Author’s note

This is a story based on BtVS and takes place during Season 7 when Faith and Willow are over 18.


Faith’s POV

Here’s the thing… I’ve been in a lot of fucked up an awkward situations before, but I don’t think I’ve ever had it worse than this. Sure, I can think of plenty times I’ve felt just as shitty, but nothing shitter. I mean, the last few years has been all about the self-loathing, but there’s a difference between bein’ locked up with a couple of hundred strangers ya ain’t done nothin’ too and being trapped in a car for a couple of hours with a chick ya held at knifepoint, beat on and tried to kill. Her and her friends. Friends which were sort of mine too, I guess, but… point is, it’s not exactly surprising we haven’t talked.

Probably should have stuck with Angel. He’s the only one who’s ever really been there for me, and yeah, I just helped him get back his soul and all, but that doesn’t begin to say thanks, or sorry, and from the looks of things he could use my help just as much if not more than B. But sounds like what’s going down on the Hellmouth is Slayer business, what with that town’s latest Big Bad trying to wipe out our line and shit, so I really should deal with that before I get any more nut jobs coming at me with a knife. Besides, if I’m going to try for redemption I should find a way to make it up to B and co.

So here I am, sweating like a fuckin’ pig in a cheap ass car with a busted air-conditioner driving through a desert without a fuckin’ cloud in the sky, sitting next to B’s best buddy Willow Rosenberg, a chick I’ve never really gotten on with and who’s now powerful enough to end me with a thought. Not that she looks like much, or like anythings really changed, but whatever. I heard something else about her which, the more I think about it, could be an interesting way to make amends with her and be a cure for the painful boredom I’ve been feelin’. And scratch a special low down itch I’ve had for a while.

Maybe in some other life I keep my trap shut, but in this one I casually murmured, “So Will, yer a dyke now.”

Red glanced at me, but said nothin’.

“Ya know, I’d have probably lost it in the joint if it wasn’t for the pussy.” I continued, “And I had plenty of it. I mean, look at me. When word spread I liked pussy I had em linin’ up. Cunt after cunt, day after day, til I barely missed dick anymore. ‘Cos, it helped there was the rubber kind available… and I always did prefer bein’ ass fucked by a chick.”

Willow, who had been lookin’ predictably embarrassed and more than a little turned on, got a almost comical look of shock on her face and finally looked at me, “You’re a bottom.”

“Hell yeah.” I confirmed, smiling in amusement, “Haven’t ya heard me raving about how much I love gettin’ fucked?”

“Well yeah, but you never mentioned girls… not that we’ve ever exactly hung out much.” Will pointed out.

“Fair point.” I shrugged, itchin’ for a smoke as I let the words hang for a sec before asking, “How ’bout ya?”

“Huh?” Red mumbled, having turned back to the road and become lost in thought ages ago.

“Top or bottom?” I asked.

She blushed, then surprised me, “Oh, I’m… I’m a top.”

“Really?” I questioned, unable to resist a laugh which made her cringe. I kind of felt bad about that so I added somewhat apologetically, “Sorry, I just… don’t see it.”

“Neither did Kennedy.” Will grumbled, again mentioning the girl apparently she’d recently dated for a couple of weeks. I didn’t exactly want to get into that breakup, but I was going to try and say somethin’ encouraging until she murmured, “You know, I always wondered what it would be like to, you know… do a girl in the butt.”

Her expression was more casual dreamer than saucy temptress so I’m guessing she hadn’t figured out I was hittin’ on her yet. Means I need to be a little more in-her-face with my intentions, which normally wasn’t my problem, but I guess there really is a first time for everythin’.

So in my best suggestive tone I offered, “Ya wanna find out?”

Surprisin’ me again Red didn’t immediately freak out, which might mean she was more clued into my intentions then I realised. Further proving this she eventually mumbled almost casually, “We need to get back to Sunnydale.”

As there was very little conviction in her tone I pushed, “Come on Will, help me out here. I’ve gone from a pussy paradise to cold turkey, and I really need somethin’ to take the edge off. Otherwise I’m going to be hittin’ on all those teens fillin’ up Casa de Summers, just lookin’ for my next fix.”

Bitin’ her lip to let me know I had her on the hook Will eventually said, “There’s no where we could really stop.”

