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Bill eased his car forward until the tennis ball hanging from the length of twine touched the windshield, then he shoved the shifter into park and turned the engine of his Jeep Cherokee off. He punched the controller on the visor and the garage door slowly closed behind him, leaving the outside world behind. It was good to be home in his safe and sane refuge. If only it was not such a very boring refuge. Well, at least here he could relax his mind and allow the need for complete and logical control to drift and meander to the background, to perhaps be just a little bit submissive. Carol’s min-van was parked in the far stall, and he sighed as hope reared its’ nasty little head. She was home early. Maybe dinner would be done early. Maybe there would not be several hours of teacher reviews or endless e-mails for her to answer. Maybe they could have some quiet time in the bedroom tonight. Or better yet, maybe they could have some not so quiet time in the bedroom tonight; possibly some harsh and exciting time.

Would she want to start as usual by warming his ass with the long wooden paddle he had made for her?

That was not his favorite part of the game, but that was where it usually had to start. In fact it was his least favorite part of the game, but at least it sometimes got her going in other ways. Sometimes it seemed to be the only part she really enjoyed, the only thing that really got her interested in anything else. Maybe she would be up for some other games too. It did not happen very often, but maybe it would happen tonight. He knew that she knew that he was hoping.

He trudged in through the mudroom, turning left into his small home office and quickly docked his laptop. Would there be distractions from work tonight? The factory had been running very smoothly recently. Inventory Control cycle count measures were above ninety-nine percent. Production Control had a total on-time completion measure above ninety-eight percent. On-time deliveries were above ninety-nine percent, and Distribution Center Can’t Fills were less than five percent. All of those things gave him a comfortable warmth and peace deep inside. Enough to really let himself experience his deep submissive side without reservation.

If only Carol would find the time and energy to be more dominant with him. She could do a whole lot more of a whole lot of things to him if only she would. Was he ever going to be able to tell her about his fantasies?

Probably not. He had tried several times to start those talks, but they had not gone well. The truth was that he was a little afraid of her.

Bill sighed deeply. The problem, of course, was that she really was not interested in anything sexual with him anymore. Menopause had left her with only a faint resemblance of her younger libido, and it had never been all that great to begin with. She acted like she would be happier if he had no desire or expectation for her.

He loved to lick her pussy, for instance, but to his continual amazement she really had never been that fond of it. She seemed to enjoy long wet kisses, but she really did not like for him to get sexually excited from it. And she certainly did not like the smell of “muffymouth” on him. She felt like edging him was too much work, so that did not happen much. And of course he loved for Carol to tie him up and use feathers, ice cubes, clamps, and spike rollers on him, but those episodes were rather few and far between. And he really wished she got some enjoyment out of those times it did happen rather than acting like she was doing him a favor.

Of course that was the fact of their relationship. Indeed anything she gave him was her doing him a favor. Everything about their sex life was Carol doing Bill a favor. It sure would be nice if he had a mistress who really enjoyed using him. It sure would be nice if just some of his fantasies came true just a little bit. Would he ever really be brave enough to ask her to explore the idea of her dating another man in hopes of discovering her own deep sexuality? Did he really have the courage to be cuckolded just a little bit? What was the point? Those notions would have to just remain his private fantasies. He trudged into the kitchen, hoping on hope that there was a bottle of wine already open in the refrigerator. It was always easier to get away with a second or third glass if she already had a bottle open. “Bill,” Carol called from the family room, “I’m glad you’re home…come in here please.” His heart jumped with excitement. Maybe he should walk in there naked. Maybe she would take the hint. Maybe that would lead to something exciting. Had he ever told her about those CFNM fantasies? Of course not. That would not have gone well. He stuck his head through the doorway to the family room.

Oh crap. She was not alone.

Thank goodness he was not naked. That would not have been good. Doris, from across the street, was sitting on the couch. Doris was a grade school teacher at the same school where Carol was the assistant principal. There was a younger couple sitting on the couch with her; probably grade school teachers as well. They would probably be visiting for hours about some crucial ADHD study or something. So much for his time. So much for any sexual release or excitement. He was really going to need that wine now. He nodded to Doris, then the young man, then the young woman. “Dan…Susan…this is my husband Bill.” Carols voice was like spring song of some damned cheerful bird. “Bill, honey…this is Dan and Susan.”

“Dan…Susan.” He intoned as he stepped forward and shook hands with each of them, studying them quickly as he tended to do with people he just met.

Dan was muscular in the neck and shoulders, short dirty blond hair; a football player or wrestler or both. He did not stand up, which was rather an affront that Bill did not approve of. He looked like he was about six feet tall, and was probably a little older than the young woman sitting next to him. Their eyes only met for a moment, but he obviously did not consider Bill much of a physical specimen and Bill immediately did not approve of him because the young man did not show the respect he should have.

Susan was a mid-twenty dark haired beauty with penetrating blue eyes that seemed to appraise him and capture his imagination. Or was that only wishful thinking? She had light olive skin. Her face was a bit round. Her nose was perfect. Her arms were muscular and she was well built. She had average breasts. She was maybe a little wide in the butt, but it was hard to tell when she was sitting down. “Hello Doris.” He smiled mechanically. “Hello Bill.”

Her sour smile was a cross between jackal’s scowl and a satisfied Cheshire cat grin. He never did like her. “Dan and Susan are student teaching at our school this year,” Carol explained. “They both will graduate from the university next spring. Susan is Doris’ niece.”

“That’s nice…very happy for you…I hear it’s a great school. Well…nice to meet you both.”

He turned to make a hasty retreat, but Carol was not having any of that. Her eyebrows shot up and she gestured with a sideways jerk of her head. Obviously there was something else she wanted him for.

“Dan and Susan have been offered positions next fall at the middle school,” she added, “and they are trying to save enough money to pay off their student loans.”

“I see,” Bill answered. He did not really see, of course. Where in the heck was this going? Did they want to borrow money? With both of their kids in college, it was not as though he and Carol had a lot of extra cash.

“So since the kids are both off to school, and we have plenty of the extra room, we have been discussing having them move in with us for the rest of the school year.” Bill knew he looked like a deer just inches away from the front end of his Jeep Cherokee on an icy road in the middle of the night. He wanted to scream at his wife. They finally had just a little bit of privacy in their lives after the last twenty-two years with children in the house. Carol was always paranoid about the kids maybe hearing even a shadow of a sexual thought, and now she wanted to invite strangers into the midst. This was insane. “I guess we could talk about it,” he heard himself say, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible. “Why don’t they move in with Doris?”

“Our house is too small, ” she replied, “and Tom really likes his privacy.” “I like my privacy too…and our house is really only a little bit bigger than yours.” Doris rolled her eyes, and Carol seemed to completely ignore him.

“It’ll be fine,” she said in a conspiratorial tone as though he was not even there. “You two kids can start moving tomorrow. I’ll have you take Kerry’s room across the hall from ours. That will leave Tim’s room available for friends or for the kids whenever they come home from school.”

“I think we need to talk about this Honey,” Bill said in a voice that had lost most of its calm.

She shot him her best disgusted look.

“Why are you being this way? It’s just for five or six months. Why are you embarrassing me like this?” “Because I’d like to talk about it. There are considerations you might not have taken into account.”

“All right Bill,” she snapped, “I’ve had enough. You have pushed me to the limit. You are going upstairs right now and standing in the corner until I come up to spank you.”

Bill just stared at her for a moment. A flurry of emotions danced through him just then, some of them were delicious and some were mortifying. Their spanking scenarios usually started this way, with some slight variations. Some mistake on his part that she wished to punish him for. He loved the subdued mental state that came over him when she acted this way with him.

This was different, however. It was very confusing. She had never acted this way in front of others before. It was exciting, but it was also obvious that she was using their game to stifle his argument. He struggled to get control of his emotional state.

“That’s pretty funny Carol,” he said, “but I think this is…” “Now you’re going without dinner.” “But Honey…” “Do you want to be able to sit tomorrow?” she said in a seething snarl. “Right now you are going to have a very warm bottom. If you keep it up then your butt is going to be one red raw piece of flesh before I’m done with you. You know I can do it and I will. You’ve embarrassed me enough William. Now get upstairs.”

Doris’ grin was all the way across her face. Susan was considering him with what might have been faint contempt, and Dan was just short of laughing out loud in his face. Carol was livid, and the steel of her gaze had him captivated. Was he really living so close to one of his deep fantasies? He loved and hated what was happening to him mentally, but he was not sure what to do about it. He really resented the timing of what she was doing to him, but he was so conflicted that he did not know what to say. He had worked so long to get her to be more dominant with him that he was not sure what to do to keep from screwing it up. Was he going to risk it all by fighting with her? This was not the time or place anyway. He would enjoy the feeling and reason with her later. He turned and strolled out of the family room and made his way into his office, trying to get control of his nerves. His mind was in a haze. “I said upstairs,” Carol yelled after him. “I have to check on the factory,” he replied over his shoulder. “Okay…as long as it’s for work…but just as soon as you’re done in there, then you get upstairs and get ready for what’s coming to you.” He did not answer her. He let the mental pleasure of her dominance sweep through him. It was kind of fun to feel that hint of mental sub space. “Did you hear me?” she yelled. “I heard you,” he replied in a loud voice. As satisfying as the sensation was at a deep level, however, his circumstance was also mortifying. He could hear Carol talking to her guests, and her words stunned him. Was she really being so completely disrespectful of him? The resentment was building up inside of him, sweeping the pleasure away. He needed to make sure that those college students did not end up moving into his house and life and destroying what meager sex life he already had.

“He would like me to spank him every day if I would,” he heard her say. “Sometimes it’s just like raising another child. I think he was just trying to show off for you kids, but he’ll think better of it tonight after we have our episode.”

He wanted to say something in response, but everything that came to mind seemed pathetic. Bill reached over and pushed the door to his office closed and locked it. He logged on and accessed the company codes for the factory and production control modules. His macho persona from the outside world was almost hoping there was some problem tonight that he would need to go back into work for. It would serve her right if he did not even come home tonight after embarrassing him that way in front of company.

He really did not appreciate the embarrassment she had caused him. He really hated how much the submissive side of him enjoyed it too, however. Damn! Everything at the plant seemed to be perfect. He had to admit this was the first time ever that was disappointing news. Maybe he should drive back into the city anyway and pretend there was a problem that needed his direction. The problem with that idea was that Carol knew the production control supervisors cell phone number. He would have to make up some story and make sure everyone at the factory would go along with it. There were just way too many complexities with that idea. Better to just sit in here and pretend that there was some problem that he needed to watch closely until the guests were gone. Then he would talk her out of this crazy idea of having that young couple move in with them. Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on his office door. Could he ignore it? “What?” he finally said. “Bill, this is Dan,” the muffled voice said. “Carol said for you to open the door.”

“I’m busy right now. There is a problem at work that needs my attention.” “She said that if there was a real problem then you would have been on the phone before now.” “I was on the cell phone.” “Now that’s not really true…is it Bill? Carol told me that your cell reception is not that reliable here. She said that you would be using the POTS line if it was important enough to be talking to anyone at work. She has been watching to see if you used the POTS line. Now open the door, Bill. ” Who did he think he was talking to? This was an outrage. Bill felt that he should put a stop to all of this. This was his house. If he wanted to sit behind a locked door in his own office, then he would do just that. And so he just sat there, looking at the computer screen, feeling a little foolish. Now he was really hoping a problem that needed his attention would pop up on one of the screens. Why wasn’t there at least a small problem? There was almost always something not as it should be…but tonight the whole factory seemed to be running perfectly. What were the odds? Suddenly there was rattling at the door. Someone was using a key to unlock it. He heard it click and he stood up and grabbed the doorknob, trying to keep the door closed. “Let go of the doorknob Bill,” Dan’s loud muffled voice said. “I’m a lot stronger than you and this going to be embarrassing.” He was right. Bill had become soft over the years. He was fifty pounds overweight and out of shape. And he had never been as fit or strong as Dan looked. Bill had never even thought about playing football or wrestling or whatever decidedly physical endeavor Dan probably still did with some regularity. Bill released the doorknob and quickly scurried to sit back down at his desk. The door opened slowly and Dan stood looking at him with a fatherly grin. “There’s no problem at the factory…is there Bill?” “I’m not sure yet,” Bill replied, still scanning the data, hoping on hope that some insurmountable problem presented itself. There was nothing. Amazing. “We’re wasting time Bill. We both know there’s no problem. More importantly, Carol knows there’s no problem. Right now she is still laughing about all this, but I can tell she’s getting angry too. We need to get you upstairs and ready for her before she really gets mad. ” Bill just sat there, staring at Dan. Had the young man’s muscles gotten bigger? Hell, he looked like the Hulk. And he just stood there and waited. “I’m not going,” Bill finally managed to muster. “Do you really want it to go down like this Bill? Carol has kindly agreed is letting Susan and I live here for free for the rest of the year. She asked me to take you upstairs and make sure you get ready. I don’t want her mad at me on the first day. Come on…make this easy on yourself…and me.” Bill heard the women chuckling in the other room. Were they laughing at him? He felt flush, almost giddy, like he had been drinking.

