white woman

Derek saw the young white woman standing at the bar, her back to the room. She wore a short royal blue strapless dress. Leaning forward to rest against the bar, the fingers of her right hand, bearing French manicured nails, held an almost full martini glass.

She stood with full weight on her right foot. Her left shin rested against her right calf. He guessed her height at about 5’6″ without the heels and weight at about 115 pounds.

Long straight light blonde hair fell to her waist.

As he moved close, he noticed the bright pink polish on the toe nails peeking from beneath the royal blue straps of her high heels.

She looked so tantalizing from the rear, he knew she must have at least a half-decent face.

Darren lowered his 6’4″ frame to whisper in her ear, “Dance with me.”

He never asked, simply commanded.

He was totally unprepared for the beautiful skin, full lips, and long dark lashes as she turned, her blue eyes starting at his chest and slowly climbing to his face. Had he been an emotional type, he would have gasped. Instead, he simply stared.

She felt weakness in her knees and her heart doubled its beat. It was as though a bolt of lightning had struck her entire being.

Before he could move, she set down the thin glass, turned from the bar, and headed to the dance floor. She walked with the grace of a cat, the slow sway of her hips inviting him to follow. He never followed a woman. Women followed him. Tonight was a first.

She found an empty spot among the crowd of dancers, twirled around, put her hands behind his neck, and smiled. He placed his hands on her waist and the two began to slowly move to the music.

Her eyes never left his. He felt like he was drowning in a dark blue sea.

Slowly, very slowly, she moved closer to him, her body finally within inches of his. He always maintained control of himself, but at this moment on this night, his already hard-as-a-rock cock stabbed at her. He pulled her against him. She didn’t hesitate and began grinding her hips. What could it be about this man, she wondered. She had no answer, but knew she wanted him more than anything she had wanted in her life.

The music stopped and they continued moving slowly. As a new song began, her hands moved from behind his neck. She placed her soft fingers onto his hands as they held her waist. She pulled his hands from her, turned, and walked back to the bar. He followed her, knowing he shouldn’t, knowing she was tugging him as though he had a rope around his neck. But, he couldn’t resist.

Instead of stopping at the bar, she walked toward the exit. Ten feet from it, she stopped, quickly turned to him, lifted to her tiptoes, kissed his cheek, then moved her mouth to his right ear and said, “I’m Ashley. I’ll be here next week, same time. Thank you for the dance. I hope we meet again.”

She walked away as he stared. Derek was always the one to walk away. He questioned what was happening to him, asking himself if it were some form of karma?

For the next week, thoughts of her invaded his every hour. He couldn’t erase her. Even his dreams held moments of her. He found himself becoming more and more excited about seeing her again.

On Friday night, he dressed carefully and returned to the same club. His eyes searched for her. She wasn’t at the bar or on the dance floor or even sitting at a table.

That meant she must be in the ladies room. He walked toward the door and saw it open. Three women exited, but none was she.

He felt a hand on his back and slowly turned. She stood in front of him. He lifted her and kissed her. She opened her mouth, expression passion for his tongue. After a long kiss, he said, “Come home with me.”

She nodded subtly.

He set her feet back onto the floor, took her hand, and led her from the club.

In his black BMW, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her long legs, thighs revealed by the short white pleated skirt. His right hand moved to squeeze her left thigh. The fingers of her left hand slowly stroked his hand. He knew this would be very good. And it was, night after night, as he explored every inch of the 26-year-old white girl’s body.


He couldn’t seem to get enough of her passion. He felt comfortable with her until she asked him if he were married.

“No,” the 40-year-old man quickly said.

“I can’t imagine why not, Derek. You are such a catch. Women must be after you all the time.”

“Yeah, they are, but I’ve never had any desire to be married.”

He felt the slight reaction in her body as he held her tight, just the slightest stiffening.

“Ashley, is marriage important to you?”

He hoped it wouldn’t be. He didn’t want to lose her yet, get rid of her yet, tell her they were finished yet. She made him cum more intensely than he was accustomed to. He wanted to keep her around a few months.

She thought a moment and answered, “I want to be married, have at least four children, and be stay-at-home wife and mother.”

She could feel his brain working, could even know his thoughts. She knew that he was aware she worked now and would wonder how she could even consider not working. He would think, once one is a successful professional, one should always want that activity. She knew that would be his line of reasoning.

She wondered whether to immediately dress and leave or to stay with him. Her brain told her to get up and go. Her heart told her to be patient. Her body said she should get all the good cums she could from him. After all, he had made her body respond in a way no man had ever been able to do. He made her cum with that one slow-building orgasm rather than the many waves of mini-orgasms which were her experience until him.

When she would cum from his deep penetration and slow fucking, she felt like she was in the night sky, slowly drifting among the stars. When she reached peak, she could feel something in her being that came from an ancient archetype of womanhood. She felt like she was cumming for all the women in the world.

She stayed in his arms for a moment, then said, “Derek, you’ve ruined me. I just want you to know that.”

He growled, “What does that mean?”

“I’ve had other men and then you make me feel like nobody ever has. How will I ever find another man who can do this to me, make me cum like you do? You’ve ruined me for life.”

He smiled and answered, “Yeah, guess I do that a lot.”

She was peeved, but knew she wanted more of him before she would have to leave.


Ashley stared at his naked body as he lay on his back on the king size bed. She sat with her back against the headboard, her long legs stretched in front of her. Her feet moved in rhythm to the slow smooth jazz playing on the stereo.

She inhaled, enjoying the pungent sandalwood incense.

“Darren, turn onto your tummy.”

He did, wondering what this meant and enjoying the memories of her activities with him. She had proven herself to be the most sensuous female he had ever known.

She crawled onto his upper back, her knees at the sides of his upper arms stabilizing her as she extended his wrists toward the posts at the head of the bed. Pulling long pink ribbons from under a pillow, she secured each wrist. He lifted and turned his head to watch her hand play with the other two ribbons. She stared into his eyes.

She slithered to the foot of the bed and tied each of his ankles to a post.

Moving between his thighs, she grabbed a pillow and asked him to lift. She fluffed the pillow and placed it under his lower belly. Her right hand gently placed his long semi-soft cock between his thighs.

Darren had tied her many times, always with silk scarves. This was her first venture securing him. He wondered what would come.

She placed a black satin blindfold on him, tying it behind his shaved head.

He felt a change in the mattress and knew she had gotten off the bed. He thought about five minutes had passed when she returned and climbed next to him. He could feel the heat of her body.

Soon, her bare pussy pressed down onto his haunches. She squirmed and he could feel the wetness she produced. Her extreme moistness was one of the things that drove him crazy. It seemed as if she stayed dripping wet.

Warm thick cream was placed on his back and her hands began to manipulate, to massage, to cover him from shoulder to shoulder with light touches followed by deep pressure. His arms were next. Derek totally relaxed, trying to stay awake.

He drifted into a deep sleep a few times. She smiled as she heard him softly snoring.

She massaged the biceps and triceps areas of his upper arms, then his lower arms, and his hands. She worked out the kinks in his neck and shoulders. Her hands scraping along his trapezius muscle on each side of his back lengthened the fibers. From mid- back, she moved to below the scapula bones and to the sides, managing the latissimus muscles on the sides.

He slept.

He awoke when he felt her body move from his ass cheeks. She was off of him. He couldn’t see where, but could feel her heat between his legs.

