“And over here is the Exercise Room.” The building manager, Kyle Poirer, led me thru the apartment laundry room and gestured me through a door on the far side.

It couldn’t be called a “gym”, but the small room was well-equipped for a good workout. A stationary bicycle, a stair-simulator thing, a rowing machine, and the universal contraption of weights and pulleys. A few exercise mats lay on the carpet. A mirror spanned the west wall.

I waved a hand to encompass the room. “Is there a sign up list or schedule?”

Mr. Poirer grinned, putting his hands on his slim hips. “Nope. The place isn’t used a whole lot. Me and my wife are the only regular jocks in the whole building. Other tenants come and go.” He looked me up and down, head cocked. “Judging by your build, I guess we’re going to have to share.”

His frank assessment of my body made me squirm a little inside. I put on what I hoped was a cool poker face, but I’m not used to having anyone check out my form, let alone another man.

I smiled back, mustering my confidence. “I’m one of those rarest of the rare. A man who kept his New Year’s resolution. It’s taking me nearly a year to get to this stage, Mr. Poirer, and I’d hate to slide now.”

Mr. Poirer shook his head. “Kyle, please. I’d hate to see all that fine work go to waste. You should be very proud of that body you’ve created.”

Kyle’s physique was toned and solid, readily obvious under the unseasonable shorts and t-shirt. Another fellow who maybe was a bit conceited about the hard body hard work had produced. I had to admit to myself that after the years of blubber body, I was feeling that sort of smug.

I had a ways to go to reach the buff state of Kyle, but I took some egotistical pride in my full head of curly dark hair to his thinning grey fringe. I also had about 5 cents of height and several kilos of weight.

“And I’m Zach. I guess I’m taking the apartment.”

“Excellent! Leslie Ann, my wife, was sure we wouldn’t get a nibble on the vacancy until the cold snap broke. She’ll eat you with a spoon!” Kyle slapped me heartily on the shoulder.

“Well, uh…good stuff.” I cast about, uneasy at the excessive enthusiasm. “Say, what’s behind that door?”

“Oops!” Kyle strode the few steps to a door in the southeast corner of the exercise room. He opened it and disappeared. His voice came back with a slight echo. “Let me find that stupid light switch…ah, here we go. C’mon in.”

A narrow corridor with blank wall down the left hand side and a series of narrow doors on the right. The smell of cleanser with a hint of “swimming pool” hung in the air.

Kyle indicated the door near him. “Toilet.” The next door was frosted glass. “Shower.” The final door was dark wood. “Sauna.” Intrigued, I opened the sauna door and peered in at the compact room with benches and heater. “Nice looking little unit.” I wandered down. “A shower, eh? That’s a nice touch.” I opened the frosty door and stepped in to judge if the thing was a decent size. Not bad. Surprisingly roomy, actually.

“It’s freakin’ mind-blowin’ freezing out there!” An exasperated female voice complained to the universe. “I can’t believe we ever moved to this city! One side my studly one, but mama needs a sauna before her nipples pop off!”

I smiled at the rude sentiment. Some folks couldn’t cope when winter got nasty. I stepped out of the shower stall to greet my new landlady. What I saw was a fluffy mint green terry cloth robe hanging on a hook and Kyle Poirer tossing his shirt to one side.

I blinked.

Bending at the waist, Kyle skinned out of his shorts with a smooth swipe of his palms down his thighs. He grinned at me as he did that little marching in place step to clear his feet of the shorts. The muscles of his buff nude body didn’t jiggle much to the beat, but his dangling penis did. Soft but sizeable, it was hard to ignore as it bounced around.

I blinked again, becoming aware my mouth was drooping open.

“Leslie Ann is in the sauna. I’m going in to keep her company.” He applied toe to heel and pried off his sneakers, one after another. Now totally naked from bald crown to toes, Kyle strode to the entrance and closed the door to the exercise room. He padded back to me, still smiling. “She would be tickled to death to meet you.”

I gulped and tried to focus my wits. “Ummm…I…umm”. Kyle adopted his favourite pose of hands on hips. It was very hard to know where to focus my gaze. I think my discombobulation at his nakedness was giving him way too much fun.

The sauna door opened and Leslie Ann Poirer (I assume) stepped into the narrow hallway. “What’s the holdup out here?”

Now I was about a meter away from two stark naked strangers. Leslie Ann’s body was the firm female equivalent of her husband’s. I had a general impression of a strong, yet lovely face and stylish black hair. However, when I see naked women, my eyes zoom to the “naughty bits”. Can’t help it.

Her tits were great. Aging a bit, but still a pair of wonders with stunningly erect puffy nipples. I saw a full, but trimmed, triangle of black pubic hair.

This impression was gathered in a flick of the eyes. I came back to look into her deep green-grey eyes. These were wide with surprise and then crinkling with humour and interest. She leaned coyly against the open door and cast a look to her husband. “Who have we here, studly?” Her big eyes came back to me. She made no attempt to hide her naked charms as she gave me an assessment.

“This is Zach McAllister. He’s agreed to move in to 305.”

“Great!” Leslie Ann gave a little happy jump that set her body into heart-pounding quivering motion. Then she shivered. “Well, it’s not so simple as all that. We have to have a little interview and establish your character and such. We don’t want any mooks in this building. C’mon in and we’ll chat!”

With that, she shivered again and disappeared inside. Kyle supplied me with a wink and a shrug and followed his sultry wife into the growing heat of the sauna. I stood alone in the corridor. I struggled to make sense of this wild turn of events. Then I noticed that certain parts of my body weren’t so confused. My penis strained at the front of my jeans, apparently eager as hell to be part of a real life porn movie.

My upper head had nothing to offer. Total tilt. So, follow the tradition of men thru history and let my copilot do my thinking. I hung the parka I had been carrying on a hook. I stripped off my clothes with increasing eagerness. In seconds my cock bounced free in the cool air, finishing its expansion to full size. I loved it. I’ve always had a strong latent streak of exhibitionism in my soul so simply being barebeam and buck naked in a strange, relatively public space gave me serious wood. The fact that in a second I would be sharing my nudity with two handsome strangers in close quarters made my heart pound and my blood race.

I took hold of the wooden door handle, had a final deep breath and yanked it open.

A wave of heat washed over me as I stepped nimbly inside to the wooden slat floor. I snugged the door shut and turned to face my hosts. I mimicked Kyle’s favourite stance and put my hands on my hips, stating in clear body language I wasn’t going to be the timid one. The little muscle in my groin made my boner bounce, looking curiously about.

Kyle reclined as best he could in the cozy space. His legs stretched out on to the bench opposite him, ankles wide. His right hand cushioned his head against the wall and the other idly stroked Leslie Ann’s long flank. His cock stood flagrantly on display, full erect. He had a couple of cents on me, but I fancied my stout feller was thicker.

Judging Kyle’s size became a distant second to letting my eyes travel down Leslie Ann’s beautiful curves. She stretched the length of the bench so her head rested on her husband’s left pectoral. While he caressed her skin, she idly played her fingertips over his torso, dancing down to Kyle’s pubic hair and back. Leslie Ann’s large dark eyes regarded me from under long lashes. She smiled lazily and sat up. The move caused her delightful breasts to bobble and shift. The puffy pink nipples hadn’t diminished much. Possibly they were extended from something other than cold now.

“Zach, come sit down.” Leslie Ann patted the bench beside her. Kyle sat up so I’d sit between them. “I can tell already you’re going to fit into this building very well indeed.”

I sidestepped around the heater, keeping my hands clear so as not to obscure the sight of my cock bobbling and wobbling. When in Rome, do as the crazed exhibitionistic naked Romans do.

I sat. The toasty wooden slats pressed into my buttocks. I could feel the heat radiating from the sauna’s unit, but I swear I could feel a more potent radiation coming from Leslie Ann’s softly gleaming skin. I let my eyes idle their way up those ivory curves until I locked gazes with Leslie Ann’s twinkling deep brown eyes. She raised an eyebrow and quirked a smile.

I smiled slightly and shrugged. “When it comes to apartment renting, interviews go both ways.”

“Very true.” Leslie Ann leaned in closer. I could feel her breath on the newly formed sweat on my skin. I managed to keep my eyes steady on her, shattering all personal records for keeping cool. A year of self-image improvement paying off.

The sauna’s heat had brought up a sheen of sweat on all the exposed naked flesh. I lay so I wasn’t quite touching a sexy woman with her husband equally close on the other side. They kept up the erotic game, winding the tension higher and higher.

“Do you have a steady job?” Leslie Ann’s lidded eyes smouldered into mine mere centimeters away. Her breath smelled faintly of oregano.

“Um, yes. I’m a freelance artist but the work is coming pretty steadily.”

“How interesting! Do you do portraits?” Kyle’s hands moved independently of his conversation. He reached across me to touch his wife. With casual light strokes, he began to trace his fingertips over Leslie Ann’s sultry flesh. They traced up her thigh and up over the smooth hill of her womanly hip, skiing down the trim waist. His forearm grazed off the hair of my chest and belly.

“Oh, uh. I have done a few.”


“Whenever possible.”

“We’ll have to keep that in mind for next year’s Christmas cards. The photographs we usually send are getting stale.”

As my fevered mind ricocheted off to think of how large a circle of friends such lusty extroverts would have to have in order to exchange nude holiday greetings. While the sexual wonders of such a social circle momentarily dazzled me, Leslie Ann took to stroking Kyle. Like him, her fingers only made minimal contact over his muscular body, keeping away from his rampant cock as he was avoiding her turgid nipples and swollen pussy lips.

I had two arms reaching across me, ever-so faintly making “accidental” contact with my sweating skin at random moments. The two hedonists, just to reach other of course, came ever closer on each side of me. The sultriest, hottest bookends a man could fantasize about.

My breathing was getting a bit laboured.

Kyle spoke up “So, you work out of your home on your own schedule? That’ll leave you plenty of time to exercise down here whenever you want, with whoever you want.”

Leslie Ann’s eyes closed as Kyle carefully did a close orbit of her left nipple, index finger pressing slightly into the breast. Her body gave a minute shudder before she huskily added, “That’ll be great. I look forward to working up a sweat with you again.”

“I get the apartment then?”

Leslie Ann’s breath was even more ragged than mine. Her eyes were boiling hot chocolate as she said thru gritted teeth. “Only if you plow that cock in me now and fuck me like there’s no tomorrow!”

Kyle laughed as Leslie Ann sprang to her feet like a tiger. “You win Zach! Leslie Ann’ll never accept she’s too hot-blooded a slut to ever win a ‘staring contest’.”