He wished he had been drinking. He remembered the wine that he was going to have, and he wished he had a full glass of it now. “This is my house too, you know?” He tried to sit taller in his chair. “I know it’s your house Bill. You make the payments. You get to pay all the bills. You get to fix everything and be responsible for everything. But we both know that you don’t get to decide this. I’m getting kind of embarrassed to be standing here like I’m trying to talk a first grader out of the bathroom. Now let’s go.” Again there was giggling from the other room, and Bill spine stiffened. “I’m staying here,” he said, loud enough that all of the women could hear him in the other room. “Dagnabit,” Dan grumbled, and quickly covered the distance between them. He grabbed Bill by the his arms and squeezed his biceps so hard that it felt like the pressure wraps the doctor used to check his all too often high blood pressure. “Ouch,” Bill said as he teetered on his tip toes. “Let’s just get this over with…please,” Dan whispered into Bill’s ear. “Okay,” Bill instantly replied, dancing along being directed by Dan’s firm grip. Again the women giggled in the other room. “Thank you Dan,” Carol yelled from the family room. The women’s combined laughter erupted this time. “Yes dear…you’re welcome,” Dan said as he and Bill turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs. Bill seemed to bound up the steps, with Dan’s aid of course. Had this young man just called his wife Dear? This was too much. He needed to put his foot down. The problem was that he could not even put his tip-toes down. Dan released him at the doorway and sighed deeply. “Okay,” he said, “please get in there so I can go back downstairs and join the conversation. They’re talking about learning difficulties in ODS children…which seems rather appropriate right now by the way. I’m really interested in special education.” “Then go,” Bill said indignantly, “I’ll be fine.” Dan sighed deeply again. “She said I was supposed to make sure you get ready. Do you usually take your clothes off for your spanking?” Bill just stared at him. Did Dan really expect him to answer that? “Susan likes to take mine down for me. Do you have to take yours down for yourself?” Bill felt his mouth drop open. “Susan…? She spanks you…? Really?” “It’s our little game,” Dan whispered conspiratorially. “She has a dominant streak…and I let her have her way with me sometimes.” “I see,” Bill replied, though he did not really see, of course. He was shocked.

Did that pretty little girl really spank this hulk of a man? Did he really submit to it? “So will you get ready?” Dan persisted. “Well…yes. But you don’t have to…you know…” Bill sauntered into the bedroom and kicked his shoes off into the closet, then slowly began working on the buttons of his shirt.” “Tell you what,” Dan said quietly, as if they were brothers in spirit, “you can go ahead and leave your panties on if it makes you feel better…just make sure to get them off before Carol comes up here and catches you.” “They’re not panties,” Bill said indignantly, glancing back at him in the doorway. “Whatever,” Dan said and took another deep breath as he followed him into the room. “Carol referred to them as your panties, and I’m not really interested in disagreeing with her. Do you have a spanking stool?” ” Yes…it’s in the corner…there. We only use it for special occasions, however.”

He gestured to a silk brocade storage stool. “Nice. What kind of occasions?” “Birthdays…anniversary…when she is really happy with me.” He unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants down. “Not very often lately it seems.” “Still…nice to have something for special times like that.” “I suppose.”

“You really should not take whatever you get from her for granted Bill.” Bill did not reply and finally he was down to his tee-shirt, briefs, and socks. He slowly pulled the tee-shirt off, feeling very self-conscious about his flabby belly and chest in front of this prime young specimen. Dan winked at him and reached over and grabbed three inches of his left pectorals. He felt humiliated by Dan’s grin as he gripped him like it was a woman’s breast. “Don’t worry about those man-boobs,” he said with a chuckle, “We’ll get you on a work-out and a low carb diet…by summer we’ll have those down to a B-cup.” Bill folded his arms over his chest and tried suck in his flabby belly as Dan turned to go. Then Dan turned back to him. “You know Bill,” he whispered, “A woman as lovely and vibrant as your wife deserves a man who takes better care of himself…don’t you think that’s taking her for granted too?” Dan left him alone with his thoughts. Why did this young man’s question leave him so shaken…and so aroused? He knew the answer to that question, of course. There was a hint of all of those fantasies, the ones he never told anyone about. He began stroking himself as he thought about Dan having his way with Carol.

Of course it would never happen, but it was fun to imagine, and what was the harm?

It was more than an hour later when Bill heard his wife’s guests leave and he quit edging himself. Ten minutes later he heard her coming up the stairs. He was waiting in the corner, wearing only his socks, his erection standing half proud in front of him even though he had long since quit playing with himself. He had gone through many emotions and mind sets while he waited for her, but at that moment he adored her for the attention he hoped she was about to give him.

Dan’s words had continued to assault him, however. Did Bill really deserve a woman as special as Carol? “I have a half a mind to leave you standing there all night,” she said as she shut the door. “I can’t believe you embarrassed me like that.” Her word stung him out of his reverie. “You? Embarrassed you? What about me…I’ve never been so humiliated in my life.” “You had a lot more than that coming. After I had told that lovely young couple they could stay here, then you go and contradict me in front of them.” “Why didn’t you wait and ask me first?” He started to turn around to plead his case. “Because I have decided that this dominant wife does not need to ask questions like that…that’s why. Understand? It was my decision…and I will be making a lot more of them from now on. Now you get your nose back in that corner while I decide what to do with you.”

Bill quickly put his nose back in the corner, amazed and consumed by the change in his wife. She was always quick to be cross with him, but tonight there was something else. Tonight she exuded a sense of being in charge like never before. Who was the powerful creature, and where had she come from, and what had she done with Carol?

“They will only be with us for five or six months, for heaven’s sake.” She continued on. “I can’t believe you would be so cold as to not want to help those kids out. What kind of person are you? Why should you care anyway? The room is empty. What’s the harm? ” “I just wanted it to be just us…you know? And he didn’t feel like a kid who half carried me up here.” “He is big and strong, isn’t he? And rock hard! I’ve always had a thing for body builder types.”

Bill sighed deeply. “I thought you liked geeks…like me.”

“Geeks are wonderful…I love geeks…especially my special geek…but a muscular young man can be very exciting in a completely different way. Oh…you know what I mean.”

“Not really.” Bill felt very unsure just then as mixed emotions swirled in his brain.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it.” She allowed a throaty chuckle. “But I could not believe you tried to pull that stunt with Dan in your office.” Was there admiration in her voice? That was too much. It was way too much like a fantasy. It made his head spin slightly, and he struggled to get control of himself. “And he called you Dear,” he finally muttered. “Simple mistake…he probably thought he was talking to Susan instead.” “Oh, he knew who he was talking to all right.” “You’re just being childish. I told you not to worry your pretty little head about it.” “What are you talking about? What are you saying? I’ve never been through anything like what you put me through tonight, and now this humiliating business about my pretty little head.” “You did it to yourself. You’ve been after me to be more demanding and dominant with you for longer than I can remember. Now you’re put out because I decide to do it? Maybe you should be more careful about what you ask for… and maybe this will slow your fantasies down a little.” Bill did not know what to say to that. A part of his brain was in heaven, and a part of his brain was in complete turmoil.

“I’m still not sure I want strangers living in my house,” he eventually mumbled. “They’re not strangers any more now, are they? They’re almost like family. And it’s my house. You want to embarrass me to death… after promising them it was okay… while you look like an ass for saying no… to such a simple act of kindness. Well you can just forget that. You’re always bragging about your giving…your United Way project and all…so is it only about money, or does your charity extend to people in need too?” “Oh hell,” Bill finally muttered as he struggled to keep up with her ramblings. Carol was naked now, sitting on the edge of their bed, holding the paddle he had made for her. It was twelve inches long and five inches wide, made of varnished one inch think yellow pine. “Come here…I’ll give you some hell. Now get your hands on your head.” Bill walked carefully over to her, his fingers interlaced on top of his head. She rubbed the cheeks of his butt with the fingertips of one hand while squeezing his balls with the other. “Are you hungry?” she asked when she heard his stomach growl. “I don’t think I’ll eat for a week after Dan teased me about how fat I am.” “I suppose he has a point. And he is quite fit, isn’t he?” Was that admiration again? It made Bill sick to his flabby disgusting stomach. He wished his cock was not starting to get hard again. “Are you talking like that to make me jealous?” he whined. “Oh…but you like being jealous, don’t you?. Your little stiffy there tells me how much you enjoy the idea of a strong young man like him wanting me.”

She was completely right, of course, but the truth was more than a little staggering when she was forcing it on him like this for the first time. And how did she know? Had he slipped up and mentioned that to her? He was aware that he was frowning at her, but her smile was like a million watt bulb.

“Who owns you?” she asked as she grabbed his near nipple. “You do,” he whispered. “That’s right.”

Whack! Whack! Whack! The paddle stung his cheeks in quick succession. “OHHHH!” he cried. “And who owns this?” she said, grabbing the end of his hardening penis. “You do,” he said out loud. “That’s right,” she said.

Whack! Whack! Whack! The paddle stung again. “OHHHH!” he cried again. “Now we’re going to do fifty tonight…count and thank me each time. And you better hope that little stiffy of yours is gone by the time we’re done.” “Fifty?” he asked, a shiver in his voice. Whack! The blow racked his body. “One…thank you Dear.” How was he going to survive fifty?


He was still hurting when he got home from work late the next evening. Several people at work had asked him about his slight limp, and he had lied that he had started an exercise program. For the first time he could remember in many years he was pleased that Carol’s car was not in the garage. He would not have minded something nasty or arousing, but she was a changed woman somehow and he did not want any more spanking for a while. A week to recuperate would probably be good. There was an older Accord in the middle stall of the garage, however. Who did that belong to? Dan and Susan were moving in. Why was he thinking of them as kids, just because that’s what Carol called them? He trudged into the kitchen and checked the refrigerator for an open bottle of wine. “Is that you Bill?” a female voice called from the top of the stairs. “Uh…yes,” he replied. “Susan?” “Yes, I’m just putting some clothes away…Carol gave me a key and said I should start getting settled in.” “Uh…okay,” he replied. Just great. Why hadn’t Carol said anything to him about that? Then again, what had Carol said to him about any of this? There was no wine open, so he grabbed a beer and trudged into his office. The company modules had just come on-line when Susan strolled into his office. “So…keeping tabs on the factory, huh?” she asked. “Yes,” he repiled, glancing at her shapely legs, and then working his way quickly up to her expectant smile. It was a rather a short skirt for a teacher to wear, now wasn’t it? He did not remember any of his grade school teachers looking like her. “And this computer is supposed to be …just for work…right?” “Yes…primarily. I do some e-mail and research on the web, but it’s just for work.” “What about the erotic stories …and those spanking sites? Some other verrrrry interesting stuff too?” “Uh…no,” he replied nervously. “This computer is just for work. It has scanning software to prevent that kind of thing. And I don’t really look at those kind of sites anyway…doesn’t really interest me…don’t really have time for that kind of thing.”

“Oh sure you do Bill,” she said, stepping so close to him that her wonderful perfume made him dizzy. “I could tell by the way you sized me up last night what kind of man you are and what kind of things you like. Oh I know a guy as smart as you understands how to delete all of the history out of those scanning files. Safer than using the home computer and Carol maybe finding something you don’t want her to see.” He did not reply. What could he say?

