It was a cold Autumn evening, a brisk wind blowing through the open balcony doors. Each gust of cool breath caused the myriad candle flames to lick at the encroaching shadows around the sparsely furnished room, which held only a lavish canopy bed set directly across from a plush sofa. Melody sighed as the moonlight touched the runes that she drew on the ground.

“They’re wrong, all wrong!” she cried in frustration. Melody was training to become a witch, and tonight she thought she’d try to summon her first demon. She’d always wanted a servant, after all, however her standing never allowed it to be true. Always teetering on the brink of poverty, Melody never knew what it was like to be someone sitting in the lap of high society… but oh, did she dream. Tonight, she hoped, that her dreams would see fruition.

“Should’ve tried harder to please those Princeton boys… then I’d have everything I could ever want…” she muttered to herself in the darkness as the candles flickered in the breeze. Melody was a gorgeous girl. She stood only about five feet two inches tall, however what she lacked in height she made up for in pure beauty. Her light, soft blonde hair fell down just below her shoulders beneath the witch’s hat she had bought at a costume shop; it frames her noble yet young face like a picture frame. She was built in a small frame, but a lifetime of being fairly athletic meant that she was lean rather than boney.

As she traced the last of the arcane glyphs onto the ground, she let out a sigh of relief. Lighting one more candle, she placed it in the middle of the circle of glyphs, crosses, and other shapes that she had painstakingly laid before her. As the wind began to blow again, she began to chant a slow, quiet hymn in some ancient arcane tongue. Just as she did, it began to rain outside; softly at first, eventually reaching the pace of a downpour. Each line seemed to cause the rain to fall harder, and by the time she neared the end the sky had begun to roar with thunder and lightning. Melody didn’t like storms, but she soldiered through. She’d come too far to give up now.

Billows of smoke began to rise from the four corners of the square that she had drawn within the circle. With a deep breath, she muttered the final verse, and as she did, the room filled with a red and purple haze as lightning and thunder crashed just outside of the balcony. Melody jumped back in fear.

“It’s… it’s actually working! I did it! I’ve summoned a demon!” she exclaimed to herself. Just as she did, large plumes of smoke began filling the room: One, two, three, and four. “What…? Four? I thought I had summoned a Demon of Service… there should only be one…”

Just as she spoke the last word into what remained of the shadows, four figured began to materialize from the smoke. The haze all slowly began to dissipate as the thunder died down, but the rain remained, and the candles flared beyond their normal limits.

“Well, well… what have we here?” a smooth, deep voice chimed from behind a veil of smoke. As it dissipated further, Melody could make out the source of the sound. “Oh no…” she said to herself in fear.

The four figures stepped forward and the smoke finally cleared from the room, leaving it as it was prior to the ritual. Each of them looked nearly identical, their only differences being in their regalia; the one in front wore gold studs and bracelets as well as a regal harness, while the others wore only loose loincloths. Each had thick horns which curved toward the front of their heads, like a goat, as well as short, serrated hair. Their skin was a shade of deep blue, their eyes crimson, and they each boasted a muscular, yet slim, frame.

“What… what is this? I didn’t summon you!” Melody exclaimed, clearly distraught.

“We are Demons of Lust… and you have summoned us. We are here to do as we please with you.” The demon in the front said this in a slick, condescending tone, picking up on the fact that Melody did not understand the powers with which she was toying. “You seem to have made a grave error… my condolences. However, once the pact is made, it must be fulfilled.”

Melody couldn’t help but stammer as she stepped back slowly, reaching for the door handle. As she tried to shake it, it would not budge.

“You cannot escape us, mortal. Your fate has been sealed,” croaked the demon on the left, whose voice was much hoarser than the supposed leader of the pack. “Whether you wanted us here or not, we will exact payment from you.”

The four demons stepped forward slowly as Melody shrank backwards in fear, trembling and muttering to herself. She reached for the door handle once more, but it still would not move. As the leader of the four stood before her, she gasped. He towered above her, he must be at least seven feet tall, and as one of his strong, slender arms reached out to grab her, she shied away and tried to beat it back… but to no avail. He grabbed one of her shoulders and spun her around as to pull her back against him. Slowly he began to pull up her loosely fitting shirt. “Let’s see what we have here, shall we…?”

