I really had to put my foot down to get the hubby agreeable to move our activity from the safety of the house to public places. He was extremely reluctant and worried about being discovered. After trying to coax him along I finally had enough and told him we were going to proceed so he needed to get over it and soon!

For the first few episodes I drove to secluded locations in the country or I would take him to a remote part of a public park near the house. The first time I simply pulled off the main road and proceeded about a mile on a dirt road. Here I had him get out of the car get naked from the waist down and bend over the trunk of the car. There he remained with the thermometer in his butt while I admired the scenery.

On a subsequent visit to the same spot I laid a blanket about 50 feet from the car. I told him to take off all his clothes, then sent him back to the car to fetch the kit with the thermometer and KY jelly. When he came back as I sat in a lawn chair I had him stand in front of me turn around and bend over. After lubing him real good I inserted the glass instrument. I made him time the procedure. Every minute or so I would give the rod a little twist and push it in and out of his bottom a few times. After four minutes I slowly pulled the thermometer out and allowed him to dress.

The first urban location was in a parking garage. He was extremely nervous- worried that security cameras would detect what we were doing. I just laughed.

When parked I had him lower his pants as he sat in the passenger seat. I then had him get on all fours with his butt facing me and his face pointing toward the passenger-side window. I abruptly pulled down his underpants and made him spread his ass cheeks for me. I purposely kept him in this position with the thermometer sticking out for a long time hoping someone would walk by. Eventually two women did but they were not close enough to make out what was going on in our vehicle.

One day I had him come to my office. I closed the door and drew the blinds. It was at that point I announced my intentions. He was very worried someone would walk in. I told him he was being difficult and I was getting tired of him acting like a cranky child.

He reluctantly complied with my request and pulled his pants and underpants down to his ankles. I made him stand that way while I retrieved the thermometer and a jar of KY Jelly. I then had him lay across my knees as I sat at my desk. After inserting the thermometer I made a telephone call keeping him in position throughout the call. I pushed the rod in and out in a playful way and also twisted it around inside of him. When I pulled the thermometer out he practically leaped to his feet to retrieve his clothes.

I planned a subsequent office rectal temperature taking event for a time I had a conference call. When I explained what I intended and what I wanted him to do he started to protest. After listening to his sheepish complaints I announced that if he didn’t hop to it I was going to call my secretary in to take his temperature. He knew I was serious.

It wasn’t long before he was totaled naked and up on his hands and knees on my conference table. I took the thermometer out of me desk went over to him waiting in position on the table for me and inserted the instrument deep into his anal passage. This is how he remained during most of the conference call. His expression was priceless.

Near the end of the conference call I motioned him to come over to my desk and got the point across I wanted the thermometer to remain inside him. It was hysterical watching him climb off the table while trying desperately to hold the instrument in his bottom. When he finally got over to me I turned him around and gave the rod a good twist. I had him lean over my desk for last few minutes of the call.

By far the most erotic experience to date for me and by far the boldest was in the doctor’s office. He was scheduled for a complete physical with my doctor friend….the same doctor from chapter 1 who came to the house to see him that sparked my interest in rectal temperature taking.

She asked me if I wanted to sit in on his exam. When I said yes he was not very thrilled and made a feeble protest that both of us dismissed instantly. As the three of us sat in her office the doctor commented about our rectal temperature taking play. She asked how it was going and if the pointers she and her nurse had given him helped. She went on to say she would pay particular attention to him back there during the exam.

Well, I must say the exam in and of itself was a turn on. Not only did he have to submit to the very attractive female doc, his wife was going to observe the entire proceeding and the doc was assisted by a very young and very attractive nurse. For the initial part of the exam he was permitted to leave on his underpants. It wasn’t long into the exam though when she got them off. He remained nude for the remainder of the exam.

I was also surprised at how thorough she was. My interest really piqued when the nurse got him up on the exam table and positioned his legs in stirrups similar to those used for a gyno exam. I almost burst out loud laughing when she told him to scoot down toward the edge of the table- what is good for the goose is good for the gander. His legs were wide open giving the three us an unobstructed view of his genial area and butt hole.

