbing on the bed and pulling the sheets aside to uncover Anthony’s naked body. He was either a very heavy sleeper or pretending not to be awake because the girls definitely weren’t that quite as the giggled and positioned themselves to wake him up with a nice surprise. Kate positioned herself between his legs and prepared to start sucking his dick while Rachael straddled his face, facing towards Kate at the foot of the bed, as she prepared to wake him with a dripping wet pussy on his mouth.

Still giggling, the girls signaled to each other to start waking him up. Kate took his limp cock into her mouth and sucked hard on it’s mushroom head, and Rachael lowered her pussy to his mouth. Anthony immediately moaned and then was slightly startled by something directly in his face when he woke up, but he quickly realized what was going on and grabbed his wife’s ass and started licking her pussy and moving his hips, encouraging Kate to suck him harder.

It took less than a minute for his cock to become rock hard and Kate was once again sucking the entire length of his massive black cock deep into her throat. Rachael was enjoying the tongue lashing she was getting from her husband and was moaning and talking dirty while she leaned forward wither her hands on his stomach, grinding her pussy into his face.

I wasn’t hard yet because I was still recovering from cumming twice in about a 30 minute period, but watching the girls go to work on Anthony was definitely getting me horny again and I didn’t want to be a spectator any longer. Kate was still sucking Anthony for all she was worth and her sweet little ass was pointing right at me; bobbing up and down as she sucked his long cock. I couldn’t resist, so I slipped up on the bed right behind her and buried my face her soaking wet pussy.

“Mmmmmm….” Kate moaned around Anthony’s cock as she felt my mouth on her pussy.

She reached back with her hand and pulled the back of my head in closer, crushing her pussy and ass against my face. I pressed my tongue into her pussy as deep as I could and fucked her with my face a few times before moving down and focusing on her clit. She was starting to get pretty worked up and was having a hard time focusing on the blow job, but she continued sucking him as best she could. Once I got her nice and worked up, I spread her ass with my hands and started running my tongue up and down between her clit and asshole. This was something new for Kate and she moaned with lustful desire every time my tongue touched her asshole.

“Oh god that’s so hot!” Kate moaned once I focused all my efforts on licking her tight puckered asshole.

Kate was now breathing too hard to continue sucking Anthony’s cock so she just stroked it with her hand while she enjoyed having her ass licked for the first time. When she raised her head off of Anthony’s dick, Rachael instantly leaned forward to kiss Kate as both girls started to become lost in the moment. They were moaning and panting loudly as they tongue kissed and practically liked each other like their husbands were licking them.

I was still licking Kate’s little rosebud as hard as I could, trying to penetrate her ass with my tongue, when Rachael screamed, “Fuck me baby! I need your cock!”

Rachael hopped off Anthony’s face and down onto the bed on her hands and knees in front of Kate. Kate released Anthony’s cock from her hand, and the two girls continued their kissing while Anthony sat up and positioned himself behind Rachael.

“Fuck yesssss!” Rachael moaned as Anthony slipped his cock into her pussy. “Ohhhh yeah, fuck my pussy baby!”

Kate and Rachael continued kissing while they were facing each other on their hands and knees, Rachael getting fucked from behind and Kate enjoying the feeling of my tongue on her ass. Eventually Rachael was getting fucked too hard to keep her head still so the girls had to stop their kissing and give Rachael more room to get jackhammered from behind. By now Kate’s ass was completely lubed from my saliva so slowly pressed my finger into her tight hole. She moaned in approval and lowered her face and chest to the bed and spread her knees to open her ass even more. I worked my finger around her asshole a little more and then inserted a second finger.

“Ohhhh my god, yes!” She gasped as I slowly stretched her asshole with my fingers.

I slowly and carefully worked my two fingers in and out of her tight asshole, preparing her ass to accept a cock for the first time. I was now rock hard because of the anticipation I had for fucking my wife’s ass, which was something I had wanted to do for so long, but never though would happen until now.

When I felt she was ready, I added more saliva and slowly inserted a third finger. It was very tight and I could tell she was a little pain, but once I had all three fingers in her ass, slowly moving in and out, I could tell she was really enjoying it. She was gripping the sheets with both hands and had her face buried in the mattress as she moaned and grunted from the pleasure and pain of having her ass stretched more than ever before.

With three fingers buried in her ass, I straitened myself up on my knees and then pulled Kate’s head and chest off the bed so she was now only on her knees, with me pressed against her side. I fucked my fingers in and out of her ass slowly and grabbed one of her tits roughly with my other hand. She was still moaning and breathing heavily with her eyes closed, slowly moving her hips back and forth, matching the rhythm of my fingers in her ass.

Rachael was now cumming hard with Anthony still pounding away from behind, and I leaned in closed to Kate and whispered in her ear. “Do you want my cock in your ass?” She only nodded.

“Tell me, do you want me to fuck your ass?” I said a little louder, grabbing her tit hard and pressing my three fingers deeper into her ass.

“Yessss…” she whimpered quietly.

Like the night before, having my fingers pressed into her ass and the anticipation of fucking her virgin hole triggered something within me. I felt on fire with an intense lust for Kate’s body that made me want to take control and take her body as mine.

“Tell me what you want.” I demanded, really getting off on how much control I had and how desperately Kate was lusting for my cock.

“I want you to fuck my ass.” She moaned louder this time.

“Mmmmm…you sound like a slut! I whispered right in her ear as I pulled her in tight and pinched one of her nipples hard. She moaned loud and her body trembled when she heard the word slut.

“I want your cock in my ass.” She said forceful as she grabbed my face and kissed me hard.

I desperately wanted to bend her over and fuck her ass right at that moment, but I was really getting off on making her desperate for my cock and I wanted to tease her more. With my fingers still fucking her ass, I slipped my other hand down her stomach and lightly brushed her swollen clit with my fingers.

“Ohhhhh fuck.” She moaned in a trembling voice.

“Does that feel good?” I whispered again.

“Yesssss.” She hissed between labored breaths.

“Tell me what you want and I’ll do it.” I said as I pressed my fingers against her clit.

Her body tensed and she shook in the anticipation of an orgasm that didn’t come. Finally, as she caught her breath and steadied herself she was able to respond. “Fuck my ass….please, just fuck my ass!”

I slowly pulled my fingers out of her ass and guided her to lie down on her back with her ass at the foot of the bed. I positioned myself between her legs and leaned down to kiss her passionately, and then kissed my way down her body until my mouth was at her pussy again. I pushed her legs wider and started licking her clit and asshole, to get her fully worked up again and to prepare her to take my cock in her ass for first time. Once her chest started heaving and her moaning picked back up, I knew she was ready.

I stood back up at the foot of the bed and placed my cock at the entrance of her ass. Kate was spread her legs with her hands and was looking directly in my eyes waiting for me to press into her ass. I was dripping pre-cum like crazy so I rubbed the head of my cock against her puckered hole causing her to moan and close her eyes. It seemed like Anthony and Rachael both just finished cumming and Rachael was crawling across the bed to get a closer look at what we were doing. Rachael gave me a big smile as she positioned herself right beside Kate. She whispered something in Kate’s ear and then kissed her deeply.

Rachael’s kiss seemed to relax Kate a little so I took the opportunity to start the process of working my thick cock into my wife’s tight virgin asshole. I pressed the head of my cock into her ass and it only made it in about one inch before meeting significant resistance. Kate gasped with the first inch of penetration and pulled Rachael’s head to the side so she could breathe as she dealt with the initial discomfort of accepting my thick mushroom head into her ass. Rachael turned her attention to kissing and sucking Kate’s nipples, and slowly fingered her clit while I slowly pushed my cock deeper into her ass.