In a second, he felt the tip of her tongue beginning to move in circles on his left ass cheek. She made big circles and slowly tightened them, finally planting a kiss in the center of his left ass cheek. She repeated the action on his right ass cheek.

He felt the flat of her tongue almost to the right side of his ass licking from the top of his thigh to the top of his roundness. Her tongue moved in rows, bottom to top, slowly moving from his side. Like plants at a farm, she completed one row, then moved a bit to lick another row, slowly moving across the cheek to two inches from his ass crack. Then she moved to his other side, tongue making rows over his left ass cheek, again, stopping a couple of inches from his ass crack.

Derek was wide awake, his breathing increased in speed.

Her felt her breath, the thin stream of hot air moving up and down in those final two inches on each side. She was over his ass crack. His hips bucked in anticipation.

She continued to blow hot air. He wanted her to stop blowing and to lick his ass crack.

He waited and waited, hungry for the air to change to her tongue. He was becoming impatient. He wanted to order her to stop playing and to lick between his rounded ass cheeks. He knew her well by now. Any order for her to give him what he wanted would result in her leaving the room for an hour. He bit his lower lip to refrain from saying a word to her.

She kissed the place at the top of his ass crack, then licked an inch up and down and then to the sides. She felt his body jerk, knowing the thin pink ribbons wouldn’t hold him if he wanted to be free. She knew he didn’t want freedom. He wanted to be under her spell. He would cum so good, when she got around to sucking him.

He felt her lift up and in an instant felt her hands on his ass cheeks, pulling them apart. He thought, finally she will be tonguing my asshole.

Instead, he felt the freezing cold of a small smooth piece of ice as she pushed it into him.

“God, Ashley,” he yelped.

“Hush, baby. You’re mine tonight.”

Her tongue began to move up and down his ass cheeks just an inch from the crack, moving closer and closer to his rosebud. He began to squirm.

“Baby, don’t you break my ribbons. You be a good boy!”

He felt her hot tongue move to his asshole, pushing into him at the same time the cold water from the melting ice dripped down to his balls and slid off of them to the satin sheet.

She bit his right ass cheek, a quick non-painful nibble. She repeated that on his left ass cheek. Then, without warning, her hot tongue pushed deep into his asshole as she began to explore him. She had never before done this.

He had done it to her many times, hoping she would realize he wanted it. He never asked for it, living by the rule of never verbally letting any woman know what he wanted.

His body trembled as she explored him for a full 10 minutes. His hips began to buck at the bed. Her soft fingers pulled his cheeks farther apart so she could dig into him more deeply.

His precum oozed. He moved his hips, feeling his cock slide against the satin fabric of the sheet. He needed to cum, wanted her mouth on his cock, considered begging her to suck him. He halted the impulse to speak.

Finally, he felt her tongue move from him, slowly dragging down the rest of his ass crack, to his balls, where she stopped to suck and nibble, her tongue playing with the testicles inside his scrotum, moving them as, on their own, they squirmed. His body relaxed just a bit.

He couldn’t help it, he had to speak.

“Oh my god, Ashley.”

He caught himself before uttering another word. He always held back.

His cock lay beneath him, the 10-inch hard-on extending between his legs. The tip of her tongue began to move down the shaft to the hood. She ran her tongue under the ridge, back and forth.

She crumpled into kneeling position with her mouth on the head, then lifted his cock with her tongue so her whole mouth could suck in his cock. She began to suck hard as her mouth moved up and down on the length.

She felt his body tighten. It didn’t take long

He jerked loose from the ribbons, flipped over while jerking off the mask, and grabbed his cock, shooting his huge load all over her face.

His body in spasms, he watched as rope after rope of hot cum hit her.

She licked her lips. He knew, once he stopped, that her right finger would move to her face to begin scooping up the cum. She slowly opened her mouth, placed her finger inside, and very slowly sucked her finger from joint to tip to obtain every drop of goo. She would do that over and over until she was able to swallow every bit of his cum.

Many months before, she had done this the first time and had told him it was a secret among women in the southern United States, that cum was nutritious and swallowing it made their skin moist and soft. She loved to swallow his cum. She never missed a drop. And, as if evidence of the truth of what probably was an old wive’s tale, her skin felt like velvet. All over her body, her skin was like that of a baby’s.

She kissed his tummy, then moved off the bed and untied the ribbons on the posts. She walked to the dresser, her back to him, lifted the comb, and parted her hair. He stared at her. She turned and began to plait one side of her hair into a long pigtail. She tied the end with pink ribbon.

He knew she did it on purpose — she dropped the other ribbon and bent over so he could enjoy the view of her beautiful and soft ass, her pussy peeking from between her legs. She picked up the ribbon, plaited the other pigtail and tied it.

In just seconds, she was back on the bed, lying next to him, pulling herself close, her head on his shoulder, her hand on his belly.

Instinctively, his arms went around her and he pulled her tightly against him. He kissed the top of her head.

They both relaxed.

She lay thinking about him, how much she loved him and couldn’t say that. She felt a pang of hurt in her heart. She’d been thinking lately about how much she wanted his baby. She would have to decide whether they should continue as they have been or should she stop her birth control and have him impregnate her without his knowledge.

She kept close watch of her cycle and the next fertile period would be in a week. She pulled closer to him as she felt her hormones cry within her for her to become pregnant.

Their dreamy state was interrupted in just a moment by the ringing of his cell phone. He answered. She knew from his gentle tone that he was talking to a woman. Her muscles tightened as she heard him say, “I’ll be there in half an hour.”

She wondered what this electrical engineer could have to do at this hour. He wasn’t going to work. He had another woman. She felt her heart grow cold and watched as he moved off the bed and headed for the shower.

She softly said, “That settles it. He can’t get away from me without giving me a baby.”

Her mind was made up.

Derek quickly showered, dressed, and rushed to his work, already thinking about what the problem with the security system could be. He parked in the no parking zone in front of the building and hurried in.

Cindy, the female security guard who had called him, met him near the door.

“You’re getting big, Cindy.”

“One more month and she’ll be here.”

Derek had watched Cindy’s pregnancy for the past half year. He had never considered having a child of his own until seeing how Cindy glowed, how happy she was every day, how excited she was about having a child. He knew his Ashley would be the same way. He had often caught himself feeling so protective of his young, sensuous woman. The sex was incredible and they had such fun together. He appreciated that she wasn’t confrontational. Their biggest argument had been over which flavor of ice cream tasted best.

He shook his head, remembering he didn’t want to marry. Unfortunately, his heart took over and impressed upon him the feeling of being with Ashley the rest of his life, holding her, enjoying her excitement of learning of her pregnancy, caring for her during those months of gestation, and being with her as she would bear their child.

This woman had changed him. She never hinted at marriage or children. She had her say that one time many months ago. She never had placed any pressure on him. He knew she would be leaving him soon to find a man to marry. And he couldn’t bear the thought of her giving that gorgeous body to any other man. He wanted nobody else to touch her, to make her cum to heights he had never seen in a female.

Derek looked at the thin gold band on Cindy’s left hand and wondered if Ashley would want a diamond or just a wedding band.

“Derek,” Cindy yelled. “Come on.”

His thoughts of marriage and parenthood dissolved as he moved toward the elevator that would take him to the basement.

Three hours later, task successfully completed, he returned to his condo. As he turned the key in the front door, he thought this place wouldn’t be large enough for a family. He should begin to look for a house. He decided he and Ashley would begin that search the next weekend.

