willing wife

Emily and Wit liked the life they led. The boys were raised and on their own and both had fulfilling jobs and no health issues. Married for 27 years there was not much which hadn’t gone well for them with the hard work, tough decisions they’d made and conservative nature they both shared with money and investments.

Still, it was Saturday night and they had just made love and were laying next to one another in bed, still sweating a little from their exertions, being quiet, when Emily spoke.

“Wit, am I, ah, well, am I sensual enough for you?”

He was surprised as this question had never come up before and he weighed whether to answer it truthfully or not. The truth was she didn’t really have much of a sensual nature though she enjoyed sex, just not without much beyond the physical sensations and maybe one nice orgasm. He’d never minded because she was so many other things and he loved being with her, seeing her, respecting her, admiring her breasts and that wonderfully full pussy with what he knew to be was an outstanding 1″ high clit when her lips swelled and her clit got excited. Marriage won out in his answer rather than truth when he responded after just a beat.

“Emily, of course you are! Great body, wonderful kisser, soft, dark and wet inside. Who could want more?”

Her elbow nudged his side while her hand stroked his semi hard and still wet cock. “Don’t be an ass, Wit. I know I’m not as sensual as I could be. I just don’t seem to know what to do, how to generate those feelings. I know that.”

“Well, what makes you think you aren’t? Have you and your girlfriends been comparing notes and now you don’t feel adequate or something? You are just great as far as I’m concerned, Honey.”

“Something like that. Mary, you know her, the gal with the great big knockers, red hair and freckles all over, was telling me what she and her husband do in bed when we were riding over to the school a couple days ago and it got me to thinking.”

“What do they do that you don’t?”

“Mary says that their foreplay is longer, that she does something I’ve never done well for you, she sucks Carl’s cock and plays with his balls and then when he is really hard she asks him to lick her, her, vagina. I just don’t even think of those things which tells me I’m not enjoying it as much as I could be and that I’m not giving you all the pleasure I could. Are those things you’d like? Is Mary right?”

“Honey, no man in his right mind would say no to either of those things especially with a woman who has a body like yours. Your tits are fantastic with great nipples and aureoles and the minute you are ready I will be happy to put my tongue on your treasure, tease your little man standing in the middle at the top there until you cum. Maybe it would make you cum several times. Ever think about that?”

She moved closer to him in the bed and still stroked his cock with the occasional squeeze. “I know that but I’m not sure how to get started, how to train myself to be more sensual. Mary and I talked about that because I told her what I just told you and she made a suggestion but I don’t want you to get mad if you don’t like it.”

“Okay, Honey. What was her idea?”

“Umhh. She, well, she offered to let me watch her do it to you to show me how. I think she and Carl have what some people call an open marriage, others call swingers. Are you mad?”

“No, not at all. If it works to give you more pleasure by learning through observation, why not? I’ll still love you and she does have all these freckles. Besides, I’ve always wanted to watch you with another man. Think Carl would be willing to let you try on him while Mary and I are practicing being sensual for you?”

He grinned in the dark knowing she would never, not ever, mother of two, responsible, sensible Emily, ever do anything like that.

At first, Emily didn’t say anything, just squeezed his cock hard then after a few seconds she ducked her head, moved the sheet and put her mouth over the head of his still wet cock and slurped and slurped with no particular technique, just more passion that the conversation had generated. He reached to her pussy and found it soaking with her labia enormous and the little man standing at attention. Several finger strokes and she was humping his hand, making moaning sounds and then let go of him rolled quickly on top of him and stuck her wet pussy right over his cock and slammed herself down taking push after push until she came all over his cock and groin before falling to his side.

“Yes, I want to learn to be sensual for you. Yes, I want to do it and if I watch you and Mary and Carl fucks me once or twice, I think it might expand our horizons a little after all these years of same old, same old. Would you be okay with it, still love me?”

Wit was astonished and at first couldn’t believe the surge of wet passion and how her mouth tasted with the deep wet kiss she gave him.

“Honey, I’d love you if you had one leg and warts all over you no matter what and if this is something you want to do then I’m behind you…well, right now I’m underneath you with your juices all over my cock”

“Okay, big guy. I told Mary I’d talk to you and call her tomorrow one way or the other. She suggested we not wait and do something one evening this week if that’s okay. She and Carl are free any night.”

