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From my point of view our trip to Washington was a watershed point in my life.

It turned me from a up-tight executive who didn’t like sex into a hot pants, slutty, submissive who craved being used.

I am a successful Account Executive at a financial company in New York. Married to a vanilla kind of successful man.

I make a lot more money than him, but that never bothered either of us, I don’t think.

The best part about him is he looks good in a suit. I can take him to a party or event and he always behaves and makes me look good.

He is placid around the house and I always get my way which I find great.

He was OK in the bed room but his 4 inch cock never really did much for me, and the lack of imagination in our sex life, was, well really vanilla.

However I had settled in and really had no plan for cheating at all.

So when we met Todd, it was a real awaking for me. He touched parts of me both mentally and physically that had been completely ignored or left untouched all my life.

We met Todd at the lemonade stand and that bulge of his cock in his riding pants got my attention immediately.

I really couldn’t talk for a bit. His cock looked so hot and so nicely shaped with a great head on a beautiful shaft.

I wanted it right away. I knew my boring sex life was going to be a thing of the past along with my fidelity.

I had no idea that my stogie husband would be turned into a cocksucker as well. And that I would come to dominate and totally humiliate him over and over.

We picked up Todd, and he joined us on our tour. I kept looking at that beautiful bulge in his pants and kept wanting it in my pants.

At lunch time we selected a nice restaurant with quiet booths along the back wall.

My husband Rick went to use the men’s room leaving Todd and me alone for a while. I put my hand on his leg near the bulge that was his cock.

We made a little small talk and passed a couple of sexy jokes back and forth. I was getting real turned on as our second drink arrived.

My hand was now up his leg far enough to feel his cock, and his hand was on my leg very near my cunt.

As My husband came back, we straightened up a little, but then, I said I had to use the ladies room, thinking I needed a break to cool down a little.

Todd offered to show me the way back to the rest rooms and got up and walked with me.

When we went around the corner into the hall, Todd put his hand on my ass, and I responded by reaching over and feeling his hardening cock.

We stopped just outside the Men’s room and Todd pulled me to him and kissed me.

I responded and pushed my boobs into his body. My hand rubbed his cock and then, I went to my knees and licked the outline of his cock.

He pushed me away a little and said “Latter baby.”

He went into the Men’s room. and I into the Ladies room.

As I sat and did my business, I took the opportunity to finger my pussy. It felt amazingly good.

I left the Ladies room, Todd was standing outside the Men’s room and I took a bold move and pushed him into the Men’s room.

I pulled at the top of his bicycle pants and went to my knees. I had to get to that cock!

But again he pushed me away and told me, “Look baby, we can get to that latter. You will get your chance if you behave for me. Now get up and let’s get back to your husband.”

I was walking and snuggling up to Todd as we went back to the table. After we were in out booth my hand again went to his cock. His hand was now feeling my pussy.

I had taken my panties off so his hand was separated from my sex by just the material of my shorts. I know my crotch area was wet.

I was totally lost and hot as hell. I was determined to somehow get that black cock into me today.

During our afternoon sightseeing I kept thinking back to the boys I had in college. Air heads and control freaks mostly, but great cocks and usually gave me a good cum for the time they put in.

They were just way too interested in themselves to hold my attention.

As our afternoon was wrapping up, I wanted Todd even more. Todd told us about his suit, and shirt at a nearby cleaners, and that was all the opening I needed.

I was thrilled as the idea came up about him just going to get the suit and then right to our room. I was now determined to get his cock into me within the hour.

I knew Mr. Milk-toast husband would not stand in my way even thought this would be the first time I would ever Cuckold him.

In our room, I headed into the shower right away. Showering, doing my hair, and fingering myself and playing with my own tits.

I was so hot!

I wrapped a towel around myself and went out into the bedroom.

Todd took his shower then, my husband went in for his.

As soon as he was in the shower room, off came my towel and I was on my knees in front of Todd pulling off his towel and freeing that beautiful cock.

How could I describe it? Over eight inches, tight skinned and beautiful black with a nice head on that beautiful shaft!!!

My mouth went right to it.

Todd stopped me and said, “Just lick it from my balls up for a while.”

OH that was so delightful the way he took control of me.

“How do you like that cock?” he asked.

I replied, “OH, I like it a lot in fact I love it, I want it in me.”

Todd laughed and said, “I want you to lick it, then suck it then, if your good I give you the best Fuck you’ve ever had. And how would you like to see your little husband sucking some nice black cock?”

“OOOHHH,” I replied, “I would love to watch that!”

My mouth went to the base of his cock. I licked his balls for just a second, or two, then, licked up that black rocket.

As I go to the head, I licked around just on the bottom side of the helmet. I teased it with my tongue. I kept licking at that area, hoping that would get him hot enough to want is sucked completely.

It must have worked. As I licked up on the top of the helmet, Todd’s hand went to the back of my head, and he pushed my head and mouth down all the way until his cock was trying to go into my throat.

I pulled my head back up, and then went back down his cock sucking it as hard as I could suck. I was giving him the best blow job I could give when my husband came out of the bathroom.

He stood there gaping at us and that drove me on to even a better cocksucking. I relished this so much.

I had a cum and shook, as I sucked black cock while my husband watched.

