Scott leaned back on his couch and enjoyed the magical efforts of his new best friend, Ura the ebon genie goddess. His jaw ached slightly from paying for the oral loving he was then receiving, but as always it was worth it. It had been a few days since he found the magical pocketwatch that contained his new wish granting lover, and he had come to accept the arrangement of paying, sexually, in advance of having his wish granted. After the second or third time, servicing her fourteen inches of uncut black meat had become much more bearable. Her magic kept him from gagging as long as he didn’t wish too big. He learned the hard way on his fifth wish that Ura’s assault would become much more brutal, and indeed dangerous, if he asked too much of her.

“Ohhhh, Ura baby you get better at that every time.”

She smiled up at him and moaned with a mouthfull of his cock; the vibrations drove him over the edge. He erupted down her throat and she swallowed it all. When she finished lapping up all of his juices she crawled up next to him on the couch.

“See what happens when you stick to sexual wishes?” she said, “I thought you were going to die when you wished for those silly sunglasses.”

Scott had seen some three hundred dollar sunglasses online and thought surely it wouldn’t be too much trouble for Ura to craft him some from thin air. Turns out that the act of creation, ANY creation, carried a hefty payment. She had facefucked him nearly to death. At least he had gotten the sunglasses.

“Ura, I’ve been thinking about moving the wishes up a notch,” said Scott.

Ura’s eyes narrowed.

“Scott, haven’t you learned what happens when you wish too big?”

“Oh, believe me I have. I was thinking maybe bigger *sexual* wishes. The payment for those is much easier to understand,” said Scott.

It was true, the sexual wishes merely required that he provide a similar sexual service for her. Scott had been doing some online research on what to expect if he decided to “go all the way” with Ura. Not the kind of thing straightlaced Scott had ever had to consider before. All in all he was terrified, but the rewards were just too tempting not to consider.

“Bigger sexual wishes, huh baby?” asked Ura with a knowing look in her eyes, “I knew you were starting to get into this.”

Her grin made Scott flush. He still was coming to terms with the feelings that stirred inside him whenever Ura’s invisible manacles secured him in place for a payment. Surely going to extreme measures for sexual favors didn’t make him a fag? What was more straight than sacrificing dignity for a set of luscious lips wrapped around your meat? Still he had to wrestle with how into it he had gotten right away. After all, he had cleaned her cock for her even after she had released him- and on his first blowjob wish no less!

“I just need to get some more of you mapped out, ok?” said Scott, trying to cover his internal dilemma.

“Sure Scotty, whatever you say,” laughed Ura.

She rose and with a gesture her clothing vanished. Scott gasped as he was yet again blown away by her perfection. She stood a few inches taller than his six feet, and her ink black skin shone even in the low light of his living room, making him look even paler than he already was. Her toned and powerful body seemed to constantly sway seductively. Her breasts rose out in front of her, seemingly immune to gravity. Her hair reached all the way down to her lower back, though she would often change it with a gesture to whatever she deemed appropriate or sexiest. Her full lips and pink tongue, a source of much erotic joy for Scott, fitted wonderfully with the rest of her features. Her powerful looking legs came up to a muscular but still bouncy ass- ideal for both powering deep strokes and receiving them. Inexorably his eyes traveled down her toned stomach and found her slab of uncut black cock, still glistening from his recent payment. She watched him watch her. Slowly she turned around and bent over his coffee table. Pressing her chest down on the flat surface, she reached back, gripped her asscheeks with her powerful hands, and spread them. Her anal pucker looked to Scott like a doorway to heaven. For some reason that he couldn’t fully accept, seeing her nearly ten inches of dangling cock made the hole seem even more inviting. His mouth watered and his piece snapped back to full attention despite the magnificent head he had just received. Then it began weeping precum as she started slowly gyrating her hips.

“If this is what you are considering baby,” purred Ura, “then you know what you have to do.”