I shrugged, “Backseat looks roomie. And it’s not like there’s a lot of people around to bother us.”

Will scoffed, “So what, you want me to just pull over?”

Smiling seductively at her I purred, “Come on Will, live a little. I ain’t askin’ for a long-term thing, just some quick no strings fun. What’da ya say?”

There’s a long silence, then I smile wide enough to light up a football pitch as Red begins slowin’ down, pulls the car to the side of the road and parks in the middle of nowhere. The urge to tease her is almost overwhelmin’ but I keep my trap shut as I don’t want to lose the chance to fuck, even if it is only Willow Rosenberg. That said, even though I’ve never given her a second look, she is kind of cute. And when she stops the car, fuck, she gives me this stern look which is actually really hot.

“You don’t mention this to anyone.” She practically snapped.

“Sure.” I shrugged.

“No not, ‘sure’. Yes or no.” She said firmly.

Stern Willow. Huh, I kind of liked it.

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied with a smile.

“And you do whatever I say, when I say it.” Red ordered, and then when I gave her a look she added, “No offence, but I don’t exactly trust you yet.”

“I get that.” I said, and then when she gave me a look I added, “Oh, yeah. Yes. I’ll do whatever you want.”

She looked thoughtful for a moment, then opened her door and ordered, “Get out of the car.”

Doin’ what I was told I opened my door, stepped out and closed it behind me. Then I walked around to Willow’s side, unable to keep the grin off my face or the cocky swagger from my steps. I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out, but Will had left plenty of room between us and the road and I was hoping to get in a little kissin’ before we retired to the backseat, and this way we might make some lonely trucker’s day if he was lucky enough to pass by when two smokin’ hotties were tongue wrestlin’ by the roadside.

Will didn’t look too amused though, “I didn’t tell you to come around here.”

Frowning I murmured, “What’s the big deal?”

For a moment Red looked unsure of herself, then she looked kind of angry, “Fine, have it your way… turn around!”

Again I frowned but obliged, giving her a little spin so she could check out the goods.

“No, no, no… I meant…” Willow whined, before seemingly catching how unsexy she was soundin’ and changing her tone to one of unflustered firmness, “I want you to turn so your back is facing me.”

“Ohhhh.” I grinned, quickly turning and lifting up my jacket before giving my denim clad ass a shake, “I get it now… you wanna see the money maker.”

“Money maker?” Willow repeated with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah.” I grinned, “Never got cash for it, but you’d be surprised what a slutty ass will get ya in prison.”

“I bet.” Will said casually, slowly walking forward.

“Seriously.” I bragged, “Toilet roll, candy bars, magazines and all the smokes I could ever want. If there had been better food, and regular TV, it would have been paradise.”

“Sounds like you really suffered.” Willow said dryly.

“Yeah, well… it wasn’t exactly a picnic…” I murmured, feelin’ a little guilty that I hadn’t had it worse. Then I let out an embarrassingly girly gasp as Will grabbed my ass, a smile crossin’ my face as she began groping my butt, “Could have been worse though.”

Willow wasn’t quick to reply as she was clearly enjoyin’ herself, but eventually she asked, “Did you charge for pussy lickings?”

“Of course.” I said, finding the idea absurd, then knowing how that sounded quickly added, “But not much. Nothing in prison was free. Well, nothing good anyways, and my ass was the best thing in there.”

I could practically feel Red smile, “Was there a poll?”

“Na, but it was popular opinion.” I grinned, “My tongue was a close second, followed by my pussy, and then my tits.”

“What will they do without you?” Red scoffed.

“That’s what I’ve AAAAAAHHHHH!” I cried out, more out of shock than pain.

As if wary of my reaction Will immediately went back to caressing the cheek she just hit, quickly massaging away the pain in my ass she casually asked, “Did you ever charge for a spanking?”

Fuck me, I thought as I looked over my shoulder, wanting to confirm it was still really nerdy little Willow behind me. It was, and she didn’t look possessed or nothin’, given she looked nervous as all hell but was trying and failing to hide it.

It was kind of endearin’, so much so I relaxed and grinned, “Yar blonde Witch or Wolf boy into some hard-core BDSM shit Will?”

She blushed, “No, I never… I haven’t done anything like this before. But I’ve always wanted too.”

I nodded, “And I was a bitch to ya.”

