withholding orgasm

After looking at us for a few more moments (I could have sworn she was licking her lips in anticipation, but I think I was imagining it), Sarah said, “Jill, why don’t you come over here to the bed. Bob, you kneel right here,” pointing to a spot just a foot or two from the foot of the bed. As I kneeled down with my hands behind my back, Jill walked over to the bed and stood next to it.

Sarah continued to admire Jill’s nakedness silently, while I did the same from the floor (kneeling, my head was high enough for a good view of the bed). After a few seconds, Sarah sat up, shrugged off the robe, threw it to the floor next to the bed and said, “I don’t think I’ll be needing this for a while.” She then turned to Jill, patted the bed next to her, and said, “Come here my little pet, and lie down on your tummy next to mommy.”

Jill immediately complied with a “Yes, Mistress,” and got up on the bed. As she lied on her stomach, I saw Sarah reach into the nightstand next to the bed and pull out some wrist restraints. I wondered how she knew about those; at first I thought maybe Sarah had brought ours in her purse. But as she tightened the Velcro around Jill’s wrists, I could see they weren’t ours. As she fastened the other end of each to the posts of the bed, she said to Jill, “You don’t mind if I restrain you a bit, do you sweetie?” Jill replied, “No, Mistress,” a clearly different – more meek – tone creeping into her voice.

“Before we go any further, though,” Sarah continued, “what do we need to establish my pet?” Jill looked puzzled for a second or two, but then responded, “A safeword, Mistress?”

“That’s right, sweetums, you need a safeword. What would you like to use?”

Jill thought for a second, and then said, “Red, Mistress. Red will be my safeword.”

Sarah said, “Very good, pet. If at any point you want to stop, simply say the word ‘red’ and I will immediately stop and we will end the scene. Do you understand?” Jill responded affirmatively.

She reached back into the drawer and pulled out a blindfold, securing it snugly to Jill’s eyes. I knew from experience that she now could not see even the small amount of light being cast by the candles. Next came leg restraints out of the drawer, which Sarah deftly and quickly fastened to Jill’s ankles and then the posts at the foot of the bed, pulling her legs quite far apart. The view from where I was sitting was wonderful; here were two incredibly sexy women, one of them preparing for the domination of the other. My vantage point was looking right up between Jill’s legs. I could make out through the candlelight the shaved lips of her pussy as well as the pucker of her asshole and the wonderful rounds of her two ass cheeks.

At this point, Sarah said, “Damn, I forgot something.” She got off the bed and came over to me, whispering in my ear, “Bob, be a dear and run downstairs and get me my panties.” I replied, “Yes, Mistress Sarah,” and jumped up and ran down the stairs. I found Sarah’s panties where she had left them, on top of the pile of clothes on a chair in the dining room. Like Jill, she wore very good quality silk panties, and I had spent many a night licking her through them. I bounded back up the stairs, and handing them to Sarah, said, “Here, Mistress.” She smiled, patted me on the head, and said, “What a good little pet, thank you very much.”

I turned to walk back to my kneeling spot at the foot of the bed, but before I could Sarah said, “Wait a minute, I didn’t tell you to go back there yet.” I immediately froze, and turned back to her. She came down to the foot of the bed and began lightly running the fingernails of one hand up and down the shaft of my hard cock. My reaction was to get even harder as I enjoyed the soft touch of my Mistress. She then took her other hand and began doing the same with my balls, a touch that I enjoy so much. She did this for just a few seconds before she stopped, slapped me on the ass again, and said, “Okay, go kneel again.” As I did so, she called back over her shoulder, smiling, “And Bob, pay attention – there’s going to be a quiz later.” I didn’t know what to say to this, other than to mutter, “Yes, Mistress.”

Sarah turned her attention back to Jill, drawing her panties lightly up and down Jill’s back, ass, and legs. I saw Jill’s body tense at the sensation, and Sarah asked her, “Do you know what these are and what I’m going to do with these, my pet?” I knew what the answer was, but waited to hear Jill’s response. I don’t know if she had figured it out, but in any event she played along and said, “No, Mistress, I don’t know.” Sarah said, “Well, these are my panties and I’m going to gag you with them, my dear. But before I do that, I have to prepare them for you.”

She then proceeded to take the panties, and rub them up and down Jill’s slit. I could see that Jill was already quite wet and dripping in anticipation of what was going to happen to her. With just a few strokes up and down Jill’s pussy, the light lavender of Sarah’s panties had turned a darker, purple color. The stroking elicited a predictable response from Jill, as her body continued to tense up and she struggled at her bonds in a futile attempt to push her pussy harder against Sarah’s panty-filled hand.

After less than a minute of this, Sarah then turned to her own pussy. She spread her legs, and pulled the panties up and down between her pussy lips, that I could see were as equally wet as were Jill’s. I knew how much Sarah was turned on by dominating me, so I was not surprised to see her body responding the same way to her domination of Jill. She stroked the panties up and down her own pussy seven or eight times. The combination of the secretions of the two women had turned them an even darker shade of purple.

Sarah then took the panties, and held them under Jill’s nose, as Jill’s head was turned to the side on the pillow. She said to her, “Don’t they smell wonderful, my pet. Our pussy juices together – yours and mine – make for such a nice scent, don’t they?” I could see Jill actually breathing in the scent, to confirm what her Mistress was telling her, and she replied, “Yes, Mistress, heavenly.”

Sarah replied, “Good, I’m glad you like it, now open up your sweet mouth nice and wide so you can find out if they taste as good as they smell.” Jill did as she was told, and Sarah crumpled the panties into a ball and pushed them into Jill’s mouth. Sarah said, “Very good, pet, you can close now.” Jill complied as Sarah looked over her shoulder and smiled at me.

She turned back to Jill and said, “Hmm, what shall we do with you now that we have you so nicely trussed and stuffed, almost like a Thanksgiving turkey.” With that last comment she gave a little chuckle, and a smile crossed her face. I knew that smile meant that her mind was rapidly considering the possibilities of what she would do with her prize. I knew that there were likely many things she was mulling over, considering that this was the first time she had had a woman under her control.

She sat up next to Jill, and began to run her fingernails up and down her body, from the back of her neck, down to the soles of her feet. She started doing this very slowly and lightly, but with each stroke up and down Jill’s body she applied a little more pressure, but kept the same pace. She avoided any of the obvious erogenous zones, but it was clear from Jill’s reaction – more struggling against the restraints and attempts to get more contact between her body and Sarah’s fingers – that it was impossible to avoid all of them.

