Note: I plan to end each of these fights all in one chapter after this, so don’t groan too much.

Terraces taken by Arazra’s army: nine of eleven.

“We’re fighting a war on three two fronts now. In our front, we have to take the remaining terraces and slay the pretender before we’re overwhelmed on our back, which is being assaulted by the Harpies and Nergal’s forces, and any possible others that may join them.” Explained Hezazias, the fifth district leader and brother to Arazra, to the rest of the commanding officers.

“Yes, we hadn’t expected any reinforcements other than the Harpies to attack us so quickly. Of all districts, it had to be Nergal’s fourth district.” Lamented Ornias, the eighth district leader.

“His demons are fast. If any more districts show up on the pretender’s side, it is only a matter of hours before they overrun our flank and rear guard. We can thank the fact that while Nergal’s forces are fast, they are not as strong as Zagan’s behemoth of an army or Estair’s skilled magic users.” Added Sasilith, the seventh district leader and sister to Arazra, as she nodded knowingly.

“Forget them. Have all of Black Steps move to the flank and rear, they are useless without Xizaen. The best they can do is act as fodder and a buffer against any reinforcements. Put the district soldier’s full strength in capturing the last two districts. Every single commanding officer will fight from now on. We will not stop until we reach the palace and slay the pretender.” Commanded the leader, Arazra of the tenth district.

“He got back his witch, will that affect anything?” Ornias put this question forth to the group.

In this think tank of Arazra’s army, only the district leaders were allowed to take part. Not even the highest ranked member of their mercenary forces would be privy to their conversation. Not even Zazie was allowed in, Arazra didn’t trust her one bit, even with her precious [World] in his hands.

“No, it will not. If the witch does pose a threat, she will be mercilessly slain just like the pretender himself. This will without a doubt be a tough battle. We must not break our momentum for anything. Once we enter the tenth terrace, tell the soldiers to not even stop their assault for orders unless we go out of our way to order each and every soldier.” Arazra said coldly.

“Mmm, yes. Five pillars are inside those few terraces, biding their time. We managed to deprive them of Sitri, but it will not be enough. Of course undiluted aggression is important now, but we cannot deny the essence of caution. Who knows what the true strength of the pretender’s concubines, that Daughter of Pride, the fallen angel, and the witch?” Advised Hezazias.

“Leave the fallen angel and Daughter of Lust to me. I have a previous engagement with them, a battle to possible death.” Warned Sasilith. She was legitimately interested in Nerissa and Aureal, both in their skills and devotion to the pretender. They both had honest and pure love in them, extremely rare for beings of Sin.

“Oh? Interesting. I’ve no doubt of your skills, Sasilith, but can you take on two of the pretender’s favored? He must have chosen powerful beings to be his concubines.” Asked Arazra.

“I can, though not with ease. Initially, I thought the Daughter of Lust to be the weaker of the two, despite being a white demon. However, I learned two major things about both of them that should tell us they are both powerful foes that cannot be underestimated.” Sasilith’s words were solemn.

Arazra raised an eyebrow, “Ah yes, I know what you’re talking about. Still, explain for these two.”

“Very well brother. The Daughter of Lust wields Old Age, which I assume she stole from the slain Avandar.” Both Ornias and Hezazias widened their eyes in surprise. Sitri continue with an even more insane prospect. “And the fallen angel has an even more mysterious power, one that should be fundamentally and physically impossible for any being in existence… She wields both the dark and the light.”

“Oh?” “What did you…” Both Hezazias and Ornias stood up, either surprised or interested at Sasilith’s impossible words.

“That’s what I thought. Though she did not perform this power in front of me, so I have yet to find out if it is actually true, I did feel both light and dark inside of her. “

“Ornias, find those damn Wars, gather the Legion of Renning, and while you’re at it, get Zazie and her underlings ready. Hezazias, take command of the district forces. We will all begin the attack within the hour.” With Arazra’s command, each of the district leaders bowed and left, with Sasilith blushing a slight red before she left.


“Uh, not that I mind, but…”

“But what?”

“Shouldn’t we get back to the palace instead of having sex?”

“And you call yourself an incubus, and a Lord of Lust at that. Let me at least be this selfish.”