He was careful with his computer. He was damned careful. She was right, however. He did use his work computer to look at some sites from time to time and he was very good at clearing all the buried buffer files each and every time. He never saved a file, never copied anything, but he did read many a story that thrilled and confused him and excited him and made him hard. She moved in behind him, reaching her right hand down and flicking his right nipple with the fingers of her right hand. Bill thought he was going to pass out from the surprise and excitement. “So let me show you something Billy,” she whispered in his left ear.

With that she quickly moved around him and reached to the side of his laptop. She produced a plastic tweezer device and stuck it in the OSB port on the side of the computer.

“Probably never seen one of these before,” she said as she plucked a very small silver item out and held it up in front of his face.

“It’s an OSB RF scanner, built into a pass through filter. Never know it’s there…you could plug a mouse or thumb drive in the port and it will work like normal, but all the time the scanner is plugged it makes a record of everything that passes through the RF buffer. Got it from one of my husband’s girlfriends. She is about Carol’s age…like all of his girlfriends…and she just happens to be an Information Technology specialist for the FBI. She gave me an app for my Iphone which displays and saves everything.” Bill felt so light headed that he almost forgot who and where he was. He knew he was going to pass out. That could not be real. This could not be happening to him. FBI? Was there really such a thing? How did it get there? How could she have put it there? How would she know about the sites unless it was real? He never told anyone about what he looked at. How had she put that thing on his work computer, and for God’s sake how long had it been there? They had only first met last night, but he had not had time to visit any of his sites since the day before that. He had a hundreds of questions and fears just then, but his mind was still in such a storm of arousal that he could not seem to make his mouth work enough to ask her anything.

“Seems you like to be told what to do,” she said with a faint chuckle as she eased back around behind him. She then knelt down beside him so her mouth was next to his ear again. “You like the idea of being dominated…CFNM…being forced to be naked in public?” “Um…I…um.” “And the cuckold stories?” she asked in his ear. “So many stories about dominant wives. Does that really excite you? Do you get really excited by the thought of some stud taking your wife in front of you? Watching her suck and fuck some young stud while you wait to clean her up?

“Uhhhh,” he groaned. She really had discovered all of his ugly and terrible secrets. His mind was spinning with excitement and terror.

“I get so wet thinking about Dan with his sexy older women, watching him lick and suck them to an orgasm. Does that make your heart beat out of your chest to think of him pounding her with his huge cock? It makes me want to shiver and cum just thinking about watching them.” Bill was breathing hard. He had never experienced anything like this. This sexy young woman’s nasty words in his ear, chanting almost his very fantasies was overwhelming. Coupled that with the shocking knowledge about the recording device and he thought his head might explode. He felt so lightheaded that he almost forgot who he was. What was he supposed to say? He sighed deeply as she flicked his nipple again. “Thank God you’re not into anything illegal,” she whispered. “That would have been awful. Bad enough when Carol finds out about everything you are into, but we wouldn’t want you going to prison or anything. Nadine … my husband’s older girlfriend … the lady who works for the FBI … she’s the one who loaned me this equipment … she made me promise to tell her what I found. I think maybe we can keep some of it from Carol though … what do you think Billy?”

Bill was hyperventilating, his mind churning a thousand miles per hour. He did not know what to say, even if he could get his tongue to work.

She flicked his nipple again, then pulled away and sauntered over to the office sofa to sit down, crossing her legs so most of her thighs were exposed. “Relax Billy,” she finally said with a smile. “It’s going to be okay. We won’t tell Carol any of the really kinky stuff that she wouldn’t understand. All you have to do is whatever I tell you to do and everything is going to be okay. Does Carol know any of those fantasies, by the way?” “No … I don’t think … I don’t know,” Bill replied when he finally found his voice. “I know how hard it can be … to have those nasty urges and cravings. It will be nice to have someone I can confide in. We can talk…get it off of our minds instead of dwelling on them and making us crazy. Dan just doesn’t understand how thrilling and exciting some of those fantasies can be. Heavens…they’re just in our imaginations…just some fun adventure in our minds. Dan just doesn’t understand how healthy those fantasies can be mentally. It’s just harmless dreaming…isn’t it Bill? ” “Yes,” he whispered. “It’s going to be so nice to have someone I can talk to about this.” He did not say anything. What could he say? Twenty five years of fantasies and pent up frustration were working on his mind and snaking like nasty tentacles though his conscience. Of course there was a mountain of fear and misgiving about the recording device and how he was going to probably be black-mailed somehow. “We can talk about it…can’t we…Bill? We can trust each other … right?” Bill just nodded, staring blankly at the computer screen, afraid to look at her. “So is everything okay at the factory?” Susan asked, her tone suddenly so businesslike that it shocked him. Bill shook his head and focused his eyes to get his attention back from the edges of lust and panic. It took him almost a minute to get the logical mindset back, but he was eventually was able to put the other conversation in a safe place at the back of his mind get himself back to normal. With that he was finally satisfied that everything was indeed okay at work. “Everything looks fine,” he eventually answered, his logical businesslike self struggling to keep the emotional conflict in his head compartmentalized and controlled.

But what was going to happen now? It was very hard to keep him focus on work when he knew she was staring at him.

“Now Carol said she and Dan won’t be home until later, so I should make us a salad and some angel hair pasta.” She rose gracefully and walked to the doorway, then stopped to turn back to him. “That sounds fine to me,” he said as he forced himself to look only at her eyes. The problem was that her eyes seemed to bore right through him. Her grin seemed to take an evil curl.

“She also told me that you should practice standing in the corner while I make dinner.”

“What?” Bill felt a lump form in his throat. “She was quite insistent. She said something about a cane on a tender butt. I don’t think you want to get spanked again, do you?” Susan chuckled again as she turned and swayed toward the kitchen, glancing over her shoulder. “She said you would be sore for more than a week after last night.” What was he supposed to say to that? Would Carol really tell Susan to tell him to stand in the corner? The whole idea was a little bit incredible, but she had taken a rather evil turn last night, and now with the blackmail it all could be some kind of a test? Could his sore bottom stand failing if it was a test? Maybe he should go upstairs and pretend to stand in the corner until dinner was ready. He trudged out of his office and headed for the stairs. “I’ll be upstairs,” he muttered over his shoulder toward the kitchen. Susan chuckled softly. “I think I would prefer for you to take your clothes off and come back down into the kitchen. You can stand in the corner down here and we can talk about our mutual fantasies. That way I don’t have to bother calling you down to dinner.” He quickly decided that he was not doing that. He did not even act as though he heard her as he trudged upstairs. He closed the door to his room behind him and stripped to his tee-shirt, briefs, and socks, then found the latest copy of Science Digest. He was sitting on Carol’s padded spanking stool, engrossed in an article about artificial intelligence nested data structures when Susan quietly pushed the door open. He spun instantly at the intrusion, the flush of fear and surprise and excitement making his neck and face suddenly far too warm. Why hadn’t he locked the door? This was too much. Their eyes met, and her expression was every bit the disappointed grade school teacher as she stood there with her hands on her hips. Why did he feel like one of her students? Why did he feel like he had just been caught doing something wrong?

“Now William,” she said, one toe tapping like a metronome, “you’re supposed to be standing in the corner. And you are supposed to be in just your panties. What do you suppose Carol is going to say about this?” Panties? Why did she call them panties? They were jockey briefs. “I…uh…I’m sort of in the corner.” “This exercise is for your own mental well-being, now isn’t it?” Bill just stared at her. His mental well-being? How did this help his well-being? This was insane. “And I’m the one who is responsible for your well-being right now, aren’t I?” Responsible? Who made her responsible for him? Had Carol done that? “Carol is going to think I can’t be trusted when she comes home and hears about this.” Oh hell. She was going to tell on him. This was just great. It was blackmail? “And what do you think Dan is going to have to say about you not following Carol’s instructions?” What in the hell did he have to do with all of this? Bill had had just about enough of this. He was just about ready to throw her out of his bedroom when she continued. “You remember how he carried you up the stairs last night…he’s very strong…and he thinks the world of Carol…he would do just about anything for her.” Bill thoughts and emotion were in a tornado at that moment. What could he say? What could he do? He laid the magazine down next to him and bent to push his socks off. He got up and tossed them in the hamper, then tugged his tee-shirt off. Eventually he could not help but meet her gaze. A smile crept onto her face and grew into gentle laughter. “I tell you what … why don’t you go ahead and come downstairs and stand in your office. That way you can keep an eye on the factory and we can still technically follow Carol’s instructions. We’ll just keep it between you and me. That way you don’t have to be wearing your panties in front of me. ” “They’re not panties,” Bill replied in an effort to reclaim some dignity. “Really?” she answered with an evil smile. “They’re briefs.” “I thought briefs had the Y opening or flap for your little cock to peak out. That’s really the only difference between briefs and panties, isn’t it? I think they look like panties …with kind of a satin finish. I’m surprised they don’t have Victoria’s Secret on them. Don’t you think those look like panties?” What was he going to say to that? She had a point. Was he really wearing panties? Carol picked them out. Did she want him wearing panties? It was sort of one of his fantasies, wasn’t it? Geez, this had to stop. He had to tell Carol to stop buying him panties. “Well…don’t you?” Susan insisted. “I suppose,” Bill muttered. “Okay…it’s agreed…you can wear your panties in your office and while we eat.”

“What about slippers?” “Of course…wouldn’t want your feet to get cold.” “Could I wear my bathrobe while we eat, if I promise not to wear it in my office and then to take it off when Carol gets home?” It was humiliating to ask this young woman he hardly knew a question like that, but somehow he felt that circumstances had come to that. “I think that might be pushing it a bit Billy? Don’t you?” She shrugged and turned to go. “But if you insist, then I’ll go along it,” she said over her shoulder. Bill threw on his blue terrycloth robe and followed her downstairs and soon they were sitting down to dinner together. The salad and pasta Susan made for dinner was as good as any Carol had ever made. He would have had seconds, but his flabby belly and man-breasts were a reminder not to. He thanked Susan for dinner and carried all of the dishes into the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher. He then went into his office to monitor the all of the work screens for problems. It really was not much later that he heard a car pulling into the driveway and the garage door opening. A few moments later the laughing sounds of Dan and Carol’s voices grew louder as they entered the house through the mud room. He could hear the three of them talking in the kitchen, and he wanted to go in and be a part of the conversation, but he felt somehow awkward because he was sitting in his office in his bathrobe. Then suddenly Carol stepped into the doorway. She was wearing one of her long sweater dresses with leggings underneath, and he was surprised to notice that the top of the sweater was slightly open and the material of whatever she was wearing underneath allowed some of her cleavage to show. He liked the look a lot, but he could never remember her wearing something like that to school before. “Hello William,” she said. “Hi Honey,” he replied as he looked away from her chest and back to his computer. “So Susan told me you asked her if you could wear your bathrobe for dinner and in here in your office…would you like to explain yourself?” His eyes shot back up to meet her gaze.

“Well…I…uh…it just seemed like the thing to do…you know…more proper?” “No I don’t know…what do you have on under your robe?” “I have my pant…my underwear…I have my briefs on.” “Do you want to explain why you feel it’s necessary for you to be practically naked when you are alone in the house with Susan? Did you feel you needed to expose yourself to this lovely young woman?” Susan stepped into the doorway next to Carol and looked at him.