Will was nice enough to open her mouth as if she was going to argue, but clearly she wasn’t about to lie so she closed it again, which led me to a decision I may regret. Namely slowly walking to the car, taking off my jacket and wigglin’ my ass as I went, then I opened the door, tossed the jacket inside and then lay across the back seat so my ass was hangin’ out.

“Ok Red, come punish me for being a bad girl.” I challenged, unable to resist the urge to laugh as I shook my ass.

I mean, the idea of mousy little Willow Rosenberg as a top was funny, the idea of her being a Dom was downright hilarious, but fuck it, I wanna be fucked and I’m willing to do whatever to get it.

While Will wasn’t exactly quick off the mark she did eventually kneel behind me and then murmured, “You didn’t answer my question.”

Confused I frowned, “Huh?”

“About whether you charge for a spanking?” She reminded me.

“Oh.” I murmured in recollection, “No, I’ve never been spanked before.”

“Really?” Willow murmured, soundin’ surprised.

I shrugged, “A couple asked, mostly guys, but I was never into it so it never happened. So… I guess you’ll be takin’ my cherry.”

“I guess.” Will mumbled.

“You guess? Damn Will, it’s a fucking honour.” I teased, again wigglin’ my ass, “Come on Red, pop my cherry. I’ve been so, so bad. I’ve AAAAAHHHHH SHIT! AAAAAHHHHH FUCK! AAAAAHHHHH MOTHER FUCKER!”

Quickly proving that earlier smack wasn’t a one-off Willow gave me a couple of hard strikes in a row which made me forget all about teasing and had me quickly shutting my mouth. Mostly because I didn’t like how easy the redhead made me cry out considering I’m a fuckin’ Slayer and this really is nothing compared to most of the shit I’ve gone through. And really, I was just taken offguard is all, wasn’t expecting mousy little Willow to have such a stiff right hand.

Then again maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought, Will soon toning things down so it barely hurt. So much so I questioned my own memory, and was on the verge of callin’ it a fuckin’ liar until she hit me hard again, the sound of the spank and my surprised cry echoing throughout the wide empty space. That pissed me off, especially as I could practically taste her grin, the vision of me turning the tables flashing quickly in my head. Then I figured fuck it, it wasn’t like I didn’t deserve this shit, and it was actually pretty cool to submit to someone weaker than you.

‘Cos, that was always the case for me, but this was different to anything I’d ever done before, which was kind of thrillin’ now I was actually taking it. I just had to be a little less… pathetic is all. I mean, I have a reputation to uphold, and while I’m sure Will won’t be in a hurry to tell anyone about this, especially not prissy little Buffy Summers, but it’s the principle of the thin’ or some shit.

Not that I was aimin’ for total silence, although I could do that if I really wanted, but that would probably put Willow off. Maybe. The girl was having a hell of a time squeezing little cries, grunts and grimaces from me. I didn’t even have to look back to tell, although when I did it only confirmed what had practically been in the air, that the redhead was like a kid in a candy store.

Then a car drove past and she got cold feet, “Maybe we should, you know, swap over to the other side? Or find somewhere more private?”

I smirked, “I thought ya wanted to get back to B nice and quick like?”

“I do, but…” She trailed off, sounding like she wanted to be talked into it. Or at least that’s how I chose to take it.

“Come on, live a little.” I pushed, before teasing her, “Or you could quit pretending to be a top and just let me eat ya out. I mean, who are you foolin’?”

“I am a top.” Will said indignantly.

“Then quit with all the namby-pamby bull-shit and spank me.” I challenged cockily, trying to sound as arrogant as possible as I added, “Come on Will, give me all ya got.”

There was a long pause during which I almost added somethin’, then Willow gripped onto the waistband of my jeans and thong, squeezing her thumbs in between my flesh and the fabric in the process, then the redhead practically growled, “In that case, I think this should be a bare bottom spanking.”

She then pulled my jeans and thong down to my knees in one swift motion, my body tensing as some kind of reflex or some shit, thus leading her to add, “Don’t you agree? You have been really naughty after all. Doing things without permission. Being cheeky. Seducing me. And… the rest.”

She sounded unsure at first, but then more and more confident. And angry. It almost made me think twice about nonchalantly replying, “Go for it Red. I can take anythin’ ya can give.”