I only heard this with half an ear. I was too busy being subjected to the luscious result of my victory. Leslie Ann flattened me down on my back, took a firm hot grip on my desperately hard penis and lined the fat purple head up into her pussy lips. I barely registered this contact when she sank down on to me in one fierce thrust. I moaned a chest-deep growl of delight as my cock was gripped in the sweet heat of her buttery hard cunt. My eyes closed and the back of my head thunked against the bench as I gave a long growling moan. It had been so goddamn long since I had fucked. Nothing can match the sensation of rock hard cock in the slippery grip of a hot cunt. Nothing.

I came to reality enough to hear Leslie Ann giving stuttering growls of her own. “Oh, Kyle, his cock is so nice and fat. I love it.”

“Then fuck him, you slut, fuck him!”

And she did. Though Leslie Ann’s order had been for me to fuck her like there was no tomorrow, she was doing the majority of the work. The muscles in her thighs bunched and relaxed as Leslie Ann started to ride me. The muscles in her cunt were as trained as those in the rest of her body. The sexual massage my straining penis was getting had my eyes rolling around in my thrashing head. Each downthrust squelched our pubic hairs together and my balls touched her ass. Each rising nearly lost contact, but somehow the head of my cock never quite left her dripping lips.

Leslie Ann’s grapefruit-sized tits bounced lusciously. The sweat now dripped off her like rain, spraying my hot skin and rolling with my perspiration. Her hair came only to her shoulders but somehow it whipped like a flag as she flung her head from side to side.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck…”


I don’t know who was making which animal noise that filled the sauna. I wanted to run my hands over every square cent of her radiant skin. I wanted to squeeze those tits and pinch those fat nipples. I couldn’t do either because I had to clutch the narrow bench beneath me or we’d flounder off from the violence of Leslie Ann’s fucking ride. I had to settle for the raunchy delight of seeing her writhe and buck.

The intensity of it all brought my orgasm up in short order.

“I can’t hold…much…longer…gonna cum…”

“Yes, cum, cum, cum…” Leslie Ann clawed at her pussy, frigging her clit for the last jolt she needed. Her scream of satisfaction must have been heard on the street. Her writhing, moving body froze like a statue above me. One of the sexiest triggers for me is the sound of a woman in orgasm. I chanced our stability as I grabbed Leslie Ann’s hips and brought her down as hard as I could while my hips drove my erupting cock as deep as I could. Gotta go deep, deep deeeeeepppp…my muscles strained as I fired blast after blast.

We didn’t cum at the same time, but Leslie Ann and I unclenched simultaneously. My muscles went limp and gravity sucked me down on to the bench. Leslie Ann collapsed forward, and I dimly sighed in gratification as I finally made contact with all that hot, sopping wet skin. She gasped and purred in my ear and I gasped and grunt-chuckled into her’s. I brought my leaden arms up to run my palms over her skin, skimming sweat off her heaving back.

My softening cock slipped free of Leslie Ann’s gooey heaven. I felt I could lie there forever with her hot body pressing down into me. I flexed my pecs to better savour her breasts sliding and across my chest and my own nipples. The sweet feeling of a mouth washing around my prick, cleaning it off. Leslie Ann let a lazy tongue lick my ear. My cock stopped retreating and regained some iron.

The stupidity of stampeding sex faded, finally letting my brain be heard. I had forgotten all about Kyle in the glory of fucking Leslie Ann. It didn’t take stupendous powers of deduction to conclude that my cock was now being sucked, and sucked very well, by another man.

I’ve let my latent exhibitionism run loose a few times in my life. Nude beaches and the like. My secret bi-curiousity has never seen the light of day, even if it has enlivened many jerk-off sessions. In for a penny, in for a pound…

I whispered softly into Leslie Ann’s ear. “Your husband is one helluva cocksucker.” To make my acceptance plain, I made a little satisfied yummy noise.

“Ooooh, baby, you’re definitely going to like this apartment building…” Leslie Ann grinned at me before laying a long, sloppy kiss on me. As our tongues wrestled, Kyle slurped on my sausage, cleaning off all the assorted cum juices.

Sexual fantasies were erupting in my mind like a chain of volcanoes. Since puberty hit 30 odd years ago, my masturbation sessions had featured torrid visions of lust. The major love of my life had helped realize several of those fantasies in our time together. However, porno-style spontaneous sex with strangers, encounters with multiple partners and naked gropings with another man had all been left in fantasy land.

Until this morning.

Fantasies made flesh in the slippery form of Leslie Ann writhing slowly along my body (while checking to see if I had tonsils with her agile tongue) and Kyle’s superb sucking efforts, made my sexual energy reach atomic levels. Totally buried the needle on the dial. My cock returned to full power.

Leslie Ann withdrew from our kiss, keeping my bottom lip in her teeth for a long moment before letting it snap back. She brought her luscious form erect, dragging her sopping pussy along my torso. I could feel the wet hairs tickle along my stomach and chest.

“You’re getting your cock all nice and clean, but what about my poor full pussy?”

For reply, I only smiled and stuck my tongue up into the air, wiggling it in invitation. I had a glimpse of Leslie Ann’s smiling face framed by wet hair before my vision was obscured by beautiful pussy.

I love licking pussy. I love burying my face into the soft folds and smearing my cheeks with the tangy juices. I love bumping my nose into the clit. And this is what I did. It had been a long time since I had enjoyed this treat, but by sounds of Leslie Ann’s oohs and ahs, the technique was coming back to me. When she gripped my hair and scalp in both fists, I knew I still had the touch.

This time I had a distraction. My penis was nearly as hard as before my wild fuck ride and Kyle’s mouth was hard to ignore. My buttocks clenched and my hips oscillated to the blowjob.

Leslie Ann suddenly came. It wasn’t the explosion of earlier, but rather an abrupt little yodel of delight. The telltale sign was my hair nearly being ripped out as she tried to force my entire head up her cunt. Deep sea divers and pussy lickers both need to have exceptional lung capacity. When the hands grip and the thighs lock down, you hold your breath or learn to breathe pussy juice.

The snappy cum was fortunately short and sweet. Leslie Ann released me, gurgling happily.

“Oh, Murr baby. Your tongue is a treasure.”

“Well, greedy guts, let me experience it. You’ve had two to my zero!”

“Ah, poor hubby left with aching balls? I’m so sorry.”

I wasn’t consulted in the matter as Leslie Ann stood shakily, leaning against the wall for support. She had barely left before Kyle’s legs swung around and over me. My cock was left vibrating and wet in the open air. I had barely time to recover my breath before I had a nut sac dangling above my forehead and a slender, throbbingly erect 18 centimeter penis bouncing across my face like a sausage windshield wiper.

Moment of truth time. Bisexual fantasies generated by my fevered mind while I whacked off were one thing but did I want the reality? A mouth on my cock was a mouth on my cock. I could brush away the detail about that mouth being male or female.

The musky aroma of excited penis filled my nostrils as Kyle’s member bumped my nose.

I decided that the odds were good I wouldn’t turn into a flaming homo. I extended my tongue and, with a long lollipop lick the length of Kyle’s cock, I entered the ranks of the bisexual.

Kyle moaned happily around my penis at my decision. Now that my mind was made up, I felt badly for the guy. I continued to nuzzle the length of his slender cock, kissing it, licking it, nibbling it. I lapped my tongue around the circumcised head, twiddling the peehole. I craned my neck to bounce his balls with my nose. Kyle’s groans and gasps were very encouraging to a beginner.

Finally I adjusted the angle of my head and scoonched my shoulders down a bit until I could take the throbbing man meat into my mouth.

The 69 position is probably not the best way for a rookie cocksucker to learn the game. Even though I was on my second “lazy” orgasm, I was having trouble fully concentrating. I slobbered all over the hot, pulsing meat in my mouth and vacuumed it dry with hard suction. My lips clamped around the rod and my tongue thrashed the velvety head. I was having fun but I think any success I had was more from Kyle’s screaming horniness than my deft skill.

And then the whole length of the erect penis in my mouth pulsed. The head swelled to its fullest extent. My mouth filled with cum. My tongue was awash in the slippery thick stuff. I had sampled my own ejaculate before, as recently as ten minutes ago while lapping Leslie Ann’s fiery cunt. Kyle’s was the same, but different. As I swallowed and swallowed again from the throbbing hose clamped in my mouth, I could hear Kyle’s stunned gasps of pleasure. I could feel those gasps as cool puffs on my wet dick which waggled alone in the steaming sauna air.

Kyle crawled-rolled off me to slump on the bench. He sported a stupid grin as he panted for breath. I sat up, feeling pretty overheated and out of breath myself. Leslie Ann slid up close and I tried to rally myself for a kiss. Instead I got a tongue bath over my face. It didn’t take long. Leslie Ann sat back and made moue of disappointment at me. “You’re a very efficient jism chugger. There’s barely any for me to lick up.”

“If you’re hungry for cum, I think I have a dollop left here for the asking.” I stroked my stiff and slippery cock with a languid fist. I whoofed and shook my head. “But it is getting too hot in here. I’m almost dizzy.”

Kyle nodded “Me too. Let’s hit the showers.”

Leslie Ann sprang up, a gleaming wet dream. “Great idea. I’ll go get it running.” She skipped out the door. The room temperature air that rolled in felt like an arctic blast of refreshment on my superheated skin.

“KEEeerist it’s cold out here!” Leslie Ann’s voice wailed. A moment later the sound of blasting water could be heard. Roused, we lurched to our feet. Kyle flicked the thermostat switch on the sauna heater and we staggered out into the hallway. He went ahead of me. The light in the shower now put two tantalizing nude silhouettes on the frosted glass door. I took a moment to savour that image, and take a few desperately needed deep breaths of cool air. My head cleared.

A small subliminal scuff made me turn to the entrance of the exercise room. The door was no longer tightly closed but slightly ajar. I side-stepped silently on my bare feet so I was hidden by the open door of the sauna. Now I peered thru the gap between the hinge and the frame, just able to make out the entrance and the mysterious open door. I didn’t have long to wait. A shadow crossed in front of the vertical bar of light. All I could say was that a human of adult size was standing cautiously at that gap, but gender and age were impossible to tell.

Leslie Ann and Kyle were making sexy giggly noises in the shower’s roar, their scrumptious silhouettes a magnet to the voyeur eye. I crossed my fingers that they wouldn’t call out, asking what was keeping me. The door opened slowly wider and a figure tiptoed in. Thru my own spy crack, I could now see a woman of Japanese heritage in her late-twenties.

