It takes a minute to get past the plot to the dirty nasty taboo sex but it’s so worth it.

I’ll get right into it so that I don’t bore you with my life’s story. When I was in my younger teen years I was spying on my older sister who was already in her older teen years. She had come to visit us from New Mexico where she grew up with her father. I watched her change her clothes and since then I’d been hooked on chubby women. To clarify when I say chubby I don’t mean fat, but surely not skinny. An extra 20 or 30 pounds though is fine by me. Nothing ever happened when I was younger, just a few mental pictures added to my spank bank.

It wasn’t until years later when she came to see us again. By that time she was in her early 20′s and already had two kids by two separate guys. I put that out there like that so you realize what a slut she already was. All though I had been fantasizing about her body since I hit puberty and caught her changing, I never really thought it would happen. I mean she was my sister, a chubby slut with no education or promise of a healthy future. I just wanted her body. We were pretty close, I know it’s hard to believe with the way I talk about her but those of you who have siblings knows what it’s like. It’s ok if you talk about your siblings but god forbid if anyone else does.

Also you should keep in mind that by this point in my life I had already had several sex partners. I wasn’t really a ladies’ man per say, I just had a lot of luck while trailing through trailer parks looking for ass. I never had a problem going to a friend’s party or the mall and picking up hot tail. I was considered to be one of the more attractive guys at my high school, I was considered to be extremely charming to women just ask my chemistry teacher, wink wink. It was also widely known throughout the school and well everywhere that I was addicted to sex. My best quality though was my intellect. I knew that the best place to find easy pussy anytime day or night without having to put in a whole lot of effort into seduction was trailer parks which is where I’d gotten a great deal of experience.

Back to the topic at hand though, my older sister had come to stay with us for a few weeks. She was hoping to find a job so she didn’t have to move back home and deal with the fathers of her kids. Well one night long after everyone else had gone to bed I snuck down stairs to use the family computer. I had a case of the Horney’s and it was too late at night to go out anywhere. I pulled up the web and surfed for my favorite genera, chubby chicks. I had my dick in my hand and was jacking until my balls content.

That’s when Christine, my older sister, crept downstairs and snuck up behind me. “I thought I heard you up, what you doing,” she asked me. I tried to cover my cock up with my free hand while clicking the close button on the hundreds of Internet Explorer windows I had opened. For the first time in my life I wished I had a smaller dick that could go unnoticed in my hand. I was asking to be caught by not wearing a t-shirt on, I could have used that to hide it. Instead all I had was my boxers, and with my love tackle being as hard as it was it certainly was not going to go back inside that hole.

“Non…nothing,” I stuttered out clicking frantically. She leaned over my shoulder at the screen to see a very large woman getting fucked from behind. The woman was rather large for my tastes but it’s so hard to find porn with women that match my desires. Their always either to fat or to skinny. I could feel my sister’s breath on my shoulder and down a portion of my chest. My dick seemed to react on its own thinking it was being breathed on as well. My heart raced while telepathically I was trying to push in her head not to look down. Looking back at it now the anticipation of being caught in that moment probably added to me being turned on.

“Is that what you like,” she asked turning her head to look at my face.

I did my best not to look like a deer caught in the headlights, just play aloof and maybe she’ll go away, I thought to myself. “Nah its’ a stupid pop up,” I replied as I closed that window too.

“Are you sure cause to me it looks like you’re a chubby chaser,” she said noticing that all the windows I was closing had larger women on them. She started looking around the desk for something, my cock still wouldn’t go down.

In my desperation to distract her from going down and possibly make her feel uncomfortable enough to go away I started opening more windows and playing videos. “What you looking for,” I asked her.

Her eyes snapped back up from the desktop to the screen as she watched another plump girl tug a load of jizz out on her own face. “A blank CD, I want to burn some songs,” she replied, her face glued to the screen.

My dick throbbed to be stroked no matter how much I tried to distract myself. I thought I saw her looking down at it but I shook it off thinking it was just my own imagination. I handed her a blank CD expecting that to get rid of her. But at her instance I played the next video and together we watched a round chick get pumped in the ass by a huge black cock. Before I knew it she was pointing out other videos of plus size women and telling me to play those.

That’s when we heard my parents moving around in their bedroom. We quickly held down the power button on the computer shutting it off and ran up the stairs to our separate rooms. Thankfully she was in front of me so she didn’t see my ding dangling around. When I got to my room I was relieved that I could finally release myself. I started to jack off but only a couple minutes into it there was a tap at my door. I was afraid I had been caught, that I had left some small clue to what I was doing down there and one of my parents found it and now were standing on the other side of the door to humiliate and punish me.

