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The puff of smoke was a cliche. It was a metaphor. I just couldn’t remember which one. My eyes focused on the last puff of smoke I had exhaled from my cigar. It hung in the air heavily in front of me, capturing the focus of my retinas; the background an animated blur. The bourbon and the beer rendered my attention compromised. I squinted my eyes, trying to bring the image into focus, but I couldn’t. I could only see the smoke. The blur? It was my wife rocking back and forth between two of my friends, pleasuring the three of them in a way neither had known before. My mind reeled as I took stock of the situation; how did we get here?

Once a month, for years now, I get together with some guys to play poker. It’s your typical poker night with the boys. No one bets so much money that people leave pissed off, but the bets are high enough to keep things interesting. Arrangements have gotten more complicated over the years, but everyone makes sure their wife or girlfriend is out for the evening and we are free to swear, fart, drink, talk, and most importantly, play poker.

My wife, Anne, has mixed emotions about the game. I always think she’ll be happy to have the house to herself on a Saturday — to forget about me for an evening and let loose, but that is never quite the case. She misses me. It’s really cute and speaks volumes about just how much I mean to her, which I love, but I still need a night with the boys. It was my turn to host the game, making it harder for her to stay away.

She gets along well with Dan’s wife, so the two of them planned to go out and have a margarita while the guys came to our house for poker. I cleaned up the basement a little, pushing old boxes back into the storeroom, making sure it didn’t smell too bad. It was February so it was too cold to play out on the deck, and Anne doesn’t care for cigar smoke in the house. The basement was the perfect venue. It was cement floor, block wall, dirty, dark, and dank. And even better? I stuck an exhaust fan in a window that would blow the smoke out of the room. I had just what we needed: A card table, five chairs, cable TV in the corner playing ESPN and enough stogies, beer, Bourbon and snacks to keep us going as late as we wanted. It was a man cave, and we were men.

By nine o’clock everyone had showed up; Dan, Joe, Chris, and Darren. The perfect card crew. It’s tough to get the right group of guys for a poker game, usually there is the odd brother-in-law or the guy from work that you invite but wish had turned you down. Not in this group –just guys who know all the jokes before you tell them and laugh anyway. Light beer? Try again. Cheap bourbon? Not on your life. Nickel bets? Nada. No one gets bent out of shape if the money doesn’t add up, it never does, because we drink like fish.

Cards are flying, the music is getting louder, and the stories are even more ridiculous than last time. We’re all on our 5th beer, 3rd Bourbon and 2nd cigar. Every good poker night has a window of time when it feels like a runner at peak efficiency; every part in perfect harmony, moving together as one, striding towards a common goal, and that window was now. Right up until a pair of perfect legs begins to slowly descend the stairs.

I’m the first to see them. I know those legs anywhere, I see them every day, and yet they still make my heart beat just a little faster. I’m not sure who follows my gaze first, but one-by-one, everyone else turns to watch a pair of toned, athletic, bare legs make their way down the stairs. My wife, the runner, pushes herself hard on the hilly trails by our house so when she wears a skirt, every male (and sometimes female) head turns. As Anne descends the stairs her head eventually comes into view and she realizes we are all staring. She was hoping for that.

“Are you boys having a good time?” she asks playfully.

“Hell yeah!” Dan says with enthusiastically drunk gusto

“Good,” Anne replies genuinely, “I just got home and thought I would come down to see if you boys need anything.”

I don’t know if it was just me, but I swear there was suggestion as she said the word “anything.”

Joe and Chris tried to look at me nonchalantly, but I wouldn’t return their glance.

“Nah, we’re fine.” Darren said trying to be polite to the host’s wife. As a veteran poker night player, he knows the value of keeping the wife happy. A happy wife doesn’t always equal a good game of poker, but an unhappy one usually spells trouble.

I suspected Anne was hoping to get more involved.

“Honey, I bet everyone would love another round, they are just too polite to impose.”

“Impose?” Anne said incredulously, “I would love to serve your friends!”

I hadn’t misread her enthusiasm.

She made it a point to go around the table and ask each guy, with a hand on his shoulder, “And what can I get for you, Sir?”

Her skirt was fun. What’s “fun?” Its somewhere between flirty and playful. It’s loose with ruffles, colorful, and as a guy you just hope for that perfect gust of wind because you desperately want to find out what kind of panties, if any, she is wearing.

When Anne made her way around to me, I place my hand on her ass, making sure everyone could see, and told her to “guess.”

“Bourbon?” She asked.

“With four ice cubes.” I said authoritatively.

“You know I wouldn’t mess up your drink.”

She is a saint. I know everyone saw me touch her and I wondered what went through their minds. I watched her walk away, so did everyone else, loving her ass swaying back and forth just a little more than necessary.

When she returned a few minutes later, I eyed her blouse. I couldn’t remember how many buttons she had undone when she left, but I swear it was open further than before. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, everyone could tell. She has small but firm breasts with nipples that love to poke out. She slowly sauntered around the room, fully aware of the attention she was receiving — the card game had slowed significantly. “Who had the other bourbon?” Anne asked.

“That’s me.” said Dan.

“You know I can’t resist a man who likes his bourbon” she said with a playful note in her voice. She looked at me when she said this, and I couldn’t help but smile.

This past summer, one of our favorite fantasies became a reality when Anne took Chris and Joe at the same time at our pool, fucking them both wildly before letting me have my way with her. Since then we had cooled down a little with extra-marital adventures, choosing instead to rehash the experience often while having sex, each of us telling the other what they saw and felt to excite us as we made love. We even talked about wilder fantasies, with more guys, and sometimes girls, but hadn’t had the opportunity to try them out in real life. I could tell Anne was thinking about some of those fantasies right now.

She leaned over Dan, putting his glass on the far side of the table so she could bend over and show half the table her cleavage. Her tits pushed up out of her shirt, inviting all eyes at the table to try and look down her blouse.

“Whose deal?” I asked, bringing everyone back to reality while making sure I still had control of the situation.

I could tell Anne pouted just a little as the attention turned away from her and back towards our game. Just to see what would happen, I opened my mouth again; “Anne, why don’t you get some more pretzels for us.. you can even feed the winner of this hand a few as a little extra prize.”

“Oh! Fun!” she said as she scampered back up the stairs.

I could tell the fact that getting pretzels fed to them wasn’t exactly a show stopper as the hand progressed as any other might.. I tried to bluff my way to victory (or maybe I just wanted to lose) but was bested by Joe. Anne was right on cue, walking back down the stairs, still in heels (god bless her) and I swear her skirt was an extra inch shorter.

“Who won?”

“Joe is the big winner; make sure you take care of him.” I said.

“I hope you like pretzels, Joe!” Anne said.

After Joe had stuck his cock in my wife only a few months ago, I made him swear he’d keep it quiet. I wouldn’t have let him if I didn’t think he knew when to keep his mouth shut. This was the first time the two had any kind of sexual contact since then. I could tell there was sexual tension between the two of them. Anne happily slid into his lap, even wiggling her ass a little as she did, while Joe tried to act like nothing was out of the ordinary.

I began dealing more cards as Anne slipped another pretzel in Joe’s mouth. I couldn’t quite see but I would have bet another five bucks his hand found its way up to her leg or her ass. I tried to focus on dealing cards as I realized the thought of Joe’s hand on my wife was starting to give me a hard-on. Then I wondered if I was the only one with the same problem.

“What does the winner of this hand get?” Anne asked, a little too enthusiastically.

“Money.” I said stoically, pretending to be annoyed at her enthusiasm. Anne made a face at me. I knew she was excited.

“Maybe the winner of this hand gets to take a shot of tequila with you?” I asked.

“Tequila!” Anne said bubbly. Anne loves tequila. We both know how horny it makes her and by suggesting it, she knew I was giving my blessing to let things get a little more… out of control. It didn’t take long; Darren bullied his way into the next pot. “Line em up!” he exclaimed enthusiastically.

Anne bounced off and returned in no time with a bottle of tequila, two shot glasses, a few slices of lime and a shaker of salt. Darren started salting the rim of the shot glass till Anne scolded him. “That’s not how you do it!”

Darren looked confused. Anne licked his neck. Everyone’s eyebrows raised and a few glances were cast my way. “How else is the salt gonna stick?” she asked playfully, explaining to the crowd why licking my friend was necessary.

Then she took salt shaker and salted the area of my friend’s neck she had just licked. “Your turn!” She commanded.

Darren didn’t need told twice. He took just a little longer drawing his tongue over the oh-so-slightly-lower-than-the-neck area of my wife.

After they filled their glasses Anne shouted “my first!” slowly licked the salted area of Darren’s neck, tossed back her shot and quickly bit down on a lime slice to rid her of the acrid taste of cheap tequila. The crowd went wild.

Now it was Darren’s turn. He plunged his mouth forward on to Ann’s neck, Anne made it a point to moan softly for him as his lips and tongue cleaned the salt from her skin. The he casually tossed back his shot and made it obvious he didn’t need any lime or other type of chaser.

“Next hand!” Anne shouted excitedly.

“Winner gets to do a body shot off of Anne,” I said as Joe started dealing the cards. The hand was rushed and Joe raked in a pot that everyone, despite bad cards, stayed in till the end. Anne flopped on the table in front of Joe, her head towards the middle and her legs on either side of him. Anne hates panties and I was betting that from the way Joe looked between her legs he got an eyeful of shaved, bare pussy. Anne proceeded to unbutton her blouse from the bottom, up so that only one button held it on her now. Her stomach was bare and firm. She reached for the tequila bottle and made a pool on her belly button. Joe dived forward and sucked up all the tequila. Then he licked her stomach liberally making sure to clean it all. Of course the liquor had run a little farther south than her belly button and Anne made it a point to moan as Joe’s mouth made its way closer to her dipping waistline.

After watching that, I was guessing I wasn’t the only one in the room getting warm.

Darren asked the question that was on everyone’s mind. “What does the winner get this time?”

“Anne does the shot of tequila this time, off the winner… wherever she wants.”

I knew where Anne was going to pour the tequila, Anne knew where she was going to pour the tequila; everyone else would just have to wait.

I took a long draw on my cigar as the cards were dealt. I felt a sudden surge of confidence. I picked up my cards and saw the winning hand already. Time to take control. I bet aggressive. No one was going to drop out now, so I figured I may as well take their money. I could tell everyone was a little disappointed that “Anne’s husband” won a hand, I think they were getting hard watching my wife act slutty with other guys. Hell, I was getting horny watching my wife act slutty with other guys. She grabbed the bottle and made her way to me. I stood up, cigar in mouth and said “Suck it, bitch.”

She moaned, getting turned on more and more as I took a commanding attitude. “Yes. Sir”

She dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants, and fished my rock hard cock out.

“Shit, dude.” I heard Darren mumble.

She grabbed my cock in her left hand, pointing it down towards her mouth just a little, stuck out her tongue, resting it just under the head and then poured tequila on it so it mostly ran down into her mouth. “Yeah!” the roar went up from the gallery.

She didn’t pour a lot, but after she stopped she just sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it the rest of the way onto my dick. Anne makes a wonderful gagging noise, just for me, when I hit the back of her throat. I jammed her head down on my dick a few more times in a little show for the guys, who were loving it. When I let go, Anne didn’t slow down one bit, showing everyone how much she likes taking it all into her throat.

Then she slowly slipped my cock back out of her mouth, making a terrific little popping noise as my head escaped her lips.

“MORE!” she demanded.

This time I told everyone the winner would be sucking Anne’s nipples during the following hand. I asked Anne if she would be so kind as to show everyone the goods for a little extra motivation. As the cards were dealt, Anne unbuttoned her last button letting her shirt slide down her arms and exposing her rock hard nipples.

“Shit, you could cut glass with those things!” Darren said.

“Hopefully you can feel them with your tongue for me.” She said at Darren making sure everyone knew how much she was looking forward to this.

Chris won and Anne practically tackled him as she climbed into his lap. I’m sure he could see her pussy from the way her skirt was hiking up around her waist. As soon as his lips hit her nipples, she started moaning.

“mmmmm… bite them for my Chrissy!” she pleaded. Between the alcohol and the attention, Anne was starting to get unmanageable. “Next hand gets a blow job!” she said excitedly.

The cards were dealt hastily. Chris tried hard to pay attention, but with Anne feverishly demanding his focus, it was difficult to play while going back and forth between Anne’s tits and peaking around her to see what was still happening on the table.

I had the winning hand, but folded early. I was really excited to watch Anne suck one of my friend’s cocks. Dan finally won a hand. He looked a little unsure of letting his wife’s friend suck his dick. Anne jumped off of Chris and got on her knees in front of him. “Pull it out, big boy. Let’s see whatcha got!”

When Dan balked, Anne reassured him, “Don’t worry, we’ll make it up to Diane soon enough” and winked at him. He wasn’t sure what that meant, but made no move to stop her as she attacked him. When Anne sucked tequila off my dick, she was content to pull my cock through my fly. With Dan she pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, making him stand up for better access, and I’m sure a better show for her rapt spectators.

She grabbed Dan’s cock in one hand, and pumped a few times making sure he was at full attention. Then, instead of going for his shaft, she went straight for his balls. As soon as she sucked one of them in her mouth she moaned heavily, sending the vibrations into Dan. Dan gasped a little, much to the delight of the crowd. She then repeated the same trick on his other ball before sucking them both into her mouth. After a minute it was time to move on to… bigger… things. In one slow, smooth motion, she licked from behind his balls, across his sack, and up the base of his shaft. When her tongue got to the head of his dick, she lurched forward swallowing as much of Dan as possible. Dan’s knees buckled a little.

“Aw, do you need to sit down sweetie?” She asked sweetly. Dan didn’t quite respond, but he didn’t quite stay silent either. He just made a helpless noise as he fell back into his seat. Anne, god bless her, didn’t lose contact with his dick the whole time. She stood up and bent at the waist, now topless, giving everyone a great side view of her trim figure.

“Shit. What does the next guy win?” Darren asked hoping for at least the same treatment.

Anne, for only a brief moment, pulled her mouth off the dick in front of her and said. “Fuck poker! Fuck me instead!” and pulled down her skirt before diving back, face first, onto Dan’s dick.

Darren, dumbfounded looked over at me. Leaning back in my chair, casual, calm, and collected, I took one more puff of my cigar, nodded toward Anne and said “I think she meant you.”

“Shit. You sure Jake?”

“Better hurry before I change my mind.” I said smiling.

I’ve never seen a grown man drop his pants that fast. I’m not sure they made it off his feet before he got his hands on Anne’s hips. As he touched her, Anne didn’t even take a look back, she just moaned loudly in anticipation of what was about to come.

Darren got his dick in her, tentatively at first. I saw Anne bucking her hips back at him, trying to get him to thrust harder. He still wasn’t getting it. Anne finally let Dan’s dick slip from her mouth so she could turn and say.

“What are you, a virgin? Use that thing like you got a pair and fuck me like you mean it, you pussy!” A roar went up from the gallery

Feeling rebuked and a little embarrassed Darren began fucking in earnest, not only horny now, but angry too. His paced picked up and he was literally thrashing now. Anne started screaming onto Dan’s dick which only came out as a loud squeal to the rest of us. It was too much for Dan.

“Oh god,” he said raggedly. The rest of us knew what was happening.

It was about this time that I felt the bourbon, the cigars, the beer, and now the adrenaline too wash over me. For a moment, my eyes lost focus and my mind wandered. I blinked a couple times and it all rushed back into reality, just in time to see the first of long series of orgasms

When the first squirt of cum hit Anne’s mouth, she lost it. Trapped between two cocks, waves of orgasm visibly washed over her as she convulsed. She tried to hold onto Dan’s cum but between Darren slamming into her pussy and her own orgasm washing over her, she couldn’t hold onto all of it and spilled out of her mouth back on to Dan’s cock and balls.

As her orgasm subsided she calmed down and was able to regain control. Darren had been fucking her hard and fast and wasn’t able to keep up the pace. As he slowed down Anne took the opportunity to lick and suck up the loose cum – Dan was in heaven. After she felt like she got it all, she raised her head up and looked Dan right in the eye before opening her mouth and displaying her trophy. Dan looked back both dazed and confused.

“She wants you to give her permission to swallow.” It wasn’t my voice but Joe’s that broke the silence. I smiled remembering the incident earlier this summer at the pool.

Dan, still confused, mumbled, “Ok…”

Anne make a good showing of taking a big gulp and letting Dan’s cum slide down into her stomach. “mmmm… you taste amazing”

“Are you done playing around, little girl?” Darren asked, now getting impatient.

He knelt between my spread thighs as I lay naked on my back. His hard cock jutted from his taut muscular body and my hungry eyes devoured his glistening flesh as he fisted his long, thick dick and looked down at me with an amused expression on his chiseled face.

“Do you want it?” He teased as he rubbed the slick wet head of his cock against my taint making me moan softly with wanton desire. I had never been with a man before. I had never considered it an option before that night but as I looked at his hard muscular body I wanted him inside me as much as I had ever wanted anything. It was an exciting yet frightening idea for me. I was at heart a family man. I was married with children and I had always considered myself straight but something had clicked when I first saw him at the bar several hours earlier. I wasn’t physically attracted to him but I was sexually drawn to him in a way that was raw, primal and animalistic.

He first looked at me as I sat beside my wife drinking a beer. Our eyes met briefly and he smiled before I nervously looked away. I could feel his eyes on me and looked over again. He made and held eye contact and I felt my heart race. I had never flirted with another man before and I knew I was playing a dangerous game but it was strangely exciting and I liked knowing that someone, anyone, was interested in me. At 43 I was not young anymore and the once common appreciative glances from women had slowed to near nonexistence in recent years despite the fact that I kept myself in good shape.

My wife Carole excused herself to go to the ladies room and I watched her walk slowly away. Her sexy round ass swayed enticingly as she walked and I felt a surge of lust fueled desire as I gazed at her gorgeous butt. At 42 she could pass for her mid 30s and she never failed to get looks from much younger men whenever we went out. Strangely it was me getting attention from a younger man. I glanced at my admirer and our eyes met again. I wasn’t gay and I had never been attracted to another man but there was no mistaking the fact that he was a good looking guy with an attractive face and an athletic, muscular body. He looked to be in his mid twenties with sharp features and piercing blue eyes that bore into me.

I averted my eyes and looked up at the television which hung from the wall in front of me but I could feel his eyes on me and I was quickly drawn back into the dangerous game we’d been playing. He smiled and I returned it, feeling a wicked thrill as I did. I was flirting back and it excited me more than I imagined possible.

Carole returned from the ladies room and sat down beside me bringing me back to reality.

“My turn,” I told her as I stood up.

I felt a flutter of excitement as I turned toward him and smiled. I had already had a few beers and needed to pee so I walked toward both him and the bathroom.

His eyes were trained on me as I approached and he flashed a dazzling white smile sending shivers down my spine as I passed. I returned his smile and looked away bashfully as butterflies battled in my stomach. I had never been hit on by a guy before and I was surprised at what a rush it was.

