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Thanks everyone for the feedback on my first story. Here is chapter two in the continuing saga of Chloe and Paul. Make sure to tell me where you want them to go in future chapters. I have some ideas, but am very open to suggestions.

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I closed the door behind Paul as he made his way to his car. I still couldn’t believe that we had actually had sex. I knew I should feel guilty about what had just happened but instead I was disappointed that Paul had left. I had wanted to ask him to stay, but I couldn’t bring myself to say the words before he left.

I felt a chill run up my body and pulled my robe tighter around me.

Things had been rocky with my marriage for a while. We had been trying to get pregnant for over a year with no success. As we grew increasingly frustrated we began to argue. It began after I suggested that we should visit a fertility specialist, and now we would break into a shouting match over any disagreement. To make matters worse Eric had recently started a new job which made him travel a lot more so I saw him a lot less and when we met we were usually arguing. I had begun to look forward to the times when he was away and dread the days we were both at home.

Paul and I had built a very close friendship at work over the last few years. I was so shocked when I learnt he was going to spend a ton of money on hookers that I offered to sleep with him instead. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have been surprised that he frequented hookers; it seemed very much in character for him. Paul lived his life in a manner that had completely baffled me initially. He was insanely smart and always found ways to get the results with the least level of effort possible. Like when he wanted meaningless sex, he got hookers.

The events of this evening had been far from meaningless for me. I had felt a spark with Paul in bed and I was scared. Had this been just meaningless sex for him? Would this change our relationship? Our friendship? I tossed and turned sleeplessly in bed. I was unsure about what came next, I was worried and I felt guilty. I felt guilty about not feeling guilty about Eric, if that made sense.

I woke long before my alarm the next morning it was still dark outside. I wasn’t sure when I fell asleep but I knew I wouldn’t be getting any more sleep. I still felt uneasy this morning and it wasn’t long before my mind was racing a mile a minute. I decided to go into the office to try and distract myself. I also wanted to see Paul as soon as he got in but that wouldn’t be for another few hours, it was only 6:30am.

Paul strolled into his office as usual at 9:30am. “How are you doing this morning?” he greeted me with his standard line.

“F-F-Fine, I guess,” I stammered.

“I agree, we should probably talk,” he shot back.

I hated how Paul always did that. He had an innate ability to understand the undertones of a conversation and he would reply directly to them. It always took me a moment to recollect myself after he would do this and it made me feel dumb.

I simply replied, “Uh huh.”

I turned back to face my PC, but continued to watch Paul out of the corner of my eye. He proceeded with his morning routine of taking off his jacket and booting up his PC. I glanced at his crotch out of the corner of my eye and flashed back to the image I had in my head from the previous night. I had been bent over the dresser and looking into the mirror at Paul while his cock had pounded me from behind. It had felt so good! I could feel my nipples tighten and I unconsciously pulled my legs closer together.

I heard Paul say the word “naked” and I came rushing back to reality. I thought I hadn’t heard him correctly so I looked at him questioningly.

“I have seen you naked,” he said, seeming quite proud with himself. I felt my face go hot as I blushed deeply. This was classic Paul, stating the obvious. I started laughing.

“Yes, you have,” I countered. “You weren’t so bad yourself.”

“Oh, I know I wasn’t bad,” he replied. “Though I never said you weren’t bad, I’d put you down as a six.”

I felt the anger flare up inside me. I knew he was ribbing me but I wasn’t going to let this go. I reached for the whiteboard eraser to throw it at him.

“Six, out of five,” he said and burst out laughing.

“Damn straight” I said and lowered the eraser. “I still can’t believe that last night actually happened,” I added.

“Yeah, looking back I was surprised at what we did,” he said. “But I don’t regret it one bit. That dinner was amazing.”

I shot him a dirty look.

“I know, I know. The sex was fucking incredible too,” he continued. “Though, I feel a little guilty about Eric.”

I was stunned to hear that. Paul felt guilty about Eric? If he felt guilty about my cheating on Eric, why didn’t I? What was wrong with me?