I was enjoying this show immensely. I had seen Sarah with another woman numerous times, and had been the recipient of her domination literally scores of times, but had never seen her dominate another woman like this. It was incredibly erotic, the sight of these two beautiful women playing with each other.

After a few minutes or so, Jill began to relax a bit, and her struggles subsided. I think she had been in this kind of scene enough to know that there was a lot more still to come, so she needed to just lie there and accept what would happen to her. As she relaxed, Sarah began to change her stroking, keeping the same slow pace, but concentrating more on going up and down the center of Jill’s body. This brought her finger straight down Jill’s crack as she went from the top of her body down to the bottom. At first, like before, the pressure was very light, Sarah’s fingernail barely contacting Jill’s body. But with every stroke, she again increased the pressure.

After about the fourth or fifth roundtrip down the center of her body, Jill twitched just as Sarah’s finger went over Jill’s asshole. I knew that reaction, and had a good idea what Jill was experiencing. Sarah noticed it too, and on the next stroke, she let her finger linger a bit – maybe just an extra second or so, right on that spot. As she did this, I heard a muffled groan come out of Jill’s panty-filled mouth. Sarah leaned over her and said, “You like that don’t you pet?”

Jill could only moan a garbled response, so Sarah said, “All you have to do is shake your head no or nod your head yes. I know you can’t do anything else when you’re gagged, my sweet, so I’ll only ask you yes or no questions. Do you understand?”

Jill nodded her head, and Sarah asked again, “Now tell me if you liked what I was doing.” Jill slowly nodded her head again, her embarrassment in acknowledging how she liked attention paid to her ass evident even in her nonverbal response.

“Well that’s good to know, pet, because I want to understand what turns you on. And I promise you I will be paying a lot more attention to your sweet ass, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know mine better also. Would you like that?” Jill nodded once more.

Again, Sarah continued with the stroking, increasing the pressure, lingering as her nail dragged over Jill’s asshole. Jill’s struggles began anew, and she vainly tried to push her ass up against Sarah’s finger as it dragged over her. But Sarah raised up her finger with each attempt, so as to maintain a constant degree of pressure over Jill’s body.

After about five more minutes of this, Sarah shifted the focus of her attention away from Jill’s ass. She continued drawing her finger straight up and down the center of Jill’s body, but instead of lingering at Jill’s ass, it was now her pussy that was receiving the extra attention. She would draw her finger down Jill’s crack, and lightly touch between Jill’s lips before continuing down the inside of one thigh or another. This new move was having a similar effect on Jill; every time Sarah’s finger approached her pussy, Jill tried to thrust against her ties in order to get more of the finger into her. But Sarah deftly kept the pressure the same by adjusting the position of her finger in response to Jill’s attempted thrusts.

As Sarah continued, I could see Jill’s pussy responding. It was getting wetter and wetter; the sheen on her lips became quite evident, and the lips themselves appeared to betting fuller and fuller as blood flowed to them. The wetness was literally dripping down her lips and pooling on the sheets. Sarah was quite cognizant of Jill’s state of arousal; she had a faint smile on her face as she saw the reaction she was getting from her. Every now and then she would turn and smile at me.

Suddenly, Sarah stopped, and was still. Jill, who had been moving against her binds quite actively, stopped also, not quite sure what was going to happen next. Sarah let her lie in wait for a couple of minutes, not moving, just staring down at her. She then spoke up, saying, “Okay, my pet, time to turn you over and see what we can do to the rest of your body.” Sarah leaned over and undid the ties on the bedpost end of the four restraints. She instructed Jill to roll over, and then reattached the restraints, again pulling her arms and legs quite wide. My view of Jill’s pussy was now even clearer. I could see without any problem her large, wet lips, which obviously had enjoyed the attention that Sarah had been paying them. Jill’s nipples were also quite noticeably larger than they were before. Her arousal was reflected not just by the wetness between her legs but also by her visibly erect and smooth nipples.

Sarah began to repeat her earlier motions on the front of Jill’s body. She started by placing her fingernail on Jill’s neck, under her chin, and then running it down her body – over one breast (pausing and applying pressure to the nipple), down over her navel, and down between her lips. The wetness between Jill’s lips quickly coated Sarah’s finger, which then continued its path slowly down the inside of Jill’s thigh and leg, leaving a slight trail of pussy juice behind it. After pausing for a second, Sarah then traced her nail up the inside of the other leg and thigh, continuing the path in the opposite direction, again pressing between Jill’s lips and on her other nipple on the way up to her neck.

This continued for about five minutes, Sarah again increasing the pressure every time, and Jill’s reaction escalating with the increased attention. She again struggled against her ties, and muffled noises were coming out of her mouth. Sarah then turned to me, placed her index finger vertically over her mouth signaling “quiet,” and motioned for me to stand. I complied, and she then pointed to the bed between Jill’s legs, then further gestured to Jill’s pussy. She then stuck her tongue out and wiggled it around, making it clear that she wanted me to get up on the bed and start licking Jill.

Not needing any further encouragement, I quickly hopped up onto the bed (happy to give my knees a break), lied down between Jill’s thighs, and brought my head up to that pussy that I had been admiring so much the last 15 minutes or so. She obviously sensed my presence on the bed, and must have known what was coming, because as I brought my tongue toward her pussy, she arched her hips up to meet it. I was quickly rewarded with a face full of the most wonderful sweet tasting and smelling treat. I ran my tongue up and down the inside of each lip, one after another, purposefully teasing her lips and avoiding her clit. As I did so, her moans increased in intensity, as did the thrusting of her hips in a futile attempt to make more contact with my tongue.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Sarah watching us. As I concentrated on my cunnilingual ministrations, Sarah was rolling Jill’s nipples between her thumb and index finger. She then stopped, but signaled to me to continue what I was doing. I watched her walk over to the dresser, where she opened her purse (which she must have brought with her back upstairs while Jill and I were toweling off). Out of it she took a pair of nipple clamps, which she brought back to the bed. She hesitated for a second, looking at me, then back at Jill. I wasn’t sure which of us these new toys were meant for; Sarah knew how much I liked having my nipples played with, so I thought maybe she was going to use them on me. But after appearing to contemplate the choice for a moment, she adjusted them to a low pressure setting, squeezed one open, and brought it down to Jill’s nipple and released it.

