wife swap

To make it easier for you to keep the couples separate, dear reader, I gave each pair a coinciding first letter. I may continue with this group, as they are based on some very dear friends of mine, truth mixed with fantasy.

This is my first submission, so please leave feedback. Any and all comments are appreciated.

And for the curious, I am Maggie.

Maggie and Michael

Ashlee and Anthony (Tony)

Jen and Jeff


Maggie hurried home from work to change and get ready for a night out with friends. Her husband Michael would be home soon, and he hated having to wait for her. She stripped off her uniform and caught sight of herself in the mirror over their dresser. Yep, she looked good. She cupped her breasts and turned slightly, watching her image shift to profile, and smiled at her reflection. At 5’7, 145 pounds, she had curves in all the right places. She had been blessed with heavy DD breasts, and she loved the way they looked. She tore her gaze from the mirror and pulled out a fresh pair of panties, one that would match her favorite polka-dot bra, and then slipped on her best jeans. Not a heels kind of girl, she always felt sexy and comfortable in a pair of well-fitted blue jeans. Unsure of what top she wanted to wear tonight, she sashayed her way to the bathroom to touch up her hair and makeup. Dark hair with caramel highlights fell just past her shoulders, and her hazel eyes showed layers of color of their own—a green-brown rim, followed by green, before a golden starburst at the center. After straightening her hair and refreshing her eyeliner and mascara, she returned to her room to pick out a shirt.

Michael came home to find her standing topless in front of her closet, half a dozen shirts discarded on the bed. “When are we going over to Anthony and Ashlee’s?” He asked.

“Just as soon as we’re ready.” Maggie replied. Michael peeled off his shirt, revealing his soft tummy and a smattering of hair across his chest. He had no happy trail, which had been so disappointing the first time they’d had sex, 9 years ago now. Maggie frowned slightly at the memory, realizing that for the last 9 years she’d had only one lover. She suddenly felt old. But at 27, she was still vibrant and youthful. In fact, the friends they were hanging out with tonight were young, only 21 and 22. A smile crept up to her eyes then, yep, vibrant and youthful. Michael snagged a favorite t-shirt from his closet and pulled in on over his head.

“Ready.” He said, looking at her, still indecisive and topless. “Just waiting on you.” Maggie nodded absently, touching the sleeve of a blouse. It had a high neckline, but revealed her freckled shoulders. No, she wanted cleavage tonight. She sifted through a few other shirts, thinking how each one fit. Michael eyed the tops lying on their bed and sighed. “Pick one, let’s go.”

She pulled a sweater from the closet that she usually wore an undershirt with; it’s deep v-neck revealing lots of cleavage. She tugged it into place over her ample bosom and checked her reflection, adjusting the collar to the center of her luscious breasts. “How’s this?” She turned to face her husband, her boobs about ready to pop out of her shirt.

“You need an undershirt with that one.” He said.

“I thought you liked to see my cleavage.” She smiled coyly at him.

“Yeah, I do. But that doesn’t mean I want everyone else to see it. Will you really be comfortable in that shirt, hon?” He was right—she was generally pretty modest, and she might embarrass herself with their friends. She quickly added an undershirt and they left for the night.

On the drive over, Maggie realized that Michael didn’t seem to notice her when she was topless at home. Used to be, if she didn’t have a shirt on, her boobs were fair game, and Michael would make a point of commenting, cat-calling, whistling, or –her favorite— touching them. She always loved it when he stood behind her, his body pressed tight against hers, as he fondled her breasts. Years ago, that would to lead to sex, too. But lately it seemed she had to really push him to get naked, even if she made dinner in negligee. He would come in, kiss her, and then walk away, leaving her wanting more, while he went to watch TV. She had tried talking to him about their increasing lack of sex, but he only got frustrated with her. And if she teased him about it, he would close himself off. She was masturbating more and more often, feeling less and less desirable.

Michael didn’t agree with her that they weren’t having enough sex. He got all he wanted—she was the sex-crazed horn-dog in their relationship. And according to their friends, Michael and Maggie had sex more often than them. Jeff and Jen, pregnant with their second baby, had sex maybe once a month, if Jeff was lucky. Jeff and Maggie often teased each other about sex, wiggling their eyebrows knowingly at each other. One Fourth of July a few years ago, Jeff had had too much to drink and asked his wife to sneak away from the group for a quickie. When Jen refused, he turned and rephrased his offer to Maggie. Both Jen and Michael immediately berated Jeff for asking. Maggie never got a chance to respond, scaring herself to think she might have said ‘yes.’

