witch craft

Knight Shadow walked into the bedroom that he and Mystic Shadow shared. He looked at her with such love and admiration. Her dark hair glimmered under the moon light, the white gown out lined her tanned athletic body. She turned slowly towards him and her eyes sparkled seeing him. She ran barefoot to his opened arms. Without a word he kissed her lips while holding her chin softly.

“Mystic Shadow, you still cause a yearning deep within me.” He told her as his kisses became passionate and wanting.

“Knight Shadow, my love, my body stills heats up for you.” She told him as she began ripping his clothes off of him and shoving him to their bed.

Their bodies, twisted and turned in their bed, deep passionate moans from Mystic Shadow filled the room. The drapes blew in and out with the night breeze from the balcony just as their bodies moved in and out of each other. Knight Shadow’s hips thrust harder and deeper into Mystic Shadow as his mouth found her perfect hard nipples to suck and nibble on. Mystic Shadow sucked and bit his neck as they burst into a powerful orgasm. Knight Shadow and Mystic Shadow laid with their eyes closed holding the other and being thankful they were brought back again.

Natanne went to walk amongst the mortals to find the skin walkers and to destroy them. She stood in a clothing store fumbling with a few lingerie items and thinking of her lost love. A tear ran down her face slowly as if in slow motion. She did not notice the young man standing behind her almost sniffing her long black hair that she wore a lone white feather connected to her head band. Her brown buck skin halter top tied around her neck, with eagle feathers and black beads around the v cut neck line, her jeans were blue with tan fringe going from her hip to her ankle on each side, she wore calf high moccasins. She turned quickly feeling his presence.

“Who are you?” She asked squeezing out of his reach.

“I was just enjoying your beauty, I am sorry. My Name is Justin Parker.” He told her holding his hand out to her.

Natanne could not explain the attraction and yet at the same time the fear she felt as well. She tried to look deep into his sparkling blue eyes but received not one type of emotion.

“My name is Natanne . . . Mr. Justin Parker.” She told him as he kissed her hand.

“Please, allow me to buy you a cold drink across the street.”He told her taking her arm into his and guiding her out of the store to the small café across the street.

Natanne and Justin talked for hours unaware as time just passed them by. She looked into his eyes to try to read his heart, but again nothing.

“What do you do with your time Justin?” She asked him sipping on her mango juice.

“Well, I am a baker and bake breads.” He smiled at her.

“You lie sir.” She told him with a huge grin.

“Yes, yes I do lie, I am a police officer . . . a detective as a matter of fact.” He told her unbuttoning his white suit jacket to reveal his badge and gun. His hair was blonde, his body built like a God.

” A detective, wow you must have some stories to tell huh?” She asked him.

“A few … I am more interested in you though… have dinner with me tonight say eightish?” He asked her.

” Alright, where do we meet?” She asked him.

“I can pick you up.” He told her holding her small hand in his.

Natanne gave him the address of a house she rented in town to catch the skin walkers. They both were so involved with the other Natanne did not sense the skin walker in his fresh skin walking in front of them. Natanne felt like a school girl as she hurried home to get ready for her date tonight, she turned each corner unaware of Gore Warrior following her home.


Natanne heard the door bell ring, her heart began to race and her stomach felt as if butterflies had invaded her stomach. Her hand turned the door knob slowly, she was pleased that it was Justin and not a girl scout selling cookies. Justin smiled at her as he admired the soft blue dress she chose for tonight with matching shoes and purse.

“My, my detective Parker I guess good guys do wear black don’t they. ” She told him looking at his all black suit with matching shirt and dress shoes as well as a gold watch, ring and a thick chain around his neck. He almost did not look like the guy she met earlier today.

“Well, I suppose they do Natanne.” He told her with a devilish grin.

To be continued . . .

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