Her body language twanged with nervous curiousity and lust. She eased forward, her dark almond eyes wide to see something saucy. She wore the uniform one would expect in an exercise room: blue gym shorts, a grey t-shirt featuring the “Powerpuff Girls” and sneakers. Apparently more people used this exercise room than Kyle realized. Her ebony hair was done back in a cute pony tail.

Biting her lower lip, she massaged her perky tits thru the shirt cloth as she watched and listened. I stroked my cock, enjoying being the voyeur to the voyeur. Our spy used her other hand to brush the crotch of her shorts. She closed her eyes and a flush creeped up her fair skin. Her breathing deepened.

“Zach? Do you want that beautiful cock emptied or don’t you?”

The gym girl’s eyes snapped open and a small frown spoiled her growing lust. Her eyes darted about. I pushed the sauna door closed. My peeper gulped in fright as she locked eyes with me. I couldn’t help but give a wide leer as I put my right hand on my hip and used two fingers of my left hand to waggle my fat cock at her. I called out “I surely do!” In a quieter voice directed at my co-voyeur, “Would you like to do the honours?” Her eyes ran over my nude body, focussing on my thick baton. I waved it left and her eyes followed like an orchestra. I took a step closer. She gulped again and her eyes wrenched back up to my face.

“I mean, you’re obviously very interested and halfway to joining us already.” Now I looked down her lithe body. “Bubbles and Buttercup seem to have nasty bumps on their heads”. She looked down to her chest. Erect and excited nipples were distorting the thin cotton of the shirt and the cartoon characters’ image. She looked at me thru long lashes without raising her head, blushing. A small smile played on her lips.

This sort of bold seduction was way outside my usual quiet nature, but it was a day for new things. I took a step closer, now well within her “personal space”. She pressed back against the wall, but made no serious attempt to deny or escape. Her bashfully lowered head now had nothing but nude torso and bobbing cock to look at.

“Hey, no pressure. Honestly, if you don’t feel comfortable, I won’t make a move to stop you. It’s your call.” And I took a step backwards to give her room and freedom, if desired.

It wasn’t my intention, but this sincere offer had the exact opposite effect. Maybe it gave her the assurance she needed this wasn’t some rape-dominance thing. I had barely stepped back when a delicate hand reached out and gripped my penis firmly, pulling me back. She looked up at me again thru lowered lashes, only her smile was full of saucy mischief.

“I believe I’ll stay. Rumour has it this chubby fellow needs some attention.” She jacked me slowly in her cool palm. I gave an appreciative little growl.

“Gaddam it, boy, are you all right out…” Leslie Ann’s voice died in mid-scolding at the sight of me being stroked by a stranger while I bent to nuzzle her neck.

I rolled my head to look at the smirking landlady from the corner of my eye. “Look what I found, Ma. Can I keep her?”

Leslie Ann kept smirking as Kyle walked out and aired out his jaw in surprise. She crossed her arms under her full breasts and put on a mock serious tone.

“That depends on who she is and where she came from. Can’t have my newest tenant consorting with just any passing stranger.”

My Asian princess gave an unsure smile and seemed to move a smidge behind me for protection. “My name is Linda. I’m a close friend of Tabatha Jangski in #405. I’m here to visit her for a few days and I thought I’d come down to get some exercise…”

She gained confidence as Leslie Ann and Kyle’s faces split in welcoming, horny leers. Linda shrugged and slapped my naked hip. “Who knew?”

Her voice became a little inarticulate as I dragged my lips and tongue across the nape of her long neck. It also prompted a hard reflexive squeeze around my penis. I nibbled and licked my way up to her jaw line and caught her earlobe lightly in my lips. I flicked the nubbin of flesh with my tongue tip, glad she had no earring at the moment.

Her murmurs of delight were growing into pants and moans.

Behind me, Leslie Ann chuckled. “We’re going back into the shower. Come on in when you’re ready to go past first base.” Kyle laughed.

I wasn’t about to rush things. The volcanic horniness of the sauna had subsided to a smoother sexual desire. I reckoned the Poirers were perpetually ready to fuck at the drop of a hat. I was also suspecting that Linda might need her fires stoked first, and I was in a mood to do just that.

She continued to clutch and squeeze my meat in a hot palm. Her sighs breathed past my ear as I returned to her jaw and followed its sharp curve with little nips and nibbles to her other earlobe. Her free hand roamed lightly over my shoulder and arm. My wide open palms massaged her torso and back with firm ripplings of my fingers. I deliberately avoided her breasts.

I used Linda’s increasing strength and energy on my abused cock as a signal her fires were getting hot. With a quick motion, I took the hem of her t-shirt in both hands and pulled it up. The hard, cold moment in any sex when contact has to be broken in order to strip came and went. My poor sausage flailed unhappily at being abruptly left alone. I yanked the shirt off her upraised arms in a smooth motion and tossed it in the direction of my piled clothing. With that crisscross arm maneuver women get thru years of practice, Linda whipped off her sports bra.

I hissed in delight at the sight of her bobbing boobs. “Oooh, beautiful. Just lovely.” They were a size smaller than Leslie Ann’s, and sat perky on her slim torso with proud brown nipples like the proverbial pencil erasers. She grinned widely at me and her eyes sparkled in her flushed face. “You like them, do you?”

In response, I knelt in a half-squat, slipped both my hands tightly around her taut ass cheeks. I stood erect, hoisting her willowy form easily up with me. She gave a high squeal in surprise and then a deeper gasp as I tried to devour her left tit. I could nearly get the whole wonderful thing in my mouth. I slobbered on it, pressing the hard nipple with my tongue.

Her arms wrapped around my head. Her long legs went around my waist.

“Oh, gawd, yes, suck my nipple! Oh, gawd…”

Apparently Linda had senstive breasts. I switched to the right one. I ran the front of my teeth across the tip of her nipple like a series of speed bumps.

“KEERIST!” Her arms clamped my head tightly to her chest, so I could at most move my tongue on the tit flesh. Stories always claim breasts and nipples taste as sweet as they look. It’s a lot of hooey, but it didn’t stop my enjoyment at all.

I set her down abruptly and yanked off her shorts and panties with even more haste than I did her shirt. She stepped out of them and was gloriously naked. Beautiful tan skin and a bald pussy. I ran my palms back up her hairless legs and over her smooth flanks as I stood. Linda grabbed my face and brought it to her for a torrid kiss.

As our lips mashed together, we each tried to fondle as much of each other’s body as we could reach. Suffice to say, both our fires were now stoked. Finally she broke away. Our combined drool glistened around her lips.

“Fuck me! I need your cock in me so bad.” The formerly demure Linda wheezed in randy lust, her dark eyes blazing. Once again I grabbed her butt cheeks and lifted her up. With more luck than skill, we managed to connect her sopping cunt down on to my yearning meat. Her hips wiggled and shifted and abruptly our pubic bones mashed together.

We both cried out at the exquisite feelings sending us to glory. Again Linda locked arms and legs around me and started to pump and writhe as best she could. I flexed my knees and pulled her with my arms. Our chests slopped noisily together, nipples grazing over flesh, sweat slipping and sliding. Our breath heaved and blew.

“Can’t last long like this.” I groaned. I didn’t have the air to elaborate whether I meant cumming or muscle exertion. Didn’t much matter. Both applied. My balls were on fire.

Linda bit at my neck as she slid up and down my body, driving her clitoris across my sopping pubic curls. “Oh, this is so nasty. Gotta cum gonna cum wanna cum..!”

Her hoarse chanting in my ear worked straight down to my nuts. I pushed her against the wall and drove my cock into her, ejaculating deep into her.

“FUCK!” I howled.

“I can feel your cum, your cock is so hard…” Linda’s panting ended with a wordless cry as her body clenched tightly against me and her fingernails dug into my shoulder blades.

Our orgasms slowly subsided and we fought to regain our breath, our faces pressed into each other’s hair and neck. She smelled vaguely floral with the foundation of exertion. I know my sweat didn’t smell so good. I regained some composure first and, with a might heave, stood away from the wall, Linda nearly limp in my arms. My muscles were starting to quiver with the strain, but I managed to step to the shower door.

Linda roused herself. With a weary half-smile, she reached around to open the latch. I stepped cautiously over the lip into the steam cloud and set my love doll down before I dropped her.

“That didn’t take as long as I expected” Kyle murmured languidly, leaning back against the green tile wall enjoying the pelting hot water and his wife’s mouth on his schlong. Leslie Ann let go of her toy with a final lick and lip smack. She rose up off her red knees, letting her body run up Kyle’s nudity.

When I peeked in here a while ago (an hour? more? less? who knew?), the shower seemed ample in size. Of course, then I had been been a near-celibate with no other ideas in mind than washing and hygiene. With four people, the tiled cubicle went way beyond a snug fit.

It was pure erotic ecstasy.

I love body to body contact. I may be drummed out of the Real Man Club, but I’d rank snuggling and cuddling with my nude partner almost my favourite part of sex. Hey, I can pound my pepperoni any time I need an orgasm so I see the point of sex with another person (or, in my new world, people) as body contact.

And let me tell you, I had nothing but body contact in that little shower. Linda and I were a little shaky and out of focus at first, but we still savoured the slithering of slippery wet skin on skin. Practically from toes to nose, we were each in contact with two other people, and occasionally a third. Breasts mashed into hairy chests pressed into tits slided over backs. Hands of course were idly fondling and touching everywhere, but with an undirected randomness.

The insanely erotic events had given me two blistering hot orgasms in rapid succession but even this steam-cooked carnal fantasy couldn’t rouse my penis. I felt sorry for Kyle with his rejuvenated hard-on. I always envy women when it comes to enjoying full body tactile luxury. Fur rugs, silk sheets or slippery wet bodies they can roll and slide to their heart’s content, enjoying the texture to its fullest extent. If it is at all sensual, a man pops a stiffie and his sliding-gliding time is abruptly over. So, my lack of hard reaction was an unexpected bonus.

My thoughts on full body contact sports didn’t take as long to feel as it has to explain. The incongruity of such intimate contact with total strangers put a spicy stress in all of us. Or, at least, in Linda and myself.

Kyle repeated his observation, probably to distract us from any growing unease now that our brains were in charge over our glands.

“From the look of things, I expected Linda to need much more coaxing and foreplay. Hearing that raunchy shouting so soon after we came in caught me quite by surprise.”

Leslie Ann nodded. “Would I be correct in guessing you really like watching?”