I next got to witness him have to endure the lady doc stick her fingers up his behind after looking the outside of his rear passage over very closely. The look on his face was priceless. He was beat red. Whether she was doing it for my benefit I don’t know, but she talked to me through this entire part of the exam and asked him many questions related to our temperature taking that he meekly replied to. At one point she asked the nurse to spread his hind quarters so she could explain to me where he was most sensitive to the thermometer or any other object going in and out.

At the conclusion of the exam the doctor told him to put on his underpants, and then she escorted us back to her office. When we were seated she began going over the results of the exam. During her comments she mentioned there was some redness right at his anal opening. I expressed surprise because I was following her instructions both using a liberal amount of KY jelly and making sure his butt hole was open wide before sticking in the thermometer.

She looked perplexed. With that she had him stand up between us and pull down his underpants. After making him spread his ass cheeks for our inspection, she explained and visually showed me the area that was irritated. She went to the phone and asked the person on the other line to bring in a rectal thermometer. Soon a middle aged nurse entered. She both stared and smiled at the scene of the poor fellow standing between us disrobed except for underpants pulled down to his knees.

When the nurse had gone the doctor asked me the most frequent position I put him in to take his temperature. When I mentioned over my knee she asked if I wanted her to demonstrate. Even if I didn’t I wanted to see what she had up her sleeve. I eagerly said by all means. It was priceless. I almost could not believe it when she pulled her chair over and directed him across her lap. He had utter despair on his face as he very sheepishly got in position. She first grabbed his underpants and pulled them completely off handing them to me. She then with one hand spread his cheeks wide to the point he flinched. She proceeded to talk me through the dos and don’ts as she inserted and withdrew the instrument from his behind.

When she was through with him she patted him on the butt and told him he could get up from her lap. I handed him his underpants that he quickly donned. He was then sent back to the examining room to fetch his clothes. I made some additional small talk with the doctor then quickly made my way to the examining room.

Once in the examining room I pulled out a thermometer and smiled at him. He was so humiliated at the time he simply asked what position I wanted him in. I proceeded to take his temperature in three different positions, bent over the exam table, on the exam table with his legs in the stirrups and on all fours. What an incredible experience.

In chapter 3 I will review our experiences when I invited girlfriends to participate in the fun.

I. She Catches Me

Needless to say, I was very embarrassed when my wife caught me at the computer—shorts down, Kleenex in hand to catch the incriminating evidence, dick hard and out in the open, and a woman on the screen forcefully making her man cum.

She said my name. “What the hell are you doing?”

I tried shutting the computer screen, but she put her hand on my shoulder. I felt like I was in the middle of a bad movie, caught doing something such as this. Caught by my beautiful wife on whom I would never cheat, but she, no doubt, saw this as just that: cheating.

“Keep it on,” she said, and peered closer at the screen, ignoring my current position.

So I did, and she watched the rest of the video without speaking a word to me. Meanwhile, my hard-on evaporated in a smoke of shame, and I just sat there like a boy in the principal’s office of some very open-minded school.

Finally, the video ended, and she said, “Do you like stuff like that?”

Unable to speak due to the huge knot in my throat, I could only nod.

“Really?” She seemed genuinely surprised.

See, we had a great sex life, but it was nothing unconventional, like the video she caught me watching. We had sex (a lot of sex) in just about every room of the house. Sometimes I was on top, but she didn’t mind riding me, either. Sometimes I snuck up behind her, started kissing her, and then took her bent over the desk, kitchen table or bed. I went down on her occasionally—maybe I should have done more—but she didn’t seem to particularly care for that. And, on very rare occasions, she would treat me to her otherworldly blow-jobs, which I constantly craved.

I had never been with another woman, nor she with another man. I loved every time we made love—or fucked, if you will—and so did she. Still, sometimes I liked to watch some videos that went to the edge.