“He told me he was going to wear his robe until you came home and then he was going to take it off. I’m really sorry about this Carol.” “Is that right Bill?” Carol asked, her expression stern. “Did you want to be practically naked in front of Susan?” ” Well…I…uh…it wasn’t like that…she came in our room and said…” “You asked her to come in our room when you were practically naked? I don’t believe this. I can’t trust you at all. Susan, I am so sorry this had to happen…and on the first day. He’s really going to get a canning tonight.” “No,” Bill pleaded, “It wasn’t like that…I didn’t ask her in our room, and I wasn’t naked.” “But you did want to be naked,” Susan replied, “didn’t you Bill?” “No,” he answered. “I think you did,” Carol said knowingly, “I know you…you wanted to be naked in front of this young woman, showing off your little hard on to her.” Little hard on? This was humiliating. Why was it also so damned arousing? “That’s not true,” he stammered, “I was sitting in our room, reading a magazine, and she came in and said you had told her she was responsible for me and that I was supposed to be standing in the corner until dinner was ready.” Carol looked thoughtful for a moment, then turned to Susan with a hint of a smile. “I guess we did have that conversation, didn’t we?” “Yes,” Susan replied. “You told me to have him stand in the corner until dinner time. You said that sometimes he does not follow instructions very well…like we saw last night…so I checked in on him…to see if he was following your instructions. When I peaked in he was sitting on your spanking stool, reading one of his science magazines.” Bill was almost ready to believe that he was out of trouble. It was going to be okay. “He wasn’t in the corner?” asked Carol “After you told him what I said…he still wasn’t in the corner?” “Oh no,” replied Susan, “he was in his tee-shirt and panties…sitting on the spanking stool…and it was not in the corner.” “So he hadn’t followed your instructions? He didn’t do what you told him…even after you told him that they were my instructions?” Bill was beginning to be uncomfortable with the way this was going. He wanted to stop it all right now, but he did not know how. “They were your instructions…and that’s what I told him. I told him you had left instructions to stand in the corner.” “So he didn’t follow OUR instructions?” Carol turned to glare at Bill. “No” Susan answered, shaking her head slowly as she also looked at him, “he didn’t follow our instructions at all.” He closed his eyes. How had this happened? “Should we tell Dan?” asked Susan. Bill’s eyes shot open. It just got worse. What did this have to do with Dan? Just when he thought he was going to get out of it, it got worse. “Is everything okay at work?” Carol asked abruptly, her expression becoming instantly one of serious interest and concern and gesturing to his computer. Bill quickly came back to reality and scrolled through and scanned each of the screens. They all looked good. He nodded. “Good,” said Carol, “then come in here to the kitchen and let’s talk about this.” She turned and started to walk away, so Bill slowly stood up to follow.

“What about the robe and panties?” asked Susan, still standing in the doorway, eyeing Bill with an evil grin. “That’s right,” Carol answered, “you did tell him to take the robe off when we came home, didn’t you?” “I don’t think that’s necessary,” Bill offered loudly. “Did you, or did you not, tell Susan that you would take the robe off when we got home?” “Well…I…uh…” “Then you have to ask yourself whether you want me to use the switch tonight or not. I’d think that your paddled butt would still be pretty sore from last night, and the switch on that tender skin could really leave some welts.” Bill actually shivered thinking about how the switch would feel. She hardly ever used it, but it was especially painful in a whole different way than the paddle. His hand instinctively reached under his robe and caressed the back of his thighs and cheeks, closing his eyes as he realized how bad it would really be. He looked at Susan for a moment, hoping she would give him some privacy, then shook his head when he realized that it would not make any difference. He untied the belt and let the robe slip off of his shoulders and laid it on his chair. She was staring at him with those invading blue eyes of hers, with that evil curl to her lips. She looked him up and down, taking a long moment to inspect the bulge in his briefs. “Well, come on,” Susan gestured with a finger. Bill followed her into the hallway between the kitchen and family room. “I’ll get you out of trouble,” she whispered. “Just do whatever I say … like I told you. Act like my slave tonight and I promise it will be all right.” Bill was not sure that was such a good idea, but the notion of the switch working its pain on his bottom seemed to make the chance worth the risk. Carol was busy cutting up and mixing some stir-fry for her and Dan. They were giggling and carrying on in the kitchen like they were teenagers on a date. Bill wanted to be angry and jealous, but his arousal at their flirting with each other was absolutely confusing. He was trying to figure out how he should act and what he should say, when Susan took him by the arm and led him toward the family room.

“Do you mind if Bill rubs my feet?” Susan asked.

“Be my guest,” Carol replied with only a token of notice. “But don’t be surprised if he ends up with a stiff little willy while he’s doing it.” “I don’t mind,” Susan replied in a loud voice over her shoulder, then whispered to Bill, “let’s give them a little space, shall we?” She led him in patted the middle of the couch while staring intently at him. He took a seat where she gestured and she quickly and athletically propped herself at the end of the sofa with her feet in his lap. “You can rub my feet now Bill,” she said sweetly. He started to rub his fingers along the hollow of her right foot as he listened to his wife and Dan talking in the other room. Susan reached forward and pinched his left nipple. The shock startled him to turn and look into her brilliant blue eyes.

“Pay attention to what you are doing Bill,” she said. “Let those love birds get to know each other while you prove to me that you can adore my feet.” “Love birds? What do you mean love B…?” He turned to stare at her with wide eyes. She winked and smiled that overwhelming grin of hers. “Dan likes your wife a lot, and I think she is sort of taken with him … sort of a mother/son thing … you guys only had daughters right?” “Yes. I’m not sure about…” He glanced toward the sounds from the kitchen and then back to her as he tried to figure out what he was going to say and do. “I’m sure,” Susan replied. “You do a good job on my feet and he does a good job on her head…and maybe she forgets that she wants to spank your red bruised butt with that horrible hickory switch.” Seemed logical, but a torrid jumble of emotions were dancing inside him. He was not sure what Carol would say when she actually saw him rubbing another woman’s feet. Carol enjoyed having her feet rubbed too, and Bill was not always as obliging to her needs. He felt a panic of inquisitiveness to know what was going on in the kitchen. He needed a reason to go check things out. An idea came to him.

“Would you like some lotion or oil on your feet?” he asked Susan suddenly.

She smiled as though she read his mind and knew what he was really doing, but she nodded sweetly.

“I’ll just be a minute,” he said as he put her foot aside. He got up and strolled out of the family room toward the kitchen, following the sounds of stir-fry sizzling and Dan and Carol whispering. He stopped in the doorway and silently watched them. Carol had removed her sweater to reveal a shear tight yellow tank top and the tights she was wearing left little to the imagination other than to display the obvious fact that she was either not wearing any underwear underneath or she was wearing a thong. Did she even own a thong? “Would you be a dear and get me another wooden spoon from that drawer over there,” she said, pointing Dan in the right direction as she took a sip of wine and spilled some in the wok in front of her. Dan turned and caught a glimpse ofhiml in the doorway. It looked like Dan made a point of ignoring him and quickly found the utensil and returned to her side. He did not hand it to her, however. Instead he began rubbing the spoon end around on her near butt cheek. After a moment he ran it along the crease of her ass, then aimed the wide end into the crevice between her legs and rubbed it in and out far enough that Bill was sure it touched the fabric where her pussy lips were. “This what you wanted?” Dan asked as he put his mouth near her ear. “Yes and no,” Carol replied as she turned and playfully slapped his hand away. He left the spoon where it was and she reached to remove it, turning to shake her head at Dan. At that moment, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Bill standing in the doorway. She spun to face him, a flush of surprise and perhaps embarrassment on her face. Dan turned to look at him too, a broad and mischievous grin seeming to make his face glow with satisfaction at the conquest he was being so successful at. “We thought you were rubbing Susan’s feet,” he said. “I came to get some lotion,” he replied indignantly, “I thought you two were cooking dinner?” “We are cooking dinner William,” Carol replied with fake patience, her own indignant expression replacing the embarrassed look. She tilted her head to one side, just so, as she glared at him defiantly. “The lotion is in the bathroom…where it always is.” He glanced down at her chest and was shocked to see her prominent pebbles in the shear yellow top she was wearing. She obviously was not wearing a bra, and he knew the harsh pucker of her nipples meant that she was very aroused or very cold. She was cooking in front of a hot stove, so it seemed damned unlikely that she was cold. He struggled to compose himself, but he was sure he was getting an erection. She looked down at her own chest, then glanced at him again with a sly grin and bobbed her eyebrows at him. “Looked to me like he was stirring a different pot than you were,” Bill said as sternly as he could. “And yours is the one that was boiling.” Her grin of defiance faded and she looked away with a hint of doubt in her eyes. Dan’s eyes narrowed, his smile slipping away too. He glanced at Carol and her frown slipped to a faint smile again as their eyes met. He gestured his head toward the stove and she immediately turned back to her work. Dan then turned his stern gaze back to Bill, then glanced down at his groin. “I don’t think that’s really any of your business Bill,” he said quietly. “That’s my wife’s ass you were rubbing. I think that makes it my business.” Dan turned to admire her and said, “this beautiful, sensuous woman and I were just getting a little better acquainted. I was trying to relieve some her stress from a hard day.” He patted her butt with the spoon again. Carol jumped slightly, but continued stirring the wok in front of her. Dan then cocked his head back towards Bill and slowly lowered his gaze and took another long look at his groin. “And from the way your little penis is standing up, I would say that you were enjoying watching what I was doing.”

He tapped Carol’s shoulder with the spoon and when she turned to meet his gaze again, he tipped his head toward Bill as if to make her aware of Bill’s arousal.

“What do you think of that?” he said.

Carol turned to look at Bill casually, then glanced down at his stiff erection. She shook her head and giggled, then turned back to the wok. “Susan was certainly right about that, wasn’t she?” Carol finally replied, laughter still lacing her tone. “Of course she was…she doesn’t miss much. Just wait until she has the chance to really research the subject.” Bill was in a total state of confusion and anxious fear. He was angry, aroused, and embarrassed, all at the same time. It was perhaps one of the most exciting moments of his life, but he did not know what to do about it. He was suddenly aware that he was wearing only his panties and slippers, and although it should have been mortifying he was more thrilled than ever in his life. How could he be having so many emotions all at the same time? What was he supposed to say? Was this some kind of game? Was this all some kind of setup, with him as the punch-line? It was damned near like a fantasy. He had created many like it over the years, but the intensity of the reality of this one was more than he could manage to get his head around. “Bring me some wine along with the lotion Bill,” Susan yelled from the family room, shaking Bill from his moment of fascinated stupor. In that instant the spell was broken and Bill seemed to be on the outside of a play looking in. Dan spun and reached up to pluck a wine goblet from the overhead hanger, presented it to Carol, and she quickly took the bottle in hand and poured until the glass was almost full. She turned and handed it to Bill with a pleased smile as though nothing was happening between her and Dan. She then looked at Dan and pointed to the mud room as she once more busied herself with kitchen duties. It was as though the previous moment was completely forgotten. “You better open another bottle,” she said, “on the shelf next to the freezer.” “You got it, Dear,” Dan replied, then glanced at Bill as he started to scurry that way. “I think Susan is waiting for her wine and foot rub,” Dan said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “Yes,” Carol added over her shoulder, “be sure and remember everything she teaches you for future reference. Maybe we won’t have to do that switching tonight if you are a good student.” He wanted to get back to the conversation of what was going on between Dan and his wife, but somehow the momentum had been completely lost. He waited for a moment, trying to figure out what to say, but his mind was cast adrift somehow. He sighed, then turned and trudged into the bathroom to find the lotion, then finally into the family room with the glass of wine held out in front of him. He was sure he heard giggling again from the kitchen, but it was more than he could stand to turn back around and investigate. Susan was looking rather expectantly at him as he handed her the glass of wine. “You liked what you saw going on in there?” she asked, glancing at his erection with a smile. Bill did not know what to say. He just shook his head, but he knew she was not convinced. He was not convinced himself. “It will be okay,” she said with a wink, “I’m sure he’s just priming the pump a little bit. Now you better start giving my feet some serious attention. We might use the lotion later, but right now I want a different kind of concentration on my toes.” That did not make any sense, but he nodded anyway. Bill sat down in the middle of the couch and she held her right foot up to his face. He started to push it back down to where he could comfortably massage her instep like he had been doing, but she pushed her foot up to his face again and shook her head, her eyes boring into him. “Kiss it,” she commanded. The haze of numbing emotion that came over him as he stared into her eyes was remarkable. He blinked several times, and then gently kissed the top of her foot. She shook her head again. ” French kiss it,” she commanded. ” Lick each of my toes and kiss them. ” Bill could not help himself but comply. He licked and kissed each toe of her foot, his gaze never leaving hers. “That’s right Billy, ” she prodded, ” now swirl your tongue between my toes…lick and kiss each little slit between my toes like it was a little cunt or asshole.”

Bill’s mind suddenly went to a whole other world, the warmth and flush of his face almost making him pass out. Her dominance and vulgarity consumed him, and he could not imagine not doing what she told him. He licked and kissed between each toe for all he was worth, imagining exactly what she had commanded of him. He had never dreamed of kissing or licking an asshole before, but in his mind he bent to the task with excitement.