Linda blushed. “I do.” She smiled crookedly at the Poirers and me. “Don’t forget listening. If you want to talk about raunchy noise…”

We chuckled. I swept a hand over her and Leslie Ann’s buttocks, lingering my fingers in each cheek cleft a moment. Leslie Ann rubbed her pussy slowly on my outer thigh. Kyle’s hand tickled my soft dick.

Linda added in a throaty voice “However, as stimulating as you beautiful people are, I came down to the exercise room already hot and bothered.” She gave a little -woo- noise and her eyes widened as someone touched something nice.

“I came to stay the weekend with Tabatha on a whim. I was sick of being alone and thought we could do a slumber party video visit. Unfortunately, today Tabatha’s girlfriend Charmaine showed up. After necking in front of me for what seems like forever, they excused themselves to Tabatha’s room and closed the door. It’s not so much like I needed the workout but that I had to get away from that noise. So what do I find when I get here? Even raunchier noise. Obviously my horoscope should have read ‘ Today’s secret word is ‘Fucking”.

After the laughter died down, Leslie Ann made a peeved face “I can’t help but feel that your friend is being a bit rude. Why couldn’t she have invited you in for a threesome?”

Kyle laughed and shook his head “You have to make allowances for Leslie Ann. She’s been a horny slut most of her life. The fact that other people are a bit more conservative in their sex is sometimes more than she can comprehend.”

“It’s so silly!” Leslie Ann was sincerely exasperated. “Sex feels too fucking good to let weird antique conventions spoil it all.” She obviously wanted to throw up her hands and gesture while she ranted, but the tight fit prevented her. I could feel her fingers flex and grope in an attempt to respond.

“Just be thankful we hit the jackpot today.”

Leslie Ann mellowed. She grinned lewdly. “I’ll say. We won the fucking lottery!” She reached a hand to fist my flaccid penis and her other slipped to cup Linda’s mound. Judging from Linda’s gurk and blush, she was about as accustomed to woman to woman touching as I was with man to man. Still, she didn’t protest. Leslie Ann seemed to take this as permission and kneaded the engorged lips more vigorously. Leslie Ann’s grip and the incredible aphrodisiac of the scene had my cock valiantly try to rouse again but the most he could achieve was a half-mast “Mr. Floppy” state. I settled happily for soaking up all the sensory feelings and images I could. It felt fantastic now and would make for some superb jerk-off material in the future.

I felt a small pang of jealousy when Linda began to examine Kyle’s stiffie with her hand and eyes. This provided a heaping helping of food for thought. Obviously, this sort of group groping precluded any sort of possessive jealousy. It would be something I’d have to watch out for if this ever happened (PLEASE, oh gawd, PLEASE) again to me.

More specifically, it made me wonder at just how much of an impact this sparkling Asian beauty had made on me in the half-hour since I’d laid eyes on her. Something to wonder about indeed.

Kyle’s guttural groans as his wife french kissed him and pawed his pectorals while Linda pumped on his dick with a wet slippery hand brought me back from my momentary reverie. I gallantly put both my hands to work fondling the hard-working ladies. With a somewhat awkward twisting of my arms, I managed to cup their wet pussies. In the shower, it was hard to tell how much of their flow was water and how much sex juices. I fiddled and diddled with my fingers like a mad pianist playing both parts of a duet.

I massaged their pussy lips. I rubbed their budding clits. It was an interesting anatomy study: The more statuesque Leslie Ann’s clit was a hidden little pebble while the slender Linda had quite a prominent love bud. I dipped my middle finger as deep as I could into their slippery interiors. Their increasingly loud gasps and obscenities were music sweeter than any piano concert to my ears.

The final crescendo of passion and lust reached right thru my ears and down my spine like a live wire. My half-awake cock sprang to attention. I’m not kidding when I say the sound of females having an orgasm, particularly with my help, is a potent aphrodisiac. Kyle’s male grunting provided a nice underscore to it as well.

We all gasped mightily for air in the humid steam. Jerky laughs of pleasure and disbelief punctuated my laugh anyway.

“Oh gawd, this just can’t be happening. It’s beyond words. I’ve fallen into a porno movie with unlimited budget.” I couldn’t help but shout joyfully to the heavens and the generous gods “I do not want to wake up!!”

This sparked smiles and laughter. Leslie Ann gave me a squeeze around the waist and a kiss of welcome, I guess.

Linda smiled in that way of hers that made her look so demure and bashful. I loved it. She opened and closed her mouth. She giggled and shrugged (which felt so nice down the left side of my body). “Me too!!” she yelled and laughed.

Kyle chuckled and gave her the same kiss and squeeze. He looked happily at his wife. “Looks like we have some new fuck buddies!”

Leslie Ann nodded eagerly. “Believe me folks, this doesn’t happen to us every day.” She paused a moment, looking thoughtful. “Once a week, at most.”

“Well, Zach will be living here and Linda will hopefully visit us when she stop by to see Tabatha. It’s all looking pretty good.” Kyle nodded in satisfaction. “However, I’m turning into a prune here. Reality intrudes.”

Leslie Ann rolled her eyes. “He’s always like that. Mr. Practical.” She smiled wickedly at him. “Still, I love him anyway.” They kissed passionately. For the first time in this orgy of a morning, I felt like an intruding voyeur. I busied myself by fumbling around behind me for the latch. The frosted glass swung open and we stumbled out like sopping wet clowns from a little steam car.

The air in the narrow corridor felt chilly after all the heat. I looked left. I looked right. Linda’s reactions were faster than mine and she shrieked in disbelief. “Our clothes are gone!”

While panic froze me, and hysteria threatened to claim Linda, Kyle and Leslie Ann pushed past us. We weren’t hallucinating. The clothing we scattered hither and yon in our horny haste was gone. I’m sure the others had every right to feel creeping panic, but I felt I was the greatest victim. I had been the only one in full street clothes. My wallet, my keys, everything went with my clothing.

Kyle’s booming laugh and Leslie Ann’s merry laugh acted like a bucket of snow on Linda and I. I’m sure we both harboured evil thoughts about our “fuck buddies”…until Kyle shoved a note under my eyes.

“Dear psycho crazy sex maniacs,

Obviously clothing is only a hindrance to lusty pervos like yourselves. To better aid you in your debauchery, we have taken said articles into custody. Now you can live naked and free.

Generously yours,

The Phantom Phuckers in 501.”

I blinked, confused and not totally free of panic. I could only manage a dumbfounded look of helplessness at Leslie Ann and Kyle while Linda read the note with frantic eyes.

“They’re friends of ours. Quite the jokers. Your stuff is quite safe.”

I blinked at Kyle’s casual tone. “Yeah, but safe five floors up!”

Leslie Ann and Kyle nodded. “Exactly.”

Linda and I exchanged desperate glances. What were we missing?

She had a go. “How do we get up there?”

“Elevator or stairs. Your choice. I think I fancy the elevator today. How about you sweetie?” Kyle looked inquiringly down at his wife.

“Oh, I think the stairs! Definitely.” Kyle shrugged indifferently at Leslie Ann’s answer in easy-going agreement.

“BUT WE’RE NAKED!” Linda wailed.

I nodded in definite sympathy.

“Yes! Isn’t it exciting?” Leslie Ann shivered a bit, her wet hair dribbling drops of water. “And I’m heading out pronto before I catch my death of cold!”

Kyle and Leslie Ann skipped quickly out the door into the gym area, leaving a wet trail of footprints on the tiles and then the carpet. I aired out my jaw at Linda. She was equally flabbergasted. I fluttered my hands helplessly.

“There isn’t a thing to use for cover. Unless we rip a door off its hinges or something. We either streak or we hide in the sauna forever and ever.”

Her cute face distorted in trapped misery. Then she took a deep breath and visibly got a grip on herself.

“Let’s go!”

Like swimmers gritting their teeth and making the final determined plunge into water known to be icy cold, Linda and I scampered after the Poirers. We skipped in that prancing toe-walk that people in bare feet adopt. We left our own wet footprints on the exercise room carpet. Even in the midst of this wingnut situation, I couldn’t help but notice our gleaming wet nude forms bounding and jiggling in the full mirrors of the little gym. We looked pretty good.

In fact, my not-so-latent exhibitionism seemed to be waking up with some gusto.

We entered the laundry room as that door closed. Leslie Ann and Kyle weren’t waiting for us, the bastards.

“Hurray up. I think I’d rather share being the victim with Leslie Ann and Kyle than just be us alone.”

“Don’t push, I’m going!”

I hadn’t realized I’d lightly prodded Linda’s nude back with my hands when she hesitated at the laundry door. Beyond lay the main hallway leading to the lobby, the main door and the back door.

Linda opened the door a crack and stuck her head out for a quick look. My chivalry was being pushed to the limit not to barge past her cautious advance and let her make her own way. Fortunately, Linda flung the door wide and blasted out. I followed on her heels.

Just in time to see the elevator doors slide closed. I think Leslie Ann gave us a little wave with her fingers.

“I guess we’re going up the stairs!” Linda altered course without breaking stride.

Only about ten steps separated the laundry room door from the stairway entrance. Linda flew ahead of me thru the door. I had to pause a heartbeat to look over my shoulder at the big lobby windows showing the public street beyond. People in their winter gear huddled past, too miserable with the cold to be sightseeing and peeping in windows. I flicked my cock at the world in general the bounced thru the door.

If following Linda the few steps in the corridor had been food for my eyes, following her up five flights of stairs was a moving feast. Even a taut body woman like Linda wobbled in the most compelling ways. My brain had nearly reached memory capacity for storing all the stupendous wonders I’d experienced today.

The flex and jiggle of that wonderful femininity soon had my cock bouncing and flapping in happy harmony.

We couldn’t go the speed we might have in rubber-soled sneakers. In damp, bare feet on cool concrete, with various bits of our anatomy dancing in ways we weren’t used to, we did half the climb rate. It seemed to take forever…and it seemed to be going by too quickly.

Linda called back, her speech broken by the exertion and anxiety. “I’ve got a huge decision to make here.” Turn the corner, flex, shimmy, bounce. “Which is more embarrassing?” Climb, jiggle, jiggle. “To beg naked in front of strangers?” Pause, puff. “Or knock on Tabatha’s door and explain myself to her?”

I reached the landing and stood beside her. I nodded sympathetically. “It’s a tough call, but if Tabatha can leave you to go have a fuck with her girlfriend in the next room, she can’t be too prudish.”

Linda gave a cockeyed smile at me. “NOooo, you couldn’t call Tabatha ‘prudish’…” She nodded decisively. “I’m going to chance Tabatha.” She looked up at me with pleading eyes. “Could you get my clothes? And Tabatha’s keys?”