The effect on Jill was immediate; her back arched up and a cry attempted to spill from her gagged mouth. After a second or two, she calmed down; I think it was the shock of what Sarah had done that affected her, rather than the pain of the clamp itself. Sarah then repeated the procedure on Jill’s other nipple, and the reaction this time was more muted – Jill clearly knew it was coming and was more prepared for it.

I continued my efforts at licking her lips, now moving up and beginning to pay attention to her clit. I could tell she was enjoying this; after the brief distraction of the nipple clamps, she was again attempting to thrust her hips in a manner to make more contact between her public region and my face. I alternated among each of her lips and her clit in a rhythmic fashion, and as I did, I could feel her body reacting and approaching orgasm. When it appeared she was again right on the brink, Sarah said in a quiet and calm voice, “Stop.”

Much to Jill’s obvious frustration, I did so, pulling my head out of her crotch and offering up a slightly-slurred, “Yes, Mistress.” Sarah responded, “Very good, Bob, you can go back to your position now.” I got off of the bed and kneeled again on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Sarah turned to Jill and said, “Did you enjoy that, pet?”, a clearly rhetorical question given the aroused state of both Jill’s pussy and her nipples. Jill vigorously nodded her head in assent yet clearly frustrated at again being brought so close to orgasm without being allowed to enjoy one.

Sarah replied, “Now that you’ve had some pleasure, I think it’s time for you to demonstrate how well you can serve me. Do you think you can do that, my sweet?” Jill again moved her head up and down, as Sarah smiled.

“I think we’re going to have to make a few adjustments for you to really be able to do a good job, so hold on a second and don’t move.” Sarah smiled at her own joke, as she reached her hand over to Jill’s head. “Open up, my dear,” she commanded. Jill complied, and Sarah retrieved her panties from Jill’s mouth. “My, you must be very thirsty after having your mouth filled with my panties for so long, aren’t you?”

Jill meekly and quietly said, “Yes, Mistress,” her tongue not yet allowing her to say the words very clearly. Sarah replied, “I’ll help take care of that little problem, don’t you worry.” With those words, she climbed up on the bed and straddled Jill’s body, sitting up and placing her ass on Jill’s stomach. Jill, who was still blindfolded, of course, accepted Sarah’s weight on her with little reaction.

Sarah said, “Okay, here’s a little treat, my pet, to help quench your thirst.” She lifted on her knees and scooted up Jill’s body, until her pussy was right up against Jill’s mouth. Or at least I imagined so, because my view was partially obscured by Sarah’s body. What I could see was Sarah’s ass cheeks flattening Jill’s tits, with the crack perfectly bisecting Jill’s two orbs.

What I couldn’t discern by sight I could figure out from the noise of Jill’s tongue eagerly making its way into Sarah’s pussy. That sound – of a tongue moving its way through the wetness of a woman’s folds – was quite familiar to me, both from the recent memory of what I had been doing to Jill just a few minutes before, but also from the more distant memory of my being in exactly the same position in the past as Jill was at present. I was jealous and frustrated that I couldn’t add the sense of sight to what I was enjoying through my ears, but I knew my role as submissive to my dominant wife was to not move until instructed to do so.

I knew that Sarah must have been enjoying the attention she was receiving. My wife loved to grind her pussy against the lips, tongue, and nose of a prostrate man or woman. She will often come this way after just a few minutes of attention, ending in a loud and body-wracking orgasm. But this time she clearly had other plans on tap for her first experience with a female submissive. For after five minutes, she pulled herself back to her earlier position of squatting on Jill’s stomach. I could hear Jill’s heavy breathing as she gasped, attempting to catch her breath after working so hard at pleasing my – now her – Mistress.

“Did you enjoy that, my little subbie?” Sarah inquired. Jill replied enthusiastically, “Oh yes, Mistress, I did enjoy that.” Sarah looked back over her shoulder at me and said, “And what about you, Bob? Did you enjoy that also?” Sarah knew the answer to this question, as she was fully aware of how much I enjoyed watching women go down on each other. I too replied in the affirmative, staying in my submissive role.

Sarah said, “But gee, Bob, I bet you couldn’t see what was going on very well, could you?” I said, “No, Mistress, I couldn’t.” She replied, “Why don’t you come up here and sit on the bed next to us.” Again happy for the opportunity to give my knees a rest, as well as to have a better view of the proceedings, I quickly hopped up and sat on the side of the bed facing Jill’s bound and stretched out body.

Sarah turned to Jill and said, “Now that Bob has joined us up here, we’ll move on to a few other things. Have you engaged in much anal play, pet?” Jill shook her head no, and said, “No, Mistress, I haven’t.”

Sarah responded, “Well, I’ll give you an opportunity to learn.” With that, she turned around, so that she was facing Jill’s feet, scooted herself back so that she was again over Jill’s breasts, and leaned forward on her arms. I could see that Jill’s nipples were quite enlarged from the pressure of the nipple clamps. She moved herself back a bit more until her ass was now just above Jill’s face, and said, “You did such a good job with your tongue on my pussy, my pet, that I will now give you the chance to use it on my ass.”

Jill seemed to hesitate for a few seconds, unsure if she should – or could – comply with this request. Sensing her hesitation, Sarah raised her right hand, and brought it down sharply on the side of Jill’s ass. “I said get to it, submissive,” she declared sharply.

That was all the encouragement Jill needed. A short “Ow” emanated from her mouth, and she quickly stuck her tongue out and lightly began to rub it up and down Sarah’s crack. From where I was sitting, I had a very good view of this activity. Jill moved her tongue slowly up and down, from as high up on Sarah’s crack as she could reach, all the way down to where it made contact with her own chest. As she began to do this, Sarah moved just a slight bit backwards, providing easier access for Jill. As she continued, Jill was evidently becoming more and more comfortable with what she was doing. While at first she moved her tongue quickly over Sarah’s puckered asshole, with each subsequent stroke she began to linger more at the asshole and pay more attention to it. By about the fifteenth trip up and down Sarah’s crack, she was stopping at the asshole and actively running her tongue in a little circle around the outside of it. Within another ten or fifteen more strokes, she was not just rimming Sarah’s anus, but was much more actively thrusting it in.

Sarah was enjoying the attention from her female sub. Light moans and sighs were coming from her mouth, and she was getting that dreamy look I was so familiar with from when I serviced her. She managed to say, “Oh yes, sweetie, you’re doing such a good job worshipping mommy’s ass, aren’t you?” Jill mumbled, “Yes, Mistress,” and continued her efforts, quite obviously enjoying herself as well.

