She was waiting for me when my car pulled up to her apartment building, wearing a yellow sundress through which her nipples were prominently on display. When I ran my hand down her backside, I could feel no panties under the dress, a fact I confirmed when I pulled up the front to tickle her bare vulva. A quick hug and kiss and a grope at each other’s genitals, and we were off to Hard-on Beach. When we arrived at the clothing-optional beach and stripped, I saw with relief that there was no string dangling from her cunt; her period was over. As we proceeded down the beach, I got to meet Inge’s husband Peer, a tall, scholarly fellow with a fiery red moustache, a slight potbelly, and an uncut cock. Amy was there, too, and this time it was she with the two children at her breasts, allowing Peer and Inge some time off. “Go with Dick and Liz,” she said. “Joe and I’ll watch the babies.”

“Are you sure?” Inge said.

“Of course. After they’ve been fed, they’ll want to nap. They’ll be no trouble. Take your time!” And she gave a wink. Inge smiled back.

The four of us made our way to Hard-on Beach. By the time we got there, both Peer and I had erections, so we grabbed a semi-secluded spot and spread out our blankets. In no time at all, Inge was on her back, with her marvelously long legs splayed out, and Peer slid into her without a word. Liz and I remained standing, with her leaning back against me and teasing her labia apart as I drew circles around her nipples with my fingers. I slipped my cock between her legs, as I’d seen Barry do with Allison that first weekend, and she would tease its cap at the same tempo she teased her clit. I kissed her neck, and she groaned with pleasure, while both of us never took our eyes off the couple rutting before us.

They were making love with the practiced ease that comes from years of familiarity. Not a word was spoken between them as they fucked, effortlessly timing their excitement to each other’s level of lust. Peer came with a grunt and a spasm that was mirrored in Inge’s own convulsion. Then they just held each other, and Inge’s eyes locked on mine with an expression of triumph. I smiled back.

Then Liz turned around and gave my cock a squeeze. “Our turn!” she said. We lay there on our towel, with her spreading her legs to give me unimpeded entrance to her sex. As anxious as I was to fuck her, I nonetheless had to taste her pussy first, so I gave her cunt a lot of attention with my lips. I heard Inge say to Peer, “Do that to me.” And he did. Both of the girls were soon purring like kittens, and I saw Inge extend her hand to grasp Liz’s. It was the first time I’d seen Liz including somebody else in our passion, and it definitely turned the eroticism up a notch or two. Within a few minutes, both women had climaxed noisily. Then Liz whispered the three words I’d been dying to hear: “Put it in.” I slid up her body, kissing her from mons to neck as I went, and when my cock slid into her cunt, there was plenty of lubrication to ease the way, tight though she was. I counted on feeling the clenching of her Kegels to guide me, and was not disappointed. This time, she told me she wanted short, quick strokes, and she played me like a violin. When my orgasm came, it hit me with a shock, coming out of nowhere. I barely had time to gasp before she was squeezing the cum out of me. We lay there, limbs entwined, and then she laughed and told Inge, “He usually lasts a little longer!”

“He usually hasn’t just come back from a week without pussy!” I explained, and we all laughed.

“It was so beautiful watching you two fuck,” Liz said. “When Barry and Alison fuck, it’s like they want to make a show of it for the others, but you two just fucked, like we weren’t even there.”

“It has been a long time since we made love in front of other people,” Peer confided. “We did it here, on this beach, a lot before Nils came along. You weren’t here yet, Liz.”

I had to ask them if Nils was conceived on that beach. They smiled, and Inge said, “Maybe. He was conceived in September, and that month was very warm that year. So we were probably here. But it could have been in our bed at home, or in the little camper trailer we have. We were fucking everywhere then. And Liz, it was beautiful to watch you two make love, and to see that Dick saw to your needs before his. You could learn from that, Peer!”

In reply, Peer took Inge’s left breast into his mouth and sucked on the nipple. Then Inge surprised me. “Dick, do you want a taste, too?”

“You mean, of your milk?”

“But of course. Have you had mother’s milk before?”

“My mom told me I was breast-fed, but I don’t remember it.”

“Would you like some now? Maybe the taste will bring back the memory.”

I looked at Peer, but he just smiled and nodded his head. So did Liz, so I clambered onto Inge’s blanket, my soft dick and balls swinging, and took her right breast into my mouth. I sucked, and the milk flowed into my mouth, rich and sweet. As I sucked, I gave her nipple some quick laps with my tongue, and she giggled.

“Dick,” Liz said. “I want to suck Peer’s dick. Would that be OK with you?”

I gave her a thumbs-up, and Liz took Peer’s cock into her mouth. It swelled at the feel of her tongue licking it, and my own cock swelled, too. Inge noticed this, and said, “OK. You sucked me, now I suck you.” She slid into a 69 position and began sucking my dick, with her own hairy cunt, still seeping with Peer’s sperm, an inch away from my mouth. I extended my tongue, tentatively lapping at her labia, and she responded by raising her leg to offer me better access. I glanced at Liz for her approval, and she winked at me without removing her mouth from Peer’s now fully hard rod. So I licked Inge’s cunt more aggressively, smearing my face with her juices. When I snaked my tongue under her clitoral hood and teased out her clit, she responded with a gasp and renewed her attention to my dick, as if forcing me to cum before she did. She gave an excellent blowjob, and I exploded into her mouth with a force that had her swallowing gulp after gulp of cum. As she released my cock from her mouth, I redoubled my own efforts and gave her now engorged clit a nip and a fierce sucking. She screamed and came again, with a flow of cum that sprayed from her snatch and drenched the towel. At that moment, Peer gave a groan of his own as he came, but I never saw his cum, as Liz sucked it from his cock as fast as he could squirt it. She then made a face. “Sorry, Peer,” she said. “But frankly, Dick’s cum tastes better.”