It was my normal sexy bravado, mostly. Not that I gave a shit about havin’ my naked ass hangin’ out of a car in a public place. Hell, I’d screwed in way more public places than this. But I remembered those first couple of spanks, and I was slightly worried that meek little mouse Willow Rosenberg was goin’ to give me more than I bargained for. Maybe even embarrass me.

When it comes to sex I don’t get embarrassed. I’m a shameless slut and proud of it. But I’m a Slayer, that means however much a bottom I am doesn’t change the fact that I’m the toughest bitch ya’ll ever meet, and nothin’ fuckin’ gets the better of me. And when it does, it’s embarrassing, and fuck me if Willow hasn’t got the best of me right now.

Turns out I was right to be worried because after a brief adjustment period in which Will’s playful-ish stinging strikes start pickin’ up steam the redhead starts beatin’ my butt with a vengeance and just when I think she’s using all her strength the spanks get harder. And harder, and harder, and harder, my firm yet well rounded cheeks jiggling with every blow and ya can probably hear the sound of her hand smackin’ off my ass all the way in fuckin’ Sunnydale. And LA.

Ya’d probably hear my squeals of pain too if I wasn’t grippin’ onto the leather seats so hard I almost ripped them and grindin’ my teeth so tied together I’m surprised any sound gets out. But it does… grunts, squeals, cries and even screams, all making me feel somethin’ I so rarely feel. No, not embarrassment, this is downright humiliation. And I’m fuckin’ lovin’ it. I don’t know why exactly, some combination of being put in this position by Willow Rosenberg, of havin’ her of all people publicly spanking me, of havin’ a fuckin’ nerdy pipsqueak I never gave a second look beat my ass till I feel like my cheeks are being attacked with a hot-poker is causing every strike to make my horny fuck hole juice.

Then suddenly it’s over and I’m left there panting in the desert air, Will just staring at my ass which feels like it’s redder than her hair it aches so much. Then I’m dully aware of her moving around, my entire system taken the back from what I’ve just gone through. All I know is Will must’ve had her own strap-on as when I eventually looked up I saw her removing her own jeans and then pulling a harness up her thighs, and my own newly acquired strap-on was still lying in my bag with a few other essentials.

I grinned at this new information, then try to move… but thought better of it when that made my ass ache worse. Not that I had much of a chance as Willow appeared behind me rubbin’ some lube into her dildo before sharply ordering, “Don’t move Faith!”

Shootin’ her a look over my shoulder I offered playfully, “What? Don’t ya want a pussy lickin’ first? Or a blow job?”

“Maybe later.” Willow said noncommittally.

I was about to remind her I don’t do ‘laters’ or ‘next times’ when she pulled apart my ass cheeks and stuck her tongue in my ass. Like, literally tried to fuckin’ get it in there, a couple of licks the only prelude I got to her tryin’ to ram her tongue up my ass. Not that I was complaining. Fuck no, this was exactly the kind of action I’d been itchin’ for. And, in another surprising turn of events, it was a pretty good rimming. Not the best I’d had, Will was kind of a messy eater, but not bad.

I’d had worse, mostly from beginners, which after awhile I decided was exactly what Willow was. She was just a little too eager, buried her face deep in between my cheeks, but not deep enough, and her tongue was just a little too sloppy to be an expert’s touch. But after awhile that didn’t matter. Then, whether she got better or I just got more desperate for some real action, I couldn’t tell the difference. Not when that skilled fuckin’ tongue had been rimmin’ me for what feels like hours, turning me into a fuckin’ bitch in heat.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good rim job, and this was the type of skilled rimmin’ which could even make my knees go weak. But even though it feels like I’m pretty close right now I ain’t ever cum from just an ass lickin’. For a moment I thought maybe this would be a first when I briefly felt a finger being shoved up my ass, and then again when it was replaced by that skilled tongue which got deeper into my tight Slayer ass then any time before it, but still I was denied.

Grittin’ my teeth in frustration I grounded against the edge of the car seat, the soft fabric against my clit promising me the climax I’d been desperate for. But I couldn’t do it. Not when I’ve been waitin’ all this time to get my Slayer ass filled with a big strap-on dick, my horny shitter practically beggin’ for it.

Making that a reality I finally grown through gritted teeth, “Please Will, fuck me.”