Sarah then lifted her ass up off of Jill’s mouth, sat up straighter, and scooted back another few inches. “Okay, pet, let’s see you service both my pussy and my ass with that nice tongue of yours.” Jill quickly complied, running her tongue from as high up on Sarah’s crack as she could reach – just above the pucker of her asshole – all the way down and into her pussy. She provided a great deal of attention on each trip to both her anus, as well as the delicate and sensitive region that marked the dividing point between Sarah’s ass and her pussy. She must have correctly sensed that, like most people, Sarah’s perineum was extremely sensitive, and she spent a great deal of time licking it.

After about five minutes or so, I could see Sarah’s body beginning to approach her orgasm. Her face became flushed, and her nipples were fully engorged, and she was rocking her body back and forth as Jill’s tongue reached from the top of her crack down to her pussy. But just as I thought she was going to come, she again stopped, pulled herself off of Jill’s face, and scooted forward a bit. It took Jill a few seconds to realize she had pulled off, leaving Jill’s tongue rudely sticking out and gliding up and down futilely looking for something to lick.

Sarah caught her breath, and sat on Jill’s stomach again for a moment. She then got off of Jill, knelt next to her on the bed, and said, “Okay, pet, you’ve done very well so far. Now I’m going to untie you, but you are to remain very still and do as I say. Will you be able to do that?” Jill said simply, “Yes, Mistress.”

Sarah undid the wrist restraints from the posts at the head of the bed. She left on the ankle restraints, and instructed Jill to scoot further down the bed so that her head was about halfway down the bed. The only way she could do this with her ankles restrained was to lift her knees up in the air. Sarah turned and said to me, “Come here Bob, and give Jill a nice deep kiss so that you can taste your Mistress’s pussy and ass on Jill’s sweet lips.”

I came over, knelt by Jill, and lowered my head to kiss her. Before my lips and tongue even made contact with her, I could smell the scent of Sarah’s pussy and ass – oh so familiar and oh so sweet – on Jill’s face. As I began to kiss Jill, I was rewarded with the equally familiar taste of my Mistress all over Jill’s lips and face. It was heavenly; the scent and taste of my Mistress combined with the feel of a different woman.

Sarah allowed us to continue kissing each other deeply for a minute or so, then told us to stop. She moved over, straddled Jill’s head with her knees facing the head of the bed, and then leaned forward resting her head on the pillow. This left her pussy perfectly positioned right above Jill’s mouth, saying “Don’t do anything yet, sweetie.” This must have been very difficult for Jill, because Sarah’s pussy was literally within an inch of her lips, and she knew (even though she couldn’t see) that she could have easily tasted that sweet nectar if she just stuck her tongue out. The musky scent that resulted from the stimulation Sarah’s pussy and ass had been receiving must have been overwhelming Jill’s sense of smell.

I had been closely watching all of this, continuing to enjoy the sight of these two women having sex. But I was then drawn out of my reverie by the sound of Sarah’s voice saying, “Okay Bob, your turn to help service me.” I quickly gathered my senses and replied, “Yes, Mistress, what may I do to please you?” Sarah said, “Get over here and start worshipping my ass while my other pet here works on my pussy.”

With that she lowered her body so that her pussy was now directly in contact with Jill’s face. As I scrambled over to comply with my Mistress’s wishes, I saw Jill’s tongue come out of her mouth and begin to lick in between the wet folds of Sarah’s pussy. The only way for me to easily access Sarah’s ass was for me to lie over Jill’s body with my head up. This brought my head between Jill’s large breasts, which were just below Sarah’s ass, and left my chest directly on top of Jill’s public area. My first sensation was of Jill’s wetness from her pussy hitting my chest; she had clearly continued to grow even wetter as she provided sexual service to Sarah.

I began to use my tongue on Sarah’s ass, wetly licking each of her cheeks, and then gently sucking on them (which I knew she loved). As I did this, I continued to hear the sounds of Jill’s tongue working on Sarah’s pussy, and the quiet moans and sighs emanating from our Mistress. After a few moments of worshipping Sarah’s cheeks, I moved my attention to her crack and asshole. As I did this, I heard her say, “Oh yes, that’s right my little subbie. Use your sweet tongue on your Mistress’s dirty little ass.”

This verbal humiliation served to arouse me even further. I increased my efforts, moving my tongue up and down Sarah’s crack, pausing each time to rim her asshole and push my tongue into it. As I got to the bottom of her crack, past her perineum, my tongue would make contact with Jill’s tongue – which I had only first tasted a few short moments ago – which had been working its way down between Sarah’s lips. I could see Jill’s chin glistening from all of Sarah’s pussy juice that was dripping down, creating little rivulets that ran down Jill’s chin, onto her neck, and further down onto the bed.

As Jill and I continued our efforts, Sarah began to rock forward and back, providing Jill with more access to her clit. I had to shift myself a bit to maintain contact with her, but did so and continued to push my tongue even deeper into her asshole. As I did this, Sarah’s moans became louder, the rocking stronger, and I knew that she was again approaching orgasm. Both Jill and I continued, doing our best to bring our Mistress to an orgasm, and finally, we achieved our goal. Sarah screamed out “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” stopped rocking, and collapsed her body hard onto Jill’s face. I gently continued to lick her cheeks and around her asshole, as her breathing continued raggedly for a minute or two. Finally, she rolled off Jill, and lay down on the bed, her breasts and chest rising with each heavy breath. Not sure what I was supposed to do, I simply stayed where I was, my head now resting quite contentedly on Jill’s breasts, the nipple clamps against the side of my head.

I think that the three of us all dozed off, but only for a few minutes. When I awoke, I was still lying with my head on Jill’s chest; I could see that somebody had removed her blindfold, and she too was just opening her eyes. Sarah had already awoken, and was lying on her side, head propped on one arm, looking at the two of us with a sly smile on her face.

“The night is still young, isn’t it, my pets?”, Sarah said as she removed the nipple clamps from Jill’s breasts, causing Jill to emit a soft sigh from her mouth. I glanced at the clock on Jill’s nightstand. It was just a few minutes before midnight. Because we had left the children at Rob and Marcia’s, we didn’t have the problem of rushing home to relieve the babysitter. I picked my head up, looked at Jill, then turned to Sarah and said, “Yes, Mistress, if you say so.” Jill simply replied, “Yes, Mistress.”

Sarah said, “Good, I’m glad you both agree, because I’ve got some more ideas for us to have some fun.” With that, she got up from the bed, walked toward the bathroom, and turned to us saying, “You two stay right there, I’ll be right back.”