“Go ahead, dear. Set it up. I can’t believe you are this sexy and want to be even more sensual but as far as I can tell it’s only good things for both of us and won’t be a regular thing for us. One condition, after the first evening I want you to come home and tell me what you felt, how you were thinking, what it was like watching Mary and me and what it felt like practicing on and with Carl. Okay?”

“Okay, Wit. That works for me. I’ll call her in the morning and work something out. I hope this does jog me into being more sensuous with you, dear.”

His phone rang at work around eleven on Monday morning. He picked it up and said: “Wit here, how can I help you?”

“You can take me to Mary and Carl’s tomorrow night at 7 pm all showered and ready, big guy. We are on for Tuesday evening at their place.”

“How do you feel about it, Emily? Nervous?”

“Maybe I was a little before dialing and dithering about it but when I started dialing the phone that went away. You know me, once a decision is made I focus on carrying it out not on being nervous over it so I’ll be all right. I think it is going to be very different especially for me. I hope you like Mary and that Carl doesn’t mind 50 year old tits and backside that aren’t what they were 25 years ago!”

“Great. He will love you. You are a terrific looking woman who does not look her age at all. I still love seeing you getting dressed or undressed. Good job setting it up and I’ll see you at home tonight.

Tuesday night arrived very rapidly and they had been sitting visiting with Mary and Carl with glasses of wine, some cheese, crackers and almonds for 30 minutes or more when Mary excused herself to go to the rest room and came back but didn’t sit next to Carl, rather, sat next to Wit like she belonged there. Emily was in a chair and Carl on the couch so she took the cue and got up to refresh their wine glasses and when she got back she went over and sat next to Carl who looked perfectly natural with it.

As soon as the room settled down, Mary while talking about something else put her hand on Wit’s knee and started rubbing it, moving her palm around and touching his hip with hers on the couch. Carl watched both Wit and Emily and after a pause in the conversation put his arm behind Emily but across her back and she leaned into it, feeling his arm and knowing where this all might go.

Mary grinned at Emily then spoke: “Em, you okay?”

“Sure, I’m fine. I want to learn and the little buzz I have tells me now’s the time.”

Mary didn’t say anything, put her wine glass down and turned to Wit with her shoulders, pushed up her lips and breasts and kissed him deeply. While she was inhaling his breath, putting her tongue inside his wet mouth and opening hers to his her hand moved up Wit’s thigh and found his hardening cock and balls, stopped, squeezed and felt then when she broke the kiss, she was really grinning as she unbuttoned her top. “Emily, you’ve been holding out on me. Wit’s cock is enormous. Do you have any idea what a treasure you’ve been fucking for yourself all these years? Nothing bad meant, Carl, it’s just that he’s pretty huge and that doesn’t come along often.”

Emily really didn’t know. She had just thought to herself that every woman got to enjoy a 9″ and thick cock. To her that was normal. She just laughed and watched but felt Carl’s arm move and his hand find her hip a little, start massaging her body over the light dress. She scootched over to make it a little easier for him and spread her knees apart to give the growing wet spot in her panties room to breath.

Mary couldn’t get her top off fast enough and Wit couldn’t keep his hands off her tits outside of the bra while Mary inhaled his lips with her kisses. The bra didn’t last five minutes before her huge freckled tits with tiny nipples tumbled out. By then Wit was feeling her stomach and touching her lips with his finger, feeling her wetness. He caught a glance at Emily and noticed her skirt was above her waist and her top was also off by now with Carl sucking her tits as she moaned and watched him and Mary feeling one another.

His hands found Mary’s wet slit and slid inside, fingered her to an almost immediate orgasm that was enough for Mary to quit kissing his mouth, duck her head and, instead tried to match the tip of his cock with the tip of her lips and giving his cock one quick suck. She pulled her head back once it was wet with her saliva and looked at it from four inches away, hand moving the foreskin, rotating it, putting her other hand cupping his balls. She was, Emily could see, admiring it. Then she put her nose next to it and smelled it from the base up to the tip and repeated it two or three times, clearly feeling the heat from the big cock, before tracing her tongue down the shaft and then back up all around it for what must have been two ro three minutes, savoring the big head and the veins and ribs of Wit’s superb cock. Finally, when she’d admired it enough she put it in her mouth, closed her tongue to the underside the closed her lips and started taking it into her throat, all the way, slowly in, slowly out with slobber and drool all over while Wit’s fingers kept fingering her clit which was just sopping wet as her huge freckled tits banged against his naked knees.

