Note: The Week is a 13 Chapter, 150 page, novella-length, wife-sharing story. I feel obligated to suggest you will not fully understand the storyline or the contents of individual chapters (especially this one) unless you start at the beginning. In any case, I hope you enjoy the story. Feverman. Copyright 2011, 2012 Chad Sanders, all rights reserved.

Chapter 10 – Sex Slave

‘What else needs to happen for this to end other than for Dante to fuck Sarah with his monster-sized dick?’ I wondered. I tried to remember if there was anything else in the plan, but I was so stressed I couldn’t think clearly. She had partied with and been admired by two strangers, jacked off on by two other men, fucked by three others, bound and humiliated, and had some nice affection and compliments thrown in for good measure.

‘Just fuck the big guy and get this over with,’ I sent her the telepathic message. My mental urging was a colossal failure.

Sarah towel-dried her body and hair standing naked in front of the group. When she finished, she stood subserviently in front of Dante who sat on the edge of the portable bed Cuz had produced and set up while she was being bathed. The three other naked, black men sat close by watching Sarah with renewed appetites, as evidenced by their inflated dicks.

The scene before me became increasingly surreal. There was nothing I could do, nothing short of ending the fantasy production and Sarah hadn’t given us any signal she was ready for her fantasy experience to end. She was managing even with the more extreme parts of the ordeal. Hell, she was enjoying it on some level beyond my understanding. She had her safe word and could use it if the activities got to be too much for her to handle. We (Lee and I) also had a safe word which would bring things to an abrupt end, but Sarah wasn’t aware of that option.

I watched and tried to keep my mind as positive as I could. I forced myself to think about Sarah and her desires and needs rather than my own selfish wish to have this experience over-with and in the past. It was, at times, very sexually stimulating to me. I’ll admit that, but it was emotionally painful being dealt out of the game, being restrained and only allowed to watch.

Sitting on the hard, wooden chair for hours was getting very uncomfortable. The metal handcuff dug into my wrist and itched. Thankfully we were only cuffed with one wrist. We could at least drink beer while we watched. I looked at Lee and observed his calm patience. I supposed this experience was relatively easy for him compared to the things he had witnessed with Denise. Those things weren’t all planned out like this and he had no way of stopping what was happening to his wife. I wished I could muster up the inner peace he seemed to have at the moment. I shuddered at the thought of having to do something like this with Sarah on a regular basis.

“Kneel down here, I want to kiss you, girlfriend,” Dante ordered in a kind, inviting way. Sarah knelt and kissed Dante without much commitment at first, but with more and more commitment and passion as they continued. Somewhere into the second or third kiss, Dante wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body into his. As they kissed, he lifted and rolled her onto the portable bed. He kept kissing Sarah, showing her tender affection, caressing her body with his huge hands. His swollen-looking, thick lips nibbled and sucked her lips. When he stopped the tender oral affection, she took up where he left off, kissing and sucking just his lips, but not probing his mouth. Sarah gently sucked his big, lower lip partially into her mouth, licking his lips with her tongue. The way it appeared she was savoring every second of the tender affection. For a long while, they made out, kissed and touched noses with all the semblance of two teenagers in love.

My dick wanted to explode in my pants watching my wife surrender and give herself so willingly to Dante in those tender moments of mutual affection. I discovered watching her make out with another man and sharing her sensual affection was very arousing; it was every bit as sexually stimulating as watching her fuck.

The mood of their sexual interaction changed from tender affection to raw hungry sex when Dante shoved two big fingers inside Sarah’s pussy as they kissed. “Yes,” she said to encourage him when he began raking her G-spot aggressively. Sarah spread her legs wide for him. She lifted and arched her butt upward, urging Dante to do more with his hand and fingers. He rubbed her pussy with big, rolling motions using the palm of his hand while he raked her G-spot with his fingertips. He talked to her one moment and kissed her the next as he manually stimulated her pussy. He kissed her and fingered Sarah to a very loud and vocal orgasm only a few moments later.

“Do you want my big cock now?” he asked her as Sarah shoved her pussy onto his fingers, repeatedly squirting cum all over his arm and hand.

“Yes, Dante, I want your big dick inside me,” she replied.

“Tell your white brothers what you want and that you are all mine now,” he told her.