Slowly I felt that tongue leave my ass and then heard Red ask me, “Fuck you where Faith?”

“In my ass! Fuck me in my ass!” I growled in frustration, not caring what I had to say to get what I wanted, “Fuck me in the ass with that big fuckin’ dildo! Come on Red, shove that big fuckin’ thing in my fuckin’ ass! Give it to me hard and deep!”

“Then do me a favour, and spread your cheeks for me.” Willow ordered, lettin’ go of my cheeks so I could do as asked.

Which I did without hesitation, my hands brushing against hers I moved so fast to pull apart my own ass cheeks and expose the little hole I so desperately wanted fucked. ‘Cos below it was a hole beggin’ to be fucked just as much if not more than my ass hole, but while a pussy fuckin’ would get me off nothin’ makes me cum like a nice hard butt poundin’.

That’s why when I finally feel the big head of the dick entering my tight little ass I let out a cry of joy, quickly followed by a scream as Will followed that up with a hard slam forwards, sending the first few inches of the dildo deep into my shit locker.


Wherever Willow was, she wasn’t home. The witch still hadn’t returned to her motel room. At least, this time, Buffy hadn’t had to rely on Sunnydale’s public transportation system. Xander had given her a ride across town. He’d offered to wait, to make sure that Willow was back, but Buffy, wanting to be alone with the witch, had dismissed her chauffeur. Although Xander was no doubt anxious to get back together with Chester, the construction crew member he’d been fucking when Buffy had arrived at Xander’s house earlier in the afternoon, Xander was also notoriously spontaneous, and his favorite company were Willow and Buffy. It was possible that he’d defer sex with Chester for time to spend with his two favorite girls, especially now that he knew of Buffy’s transformation into a chick with a dick and the Slayer’s hope of making love to Willow. He might hope to turn their lesbian coupling into a bisexual threesome.

With Xander gone and Willow still not home, Buffy wasn’t sure what to do. Should she visit her mentor, Rupert Giles? Her former Watcher’s apartment was near the UC Sunnydale campus, which was within walking distance or, for that matter, she could call him or she could call Xander. However, she didn’t want to interrupt his liaison with Chester a second time, even though Buffy was a little concerned about Willow. It wasn’t like her to say that she was going someplace and then not show. Maybe she and Giles should organize a search party, and–no. Willow was a grown woman, not a careless teen. She was also an extremely powerful witch, well able to handle herself against anyone who was foolish enough to attempt to assault her. She’d wait a while. Then, if Willow still hadn’t shown or called anyone, Buffy would contact Giles.

Meanwhile, there was another not-so-small problem to contend with. Buffy had an erection. Since she’d left Xander’s house, her cock had become rigid. The stiff, swollen member jutted from her groin, making a tent at the crotch of her sweatpants. It was very embarrassing. Buffy had no idea how guys put up with an errant member that seemed to act upon its own volition. How could a person function with a penis that stood erect at the most inopportune times? At first, Buffy assumed that she was sexually aroused, but how could she be sexually aroused without knowing it? That didn’t make sense. Besides, if she were aroused, wouldn’t her pussy be wet, too? Moreover, when she was horny, her nipples were usually erect as well. At the moment, her cunt wasn’t awash in its own juices and her nipples were not stiff and swollen. Nevertheless, she had a raging erection, and it didn’t seem about to diminish any time soon.

Anya! Xander’s former girlfriend, the vengeance demon whom he’d jilted at the altar, lived nearby. At the time, Xander had attributed his rejection of Anya to his fears that their marriage might end up like that of his parents. He claimed to have been visited by his future self, a slovenly bum whose marriage to Anya was a hellish existence for them both. It wouldn’t have helped their relationship as husband and wife that his parents were boorish, uncultured louts and hers were demons, he’d argued. Now that Buffy had learned of Xander’s sexual proclivities, she wondered whether his sexual interests in men and women both had had anything with his reluctance to be legally tied to a female for the remainder of his days. Maybe all that stuff about his parents and Anya’s family had been a smokescreen. Whereas another man might secretly indulge himself with other males, to do so when he was wed to Anya, a vengeance demon, would be to incur a long, slow, torturous death at the hands of a scorned female of tremendous powers. If Xander wasn’t ready, able, and willing to renounce other men in favor of a lifelong marriage to Anya, it would be much safer for him to back out of the marriage, as he had. That way, he could have his cake and eat it, too, so to speak, without having to fear evisceration, castration, or worse at the hands of his supernatural spouse.