I heard him stand as I passed and my heart raced as I considered what might happen if he followed me into the men’s room. The bar had two men’s rooms. The main one near the front door and a little used tertiary one next to the entrance to the kitchen that I chose. I didn’t know for sure if he was following me but I could sense his eyes on me as I made my way down the secluded hall to the small bathroom.

I was standing at the urinal when he entered the room. We were alone in the small room but he didn’t speak. He stood at the sink busying himself until I finished and then smiled in the mirror at me as I walked to the basin beside him. My heart pounded relentlessly in my chest. It was a thrill unlike anything I had felt and I returned his smile nervously as I became hypnotized by his deep blue eyes.

He turned to face me and a lump formed in my throat. I had an overwhelming desire to run but I stood transfixed and looked into his eyes as I waited for his next move.

“Does she know,” he asked as he glanced at the ring on my finger. He reached out and touched my hand lightly and then traced his finger up my arm making me shudder.

“Know what,” I stammered and he smiled knowingly as he moved closer. My heart thumped in my chest and beads of perspiration formed quickly on my forehead. My mouth was dry as I stared at him and watched him slowly cover the short distance between us.

I stepped backward, retreating slowly until my back touched the cool tile wall beside the bathroom door. He was achingly close and my body trembled from the proximity.

“So you’ve never?” He asked as he continued to inch toward me. He was inches away and I could feel his hot breath on my neck. He was shorter than me but wider and more muscular and I knew he could take me if he wanted to. I hadn’t noticed how powerful his body was before. I had only noticed his face and his piercing blue eyes. He was just under 6′ tall with the big strong arms and broad muscular chest of an avid weight lifter.

“No,” I said softly. I struggled to speak with my mouth dry from nerves and my voice was barely a whisper.

He reached beside us and locked the door as he moved closer until our bodies touched. “But you want to,” he said confidently. His hands moved to my sides and slid under my shirt as he pinned me against the wall. His hands felt hot on my bare flesh and I had to stifle a moan. I could feel his cock, hard and ready, press against my thigh through his pants.

I nodded slowly, unable to speak from the combination of fear and desire.

His hands pushed my shirt up and massaged my chest as he ground his hard dick against my leg. My groin tingled as blood rushed to fill my dick. I closed my eyes and surrendered to thoughts and feelings I had never imagined. His lips brushed across my neck and I moaned softly as he trailed kisses up the sensitive skin to my ear. “Say it,” he whispered. “Tell me you want to get fucked.”

I shook my head and whispered “no.” My mind was reeling and my body was on fire. I didn’t know what I wanted but I was as turned on as I had ever been with anyone.

“Don’t lie,” he said sternly as his hand grabbed my rigid cock through my pants. He squeezed it hard and I groaned with white hot desire. “Your lips say ‘no’ but your hard throbbing cock says ‘yes yes yes’.”

He grabbed my thick brown hair with his left hand and pulled my head toward his mouth hard as his hand continued to squeeze and stroke my dick through my pants. His lips met mine and he kissed me deeply and aggressively. His tongue plunged into my mouth. I was surprised at how soft his lips were and I opened my mouth and accepted his tongue inside it.

“Say it,” He commanded as he pushed me to my knees and pulled his cock out of his pants. I stared with my mouth agape at his hard throbbing cock. It was long and thick with a maze of veins and ridges adorning the shaft and a bulbous purple head that glistened with clear precum. I had never seen another mans penis. I had never thought that I would but as I stared at it just inches from my face I had an overwhelming desire to touch it, to lick it, to suck it.

“Yes,” I groaned wantonly, admitting that I wanted his cock inside me. I reached out and grasped his hard cock with both trembling hands. It was alive and hot to the touch. The soft silky skin juxtaposed with the hard granite was incredible. I wanted more. My mouth watered as I opened it wide and slowly approached his cock. My tongue slipped from my mouth and I saw a small clear drop of viscous fluid. It looked delicious.

“Suck it bitch,” he ordered sternly as he grabbed my head and held it firmly.

I licked the precum from the head. It was salty but it didn’t taste bad. I liked it and I wanted more. I wrapped my lips around his thick cock and slowly bobbed my head taking him deeper with each stroke.

He let out a low guttural moan that gave me all the encouragement I needed. I grabbed his firm muscular ass and forced his entire rod down my throat until my nose pressed tightly against the neatly trimmed patch of fur on his pelvis.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me back to my feet. I felt empty and hollow when his thick cock popped out of my still sucking mouth but I could still taste the salty essence of him. I wrapped my fist around his throbbing shaft and slowly stroked it. My mind was reeling with confusion and raw desire.

“Pull down your pants,” he said firmly. It wasn’t an order but it wasn’t a request and I quickly dropped them to the floor.

He turned me around and spat on his hand. He wiped saliva across my tight virgin ass and I moaned softly. I had never had anyone play with my ass and I was surprised at how good it felt.

“Tell me what you want,” he commanded loudly. I knew anyone outside the door could hear him but I was beyond rational thought.

“I want you to fuck me,” I replied honestly.

He bent me over and pushed one thick finger inside my ass. It felt wicked and hot. I wanted more. His finger slid deep inside me and he wiggled it slowly stroking my prostate. I had never felt anything like it and I knew I would not last long if he kept it up.

“Do you want more?” He teased.

“Yes, please give me more,” I responded breathlessly. He pushed a second finger inside me. It stretched my ass but didn’t hurt and he pumped his two fingers into my ass hard and fast making me pant like a tired dog.

“Now what do you want?” He chided as he fingered my ass with one hand and stroked his big delicious cock with the other.

“I want your cock inside me,” I moaned loudly. My body was tingling. My mind was spinning. My cock was throbbing. “Please fuck me.”

He pulled his fingers from my ass and grabbed my hair pulling me up beside him. He pressed his lips against mine again and kissed me hard. His hard dick thrust between my thighs and mine pressed hard against his taut rippled stomach.

“Pull your pants up and go get your wife,” he said loudly, “and meet me at the front door.” He pushed me away and stuffed his stiff prick into his pants as he unlocked the door. He smiled brightly. He was enjoying the control he had over me and I was enjoying it too. I had always had a submissive side and he had picked up on my desire to be pushed, controlled and even humiliated.

“Yes,” I hissed loudly. I scrambled to pull my pants up as he walked from the room in ab obvious hurry.

I walked back to the bar in a daze. My head was spinning and I was focused on one thing, his big delicious cock.

“What took you so long?” Carole asked.

I stammered that I ran into an old friend from college and quickly suggested we go because he was waiting at the door. Carole was confused but she followed me to the door of the bar.

“I’m Kevin,” he said to my wife. “Your husband wants to show you something. We’ll take my car.”

We followed him to his car, a late model E Class Mercedes, and Carole asked, “what’s this about?” I didn’t know how to respond so I just shrugged and got into the passenger seat as she climbed in back. Ten minutes later we pulled in front of a large brownstone in a wealthy part of the city.

Kevin led us inside and Carole grabbed my hand. She held it tightly and I knew she was scared. I squeezed her hand to try and quell her fears but I was honestly as frightened as she. I couldn’t explain the power he, a total stranger, had over me but he clearly touched on a primal desire and I was willing to risk everything to do what he wanted.

Kevin walked up to my wife and whispered in her ear. She nodded slowly and Kevin smiled confidently. Like me, Carole had always been somewhat submissive and Kevin quickly took control. He pulled her away from me and pressed his taut muscular body against her. Their lips met in a soft gentle kiss.

Carole’s eyes closed and she melted against him as he kissed her deeply. Her arms slipped around him and she held him tight, her eyes closed and her breathing ragged.

I felt a pang of jealousy as they kissed. I had never discussed swinging with my wife but it had long been a fantasy of mine. Despite that I was not especially comfortable with her kissing another man even if his cock had been inside my mouth less than an hour earlier.

“You want to watch don’t you Carole?” He said knowingly and my wife nodded slowly. She was still unsure about what was happening but the drinks and her libido were slowly winning the battle with her rational mind.

“Sit in that chair and enjoy,” he told my wife as he turned to me and ordered me to strip my clothes off. His command left no doubt that he was the alpha man and I quickly pulled my shirt off exposing my athletic torso. I dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor and stood naked before him. My hard dick betrayed my excitement and my cheeks flushed with embarrassment and excitement alike as my wife watched me submit to another man.

“Now undress me,” he said firmly. He smiled brightly at the control he brandished as I quickly pulled his clothes off leaving me naked with another nude man in front of my still fully clothed wife.

“Tell your wife what you want,” he said sternly as he gestured toward my pretty wife who sat watching with her mouth agape. Carole had always been a mostly conservative person and I had been frightened about how she would react to seeing me with another man but as I looked at her pretty face I saw excitement and lust mixed with shock that helped ease my concerns.

“Yes sir,” I replied softly before turning to face my sexy wife.

“Baby, I want his cock. I’ve never done anything like this before. I never imagined I would want to but I do. I want him to take me in every way and I want you to watch.” I felt my cheeks flush as the words tumbled out of my mouth. I watched her face for a sign and when she smiled I sighed with relief.

“Now show her what you did in the men’s room,” he said as he pushed me to my knees in front of him.

I reached out and touched his big hard cock as my lips parted. I looked up at him with pleading eyes and he nodded slowly as my mouth approached his throbbing manhood.

His cock felt delicious as it sank deep inside my throat. My hands roamed over his body, caressing his hard chiseled body as my head bobbed on his hard dick.

“Play with my nipples,” he said as he guided my hands up his body to his broad, well defined chest. He moaned softly and I forced his shaft down my throat making his moans louder and more insistent.

Carole watched with wide eyes as I fellated another man. Her hand slipped inside her pants and she idly fingered her wet cunt.

Kevin’s breathing became labored and I sensed he was close to cumming when he grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet forcefully. He pressed his body against mine, his cock sliding between my thighs and rubbing my heavy nut sack as he kissed me deeply. I returned his kiss and moaned into his mouth as his hips thrust against mine in an erotic display of raw animalistic lust.

I ran my hands up Kevin’s back and ground my cock against his taut stomach as we kissed.

Kevin pushed me back and spun me around in one daft motion. He bent me at the waist over the foot of his bed and spat into his hand. I knew what was coming and I wanted it. I needed it and he knew it. He thrust two fingers into my asshole and pumped them hard into me making me moan and groan with pleasure.

“Tell your wife what you need,” Kevin demanded. He liked humiliating me and he knew I loved it too.

I looked at my sexy wife. She sat in the corner of the room with her pants unfastened and her legs spread wide as she furiously fingered her soaking wet cunt. Her pretty face was filled with an expression of lust and her eyes were glued to mine.

“I love you,” I moaned to her as Kevin rubbed his slick wet dick across my gaping asshole.

“Tell her what you want me to do,” he said loudly. His tone was firm and I quickly responded.

“I want him to fuck me,” I said softly as my cheeks flushed red with humiliation.

Kevin pushed the lubricated head of his thick cock against my asshole and it yielded to him as he slowly sank balls deep inside me. I groaned with pleasure and pain as he stretched me wide. The sensation was incredible. He pulled back slowly until the ridge of his bulbous head rested against the inside of my sphincter. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck me with long steady strokes as my wife looked on.

Carole came hard as she watched him fuck my ass and the room filled with her excited pants and moans. I could smell the scent of her arousal and took my excitement to another level.

Kevin pulled out of my ass and guided me onto my back on the bed. He climbed between my spread legs and rubbed the head of his dick across my asshole as he looked at my excited wife with a confident smirk.

“Do you want it?” He teased as he rubbed the slick wet head of his cock against my taint making me moan softly with wanton desire

“Yes,” I hissed loudly.

“Beg for it,” he teased. He knew I wanted more.

“Please fuck me,” I groaned softly. He smiled and pushed his granite cock back into my depths as he looked into my eyes. I shuddered and moaned as he started to fuck me anew.

“Stroke your dick,” he commanded. He thrust hard and fast into my ass and the room filled with the sound of slapping flesh. My hand was a blur on my cock and I knew I was close to an epic climax. I grunted hard with each powerful thrust of his big cock as waves of pleasure circled outward from my core.

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned loudly. He held my legs firmly and pounded his dick into my ass.

“Cum for me,” he panted as sweat ran down his face and strong muscular chest.

“Don’t stop,” I pleaded. I was at the point of no return and I cried out loudly as my dick erupted in a massive orgasm. Copious amounts of hot cum spewed onto my stomach as my body twitched and shook from the ferocity of it.

“Where do you want it?” Kevin asked. He continued to pound my asshole hard and fast. He was close and I wanted his seed. I wanted to taste it.

“In my mouth,” I panted.

He pulled his dripping cock from my ass and slid up my body until it was inches from my face. His fist moved quickly over his shaft bringing him to the brink. He pointed his thick dick at my mouth and groaned as he came hard.

I opened my mouth wide and caught as much of his hot, thick cream in my mouth as I could but several globs painted my face and hair. He groaned like a dying animal as he came hard on my face and mouth.

Kevin squeezed the last few drops from his spent cock into my hungry mouth and then climbed off my chest leaving me alone and covered in cum as he went to the bathroom to clean up. Carole watched as I scooped the cold cum from my face with my fingers and licked them clean.

“That was amazing,” she cooed, ” but next time I want to get fucked too.”

This story happened year’s ago when me and my wife Joyce first got married and the company I worked for was looking for an secretary and my wife applied and got the job in a different division than I worked, So no one knew she was my wife.

But I had no way of knowing what was about to happen, It all started when two of the salesmen, Fred and Dave, asked if I had seen the cute new girl in accounting, I thought a minute and almost said she was my wife, But I couldn’t get a word in edgewise as they went on and on about how sexy she was.

I was almost excited by the effect she had on them, They went on to say how they’d like to fuck her and maybe lure her into the supply closet like they had other girls in the past to have sex with them, They went on like that the rest of the day.

I didn’t say a word to Joyce that night and the next day they went to her cubicle to flirt with her, As they talked to her I stayed carefully out of sight but still within hearing distance.

They offered to show her around and I was surprised at how easily they persuaded her to go to the supply closet, I was warned about this place “she giggled nervously as Dave put his arm around her shoulders, this is where smart girls get ahead, Fred joked.

Any position would be better than the one I have at the moment, she replied , Laughing.

I had never seen her flirt before, I was very turned on and jealous at the same time.

Our boss is looking for a new secretary ,” Fred said, The salary is much better but he insist the girls all wear dresses and skirts, And they have to be braless too,” He laughed.

The tension was thick when she smiled and said she could probably comply with that rule.

Then Fred leaned forward and kissed her lightly, When she didn’t reject him he kissed her again and Dave moved in behind her and nuzzled her neck.

As she stood there, I wondered how far she’d let this go. Then Fred unbuttoned her blouse and Dave unzipped her skirt, Letting it fall to the floor.

Fred and Joyce kissed as he fumbled with the snaps of her bra, When he managed to undo it, Both men looked lustfully at her perfect tits and Dave reached around and cupped her tits.

Very nice! He said and Fred agreed as he fondled them, Then Fred knelt in front of her and yanked her skimpy panties down as he said they didn’t have long,” he said urgently.

Then he turned Joyce around and pushed her forward so her ass stuck out as she gripped a cabinet . Fred quickly unzipped and dropped his pants, I almost fainted when I saw how big his cock was! Then with out a condom, He entered my wife’s pussy as she gasped out loud.

She moaned and groaned as he humped her hard and fast and Joyce climaxed right before he pumped his cum inside her tiny pussy. Joyce thought it was over, but Dave was there immediately entering her and pumping away, I couldn’t believe my eyes that Joyce was letting these two guys fuck her as Dave reached around to fondle her tits and finally added his cum to her sperm-filled hole.

When he pulled out Joyce had sperm running down her inner thighs, As both men dressed and left, I ducked off to the side and luckily they didn’t notice me.

After several minutes an exhausted Joyce left and I saw her limp down the hall, I didn’t say a word to her about that day and sure enough she has been rotated over to be a secretary for Fred and Dave’s boss.

She’s worked late already, I can only imagine what kind of dictation she’s taking.

Joyce has been his secretary for ten years now and she and I have an open marriage policy, She tells me every thing she does at work behind closed doors in detail and I love her more for it.

Our marriage is strong as ever and I’ll let her fill you in on what’s been happening at work for the past ten years.

I have been his faithful secretary partly because I give him the best blowjobs he has ever had, Not only does he like my technique, but he loves to cum in my mouth and watch me swallow every drop.

Some times I let a little bit dribble down my chin to drip on my tits and as I’ve gotten older, I’m willing to do most anything to keep him happy and he rewards me well with good pay and frequent bonuses.

I’ve been giving him blowjobs for the past ten years and fucking him for eight years and on many occasions he’s used me to seal deals with clients, Once he called me in his office during a meeting and I gave him and the three clients oral sex, One after another , to lock the deal in.

On another occasion, He had me come in the office, Sit on a chair with both legs spread up over the arms, Breast exposed, Skirt up to my waist, Showing my hairy pussy the way he likes it.

He let three clients finger me and take turns fucking me in the chair, As I sat there with their cum dribbling out of my hole, One of them got a hard-on again, Turned me around in the chair, Then rubbed the head of his cock through my pussy for lubrication before he put it to my ass.

I pulled away but my boss said, Joyce, the customer is always right.” So I eased back down and let him fuck me in my virgin ass. It hurt like hell as he went in and I felt tears in my eyes, But soon it started feeling good and I rubbed my pussy to climax as he shot his load up my tender ass.

Of course, The other two guys and my boss were all hard by then, So I let each of them do my ass too. Now I’m addicted to anal and it’s my favorite thing next to giving blowjobs.

The next weekend things went to the next level when my boss talked me into doing a gangbang at a local motel for some clients who were hard sellers and wanted additional incentives, I took on five men for two days, While my husband sat at home knowing what I was doing for next the two days waiting to her all about it.

Every hole was sore and my jaw ached by the end of that weekend from all of the sucking and fucking I had done. I was totally saturated with cum, I had several hickeys on my tits, ass, and inner thighs, But I closed the deal, with a healthy bonus to boot.

My boss says he’ll keep me on as long as I want and my husband wants me to keep on working as long as I want too.

I am 41 and married, not happily. While I do love my husband, our physical relationship has broken down completely. He has his own company, works very long hours and is often too tired for any kind of fun in the bedroom. I also have a demanding job and I have to travel often – typically across Europe and occasionally the States and South America.

On these trips I get approached by men all the time. I love the attention that I get when travelling, often I’m the only woman in the lounge or in Club, and I do dress to impress. A couple of years ago I started taking things a bit further, moving from flirting and the occasional flash of stocking-tops and panties, to a heavy petting session on a night-flight back to London until eventually the inevitable happened and I ended up in bed with a guy I met on a trip to Germany.

Now I love travelling, it gets me out of the house and I know that I can really let my hair down. Sometimes I plan ahead and place ads online looking for fun in the city I’m visiting, other times I just play it by ear.