The lights were off. He flipped the switch by the entry to create a low illumination. He walked to his bedroom and saw her sleeping peacefully on her side, the sheet covering her breasts, pigtails falling behind her.

He quickly stripped, lifted the top sheet, and climbed into bed, grabbing her and pulling her to him. Her lashes fluttered and then her blue eyes opened. He kissed her tenderly and watched as her eyes closed and she returned to her sleep.

Moments later he was sure she was dreaming.

“Ashley,” he whispered, thinking she couldn’t hear him, “I love you, I’m going to marry you, and we’re going to have those four children you want.”

He didn’t see the corners of her lips lift just a bit. He did feel her snuggle close to him.

“Girl, you have ruined for life any thought of this man being a confirmed bachelor. And, I’m very happy about it.”

He heard her express a long sigh and decided in a few days he’d ask her again to repeat tonight’s play. He had no way of knowing that she was thinking how precious and cute their bi-racial babies would be.

“Rick stop!”

He wouldn’t though, not while she still had doubts. He pinned her wrists over her head, watching her wild black locks spread out over the snow and her dark green eyes grow wide in a strange mix of fear and awe. She struggled as much as she could, kicking her delicate legs and letting out a scream but in the Canadian wilderness, they weren’t likely to be heard. He tore at the baggy clothes she wore, jerking them off of her roughly, drawing another wail from her. She squeezed her eyes shut and he hesitated, for a short moment before those green eyes rolled back up at him with complete distrust. He shut down, as a man and as a rational being and snarled his retort with bared teeth, rending her jeans nearly in two in his fury.

He loved her. He needed her. She had saved his life and made him a better man. And now, now she wouldn’t even stop to fucking listen to him! He snatched her up by her hips, lifting her with ease and smashing her against his chest, crashing his mouth against her’s. She struggled but he cupped the back of her head, forcing the kiss on her harder, until he was sure it bruised her lips and then finally pulled away. She was tearing up and he watched the droplets slide down her cheeks slowly before he turned his attention back to her body. Her small breasts shuddered and her nipples puckered in the cold air. Her stomach trembled and the small tattoo she’d gotten in honor of his service stood out starkly against her pale skin. He dropped her back to the forest floor gently, his hands sliding from her shoulders down to her waist and then her hips, holding her in place.

She was still struggling, shrieking with rage and smacking at his arms, trying to push his head away. He braced a thick arm over her waist, pinning her in place and ignoring her flailing limbs while he pulled her underwear to the side. Vanilla and dark honey, along with the musky scent of her sex came to him and he growled again, burying his face against her. She cried out, her fingers tangling in his hair and trying to push him away as she tossed her head to the side, “I sa-said no!” She gave a sobbing cry as he drew his tongue up her folds and then he plunged the muscle inside of her. Her hips bucked and her fingers tightened in his hair as she screamed her outrage. She kicked her legs, her heels digging into his back and he thrust his tongue into her roughly before raising himself, dragging her towards him while he unsnapped and unzipped his jeans, shoving them down as much as he could in the situation.

The fight in her renewed and she shrieked, fury lacing her expression and her nails digging into his abs, drawing up painfully. He ignored it as best he could, guilt starting to ride him. Maybe he should stop now…? But she still had that distrustful look on her face and this time, she was pissed. Fuck, he loved when she looked like that. It was a complete turn-around from the sweet Mirela most people knew. Only he got to see this. He flattened her against the ground, pinning her with his body and his erection landing against her ass. That familiar flush was starting to cover her cheeks and he panted raggedly over her, forcing one of her legs to the side.

His cockhead brushed her folds and it took him a moment to find her entrance before he plunged inside of her, groaning. She bucked underneath him, a loud gasp drawn from her and he watched her toss her head back. Her lashes fluttered against her cheeks and she went still under him. Tears slid down her cheeks but there was an oddly serene expression on her face. He kept himself buried inside of her, reveling the feel of that exquisite tightness and heat, especially in the cool weather. He’d barely noticed it in his struggles with her but it was cold out here.

He gave a hard buck against her and she cried out, her plush lips parting. He framed her with his arms, hanging his head between his shoulders to look down at her face, tilted up and back so that her hair curtained to either side and draped over her shoulders. He could feel its silkiness separating the bare skin of her back from his chest. He traced his thumb over her bottom lip and then under each of her eyes, panting harshly, “I love you, Mirela. I would never hurt you…why won’t you believe me?”

She finally opened her eyes and started to speak but he shook his head, his expression darkening. He gripped her hip, supporting himself with his other arm and thrust into her again, plunging deeper and deeper into her. She gasped and moaned with each thrust, hanging her head so her hair was in her face. He lifted his hand from her hip to tangle it in her hair, pulling it back from her face and then pulling it enough so that her face was tilted towards him. Her eyes were closed, her lips parting on each moan and gasp, her small breasts bouncing and dancing in the cold air.

She took everything he had to offer, spreading herself wider by pulling her leg further to the side. He lifted himself up in a “push-up”, his muscles straining as he groaned and panted, snorting through flared nostrils. His cock pummeled her, drawing louder and louder cries from her. She was starting to get frantic, close to her orgasm and he redoubled his efforts, pumping into her at a wild pace he normally would never use with her much smaller body. He brushed her hair off to one side and braced himself with both arms around her waist, supporting them on his elbows as he pushed his hips in against her plump ass as tight as he could, “C’mon! Cum for me damnit!”

Her eyes suddenly flew open, rolling back slightly as she let out a cry, her hand flying back to his hip as her sex contracted tightly on him, squeezing and massaging his shaft hard. He groaned, thrusting through her orgasm and her moan grew into a loud scream, his name mixed in there somewhere. Her nails dug into his forearm and hip as he shoved harder and faster, pumping into her wildly.

“Oh gods, oh gods,” he managed through gritted teeth, fisting his hands tightly as he truly unleashed himself, panting and groaning, his hips slapping full force against her ass. She screamed and shrieked but more than certainly wasn’t trying to get away. She threw her head back, her body convulsing wildly and he had to put his hand on the small of her back to keep her from jerking herself off of his cock. She bucked and flailed wildly while he held her down, teetering on the edge of his climax…


He let out a roar, shoving himself deeper inside of her, his cock twitching and pulsing as he finally came. He raised himself onto his knees, grabbing her hips to keep her connected to himself, pumping his hips wildly into her. His muscles burned with the intensity of the release and he couldn’t stop his pumping hips or the cum flooding into her. His hand slid from the small of her back to cup her asscheek, squeezing and kneading it as his pace finally slowed to something that didn’t take his breath away.

He shuddered over her, finally rolling to the side but keeping his arms locked around her so she had nowhere to escape to. Not that she’d be able to move her legs for awhile. His hips still occasionally twitched against her and he used the remains of her sweatshirt to cover her and his own body heat to keep her warm. Her poor little body trembled and shuddered, twitching and convulsing any time he moved too much. He was unconsciously stroking her body, as he would after any regular time they’d have sex and his hands came to rest just under her breasts. She trembled under his hot touch, her head rolling to the side on his chest.

“Rick…nothing really happened, did it?” she asked in a quiet voice and he hesitated. He didn’t want to set her off again but he nodded, “I’ve never looked twice at any woman but you.” He could sense the tension growing between them and then it seemed to shatter when a soft sob wracked her small frame. He sat up slowly, peeling her skin away from his and turning her to face him. He regretted the loss of contact between their sexes but this…this was much more important. He cupped her face, stroking his thumbs under her eyes and kissing her forehead, “I would never look at another woman, much less touch them. Not when I have you.”