Or jumped the hell off.

Which is what she caught me watching tonight: a naked man had his feet and hands bound together, and he lay on top of a table, with his penis dangling through a gloryhole. The woman—topless, wearing only a red thong and mask that covered her eyes and nose—spanked him for a while, and then knelt under the table, where she took her time bring him to climax, and then afterward, with his head no doubt sensitive as hell, continued to play with him, making him scream and beg for mercy. All the while, she smiled her sexy smile.

I have watched this video often, and often, wished I were in the man’s place.

I nodded again, and my wife said, “What other videos do you like to watch?”

Looking at her, I arched my eyebrows. “Seriously?”

She nodded. “Show me,” she said, and squeezed my shoulder affectionately.

Too confused by the situation to ignore her, I type up some other clips that I enjoyed.

In one, a fully clothed woman wearing gloves milked her tied-up slave to climax—and then beyond.

In another, a naked blonde bounced on her tied-up slave’s dick, warning him not to come. Then she got off him and furiously jacked him off, warning about the consequences of climaxing. And when he did, she got mad, and jerked him off more, ignoring his pleas.

“More,” my wife said. And I obeyed.

I showed her a couple more of the same, and then another favorite, one where two women in lingerie toyed with a man for a long time. One—a brunette—rode his cock while the other—a blonde—rode his face. The women stared at each other and kissed while they fucked the bound man.

Eventually, they each put on dildos and invaded the man.

“Whoa,” my wife said. “You like that?”

“Actually, no.”

“You skip this part?”

“I do. I mean…I’m not for a dildo being used on me, but a prostate massage…”

“Show me.”

I pulled up another video and showed her what I meant.

Then she asked, “Any more?”

I don’t know why, but I showed her one more.

It had been a fantasy of mine to cum on my wife’s gorgeous ass. I loved looking at it when I fucked her from behind, and I loved holding on to it when my wife rode me like there was no tomorrow. Still, when she gave me handjobs—thankfully, not as much now that we’re married—I always just came into an inviting palm or her perky breasts. I never finished myself on to her—she enjoyed making me come, and I wasn’t going to stop her—but I always wanted to shoot my load on to that rockin’ ass of hers.

The last video was something like that. Two women, both in black leather lingerie, tied a man’s hands up to a ceiling, and then one woman jacked him off, and he came on to the other woman’s ass, as she was bent over in front of his dick, awaiting the money shot.

I envied that man.

After that one finished, she said, “OK. No more,” and then turned my chair toward her. I didn’t know when, but she had dropped her pants and underwear. She sat on my suddenly rigid cock (when did that happen?) and said, “Think only about me, OK?”

I could only nod.

When I felt the warm stirrings in my groin, I let her know. She continued bouncing, and I continued holding on to her ass.

Soon, she let out a cry, and then I released, pumping her full of cum.

She slowed down, and then stopped, head resting on my shoulder. She whispered, “Don’t watch anymore. Not tonight. Not ever. I’ll make it worth it. I promise.”

Again, I was filled with shame. “I love you,” I said.

She kissed me on the forehead. “I love you, too.”

II. She Tricks Me

Almost two weeks passed, during which my wife and I made love at about the same rate before The Incident. She never brought up my lewd act and I never mentioned the videos to which I introduced her.

In fact, I didn’t watch anything, either. I stayed true to my word.

Everything seemed good—great, even. I didn’t expect much else to happen regarding The Incident. I just thought life would go on as if it never even happened.

I worked that Saturday morning for about four hours, and while at my office, she called me.

“Tonight’s going to be special,” she said, with a hint of playfulness in her voice.

I smiled. “Sounds good. Any occasion?” I knew damn well the occasion: my birthday was that Monday.

“No,” she said. “I just wanna have some fun.”

“OK. I’m about done here. Will you be home when I get back?”

“Actually, I won’t be. But I’ll see you around 6 for dinner.”

“Sounds good.”

We said our I-Love-Yous and I went back to work.

