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SUMMARY OF PARTS 1, 2, AND 3: 24-year-old Kiera, recent nursing program graduate, has put off finding employment, apparently to freeload and sponge off her 38-year-old divorced cousin Dave. With advice and encouragement from her mother Jane, Kiera has moved in and taken over Dave’s house because he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to her. First she makes him give up his larger bedroom so she can have it. He has to move into a smaller room, but then a few weeks later has to surrender THAT room to Kiera’s best pal Darcy. Now he’s living in the finished third-floor attic and doesn’t even have a bed.

It’s under these conditions that Dave, pussywhipped servant to his younger cousin, will be hosting a visit from his new girlfriend Patty, who lives in Dave and Kiera’s hometown three hours away. Patty is also 38; over her life, her luck in love hasn’t been much better than Dave’s. She sees something in Dave … but also evidences a strange admiration for Kiera, whose intentions may actually be more noble, even if decidedly twisted, than is readily apparent.

As we join the action now, Dave is sleeping on a floor pallet in the attic, breathing through Kiera’s worn fuzzy ankle socks which she tied to his face with two neckties before sending him to bed. Another necktie trusses up his dick in such a way that he can’t get an erection without discomfort. Meanwhile, Patty is on her way from Bellewood to Trentstown to visit Dave. She will arrive shortly after 2 AM. Riding shotgun is her 19-year-old co-worker Tyler, whom Kiera insisted Patty bring along to visit Kiera and Darcy. Dave and Patty are under Kiera’s strict instructions (which Patty accepted without argument) to restrict their sexual activity to cunnilingus.


I almost thought I was dreaming when I heard noise at the bottom of the third-floor stairs. Then the overhead light came on, as Kiera had flipped a switch at the bottom of the stairs. I heard her say, “It’s right up there, hun. G’night.”

“OK, thanks,” said Patty.

Kiera called up, “Davey, wake up, your girlfriend’s here!”

Patty clambered up the steep stairs, carrying her purse in one hand, and an overnight bag in the other. I greeted her with squinty eyes, but couldn’t really speak to her yet, as I had a mouthful of fuzzy sock. Patty smiled at me, slid the ties down under my chin, laid the socks aside, and kissed my lips. “Hiii.”

I smiled back. “Hi. You can turn that light off, I have some candles,” pointing to the upstairs switch and lighting the candles.

Patty climbed on top of me, over the blanket, and we kissed. “How was your trip?” I asked.

“Good. Tyler never stopped talking except when he was on the phone with the girls … well … then he was still talking, of course. But that’s OK. Kiera showed me around. You have a nice pool out there. You shoulda told me, I would have brought a swimsuit.”

“Hmmm. Oh yeah. I didn’t think about it. I hardly get to use it anymore because of Her Highness and all her friends.”


“Maybe you can borrow a suit from one of the girls.”

“Pfff. Yeah, right. That’s very sweet, but they probably only have bikinis I couldn’t fit into.” Just then we both turned our heads because of noise coming from downstairs. Loud music was suddenly playing, and we could hear Tyler’s voice, as he got boisterous. The threesome two floors below was evidently getting into the party spirit.

“Speaking of the pool, I wish they would go out and swim in it so we couldn’t hear them,” I said. “Of course then my neighbors would have to listen to them.”

“Oh, just ignore ‘em. They’re young.” She kissed my lips some more. Her body felt so good on top of me, and I felt so relaxed, looking into her affectionate eyes.

“Well,” she said. “I guess I’ll change into my sleepy-time clothes.”

“Oh yeah? Hmmmm. Do I get to watch?”

“Yes.” She smiled. She took her top off and I took in the sight of her beautiful cleavage, accentuated with a necklace. She donned a white tee shirt and then slipped her jeans off. Then she stood above me smiling while she took off her bra, in that mysterious way women do it without removing their shirt. She let it fall to the floor and then slipped under the covers with me. As we embraced, and kissed, my dick started to stiffen in its infernal homemade necktie chastity trap. I winced, and as we caressed, Patty let her hand trail down to my crotch.

“Ohhhh. Hey. I almost forgot. I need to see how this necktie thing works.”

I felt incredibly silly knowing that my cousin had COMMANDED that I MUST NOT take the ridiculous restraint off of my dick, even in bed with my own girlfriend. And doubly silly that the first time Patty would see me with my underwear off was so she could inspect Kiera’s invention. I pulled down my pajama bottoms and underwear so she could see. I also had to turn over on my stomach so she could see it from the back, which made her laugh. “Hahaha. It looks so silly from the back.”

“I know.” I rolled my eyes. But I knew Patty wasn’t laughing at ME. She was just laughing because a necktie running up a man’s ass crack and tied around his waist is just absurd-looking. No one could help but laugh, except the man wearing it.