“Ryan and Lee, I am Dante’s woman now, his bitch, his slave. I want Dante to fuck me. I want to feel his hot, hard meat inside me. I am going to do whatever he wants. You know I have to do this, so please don’t say a word to us.”

Dante picked Sarah up and set her on the combined tables in front of Lee and me. He lifted her legs, locking his arms under her knees, spreading her pussy open in front of his massive cock. I watched with intense focus as he prepared to fuck Sarah on the table in front of us.

“Tell me, what do you want, slave girl,” he demanded.

“I want your big cock inside me,” she told him.

“Put it in you,” he told her.

Sarah wrapped her fingers around the pulsing shaft, guiding the huge meat-pole to the opening of her pussy. It looked impossible that the huge, purple head, with its even wider flared rim, would fit inside her. She raked the tip of the head up and down her pussy lips until her juices had the tip fully coated. The giant dick-head dripped with her juices and his pre-cum.

Whether it was from sitting so long in one place, the alcohol I had consumed, or the sexual fever burning inside me I can’t say, but my reality began to seriously warp and change. Suddenly time began to crawl. Everything slowed down and my vision became clearer and more focused.

It seemed to take minutes for Dante to press the head of his cock into Sarah. He spread her open until each little fold of her labia slowly separated to reveal more pink tissue. Sarah’s pussy flowered open until her labia were stretched as wide as they would go. As if in ultra-slow-motion, Dante leaned in and forced the big, purple head of his cock to fill the hole in my wife’s dripping-wet, pink pussy.

“Oh god, easy now… Oh fuck, it is so big,” she excitedly said as his big, plumb-like head pushed her pussy lips apart and his oversized dick-head began to sink into her. Her blood-engorged labia were stretched so wildly it looked as if they would split open and spew blood everywhere as Dante pushed his dick into Sarah.

Sarah’s breathing became fast and shallow, just little short huffs with an “Oh,” accompanying each one. She squirmed and wiggled her butt around on the table, trying desperately to find some way to relieve the stretching hurt of his massive dick splitting her open. Sarah’s cum ran profusely out of her pee hole onto his dick without any other outward signs of her climaxing. She only had the head of his cock and a couple of inches of the thick shaft inside her pussy, yet her body fought to pull away from Dante’ giant cock.

He told her, “Stay still, bitch, and take it.”

The invasion was initially so uncomfortable Sarah’s body couldn’t help but try and retreat.

“Oh fuck, that hurts!” she cried out when Dante pushed several more inches of cock into her in a sudden move. It was sudden to her, but not to me. Everything appeared slowed-down and surreal to me.

“It’s supposed to hurt a little, bitch. It helps you remember this ain’t about you. You are my slut, my slave… you are here for my pleasure… remember?” he told her.

“Be nice to me, please,” she earnestly begged.

“I am being nice to you, girl. I’ve been taking it easy on you because I like you. Don’t piss me off, child. Now, tell me you like being my slut and you appreciate the way I am treating you or I will tear-up your tight, little pussy,” he told her, controlling her mind and emotions with his threatening words.

“Yes, Dante, I like being your slut. You are being good to me. Thank you so much for not hurting me,” she told him in obvious fear of being ripped open if he suddenly impaled her fully with his huge dick.

Dante began gently rocking into her, feeding his dick in a little more with each forward motion. “Oh, Oh, Oh…” Sarah moaned with each new stretch of her insides. “Oh my god, I’m so full of you!” she said loudly when the head of Dante’s dick hit her cervix for the first time.

“Work with me girl,” he told her, “This is going to hurt some. Hang with me for the next few minutes. Okay? Do you want this?” he told her and asked.

“Okay,” she replied.

“Do you want it?” he asked again.

“Yes, I want it,” she admitted.

“Tell you friends you want my big black cock to go where no man has been inside you. Tell them what you want, Sarah,” he demanded.

“I want this, guys. I want Dante to fuck me with his big, black cock. I want him to fill me with his dick. I want him to fill my pussy with his big cock like no man ever has,” she told us.

Dante pulled back a couple of inches and fed her his cock with a firm but not abusive thrust.

“Oh god!” she exclaimed. “I’ve never been so full of cock!”

He left her impaled on his dick buried as deep as it would go at the time, lifted her head and told her, “Look how much more dick we need to get inside you, Sarah.”

We all looked. Two or three inches of thick, black shaft still remained outside her wildly-stretched, pussy lips.