Erica had it all. Except children, of course. But now that Derek had been promoted to Regional Vice-President, she could quit work, as they had always planned. After seven years of marriage, the attractive thirty-four year old would finally have the opportunity to ruin her figure. She was ready for it. But that’s not the way her friends saw it.

“You’re crazy,” Janice said. “Derek will be making so much money and he’ll have more time too. You’ll be able to go to Hawaii and Europe.”

“Ya,” Samantha chimed in. “Definitely go to Hawaii. I thank god Jim and I went before we had our kids, otherwise we never would have got there. We won’t get to Europe now until the kids are grown.”

“Oh come on,” Erica challenged her friends. “You guys loll around at home while your older kids are in school and the younger ones are in daycare. If I don’t get on with it, I’ll be a senior citizen by the time mine are school.”

The women all laughed. Janice and Samantha didn’t counter Erica’s retort. The truth is hard to argue with.

“What do you think, Alice?” Erica asked the only one of the group who, like her, didn’t have kids. Alice was the quiet one of the old group of friends and she always had her head screwed on tight. She was a reader, which was a good thing because she didn’t work or do anything else, at least, that the girls were aware of, to fill her time.

“I think you should take a trip and then get on with having your rugrats, if that’s what you really want to do.”

“There, see?” Janice wasn’t going to waste the rare time Alice agreed with her, even if just partly.

“And get a C-section,” Samantha advised. “You don’t want to wreck that wonderful figure.

“No way,” Janice cried. “It’s about time she gave someone else a chance to be body beautiful. You’d think she would have slacked off after getting the class president, but no. Look at how much effort has gone into that well-oiled machine.”

It was true that Erica was the prettiest of the four women, and had been since their highschool days, but there wasn’t an unattractive one among them which is partly why there wasn’t a hint of sour grapes in the laughter that followed Janice’s jibe.

While the others were laughing, Alice offered further counseling, “You shouldn’t get a C-section Erica unless it’s medically necessary.”

More laughter followed, at Alice’s expense.

“Ya,” Samantha bellowed. “Definitely don’t get a C. Let that body go to hell. It’s your turn.”

That was rich coming from Samantha. Neither she nor Janice had their kids au naturel; both had C-sections and their figures confirmed it.

“Yup. Do it the natural way. But don’t worry about Derek,” Janice said. “He’ll be too happy with your new, bigger breasts anyway.”

Now that was a bit of a sore point. Erica was definitely the prettiest and slimmest of the group, but she had the smallest breasts and, even though she knew Janice didn’t mean anything by it, she felt a painful twinge at the memory of catching Derek several times in the past looking at her friends’ tits. It was her one point of insecurity.

“God, Bill wouldn’t leave mine alone. It’s a wonder there was anything left for the baby.”

“Oh, that’s just disgusting,” Alice got up.

“Are you going already?” Erica asked.

“Yes. Lot’s of things to do.”

“Me too,” Janice and Samantha chimed in together.

“Well, Derek may have more time on his hands but he’s certainly not spending it at home,” Erica complained. “We may not be able use the hot tub at the Halloween party if he doesn’t get home in time to change the filter and do the chemicals. “

“Oh, don’t worry,” Samantha waved like there was no problem. “I’ll send Bill over.”

“No, no,” Erica replied. “Derek can do it.”

“Don’t worry about it. Bill doesn’t mind. It will be good to get him out of my hair.”

* * *

“Hi honey. How’s it going?”

Erica listened for several minutes, nodding here and there while she listened to her husband on the phone. She looked around a couple of times, not really being that interested in the details of Derek’s work.

“Mmmhmmm,” she mumbled a couple of times. Then, when there was a break, she said,” Are you going to get home in time for the party?”

She listened to Derek’s answer.

“The halloween party we have every year. We’re celebrating your promotion, this time, and my retirement, remember?”

“Can you get home in time to do the hot tub?”

“Oh. Ok. Well, don’t worry about it. Samantha said she’d send Bill over. Uh huh. Ok.”

“Love you too, honey.” Erica glanced down and noticed the call display. “Say how come you’re calling from the hotel phone?”

“You forgot your blackberry?…Are you sure?…Do you want me to look for it?…No?…Well, it might be here. Ok, if you’re sure you left it at the office.”

“Ok, bye honey. Love you.”

* * *

Erica was running out to the store when Bill dropped by.

“The house is open. Thanks, Bill. I’ll be right back.

She was almost to the car when she saw Derek’s blackberry lying in the grass next to the driveway, right where his car had been parked. She picked it up and rushed to the store. After she picked up her things, Erica felt a bit swamped and stopped to pick up a coffee. She took her latte to a table and sat down.

I’ll call Derek and let him know I found it, she thought.

Erica started up the blackberry and searched for a note with Derek’s hotel details. She knew he would have them in there somewhere. She didn’t find anyting in the phone list but she did notice something strange. Derek had their friends’ numbers listed. There wan’t anything odd about that, per se, but he didn’t have their home numbers, he had the cell numbers for Janice and Samantha, but not their home or husbands’ numbers.

At any rate, there wasn’t anything about the hotel. Maybe it would be on the calendar. Erica looked at the calendar for the day he left and sure enough, the information was there. But there was something else that made Erica take the rim of her latte cup away from her mouth and slowly set it on the table. Using two hands, Eric manipulated the blackberry to examine the previous week, then several more weeks, and then months and months. She was shaken when she finally put the blackberry in her purse. She didn’t call Derek.

Erica got up and left, leaving her latte behind. She started her car and started to back out but put it back into park. She began to cry, quietly at first, but within a minute she was sobbing. Several minutes passed before she got hold of herself. She started to put the car into gear, then burst out in anger, slamming both hands on the steering wheel.

“You bastard,” she cried. “You dirty fucking bastard.”

Eric could hardly see on the way home, but not for tears. Her vision was impaired by anger and pure, raw hatred. How could they? Those fucking bitches. Her so-called friends.

Samantha’s Husband

She was surprised to see Bill still there when she looked out the kitchen window onto the deck. Her mind, now numbed, revived some of its anger but that quickly subsided. It wasn’t Bill’s fault. Bill was a nice guy and he was as much a victim as she was. She felt drained, and sad. A sympathetic sense of companionship with Bill welled up inside her. The poor guy, he doted on Samantha. Did he know? She doubted it. Nor, probably, did Don. Erica was certain, looking at Bill working on her hot tub, that none of her friends’ husbands knew their wives were fucking her’s, and had been for a long time.

Erica walked out to say hi to Bill, trying to act as normal as possible, bringing him a tall, cold glass of beer.

“I’m sorry I took so long, Bill.”

“No problem, Erica. Thanks,” he said, taking the beer.

“Was there something wrong with the filter?” Bill should have been finished long ago.

“Yeah, kinda. The pump wasn’t working right but I think I’ve got it now. I’ll be out of your hair pretty quick now.”

“Oh, don’t go Bill,” Erica implored, suddenly wanting him to stay. “We should test it out to make sure it keeps working. Have you done the chemicals?”

“Oh yeah. I put those in a long time ago. Almost two hours now,” Bill looked at his watch.

“Perfect,” Erica said. “You finish your beer, and I’ll go get changed.

