When Estara awoke, Derran was still there.

She sighed happily, relieved not to have dreamed him. Usually she did not like customers to spend more than a few hours with her, and she certainly did not allow them to sleep in her bed. She became bored with their company after a while, and started to want her own space back again. But this man, for all his enormity of size, did not invade her space. Even lying with one of his huge arms across her waist as he was now, she just felt…

How did she feel, exactly?

Estara did not usually spend much time analysing her emotions. She preferred just to feel her feelings and let them go. But now she found herself wanting to give names to these intriguing new sensations that were coursing through her body and mind. If she hadn’t known better she would have thought she was in love. But that was ridiculous…it wasn’t possible to love someone after knowing them only one night. And it certainly wasn’t the done thing to fall in love with customers.

Safe. She felt safe. That was the right word for it. Grounded — that was another way to describe it. Peaceful. Content. And yet, in spite of the fact that they had spent most of the night having sex and she was sore from accommodating him, his proximity was also making her feel very aroused.

She stroked the arm across her waist with her fingertips, enjoying the feel of the hairy skin and the dense musculature beneath it. Then she turned onto her side so that she could see his face. He wasn’t handsome by human standards, but then she didn’t have human standards and to her, he was beautiful.

“Where did you come from?” she whispered. He didn’t stir. His expression was soft, peaceful, and even in slumber it showed the warmth and humour that had first attracted her to him. She planted a gentle kiss on his forehead and, very carefully so that she didn’t wake him, she slipped out of bed and made her way to Madam Elise’s room.

“Good gods, girl.” Madam Elise, rumpled and bleary-eyed, looked less than pleased to see Estara standing outside her door. “It is barely sunrise and yet here you are looking agitated at me. It’s that Giant fellow, isn’t it? What has he done to you?”

“May I come in?” asked Estara, ignoring the note of suspicion in the two questions and particularly in the use of the word ‘Giant’.

Elise sighed. “Yes, you may come in. As much as it saddens me to admit it, I have no company in here this morning.”

Estara smiled to herself as she stepped inside the heavily perfumed room. Elise and she were old friends, going back to their early teens; both had gone into this business for the love of it as well as the money, but where Estara was never at a loss for business because of her stature and her good looks but was never any good at handling the monetary aspect, Elise was less blessed with the gift of beauty and yet possessed a business acumen worthy of any man. Thanks to a series of canny investments, paid for not only by her own earnings but by money fronted by Estara too, she had eventually managed to raise the capital to buy this house, and to fill its rooms with willing young ladies — and men to pay for their services. Estara had a stake in the business — a large stake too — and because of this and her ability to command a high price, she was more or less given the freedom to work as and when she wished, and with whomsoever she pleased.

“Elise,” said Estara, getting straight to the point as always, “I believe that the empty doorman’s position should be filled by Derran.”

Elise raised one perfectly-shaped eyebrow. “Oh? Has he put himself forward for the job?”

“No. He does not know about it yet. But I believe that, if we offer it to him, he will accept. And I believe that he is the perfect choice.”

“He’s big, I’ll give you that.” Elise frowned. “But, my dear, he does not strike me as the right type. A Giant he may be, but I saw little evidence of any of the killer instinct of his race, did you? I have the feeling that if faced with trouble he would not be eager to fight.”

“And that,” said Estara determinedly, “is what makes him ideal. We do not want a doorman like Nivek again, always keen to rush in like an enraged tiger and upsetting the customers and smearing blood all over the walls! Derran would, I feel, favour a more…diplomatic approach. And his size and bloodline are surely enough to scare off all but the most determined aggressor.”