Yes indeed, instead of going back to the palace and coordinating with the Pillar of Lust how to defeat Arazra, Rainer and Lauren were currently engaged in a battle of foreplay. Well, prolonged exposure to the Land of Lust did that to people. Unknown to Rainer and his people, Arazra himself and his subordinates also engaged in libidinous acts quite frequently during this war, just not during important moments.

“Gah, fine, you’ll regret it.” Warned Rainer with a mischievous smile.

Lauren returned the exact same smile, though with a salacious hue to it, “That’s the plan- ayahn!”

Lauren’s incessant words were silenced by a relentless kiss from Rainer. Her lips were whetted by saliva before even half a minute past. Swooning into her lover’s embrace, Lauren smooshed her bountiful chest into Rainer, which was only separated by a thin cloth from when she was captured. Her fully erect nubs could be felt through the cloth, and betraying how aroused Lauren was as she hugged Rainer tightly.

Rainer enjoyed the cute actions of each girl he had been with, Lauren, though having a more mature feel like Asmodea, was no different considering her age. She seemed resistant and rebellious at first, but instantly surrendered when pressured, via lavish and affectionate attention. Almost as if she enjoyed being pampered, though who wouldn’t?

Lauren attacked back with her tongue, licking his and her lips seductively. The soft opening to her mouth freely opened up, relinquishing power to Rainer’s invading tined demon tongue. They both slithered about in each other’s mouths, exchanging saliva and kissing in a hasty, though deep, manner.

Neither party wanted to continue this small level of play for long, they both equally wanted to get to the real action. Smiling viciously, Rainer undid his clothing while Lauren did the same. She swayed her cute butt and cupped her tits in her hands, which proved to be good handfuls each. Showing off for Rainer, Lauren tweaked her nipples, which were not terribly sensitive, though the still did the deed, eliciting a sexy moan of “Yeeeeeesssss…” from Lauren.

Every sound that came from Lauren aroused Rainer even further, hardening his member to full size in minutes. She stoked her pussy several times with several of her fingers, coating them with her juice, and licking it off with her sultry tongue. Lauren bit the tip of one side of her glasses, giving off a “sexy secretary” kind of feeling. Without either person noticing, Lauren’s shaded parts of her hair changed color once again- to a bloody red and fervent turquoise. Rainer noticed, and loved, Lauren’s beautiful alternative look to her.

“Let me have a little fun first, sit down, lusty incubus.” Smirked Lauren as her breasts jiggled with every movement.

Following her request, Rainer sat down on the soft ground next to the lake, with his back propped up by a cushion from his clothes. His soldier was at attention, saluting Lauren’s tits as she kneeled down and wrapped her lovely, silken hands around Rainer’s cock. Spitting on it, Lauren smacked her lips and licked the tip. She twirled her tongue around the head, slowly going down the shaft kind of like the stripes of a peppermint stick. And as if it was a peppermint stick, Lauren savored Rainer’s musky taste. She kissed the tip, taking away and tasting his precum. Desire and lust flooded her body, as an incubus’ semen was not unlike an aphrodisiac, and a powerful one considering Rainer’s status. She couldn’t resist swallowing Rainer’s delicious shaft much longer.

“As much as I love this, why don’t you put those lovely big tits around my guy?” Rainer asked lewdly, completely into his incubus persona. He smacked his lips as he watched Lauren sweetly smile and comply. The pretty witch groped her sizable bust and placing the left before the right around his throbbing cock.

Seeing even more precum leaking out, Lauren took that and smeared it on the inside of her cleavage, giving a piercing shimmer and lubed skin. The witch flexed her fingers and sucked off any leftover precum into her mouth, savoring even more of the sweet seed, which only served to make her even hotter. Because of Rainer’s nature, it was an extremely pleasurable act to orally stimulate him, even through her breasts. He not only gave off a musky smell and taste, but it seemed somewhat spicy and sweet at the same time. It almost seemed as if her own breasts were being given a massage, despite her being the one pleasuring the shaft with her tits.

Either way, both sides profited. Whenever the head of Rainer’s cock disappeared into the soft mounds, Lauren focused her fingers in the area where the head was at when she rubbed and pushed her breasts on the member. To Rainer, it felt like a tickling sensation amplified by a hundredfold of pleasurable sensations. Using a confusing metaphor to describe it, it felt like hundreds of tiny feet from pretty, lewd faeries dancing on his shaft.