They pulled up to Anthony and Ashlee’s in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. But once they entered the house, noise abounded. Maggie and Ashlee visited about their days and Ashlee’s little girl Aubrey, while the boys told outrageous stories and jokes. Maggie was playing with Aubrey, trying to listen to Ashlee, but distracted by Anthony’s story. He got louder and more animated as he continued, until Maggie realized Ashlee was still talking and she had no idea what she was saying.

She turned her attention back to Ashlee, but only catching the end of her sentence, she could only respond with “Oh yeah?” NOT ideal conversation. But Ashlee was used to this—especially from Maggie, who had been flirting shamelessly with Anthony from the time they met. Maggie met Anthony first, forming a fast friendship fueled by lust. He called her ‘Mags,’ a favorite childhood nickname. She knew Anthony had a live-in girlfriend, and still she said things she shouldn’t. Then she met Ashlee and their friendship grew to include their significant others. She did the same thing with Jeff, their flirting often crossing the line. With Jeff, it was all talk, facial expressions, winks, innuendos. With Anthony, it went past that until it became physical. She would stand as close to him as she could, their shoulders, hips, and thighs touching. He didn’t seem to mind, and though he rarely instigated the touches, he never pulled away.

Tonight, Jeff and Jen came over too, and Jen took up the conversation with Ashlee, leaving Maggie free to join the boys’ conversation, which was where she’d rather be. Eventually, the boys moved from the kitchen to the family room and started playing a 1-player video game. Each level they would trade off whose turn it was. Maggie jumped right in, teasing and laughing as they played. Jeff made the usual sexual comments, to which Maggie readily responded, sometimes even making herself blush.

“You wanna get that dildo.” Jeff said, referring to a scepter as a sex toy.

“Mmmm, you know I do.” Maggie answered, maneuvering her character to retrieve the recommended item.

Anthony leaned in to comment privately to Maggie, standing slightly in front of her with their shoulders touching, and bent his head so their foreheads touched as he whispered to her. “I’m better than any dildo, Mags.”

Maggie giggled as he stepped back, thinking of the possible ways to respond. ‘Is that so?’ ‘I wouldn’t know.’ Or, worse yet, ‘Prove it.’ She kept her mouth shut, wondering how things might progress if she let them. Ashlee had told her that Anthony had cheated on her in the past, and yet she stayed with him. But having his child to care for and no job, she didn’t have a lot of options. And just a few months ago, Jen had discovered Jeff was sending explicit text messages to a previous co-worker. She came undone. The explanation was simple—Jen wasn’t interested in sex, and Jeff very much was. He promised he would stop, that he valued his family more than the idea or promise of sex. (He hadn’t actually done anything with this girl, just sent naughty messages.) Maggie knew these things about their friends, and fed her imagination on what ifs. She took pride in knowing that she and Michael were loyal to each other when their friends weren’t, contributing Michael’s loyalty to her willingness to have sex whenever he wanted, since she knew that wasn’t the case with their friends, and had likely sparked interest in finding it elsewhere. But their relationship was different—Maggie wanted sex more than Michael did, and she knew if one of them were to cheat, it would be her.