Elise paused, considering her friend’s proposal. It was sensible enough, as it happened; but still she had her misgivings. She could see, of course, that Estara was very much taken with the young half-Giant and that this was a large part of her reason for putting him forward. She was worried that, if Estara were allowed to see him as a colleague rather than a customer, that she would be persuaded to fall in love with him — and to stop working herself. And yet…

A mischievous smile spread over her round face. Elise had never engaged a doorman without first demanding that he show his ability to pleasure a woman…and Elise always put herself up as the woman to please. There was a very simple way of testing how safe it would be to employ Derran, assuming that he wanted the job.

“Bring him here to me,” she told Estara, “as soon as he wakes up.”

Estara saw the smile, and smiled herself. Oh my, she thought to herself, you are in for an awakening yourself, my friend. Just you wait and see.


Derran followed Estara to Madam Elise’s room, feeling more than a little nervous. Estara had awoken him with a kiss, but had refused to allow him more than that because she had said he ‘might need his strength later’. When he had asked for clarification, and she had explained the job opening and that Madam Elise always required her doormen to fuck her as part of the interview process, he had been shocked.

“But — but that is immoral,” he had stammered.

“No more immoral than what I do every night. Oh, come on, darling. It need only be for the winter, until there is farm work in the valley again. I know you have a lot of savings, but otherwise you would have to spend a great deal of them on food and lodgings — and this way, you will get both of those and save your money.” She had kissed him again, and given his crotch a cheeky squeeze as she whispered, in a voice full of longing, “And I would get to see you every day.”

That had decided him. He had not been at all attracted to the dumpy Elise, but Estara had inflamed his lust so much over the past twelve hours that he would only need to picture her curvaceous body in his mind and he would be hard as rock. And thanks to their repeated lovemaking he would last a long time too. It couldn’t hurt — and, if her tone of voice was to be believed, he would be doing it for Estara as well as for himself.

Estara knocked on Madam’s door. It was opened almost immediately. Elise was wearing a very short nightdress made of a rich purple silk, and she smiled coquettishly at Derran from beneath her eyelashes. It was, he realised, like looking at the girl Sheri’s older sister. It was not an unappealing image. He felt his cock stiffen a little at the realisation that if he were to work here, he would be able to get to know the other girls a lot better too.

What is happening to me? he thought wonderingly. One night with a beautiful whore and suddenly I’m sex mad.

“Good morning, handsome,” she purred. “Do step into my chamber. You too, Estara.”

Estara raised her eyebrows in surprise. This was not customary; but she guessed that Elise would want to see her reaction to Derran being with someone else. The two women had known each other for nearly fifteen years and there was very little they could not guess about the way one another’s minds worked.

“So,” Elise was saying. “Estara tells me you would like to work for us.”

He cleared his throat nervously. Beneath her calculating and lascivious gaze he felt exposed and embarrassed, quite different to how Estara had made him feel upon bringing him to her room.

He looked at Estara, who smiled encouragingly. Thinking of future nights of bliss in her arms he turned his attention to Elise and said, “Yes, Madam.”

“And what can you offer us?”

She locked her eyes onto his, licking her lips suggestively. He swallowed, and took a deep breath. “Well, Madam, I am strong, reliable and honest. And I have had my fair share of encounters with hostile men, all of whom I have bested.”

“I see.” She nodded. “And has Estara told you of the other qualification I look for?”

“She has, Madam.”

Elise nodded again. Then, slowly, she eased the straps of the scandalously short nightgown down over her plump shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Her skin was amply freckled, and although she was carrying extra weight her flesh was still firm and supple-looking — and her breasts were enormous, far bigger than any he had ever seen before.

Derran felt his body respond to her nakedness. She was nowhere near as pretty as Estara, but she was certainly attractive in her way. Perhaps, he thought, this would not be so difficult after all.

She crossed the room to her bed, and lay down upon it. “Come over here, Giant man,” she coaxed. “Come and get to know me better.”

“Do you still wish me to remain, Madam?”