“Here, make me come quickly, I want to have enough time to get into one of your other entrances, the tighter one, maybe?” Rainer tossed out this suggestion as if it was a passing fancy, though fortunately for him, Lauren took it seriously.

“Of course, you tasty incubus, you. Allow my magical breasts and tongue bring you to climax!” Lauren partially laughed with her sarcasm, though she put to work trying to make her statement reality.

Rainer felt the incoming rapturous sensations instantly. Lauren rubbed her voluminous along Rainer’s slickened shaft in opposite directions, bringing two separate feelings surging through his spine. Opening her soft mounds of flesh wide enough for Rainer’s cock head to pop up and say hello, Lauren dropped her head and enveloped the shaft into her mouth as deeply as her neck muscles let her. Being a child of nature, Lauren naturally had a flexible body when traveling, thus her head could stretch downwards more so than the average person. She swallowed at least a third of Rainer’s cock that was revealed between her busty chest. Rainer watched as Lauren’s perky nipples twitched cutely in front of Rainer’s eyes as the pressed together, pressing each other’s button.

Seeing Lauren’s brusque, though oddly bashful at the same time, licking and sucking on his cock while also pressing her breasts down on that same shaft proved too much for Rainer to hold onto his orgasm, and it burst almost violently in Lauren’s mouth. Lauren couldn’t even choose whether to keep the thick, white seed in her mouth, it forced and slipped its way down Lauren’s throat, though not before letting Lauren taste it on her tongue. Even more potent than the precum, the full stuff proved to be a powerful aphrodisiac to her human body, whether it was the same for demons was unknown to her. All Lauren knew was that she was practically addicted to Rainer’s delicious ropes of cum.

Unsheathing herself, Lauren looked up and let the last of his seed trickle down her throat, savoring every bit of taste that her nerves released into her brain. If they bottle this stuff up, The Lord of Lust’s semen, any demon could make a fortune selling it off as the most powerful aphrodisiac in existence.

“You cannot believe how tasty that stuff is… I could drink it forever.” Lauren marveled, not faltering at the salacious intentions of those words.

Understanding and playing along, Rainer answered, “You’re free to do so, its not like I’ll be going anywhere, and I don’t plan on losing.” Even though it was because of the high of sexual release, Rainer felt like a chain in his mind shattered into pieces because of his declaration. However, this was no time to ponder that sort of serious stuff, he had more important things to worry about. Things like what position he should use while taking Lauren’s tight ass. “You’re quite pretty, you know that? Sexy too.”

“You realized that only now? Well, thanks anyways. So how are you going to take advantage of me next? O Lord of Lust, devil of the night.” Lauren grinned, clearly enjoying her own high from the taste of Rainer’s seed, even the aftertaste was fairly pleasant.

Even though he was a Lord of Lust, and he could make rational decisions no matter his mental state, Rainer felt that was no fun. So he allowed his affected brain to decided his next move, which resulted in Rainer roughly grabbing Lauren’s round ass and pulling it to him.

“Aya! Why’d you decide to be so manly all of a sudden?” Giggled Lauren.

“Oh? I wasn’t manly enough before? I guess I’ll have to change that. Let’s see how your tight entrance right here fares.” Said Rainer as he dragged his finger, coated in Lauren’s saliva from her mouth, across her the outline of her butt and into her puckered hole, teasing the entrance playfully. “Just to be different, let’s go here, mmhmm.” Rainer hummed at the end whimsically as he penetrated the hole with his middle finger, stretching it slowly. Lauren had cleaned herself thanks to the cave pools, so there was not a hint of dirt or grime anywhere on her body. It would be more accurate to say that her body glowed thanks to several natural remedies Lauren devised from the plants in the cave. It was a testament to her genius in this regard in that she could even develop products from plants in a foreign world. Heck, maybe she could even cure cancer from the plants here.

Lauren shivered from the intrusion, tensing up unintentionally, tightening around the finger. Rainer, in retaliation, moved his finger around in circles, and once he was satisfied, he abruptly shoved in a second finger, eliciting a moan from Lauren’s mouth. She couldn’t help but shut her eyes as she sat down on Rainer’s lap, splaying her legs widely. If anyone saw, they would be given quite the exhibitionist’s show.

“Ah, let me lube it up before you push that monster in here, I soooo want to do this now.” Lauren moaned lazily as she opened her eyes to look straight at Rainer’s sockets. Rainer relented his assault on Lauren and allowed her to “lube” up his shaft.

