Chapter 02 — New World

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‘You don’t have to live like this, you know?’ David’s voice broke the silence in the garden; they were still lying on their ragged clothes.

Grace opened her eyes in the dark, her chest still rising and falling rapidly from the recent pleasure.

Her silence encouraged him to continue. ‘I mean the black dress and all. You have never loved Henry, so why to keep up this masquerade?’

She felt a sting inside, like her pride had been hurt. ‘Henry was a good man,’ she quickly retorted.

‘Yes,’ he nodded in the dark ‘He was. But he’s never been yours.’

Grace remained silent, lying immobile as if she wasn’t even there, his words burning in her head.

‘Look at yourself, Grace,’ he restarted ‘You are barely one and twenty. You have an inner passion that cannot be tamed by a mourning dress; especially if you’re wearing it for a man that never understood a single thing about you!’

She sighed, her awareness that his words were so true burned her inside; but what escape did she have?

‘You could always ask my father for my hand,’ she prompted quietly.

‘But you know it would not work.’ David shook his head, ‘He will never let you marry someone who bought a title, especially now that you are a widow and he has the chance to make another profitable match.’

Grace sighed louder, sad that their passionate escapade was finishing on a sad note.

‘You have a way out. My ship, the Constantin, will sail at the break of dawn.’

She gasped ‘You don’t mean that…’

‘I do,’ he stopped her ‘Establishing an office in New York has its advantages. The captain of the Constantin is waiting for me to leave and he is a dear friend of mine. There will be no talking, if that worries you.’

David paused and the silence of the night fell between them. He could feel her hesitation, she would ask him to make love to her one more time, and he would oblige, but then they would part.

Grace closed her eyes and felt like she couldn’t even think, let alone make a decision. Ideas were buzzing around in her head like flies, annoying her more than anything. For a moment she felt so small and useless.

Her voice broke the silence: ‘I’m coming.’

David turned, surprised, his eyes scanned the dark to see the contours of her body.

‘Yes, I’m coming,’ she confirmed ‘And I should start preparing everything, there is not much time left.’ She got up and hurried away, barely covering herself with her dress.

The last thing he saw of her were two round butt cheeks shining in the moonlight. His cock reacted, springing up fiercely, already recovered from the recent action.

His hand closed slowly on his member, holding it in a firm, yet soft grip. In his mind, images of her pale skin in the moonlight started to take shape. The image of the inviting roundness of her breasts prompted his hand to start moving along his cock in long, slow strokes.

How badly he wanted to taste one of those sweet nipples. Even though she had barely left, he wanted more. And he would have it.

He got up and dressed, tucking his hard-on into his pants; that would have to wait. He walked towards the house to see if he could be of help.

For the second time that night Grace sat and waited. Her mind raced, making lists of things she had just done and more lists of things she had forgotten.

Her hands moved restlessly in her lap, torturing the burgundy fabric of her dress. ‘Mourning is over,’ she thought.

She had left a note her personal maid would find first thing in the morning. There were money and letters of recommendation for the servants; the house would go back to Henry’s family. Everything seemed to be taken care of, but she had so little time to think of everything.

It was dark in the carriage; David could barely see Grace on the opposite seat. She was nervously fiddling with the fabric her gown, the pale skin of her hands moving frantically. He felt a sting of guilt, and wondered if asking her to come with him on the Constantin wasn’t too much for little, quiet Grace, the woman he had fancied since he started to grow hair on his chest.

He had never known her as a woman of action; she was respectful, calm and considerate. She was also a beauty with desires that only needed being awakened. This he knew so well.

‘I can take you back.’ He immediately regretted saying so; another woman could never be the same as Grace.

Grace’s silence agitated him even more. Damn! He had never been that nervous around a woman.

She did not speak, but he felt her touch on his arm.

Her fingertips traced a path climbing up to his shoulder till she could reach for him, then she moved, and with a rustling of fabric sat beside him.

Her hand moved down his chest, making the erection in his pants grow wild, and prompting him to forget his worries once and for all.

‘No,’ she whispered to his ear ‘It is so difficult to leave everything behind, but you are right; I could never be free here.’

Feeling the conviction in her voice, David finally relaxed, and lay back in his seat. He wanted to take her badly but there would be time for that later.


Dark, it sure was dark. Grace looked at the quiet ocean under the ship and her eyes moved quickly to the few lights still visible on the coast; they would soon disappear.

By now, she knew, the servants must have found the letter with the instructions she had left, and her parents must have been informed.

‘Father will be furious.’ she thought, but consoled herself with the though that she had made sure to keep her destination a secret. If she hadn’t, she could see someone being sent after her, maybe a future husband she was yet to meet.

That part of the ship was quiet enough; she could hear the voices of the sailors working in the bow, distant from her favorite spot, and sheltered enough from everyone’s prying eyes. In the pale-colored nightgown she was quite visible, even in the dark.

‘Regretting something?’ David’s voice broke the silence, and she turned to see a shadow against the few lights of the ship.


David’s hands touched her waist and he immediately felt the tension growing in his pants once again ‘Good, you know I want to teach you a couple of things tonight.’

Grace’s eyes widened in the night; her nipples hardened in anticipation. He felt her excitement matching his and his hands cupped her breasts under the thin muslin of the gown. He fumbled to lift her nightdress high enough; Grace gasped at his audacity.

The wind helped, and in a moment she was naked from the waist down, the breeze cooling her legs, and David’s hands igniting fires that would need the whole night to burn out.

His fingers gently explored her inner folds. Loving his touch, she closed her eyes and let her head fall back, resting on his shoulder. She relaxed in his arms, and gave up to the tingle that started growing deep inside her.

David moved with expert strokes to awaken her excitement himself; she was so wet his fingers were covered with her juices and her body felt so hot against his in the ocean breeze.

He felt her muscles clench around his fingers and he stopped moving. Grace opened her mouth to protest but his lips covered hers in a deep kiss, and his tongue played a dance with hers, taking hold of all her thoughts.

Blood rushed to her head, she felt like vanishing in his arms, as if that burning flame of passion could take both of them away.

David watched her closed eyes with a smirk; in the light of the moon her pale skin shone brightly. Her eyelids opened slowly and her eyes analyzed his smirk, then she opened her mouth to talk but he stopped her ‘Wait, there’s more to come tonight.’ and holding her hand he guided her into the bowels of the ship.

The wooden deck welcomed them with a squeak. Being the shipowner, he had right to a passenger cabin, which was smaller than the Captain’s cabin. The door closed behind them, and David’s hands touched Grace’s waist, encircling her in a hug. Then he slowly removed her nightclothes. His lips approached her ear and he whispered ‘And now your lesson begins…’

With these words, she let him bend her over on the bunk bed. The light of the single oil lamp painted shadows on Grace’s skin, and fully exposed Grace’s bounty before his eyes. Her furry mound protected her moist swollen lips. She was so excited — the glistening wetness at the entrance of her cunt was just another sign of how eager she was.

His cock pushing up fiercely in his pants, David smiled, ‘Not long before you have your relief,’ he thought.

A probing finger touched her cunt lightly, tickling her dark hair and exploring the soft folds of skin around the sweet opening.

‘Ah, Grace, you would be every man’s dream…’ he whispered

‘Take me.’ She sighed.

‘Not quite yet darling, there’s more to come.’ He smiled.

His finger plunged deeply into her cunt, reaching the deepest he could go; Grace arched her back against his finger. He licked his fingers clean; she was so arousing he felt his pants would explode. David started tickling her cunt. Inebriated by her feminine fragrance, his tongue whirled rapidly around her clit and explored her slit.

Grace thrashed in search of relief from the powerful pleasure, but he did not let her go and grabbed her by the hips.

David stood back; his eyes ran over his lover’s smooth thighs. Hell, Grace seemed to become more beautiful every time they made love.

He caressed her buttocks, and his fingers moved gently where Grace couldn’t even imagine, her most shameful place. His finger started circling rounds and round her puckered hole and she gasped with emotion, being torn between stopping David from his shameless intentions and enjoying the darts of pleasure shooting through her body.

‘Yes dear, Grace…I know you like it’ David turned to retrieve a bottle of oil from a shelf, giving Grace time to catch her breath ‘David, we shouldn’t…’

‘Shhh’ he silenced her ‘You’ll discover a new world tonight.’ And after having oiled his fingers he returned to her back hole.

He touched her center that reacted with a relaxing for a moment. David’s tongue returned to her slit while his fingers circled around her asshole. Spread open in front of him, she was a magnificent vision; for a moment David thought he could come in his pants like an adolescent boy.

Her ass twitched with his touch, clearly ready to accept more. He was totally willing to give it to her. His index fingers pushed in the center and penetrated her ass with one fluid motion.

‘Oooh’ Grace sighed in delight, unaccustomed to the totally new feelings darting through her body.

‘Oh yes dear, see what you have missed all these years?’

Grace did not reply, but remained immobile, trying to control her own body.

He retired his finger, and starting to circle once again with two fingers this time, he lowered his head to her pussy once more. With another swift movement, he plunged his two fingers deep into her ass, spreading her further.

He loved the feeling of his fingers inside her; she was so ready for him now, but he wanted to remain still for a moment to let her get accustomed to the feelings to come. He slowly withdrew his fingers, catching a glimpse of the pink walls of her ass that would soon welcome his cock.

The oil having lubricated her ass, it was now glistening in the light of the oil lamp and totally ready to welcome him ‘Take me.’ She whispered, barely in control of herself.

‘Yes, now yes.’ He replied.

Standing back he removed his clothes quickly, letting them fall to the wooden floor of the cabin with a rustle of fabric.