I have a few stories to share – some of them are very real and did happen, some are pure fantasy and others are a mixture of both. Here’s the first one.

Recently I had to go to the States for a week – I work for a large IT company and there was a problem that required my attention and input. I was only given a day’s warning, so I didn’t have time to think too much about making arrangements. My flights and hotel were booked for me – I had to fly to New York and someone would pick me up at the airport.

I was really excited about getting away for a week. I had been feeling the pressure at home, and I was looking forward to some time on my own –my pussy was twitching all day as I imagined the opportunities I would have. I knew I would be busy during the days, but unlike my previous trip, to Brazil, I knew I would have the evenings all to myself. I also knew my main contact would be Richard, a guy I flirted with in Brazil, and the thought of spending time on my own with him was keeping me moist.

I packed quickly, making sure I had a good selection of sexy clothes, short skirts, dresses, stockings, suspender belt, hold-ups and my most transparent panties and bras. I intended to make the most of this opportunity. I found an hour to adjust an ill-fitting white see-thru blouse, so that it sat tighter across my tits. I tried it on in front of the mirror, no bra – it looked fantastic, My dark, hard nipples were clearly visible, I actually wanted to wank there and then, but I managed to save it – I wanted to keep myself on edge.

On the way out the door to my taxi, I remembered I had left my sex-toys on the bed. I ran back in, I thought about putting one back in the drawer, but on second thoughts, I decided to take both with me. My bag to be checked was already in the taxi, so I dropped both vibrators into my hand-luggage. I would transfer them at the airport.

I looked out my tickets in the taxi and found my passport. I was really cutting it fine if I was to make my flight on time. My hold-ups had slipped down my thighs, and I decided to put on my suspender belt and stockings if I got some time. I put a pair of fishnet stockings and my new suspender belt in my hand-luggage, so I could change in the toilet before boarding.

Because the ticket was booked at the last moment, I was in Club. I checked in quickly and made my way to Security. I had made up the lost time, and I decided to change before I had to queue. I went to the loo, found a cubicle, took off my hold-ups and put on the stockings. My new belt looked fantastic. I thought about taking off my panties, but decided against it – if I was showing off later, I may want to be able to remove them then. After my panic to get to the airport on time, I was calm and I was more aware than ever how horny I was. I sorted my lipstick and put my hold-ups in the bag, and then I saw that I had forgotten to transfer my toys to my checked luggage – “Fuck” – I knew I would get stopped at Security. Despite the fact that I knew that will mean a delay, the thought turned me on – I knew what would happen, the guy monitoring the x-ray machine would give a signal to the guy who examines the bags – he would open my bag and my tools were right at the top, with my hold-ups and a couple of dirty books I had packed to read on the flight.

Sure enough, my bag was pulled out for a “random” search. The guy lifted my bag off the belt – he was young, really fit and I could see that he was gonna enjoy humiliating me. He asked if he could open my bag, I nodded my head, feeling a mixture of embarrassment and horniness. I knew what he was going to find.

“I think it may be more appropriate for us to do this somewhere a bit more private” – I followed the Security guy over to a separate table. He pulled a curtain around, so that we were hidden from the other passengers.

He emptied my bag slowly – first the hold-ups, then one of my tools – he put it on the table – it looked huge – I felt humiliated and dirty. The second dildo he placed beside my sex-books – “You are a greedy girl – first time I have seen two vibrators in hand-luggage, you planning to use them on the flight?”

“No I forgot to put them in my checked bag”

“Yeah right, sure you did, listen, I need to carry out a fuller search – take your jacket and skirt off”

I couldn’t believe it, I needed to get going or I’d miss my flight – I told him I was running late.

“Well you better hurry up then, it won’t take long if you cooperate”

I took off my jacket and skirt – “blouse too” he ordered. He told me to lean forward and place both my hands on the table. I knew he was looking at my tits; my cleavage looked huge as I was standing bent over the table. I was naked except for my bra, suspender belt, fishnet stockings, a tiny pair of transparent panties and my highest heeled shoes. He walked round behind me.

“Spread your legs wider”

I had no option but to obey him. I might miss my flight if this all took too long. He stood close behind me. I could feel his cock against my arse. He reached round and cupped my tits, one in each hand.

“just making sure, you’re not hiding anything”. He spent ages kneading my tits, pulling on my nipples. I moaned and I felt him push his hard cock against my panties. I was getting more and more frantic. On the one hand I was worried about my flight, on the other I knew I wanted more of what this guy was doing. I wanted to reach round a get a grip on his big cock. I wanted to taste it, no more than that, I wanted it up inside me. I hadn’t been fucked for weeks, and I was desperate.

He crouched down behind me. I felt his hands moving up my thighs and his hot breath against my arse. I knew he must be able to smell my horniness, my panties were pulled tight against my pussy, pushing my cunt-lips out – I knew they were soaking, I wondered if he was able to see my cum on the black lace.

He pulled the panties out of my cunt. I felt his fingers moving roughly against my pussy. He grasped the thin material in his hand and ripped them off. I knew he would be looking directly at my swollen lips and clit. I could feel my lips were wide open, and my cum was dampening the tops of my thighs.

He stood up behind me, grabbed me by the hair, so my head was pulled back.

“I need to search you properly.” He bit my neck hard; I knew l would be marked the next day. Huge bites, all round my neck.

“Please…” I said, – I was going to say – “Please don’t”, – but by then I wanted more.

He shoved 2 fingers up into my pussy and started wanking my g-spot hard. I almost came immediately as he rammed his fingers into my soaking hole.

“Oh yes, you dirty cunt, this is what you need, isn’t it – not get enough at home?”

I bent right over the table, legs wide apart, moaning loudly.

“Shut it bitch” he hissed.

Then I heard him taking down his zip. I reached behind to grab his cock. It was a fucking monster, rock hard and ready, his precum was already oozing out of the giant head. (I know for some women size isn’t important, but it is for me, I like to be filled up properly, my cunt fully stretched – so feeling the size of it almost sent me over the edge) He pushed down with one hand on my back, so I couldn’t move. With his other hand, he guided his cock into my waiting hole. I couldn’t have stopped him then, even if I had wanted to. He grabbed both my hands behind me, so I couldn’t get away and he started to fuck me really hard. I could feel it all the way inside me, filling me up. Fuck, it felt fantastic. I was trying not to scream, the other passengers were just a few feet away, on the other side of a thin curtain. I could see some of them walking past, through a crack in the curtains. That just added to my excitement – I could feel my orgasm building as he fucked me, teasing my cunt with his huge tool.

“You need it up your arse don’t you?” I felt like a complete wanton whore, as I moaned loudly at the thought.

“Beg bitch”

I tried to ignore him – “Beg for it bitch, or you’re not getting it”. He took his cock out my pussy – I felt devastated, I had been on the edge of cumming.

“Please fuck my arse” I whispered. He made me repeat it, louder and I felt ashamed as he began to work his prick into my bum.

He got it all inside and I was loving it – a rough anal fuck from a guy I didn’t even know. I knew I could have stopped this at any time, but I had chosen not to. I pushed back on to him to get his full length inside me.

Then I felt him stop. I looked round, without removing his cock from my arse, he was talking into his radio microphone.

“You better come in here and help, we are in a bit of a rush, or she’ll miss her flight”

Now I knew I was in trouble. The guy that had been operating the x-ray machine came through the curtain. He didn’t close it properly, and I could clearly see all the people walking past. All one of them had to do, was look round and they would have seen me, bent over being fucked in the arse.

The new guy picked up one of my tools, switched it on and placed it against my pussy. He slid it in, all the way inside my starving cunt. I couldn’t stop myself moaning as my clit came into contact with the vibrator. The new guy went round to the other side of the table. He took his cock out and told me to suck it. I leant forward, at the same time feeling the guy behind me, start to bugger my arse again. This time it was very, very tight as my pussy was filled up with my vibrating tool. I moaned in pain, before he got into a rhythm and the feeling was incredible. I was moaning loudly and the guy behind me said to his mate

“Fuck’s sake get your dick in her mouth to shut her up”

A second later I was gagging on the guy’s cock. I could smell him, he obviously hadn’t washed his cock that morning, and I felt like a slut, slurping on a dirty cock. I was too far gone to care, in fact the taste turned me on more. The excitement built quickly – I was so close to cumming, I was gagging and moaning loudly. I came and screamed onto the cock and he shot a jet of cum down my throat. I couldn’t believe how strongly I came, I felt wave after wave overcome me till I nearly fainted. The pain and pleasure in my pussy and arse was almost too much to take. I heard the guy still fucking me grunt and moan and then he took his cock out my arse, and splashed a huge load of spunk all over my back.

“Right, fuck off and get your flight”

I picked up my stuff, put my blouse and skirt on, found my jacket and start running for my flight. I was last on-board. I put my bag in the overhead locker and sat down. The steward came over with a glass of champagne.

“I saw you got a hard time in Security – don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me.” I smiled, sat back and drank from my glass. My arse and pussy were throbbing. I could still taste the guy’s cum in my mouth. I could still feel the other load, now drying on my back – I had 7 hours to recover, but as I thought back over what had just happened, my cunt twitched and I came again. I felt insatiable and wanted more. I knew as soon as I could, I was going to get a tool out of my bag and wank under a blanket – a long slow wank that I’d enjoy for most of the flight.

Please note this is a work of fiction and the subjects in the story are not real people.


Hi, my name is Ben and my wife is called Helen. We are both in our 40′s and have a daughter aged 19 who still lives with us at our home in the Cotswold’s of England. Helen and myself have been married for 21 years and love each other very much. We have had an active sex life for most of our married life, spicing it up various ways as one does to keep it alive and well. occasionally we play fantasizing having sexual encounters with other people but to my knowledge neither of us has actually slept with anyone else. I have learn t though that my wife gets very horny when we discuss having sexual encounters especially when she has had a little too much to drink. I find that if I play on these issues then I can look forward to some pretty dirty sex fun and have wondered from time to time how far she may go.

One night recently I got to discover a very horny side to Helen, and myself, after a night out in town. We had taken a rare opportunity to go to a bar/club and let our hair down so to speak. I wasn’t drinking as I was having to drive but that wasn’t a problem for Helen. The bar was offering cheap drinks for a period during the evening and Helen was quick to take the opportunity to loosen up. Although she is in her early forties she still looks a stunner. A well retained figure ,with firm bottom and ample bust meant she could still wear short dresses with a nice bit of exposed cleavage without looking like some old dogs dinner. This was confirmed pretty quickly by the amorous leering from several young studs as she danced seductively for me coaxing me out of my chair onto the dance floor. As the night progressed a couple of lads latched onto us, mainly Helen I guess in reality, so as to be able to get chance for a dance with her and the odd grope that’s part of the course.

It was of no surprise to me that I found myself feeling a stiff cock coming on, seeing her gyrating her hips and so forth into a hot young horny bloke, her hem of her dress riding up at times showing ample leg. Sometimes the top of her cleavage would catch a bit on the guys jacket and pull this way or that way and the roundness of her boobs would be that extra bit exposed. As the night started to close she was certainly getting hot , evident by the red flush to her cheeks and the erect nipples poking through her dress. I recognized that sexy state she was in , with her tousled long blond hair all a mess and the glaze in her eyes.

I was starting to think rude thoughts, starting to think animal, my heart pumped harder and my cock got harder.

Helen returned to our table towing one of the lads with her and asked me to dance the last dance with her to which I agreed and I asked the lads to look after our table. I danced with Helen pressed up real close, moving as one with her body to the slow smoochy music. I could feel her heat, if fact feel her sweat leeching through her clothing, her erect nipples making me want to fuck her there and then. The music finished and we returned to our table to find the two lads waiting. During saying our goodbyes it occurred that the lads were going to call a taxi as they were staying at a guest house in a village just past ours. I suggested that they could have a lift with us as it wouldn’t take us out of our way and to which they gratefully accepted.

When we got to my car we realized we had a problem. I had been out golfing earlier and had both the boot and the backseat covered with golf bags and trollies and the only way I could accommodate all four of us was to move the equipment into the front passenger seat as no manner of arrangement would free enough space in the back without doing so. This meant that the lads would have to sit in the back with my wife as well. There were no objections even though it was tight, with Helen taking the smallest center position between the two lads. I checked my mirror that they were all strapped in and set off .

I couldn’t help checking my mirror as Helen looked so sexy with her legs up higher than usual due to the raise in the floor where her feet were. I could actually see up her dress as she had to sit with her legs apart some and the sight of her skimpy red thong was almost too much for me to handle. After some small chat I noticed things had gone quiet and it drew me to looking closer into the mirror. I soon discovered the reason for the lack of chat as I was stunned to see that Helen was being snogged by the two guys, one after the other. When I adjusted my position a little I also caught sight of roaming hands, one set my wife’s feeling bulges ,and another two sets on her legs and tits.

I focused on the road for a few seconds to settle down and gave my cock a rub, it was on fire. I slowed down and decided to see how far it went, taking a chance to adjust the mirror to a more favorable angle. Helen was now eyes closed and humping one lads fingers and the other guy kissed her neck and fondled an exposed tit. I was surprised how quiet they were managing to keep it all but as i thought that Helen let out an almighty gasp as she climaxed from her finger fucking. I decided that was game over as far as the secret was involved. I asked Helen if she was enjoying herself and she replied, ‘ooh fuck yes’. I decided then that i needed some action and sped up the car a little to get to a small back lane I knew. I turned down the lane , known to many lovers, and found a nice grassy pull off.

At this point the lads were in a panic but I reassured them all was OK. I suggested the lady needed a good fucking and that the three of us would do nice. Helen objected weakly, as I opened the back door letting one lad out, the other lad getting out from his side. Helen had already unbelted and as she slid around I reached and grabbed her thong crotch and yanked them off, they were soaking wet ‘you wont need these dear’ I said. As she got out she staggered a bit but gave a little laugh and asked who was to be first.

I decided to sit her on a conveniently found ramblers sty, where walkers crossed over fences from one field to another. It was the right height and she could sit up a bit leaving me a good position to eat out her sopping pussy juices. whilst I did the lapping the lads set about sucking her tits and Helen started wanking their cocks. The whole thing was so surreal yet so sexually electrified. Helen was whimpering and moaning in pleasure so much I could barely refrain from cumming. After licking her to another climax I pulled her back towards the edge of the wooden foot board and offered my cock to her cunt, pushing slightly until it started to disappear into her. I pumped her slow and deep watching her face as in her lowered position she took one of the lads cocks in her mouth and began sucking in earnest.

I wasn’t that interested in the other cocks but they were roughly the same size as my 8 inches although a bit more curved and bulbous. After a few minutes I stopped , pulled her up and span her around. I sat on the wooden sty and told her to lower herself onto my cock and impale her bum hole on me. She looked shocked but got the idea and wiped some of our fluids around her hole where I took over and fingered it loose. After some effort she managed to get my cock in her bum hole and I pulled her back at an angle to rest on me. I then told the lads to take her cunt in turns while I was up her rear. when the first lad stuck his cock in her cunt she let out such a guttural cry I realized she was in heaven.

The lads pumped her relay fashion 30 pumps a time and she just kept cumming and cumming. After about 6 or 7 minutes of this treatment she eventually gave way to spasms and squirting and then begged to be rested. During this time I had shot my wad up her rear but had managed to keep it up there till the end. One of the lads had shot his load while waiting another turn but all three of us were ready to go again. Helen conceded she was well and truly fucked and couldn’t manage more but asked if she could wank us all off and squirt our cum over her tits as a consolation. We all agreed reluctantly, but also gratefully for she had been a good sport. I wiped her down with my dirty golf towel and drove the lads to their guest house accommodation.

We didn’t see the lads again nor did we remember their names but Helen remembered the fun and has intimated she might like another session like that another day. I am just trying to think of a plan.

After a great night out we leisurely walk back to our hotel room, hand-in-hand. When we get to our room, you suggest a shower since we’re a bit sweaty from walking around on such a warm day. I readily agree to anything that allows me to see your naked body, especially glistening with warm water running over your skin; water droplets hanging from your hard nipples; your hips shining with the light reflected off of the wetness that is coating your entire body. As you run your fingers through your hair to wash away the heat of the day, I wrap an arm around your waist and pull you closer to me so that my lips can touch yours and my chest can feel your soft breasts press against me. My tongue presses into your mouth and your crotch presses into mine. My hand slides from your waist to your slippery wet ass, and I pull you even tighter against me. As we kiss, my hand caresses your wonderful ass; my other hand around your back keeping your whole body as close to me as possible.

After what seems like forever with our lips locked together, we pull apart for a breath of air; the water of the shower doing little to cool down our bodies at this point. I am drawn back to your mouth to continue our kiss when my eyes are drawn to your breasts — all shiny and wet, nipples hard, looking to me like the most desirable things on Earth. Completely beyond my control, my lips lower instead to those hot hard nipples, and I suck one into my mouth, pressing my face fully into your chest as both of my hands, now, grab and squeeze your ass. I am lost into your tits as the water runs down your body and over my face; your arms now wrapped tightly around my head and pulling me face even further into your heavenly breasts. I could not pull away from you now, if I wanted to; but I don’t want to. I suck your nipple like I need it to live; my tongue flicking across it and around it, pressing against it and teasing it. As I moan in pleasure you can feel the vibrations from my voice go through your breast and inspire a new shiver down your spine.

I pull away, briefly, for a breath of air, then immediately latch on to your other breast — I don’t want it to feel left out. As I suck and play with your other nipple, my hands are going to town on your ass. The water running down your body makes your skin slippery, and my hands glide over your hot cheeks rapidly as I am enjoying the feeling of having your ass in my hands. Occasionally my fingers pass over your asshole, and even tease it a bit; as I continue to suck, and even nibble a bit, on your nipples. Each time I touch your asshole, you convulse, involuntarily, and press back against my naughty finger as if you are begging for me to touch you more.

But I don’t. Instead, after several minutes of doing this, I pull away from you and look into your eyes. I see in your eyes the unbridled passion and lust that tells me you putty in my hands. You see in my eyes a desire that borders on burning; I am looking at you with such lust and intent that you have no doubt about what I want. Before you can speak, I put a hand on your waist and turn you around. Your hands press against the wall of the shower to keep yourself standing as my hands grab your hips and pull you back towards me. As your ass reaches me, you feel my cock — hard and wet — press against you, and you moan softly at its touch. My cock can feel the heat coming from your pussy, and the wetness dripping between your legs that does not come from shower. With both of my hands on your hips, I pull you even closer; at the same time I thrust my hips forward, shoving my throbbing rock-hard cock straight into your steaming pussy. You scream at the sensation of feeling my inside of you so suddenly, and press your hips even further back into me as you try to pull my cock as far into your pussy as possible.