“I don’t have a suit,” Bill complained to Erica’s retreating back. Too late, she was already in the house.

Bill was almost finished his beer when Erica reappeared carrying another tall one for him and a highball for herself. Erica could feel his appreciative eyes on her as she walked toward him in the skimpy bikini. The material was so thin it did little to hide what was underneath. Her long, blondish-red hair covered more of her body than her swimsuit but Erica, normally a bit prudish—this bikini had only been seen by Derek—wasn’t in the mood to hide her body today.

There was a thin string joining the two cups of her top together, strung below and between the swell of her small breasts. Bill’s eyes drank in her small cleavage with an intensity sufficient to count the individual freckles sprinkled across and between the upper swells of her breasts. Erica handed the beer to Bill, then turned her head sideways to look at the tub but kept her body facing squarely toward him. She took a sip of her drink, carefull to keep looking steadily at the hot tub so Bill was free to continue scanning her tits. She asked Bill to explain what was wrong, not once diverting her eyes from the tub, and managed to stretch, arching her back so her breasts strained upward against the flimsy bikini top.

Erica had no idea why she had deliberatively dressed so provacatively or why she was parading herself before him. Was she trying to get back at Samantha? Though she didn’t want to admit using innocent Bill, Erica knew she was. It was wrong but Bill’s attention felt good, made her feel attractive, something examining Derek’s blackberry had ripped away from her.

“So, should we get in?”

“I don’t…I don’t have a suit.”

“Just go in your underwear,” Erica said in a voice that left little room for argument. “I’ll get us a couple more drinks. I wan’t to be sure it’s working for the party, Bill.”

Erica knew Bill was watching her as she sauntered back to the house so she put an extra twitch at the end of each sideways sway. She stopped before reaching the house and, striking a movie-worthy pose, drained her glass. A wicked feeling spread through her, like a warm glow with hot tendrils spearing out from her groin. She had never done anything like this before. She wasn’t sure what she was up to and, uncharacteristically, she wasn’t bothered that she didn’t have a plan. This was fun and Erica wanted to play some more.

She was surprised that Bill wasn’t in the tub when she returned; and then again, she wasn’t. Erica set the drinks, two beer and two more highballs, on the deck beside the tub. Bill was standing awkwardly in his boxer shorts. Erica thanked god they didn’t have polka dots, she wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face if they had.

“See,” she said, looking at Bill’s dark maroon boxers. “Those look just like a bathing suit.”

Erica was pleased to see how much Bill’s shorts swelled in front, a fact he was trying to hide by turning partly away from her. I’ll bet he wishes he’d got into the tub.

Erica decided to have some fun with Bill. She stopped him as he tried to get into the tub, pulling him around to face her. She reveled in his discomfort as he visibly strained to rid himself of the problem he had grown watching her walking to and from the tub in her skimpy bikini.

“Bill, how much bigger did Samantha’s breasts get the first time she was pregnant?” Erica pushed her breasts out, forcing him to look at them. She put her hands under her breasts, cupping and providing a slight lift as she showed them to her former friend’s husband.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Bill was obviously uncomfortable yet unable to take his eyes away from Erica’s small but perfectly shaped gems. “Quite a bit, as I recall.”

“Really?” Erica cooed. “That’s great. I can use all the help I can get,” she pushed her breasts up a bit more and twisted her torso, swaying her goods in front of Bill, laughing inside as his eyes followed her tits as if watching a tennis game.

“No,” Bill blustered, “you don’t need any help.”

Erica laughed, a throaty, confidential laugh. “You mean, more than a mouthful’s a waste, Bill?”

“No, no.” Bill was really flustered now. “I didn’t mean that.”

Erica carried on in her sexy voice. “For Derek, anyway. I mean, for a bigger man like you, Bill, a woman would have to have more to offer.”

“You don’t need…I mean…your’s are perfect.” Bill looked exceedingly uncomfortable now but he still hadn’t taken his eyes off Erica’s chest.

“Oh, don’t worry. You can’t hurt my feelings, Bill. I’m just teasing.” Erica couldn’t have been more honest. “Let’s get in, finish our drinks, and make sure this damn tub’s going to keep working.”

She started to turn away, then swung quickly back, stretching her hand out to place it on Bill’s hip.

“Actually, why don’t you take your boxer’s off so you have something dry to put on when we get out.” Erica tugged at the waistband of Bill’s shorts. “I’ll look away until you’re in the tub,” she said, turning away again and letting her hand scrape across the front of Bill’s boxers.

My. He’s way bigger than Derek.

Erica stepped into the hot tub and, to make sure Bill didn’t back out, quickly unsnapped her top and flung it to the side on the deck. She leaned sideways to pick up her drink and stood up again, careful not to look back.

“Come on, Bill. Hurry up and get in so I can turn around.”

As soon as she heard Bill get in, Erica turned around and sat down, beside rather than opposite and a little away so she could angle her knees toward him and let her feet brush against his. The water was just deep enough that Erica’s nipples were submerged but dangerously near the surface. Bill was enthralled.

Erica reached behind Bill to get him a fresh beer. Half standing, she let her bare tits swing freely in front of his face. She didn’t hurry and once her right nipple even brushed Bill’s cheek.

Erica chatted away, being careful not to require a response from Bill so she didn’t disturb his observations. She raised her foot right out of the water a couple of times to remark about how wrinkled her toes were getting, giggling and asking him if he was getting wrinkled. When she got Bill his last beer, she purposely let her tits bump against his face several times before sitting down.

“Jeez, Bill,” she said. “I just realized, you’re stark naked.”

Bill seemed to stiffen up, surprised by her remark, so Erica went on.

“That’s not fair, is it?” she added a bit of a slur into her words as she stood, sideways to Bill, and stretched to make the most of her small breasts with their long, perky nipples. Erica hooked her thumbs into the sides of her bikini and pushed it down. Bill had a brief glimpse of a jutting, bare bottom and a tuft of blondish, red hair that was darker than on her head. Erica sat down and tossed her wet bottoms onto the deck.

“There. We’ve done it. We never did go skinny-dipping in school. Wow, what a relaxing afternoon,” Erica said, sitting back and spreading her arms wide, gripping the edge of the tub behind her, llowing her nipples to poke above the water. “Thanks for your help, Bill, and your company. I didn’t feel like being alone this afternoon. I really appreciate it.”

“No problem. Anytime,” Bill muttered, staring at her nips.

“But I guess we better call it a day soon, huh?” Erica asked, both of her feet finding and rubbing Bill’s. “Drink up,” she cried, grabbing her drink and tossing it back.

Bill complied and when he was done Erica stood and stepped out of the hot tub. Stark naked, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, she waited for Bill to get out.

“Come on, Bill. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. We’re friends, remember? Special friends, now,” she added.

Reluctantly, Bill got out. His embarrassment faded when he saw Erica waiting for him, full on, not trying to cover herself or turn away. His eyes, for once, tore away from her tits, down to her pussy on display complete with its neatly trimmed bush. While he was engaged with her lower charms, Erica noticed that Bill had an very nice erection, a long, thick, hard cock.

“Are you going to dress as Superman at the party, Bill?” Erica laughed. “Or The Hulk?”

Immediately, Erica turned and walked away before things got further out of hand. She didn’t hurry. She let Bill enjoy the sight of her ass all the way to the house, walking in a way that exaggerated the roll of her cheeks. In the kitchen, she peeked out the window and confirmed what she had suspected—Bill hadn’t started to dress until she was out of sight; he had been mesmerized and was still standing beside the hot tub holding his boxers, proof of his new-found infatuation wobbling at full mast in front of him.