“Of course.”

“And could you wait a minute while I see if Tabatha will even answer her door?”

“Certainly. For I am known across the kingdom as Sir Zach the Chivalrous.”

She swept her arms around my neck, stood on tiptoes and gave me a deep kiss. I responded happily, running my hands over her smooth back. She ground our bodies together, rolling her tight stomach muscles so my cock was happily mashed between us.

Linda pulled back, leaving her arms around me, her amazing almond eyes now definitely shy and hesitant. “You may be the nicest man I’ve met in months, if not years. You’re moving into #306 here? Can I see you again?”

I frowned in concern. “I don’t know. My mommy always warned me about girls who were too forward.” I hugged her close, flexing hot penis against her tummy.

She snorted and tried to move away.

I smiled widely. “I can’t describe how much I’d like to have you knock on my door.” She smiled back.

The definite sound of a door opening into the stairwell above us interrupted all this mushy stuff. Linda eeped and I released her. She flung open the door to Floor 4 and stepped thru. Several voices were coming up the stairwell. I dove thru after her, pulling the door softly shut.

Luckily, #405 was right next to the stairs. Linda skipped over, hesitated a second, and knocked. I glanced around the short hall and the half-dozen silent apartment doors. I saw another red EXIT sign at the far end and I knew great relief. Another stair!

I took two steps in that direction before stopping to wait and see Linda’s fate. I fidgeted on the balls of my bare feet, trying to glance in every direction at once. She looked at me over her shoulder, shrugged, and knocked again. After an eternal minute, #405 opened and a cute, be-freckled woman stood there in an kimono affair half-wrapped around her voluptuous form, held in place with one hand. She illustrated that even a cute strawberry blonde bob of hair could not escape the tousled wildness that sex inflicts.

“Holy christ on a pogostick! Linda?!?” As Tabatha stood in shell-shock, Linda turned and waved at me, blowing me a quick kiss. I returned it with enthusiasm. Linda’s gesture drew Tabatha’s bewildered attention away from her stark naked friend to my stark naked body. I gave the gobsmacked redhead a jaunty wave before zipping away to the other stairwell.

I threw open the exit door and nearly collided with a fuzzy eskimo. The tip of my madly waving cock actually brushed the soft fabric of a fur coat before my reflexes bounced me back a step. My total nudity stood at startling contrast to this person’s winter-cocooned form. The long lashes and the deep green eyes between scarf and toque gave me the idea I faced a woman. No other apparent clue presented itself thru the multiple layers of clothing.

Those beautiful eyes widened in astonishment. They flicked down my body, lingering a moment on my erect meat (I was happy to note) before flicking back up to my face.

What could I do? I shrugged, smiled sheepishly and winked. The responding wink was a very welcome response indeed. She gestured one mittened hand. “Excuse me.” The sultry, but merry, tone of the voice was also reassuring, and confirmed my guess of femininity.

I was standing directly in the doorway to the fourth floor. “I beg your pardon.” I held the door gallantly and she stepped past. “Thank you, kind sir.”

“My pleasure, ma’am.”

I bounded away up the last flight of stairs. A peal of feminine laughter rose up after me before the closing door cut it off.

I climbed one landing of steps and had the fifth floor door in sight when a riot spilled out into the stairwell from, at a guess, the sixth floor.

“C’mon, we can beat mommy down the stairs!”

“Race you!”

The high, excited voices could not be older than ten, tops. The rapid pounding of little feet down the stairs clutched my guts with more fear than a landslide of ice and boulders. Playing naked games with adults was one thing, but a man flashing his pecker to kids could expect a deserved reservation in hell, otherwise known as maximum security prison.

So close, and yet I had no chance to reach my goal of the fifth floor. Dammit! I leapt back down to four, my feet smacking painfully as I leapt the last few steps onto the concrete, seconds ahead of the laughing rugrat avalanche. I had no idea what floor the kids had as a destination, so I couldn’t leisurely loiter in the hallway. I flung open the door, heart ripping in my chest, ready to dash down to Tabatha’s apartment and hope they let me in quickly.

Directly in front of me, again, stood the fur-clad woman. Her apartment lay directly beside the stairwell exit and she had just unlocked her door. I plunged past her into the dark cozy entry. I stopped, peering anxiously over her shoulder at the stair door oozing closed on its hinges.

“Please hide me. There are kids in that stairway and I don’t want to flash them.” That’s me, the naked pervert with a golden streak of gallantry.

The woman had a quick mind, that’s for sure. No bluster, no shouts of indignation and no stupid repetitive questions. She cocked one ear to the squeals and giggles approaching. She gave me a firm shove with a cool hand and shut her apartment to the noisy and nosey world.

I put my eye to the security peep hole in the door. I shuddered with deep bone relief at a near miss. Three little bodies hurled out of the stairway and on to the fourth floor.

“That was too close. They’re right outside.” I continued to watch, and listen.

“I don’t think they’re staying long. The little darlings are just pushing the elevator button. Always nice to know kids appreciate the classic gags. They’ll be gone in a second.”

I rested my forehead on the door, eyes closed and trying to control my breathing and thudding heart. “I can’t thank you enough for this incredibly freaky and embarrassing moment.” I took a final breath and turned to face my hostess, trying to casually cover my wilting penis with my hands while hoping any blushes would be taken as exertion. I hoped I wouldn’t see her dialing 911.

The woman had peeled off her winter gear and kept on peeling. I turned in time to see her sweater go over her head and fluff out a mane of red hair. Her large breasts and wide nipples lay exposed between a string of pearls and a deep green bustier that supported but didn’t hide. She smiled like a cat with a free mouse as she worked the side fastening to her skirt. She stepped out of it and tossed the black thing off to the side. She put her hands on generous hips and struck a sexy pose. Despite the frigid weather, the lady didn’t believe in underwear. No panties. All she now wore was the green bustier that supported garter belts to sheer stockings, a pair of stylish outdoor high-heeled boots that reached up her shapely calves and the aforementioned string of pearls. She shaved her pussy. Her red nipples were puffies and getting puffier.

“I couldn’t very well have a guest feel inappropriately dressed in my home, now could I?” She swayed towards me, her voluptuous figure jiggling ripely. My flagging cock revved back up for a look.

She eased up to me, long manicured nails toying with my nipples and chest hair. Her green eyes sized me up as they did in the stairwell, lingering leisurely in their inspection this time. At this intimate range, the tantalizing scent of subtle perfume and female arousal filled my nose. I could see the fine lines in the corner of her eyes and face. In her 50′s, I’d guess, but a truly magnificent 50′s. She obviously fought aging with cunning, guile and determination.

I kept my hands to myself as she trailed those claws down my torso. The aura of domination held me firm. If she decided to scream, I’d be filleted and broiled. Best to let her take the full lead in hand and not take a chance on annoying her.

“So, I don’t recall seeing you in the building before. Seems a cold day to be out perving the city.” She stroked across my newly firmed belly in lazy swipes. “What’s your story? And your name?”

“Zach. And I only came looking for a vacant apartment.”

She gave a throaty growl, abruptly seizing my rock hard cock in a velvet vise of a grip. She looked up in to my eyes. “Go on.” She leaned up and a tongue traced my collarbone.

“Well, um…well. Kyle the landlord was showing me the sauna facilities and then Leslie Ann came in freezing.”

A purring chuckle vibrated against my throat. “I think I can imagine what happened to your clothes soon after that, knowing the Poirers the way I do. But wandering the hallways….?”

“There are some crazy pranksters in 501 who took them. I was trying to get up there and…”

“You fell in to my clutches.” She leaned back and looked up at me with hooded eyes and a sly smile. Her puffy nipples rubbed thru the hair on my chest. I couldn’t stop my hips moving slightly, reflexively fucking her massaging grip.

She stood away from me, pulling me along by my boner. I waddled slightly on tiptoe to follow her into a plush, cushion-filled living room. She threw a few pillows on to the rug and pushed me down on them. Down the flame-haired vixen followed, her silk-clad torso rubbing along my body.

“I owe the nuts in #501 a favour. I’m going to let them have this wonderful hot tool.” She abruptly let go of my cock, letting it vibrate desperately alone. A booted leg swung over my chest and a hot, wet pussy pressed into my belly.

“But I do need payment of some kind for my good deed.” She slid slowly forward on her knees, leaving a trail of molten pussy lubrication over my chest. Her green eyes looked down into mine, afire with lust. She fondled her nipples as she slid forward. Leaning forward, she adjusted herself and sat her bald, juicy cunt lips square on to my face.

“Lick me, Zach. You’re not leaving until I’m done cumming, so your tongue better be talented.”

Oh, please don’t trow me in dat old briar patch…little did my benefactor-captor know that I loved to lick pussy. I nuzzled my face into the petals of her opening, smearing my face liberally with warm wetness. My hands massaged her bum cheeks, adjusting her so I could easily reach my work. I teased her clit with the tip of my nose. Her hands ran thru my curly hair.

I extended my tongue and flicked it side to side, fluttering the outer lips. She gasped and undulated. I gently exhaled hot air across the damp folds, causing another tremor of lust in the ripe body crushing my chest. I caught the tender petals in my lips, tugging and pulling gently. Her breath caught and my hair received a pull.

I extended my tongue, tasting the unique flavour of aroused woman. Musky, momentarily odd, then quickly delightful and inspiring. Deeper and deeper I plunged, pressing my tongue as far as it would go. Her thighs clutched my head and she made a soft squeal.

Lapping and licking, I came closer and closer to the prominent button of erect flesh. I circled around and around the bud, ignoring her whines and writhings. I pursed my lips, wet them thoroughly, and plunged on to the clit. She groaned long and loud.

I licked and probed, I kissed and massaged, I nuzzled and tasted. My tongue began to tire and my neck had a kink developing. I ignored both and kept at it, timing my efforts to the silkie thighs squeezing my ears, the nails digging into my scalp and the moans filling the apartment. I slid my hands up from her buttocks, up the smooth satin of the bustier and found her erect nipples. I stabbed ferociously at her clit with my tongue at the same time I gave her swollen tips a good pinch.

She tried to crush my skull with her thighs and spasmed. The mark of a job well done. She may have moaned, but my ears were covered.

Eventually my partner collapsed. She slid off me to sprawl across the rug and couch cushions. I rolled on to my side, supporting my head with my left hand. I raised my right leg to better display my extremely erect cock. I refrained from touching the boy, since it could likely trigger a spurt right away.

“So, I assume I’ve paid my debt and am free to go?”