Derran turned to look at Estara. The look on her face was inscrutable, but he thought he detected a faint tremor in her voice. Suddenly he wanted to fall onto his knees and beg her forgiveness — for what, he did not know, since this was her idea. But although she knew — and presumably accepted — this part of his ‘interview’, he could not shake the irrational feeling that he was being disloyal to her.

“Yes, Estara, I still wish you to remain. Come and stand at the head of the bed and watch.”

She nodded briskly and complied, her face colouring up slightly. Suddenly he was angry with the red-headed slut, who was ogling him like he was a piece of meat for her gratification. She was trying to make Estara jealous, he thought — to test her true reasons for wanting him to take this job. Well, he would show her, lying there with her massive tits spilling off her sides and her fat pussy on blatant display, already moist with anticipation, practically begging to be fucked. He felt his blood grow hot at the thought of wiping that smile off her stupid face. If she wanted Giant cock, she would get it — and she would never want it again.

He stood over her and removed his clothing. There was none of the sensuality of his encounter with Estara here; this was purely functional. He could feel the Giant in him trying to take over his mind and it was with difficulty that he restrained the urge to strike her, hard, across the cheek as he had seen Giant males do to females in the build-up to mating. He glanced across at Estara. Her green eyes looked tenderly back at him and the fire was cooled, if only a little.

“Don’t look at her, Giant. Look at me.”

That was it. He’d had enough. Dropping to his knees between her legs, he grabbed her wrists in one hand and held them above her head, putting his face close to hers and hissing, “Shut up.”

“Oh, yes.” She strained against the hold, uselessly of course. “Oh, I like a strong man. Show me, Giant, how big and strong you really are.”

He grabbed one of her breasts with his other hand. They were so big that there was plenty of tit to spare even with his fingers spread out. She moaned, and suddenly she started to look a little afraid. And yet, whilst he had found the fearful look a turn-off in the past, with this woman and in this situation it fired him up so strongly that his vision actually blurred for a second.

“Fuck me,” she demanded petulantly.

He tightened his hands’ grip, and she squeaked in surprise. “I thought I told you to shut up, bitch,” he snarled, his voice once again taking on the tone he had heard from his mother once upon a time, usually right after some presumptuous male had tried it on with her. “I don’t fuck on demand. Nor does any Giant.” He bent down and slurped her nipple into his mouth, making her gasp. “Lovely big tits,” he whispered, his words muffled by her flesh. He bit into her flesh and she cried out in pain. He laughed, stretching out her nipple between his teeth. His cock was straining towards her cunt. Against his will, this human whore was turning him on in her own right — and for that, he would make her pay.

He plunged into her, and the wail she emitted made him forget the part of himself that was human. He was, he knew, likely to be the biggest man that even she had ever had. He had always been mindful of this with humans he’d slept with before and taken it slowly, but today he just wanted to fuck, and come, and fuck some more and come again, until she was begging him to stop. So this was it. This was what they’d tried to tell him about in the mountains. This was what he had been missing out on.

“Oh, gods. Oh, gods. Oh, gods.” Every thrust brought this cry from her lips. But although she sounded afraid, he also detected the tell-tale huskiness of a woman experiencing a lot of pleasure. She didn’t fuck back like Estara, but she was tight, and getting wetter with every stroke. Also she had managed to get one hand free — he must have loosened his hold — and was playing with herself, her fingers rubbing her clit frantically. The dirty whore; so greedy that his cock alone wasn’t enough for her.

“Leave yourself alone,” he commanded, lust slurring his words. “I can make you come by myself. I don’t need your help.”

She was soaking wet now. Using some of her juice he slipped a finger into her ass, not even knowing what had compelled him to do it. The sounds she made became deeper, and for the first time she began grinding herself onto him, the way Estara had when he had first fingered her sweet pussy.

“Oh yes,” she purred. “Yes, that’s what I want…”

Derran had never in his life fucked a woman in the ass, although he had heard other men mention it with awe, as something highly pleasurable that only a very few women ever allowed. The thought had always slightly repelled him; and yet, when he glanced across at Estara, he saw that she was also stroking herself, and watching him intently. She saw him looking and nodded.