She finally seemed to break down and she wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing him in close and sobbing against his neck. He wrapped her tightly in his embrace, rocking her slightly. His sweet, fragile girl…He kissed the top of her head, cradling her against his chest with a soft sigh into her hair, “I love you, Mirela.” She clutched tighter at him, sobbing against his skin and nodding, managing to choke out her response.

“I love you, I love you…”

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He bought me a few drinks, and we sat in a booth drinking and flirting. After a while, he started to rub my thigh as we talked I was definitely getting turned on, and I wanted to get closer to him. I suggested we dance.

We went to the dance floor and shook our asses for a few songs. After a few minutes, he grabbed me and pulled me close to him. He leaned down and started to kiss my lips and neck as we danced. His hands were all over me. He was rubbing my thighs and ass under my skirt. I started to tease him a little. I rubbed my tits across his chest, then turned around and rubbed my ass against his crotch.

Tyrell wanted me, and I sure as hell wanted him. He offered to take me back to his place, but I didn’t want to go off with someone I just barely met. A girl can’t be too careful about stuff like that. We decided to sneak off to one of the restrooms, and in a few seconds, we were locking ourselves into a stall in the men’s room. He pulled my top down just enough to expose my tits. He started to lick and suck them as I moaned, and tried to keep my panties from getting soaked.

I got on my knees in front of him, and unzipped his pants. The bulge in his boxers looked huge, but I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when I pulled his cock out. My mouth was watering. He had to be at least 9 inches.

I kissed the head a little before sliding my tongue from the base, all the way up to the tip. I slid my head over the underside of his shaft, teasing the little part that connected the head and the shaft. He was squeezing my tits and nipples as I teased him, and it was driving me wild! I sucked his balls into my mouth, as I stroked his shaft slowly.

I sucked him into my mouth, trying to take as much as I could. I almost choked, but managed to take it all. I impressed myself! I slowly bobbed my head up and down on his cock. I swirled my tongue over it as I sucked. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face slowly.

I was trying my best to deep throat his big black dick. His balls were smacking chin, drool was running down the side of my mouth, and I was loving every second of it. I stared up at him. He looked down and smiled.

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I nodded and moaned. I couldn’t help but smile around his thick dick.

I sucked him a few minutes longer. Thankfully we didn’t get caught or kicked out. I could hear people coming in and leaving the bathroom. Either they weren’t paying attention or didn’t care. I know I didn’t care. All I cared about was this hot, ebony man, and his dark, velvety member. He pulled his cock from my mouth and smacked it across my cleavage.

He slid his cock between my tits and I squeezed them together. I gave him a tit job, but it didn’t last long. He grabbed his shaft again and shot his hot, wet sticky load all over my cleavage. God it felt so good. I licked his cum off of my tits, loving the taste of it.

We exchanged numbers and email addresses. When we get together again, I promise I won’t JUST be giving him a blowjob.

They’d been dating for a few weeks, and JD was pretty sure he’d already sprayed cum on every square inch of Ashlee’s white skin.

He loved finishing on her tits. She’d take his black cock into her cleavage and squeeze her breasts closed around it while he thrust against her soft skin. She’d look up at him lovingly and take the tip of it into her mouth on the upthrust, and suck it hard as he pulled his hips back, so that it left her mouth with a pop.

After several minutes of pleasure, he would release on her chest, filling the space between her tits with cum, then rubbing his cock across her nipples.

Sometimes, she would lay on her back, running her fingers across her chest, playing absently in his sperm before licking her fingers clean.

He’d cum on her back. She would lay face-down, and he would cover her milky whiteness with his dark skin. She would purr as she felt his length press against her spine, both of them amazed at how far up her body it extended. He would move back and forth, up and down, rubbing against her skin while she squirmed contendedly under him. He’d orgasmed on his lower back, upper back, neck. Both of them were shocked at the kinkiness and sensitivity of her ear. He’d been rubbing his cock and balls against her neck when she turned her head to the side, allowing him to stick the tip into it and move in and out gently.

She’d shocked him once during a blow job, bringing him to the brink or orgasm, then pulling his cock out of her mouth so he could cum on her face. He’d stood there, stunned, with his cock spasming uncontrollably as jet after jet of his hot sperm sprayed on her girl-next-door face. She’d looked up at him lovingly with blue eyes wide, as his spunk made her face even whiter. She’d opened her mouth and licked hungrily with her tongue as it dribbled down her face.

He’d cum on her feet, as she finished what she started under the restaurant table on their first date. She laid on her back, rubbing his cock with both feet, lifting his balls with her toes, until he finished all over them.

She’d also kept her first-date promise to him when she was dirty-talking in the movie theater by letting him cum in her hair. She’d gone done on him, like she was going to blow him, then threw her long blonde hair forward. She wrapped it around his dick and jacked him furiously with both hands. The friction was amazing, as was the sight of his cock disappearing into her nest of blonde. He blew his load into it, coming over and over. It had taken her a long time to clean it, but he’d dropped to his knees and eaten her in the shower while she shampooed. He hoped that might make it worth doing again for her.

He hadn’t had the ass yet, but they were working on it.

She was willing. But with the massive size of his tool and her inexperience back there, it had taken some time to get her comfortable.

He’d cum ON her ass, laying the length of his cock between her cheeks and moving up and down while she clinched them shut on him. But the few times he’d try to go up and in, she’d tried her best, but whimpered and pulled away as he began to make progress.

They hadn’t been going out as much lately, preferring to stay at her apartment and have at each other in as many ways as possible.

Her roommate Kelli was around a lot, but she didn’t seem to be much of a problem. She was a tiny redhead who didn’t talk much.

Their beds were on opposite sides of the room, so they could do what they wanted when the lights were out, as long as they were quiet. Occasionally her boyfriend Todd stayed over on the same night as JD, and the two couples tried to have silent sex a few feet apart. JD noticed that Kelli and Todd’s bed seemed to settle down long before theirs.

There seemed to be a lot of tension between the roommates, and Ashlee fumed whenever she had to tone down her dirty talk and screaming orgasms because Kelli was asleep across the room.

Kelli had also walked in on them a couple times, accidentally, although Ashlee seemed to think she did it just to give her a hard time.

The most recent time, she’d gotten an eyeful. JD was giving Ashlee a back rub with his cock. When Kelli opened the door, JD was straddling her roommate, with his erect tool in hand. She looked at him, eyes wide. She moved her mouth like she was going to speak, but nothing came out.

Without breaking eye contact with his cock, she slowly backed out of the room and quietly closed the door. Ashlee never even knew she’d been there.

Since then, JD thought Kelli had been wearing skimpier clothes at bed time. Her t-shirt seemed to end just below her ass, and the large arm holes gave a view of her freckled side boob.

JD was getting plenty, but it was still nice to think that he’d inspired the sluttier behavior from Ashlee’s roommate.

One morning, JD woke up to warm pleasure on his cock. He opened his eyes, and Ashlee had already gone down on him, and was busy sucking his erect penis.

She took a break long enough to whisper, “Good morning. You were like this in your sleep and I just couldn’t resist.”

She had an early class, while his first class didn’t start until 10, so the morning blow would be all she had time for. JD laid his head back. Just before he closed his eyes to enjoy her talents, he saw Kelli’s green eyes watching them from across the room. “Hope she enjoys the show,” he smirked, then went ahead and shut his eyes.