David moved closer to her ass and caressed her thighs, already imagining them shaking behind his blows. Closing a hand on his cock he guided it against her puckered hole and applied gentle pressure. Grace sighed and wiggled a little, but he cooed her and caressed her back while applying steady yet gentle pressure to her hole.

He felt her entrance giving way slightly, his cock was doubtless bigger than his two fingers, and for a moment he wondered if she would be able to take it, but Grace, mighty Grace, she was a woman made to make love, there was no doubt about her skills.

Grace felt his hard shaft pushing softly at her ass, and losing all inhibition, she clawed at the bed sheets under her, and pushed against his shaft. Her ass spread around the girth of the head of his cock, and she felt like it would never stretch enough to let the big shaft. She moaned ‘It’s…’ panting from the effort.

David caught up ‘Big, yes it’s big. My big cock is slipping up your asshole, Grace, do you like it?’ He paused, still only halfway into her ass. ‘Say it Grace, do you like it? Has Henry ever fucked you this way?’

She bit her lip in that limbo of pain and pleasure, and yelled, ‘No, no. He never did this to me, and I like it. Fuck my ass David, fuck me!’ while pushing against his ass. For a moment, her behind went numb, flooded with the feelings of his cock popped right inside her ass.

David stood still with a grin, enjoying the view of her hole stretched around his shaft.

Grace was wordless with the new sensations, her backdoor violated. She loved it. She had never felt dirtier, yet she was enjoying every minute of her reproachable behavior.

Very slowly, David pushed further inside to complete his penetration of her bowels. Her ass seemed to want to follow his cock, stretching a little further until his balls touched her cunt.

Grace moaned hard ‘Fuck me, please take me now…’

David smiled. ‘I am happy to comply, milady.’ He grabbed her hips, withdrawing slowly from her tight ass. It seemed like it would close forever if he left it, so he shoved his cock back in, and Grace panted, clawing at the bed sheets even harder.

He did not let her wiggle away, but instead kept hammering deeply at her hole, moving ever faster. Grace was now feeling a delightful mix of burning and tingling, pleasure and pain; she was totally wild, and screamed with pleasure, without a care as to who could hear them.

Her long curly hair danced with his blows, covering and uncovering her body as she moved under him. David grabbed it, and she arched her back in response, letting out a deep sigh of delight. ‘More’ he thought, and he felt like he would be swept away by a wave of pleasure.

Grabbing her hips even harder, he shoved his cock the deepest he could, taking the final plunges that still separated them from reaching their pleasure.

Grace’s body thrashed like it had never before, and she totally lost control of herself. The world around her disappeared, and she shook from deep within, her insides churning around her lover’s hard meat pounding her ass.

After a last deep plunge, David shot his load in her bowels and cried out in pleasure, collapsing on Grace, still inside her.

Feeling drained, David rolled onto his side in the bunk bed and his cock slipped out, revealing the sore redness of Grace’s battered asshole. Grace touched his arm with a tired smile; she had loved the lesson.

[Dear Reader, I know it has been a long time since I promised this story, but at long last here it is. This story is as true as it can be given that I wrote it many years after the actual events. They say stories get better with the telling and this one has been told through many drafts. I wrote it in the third person because it just didn't read well without a glimpse into the thoughts of the other characters. Obviously, whatever I wrote about the thoughts of the other characters is from my imagination, but I know most of them well enough to believe I got much of it pretty close. I previously wrote a fictional story which a few readers thought had too much story and not enough sex. If you are looking for descriptions of hot sex and little else, then this story may not be for you. If you would prefer a story about a widow's adventures into unconventional sex with multiple partners of various ages and genders and what she may have been thinking and feeling at the time AND includes hot sex, then this story may just be for you. It's long, very long (30 pages in Word) and will be followed by other similarly long chapters. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. And stay tuned for my continuing sexploits. Oh, one more thing, I'm Canadian and that's where I live. American readers will think my spelling is poor, Canadians and those from the UK will know better. Thank you. Hugs. Anne.]

Anne Sexsmith sat at the end of the loveseat in her living room with her right leg tucked under her and the left hanging over the edge; the painted nails of the outstretched toes of her small foot barely reached the floor. She was gazing out the nearly floor to ceiling picture window at the street and farm field on the other side. It was a sunny spring afternoon and the corn, planted only a few weeks before, was beginning to push through the soil making thin green lines visible in the dry brown soil. According to the weather forecast, in the part of southern Canada where Anne lived, it would be another dry and unseasonably warm early May day.

She held an oversized half full long stemmed red wine glass in her right hand and on the table to her left were her ever-present tube of lipstick, cigarettes, gold lighter and a large ashtray. All of the ashtrays in Anne’s home were large so as to accommodate the extra-long, slender brown cigarettes called Mores that she enjoyed so much, the menthol ones in the soft green package.

Although she didn’t know it yet, this was the day she would begin to emerge from the self-imposed loneliness and seclusion of mourning the loss of her husband. Although she had no idea at the moment, on this day and over the coming weeks and months her life would change completely. She was reminiscing about the good times she and Dave, her husband, had shared and believing she would never feel that way again. She and Dave had both been 46 when he had a heart attack at work. By the time someone found him in his office and called an ambulance he was cold and revival was not possible.

Dave’s death eight months before had turned Anne’s life upside down. With both her son and daughter out of town at colleges, she was suddenly alone just as she and her husband had begun to enjoy the freedom of an empty nest. Their busy social life had become a whirlwind of dinners out, with each other and often with friends, parties and movies — at the theatre, no longer just on TV. Their sex life, which had always been good, became incredible with the passion and the frequency rivalling their time as newlyweds.

Once a respectable mourning period had passed, her friends began to invite her out again, but they were all married couples and she declined the invitations not wanting to be a third, fifth or seventh wheel and to be reminded of her status as the only widow in the group.

There was one friend though, Beth, who had refused to let her be alone. Anne and Beth had been best friends since grade school, had attended college together and as each woman married and had families their friendship never waned. Their families became closer than many people were to their blood relatives. Anne was indeed a very close friend of Anne’s family and the opposite was true as well. When their children were young, they referred to their mothers’ friend as aunt and the husbands as uncle. Anne, Beth and their husbands had all been part of a group of friends in college. In fact, both women had previously dated the man the other would marry. While most people would find it awkward to continue to be friends with people they had once slept with, not to mention people their spouses had previously slept with, the two couples maintained a close, friendly and hands-off relationship.

Since they had gone to college in the days of protests, free love and ‘make love not war’ t-shirts it wasn’t awkward at all. With few exceptions, of the dozen or so members of that group of friends they had all enjoyed at least one sexual encounter with each of the others, it was a time of sharing. All of the many encounters they shared were heterosexual and one-on-one, kinky, but not too much so. The two couples were now respectable, middle class pillars of the community. Beth’s husband Jim owned a new car dealership and Dave had owned, with two partners, a small manufacturing plant. After children arrived, each of the wives had given up their careers to become stay-at-home moms, living comfortably on the returns of their husbands’ successful businesses. After the children were in school all day, they had become active volunteers in the community and regularly worked out and visited the beauty parlour together.

It was Sunday, although with the kids and now Dave gone there were few differences between most weekdays and weekends. Anne had not become a total recluse in her mourning, continuing some of her daily and weekly habits, habits that had become more like rituals. Anne had always been an early riser, relishing her “alone time” before everyone else awoke and the hustle of breakfast, bag lunches and goodbyes began. The timer on the coffeemaker continued to dutifully brew a pot minutes before she awoke without the aid of an alarm clock at 4:00 a.m. She would wake up and walk to the kitchen naked – she had always slept naked. Over the years she had only been ‘caught’ a handful of times by her son or daughter as they made their way to or from the bathroom. She wished them a ‘good morning’ as though there was nothing wrong with them seeing her this way and continued either to the kitchen or back to her bedroom. She did not consider herself an exhibitionist; she just enjoyed the freedom of being naked. Once in the kitchen she would pour herself a cup of coffee, black, observe the outside temperature on the thermometer on the other side of the window and return to the bathroom in her room where she would sit peeing, drinking her coffee and smoking her first two cigarettes of the day before her shower then brisk walk in nice weather.

From the very beginning of her marriage she had always showered, did her hair and make-up and dressed before anyone else awoke. When they had the addition built it featured extensions to the dining room and kitchen, a new master bedroom and that bathroom, ‘her bathroom,’ which she reluctantly shared with her husband. All the walls were sheathed in dark smoked mirrors from floor to ceiling. The fourth wall was one massive shower that could easily accommodate four adults, though they had only tried two. It too was mirrored with a clear plate glass wall and door enclosing it. Large mirrors were a feature of many rooms in Anne’s home. Although she wasn’t conscious of it, Anne could not walk past a mirror without looking at herself. From puberty men had stared at her and often commented on her attractiveness. By the time she went off to college she had come to believe them. She worked hard at maintaining her looks so why wouldn’t she take every opportunity to admire her work?

Dave had willingly spared no expense remodelling her bathroom. There was an oversized vanity made of rich looking dark coloured wood and polished brass hardware on the doors and drawers. The top had two sinks. Next to the toilet was a bidet that had quickly fallen into disuse although it served well as an end table and ashtray during her morning coffee and cigarettes.

The men, who throughout her life had told her she was beautiful, were accurate and even women admired and were envious of her appearance. Anne was an uncommon looking woman. Not odd or even unique, there are other women who would bring her to mind, just not many. She was petite, standing just five feet four inches tall she could easily be mistaken — from behind — for a teenager. Her buttocks were hard and shapely from her daily walks and three gym visits every week; and they were very round providing a wonderful beginning for her well-formed, slightly muscular legs. Her waist was small and the girth of her hips was only barely more than her tiny waist. The complete package drew stares wherever she went.