“Yah, I drink too much beer!” Peer said. “That’s what Inge tells me.” I handed Liz a water bottle, and she rinsed her mouth.

“Oh, my,” Inge said. “Three orgasms in less than an hour! Remember when we did that all the time, dear?”

Peer was playing idly with his cock as he replied, “Oh, yes! I miss it, too.”

“A child really changes things! But maybe we could get Amy to baby-sit Nils more. Then we would have more time alone with Liz and Dick. Dick, I have to say that you have a very talented tongue! I’m so glad that Peer and Liz let you do that to me.”

“I was in no position to complain!” Peer laughed. “And I always love to see you happy. And we’ve known Liz for a long time. I want to see her happy, too, and I can see that Dick is very, very good to her. You are all my friends.”

“Now we must go,” Inge declared. “Amy must be wondering what happened to us. It has been a real pleasure, my friends. We must do this again sometime. I would like to fuck you, Dick, but Peer and I are trying to make another baby, so I am not protected. But if Liz permits, I could bring some condoms. But of course, Liz would have to give permission.”

“That depends on one thing,” Liz said. “Dick, would you be put out if I fucked Peer?”

“As long as you don’t hide it from me. I don’t think I have a great claim on you, since we’ve really just met. But I think we’re good enough friends that we shouldn’t be hiding anything from each other.”

Liz kissed me tenderly and gave my cock a squeeze. “I’d rather die than do that.” We all got up, and Inge gave me a goodbye hug that was anything but proper, including a kiss full of tongue. “A ‘promissory,’ I think you call it,” she said. I felt her long red nipples grinding into my chest. Peer and Liz exchanged an equally passionate hug, and then our friends gathered up their things and made their way back to the other beach, hand in hand.

“I think Peer would be a good fuck,” Liz said as we watched them go. “Maybe I am a two-man woman after all. Can you live with that?”

“You can be a twenty-man woman, as long as I’m one of the men. I’m a little surprised that you’d let me screw another woman in front of you, though.”

“It’s just screwing. Peer and Inge have a relationship that’s bomb-proof. Like Barry and Alison. You know, I’ve always wanted to see what Barry’s cock feels like inside me, but never felt right about asking, because I didn’t want Allison to feel threatened. But I think that Allison has the hots for you. Maybe we should bring up the subject of a foursome with them.”

“Wow, I can’t believe this. You’re setting me up as a fuck-buddy for all your friends?”

She grinned. “All my female friends. But on the condition that I can be a fuck-buddy for all my male friends. Or, at least, the ones that interest me, and meet my qualifications. What do you say?”

I held her in my arms and kissed her lovingly, tenderly. “If a lot of cocks make you happy, I wish you a hundred of them.” I felt her melt against me. We stayed like that for a long time, just feeling each other breathe.

Then we went for a swim. Allison and Barry were there, splashing each other like children. I gave Liz a searching look. She smiled back, and then took Allison aside while Barry and I chatted about the baseball standings. I could see Allison glance my way as she talked. I could also see that she wasn’t looking at my eyes, but at my cock. I felt it rise and harden.

When we left the water, Liz took me aside. “I asked her. She said she needed a little time to think it over, and talk to Barry. But right now she wants things to be the same as before. And she wants us to join them for some fucking.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said, and it did. We set up shop, and we two men lay on our backs side by side and let the women mount us, cowgirl style. The sight of Allison’s heavy boobs bouncing and swinging as she fucked was always a beautiful thing to me, and today she gave me a real show. Was it because she was already imagining my cock inside her? As for Liz, she was a wild woman, in search of her second orgasm of the day, and she got it, and a third one as well, by strumming her clit as we fucked. The sweat was streaming off her, giving her body a shine and a slipperiness that tore at my senses. All her attention was focused on my cock; I could have been Mr. Bunny as far as she was concerned. But I didn’t begrudge her this, because the sight of her in ecstasy was breathtaking. Her third orgasm, intense and wet, was joined by ours, in cascade style, and we congratulated ourselves on our timing. “You know,” Allison said, “with a little more practice, we could get really good at this!” We all laughed.

After another swim, we packed up our things and headed back into town. “Let’s stop for a pizza,” Liz suggested. “I don’t want to cook. Do you want to stay at my place again, or do you have to be on the boat tomorrow?”

“Not until Monday.”

“Good!” We got the pizza to go, and was surprised when Liz asked for extra sauce. When I asked her why, she gave me a little peck on the cheek and said, “You’ll find out.”

And find out I did. After dinner, we went straight to bed. She got out the little bottle of sauce and poured some of it onto her boobs. I licked it off. She put some more on her pussy and I licked that off, too.

“How do you like that?” She giggled.

“Needs extra cheese.”

“There’s some in the fridge. Really, there is.”

I got up and fetched it from the kitchen. She had already spread more pizza sauce over her pussy, and I gave it a dusting of cheese. I licked it off slowly. By now she was lubricating, adding her own flavor notes to the brew, and I swear that it was the finest pizza sauce I ever tasted.

“Now do me,” I said. And she did, cheese and all. I confess that I added some extra flavoring of my own, gushing into her mouth. But she took it in stride, and by the time the bottle was empty, she’d had a few more orgasms than I did. But I wasn’t complaining. At last our passion was spent, and we snuggled and drowsed off.

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