Erica hadn’t meant to do any of the things she’d done but it was all becoming part of a plan forming in her mind; a wicked plan of revenge.

Janice’s Husband

The next day was Saturday, the day of the party. Erica expected Derek home late afternoon so she didn’t have much time.

“Hi Don,” Erica’s voice was more cheerful than usual, even for the morning.

“No, I know Janice has taken the kids out to her Mom’s,” she said into the phone. “Actually,” she lowered her voice, “I was trying to get hold of you. I need your help.”

“Anything?” Erica laughed, infusing her tone with nefarious implications. “Be careful, Don. I just may take you up on that.” She and Don had engage in such banter before but this time her voice somehow offered a hint of something suppressed.

Having laid the seed, Erica returned her voice normal. “Anyway,” she said, “I really need your help. I don’t know if Janice told you but Derek and I are dressing as Dr. Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde and I need your advice on my costume. Derek won’t be home until late and I know you have a good eye, I mean, fashion sense,” Erica finished with another meaningful laugh.

“You will? Super, Don. Can you come over right away. I have so much to do.”

“Perfect. See you soon.” Erica hung up. The smile on her face wasn’t pleasant.

Don arrived less than half an hour later. He was smaller than Samantha’s Bill, the same height as Derek but with a slighter frame. Whereas Derek exuded a brash enthusiasm, there was an air of sophistication about Don. He liked to considered a suave man of taste. Erica was waiting at the door and handed him a large glass of Derek’s best whiskey.

“Oh, I think it’s a little early for this,” Don said, following Erica into the house.

“Don’t be silly. It’s almost noon. It won’t hurt for you to get a head start on the other guys for a change. You’re the only one that can hold his liquor,” Erica stroked Don’s male ego. “Anyway, you need to be in the party spirit if your advice is going to do me any good. Come on, follow me.”

Erica took Don’s free hand and led him, slowly so he wouldn’t spill the tumbler she had filled to the brim. As soon as he was started on the stairs, Erica slowed her pace, staying just far enough ahead that Don’s eyes were on a level with her behind. She was wearing a black slip edged with lace that fell to her upper thigh. It was cut so it could be worn under dresses with either a low bodice or an open back and was quite revealing. Erica was pleased that Don had shown as much appreciation as Bill as she chatted with him at the door.

“Sorry for greeting you like this Don but I couldn’t wait. I’ve already tried on two costumes. Don’t rush. I don’t want to get whiskey on my carpet.” Erica wanted to slow Don down to work maximum effect out of her small but prominent behind. She knew men liked it and Derek always said it was her best feature. It worked. Don slowed to a crawl and Erica let her ass sway in exaggerated fashion in front of his face.

When they finally made it into her bedroom, Don had taken a couple of small gulps of whiskey. A glow was already flowing through him. Actually, Don wasn’t the best drinker of the group, despite Erica’s flattery. He maintained his relative control by drinking far less than the other men.

Several dresses were laid out on Erica’s bed. To Don’s disappointment, all were full-length, Victorian gowns, as befitting the era for Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. Erica made a big show of trying on each of the gowns, being sure to spend more time in her sexy, brief slip than in any of the dresses. By the time Erica had tried on each of the gowns, extolling their virtues between changes while fussing about in her slip, Don had consumed over half of his glass.

Removing the last dress, Erica casually picked up the whiskey bottle she had left on the bedside table and refilled Don’s glass. She smiled to herself when she realized that Don didn’t even seem to notice, he was so intent on her figure. Erica was pleased with the way the silky slip clung to her body, the deep cut between her breasts teasingly advertising their erotic presence in a clandestine manner that a woman with larger tits could never achieve. Don was hooked. It was time to pull him in.

“Well,” she asked, “shalll we leave Mrs. Jekyl behind and move on to Mrs. Hyde?”

Don looked confused. Erica disappeared into the walk-in closet and returned with an armful of more provacative clothing. Don’s eyes widened as he saw how skimpy some of the dresses were, more like Victorian undergarments than proper clothing.

“Oh, but wait,” Erica cried. “Would you try on the Dr. Jekyl costume? Please, please,” Erica cooed when Don hesitated. “Derek won’t be able to try it on until tonight and it’ll be too late to make any changes then. Come on,” Erica pleaded, taking Derek’s hand and easing the tumbler from his grasp, pleased to see he had already drained another quarter of the glass. “You and Derek are so much the same, size-wise,” Erica’s voice softened.

Don agreed. What else could he do?

“Take your shirt and pants off, then,” Erica instructed, walking out of the room. “I’ll get the costume.”

Erica retrieved Derek’s costume and paused in the hallway to leave sufficient time for Don to remove his shirt and pants. Although he didn’t know it, she had left one of the mirrored closet doors positioned so she could see into the room. Don was standing in just his boxer shorts and socks as he took another pull from the glass. Setting the glass down, he nervously fidgeted about, then looked at himself in the mirror above Erica’s dresser. Erica had left a bra and panties draped over the seat, just to heighten Don’s awareness should he see them. Don’s eyes dropped from the mirror to her underwear and then back to his reflection. He sucked in his stomach, then lifted each foot and removed his socks. He was examining himself with a skeptical eye when Erica breezed back into the room.

“Jeez, Don. Have you been working out?” Erica stroked him further.

“Yeah, a little,” Don replied, his voice slurring. Erica knew he that wasn’t true from Janice’s complaints but it didn’t hurt to boost his ego at bit.

“You look great. That’s good, you took your socks off. Men look silly standing around in their socks. Did you know the costume comes complete with antique socks? Well, antique looking, I guess.” Erica laid the suit out on the bed, then turned around with the long black socks in hand, complete with elastic straps to wrap around the upper calf to keep them from falling down.

“Sit,” she commanded.

Don sat on the bench seat in front of her dresser and Erica knelt before him, picking up Don’s right foot and starting to fit a sock over his toes. She leaned over but kept her head from bending so Don had a clear line of sight down the gap in the front of her slip. She knew her tits were small but was certain it wouldn’t matter a damn. A man would look anyway. She was right. As she smoothed the long sock up Don’s leg and fixed the elastic just under his knee, Erica peeked at his boxer shorts. Definitely, he liked the view.

Erica put the next sock on but spent more time smoothing it out on Don’s leg, stroking his calf and especially the bare skin above the sock and below the back of his knee. She almost laughed at the way Don tried to hold his hands in his lap to cover his burgeoning erection. Bill, she knew, wouldn’t have been able to cover his massive root the way Don did, or for that matter, her husband could.

“There, aren’t those cute,” Erica laughed, putting her hands on Don’s knees and pushing his legs wide, ostensibly to examine the socks but really trying to make him feel more exposed. “Stand up, let’s do the shirt now.”

Don was distinctly uncomfortable as Erica dressed him in the shirt. He couldn’t use both hands to cover himself when one was being put in a sleeve and his boxers had an obvious tent in front but Erica didn’t seem to notice. As soon as both arms were sleeved, she began fastening the buttons on the shirt.

Next came the pants. Erica went down on her knees before Don and waited for him to raise his foot to slip it into the pantleg. There was a long pause and Erica knew it wasn’t that he didn’t know what was expected of him, he was just sidetracked again looking down her front. With both feet in, Erica rose, pulling the pants up Don’s legs and tugging them over his butt and cinching it around his waist.