“Oh my god,” she said, “it will never fit.”

“It will, Sarah, but you have to want it. If you don’t want it with everything you have inside you it is going to hurt like hell. Do you want it?” he explained and asked.

The look on Sarah’s face was pure fear and dread. “I don’t think I can take it all.”

Dante told her, “You don’t have a choice about it, Sarah. You’re my slave and I am going to fuck you with all of me. I’ll do this for you. I’ll offer you some drugs to help you relax. Do you want that?”

“Yes,” she told him without hesitation.

Dante pulled his shiny, black cock out of her pussy. His withdrawal left a distinct hole where her pussy lips once touched.

Cuz didn’t wait to be told. He delivered an assortment of drugs. Dante handed Sarah two pills which she readily chased down with a gulp of beer. He lit and passed around a couple of joints. Cuz handed Lee and I a couple of the same pills Sarah took and Lee put his in his pocket. I downed mine and we all drank beer with them as we waited for Sarah’s drugs to take effect. They were tranquilizers I soon learned.

“Play with my dick and keep it hard, girl,” Dante instructed her. We watched Sarah willingly fondle and examine the big, black cock for what seemed like forever. Dante said to Lee, “Take some pictures of her doing this with me.” I suppose he thought Lee was Sarah’s husband or boyfriend.

With his free hand, Lee took cell phone pictures of Sarah playing with the Dante’s cock as we all watched. As the photo session progressed, Sarah became increasingly drunk, loose and uncoordinated. The last few pictures had her holding his black cock next to her smiling face and her kissing and sucking on his huge, purple head.

Dante lifted Sarah up and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his body. He walked her straight through the crack where the two tables almost joined, forcing the tables apart. It made Lee and I scoot to the side out of their way. Dante held Sarah with her back pinned to the wall and asked, “Do you want to please your black master, slave girl?” as she clung to him.

“Yes, I do,” she said submissively.

“Do you want me to fuck you with my entire dick?” he asked.

“Yes, master,” she told him.

“Put it in,” he told her.

Sarah took one hand from behind Dante’s neck, using it to guide his bouncing, hard dick to her pussy. Without warning, Dante shoved it in her. Sarah’s body jerked and she let out a guttural moan as his dick bottomed out inside her.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck… she said with each hard thrust that drove her into the wall. Sarah gripped him with all her strength, digging her fingers into the flesh of his back as Dante fucked her. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck, Oh fuck… I’m coming on your big dick,” she yelled out a minute or so later.

Dante fucked Sarah through her orgasm without slowing down, and kept fucking her. He was steadily pounding, driving his dick into her a little deeper with each thrust. She groaned and coughed as he rooted deeper inside her with his stiff, black staff. She cried with some varying mixture of physical pain and sexual ecstasy and climaxed several more times. She never stopped writhing or clawing Dante’s back, shoulders and arms in pure, lusty. animalistic passion as he fucked her. Her cum soaked his nut sack and ran off or was slung off by the swaying motion almost continuously.

The sight of his big, black, sweating, shiny body pinning my beautiful, white wife to the wall fucking her so savagely was more than I could take at times. At times I closed my eyes and tried to go somewhere else, only to be called back by her speaking, or the increased pitch of her moaning as she neared another orgasm. It was raw, lust-filled, physical sex, filled with deeply-committed, passion-filled sounds and the musky smell of Dante’s sweating body almost in my face they were so close.

It went on and on. How long I don’t know, but in my drug-altered state of mind it truly seemed timeless, endless. At some point, Dante carried Sarah to the table in front of Lee.

He let her butt cheeks rest on the edge of the table, holding her almost upright and supporting her upper body with his hands. It was beyond amazing to watch his long, thick, black cock disappearing time after time into her pussy, to watch her body swallow his huge dick, to watch her tits bounce and jiggle with each thrust, and to listen to her soulful grunts and moans as he fucked her. The expressions on her flushed face showed the full degree of Sarah’s sexual satisfaction, and at times, the painful cost. Sloshing sounds and groans of pain and pleasure from both of them filled the room, echoing in the cavernous, almost-empty space.

Dante made Sarah beg for his dick while he drove it into her body again and again a foot or so away from me. The squishing sound of his dick going in and out of her wet pussy was loud and raw. It was her grunts and the thud sounds of their bodies and sex organs colliding that were most telling. Each forceful thrust inched out more space inside her pussy while Sarah sobbed, cried and climaxed again and again from the brutal, savage fucking he gave her.