“Mmmm,” she said, as she rubbed my semi-hard penis. “Does it hurt when you get hard?”

“Kind of. It depends on how aroused I am, or how long I’ve been stimulated. Sometimes I wake up in the night with a hard-on and it REALLY hurts. I mean sometimes it’s unbearable. I’ve had to take it off.”

Patty’s eyes got wide, and her eyebrows went up. “Take it off? But you’re not supposed to ever take it off, are you?”

“Well, I know, but … when that happens it’s just SOOOOO painful.”

“Well, if it happens while I’m here, tell me. I can run downstairs and get you an ice pack. That’ll make your hardon go away. But you can’t take it off, we’ll get in trouble.”

“What? Are … are you serious?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m serious. Didn’t you hear Kiera on the phone with me earlier? That’s supposed to stay on, we’re not supposed to take it off for anything.”

Oh my god. We were like brother and sister afraid of getting in trouble with Mom. And right on cue, with her impeccable timing, came Kiera’s voice, calling from the living room: “Paaattyyy!! Patty, c’mere!”

Patty jumped, and slid out from under the covers, calling back, “Coming!” She disappeared down the third-floor stairs, in socks, panties, and tee shirt. When she got to the second-floor landing, I heard her voice: “Yes? Oh … oh my.”

Kiera said, “Come down here.”

“Oh, um … well … I don’t have my pants on.”

“That’s fine, come down here.”

I could still hear the music downstairs, and I heard muffled voices, and some laughing. First I would hear Kiera laughing loudly, then I’d hear Darcy’s laugh. And now and then I heard Tyler laugh or get loud, saying, “YYYYYEEEAHHH!!” or “Woooo!!” I became increasingly uncomfortable, knowing Patty was down there with no pants on, and obviously the 19-year-old Tyler was down there, too. Several minutes passed, and then I heard Kiera say, “Wooooo!! Nice! GOOD … GIRLLLLL!!”

Somehow that made me very suspicious. I put a shirt on, and started down the third-floor stairs to see what was going on. Just as I got to the landing, I saw Kiera charging up the lower stairway, wearing nothing but panties. “What are you doing out of bed? Where do you think you’re going?” Before I could think of a response (and mentally knocked quite off balance by the sight of Kiera’s bare, jiggling tits), she took hold of both my arms and turned me around to face the upper stairway. “You need your sleep, you gotta work in the morning, get back to bed.”

“But … what’s … um … where’s Patty?”

“Patty’ll be up in a minute, don’t worry about it, just go to sleep.”


“Davey! Do you feel like gettin’ your butt spanked tonight? You want me to drag your naked ass down here to the living room and spank you with a belt right in front of everyone, including your new girlfriend?”


“Then don’t say another word, and get your ass up there!”

I sheepishly turned around and trudged up the steps. I felt like such an idiot. Kiera yelled at me loud enough that Tyler must have heard how she treated her older cousin — the owner of the house … well, at least on paper — like an imbecile or a child. And Patty must have heard it, too. She knew Kiera was bossy. But bossy enough to spank me? Was THIS the point at which Patty would finally realize that getting involved with me was a mistake? That my family was just too fucked-up to make it worth a relationship with me?

And speaking of Patty, what was she DOING down there, dressed in only a tee shirt and panties? It just made me feel sick. Obviously Kiera was practically naked at this point, and with a 19-year-old boy down there that Kiera and Darcy were obviously ga-ga about, there had to be something sexual taking place. So … what was Patty doing? Fetching them all beers? Holding a videocamera? Doing the dishes?

I wanted SO badly to know. Go to sleep, Kiera says. Yeah. Right. I lay there wide awake in the candlelight. Finally after what seemed an eternity, Patty padded up the stairs. When her face came into view, she wore her usual sweet smile. What an angelic face she had. The very sight made all worry and trouble dissipate into nothingness. Well, that is, until Kiera’s voice restored the somethingness, breaking in from downstairs, calling up, “Patty! We have to leave at 12:30 to take Tyler back! Make sure we’re up by 11:30!”

“OK!” Patty called down.

“Have coffee ready for us!”

“OK! I’ll make you some breakfast, too!”

“What was going on down there?” I asked.

“Shhhhh,” she said, as she lowered herself to straddle me, placing a knee on either side of my chest. I looked up at the white cotton panties covering her pussy, and she scooted forward until she lifted one knee, then the other, over my shoulders to plant them down on either side of my head. She brought her panty-clad pussy forward until it was over my nose. Then she pulled the panties aside, and lowered her pussy to my mouth. She gyrated very slowly, as I kissed her pussy. My dick stiffened in my necktie restraint, and I winced. I could feel pre-cum fluid oozing out onto my balls.