I heard the sound of Sarah peeing, then heard the sound of the water running in the shower. She returned to the bedroom, and said to Jill and me, “Okay, subbies, let’s get you all cleaned up.” We answered in unison, “Yes, Mistress,” and got up off the bed and headed for the bathroom.

When I had been in there toweling off, I had noticed that Jill had a large shower stall next to the Jacuzzi, one that was clearly big enough for the three of us. Sarah opened the shower door, gesturing us to enter. I started to walk in, but before I did, I heard Jill ask, “Mistress, I need to go to the bathroom. May I please have permission?”

Sarah replied, “Yes, pet, of course. Go ahead.” Jill walked over to the toilet and sat down, Sarah trailing behind her. I stood where I had been, ready to get into the shower. Sarah kneeled down in front of Jill, sitting on her haunches, watching Jill intently. Before she could start, Sarah said, “Hold on a second, pet.”

I knew that Sarah enjoyed the act of watching somebody on the toilet, and her examination of Jill as she peed was an act of asserting her dominance over her new submissive. Sarah turned to me, saying, “Come over here Bob. I think Jill could use some help.”

Never having been in this situation before with Sarah, I wasn’t sure what she was going to do. But I trusted her, and knew she understood well my limits in being dominated by her. I walked over to where Jill was sitting, and stood next to her and Sarah.

Sarah said, “Kneel down, I want Jill to put her feet up on your back. That will give me a better view.” I did as she said, lowering myself to my hands and knees in front of the toilet, facing away from Jill. Jill then put her feet up, legs spread a bit apart on my back.

After a few seconds, Jill evidently got over her shyness and the awkwardness of the position. I heard the stream of pee splashing in the toilet, and I as I looked over my shoulder at Sarah, saw her continuing to watching with great interest. I then heard Jill tearing off some toilet paper. Again, Sarah spoke up, “Wait, pet. Bob, I want you to wipe Jill for her.”

I hesitated for a second, not sure I had heard her correctly. I had never been subjected to this kind of humiliation before, being told to wipe a woman after peeing – not even by Sarah herself. Sensing my hesitation, Sarah smacked me hard on the ass, saying, “Come on, boy, I said get up there and wipe her.”

Not wanting any more physical punishment, I jumped up as Jill removed her feet from my back, and I took the toilet paper out of her hand. I gently leaned forward and wiped her pussy, then dropped the paper into the toilet. I stepped back, and Jill got up. We both stood there, waiting for our next instruction.

Sarah smiled and said, “Before we get in the shower, do you need to go pee, Bob?” I did in fact need to go, having consumed a couple of glasses of wine in the hot tub, so I nodded, “Yes, Mistress.”

Sarah replied, “I think a good subbie boy like Bob should sit on the toilet like a little girl, rather than stand up like a man, don’t you Jill?” Jill giggled for a second, then replied, “Oh yes Mistress Sarah, I agree!”

Again, I found myself embarrassed, both by the ongoing domination over me being performed by Sarah in front of another woman, but also by the focus on these activities. But I found myself powerless to refuse her, and I meekly turned around, and sat down on the toilet. It was hard to get started with the two women staring at me, both grinning and taking pleasure in my humiliation, but the urge to pee finally grew strong enough that I was able to go. As I finished, Sarah said, “And don’t forget to use toilet paper to wipe yourself, Bob – just like a little girl would.” I did as she said, wiping the end of my cock with a small square of paper.

“Okay pets, into the shower with you. Let’s get nice and cleaned up for the next round,” Sarah instructed. The three of us walked into the shower stall, and Sarah closed the door behind us. There was more than enough room for the three of us, and we quickly began soaping up, sharing the single bar of soap we found in there.

“Be sure to soap up all the parts of your body – I want to make sure you’re nice and clean,” said Sarah, handing me the soap. “Be sure to clean your crack, Bob, and you too Jill.” We did as we were told, working up a nice lather and rinsing off.

“Come here, Bob, I need a little special help from you,” Sarah said to me. “I think I’ve got my ass nice and clean, but will you get down there with your tongue and make sure I didn’t miss anything?”

I replied, “Yes, Mistress Sarah,” got down on my knees, and began running my tongue up and down her crack. As I did this Sarah stood with her hands up, leaning against the tile wall of the shower. After going up and down her crack five or six times, Sarah said, “That’s a good little sub, you can stop now.”

Sarah then got out of the shower and told us to follow her. The three of us toweled ourselves dry, and Sarah walked over to Jill’s vanity and retrieved some of her afterbath powder. She looked at it briefly, then handed it to Jill and said, “Here pet, would you be a dear and put this on me?”

Jill eagerly grabbed the container, poured some of the powder in her hand, and began spreading it gently on to Sarah’s body. As she began, I inhaled the soft scent of lavender, which happened to be Sarah’s favorite also. As Jill finished, Sarah then instructed her to powder up her own body also. Jill complied, as I stood by just waiting and watching. Finally, as Jill’s body smelled as nice overall as Sarah’s, Sarah took the container from Jill, and handed it over to me. “Here Bob. I think you need to use this also.”

This was something I had experienced before, as Sarah had on occasion made me wear her lavender powder after showering as we started a D/s session. So I took the container and lightly powdered up my body also, following in the footsteps of the two lovely women next to me. “Good,” Sarah said as I completed my task. “Let’s go back to the bedroom.”

Jill and I followed Sarah into the bedroom. Even though we had just showered, and were now all smelling like lavender, the smell of sex still struck me as we approached the bed. Clearly the activities had left quite a mess on the bed, as I could see the spots that were still wet on the sheets as we got closer and stood at the foot of the bed.

Sarah turned to me and said, “Bob, get up on the bed on your hands and knees.” I did as I was told after replying, “Yes Mistress,” and had a good idea what was to come. Sarah walked around the bed and retrieved the blindfold from the nightstand, and came around and placed it over my eyes. I then heard her whispering something to Jill, and heard Jill whisper something back to her. I heard one of the two women – I couldn’t tell which one – walk away from the bed toward the other side of the room, followed by a noise that sounded like someone rummaging around through a closet. The footsteps returned to the bed, and I then felt the weight of somebody on the foot of the bed.

I heard Sarah’s voice near me on the bed saying, “Spread your knees nice and wide for me, my little subbie boy.” I followed the instructions, accompanied by “Yes Mistress Sarah.” I then felt a strap being placed around my left thigh, just above the knee, and a similar strap then went around my right thigh. I then felt a wooden bar on the inside of both knees, and felt Sarah’s hands on my right leg pulling it out even further. I realized that Sarah had placed some type of spreader bar between my legs, and she was now attaching it to the restraints on my thighs.