When she was horny and Michael wasn’t around, she daydreamed about seducing their male friends while she masturbated. Once, Ashlee called to say they’d be stopping by to bring a birthday invitation. Maggie unlocked the front door, allowing them easy access when they arrived. But they didn’t come over right away, and she grew bored waiting and went to her room to find a toy. Removing her jeans and panties, she lay on the bed with a pink vibrating dildo and started playing with herself. Always noisy during sex, she moaned and sighed as she eased the toy in and out of her hot cunt. As she became more turned on, she turned up the speed of the vibrator and moved the dildo in and out faster. She got louder as she drew closer to orgasm, and then thought she may have heard the door. Maggie paused, suddenly silent, listening to see if her friends had arrived, the dildo buried in her dripping snatch and vibrating madly. She closed her eyes and imagined …they had arrived, found the front door open, and let themselves in. Not finding Maggie in the living room, they continued through the house looking for her. They stopped at the open door to her room, watching her plunge the pink dildo with increasing force into her wet cunt. Leaving Ashlee at the door, Anthony walked in and stood at the end of the bed, looking up between Maggie’s legs as she worked the toy furiously, desperate to cum. She turned her head side to side, one hand clutching the sheets as she felt her orgasm building. “Let me help you with that.” Anthony said. Maggie’s eyes flew open to find Anthony dropping his pants and crawling up between her legs, his penis hard and ready. She pulled out her toy just before he plunged his cock into her molten pussy. There was no pretense of a lasting encounter; she was already so close to cumming and he used her body for his own raw pleasure, pounding her mercilessly. After a few powerful strokes, she abandoned herself to her orgasm, her body clenching around him. She felt him grow rigid as he sprayed her insides with his cum… Constantly working her dildo in and out with increasing speed and pressure as she envisioned her friend between her legs, she came harder than she had in years, her body bucking and twitching. She lay there amazed that her fantasy seemed so real, her breaths coming in gasps. Then she remembered they were coming over, so she pulled her clothes back on and returned to the living room, feeling her pulse pounding in her pussy. Later, she discovered that she could revisit that fantasy for a guaranteed quick release.

Ashlee and Jen came into the family room then, their children in tow. “Do you want to play Monopoly, Maggie? The girls could play a board game while the boys play a video game.” Maggie looked over at the other women, who were settling onto the couch, then looked back to the boys she stood among, touching shoulders with, laughing and teasing with.

“Oh… but I’m already playing this…” Maggie said, feeling a little guilty for not banding with the girls, but knowing she’d have more fun with the boys. Ashlee didn’t ask again, and she and Jen opted not to play the board game, since they had to watch their children anyway, and Monopoly isn’t as much fun with just 2 players. Ashlee and Jen talked about their children and craft projects they were working on or interesting in trying while Maggie played and flirted with their husband and boyfriend across the room.

After a while, they turned off the video game and, because the couch was taken, dispersed across the two love seats to talk as a group. The furniture was arranged in a U shape around a coffee table, with Jen and Ashlee on the couch, Jeff and Michael on one love seat, and Anthony and Maggie on the other. As things often did with this group of friends, the topic turned to sex.

“Just curious, do you float the red river?” Anthony asked with a chuckle.

“Not with Jen.” Jeff offered. Gasps burst from the group, followed by laughter. Jeff quickly realized his mistake and back-pedaled. “I mean, NO, Jen and I don’t float the red river. But I have before… with a girlfriend.” The laughter swelled, and Jeff fought back. “Before I even KNEW Jen, you guys! Come on! Give me a break!”

As the laughter quieted down, Michael spoke up. “It just seems so… messy… gross.” Maggie gave a rueful smile.

“You just have to prepare for it: a towel on the bed, and be ready to wash up afterwards.” Anthony explained. The group chuckled.

“I’m not even interested in sex then.” Jen shared.

“It’s not bad.” Ashlee smiled at Anthony.

Maggie sighed. She’d like to try it and know for herself. 9 years, and she’d never been able to convince Michael to do it. HER desires didn’t change during that time of the month, and she took every opportunity to fulfill her needs with one of her toys. Michael always said he appreciated the break.

Maggie leaned close to Jeff, sitting on the adjoining loveseat, and whispered “Michael is not interested then either, but I would be. I love sex. I want it all the time.” As she moved back into her seat, she met Jeff’s eyes and saw his surprise turn to raw lust. Trying to cover herself, she said “I didn’t just say that, so it’s not totally awkward.” The group caught the last sentence and pestered to know what had just been said.

“Nothing.” Maggie insisted. Jeff had a dopey grin plastered on his face. “I don’t know what makes me feel so comfortable with you that I don’t think before I say things.” She reached out to smack his leg.

“What did you say, Mags?” Anthony pressed.

“I didn’t say anything, so it’s not totally awkward.” She smirked as she parroted her last remark. “Right Jeff?”

Jeff was having a hard time composing himself. He laughed. “What? No!! She didn’t say anything, you guys.” But his laughter told them what they already knew.

Ashlee and Michael were ready for the conversation to move on. They knew if Maggie wanted the whole group to know, she would have just said it out loud. But Jen and Anthony were too curious to let it go—Jen because the secret involved her husband, and Anthony because he loved to see Maggie’s naughty streak.

“Come on, Mags, what did you tell Jeff that you can’t tell me?” Anthony asked again, leaning close to her conspiratorially, their shoulders touching.