She’d rolled to her side to get a better view and could feel herself getting wet. She wondered if she could reach down and touch herself without waking Todd.

Todd was already awake and knew that Kelli was busy watching. She hadn’t blown him in weeks. His dick couldn’t compare to JD’s, of course, but he thought it more than did the trick.

He heard JD grunt softly and Ashlee began making quiet slurping noises as she swallowed down his load. Todd tried pressing himself against Kelli then, thinking the show might put her in the mood. Kelli just sighed, though, and Todd never felt smaller. He rolled back over and went back to sleep.

About an hour later, Ashlee had gone to class and JD was still sleeping in her bed. Kelli seemed more affectionate now, and Todd decided to go down on her, hoping it would inspire her to pay it back. He slid down her body and buried his face in her neatly trimmed bright red bush.

As he licked away, he felt her hips shift slightly to the side. He stopped what he was doing and glanced up at her. She was looking dreamily across the room at Ashlee’s bed. JD was laying on his back, making an enormous tent in the sheets with his morning wood.

Without looking back at Todd, Kelli absently placed her hand on the top of his head and pushed him face-down back into her crotch. He finished what he was doing, realizing that she had no intention of reciprocating.

Once she was satisfied, Todd tried to complain to her about how he’d been treated, but she acted like she didn’t know what he meant. Finally, he grabbed his clothes and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

The noise woke JD with a start. He looked over at Kelli’s bed. “What’s his problem,” he asked.

She waved her hand in disgust. “Who knows? Little-dicked son of a bitch.” She blushed almost immediately, realizing that she’d basically just admitted she’d been comparing him to someone else, across the room.

“Size isn’t everything,” JD offered.

“That’s what he always tries to tell me,” she said, making JD laugh.

Kelli felt around in her bed, but she couldn’t find her t-shirt. Todd must have grabbed it when he had his little tantrum. She had to get up for her 9:00 class. After thinking about it for a minute, she shrugged and thought, “What the fuck?”

She threw off the covers and swung her legs off the bed.

“I need to get ready to go to class,” she said. She stood, bare naked, and walked across the room to her dressed.

JD watched her breasts bounce as she moved. They were larger than he’d expected, and freckled on top as well as on the sides. She also had freckles on the bridge of her nose, her eyelids, and her lips. He wanted nothing more than to spray cum on all those patches of freckles.

He was shocked to see her patch of bright red hair between her legs. It made sense it would be the same color, but he still marveled over the sight of it.

She turned and bent to open the drawer and he looked at her tight, round ass. He wondered if it would be easier to tap her ass than Ashlee’s, then felt bad about what he was thinking.

She’d turned back around. “You’re staring,” she said.

“You should talk,” he said, and she blushed again. The red spread down her neck and across the top of her breasts.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass you,” he said. “I was just surprised that you were naked and…” he looked at her red bush again, “and so hot.”

She looked at the tent he was making in the sheets.

“Is Ashlee your first white girl?” she asked.

He nodded.

“So…you’ve never had a red head then,” she asked.

He felt his cock swell.

He threw off his covers and heard her inhale at the sight of him.

“Ever had a black guy,” he asked.

“Ask me in a few minutes,” she said, and joined him in bed.

She went straight for his cock, licking it from base to tip then taking it into her mouth.

JD couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to be cheating on Ashlee, but the idea of having two white girls—roommates—a blonde and a redhead, all in the same morning, was just too much to fight.

He reached down and slipped his finger into her mat of red hair while she sucked away.

She realized she wasn’t going to make it to her 9:00 class. JD wasn’t going to make it to his 10. They had too much to do.

The door slowly opened and Todd’s face appeared. He’d calmed down and was returning to apologize.

She stopped what she was doing to look over at his shocked face. JD didn’t even bother taking his finger out of her pussy.

“Sorry, Todd,” she said simply. “You can stay and watch if you want.”

Todd looked like he was going to pass out. He looked around wildly, not sure what to do.

Then Kelli went back to work on JD’s giant black meat, and neither of them bothered to see what he decided to do.

Tyrell stood at Ashlee’s door, still not sure what was going on.

He’d gotten a text from JD, telling him to come over right away, “and bring some boys. Got a big surprise for u.”

He picked up Kendall and Jeff and was there within a few minutes.

He knocked, and heard JD’s voice. “Come on in.”

Tyrell, Kendall and Jeff stepped inside. The first thing they saw was the familiar face of JD’s new white girlfriend. She was on her knees in the middle of the room, naked. He got a good look at what JD had been enjoying for the past few weeks and understand why he hadn’t been hanging around much with the guys.

Ashlee looked like she’d put on a little weight, and her hair was dark again, instead of bleached blonde. But her enormous white tits hadn’t changed. They were on clear display for the three visitors. Neither had her round white ass, which was sticking up into the air.

She looked over at the three of them hungrily.

JD was standing in front of her, also naked, his black cock inches from her face. He stepped aside.

“She’s all yours, guys,” JD said, and took a seat on the couch to watch.

Things began to change a few days earlier. Until then, JD had been enjoying Ashlee’s efforts to keep him satisfied, which included wild sex in every location and position the two of them could imagine. It also involved up to five other white chicks, in a variety of combinations.

Then Ashlee’s older sister, Susan called.

Susan had always been a problem. She was four years older than Ashlee, and was already married and working as a bank executive. She’d never met JD, but that didn’t stop her from warning Ashlee repeatedly about dating a black guy.

“You remember what Daddy said before we left for college,” Susan had said on one phone call. “He told us to have fun…but don’t bring home a black guy.”

“He might have told you that,” Ashlee argued, “but he never told me.”

“I’m telling you,” Susan said. “You’ll break his heart if he finds out.”

In another call, she warned him that “they only want white girls for one reason.”

“All of them?” Ashlee asked pointedly, which silenced her sister for awhile.

Another time, Susan said, “Girls are always curious about the stereotype, but it’s NOT true.”

“If you stayed away from them like Daddy said, then how do you know,” Ashlee asked.

JD went into an angry funk whenever Susan would call and offer her little sister advice. To her credit, Ashlee didn’t fall for the nonsense at all. In fact, it made her work even harder to flaunt her disrespect for her family’s offensive attitude.

While talking to Susan one time, Ashlee gestured to JD with one finger, beckoning him to come over to her. He did, and she slowly began to rub his crotch through his jeans while he stood in front of her.

“Mmm hmm,” she said to Susan, while slowly unzipping him. “I understand.”

She took him out and stroked him while talking to her racist sister. She looked up at him and grinned, a sparkle in her eye.

She leaned her cheek against his thick black cock, then ran the tip of it down the bridge of her nose. She inhaled deeply, enjoying his thick scent.

“Sure thing,” she said to Susan. “You too… Yep.”

After a pause, she said into the phone, “By the way, I checked on that stereotype, and I’m pretty sure it’s true.”

Another pause, and then she said, “Biggest I’ve ever seen. It’s right here next to my face. You should see it.”

She listened again, then said, “Yeah, I’m going to suck it dry as soon as I’m off the phone with you…Well, gotta go!”

She pressed the button turning the phone off and drove her mouth down on his cock, sucking hard. She grabbed him with both hands and milked him as she sucked.

He didn’t last long. She knew he wouldn’t. Just before he released, she let go of his tool with one hand and reached underneath to grab his wilding seizing balls. She loved to feel them as they pumped cum into her…or her friends.