Even though it had climaxed recently, Lauren marveled at the ability an incubus had in keeping his shaft erect at almost all times, especially during licentious acts. Lauren sucked and licked the shaft several times, giving it a fresh coat of slippery saliva.

Rainer whistled and relaxed his hands behind his head as if he had nothing to do, though immediately turned his attention to Lauren’s deliciously round butt. All of the girls and woman he had been with each had qualities surpassing the “fakeness” of models and pornstars; Lauren was no different. Though that was to be expected when living in the Land of Lust, home of the lustful race of succubi and incubi.

Rainer pushed Lauren’s body into the classic and ever-arousing doggy style position, where Lauren’s hands were positioned on the mossy log with her butt wiggling and ready in the air, just waiting to be penetrated by Rainer’s shaft. And Rainer himself could only keep himself sane so long without indulging. He playfully smacked Lauren’s ass a couple times, leaving a faint red mark behind, each time he did so, Lauren moaned loud enough for anyone in the cave to hear.

“Jus-just stop teasing! Fuck meeeee already!” Begged Lauren with a shrill voice, almost buckling at her legs under the mix of slight pain and pleasure, both of which felt arousing and great to her body.

“Fine fine, you’re so needy, you naughty witch. Now, where do you want me to take you from?” Asked Rainer cruelly.

Lauren pouted her moist and full lips. “Gawd… Rainer, don’t t-tease me more! Please! Please fuck me in my ass!” Begged Lauren as she succumbed to her desire. “Fuck my tight little ass with your big fat cock, jam it in nowwww!” Lauren wiggled her butt, trying to entice Rainer with her full posterior.

“You’re just too cute when you talk like that. Oh very well, I can’t be too mean to my subjects as a lord.” On that note, Rainer, who was prodding the tight ring with his slick shaft, sheathed his spear inside Lauren’s anal entrance. “Unbe-fucking-lievably tight… Shit, you’re going to chop me off.”

As it was obviously a joke, Lauren tried to laugh in between her deep breaths. It was hard for her to speak normally with Rainer’s thick incubus dick throbbing and thrusting in her tightest hole. Thanks to the initial lube on Rainer’s cock and Lauren’s puckered entrance, the invader didn’t have too much trouble working its way inside. Even so, Lauren felt the full impact and girth as it slowly slid its way inside, sending warm waves of pleasure straight into her soul. The throbbing veins full of warm blood ribbed through her insides, rubbing against her tight walls. Lauren’s tongue slowly but surely lazed out of her mouth in a dazed state as she let the log hold up her weight.

Rainer grabbed onto Lauren’s round butt tightly, keeping it aloft so she didn’t just fall over. He dealt it a sharp spank as he continued to pound his thick cock into Lauren’s anal entrance, causing Lauren to arch her back and moan loudly into the cave. “Keep fucking doing thaaat, slap my ass, do whatever you want to me back there… Just keep fucking me as hard as you can!” Lauren cried, feeling the full force of Rainer’s incubus genitalia prying and pushing into her ass. Every fifth thrust, Lauren came dramatically, climaxing multiple times from her ass. “Yessss, keep hitting there. Fuck my horny ass to oblivion!” Moaned Lauren over her multiple climaxes.

“Sure sure, I’ll burst again soon, your ass is just way too sexy and tight. I seriously want to take you here again.” Commented Rainer. He himself had his mind wracked with gratuitous pleasure. If it weren’t for his earlier load going down Lauren’s throat, he would have come much earlier.

It had certainly been a decent while since the two had fucked like this, this was a much more carnal encounter for the two, and they both relished it extremely. Sharp slaps could be heard round the cave coming from Rainer’s crotch slamming into Lauren’s ass, giving an erotic undertone to the environment.

All of Lauren’s miniature orgasms had been building up to this moment. Like the climax of a great orchestral performance, Lauren herself was building up softly and harshly into a smashing crescendo. She had been releasing a constant moan of pleasure from the savage ass-fucking Rainer was giving her, not one moment didn’t feel good, and not one point of her body tingled and shivered with desire and joy.

“Like five seconds, then I’m going to do it inside your ass.” Warned Rainer as he gave Lauren another sharp slap on both cheeks of her ass. Though her butt wasn’t terribly thick or jiggly, it was round in the right spots and looked very enticing to him no matter how many times Rainer spanked Lauren.