“Nothing, really.” She paused, knowing she’d have to give them something to get them to move on, but also loving Anthony’s persistence. “I just told him I never have.” She locked eyes with Jeff, begging him to corroborate her story as she lied. Her eyes flicked to Michael’s, catching him watching her as she squirmed. He gave her a tight smile. Then she turned to Anthony, still pressed in against her side, and bumped her shoulder into his. He scooted back onto his side of the loveseat.

“Ash here doesn’t like me playing with her titties lately. ‘They’re always sensitive.’” Anthony whined, mimicking his girlfriend. Ashlee and Jen nodded—the one still nursing, the other expecting, their breasts were bound to be hypersensitive.

“I know, I get in trouble for being too rough, too.” Jeff agreed.

Maggie and Michael grinned at each other. “Sorry guys. Maggie loves me to play rough with her titties. She asks me to bite them, and even lets me smack them when we’re having sex.” Maggie felt the heat rising to her face as she blushed, but she also loved the compliment and having the guys know she liked what they wanted to do. Jeff nudged her foot with his, bringing her eyes to meet his, and again saw the desire burning in his gaze. She didn’t dare look at Anthony, for fear she’d invite him to test them out.

Maggie wasn’t surprised when Jen told Jeff it was time to go home. She was ready for them to leave too—their son was no longer happily playing, but had begun fussing. Michael had even taken a turn with the child, bouncing and cooing to him, but no avail. It was past his bedtime. As they bundled him into his car seat and said their good-byes, Ashlee took her baby to bed as well.

The remaining trio in the family room shifted to face each other, but Maggie and Anthony continued to share a love seat. Michael knew Maggie would practically tear his clothes off when they got home. She always seemed to get turned on while hanging out with Anthony. He knew the conversation had something to do with it, but he had a feeling Maggie enjoyed Anthony’s company a little more than she should.

Ashlee returned from putting Aubrey to bed, and took up her previous position on the couch. They talked about their love of snow and winter in general, going snowmobiling, weekend getaways to the cabin. Anthony tried to convince his friends that they should all move to Canada, and Michael was game. Maggie gave the ‘perfect wife’ answer—she’d follow Michael anywhere. She would too—he was her best friend, a great man, and the best thing about her life. We just need to work on our sex life, she thought.

“So, what do you say we get this party started and get naked?” Anthony asked out of the blue.

“Yeah! Let’s do it.” Michael chimed in.

Ashlee smiled coyly at Anthony across the coffee table. Then she and Maggie dutifully pulled their shirts over their heads, their matching DD breasts displayed while still concealed in their bras.

Anthony waved his hand to Michael. “Check them out.” He offered his girlfriend’s boobs to his friend, and then turned to Maggie beside him on the love seat. Michael moved from his seat to face Ashlee, who was sitting sideways on the couch, and positioned himself to sit between her legs. Knowing Ashlee’s boobs were sensitive, Maggie watched Michael gently cup them in his hands, swirl his thumbs over her nipples, and lower his face to kiss them before she felt Anthony grab hers. He was rough, pinching and tugging through the material of her bra; but true to form, she loved it, arched her back to push her breasts into his hands, and moaned at his touch.

Anthony took her hips and slid her sideways on their love seat, kneeling between her legs. He buried his face in her cleavage, his facial hair scratching her breasts. She sighed and pulled his face tighter against her, and he squeezed handfuls of her luscious boobies harder than she was ready for. She cried out, and he pulled back to see the damage he’d caused, only to find her bra still covered more than he wanted it to. He reached around her and unhooked the clasps, his fingers burning her skin where they grazed her arms as he slid the straps off her shoulders, down her arms, and off. The insides of her titties were red from his beard, and they both could see the red lines his greedy fingers had left behind. He kissed the red marks gently, and then kissed each nipple, sucking it into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue before doing the same to the other. Maggie again arched her back, giving him complete access to her chest. He nibbled each nipple in turn, then bit down hard, causing her to cry out again.

Then Anthony kissed and licked a wet trail up her ample titties, across her collarbone, and up her neck. Maggie squirmed under his mouth, sighing with pleasure. Then his mouth was on her ear, her jaw, her cheek, and finally her mouth. She kissed him hungrily and hard, trying to convey how much she wanted this, how much she wanted him. He returned his attention to her breasts, and she glanced over to see what Michael and Ashlee were doing.

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