He released with a fury, throwing his head back and shouting as he did. It sounded more like a roar as he was overcome by the frustration he was feeling as well as the surge of pure manliness from taking her this way.

Ashlee was a trooper and did her best to swallow it all, but his load was enormous. He came everwhere—on her face, her clothes, the phone receiver. Some went on the couch and floor. He shouted again as she gathered his cock into her hands again and led him back to her mouth to finish.

Finally, his balls stopped spasming and he collapsed next to her on the couch.

“Fuck,” he said, breathlessly. It would be a few minutes before he could do anything but curse.

“God damn,” he added.

“Shit,” he said. “Just … shit.”

He sat next to her for a few minutes, catching his breath. Then he looked over at her. He was spent, but not stupid.

“So,” he said. “When you said, ‘Sure thing. You too’?”

Ashlee felt heat as her cheeks turned pink.

“That’s when she said goodbye and hung up, right?”

The blush spread to her neck and upper chest.

“No,” she said with a guilty grin. “She was on the line up until the very end.”

She burst out laughing before she could finish the lie.

“I thought you’d think that was hot,” she said.

JD laughed and gestured at the mess of semen covering everything around them.

He laid his head back on the couch and closed his eyes. She loved seeing him this way—spent and completely satisfied in every way. His cock, which usually sprung back up within minutes, hung limply between his legs.

It was still long and thick, a piece of shiny black meat leaning against his left leg. This was the moment that made her not care about sharing him with all the other girls. It was all worth it to put him in this state of bliss.

And it also meant that he had one more left—just for her. There were few rules for their threesomes and orgies, but this one was ironclad. When he got like this, it was all her. The other girls could watch…and often did, burning with jealousy and desire.

She took him in her hands, petting his cock like a large snake. Slowly, lazily, it came back to life, uncoiling upward, searching for her. He opened his eyes halfway, looking down at her through lazy eyelids.

When he was ready, she climbed atop him. He slid up inside her, and they began to move. They grinded slowly against each other. He leaned forward and rested his head between her breasts. She cradled his head and began to pick up speed. He matched her, then leaned his head back to push upward with his hips.

After several minutes, her breathing became ragged, and JD began setting the pace. She lay against him, breathing heavily against his neck. He lifted his hips off the couch to thrust upward, in and out, faster and faster.

She leaned back again, on the brink now, and arched her back. His hands were all over her body, caressing her, then holding her hips as she let go.

She began to say his name over and over, “Yes, JD. Fuck, yes. Oh God, JD, yes.” Then words failed her and she just moaned as she came.

They slowed as she finished and he stayed inside her as she lay against him. His large black hands engulfed her ass cheeks, making her feel so small. Then he moved a hand to the small of her back, spreading his fingers, nearly covering her entire back.

After a break, she began to move again, gently at first, and before long, they were repeating their first act. She orgasmed again, then rested before doing it a third time.

He couldn’t possibly cum again after everything that had been done to him leading up to this, so it was up to her how long things lasted. After the three orgasms, she rolled to her back and let him take her from top position. He brought her home twice more as she clawed his back, bit his ear, and showered his neck and chest with kisses.

Still, he stayed inside her, and they dozed for awhile like that. When one of them woke, they started again, waking the other. Sometimes, they went all night in this trance of half-sleep, full-lust. Her roommate Kelli counted a dozen orgasms once, but JD thought she might have missed a few.

Not all of Susan’s calls ended as well. The most recent one started that way. Ashlee again summoned for JD to come over while she talked to her sister. She stopped him with her feet, pawing at his groin with the balls of her feet. He was already naked this time, although she’d shown she was able to unzip him with her toes and, if things broke right, open his jeans button.

She told her sister she understood whatever nonsense she’d just spouted, but her attention was clearly on the black stud standing before her. She placed both of her tiny white feet lengthwise, pressing against his cock from each side. He measured up very well in the length comparison.

She began to explore him, tickling him with her toes and lifting his balls with one foot. Then she pressed the soles of her feet together, sandwiching his cock and began to move. She jerked harder and harder, all while making small talk on the phone.

“Yep,” she said, making eye contact with him. “He is fine.”

She increased the pace of her foot job, and he blew his load on her feet.

“He says hi,” she said.

Kelli was home and took the opportunity to join in at that point. She moved in and began kissing Ashlee’s feet, licking up his spunk.

JD watched, hoping that when she finished, she’d move on to her leg, missing and licking her way up. That would get the party started.

Before she had the chance, Ashlee sat bolt upright. “Really?” she said. “When? … Sure, of course! Great! Let me know.”

She hung up and broke the news to the other two. “Susan’s bank is recruiting on campus and wants her to help with the interviews. She’ll be staying here for four days.”

That would mean an end to their free-range sex for a week, but even worse, it meant Ashlee’s sister would be there, passing judgment on the two of them.

As the day of the visit approached, JD became a man possessed, burning with anger over Ashlee’s intolerant family, and how they were about to intrude on his relationship.

After class one day, he showed up at Dr. Chelsea’s office with an angry, throbbing erection. She had two students in her office—a boy and a girl—when he burst through the door.

“Sorry to interrupt,” he said, as both of them looked at the bulge in his pants. He leaned in close to Dr. Chelsea and said, “You can tell them to leave or tell them to join in, but I’m taking you now.”

To his surprise, Dr. Chelsea cupped his bulge with one hand and said, “Let’s find out.”

She turned to the two students and said, “This is JD. He said he’s going to use this on me now. You can either leave or join in.”

The girl crossed her legs, which caused her skirt to pull up high. She unbuttoned a button on her blouse, exposing a tiny crack of cleavage. “If it’s ok with you, I think I’ll stay.”

The professor had caught the couple, both freshmen, cheating on her test. Normally, that carried severe penalties. They’d fail her course immediately, and she’d send a full report to the dean to report the violation of the school honor code.

She decided to make a compromise in this case. She offered them a chance to take a retest and ignore the violation, if they’d help her with a guy who was going through a tough time.

All she really needed was the girl, of course. The guy would just sit there and watch, saying nothing while this black man ravaged his girlfriend. It beat getting expelled.

JD didn’t look once at him. Instead, he looked the girl over quickly, then turned back to Dr. Chelsea. “Get up,” he said.

He led her over to the corner of the office, where she faced the wall. He lifted her skirt and pulled her thong aside. Then he dropped his pants and hammered his cock home.

Normally, when he took the professor’s ass, he did it slowly, inserting an inch at a time, just the way he pulled out of Alexa the first time Dr. Chelsea saw him. But he was a man possessed and took her hard and fast, thrusting over and over. He reached around and squeezed her tits hard.

It was a big change, and a turn on for the professor, as was the presence of an audience. “Are you taking what you want, baby?” she asked, grunting each time he slammed home.

JD had other dirty talk in mind, though. “What would your dad say if he could see you now,” he asked, “standing in the corner, getting ass-fucked by a student’s black cock? Did you ever do this for your ex-husband? How many times did he beg for it and get turned down? What would he think if he knew? What would the dean say?”

She described in graphic detail the horror each of those white men would feel and he came.

He left the professor and turned his attention to the boyfriend, sitting in the corner, hiding his erection. He walked over to the white boy and stood in front of him, with the swollen knob of his black cock pointing at him. JD’s eyes burned with fury, and the boy cowered.

“Stand up,” he said. The boyfriend obliged.

“Take off your pants,” he said.

