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There has always been something about wearing a wig that you liked. You have always had the ability to instantly slip into the persona brought on by the wigs. You discovered this talent in talent in junior high while taking drama classes. But as with any capability you simply forgot it as you moved into adult life and then the pursuit of your professional life. It wasn’t until staying up late one night after a heated argument between your fiancee about his desire for pictures. Due to your elevated position within your job at the local University, you were opposed to the idea. But you loved him and wanted to please him that you were up at 3am trolling the internet.

You knew instantly when you saw the wig on the page that this was the one. It didn’t take you long to formulate the plan. More to the point you knew who and what you would become the instant you put it on. With memories and a life story already programmed in the wig. You remembered how each wig was different in its own way. But the transformation was always the same. This was your escape, a way to become someone else and free yourself of all boundaries and restrictions you feared or placed on yourself. You could do or say things you never would as the prim and proper professor at the local university.

The wig was a strawberry blonde one called the Blonde French Twist Updo. You had seen it while searching for another wig for a upcoming fashion show. Immediately and without a second thought you had purchased it. While it had cost $177.00, you knew you had to have it. You were already forming the persona as your fingers played across the keys of your laptop. The more your mind played with the character, the more you could feel yourself become that person. You could feel your body begin to react. You could feel the dampness in your panties and your nipples stiffen and begin to harden. You listen as your breathing was becoming raspy fro the sudden surge of endorphins being released into your system. A plan was forming slowly at first then building quickly as the images flooded your conscious mind. Slowly and as if on automatic your legs slightly part to relieve the pressure of your swollen lips. The familiar tingling was back and you close your eyes for a minute riding the wave of excitement. There would be a slow build up of excitement as you spent the next two weeks awaiting its arrival in the mail. You would spend that time as you had done so many years ago. Working every detail in your mind, finalizing every last nuance with such care till the time you put the wig on.

It had begun innocently a few weeks before. We were laying in bed reading when I turned to you and announced.

“Renee, I would like to take some pictures of you.”

You knew that I enjoyed your body and loved watching and touching you. You had once asked why and was startled when I simply responded

“I would rather jerk off looking at you than looking at some stranger.”

While this was flattering the thought of posing for nude or semi nude pictures scared you. While we had been dating for over three years and had recently become engaged, you still had a hard time with trust. You had always refused my request for anything risque or potentially overtly kinky but something stopped you this time. I knew you had a wild side because as much as you tried it had tried to repress it. It had escaped and reared its head a time or two after a night spent drinking. You rationed that after all there were pictures taken here and there of you during our time together. Some of them even nude but it was different because it was a spur of the moment idea. I had either destroyed them per your request or simply not bothered to download them off the camera. You knew I wanted you to give them to me, to hear you say that you wanted me to have them. Even during our worst fight a few months back I had never given you any reason to ever think I would use them against you. Between the fears of losing your job and how you thought you looked had always kept you from posing for me.

I had always kept my word regarding this promise, so you had simply stated that we would see. You had forgotten about my request till now. Smiling to yourself, knowing it would excite me and that your plan was coming together you hit the send button to pay for the wig.

The next few weeks you went about slowly assembling the necessary items you would need. You had stopped to check the mail on your way home after a particularly long day. You had just finished grading midterms. All you wanted was a stiff drink and a long soak in your tub. It was my last night of work at the fire station and you knew I would be off the next few days. I had been so patient with the late nights and early mornings you had worked getting the exams read and graded. We were both looking forward to spending time together. Catching up on both sleep and our love making which had taken a back seat. When you opened the mailbox you felt an instant flood of juices in your panties. There lying in the mailbox was the key to an even bigger mailbox signaling a delivery. You hurriedly opened the locked door and removed the large box from its storage area. Later that evening as you looked back you didn’t even remember the driving home with the large box in the passenger seat. Changing clothes or walking the dogs or even falling asleep that night. It hadn’t been till the next morning when you were submerged in the bathtub filled with hot soapy water that you found yourself softly stroking your swollen lips between your legs. Your feet were up on both sides of the tub with legs splayed open. You fought hard not to bring yourself to orgasm as your fingers massaged your outer lips and sensitive clit. Tracing up the sides of each puffy lip before sinking one then two fingers inside. Sufficiently teasing yourself to the very edge of an orgasm. Rising from the tub long after the water had begun to chill you set about gathering the items you needed. I would be home from work soon and everything needed to be in place.