When I returned home, I was more than a bit curious. But she was gone, like she said she would be. I retired to our living room to watch some college football and catch-up on the week’s newspapers. Eventually, I dozed off, but awoke when I heard her shut the front door.

I went in to greet her. She had a bag of groceries and had bought a bottle of wine.

“Need any help?”

She smiled. “No, I’m good, but why don’t you go put on something nice for tonight? I’ll start dinner, and then you can take over after you change.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

I went upstairs to our bedroom and put on something similar to what I wore to work: blue dress shirt, slacks and dress shoes. I walked back downstairs and into the kitchen. My wife smiled at me and handed me a glass of wine.

“I’ll be back in five,” she said and went upstairs. I drank the wine and stirred the sauce and listened to the radio. About five minutes—and one glass of wine—later, she came down the stairs as I tended to the sauce.

“How’s it all look?” she said.

“Great.” I inhaled the aroma. “Smells great, too.” I turned to her, and almost dropped my glass.

My wife is not a tall woman. (For that matter, I am not a tall man.) She stands 5’3″—maybe. But she looks great. She’s got a pair of tits that are proportionate, and while her ass is a little big for her body, it’s as firm as a rock, and I’m only slightly exaggerating. She has a mostly flat stomach, killer legs and flawless skin.

When I turned to her, she wore all black: thigh-high boots, stockings, thong, bra and elbow-length gloves—everything. Including the whip she held in her right hand. She smiled at my bewildered look.

“Like what you see?”

I swallowed. “I do?”

“How do you feel?”

“Lucky,” I said, unsure of how to respond.

“No,” she said, and motioned with the whip to my empty wine glass. “Do you feel OK?”

It took me a minute to grasp what she was asking. Then I realized I was dizzy, and my sexy wife blurred in my eyes. I set the glass down on the counter, and then tried to catch myself before I fell.


She moved quickly—how, in those heels, I don’t know. But she caught me.

“It’s OK,” she said. “You’re OK.”


“Shh.” And she faded even more.

My wife had drugged me.

III. She Controls Me

When I awoke, I didn’t know where I was. All I could see was black. I tried to speak, but something had been shoved in my mouth. I couldn’t only moan. I tried moving my hands, but couldn’t. I tried moving my legs, but couldn’t. I moaned again, this time louder.

“You’re awake,” she said from around my feet, and took my soft cock into her warm mouth. It was only then that I realized I was naked. She moved her tongue around the head of my penis, licked its underside and then sucked on me. I was instantly hard. She released my dick and spoke.

“Here’s the deal,” she said. “We’re in the basement. You’re currently lying on a table, and you’re hands and feet are tied to posts located at the four corners of this table. Go ahead, try to get out.”

I tried again, harder than before. I barely moved.

“Good. You’re sufficiently restrained.” I could hear she smile in her voice.

She continued, “You can’t talk because I’ve stuff the thong I’ve been wearing all day into your mouth. I’ve been thinking about this all day, and got pretty wet, so that should taste good. Does it?”

I knew the rules of this game—even though I’d never played before. I moaned back an affirmative answer.

“Good. Now, I’m going to take your balls and cock and place a cock ring around them. Do you know what a cock ring is?”

I did, but was surprised she did. I could only moan, and she slipped one testicle, and then the other, and then my cock through the ring.

“I want you to last, big guy. I want you to last for as long as you possibly can. I want to come on your cock several times before you unload into me. We’re going to be at this all night. Understand?”

I moaned, waiting for everything.

Finally, she kissed me on the cheek, then took time sucking on each nipple. Then she twisted both of my nipples at the same time with all of her strength. I moaned in pain—but, my God, it felt amazing, and my moan carried with it more pleasure than pain.

She realized my nipples and announced: “Now it’s time to have some fun. And remember, this is for me, not you.”

She glided my rigid cock inside of her and started humping me. All the while, I could only mean. This felt so good. I wish I could see her. My cock felt like erupting, but the ring prevented this. Still, it felt amazing. Here I was, living out one of my fantasies with my loving, sexy wife.