Buffy made up her mind about what to do. She’d visit Anya. Although the demon and the witch weren’t the best of friends, it was possible that Willow had gone to see Anya. Besides, the vengeance demon had always seemed to Buffy to been an especially hot lover to Xander. Buffy would like to find out whether she’d been right to assume this about Anya. Besides, Anya was a hottie. It would be nice to have sex with her.

Have sex with Anya? What was Buffy thinking? Maybe she was horny on a level much deeper than conscious thought. If so, she had the Feral demon to thank for this state of affairs, too. Buffy glanced at the demon’s bite mark. It still looked as bad as it had when the bastard had sunk its teeth into her arm the night before. That worried her, too, because, normally, her Slayer’s blood was filled with such a high number of white blood cells and antibodies that she healed extraordinarily quickly. A bite, for example, would usually heal within minutes. This one was almost as fresh now as it had been hours ago. Maybe, she thought, her erection would last forever, too. That was an unsettling thought!

Still, while she had a cock, a pair of balls, breasts, a feminine ass, and a cunt, she might as well make good use of them. There might be no better way to start than by having sex with a vengeance demon.

Seducing Anya was easier than Buffy had thought it would be. In fact, it wasn’t clear who’d seduced whom, which was surprising since Anya had always come across as thoroughly heterosexual. If there were a term for womanly women that equated with “macho” for masculine men, it would apply to Anya–or so Buffy had thought. Maybe, in a way, it still did. The instant that Anya opened her apartment door to see Buffy’s stiff-standing erection jutting against the cotton of the Slayer’s sweatpants, Anya had been attracted to Buffy the way that, previously, she’d been attracted only to Xander and (one time, while she’d been on the rebound, to Spike). After all, the attraction was, as far as Buffy could tell, to Buffy’s newly acquired male genitals and not to the Slayer’s feminine charms.

“Hi, Buffy,” Anya had said, upon admitting the Slayer, “how’s every–whoa! What the hell?” Her eyes had widened at the sight of the bulge in Buffy’s sweatpants. “You have a cock!”

Buffy had nodded, adding, “And balls.” She’d explained to Anya about the Feral demon’s bite.

Now, they talked about the attack.

“Feral demons are nasty,” Anya said.

“How long do the, uh, side-effects last?”

Anya shrugged. “I’ve never been bitten by one.” She gazed at Buffy’s crotch. “Unfortunately.” Anya bit her lower lip in thought. “They tend to recur, though.”

Buffy frowned. “That’s all I need.”

Anya stepped close. She put her hands upon the cheeks of Buffy’s ass, kissing her firmly upon the lips as she squeezed the Slayer’s firm, compact buttocks. “Are you sure about that, Buffy?” she whispered, her breath warm upon Buffy’s neck.

Buffy kissed her back, sliding her tongue between Anya’s lips. They lost themselves in one another, surrendering entirely to the physical sensations that swept through their minds and bodies. Buffy had come here to seduce Anya, but it wasn’t clear to her who was seducing whom, nor did it matter.

Their tongues swirled about one another, smooth, slick muscles flicking and thrusting and rolling about in each other’s wet mouth-pussies. Their nipples swelled and stiffened, and their clitorises enlarged within the moist caverns of their cunts. Buffy felt a tremble of excitement flash through her, and she returned Anya’s embrace, clutching the demon’s buttocks with the same fervent intensity with which Anya cupped Buffy’s ass cheeks.

“I’ve thought of doing this with you many times,” Anya confessed.

“Me, too,” Buffy admitted.

“Let’s get naked,” Anya invited, as bold and direct in speaking her mind as ever.

They undressed. Of similar height, both women were beautiful blondes with comparable charms. Both had relatively small breasts that were high and round, topped with pink nipples about the size of pencil erasers, surrounded by puffy areolas. Their tummies were concave, their hips narrow, and their legs long and smooth. Each had sleek, compact buttocks. Each was also equipped with a tight, wet pussy behind somewhat thick labia, inside of which their respective clitorises had swelled like the buds of blossoming flowers. However, Buffy’s cunt was hidden from view behind the testicles-filled scrotum that dangled beneath the upright, nine-inch penis within the golden thatch of her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

The ladies kissed again, their hands releasing one another’s buttocks to explore their partner’s breasts.