“Do it,” she whispered. Her eyes closed; she was close to coming, he knew, and the thought that seeing him do this would be pleasurable for her too rid him of the last of his inhibitions.

He was surprised at how easily his cock slid in, and realised that Elise had probably done this many times. Even so she still gasped and begged him to go slowly — which he did willingly, much to his chagrin, because it was much tighter in there, and there was a great deal more friction. But once he was all the way in, she began to buck against him again as she had when his fingers had been in there.

“That’s good,” she moaned. “Oh yes.”

He looked over at Estara again. Her lips were parted slightly and her breathing was becoming ragged as her fingers rubbed her clit more urgently. Her eyes opened again slightly and watched him avidly.

“That’s right,” she panted. “Fuck her ass –”

Her orgasm nearly made her buckle at the knees, forcing her to grab onto the bedpost for balance. Derran watched her, entranced anew by her beauty. He slipped first one, then two and finally a third finger into Elise’s pussy, barely even hearing her cry out as she was filled to bursting with him in both holes; in his mind he was back in Estara’s room, watching her ride his hand again. He pounded Elise harder, thrashing her orgasm out of her, torn between his contempt for her and his fascination with Estara. An image came to his mind, quite unbidden, of the two women licking one another out…and that pushed him over the edge. As he came, he pulled Elise onto his cock, making her scream as tears sprang to her eyes. But when he was finally able to bring himself to slow down, she did not look displeased with him — anything but, in fact.

“My dear boy,” she said breathlessly, a wide smile covering her freckled face. “You are something special, aren’t you? Quite a talent. Consider yourself hired.”

Derran looked at her blankly. Although his body had enjoyed the experience, his mind still chided him for doing all that in front of Estara. And yet she had enjoyed watching…and he had enjoyed being watched by her. It seemed that he still had a lot to learn about sexual desire and the many different ways of satisfying it.

“You can start tonight,” Elise was saying. “I will pay you five coppers per night, and your room and board is free. Estara, take him to Nivek’s old room. And both of you get some sleep.”

Derran dressed hurriedly, not looking at Elise again. He suddenly felt that he desperately needed a wash. When they were out of the room he communicated this to Estara.

“Come with me,” she said. “I bathe every morning and the maid knows to ready the tub for me in my room.”

Sure enough, when they reached her room there was a large tin tub of hot water, a bar of soap and a towel waiting. Estara had him stand in the tub whilst she washed him; he hadn’t been bathed by anyone since he was a child, and the experience was very relaxing and intimate. She took great care over him, her exquisite face frowning in concentration as she soaped the whole length and breadth of him and then rinsed him off. When she had finished he asked to do the same for her.

“That would be nice,” she said, looking pleased.

In spite of the extremes his body had been put to in the name of sexual pleasure that morning and the preceding night, Derran found himself becoming turned on again as his soapy hands slid over her curves. Her little sighs of pleasure did not help the situation.

“Your touch feels so good,” she told him when he teasingly scolded her for the effect she was having on him. He rinsed her clean and kissed her gently.

“Did you really enjoy watching me with Elise earlier?” he asked.

“Yes, I did,” she said. “I saw a different side to you; it was very exciting. I love to watch people having sex. I would like to watch you with some of the other girls sometime. Katrice is a sweet girl; she puts on a good show and she took quite a fancy to you.”

“You mean you’ve watched the other girls before?”

“Of course. In fact, sometimes we invite a few select customers in, lock the doors and then all enjoy each other freely. I look forward to you being involved on those occasions in future.”

Derran felt himself grow harder as her words conjured up an image in his mind, of a group of adventurous young women, naked in the firelight and enjoying whoever came into reach of their hungry mouths, hands, pussies…and even asses. He smiled.

“I think I’m going to like working here.”

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