“Okay pet, now put your head down on this pillow,” Sarah said. I dropped my head onto the pillow, thus placing my ass even further back into the air behind me, leaving me in a very vulnerable position, and creating, I guessed, quite a sight for Jill who I assumed was still standing at the foot of the bed. I felt Sarah get off the bed and heard her walking around it, followed by the sound of a drawer opening and some items being removed. I then felt the weight of one of the women back on the bed.

“You know, Jill,” Sarah said, “Bob really likes to be taught who’s the boss in our family. One of the ways I do that is by spanking him every now and then. Would you like to see me do that?” I knew what Jill’s response was going to be; I doubted she would pass up the opportunity to see me humiliated even further. Just as I suspected, she said “Yes, Mistress Sarah, I would greatly enjoy that.”

“Good,” Sarah replied, “and maybe you’ll be lucky and I’ll let you help.” With that, I felt the touch of leather gently stroking up and down my ass. I knew the feeling quite well, as Sarah would on occasion spank me with a leather-covered paddle. The spankings were not designed to create pain, I knew, but were instead intended to demonstrate her dominance over me.

As I felt the paddle removed from my ass, I knew that the paddling would commence, and it did. As I had been instructed by Sarah, I counted out each stroke as they rained down on alternating cheeks. She gave me twenty, each one landing with a solid “thwack” on my ass. After the twentieth, when I realized no more were coming, I said, “Thank you Mistress.”

“And now it’s your turn, my sweet,” I heard Sarah saying to Jill. “Not too hard now, because he’s not a pain slut. We just need to show him who’s the boss around here,” and she let out a soft chuckle. I felt her get off the bed, replaced by Jill’s body behind and slightly to the right of me. She then repeated the paddling, another twenty strokes, which I counted out one by one. Her touch was not quite as hard as Sarah’s; I could tell that she was a little tentative and afraid of hurting me. At the end, I was not quite sure what to do, so I said, “Thank you Mistress Sarah.”

“That’s right, Bob, you always thank me even if somebody else is spanking you,” Sarah said. “Stay right there, Jill, we’ve got another fun activity for us to work on together.” I again heard Sarah walking around the room, and then felt her weight joining Jill and me on the bed. She positioned herself on the other side of me.

I heard the “pop” sound of a bottle being open, and then a few seconds later felt the cool sensation of liquid dripping down from the top of my crack. From the consistency I could tell that Sarah had gotten a bottle of lube that I know she always carried in her purse. She was evidently dripping it quite slowly, as it took a number of seconds to slide down from the top of my crack, over my asshole, and then down my balls. She then began to trace a path down my crack, working the lube around all parts, focusing her attention particularly on the pucker of my asshole. She worked a good amount of the lube in there, which confirmed for me what her next step was going to be.

She let me stay like that for about a minute, finally saying, “Isn’t he quite a sight like that Jill? All spread wide open for his Mistress, his ass thrust up in the air, just begging for us to do something about it.”

Jill replied in a throaty voice, “Yes Mistress, it is quite a sight.” I didn’t know if Jill had ever experienced anything like this before, seeing a man being dominated by another woman, but from the sound of her voice it was arousing her quite a bit. I thought I also sensed the smell of one or both of the women’s pussies beginning to get wet; no doubt the closing off of my visual sense was heightening my others.

“Come here, pet, you can help me with this part,” Sarah said to Jill. I felt Jill kneel a little closer to my body, and then felt the sensation of what I knew could only be a butt plug being pushed against my pucker. She was gently turning and twisting it, slowly working it into my ass. My humiliation was only mounting, and yet I found myself getting more and more turned on. No other woman had ever done this to me, and yet I couldn’t control the reaction of my body. I heard Jill’s breathing getting heavier, and I could tell that she too was enjoying this.

Finally, with a pop, I felt and heard the butt plug placed all the way into my ass. I then felt a slight pressure against it, followed by a buzzing sound and a low rumbling feeling emanating from the plug and working its way up and down my ass. I knew that Sarah must have inserted the bullet vibrator into the bottom of the hollowed-out butt plug, and the sensations of the vibrations in my ass were incredible.

“So what do you think of our little pet, here, Jill,” Sarah asked her. “You like what you see? This getting you all hot and bothered again?” she asked with another little chuckle.

“Yes Mistress, I do like it,” Jill replied. It was getting hard for me to listen, given the sensations emanating from my backside.

“Well, maybe we should let you have your orgasm finally, my little pet,” Sarah said, though it wasn’t clear at that point which of us she was talking to. “You’ve waited a long time, haven’t you sweetie?”

Before I could open my mouth, I heard Jill say, “Yes, Mistress, I would like that.” I now realized Sarah had been talking to her, not me.

Sarah said, “Well, I hope you don’t expect me to take care of that. That is not the role of a Mistress. But fortunately, I do have this little tied up subbie boy here, and maybe we can put him to good use for that purpose. What do you think, Bob? Think you could help out Jill here?”

I quickly replied, “Yes Mistress,” thinking that having something else to concentrate on would take my mind off of the sensations in my ass. I knew that I couldn’t come without Sarah’s permission, and I also knew that she was very experienced at bringing me to the brink.

Sarah said, “Okay, Bob, scoot yourself down here toward the bottom of the bed, but be sure to keep that butt plug up your cute little ass – don’t want that popping out now,” she laughed. I did as she said, which wasn’t easy with the spreader bar between my knees, but after a few attempts I scooted my knees backwards one at a time. “Now lift your head and get back up on your arms.”

I did as she instructed, and then felt Jill moving around the bed. I could hear her arranging herself in front of me on the bed, and then felt her legs squeezing between my arms.

“Okay, Bob, lower your head and let’s see if you can help out my poor little pet here,” Sarah instructed. I did as she was told, guiding my head down until I was directly on top of Sarah’s pussy. I began to lick her, starting with her lips and then alternating her lips with her clit. Her wetness was overwhelming; even after all that she had leaked earlier in the evening, she was still generating incredible amounts.

The sensations I was feeling were incredible. The vibrating butt plug continued massaging my ass, while I smelled and tasted Jill’s sweet pussy as I ran my tongue up and down her lips and around and over her clit. After a few minutes I heard Sarah say, “Lower, Bob. You’re missing some important parts.” With this, I felt Jill’s hips raise up a bit, providing me with easier access to her perineum and down her crack to her puckered little asshole. I began using my tongue to make long strokes, from the top – paying great attention to her clit – all the way to the bottom, stiffening up my tongue to thrust it into her anus.