Her eyes came back into focus and she blinked at me. “Oh, yes. Though I’m tempted to keep you and your tongue here forever.”

“I will be taking apartment 306. No doubt I’ll see you in the hallway.”

“Fuck the hallway. I’ll see you in bed!”

“It’s a date.” I clambered to my feet. I extended a hand to help her up, but she shook her head and only curled like a cat on the pillows, languidly looking up at me past my erection.

I had just graduated from College and moved back home for a couple of months until I got set up with an apartment. The anhedonia of life in the family home was starting to overwhelm me. I missed my friends and my freedom. I felt altogether too big to be back in my old bedroom, like it wasn’t a part of me anymore.

My wonderful mother was revelling in having her little boy back home and had stepped back in time about ten years, treating me as though I was unable to do a single thing for myself. The novelty of this had worn off after a day. There was too much fussing, something my dad simply rolled his eyes at and with a good-humoured smirk told me to go along with.

This theme had extended to a reunion dinner with old family friends, the son of whom I had been raised with. Both families were much too excited to have everyone back together, all grown up. I did not share their enthusiasm. This was sure to be a chore.

Our parents had been friends for years and we were pushed together as children, him a nervous entity that ran crying to his mother at any given opportunity. He was a year younger than me and by the time I was fourteen we had firmly established that there was no mutual ground with which to be friends. As their visits loomed I would find any excuse to escape and it seemed he caught on to the trick as he too gained his own liberation.

Christmas cheer had to be mustered from somewhere. I was sure he would be just as reticent. Maybe he would bring his comics and hide behind his mother’s armchair reading as he used to. Ha. Maybe it would be interesting to see if he had changed.

The day they were due for dinner I was working. I had spent the morning fixing the Christmas tree after my dad had thrown it up, and chucked whatever glittery things he could find over it. My mom wanted it to be special and I wanted to help her out. It was as if the President was visiting. The house was immaculate, mom was up early to start the preparations for the meal and truthfully after a morning of chores I was glad to have the excuse of employment to bow out of this mad house.

I had taken a job at the local library to tide me over and to help out with the extra cost of having me at home, something my mother only grudgingly accepted.

It was a small town so the job was not a busy one and I spent my days reading penguin classics. The building was an old stone nook with a bell above the front door and ceiling high shelves with ladders to reach the top. I loved it here. There was a large fire that I would sit at as I read, curled up with an eye on the door.

It was from this vantage point that I watched the snow as it began to float in the sky. Content with my settings, I knew there wouldn’t be any interruptions in this weather. I wrapped my scarf round me, saving my neck from the draught and cradled a cup of coffee in the fire’s glow. I was the only one working today and it wasn’t until my cell vibrated itself off the side table with my mother’s call that I realised I had lost track of time. I should have been home an hour ago to help with the last minute preparations for tonight’s dinner. I put out the embers that remained and made my way to the door to lock up as I apologised to her.

I trudged through the snow to my car and defrosted it as best I could before setting off for home. In the dark with the headlights on the snow was flying toward me, making it difficult to see the road. I wondered if they would be able to make the hour long drive over for dinner. As I pulled into the drive I saw their car and knew that they had made it.

I knew my parents would have wanted me to change into something smarter for our guests and I had to prepare myself mentally both for the stern looks from them as they clocked my sweater torn at the neck and for the prospect of having to make awkward conversation when I was once again pushed together with him.

Dinner was uneventful, filled mostly with questions about long term ambitions. His parents were utterly lovely and polite as always and he seemed overwhelmingly uncomfortable, saying very little and scrutinising everyone’s facial expressions, looking towards his parents before each sentence he offered. Nothing had changed.

Before the apple pie had been served it had been decided that they would stay the night, the snow having continued heavily did not make for safe driving conditions.

After dinner our parents made their way to the lounge telling us not to worry, we were allowed to go do something else instead of “listening to the oldies wittering on”. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye before breathing out a laugh and telling him to follow me to the den. It was always warm in there and the ratty old sofa was the comfiest place in the house.

I told him to have a look through the DVDs and see if anything took his fancy – it was that or board games, and I couldn’t see us getting down to a serious game of twister or scrabble. While he was perusing the shelves I brought through a couple of glasses of mulled wine and curled up on the sofa.

It was pretty late when I opened my eyes to find I had fallen asleep watching the movie. He was asleep too, breathing deeply and evenly, his knee touching mine. I don’t know why but I waited for five minutes to wake him. I took in every feature in detail while listening to the DVD menu music play on loop.

I could hear that our parents had already gone to bed and gave him a gentle nudge to wake him and lead him to his room for the night where I left him.

I got to my room and fell onto my bed, unable now to sleep. This was partly to do with the cold that had seeped into the upper floor of the house and something else I couldn’t put my finger on.

The house was finally silent, it had creaked its last and settled for the night. I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, smoking, the ashtray balanced on my chest. The night hadn’t been as horrific as I had thought. I was relieved, almost, that I had seen them all again after so many years. Funny. They were all totally the same.

There was a noise in the hallway and then my door opened. He stumbled into my room, smiling to himself. “Fuck, why would someone leave a pile of books in the hall to fall over in the dark?” He walked over towards my bed, replying to my confused look by holding up a bottle of bourbon “This was supposed to be a coping mechanism for the horrors of tonight. No need apparently.” He threw himself onto the end of my bed, turned his head towards me and grinned.

“What’s this? Smoking? Tut tut, and I thought you were a good boy!” He lifted the cigarette out of my slack hand and took a draw.

I could only stare at him. What had happened to the shy and retiring kid that I had been reintroduced to?

I closed my gawking mouth as he turned to look at me, raising an eyebrow. He blew a smoke ring and laughed. “What?!” he asked, grinning.

I had nothing to say so I simply stole my cigarette back and let him come up with a reply to his own question.

“Oh, come on! I’m not still some little prude who won’t open his mouth to anyone. I grew out of that a long time ago, you just didn’t ever give me the chance to show you that!” he accused. There was no malice behind his accusation and I was thankful for that. He kept his air of surprising good humour about him as he laughed at me again.

“We weren’t really planning on staying the night so I thought I might be able to borrow some pyjamas, it’s fucking freezing in this house! And I thought you might want to help me with this – warm up a bit!” he clinked the bottle with his ring as he held it up.

I got up to get him some bottoms and a hoodie and as I threw him his night clothes he stood up and started to change. I busied myself on the other side of the room pretending to look for a lighter, glancing back once or twice and catching a glimpse of his slim well defined frame. Once he was covered up again I jumped back onto my bed, back into its warmth. He stood in the middle of the room looking about him for a second before picking up my hat and scarf and putting them on whilst shivering for effect. He moved back to my bed, sat with his back against the wall and pulled the covers over him. Our knees were touching again as we settled down to talking. Truthfully, I had plenty of room and could have moved over but the small glimpse of skin I had seen intrigued me and I kept close to him. He uncorked the bottle and took a swig before passing it to me.

It was surprising what a difference the whiskey made, my insides felt like they were glowing in warmth. He was getting cosy himself and had unravelled my scarf a little so it draped off his shoulder now, the fringes of it close by my side.

I started to play with the threads, running them through my fingers while the conversation continued. I felt completely at ease with him there, but there was a nagging pull on my stomach every time I looked up to see him peeking out of my bauble hat, looking every part the unaware model.

I noticed his eyes follow my fingers as they swept their way through the yarn, a subtle smile pulling up one side of his mouth. I carefully pulled the end of the scarf and brought it completely into my lap.

“Why did you do that?” he asked softly.

“It was distracting me” I answered surprisingly truthfully. He exhaled through his nose as a smile played across his face.

Without warning he leaned over and pulled the zip of my chunky knitted sweater down. I raised an eyebrow as he stated “Ditto”. It was my turn to play coy as I felt my cheeks flush with colour.

Seemingly very pleased with himself he smiled “You’re blushing.”

I retaliated by pulling his hat off, messing up his hair in the process.

This time neither of us smiled, both of us staring at each other, unblinking, before simultaneously quickly pulling off our shirts. An arms reach from each other we stalled, understanding perfectly what was going to happen. Both of us were kneeling on the bed and he moved himself forward slowly, in direct contrast to the haste of our undressing. Never looking away, he said nothing but conveyed everything. He slowly confronted me, his green eyes tracing my neck and shoulder.

We held ourselves an inch apart, revelling in the delicious agony of our separation, waiting with anticipation for the electricity to pass between us as we overcame our personal abyss.

My trembling fingers quested forwards, hovering over his heat, shaping the air around him. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and face as he danced his head around me, choosing carefully the place he would first kiss me.

He surprised me totally.

He licked behind my left earlobe and held my ear playfully between his teeth. It was more intimate than anything anyone had ever done to me.

He grazed the length of my ear with his teeth and then moved to my face, kissing each of my eyelids. He pulled away enough that his breath left me and I was in agony.

My eyes flittered open to see him taking me in, a smile playing in his eyes, his lips slightly parted. His full lower lip was so inviting I reached over to touch it. I skimmed my finger over his mouth, tracing the delicious shape of it before he kissed my finger and brought both hands up to cup my hand. He pulled my hand down and placed it on his hip bone and moved in to kiss my mouth for the first time. The play up to this moment had heightened each of my senses and when the kiss finally came I melted into it totally. It was soft and tender and tasted wonderful. I bit and sucked his cushion of a bottom lip softly and then ran my tongue gently along the line where his lips met.

He opened his mouth at once and our kiss evolved into a deep embrace, our tongues trying to pull the other one closer. I wound my hands into his ruffled brown hair as the pressure of our union increased. We pushed forward and arched back, grabbing indiscriminately at each other.

His pawing of my chest started to gain in force and he pushed me down onto the bed. As he did this he spread my legs and pulled himself on top of me and bore down on me continuing his kisses. At that moment I let out a keening whine and breathed his name. It was a sound I have never come close to making before. It took me by surprise and I lifted his head from mine for a moment.

He tried to nuzzle the air near me, protesting at our separation. I held him in place and waited until he brought his eyes to mine and pulled through my pupils the thoughts gushing through my brain.

“I haven’t really….. I might not be the best….. I mean it’s my…..”

He started giggling and I went scarlet. He kissed me all over my burning face, his hot breath snorting out with each laugh only inflamed my skin more.

“A virgin!”

I squirmed.

“No. I just haven’t been with a guy before.” He pinned my arms above my head and snaked his neck until he made me hold his gaze. My pride was drained.

“Tell me more.” he said.