I had already taken my boxers off and was now naked under the covers hiding from the tapping. I reached over and unlocked the door. My sister tip toed in with her laptop in her hands. “What’s up,” I asked her. She sat on the bed next to me wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and loose tank top. My dad must’ve woken up and turned the AC on because I could hear it turning over. Cool air soon started pouring through the vents.

“I wanted to show you this, it’s my favorite,” she explained mysteriously as she made herself comfy on my bed. I laid on my right side and she laid on her left so we were facing each other with the laptop in the middle. She turned on another porn, this one wasn’t short clips like we were watching before. It was a full length porno of two heavy set women with large breasts humping a dudes brains out. We both sat silently as we watched the movie. My hand slowly drifted down my side to my cock and without thinking I had grabbed it. I wasn’t stroking it just sliding my fingers up and down its length impatiently waiting for my sister to leave. Things started to feel really comfy and cozy after a while. So much so that I started moving my hands on my own crotch more feverishly now.

I noticed that she was getting cold by the hardness of her large nipples through the thin white material of her top. She scooped up the laptop and got off the bed, I thought she was finally leaving but forced my hard dick down towards my toes and hide it between thighs anyway. But she wasn’t leaving, instead she pulled up a corner of the covers and climbed in. She snuggled up next to me pushing my back against the wall and sat the laptop down in front of her. She lowered her head onto the pillow so that I could see around her.

Spooning my big sister while stark naked was very uncomfortable, but holding my cock down like that was simply painful. I let it out of the hold I had it in but still kept it in my hand. Christine was much shorter than me so thankfully I wasn’t poking her in the back. But if I let go of my penis and let it stand straight up it would have been plunging into her crack, so I kept a good hold on it. After a few minutes she started moving around. Not grinding but like an awkward wiggle. Before I knew it I could feel heat coming from her crotch only an inch or two away from my shaft. I could feel without even touching her that she had somehow moved her shorts around so that her pussy was sticking out. It was strange almost like she was offering her cunt to me, but I threw that as well up to my imagination. By this point I had a hard on for over an hour with no release, my mind was surely playing tricks on me.

That’s when she nudge her round butt cheeks at my pelvis. I didn’t need any more of an invitation I let go of my cock and let it bounce up. When it swung it hit her clit and pussy lips making a wet smacking noise. Her juices poured out on to me, it was so wet. To this day I have never had a pussy that wet. Neither of us moved we just laid there. Somehow in some amazing fashion my cock found the hole all on its own and her pussy enveloped it without moving.

I could feel her shiver with delight. I started to thrust in slowly not wanting to get to carried away thinking she might get freaked out and end the whole thing. The slow strides not even going all the way in must have been just what she needed. “Mm. I’m Cumming,” she purred. Suddenly my cock was met with a river of lady cum. Another five seconds later I was pulling my dick out and jerking my sperm out onto my big sisters left ass cheek. I stayed silent not sure what to do or say next, I mean how do you say you’re sorry that the sex only lasted less than two minutes to your sister?

Now as I said before I had sex quite a bit before then and the sluts I was used to would have been done by then. One and done was their mottos, but not my big sister. She reached behind her and felt my cock going limp. “Well that just won’t do,” she stated. With those words I was over powered by my big sis, she rolled me over to my back and hungrily sucked at my cock. She wasn’t like the stupid cock suckers I was used to either. Most girls I’d let put my dick in their mouths barely went past the head. They stupidly thought that the head was the point of pleasure. My sister knew that the point of pleasure was at the base and with each thrust into her mouth she tried to reach it. She fondled my balls and put her fingers just outside my anus, which was also knew. It felt like she was going to push her fingers in but I backed away from her and she got the hint and left them to massage the outside.

It wasn’t long before my cock was hard again. “Tell me before you cum baby,” she moaned while she gargled my dick in the back of her throat.

“Give me that cum little brother I need it, I need it,” she pleaded over and over her tongue now sliding up and down the back side of my balls and taint. She jacked my slime covered member with eagerness while sliding her shorts completely off.

“I’m Cumming,” I finally shouted. She jumped up and climbed on top of me while I splurged my load all over my own belly. She pounded into me trying to pull out every last drop with her cunt and she picked up what didn’t go inside her and rubbed it all over her pussy lips.

“Give me more,” she demanded while taking her top off and waving her tits in my face. They were big and inviting looking. They had a slight sag to them from being so heavy and having two kids but they were still in the right place and not down at her belly button.

“I don’t think I can, I mean I did just get off twice in a row. I’ve never done more than that,” I exclaimed while rubbing her nipples with my face. I wanted to be buried in them but she pulled back leaving me to feel cold.

“Listen up, after what you just did to me over there,” she said pointing to the spot next to us on the bed where she was laying a few minutes ago. “I ought to tell mom or even call the cops. You raped me and now you’re going to learn a lesson.”