But it was from the front that this tiny woman became spectacularly alluring to men. Perfectly shaped breasts that were many sizes too large for her elfin frame adorned her torso. They were truly magnificent and of a tear drop shape that implant engineers have still yet to duplicate. The upper curve, from her neck to their apexes was like a gentle ski jump, curving down and then up slightly. Again from their apexes they curved back down then up until they met her rib cage seeming to defy the law of gravity. Even now, with two grown children in college, they retained the shape and tone they had when she was in her twenties. Their size made wearing a bra virtually compulsory, though on warm days, like this day, with no plans to leave the house, she would go without, relishing the freedom of not being bound up.

Throughout her voyage through puberty she had learned to be very proud of her breasts as they grew with her, referring to them as ‘her girls.’ She had always pretended not to notice the boys in school and even older men as they ogled and admired the bulbous ornaments, though she smiled within at the interest they drew. At 47 years old, younger men, and even boys, could not hide their interest in them in addition to the men her age and older. Even though their mere existence drew stares; she always wore something to accentuate them — whether her top was low cut, skin tight, sheer, all three or emblazoned with a slogan or design – it screamed “look at these!”

On this particular day she wore an outfit typical of the time. It was 1989 when workout wear had become street wear. She wore spandex stirrup pants of a shiny deep purple that hugged her shapely legs like panty hose. It was warm so she had foregone the leg warmers. On top she wore a matching – always matching – lighter purple oversized t-shit that hung off of one shoulder emblazoned in large dark purple letters with the title of the George Thorogood song, “Bad to the Bone,” it didn’t match her mood, but Dave had bought it for her. The t-shirt was cut very short exposing her navel and generous swaths of the silky white skin above and below that covered her firm abs. She had no plans for the day so hadn’t bothered with underwear. Most 47 year old women at the time would have considered the outfit sexy, risqué, even slutty, but for Anne it was just normal, except of course for the lack of bra and panties which she would have worn had she planned to go out.

Anne’s face was no less enchanting than her body. Her early morning rituals, even on weekends, ensured that no one but her husband and children – and even them very seldom – had seen her without make-up. Her silky complexion, which only seemed to end at the edges of her clothes, was flawless. Her eyes were large, round and the colour of emeralds; expertly applied mascara made her lashes seem almost false and she always wore a sparkle laden light green eye shadow and pinkish rouge to highlight her high cheek bones. Her nose was small and dainty with the slightest of upturns at its tip.

Anne’s lips were not wide, only just reaching past her nose on both sides; however they were deliciously full and fleshy, almost free of creases, with two distinct peaks on either side of the centre of the upper one. They were always, always highlighted with blood red lipstick without a shine or shimmer. Owing to its matte finish it was not long lasting and she left lip prints on everything they touched, from coffee cups to the wine glass in her hand and the spent cigarettes in the ashtray. It was her habit to kiss people she knew hello on the cheek and she always left ‘her mark.’ She had worn the same colour since college and along with her cigarettes and lighter, a tube was at all times within arm’s reach for regular reapplication.

Anne was a natural redhead but for years had died her hair. She had never understood the term redhead since her natural hair colour was orange. So to set things right she died her hair red, almost burgundy. She got away with it since despite her natural hair colour there was not a single freckle on the smooth white flesh of her body. Years earlier having rejected perms, she parted her thick, heavy and ever so glistening hair in the centre. Wisps of bangs dangled randomly across her forehead on either side of the centered part, just long enough to sometimes get caught up in her brows that curved down in both directions from petite arcs.

From a point even with her eyebrows, the ends of her hair sloped downward toward the back until the length at the back allowed it to dance on her shoulders as she walked. The style was tapered inward so that the shape of her hair roughly followed the shape of her head. Except for shampoo and conditioner she used no other hair care products. Her husband had loved being able to run his fingers through her mane and watch every hair obediently fall back to its original place.

Another ritual she had maintained throughout her mourning was her visits to the spa every other week with Beth. They both continued to call it the beauty parlour even after that term had fallen from use by everyone else. And each visit was the same as the last – hair trim, facial, reapplication of make-up, manicure, pedicure, and sugaring. The spa had discarded waxing of body hair for the more refined and trendy sugaring. The process and pain were the same, but the results better. The only hair that remained on her tiny body were her eye lashes, eye brows and the hair on her head which would occasionally be touched up to conceal the orange roots. Her favourite part of the visit was the pedicure, especially the foot massage. She would put her head back, close her eyes and moan softly as Lance, the only man who worked at the spa would work the muscles of her feet. Lance was outwardly gay, a real flamer, but she found the sensation of his strong hands ministering to her sensitive feet erotic nonetheless.

She and Beth also visited the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays and most Fridays. Their workouts were by no means intense, never breaking a sweat; it was more a social outing than exercise but had the desired effect nonetheless. They would jog leisurely on adjacent treadmills then lift small weights in a regimen they had read would keep their breasts firm and perky. Following their workout they would sit in the small café overlooking the exercise and free weights areas sipping protein shakes from straws and checking out the exercising men. Although they had been very active sexually in college, once married they never strayed but had fun anyway wondering aloud to each other how these young body builders might be ‘in the sack.’ For them, this was the highlight of the outing, it was fun and arousing, their language becoming more and more bawdy as they wondered aloud about the ‘the size of the men’s cocks’ and how much of it might fit in their mouths, or for how long a particular man might last as he ‘fucked them from behind.’ Both friends were very flirtatious leaving hordes of frustrated men of all ages in their wake.

From her perch on the loveseat, Anne noticed Beth’s car pull up in front of her house. She wasn’t the least bit surprised. Beth had been regularly dropping by unannounced since Dave’s death, in addition to their gym and spa visits. Beth had learned that if she called first Anne would have some excuse to be left alone and she wasn’t about to let that happen. This time, instead of pulling in to the driveway the big black car with dark windows parked on the street. It just sat there without Beth getting out.

What Anne didn’t know was that Beth wasn’t inside the car; rather it was Beth’s 21 year old son Jimmy. He had just arrived home from college for the summer and when his Mom told him that Anne wasn’t doing very well he told his Mom he’d drop by and try to cheer her up. Jimmy’s Mom had told him that Anne’s children, Jack and Jessica both had summer jobs out of town and that she might appreciate a visit. Anne had been like a second Mom to Jimmy for as long as he could remember. Even as a small child he had enjoyed spending time with her when she would visit his Mom or when he and his younger sister would go to Anne’s to be babysat. She was a nice lady who always had more cookies in her house than his Mom would ever allow. For her part, Beth thought a visit from Jimmy might cheer Anne up.

Beth was completely unaware that even before Jimmy had reached puberty his feelings toward Anne had begun to take on a different character. He saw her as incredibly sexy and whenever he was around her he would become physically aroused. At that point in history, cigarette manufacturers were trying to increase the number of women smokers and many young men, like Jimmy, also succumbed to their advertising message that a woman smoking was glamorous and sexy. Anne’s incredible body, manner of dress and the way she smoked came to define sexy in Jimmy’s young, hormone soaked brain.

At first he didn’t really think consciously about it, content to simply enjoy being around her and enjoy the warmth and swelling he felt between his legs whenever she was near. When he learned what sexual intercourse was one day in the schoolyard he immediately knew it was something he wanted to do with his Mom’s best friend Anne.

The two families often rented a cottage at the beach together. Those two weeks in the summer Jimmy would spend as much time as he could studying Anne sunbathing in one of her many skimpy bikinis while she smoked those sexy long brown cigarettes and sipped exotic drinks. On weekdays when the beach was largely deserted, the husbands were off fishing and they believed the children were in town amusing themselves, Anne and his mother would remove the tops of their flimsy bikinis and let the sun colour their breasts. One of those afternoons during the summer Jimmy was fourteen he had stayed behind and wasn’t in town with the others. Through a window of the cottage, he watched Anne’s large and beautifully naked breasts heave with each inhale. With his topless mother in a lounge chair right beside Anne’s, he ejaculated without even touching himself. After that experience he began stealing Anne’s cigarettes and layer buying his own, smoking them while masturbating, fantasizing about her.

Now 21 and never having done or said anything to indicate to Anne how he felt, he sat in his Mom’s car hoping, as he always had, that this would be the day when Anne would take him in her arms and finally leave lipstick on his lips, not just his cheek. This would be the day she would at long last make love to him. For years he had thought the same thing about his next encounter with her, and nothing of the sort ever happened. Nonetheless, his hopes would always triumph over his experiences. Finally he opened the car door and made his way toward her front door.

Anne was just about ready to get up from the loveseat and go out to Beth’s car to see what was going on when she saw Jimmy slowly walking toward her front door. She had always liked him. He was “a good kid” and very bright, more so she often lamented than her two. She remembered how the two families would play board games and whenever the game involved questions of skill or trivia the only competition was for second place…first place was always Jimmy’s, even when the adults joined in. She had caught herself on many occasions wishing her offspring could be more like him…smart, well-spoken, well-read, mature, respectful, polite, and even successful, just as comfortable conversing with adults as those his own age. Not for a second had she ever had thoughts of a sexual nature about him.

As he walked slowly toward her door she thought, ‘he had grown up to be a good looking young man.’ He was over six feet now, well built, not terribly muscular, but well proportioned. His curly dirty blonde hair was no longer in a ponytail, the front and sides were the same length, cropped almost bowl-like. The piercing blue eyes he had inherited from his mother were cast down at the ground. His facial hair, still very sparse, was shaved close and his fair complexion was unblemished. Anne had innocently never perceived the lust in those beautiful blue eyes, the bulge in his pants or his constant ogling of her breasts, ‘after all, everyone stared at them.’ She finished her wine, reapplied lipstick and got up to move toward the front door, arriving just before him.