“What else is there?” I was dying. “I’ve never had the guts to go with it and admit that I like guys.” Oh God, this was painful.

“Do you feel uncomfortable?” I nodded, he grinned even further. “Good. That’s for telling everyone I peed in the pool when we were on vacation when I was seven. Asshole move, dude.”

“Bastard!” I laughed and pushed against him, fighting him. We rolled on top of each other, each trying to restrain the other.

I gave in to him and relented. He was the one who knew what he was doing. The shy kid. The one I had written off as not worth hanging out with because he was quiet and not cool enough. It was he who had taken control and started this with his unzipping. He who had got me to admit what I never have to anyone. How was he the one who had his shit together?

When I figured out that I was gay I didn’t want to alienate my friends, I thought they wouldn’t accept it or me. I guess I didn’t give them enough credit. I was also too terrified to admit it as they would expect me to act on it and meet a guy. Giving myself over to someone so completely scared the living hell out of me. Yet here I was, legs wrapped around the most unlikely of partners. I couldn’t have been happier.

He kissed me then, breathing “sorry for laughing” into my mouth. His shoulders still hunched with the last of his amusement. I kissed him back, pushing up into him until he was kneeling once more and I was straddling his lap. I pulled at his hair and his head fell back exposing his neck. I licked and bit my way down it, my hands tracing the muscles of his chest and rubbing across his sensitive nipples.

I was starting to get hot. God, this was incredible. I could feel my body take over as I started to roll my hips, grinding myself into him. He was dragging his fingers up and down my spine pulling the lower part of my body more firmly onto his. With his mouth open, his lower lip dragging up my neck, he whispered “Lie down.”

I did as he said and he explored my stomach with his hands as he brought his head to my crotch. He was lying between my legs and he rested his head on my thigh, looking at my heat, his steady breath teasing me as my member pulsed.

He ran a finger from the corona along the underside and down to my balls and then carefully kissed the tip of my penis, adding a flick of his tongue to it’s opening. I was already leaking my excitement. He used his finger to spread my fluid across my head before he took me into his mouth. His tongue worked in so many magical ways as he sucked me in. He bobbed his head up and down as I shuddered into the bed, my hands grabbing at the covers in an effort not to shout out.

He gently played with my balls as he worked on me. He would occasionally rise his head high enough to let my cock slip out and flip back onto my stomach, the cool air on my wet skin adding to the pleasure. He worked on me with his hands again, stroking me and playing with my balls.

He took only the tip back into his mouth and used one hand around my base to create an incredible pressure. As he did this the hand that was on my balls moved further down, fingers grazing my perineum until they hit my most intimate part. I felt myself tighten up with nerves instantly. This was something I had never experienced before.

He lifted his head, sucked on one of his fingers and told me to relax. “This will feel great, I promise.” I nodded, trying to believe him. He stroked me again and as he brought his mouth back to my cock he gently pushed his finger into me.

It felt a bit odd and not particularly hot until he pressed on something deep inside me and I lost my mind. I lifted up my hips, pushing further down his throat and allowing better access for his fingers, begging him to continue. I had never felt anything like it. I bucked my hips a couple more times until I felt the familiar tightness and fullness spread, my stomach in knots.

I tapped him on the shoulder “I can’t hold on, I’m going to…” He batted my hand away and continued as I exploded into his mouth. I spurted a load bigger than I had ever managed and he sucked me and pressed on my button until I was spent and my penis started to soften slightly. I twitched with each stimulation, unable to keep still. I was so turned on and so sensitive after my orgasm I had to drag him up to stave him off any more torture; it was almost painful after my release, every nerve ending was buzzing.

He brought himself to kneel over me on his hands and knees, a sheepish look on his face as he smiled, knowing what he had in his mouth. He smiled a close-lipped smile and brought his face to mine and kissed me. I could taste myself in him and he swirled the last of my seed into our kiss then parted, a string of saliva and sperm connecting us briefly. He knelt up, grinning and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and then rolled onto his side, pulling me round to face him.

Lying together, face to face, I stared into his eyes and stroked the hair out of his eyes. His almond shaped eyes never left mine. I marvelled at the discovery of a perfect blue dot in his green eyes. A discovery I knew to be one only found when this intimately connected.

I ran my hands over his defined arms and watched his muscles twitch under his skin. I could feel him move his hips slightly, the tip of his penis grazing my leg.

I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had given me and I reached down between us to wrap my hand around him. He felt so wonderfully different from me. I could feel him pulse and jolt with each stroke. His mouth was open and he leaned towards me without fully connecting with my face. We didn’t break away from our gaze.

I moved up and down his member slowly. When I began to ring my thumb around his head his eyes closed and he pushed into me gasping. His face nuzzled into my neck as he called out my name. I had never heard it sound so beautiful.

When he bucked himself into orgasm the ropes of his pleasure fell onto my stomach and chest, with a few hitting him too – one landing on his chin. I leant over and sucked the juice off his chin, tasting him for the first time. I was thrilled I had managed to cause such excitement in someone else.

He fell onto his back looking to the ceiling. With my arm behind his neck I rolled to cuddle into him as we both drifted into nocturnal bliss.

When I awoke the next morning the room was bright and the snow was sitting on the window ledges a foot high. My hand was slackly round his manhood and he was making contented groans as he began to stir and come to.

His long eyelashes fluttered and then opened. He stretched his whole body and grunted sweetly before looking down to my hand. “Morning” he sighed, a grin sleepily spreading over his face. His body went lax after his stretch and he rolled on top of me, giving me his whole weight, his breathing whispering into my ear while he closed his eyes again.

“Looks like we’re not driving anywhere today….”

The ice and snow stretched as far as she could see. She hated it. With a passion that bordered on obsessive, Samara had come to hate the snow. She wished that the leader of the Amazon-like group of women hadn’t chosen to travel away from their lovely tropical coast. But she had. Their army was larger than it had been when they’d started out over a year ago. That much of the journey had been worth it. However, they were now stuck in the mountain, having had to carve out a home in it till things thawed and they could move on.

What’s worse is that now they had to face down another army that was ready to meet them on the field at any time. An army of men who refused to understand the matriarchal ways of their tribe. They weren’t true Amazons. There were men in their employ and in their army. Men who’d chosen to serve loyally and take orders from women. Other men served in other ways. It’s just the way things were with them.

Samara stood on the ledge of the mountain and stared down at the vast field of white. Just below the ridge in the distance, she knew that the enemy army gathered, burrowing down into the ground to seek its warmth. They carved into the Mother’s belly to make a temporary home the same way the women had created their home in the mountain. She was, for lack of a better term, the general of this army, their leader trusting no one else to strategize and organize the group of them. Another woman, taller with light golden brown hair came to stand by her; she seemed much more comfortable in the cold than Samara was. Samara, who was wrapped in furs and had had to commission fur-lined boots. She hated the cold. She hated the confinement of the clothes she’d been forced to wear. Fur was nice enough for a time, but the day in and day out routine of donning all of this covering was beginning to wear on her patience.

“What will we do?” the other woman asked, her green eyes wearing a look of concern. She valued her independence the same as the rest of the women and she hated the idea of losing it to the savage bastards that waited to chain them below.

“We will wait them out and see what needs to be done. If we have to, we will leave at night when they will all be too drunk and full from their celebrations. They think they’ve bested us…they haven’t. If we have to, we will fight. Hopefully it won’t come to that.” Samara crossed her arms over her small chest hidden by the fur. Another woman joined them long enough to say that her scouts had reported that the men that opposed them were getting lazy and unwatchful. This boded well for them…but there was always a vigilant one amongst the apathetic. “Go and see to your scouts. Make sure they’re fed and rested. Send more scouts out in their stead. Rotate them. We can’t let our guard down.” When the smaller, darker haired and skinned woman nodded and walked away, Samara let out a sigh that showed a tiny veneer of exhaustion.

“You should rest yourself. You will make yourself sick,” the woman told her leader. Before Samara could say anything in protest, she spoke again. “You’ve scarcely eaten anything, you’ve not slept more than an hour at a time. You are tense. And you are spending more time in this weather that you despise without taking warmth with you. You will break before we return home, I fear.”

Just as the commander was about to speak, a new voice from behind addressed her. It was a male voice.

“The Queen wishes to know what our status is.”

There was respect and reverence to the young man’s voice and when Samara turned, she saw indeed a young man, no more than 18 years of age, dressed in similar furs to what everyone else had had to don. He stood a good four inches above Samara, his hair a soft sandy brown and blue eyes like the clear sky. She noticed the tension between the woman next to her and the boy, but she ignored it. She had no time for ex-lovers’ spats.

“Tell her…,” she paused and sighed again. Then she turned to the other woman. “Asiza, will you keep watch here until someone else comes out? It won’t be for long, I promise you. I will need to see to this matter personally.” The taller woman nodded and found a comfortable place to sit down, taking her duty seriously. Samara turned and walked back into the mountain pass that led to the deeper part of the mountain where they’d made their home. The boy followed her. When they were inside the mountain, it was apparent that their force was much larger than the other army realized. There were at least 400 with them, some ready and armed to fight as soon as they were commanded. Samara found one person that seemed responsible enough and gave a verbal message to be delivered to the Queen.

“Tell her I can be reached in my quarters but that I need a break before I fall down. I’ll be useless to her if that happens.”

The servant nodded and hurried off in the direction of the safer area where the woman who ultimately led them resided. Samara watched him go and then turned toward her own area. Without looking back at him, she motioned to the boy to follow her. She didn’t need to look behind her to know that he obeyed.

Royo had never been invited into the commander’s private “chamber,” if this alcove of the mountain could be called a chamber. There were curtains that gave it an enclosed feeling and there were guards outside it to keep unwanted visitors away. He’d brought messages to her here, but until this moment, his dealings with her had been strictly business-like or banter around the feast table. He expected that Samara’s room would be cold and severe because that is how she appeared to be. The men in the regiment referred to her in hushed voices as frigid. The label Ice Queen had passed a few of the women’s lips as well. When he’d questioned Asiza about it once when they were closer, she just cut her eyes to him, annoyed that his attention was elsewhere and said, “She’s more than people know…she’s more than they give her credit for being.” And that was that. She would say no more but instead had had her own uses for their time together.

Here he was. The room was nothing like anyone could expect. A few knew what she was like, but since coming on this journey, she’d enjoyed no one’s company except at a distance. She kept to herself or sequestered herself with the Queen for late night planning sessions. It was said that sometimes Samara and the Queen shared intimacies. However, that was only when the Queen’s mate was away on his own assignments. Lately, Samara had seemed colder than the winter outside, her orders the very howl of cutting wind. He wondered what she wanted with him.