“Let’s get that shirt tucked in,” she said, slipping her hands around Don’s back and pushing the shirt tail inside before he could protest. Holding the right side of the pants up, Erica slipped her left hand around Don’s hips, tucking the shirt as she progressed to the front. Don stiffened noticibly when her hand smoothed the shirt down his front, right over his bulging boxers.

“Tight fit,” Erica remarked flippantly, changing hands and working her way around to the front again. This time, she tucked the front in more slowly, deliberately letting the back of her fingers linger on the front of Don’s now more swollen boxers.

“There you go. Slip on the jacket while I get into my outfit.”

Erica put on one of the flimsy dresses that looked more like a fancier version of what she was wearing, underwear. The dress, small as it was, didn’t completely cover her slip.

“Oh, dear. This won’t do.”

Erica removed the dress just as Don was tugging the jacket down from his shoulders to perfect its fit. Casually, she slipped the ribbon straps off her shoulder and started to take the slip off.

“Jeez. What am I doing?” she laughed, turning to face Don’s eager eyes, holding the slip against the top of her breasts, barely covering her nipples. “I forgot you weren’t Derek.”

“Uh…,” Don was embarassed, “do you want me to step outside?”

“Oh, don’t be silly. How many times have we all been in the hot tub together? Just close your eyes for a moment, or better, look over that way,” Erica pointed toward her mirrored closet doors.

Don did as she asked and Erica let the slip fall to her hips, then pushed it down over her hips and down her legs. She was stark naked except for the thong-like panties whose narrow straps swooped over her hips, joined behind her and slung under her ass to cup her pussy after disappearing between her cheeks.

Erica knew that Don could see her through the closet door mirror and the one on her dresser. She was careful not to look that way so that, after the first shock, Don felt safe in openly ogling her body. Erica took her time putting on the skimpy underwear-dress, typical of bawdy house dress in the Victorian era except the buttons in the back had been replaced by more conventional, and convenient, zippers. She turned to face Don.

“What do you think?”

“Fantastic. You’ll win the contest. At least,” he smiled appreciatively, “you’ll get all the men’s votes.”

“You’re just being nice Don,” Erica chuckled. “I don’t have enough up top to win any contest, even if it is just between four women.”

Don looked skeptical. She could win Miss Universe as far as he was concerned.

“Wait,” Erica cried. “How can a gentleman judge his woman,” she emphased ‘his’,” without his whiskey to sharpen his eye.” Erica topped up Don’s glass and handed it to him.

Immediately, without instructing Don to avert his eyes, Erica turned and unzipped the back of her dress. Instinctively, she knew Don was looking directly at her rather than through the mirrors. To increase his comfort, Erica cheerily piped, “I’ll let you know when you can look,” just in case he looked away, afraid she might suddenly turn around after undoing her dress. Slowly, she pushed the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to her waist. She didn’t have to push this loose number over her hips, it just fell to the floor around her feet with a gentle rustle.

In exaggerated fashion, Erica leaned forward to smooth out the next dress on the bed before putting it on, arching her back to teasingly thrust her butt closer to Don. Wouldn’t you like to do me from behind? The thought send a thrilling jolt richocheting off her hips bones and then zinging up her spine. She almost fell over onto the bed on her elbows and pictured Bill advancing on her with his super slooper. Thank god it was Don and not Bill or she might not have been able to keep upright. Don’t let this go too far, Erica, she admonished herself. Stay in control.

Erica straightened, then stooped and stepped into the next loose dress, pulling it up to fit over her shoulders. She reached behind herself, then paused and asked Don, “Can you zip me, please?”

“What?” Don croaked.

“Can you zip up my dress, please?”

Don bumped into the dresser bench, as if turning around, and then fumbled with the delicate zipper of the dress. His hands were shaking and a thrill of victory surged through Erica. Three can play at this game.

She urged Don to drink up as she pirouted before him, stretching her legs and arching her back, displaying her wares to best advantage.

“Next?” she asked in a little girl voice when she thought she couldn’t dangle herself in front of him without making it completely obvious, even in his partly inebriated state, what she was up to. Erica turned as his head began to nod, before he could speak.

“Undo me,” she commanded in a husky voice.

Don was more adept an unzipping. He stood, looking into her back, peeking past her angular hips, eyes finding and latching onto the start of her crack, the panty thong diving into oblivion between Erica’s cheeks.

“Can I have a sip,” she asked.

“What?” Don’s voice was far away, almost lost.

“Of your drink. Can I have a sip?”

Don passed his glass over Erica’s shoulder, then stood unsteadily behind her, staring at that disappearing thong. Erica took several long sips. She didn’t drink very much but she let lots of time pass between sips.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “This tastes quite good, if you’re in the mood for it, doesn’t it?”

The texture of her voice stopped Don’s in his dry throat. The sound made her even more sexy than she already was and that was probably the sexiest woman Don had ever encountered, wife included. Her next command cranked the erotic tension even higher.

“I guess we can’t take all day to do this, though I’d like to. Push the dress dress off my shoulders, will you? My hands are busy.” Erica waved the glass out to her side, then brought it to her lips for another sip.

Don’s trembling fingers landed gently on Erica’s shoulders close to her neck, then slowly spread apart, pushing the dress along until it fell over the cliff of her upper arms. Don sucked his breath in as the dress fell, catching in the crook of the elbow of the arm Erica was using to hold the drink but slipping past the other one, onto her hip and beyond. The dress hung precariously below the edge of Erica’s upper buttocks, allowing Don to see most of her ass.

Erica calmly took another sip.

“Should we finish up?” she asked.

Don nodded. His mouth was still too dry to speak. Erica took one last sip, giving Don lots of time to admire her cheeks, then passed the glass back to him.

“Thanks,” she said throatily. “I guess you better avert your eyes now.”

Erica waited a few seconds, no more than three, then let the dress fall. Again, she knew Don hadn’t turned away. She leaned forward to smooth out the last dress, deliberately pushing her ass back toward Don, then, in a move that audibly caught him by surprise, Erica hooked her thumbs in the straps of her panties arching over her hips and slowly tugged them down until the joined center piece freed itself with a snap from her clenched cheeks. Holding herself up with a hand on the edge of the bed, she slid the panties down first one leg, and then the other, letting it fall to the floor on top of the discarded dresses.

As if she was alone in the world, Erica smoothed her hands over her bare buttocks, pulling them slightly apart before slowly getting into the last dress. She asked Don to help her pull it up onto her shoulders and, after a long pause, asked him to zip her up.

Don gasped when Erica turned around and asked him for his drink. The front of the silky dress was open to Erica’s waist. They were no buttons, only two pairs of loops that were meant to be tied together. In their undone state, Erica’s small but perfectly shaped tits were not covered all the time, in fact, not even most of the time. One or the other was almost constantly on display.

“I couldn’t find the ties before you got here,” Erica complained. “I’ll have to find them before tonight.” She made a production of looking around the room, leaning slightly to the side to make sure one tit was almost completely bare. She could feel how hard her nipples were. If Derek was here, she’d fuck his brains out, cheating bastard though he was.

Erica chatted with Don for a while, then suggested he put his own clothes back on, that Derek should be home soon. It was laughable how Don hurried to get the suit off. He started to pull his own pants on over the costume socks but Erica stopped him, pushing him back onto the bed and kneeling before him to remove them herself. She allowed her soft, feminine fingers to stroke several times up and down the back of his calves and over and around his feet. Her dress was wide open the entire time, flagrantly displaying her excited tits.