“Lick me,” she said quietly, and I ran my tongue along her slit. Her juices tasted wonderful, and she was already very wet. I licked and licked as she fingered her clit, and her rhythm increased as she slid herself forward and backward over my mouth and nose. She reached down to grab the hair on the top of my head, as though to hold my head still, while she rode my face.

“Ahhhh … ohhhhhh!! Ohhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhh … Hhhhhhhh …”

She wasn’t loud, but she was vocal at first. Then as she continued cumming, it was mostly her breathing that indicated the level of her pleasure. Quick, sharp, exhales punctuated her orgasm, and meanwhile my poor, trapped dick twitched for all it was worth. I almost felt like I could cum even with my dick pointed painfully downward, and no direct stimulation except the necktie straining to hold me in place.

When her breathing returned to normal, she slid under the covers, snuggled with me and said, “Mmmmm. That was wonderful.” She slid her hand down to my suffering dick. “How’s he doing?”

I just whimpered. She returned a sympathetic moan, and made her lips pouty. “Mmmm, I know. But it’ll be OK, it’ll work out for the best. I love you.” She kissed me. Her breath and lips were minty, which I hadn’t noticed before she’d gone downstairs.

“I love you, Patty.”

“And remember, Kiera didn’t say we’d never get to fuck. Just not yet.”

Ugh. Kiera. Queen Kiera. Her Majesty. Running a household of loyal subjects who MUST OBEY HER RULES! It was so absurd. Whoever heard of a 38-year-old couple allowing the terms of their sex life to be a dictated by a 24-year-old woman? That could only happen if she were royalty, and they were peasants. What was it that made hard-working people like me and Patty jump at the command of an imperious 20-something, and put her desires above our own? And give her everything she wanted, out of the fruits of OUR labors? And step and fetch just to possibly win a small token of her approval, and avoid her wrath? It was like there was just something regal about her. It wasn’t that she didn’t have a job: Her job was to rule.

Such thoughts made me momentarily distant from Patty. But she kissed my cheek and said, “Sleep.” So I did.

In the morning, the alarm went off, and I felt soooo tired. At least I could be happy that Kiera had her car now. That meant I had a car again, and didn’t have to take the bus to work. I didn’t have to get up 45 minutes earlier anymore. I suppose waking up with the scent of Patty’s pussy still on my face helped to revive me as well.

She kissed my lips and said, “Good morning. Are you getting in the shower first thing?”


“OK. I’ll fix you some breakfast while you’re in there.”

“Ohhh, that would be great.” We smooched again, and I got up out of our bed on the floor.

“Do you have to shower with that tie on, too?”

“Yes. But then,” I said, as I grabbed another necktie, “I have to put on another, dry one.”

“Ohhh, OK. That makes sense.”

As I made my way to the only full bathroom in the house, on the second floor, I noticed Darcy’s bedroom door open. She didn’t appear to be in the bed. Kiera’s door was closed, and I wondered if she, Darcy, and Tyler were all three sleeping in Kiera’s king size bed. That lucky son of a bitch, I thought. I never even came close to the opportunity to sleep with two girls when I was 19. And they were even “older chicks”! And he didn’t even have to take them out! Some guys have all the luck.

After I showered and dressed, I went downstairs to find the wonderful, sweet, beautiful Patty smiling and setting the breakfast table for us. She made eggs, toast, some ham slices, and coffee. We sat at right angles and smiled at each other as we ate. “Don’t worry about the dishes today, I’ll take care of all that,” she said. “I know you’re tired. You don’t have to do any chores this morning.” She patted my leg. I thanked her and said, “I’m also supposed to clean up the pool area outside and pick up any cigarette butts they tossed on the ground, if they were out there. And bring in towels, glasses, beer bottles, etc. Whatever they left out there.”

“OK, well, leave that to me.”

“Thank you.” I kissed her again. “So,” I said, as I took a bite of ham, “What happened down here last night when Kiera called you down?”

“Well … she told me not to tell you anything when I came upstairs … she told me to go up and sit on your face and make you lick my pussy. Ahem. Um … and she said if you asked any questions, to just say ‘shhhh’ and silence you with my pussy. So … that’s what I did. But now it’s morning and … hmm … well … I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you yet. Ummmm … uh … I’ll tell you what. Let me ask her today if I can tell you about it when you get home from work.”

“Uhhhhh …”

“Just know,” she said, as she got up from her chair and came beside me to hug me and kiss my cheek, “that I love you. I love you, and YOU are my man. You’re my Number One. You’re the only one I want. We’re soulmates. Everything that’s happened to both of us, and all the bad stuff we’ve each been through, has prepared us to be together. And we’re going to be together now. OK? As for Kiera, she has our best interests at heart. So don’t let anything worry you.” She kissed my forehead. “I love you.”