She struggled and tried to escape, but it was no use. Even if, by some miracle, she managed to escape the clutches of her current captor, there were three more able bodied demons ready to catch her if she tried to dart for the balcony.

“Please… don’t do this. I don’t want it to be like this…” she gasped in between short, terrified breaths. “I’ve never… I don’t. I didn’t ask for this, I didn’t summon you. Please, let me go…”

Just as the last word crept from her mouth, the leader tore off her shirt and tossed it aside as if he were peeling an onion, he soon did the same with her pants, leaving her only in her cheap knock-off lingerie. The three demons behind started cackling amongst themselves, and Melody continued to struggle and push against her captor. He paid it no mind and began tracing his fingers up her belly toward her chest, sliding one behind the slender strap of cloth that held her bra together… and whispered into her ear.

“Whether you want it or not… you will be our toy this evening,” he said as he pulled forward on the strap and snapped it, causing Melody’s bra to fall off of her and expose her naked breasts. “Very nice… you have a most satisfying body for a human.”

He held her in place, her now mostly naked body completely exposed. Her lean figure started down at her smooth legs and came up along her sensually curved hips and torso before reaching her perfect breasts, each one enough to fill a handful, about the size of a small to medium C cup, and each perky and round. The leader brought his hand over to one and squeezed it softly, rotating his palm on top of her nipple. Against her will, it began to stiffen, and soon her nipples were fully erect from the forced arousal.

She screamed softly, her voice nary a squeak due to the terror of what was happening to her, and the leader uncapped her breast and pushed her against the wall, releasing her from his grasp.

“Now then…” he said in a low tone as he began unbuckling his harness. As it fell to the ground, Melody turned her head and audibly gasped, for what she saw startled her even further.

Her eyes started up… but quickly shot down, passed the demon’s muscular abdomen, to between his legs… there, she saw his massive appendage. Already fully erect, it looked to be almost the size of her forearm in both length and width, about ten inches long and three and a half inches thick. She stammered and her eyes widened before she noticed that two of the lesser demons started to move forward. Each of them grabbed one of her arms to hold her still as the leader walked forward towards her smirking.

“I feel bad that your first time has to be with something like this… but a pact is a pact.” He mused as he ripped off her panties, revealing her perfectly smooth pussy. “Not wet in the slightest, how unfortunate, I guess we’ll have to lube it up first, I wouldn’t want to hurt you too much…”

The lesser demons began forcing Melody down onto her knees. She was powerless to resist, they were far too strong for her. She sat there on her knees, wide eyed, terrified, as the leader moved himself forward in front of her and slid his cock in front of her face.

“You will please me now, human, lest you wish to be ravaged as you are.” He pressed the head of his cock gently against her lips, but she would not open her mouth for him. The lesser demons squeezed her arms which caused her to let out a cry of pain, allowing him to slide some of it in. “There we go… now we’ll get it nice and wet for you, how’s that sound?”

Melody screamed out into his cock as he slid it deeper in, her tongue reflexively licking around it. She gasped for as much air as she could when he slid almost all the way out briefly before sliding right back in. After a few thrusts, she felt a slimy, warm sensation coat part of her tongue. The taste was sweet and salty, she almost liked it, but then she remembered the situation that she was in and screamed into the cock again. The demon pulled out of her mouth and stroked his long, thick cock, spreading the precum that had started dripping out all over it.

“There… lubrication, now it will be ‘easier’ for you to take me,” he said with a soft laugh, “you two, away.” With that, the two lesser demons who were holding Melody’s arms stepped back. Melody did nothing, she knew at this point that it would be worthless, all she could do was sit in fear of what they were about to do to her.

The leader lifted Melody up onto her feet before reaching behind and grabbing her ass to lift her up off the ground. He held her there effortlessly; her legs spread open, each one hanging over one of his arms, her back pressed up against the cold, dark wall. She went to let out another cry before one of the lesser demons moved over to slide his cock into her mouth. His wasn’t as large as the leader’s, but it was still bigger than any normal human penis, and for someone who had never had such a thing in her mouth to begin with, Melody couldn’t help but choke and gag as he slid in and out of her now silenced mouth over and over again.