“That’s it William,” she continued in a whisper, “Love my foot like it was the most important thing in your life. Bathe my toes with your tongue.”

Her foot became everything to him. Any other sight or sound became a distant mental image. He closed his eyes and floated in the sensual energy between them. She switched feet back and forth, never giving him a chance to possibly stop. “Make love to my feet,” she whispered. “Tell them how much you love them…adore them and cherish them. Tell them how your soul belongs to them…how you are their slave unto eternity.” Bill felt himself being swallowed in an ocean of overwhelming passion and belonging as he caressed her feet with his face and tongue.

“Now push your panties down to your knees so I can see your excitement.”

The confusion and misgivings that tugged at him suddenly were agonizing. What would Carol think or say? Somehow that did not matter, because his Mistress had commanded him. He was sure to be damned for doing it, but he could not help himself.

“Now suck my big toe into your mouth and hold it,” she whispered.

Bill took her toe into his mouth.

“Now go back and forth with you lips and tongue. Imagine you’re sucking on a little cock,” she cooed.

Bill flinched mentally and the reality of her words and his actions shook him to his core. He met her gaze again, and her eyes demanded that he comply. He could never imagine himself sucking on a small cock, but at that moment he could not imagine not doing what she told him. Somehow he did not stop what he was doing. Somehow he was another person, sucking on a little cock.

“Do you love sucking that little cock?” she asked, then she giggled and fondled his erection with the toes of her other foot. “Of course it’s really not that little compared to what you have there, is it?”

Bill felt so insignificant and trivial and small at that moment. He felt tears welling in his eyes as he struggled with her words and his actions. The embarrassment and humiliation were excruciating, but at the same time he was more sexually excited and emotionally charged than he had ever been. He was only sucking on her toe and staring into her eyes, for heaven’s sake. How could such a simple thing have such an effect on him?

“It’s okay,” she whispered. “Just keep sucking on my little cock,” Her gaze never left his. “Keep being my good little bitch cock sucker.”

Bitch cock sucker? He could not believe what she was saying. He could not believe what she was making him do. His fantasies had never been as intense and overwhelming as what he was experiencing just then. At that instant he could not conceive of anything she might tell him to do that he would not do. He was like two completely different people in one body. He was a witness to his own complete submission. How could he live with this? How could he live without it? He lost track of time, of where he was and what he was doing, and even of himself as he sucked on her toe. He was the perfect little bitch cock sucker.

“How are you two doing in here Susan?” Carol’s voice suddenly intruded on them.

Bill was stunned. He had not heard Carol come in the family room. He had forgotten everything else and was living in the moment. He had not been aware of anything or anyone but Susan. Guilt and conscience, and an overwhelming shock coursed through him. He was only just able to keep himself conscious as he struggled mentally with the reality of what his wife was watching him do. He tried to pull away, but somehow he was not able to. Susan would not allow it. She smashed the heel of her other foot against his groin and ground his penis and balls hard between his legs.

“You certainly seem to have him under your control,” Carol added thoughtfully. “I know you told me what you were capable of, but I guess I didn’t realize the extent of your ability.”

“He’s a very compliant subject…if you know how to reach him.”

“I can see that. He has a real weakness there, doesn’t he? I’ve only had him use his hands on my feet before, but you really seem to have consumed his imagination there. I also see you have found an interesting method of keeping his little carrot from interfering with your pleasure and satisfaction.”

Susan chuckled, but she did not take her eyes off of Bill. “Keep making love to my foot,” she whispered, staring intently at him. “It will be okay. Don’t worry…your fantasy isn’t going anywhere.”

Bill’s mind calmed suddenly, as though a silken fog swept over him, and he went back to eagerly sucking on her toe. He was like two people again; one experiencing and one observing. He was aware of his wife and Susan talking to each other, his mind subliminally listening to everything they said while his emotions were consumed with his service to his new mistress.

“He is far more submissive than you suspected,” Susan exclaimed. “It is really amazing, actually. I think it is one of the most powerful components of his personality. It probably allows him to have significant powers of concentration. Probably because his professional life demands that he be in such control of everything at work all of the time, his mind wants to make up for it in the rest of his life. He really has deep submissive desires. He’s not a pain submissive, however. The spankings are the least of his pleasures, just like his acceptance of what I’m doing with my heel here. He would really enjoy forced nakedness and basic to major humiliation. He is a subtle but deep seated cuckold, however. It terrifies him, but it’s also a deep desire.”

“A cuckold? Really? Are you sure? I did not think he was that perverted.”

“Very sure.”

“You are very good to have figured all that out so quickly.”

“Lots of practice,” Susan replied with a laugh. “And like I said he is an easy study.”

“And is he aware of this? Is he listening to us?” “Yes, of course he is,” Susan answered. “He’s listening to everything we say. I’m sure it will be very overwhelming for him eventually, but he can’t respond until I allow it. It’s like I told you…it’s sort of like a hypnotic trance. I’m not exactly sure how it works…only that I’ve been able to do it ever since I reached puberty. Dan can tell you that I’m very good at it, however.”

Dan nodded when Carol glanced at him.

“What I am supposed to do with this information?”

“You can do just about anything you want to Carol?”

“It’s not like I want to be dominant or anything. I can be a little bossy…sure. And of course I can be a little bitchy…maybe a lot bitchy, but those are basically reactions, usually when Bill wants something from me…and he always seems to want something else from me. That’s been our problem for a while now. He wants me to be some dominatrix, and I would be just as happy with a casual sex life, and definitely a lot less frequently.”

“I’m sure Susan can help you get whatever you want,” Dan said with a subtle laugh.

“I can try to teach you my technique if you want. It’s mostly with the eyes, and I personally believe any woman can do it…with the right desire, with a little bit of female attitude, and a enough believing in yourself. And it’s not about being dominant really. It’s more about just getting what you want, when you want it. What I’m doing right now really isn’t taking that much of my effort. And if even this gets to be too much, then you find him a skilled ‘cuckold sitter’ while you go out and have a good time.”

“Cuckold sitter? I’m not sure I understand.”

“Like what I’m doing right now. I’m going to guess that he is as content as at any time in his life right now, and it really is not taking much effort on my part. At the same time you are free to do whatever you want with whomever you want. You could have Dan right here and right now if you wanted him.”

Bill grunted as he struggled get their attention. The nature of the discussion had gone farther than he expected, and even though he was under Susan’s trance, the panic was swelling inside him.

“Sh…Sh,” Susan said as she stroked his small erection with the toes of her other foot. “This is woman’s talk. You don’t worry your pretty little head about what we’re saying.”

Bill felt a calm sweep through him again. He did not like it, but he could not help it.

“I can’t believe how easily you do that,” Carol exclaimed. “I guess you will have to try to teach me.”

“I would be more than happy to.”

“I have to admit that the more I see…the more appealing the whole idea becomes. The teasing we were doing was fun for me. I guess a big strong body rolling around in my bed once a while might be kind of fun. But where am I going to find these skilled cuckold sitters?”

“The wives of two of Dan’s body building friends are very dominant. They’re both like me in that they love to share their muscular men with other dominant women. It’s a pride thing. And they are both more than capable of taking care of the cuckold sitting duties for Billy here. They’ll both tease you about how out of shape you have let Bill get, but you have to expect that. They will probably taunt you into getting him a major shape up routine.”

“Understandable. I can’t really argue with that. Be nice to slim him down and firm him up a little bit.”

Bill sagged inside. He hated to exercise, and he hated diets even more.

“I’m not sure how I feel about some women I don’t really know having casual sex with my husband, however, Carol added.

“Oh he’s not going to be having any sex. In fact he will have constant feedback to keep him from having any orgasms or even touching himself. They’ll just keep him occupied while you do whatever you want with their husbands. Oh…sure he’ll probably eat some pussy and lick some ass, but mostly they’ll just make sure he is mentally stimulated in ways that will be really challenging for him. I’m sure there will be some major exercise involved.”

“That would be perfect,” Carol exclaimed. “So is he going to want to watch me with these other men? Is that how it works with a cuckold?”

“Yes and no. You’re really going to need to have a long heart to heart with Billy here about that. I’m willing to bet that the idea of seeing you with someone else will be so powerful that he won’t be able to deny himself. At the same time, the reality of seeing you with someone else who is such a physical specimen will also probably be more than he can take…at least at first.”

Dan nodded. “You saw how he acted when I did that thing with the spoon in the kitchen?”

“Yes. The jealousy in his eyes was pretty intense…but the tent in his pants was also very obvious. This is really going to change our life…isn’t it?”

“Definitely. I don’t see any other way. Neither of you is going is ever going to be the same again. Like I said, you two will have a lot to talk about tonight. The tricky part is making sure he knows to leave himself alone…and certainly no orgasms.”

“I have demanded many times before that he leave himself alone, but he always contends that he needs more sexual stimulation from me if he is going to leave himself alone.”

Susan chuckled. “I can see how the controlling part of his personality would find that logical…and so like a man to think that way. We will need to teach him a better way, and the most important part is to make sure he understands that he cannot masturbate anymore. He will need to save his manly energy for you or the other women.”

“I’ve never been able to get that kind of control of him before.”

“I’ll try to teach you how to control him with your eyes…and of course the other women will help to control him as well…but if needs be…to make sure he does not touch himself…you will just have to put a chastity device on him.”

“He would probably enjoy that,” Carol laughed.

“A part of him would,” Susan agreed. “The part of him that wants to be dominated.”

“Cuckold huh?” Carol asked.

Susan nodded.

“So I suppose I should I see if Dan here is as good a kisser as my husband is a cock sucker?” Carol said with a laugh. “That should keep Bill on edge.”

“I think that sounds like a wonderful place to start. Could I make an additional suggestion?”


“Well…this might be a stretch for you to begin with, but you might consider having Bill eat you out while you are making out with Dan. Have you ever had an orgasm while you are kissing?”

“That’s very wicked…don’t you think?”

“Very wicked.” Susan laughed out loud. “But the experience just might help you out of your casual shell and into a new dominant persona.”

“I’m not sure how dominant I want to be…and even if I did I would not know where to begin. I just can’t see myself just getting naked here in the family room and locking lips with your husband.”

“So you can start slowly. Do you have a loose flowing summer dress? Something light and airy with lots of room in it?”

“Yes…I’m sure I still have a cotton print that I wore before I lost twenty pounds.”

“That should be perfect. That way you can make Bill climb under the dress while you’re kissing Dan. Why don’t you go in the bedroom and have Dan help you change. Remember…no underwear!”

Bill was expecting Carol to balk at the idea. He was expecting one of her logical arguments why she could not possibly do what Susan was suggesting. There was a certain deep comfort in that expectation, but also a deep disappointment. A part of him wanted her to follow Susan’s advice, while another part of him was terrified that she would. There was nothing he could do about it either way, however.

Without a word, then, Carol took Dan by the hand with a confident tug and led him from the family room. Bill’s heart was in his throat as tears began to form in his eyes again. He tried to pull away from Susan’s foot, but she quickly leaned forward and grabbed his chin with her hand.

“It will be okay,” she whispered. “Look at me. Look me in the eyes. It will okay. I promise that neither of you have ever experienced anything like what you will experience tonight. She will be like a new woman.”

Bill searched her eyes as he sucked on her toe, pleading with her to understand what he was feeling, to comprehend how he wanted some sanity back in his life at that moment. Did she understand what he needed? Did she understand that it had all gone far enough?

“I know…I know,” she said gently as her gaze delved deep into his brain. “You think this will all be too much for you, don’t you? You think it will be too overwhelming. It’s not like you dreamed it would be like, is it? It’s not like you wanted. Everything is out of your control, isn’t it?”

Bill nodded as much as he could.

“Such a silly boy,” she cooed. “It was never about you…you know that now, don’t you? It was never in your control to begin with, so you can’t worry about losing something you never had. It’s about her…and it always has been. You know that Dan is in the bedroom right now helping her take off her clothes. Like I said before…he’s priming the pump. She will be flush with excitement when they come back out. She won’t be naked, but we both know she was for a while with Dan in the bedroom. Soon they’ll be making out like teenagers, and you can only hope that she will let you lick her wet pussy after he works her up.”