As Jimmy reached out for the doorbell Anne opened the door. “Jimmy,” she almost yelled with glee, “how nice to see you again.”

“Hi Anne, it’s great to see you again too,” speaking directly at her unbound breasts that had almost stopped swaying and were at eye level since he was one step lower than she on the porch.

She took him by the hands and almost pulled him up the step, through the door and toward her. Wrapping her arms around him and leaning in to kiss him softly on the cheek. That was how Anne greeted everyone she knew and he recalled that his mother had greeted him that way when he came home from college two days before, although his mother’s breasts were almost as large as Anne’s, they hadn’t felt quite the same against his chest. And it was greetings like this that helped fuel his desire and hope that someday Anne would take it further.

“Come, sit down, I want to hear all about college.” Jimmy walked toward the loveseat and took a seat at the opposite end from where he saw her wine glass, lipstick and cigarettes.

Still standing, Anne asked, “Would you like something to drink?”

“A beer would be nice, if you have one,” he replied politely.

Anne paused for a moment. For all the years she had known him he was only old enough to drink very recently, at 19 in Canada. Remembering it was now OK, she retrieved her wine glass and disappeared into the kitchen.

Jimmy scanned the familiar living room he hadn’t been in since Dave’s funeral, nothing had changed. The same family photographs were in the same frames in the same places. Even the most current of his family’s portrait was in the frame earlier versions had always occupied.

“Light beer OK? That’s all I have,” came Anne’s voice from the kitchen.

“Do you have anything stronger? Like tap water,” he joked.

“Very funny,” Anne chuckled. “Light beer it is.” He heard the bottle open and the beer slowly being poured into a glass, then wine being poured.

Anne reappeared with a glass in each hand. She handed Jimmy the beer and held her wine glass to it. “Cheers.” Their glasses clinked and she sat at her end of the loveseat, again tucking one leg under her and twisting slightly to face her best friend’s son. She was oblivious to the fact that her tight stretchy pants appeared to be painted on to her vulva which was clearly on display, “So tell me all about college?”

“It’s harder than I thought. They said engineering was hard…I didn’t realize just how hard,” he answered as he too turned slightly toward her. He noticed her lewdly displayed crotch then read the words on her t-shirt which only served to reinforce his lust and hopes the words would soon to proven true.

“Oh, you’re the smart one, I’m sure you’re doing just fine.”

“Yea,” he allowed, “but it isn’t easy.”

“Well young man, it’s about time you found something that wasn’t easy.”

The comment was innocent enough he thought, he had done well in school, sports and a lot of other things without much effort, but he couldn’t help hearing it in terms of what he had in mind that afternoon hoping she too would be ‘easy’ for him.

Anne told him about how Jack and Jessica were doing at school, about their summer jobs. Jack was passing, but just. Jessica was doing better. Their summer jobs were somewhat related to their studies. Jessica was in nursing and had a summer job at the hospital near her college. Jack was studying construction technology and had a job as a carpenter’s helper.

Eventually Jimmy decided that he had heard more than he wanted to about Anne’s children and thought he had been polite long enough so changed the subject to something he preferred talking about. “What about you Anne? Are you keeping busy?” He already knew the answer from what his Mom had told him, but he wasn’t terribly interested in hearing anymore about her kids. When their families had gotten together he hung out with Jack and Jessica more to be good-mannered than out of enjoyment of their company. Jack was one year older than him and Jessica one year younger. He and Jessica had lost their virginity together in an awkward and less than fulfilling encounter at the cottage. They had never dated, it was more experiment than relationship and he had spent little time with either of them outside of the ‘family’ events.

“Well…I wouldn’t say busy…but active enough I guess,” she said with little conviction and no excitement in her voice.

“C’mon Anne, I’ve talked to my Mom…you need to get out of this house…start living again.”

“Thanks for your concern, but this isn’t a topic of conversation for an old widow and her friend’s young son.” Her tone was indignant and indicated her belief that Jimmy was way out of line.

“I’m sorry…I don’t want to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, but you have been a part of my whole life, you’re important to me and…well…I lov…like you…a lot.” ‘That was close’ he thought, he almost said ‘I love you’ to his Mom’s best friend. It wasn’t really love he felt for her, not romantic love anyway. It was simple, though all consuming, lust.

It wasn’t as close as he thought; she heard what he said, but not what he meant. “I love you too Jimmy,” she said allowing a big smile to form on her face, and then quickly added, “I love your whole family. And maybe…just maybe…there is some truth in what you say. But all my friends still have husbands and…well…it would be awkward.”

“So find some new friends…ones you have more…ah…in common with. Hell, you’re a great lookin’ woman…you could even start dating. I’ll bet you could have any man you want.”

“Yea, right,” she said sarcastically, “I haven’t dated since college.” Anne noticed that she was beginning to open up to Jimmy in a way she hadn’t, even with Beth, since the funeral. It made her at ease and uncomfortable at the same time. She decided she needed a cigarette.

Jimmy watched attentively as her delicate and flawlessly manicured hand disappeared behind her then reappeared gently clasping the long slender green package of menthol Mores and her gold cigarette lighter. She set the lighter on her lap and with her right hand lightly held the package and nonchalantly taped it against the outstretched index finger of her left hand as he had watched her do so often over the years. Two of the dark brown cylinders of tobacco obediently emerged, one barely half an inch and the second slightly more than an inch. She brought the package close to her mouth.

Her full but delicate lips, sharply defined by her blood red lipstick, parted slightly as she inserted the furthest protruding cigarette between them, grasped it with her lips and pulled the package away slowly revealing the full length of the slender brown tube. It dangled precariously from her now relaxed but closed lips as she set the package down on her lap and retrieved the lighter. She brought it close to the cigarette and adroitly ignited the flame. The lengthy flickering flame pursued the tip of the cigarette as her lips pursed faintly and the dark cylinder rose from its flaccid dangle to extend erectly, straight out from her face. She allowed the flame to barely lick the tip of the slim cigarette as she drew hard on it.

She did not notice Jimmy staring at her, not even blinking. As though trying to suck a sliver of ice from a drink through a straw too small for it to pass, her cheeks hollowed and even creased from near the ends of her lips to part way up her cheek causing the end of the cigarette to burn bright. Anne always drew on her cigarette for an extraordinarily long time, when she could draw no more she daintily touched the cigarette for the first time with the first two fingers of her right hand and extracted it slowly and seductively from her closed lips’ caress.

Once free of her lips, the slow removal was contrasted with the quick movement of her hand to the right, her palm turned toward the ceiling and the cigarette pointed downward toward the loveseat.

The smoke was now trapped inside her closed mouth waiting to be inhaled, but it would have to wait. Anne opened her mouth wide, displaying the mouthful of thick white smoke framed by her red lips. Jimmy was mesmerized, the action of opening her mouth caused the smoke to spin in a slow moving vortex within, a tiny plume escaped and floated weightlessly in front of her face. Abruptly, she inhaled fiercely; mouth agape and the clouds disappeared drawing even the smoke that had escaped back inside and into her waiting lungs.

Just like when she drew on her cigarette, she held the satisfying clouds inside of her for an unnatural length of time, even taking a sip from her wine before any of the billows emerged. At length, devoid of their gratifying components, the clouds began to escape unhurriedly from her nostrils. They wafted lightly out with no apparent effort on her part, as though their lighter than air quality was all that permitted their escape. Her beautifully painted face became encircled in a faint and sexy white haze.

Anne sighed deeply before drawing again on the slender cylinder. Trying to get more comfortable she pulled the leg from beneath her, pivoted on her buttocks and set both bare feet on the loveseat inches from Jimmy’s thigh. The bent knees of her legs slightly obscured his view of her breasts but her smooth, muscular legs, sheathed in spandex, too were a spectacular sight as was the spandex that hugged her bare vulva so tightly that it disappeared within. He imagined her legs wrapped around his waist. Jimmy was unable to speak and neither did Anne as once more she sucked the cigarette erect.

The silence was finally broken. “This is nice. I haven’t just relaxed and talked to a man since…well you know,” her words escaping through the smoke.

Although ecstatic that she had referred to him as a ‘man’ Jimmy tried to keep his cool. “You think of me as a man? Not a boy.” Try as he did, his delight at what she said was obvious in his tone of voice.

Anne was pleased that she had made him feel special, she smiled widely and said, “Much as I hate to admit it Jimmy…I may have changed your diapers…but you are definitely a man now…and a smart one at that.”

“Thanks Anne, that means a lot to me, especially coming from you.”

“Why ‘especially coming from me?’” she asked in earnest uncertainty.

“Well, because…” he stopped and looked down.

“Because why?”

“I really shouldn’t say,” his voice drenched in embarrassment. His silence persisted as he contemplated revealing his long held secret and how it might affect their relationship. This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen, he lamented. In his fantasies she would simply take him, without warning, without words.

“Oh, please. Don’t leave me hanging like that.”

Jimmy looked straight into her eyes stone faced; he could see his own reflection in her sparkling emerald eyes staring back at him.

“What Jimmy? What is it?” She was almost begging for him tell her what he wanted to keep to himself.

Finally he blurted out, “you can’t tell anyone else…not even my Mom…especially not my Mom.”

“Sweetie. Settle down. It’s OK. It’ll be our secret. I promise.” She hadn’t a clue what would make him act this way or what he might say.

Jimmy swallowed hard and began to speak. “I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I can remember Anne,” his voice drenched in embarrassment.