After a few more minutes of this, I could tell that Jill was getting close to an orgasm. I didn’t know whether Sarah was just teasing her again, or whether she would let her come this time. Finally, as I could sense Jill was reaching the point of no return, I heard Sarah say, “Go ahead, my pet, go ahead and come for your mommy.”

No sooner were the words out of Sarah’s mouth before Jill erupted in a huge orgasm, her body jerking and twitching around, and loud moans coming out of her mouth. Even if I had tried, I would have been unable to keep my mouth fastened to her pussy and ass, she was shaking and moving around so much. I picked my head up as Jill writhed on the bed, slowly coming to a halt after a minute or so. I could hear her breathing, ragged at first, then eventually working its way back to a normal pace.

“Thank you Mistress, that was wonderful,” Jill finally said. Sarah replied, “You’re welcome, my pet. You were a very good submissive tonight and you deserved that release. But what about Bob? What are we going to do with him?”

I heard Jill giggle and say, “I don’t know Mistress. What do you think we should do?”

Sarah said, “Well, he’s been a very good boy tonight too, so I think he deserves to come also. But I guess the question is, how? So many choices, I just don’t know what to do. Maybe you and I should discuss this?”

I had no idea where Sarah was going with this, but had little choice but to play along. I felt the two women get up from the bed and walk away, then heard the sound of the bathroom door closing. I heard faint sounds of them talking, then giggling, and then the door opened and the two of them walked back to the bed, but did not get on it.

“Well Bob,” Sarah started, “we’ve figured out what we’re going to do. We’re going to give you a little test. Being a college professor, we know that you’re very good at giving tests, so we thought we’d turn the tables on you for a change. If you pass the test, you’re going to get to have sex with both of us until you orgasm. But if you fail the test, you’re going to have to make yourself come.”

“What kind of test?” I blurted out.

I felt a sharp smack on my ass as Sarah said, “Is that a proper response from a submissive little pet?”

“No Mistress,” I replied, as the sting of her spanking dissipated.

“Here’s what we’re going to do, my little sub boy,” Sarah started. “There are five questions on the test. We’re going to give you various parts of our body to touch or taste, and you’re going to have to guess which one of us it is. But this test doesn’t have a very high standard – you only have to get three out of the five correct, only 60 percent. That shouldn’t be too hard, should it, pet?”

“No Mistress, I think I can do that,” I replied.

“Good, let’s get started,” Sarah said. “Remember – no trying to peek through that blindfold, or you’ll automatically fail the test.”

I felt movement on the bed, and could sense that both women had gotten on it on either side of me. “Okay, open your mouth nice and wide,” Sarah said.

I did as instructed and quickly felt something pushed up against my face. I realized it was a breast, and I closed my mouth and began to tongue the nipple attached to it. Right away, I knew it was Sarah’s, from the distinctive texture. I had noticed when Jill first disrobed in the living room some hours earlier that her nipples are about the same size as Sarah’s, but are much smoother.

As the breast was removed from my mouth, the nipple making a popping sound as it squeezed between my lips, I said, “It’s Mistress Sarah,” secure in my answer.

“Very good, pet, you’re right,” said Sarah. “That’s one right for you. Okay, open up again.”

I did as she said, and this time was greeted with a finger in my mouth. As I closed my mouth, I could taste that it was a finger that had been placed into one of the women’s pussies, for it was covered in the sticky wetness that signaled where it had just been. It was quite wet and pungent, so my first thought was that it must have been Jill’s. Given the mind-blowing orgasm I had just given her, I thought that her pussy would have been much more aroused and secreting much more wetness than was Sarah’s.

I was about to say, “It’s Jill,” when I quickly caught myself. What if they had fooled me by dipping Sarah’s finger into Jill’s pussy, I thought. I ran my tongue around the finger, checking for any jewelry, but didn’t find anyway. I then concentrated on the fingernail, trying to figure out if I could sense a difference from that. But hard as I tried, I could not remember whether Jill had long nails or short nails, or whether they were tapered or more squared off. With all the time I had spent so close to her body, I had not taken notice of her fingers.

At that point I decided I had no choice but to guess, and remembering some advice given to me by a high school teacher, decided to stick with my first reaction. “It’s Jill’s finger, Mistress Sarah,” I finally said.

I heard a clap, and Sarah said, “Well done, subbie. You’re right again, that’s two for you.” I allowed myself a slight smile, now feeling that I was on the path toward an orgasm through the pleasure of these two women.

“Okay, here’s number three,” Sarah said. I opened my mouth in anticipation again, but it was left hanging open. Instead, I felt something stroking up and down my erect cock, which by this point needed no further stimulation. It kept stroking up and down, but it didn’t feel like fingers.

Sarah said, “Better answer soon, Bob. I can see from your reaction that you’re enjoying this, and I wouldn’t want to see you come right in the middle of the test. That would be very, very bad.”

I replied, “Yes Mistress,” and tried to concentrate on what I felt. I realized finally that it wasn’t fingers, but somebody’s toes that I was feeling stroking up and down my shaft. If I had taken very little notice of Jill’s fingers, I had discerned even less about her toes. On this one I had no choice but to guess and hope for the best.

As I was thinking about this, Sarah started humming the theme song from the Jeopardy show, and then giggled. “C’mon Bob, what’s your answer?”, and then the stroking stopped.

“It’s Mistress Sarah,” I guessed, hoping that I was right and bringing the test to an end.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Bob, but you’re wrong. It was Jill’s toes,” Sarah said. “That’s two right, and one wrong. Let’s move on to number four.”

I felt more shifting on the bed, and then felt something rubbing against my left ass cheek. I realized right away it was one of the women’s pussies, and again, the amount of wet, sticky secretions that were being spread all over my ass made me think it must have been Jill. But before blurting out the answer, I hesitated for a second. I knew that all of this domination was a great turn on for Sarah, so she would have been quite wet herself. I tried to concentrate as the pussy rubbed up and down my ass, but it was getting harder and harder to focus on that as I continued to feel the sensations of the vibrator in the same area of my body. Both women were shaved, and were around the same size, so it was difficult to tell them apart.

Since it worked before, I decided once again to go with my first reaction. “It’s Jill, Mistress Sarah,” I said.