To the servants inside, she asked for a robe to be readied for her near her bed. Then the servants were ordered to leave. Royo watched as she undressed in the room, kicking her fur boots to the side and dropping the pelt garments onto a chair. He pretended not to look, keeping his eyes at a respectful level as he’d been taught to do. Nudity was a common occurrence among the tribe when they were in their native region. There wasn’t much need for an overabundance of clothing with all the warmth and sun they were used to. But here, clothes were a necessity. When Samara wasn’t looking, Royo stole glances at her body and appraised her. She was indeed female though not near as buxom as Asiza or the Queen. She was pleasant to look at though and he hoped that he wouldn’t be punished for his staring.

She turned and caught his eyes on her. From across the room, she blushed. Samara had forgotten what it was like to be gazed at with interest. Her attention was too busy on this trek and campaign to worry about company. She’d had no one to her bed in…she didn’t even know how long. She couldn’t recall the last time that hands had touched her flesh. So she blushed. Then she cleared her throat, regaining her control.

“Come in here while I bathe,” she ordered, motioning to the adjacent room. One of the interesting things they’d found in the mountains, which was affording them a much more comfortable stay while residing here, were several natural hot springs. It was clean water and they were striving, as all good children of the Mother should to keep the water clean. It was Samara’s one consolation to this frigid wasteland, the heat of her own personal spring. To that she now retreated. Royo was just about to join her, stepping just inside the archway, as she was lowering herself into the water, finding a seat on one of the natural ledges. “Bring my brush,” Samara told him, pointing to a makeshift vanity.

She was leaning back against the rock, the water bringing her body slowly back to life from some dormant state, her eyes closed. She heard the padded footsteps of Royo as he returned to her and reached up to take the brush from him to untangle her mess of dark mahogany hair.

“May I?” he asked softly and with respect. Samara turned to look and realized that he was offering to take care of her hair for her.

“You may…but be careful. If you hurt me, I will hurt you and in ways that you won’t enjoy.” Her tone was severe and it was after she turned back around, offering her mane to him that she realized how harsh she was becoming. She was the Ice Queen she was being made out to be. She’d effectively shut out almost all contact except what she deemed necessary on a strategy basis, and it was beginning to show in how the others treated her. She was in desperate need of a thaw.

“Yes,” he replied. First, he shrugged out of the outer layer of fur and then knelt behind her. When he searched for a more comfortable way to sit, he realized that there was no way around it and kicked off his own boots so that he could put his feet into the water on either side of her body. If she was startled by this, she didn’t show it, but instead sat so that her head was near his lap. He started to brush her hair, finding out that it was going to be more difficult than it seemed. Reaching into the small belt pouch at his waist, he pulled out a small vial of oil. After dunking the brush into the hot water first, he then coated the brush with the oil. Setting the vial to the side, Royo then commenced with brushing her hair, finding it much more manageable now. Soon enough, it was tangle-free and flowing down her shoulders between them in smooth silky strands. After a bit, he dropped the brush and just ran his fingers through her dark mane, reveling privately in the feel against his skin. He kept himself from sighing or moaning or doing anything that might give away his pleasure and in turn incur her anger at the liberties he was taking without her permission.

However, Samara said nothing. She could feel his fingers in her hair, against her scalp, lightly over the nape of her neck and she subconsciously wished for more. Craving touch more than she realized, she shifted in the water, her knees parting instinctively and her arms sliding into the water. One hand stroked her own thigh while the other slid further down, touching herself in a way that she hadn’t been in a very long time. Somewhere in there, a soft moan escaped her lips and Royo heard it. Acting more impulsively than he was trained to, he moved his fingers to her shoulders, rubbing gently. After a few minutes, he felt the muscles relax. He slid closer behind her, the hem of his kilt getting wet at it brushed the top of the water. He realized then how close he was to her, knowing that it could mean punishment if she got angry with him now. There was no permission granted, no orders given. But he had to trust his instincts, so he lowered his hands a little lower until they were in the water, rubbing over her collarbone and even lower until they were caressing her breasts lightly, tentatively. Samara arched into his seeking hands before her mind grasped what was going on. It was then that she broke the spell and sat forward, pulling away from his hands. She turned then, her eyes flashing with annoyance, and Royo thought that he was in trouble now.

Samara was more annoyed with herself. She felt she had to maintain a certain level of propriety with people here. At least, at this time. Until they returned home, she thought she should remain untouched. It was fraying her nerves to do so. Even though the massage felt good and was relaxing her in a way that she probably should surrender to. If nothing else, she could employ the boy to do that before she sent him on his way and retired to her cold and lonely bed. She stepped up on the ledge and then waited for Royo to offer a hand up, which he did as soon as he got to his feet. He found a towel and handed it to her. She took it gratefully and dried herself off, wrapping it around her body. Walking into the other room, Samara listened as the boy gathered his belongings and followed her.

“Do you want me to leave you?” he asked, his eyes avoiding looking directly into hers, his boots and outer furs tucked under his right arm.

“No. Not yet. Some of what you were doing…I…I am full of aches and pains. I think I would be more clear-headed if you helped me with that,” she told him. At this point, he did look into her eyes and saw a need there that he wanted to fill. He set his furs and boots on another chair and watched as she moved over to her fur-covered bed. Samara dropped the towel onto the floor and climbed onto the feather mattress, her body sinking into it. “There is some oil on the vanity…get it and use it on me. It was sent over by one of the healers…she said it would make my muscles feel better.”

He did as he was told, moving quickly over to the vanity. It took a minute, but he found the brown glass bottle, grabbed it and moved back toward the bed. Not wanting to spill anything on his tunic, he stripped it off his torso, revealing a body that was in need of the sun’s kisses again. Looking down at Samara, he saw that she lacked the same warm affection, her normally browned skin pale from the lengthy winter trek. Royo opened the bottle and could smell peppermint and lavender right away. He poured some of the oil into his hands and then set the bottle on a table for later use. Rubbing his hands together to warm the oil, he then climbed into the bed, straddling the beautiful prone body that awaited his touch.

Even though her skin had been fighting to weather the dry cold, Samara still felt supple. Not that he knew how she was supposed to feel, having only now been given the opportunity to touch. But from stories he’d heard from others, she was a pleasure to touch, and he was finding those rumors to be true. He pressed his fingers and palms into her flesh, kneading her tight muscles until they surrendered and relaxed. Royo faithfully worked the warmed oil over her entire body, from shoulders and neck to the soles of her feet. His senses were inundated with the smell of her and he felt himself stir underneath his kilt. He couldn’t react to that though until he was given the go-ahead and as of the moment that his hands were currently pressing into the muscles of her well-formed ass, he had not been cleared to do more than serve her as a masseuse.

It wasn’t until her legs shifted slightly, her thighs parting so that he could see more of her than he’d ever been granted before, that he knew she might be offering him the chance to do more in his service of her. Royo took care to notice the wetness forming between her legs as she opened herself to him. This could merely be a natural reaction to being allowed to relax more than she had. He would wait. His hands massaged into either thigh, pushing them a little farther apart to give himself room to caress them and he heard her moan at his touch. The sound sent shivers up his spine and hardened his cock even more beneath his clothes. Daring more, he trailed his fingers closer and closer to her until they brushed her cunt and he saw her tremble and glisten even more with heat. The boy tempted himself even further, sliding his oil-slick fingers closer to the prize, one fingertip dipping into her briefly and then pulling out. When he did this, he saw her swivel her hips, pressing toward his probing finger. So he dared again, sliding his finger in deeper this time, leaving it longer, pressing in and out a couple of times before moving back out. Once more, she thrust herself toward him.

Now he smiled to himself, listening to her breathing grow heavy, soft growls rumbling in her throat that was pressed against her wrists because her head rested on her arms. Her thighs parted farther apart, knees bracing themselves on the mattress. Samara raised herself a little off the bed, her hips positioned just under his, offering herself in a way that he couldn’t mistake at this point. Still…with how he’d been trained, he refused to take a liberty without a command. So Royo teased once more, one hand grasping her hip gently, the other hand sliding over her lips and forward, pressing against her clit until it throbbed against him.

Just when he was about to ask what she wanted him to do, Samara told him in a voice that had become guttural, primal, “If you don’t fuck me now, boy, you will lose those bits of yours that makes you male.”

There was definitely no mistaking now what she wanted from him. And Royo was all too happy to comply with his commander. He moved off the mattress briefly, long enough to unwrap the kilt from around his waist. He could have taken her with it on, but he wanted nothing in the way, no chance of clothing coming between them. He wanted to feel all of her. Not even mere seconds later, he was climbing back onto the mattress, his knees cushioned in deep soft fur, his hands reaching out to clutch at her hips. Fingers dug into her flesh, possibly bruising her, but he didn’t care and if she did, she could beat him for it. He would stand gladly for her lashes. Right now, he wanted her. He wanted her more than he ever thought he’d want any one person. There was a mutual grunt from both of them as he pressed himself closer to her, guiding himself into her now-dripping cunt. He thought to take it slowly and at the first stroke, he did, easing himself inside her at a torturous rate that made her cry out and thrust herself back against him. Royo’s head fell back, his eyes closed, his teeth clenched and he pulled back out slowly to the very tip of himself and then just when Samara thought he wasn’t going to move, he thrust back into her ferociously, causing her thighs to tremble.

Not realizing how much she’d needed this, Samara clawed at the furs on her bed, grasping handfuls as she pushed herself against the hips that crushed themselves at her. The hardness that filled her was more than she thought she could handle at certain moments, believing that she’d kept this from herself for too long to be able to enjoy it anymore. However, Royo kept at a rhythmic pace, shoving himself into her cunt with a roughness that she hadn’t known in a long time. One of his hands slid down the front of her hips, rubbing her clit until it electrified her entire being and she cried and screamed out time and time again. He kept at her, thrusting into her faster and faster, growing harder with his thrusts until he finally let out a howl, spilling himself inside her, his hands once more holding onto her hips. He held her to him forcefully as he continued to come, his own hips still thrusting until there was nothing left inside him at that moment.

Waiting to see how she reacted, he stayed his place, moving only to pull out of her and sit back on his knees. Both were breathing heavy, hearts pounding in their chests. It was then that Samara turned around, sitting with her legs curled gracefully underneath her. She stared at him, a fire renewed in her dark eyes. She licked her tongue across her lips and stared appraisingly at the boy.

“Are you expected elsewhere, Royo?” she asked him, reaching out to caress one of his trembling thighs.

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