Your hands against the wall, still, you lean down further as I begin to slide my cock in and out of your pussy, causing both of us to moan in pleasure at the sensation. I can feel the walls of your pussy squeezing against my cock; I can feel the your skin against my balls as I am fully inside of you; and I can feel the lips of your pussy spread invitingly to welcome my cock back in after I pull back and almost out of you before thrusting back inside as far as I can go. With one hand on your ass, my other reaches around to hold onto your breast — a dangerous idea as the sensations of your pussy on my cock combined with the reward of feeling your soft breast and hard nipple in my hand are sometimes too much for me to take without cumming. But somehow I keep going as you close your eyes and enjoy the sensations your body is feeling from the water, my hands, and my hard cock.

Just as you think you can’t take much more, though, you feel my hand pull away from your breast. But instead of feeling it return to your hips, you feel it smack against your ass at the same time as my cock thrusts hard into your hot pussy. You scream in surprise and pleasure, and I can feel your pussy convulse around my penis as your body shakes. Before you can recover I pull back, almost pulling my cock entirely out of you; I hold there for what feels like forever, but is really only a matter of seconds, before thrusting all the way back inside of you and again spanking your shiny ass which sounds even louder due to its wetness. This is too much for you, and you begin to shake and shiver as an orgasm racks your body. My cock is throbbing inside of you as it feels your pussy spasm as it cums; without pulling out of you my other hand suddenly smacks your other cheek, and as you scream in pleasure I am sure that the entire floor of the hotel can hear you. But neither of us care about that as I pull back, stroking my cock against your spasming pussy walls, before pounding back in as far as it can go and spanking your ass harder than I ever have. At this sensation your body becomes almost limp as your orgasm radiates through every nerve of your body.

Seeing you bent over in front of, your ass red from being spanked, and your pussy relentlessly squeezing my cock is too much for me. As your orgasm keeps going, mine begins. You feel my cock begin to throb and thrust and you know that I am cumming. “Yes!” you scream, “Cum with me! Fill me up with your hot cum!” As I hear you I push even further into you, and smack your ass one more time before my cock erupts sending jets of hot sperm straight into you. Your orgasm regains some strength as you feel me cum, and you push back trying to get me even further inside of you as my cock spews forth hot cum. My body begins to shake as the sensations are almost too much, but with my hands and your hips again I am able to keep standing while we both keep cumming for what seems like an hour.

Finally, our bodies relent, and we begin to come down from our high. I reach over to turn off the shower while our bodies are still enjoined. Pulling slowly from you, I reach for a towel to wrap around you, and grab another for me. Your eyes are glazed like you hardly know where you are as I lead you back to our bed. You fall backwards on to the bed in a daze and your eyes roll back as you sink into the soft mattress. Your legs and hanging slightly off the bed, and are spread wide as you feel the cool air of the room across your skin. Looking down, I can see your pussy all swollen and red and still excited. It is still shiny from your wetness, and I can see the first drips of my own cum beginning to leak back out of you.

You open your eyes and look at me, standing above you, and see that my cock is still as hard as it was while I was fucking you in the shower. It is shiny and wet from being inside of you, and you can see traces of both your cum and mine coating it. You look into my eyes with renewed lust and pull your legs up so that you can spread your hips even wider. You look me straight in the eyes and say, “Do it, Jason, eat me!” as you stick your legs into the air with your pussy spread wide open before me. My cock bobs up and down in excitement at the sight of you, and I step forward towards the bed. I lower my face to your crotch as I can begin to smell the unmistakable odor of sex. Bringing my face even closer I can see your lips are still spread from being fucked, and your smooth pussy is still soaked with our combined juices. As I am taking in this unbelievable sight you decide that you have waited long enough, and you reach down, grabbing the back of my head, and pull me face straight into your crotch.

As soon as my mouth touches your pussy, your hips thrust against my face and you let out of pure pleasure. My lips spread to take in your pussy, as my tongue extends and thrusts inside of you. You pull on my head even harder, now with both hands, your legs still spread wide in the air. I begin to lick and suck on you tasting your cum and mine mixed together inside of you, and feel our mixed wetness all over my face. I stick my tongue as far inside of your as I can as I begin to lick and suck trying to get as much of our cum from you as I can. My passionate ravishing of your cum-filled, freshly-fucked pussy is too much for you and you start to cum again, rubbing your pussy against my face as I helplessly continue to suck and lick your steamy, cummy, pussy. My hands are on your ass, at this point, pulling you back into me as much as you are pulling me into you. By this point, of course, enough of your wetness and my cum has leaked from you that your asshole is coated and slippery with it as well. One of my fingers discovers this, and slides straight into your ass while you are cumming all over my face. Your body goes rigid as you cum hard, almost blacking out from the sensations of my tongue eating the cum from your pussy and my finger sliding in and out of your ass.

As you begin to relax, your hips come back down the bed, your legs come down, and you let go of the back of my head. You even pull away from my mouth as my tongue is too much for your hyper-sensitive pussy, now. You lay back, completely content after so much sex; but as you look at me you can my cock still hard and dripping with pre-cum as it throbs relentlessly in the air. You look me at me knowingly, and sensing what I want you roll over onto your stomach. As I slide up higher, with my legs on either side of you, you slide back against me and feel my cock slide between your ass cheeks. “You know what I want, don’t you?” I ask, as I begin to slide my cock back and forth against your ass, feeling it glide easily through the wetness that is everywhere.

“Yes…” you say hesitantly, “I know.”

“That’s what you want, too, isn’t it?” I ask.

“Yes …” you answer, after a brief pause. Your words indicate hesitation, but your ass is pushing back against my cock as I continue to slide back and forth between your cheeks.

“Are you sure?” I ask, as I position the head of my cock against your pulsing, slippery asshole.

“Please!” you beg, “Do it. Fuck my ass, Jason!” And you slowly push back against my cock, feeling the head begin to spread apart your ass as it pushes its way inside.

Knowing that it is sensitive at first, I hold still, letting you set the pace. You go slowly, getting used to the feeling of my hard cock entering your ass. It seems like forever, though it is probably only a minute, before I feel the entire head of my cock suddenly slip inside of you. The hard part is over, but you pause for a second to get used to it. You can feel me throbbing, still, sending electric sensations through your ass and your entire body. Now that the head is inside of you, I begin to slide forward, still slowly, so that I can get my entire cock into your ass. You want the same thing, and even though I am going slowly, you begin to push back harder so that pretty soon I am buried inside of you and you can feel my balls against your pussy below me.

You begin to rock back and forth, slowly, feeling my cock filling you up. Your other hand is on your clit, rubbing it furiously as your body begins to drift away, again, in sexual pleasure. I start to slide back, pulling my cock almost all of the way back out, and the slowly pushing it back in as I feel your ass spread to accept me. Back and forth I go, slowly for a few times, before I begin to lose all semblance of self-control. After a few attempts, I give up, and begin to fuck your ass outright, picking up speed and pressing hard into you. Each time I thrust forward you let out a grunt of pleasure and thrust your ass back against me trying to get me just a bit further inside of you. Your fingers are now sliding in and out of your pussy in time to my cock sliding in and out of your ass.

This cannot last long, as soon you can feel me getting ready to cum again. Knowing that I am about to cum inside your ass sets you off, and you begin to cum again yourself. As you start to moan with an obvious orgasm, my cock begins to shiver inside of you and starts to shoot out more cum straight into your ass. I push into you as far as I can go as your ass drains the last of the cum from balls, as you begin to wind down from your own climax.

As with both come down, I slowly pull back, withdrawing my still hard cock from inside of you. Your ass is red and wide open as I pull out, and still as shiny and wet as when we started. Your body is limp and exhausted on the bed, as I flop down on my back next to you. A contented sigh escapes your lips as you roll over and lay your head on my shoulder. Seeing my cock still hard and shiny and gently throbbing in the dim light of the room, you reach down and wrap your hand around it. You gently slide your hand up and down my slippery cock, not in any attempt to make me cum again, but out of the pleasure of feeling my hard cock in your hand. As you hold onto me, we both drift slowly into sleep; just the two of us, together, in a big, soft bed.

Lilac Time

This story, set in Kew in West London, derives the title from a poem I had to learn as a 10 year old boy. Called ‘The Barrel-Organ’ by Alfred Noyes the only lines I now recall come from the chorus:

“Come down to Kew in Lilac-time, in Lilac-time, in Lilac-time.

And you shall wander hand in hand with love in summer’s wonderland.”


Ted had no idea it was coming! As usual he had come home from work, kissed his wife Mandy hello and, being a Friday evening had poured them each a glass of red wine. Then this!

Ted slowly awoke from his stupor, his head lolling drunkenly. As the fog in his brain lifted he found that he could not move. There was light spilling into the room round the partly open door. He could hear distant voices; they were jumbled, indistinct murmurings until his addled brain creaked into focus. He could hear Mandy talking urgently with a man but he couldn’t make out many words.

Ted slowly became aware that he was on a dining chair beside the bed in the downstairs guest bedroom. His upper torso was encased in what he supposed was a straitjacket. After trying to move his legs he realised that they were tightly bound to the chair legs with duct tape, he could feel his hairs being pulled as he vainly struggled to shift his feet. He looked around the room and had no clues to how or why he was restrained like this. The curtains were closed and the TV on the wall seemed to be glowing live but not showing any picture.

Mandy’s fair head peeped round the door. “Darling! You’re awake at last,” she beamed. “We wondered if we’d put too much sleeping stuff in the wine.”

“What? Why?” Stammered the befuddled Ted.

“You should have told me Ted. You really ought to have confessed, maybe then we might have avoided this situation.”

Ted shook his head. “Tell you what, Mandy?”

“Oh come on now big boy,” She whispered as she teased his penis with her slender fingers. Ted realised that apart from the straitjacket he was naked.

“This naughty boy’s been out playing, hasn’t he darling?” Tormented Mandy; feeling a steady reaction in Ted’s cock.

“What are you talking about Mandy? You know I’ve only ever been with you.”

“That’s not what Susie says. Brad says she swore that you two have been banging away at least a couple of time a month for ages!”

“That’s not true.” Ted screamed. “Why would she make up something like that? I’ve never touched her without you being present so you know that I haven’t done anything inappropriate. I love YOU.”

“Ooooh look, little Ted’s come to life for me. Sadly he’s not going to get any of me tonight. I have a bigger, better cock to play with . .” Her lip curled as she flicked Ted’s straining erection with a derisory finger.

“What are you talking about Mandy, let me out of this contraption. You know I get panic attacks in confined spaces. Please darling, this is a nightmare.”

“Then you’ll just have to calm down dear.” She smirked. “It’s no good struggling Teddy my pet, that’s a proper straitjacket that Brad bought for last year’s Halloween. Don’t you remember him trying to get out of it! Hilarious, star turn of the party wasn’t it darling?”

At that moment the TV lit up showing their brightly lit upstairs bedroom. Ted’s friend Brad stood in beaming from the TV screen. “Can you see me? Can you hear me?” He called to the camera.

Mandy moved to the door and shouted “Loud and clear Brad. Say hello to your old pal. Ted claims he hasn’t been bonking your wife.”

“Haha,” roared Brad. “He would say that wouldn’t he, but we know different don’t we Mandy my dear?”

“See you in the shower in one minute Bradley my big stud!” she called. Brad was indeed big. Nearly five inches taller than Ted at nearly 6 feet 3 and well on his way to being seriously overweight.

“There, that’s all set up Ted,” She murmured softly in her husband’s ear. “Brad and I are going to make up for what you have been doing with his sweet little wife. Lucky you, you get a ringside seat to watch the whole fucking thing!” She laughed at her own joke.

Ted was startled. Mandy never swore. “I promise, I’ve never been with anyone else Mandy, please untie me now.”

“Not a chance you cheating bastard! You thought you could fuck around and I wouldn’t mind.” Mandy’s face contorted with loathing as she spat the words at her husband. “Wrong!”

“Now darling, just so you don’t make too much noise, how about I leave you these as a souvenir?” She deftly peeled her panties from under her skirt and pushed the warm damp garment into Ted’s mouth. He tried to speak but no sounds emerged from his clogged up lips.

“There Ted, let’s get this show on the road shall we.” Mandy pushed a tape into the recorder and set it going. “We can watch this back if you ever feel like straying again, can’t we dear? See you later . .” Just as she was closing the door her cat Scratchit slunk in.

“There you go Ted. You have your own pussy while mine is busy.” She giggled and gave him a little wave as the door clicked shut.

Ted realised that if he went into a panic attack in this situation he could be at serious risk. One of his great strengths was his ability to logically think problems through. He shut his eyes and took long, steady breaths to calm himself.

Scratchit climbed onto his lap. Ted opened his eyes, he mumbled ‘Get off’ into his gag. The bemused cat started licking Ted’s now shrunken cock. Ted was alarmed that his body reacted to the strokes of the rough tongue!

‘Fuck, that’s all I need on top of everything else,’ He thought. Ted hated the cat, the cat hated Ted! As his erection grew Scratchit pushed it with a paw, then knocked it back with the other. Ted’s stiff dick was swinging back and forth; it was now a moggie’s punchbag! Luckily the cat grew bored with the game and dropped silently to the floor.

Ted tried shifting a foot but the pain of his leg hair being pulled out stopped him immediately.

He considered the straitjacket and reasoned that if Brad bought this bloody thing for himself there ought to be some slack for a slimmer occupant like himself. He tried shifting his arms and found that there was indeed a degree of play. The contraption had been fastened to the top of the chair back but at this point that helped Ted’s struggle as he had something firm to pull against. Taking his time and trying to avoid any panic he gradually eased one sweating arm from the sleeve, then the other came out more easily. But both arms were still encased in the tightly strapped outer shell.

Voices from the screen signalled their return from the bathroom. Both were naked, Mandy still patting her beautiful body dry with a pink towel. Ignoring the camera they drew each other into a standing clinch. Mandy almost disappeared in the bulk of Brad’s huge body and arms. Brad ran his hands down Mandy’s back as she pressed against him. She was groaning with anticipation. Brad murmured “I’ve been dreaming of this for ages, Mandy your body is absolutely stunning.”

Ted reluctantly watched the screen as he painstakingly eased the fingers of one hand below the bottom of the jacket. Brad was now mauling Mandy’s breasts. Ted ached with jealousy; those were ‘his’ wonderful breasts. Now they were being pawed clumsily but Mandy voiced loud appreciation, presumably to further aggravate the watching Ted. “Yes, Brad. Suck my nipples, squeeze me. Oh that’s so good. I love the way you play with my tits baby.”

Ted now eased the other hand under the waistband and started to shuffle the jacket excruciatingly slowly upwards. He had to stop and calm his racing heartbeat. It would have been less difficult if he had been able to stand but he was making progress slowly. The cat sat on the bed, warily twitching its tail while scrutinizing his struggles. Ted stared at the cat. He realised that he now wanted revenge on Susie for creating this lie, Brad for going along with it and fucking the wife of a good friend and mostly on Mandy. She believed the lie; she constructed this vengeance without giving Ted any chance to clear his name. The marriage was over. No more Mr Nice Guy. Ted’s mind was icy cool now, frozen by the bitch and her devious friends.

A scream from the TV didn’t stop Ted’s slow but determined inching out of the jacket. He watched as Brad’s huge hands roughly spread Mandy’s pale thighs and prodded a fat finger at her sweet pussy. Ted adored that wondrous place and enjoyed worshipping it for hours at a time. Today it was being prepared as a receptacle for Brad’s monster cock. Ted had never seen a penis this large outside of porn movies. It looked obscene as it approached Mandy’s delicate opening. Even Mandy sounded apprehensive as she implored, “Slowly please Brad darling, that’s way more dick than I’ve had before.”

Brad grunted and heaved forward. Mandy wasn’t properly ready. Too dry and too soon. Brad had no concern other than to sheath his monster pork sword as deep and as quick as possible. Mandy screamed. Ted knew she was in pain, he didn’t feel guilty that he actually enjoyed that thought.

Again playing to her captive audience Mandy gasped “Oh fuck, Bradley darling. That’s a wonderful feeling. Your cock is so much more filling than micro-dick downstairs.”

Ted slowly edged downwards as he worked to free himself from the straitjacket. His ankles were screaming as the binding tape tore hair from his skin. His head came free then his shoulders. He breathed a huge sigh of relief and started tearing at the bindings around his ankles. As one leg became free he kicked out in elation only to find the chair overbalancing backwards.

Scratchit, whose experience taught it to be very wary of Ted’s kicking leg, chose the wrong option. The cat dived behind the chair as it crashed to the floor. Ted was unaware of the cat’s activity as he concentrated on pulling the tape from the other leg. Once free he righted the chair and saw the dead cat stretched out. He picked it up and realised its neck had been broken, probably trapped by the falling chair. Ted smiled, pulled the panties from his mouth and muttered “Karma, fucking karma!” as he dropped Mandy’s dead cat onto the bed.

Free, but what to do now? On the screen Brad was frantically thrusting into Mandy’s helpless body, she was still screaming, maybe now with pleasure but Ted couldn’t tell the difference and no longer cared either way.

Ted needed a pee and quietly relieved himself on the carpet around the chair. ‘Let them think I pissed myself,’ He thought. That gave him another idea which brought a sadistic smile to his face. He went into the kitchen and brought back a sharp knife. He looked at the cat, shrugged and made a deep cut across its dead throat. Blood oozed out. Ted spread the blood all over the chair and soaked the straitjacket. He laid a trail of gore across the floor all the way to the curtains, he always hated those anyway. He opened the window leaving bloody hand marks everywhere on the windowsill. He dropped the bleeding cat onto the floor near the chair and returned to the kitchen. After quietly washing his hands and the knife he replaced it in the drawer and found a stout rubbish bag.

Taking care not to tread in the blood-soaked carpet Ted placed the cat’s body in the black plastic bin bag. He left the blood-soaked straitjacket and the remains of the bindings on the chair. The sounds of sex from the TV continued. Mandy was urging Brad, crying out that he was the best ever as she appeared to climax on the rampaging pole. Ted was surprised that the sight no longer disturbed him; the effect was now quite the opposite as it fed Ted’s determination to get revenge.

Ted quietly climbed the stairs, picked up all the lovers’ belongings from the bathroom and went downstairs. The sounds had subsided so Ted looked at the screen. Brad was flat on his back breathing heavily while Mandy fumbled and sucked on his soggy limp penis, trying to revive it. “Come on you big fucker, I want to try that again, I haven’t come yet,” She moaned as she endeavoured to resuscitate Brad. Her backside faced the screen and Ted could see juices dribbling down her thighs. He felt sick.

“Are you watching Ted?” He heard from the screen. Mandy was waving Brad’s huge floppy penis at the screen. “Did you enjoy that? We’re going to do it again darling; this time with me on top like you did with old Susie. Don’t go away darling!”

Satisfied, Ted looked around the bedroom. He looked in the wardrobe and found that most of his clothes were there. Presumably he was scheduled to occupy this room after his punishment. He selected a pair of working jeans and pulled them on without underpants. He found a dark shirt and jumper. Not knowing his own plans at that moment he stuffed a couple of spare shirts and a fleece top into the rucksack they kept on the top of the wardrobe. The chair was exactly where they had placed it. There was blood everywhere but no trace of who had been there or what had happened.