“What’s wrong?” Paul asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

“You are right, I really enjoyed last night. It has been a while since sex was so good. With Eric and I trying to get pregnant, our sex life has been very mechanical over the last few months.” I said. “This was exciting and energetic and something I haven’t had in a long time.”

I saw Paul nod back understandingly. I felt the questions rising up inside me once again. Would I tell Eric about what had happened? Would Paul and I have sex again? I was still really confused.

“What’s wrong?” Paul asked once again. I hated how he could read me so easily.

“It’s Eric,” I said.

“Ah” he replied nodding.

“No, it’s not that. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t feel guilty about it. Eric is my husband and I cheated on him and I feel nothing.” I gushed. “Something must be wrong with me. Who doesn’t feel guilty after cheating on their husband? Even you feel guilty about me cheating on my husband.”

I could feel tears coming so I reached for a tissue and dabbed my eyes.

“Feelings can be complex things,” he said philosophically. If he had said that at any other time I would have teased him mercilessly for it. “Sometimes it can be difficult to figure them out. Just think through how you feel about Eric and how this incident affects that. You and Eric are married and are planning on having children together. There is nothing wrong with you,” he continued.

Paul then got up and walked over to me and gave me a hug. There were times when Paul was a complete ass, but at times like this he was the perfect person to have around. I felt weak in my knees as I melted into his arms; it was as though a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and the world outside didn’t matter anymore. Paul moved his hand in a comforting motion on my back as I held on to him.

We let go of each other and sat down as I said “Thank you,” followed by a sniffle.

I reached out and held Paul’s hand. “Eric and I haven’t been doing so well recently,” I began. I felt the words come gushing out of my mouth. I told Paul about the trouble that Eric and I were having trouble conceiving. I told him how we were fighting all the time and how I dreaded having him at home. I felt Paul grip my hand tighter as I let loose and told another person of my problems at home for the first time.

When I was done I dabbed my eyes with the tissue one last time and threw it away.

Paul looked at me and said, “I’m here for whatever you need,” he continued. “If you need someone to talk to or someone to talk to Eric or someplace to go after a bad argument, I am always there.”

I was surprised to hear Paul say that, but I shouldn’t have been, we had always looked out for each other.

“If you ever need a gorgeous man-god to fuck your brains out, I am there for that too.” Paul said grinning.

Paul always knew how to lighten a tense situation. I smiled weakly. It was too dangerous to think about having sex with Paul again. I needed to figure out my marriage first.

“I promise I will keep it exciting and adventurous,” he continued.

I smiled and nodded my head in mock disapproval. I decided to hit back at him, “If you like adventurous, I have a large strap-on from a previous life that will give you what you are looking for,” I said.

I laughed as the smile disappeared from his face and was replaced with a moment of panic. I had seen that look on several lovers’ faces. I got up and said “Thanks, I’m feeling much better. Now, I have to straighten up my makeup in the washroom.”

“Okay, but when you are back I want to hear more about this previous life where you were traipsing around with a strap-on,” Paul said.

I just laughed and headed to the washroom to freshen up.

A brief touch up job later I headed back to my desk. I was glad that I didn’t bump into anybody on my way to the washroom. I didn’t really feel like making office small talk just about now.

I got back to my desk to see Paul talking to one of the interns, Cindy. We periodically hired interns because someone in management thought they would be able to help us out with our work, instead we usually ended up having to clean up the intern’s work and then do it ourselves anyways. But, I guess that is the way management works.

I watched Paul giving Cindy a hard time because the color of the presentation was the wrong shade of purple. I laughed inwardly because I knew he was just having some fun. Finally when he told her that the font need to be changed and sent her back to redo the presentation. I watched as Paul’s eyes were glued to Cindy’s butt as she walked away.

“Guys!” I said disdainfully as Paul finally looked away from the intern’s buttocks.

“She’s eighteen,” Paul said defensively.

“That doesn’t make it okay,” I replied in a frustrated tone. Paul was showing the ass side of his character that made him a classic guy.

“You have to admit, she has a killer butt,” Paul said.

He was right, but there was no way I was going to give him the satisfaction of agreeing with him. I just nodded in disappointment. Was I jealous that Paul was looking at another girl’s butt?