The leader lined his cock up with her pussy and pressed it against her entrance, “It is time…” he said in a low tone as he pushed harder into her. Her eyes widened and her fists clenched as the head passed through and he slowly plunged his massive appendage into her newly opened pussy. She cried loudly into the lesser demon’s cock as her virginity was broken, and the leader slowly pulled back out, only to once again slide back in. He did this many times before finally staying inside and assuming a slow, steady fuck.

She gasped and cried with each thrust, and despite her mind’s wishes, her body began to react to his thrusts. Her pussy clenched and rolled around his cock and began to get wet, dripping around his cock and onto the floor.

He began to speed up, ever so slowly, each thrust being just a little faster than the last. She let out a louder cry as she neared her unwanted orgasm, her pussy aching with each hard thrust into it. As she reached her climax, her fists clenched hard, and she let out the loudest cry yet; her first orgasm. She’d have enjoyed it, if not for the circumstances.

As her pussy tightened and trembled around the leader’s cock due to orgasm, he pushed faster and harder into her tight entrance before he himself reached climax, pumping a large rush of hot, thick cum into her. The lesser demon whose cock was being used to gag her did the same, filling her mouth with a taste that she had never tasted before, but was forced to swallow lest she suffocate under the immense amount of cum being poured into her mouth.

Slowly both demons removed themselves from her, cum dripping out with them, and she fell to the floor, sobbing softly to herself. One of the other two lesser demons chanted a small incantation, and Melody soon found herself in an immensely drowsy state. She slid to sleep.


Melody’s dream was surprisingly lucid and lighthearted. She had forgotten that she was even taken by the demons, she had forgotten that she performed the ritual… she had forgotten everything. But that peace would not last. A loud roar of thunder had caused her to awaken, and as she opened her eyes, she was snapped back into reality. The demons stood above her, “Ah, awake finally. Good. Let us continue…” the leader said in his deep, condescending tone.

She instantly fell into great dismay. It had all actually happened, and now she remembered every detail. The nightmare was not yet over. Something stopped her from moving her arm down to cover herself, and in reflex she tried to kick up a leg, but it was also bound in place. Each of her arms and legs was now bound in a leather ring attached to a rather short chain, no longer than two feet each. She whimpered and noticed that she was still naked, except now she was laying in her large, soft bed.

“You, and you, stuck watching last time, weren’t you? You can have some fun this time.” The leader addressed his underlings with a whimsical tone. What did he mean? Surely she wouldn’t have to endure all three of them taking turns on her? Suddenly, the leader climbed onto the bed, and lifted Melody up as high as she would go with the chains attached to her. He went underneath her and rested her on top of him, his cock slid between her ass and rested there, pressing its thickness against her hole. “You may choose whichever of the two remaining entrances you want…”

At that, the two previously addressed demons walked forward. One moved in front of Melody’s face, as the other knelt down on the bed in front of her quivering wet pussy. “She’s still so wet…” chimed the lesser demon.

“Yes, I expect that it will remain that way for some time. Our seed has that property. Now then… let us begin…”

As he ended his sentence, he shifted Melody’s weight so that he could lift her hips into the air. His cock now lined up with her tight ass and pressed gently against it as he whispered to her, “This will hurt a lot more than before… but don’t worry. Soon, you will be begging for more…”

She screamed in protest as the lesser demon in front of her rammed his cock into her mouth. “We won’t have any of that, now suck! Use your dirty tongue!”

She had no choice but to comply, and against everything she wanted she began to suck and lick around his cock as he slid it deeper in and back out of her mouth over and over, precum already coating her mouth with its sweet, slick texture.

As that occurred, the leader pressed harder into her ass, harder, harder… until finally, the head started to slide in. Melody’s body arched in pain, and a little bit of pleasure, as the massive cock started to slide into her back entrance, all the way to the hilt. He stopped briefly before resuming the same routine as before, slowly exiting and entering her newly opened hole before fucking her slowly, yet still quite hard. Each thrust sent a lance of pain through her, and she cried out with each. The cock in her mouth throbbed as she bit down gently out of reflex each time her ass was filled, and the demon that it belonged to moaned softly as a result of it.