Ted took his bags to the kitchen. Among Brad’s clothes he found keys, phone and wallet which he placed to one side then stuffed the clothes and shoes into the rubbish sack. From Mandy’s handbag he placed the phone, her wallet and keys with Brad’s. Shaking out the handbag he was surprised to see two condoms in their foil wrappers slip out of the lining. That gave Ted cause for thought as they hadn’t used physical protection since before their wedding. Ted left the handbag containing only the condoms on the kitchen table.

Ted checked the TV. Mandy was riding awkwardly on top of Brad’s beer belly. He looked either asleep or bored beyond any interest in proceedings. Mandy was making noises as though she was really enjoying her activity, maybe she was. Ted couldn’t see whether Brad actually had an erection.

In the den Ted powered up the PC. He quickly found the emails between Mandy, Brad and Susie in which they plotted Mandy’s ‘revenge’. Fortunately they responded to each other’s emails by including the previous exchanges so that the whole story with explicit details of their planned sexual vengeance could be seen in each message showing who contributed which idea. Ted forwarded the final ‘plot’ to the whole of Mandy’s contact list; that included the school staff where she worked, her doctor, parents, sister, friends and even the bank and insurance company. That should cause her some little embarrassment thought Ted grimly. Before he closed down the computer he changed the access password. He collected his laptop from under the desk and added that to his now increasingly heavy rucksack.

Realising that there might be an immediate reaction from email recipients he disconnected the house phone. Returning to the TV screen in the bedroom he saw that Mandy had finished or given up her latest round of passion. She was stretched out on the bed alongside Brad; face down and she seemed to be sobbing. Ted hoped she was anyway!

Ted removed the VHS tape from the recorder and replaced it with Mandy’s favourite film. Even if it didn’t wipe out the whole movie it should make an interesting interlude when she played it during the family Christmas party! He made sure it was recording. The screen now showed Brad climbing astride the back of Mandy’s thighs, slapping her bottom none too gently. Ted could only guess what would happen next. Ted stored the first tape in his rucksack and checked that both the lovers’ cell phones were turned off.

Just for mischief Ted went to the electric controls in the garage and switched off the water heating, they might find a cold shower after their romp quite refreshing! He also tripped out all the lighting circuits except the main bedroom. Almost giggling with schoolboy glee Ted opened a large can of emulsion paint and perched it on the top of the partly open door from the hall into the garage. After checking that the upstairs activity was continuing Ted collected all the house keys and dead-locked all the doors. They would have to climb out through a window and most of those were also locked!

He added the keys, wallets and phones to the pocket of his rucksack. After a final look round his home Ted quietly went out through the front door, double locking it. Ted loaded the rucksack and the rubbish bag into Brad’s very expensive Range Rover and opened the rear door so that he could load up his town pushbike.

Letting off the parking brake Ted quietly rolled the car off the drive before starting the engine. Not far away he parked on a quiet road under a street light and pulled Brad’s wallet from the rucksack. Ted was amazed to find that clever old Brad had carefully recorded the PINs for each of his several credit and debit cards. Now that was just too tempting!

Ted’s mood was improving by the minute and he realised he needed food and drink. Most places in town were closed at this early hour so Brad drove to the motorway and stopped at the first service station. He enjoyed a big fry-up, normally not allowed at home! Connecting through the free Wi-Fi he used his laptop to make generous donations to various charities using Brad’s debit and credit cards. Ted reasoned that a man as wealthy as Brad should be more generous to those less well off! Looking around the internet for the worst kind of porn he used the borrowed credit cards to subscribe Brad to several debauched sites, clicking the box to get nasty email hints and newsletters.

He checked Mandy’s email server and found that a few contacts had already responded to the ‘revenge’ email with considerable alarm and concern. He accessed the joint bank account he shared with Mandy and moved the bulk of the money into an account in his name only, he did the same with the savings account but left that virtually empty.

Ted paid for the meal and coffee with Brad’s credit card and collected a useful sum of cash from the ATM. Back in the car park he emptied the rubbish bag of clothes onto the back seat. The stiffening body of the cat he positioned within reach on the floor beside the front passenger seat. Before he left the motorway Ted dropped the corpse into the road, figuring that would be regarded as just another road kill! He headed for Brad’s house.

As soon as the car stopped Susie came running out clutching her loosely closed bathrobe which barely held her delightful breasts. “Did you do it? Did you fuck the bitch? Did you bugger her tight little arse like you wanted? How did wimpy Ted take it?”

Her face dropped as the smoky glass window rolled smoothly down revealing the driver. Her hand went to her mouth. She turned to run indoors but tripped falling flat on the garden. She got up to find Ted standing in front of her. “You attacked me you rapist,” She bawled trying vainly to cover her otherwise naked body with the wanton bathrobe.

Ted held up his hand and pressed play on his phone. It showed Susie excitedly approaching the car displaying her charms; the video clearly repeated her excited questions then showed how her feet tangled in the trailing robe belt as she turned.

“So Susie, my dear friend. Let’s start again shall we? What about a nice cup of tea?”

Her mouth flapped soundlessly. She nodded, pulled the robe tightly around her and led the way into the house. In the kitchen she busied herself making the tea, desperately trying to think her way out of this situation, Ted could almost hear the cogs turning! Eventually she came up with a plan.

“It was Brad.” Susie blurted. “He’s always wanted to shag Mandy. He made me tell her that you’ve been doing me for months. I didn’t want to do it. Honestly Ted, he forced me.”

Ted sat quietly. Susie couldn’t hold his gaze. As she shakily placed the tea tray between them Ted asked softly “Now let’s have the real story shall we please sweet Sue?” Ted’s smile resembled a crocodile!

She burst into tears. Ted had no sympathy, quite the opposite in fact, he was enjoying her distress. Susie had caused him considerable discomfort, hers was just beginning.

“Anyway why are you here? Where’s Brad?” Susie demanded suddenly.

“I’m here to see you, old friend. Brad, as you know well, is buried up to his filthy bollocks in my wife.” Ted gave her an icy stare. “So why did you cook up this lie about an affair?”

She wailed again, real tears splashed down her face.

Ted poured the tea and waited.

“You had a perfect marriage. Mandy was always telling me what a wonderful lover you were. When she described the waves of orgasms you always gave her I became desperately envious. I was jealous beyond all reason. Brad has a bloody big cock and he believes that all he needs to do is stuff it in and the earth will move. Well it doesn’t work like that, not for me anyway. I hardly ever finish on his prick. He pulls out, his watery fuck juice dribbles down my arse crack and he thinks he’s God’s gift to sex.” She paused and sipped her tea nervously.

“Ted, I’m desperately sorry. I was so jealous for so long, that it ate away at my soul. I knew Brad fancied Mandy, but she always seemed so dedicated to you that he couldn’t ever get started with her. Eventually Brad and I came up with this idea.” She sighed deeply then continued, “It would be so easy, I would ‘confess’ an affair to Mandy, Brad would console her and get his wicked way. With a bit of luck you might come to me for a revenge fuck or two.”

Susie’s hand was shaking so much that she couldn’t hold her cup. Using both hands she replaced it on the tray. “Ted, I really am sorry. I don’t suppose that means anything to you just now but it was all my stupid fault.” The tears were falling like rain again. Still Ted had no sympathy.

“Do you know what they did to me Susie?”

She nodded, still sobbing. “We planned it here, round this table last week.”

Ted finished his tea, replaced the cup and stood. Susie looked alarmed. “What are you going to do Ted?”

“You’re not really sorry Susie, are you? You are just unhappy that it was me in the car and not super-stud Brad. You were hoping for all the gory details of drugging me, strapping me into a chair then big-dick getting into every part of what will soon be my ex-wife.”

Susie screamed. “No, you can’t leave her Ted, she loves you.”

“If you had been where I’ve been tonight you would not think so. She gave me no opportunity to defend myself. She made it perfectly clear that she preferred Brad to me. Frankly she’s welcome to him, just like all the other women he screws continuously. Mandy can join his pox-ridden harem.”

Susie stood on the step, white-faced, mouth agape as Ted walked to the car. Her robe parted displaying her rather gorgeous body; it would normally have excited Ted, but not tonight. What did give Ted satisfaction was to see the front door close as she bared her breasts and slender belly to him. If he was any sort of gentleman he would have pointed out that the keys along with Brad’s phone and wallet were in the car, but he didn’t. Ted hoisted his bike down, shouldered the rucksack and pedalled away. He left the car wide open. This could be some punk’s lucky night. It certainly wasn’t Ted’s.

Back at home the lights were on. That indicated that the lovers were done playing their bed games and had managed to restore power to the lighting circuits. Ted parked his bike quietly behind the garage and picked up an old tree stake. It was a wooden pole about 5 feet long and 3 inches diameter with a pointed spike at one end. It was really too unwieldy but unless he could find a stray cricket bat this would have to do. He had calmed down enough that he didn’t want to kill Brad, just make sure he was incapacitated and scared.

Ted could hear raised voices inside. They didn’t seem to like being locked in! Poor old Brad had no clothes; Ted’s were far too small. Brad had obviously decided to look in his car; however, that meant he had to come out naked! They discussed which window to use. The spare bedroom window was actually open, but that involved finding his was around the dark garden. It seemed like the only option for them so Ted hurried into position.

Brad was wearing Ted’s bathrobe, it barely covered anything on his huge frame and looked ridiculous on the big man. Brad opted to climb out backwards, hang from the window ledge and drop the couple of feet to the soil below the window. He obviously hadn’t seen the thorn-covered roses! Ted could hear Mandy wittering about Brad taking care, blah, blah. Ted watched as his ex-friend dangled from the window.

He timed his full-bloodied sweeping strike across Brad’s lower back to coincide with his hands releasing their grip on the windowsill. Brad was blasted against the wall by the blow. He crumpled breathless to the ground face up, thorns ripping his legs and back as he fell. Ted hit him again. From over his head he brought the stake flat across the top Brad’s bare thighs, just below his balls, the stake broke! Brad gurgled hoarsely “No more Ted, please no more.”

Above him Ted heard Mandy shrieking “Don’t kill him.”

Ted didn’t know who she was shouting at and assumed that she thought Brad had the upper hand. Ted roughly thrust the shortened pole across Brad’s throat and leant his weight onto it. Putting his face inches from Brad he growled harshly “Tell the truth now and you go home just as you are. Lie and you die right here!”

Brad’s terrified eyes told Ted his choice. “Mandy, just shut up and listen.” Bellowed Ted.

His wife leaned out of the window “What? Ted is that you?”

Ted took the pressure off Brad’s throat and nodded to the big man. Brad spoke as loudly as his position and condition permitted. “Mandy, it was all a lie. Ted didn’t do it, he didn’t do anything. Susie made it up. Sorry old girl. You’re a fabulous fuck and I’ve fulfilled a dream tonight, please forgive me.”

Mandy screamed “No, that can’t be true. I don’t believe you Brad, you’re just a lying fucker. You’re just saying that to stop from Ted hitting you again.”

“Mandy, you wouldn’t believe me and now you won’t believe your lover either. Just what will convince you?” Shouted Ted shaking his head in disbelief.

“I told the truth Ted, can I go now?” Muttered Brad as he struggled into a sitting position, collecting more thorns in his naked backside.

“Sure, but if I see you again I might just finish you, just like you have finished my marriage and our friendship. Now get the fuck out of my sight you stinking turd.” Ted was pleased to see that Brad’s hair was matted with white paint; presumably his back was a similar shade of best matt finish.

Brad repeatedly muttered ‘sorry’ as he lurched bare footed around the dark garden. When he discovered that his precious new Range Rover was not on the drive he almost turned back but remembered Ted’s threat. Despite the pain in his body he started limping slowly on the long mile to his home.

Ted opened the front door. Mandy rushed towards him. Not knowing whether the approach was friendly or aggressive he stepped nimbly to one side and Mandy shot out of the door. Ted closed and locked it. He took grim satisfaction on seeing the trail of white footsteps leading from the internal garage door. His schoolboy jape had worked!

Mandy pounded on the door to be let in.

After a couple of minutes Ted opened the adjacent window. He told her to catch up with her new man and go with him to his house as she no longer lived here.

Mandy saw the steel in Ted’s glare and realised that she now had only one option. Despite the pain in her battered groin she ran after the distant stumbling Brad, her bathrobe flapping like wings. Even at a distance Ted could detect that Brad was not happy that Mandy had come after him! Sod them, they deserved each other.

Ted looked around the house, it was no longer home. He didn’t want to sleep in either bedroom so he stretched out on the settee and fell asleep immediately.

Sunlight woke him or was it his cell phone trilling. The call was from Brad & Susie’s landline, Ted switched his phone.

He smiled when he looked into the spare bedroom, it was a disaster area! There was a large pool of vomit on the floor. Ted could visualise Mandy throwing up when she came down for her grand finale to find her husband gone and the room filled with bloodstains.

The TV was still playing a blank scene from the very rumpled bedroom. Ted went upstairs and stopped the camera. He opened the window and threw out all the bedding onto the front lawn. It was cascading down as Brad’s car turned into the drive. Susie was driving; Mandy hunched in the passenger seat.

Ted stayed at the upstairs window as Susie came towards the house. She looked at the bedding then up to Ted.

“I’m so sorry Ted. This was my fault.” Ted stopped her.

“The fault is not entirely yours. Maybe you have started the lie but Mandy was too keen to believe it and humiliate me with dickhead, and good friend that he was he didn’t hesitate to join the program.” Without waiting for a response he continued “I can throw her clothes down now or stuff them in rubbish bags for you to collect later. Which will it be?”

Mandy was standing alongside Susie, she looked terrible ‘So she bloody should’ thought Ted unsympathetically.

“Ted, can I come in and talk?” Mandy whined plaintively.

“I’ll give you the same chance you gave me.” Ted threw a pair of her panties from the window; they drifted and landed at her feet. “Put that in your lying mouth for a couple of hours and see what fun it can be. At least I’ve given you clean ones!”

Mandy crumpled to her knees sobbing. Susie put an arm around her friend. Mandy threw the arm aside “Get away from me! This is all your fault, you and your silly fucking games. I wish you were dead.”

“Bravo” called Ted. “Bear in mind Mandy dearest that Susie is your only option just now so play nicely you two little witches.” He went to the wardrobe and pulled out an armful of her clothes on hangers. He tossed them from the bedroom window onto the foul bedding then returned for more.

As he threw the next bundle he called “Susie, why don’t you leave Mandy to move her own clothes into the car and come in for a minute.”

Susie rushed to the door; Ted closed it firmly behind her.

“Come and see the torture chamber,” he said grimly, ushering Susie into the downstairs bedroom.

Susie gasped. There was blood everywhere and the vomit was stinking strongly. “Oh my God, what did they do?” She asked covering her nose.

“Sit down and I’ll tell you,” Whispered Ted easing her into the chair. He had rather hoped for this scenario and had prepared several strips of duct tape which he stuck to the back of the chair. Before Susie could react both her arms were strapped tightly to the arms of the chair.

Without warning or preamble Ted reached under her skirt and roughly pulled down her panties. Her objections were stifled as he pushed them into her mouth. “There now Susie, wasn’t that part of your fiendish plan?”

She kicked at him but he easily caught the flailing limb. Instead of securing it to the chair leg he lifted it and strapped the ankle to the arm support. When he had done the other leg he reached forward and lightly stroked her exposed naked pussy. Susie vainly tried to close her knees.

“Imagine now, dear friend, that you have just woken from being drugged. You are tied in a straitjacket, naked and confronted by the person you love and trust the most on earth.” Ted pressed the play button and watched as the second tape began to roll. He pulled the panties from her mouth.

“Imagine how she describes what she is going to do with your best friend. This hell was mine. Let’s watch some of their fun time together shall we?”

“Ted, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise it would be this bad.”

“Watch bitch, see what you have done to me and your friend Mandy.”

On the screen Brad was spanking Mandy’s backside until it glowed. He then bodily lifted her, pushing her legs outside his as he knelt behind her. He pulled Mandy firmly onto his cock and fiercely pressed it deep into her cunt. Mandy groaned at the discomfort. Brad pushed a thick dry finger into Mandy’s arse. She objected loudly and strongly. Brad slapped her reddened cheeks again, his cock still deep into her belly.

“Mandy, you’re gonna get this lovely cock of mine up your sweet arse whether you like it or not baby so loosen up baby and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.”

Mandy screamed “Nooooo”.

Brad’s finger pumped roughly into the un-lubricated hole. After a few seconds Brad pulled his monster cock from her pussy and tried to force it into the wrong place. Mandy wriggled and screamed her objections again. She sobbed throughout as he finally managed to squeeze the end of his cock in. Luckily by then it had gone half soft and he couldn’t press on with his vile quest.

“So Susie, dear friend. What do you think of the show so far?”

“Sickening, I’m ashamed!” Her head fell forward.

“But this was part of the masterplan, wasn’t it? When you greeted me on your drive you said this,” Ted pressed the play button on the phone and they listened as Susie eagerly sought news of whether her over-sized husband had taken my wife’s back passage.

Susie screamed “Oh God, I’m sorry Ted. I’m so sorry Mandy.”

“But wait, dear friend, your charming champion has not yet finished.”

“Suck my dick bitch,” growled Brad as he pulled Mandy’s head to his flagging penis. “Get me hard so that I can finish what I started back there.”

Mandy was clearly reluctant but she had no choice. Brad’s strength was too much. Mandy had to take the soft cock into her mouth, despite where it had just poked. Mandy was gagging as Brad forced more foul flesh into her mouth. As she gasped for breath around the obstruction Brad turned to the camera, smiled and said “Look at that Teddy my boy, gobbling like a real pro now. What a girl!”

Ted looked at Susie. “You must be very proud of your loving husband!” He shook his head and muttered “I wish I’d killed the fucker.”

Susie cried. After a while she said “Can we stop now please?”

“Why sweetie pie? Your nasty plot had me tied down for hours, naked with a pair of dirty panties stuffed in my mouth!” Ted walked out of the room in disgust. He went upstairs and unloaded another bundle of Mandy’s clothes onto the lawn.

Mandy started to pick them up, still crying ceaselessly.

He dumped another load which drifted on top of the stooping Mandy. She dropped to the ground, still racked with sobs. Ted had no sympathy for her; she had frozen his heart, now she meant nothing to him.

He returned downstairs. Susie was trying not to watch as her husband eventually battered his way into Mandy’s rear entrance. Brad rode like a rodeo cowboy with a look of triumph; Mandy was wailing her utter displeasure. Susie didn’t look at all impressed.

Ted glared at Susie. “You bastards, you evil fucking bastards, this is what you planned. I hope you feel it was worth it.” He ripped her bondage free taking no heed of her screams as her skin protested under the tape.