“O-okay… Paint my insides full of your delicious seed, get me full from the other side!” Lauren was panting like a dog with her tongue out and eyes everywhere. Lauren had that look on her face that many women did when in the throes of a powerful orgasm, relinquishing their body to pleasure.

“Ah, I lied, make that two seconds.” Then all of a sudden, Rainer violently shot ropes of his sticky seed into Lauren’s tract, giving the walls a new shade of white.

“Aaaahhhn! So gooood…” Lauren was confident no woman in the world wouldn’t agree with her, their decision would be unanimous: pure bliss. Asmodea had experienced it first apparently. Then Nerissa after her, then Lauren was number three, Aureal fourth, and who else Rainer had fucked since coming here in the circles. All of them could get together for a casual coffee klatch and discuss with great detail and length their experiences with Rainer. ‘Hell, that may actually happen if we all survive this.’ Though Lauren.

Great euphoria overtook the two partners, resulting in mutual sounds of verbal pleasure coming from their mouths. Lauren’s glasses had long since bounced off her face, landing in a soft pile of cave moss. Even her makeup trailed down her face by centimeters due to her eyes watering from the sudden intrusion up her butt from earlier.

A noisy ‘schlop’ and Rainer’s shaft fell out of Lauren’s orifice. “Heck, it’s like you just sucked out every bit of my stuff straight out of my dick. Seriously, did you apply some witch magic to your ass?”

Despite Rainer’s slightly crude language, Lauren only smiled and laughed while basking in the afterglow next to the log, “Nope, I’m just training myself to be even better than a succubus for you than all of these sex demons here in this circle.” Lauren beamed at Rainer with a seductive smile that only proved to make his shaft stiffen by a little bit.

“Hahaha, really, if only I got to know you before in school. This would’ve been fun.” Laughed Rainer.

Both Rainer and Lauren clothed themselves in their own attire, summoning outfits with basic magic. Lauren wore her armor and clothes from before when she was playing that deadly game: loose leather armor, magically reinforced pointed beanie, and tightly bound sandals. Rainer, using a summon spell for the first time to bring himself an outfit, acquired a set of garments from the closet in his large closet of his bedroom in the palace. Rainer didn’t want heavy or bulky armor and protection. Instead he opted for a lighter set of clothes like Lauren, though even lighter and smoother than that. He donned the outfit, and showed off his uniform to Lauren.

“Really, it’s almost as if you purposely chose an outfit straight from a video game…” Lauren smirked as she made fun of Rainer’s choice of attire.

In truth, he was thinking like he did when he played video games from before. He gave himself this question: How badass do I want to look? And Rainer answered it.

Among the casual, fancy, and various sorts of attire in the massive closet of his room in the palace, there were also more interesting outfits. Ones made for battle. Rainer wore a set of light malleable plates that seemed fused together. It seemed like an ultra lightweight material that also gave great protection. These plates covered Rainer’s chest and lower body like a film of water, perfectly conforming to every contour and curve of his slender build, perfectly adapting to every flex of his muscles. It was almost as if the armor was made for him prior to his existence (though Rainer would never find out, Asmodeus used a peculiar magic to design various sets of armor for Rainer when he came to this position, a magic beyond Zazie’s level of divination).

Instead of different plates, his four limbs were covered in what resembled “molds” of those limbs. These molds perfectly fit his legs and arms, and seemed to move with his body as if they were a part of his body. Pointed boots fit over his feet with a tough grip on the bottom so he could maximize agility. Rainer pulled his gloves over his hands, gloves that allowed his fingers almost complete freedom of movement. The fingers had a faint pattern of ribbing that would stick to objects almost like a sticky grip.

Going for even more “tacky badassness”, as Rainer liked to put it, he donned a thin mask which covered his face, neck, and head. His hair was kept comfortable and cool, with the mask fitting over his ears and nose. The mask was designed so that it gave full freedom over Rainer’s senses, not allowing a single inhibition of sight, hearing, smell, and even taste. Finally, a durable silk hood was pulled over his head. This hood wasn’t just for show, it also had an enchantment interwoven in done by Asmodeus himself, which gave Rainer anonymity, coincidentally modeled after Zazie’s [Hermit] ability. In the end, the entire outfit had a pattern of pine green, black, and lustrous silver.