Hmm. That made me feel … kind of better. But I still felt a knot in the pit of my stomach. Methinks she doth profess (her love) too much. “Don’t let anything worry you” sounded like the kind of thing you’d say to a man who should be worried.

I headed to work in my newly reclaimed car. It stank from the girls smoking in it, and of course they left the ashtray full of butts, and trash strewn on the floor. There were some sunglasses and other items lying around that I’d have to gather up for them, too.

I wasn’t able to talk to Patty all day because at that time she didn’t have a cell phone, and I didn’t have a landline phone at the house. I should have left my cell phone back at the house for Patty to use. Then I could have called from a phone at work. But I didn’t think of it. I couldn’t reach her through Kiera because Kiera would be sleeping all morning and then she, Darcy, and Tyler would be on the road back to Bellewood, so he could get to work at the video store that day at 4:00. I started calculating that if they dropped Tyler off and then turned right around to come back, they could be back in Trentstown as early as 6:30 if Kiera got a lead foot. I’d only have an hour home alone with Patty.

I decided to call Kiera. I found a quiet corner at work so that if Miss Unpredictable started yelling, none of my co-workers would overhear. “Hi … um … I was just wondering, um … were you and Darcy planning to come back tonight?”

“Hahaha. I know what you’re thinking, Davey. You want to know how much time you’ll get to spend with your girlfriend without us around. Well, don’t worry, Davey, I want you guys to have some time together. I mean, the answer is, I’ll do as I damn well please, as you know, so if I want to come back tonight, we will. But I promise I won’t bother you. I tell you what, if we get back and it’s still early, I’ll give you some money so you can take her out somewhere for a while. But I don’t know, Darcy and I might spend the night here. That’s just nunya.”

“I’m … I’m sorry, what was that last part?”

“That’s nunya. You know, like nunya business?”


“But you know the rules. Keep your tie on. If I come back and find out you took that thing off or tried to talk Patty into fucking, or sucking your dick or … oh god … excuse me, I always get nauseous thinking of that …” I heard Darcy and Tyler laughing in the background. “Anyway keep that thing put away. And if she wants you to go down on her, do it. Do it as long as she wants, too. Keep your face in that pussy until she’s had enough … not ’til YOU’ve had enough, ’til SHE’s had enough.”

In the background Tyler said, “Ohhhh! Snap!” and was laughing loudly.

There was a pause. Then she said, “Davey … I’m not hearing you say, ‘Yes ma’am.’”

“Oh. I’m sorry. Yes ma’am.”

“This should be automatic by now. ‘Yes Kiera, whatever you say’, ‘yes ma’am’, ‘yes Kiera, you’re right’, ‘yes ma’am I’ll do it’ … I better start hearing that more, Davey.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Make sure you keep up with the chores, too. I’m sure Patty will help you. But that’s up to her, ’cause the woman is always right, Davey. Right!?”

“Yes ma’am.”

Kiera waited a moment, then said, “Uuuuuughhh … God! … Davey … you’re lucky I love you ’cause you’re such a fuckin’ dumbass sometimes … well, most of the time, actually. THE WOMAN IS ALWAYS RIGHT, DAVEY! RIGHT!!!??”

“Uh, yes ma’am. The woman is always right.”

“Hahaha, therrrre you go. Good boy. Kay. Anything else?”

Well … since she asked, I decided to get bold. “Oh … um … well, uhh … OK, please don’t be mad at me for asking, but … um … last night … uh … when you had Patty come downstairs–”

“Ah. That. Yes. Actually Patty asked me this morning if it was all right to tell you about that. I told her no, to wait until I got back home. I’ll tell you about it then. So … *I* will tell you about it, do not hassle her about it. Don’t even it bring it up with her. Understand, Davey? You’re not allowed to talk about it. That’s girl business, it’s nunya! Haha. Actually … didn’t I go over this last night, Davey? Don’t you remember? I said do not try and figure out what the girls are doing, just do as you’re told. Have you forgotten that already?”


“Well, obviously you have, ’cause you’re asking questions, you’re trying to figure it out. God damn, Darcy, does he have like the thickest skull or what? You hear him quizzing me on … what? … he wants to know why Patty was down with us last night and what was going on … hahaha, shut up, Tyler … Davey … like I said, don’t … you … you WORRY too much, kiddo! Just have a great time with your girlfriend tonight, and trust me … like I said last night, trust me. I know what I’m doing. All right, I’m startin’ to get annoyed with you now. Love ya, mwah.” She hung up.

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