Alex had been in the job of senior steward at Wimbleton for a month. His role involved preparing the courts (checking on the net tension etc) and liaising with ground staff. He was also in charge of the Ball Girls. The girls were hand-picked from the local high school sixth form and was a highly sought after job for the two weeks of the tournament. All 60 girls were chosen for their athleticism and discipline. Sometimes the top players could be quite grouchy and they needed to keep a cool head in all situations and keep the balls in circulation correctly. So, not only did they need to be fit, but quick-thinking and organised. The first week largely went without any hitches, save for a little rain and Alex was happy to oversee a smoothly run tournament. Wimbleton was the focus of the media and it was important that there were no complaints from players about any of the facilities or on court arrangements.

It was on the Monday of the second week, when an incident occurred, which Alex would not forget in a hurry. He had worked late, to prepare the centre court for an early start the next day, after several rain delays on that and the previous days. Fortunately, a promising weather forecast suggested they would be able to catch up. He was about to leave, when he passed one of the Ball Girls’ changing rooms and was surprised to hear voices from inside; they should all have gone hours ago. Apart from a couple of security guards, there should have been no one else on site.

He knocked on the door and opened it slightly and shouted ‘Hello.’

He instantly detected the unmistakeable smell of cannabis and was shocked to see two of the girls, with a recently lit roll-up.

‘Mr Smith!’ Said the taller of the two girls, obviously shocked. She pointlessly tried to hide the spliff behind her back as he entered the changing room. He recognised her as Hannah and her fellow Ball Girl Laura. Hannah had long mousy hair. She had green eyes and was maybe 5 feet 8. Laura was an inch or two shorter, with shoulder-length brown hair. Both girls filled out their green uniforms nicely, with amply curvy bodies. They were both just 18 and were in full bloom.

‘This is not the conduct befitting of Wimbleton Ball Girls!’ Said Alex sternly.

Hannah stubbed out her spliff on the locker door and threw it on the floor. Both girls looked rather forlorn and red-faced at being caught bang to rights.

‘Sorry Mr Smith.’ Said Laura, ‘It won’t happen again.’

‘Yeah, we were just experimenting.’ Added Hannah.

‘Too right, it won’t.’ Said Alex, you’re both fired!’

‘Oh nooo, please!’ Begged Hannah.

‘The shame! We will get killed by our parents, if this comes out!’ Said the other girl.

‘Hmmmm, you don’t deserve any leniency. I don’t know.’

Alex thought for a minute. He was a single man and hadn’t dated for a few months. He realised that they were completely alone and unlikely to be disturbed. A rather naughty thought occurred to him, which could turn the situation to his advantage and get his rocks off with two hot Ball Girls. He was 32 years old , 6 feet tall and kept himself in shape. Even so, he wouldn’t normally stand a chance with teenage girls, but the current state of affairs might change that. He looked the girls up and down and savoured their toned legs and those short pleated skirts. Even as the thought formed in his mind, his cock began to twitch with pangs of lust.

‘Well, your jobs are hanging by a thread girls. Let’s see what you can do to make up for it!’

‘Yeah, we’ll do anything Mr Smith – just please don’t fire us!’ Said Laura earnestly.

‘OK, well I think I should see if you’re gear is regulation. Lift up your skirts.’

The girls looked at each other, clearly shocked at this instruction.

‘Did you say what I thought you said?’ Asked Hannah.

‘Absolutely. Turn around and raise your hems please!’

The two Ball Girls smiled nervously and looked at Alex uncertainly, before turning around slowly. They each gripped their skirts and lifted them together. Alex gulped and then smiled. Hannah’s was indeed the regulation big white pants, which almost covered her plump ass. Laura’s though was a rather skimpy pair of knickers; her white ass cheeks bulging at the bottom corners. Alex stepped forward and stroked Hannah’s bottom. He felt the soft fabric with his index finger and then slipped inside the edge of her pants and felt the silky flesh of her bum with the back of his hands.

‘OK, good. Perfectly in order.’

‘Hmmm, now then young lady’, he said turning to Laura. Not exactly following the guidelines are they?’

‘No Mr Smith.’

Alex grabbed a handful of her gorgeous ass and massaged it in his palm. Then with his left hand he rubbed between Hannah’s legs and felt the soft mound of her pussy lips pressing against her pants.

‘OK, turn round now.’

The two girls turned round to face their boss and their eyes widened as their gaze fell on the huge bulge in his trousers. Laura had turned a little red, but Hannah had a big smirk on her face as she gawped at his erection.

‘We’re not done yet. Get your sweaters off.’