The plan was simple enough. The wig was the first thing you had to put on after drying yourself. Instantly, you had become her. Renee has ceased to exist and you glanced in the mirror of your bathroom and failed to recognize even your own reflection. You see the woman standing there, large perky breast that defied gravity. Your eyes trail down the body in the mirror across a flat stomach to a set of curvy hips. It is then you notice this woman looking back is completely shaven. Standing at an even five foot in bare feet and looking to be around her late 30′s or early 40′s. You begin to pamper yourself with scented body powder. Teasing yourself as you padded the powder onto your breast, softly encircling them with the fluffy pad. First you lift one then the other as you apply the powder all over. You can’t help but pinch one exposed nipple then the other. Feeling them swell and harden under the pressure of your finger tips. Still nude you turn and walk thru the house and to my room and into the closet where your shoes are stored. Without thinking you reached for the clear acrylic stripper shoes and placed one then the other on your feet. Then returning to your room you retrieve the red lingerie you had consisted of of a pair of panties a half cup push up bra and a light cover. You then set up the rest of the items you had collected and kept hidden in your closet these past two weeks. Walking over to your dresser you open the top drawer removing a few remaining props and set about setting the stage for my arrival. Once done you send me a simple text that said

“Hurry home.”

You had put the dogs up and inserted a new movie into the DVD player. You barely heard my door close on my truck as you walked to the side of the bed and got into position. I had walked into the garage and found a note tacked to the door. All it read was

“Enjoy the show.”

I walked into the house and the first thing that caught my eye was a director’s chair placed in the doorway to our bedroom. Next to it was the tripod with the camera attached to it. As I step inside ready to ask what was going on I saw you. Your legs were encased in the highest heels I knew you owned. You had your back to me and you were bent at the waist with your upper body laying on the bed. Your legs were apart and you were wearing a red laced outfit I had never seen before and did nothing to hide your incredible body. On the TV in the corner I saw a young teenager looking blonde lying on what appeared to be a school teacher’s desk. An older dark haired woman was asking the young teenager

“How bad do you want to pass my class?”

The young girl was obviously nervous but submitting to the much older woman. I heard you let out a whimper as the older woman reached out and coaxed the young girl to remove her shirt. Then without looking in my direction you spoke

“This was me in me when I was younger. This was the first time I was initiate into THE CLUB.”

“The camera is for you to use as you see fit Joel.”

I picked it up and moved closer. As I looked through the view finder seeing this person in front of me I observed that you were slowly rubbing an anal plug over your lips. As I clicked the first picture and the flash lit the room you moaned out loud. As I panned in I watch as you slowly begin to push the plug into your upturned ass. Slowly with each flash of the camera I watch as you open up and more and more of the plug disappeared inside of you. I continue at a steady pace as you push it all the way in and steadied yourself relaxing and becoming comfortable with the fullness. I could feel my cock begin to swell and press against the inside of my uniform pants. I continue to snap pictures and reach up to stroke once cheek of your ass. Without moving you simply state

“You are here only to take pictures for my book. It is an autobiography.”

I watched as you began to play with yourself using what appeared to be every toy you owned. I moved to different positions and snapped picture after picture. From outside I could only imagine the flashes would give the appearance of a strobe light to anyone passing by on the roadway. For over an hour I looked through the view finder lens and documented as you brought yourself to one shuttering orgasm after another. You changed positions at will moving from standing, lying on your back, to kneeling. While you appeared as the woman I loved everything from your voice to your mannerisms were not you. Finally you ordered me back to the door and told me to set the camera down. You slide off the bed onto shaky legs and assume your original position. Reaching under yourself I watched as you slowly removed the butt plug.

Looking back over your shoulder you tell me to strip out of my uniform. As I stand there with my straining cock you motion for me to approach. Taking my cock into your hands you coating it with your juices and pulling me closer and inserting me into your ass. Whimpering you said

“Fuck me. Make me feel young again.”


Later as I emerged from the shower, you were coming out of your room. You had washed and changed clothes.

“Baby I didn’t hear you come in.”

You reached up and kissed me hard on the lips and said

“I can’t wait to show you my new wig. It is part of my Halloween costume. I’m going as an old school teacher from the 60″s.”

That night as we lay in bed with you stroking my cock. I flipped through the pictures I had taken and downloaded onto my laptop. I was happy I finally got some of the pictures I had been wanting and you begin to tell me how you had discovered that by wearing a wig you were able to become someone else completely. Thus fulfilling both my desires for pictures and allowing yourself to fulfill your own desires. You explained that it was not Renee in those pictures but someone else. You simply said

“One day I will let you take pictures of me but until then just know I have joined the wig of the month club.”

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