Anne was taken aback. How could she not have known? How could she have missed something like that? Her mind flashed back to all the times they had been together. Each board game, each dinner, picnic, barbecue…he was sitting next to or across from her in every memory. She composed herself.

“Oh Jimmy, that’s nothing to be ashamed of,” she comforted in a motherly tone.

“I’m not ashamed,” he snapped back.

“Well good…you shouldn’t be. Everyone has a few crushes in their life. It will pass…don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried…and it isn’t going to pass.”

“Sure it will. You’ll see,” she said as she sat up and slid down the loveseat to sit next to him and comfort him, her thigh pressing firmly against his. She placed her hand that still held the cigarette comfortingly on his bare thigh, just above his knee and below the material of his shorts. She looked at him. He just stared toward her hand. She too looked toward her hand. She was shocked to see his loose fitting shorts tented up, the shape of the tip of his penis clearly visible straining against the lightweight fabric and a faint wet spot quickly forming at its tip.

At the same instant they both averted their gazes from his erotic display and their eyes met. “Jimmy, I’m not angry…in fact…I’m flattered to know a good lookin’ man like you thinks I’m worth having a crush on.”

“Crush may have been the wrong word Anne.” He paused uncomfortably, their eyes still locked together. “You’re the sexiest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.” Anne had no idea how to respond so she let him continue. “The first time I…I masturbated I was thinking of you. Hell, every time I masturbate I think of you. I’m no ladies’ man, but the few times I have made love to a girl I closed my eyes and imagined it was you. The day I learned what sex was I knew it was something I wanted to do with you. There…I finally said it. I guess you want me to leave now?”

Anne continued staring into Jimmy’s eyes as she contemplated the implications of what he had just said. She had had a few fantasies in her life but none came close to this. She was sitting next to an attractive young man; her hand on his thigh, inches from his commanding erection, which appeared to be massive. The sexual urges that all but disappeared upon Dave’s death began to rush back, building like a raging river during spring run-off. She tried to think about how wrong it would be, what Dave would think, how her best friend would feel, but those thoughts were drowned under the raging flood of erotic feelings that filled her mind.

After a very long and uncomfortable pause, acting on impulse alone with no conscious thought about what she was doing or about to do, she took Jimmy’s face in both her hands and smiled coyly as she turned and contorted her body bringing her face deliberately though slowly toward his. With barely a hair’s breadth between their lips she spoke, each word causing her lips to brush lightly against his. “You can keep your eyes open this time.”

Before their lips were firmly together her tongue was already impatiently beyond her yearning lips and she pressed her face to his aggressively. Her tongue quickly made its way past his lips and teeth and intensely explored every surface of his hot, wet and oh so delicious mouth. She kissed him powerfully and passionately. Her mind was oblivious to everything but her overpowering desire for sexual gratification.

For his part, Jimmy’s shock at what was finally happening melted away and his lust, pent up for so many years longer than hers, was unleashed. His tongue too darted around her hungry mouth. She sucked hard on his tongue drawing it into her mouth as she had done moments before with the smoke from her cigarette. Her rapacious suction drew their lips even more tightly together. She began to moan, overcome by both the strength and softness of his lips. Without letting go of his tongue she raised herself up on her right knee that was against his thigh and swung her left leg over him, straddling the seated young man and lowering herself onto his lap. She shuddered as his swollen shaft made contact with her mound and she lowered herself further. Only the thin and taught cloth of their clothes prevented the penetration they both very much anticipated. She continued crushing her lips around his, gyrating her head in small circles, opening and closing her lips repeatedly as though trying to consume him.

Ultimately, Anne broke off the kiss and sat back on his knees, glaring at him amorously. “You’re a very good kisser,” she said then licked her smiling lips seductively. She looked at him smiling brazenly. Without a word from either, she drew one last time on her cigarette then discarded it in the nearby ashtray, she crossed her wrists, grabbed two handfuls of her t-shirt and slowly and steamily removed the garment, tantalizingly freeing what she knew full well every man she had ever met desperately sought to see, to touch and, yes, to taste. Once her top was free of her head she tossed it on to the loveseat and shook her head triggering every hair to return to its place.

Jimmy concentrated on the sight before him, open-mouthed and eyes practically popping out of their sockets. He was so engrossed in the sight of her enormous and marvellously shaped bare breasts mere inches from his face that he could neither move, nor speak. He studied her nipples and surrounding areola. They were pink and pert like the younger girls he had been with; just as they had looked that time at the cottage. The areolas were the lightest of pink, barely darker than the smooth skin that covered the massive orbs they adorned. The nipples, now rigid from the hormones coursing through her veins, only a few shades darker pink than the areola they delicately floated upon.

Anne smiled a wide, happy, satisfied smile as she watched the young man marvel at her breasts. Finally, as she lifted each with her tiny cupped hands, she spoke, “well, are they what you expected?”

“They’re the most incredible breasts I’ve ever seen,” he gushed.

“Since when did 21 year old guys start calling them breasts? Don’t you mean they’re the most incredible tits you’ve ever seen?” She rolled her firm nipples between her fingers causing them to puff out even bigger and harder.

“Well…yea…I mean…I’m just trying to be polite.”

“Forget about polite…I’m half naked…you told me you jerk off thinking of me and I’m about to fuck you…talk dirty Jimmy,” she almost begged.

‘She’s going to fuck me,’ Jimmy said to himself, ‘finally!’ “Your fucking tits are bodacious Anne…the two sexiest fucking things I’ve ever seen.”

“So why don’t you be a good boy and do more than just look at them…suck my big fucking tits.” She leaned forward and guided her hard left nipple toward his open mouth. He accepted it willingly and encircled it repeatedly with his tongue. His hot moist tongue on her cooler nipple caused her to tremble.

“Oh yes, fuck yes Jimmy, lick it hard.” It grew longer and harder under his ministrations and she leaned more firmly against his face. “Bite it,” she demanded, “bite my fucking nipple…hard.” Eager to please, he complied and she tossed her head back in delight. “Pinch the other one,” she demanded.

Anne was thoroughly enjoying the affection of Jimmy’s enthusiastic and wet tongue and lips on her sensitive nipple, but quickly grew impatient for more. She pried her nipples free from his lips and fingers, stood and slid the fingers of each hand between her hips and the waistband of her tight pants. Jimmy noticed the dark wet spot on the skin tight pants as she swung her hips from side to side and lowered her hands titillatingly revealing more and more of her taut midriff. Jimmy stared, confused as to where her pubic hair would start, until the tops of her labia appeared, her swollen clitoris already peeking out for a look, then the rest. ‘No hair,’ he thought to himself, ‘too cool!’

Once there was nothing left to hide Anne lifted her right leg and withdrew her foot from the pants. She then removed the left leg and foot and gently tossed her pants in his face. They fell to his chest from where he clutched them as though he would never give them up. Anne sensuously inserted a finger into her mouth and then gently and lightly traced the wet digit up and down the slit between her labia.

Again she looked at Jimmy, his face was covered in her lipstick and she smiled. “So what do you think of my bald little pussy? Is it what you imagined all those times you beat your meat?”

“No, it’s much nicer…I love it.” He remembered her request to talk dirty and added, “It’s the sexiest cunt I’ve ever seen.”

“Cunt?” she repeated as though a pleasing question and moistened her finger once more returning it to where it had been. “I like the sound of that, say it again.”

“Your juicy little cunt is fucking gorgeous…just like the rest of you.”

“It’s not that juicy…yet,” she teased exaggeratedly stressing the word ‘yet.’ She held both hands out toward him. “Come here,” she cooed. He raised his hands to meet hers and allowed her to guide him to a standing position in front of her.

Again she took his head in both hands and kissed him passionately, deeply exploring his mouth with her ravenous tongue, he eagerly mimicked her actions. He thought to himself how incredible it felt. He’d been kissed passionately in the past but never with the same combination of aggression, tenderness, skill and lust. In all the years of heated fantasies about her, nothing he had imagined came close to the luscious enjoyment of her sweet kiss. ‘How much better could it get, he wondered?’

Anne delightfully slid her hands down Jimmy’s face and neck until she reached the collar of his short-sleeved sport shirt. Still standing on her tiptoes to sustain her amorous lip lock, she slowly and meticulously undid each of the buttons of his shirt until she could push it off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She lowered her heels to the floor and kissed his upper chest as her hands explored the rest of his torso with firm caresses.

Jimmy’s chest was by no means as muscular as the shirtless men at the gym but firm nonetheless. His skin was delectably smooth and there was only a tiny sparse patch of hair in the centre between his small, now hard nipples. She kissed her way down stopping momentarily to kiss, lick and gently suck his young nipples. Jimmy moaned in pleasure, never having had experienced a woman’s kiss there. Anne finally kissed her way down to the waistband of his shorts where she could bend no further. With her hands placed firmly on his hips for balance she slowly lowered herself to her knees.

Again she noticed a thin trail of light coloured hair beginning just below his navel and disappearing into his shorts. She looked up to see him staring at her and smiled. “Would you mind if I have a look at what’s in here?” she asked teasingly pulling on his shorts.

“Mind? Fuck no!”

“You won’t think I’m a slut, will you?”

Again, Jimmy recalled her appeal for him to talk dirty and decided to kick it up a notch. “You’re naked and on your fucking knees in front of me, if that doesn’t make you a God damned slut, I don’t know what would,” smiling to show he was playing.

She smiled back, “this does.” And she unzipped his fly, unfastened the button and pulled his shorts and boxers to the floor in one swift and practiced action. Jimmy was already intensely aroused so that the shorts and boxers forced his shaft downward as she pulled. When he was free from his clothes it sprang back up and became lodged under Anne’s chin then the slippery head slid up her right cheek leaving a glistening trail behind. They both chuckled.