“I don’t know about you, but let’s finish a war.” Rainer, from this moment on, chose to never hesitate again with his ideals and beliefs. He wasn’t going to end this war because he wanted to stop Arazra and become a true Lord of Lust. He was going to end it because he was the only willing to take on war itself.


“So… We’ll wait until they take the tenth terrace? That is quite a risk, sir.” A soldier wearing fairly light armor studded with metal gave his honest opinion. He had his full set of appendages out, colored a bright green.

“I hate being called that, I really do. Don’t do it again. I’m not like the Rulers of Sin or arrogant Daughters and Sons of Sin, just call me by my given name, Nergal.” The fourth district leader was devoid of any armor. Out of all demons, he had a fairly different appearance, one much more bestial in nature. Almost like a bat in demon form, Nergal had brown fur all over his body with a face like a bat, leathery bat wings, as well as sharp claws on his hands and feet. Despite his bat like nature, Nergal was still a demon of Lust, and so he furless horns colored brown and a wriggling bat tail. One would think, “If he isn’t wearing clothes or armor, then isn’t he naked? Where’s his genitalia?” Nergal developed a unique ability to hide those parts in his body, almost like a reptile. His nature certainly explained the way he fought, which he planned to make full use of in the oncoming battle.

“Yes, sorry. Still, I must stress that it would be more prudent to attack the enemy now. Surely, with our speed, we can perform lightning guerrilla attacks on the enemy in order to distract them from their goal and allow the defense to retaliate.” The soldier was an honest fellow, he did not fear giving his opinion, much to Nergal’s lament.

“You’re annoying. No, we will wait until they take the tenth terrace. I know Caetorum’s tactics, he will feign heavy casualties in the tenth terrace and reserve the defense’s true strength for the palace terrace in a hopeful attempt to fool Arazra’s forces and blitz his army. That tactic worked perfectly when Uriel’s forces sieged this city before when Caetorum and I were in it. In the war, Arazra was to busy defending his district at the time to know about this unique tactic. We will devastate their rear guard during their siege of the eleventh terrace, slaughter the traitors. I don’t know what this young Lord of Lust wishes to do with the captives, but kill every single traitor until given the order not to by The Lord of Lust himself. There is no room for mercy among traitors.” Nergal smoldered with malevolent words. Nergal, while being more of Lust, was also part Wrath and even a sliver of Pride. He absolutely hated traitors. Though he kept his hate to himself most of the time, so most leaders in the Land of Lust regarded him as a wildcard.

“Give the command to make camp for now. Send an elite team of scouts to find out when Arazra sieges the eleventh terrace. Form a perimeter of our fastest around our camp in order to eliminate any scouts unwanted eyes.” Nergal commanded to his subordinate.

The subordinate bowed and waved his hands to reiterate the orders to the rest of the officers. In the short amount of time Nergal responded to the call for reinforcements, it would be expected for him to call upon around a thousand or two soldiers from the immediate area. Nergal, however, had been silently amassing troops before he even attended the meeting, though only out of a premonition of his. He wanted to inform the other district leaders of his premonition, but he knew that most would laugh or suspect him of suspicious plans. He also didn’t trust all of the district leaders, and he was right to do so considering the unexpected betrayals of Ornias and Hezazias. Nergal was ready to go to war. He amassed ten thousand demon soldiers.


“Ah shit… I knew I should’ve done that thing.”

“What thing, Caetorum?” Asked Asmodea casually to her fellow Pillar of Lust.

“Back when the Capital of Lust was sieged, I used a tactic where I feigned the death of a majority of my troops, and it proved successful. Well, maybe I should’ve done the same thing here.” Sighed Caetorum as he dodged a wave of arrows behind a battlement.

“Even if you did, I have no doubt that Arazra studied the various tactics of ours and would have planned or be cautious about every aspect of this invasion. In the end, all we have to do is hold out for as long as possible until Nergal shows up.” Assured Asmodea as she drew her sword, a soul weapon.

Asmodea shot a bolt of misty energy from her Wallace sword at a clump of tenth district soldiers firing their bows and crossbows. The misty bolt exploded and four sharp blades of mist shot out, cutting each of those soldiers apart. That was her Wallace sword’s ability, Blade Dispersal. In the mists the sword created, blades could be formed that cut apart any enemy as if they were large pieces of shrapnel. Though the ability wasn’t very well suited one on one combat, it was an extremely potent power.