Emily saw it all even though Carl was sucking her tits and feeling her pussy to great effect. She was more excited than she’d ever been and went through two or three small orgasms before she worked up the passion to repeat Mary’s steps on Carl’s little five inch cock. It felt good and made her even hotter.

Everybody was naked and he saw that Carl was just a normal sized guy and not anything like he was in size so knew that Emily wouldn’t get stretched if they did fuck. Mary kept moaning until she started sucking his balls then his cock weeeeeeeeeee.

He pushed Mary up and laid her back on the couch with her legs apart, gaping pussy wide open and got on his knees and sucked her tits with his chest laying on her belly, on the red, wet hair above her snatch until he worked his way down to her lips with his tongue where he twirled and lanced her opening before burying himself in her pussy which instantly went into an intense orgasm and her knees squeezed his head and she humped his mouth until her spasms slowed.

She couldn’t wait anymore an pulled him up, laid lengthwise on the carpet and spread her legs and held her pussy open for him. “Come on, Wit. Put that fucking monster in me. Now, do it now!” He did and felt a much looser pussy than he was used to but while he was fucking her he could see Emily was now riding Carl’s cock, humping him from above with more abandon than he’d ever seen in her. Her asshole was out there and wet so Carl had used his finger there too, a favorite secret trick of Wit’s on her.

It reminded him and he reached under Mary and slid a finger into her ass which made her grunt, cry out and moan something completely unintelligible and cum again. This time when she came down from the feelings she reached down and pulled his cock out which was still hard and laid on her side away from him, reaching through her legs to find his dick and rubbed it against her own asshole until he started pushing and the big head found her muscle there which resisted at first then relaxed and his head popped inside her, now held by the tightest opening he’d ever fucked. She was no longer making any sense with her sounds but he could tell she wanted him to cum in her ass and after two or three minutes of slow stroking he did just that while playing with her clit and making her cum one last time. When he was done spurting into her ass, he was relaxed, holding her tits, kissing her ears, laying on the rug next to her and watching Carl finish fucking Emily who was on what had to be her third or fourth orgasm.

He and Mary embraced and shared moist kisses as they watched Emily explode her last time and feint at the height of it.

“Time to let Emily take it the rest of the way at home with you another night, Wit. I have never had a cock like yours and I want to do it again if you and Emily are willing. It looks like she’s learned to be damed sensuous now. Look at the size of her clit and nipples! God, I’d kill to have her looks and equipment.”

“You aren’t anything to ignore, Mary. You’re gorgeous and sensuous and a great teacher. Let Emily and I talk and process all this but I’m sure willing as this is the most highly charged sex we’ve ever had.”

“You know, Wit, I’ve got several single girlfriends who are divorced in their forties and when they hear about your cock, you are liable to have to hold them off with a stick. Think Emily would like to try a woman some time? I have a couple of friends who would do both of you in a threesome. Don’t mention that to her right away but I think you guys would like it. Look at Emily, she’s a regular slut once you turn the key on the lock!”

The evening ended with all of them getting cleaned up and he and Emily driving home, Emily unable to shut up about how sexy she now felt and when they got there, she immediately kissed him deeply and despite having Mary’s cum still on his dick started savoring the big tool with her own mouth before putting it one last time inside her pussy and Cumming what must have been a cup of cum on his cock and balls, feinting again then waking up and saying…”showers, let’s take showers. I want to have you eat me in the morning before breakfast, Wil. Tonight has unlocked me, made me way more sensuous than I ever thought I’d be and I love you for it.”

She was asleep right after her shower when he went in to the shower after she came out. She was still grinning with one hand on her pussy. He cuddled next to her and replaced her hand with his, rubbing her engorged slit and flipping the head of her clit until she groaned, humped his hand and came one last time without doing anything other than moaning and keeping her eyes closed.

She was a happy camper and in the morning she was going to make him a happy camper by letting him eat that clit and those big, full lips.

Life was good and sensuality had arrived at their house.

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