First of all, I hope you like your presents. If you are wearing any of them today, I hope they make you feel a bit sexy and the special woman you are!

I want you to read this when you are bored and have a quiet moment to yourself.

I was thinking about this evening with you coming home a little tipsy and thought how nice it would be for you to be relaxed after work. Imagine this. When you arrive home everything is quiet and dark. You open the front door and hear soft music and see the flickering of candles in the hallway.

You come in and take your coat off noticing the candles on the stairs. You follow the light upstairs and hear the bath running. Coming into the bedroom you see me in the glowing darkness. I ask you to lie down on the bed and let me undress you. Your head is a little foggy from the drinks you had after work, so you are quite happy to relinquish and just let things unfold.

The house is warm and there is a lovely smell from the burning candles. A musky vanilla that relaxes you as you lie on your back. I remove your shoes and start to smooth your feet, massaging your calves. You are wearing the new stockings, panties and bra under all your warm clothing. A shortish skirt with your sexy top. I ask you to close your eyes.

I go to the bathroom and make sure the bubbles are in the bath and all the candles are burning with a beautiful scent. When I come back, you are already starting to undo the buttons of your top, exposing a little of your tanned cleavage. I tell you I will do the rest now. My hands start to caress your body very gently. Starting from your toes, up your calves to your thighs. Finding the zip of your skirt, I pull it down, releasing some bare skin at the top of your stocking and revealing a little of your new knickers. Then I slowly undo the buttons of your shirt, caressing the smooth skin of your tummy and around your navel. I kiss the mounds of your breasts, circling my tongue around the edge of your lace bra. Then, with my right hand I smooth the skin at the top of your panties and your inner thighs, just letting my hand rest gently over your mound for a second. My middle finger slides inside the side of your knickers and flicks your bud with a gossamer light touch.

Now it is time to remove your skirt and shirt properly. You are lying on the bed with just your new sexy bra, knickers and stockings on and you look sensational. I pass you a glass of red wine and you take a few big gulps, enjoying the slight dizziness the alcohol brings you and the relaxed feeling inside. So now I begin to roll the stockings off you. You have such stunning legs! I caress them both and let my hands wonder upwards to your lace knickers which only just cover your erotic zone. I tell you to start playing with yourself to see if there are any juices yet. Your fingers part the folds of your cunt under the lace and when you withdraw them I can see they are glistening a little. You suck one finger and give your other hand to me to taste your love juices. I help you to remove the panties now exposing yourself properly. My tongue starts to lick and flick your clitoris and down to your entrance, darting in and out, sucking gently on your labia lips.

I begin to lift my head closer to you now with my hands constantly caressing your body and occasionally dipping a finger or two into your love hole. You are starting to get wetter and beginning to writhe around a little. I tell you to roll over so I can release your bra and massage your back and buttocks. I use a warm oil to help smooth you from your neck and shoulders, down your back, over your bum cheeks and down your legs, gently parting them and rubbing your cunt a little. I drip more oil on your bum crack and with one finger massage your labia lips and the entrance to your anus.

I take off my clothes and rub some oil over my penis and balls. It is big and rock hard and my balls are exploding with a desire to fuck you right now. I tell you to kneel on all fours now and I feel your breasts swinging beneath you as I lower my body on top of your back. I circle around your nipples, pinching them and massaging your breasts with the palm of my hands. I begin to rub my dick up and down your crack and let the head just rest at the entrance to your cunt. I know you want me to fuck you now. I turn around to the cabinet and pick up a gleaming, golden, smooth, metallic object. It is quite long and vibrates very gently. Placing it at the entrance to your ass you wiggle from side to side a little. You are very horny by now and start telling me to fuck you with it.

So, little by little this golden vibrator begins to penetrate your ass and I hear you moan saying deeper, deeper. It is starting to hit the spot. Now with my pulsating dick I decide it is time to enter your vagina. Again, the head goes in first and then smoothly my whole shaft enters your cunt, pushing up as far as it will go. You are really wet and juicy now. You are being fucked in both holes as you like it and it is driving you wild. The thrusting of my dick from the edge to deep inside your cunt and the golden toy plunging into your ass is beginning to make you come. An orgasm in your ass is how you like it and when your cunt is coming too all over my dick, it makes it all the more special and overwhelming.

You start to feel the waves of orgasm and tell me to fuck you like crazy because you want my cream to fill you. I start to moan and feel the spasming of my balls and the clenching of your vaginal walls as you grind your pussy and ass hard. Now you are in heaven as your orgasm fills your body with the most delirious of feelings. You collapse on the bed, spent but very satisfied. I ask you to roll over so I can kiss your lips and your beautiful tits. We smooth each other for a while.

Then I say your bath is ready for you to relax and soak away the day.

I have some more surprises for you tonight I say…

To be continued…

May 2018
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