He finally hammered out enough space inside her and could fuck her with the full length of his dick. Dante let Sarah’s body drop back to the table. He held her legs apart and drove his dick into Sarah with his full weight behind each thrust. Her body seemed to ripple away from him each time Dante’s hips slammed into her crotch. Each time he rammed his dick into her, a wave of flesh ran from the quake of the collision. He pounded her pussy while she squirted cum all over and moaned loudly almost continuously. In the midst of the sexual fury, Dante suddenly yelled out, “I’m gonna come in you, white girl. I’m gonna shoot my black seed in your white pussy? Do you want it?”

“Yes, come in me, Dante. Give me your sperm. Fill my pussy with your cum!” she yelled back to him.

Dante impaled her and almost lifted Sarah off the table when he came in her. He held still and let his shivering, twitching, sweating body pump his cum deep inside her. Suddenly, while coming inside her, Dante lifted Sarah off the table and walked her around the room. He bounced her on his dick as he filled her pussy with cum, holding her body to his and kissing her mouth.

Some minutes later, Dante set Sarah on the edge of a tall bar stool. He kissed her again and again, leaving his cock buried in her and fucking her ever so slightly as they made out. After fucking her slowly that way for a short while, he lifted her again and bounced her on his dick a few more times, as if reliving his orgasm with her only minutes before. “Oh fuck, baby, that was some good pussy you gave me,” he told her as he carried her back across the room and laid her on the table in front of Lee.

When Dante pulled out of Sarah, he left her sprawled open on the table. A mass of white cum ran out of her abused pussy. Cum literally flooded out of the gaping hole he left in her wide-open pussy. She looked so stretched that I couldn’t help but wonder if her pussy lips would ever close again. Sarah coughed once, her body contracted, and more of Dante’s cum splashed out onto the table. Cum ran to the edge and off, making huge wet spots on both the table and eventually the floor below.

Dante walked proudly, if a bit slowly, over to the bar and got a cold beer. He paced back and forth in front of Sarah drinking his beer with his cum-coated log of a dick hanging down at forty five degrees, but still swollen to almost its fullness. Even partially relaxed it looked way too big to have ever fit inside her.

“Clean my dick,” he told her as she lay recovering, and he offered the shiny pole to her. Sarah took hold of his black cock and began licking their mixed cum away. She rolled onto her side and licked more cum off his dick before crawling off. She knelt in front of Dante to finish cleaning his cock and balls. Much to my dismay, his dick fully hardened again from Sarah’s oral attention.

“It’s fucking raining!” Cuz announced.

Sure enough, a thunder storm had rolled in off the ocean. Moments later lightning flashed and thunder clapped as the storm dumped rain on the city of San Diego with a force of nature rarely seen there. Dante took Sarah by the hand and led her outside into the storm. He stood her in the doorway facing inward with her bent over holding the frame for support. He fucked her from behind with rain soaking both their bodies. Dante held her hips and drove his huge dick into her body with an animalistic ferocity as lightning backlit them and thunder echoed their loud exclamations of passion. She came quickly from the doggie fucking, but Dante didn’t stop. He fucked her hard and slapped her ass repeatedly; he fucked her ruthlessly until she climaxed for him yet again.

After her second orgasm in the doorway, Dante pulled out and led Sarah over to the bar. He picked her up and set her on top of it. “Showtime, slut. Show us how stretched your pussy is after fucking me. Rub your clit and make it squirt for us,” he told her.

Sarah obediently lifted her legs, put her feet on the bar and spread her pussy open without question. Dante motioned for the other men to join him. They quickly gathered around to watch her masturbate. They put their hands on her and soaked in the feeling of her wet skin everywhere she could be touched. It seemed to fuel Sarah’s lust and drive her further into the world of pure sexual passion she had so obviously entered.

Dante asked “Who wants to drink some the white bitch’s cum?” All three said they did. “Guess you will have to do it three times,” Dante told her.

Sarah was lost in the depths of her ultimate fantasy experience. Her expressions and manner revealed she was enjoying performing for the men. I could see the pure sexual lust in her facial expressions and the way she drank in the sordid attention of the men. Being on stage, masturbating naked for a group of naked, black men in a sleazy, little club was her role in the erotic play and she had by then embraced it fully.

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