“Now get the fuck out of my house and out of my life. Look after Mandy because the damage she has suffered is completely your fault. By the way, Brad claims to screw at least one new pussy every weekday, sometimes two or even three. Even if he’s boasting as usual there are still too many opportunities for him to pick up something very nasty. You should seriously consider getting yourself and Mandy tested for STDs as soon as possible.”

He dragged Susie to the front door and pushed her out, re-locking the door noisily.

Susie staggered to Mandy, knelt in front of her and cried “I’m so sorry, so very sorry. Please Mandy believe me, I didn’t know Brad would abuse you like that.”

“Fuck Brad!” Shouted Mandy, “What have you done to Ted. You lied, you tricked me, you humiliated me and my wonderful husband. You are scum!” She swung a sweeping forehand drive across Susie’s face. “I hate you Susie. I hate your bastard husband. I hate myself, oh God what am I going to do?” She aimed another wide swing at Susie, missed widely and fell to the ground sobbing.

Luckily Ted hadn’t witnessed this interlude. He had started up the PC and was browsing through the response emails to Mandy. Most were appalled at the planned ‘revenge’, only a couple supported her action telling her to ‘go for it’!

Ted linked up the tape player to the computer and started making a digital copy of the first tape. He left the room while it was recording to the hard drive. In the kitchen he made some real coffee and looked in the fridge to see what might be good to eat. He found enough to satisfy his hunger and put together a decent meal which he enjoyed as he sat peacefully in the kitchen. He turned on Mandy’s cell phone. There were dozens of missed calls and several texts. Ted read a few, all urgently advised against her plan!

In the meantime the two women had reluctantly embraced and slowly finished packing the car. They drove away in sombre moods. Each had dark thoughts; both wanted to deal Brad a deadly blow!

There was still a considerable mass of Mandy’s things. He systematically went through the drawers and cupboards stuffing black bags to almost fill the garage.

The tape had copied so Ted started the second one. He checked the disk version of the first tape. The quality was excellent; he would be able to edit sections to make an impressive production to submit to a porn site, divorce court or wherever.

Looking around Mandy’s files Ted found a buried file which gave the clue to the hidden condoms. Just over a year ago she had several meetings on Fridays afternoons with a Jason in a hotel 10 miles away. Mandy had diarised the events in a feeble code which clearly indicated that she had gone all the way with this man on every occasion. She noted things for each date such as Fx3, Orgx4, BJx2, CLx1; he guessed that the last was cunnilingus. Now who the hell was Jason?

He looked through her phone contacts. All looked innocent apart from a JB. Looking through her text messages he found a section labelled JB. The last contact had been several months earlier. Ted started reading from the latest. This was definitely the man. Their exchanges were barely concealed sex messages. The liaison had stopped when JB had been sent to Australia for a three year tour of duty with his oil company. He had asked Mandy to go with him; clearly she was tempted but at the last minute declined, breaking JB’s sweet little heart!

Ted looked through his own diaries and found that for that period he was often away from Thursday until Saturday. His last trip had been on the very weekend when Mandy decided not to go with JB. He couldn’t recall anything from that date, it was too far back. But now he had more clues. JB had mentioned his company name. Ted found the company address and decided to just try asking Google!

It turned out to be much easier than he anticipated. Jason Bloor was a production manager, normally based in southern England but currently gaining experience of the far eastern markets from the company’s base in Canberra. Ted even found his email address.

Letting this new information scramble round his head he showered, shaved and dressed in fresh clothes. Ted wondered why Mandy would hide condoms in her handbag when her lover had long gone. Could there be another, more recent affair? First he looked again through the phone contacts and calls. Nothing struck him as potentially secret stuff. He tried the PC again. He had found one secret file, maybe there were others. He seemed to be getting nowhere, then a silly thought struck him, why not just try a full-scale Windows search? Nothing to lose he concluded and set the scan in motion looking for ‘condom’.

While that was running he poured another coffee. As he sipped from the mug he realised that there were kitchen cupboards he didn’t ever open. Standing on a chair he started looking through the highest. It seemed to be a repository for empty boxes. Giving each a quick shake he was about to give up and try another cupboard when a plastic box rattled. Getting down from the chair he unclipped the airtight lid. He gasped when he saw that it was full of condom boxes. Various types, colours and sizes spilled out when he turned it upside down. Incredibly there was a label stuck on each box, a different man’s name on every one. Ted counted eleven boxes. Eleven men and most packs were at least half empty!

Writing down the names on a piece of paper Ted added the expiry date from each box in case that gave him a timeline. The dates ranged over three years, they had been married for five, but being expiry dates the purchases could have been much earlier. Ted’s head was spinning.

He left the kitchen and checked the PC, the search had several results! Each appeared in a different hidden files named by initials, including JB. When he opened the first it was rather like Jason’s with dates, places and scores. Ted printed it then went through each of the others and printed them as well.

With the sheaf of printouts he returned to the kitchen table to try to match names with initials. By now he had insulated himself from personal involvement; this was now an intelligence collecting mission, right up his street!

At the end of an hour he had the names in order with specific dates. There were files which did not match any boxes, maybe closed affairs? Not all the boxes had been accounted for but another search of the PC files might reveal the data required. He browsed through the printouts to find common words or phrases, chose a couple and started a new deep search.

Ted needed a change to clear his mind. He went back to clothes bagging. Most of Mandy’s stuff was now packed; he had been astonished by the amount and variety of underwear. There were expensive garments he had never seen her wear. He realised that he didn’t really know his wife at all!

He heard a car pull up on his drive. It was Susie in Brad’s 4×4, no sign of Mandy. Ted didn’t want her indoors so he opened the window near the door. Susie wasn’t keen to come in either so she was glad to conduct the conversation from the doorstep.

“Mandy’s devasted,” Susie said.

“Me too.” Ted responded.

“Yes, of course, sorry,” Mumbled Susie. “We wondered if. . That is do you think you could . .” Susie seemed lost for words.

“While you ponder what it is you want to ask Susie, how about you clear some of the junk from my garage?”

Ted locked the inside door to the house and opened the garage door. Susie gasped at the heap of bags. Ted threw them out and left Susie to load the car. When the last bag was on the driveway Ted watched as Susie struggled with the bags. He was in no mood to assist.

Susie realised that he would not help but eventually got everything packed. She was nervous as Ted stood calmly just inside his garage watching her. She couldn’t read the expression on his face but it seemed less aggressive than previously.

“Ted. Mandy is in a poor state. She hardly gets out of bed.” She stopped talking as Ted burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny Ted?”

Ted could hardly stand. He was almost doubled up with laughter.

“Ted. Are you alright? Are you having hysterics or something?” Susie made a step towards him but stopped when he held up a warning hand.

“Sorry Susie. When you said she hardly gets out of bed that sounded like her theme song. You know, like the story of her life. Do you know how many lovers she has had?”

Susie looked suitably guilty. Ted knew that she knew.

“Go on, tell me how many. There can’t be many adult males left in the county who haven’t shagged my ever-loving wife.” Ted asked as he burst out laughing again.

“Ted, she can’t help it. She was amazed that you never found out. It became almost a game for her. You’re right though, no man was safe near her. Even if she didn’t fuck them she often messed with their heads. She just loved to get fucked by someone new.” Susie closed the back of the Range Rover and clicked the remote lock. She moved towards Ted. He didn’t object this time.

“Can we sit down Ted. I’ll tell you as much as I know, I promise.”

He was undecided but realised that this might his best chance to understand Mandy’s actions. “OK, but the house is a mess, come round to the garden.”

He flicked the garage door closer and walked ahead of Susie round the side of the house. He pointed at the roses and muttered “Your cheating husband made a mess of those. I hope he’s still got thorns in his fat bum.”

Susie laughed, “I’ve pulled most of them out and made sure the antiseptic stuff stung when I finished! His back is still a whiter shade of pale by the way.”

“Maybe that’ll teach him for wandering in the dark into a strange garage with no clothes on.” Ted pulled two garden seats under the shade of a Lilac tree and waved Susie into one. “OK, start talking.”

Susie sighed. “As you know, we were at school together. We were inseparable, even double dated. We lost our virginities on the same sultry evening to a pair of red-headed twins.” She looked up. “It was even under a Lilac tree, can you believe that? Even to this day the very fragrance almost makes me horny.” Susie’s lidded eyes peered at me; I guess it was meant to be a seductive gaze. Ted’s only response was a raised eyebrow.

She licked her lips. “Any chance of a drink please Ted? I’m hot and parched after lugging all those bags.” She flapped the collar of her blouse.

Ted nodded. “Sorry, you know I’m normally the perfect host. I seem to have lost my touch this weekend.” Susie had the good grace to grimace and look down, her shoulders slumped with shame.

“Soft drink, wine, coffee, tea?” Ted enquired, standing.

“Just water would be fine for me thanks Ted.”

When Ted carried the tray with two bottles of chilled water and glasses jingling with ice cubes Susie was wistfully sniffing the Lilac flowers. “Do you know the song, Lilac Wine?” She asked, accepting the proffered glass of water with a smile of thanks.

Leaving the tray on the table Ted moved the table into the shade near the chairs. He moved his own chair closer to Susie’s so that they were both in the shade.

“One of the best,” Ted nodded. “My current favourite is Jeff Beck and Imelda May. Have you heard that version?”

“Yes, I love that one too, so atmospheric; it’s as intoxicating as the fragrance don’t you think?” Susie murmured, returning to her seat with a soft smile on her face.

They sat in comfortable silence. Ted could feel the tension drain out of him. He breathed deeply as the fragrance of the blossom seemed to permeate his being. Tears flowed silently down his face; he tasted their salty bitterness as they reached his lips.

“Oh Ted,” murmured Susie as she wrapped herself around him, pressing her breasts to his face. “Oh Ted, what have we done to you?”

They stayed like that for several minutes. Both were sobbing beneath the Lilac tree. Ted felt Susie’s hands pulling his head to her breast, stroking his hair murmuring softly “Please forgive me Ted,” repeatedly into his hair.

Ted reluctantly eased his head from the warmth of her bosom. “Yes, Susie. I do forgive you. I’m sorry I said all those unkind things. I realise that Mandy has been a serial cheat for years, I think she must be a nymphomaniac. In fact what you did helped me to look into her activities, it’s a ghastly story. I’m sorry I treated you so badly.”

“Thank you Ted.” She said simply and pressed his head against her breast again.

She was standing in front of him, her legs astride his knees, her belly to his chest. Ted’s arms were clinging to around her. He moved his head slightly and nestled closed into her bosom his right ear pressed into to her soft left breast. She quietly repeated “Thank you Ted,” several times as she lightly stroked his hair.

Ted could hear her gentle murmuring through her body; he could feel and hear her heartbeat. Loosening his cuddle with one arm he slid his hand downwards then back up under beneath her cotton skirt. Her breathing and heartbeat increased. She let go of his head with one hand and unbuttoned her blouse pulling the material clear so that his cheek lay against her flimsy bra. With a deft flick she unclasped the front of the bra and teased it from between them. Susie pushed the bra and blouse away from her other breast. Ted could see her heartbeat in the quivering hard nipple. He leaned forward and kissed it tenderly.

“Oh yes, Ted. Please touch me,” she murmured into his hair. He took the nipple gently between his lips and let his tongue caress the tip. Susie was quivering, her head alternating between kissing to top of Ted’s head and straining back to look at the sky through the Lilac tree.

Under her skirt Ted’s hand caressed her bottom, it was soft yielding and incredibly sexy.

Susie pulled her blouse back and shrugged it and the bra to the ground. Ted’s other hand delicately stroked the skin of her bare back feeling every curve. Their hands bumped as she sought the catch and zip to unfasten the skirt. Ted hand her hand, briefly caressing the fingers then he slowly drew his hand up her arm taking what seemed like forever to Susie until it reached her shoulder. He slowly moved it to the breast he was suckling and caressed the sumptuous shape with the utmost care. His lips move to the vacant nipple causing Susie to gasp to the sky once more.

Ted slowly kissed his way up her flesh to her throat; again she arched her neck offering him every morsel of skin to taste. His kisses reached her chin. Susie expected him to devour her lips but Ted slowly kissed and licked up to her delicate ear then gradually across to each eye in turn. His feather light kisses taunted and teased Susie. Her body craved his touch, she loved every tiny connection with Ted’s lips. Suddenly his mouth was on hers. They opened to each other, they devoured, savoured and excited one another. Their tongues clashed, splashed and thrashed as each seemingly trying to climb physically into the other’s face.

He pulled away slightly, panting with passion “I need you Susie, I really want you now.”

Susie’s response was to pull him from the seat, push her skirt and panties to the ground and stand naked and trembling before him. She simply said “Yes”.

Ted quickly spread her skirt on the grass then hurriedly added his shirt and trousers pulling Susie down onto the makeshift bed.

As she lay there he looked at her body. Her hand reached for his and pulled it to her breast. He smiled and looked into her eyes, they were misty with tears. Ted leaned forward and gently kissed away the salty drops then tenderly kissed her lips. “Sorry, I can’t wait. I’ll take longer next time around.”

Ted fished in the pocket of the trousers and pulled out one of Mandy’s horde of condom packets. He pulled one from the foil wrapper and gave it to Susie. She was on the brink of saying he didn’t need to use one when she remembered his warning about STDs. She put the teat between her lips and watched as Ted’s rampant erection approached her mouth. Slowly guiding it closer she unrolled the condom slowly along its length then took the sheathed cock partially into her mouth to add lubrication.

Ted pulled away and keeping eye contact with Susie slowly moved his hips between her spread legs. Susie reached down and guided the tip into her moist entrance. She held it just inside with her fingers; their eyes still locked as Ted held himself above her on extended arms. When her finger finally withdrew the only point of contact between them was the tip of his straining cock and the luscious lips of her anxiously waiting cunt.

Ted smiled, Susie smiled back. Ted eased into the heat of Susie’s body. Her eyes closed as their pubic bones pushed tightly together. Susie lifted her hips, Ted slowly withdrew and hovered again at her entrance. Susie opened her eyes and looked into Ted’s. He said “Smell the Lilac, feel my passion, let my body worship yours.”

Tears squeezed again from Susie’s eyes. She took a deep breath, smiled and murmured “So beautiful. So absolutely wonderful. The Lilac, your worshiping body and that gorgeous cock. I thought you said you couldn’t wait?”

“This is heavenly. Looking at your beautiful waiting, wanting body. Knowing we will soon be riding a rollercoaster of sheer pleasure. Are you ready, lovely, scrumptious lady?”

“So ready it hurts! I never knew how wonderful it could be when the only places that touch between us are the tip of your cock and the gasping lips of my cunt. Start now, before I fade like the fragrance of those magical flowers.”

Ted slid firmly home and slowly back. Again and again he pressed hard onto her clitoral hood with each penetration. He could see Susie’s climax building; her breasts had a rosy glow. In and back, thrust and reverse, his speed increased and the slap, slap, slap of the bodies was the base line for the keening cry of absolute pleasure from Susie’s wide open mouth.

He felt her climax as her pussy clamped and her hips rose. He stopped fully engaged, just flexing his cock slightly now and again. He checked that the condom was still in place. Susie whimpered and slowly subsided so Ted started up again, slowly out, pause, slowly back in. Susie groaned. Ted increased the speed again and soon Susie was wailing to the slap, slap, slap rhythm of life.

Ted paused. He knew he couldn’t hold out for much longer. Next time he would join the song he longed to sing. Sure enough as Susie’s breasts ceased heaving Ted began again in earnest. This time he lifted her legs, held tight to her thighs and rammed hard against her backside with each thrust. He couldn’t hold back, Susie was already in full cry when his own urgent scream of ecstasy pronounced him done!

He pulled one of Susie’s thighs across his chest and settled behind her, his dwindling erection sliding out of the condom. He reached between them and gently eased the rubber away.

They lay quietly, the bees humming in the Lilac tree, the breeze wafting across their sweaty bodies. Ted started slowly caressing the breast he was holding. The nipple reacted. Rolling it gently between his fingers he felt Susie press her bottom harder against his groin. His penis was tucked under the cheeks of her bum. Soon it was stirring and pressing tentatively against the back of her thighs. After more fondling and cuddling it formed into a useable erection; really prodding for attention.

Susie giggled and reached down as she opened her thighs. With the new erection nestled against her outer labia Susie proceeded to rub herself into full arousal. Ted ran his hand slowly from her breast down the dip of her waist and up the sexy slope of her hip, then on to her stretched thigh. Going back he touched even more lightly, just with his fingertips. Susie was desperately trying to get her pussy aligned with the erect penis between her legs but Ted wouldn’t let her succeed.

“Come on Ted, give a girl a break, it’s so close just slip it in again please.”

Ted’s response was to roll her bodily onto her front. He straddled her thighs with his cock along the crack of the cheeks of her bottom. He started a long subtle massage. The effect was that as well as a sensuous massage she could feel the cock she craved sliding up and down her arse cheeks as Ted moved forward and back.

Susie groaned as Ted slid back a little. His erection now prodded just where she wanted it to proceed but with his knees tight against the outsides of her legs Susie couldn’t make the opening to invite her stiff guest inside. She groaned with frustration but nevertheless took delight in Ted’s caressing of her lower back and arse cheeks.

Ted’s massage progressed down to Susie’s feet. He pressed his thumb firmly into one sole then the other. While still holding the second foot he took her big toe into his mouth. Susie gasped with sharp pleasure; it was almost as though he had his mouth on her vagina. Her pussy ached, it flooded with juice which dribbled continuously into her pubic hair. Ted did the same with the other foot. Although she was ready for the sensation she still found her pussy convulsing uncontrollably.

Ted twisted her legs, signalling for her to turn over. She forcefully spread her legs as she turned, glaring at him with triumph. Ted smiled and kissed each foot before running his hands gently up the inside of each thigh. Bursting with the anticipation of his touch Susie was nonplussed when his hands by-passed her groin and swept instead around to the outside of her hips where they slowly retreated back to her feet.

Ted shuffled forward and leant down to kiss the inside of one thigh, then the other. Susie was trembling with anticipation. Ted’s ministrations stopped short of where Susie wanted, she was on the verge of launching a protest when his fingers slyly nestled on her pubic mound. She held her breath. Ted widened his thighs so that Susie’s now draped over his legs. His thumbs drew her moist outer labia apart and gently caressed the exposed pink flesh. Susie’s heart was pounding again as pleasure flooded through her body.

Ted slid a finger across the damp zone around Susie’s vagina and slid softly into her pussy. He turned the finger and sought out the spongy area at the front of her vagina. Susie froze as he pressed her G-spot. ‘Oh fuck’, she thought, ‘now I’m done for!’ Her whole body slowly subsided into a tranquil place over-flowing with sweet feelings. She floated, helpless as the finger teased and circled. Her legs flopped; her mouth formed a droopy, drunken smile.

Susie was so spaced out that she was unaware of Ted finding and fixing another condom in place. He slowly reached forward, kissing her soft belly then her breasts. Susie realised that the finger was gone, the space now occupied by the treasured cock. ‘How did he do that?’ she pondered, but didn’t really care if it was done by magic!