“Plus you were sitting down so I could really check out your butt,” he said with a laugh.

I was a little surprised at what Paul said, but I was used to his blunt style. I stood up and turned around so he could see the back of my skirt. “Is this what you wanted to look at?” I asked teasingly. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, but I had definitely been jealous that Paul had been staring at Cindy.

“I remember that butt. There’s a butterfly sitting on the top of that butt,” Paul replied in a sarcastic tone.

I blushed as I recalled Paul had pointed out the tattoo I had on my lower back last night. He had politely characterized it as my tramp stamp as he had taken me from behind, which didn’t make his description far from accurate.

“It’s still a little sore from last night,” I replied a little embarrassed. I knew that I shouldn’t escalate things with Paul because he was never the first to back down. But, against my better judgment I bent over and quickly raised my skirt to flash him my ass.

“I could get used to this,” he said softly with a whistle.

I chuckled. “I’m sure HR would have a problem with that,” I said and pointed to the tent in his pants.

“You are lucky that you don’t have this problem. HR definitely would have a problem with me checking out interns and popping a stiffy,” he joked.

I burst out into peals of laughter. He was right that he had a harder problem to hide, but I was pretty turned on too. Talking about last night and flashing my ass in the middle of the office had definitely caused some wetness in my pussy. My panties were wet and I just wanted to bury my hand in between my legs and finger myself senseless.

“I may not have a stiffy, but I could use a new pair of panties. You are lucky that your underwear stays clean until you cum,” I retorted.

“First off, let me say, I am glad you don’t have a stiffy.” Paul joked, “It would have come as a real surprise last night. But let’s just say I would rather have wet panties than a — I’m horny — sign on my crotch”

I knew I wasn’t going to win this argument, so I did what any girl tasked with protecting feminine power would do. I reached under my skirt and pulled off my panties. I shuddered as I felt them peel off my wet pussy. I took the wet lacy white panties and dropped them on Paul’s crotch. He was too stunned to move. I gave him a quick peck on forehead. With a huge smile on my face I turned around and sat back in my chair and nonchalantly swiveled around to face my PC. I won.

After a few moments, Paul recovered from his daze. I saw him pick up my panties and hold them up as he inspected them. He sniffed the crotch of the panties, this was really turning me on, and he then gave them a tentative lick. I clamped my thighs together to try and control my gushing pussy. I was regretting giving away my panties.

“Hey Cindy” I said a little louder than need as I saw her heading over to our desks. Paul immediately shoved the panties into his pocket and slid his chair under his desk to hide his erection.

Paul hurriedly sent Cindy off to do another task, but given where her eyes were glued I knew she had seen the tent under the desk.

This time Paul stared at me as Cindy walked away. “I think I need to take care of this,” he said.

“Probably for the best, before all the interns show up here,” I replied with a chuckle. I wasn’t sure how he was going to take care of his erection. The thought of sucking him off crossed my mind, but I quickly dismissed it. We were in the office and my desire to not get fired only slightly outweighed my desire for Paul’s cock.

Paul got up and I laughed as he held a stack of books against his crotch and discreetly made his way to the men’s washroom.

I thought to myself that I better take care of myself as well and made my way to the women’s washroom. Unfortunately it wasn’t empty this time, so I sat in a stall and played with myself waiting for everyone to leave. But today wasn’t going to be my lucky day as there seemed to be a constant stream of people going through the washroom. After waiting for almost a half hour, I cleaned myself up with a lot of toilet paper and went back to my desk unsatisfied.

Paul wasn’t at his desk when I got back, but I had an email from him which just said “You may need a new stapler.” I pulled open the top drawer of my desk and on top of my stapler I found my panties covered in Paul’s drying cum. I felt my pussy get wet again and decided soiled panties were better than none. I pulled on the cum-covered panties and then licked my fingers clean, savoring the flavor and recollecting the last time I had tasted Paul’s cum.

The next few hours went like any routine work day. I ran between meetings and Paul did the same. We kept passing by each other in the halls and giving each other knowing smirks. I wonder if the others in the office picked up on it.