The third demon growled softly and lined his cock up with her pussy. She looked out of the corner of her eye and closed them, bracing herself for what was about to happen. He slowly slid inside of her hot, throbbing pussy as the leader slid out of her ass and started fucking her, matching the pace and roughness of the leader in the opposite direction.

She cried out some more, but in between she couldn’t help but let out small, almost inaudible moans. Her body was reacting to this, despite her mind’s unwillingness. All three of her holes were now filled with huge, thick cocks, and her body loved it. She found herself reaching orgasm quickly, then again, then again. Each one was more intense than the last, and as her ass began to loosen up and get used to the feeling, she felt pleasure even from there.

Her cries grew less and less frequent, replaced by louder and louder moans. Her eyes opened once again and her tongue began flicking around the cock in her mouth more rapidly. The demon in her mouth reached down and squeezed her breast, perhaps as a reward, and pinched and pulled her nipple. This sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body and she came again, the bed and her thighs now wet with her cum.

Soon, the three demons slowed down, and each of them in sequence began to cum. All of her holes were filled with that thick, hot cum, and she was forced to try to swallow as much of it as she could. As they all pulled out, cum dripped from each of her ravaged holes. The leader climbed out from under her and they all stepped back as the fourth muttered the same incantation as was said before. She drifted back into a peaceful sleep.


This time she awoke naturally. Around her were the three lesser demons, and her hands and feet were no longer tied down to the bed.

“What… why are you still here? Where is your master?” she looked around frantically, hoping that if he was gone, they would soon be as well. One of them spoke in reply, “His business here is concluded. He’s given us leave to finish the pact.”

She sighed and sat up, letting her feet touch the ground. Her ass and pussy were a bit sore, but oddly enough, they throbbed and ached, wanting more abuse. She put her hand over her face and thought to herself quietly for a few moments.

“…if I do this again, will it be over?” she said quietly.

The three demons looked at each other, then back at her. “Yes, this is the final stage of the pact. Will you complete it willingly?”

She stammered and sunk into the bed, her breasts rising up as she took a deep breath. She released it before saying, “…yes.”

The demons walked over and one extended his hand to her. She took it and got up. She stood there for a moment, staring at them, thinking to herself that she would consider herself lucky to have three men that are his well-built and endowed to want her… but she remembered the circumstances once again. She stumbled as she gained her footing and walked slowly and cautiously over the symbols she had drawn earlier, cursing them silently as she did so. She then sat on the sofa and crossed her legs.

“We will do this on my terms, then. I will say what we do, and then we will be done.” She said bravely, flinching, expecting a striking rebuttal.

“Very well, mistress,” said one of the demons, “we are at your command.”

She paused and blinked, not expecting such a response. Mistress? She looked down at the runes again and realized… she had summoned them. Was she in control all along? No, that’s stupid. She shook her head and realized that her pussy was very wet, dripping down her thigh slightly. She blushed and turned her head before realizing what she wanted right now…

“You there…” she motioned to the demon on the right, whose cock was the smallest of the three, “come.”

He stepped forward. “Sit beside me.” She ordered.

He did so, and she got up, stretching. She then turned and got on her knees in front of him, staring at his hard, throbbing cock. She gripped it in one hand and started to stroke it, precum almost immediately rolling down and dripping onto her hand. She ignored it and continued, reaching down with her other hand to rub her pussy. She let out sigh and licked along his cock, licking up all of the precum she could, before bringing her lips over the big, thick head.

She wrapped them around it and sucked gently before sliding her mouth over him, as deep as she could, stroking what remained with her hand. She sucked and licked and stroked him mercilessly, rubbing her pussy and slipping in a couple of her fingers. She moaned softly into his cock and took him even deeper in her throat. The cock began to throb and she closed her eyes as he began to cum inside of her mouth. She pulled the cock out midway through, unable to swallow any more, and had some cum land on her face and chest. She licked her lips and any cum remaining on his cock before standing and turning to the others, blushing.

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