“I did what,” I started to say before she jammed her tits back in to my face. I was surrounded by them I couldn’t breathe at all. She rocked her hips slow at first but that didn’t last long and she started pounding again using the full force of her weight. “That’s it little bro, play with my tits, suck on those fat boobs and my big nipples. You have no idea how horny I got when I found out that my very own little brother likes fat girls. Fuck my fat hairy cunt or I swear to god I’ll tell everyone you raped me.”

I finally got my face out enough that I could breath and say, “I didn’t rape you.”

“No you didn’t but who do you think they’ll believe me or you? Now shut the fuck up and give me that seed,” she demanded. Her tits were back in my face before I could respond. “Fuck me like a slut, pound me like a good boy.” She pulled me forward and reached back to rub my balls. “I’m Cumming,” she said again. “Keep going get it get it. Oh give it to me little brother, be good to your big sister and I’ll be good to you.” She moaned and her pussy clenched. Before I knew it she lifted off of me leaving her pussy to hover above my cock and pussy cum exploded out all over my crotch. She immediately went back down on it and kept riding.

I put my hands on her ass cheeks holding her as she rocked on top of me. She grabbed both of my hands and guided them back her anus. “Play with it,” she insisted. Who was I to argue, I started with one finger but that went in to easily so I shoved a second one in there which was a little tighter. Before now I had little experience with anal or anything anal related so this new experience pushed me over the edge.

“I’m Cumming,” I moaned from behind her breasts.

“Good, yes, give it to me. Give me that sperm, please give it to me your fat slutty sister. Fuck me like a good brother and I promise you’ll be happy. Fuck me give me that hot sticky cum right inside of me please, please, please,” She moaned in my ear. Next thing I knew I was squirting my third load, this time right up inside her wanting vagina. It was like she had a vacuum in her that was just sucking it out. I collapsed on the bed my body numb and exhausted.

I relaxed waiting for her to jump off of me but she didn’t, instead she kept waving her tits in my face trying to entice me. When that didn’t work she jumped off of me and turned around. Kneeling in between my legs she pointed her round brown eye at my now limp cock. She reached behind, grabbed my cock and aimed right at the bulls eye. With her free hand she spread her cheeks and anus open then pushed back on it. I could feel her tight ass wrapping around my dick and slowly bounce up and down.

“Are you saying you don’t want a nice piece of this little shit hole?” she asked me seductively. She kept pushing back on it. I could feel myself harden to the point where it could be considered a semi. She just kept going, and after a few minutes I noticed her shaking and having another orgasm. Again she squirted cum, this time soaking my balls. She reached down and rubbed the juice into my sack. “Does that feel good baby brother? Don’t you want to give me another load? Squirt and I promise to suck it clean. Fuck my ass, little bro, fuck it. I bet the young sluts you’re used to fucking don’t let you do this do they?”

I my exhaustion I was too tired to talk so I just nodded my head no. “Well this little butt hole belongs to you now, ok. You can fuck it anytime you want, you just say let’s do it and I’ll spread it open for you. You can fuck my ass anywhere and anytime you want.” Her dirty talk got my dick pumping again. “I can’t believe I’m letting my little brother fuck my asshole, I’m such a slut. How does it look back there? You getting that dick covered in my ass juices? Is it covered in dirty shit? Huh? are you about to explode that sperm again for me?”

Again all I could do is nod my head yes. She pumped her corn hole all over my dick and just as I was about to explode she knew it and jumped off it and shoved it back in her pussy. “Yes give me that cum, impregnate me if you have to but give me that seed. The sperm from little brother is exactly what I need.” She said as she rocked her soaking pussy all over my cock. Cum shot out in streams into her. I could feel her twitch as she moaned all over it. Exhaustion had taken its toll on me though and I collapsed my lids shut themselves and I started to drift off. That didn’t stop her though. After a minute of leaving my cock inside her she jumped off and went down on me. “Mm the taste of my ass hole and pussy mixed with your cum is so good. I have to tell my girlfriends about this and maybe we can add some more flavors into this.” I heard her say. She kept sucking as I passed out. Throughout the night I woke up several times to find her still fucking me and taking my cum into her pussy.

The next day I didn’t wake up until 1 in the afternoon. I didn’t know how to look her in the eye and thought it best just to avoid her for awhile. But she wouldn’t have any of that, she snuck into the shower and helped me clean up by sucking my cock perfectly clean. Afterwards she explained to me that she was secretly a wiccan and that they believe that by taking a man’s seed into their pussies they grow more powerful. And the fact that I was her brother made it even more potent. She said she had never thought to go that way until she caught me watching porn. After that well you know the rest.

A decade later my sister lives back in New Mexico with the loser father of her third child. She visits a few times a year and because her husband doesn’t get along with anyone in our family he usually doesn’t come with her figuring that it’s a safe bet she won’t cheat on him because she’s with family…Man is he wrong.

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