I sucked his cock as Todd said, “OK get up on the bed, I’m going to give you what you’ve wanted all day.”

Immediately Istopped sucking his cock and scrambled onto my back with her legs in the air, and pulled back over my tits to give him access to my pussy.

Todd climed on the bed and held his cock over her cunt. “Tell me baby, what do you want”.

“FUCK ME,,,, Give me that hard black cock!” I cried.

He eased it up to my pussy about half way, then pulled back out, and asked, “What about your hubby over there?”

“FUCK HIM LET HIM FIND HIS OWN COCK!” I yelled, totally frustrated with my goal just poking out ready to impale me and give me my thrill.

Todd replied, “That’s a good idea. Hubby, get on the phone and invite my friends over here,,,,,, for you”.

And he started to slowly stroke into me.

I was trying to push forward, push my pussy over that cock, push that cock into my pussy and getting this fucking going.

“DO IT!” he insisted, “Or I won’t give your wife here my cock, I’ll just get dressed and leave”.

“NO, NO!” I cried out, no way was I going to let this end without me getting fucked and fucked good.



He picked up the phone and Todd told him. “And be sure you show him respect, call him Sir, he likes that.”

I moaned and groned and whipped my ass up and down, I was working and pushing trying to use that cock to get me some pleasure.

Todd just held still and grinned.

My cuckold husband was on the phone trying to arrange something I didn’t care about at all.

Todd told him to bring someone named Roy along, an offer for more cock for me.

Now Todd finally turned his attention to me and gave and started to give me some really good fucking, he was ramming cock into me hard and deep, I was squealing and throwing herself up to meet his thrusting.

I was cumming continually FINALLY!!!!! GOD it had been so long since I had a good fucking. I wanted this now so much I wanted big hard black cock.

I knew my husband would never satisfy me again.

Todd kept ramming me. I whipped my head back and forth and was twisting and throwing my body all around.

Then Todd yelled what a great fuck I was how my cunt was tight and felt so good and he was coming deep in my hot cunt.

He said how tight my cunt was, and then said, “Probably because you husband has one of those small white cocks.”

I joined right in, “Yes, he has a pitiful little white boy cock. Give me your big black cock hard give it to me deep.”

We whipped around on the bed for a minute then slowly came down.

After we caught our breath, Todd said; “OK peckerwood get over here and lick my cum out of her cunt like the pussy boy you are.”

OH YES this was going to be the greatest. Have my little white boy cuckold lick up the juices of out fuck!

His head went down and his mouth started licking and sucking up the mixture of our cum.

I deeply turned on, I wanted him to do this, to eat cum.

I held his hair and moved my cunt up and down pulled his face over my hole and came again.

Todd moved up to present his cock to my mouth, and I quickly began sucking on it, as my cuckold sucked our cum.

Todd then took his cock out of my mouth and told me in a low voice, “You want to watch your husband suck on my cock?’

I replied, “Go on do it, you said you would make him do it and I want to see it.”

Todd moved down the bed to my husband’s head and took hold of his hair and said “Suck my cock, suck it really good. Suck it deep.”

I yelled out, “Go on suck his cock, suck it like a good husband. Suck it, that will really turn me on again. IF you don’t if you don’t suck his cock, you will be sorry believe me.”

My cuckold husband now took Todd’s cock into his mouth. I was beside myself in excitement!

I yelled out “WOW a cocksucker, WOW what a faggot!”

Then there was a knock at the door.

Todd told us, “”That will be Gordon and Roy.” Todd said. He got off the bed . “Get off the bed, and get on your knees in the middle of the room here. Both of you’”

I was off the bed and on her knees first, and my husband got next to me. Todd went to the door and said “Wait a minute, I’ll unlock the door and you come in, in 10 seconds.”

Then Todd walked around behind us and took hold of our hair. As the door opened he pulled up on our hair, forcing us up on our knees, putting us on display and making it very clear who was totally in charge of whom. Gordon and Roy walked in, seeing my wife and me naked, on our knees and pulled up on full display That sight invoked laughter out of them.

“WOW! Todd you really have something for us there. What a nice display, and what fun we are all going to have.”

Gordon went to my husband and had him sucking cock again in no time.

Todd pulled me by my hair up onto the bed and laid back directing my mouth to his cock. I started sucking his cock again.

Roy stripped down and got on the bed behind my upturned ass and stuck his cock into my wet pussy.

He started stroking it in and out and I started cuming again right away/

It was wonderful.

Gordon said something about taking my cuckold over to someone’s house. Todd said “Wait. First I want something done and I need both of them.”

He again pulled me by my hair and grabbed my husband’s hair as he walked by and directed us into the bathroom.

Todd told me, “Get into the bathtub and spread you legs out”

I was mesmerized with him and all of this and felt I had to obey.

You he said to my husband, take that shaving cream and a razor and shave her cunt.”

I was a little shocked but felt I could do nothing about this. I spread my legs as much as I could and pushed my pussy forward.

My husband took the shaving cream and spread it around on my pussy hairs then took the razor and shaved off all the hair and even back between my legs.

I was now totally hairless.

No more pussy ;)

Todd found some cream and rubbed it on my naked pussy.

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