“Wrong again, Bob, said Sarah. “It was your dear wife and Mistress, and I’m so disappointed that you couldn’t tell our pussies apart. Tsk, tsk, what kind of a good submissive are you when you can’t even tell your own Mistress’s pussy?”

I said meekly, “Sorry, Mistress,” and kept my fingers crossed that the last question would allow me a more definitive sense of which woman it was.

Sarah said, “Guess it’s going to come down to this last one, huh pet? Well, here it goes, good luck. I want you to stick your little subbie tongue out as far as it can go.”

I did as she commanded, waiting nervously for the final question of the test. I so badly wanted to be able to have sex with these two women, and yet I knew that Sarah would stick with the rules. We had played games like this before, and no matter how hard I begged, if I didn’t pass the “test,” I would not be given my reward.

I again felt movement around the bed, and then had the sensation of something approaching the front of my face. Just as I smelled the musky scent, I felt a woman’s ass being placed against my tongue, and pressed back against my face. My tongue was lodged right on the pucker of the woman’s asshole, and I began to move it around to try to figure out which of those two beautiful asses I was tasting.

I rolled my tongue around the pucker, stuck it in, and then moved it around the region surrounding the asshole. I did this a few times, and knew that I had the right answer. It was all so familiar – the feel, the scent, the taste – that I knew it had to have been Sarah. I pulled my head back a few inches and confidently answered, “It is your lovely ass, Mistress Sarah, that I have been allowed to taste.”

For a few seconds, there was no answer. A bit of doubt crept into my mind, but I thought that Sarah was just playing with me. And then the answer came.

“Sorry, Bob, you’re wrong again,” Sarah said. “It was Jill’s ass, and I am EXTREMELY disappointed that you don’t even know your own Mistress’s ass, that ass that I have allowed you to worship so many times. You have failed your test as a good submissive, and your penalty, as you know, is that you will be forced to come on your own.”

I was shocked, and crestfallen. I was so sure that it was Sarah, and yet I was wrong. I had been looking forward so much to being able to have sex with these two beautiful women, and now I was not only going to be denied that pleasure, I was going to be forced to humiliate myself by masturbating in front of them.

“Okay, pet, you know the routine. Stick out your hand,” Sarah said. “And Jill, come on over here so you can get a good view of the little submissive boy touching himself.” I felt Jill move around the bed, and I put my hand out as Sarah had commanded.

I felt some lube drip into the palm of my outstretched hand. As I started to close it so as not to spill it, I felt a hand removing the blindfold from my head. It was Sarah’s, and she said to me, “I want you to be able to see your humiliation, pet. I want you to see the two of us watching you as you whack yourself off with your pitiful little hand. Here will be these two beautiful women, right within your reach, but you instead will be touching your little cock until it spurts.”

I was unprepared for this. Upon failing the test, I had taken solace in the fact that at least I was blindfolded, and I wouldn’t have to see them as I touched myself. But now I would have to see their faces, their smiles, knowing how they were enjoying my shame.

“Go ahead, get started, and make sure you keep looking at both of us,” Sarah commanded. I braced myself on my one arm, and gently began stroking my cock with my other hand. Jill and Sarah were both right in front of me, where I could not avoid their piercing stares as my hand moved up and down my shaft.

As humiliated as I was, I tried not to let the sensations get to me, but I was fighting a losing battle. I was already in a high state of arousal, spurred on by the vibrator in my ass that had been working there for half an hour or so already. I quickly was approaching the point where I was craving the release of the orgasm and the wonderful feeling that it would bring to my entire body.

As I continued to stroke up and down, I felt as if I was on the brink, so I said to Sarah, “Please Mistress, may I come?”

She replied, “Yes, my little submissive pet, you may come for your Mistress.”

It only took a few more strokes before I started spurting, having reached the orgasm that had been denied me all night. I continued to stroke, gasping for air, as the orgasm wracked my body, heightened by the sensation of the butt plug filling my ass and vibrating away. Finally, I collapsed on the bed, unable to support my own weight on my one arm, and closed my eyes as I attempted to catch my breath.

I felt a hand stroking my head and the back of my neck, and Sarah’s soft voice filled my ears. “That’s a good little boy, you did just what your Mistress ordered, didn’t you? You’re so good at following your Mistress’s orders.” I felt the vibrator in my ass turned off, and felt the butt plug slowly twisted and pulled out of my ass.

I opened my eyes, and saw Sarah lying down next to me, followed by Jill on the other side. The two women laid their arms over my back, and snuggled up next to me. Within minutes we were all asleep, and I’m sure the two women were enjoying the same types of dreams that filled my head.

The next morning, as sunlight filled the windows of Jill’s bedroom through the big picture window, we awoke amid a tangle of arms, legs, and torsos. We straggled into the shower, and spent half an hour scrubbing each other’s bodies with soap, and shampooing each other’s hair. After toweling off, Jill grabbed some clothes for herself while Sarah and I headed downstairs to retrieve ours from last night.

Jill came down, and prepared a wonderful breakfast for the three of us. As we chatted away at the breakfast table, I said to Sarah, “I’m so upset that I failed that test,” and laughed. “I was so sure on that last one that I had it correct, that it was your ass I was enjoying. I must have been so distracted by everything that was going on that I just spaced out. I can’t believe it was Jill’s ass.”

A devilish grin crossed Sarah’s face, and she turned toward Jill. As I looked at Jill, I noticed exactly the same look on her face. The two of them turned toward me.

“What?” I asked. “Why are the two of you looking like the cats that swallowed the canaries?”

It was Jill that spoke up first. “Welllll,” she said, dragging out the word, “we hate to tell you this Bob, but you were right. It wasn’t my ass you were tasting, it was Sarah’s!” With this, the two of them burst out laughing.

I spoke out with mock horror in my voice. “You mean you two lied to me, just to make me fail the test?”

The two of them could barely get the words out they were laughing so hard. “Yes, sweetie, we cheated, but it wasn’t so awful, was it?” Sarah said.

I couldn’t do anything but laugh myself. “No,” I said, “I’ve experienced worse, I guess. But I’m going to get back at the two of you.”

Sarah replied, “Oh, we’ll see about that. Don’t forget who your Mistress is, now,” as she lightly patted me on the head.

Sarah then turned to Jill and said, “And I’ve got something to say to you, my other little pet. That was the first time you’ve ever done anything like that, wasn’t it sweetie?”

Jill, who had still been laughing at my embarrassment over how I was duped, dropped her fork, and said, “My god, how did you know?”

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