Bill did not know what to think. Years of his fantasies were bundled up in her words, and at the same time his guts and emotions were like coiled springs. He was as excited and also as afraid as he could ever remember. When Carol and Dan walked back into the family room, they acted like young lovers. They were laughing and holding hands, the orange flower print dress flowing loosely on her like a little girl wearing her mother’s dress. And Susan had been right; Carol was flush with the sexual excitement of a young girl as they reclined on the couch and began to kiss. Carol and Dan were soon wrestling with each other, arms wrapped around one another as their mouths kissed and sucked and licked the other. Some part of Bill was more excited and enthralled than he could wrap his mind around, while some part of his heart broke.

Soon Susan was narrating and orchestrating the action on the couch. She told Dan to kneel next to the couch while he kissed Carol to make room for Bill. She then instructed Bill to pull his panties up and move over next to the love birds and watch them closely. He ached to do just as she told him, but his body would not move. She told him a second time, finally staring deep into his eyes until he moved. As he got close to them Carol pulled away from Dan for an instant and reached to caress his face with one hand and whimper his name, then the hand moved quickly down to the hem of her dress and she began to pull it up to expose her legs and naked pussy.

“Eat me Bill,” she moaned as her legs flayed apart to expose her thick bush.

He was stunned and his imagination captured many emotions. He was transfixed by what was happening in front of him, like a mirage of drink for a long thirsty man. This was so many fantasies come true before his eyes, and his mind and heart could hardly contain the ecstasy and the torture. He quickly climbed between her legs and buried his face in her thick curly pubic hairs, and felt and tasted the wetness on his mouth and cheeks. He began to lap at his wife’s swelled pussy lips, the odor of her arousal trying to push him roughly away. He had never smelled her or tasted her pussy so harsh and musky. Almost instantly she was bucking against his face and gasping into Dan’s mouth. The unmistakable signs of her orgasm began to dance through her like a tempest, like ripples of electricity were coursing through her. It began to build like a crashing thunder in her and swept through her with the power of a thousand wasted lifetimes.

He could not believe that is was happening like that. Carol almost never had an orgasm, and when she did it always took her a very long time to get there. And they were never anything like this. He began to pull away, but she quickly wrapped a leg behind his head to hold him place.

“Keep going,” she screamed, then pulled her face once more to Dan’s mouth.

Bill buried his face back into her bush and found the wet lips of her vagina again. He knew her clit was always very sensitive, so he began to lick around it with the tip of his tongue. Carol was writhing so much that he had a very difficult time staying away from her nubbin, and finally he flattened his tongue firmly on her clit and pressed hard onto her mound. Almost immediately she began to buck against his mouth as the climax shuddered through her and a loud rolling grunt escaped from her mouth. He kept his tongue firmly on the crevice of her slit, and the spasms seemed to continue forever. It was the most exciting moment of his sexual existence, but as she came down from the powerful experience, and her legs relaxed from around him, and he pulled away to adore her, he saw her mouth still locked onto Dan’s.

As he looked at them from his vantage point between her legs, he felt like another person again. And that other person felt so unimportant and unneeded that it rent his heart. That other person was certain that had been the most powerful sexual moment of her life, and Dan had been the object of her affection while he had been little more than a vibrator or dildo. Her body heaved deep breaths which calmed slowly.

“Oh God, that was amazing,” Carol finally exclaimed, shaking her head as she sat up on the couch, relaxing the near arm of her embrace with Dan to stretch to reach for Bill as well.

Bill eagerly climbed up between her legs, draping himself across her mound and stomach, then tucking his face into the crook of her neck. He wanted to take his panties off and bury his cock deep inside her just then, but he could not imagine how Carol would react with Dan sucking on her tongue and Susan watching so close by.

“That was great Bill,” she whispered, hugging him and pulling his face up to kiss him while Dan nuzzled the other side of her neck.

“I’m glad…I love you,” Bill breathed.

“I love you too,” she said and gave him another quick kiss. “But too much ‘muffymouth.” She scrunched up her nose as she pushed a hand on his chest. He eased away as she turned her attention back to Dan’s kisses.

“You’re a good kisser,” she exclaimed to Dan as Bill eased himself the rest of the way off of her.

He sat on the far end of the couch, feeling lost and bewildered as he watched them. He had been so close to sharing that special moment with her, and then she had pushed him away. He felt and smelled the strong the wetness of her pussy juices on his face, and everything about his situation left him disgusted with himself. He climbed off of the couch and staggered out of the room toward the bathroom.

“Hurry back,” Susan admonished.

Somehow Bill managed to get control of his mind and soul, managed to conquer the massive weight of emotions and swift loss of will that had been coursing through him and consuming him. Without Susan’s damned eyes boring into him, he was able to clear his thoughts enough to get control of himself and his functions. He trudged passed the downstairs bathroom, wheeled at the bottom of the stairs and stomped slowly upstairs as quietly as his fat body would allow. He locked the master bathroom door behind him and turned the shower on as hot as he could stand. He scrubbed himself until his skin hurt, then climbed out of the shower and brushed his teeth until there was not a hint of taste of either Susan or his wife. He looked at himself in the bathroom mirror for the longest time, disgusted by how far overweight he had allowed himself to get.

No wonder his wife got more sexual pleasure just from kissing another man than she did from anything he could ever do for her. Could there be anything more degrading than to be down there licking his wife’s pussy while she kissed Dan? And how pathetic he must have looked to be sucking on Susan’s toe while he stared into her eyes like some helpless slave? How much must they all be laughing at him down there in the family room? He certainly needed to stay away from that situation again. He certainly needed to never look into Susan’s eyes that way again. What was he ever going to do if she was really able to teach Carol how to do the thing with the eyes too?

Bill opened the bathroom door carefully, and was relieved to see the bedroom was still dark and empty. He was afraid. He was afraid of what he had experienced downstairs. He was afraid of how his dreams and fantasies got so far away from him. He was afraid of how his life was going to change, had already changed. He was also afraid of how much he enjoyed it all at some deep passionate and emotional level.

He expected someone to be waiting for him there; Susan, with those damned eyes he could not hide from, or Dan, with those muscles he could stand up to, or Carol, his wife, with the new dominant stature he had asked her to assume. What exactly had happened down there? Was this really what he had hoped for? It was all so much for him to wrap his mind around, and the mental effort to make sense of it left him very tired. He climbed into his side of the bed and pulled the comforter to his neck, then laid there staring at the ceiling until drowsiness became heavy on his eyes.

He rousted faintly when the bedroom door opened, was only vaguely aware of the whispers and laughter from the hallway before the door closed again. A few moments later he felt Carol climb under the covers and snuggle up to him. How long had it been since she snuggled up to him like that?

“We waited for you to come back down,” she whispered in his ear. “Did the experience tire you out?”

“I…uh…I was…”

“It was a lot for you to handle…wasn’t it?” Was there a hint of laughter in her voice?

“It certainly was,” he replied.

“I’ve read that people who experience a dramatic shock can have this kind of reaction…unexplained fatigue. I suppose it was to be expected. It will be easier next time.”

Bill did not know what to say. Next time? The mixture of terror and the rampant excitement coursed through him again.

“Are you okay?” she finally asked.

“I’m not sure,” he answered.

Carol pulled her head away from his chest and raised up on her elbow to look at him. He could see the gleam of her eyes in the dark, but he could not make out her expression.

“Are we okay?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” Bill said.

She stared silently at him for a long time.

“I understand that that was really hard for you,” she finally said, “but wasn’t that what you have been asking me for…for such a long time?”

Bill found it hard to breathe.

“I’m not so sure now,” he finally answered.

“So maybe you got all of this sexual excitement nonsense out of your system?”

Bill could not find his voice.

“I should tell you that it was really great for me…what happened downstairs just a little while ago.”

“It was?” he heard his voice ask.

“It certainly was. The most powerful and overwhelming sexual experience of my life. I think maybe that I discovered some of what I have been missing my whole life.”

“You have? It was very hard for me.”

“Yes, yes…I know. It was really hard for you…I got that…but don’t you see? It was great for me…and that’s what’s important…right?”

He could just make out her eyes boring into him in the darkness.

“You’ve been badgering me for years to open up…to expand myself sexually. You have pestered me for years with your incessant fantasies about becoming more dominant and outgoing. Well…now I have.”

“So what does that mean for us?” he finally asked her shadow.

“That’s what I’m asking you?” she eased over close to him so their mouths were almost touching.

“What do you want? Are you going to want big strong young bodies to roll around in bed with…like Dan and his friends?”

“Yes darling.” She kissed the side of his mouth. “If tonight is any judge, then I’m sure I will.”

“So you won’t need me?” He heard his own voice crack.

“Don’t be silly, William. I will always need my geek. I will always need you.” She kissed him again. “I needed you tonight, didn’t I? You know that I could not have done that without you. You are my husband…the love of my life. You are the father of my children. You are the man I will be with until death claims one of us.” She kissed him again. “Deep down inside…don’t you think this is a chance for us to experience the excitement you want and get some of this out of your system?”

“What if I can’t take it? What if I can’t stand to share you? What if I say no?”

“Then I will be very sad.” She kissed him one more time and then reached a hand down to fondle his cock while she licked his near nipple. “But I think you want more than that…and I think you are more of a man than that.”

Bill groaned as she rubbed the head of his cock with the flat of her thumb and nibbled on his nipple.

“Or are you afraid of your fantasies when you get so close to them? Would you let that fear take this sexual liberation away from me before I even have a chance to discover how wonderful it could be for us? Susan tells me that she has some secrets that I might want to know … some things about you that will help make sure we don’t go back. Should I ask her to tell me more? “

“No,” he heard his voice answer as the terror of his situation came storming back to him.

“Then I guess you don’t have anything to complain about, do you? Maybe you better get down there between my legs and show me how much you love me.”

The logical part of him did not really want to, but the submissive part was afraid to deny her. He serviced her until his jaws and tongue ached that night. He heard Dan pounding Susan across the hall while Carol kept him licking and sucking her slit. The submissive part of his head was eventually swimming with the import and thrill of what he had no choice but to agree to, as the smells and tastes and sounds assaulted him. He could only imagine some of the way it was going to change their life. Finally Carol allowed him to enter her with his hard small penis and after only a few minutes of pumping his cock as deep into her as he could, Bill erupted with a more powerful climax that he ever remembered.

And in those moments of the throes of deeper passion than he had ever felt before, Bill knew that he had given up control of that part of his soul. It terrified him, and excited him, but he knew he had given up that control.

He slept the sleep of the dead that night. He was up early, before everyone else. The day felt full of excitement and promise as he headed off to work. His bottom was still a little sore from the spanking two nights before, but it was getting better. Each time he allowed himself to think about Carol and their new arrangement with other men and other women, his mind drifted off on a dozen tangents that ranged from wonderful to terrifying. He tried hard not to let himself think it. It was a long day, and there were still a dozen issues nagging when he left work that night. There had been a lot of unscheduled downtime to adjust for. He expected a flurry of e-mails and several updates to the MRP planning module that night as they tried to get back on schedule. It was going to be one of those nights when he did not get out of his home office much, but it was better than being stuck at the factory.

He did not recognize the car in the driveway, but was not surprised to see Susan’s car in the middle stall of the garage when he pulled in. The doubts and thrill of the unknown coiled inside of him for a few moments as he climbed out of the Jeep and headed in the back door.

“Hello William,” Carol’s voice chimed from the kitchen as he trudged into his office. “You’re late tonight. Tough day?”

“Yes,” he replied loudly. “Tough day…and it’s not over yet.”

“I’m sorry.” He heard her walking toward his office as he docked the computer. “Is it going to be one of those nights?”

“I’m afraid so.”

“Are you going to have to go back in?” She stuck her head in through the doorway.

“I don’t think so…I should be able to handle everything from here.”

“Good. I made Tortellini salad. Do you want to eat in here?”

“It’s not that big of a rush,” he replied as he logged onto the factory system, then glanced up at her. When their gaze met, her eyes seemed to bore into him. He felt his sense of control slip away just a bit. Had she learned that thing with the eyes from Susan already?

“The kids and I have already eaten,” she said. “I’ll set you a plate in the kitchen. Why don’t you shower first and put something comfortable on. I’ll explain to our guests that you will be busy tonight, so we may have to adjust our schedule of events.”