Erica walked Don down to the door, told him she was really looking forward to the party that night, especially with her new appreciation for fine whiskey. She thanked him effusively for helping her that afternoon and cautioned they should keep it a secret because they had dipped into Derek’s best whiskey, adding that they should sneak off together for another sample at the party. Then she surprised Don one last time by stretching up and kissing him full on the mouth.

“Thank you, Mr. Hyde” she husked, and closed the door.

The Party

Erica was pleased with the way things had gone. Samantha and Janice may be up to no good with her husband but they wouldn’t miss their own husbands’ new infatuation with her. And in the safety of surrounding company, Erica meant to make it seem that each of them was having an affair with her.

The drinks flowed freely at the Halloween party that night. It was still early when the couples began dancing in the darkened living room. By then, Erica had changed from the prudish Mrs. Jekyl dress into the saucy Mrs. Hyde number.

Everyone was wearing a Halloween mask but there was no question who everyone was so, after a few dances, as usual, they donned blindfolds and then fumbled around to find partners. It was a game they have played before, changing partners every song. A couple of times, to enormous giggles, two of the women found each other and danced together anyway, feigning reluctance to replace their partner with a male.

Erica was wearing the most revealing costume she had modeled for Don that night and when she knew she was partnered with him she pressed her body tightly to him, pushing her pelvis into his groin. It didn’t take Don long to respond, given the events of the afternoon. On the second pairing with Don, Erica took his elbow and guided his hand through the two pairs of loops onto her bare breast. Don gently squeezed and manipulated her extended nipple throughout the rest of the dance and Erica rewarded him by refusing to exchange partners for the next song. Don was a considerate man and Erica was truly worked up when they finally parted. He hadn’t grabbed and rushed her, instead taking time to tease her nipples to full alert. She truly didn’t want to change.

Her next partner was Bill and the state of his manlihood couldn’t be mistaken, large as it was. He didn’t try to press it into Erica but there was no way he could hide it. Erica let him know he didn’t have to. She pushed her belly against it in the dark room. Remembering they were all blindfolded, she literally shoved her pussy onto his cock and rubbed vigorously, leaving no confusion about what she thought of Bill’s equipment.

It was hard for Erica to dance with Alice’s husband Ray. Like Alice, Ray was quiet and reserved, but he was a man and in Erica’s worked up state, she found it hard not to press against him. Erica’s mind screamed at her: Alice’s number wasn’t in the blackberry! With difficulty, she left Alice’s man alone.

Erica was cycled back to Don who immediately slid his hand inside her dress, possessively taking hold of her hardened tit. True to form, Don’s aggressiveness subsided as soon as he achieved his goal and Erica was treated to a competent, thoughtful breast massage. Bill followed again and wasted no time in calling her attention to his hardened member. Though he lacked finess, Bill possessed a physical attribute that couldn’t be ignored.

Ray was next again. Erica was relieved to to pause her game for she was in danger of losing control and because she wasn’t sure where she was taking this beyond the simple notion that she could easily seduce her friends’ husbands too, if she wanted to. There was no doubt in Erica’s mind that with the simplest of gestures, Samantha’s and Janice’s husbands would have buried themselves in her moist pussy in an instant. So what had they proved? But Alice hadn’t played that game and Erica felt secure in Ray’s arms as they danced to the long, slow song that happened to play on his turn. Ray was a rock. Ray was comfort. Erica buried her head, murmurring into Ray’s shoulder.

“What was that?” Ray asked.

“What’s Alices cell number?” Erica repeated.

“She doesn’t have one,” Ray replied. “Doesn’t believe in them,” he added. “She hates the idea of anyone being to track her down any time of the day or night.”

Ray’s words sent a chill down Erica’s spine. Alice didn’t have a cell phone!

Erica lifted her blindfold and looked around the darkened room. In the dim light, she could make out her husband. Who was dancing with him so closely, skin to skin? Was it Samantha? Janice? With a sinking feeling, Erica recognized Alice. It was Alice that was pushing against Derek, Alice pushing herself into Derek’s groin, Alice that was hugging her husband so tight, shoving her large breasts into his chest.

How could she be so blind? So stupid. Derek was fucking them all. Is this what started it? This slow, blindfolded dancing followed up by the skimpy bikini hot tubbing, trying to prove they were still young and hot. Had this started it all?

So Alice was involved after all, Erica felt grim. What was so special about Derek? After all, Bill was far better endowed. Was it just because he was the class president so many years ago, the one that every girl was after and that Erica had won? Was it that simple, that common?

Or was it Derek’s aggressive personalitiy, his get-ahead nature, the winner take all attitude?

Would all men take it all if it was offered? Erica decided on the spur of the moment to test her on-the-fly theory. She gave Ray a little bump and grind.

Ray instantly held her tighter. Unsure, Erica did it again. Ray grasped her tighter yet and pushed back against her, bulging against her Bill-sensitized mound. Christ! She didn’t mean to but Erica responded automatically, pressing back against Ray’s mid-sized lump. So Alice has to be taught a lesson, too. Erica pushed her drink-softened puffiness against her prey and he, so easily led, responded instantly.

It was time to get on with her plan. Erica shouted, “To the hot tub! Derek, take the girls out to the hot tub. I’ll show the gents where they can get changed.”

Erica had told her friends to wear something suitable underneath their costumes to wear in the hot tub but she had ‘forgotten’ to ask them to pass the same message on to their husbands.

“Go on girls,” Erica repeated in a voice drink-laden far beyond the amount of alcohol she had actually consumed. “I’ll show the men were to get changed.”

The women dutifully filed through the kitchen behind Derek on the way to the backyard. Samantha and Janice were already undong their dresses. Erica led the men upstairs to her and Derek’s bedroom. Three baggy bathing suits were laid out on the bed.

“There you go, men. Get changed,” Erica said, walking past the bed to look out the large, open window onto the deck and the hot tub below. Samantha and Janice had already doffed their dresses and were hovering around Derek in skimpy bikinis. Alice was still dressed. Derek and the two women got into the tub, to much fanfare, hooting and laughter. Alice watched them calmly, and Erica watched her, intrigued, while the women’s husbands changed behind her. Was she wrong about Alice?

Well, Erica thought, the other cat’s are in play. Let’s see the claws come out.

An evil feeling washed over her. This was so delicious. Revenge was so sweet. Now, her preparations would bear fruit. Each woman, she was sure, would soon realize they weren’t the sole object of his Derek’s desire, and that would ruin it for him, for their pride wouldn’t allow them to be anything but ‘the’ one. And Erica would let their husbands who had followed her upstairs to the perfect observation post for an ulterior reason, another peep show. Well, she would give them one while they watched their wives obviously vying for another man’s attentions. And to top it off, as soon as Alice was in the tub, Erica would make sure the other women saw her entertaining their men.

Ah, yes, Erica laughed to herself, delectable.

Samantha and Janice cosied up close to Derek and he immediately soaked up their attention. Soon, neither one could help but notice his familiar way with the other. Erica smiled. Good, good.

But then something unexpected happened. Derek turned his eyes to the demurely clad Alice still standing on the deck in front of the tub. Once she had his attention, Alice began to disrobe. Unlike her two friends who had rushed to gain the coveted positions at Derek’s side, Alice made a tantalizing show of removing her dress. She didn’t just drop it to the floor in a hurry to display her bikini-clad body as the others had. Instead, Alice removed her dress slowly, twisting her body with brief pauses to emphase particular charms.