She took a few moments to simply admire it first. ‘It was beautiful,’ she thought to herself, ‘massive in fact’. The surrounding veins bulged out from its surface and it bent slightly upward. She couldn’t help thinking the shape was absolutely perfect for her. It was more than thick enough to provide that wonderful stretch, even for a woman her age and the way it curved she was certain that it would meet her G-spot with every thrust. Thrusts she was now imagining.

With her left hand she took hold of him at the base, then with her right grasped above her left like a baseball player would hold a bat. She remembered back to college when she would measure a lover’s organ by fingers, only one of them had been ‘eight plus’ fingers. Extending beyond her eighth finger was almost another inch of Jimmy’s shaft and then his glistening and engorged purple mushroom tip. As she gazed at it and pumped it slowly, watching his foreskin hide then reveal the tip she pictured in her mind the other ‘eight plus’ trying to recall which had the most ‘plus.’ Before she could decide, she suddenly remembered the face of the other man; it was Jimmy’s father!

Pushing that thought from her mind, she kissed the slippery tip and moved her head forward allowing it to enter until her lips met her eighth finger. She circled the pulsating tip with her tongue as she applied light suction and marvelled at the amount of sweet slippery drizzle that streamed forth. She removed her right hand so that she could take more of him and used it to massage his hefty testicles. As more of him disappeared beyond her lips she drew her nails from just below his anus forward. Jimmy’s body tensed and he moaned at the dual sensations then began to rock slowly forward and backward instinctively imitating intercourse with her mouth. Anne moaned her approval as she kept her tongue busy licking.

Jimmy felt his penis swell more than was normal. He felt slight pain as the skin stretched to accommodate the intense swelling. “You’re one hell of a cocksucker Anne. I love it. I’ve always thought you looked incredibly sexy, but with your mouth full of my cock, you look even sexier.”

Anne was thoroughly enjoying his huge tool in her mouth and became even more aroused hearing the young man call her ‘a cocksucker’ and saying she looked sexy with her mouth full of cock, but it occurred to her that if he really had been fantasizing about this for nearly ten years that he was not likely to last long and she desperately wanted to feel his young, long, thick and oh so hard manhood explode deep inside of her. She pulled her head away and pushed him roughly back onto the loveseat.

“If you like the way I suck it, you’re gonna fucking love the way I fuck it.” She pushed him back to a sitting position and placed her left foot on the loveseat next to his right thigh and lifted herself up placing her other foot next to his other thigh. As she stood up she placed her hands palm down on the large ornately framed mirror anchored to the wall above the loveseat for balance. Her face and breasts were visible in the mirror staring back at her. She smiled a wicked smile and as though speaking to the woman staring back at her, she thought, ‘God you’re Gorgeous! And a filthy slut to boot!’ It was only then that she noticed the reflection of the street and farm field through the front window and realized anyone walking by would see her naked ass in front of the face of her new young lover. ‘What the fuck,’ she said to herself, ‘I’m getting fucked and I don’t give a shit who sees!’

In a motion suggestive of a push-up she relaxed her arm muscles and looked down as her ravenous mound moved closer and closer to Jimmy’s face. Their vastly different heights made this position perfect for what she wanted. She repositioned her feet slightly and when she was mere inches from his face in an impassioned voice demanded, “eat me Jimmy…I want to feel your tongue on my hot wet cunt.”

Looking straight ahead at what he had coveted for so long, Jimmy reflected that it was much more fascinating than he had ever imagined. Anne’s hairless vulva was smooth, plump and the prettiest of pinks. The colour of course owing to the increased blood flow he was causing. Her inner labia spilled out beyond their outer counterparts in thick curvaceous pink ribbons of heavenly flesh. Lower down, where the ribbons of flesh were less curvy, he noted moisture beginning to collect into a large viscous teardrop. Anne’s engorged clitoris protruded out past her labia and its protective hood as though trying to find the tongue it knew was near. He had never been so close to one in the bright light of day and contented himself with only admiring it. Anne allowed him to simply stare for as long as she could bear until her longing for the touch of his tongue overcame her and she teased, “It isn’t going to lick itself.” And as she pressed herself against his face, “lick me…oh please lick my cunt Jimmy.”

Jimmy’s tongue travelled in no particular direction with no particular goal. He had only done this twice before and had learned nothing from the earlier episodes. As his tongue roamed aimlessly, Anne determined that some subtle tutoring was required. Balancing herself on both feet she replaced her hands on the mirror with the top of her head providing balance and a clear view of what she was about to make the young man do to her. She moved her now free hands downward. Using the fingers of each hand she parted both sets of labia wide to display the beautiful and sensitive parts within. Using her right index finger she gently rubbed her distended clitoris and spoke. “Jimmy, see that little shiny bump? I would reeeeeally like it if you kiss and suck and lick me right there.”

Her choice of words was successful in making him think this was something she alone liked, rather than indicating that he was doing something wrong. He encircled the illustrated part with his lips and kissed gently. She left her fingers in place to facilitate access. “Mmmmmmm…yea…right there Jimmy…lick it right there.” He readily complied with her instructions.

“Oh fuck yea…faster…oh…move your tongue back and forth faster. Oh yea Jimmy. Just like that…oh fuck yea.” Jimmy had moved his hands to her thighs, at the same height as hers. Anne’s instructions and moans grew louder and more savage. “Fuck yea…right there Baby…that’s it…faster. Stick a finger inside my cunt!”

He moved his right hand, middle finger extended, to the general vicinity of her wet and famished opening and awkwardly fumbled to find it. Aching for stimulation inside as well, Anne grabbed his unskilled hand and urgently guided his finger where she wanted it forcing it inside of her until his knuckles would allow no more finger to enter. “Yea Jimmy, mmmmm…fuck me with your finger!”

Concentrating on his new task, Jimmy’s tongue stopped moving. “Keep licking me too,” she directed. Jimmy quickly mastered his simultaneous assignments and Anne felt her orgasm begin to form deep within. She considered steering him to her G-spot, but quickly determined that it would waste precious time and could wait. She was too close to become distracted now. “Oh yea Baby…faster, harder, suck it hard!”

It had been more than eight months since Anne had sex; she hadn’t even masturbated in that time. Her pent up sexual vitality, so close to release, overwhelmed her tiny body as every muscle tensed in preparation for the impending ecstasy. Less like one powerful orgasm she shuddered in wave after wave of pure delight, repeatedly slamming herself into Jimmy’s face with violent thrusts, each accompanied by a loud and gratifying. “Yes!”

Struggling to breathe between thrusts, Jimmy still managed to think to himself that he must be doing something terribly right as no girl he had ever been with had cum with such force. He continued to lick, suck and pound his finger enthusiastically where she had guided it until Anne’s mind returned from wherever it had gone. “FUCK Jimmy, that was incredible,” she shrieked with glee. “Now I really need your big fucking cock inside me.”

She calculatingly moved to a sitting position repositioning her feet and placing her hands on his shoulders until the bulb of his stiff wet shaft pressed lightly against her willing opening. Their eyes met and she smiled wholeheartedly then kissed him ardently. As her tongue roamed passionately about the inner recesses of his mouth she painstakingly sunk lower and lower, savouring the sensation of each glorious inch of his massive pole unhurriedly disappearing inside of her. During the process she moaned through her kisses until she could feel him in a place where she could not recall being touched before and gasped. “Mmmmm Jimmy, your cock is sooooo fucking big.”

“You’re so hot and wet in there…it feels soooo fucking good.”

With her buttocks now firmly supported by his thighs, she slowly swivelled her hips compelling his pulsating tip to come in contact with every part of her possible. Eventually realizing that her new young lover was not likely to last much longer, she used her strong leg muscles to slide herself slowly up until only his bloated tip remained inside. She smiled at him again then allowed herself to gradually fall back to his thighs. She repeated her up and down movements allowing all but his tip to escape then letting herself fall so she could feel him so very deep inside. With each complete set of up then down movements her pace increased until she was powerfully and speedily moving up and down.

Much to her delight, he raised his hips to meet her every downward thrust forcing himself deeper still. She quickly forgot that she had only intended for him to orgasm and concentrated on allowing her second orgasm to build. She was beyond words and only grunted each time she crashed against his thighs. As another climax grew quickly she found two words and repeated them in rapid succession over and over. “Fuck yea, fuck yea, fuck yea…”

When she was about to arrive at the satisfying place she had been only minutes before she cried out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Oh God I’m cumming again.”

Jimmy replied, “Me too, me too, I’m cumming inside you.” He grunted loudly with each upward thrust of his hips, continuing the rhythm until she was quiet.

Together they experienced intensely magnificent orgasms and continued their movements until each could move no more. Anne remained seated, Jimmy’s only barely diminishing member still inside of her and they rested their heads on each other’s shoulders. Jimmy sat motionless, revelling in the miracle of finally having fulfilled his long held smoldering fantasy. Anne slowly regained her composure and realized that dismounting him would cause a surge of their combined amatory fluids to escape and perhaps soil her furniture and carpet. She spied her discarded pants on the loveseat and strained to reach them. Finally clutching them in her right hand she pushed them between her legs and rose off of him sliding the crumpled pants into place.

She turned her back toward her end of the loveseat and collapsed her head landing on the heavily padded armrest. She placed the balls of her feet on Jimmy’s thigh allowing her knees to part and the crumpled pants to rest where they would catch any further flow but not obscure his view. She reached behind her head and managed to grab her lipstick, lighter and package of cigarettes. Setting the lighter and cigarettes on her stomach she reapplied her lipstick then lit a cigarette. She replaced all of the items on the end table and her hand returned with the ashtray that she set on her stomach. She drew greedily on her cigarette then spoke as the depleted clouds escaped from between her smiling lips. “You are one helluva fuck young man. Where did you ever learn to fuck like that?”