Finally, it was my last meeting of the day. It should be considered inhumane to schedule a 5pm call on a Friday. On the bright side it was over the phone so I just had to sit there. I made my way back to my desk and sank into my chair. My panties felt crusty against my crotch, but I pushed those thoughts out of my mind. I began dialing in the 30 digit number to call into the conference call. Whoever designed these setups had to be a sadist, at least I didn’t have to hold the phone to my head as I had a hands-free headset that was fairly comfortable. I sank back and closed my eyes as they droned on about the new products on the phone.

At about 5:30pm Paul returned to his desk. He too looked beat as he gave me an apologetic smile. I returned a pained smile. We were used to communicating wordlessly when one of us was on the phone.

Paul pointed at my desk drawer. I knew he was referring to the present he had left in there earlier. I slid the drawer open and showed him that the panties were gone. I blushed and pointed down at my crotch signaling that I was wearing them. Paul’s eyes went wide with surprise and he mouthed “Really?”

I smiled a mischievous smile back at him and nodded yes.

Paul broke out into a grin. He then stood up and walked over to me and turned my chair to face him. I continued to grin at him. He then surprised me by putting his hands on my knees and pushing them apart. He then lowered his head to peer up my skirt. It struck me that he was looking at my panties. I was trying really had to pay attention to my call but it was really distracting having Paul peering between my legs.

I tried to push him away as somebody walking down the hallway would have had a great view of Paul standing between our desks and looking up my skirt. He held his ground as he gazed up at me with a smirk and winked.

What Paul did next really stunned me. He stepped over my legs until her was between my chair and my desk. He then proceeded to slip under the desk and pulled my chair closer to the desk until it was impossible to see him. I was glad these office cubicles had full walls so he was completely hidden from view.

I didn’t move. I didn’t want to move. I knew I was breathing more heavily. Paul once again put his hands on my knees under the desk and pried my legs apart. I then heard a loud THUD followed by an “Oww” as Paul bumped his head against the desk.

“Everything okay there?” I heard the voice say on the phone.

“Sorry, Paul just bumped into the table beside me,” I replied on the phone and pressed the mute button on the phone.

“Paul, what are you doing?” I asked.

“What I wanted to do last night” came the reply from under my desk.

I gasped as I felt Paul’s hands slide up my skirt. He moved them up tantalizingly slowly giving me goose bumps all over. My nipples began to harden as I felt his hands on my legs.

I really had to listen to this meeting, but I also didn’t want Paul to stop. I said, “Paul, Stop! Somebody may come by!”

He didn’t respond and just moved his hands higher up my skirt. I could see his hands moving under my skirt. If somebody had come by then, I would have had a hard time explaining the hand shaped object on my thigh under my skirt. But it was the end of the day on Friday and most people had already left.

I wasn’t listening to a word being said on the call anymore. My attention was focused on what Paul’s hands were doing under my skirt. I felt Paul’s hands graze the top of my soaking wet panties. His fingers caught a hold of the fabric and began pulling them down. I raised my butt off the chair to let him pull the panties off and they were soon at my knees.

“What do you think Chloe? You have been very quiet today,” said the voice on the phone.

My attention jerked back to the phone upon hearing my name. “Sorry, I was a little distracted. Could you please repeat that,” I said.

“Chloe, are you there?” said the voice.

I looked over at the phone. Crap, I was on mute. I quickly pushed the mute button to turn it off.

“Sorry, I was on mute. Could you please repeat that last piece?” I said trying to keep my voice stable.

Paul had succeeded in taking off my panties. I could feel him kissing my knees as his hands slowly made their way up my legs.

“We were saying that the Fraser report needed to be more accurate and it would be a good idea to get the new intern Cindy to look into ways to drive the changes,” the voice on the phone droned on.

“I agree,” I replied. “But I…have…some…reservations…about…the…new….intern.”

Paul’s hands had made their way up to my pussy but he was teasing me by not touching it. I was breathing really hard and was barely able to talk.

“Chloe, I think you are breaking up. Can you please repeat that,” said the voice over the phone.

“I said that I had some reservations about the new intern,” I repeated.

Paul moved a finger to my pussy lips and slowly started sliding it along the slit. This was torture. I looked down and was surprised at how little I could see of him.

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