Samantha and Janice fell silent. There was little they could do since Derek ignored their attempts to distract him from the capivating show put on by their quiet friend. When Alice was done, she stood before Derek and his two consorts in her skimpy bikini, no more revealing than the others, but the only one Derek was watching.

Then Alice delivered the coup de grace; she unsnapped her top, slid it off her shoulders and slowly down her arms, opened her hands, and let it fall to the ground in front of her. Erica was sure she heard a gasp from her other two friends but knew she was too far away to actually hear. Alice stepped over her top and slid gracefully into the tub, settling herself directly opposite Derek to take possession of his line of sight.

Erica was shocked, even given her recent suspicion.

Alice’s move was disconcerting. She may have taken the game past the mutual horror of not being Derek’s only mistress to an intense competition to become the chosen one. Well, that would still lead to a falling out between her former friends but not a comeuppance for her husband. Maybe this was even better, for the husbands might not appreciate the subtle chagrin of their spurned wives but they would certainly notice and dislike seeing them compete for Derek’s favor, to his disadvantage.

“Come see how much fun your wives are having,” Erica invited the husbands to join her.

Erica was joined by Don, then Bill, and finally, Ray. They stood around her, looking down at the deck below, at their wives flirting with their friend. They didn’t seem to mind yet; it hadn’t gone too far. With her back to them, none of the men were aware that Alice had removed her top. In fact, they were more focused on Erica; they had seen their wives in the hot tub before. That was fine. Erica wanted to take her friends’ husbands right to the point where it was obvious that they would go to bed with her. And while they were competing for something she already had, she could easily take what was theirs, at the drop of a hat, or bra. She would throw that in each of their cheating faces. She could have any one of them, any time she wanted.

“That looks like so much fun. Can you loosen my dress for me, boys? I have my suit on underneath too.”

Not surprisingly, Don’s hands were the first to touch her, caressing her shoulder before grasping her zipper and deftly running it down the curve of her back. Ray knelt down and urged her foot off the floor, slipping her sandals off as soon as her knee bent. Bill stepped up behind her, replacing Don, who stepped around to her side, reaching across her front to guide the dress off her shoulders. He let it drop. The dress caught at her waist, but only for a moment, sliding down her legs to a heap on the floor.

“Oh my god,” Ray gasped, looking up from his kneeling position at Erica’s feet.

Erica looked down, feigning surprised horror. Quickly, perhaps not so quickly, she crossed her arms in front of her bare chest.

“Oh,” she squealed. “I forgot my top.”

Don, standing beside her on the opposite side from Ray, was looking down at her breasts, specifically the swell at the side that couldn’t be covered by her hands. Bill was looking at Erica’s almost completely bare ass, not the least bit covered by the thong bikini. Ray’s eyes shifted to join Bill’s.

“Could someone please get my top. It should be on the bed.”

Sure enough, the skimpy top was lying on Erica’s pillow. Don retrieved it and brought it to her.

“I can’t drop my hands, or you’ll see,” Erica said. “Can you put it on for me?”

This didn’t make any sense but Don wasn’t about to argue. He stretched the top across Erica’s front. Ray was now standing and he took one end from Don. Together, they brought the top against Erica’s torso under her breasts and eased it up until it pressed against her hands. Erica ‘stumbled’ and Bill placed his big hands on her waist to steady her, his fingers curling around to cover her navel and her pouting tummy.

“You’ll have to pull your hands out of the way so we can lift the top over you,” Don suggested.

“Ok guys, but don’t be naughty.”

Don and Ray pulled the strapless top up, covering Erica’s hand-covered treasures and she began sliding her hands away to the sides. The deed accomplished, Erica stood at the mercy of the men, her honor depending on their willingness to keep the top covering her breasts.

“Can you tie me up?” she asked.

Don and Ray passed the ends around to Erica’s back where Bill grasped each end and pulled it together, trying to find out out it fastened. Just then, a mild exclamation burst from Erica’s lips.

“Oh, my.”

The men turned to look, following Erica’s gaze, down to the hot tub. They were just in time to see Samantha’s arms falling to her sides and Alice turning to look behind her at Samantha’s bikini top lying on the deck. Now, all could see that Alice wasn’t wearing a top. Her breasts jutted from her chest, nipples standing in full excitement from her tits. Over her shoulder, the men could see Samantha’s breasts still bouncing freely up and down. As they watched, Janice stood, removed her top and flung it over Alice’s head to the deck. She sat down wearing a defiant, ‘so there’ look on her face.

Bill let the ends of Erica’s top go and it fell from her breasts, grazing her belly as it dropped to the floor. Erica didn’t try to cover herself.

Alice stood and waded across the tub to Derek and sank to her knees in front of him. The observers could see Derek reach out and knew, though they couldn’t actually see, that he had taken hold of Alice’s tits. Janice put her arm around Derek’s neck and kissed the side of his mouth. Samantha did the same on the other side. Both women moved their other arms around his front, under the water.

Bill’s hands circled Erica’s waist again and Don and Ray each took possession of a breast, gently cupping the meat of her swells, fingers folding around to lightly pinch her rapidly extending nipples. Erica hadn’t planned on letting the men touch her. Look, yes, but not touch. But she had to let them enjoy at least as much leeway their wives allowed Derek. And she needed an opportunity to catch the attention of the women below, something that wasn’t about to happen right then.

Don and Ray each kissed Erica’s cheeks, then nibbled on her neck and ears. Bill’s lump pressed into her rear and his finger dipped into her navel. Janice had pulled Derek’s face toward her. She kissed him. Don, watching, turned Erica’s toward him and placed his mouth over her lips. His tongue slid inside and he was kissing her while Ray tugged her nipple away from her chest.

When Don finally released her mouth, Erica saw through hazy eyes that Samantha was already working her mouth on Derek’s face. Ray pulled her face toward him and right away her mouth was filled with his tongue. Now her right tit was manipulated more deftly as Don applied his full concentration. The lump grew larger behind her and pressed more firmly into her butt, lifting her heels from the ground so she was almost on tippy toes.

This is going too far, Erica thought. Ray was an excellent kisser and he held her much longer than Don. She looked down at the tub and was shocked to see Alice’s head lowered in Derek’s lap, bobbing gently up and down. She was sucking him!

Just then, Bill’s big fingers dipped down to cover the front of her thong. Erica jerked in reaction, but the wrong way, against him. She struggled for a few seconds but Bill’s big hands easily held her in place. Wait, wait. Janice stood up in the tub and eased her bikini straps over her hips. She stepped out of them and tossed them outside the tub. Samantha, watching, followed suit. Janice gently pulled Alice’s head up and nudged her aside. Quickly, she swung her leg over, straddling Derek, and sunk slowly down, one hand reaching in front and below, clearly guiding Erica’s husband’s cock inside her.

Erica ceased struggling and Bill’s fingers dipped inside her bikini. He lifted her off her feet, urging her ass against his bulge, and started backing away. The last thing Erica saw was Janice moving up and down, fucking her husband, while Samantha stepped onto the submerged seat and swung her leg across Derek’s chest, fitting herself between him and Janice and pushing her pussy onto his face. Erica fell back onto Bill on the bed. She could feel his bare cock slip down the crack of her ass and fit between her legs. When had he pulled down his swimsuit?