Jimmy wasn’t sure how to answer her question nor did he really appreciate that she had done most of the work and the question was in fact rhetorical. He had little experience and the few girls he had been with were no more experienced than he. They had stumbled and felt their way through it together. “D’know…guess it just comes naturally,” he replied as he too turned and assumed a similar position to Anne’s at his end of the loveseat.

“Natural or not, I love how you fuck.” She looked between her legs at his creamy emission still oozing out of her. With the index finger of her free hand she recovered a large bead and wiped it on her extended tongue. “Mmmmm, we taste as good as we fuck, you’ll make some lucky girl one helluva husband someday.” Anne looked between his parted legs. He wasn’t completely flaccid, still somewhat firm. “She’ll have that whole big talented cock all to herself.”

“The only thing I’m thinking about right now is fucking you again, I’m a long way from even thinking about getting married, but thanks for the compliment. You’re pretty good yourself…that was definitely the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Well, I’ve been fucking since long before you were born…practice makes perfect as they say.” Jimmy had definite potential she thought to herself, but she couldn’t honestly return the compliment, not yet. Having such a young and enthusiastic man inside of her had indeed been wonderful. And he was by far the biggest she had ever had. As she smoked her cigarette and stared between his legs she came to the conclusion that she definitely wanted more of him, that afternoon and in the days and weeks to come.

Anne got up from the loveseat carefully holding her crumpled pats in place. She picked up her t-shirt from the floor and threw it into Jimmy’s lap. “Here, wipe yourself off and get us another drink. I’m going to freshen up.” With her free hand she grabbed her cigarettes and lipstick and sashayed down the hall to her bedroom. Knowing she was being watched, she exaggeratedly swayed her bare hips. Jimmy watched his fantasy – finally naked and real – disappear into her room.

Once again he did as instructed, leaving her soiled t-shirt on the floor and making his way to the kitchen. As he surveyed the kitchen he had been in so many times before it occurred to him that this was the first time he had been naked in her house. He played back in his mind what had just happened. It had been better than anything he had imagined; her willingness and control of the activity had been something even he had not dared to imagine.

In her bathroom Anne lowered herself onto the toilet tossing her sticky pants aside and lighting another cigarette. She reached for the taps of the bidet and adjusted the flow to strong at a very warm temperature. Finishing her cigarette she moved to the bidet and let herself descend onto the spout of warm water. She lit another cigarette. Anne hadn’t used the bidet for some time and wondered why as the gushing water bathed the engorged and sensitive parts of her mound. She remained on the bidet until her cigarette was finished moving periodically as Jimmy’s spent seed was washed down the drain. She dried herself, lit yet another cigarette and pranced back toward her new young lover pausing as she passed her dresser mirror to admire her own naked form and musing over the pleasure it had elicited in both of them.

When she entered the kitchen she saw Jimmy, still naked, leaning against the centre island and drinking another beer. She smiled at him; he swallowed, smiled back and said, “Anne that was incredible. Thank you so much.”

“It was, wasn’t it?” she replied. “And thank you. I really needed that.” She walked toward him and embraced him tightly kissing him zealously. As they kissed she felt him against her mound again and was pleasantly surprised as he began to harden for a second time. She broke off her kisses and said, “don’t move.”

Anne placed her burning cigarette in the ashtray beside him and opened a drawer retrieving a clean dishcloth which she moistened under the warm water of the tap on the kitchen sink. She returned to him and dropped to her knees using the dishcloth to better clean their combined and dried secretions from his crotch. When she finished he was fully erect again. She threw the dishcloth toward the sink, looked up at his face and said, “I want to suck you off, would you mind?”

Jimmy’s face broke into a huge smile, “Mind? Hell no.”

As she continued to fondle him she said “Good, ’cause I really want to suck this gorgeous big cock of yours. I want to taste your hot young cum. I want you to explode down my fucking throat.” Jimmy was slowly getting used to the lewd language he had never heard his “aunt” use, but it remained an incredible turn on for him to hear her talk about him in that manner.

She began by massaging his incredible shaft and the sack that hung below. She admired every delectable part of it; again and again forcing the foreskin back to reveal the swollen tip then pulling forward to watch it disappear. Since her teens Anne had always preferred the look and feel of an uncut penis. Circumcision to her was nothing short of mutilation and she would cringe at even hearing the word, imagining the pain it must cause to a defenceless baby. In college her face would still contort when she would discover that she was about to have sex with a circumcised man. She didn’t blame or think less of a circumcised man, it was more pity than that. She would wonder how his glans could be as sensitive after rubbing against underwear for so many years. She then began to plant soft kisses on its throbbing tip. She looked up at him again. “Your cock is fuckng beautiful…and not to worry Lover Boy, I’m a swallower.”

He looked at her with a puzzled expression, having no idea what she meant but suspecting it was a good thing. “Some women are spitters and others are swallowers. After you blow your hot tasty load in their mouths some women spit it out, others, like me, swallow every creamy delicious drop, don’t hold back a single drop. I want it all.” She kissed the now slippery tip and sucked it into her greedy mouth.

“Oh God Anne, that feels so fucking good,” he moaned. She forced her head forward taking as much of him as would fit. He felt the back of her throat with his tip then his shaft bend slightly in the opposite direction of his natural upward curve and continue deeper. “Oh shit Anne…that’s fucking incredible.” The slow rhythm she began of pulling her head back until she only held the tip inside then moving forward until she contained as much as she could, quickly increased. Her lips never even closely reaching the fist with which she held it with at the base. She repeatedly moaned and hummed like she was eating her first meal in days.

A couple of the girls Jimmy had been with in the past had licked and sucked him but they had been overwhelmed by his size and hadn’t taken much of it…and they had certainly not asked him to cum in their mouths. He was in ecstasy. He had envisioned this event so many times before but it felt better than any vision he remembered. The other difference between what was now happening and his fantasies was that Anne was not smoking one of her cigarettes at the same time, not sucking her cigarette then sucking him as smoke escaped from her flesh filled mouth.

Her pace continued to quicken as saliva and precum drizzled from her mouth coating his huge throbbing member. Threads fell and landed on her breasts, forming a slippery and glistening web, and then slowly crept toward her nipples. Her throat loosened and she was able to accommodate more and more of him. Although she was enjoying herself she began to wonder if he would ever cum. She pulled her head back and looked up at him. “Are you gonna make me suck you all day or are you gonna cum in my fucking mouth?”

“Sure,” he grunted, “whenever you want me too.”

“Now,” she demanded and engulfed him once again. Anticipating the sensation and taste of what was about to happen Anne managed to swallow even more of him. She worked his mammoth penis with increased verve and desire, surprising even herself by not gagging even once.

“Oh God Anne…I’m cumming…I’m cumming in your mouth.” His body tensed, his face contorted and he groaned powerfully as stream after stream of his young seed exploded into her waiting mouth. It coated her mouth and throat while her lips maintained their tight seal allowing not a single drop to escape and humming and moaning louder with each successive explosion. And then something happened that she had never experienced before, Anne came too. With her mouth full of cock and his hot seed she experienced a wonderful orgasm sucking even harder on his exploding cock.

When they were both finished she pulled it out and kissed it tenderly. In an uncharacteristic move by Anne — not that anything that had happened since he walked through her door was characteristic for her, not since college anyway — she looked up at him and opened her mouth wide. She moved her tongue around salaciously as she displayed for him the seed that she had not yet swallowed. Smiling then swallowing, she said, “Mmmmmmm, that was magically delicious,” in a thinly veiled reference to his obsession with Lucky Charms cereal when he was a kid. She rose to her feet kissed him quickly and lifted herself onto the counter. “My turn. Eat me Jimmy. Lick my cunt and make me cum again.”

Still in total awe of what his fantasy woman had just done to him, Jimmy bent over and buried his face in her yearning crotch. Anne reached down with both hands and spread her labia wide giving his tongue unfettered access to her insatiable and swollen love button. Just as he had been tutored earlier in the afternoon he sucked it into his mouth and used his tongue to bathe it in firm licks. “Mmmmm, yea Jimmy, right there, right fucking there, lick me, oh fuck lick me good.”

She placed her hands on the counter behind her for support and watched the young man’s head move slightly as he pleased her. “Oh God Jimmy, that feels so fucking good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” Her husband and other men before she married had done this to her so many times before, but his excitement and vigour made it feel so much better. Knowing that he was her best friend’s son and much younger than her made everything they had done so much hotter and arousing. Rather than feel dirty and immoral, the thought of just how wrong it all was energized Anne’s libido and intensified every sensation.

Her new lover slowly snaked his hands up her thighs and over her taught belly until they found the enormous breasts he had fantasized about for so long. He kneaded them with enthusiasm, moving his hands so that he did not ignore any of their smooth and pliable surfaces. He pinched each nipple, rolling them steadily between his thumbs and fingers. “Oh fuck…yea…pinch them hard,” she implored.

Jimmy moved his mouth lower and using his tongue found his way inside. He withdrew and reinserted his tongue repeatedly in mock intercourse. “Oh God Jimmy…yea…fuck me with your tongue.” She felt her orgasm begin to grow and grabbed two fists full of his hair and guided his mouth back to her clitoris. “Suck it Jimmy, suck it hard, I’m going to fuckin’ cum on your face.” She held his face so tightly against her that Jimmy thought she would pull his hair out by the roots and he had trouble breathing, but he never gave a thought to complaining or stopping.