Scott gulped. Could he go through with this? No way. No way was he going to be able to pay for this! But still… it looked so warm and tight. He remembered the magical skill she had with her mouth and hands, could she have supernatural surprises for him inside there too? He imagined her asshole sucking him like a mouth and pulling him inside. He imagined himself with two handfuls of her hair, ramming his white dick into her delicious looking ass. He imagined her biting her lip with pleasure as he fucked her all across the room.

“I want… I wish for… I wish to fuck your ass!” Scott managed to squeak out.

Ura snapped up and turned to face him. Her eyes glinted evilly. Oh God! What had he done?!

“Scott, you are just going to *love* this,” she said.

She pointed at him, and he felt the invisible chains snake across his body. Again he tried to struggle to no avail, and when she gestured from him to the coffee table he flew off the couch and landed with his chest flat on the cold top of the table. His cheek mashed into the surface and he couldn’t move his head. She was still in his field of vision and he could see her wiggling her fingers toward the ceiling. Suddenly he felt the table rise into the air. Slowly it inched up as she gestured, eventually it stopped. Looking at her he realized why the coffee table was floating in the air. Oh God, his ass was at her cock level! This was really about to happen!

She pointed at his ass with two fingers, and then spread them into a V. As her fingers drew farther apart so did his legs. Scott started trying to scream, but no sound came out. Soon, he felt the cool air on his virgin asshole. How could he let this happen? How could he let himself get strapped to his floating coffee table by invisible chains, with his asshole about to pay for his cock’s greed?

“Your bony white ass looks pretty tasty from here, baby,” said Ura, once again purring, “next time you should add some licking to your wish so I can get my tongue up in it. I think you’d like that, Scotty.”

He managed a whimper.

“Don’t be so scared baby, just keep your mind on what you will receive once I’m done taking what’s mine.”

She stepped behind him, out of his field of vision. He felt a sharp slap on his ass.

“And by what is mine I of course mean this tight little ass.”

She spanked him a couple more times, then started kneading his asscheeks with her hands. Her breathing grew heavier as her just payment swayed before her on the floating table. Scott suddenly felt a wave of shame wash over him as he realized how hard he was. Ura stroked her piece a couple times and then started slapping the massive slab of meat on Scott’s ass. His eyes teared up when he realized that he would likely have a couple bruises on his ass the shape of her giant black dick. The tears flowed freely once he realized that would probably be the least of his injuries.

Ura leaned forward across his body, her rod lay in his asscrack. Her breasts pressed against his back. The nipples, hardened with arousal, dug into his flesh. Her lips neared his ear.

“Ohhhh, Scott. You are going to make me a very happy genie. Don’t forget that I’ll be taking care of you as good as you take care of me,” she whispered.

Scott only managed to whimper again.

Ura laughed and stood again. She ran a finger along her cock and it began to glisten with magical lubrication. She lined the head of her fourteen inch ebon monster up with Scott’s scared little white pucker and started to push. He head mushroomed out at his backdoor. He was clamping it shut as hard as he could.

“Oh baby,” she laughed, “you should know better by now than to think that will work.”

Scott’s fears intensified as he felt his asshole loosen. Just like she had forced his mouth open the day they met, she was now opening him for access at the other end.

“There we go, relax for momma.”

As soon as his terrified hole loosened enough, she popped the head of her beastly penis inside. She paused to enjoy his renewed whimpering as well as the sight of his pale ass attached to her throbbing black piece. She grabbed two handfuls of white ass and started to push herself inside. The intensity of the friction along the inside of his ass sent shockwaves throughout her body.

Meanwhile Scott was still trying to scream. He felt more emotional pain than physical pain, but he was experiencing plenty of both. And yet, being stripped of his anal virginity was stirring those weird feelings from before. He could feel his ass loosening of its own accord, trying to make room for the fleshy intruder. Just as he started to calm down slightly, he felt his magical lover reach the “end of the road” inside him. Remembering what had happened when she got to the back of his throat for the first time, he began to panic even more than before. Suddenly he felt a sensation unlike any he had ever experienced. His insides seemed to be rearranging slightly. It didn’t hurt, but it felt very uncomfortable. Clearly Ura was using more of her magic to enhance her experience, like she had with the suppression of his gag reflex. He felt the giant rod leave him until only the tip remained. He again remembered the first blowjob. Oh no.