“You’re beautiful,” Buffy complimented Anya.

“So are you,” Anya returned her praise. “But let’s not waste time on small talk or, for that matter, foreplay.”

“Okay,” Buffy agreed.

Ever forthright, Anya announced, “I want you to eat my pussy.”

“Okay,” Buffy agreed again.

Taking her hand, Anya led her naked guest to her bed. The demon laid upon her back, her thighs spread wide, and Buffy knelt on the mattress, resting her upper body upon her elbows, the hard nipples of her breasts brushing the bed’s satin sheets. She lowered her head, her blonde hair spilling over Anya’s thighs, like a sprinkle of soft silk. Anya moaned, squirming. Buffy slipped her hands under Anya’s buttocks, feeling the weight of her sleek ass cheeks pressing down upon her palms. She kissed the demon’s labia, tasting the dew that had gathered on the petals of Anya’s sex. Then, she licked the demon’s soft, thick pussy lips before slipping the tip of her moist, pink tongue into the folds of Anya’s cunt to lick the hard, smooth button of her swollen clitoris. Again, Anya moaned, twisting upon the bed.

Buffy’s lips, nose, and chin were wet with Anya’s cunt juices. A river seemed to have sprung up inside the demon’s pussy, and it overflowed with a constant stream of fluid. Buffy lapped the flood, rubbed her nose in it, drank deeply of it, and still more of the nectar gushed from Anya’s quivering loins. Grasping Anya’s tits, Buffy squeezed them in her hands; she kneaded, lightly pinched, and tweaked their stiff nipples with her thumbs and fingers. Mostly, though, she concentrated on the smooth, hard nub of Anya’s wet, pink clit, lavishing loving attention upon this bud of her femininity, this blossom from which her sexuality bloomed and flourished. Her tongue licked the firm button of flesh while she kissed and nuzzled the slick, glistening labia that continually drooled the juices from the demon’s overflowing cunt. Although Buffy knew that a pussy was meant for a dick, that it was vestibule to the womb, in which babies were conceived and developed and were brought forth into the world, it seemed, just now, to have no other purpose than to be licked, bathed, and washed with another woman’s tongue; to be kissed with another woman’s lips; and to be rubbed and caressed and fondled by another woman’s fingertips. Any other use of such a holy place seemed impious and wrong. It seemed self-evident that a pussy was intended solely as a means by which women could worship their femininity, giving pleasure to and receiving bliss from one another.

As she licked and sucked Anya’s pussy, Buffy made occasional slurping sounds that would normally have embarrassed her. However, in the context of their lovemaking, these rude sounds were merely titillating, making the sight of her tongue probing and licking Anya’s watery, pink cunt all the more exciting. With renewed vigor, Buffy stroked and bathed Anya’s lust-hardened clit. The demon cried out, writhing, as orgasm swept through her, clutching at Buffy’s hair. “Willow! Oh! Eat my cunt, you lesbian slut!”


Buffy frowned, drawing back from the flooded cunt she’d been licking and poking with her tongue. Suddenly, she saw something terrible inside her mind, so frightening that it obliterated all the lust that had, only moments ago, possessed Buffy so completely as to have nearly overwhelmed her. Her own sopping cunt, her throbbing erection, and the insistent stiffness of her aching nipples were forgotten as the vision asserted itself, and she saw her best friend, Willow, cowering before a band of hideous monsters that had surrounded her at the edge of a sheer precipice beyond which flames flared hundreds of feet into thick, sulfurous air.

Caught in the throes of orgasm, Anya rolled rapidly back and forth, from side to side, her eyes shut tightly, her face a grimace, and her fists balled in Buffy’s hair. “Willow!” she cried again.

Buffy knocked Anya’s hands away, dismounted from the bed, and grabbed Anya’s wrist. “Where’s Willow?” she demanded. “What have you done to her?”

Anya allowed the Slayer to pull her off the bed and onto her feet, but it was a different Anya who got out of the bed than the naked young woman who’d gotten into bed. Anya had transformed herself into Anyanka, the vengeance demon. As such, she was a formidable adversary. True, Buffy had beaten Anyanka before, but, as sports teams proved every day, a previous victory didn’t mean that the winner wouldn’t be vanquished by the loser during their next encounter.