There was a man on either side of her as she lay on Bill. Mouths were on her tits, working her nipples up, sucking. Fingers were on her pussy, slipping inside her slit, digging deeper.

Oh, god. I have to stop it. Ohhhh, it feels so good. So much happening at once.

There was a loud smacking sound as one of the men, she didn’t know which one, started sucking her tit really hard. Erica arched her back, pushing her long nipple deeper into his mouth, as deep as she could get it.

“Ohhhhhhh, yessss.”

When she sagged back onto Bill’s chest, she felt something bigger nudging at her slit, something very thick. A large hand covered her mound and the thickness was pushed into her slit. It began to move, nudging back and forth. Ah, god, he was sucking hard again. Erica arched her back high, she couldn’t help it.

She sagged back onto Bill’s chest and the thickness pushed inside her an inch, maybe more. He was so big. Big, affable, average-looking Bill who possessed this incredible weapon was pushing it further into her pussy. She looked down at her chest and new it was Ray that sucked her tit so well. She felt the big paw covering her mound being pushed away and a slender set of fingers took its place. Her pussy lips were treated to an amazing tickling massage and her clit to a teasing brush and run thumb attack. Immediately, Erica began to moisten, rapidly becoming wetter. Bill’s huge organ slipped deeper.

Erica was in the middle of another deep, arching response to a hard tit-suck when Bill’s cock sank fully home. When she fell back to his chest, Bill started moving steadily in and out.

Oh, god. Yes. Fuck me with that thing.

Don’s fingertips were gently rubbing her clit.

“Oh, boys. Oh boys,” Erica moaned.

Bill started moving faster inside her. Don’s delicate fingers were replaced by a very talented tongue and Erica knew it was Ray.

“Fuck me,” Erica cried. “All of you. I want all of you to fuck me.”

She had meant to ease any concern that Don and Ray may have that she would be done after Bill was finished, or that they might feel inadequate after she had been filled by their bigger friend. Erica just wanted them to know that she was woman enough for all of them, and that she wanted each of them inside her. She no longer cared what was happening outside.

But Erica never thought they would all try to do her at the same time. Ray’s mouth pulled away and he straddled her, pushing his long slender cock on her pussy, keeping it firmly pressed there as Bill shoved up from below. His eyes locked onto hers and then he walked on his knees towards her. He slid his cock into Erica’s mouth and Don’s fingers returned to her pussy. Erica raised her head, pushing her mouth over Ray’s shaft, taking in as much as she could and Ray slid his hand behind her head so she could relax onto it but he soon pulled her onto him again. Erica didn’t mind. She was entering a zone she’d never been in before and she liked it.

Erica couldn’t believe how easily she was now accommodating Bill’s big cock. She was so fucking wet. Don was running his fingers all around her soaked pussy, not just her clit, and he was even pushing his fingers into her cunt while Bill fucked her. She was amazed how fantastic that felt, and knowing it was different made it wildly more exciting. One man could never fuck her like this. She was spoiled for life.

It was right then, at the point of this revelation, that Erica remembered it was Halloween. Is that why an evil pleasure lurked in her bedroom, waiting to be consumed? Don straddled her hips and tried to push the tip of his cock into Erica’s cunt, sliding on top of Bill’s larger member. God. She knew she could take his fingers in addition to Bill, in fact, loved the feel of it, but another cock?

No. She couldn’t. He was stretching her. She couldn’t. Suddenly, Don’s head was in, it was inside her. Quickly, his shaft sunk deeper. He was moving, fucking her. Jesus. They were moving differently. Filling her. Pushing in different directions, different places. She moaned around Ray’s cock.

Oh god. Fuck me, fuck me. All of you. Fuck me!

Ray’s hands were on both sides of her face now, pulling her onto his cock. She could hear Bill grunting loudly beneath her. He was close, rasping, gasping for air. She couldn’t see or hear Don but, strangely, since he was so much smaller than Bill, she could feel his cock most of all.

Bill suddenly lunged upward, lifting all of them a good six inches off the bed, gushing in Erica’s cunt, flooding it. Ray unloaded in her mouth and Erica pushed him violently away from her face, suddenly bearing the brunt of his wildly spraying hose, closing her eyes to protect herself from his errant blasts. But Don, Don pulled out and guided his bursting semen directly on target, exactly where he wanted it to be—right on Erica’s clit, and that triggered Erica’s own convulsing orgasm.

The four of them writhed uncontrollably on the bed. Shaking, settling, then shaking wildly again. Eventually, they all relaxed, sagging onto the bed, Don and Ray falling to the side and Erica rolling off Bill. Ragged breathing gradually returned to normal.

Don rose first, going to the bathroom and returning with a warm face cloth and a towel. Gently, he cleaned Erica’s face and then her pussy, including the few shots that had missed their mark and landed on her belly. Nobody spoke but each man gently caressed Erica’s body. This went on for at least fifteen minutes. Erica was beginning to respond to the men’s loving touch.

Strangely, nobody knew what to say despite the fact that moments earlier they had each instinctively known exactly what to do. Erica knew there was no way to understand what had happened. It was her who finally broke the silence.

“Should we join our spouses in the hot tub?”

Bill and Ray looked away. Don didn’t.

“Why?” he asked simply.

Erica didn’t have an answer to that. She was about to say something anyway, something lame like, they’re probably wondering where we are, when Ray moved his head down and started flicking his tongue across her pussy. Bill’s paw covered her tits and Don kissed her. In the silence, Erica could hear the sound of love-making in the distance.

Some time later, Don stopped kissing her and Ray pulled his tongue from deep inside her pussy. Ray got up and disappeared into the bathroom.

“I think Bill would like some face to face time,” Don said, urging her over onto her side and then onto Bill’s chest. As soon as Erica’s open legs straddled him, Bill fed his renewed cock into her pussy.

“I don’t mind,” Erica gasped, “but it will be hard to look after all of you this way.”

Don got up onto his knees and approached Erica from the side. Erica turned to face him and opened her mouth. She knew what he wanted. She could hear Ray returning from the bathroom.

“But what about Ray?”

“I’m sure he’ll think of something,” Don smiled and pushed his cock between Erica’s lips.

Erica felt Ray’s legs straddling her, scraping along the outside of her thighs until his cock was lying on her ass, along her crack. It was cold, clammy and wet. She felt Ray’s hands on her ass, pulling, spreading her apart. His slick cock fell into the widened crevice and his hands closed behind it, pushing it down against her, pushing the tip, down, into her, trying to get inside.

Oh god. No. He wants to fuck my ass. I never…I don’t know, I don’t know if I can… I don’t…ohhhhhhh god, ohhhhh jesus, mmmmmmmmm, ok, yeah, maybe, ohhhhhh, yeah, baby…”

A long time later, a loud grunting, groaning climax shattered the room. It was followed by the same long period of gentle caresses but this time, no fucking. Everyone fell asleep.

Erica woke in the dark amid a pile of male bodies. She got up quietly, not wanting to wake the men in case they wanted to have another go. It was late. Erica crept stealthily out of the bedroom. She walked toward the stairs. Where was everyone? Had the wives gone home?

She heard soft murmurs coming from downstairs. Carefully, she dropped to her knees and crept quietly to the railing, peering at the living room below, lit softly by a single lamp in the corner. Samantha and Alice were sleeping, one sprawled on the couch and the other on the loveseat.

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