Ura watched her lover go through the stages of terror, curiosity, and realization. She smiled briefly at his attempts to wiggle free, then bit down on her lower lip and gripped his ass tighter with her hands. With his anatomy altered to accept her, there was no doubt what was about to happen. She shivered with anticipation, and noticed that he had stopped struggling and started to tremble as well.

Scott accepted what he knew to be inevitable. Only Ura’s tip remained inside his stretched asshole. The seconds that she continued to pause felt like an eternity to Scott. He failed to notice that his cock was dripping a nearly continuous stream of precum onto his floor. He also failed to notice that he was holding his breath and hoping she would do it already.

Ura gripped him even more tightly, and paused even longer. She now had a smile on her face. Little did Scott know that she was reading his thoughts, and knew that if she allowed him his voice for a moment she needed only wait a little longer before he would say…

“Oh come on! Just fuck me!”

She obliged him. Her pole plunged in all the way with one sure stroke, sending the wide eyed Scott into full body spasms. Ura mercilessly slammed away on his asshole. Over and over again she withdrew all the way to the tip and drove it home like a fleshy black railroad spike. Her muscular black ass clenched and released as she pounded away on poor Scott- who was loving every minute of it.

He felt her heavy black stones slap against his smaller white ones as she rode him. The experience was very “fulfilling” for Scott, after all she had needed to alter his body with magic just to fit inside! She had fashioned for him a canal exactly large enough to accommodate her. With every stroke of her powerful meat into his bowels, he felt more pleasure, and more in love with his perfect partner.

Ura reached forward and gripped her boytoy’s hair with one hand. Her black skin shone ever brighter with the sheen of sweat that her efforts inspired. She started tugging his head back with every stroke, even hooking a finger into his mouth a couple times. Scott loved every second of it. Being dominated by this goddess was pure ecstasy. He had completely forgotten about his wish.

Ura started to go even wilder. Her nails left red stripes up and down Scott’s back. She screamed at him, called him a whore and a slut, and slapped his ass all the while. Inevitably she felt her balls begin to clench. She slammed her rod home several more times and then once more as hard as she could.

Scott felt the extra deep stroke and licked his lips in anticipation. Her seed flooded deeply into him. She came heavily for several seconds. He reveled in the feeling of her warm seed filling him. She collapsed across him. Her breasts again pressed into his back. Her cock continued to spasm, shooting more squirts of jism into his well used asshole. Scott felt each one with delight. Both of them lay there without speaking as the coffee table settled back down to the living room floor. Their heavy breathing slowly began to normalize. She purred in his ear.

“Told you you would like it.”

“Mmmmmmhmm,” moaned Scott.

She rose to her feet and popped her cock out of him. His anatomy realigned to its natural state as she withdrew. He could still feel her seed inside him.

“Now it’s your turn baby,” said Ura seductively, “come and get it. You deserve it, lover.”

Scott felt a wave of energy flow through him, originating in his rectum. Magical cum? Really? She was full of surprises. His cock remained iron hard and he stood up. Ura turned and ground her ass into his package- exciting him even more. She leaned over the end of the couch and he took his place behind her. His hands explored her body, and when one finger slipped insider her he found her asshole to be magically lubricated already. She purred at his intrusion. As he lined up his cock for entry she pressed back against him. They moaned in unison as he penetrated her tight hole.

“Give it to me, lover,” said Ura.

Scott only managed a moan through the intense fog of penile pleasure he found himself wading through. His left hand gripped her right asscheek and his right hand wound into her hair as he fell into a rhythm. Soon the smack-smacking of his groin on her ass filled the room. He rode her magically enhanced asshole for as long as he could, but the supernatural tightness and heat overcame him after only a few minutes. As his balls clenched up and blasted their load into her achingly wonderful ass, Scott heard a noise from the hall.

“Don’t get too excited, Scott. I’m just here for my dvds…”

With that, a blonde woman came around the corner and Ura and Scott both gaped wide eyed at the equally surprised face of Denise, Scott’s ex fiance’.

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