All of the powerful figures of both sides were engaged in battle. Though the superior numbers of Arazra’s army would eventually win out in taking the tenth terrace, it would be done with a bloody loss. There was no doubt in every single person’s mind, on both sides, that this siege would end today, either with the palace taken or the attackers routed. Not even Arazra was so confident now, as two sets of reinforcements had come to the pretender’s aid, and he was having quite a bit of difficulty holding the Harpies back.

“Shit, there’s one of them!” Caetorum called out to Asmodea. “I sense the presence of powerful Sin fairly close by, I assume it is either Hezazias or Sasilith. However, in this thick battle, I can’t rely on my sensing ability for distance.” A ladder pulled up, bringing several low ranked demons along with it. Caetorum stabbed one in the eye, which caused the demon to fall, bringing his friends with him.

On Asmodea’s side, several enemy demons had made it up on the tenth terrace’s walls, which she dispatched in several flawless sword attacks with her magic claymore. In a war where there are basically two different types of participants, the weak and the strong, both sides will eventually only mingle with their own. If Hezazias was near them, he would no doubt fight either Asmodea or Caetorum.

“I do not mind fighting him, but he is a black demon, and a Son of Lust as well. We should fight him together, overall he is stronger than us by ourselves.” Asmodea rationalized the situation with Caetorum.

“Agreed. It would be best to fight the stronger foes with two on one if possible, only engage in a one on one if there is no other choice.”

“And you still believe you can win? I guess it is possible.” A voice spoke to both Asmodea and Caetorum with an air of passiveness, a voice belonging to the exact person they were talking about, Hezazias.

Hezazias simply walked over the walls as if walking up a ninety-degree angle was an everyday thing. He pulled himself over the battlement and crouched down, surveying the two before him. Hezazias was known to not be terribly arrogant, he treated his opponents with dignity while at the same time ridiculing them.

“You! You shouldn’t have been able to get over here so quickly, not at the distance I sensed you from.” Caetorum was surprised at first, but regained his senses quickly.

“Ah… You’re right, I was over there, and now I’m here. Amazing, huh? Well, how I got here doesn’t matter, can we just get this over with?” Hezazias said with disdain.

“Can I ask you one thing first?” Asmodea asked.

“I guess.”

“Not once since the Lord’s death did you show any sign of supported Arazra. Why did you all of a sudden decide to ally yourself with him and bring your army here?”

“That’s a good question. To be honest, I don’t really remember the reason myself. If anything, I sided with him because he is my brother and Sasilith is my sister. I can’t let them be alone on this as siblings. Sitri would never think about it, Alizae would simply scoff, and Azail would probably kill his siblings first hand if he had the chance. Really, am I the only one who cares about all of us?” Hezazias sighed deeply. He was clearly not at all pleased to be fighting in general.

‘He seems to laid back right now, whether he speaks the truth or not, it is impossible for me to tell. Without a doubt, Hezazias is a very mysterious person like his father.’ Asmodea told herself. She wished she didn’t have to, but she did have to fight Hezazias after all. They were on opposite sides of the war after all.

“If you want to talk more, do that while we fight, or after I beat you both into the ground, horns first.” Hezazias drew his weapons, two menacing axes.


“We’re here. Now what sort of signal shall we make?” Wondered Nerissa out loud.

She and Aureal were currently flying high up in the sky, dodging various missile attacks and slaying any normal demon soldier who dared to fly near them. It didn’t take long for the enemy soldiers to take the hint that they could never defeat the two, a fallen angel and a white demon.

Like with the rest of the terraces, there were two main battles, the sky and wall battle. If one side dominated either battle, it would be easy to destroy the enemy forces in the sky or ground. Both Nerissa and Aureal figured it was appropriate to fight their already decided opponent in the sky considering they met her in the sky, Sasilith.

Sasilith was completely not as they expected, cordial and pleasant. While they didn’t know what to expect when first meeting Sasilith, her curiosity and politeness was completely unexpected. Heck, even the name sounds menacing.

“I have no doubt she is here in the air, my light magic will be a suitable beacon, mistress. I am the only one on this battlefield who can wield light magic after all.” Impassively said Aureal.

“Alright, then be my guest Aureal, show them what you can do!” Enthusiastically cheered Nerissa as she flew back a couple meters and allowed Aureal to shine, literally.