Not too long after, I felt her come on my cock, and she moaned loudly. That may have been the quickest she ever reached climaxed in our time together. Of course, if this was as hot for her as it was for me, then there’s no wonder that she came so quickly.

She slid off of me and said, “You’re cock’s really red. I bet you wish you could come, don’t you?” Before I could respond, she had her mouth around me again and went to work. Jesus, it was amazing!

She did that for a while before letting me go with a juicy pop. “You taste great. I’ll be right back, hon.” Then she left the room.

As I lay there alone, I couldn’t begin to fathom how lucky I was.

She returned soon, and without a word, got back on my dick. After about a minute she stopped and said, “I’m taking my thong out of your mouth now. You will not say a word. And you will lick when I tell you to lick. Understood?”

I thought did: she wanted me to eat her pussy. I moaned that I understood.

She took out her thong and then started humping me again. Soon, I felt a pussy against my mouth—someone else was in the room!

“Lick!” my wife yelled and she bounced on me. “Lick her pussy!”

I didn’t know whose pussy this was, but I licked. And sucked. And nibbled. I licked and sucked and nibbled, and then repeated. Finally, Mystery Pussy moaned.

“Lick that cunt!” my wife screamed, and then she twisted my nipples. I obeyed: I licked that cunt.

Mystery Pussy moaned again. Still, I didn’t know who this was. Then my wife said, “Lick Amy’s pussy harder!”


Jesus: Amy was my wife’s younger cousin, three years younger than us, having just graduated college and turning 25. She had strong, tan thighs from playing soccer year-round, and I always loved taking in those thighs. She was skinnier and taller than my wife with smaller breasts, but her ass always looked plumper. Her ass always looked great.

My God, my wife must have noticed me staring at her before.

And now here I was, bound and at my wife’s mercy, eating out her little cousin.

And her pussy tasted great! I was living a dream, a real-life fantasy that I didn’t even know existed. My wife truly knew me better than I even knew myself.

My wife came again, and so did Amy. Regardless, I kept on licking, and she kept moaning.

“Goddamn, you sure know how to eat a girl out,” Amy said, standing and removing her pussy from my mouth.

“Thank you,” I said, and then realized my wife was taking off the cock ring.

“Amy, come here.” Amy walked away toward my wife’s voice. “I want you to finish him off.”

“Whoa,” I said. “Hey—.”

My wife cut me off: “Shut up.” She sounded angry. To Amy: “Finish him off however you want, Amy.”

“Can I…fuck him?”

After a moment’s hesitation, my wife said, “Sure.”

Amy slipped on to my still rigid cock, and I knew I wouldn’t last long. My wife moved up near my head and took off the blindfold. “Watch her,” she whispered. “Watch her fuck you.”

Amy’s golden cheeks flushed as I entered her. She kept on her white T-shirt, but otherwise was naked. She closed her eyes, slowly humping me, and then began with urgency.

“Don’t come,” my wife whispered. “Don’t you dare come.”

Going faster, Amy started moaning—cute, little moans that turned me on even more.

“Don’t come into her tight pussy, lover boy. Don’t you dare.”

My wife’s words made me want to come even more. “Your cock can’t stand it, can it?”

“No,” I panted, close.

She knew I was close. She grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back, and leaned her great ass into my face. I sucked and licked without being told to. My wife moaned, Amy moaned, and I couldn’t take it any longer.

I erupted.

Spurt after spurt of coming entered Amy’s tight pussy. She bounced once, twice more, and then she came, too. All the while, I licked my wife’s delicious ass and pussy.

Finally, Amy got off of me and put on her shorts. My wife released my head and walked away, leaving me longing for her ass.

“God, that felt great,” Amy said to my wife. “Thanks. What’s next?”

I looked to my wife. “There’s more.”

She smiled at me, took the cock ring and put it around my currently flaccid dick.

“Honey,” she said, smiling wickedly, “we’ve only just begun.”*

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