The boy’s hands twitched but didn’t spring into action. “Do it!” JD said loudly. He did, removing his khakis and boxers to display a thin, pale white erection and tiny dangling balls.

“Look at you,” JD said. “Now look at me.”

The boy didn’t say anything.

“Hard to believe we’re the same species, isn’t it.”

He nodded uncomfortably.

“Which cock do you think your girlfriend should have?” JD grabbed his own tool. “This one? Or that?” he made a dismissive wave at the freshman’s package.

“Yours,” he said quietly.



“Dr. Chelsea,” JD said. “Don’t you teach your students to use complete sentences and descriptive terms?”

“She should have yours,” he said. “My girlfriend should have your…um…your big, black cock.”

“Is that what you want?”


JD raised an eyebrow.

“Yes. That’s what I want. I want her to fuck your black cock. Not mine.”

“Why don’t you tell her?”

“Honey,” he said. “Come over here and take this black man, right in front of me.”

She walked across the room, stripping off clothing as she did. When she arrived, fully nude, JD reached down and rubbed her pubic hair, fingering her. She gasped, and he slid it in farther.

Then he pulled it out and turned to the boy.

“Sit down,” he said. Then he thrust the finger under the boyfriend’s nose. “Smell your girlfriend?”

The boy nodded.

“Remember that. I’m going to have you smell something else later.”

JD then lifted the girl and set her on his cock, holding her up while fucking her standing up. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, and he bounced her up and down.

He orgasmed, then set the girl back on her feet. He never learned her name and didn’t care. He stood the girl in front of her boyfriend. At some point, he’d jerked himself off, and a tiny pool of cum was on the floor at his feet.

“Clean her up,” JD said, and the boy buried his face in his girlfriend’s bush. “Taste that black man’s cum. Swallow it down.”

“Stay there,” JD said. As the boy continued to work, JD moved around behind her and pushed himself against her asshole. She let him in and he began to move in and out, inches away from her boyfriend’s face.

The freshman girl let loose with a screaming orgasm. As JD got close to finishing, he pulled out of her ass and pushed her aside. His load spurted out, hitting the boyfriend square in the face, gooing his eyes and running down his nose.

JD cursed as he came, then said, “Take it. Take it.” Over and over.

When he was finished, he took his dripping cock held it under his nose.

“There’s your girlfriend,” he said. Then he swung his hips and slapped his dick against the guy’s face. It made a loud “smack” and left a smear of juices on his cheek.

JD took his cock and rubbed it clean in the guy’s gelled-up blonde hair.

“Get the fuck out,” JD said. “Leave the girl.”

When he was finished with the two, JD dropped by Nicole’s place and had his way with her and her roommate Alexa. He had each of them talk about what their dad’s would think as well.

“Oh, Daddy, his cock his so big,” cooed Nicole. “All I want is this big black man to impale me with his cock.

Alexa held his dick in her hand and said, “Look how big it is, daddy.” She sucked him slowly, popping it out of her mouth. “Oh, it tastes so good, dad. Watch me blow this big black man. Watch him grab my hair and fuck my face.” JD was happy to oblige.

The frenzy of angry sex with four white girls helped calm JD’s nerves, and he was in a better mood, until Susan showed up.

She was polite but cold to JD, despite Ashlee’s efforts to find common ground between the two. JD was sullen and quiet, but he fought the urge to tell Susan what he thought of her attitude. He noticed her angry glances every time Ashlee took his hand or he put his arm around her shoulders.

Ashlee tried to keep the peace. “She’s under a lot of stress,” she explained. “Work has been tough, and she really needs to do well on this recruiting trip.”

JD shrugged. “That’s not my fault.”

“I know, but give her a break. Plus, she and her husband want to start a family, but they’ve been trying for months. They both need to be tested, and she’s really worried about the results.”

JD agreed to overlook Susan’s rude behavior. “But I’m staying tonight,” he said.

“OK, but we have to be quiet,” Ashlee said. “Let’s not…flaunt it or anything.”

“Oh, I’m going to flaunt the shit out of you,” he said with a grin.

At that point, Susan entered the room and saw them whispering. “Sorry,” she said in an acid voice. “Didn’t mean to…interrupt anything.”

JD felt the anger bubble up and fought to control it. The same thing happened that night, when he announced he was headed to bed and heard her whisper loudly as he went up the stairs, “You mean he’s STAYING here?”

She came to bed about half an hour later, after, JD was sure, a long talk with her sister about him. Kelli was staying at a friend’s to allow Susan to use her bed.

Ashlee was wearing a long nightgown that looked straight out of Little House on the Prairie, instead of her usual skimpy nightie or nothing. She’d asked him to wear sweat pants and a t-shirt.

She slid in next to him, and they grinded together through all the clothes. He tried to lift her nightgown, but she stopped him. “She’s right there,” he whispered.

JD didn’t understand why they were changing their behavior out of respect for her offensive views, but it was tough to have the discussion in whispers.

Ashlee turned to face him and stuck her hand down the front of his sweat pants.

“Look,” she said. “You know I want you. That hasn’t changed. She can’t say anything that would change it. I just don’t want to be rude.”

She squeezed him. “Set your phone for 2:30 AM,” she said. “Whatever you want, then. She’s a sound sleeper.”

JD laid awake, stewing in frustration and anger. While waiting for 2:30 to arrive, he formulated a plan.

When the alarm started going off, he pretended to be asleep, forcing Ashlee to hunt around for the phone. Finally, he responded and pressed a button, making it stop. He heard a faint noise from the other bed, as Susan stirred, then quieted again.

“It’s flaunting time,” he said in a deep voice, and Ashlee burst out with giggles.

“Shh!” she scolded.

She moved in close to him and ran her hands down his body. “So,” she said, “what’ll it be?”

He stared daggers into her eyes. “For 400 years, the black man was at the mercy of the whites in this country,” he said.

The excitement faded from her face. “Look,” she said.

“Just listen,” he interrupted. “For 400 years, we did their work while they bought, sold and abused us.”

“We were on our knees,” he said. “So now, I want you to think about all that, while I stand tall, as a proud black man, in the center of this room. I want you to think about it while you get down on your knees.”

Thanks go to LaRascasse for his editing expertise in making this story better.

Laila walked into the Glass Armonica, the eerie music sending shivers of anticipation down her spine. Her pink metallic sandals crisscrossed up her legs, the matching metallic halter dress with rhinestone buckles shimmered as she walked, turning several heads. The deep drape front neckline let the light from the strobes bounce off of her barely concealed breasts, and showed off her pierced navel. The simple gold and diamond jewel drew the eyes down. The open back was so low, the crack of her round ass peeked out. The dress was short, barely covering her. If she bent over, even a little, she would likely be exposed. Laila took a deep breath, scenting the room, and stepped into the middle of the dance floor. When she raised her arms above her head, swaying sensuously to the music, her dress lifted just enough to show the swell of her bottom cheeks.

Watching the patrons of the club, she felt almost possessive of these people, who she saw every night. This was so much more than her hunting ground. The very act of her using the club as her private preserve marked this club as off limits to other vampires. Laila never killed. Other vampires were not so generous. These people owed their lives to her, even though they would never know it.

The tingle against her tongue alerted her that her prey was near. The tantalizing flavor assailed her nostrils, and she peeked through her lids, scanning for the person who would bring her satisfaction tonight. Several men had surrounded her, vying for a chance to grind against her body, but she neatly avoided them. When she saw the dark chocolate eyes staring at her from the bar, she knew she had found him.