Aureal held her massive war hammer in one hand, keeping it aloft with supernatural strength. Then she grabbed it with both hands, and swung it in a fearsome arc sideways and then downwards in quick succession. What formed was a cross of light, though with round and jagged edges. Aureal placed her palm in the center of the cross and it burst forth, accelerating to its max speed instantly. The cross of light smashed into exactly six enemy demons, burning their skin and destroying their bodies before returning to nothingness. After that, Aureal practically kick the air behind her, sending her barreling towards a group of demons fighting it out between each other. Aureal identified the two enemy demons of the group and as she skimmed above the group in the air, slammed her war hammer into the head of one of the enemies, causing to explode with light. The allied demons flew back, avoiding the light easily. The enemies however were caught in the explosion and died.

“She can’t do all the work, time for Old Age and I to really get into action together.” Nerissa did a couple short stretches, getting her body limber in case she pulled a muscle, like that would actually happen. “I’ll never let them take my fiancée’s city! I haven’t even got to see him at all recently because of you damn lust demons!” Nerissa beat her wings, gaining speed and sped towards several aimless seventh district soldiers.

They seemed more skilled than the average soldier, so they readied themselves and got into defensive stances. However, Nerissa didn’t plan on eliminating them head on. Instead, Nerissa flew over the demons, as if jumping on a solid mass of air. Her agility and acrobatic ability in the air stupefied the demons and stared in awe at the pretty white demoness that made the sky her playground. Looping around the demons, Nerissa brought Old Age back and swiftly decapitated one while spinning around and cutting the next twice across the stomach, causing his guts to spill out. Anyone directly below the demon would soon be having a bad time.

Meanwhile, Sasilith had just donned her armor and equipped her weapon. It was time to fight for her beloved brother. “Now, when will I get to fight those two adorable girls? You there, any words of the fallen angel and white demon girls?”

“Mistress Sasilith. While it is unconfirmed, some of our seventh district soldiers have reported seeing burning light exploding around in the sky above the tenth terrace walls.” Reported a simple messenger.

“Back in the air, eh? Alright then, let’s.”


“Damn it, don’t know why I got to do this with you. Too bad Sitri got captured.”

“I’m sorry, did you say something that may be construed as disrespect towards me, Reginald?”

“You’re a damn bitch, Teras, you know that?” Reginald intentionally insulted Teras this time.

“Better, there’s no need to be so quiet when you can just hate me in front of my face. Though I’ll have fun cutting you if you call me that again.” Teras threatened Reginald with the most pristine smile he had ever seen.

‘If there’s a personification of fear, she’s it.’ Reginald told himself. ‘She’s a damn monster. Glad I didn’t fight her in that death game, poor bastard who ever did.’

Reginald pulled out the heart of foe before him with his snake tattoo. His snakes were his main weapon, biting and gnawing at high speed and deadly penetrative power. He had several tattoos on his body, each of which could form an existence because of the special property the ink used to make them had, the soul reaped from an Archmage. Archmages are considered the most powerful of human existences, it didn’t really matter what kind of power it was, it could be magical power or physical power (Lauren holds an Archmage’s soul herself). Taking a giant leap with his tattoos of angel wings, Reginald downed another enemy with a kick from his foot using another tattoo located on the soles of his feet (thick, sharp spikes). He shot two more demons with the mounted gun tattoos on his soldiers before spinning around and having his snakes bite through the mail armor of an enemy officer. While he knew he kicked ass, his path of carnage was nowhere near as scary as Teras’.

A large mass of opposing demons from various districts tried to stand before Teras. The Sadist of Lust simply smiled and said, “You’re all ugly, bye bye!” And with a massive gust of wind, she tossed each of them over the side of the terrace walls. She pulled out her cane sword from her umbrella and charged it with a bolt of lightning, which was released when she stabbed a large demon in the leg. The lightning flowed from the sword and burnt the large demon to a crisp from the inside of his body. Teras traced a circle in the ground with her sword, and a fount of fire erupted, decimating any demon who dared to pass it, friend or foe. She stabbed the air seven times in rapid succession, and each stab formed icicles, which shot forth and buried their selves into vital points of enemy demons. Also, because of her weak muscle structure, Teras could not lift fairly heavy objects. Yet with earth magic, Teras performed an amazing feat of literally punching a catapult’s stone projectile back a couple meters, crashing into a clump of fifth district demons.

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