Ted continued to move upwards, his cock was fully lodged into Susie when he kissed her lips. He shuffled his knees forward, wrapped his arms around her and whispered “Sit up with me.”

He drew her upright, her weight pressed her body even more firmly onto Ted’s proud penis. Susie could feel it teasing deep inside her quaking belly. Ted kissed her, she kissed Ted. He ran his hands down her back then around to the front to cup her breasts. Her pleasure level surged as he gently tweaked both nipples. She squirmed on his lap making his cock move inside her. She touched his face and tenderly kissed him. “Ted this is so beautiful, thank you so much.”

Ted’s response was to raise his hips, making his already deep occupation even deeper. “Your pleasure is my pleasure, sweet lady.”

Susie sighed. “Ted, I’ve never had such beautiful love-making. This has been so incredible for me. Don’t ever stop.”

“It’s not over yet, unless you prefer to stop now.”

“Don’t you dare! I was just expressing my feelings while my brain still works. Now you can hotwire it again and shoot me to the heavens.”

“I love this position, we are totally embedded but we can touch, kiss, even talk. Maybe that’s enough chat for now, let’s get this show on the road before the sun goes down.”

Ted kissed her deeply then lowered her back to the grass. He licked a finger and, while his penis was still totally entrenched, started to caress Susie’s clitoris. She squirmed and tried to pull her legs together. After a few moments of teasing the magic button Ted allowed her to close them. He pushed her knees up to her chest and, still keeping his cock inside, rolled her into a kneeling position.

He slowly pulled out, checked his condom, then slid firmly home again. He changed to a higher angle and repeated his withdrawal and re-entry. Then another angle, and several times more. While he doing this he caressed Susie’s curved back. He took one hand slowly from her neck to her anus, giving it a gentle prod with his thumb. The other hand then started the same motion so that she felt a continuous stroking from neck to anus. Each time the prod became more pronounced until he was actually entering his thumb. The stoking and ‘thumbing’ were driving Susie higher and higher.

Her body was wracked with shudders. Ted wondered whether he could take her back passage, he’d never actually done that. As though reading his mind Susie growled impatiently, “Enough with the playing you bastard, fuck my arse before I go crackers!”

It was Saturday morning and I was working the garage while my wife, Cathy, was doing her chores in the house. Our child was staying at her grandparent’s for the weekend. As I was going about cleaning off my workbench, I head Cathy yell for me from the kitchen. I went inside to find her with her arm in the sink and a distressed look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I got my hand stuck in the garbage disposal. Can you please help get me out?” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied as I went over to assess the situation. At first glance I wasn’t sure what I could do. I tried pulling on her arm, but that hurt her too much. As I was pondering what to do next, the uniqueness of the situation dawned on me. As she frequently does around the house, Cathy was only wearing a nightshirt with nothing underneath it. Here she was bent over the kitchen sink and unable to move hardly at all.

“Maybe what we need is some lubrication,” I said coyly.

“That’s a good idea,” she replied innocently. “Why don’t you grab the dish soap from under the sink?”

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind,” I said as I pulled her shirt up around her waist, exposing her bottom half.

“What are you doing?” she said with some irritation. “Quit fooling around and get me out of here.”

I ignored her and caressed her ass with my hand. She wiggled her butt to get me to stop, but that just enticed me more.

“Come on, get me out of here and then we can fool around,” she said in a much friendlier tone.

“I kind of like things how they are,” I replied as my hand slipped between her legs.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “That does feel nice.”

My fingers lightly glided over her pussy, enjoying the softness and occasionally toying with her clit. My cock was getting hard and she was starting to get wet.

“That feels really good, but I’m a little distracted wondering how I’m going to get out of here,” she said bringing me out of my trance.

“Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to call a plumber,” I responded while slipping a finger between her folds. “I’ll be right back.”

“Bring me something to put on when you come back!” she yelled after me.

I went upstairs and called a plumbing company I had used before. They said because it was an emergency situation they could have someone there in a few minutes. They also said that since it was the weekend it was going to be weekend rates. Ugh.

I went back to the kitchen to give Cathy the news.

“Did you bring me something to put on?” she asked.

“No, I forgot. Besides, it might be kind of exciting for you to be dressed like this when the plumber gets here,” I teased.

“You’re kidding, right?” she asked hopefully.

“Not at all. I think it would be very sexy for you to be like this when a strange plumber arrives. Now that I think of it, he might even have to crawl under the sink and then he’ll really get a show,” I pondered.

Starting to panic a little she pleaded, “Please go get me something to put on.”

Her shirt was still around her waist, so I slipped my hand between her legs again to find her even wetter than when I had left. “What is this? I think maybe someone else is turned on by the idea too?”

“No, that’s from what you were doing before. Now, please, go get me…” she pleaded. But the ringing of the doorbell interrupted her.

“Sorry, too late,” I said in mock apology as I pulled her shirt down over her ass and went to answer the door.

I opened the front door to find a gentleman from the plumbing company I had called. He was a well-built, black man wearing a company uniform and carrying a tool bag. “Hi,” he said as he shook my hand. “I’m Rob from Ajax plumbing. I understand you have a problem?”

“Yes, Rob, come on in.” I said stepping aside. I explained the situation and directed him to the kitchen.

“Hi mam,” Rob said to Cathy. “It’s nice to meet you. Let’s see what we’ve got here.” I couldn’t help but notice that he quickly looked her over before stepping over to look in the sink. Apparently he had the same reaction I did to her situation!

He pondered things for a moment before saying, “It looks like I’m going to have to remove the disposal. But don’t worry, it shouldn’t take long.” He knelt down and got a couple of tools from his bag, then looked at the cabinet doors under the sink. “Can you step back a little so I can open the cabinet door?” he asked her. She slowly complied, putting her in even more of a bent over position than she was before, her shirt rising further up her backside.

He carefully opened the cabinet door, then pondered how to get under the sink. “I’m sorry to have to ask you this, mam, but can you spread your feet apart so I can crawl between them to get under the sink?”

Cathy and I both knew what this meant. He was going to get a really good show! I expected her to protest or ask if there wasn’t some other way, but instead she just moved her feet as far apart as she comfortably could. This caused her shirt to ride up even further, leaving her completely exposed from underneath. I watched as he maneuvered himself onto his back, then scooted between her legs and slowly under the sink. I could tell by where his eyes were looking and the expression on his face that he had just gotten an eye full of her woman parts and was quite happy about it.

Once he was under the sink, I decided to go for broke. “So Rob, what would you do if you found your wife in this predicament?”

“If I wasn’t a plumber myself, I’d probably call one like you did,” he said, not following where I was going.

“What I mean is, wouldn’t you be inclined to take advantage of her womanly charms?” I asked more bluntly.

He laughed and said, “Yes, I probably would at that.”

Knowing that he couldn’t see from where he was and that she wouldn’t say anything to bring attention to it, I reached my hand between her legs and rubbed her now soaking pussy. I eased a finger inside her as I said, “Cathy doesn’t think anyone but me thinks she sexy. Rob, do you think she’s sexy?”

Without hesitation he replied, “She sure is! You’re one lucky man to have such a sexy wife.”

As I slid my finger slowly in and out, I pondered where to go next with this. “Rob, not only is she sexy, but she has the tastiest and tightest pussy ever. Maybe you’d like to taste it for yourself?”

There it was. I had crossed the line. Now how would he respond? How would Cathy respond? After what was probably a brief pause, but seemed like forever, Rob replied, “If she’s okay with it, I’d be happy to have a taste.” One down, one to go.

Sliding my finger in as far as it would go, I asked Cathy, “Dear, would you like it if Rob gave your pussy a few licks?”

With her head down, in a faint whisper she said, “Yes.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t think Rob heard you,” I teased.

“Yes!” she said much louder this time.

I eased my finger out and pulled her shirt up around her waist. Rob moved out of under the sink and under her pussy. It was slightly awkward, but he lifted himself up until his face was in her crotch and started licking. I watched from behind as his tongue danced over the folds over her pussy and played with her clit. In no time at all Cathy was moaning loudly and grinding her hips onto his face.

“Don’t stop,” she cried out. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

It was so sexy to watch her cum as Rob sucked on her pussy.

After another minute or two she finally said, “Stop. I can’t take anymore of that.” So Rob released his grip and lay back down on the floor, looking up in admiration at her throbbing pussy.

I wasn’t surprised to see that Rob had a large bulge in his pants at this point. There seemed only one logical next step. “Rob, maybe you’d like to see just how tight her pussy is?”

“I would love to!” he quickly replied.

Would she object or was she worked up enough to go along with this? “Cathy, can Rob slide his cock inside you to see how tight you are?”

“Yes!” she moaned, her hips already thrusting back and forth.

Rob quickly got up off the floor and dropped his pants. “Wow!” I involuntarily exclaimed. I hate to say it, but Rob’s cock was the stereotype of black men. It was long and thick with a set of balls to match.

“What’s wrong?” Cathy asked.

“Well, nothing’s wrong exactly,” I hesitated. “It’s just that Rob has a very large cock.”

“That’s ok,” she said. “Just go easy.”

I don’t think she realized just how large it was, but she was about to find out.

He stroked himself a few times before stepping up to her and rubbing the head of his cock between her pussy lips. The contrast between her tiny, pink pussy and his huge, black cock was fantastic. I held my breath as the head of his dick disappeared between her lips, but then met resistance. He backed up a little, rubbed it around some more, then tried again. This time it slowly started to slip inside. Cathy let out a deep, sexy moan.

Rob gradually worked more and more of his shaft inside Cathy as her pussy stretched to accommodate him. When he was completely inside and his balls finally touched her clit, she cried out loud and shook all over as she had a tremendous orgasm. As her orgasm slowed, he slowly pulled his cock out until just the head was left inside, his shaft slick with her wetness. Now that she was acclimated to his size, he began a steady in and out motion, causing Cathy to moan each time he thrust inward. I reached over and pulled her shirt up over her breasts, then played with her nipple, which sent her into another orgasm.

“You’re right,” Rob practically grunted. “She has the tightest pussy I’ve ever felt, especially when she cums.”

Taking his cock completely out, Rob asked Cathy, “Do you like my big cock in your tight little pussy?”

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Would you like me to put it back in?” he asked as he rubbed her pussy with his dick.

“Yes,” she moaned again.

“Yes, what?” he teased, pulling his cock away.

“Yes, please put your big, hard cock back in my pussy, now!” she yelled.

Rob smiled and slid into her willing pussy much easier this time, then stroked slowly in and out, both of us watching amazed as her pussy lips gripped him tightly.

Much to my surprise, Cathy started moaning out, “Harder. Please, fuck me harder.” Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more turned on, I was. Rob gave her what she asked for and she seemed to be cumming nonstop, the kitchen filled with the sounds of his balls and hips slapping her backside. Rob’s breathing quickened as his own orgasm approached. With a final, hard thrust he let out a loud groan and pumped his hot cum deep inside her.

Looking like he was going to collapse, he slowly pulled his softening member out of her and stepped back to lean against the counter. Her pussy was swollen and stretched and Rob’s cum was slowly leaking out, down across her clit, and dripping onto the floor. As sexy as this looked, I was too worked up to wait any longer. I quickly undid my pants and extracted my aching hard cock. Stepping into place behind her, I thrust into her in one smooth motion. I had never had sloppy seconds before, so this was a new sensation. She just felt like she was really wet. Which, well, she was, but it wasn’t all of her cum this time.

I went as slow as I could manage, but it was all so incredibly hot and her pussy felt so good that it wasn’t long before I was ready to cum too. She sounded like she was getting close to another orgasm herself, but I couldn’t hold back any longer. I pulled my cock from her hungry pussy and rubbed it against her as my cum splashed all over her back and ass. I rubbed my cum into her skin, then all over her pussy, sending her over the edge finally.

I just stood there recovering and admiring the sight before me. I can’t describe how beautiful and sexy she looked at that moment. Finally, Rob broke the spell by saying, “I should probably get her out of there now, although it’s tempting to wait and have another round.”

I smiled knowingly, but then much to my surprise Cathy said, “I can’t stand any longer. Get me out of here and the you can do whatever you want.”

Rob didn’t even bother pulling his pants back up, but got under the sink and disconnected the disposal in a few minutes, freeing Cathy finally. She staggered in to the living room, pulled her nightshirt off, and fell down onto the couch completely naked. After a short rest, we did do what we wanted to her, but that’s a story for some other time.

A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 7)

Chapter 1

Danielle was glad to be home from her friend’s house. There were not that many even semi-attractive members of the lesbian community in town, and this particular one, a Korean-American musician, enjoyed watching, for god knows what reason, reality TV. Reality TV mixed with marijuana and alcohol, all of which the high school teacher had both tried and grown bored with. Sex, history and art were the only things that really interested her anymore.

Danielle had made a few attempts at conversation, but they were either too abstract and surreal to mean anything, or meaningless by default. Danielle loved art but hated artists. Especially modern, easily entertained, self-proclaimed artists…even if they didn’t complain about large dildos being shoved up their asses. In fact, that they didn’t complain (this generalization was most recently exemplified in the Korean musician), just made the penetration less interesting. Anyways, the TV show, filled with pointless arguments, sexual tension, and emotional discord amongst fools, reminded her of her observations about the rest of society, and brought to her mind a quote from the Roman emperor Caligula: “I wish all Rome had but one neck, that I might break it.”

It captured her feelings exactly.

* * * * *

The knock on the door was hard enough to convey the emotion of the visitor. John’s face matched his action—very serious. He meant business.

What the hell, Danielle thought to herself, looking at the clock. It was 10 at night. When she opened the door, she was met by a young, attractive man not too much younger than herself, with a look that was, if anything, not exactly friendly.

“Are you Danielle, the high school teacher?” he said.

Danielle was no idiot. I never asked if she had a boyfriend. Oh god, is it a dad? No problem. Deny everything. “Um, yes…can I help you?” she asked, politely, but sternly, seeing if she could soften the resolve of the do-gooder.

“I have something very important I want to talk to you about, which you are probably aware of. Would it be okay if I ask you some questions in private? No need to have neighbors here. I don’t want anything to start if there is no reason for it” John said, trying to control his emotions. The fact that the woman that raped his young lover was extremely attractive, just added to the feelings in John. The desire for revenge and justice began, almost immediately, to mix with lust and desire. It was a familiar feeling, which was odd. He hadn’t been in this situation before.

Wary, but unwilling to appear weak in any way, Danielle stepped aside, letting him enter. The man didn’t seem shady at all, just very serious. He came in, and she offered him a seat on the couch. She sat on a chair opposite him. Danielle began, “What is the problem sir? Does this have to do with Jamie perhaps? She was talking about getting me in trouble. She seems angry about the academic situation her lack of studying has placed her in.”

John looked at her. She had dark brown eyes that were unwavering. She had large, soft-looking lips. Long black hair that fell around her shoulders. She was wearing some loose, baggy, very comfortable-looking but rather masculine sweatpants, low around her waist, in conjunction with a tight, white wife beater, that was high on the midriff, showing her perfect abs. No bra. Her D cup breasts were perky as it was, and the large aureoles were just visible, in the right light. Her nipples pressed out on the fabric slightly.

“No bullshit, Danielle, I know you fucked with her.” John said. He felt like he was looking in a reflection, in a weird way. Strange how a young, attractive, black woman’s face could mirror his own. It had something to do with the look in the eye.

Danielle knew that he knew. There was something about him. She felt she connected with the man in front of her in some way. He had on his shirt and tie (like always). His eyes had an understanding in them, but there was a difference too, some sort of revulsion. She stood up. He wasn’t going to report her. He was her. “Yeah, okay. I had fun with Jamie. So what? What are you going to do about it? I don’t think you’re taping me. What do you have on me? I’m pretty sure you don’t have anything.”

“Yeah I do,” John said, standing up. “Probably close to a hundred pounds.”

Danielle understood immediately. There was a lust growing in his eyes. But it was not friendly at all. A power struggle was about to take place. She wasn’t going to scream, but she heard herself say she would, and instantly regretted it. She would do no such thing. She saw John come towards her, and she started thinking. Her eyes said all John needed to know. This woman didn’t want cops coming to the rescue.

Danielle couldn’t fight him. She needed a weapon. She looked towards the kitchen. Maybe a knife. John saw the look toward the kitchen and realized her intention. She moved that way, but he was quicker.

Chapter 2

Danielle liked girls. Especially smaller, more feminine, or younger ones. She liked to dominate them. Not men. She didn’t like penises. Even with small wimps, she felt that penetration by a dick was too empowering for the other. She liked control. She wasn’t into the strap-ons. She liked to stick dildos in with her hand, watch the pain/pleasure of the other woman. She luxuriated in making them eat her out. She had never been with a man. Woman on woman rape was rarely reported or acted on, and she entertained herself, often with students and other unsuspecting females.

The situation with John was new, and she didn’t know what to make of it. She needed desperately to assert herself.

* * * * *

John caught her by the arms, picked her up, and tossed her onto the couch. She was athletic and in shape, but she really didn’t have a chance. She began kicking at his balls, trying to knee his groin, unsuccessfully. He moved his legs between hers, and grabbed her wrists and held them down. She struggled…….and struggled. She kicked and tried to move her arms. Her abdominal muscles flexed and strained with her efforts, but John was way too strong.

It was amazing to her. She tried to move, and she had some strength, but John just put one hand down on her upper stomach, right below her breasts, and pushed her into the couch. With the other hand he undid his tie, and started undoing buttons on his shirt. Her hands went to the arm holding her down, and tried to move it, she pulled with all her might, and his hand slid a little to the left.

“So,” John said, as he worked his shirt off with one hand. The tie long gone. He was very muscular. “what the hell’s wrong with you? You like raping girls or something?”

“I’m not a creeper. I don’t mess them up. I know they enjoy it.” Danielle replied, one of her hands going to the wrist of his other free hand as it started groping one of her breasts. “What are….you doing here? You’re not just…..telling me to….stop….” He was squeezing very firmly. The hands of men were much different than feminine ones. It felt………she needed to get out of here. She couldn’t stand guys.

He lifted his hand off her chest and yanked off her shirt. She was topless, but his hands were off of her. She pushed hard, turned over and tried to crawl away from him. I can get to edge of the couch, jump out, get to the kitchen, I win. I……damn he’s got my….. John grabbed her by the waist, her escape cut short. But now she was turned over, ass up, and was in a worse position than before….for her. John took her arms, held both wrists with one hand, grabbed his tie from the ground, and quickly tied her hands together. Her face he put into the couch. She knew she was done.

His hands roamed over her back. She kicked her legs a little, but he just ignored them, instead focusing on her ass. Through the sweats, he squeezed and groped her perfectly rounded ass. Pushing into its crack, through the pants, and, finding her asshole, poking down into it. It had taken so much work for her to subdue Jamie, and she was a powerful woman. It was just a couple minutes and she was John’s. His hands were moving over her ass roughly. He grabbed both cheeks, and with his thumbs, jabbed down into anus, through the cloth.