“Oh, God Jimmy that feels so fucking good…oh God, oh God, oh God, I’m cumming.” Her whole body tensed and she pulled him tighter still to brace herself in preparation for the thunderous orgasm she knew was imminent. Like the three times earlier, she was reaching her orgasm much sooner than she was accustomed to. In the past she would have seen this as a problem, cutting short the lovemaking, but it had also been many years since she had climaxed so many times in one encounter and began to consider that the orgasms might just keep coming.

Her strong legs rose from their dangling position extending almost straight out and clamped hard around his head. “Ooooooh, fuuuuuuuuck,” she screamed as her body was overwhelmed in the wonderful sensation of her most extreme orgasm of the day. Eventually her body relaxed except for her hands and arms, which continued to hold him firmly against her mound. Pulling on his hair she pulled him up and drew his face to hers and kissed him, tasting the warm and slippery liquid that now coated his face.

“That was absolutely divine,” she cooed. “Now what should we do?” She was awestruck when he stood and took his penis in his hand and said, “let’s fuck some more,” as he guided his once again firm erection toward her opening.

“Oh my God! You’re hard again?” she shrieked in delight. “Let’s not waste a good boner, fuck me again Jimmy. I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours again.” Finally feeling confident enough to take the lead, Jimmy slid his distended erection slowly into his slippery and waiting lover then cupped the cheeks of her ass and lifted her off of the counter and let her slide slowly down onto his monstrous erection. Anne wrapped her arms around his neck and crossed them tightly behind his head. She did likewise with her legs, wrapping them around his hips, locking her ankles together pulling him deeper inside and just a little concerned that she might fall. Jimmy turned and backed her up against the refrigerator. Wedging Anne between his pelvis and the metal appliance, clenching her buttocks tightly he moved his hips backward until only his glans remained inside then powerfully thrust forward burying his full length within. Anne groaned as she felt him even deeper inside. He immediately pulled back again beginning a pace so fast and so powerful that the heavy refrigerator repeatedly banged against the wall and the containers inside rattled against each other some falling over.

Anne almost wept at the ferociousness of his pace. This position was nothing short of perfect, with every thrust she felt him slide firmly over her G-spot and penetrate recesses of her pelvis that had never been touched before. She was unable to speak as he madly pounded her against the unyielding metal of the refrigerator. Having already ejaculated twice Jimmy continued through her repeated orgasms each accompanied only by muted whimpers muffled by his mouth which was tight against hers. Never in her long and fulfilling sex life had she been multi-orgasmic, the only thought in her mind was her desire that he would never cum, never stop, continue to thrust in and out of her. After what seemed to her like hours, Jimmy orgasmed after all, exploding, bathing the deepest corners of her womb with his hot youthful seed. She swore she could feel each sizzling shot discharge, spread out and coat the sensitive walls of her womb.

With Anne still wrapped around him Jimmy walked back to the island and tried to set her back down on the counter but her limbs remained locked around his body, her head resting on his shoulder. “Don’t let go,” she whispered, “hold me.” For the first time that afternoon she felt more than just pure lust. She was completely exhausted from the repeated orgasms he had forced upon her against the refrigerator but wanted nothing more than to be held. She was now ready to return his complement from earlier. Her head still resting on his shoulder she spoke softly into his ear. “Jimmy,” she paused. “I’ve never been fucked like that…thank you so much for absolutely the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

As he continued to hold her he smiled. In all the times he had imagined sex with her it had always been about him and his satisfaction. He had never even entertained the thought that he would be able to give this lovely and practiced woman anything she hadn’t experienced before.

Jimmy’s thoughts turned to the future. He wondered whether they would do this again, would she see it as a one-time favour to him or would they become regular and secret lovers. Given the situation they would have to be incredibly discreet, but at least she now lived alone and would always have a location to do it, a concern a young man living with his parents would always think of. Joined as they were in this amorous embrace and he still inside of her, he determined not to discuss it with her yet and simply enjoy the moment.

Anne slowly regained her composure and began to feel the pain in her thighs that his vicious pounding had produced. It was a good pain, a pain that reminded her of what he had done and the recurrent orgasms it had elicited in her. She knew, as she had resolved earlier that afternoon, that these encounters must continue and as regularly as possible. Anne knew enough about men to be certain he would agree. She whispered in his ear, “Let’s go sit down and relax for a bit Lover Boy.”

Jimmy lifted her off the counter and turned to walk toward the living room with her still impaled on his softening but still surprisingly firm penis. Anne gasped as she slid further down and he further inside. When he reached the loveseat he lowered her and she gasped again as she slid free of him and onto the soft cushion.

Anne swivelled herself around and placed her heels on the loveseat as Jimmy assumed a similar position opposite her. She lit another cigarette. “So tell me, was it everything you imagined, or have you changed your mind about this old broad.”

“It was everything I imagined and more Anne.”


Jimmy paused for a moment. While the events of the afternoon were a dream come true, there was one thing he had imagined her doing countless times as he masturbated. This one thing was embarrassing to him and he hesitated to reveal it. Not yet knowing whether he would ever get another chance he decided to throw caution to the wind and reveal more details of his fantasies of her. “Well there is one thing I’ve thought about a lot that we didn’t do.”

Anne was perplexed, what didn’t they do she wondered. She had completely worked through her somewhat limited repertoire of sexual acts, but was ensnared by the idea of doing something new. “Oh? Tell me, what else do you want to do? I can’t imagine anything I wouldn’t want to do with you.”

Emboldened by her statement and its almost pleading tone, Jimmy continued, “It’s just that those cigarettes and the way you smoke them is such a turn on for me. I’ve always imagined you smoking one while you give me a blow job too. The heat of the smoke and softness of your lips and tongue…I think it would be a real turn on,” he answered, his voice betraying his embarrassment at feeling and admitting to his fixation on her smoking.

She looked at the cigarette between her fingers for a moment while she thought about what he had said then inserted it between her lips, drew again deeply and inhaled, trying to do so even more sensuously than usual. She recalled how she would often crave a cigarette while making love and how the thought would be distracting. Smoking while having sex would be something she would definitely enjoy. “Well, that’s different, but I certainly think it is something that can be arranged,” the smoke escaping her lips as she spoke.

“But first, there is something we need to talk about,” Anne said, her voice becoming more serious.

“Sure, what is it?”

“About today Jimmy…what we’ve been doing this afternoon was…well kinda wrong. You’re much younger than me and the son of my best friend in the world. If your mother were to find out I’d lose my best friend and I think she just might think less of you too.”

Here it comes he thought as his heart sank. ‘She’s going to tell me it can’t happen again. A smoky blow job before I leave and that’s it. Oh well, at least it finally happened, if only once.’ He said nothing, just kept watching her smoke.

“We are going to have to be very discreet from here on…no one can have any idea that we’re lovers.”

Jimmy maintained a serious look on his face, but inside was beyond elation as he grasped that this afternoon would be repeated many more times. “It’s our secret…I promise.”

“Perfect,” Anne smiled. “Not that it matters, but do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not right now…unless I count you,” he answered with a sly smile.

“Please don’t think of me as your girlfriend. We’re lovers, that’s it. We’ll always be friends, but for now the only thing that’s changed is that you’re going to be fucking me on a very regular basis, everything else stays the same.”

Jimmy didn’t really understand how that would work, but he wasn’t going to argue and ruin the best thing that had ever happened to him so he responded in the only appropriate way, he lied. “I understand.” Without thinking, he continued, “and if you want to take my advice from earlier and see other men, well, that’s fine with me.”

Anne wasn’t sure she could handle any more sex than she planned on getting from Jimmy but she let his comment pass without acknowledging it, just in case.

“So do you start your summer job tomorrow?” Anne asked as she began to make plans for her new lover.

“No, not until next Monday, I have this week off.”

Perfect, Anne thought to herself. I’m going to fuck this young stud every day for a week. “Do you have plans for tomorrow?”

“Not yet,” Jimmy replied, anticipating what plans she might have for him.

“Well, you do now. I have a date with your Mom at one at the gym, so be here bright and early at eight and we’ll fuck our brains out again.”

“Sounds like a plan,” he smiled.

Anne reapplied her lipstick and lit another cigarette. “It’s getting late and your Mother is going to start wondering where you are, so give me that big, delicious cock of yours.”

“Ummm, there’s one more thing.” Anne raised her left eyebrow. “Could you do it in front of the window?”

Anne very seldom closed the drapes in any room in her house. She enjoyed the openness and views the uncovered windows afforded. Until earlier that afternoon when she stood on the loveseat and saw out the window in the mirror, she had never entertained any thought that people might see in, it had simply never occurred to her. The thought earlier that she might be seen standing on the loveseat with her naked buttocks facing the window and Jimmy’s face buried in her crotch hadn’t bothered her in the least. In fact, it had contributed to her arousal.

Anne had never been an exhibitionist in the sexual sense of the word at least. She hadn’t made a practice of displaying her naked body to strangers. She did walk around her home without wearing clothes, but only because she found it comfortable, not because she hoped someone might see her or because she was turned on by the thought. During college she had flashed her breasts in public on occasion, but so did a lot of the girls back then. In the broader sense though her manner of dress had always been designed to highlight her form and she had always enjoyed the ogling she received from men.

Neither of these newly minted lovers had the time or presence of mind to reconcile their need to be discreet with their emerging exhibitionist tendencies.

“I thought we were going to be discreet,” she said as she stood and walked toward the large front window, kneeled down and placed the ashtray, cigarette pack and lighter on the floor. She didn’t consider the irony of talking about discretion while she situated her naked body in front of a picture window and prepared to take her best friend’s son into her mouth. “Get over here Lover Boy, I’m going to give you the best blow job of your life! And if the neighbours see, well, let them see.”

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