What schedule of events? He just stared at her for a moment.

“Would you like some wine with your dinner?” she asked, waking him from his momentary stupor.

“Wine would be great.”

Bill found himself again, shook his head to clear the cobwebs, then finished booting up all of the modules. When he confirmed the modules were all updating in real time, he strolled out of his office and toward the stairway as the sounds of young laughter drifted from the kitchen. We? Who was we? Guests? Change of scheduled events. He thought he recognized Dan and Susan’s voices, which was logical, but it sounded like there was another couple as well. Did he really want to know who they were and why they were there? He did not have time to worry about that tonight; he had other more important things on his mind.

He showered and shaved, put on sweatpants and a tee-shirt, then put his terrycloth robe over them. Back in his office, he carefully studied each of the screens on his computer, then started a new MRP upload. The new planning cycle would take almost a half hour, more than enough time to eat. He sauntered into the kitchen and took a seat at the counter in front of a plate of dinner and a glass of wine.

Carol appeared from the family room a moment later.

“Mind some company?” she asked.

“That would be nice.”

He expected her to take the seat next to him but she turned and quick-stepped into the family room. A moment later she returned with a very large blond young man and a striking tall redheaded young woman following her.

“Steve…Kathy…this is my husband Bill.” There was a hint of laughter to her voice. “Bill…Steve will be one of my new boyfriends…and of course his beautiful wife here will be one of your new dominant trainers. She has gracefully agreed to adjust our plans for tonight to facilitate your work.”

Bill struggled with a dash of thoughts and emotions just then. Adjust her plans? And had he heard Carol right? Boyfriend? He had been too busy all day to think about last night, but now it seemed he was looking right at the future she had promised him. Was she making a joke, or was she serious? Susan had talked about friends who were body builders, and this guy was like a wedge chiseled from rock. And the red headed beauty next to him? His dominant trainer? And she had adjusted her plans? Bill took a large gulp of wine, then finally remembered his manners.

“It’s nice to meet you both,” he stammered, easing off his stool to reach to shake hands with each of them.

The young man took his hand firmly, smiled like a giant muscular cat that was about to eat a pet bird or fish, then eased over next to Carol and put an arm possessively around her shoulder. Carol chuckled and snuggled back into the massive young man. Kathy just nodded and smiled, ignoring his hand as she strolled quickly around the kitchen island.

“Are you cold Bill?” she asked as she reached to untie the belt of his robe and start tugging it off his shoulder.

“Uh no,” he said as he struggled to sit back down and defend himself against her.

“Good…because I would really like to get a good look at how much work I have ahead of me. Steve and Carol seem to be hitting it off pretty well already, so it looks like we’ll be spending a lot of time together.”

“I’m not sure…” Bill muttered as she pushed him back to his feet began to pull the robe from him.

“I don’t have patience for shyness Bill,” Kathy said as the robe came off his back. “No truly dominant woman will.”

Bill caught a glimpse of Kathy and Carol eyeing each other, then Carol nodded to acknowledge what the younger woman’s words really meant.

“You will mind Kathy just as you would Susan or me,” Carol admonished.

Bill felt the numbness of submission come over him, and he nodded.

“Carol and Susan have told me all about your kinks and hang-ups, and I really don’t care about all of that. Steve, and Zach and Dan can all tell you that I like a man to feel totally vulnerable around me…isn’t that right Steve?”

“Yes dear,” Steve replied.

“So you see Bill that you need to get used to be naked all the time when I am cuckold sitting you.”

Cuckold sitting? Was he ready for this? Did it matter what he was ready for? He finished his wine in a quick gulp and tried to keep from falling down as she worked his sweatpants down his legs to the floor.

“Goodness,” she mumbled, squatting in front of him as she tugged on the legs of his sweatpants and he stepped awkwardly out of them. “That is a tiny little clit you have there, isn’t it?”

Carol and Steve both laughed out loud, and Bill’s head was so warm and light that he just knew he was going to pass out. Had she really said that? How was he supposed to respond? What was he supposed to say? He was mortified, but the worst of it was that he also felt his scrotum getting tight and his cock getting hard. He had never experienced anything like this, and the emotional and mental thrill was both breathtaking and excruciating as he stood looking at the floor.

“Well…you kind of enjoy that, don’t you Bill? That little clit really grew, didn’t it?”

He just stood there, staring at the floor, his mind a total blank. There were several answers to her questions, completely across the spectrum from stupid to lewd. He did not answer any of them.

“Let’s get the shirt off so you can finish eating,” she continued as she began tugging the tee-shirt up his torso.

Bill did not even resist. He could not look up, and certainly could not look anyone in the eye as she peeled the shirt over his head. Kathy then pushed his shoulder down until he found the stool with his naked butt.

“Not hungry,” he mumbled.

“Finish your dinner,” Kathy urged. “I’ll get you a little more wine.”

Bill’s mind emerged subliminally from the haze and he nodded. Wine would help. He began to eat his salad quickly.

“Slow down,” Kathy urged. “I know you have work to do tonight, but eating slower is the first step in getting your girlish figure back.”

Bill heard Carol chuckled again.

“Carol,” Kathy said in a motherly tone, “Would you please go find someplace to play with my husband.”

“Am I distracting you?” Carol asked.

“A little…and this might get embarrassing…for both of you.”

“Oh! I see. Of course. Come along Steven…let’s go make out on the back deck. I sure hope none of the neighbors will be watching us too much.”

Kathy shook her head slowly, and allowed an amused smile. “I sure hope she does not give him too many bad habits. I’ll have to wear the skin of his ass out if she does.”

Bill shivered deep inside, for so many reasons that he could not describe all of them. He slowly finished his dinner, taking sips of wine that seemed a little flat. He finally tossed Kathy a puzzled look.

“Half diet 7up and half wine,” she explained. “Half the calories.”

He nodded as though her words were the most logical he had ever heard. She had a power over him that was completely different than Susan’s. He could not explain it exactly, but he certainly felt it emotionally.

“If you are finished, then you can go to your office now.”

Bill’s mind escaped in a torrent, and a thousand logistics and planning details sorted themselves out. The fact that he was naked was a worrisome aspect, but he managed to overcome that issue as he sat back down at his desk.

“Can you explain what you are doing?” Kathy asked as she perched on the couch behind him.

He glanced at her over his shoulder, then focused on the computer screen.

“The last thing I want to do is insult you,” he muttered. “What do you know about production control?”

“I’m a customer service supervisor for a large tool distributor. I work a lot with ordering and fulfillment from foreign suppliers. I promise…I’m never insulted if I can learn something.”

Bill shrugged and hoped for the best.

“Well…you obviously understand the concept of an order process. Do you understand bill of materials and available to promise?”

She nodded.

“Do you understand the concept of a planning time fence or a planning horizon?”

“Like in a calendar of future deliveries?”

“Like the time constraints on a calendar of future deliveries, constrained by a calendar of all known demand, combined with a list of available products and a calendar of factory capacity of production.”

“I think I get it. Lots of details all considered together. You can probably explain why delivery and promise dates keep changing.”

Bill chuckled. “There are any of a number of reasons.”

He glanced over his shoulder and she was staring at him intently. No smile at all. Her stern look was almost harsh. Bill blushed again, and this time he shrugged.

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “Conflicting demand is the worst…everyone wants theirs immediately and their combined demand is more than the short term capacity…which causes a power struggle for planning. If someone causes a change in planning so they get what they want, then someone else gets pushed out.”

“I get it…you explained that well.” She allowed a tight smile. “I understand it’s not simple…that I won’t get it all the first time.” she said. “This may take a while.”

“Yes,” he replied with another sheepish grin of his own.

“Just like you won’t get your girlish figure back right away. We’ll have to work with each other.”

Bill blushed again. He could not explain how she made him feel. It was as though he wanted to please and satisfy her in every way. How had she done that?

“Are you really interested in this?” he asked.

“I’m interested in you. You will be part of my responsibility now, at least when my guy is entertaining your wife. I need to know what makes you tick. We are going to learn about each other.”

“Why would you bother?”

“I enjoy sharing and controlling a new slave…just like I enjoy a woman like your wife sharing and appreciating mine.”

“Wow,” Bill muttered as the meaning came to him.

“Let me know just as soon as you have a spare five minutes in what you are doing.”

Bill nodded and bent to the task at hand. It took him longer to adjust and manipulate the schedule and expected receipts. Kathy watched patiently from behind him as his fingers danced over the keyboard and his right hand whipped the rollerball back and forth as the cursor danced through the databases. Finally he was satisfied enough to return the upload and start the re-plan module.

“It should take about fifteen minutes,” he said as he turned in his chair.

“I could tell by your posture that you were eager to be ready for me,” she said as she stepped up beside him and put one foot on his desk, lifting her dress up to expose her gorgeous bare and bald pussy.

Bill stared at her pussy, then his eyes were drawn to look into hers. They were not Susan’s eyes; they did not capture him magically. These eyes held a command.

“Push the chair back…hands behind you…squat on the flats of your feet…now lean forward to lick my cunt in very long slow strokes. Stretch your lower back as you reach your tongue as close to my asshole as you can with each stroke…then lick the flat of your tongue across my clit each time. Don’t let your knees tough the floor…you’ll feel the tension in your back, legs, and stomach. What should I watch for on the screen?”

Bill shook his head as he tried to process the conflicting mental images of what was happening to him and what she was asking of him. Was this exercise? Was it more?

“An orange box with ‘Plan Complete’ will come up. If there is a problem then the same orange box will come up with an error message.”

“I’ll watch…you get in position and start licking.”

Bill took his position, leaned forward and began his task. She tasted a little sweaty and faintly musky, and the bristles of her shaved pubic hair coursed his tongue. Each time he just touched her asshole she bucked slightly and moaned. Bill was conflicted, but he savored the moments. The tension inside him had his cock as hard as any time he could remember. He made each pass as slow and deliberate as he could, enjoying the submissive nature combined with the sexual arousal. But soon his body was complaining at his posture and effort. He was very thankful when he heard the computer ping next to him, and he quickly dropped to his knees and eased back to look at the computer

“Do you really need to do anything?” she asked. “Or are you just resting?”

“Both,” Bill replied with a nervous laugh.

She smiled down at him. “I understand. You did pretty good for the first time. What do you need to do on the computer?”

“Just make sure the new schedule is correctly uploaded and dispersed. It will only take me a few minutes.”

Her smile said she understood, maybe better than he understood himself. She lowered her foot to the floor and turned away. Bill felt a wave of disappointment as she returned to the couch behind him.

“After you do that, how long before you have to check on the system again?”

“Half hour or so.”

“Good,” she answered as she raised her skirt and eased her exposed bottom to the edge of the sofa while pulling her legs up so her feet rested on the edge of the couch as well.

“I’ll be waiting for your tongue when you’re done. Toes under the edge of the sofa…hands behind your head…at the top of each setup you will stretch forward and lick as much as you can…just like before.”

Bill had a very difficult time concentrating on his work, but he managed to complete each step correctly. When he was finished he crawled over to where Kathy waited for him. The rest of the night was like a torrid dream as he shared time between her erotic exercises and his computer. She was very creative in the way she worked him. His body ached and his mind was sexually consumed when his work was complete and she sent him upstairs to shower and go to bed. The last thing she reminded him was to leave his tiny cock alone except to wash it.

For the first time in hours, as he scrubbed all smells of Kathy away and relaxed his tired body in the hot cascade of water, he gave thought about and wondered after Carol and what she had done. Had she been entertained by Steve the same way he had entertained Kathy? The very notion was painful, though he had to admit that it would have only been fair. He was almost asleep when Carol came to bed, and he was not surprised when she expected him to satisfy her sexual urges. He was sure he smelled signs of another man on her, and he wanted to be furious. He knew that would not be allowed, however, especially considering the nature of his activities with Kathy. There was a terrible mixture of jealousy and guilt that challenged him.

After she was finished with him, Carol once again wanted assurances that he was okay, that they were okay, that everything was going to be okay between them, and that he was getting this out of his system. Bill was caught between a spate of lies and the hints of truth. He lied to her, and he told her the truth, and the confusion troubled him. What was he going to do? How was he going to stop this? Did he even want to stop this? Did it matter what he wanted?