“Mmmmm urrrrrrrr” Danielle growled, as she tried to wriggle her ass away from the intrusive fingers. John yanked her sweats part way down her thighs, her brown backside ready for whatever he wanted to do. He immediately began pushing a thumb down into her asshole.

“OH! Urrr….ah……” Danielle stifled a squeal. Owch! God that stings…..is that his thumb? ah……..yeah, its his thumb. A man has his……ah..thumb up my ass…….this has to stop, I can’t .. “AH!”….No! Did I just make that noise out loud?……damnit, he probably, uh…..man he’s moving it around in there……fuck….

“You mess with Jamie’s ass?” he asked quietly. He pulled his thumb out of her, ran his hand over her perfect backside, then raised his hand above her. Without warning, he brought it down swiftly, swatting a cheek with his bare hand. *SMACK! Her eyes opened wide. Did he just? No, he can’t be doing what I think he’s…..*SMACK! OW! He’s spanking me…no….I won’t…. *SMACK! I can’t… *SMACK! God that is starting to sting, he’s…. *SMACK! SMACK!

She kicked with her legs, helplessly, but he stayed between them, and started to rain down blows on her stinging ass, which shook and jiggled, pleasantly, with each slap. The smacking sound filled the small apartment, soon to be accompanied by yelps, groans, and growls from the victim. Danielle tried to not let her discomfort show, but she’d never been controlled like this before, and her frustration was slowly becoming more evident. The sharp pain from the spanking had slowly turned into a slow burn, with some numbing.

Still, it kept on. John was determined to give her a lesson. He pulled a leg up, sat down on the couch, and pulled her back, over his knee, her ass ready for more punishment. He turned to his right, slightly, curled an arm around her waist, holding her firmly in place, (the classic spanking position) and then proceeded to give her a good paddling. *SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!

Danielle cried out softly, then tried to turn to look back. He was holding her too tight for a good view though, and she turned back to the couch arm, buried her head in it, and gripped tightly with her fists. She had stopped thinking at all, and slowly, any resistance she had to him broke down. A few more slaps to her sore ass, and her light kicking ceased. John looked at her butt for a moment, contemplating, and then gave it a few more smacks for good measure. The teacher just lay on his lap and received her chastisement.

Having broken a sweat, John stopped spanking the humiliated teacher. He decided to fully enjoy his prize. He turned her over, and lowered his head to her tits. The bastard….god, he’s….yeah….fuck. Men are so rough….no finesse…no…. (He was roughly sucking on her nipple. He chewed on it slightly, and ran his tongue around it.)….well, that wasn’t bad, but…..oh fuck, less teeth…..less teeth….god! I’m not going to ask him to stop. Not going to….owch!…beg…..With her hands tied, his were free to roam wherever they wanted without any interference. As he sucked a nipple into his mouth, his hands touched her stomach, her ribs, her shoulders. He wasn’t so much caressing as grabbing. He would grab a handful of Danielle here and a handful there. With his lips tight around a nipple, he pulled away from her, her boob being held taught in the air, then he let go and watched it bounce back to its normal position.

It was a lot for Danielle to handle. His hands were everywhere. The rough grabbing, smacking, and sucking was turning her on. What the fuck…..I’m a lesbian, I don’t…..“UH”…. His hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed tight. They were large, and he had fun trying to get whole handfuls. He leaned down, and she braced herself for a forced kiss, but instead, he whispered to her, “You’re not the tough one now,” his fingers pinching a nipple in one hand and shaking her breast slightly with it. She moaned in pain/pleasure. “I don’t want to hear about you messing with her again, perv.” He pulled the breast out, as he had done with his mouth, but didn’t let go.

In a somewhat strained voice, Danielle said, “Perv?! Like you’re any different. I know..urrrr…you’re AIE!! (he pinched tighter)…you’re enjoying this…”

He lowered his hand, still clenching her abused nipple, but now twisting it slightly between his thumb and index finger. He thought to himself, I am enjoying this. She knows it. Well my own hypocrisy can be dealt with later. He let go of her nipple, only to envelope her whole breast with his hand, squeezing again. The main thing is that she not go after Jamie anymore.

“I don’t mess with teenagers that are in my high school class,” he said. He lowered his hand down between her legs and inserted two fingers into her pussy, which was a little damp.

“OH! Argh….” she exclaimed, as the rough entry was repeated with a third finger. “Sure you don’t…..uhhhh (he pulled his fingers out to the tips)….you don’t have a classsssssss (he jammed them back in).” She stopped and panted a little—his fingers were feeling around in her pussy, enjoying the warm wet surroundings. “If you had a……a high school clas….s………you’d do the same fuckin……same thing….” she continued. His fingers were rotating together in a circle. He took out one finger, stuck the other two back in and swirled them around. “Ooooohhh…..you know you would………..what do you….uh….do?…I know you use whatev…..er…..oohh (he reached with his thumb and started messing with her clit while his fingers were still inside her)…….” This is too much Danielle thought to herself, This just feels too good. When did it start feeling good. There’s no way he hasn’t forced a woman before….those hands are used to controlling……. She was not used to being controlled. She certainly didn’t want to admit it felt kind of good.

“I don’t agree,” John said. “She’s young and….” he reached down and undid his pants, pulling out his cock, which was hard. He rubbed it against her pussy, and slapped her tenderest spot with his hard cock. His words to her trailed off. This was fun. He smacked her pussy over and over with his hard cock. It was definitely getting wetter. *Smack, smack, smack, smlack, smlack…. the sound even changed as her pussy began to really moisten up. Danielle started moaning a little, and closed her eyes.

“Anyways. I don’t want you messing with her anymore. She’s mine.” John said.

Danielle opened her eyes and looked at him. Her nipple hurt like a bitch. Her pussy was sore. Her sides even ached a little from the grabbing. Her butt was numb from the spanking. “Fine. You win. I’ll leave her alone. Just…… “*smlack, smlack, smlack (his cock kept striking her pussy) “….Just let me, just …. let me go…..” She was defeated. Almost.

Nah, that’s not good enough. Too much one-on-one dealing there John thought. He buried his cock into her pussy. It was a pretty tight pussy, and he had a pretty big cock, so it wasn’t the easiest entry, but he forced it in.

“AAGGHHhhhhh” she let out, not able to control herself. He was just pushing it in. Her pussy was wet, but it was still a tight fit. She didn’t let women use dildos on her that much. Mainly fingers and tongues. Once in awhile. His cock was half way in, and he didn’t stop, he kept pushing. “AARGH! Don’t, don’t….stop it…..I won’t…..AARGH (he was 2/3rds of the way in)…I won’t mess with her, I said I….OOHHHHH (He was into his balls)….I wouldn’t…..ohhhhh (he slid it out again)hhhhh……..I won’t mess with AARGH (back in it went, a slight bit easier)….whatever your name ….. Urrrrrrr….Just let me….AH Ahhhhhh (he was back in to his balls)…….I….I…….oooohhhhhhh (back out)……god, oh my go…DDDDDD (back in)…….you are…..uhhhhh ahhhhh (back out)……”

John grabbed her hips tight and slammed her good and hard. Her tits were flopping around, her face had a grimace. His hips were colliding with her again and again and again. She moaned, cried out, attempted to reason, incoherently, and finally fell silent and just let the feelings of arousal build in her.

She’s starting to enjoy herself a little too much. She needs some more humility I think. “Alright,” John said, pulling his cock out of her. They both caught their breath. He picked up her little wife beater and wiped his cock clean with it. “this is the deal.”

I’m throwing that top out, that’s for sure Danielle thought to herself.

“I’ll let you suck my cock” he told her, graciously.

Chapter 3

“Let me? Um…I don’t ….(panting)… actually want to” that cock did a number on her pussy, but she still thought it was gross, and didn’t want it in her mouth for sure.

“Well, in a few minutes I’m going to jam this up your ass. I suggest you lube it up, cause I’m not lubing your asshole.” John said matter-of-factly.

Danielle, for the first time, had a worried look. “No, not my ass…..please. I won’t…..”

John just looked at her, reached under her to her ass and felt around the anus.

“AH! Really, what’s your name? This is too much. Not my ass. Really (his fingers moved around her anus and dipped in a little)…Ooh…really…….I won’t…..touch…..her……anymore…” His finger pushing in, penetrating her ass a second time, was much more disconcerting when she considered how big his cock had been.

“Um, time’s a tickin. Looks like I’m fucking your ass dry” John said.

With a desperate look, Danielle did a sit up, kicked her legs back, and leaned over to take his cock in her mouth. She wasn’t used to giving blowjobs at all. She took a few inches, and ran her tongue around it, sucked on it for a few seconds, then came off it, and started licking up and down his shaft, trying to get it as wet as possible.

John looked down. He was stoked. This lesbian bitch was going wild on his cock. Licking, sucking, spitting….anything she could. He looked down at her large ass, sticking up, delightfully, in the air. He stood, and Danielle tried to follow him with her mouth, reaching for his cock. She wasn’t done yet, she wanted it lubed up a lot. He let it back in her mouth. Gratefully she sucked some more. “You’re doing a good job. I don’t think we’ll have a problem getting it in.” He was grinning. Danielle was sucking now like crazy.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I can’t believe (slight choke)…agh, its so big. I got to get this thing wet…he could hurt me…oh no…don’t pull away, a little more. Yeah…..god this is going to hurt…got to get it more lubed up…..what a psychopath…..wait…now he’s….

John reached down, grabbed her head with both hands, and began thrusting in and out of her mouth, down into her throat and back out again. Danielle tried to relax her throat as best she could, and John’s journey was fairly easy. She had never felt something sliding down her throat like that. His hands on the back of her head, and his cock pushing its way down her throat was powerful. All she could taste, feel, smell and hear was the man forcing himself on her.

He eventually decided she had had enough time. As Danielle choked and sputtered, John slowly withdrew his cock from her throat. He got her to the couch, and placed her head down into the cushion with her ass up.

He unceremoniously started to jam his cock into it.

“AAIIIEEE!!” Danielle cried out, loudly.

* * * * *

Next door, her neighbor, a young construction worker, heard the exclamation. Damn dyke is always doing perved up crap to chicks in there. Hot or not I don’t want to listen to that. He put on his noise-cancelling headphones, and continued to play xbox.

From the second we got home both of our clothes started coming off and we never made it to the bedroom. I had Jill pinned up against the wall and we were devouring each other with our mouths and hands. I was so turned on and she was too. I finally picked her up and took her to the couch. We skipped the foreplay and went straight to fucking. I wanted to make sure that she came before me so it was a good thing in retrospect that I had lost my first load of the night at the bar. I could tell she was close as her eyes shut and she started to pull me in tighter.

“Oh yes, make me cum Ty,” she said.

At that I lost it and started pumping her full of cum as her body shook with an orgasm. After I came down from my high I looked in her eyes wondering if she knew what she just said. She smiled at me and wrapped her legs tighter around me before speaking up.

“I had a feeling that would put you over the edge,” she said.

“So are you saying you did that just to mess with me or was that what you were thinking about?” I replied.

“Maybe some of both,” was her quick reply. “Now let me up so I can go get clean you big pervert.”

The rest of the week felt like a fuck fest between us. We’d never had more sex together in our lives. We went from a couple times a week to a couple times a day. Our sex life had definitely been energized by our recent activities. Jill would often say things to me while we were fucking about showing her off and every once in awhile Ty’s name would be brought up. Whatever it was it worked for both of us.

We had seen Ty one more night for a Happy Hour of sorts and everything did seem back to normal. Nothing was said about that night or about our conversation and nothing was unusual at work for us either.

Ty met us out again the next Wednesday night for a drink and quick bite. Duke was playing on TV and we all kind of had our eye on the game. Then the TV showed a graphic of Duke’s next game, which of course was against Carolina. You wait all year for them to play and then they play twice in the span of less than a month. I know we all saw it and yet it didn’t seem like anyone wanted to say anything about it until Jill started laughing.

“Maybe we shouldn’t bet on this one,” she giggled and we all smiled and nodded in agreement.

The Duke game ended and they had won again, beating Clemson pretty handily. They were interviewing the coach and he was talking about the upcoming Carolina game and said they would need the crowd to be as great as ever if they were to win. With that Jill looked over at Ty.

“Are you still going to the game?” she asked.

“I’m not sure,” he replied.

“How come?” she continued.

“I just never found anyone else to ask and I’ve got a lot of stuff to do around here,” said Ty. “I’m sure I can sell the tickets to someone down there. I don’t really have to decide for sure until Friday.”

I can’t really explain what happened next. It was one of those times when your mouth starts talking before your brain can process what it is saying. I looked at Jill and it was like the words were coming out of someone else’s mouth.

“You should go,” I said.

She looked at me like I was crazy and Ty was expressionless as he looked at us.

“Well I mean if you want to,” I said as I tried to cover myself. “Ty’s got the tickets and it would be a shame to waste them.”

I was in deep and I knew it. Every word now dug me in deeper. My thoughts had been pure when I said it and it was harmless. But the moment the words came out so did the undercurrents of everything that had taken place between the three of us and between Jill and I and I couldn’t get the words back. I felt screwed. How would I get out of this?

“I’m not sure that is such a good idea,” said Jill.

That certainly confirmed that I wasn’t the only one who recognized the sexual tension that now existed for all of us.

“I appreciate you saying that but perhaps this isn’t the right time,” said Ty.

“Yeah ok,” I said. “I was just looking for a solution for you. I hadn’t really thought it out. I shouldn’t have put you two in that position and assumed you wanted to go.”

“It’s not that I wouldn’t want to go,” said Jill. “I’ve always wanted to go to the Carolina/Duke game at Cameron. I just, well, you know.”

Crap I thought. I was out of it and then I kept talking and now it was still hanging out there in the open. I could tell Jill was looking at me like ‘shut up dumb ass’.

Ty got up and said, “Well early morning you two. It’s been a pleasure as usual.”

We both got up and all headed out and said our good-byes. Thank god Ty had gotten me out of my own mess by not letting that conversation gain any more traction than it already had.

On our walk home Jill started into me.

“What were you thinking saying that?” she said.

“I’m sorry,” I replied. “It came out of my mouth before I had thought it through and then I tried damage control.”

We got home and started to get ready for bed. I was standing in my boxers watching Jill at the sink brushing her teeth in her t-shirt and panties. Damn I was lucky was all I could think about. She saw me staring at her and kind of rolled her eyes at me. When she finished up she passed me and grabbed my hand and said to follow.

She led me to the couch and told me to sit down and take off my boxers. So I did and she pulled up a barstool and sat on it right in front of me, her t-shirt hiked up her thighs showing just a bit of her white cotton panties underneath.

“I’m going to ask you a couple questions and I want you to tell me the truth, okay,” she said.

I was nervous now but answered, “Okay. Do I have to be naked for this?”

“Yes,” came her quick reply. After a pause she continued. “So now that you have had some time to think about it, about all of it, do you want me to go with Ty to the game?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Why, do you want to go?” I asked.

“That’s not what I asked you,” she said. ” Give me an honest answer.”

I tried to answer but I couldn’t form any words. I felt my cock start to get hard and really wished it wouldn’t. I saw Jill peek down at it.

“You have to know what might happen,” she continued. “Don’t you?”

I stalled as long as I could before answering.

“I trust you,” I said.

“That’s it?” Jill said. “So you are putting all of this on me?”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” I stammered.

“Forget about what was in your mind earlier,” she said. “Right now, with what we both know and what we’ve both seen, and what we know Ty thinks of me… do you want me to go to the game with him?”

I couldn’t answer her. The truth was I didn’t have an answer. I didn’t want to say ‘Yes’ and I didn’t want to say ‘No”. I was truly torn. I didn’t want her to go because I knew what would probably happen and I wanted her to go because I knew what would probably happen. She could see the anguish in my mind but my cock certainly had no such doubts.

“Well I think I have my answer for now,” said Jill. “One answer would have been easy to say, the other a lot harder. I’ll let you think about it longer to see if you change your mind. I’m going to bed.”

She kissed me and told me she loved me and then I stayed sitting on the couch, in the same naked state, as my mind started to wander in all directions. Jill went to the bedroom and I just watched her walk away. What was happening to me? Were these innocent desires I started having about showing off my wife going to lead her into the arms of another man? And was that what I wanted? Was that where this was headed from the beginning or was it more the unlikely circumstances that we found ourselves in with Ty?

I had started stroking my cock without even realizing it but once I did the image in my head was clear. It was of Ty passionately fucking my Jill. The images that ran through my head had them in every position I could imagine. My cock felt so good at these taboo thoughts and as I imagined Ty cumming deep inside my wife I shot a load all over myself.

I came to with some regret. What was wrong with me? The orgasm had been intense, as had all the thoughts that came with it, but I had to draw the line. I couldn’t risk my marriage. I got up and quietly walked to the bedroom. I heard some soft moans as I got near the door and without making a peep I peaked my head around the door. There was Jill, laid out in the bed, furiously working her clit with her fingers as her other hand roamed her body and pinched her nipples. Her eyes were shut and she was in utter bliss. I watched for another few minutes until her pace quickened, her legs started to shiver and she arched her back and ass off the bed and groaned through a thunderous orgasm.

If I had to guess the images that brought her off I would say they were the same that had just been in my mind. I waited until she rolled over and fell asleep before entering the room and getting in bed next to her. I just stared at her as she slept. God she was beautiful. I loved her more than I could ever imagine.

The next night during dinner we didn’t talk too much. After cleaning the dishes we got on the couch to watch some TV. I felt like I was playing the famous Carolina basketball strategy of ‘Four Corners’ — I had the lead and was trying to run out the clock. At 9pm Jill took the remote control and hit the mute button and looked over at me. Oh crap I thought. The other team just stole the ball on me.

“So,” she started. “Did you change your mind?”

Here it was, the moment of truth. I had the ball at the free throw line and all I had to do was make one shot and the game was over. Instead I froze. It felt like the neurotransmitters in my body that went from my brain to my voice box were disabled. My brain was screaming to my mouth that yes, I had changed my mind. I did not want her to go. But I couldn’t get out the words.

Jill just looked at me. What did she want me to say? In my heart I knew, at least I thought I did. She wanted me to say I had changed my mind and that I didn’t want her to go. I knew I was right when she got up expressionless as if I had let her down.

She grabbed my cell phone and started going through it. She hit a few buttons and put it up to her ear as I listened motionless to the only side of the conversation I could hear.

“No, it’s Jill,” she said. “I am using his phone.”

“So what time is our flight?”

“No. I am serious.”

“Yes. He wants me to go.”

“Okay. That sounds good. I will meet you there.”

“Yeah I think we will have a great time too.”

“Good night Ty.”

Jill hung up the phone and put it back down on the table and looked over at me. I still hadn’t moved or said a word. It was the most awkward moment of my life. She was literally begging me with her eyes to say something to her and I couldn’t.

“Well I guess I better go pack,” she said as she walked to the bedroom.

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