Buffy punched the demon in the face. In turn, Anyanka slammed a fist into the Slayer’s ribs. Both of them, imbued with supernatural strength, had blows like sledgehammers. Fortunately, they had skeletons like steel, too, and their soft tissues could withstand the punishing blows that their kind delivered. Moreover, their bodies healed with unnatural speed–except, it seemed, in the case of a Feral demon’s bite.

The combatants separated, eyeing each other warily.

“What have you done with Willow?” Buffy demanded again, delivering a powerful blow to Anyanka’s midsection.

The demon slumped.

Buffy closed the distance between them, raising her fist to strike again, but Anyanka blocked the punch, answering Buffy’s attempted battery with a blow of her own that sent the Slayer sprawling across the bed, her cock and balls bouncing and jiggling. The sight of the male genitals gave Anyanka a plan. When Buffy rebounded from the bed and spun to face her foe, the demon kicked her savagely between the legs.

Buffy howled, dropping to her knees. Tears sprang to her eyes as she clutched her balls, gritting her teeth in anguish. Suddenly, she believed that she knew why Slayers were always girls and never guys. Despite the superior strength that most boys had, they were equipped with a serious weak spot. Kicked in the balls, all a guy could do was try to breathe and maintain a heartbeat while he recovered from the intense, crippling pain that owned him, body and soul.

Now that Buffy was helpless, Anyanka informed her that she’d sent Willow into a demon dimension after she’d “fucked the bitch with a strap-on dildo.”

Between gasps of pain, Buffy managed to whisper, “Why?”

“Why do you think? She and Xander have been best friends–in a Platonic way, of course–since early childhood. What better way is there to get back at the bastard for jilting me at the altar?”

“That’s ancient history,” Buffy mumbled.

“You don’t know what ‘ancient’ is, girlie. Wait until you’re a few millennia old before you talk about ‘ancient.’ Oh, wait. You’re not likely to live to such a ripe, old age, are you?” Anyanka kicked Buffy in the ass, and the Slayer grunted, falling onto her face.

When she could speak, Buffy whispered, “I thought you’d forgiven Xander.”

Anyanka laughed. “Vengeance demons don’t forgive; they get even.”

Buffy struggled, gritting her teeth. She managed to get to her knees. She also managed to block Anyanka’s kick to her face. Holding the demon by the ankle, Buffy upended her, and Anyanka fell heavily onto her back. Straddling her, Buffy ignored the pressure of her scrotum against Anyanka’s thighs and the feel of the demon’s sleek, cushiony buttocks against her bobbing, swaying erection. “How do I get Willow back?” she demanded.

“You don’t.”

Buffy wrenched one of Anyanka’s arms behind her back, forcing it up, toward her shoulders. “How?” she repeated.

“Fuck you!”

Buffy applied more force, and Anyanka grimaced at the sudden pain in her twisted arm.


“Fuck you, super bitch!”

Buffy jerked the arm higher.

Anyanka screamed.

“I’ll break it,” Buffy warned.

“All right! All right! I’ll tell you.”

Buffy maintained the pressure on the demon’s arm.

“Just let up.”

“Tell me first.”

“I’ll tell you, but you won’t like it.”

“I’m losing patience. When I lose patience, things get broken.”

Anyanka told her.

The demon was right. Buffy didn’t like it, not at all. “You’re lucky I don’t break your arm,” she told the demon.

Instead, she let Anyanka go, but the vanquished foe made no move to get up.

“If anything happens to Willow,” Buffy told the demon, “I will break it.”

Even after Buffy had stalked from the room, Anyanka remained lying on the floor. She’d come close to being killed for what she’d done to Willow, she thought, and for what Buffy–and Giles–would have to do to retrieve the witch from the demon dimension. Anyanka couldn’t say she’d blame the Slayer if Buffy had killed her. If she’d been in Buffy’s place, she certainly would have; a broken arm wouldn’t be nearly enough pay back for what Buffy and Giles were about to go through. After all, even if Buffy and her Watcher managed to escape with their lives, some things were worse than death.

Much worse.

She smiled at the thought of telling Xander all about it.

. . . to be continued. . . .

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