The next day was another long one at work, but thankfully he did not need to bring any work home. Doubts and questions and misgivings peppered him when he saw a different strange car in the driveway. He was hoping for a quiet night without distractions and complications. That, obviously, was not to be.

“Hello William,” Carol’s voice chimed. She excitedly strolled from the family room as he entered the house, her heels clacking on the hardwood floor. She was wearing a tight yellow top and black leggings that really showed off her figure. “You’re late again. How are things at the factory?”

“Better than last night,” he answered.

“Good…dock your computer and come meet our guests. I have a fruit salad in the kitchen for you, and I opened a white zinfandel.”

Bill nodded and sighed to himself as he entered his office. He was so conflicted. What was waiting in the family room for him? A part of his mind longed for the submission he felt toward Susan, and a another part of his mind longed for the commitment demanded from him by Kathy, but for the most part he was overwhelmed by a concern about how this was changing his life with Carol. And he knew that there was a new dashing young man in there for her, just as he knew there was another young female challenge in there for him.

Could he just hide out in his office? Could he pretend there was a problem that needed his attention? Carol was too smart for that; she would see right through any ploy like that. He took his time loading each of the factory modules and scanning them for problems, his mind searching for an escape. Finally he admitted to himself that there was nothing keeping him in his office. He trudged to the family room.

“Bill,” Carol said as he stepped through the doorway,” This is Belinda…and this Zachary. Zach…Belinda. This is my husband, Bill.”

Belinda was short, on the verge of stocky, but in her tight leggings it was easy to see that she had a bottom to die for. Her blond hair was pulled back tightly into a ponytail that bounced as she stood to shake Bill’s hand. Her eyes were blazing as she took his hand with a remarkable grip. She nodded, smiled, and appraised him like a piece sausage.

“Hello Bill,” she said, “nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Belinda,” he replied, trying decide if he liked how she was looking at him or not.

Zach stood up next to her. He had very short dark hair, and his shoulders were almost as wide as he was tall. His smile was friendly, though his grip was crushing.

“Pleasure to meet you Bill,” he said. “Hope we can be friends…under the circumstances, that is.”

What did that mean? Bill wanted to ask, but he could not seem to find the words. Carol stepped over next to the broad muscular young man, rubbed then patted his opposite shoulder possessively as she folded her body against his.

“Oh you two will certainly be friends,” she practically sang.

Before Bill could respond Susan joined the group as well.

“How is everything at the factory tonight Bill?” she asked.

“Seems fine,” he replied carefully.

“Good…because after you are done eating, Belinda wants to take you down to the gym she owns and show you some her machines.”

“Oh…I’m not sure about th…” Bill started to reply.

“It’s a great idea,” Carol quickly interrupted. “You will mind Belinda just like you do Susan and Kathy and I. After you eat you will show Susan what to watch for on your system, and if there is a problem she will call you and Belinda home. That way Belinda can give you a thorough going over at the gym while Dan and Zach give me a little special attention.”

Before Bill could even respond, Susan was leading him back to his office. “Just show me each of the screens again and what the ratios should be…then I’ll take it from there. I’ve got your cell on speed-dial already if I need you. Bee’s gym is less than twenty minutes away from here.”

“I don’t think this is such a good Idea…” he complained.

“Do I need to share my information with Carol?” she snapped gently.

It took a moment for Bill to gather his wits. “I understand,” he finally said. “Well … I guess if you watch the tag out screen…and finished goods inventory…make sure that there are no delays. If they stop increasing for more than fifteen minutes, I need to know about it.”

She nodded and shooed him out. Bill was a little hurt at how little dinner there was for him, and he could tell that someone had diluted his wine again. He was not even allowed to shower before Carol made him put on his workout outfit. Belinda acted like she was giving him a huge Christmas present as she drove him to her gym, but he certainly enjoyed the view from behind her as he followed her inside. What a lovely ass she had.

“Zach and I own twenty-five percent of the gym,” she explained as she ushered him inside, “and I’m responsible for promotions and training programs for older members. Right now I’m working on a tone up program from over-weight older men and women. Susan and Kathy both gave me the idea to use you as a star of my new promotion.”

“What do you mean?” Bill asked cautiously.

“I mean we’re going to do some before and after pictures, but also some pictures of each step of the way of you while I whip you into shape. Two nights a week with Kathy and two nights a week with me and I expect to have you looking like a new man within six months.”

Bill was so stunned by the prospect that he could hardly object as she put him on the first machine. She challenged him to pay close attention to the technique of one, and he was thankful that she did not make the weights very heavy or make him do very many repetitions on each of the ten machines. He was also thankful that it was late enough at night that the gym was not crowded with people that were much fitter than he was. When he finished his set on the last machine, he was hopeful that they could go home.

Belinda had different ideas; completely different.

“Now that you are familiar with each machines and know the proper technique,” Belinda said in a very matter of fact tone, “Take your clothes off and perform each of the machine centers again while I film you.”

Bill stood there looking at her, his mouth falling open. “You want me naked?”

“Of course…I’ll film each session for the next six months, and we’ll make an inspirational video of your progress.”

“But you can’t make a naked video,” he whined. “Where would you show it?”

She chuckled. “The naked part will be for just the older women to watch while they exercise…a motivation tool, as it were. Of course your private parts will be unfocused for any videos that are for external use.”

“I don’t know about being naked,” Bill complained. “There are still people here.”

“The heavy lifters never come into this part of the gym, especially at night, and there are only a few older women typically working out at this hour anyway.”

“But how do you know they won’t come in here while I’m on the machines.”

“I guess you really don’t…but Bill I think you need to understand that you really don’t have any choice in the matter. I’m trying to be patient with you, but I’m getting tired of explaining myself. Carol promised me that you would help with this, and Susan told me you cannot say no. You need to get your head around doing it…no matter what. I’m sure there will be people around sometimes when we’re doing our filming sessions, but that’s just the way it is. As they say, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going!’ Now let’s get going!”

Bill stared at her, the hint of submission taunting him as she bounced in place on one leg. Her pony tail seemed to dance for him, teasing him. He was struggling to fight off the sub-space that was consuming him, however.

“I have a very nice ass, don’t you think?” Belinda said suddenly.

“Uh…uh…yes,” Bill muttered.

“You don’t sound very convinced,” Belinda replied.

“Uh yes…you have a very nice bottom.”

“Thank you Bill,” she said. “I know that I’m not as good at this kind of motivation as Susan and Kathy. I know I can’t get you motivated by doing Susan’s thing with the eyes…she tried to teach me and it didn’t work. And I’m not near as big a slut as Kathy is, so you’re not going to get to slobber all over my twat like you do with her. But I do have a very nice ass…all of the guys like my ass…don’t you just love my ass? If you do really good, then I’ll let you kiss and nuzzle my beautiful ass.”

She turned her butt toward him and shook it back and forth. Bill felt his gaze lose focus as the submission began to work on him and overwhelm him. He shook his head slowly to clear his thoughts, and Belinda must have misunderstood his reaction.

“And Susan promised me that you would not disappoint me.”

“Okay,” Bill whined suddenly, shaking his own mind from the blessed submission.

“Oh…it will be all right,” she abruptly crooned to him in a soft voice. “Now you just get your clothes off and then get started on the row machine and I’ll let you kiss and nuzzle my ass a little bit to get you going.”

Bill’s emotions slipped quickly back to submissive, and somehow he could not imagine not following her instructions. The sense of submission he felt was new and compelling and completely different than he had experience with the other women. He felt himself pulling off his shoes and socks, then he peeled the Lycra shorts and shirt off as well. His tiny erection sprung free under his sizable belly, and he was confounded for a moment on how to cover it up and still work the row machine. After a moment or two in his mental haze, however, he gave up on trying to cover himself and simply began to exercise. Belinda was true to her word as she eased back in front of him so he could tuck his nose into the ass crevice of her tight shorts. He breathed deeply several times, and Belinda giggled and farted in his face. Bill’s reaction was more one of total submission rather than offense, his mind consumed by the dominance she so openly displayed. She stepped away, giggling again as she began to film him on the machine.

“Did you like that?” she asked as she filmed him. “I’ll bet you really liked smelling me…didn’t you?”

Bill could not help himself but nod as she worked the machine.

“I thought so,” she giggled again. “Men are such a mind trip.”

She quickly worked him through each of the machines, filming him for ten repetitions on each. Thankfully none of the other patrons interrupted them, and within an hour they were finished. When he was done, Belinda directed him to the showers, and was waiting for him in the lobby.

“You did fine for the first time,” she explained as she drove him back home. “Carol will be happy that she does not need to spank you. I think Zach and Dan might have worn her out tonight, so I’m not sure how much energy she would have to punish you anyway. And of course Susan will be happy that she will not have to share her information with anyone.”

Bill did not need to quiz her about what that meant, and combined with the submissive tendril in his brain he managed to allow no response. The possible conversation frightened and excited him so much that the words would not form in his head and his mouth probably could not speak them anyway. When they got home, Susan informed him that everything at the factory was fine. He could hear the hot tub out on the deck, and he guessed that Carol was busy with her boyfriends. A part of him wanted to go out and check on her, but his spine was too weak to do so. He hovered around the sliding glass door for several minutes before Belinda and Susan told him to come away from the deck and leave Carol alone with the boys. He reluctantly did as he was told. The women got comfortable in the family room and visited about the filming and the promotion project, and soon Susan had him sucking on her toes and massaging her legs.

He was not sure what time it was when he heard Carol and the two young men come back inside from the hot tub, laughing and joking quietly with each other. They all seemed oblivious to him until it became obvious that the activities for the night were coming to an end. Belinda and Zach bid them goodnight, Dan and Susan retired to the bedroom across the hall and began their nightly ritual of banging the headboard, while Bill massaged Carol’s shoulders and scalp. Occasionally Carol would giggle at the sounds across the hall, but Bill was not sure what was so funny. Once again she made him promise that everything was okay with them as she snuggled her back up against him, the smell of chlorine and the hint of the smell of those other young men testing his senses and courage. The joy of the submissive thoughts in his head seemed to cancel out the harsh reality of his logical mind.

Bill was up and gone early again, and home at a reasonable time that evening. Production Control would not be needing his strict attention again that night. Carol was not home yet. Susan had a light dinner waiting for everyone, and she was busy grading tests for one of her classes. He ate his assigned portion, then settled into his office and studied the screens. Nothing of note was of concern at work, so he brought up one of the story sights he sometimes visited.

One of the cuckold stories that he had enjoyed reading several times before found its way onto the computer screen. Before long some of the nature of the story had struck him rather wickedly with a primal reaction. The story was about a man who had given over his rights to his wife to a powerful and wealthy individual in exchange for securing the financial future for the couple during their retirement years, only to discover there was no later in life for them when she decides not to come back to him. The story soon had him so worked up that he had his cock out and was playing with it. He was nearing the edge of release for the third time when he looked up to see Susan watching him silently from the doorway. He was mortified to have been discovered like that, and was even more shaken when she smiled wickedly but did not say anything. She just shook her head then, and turned to walk away.

Should he go after her and try to explain? God, what a stupid idea. What should he do? Before he had a chance to figure out the answer, he heard Susan talking on the phone, and his heart went to his throat as he began to realize how much trouble he was in. By the time Carol got home she was livid, and Bill could hardly believe it when the other two women arrived less than twenty minutes later. He wanted to hide out in his office and lock the door, but he knew he was never going to get away with it. Thankfully none of the other men were there when Carol called him into the family room.

The women were all sitting on the couch, shoulder to shoulder, and Susan pointed to a place in front of them. Bill shuffled to where she pointed and scanned each of their faces. Finally he met and held Carol’s gaze.

“We have decided not to dignify what you did with another explanation of our expectations,” Carol said without preamble. “And we do not want your apologies or excuses.”

“I’m…I’m…” Bill replied as he fidgeted before the four women. His logical mind was miles away, and the submissive shadow of himself stood there alone.

“Remove all of your clothes,” Susan demanded.

It took a moment for his brain to process the instruction, then another moment before he managed to make his fingers work enough to begin to comply. They each seemed patient enough that he slowly took his clothes off and placed them on the coffee table without speaking. When he was naked before them he stood with his hands trying to hide his erection.

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