‘Erm…is this right?’ Asked Hannah.

‘If you want to keep your jobs, you’ll do everything I ask. Just get them off, so I can inspect the rest of your kit.’

‘Come on, we may as well go along with this Laura, it’s our fault, let him have his fun.’

They simultaneously took the hem of their green sweaters and lifted them over their heads. Alex licked his lips at the sight of their white brassieres, each holding up a pair of perfectly shaped D cup breasts.

‘Hmmmm, perfect, perfect. Now then girls, how would you like to do the Ladies’ Final? You know Her Majesty will be in the crowd this year – it’s a great honour!’

‘The Final!’ Said the girls in unison.

‘Yes, but you will have to earn the right. After being caught smoking weed, I think you’ve both got some catching up to do.’

As he spoke, Alex undid the zipper on his trousers and gradually unbuckled the belt and then slipped his now rigid cock out of his boxer shorts. His cock stood fully upright as he stepped closer to the girls.

‘Both of you on your knees please.’

Now both girls were blushing, but they knew they would be so proud to do their thing at the Ladies’ Singles Final. Their parents would be so proud. It was worth whatever Alex would get them to do.

They dropped to their knees and together began to roll their tongues along the outside of Alex’s dick.

It twitched with pleasure enhanced by the view he had, not only of them sharing his cock, but the ample mounds of cleavage in their bras. The girls began to giggle as they licked his cock. Laura wanked him a little as Hannah took him deep into her mouth. She sucked him slowly. Then they changed roles and Laura sucked him as Hannah tickled his balls. Alex was reaching boiling point and eased his dick away and got them to stand up again.

‘I think you two are wearing too many clothes. Unfasten your bras, so I can see those puppies.’

The young Ball Girls reached around and unfastened the catches of their brassieres and together unveiled their full, pear-shaped breasts. Alex stood behind them and cupped each pair in turn. Laura’s were marginally bigger, with smoother, rounder nipples. Hannah’s nipples were stiff and Alex tweaked them as he fondled her wonderful boobs in each hand. His cock was now throbbing with his arousal and he felt excited at the illicit nature of the situation, but was keen to make the most of it.

‘OK, you know what’s coming next. Take off your pants and touch your toes.’

His instructions were followed and shortly two glorious sixth form butts were bearing their goods in the changing room. Alex now dropped to his knees and made a real pig of himself. He buried his face in Laura’s lush ass, licking her little hole with the tip of his tongue. He moved down, licking her perineum, before he found her rosy pink slit. She was hot and moist, with a pleasantly musky scent. He delved his tongue deeper and lapped up her juice, as she got her wetter and wetter. He fingered her pussy lips with his left hand as he turned to Hannah’s ass and kissed her pink, round buttocks. He rubbed his face all over and inside her ass. He licked and sucked her butt, until it was slippery from his saliva. She had a tiny, hot little ass hole and Hannah let out a little whimper of pleasure as he tickled it with his tongue. Her pussy had meaty lips and he happily ate her out, as his tongue got her as wet as her friend.

Alex stood up. His penis was rock hard and with two 18 year old Wimbleton Ball Girls bent over in front of him, there was only one thing to do. He stood behind Laura and gripping her waist, plunged his erection into her cunt. He gave her a few deep strokes and then pulled out. He moved behind Hannah and gave her his length. He gave her a few slow deep lunges of his cock. She was the tighter of the two and he continued to fuck her slowly. He could feel himself getting seriously worked up as he drilled her pussy. Her ass cheeks quivered as he shagged her tight cunt and he built up the speed and rhythm gradually. He was getting close but somehow held on, savouring the sensations inside her box. At last he pulled out and put his cock back inside Laura’s inviting quim and fucked her fast and hard. Her meaty ass quivered just like Hannah’s but more so and he slapped her butt cheeks as he thrust inside her. He knew he couldn’t take much more and his face screwed up with pleasure as a pre-orgasmic wave went through his groin. He withdrew from Laura and the two girls instinctively dropped to their knees ready to earn their place at the final for sure. Alex wanked his cock furiously and suddenly a jet of spunk shot out and splashed across Laura’s face. He manoeuvred himself, so the next load caught Hannah on the nose and mouth. He tugged at his cock as more and more spunk shot out and he managed to share it equally as the girls had now opened their mouths and each got a good gulpful of his semen, which they happily swallowed. As the last few drops went into Hannah’s mouth, Alex beamed with joy and total satiation.

‘Wow, Wow! You two!’

‘Pleased we could be of ‘SERVICE’ said Laura.

‘Yes, GAME, SET and SNATCH!’ Agreed Hannah.

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