He was sipping a glass of rum, and it was obvious he couldn’t take his eyes off her. His short cropped hair was brushed in small waves, and a smile tugged at his goatee. He licked his lips, the dark pink tongue a startling contrast to his rich brown lips. A well manicured finger traced the rim of his glass while he watched Laila gyrate to the music. She met his gaze, holding it as she moved through the crowded floor, calling him with her eyes. Finally, he downed the glass and rose. They met on the floor, and she put one cold hand on his chest, reaching between the opening of his button down. She caressed the tight, crisp curls of his chest and inhaled the spicy scent of his cologne. She liked the look of his dark, coffee skin against her pale, bloodless hand. He didn’t move at all as she ground against his hips, turning to rub her backside against him. He could feel the soft mahogany curls sliding against him, tickling his chest. He never danced.

He came to the club for the atmosphere and the liquor. Once in a while, he let someone take him home. As Laila’s body slid against his, however, he couldn’t stop himself from putting his hands on her body and swaying lightly with her rhythm. It reminded him of the dance they would likely do late. Staring down at her pale, creamy skin, the cheeks of her ass and the globes of her tits jiggling set his blood on fire. Ignoring the other people on the floor, he cupped her bare bottom, delighted to discover she wasn’t wearing any panties. Sliding his hands along her bare back, he pushed his hands inside her dress and stroked the sides of her breasts. There was no supportive cup holding her generous breasts, they were high and firm on their own. He felt his cock hardening as they ground against one another to the beat of the music.

When the song ended, Laila leaned back against his hard, muscled chest and whispered, her voice caressing him as much as her amble backside.

“Want to get out of here?”

He chuckled.

“Hell yes.”

She took his hand and led him outside. It was a cool night in late September, and the trees lining the street had begun to change colors. The wind tugged at Laila’s mahogany curls and she twirled in the light of the streetlamp, highlighting her creamy, alabaster skin and allowing him tantalizing glimpses of her flesh as the dress moved.

“I walked here.”

He blinked for a moment, then realized what she wanted. He took his keys from his pocket and beeped his ride. Laila saw the lights flash on a black BMW and walked towards it, her sandals clicking against the pavement. He rushed ahead of her, opening the door, and she rewarded him with a sultry smile. When he climbed in and turned the key, the car rumbled to life. She was pleasantly surprised that the radio was turned off. Usually men left their radios on and whatever channel they had been listening to last would assault her ears. It didn’t matter much if she liked the music, her keen senses were overwhelmed by the sound, and when it drowned out the sounds of the night, it always made her feel vulnerable.

Her prey tried to make conversation as they drove, but her soft, one word replies were not very encouraging. She heard his heart beat speed up and knew she was making him nervous. Laila was in a mood to play tonight, and she had this man on tenterhooks, waiting for her to give him a solid signal. When they pulled into a large apartment building, about 10 minutes drive from the club, he pulled into the multilevel garage and parked. Laila immediately opened the car door, not saying a word, and forcing him to get out quickly as well. She stared patiently at him while he tried to figure out if she was going to reject him, or accept his invitation inside. In the end, he just flashed her a bright smile and offered his hand. She could sense his relief when she took it, and he led her into the building and on the elevator.

He pressed the button for the 6th floor. When the metal doors closed, she pounced. Laila wrapped her arms around the man’s neck and licked his chocolate colored skin. She sucked the lobe of one ear, her hands deftly unbuttoning the rest of the buttons of his shirt, yanking them from his pants. She shoved him roughly against the elevator wall and ground her smaller body against his large frame while her lips continued to nibble and suck on his exposed flesh. She trailed her mouth down his chest and took one tight male nipple between her teeth, hearing the hiss of his breath as she lightly bit him. When the elevator ding sounded that they had reached his floor, she took two steps back, leaning against the wall to watch him regain his composure.

It was only a matter of seconds before he was able to bring his mind out of the pleasurable fog Laila’s hungry mouth had induced. His eyes darkened a shade, turning nearly black as he advanced on her, forgetting entirely that they were supposed to be exiting the elevator. Laila, however, slipped away at the last moment, darting out the elevator’s closing doors. He had barely enough time to thrust a hand between them and push the doors open again. Stepping out into the hallway, he saw Laila standing with hands on her hips, waiting for him. He practically stalked her, taking his key from his pocket and thanking God that his was the first room on this floor. After shoving the door open, made a grab for her hand and yanked her inside.

His apartment was the typical Spartan of a single male. The studio had white walls, white kitchen cabinets with black marble counter tops that sported barstools, and a leather couch and chairs surrounding a coffee table and 52″ TV with surround speakers. She noticed that the sofa unfolded into a bed, and immediately yanked it down and sat, leaning back on her hands and smiling at him seductively. Her prey came towards her, kneeling between her spread thighs and pulled her body against his own.

The dress was barely noticeable as her breasts slipped through the draped neckline, her nipples rubbing against the crisp, curly hair of his chest, and the hem slid right up to her hips as she spread her legs wide. His tongue thrust deeply into her mouth and his hands reached down to cup her bare bottom, squeezing the firm globes eagerly. When she thrust her head back, exposing her long, white neck, he began to lick and suck the soft flesh, leaving a wet trail down into the valley of her breasts. She grabbed his head with both hands and eagerly guided his hot mouth to the peak of one had nipple. He sucked the tight bud, squeezing her ass and pulling her hips tightly against his swelling groin. Laila sighed in delight as he played with one nipple, then the other, lathing it with his hot, pink tongue while continuing to rub his groin against her mound.

Still gripping his head, her hands caressing his tight curly hair, she pushed him lower, urging him to nestle between her sweet thighs. Wanting to see all that she had to offer, he swept Laila’s skimpy pink dress from her body and gazed down at the sight of his dark, chocolate hands covering her milky white thighs. Laila, too was enthralled with the scene. He yanked his already unbuttoned shirt off and stood to pull his belt and pants from his body. His silky boxers had been rubbing against his cock as it grew, and it now sprang eagerly from the soft confinement. Her eyes glowed faintly as she stared hungrily at the huge, blood filled organ, licking her lips in sweet anticipation. He took advantage of her distraction and knelt between her thighs again, his mouth descending on her smooth, shaven pussy.

Laila gripped his dark head and arched her mons against his heavenly mouth. He licked her folds with a broad, flat tongue, covering the small space in molten heat. When he began to flick his tongue against her clit, Laila moaned in satisfaction, feeling her own body tingle with excitement. Although she had not fed yet tonight, he still managed to quicken the blood left in her body, bringing her a twinge of sexual pleasure. When his tongue slid inside her silken tunnel, she wrapped her legs around his shoulders and bucked wildly. He grabbed her ass, thrusting his tongue over and over until finally Laila’s body shuddered in bliss and she cried out, arching against the leather bed.

Instead of relenting, he moved his tongue lower, swirling around her tight anus, causing a hiss of surprise to escape her lips. His tongue swirled around the tight hole until it began to pucker with excitement and Laila writhed uncontrollably on the soft couch. He didn’t relent at all until he felt her body explode a second time.

While she was still feeling the tremors of her body, he picked her up and slid her down his body, impaling her slick, wet pussy with his huge cock. He was surprised when the full nine inches was swallowed whole by her spasming sheath. Most women could only take a little over half his member, some had been able to take nearly two thirds. This was the only time he’d been able to seat himself to the hilt, and he nearly came on the spot. Ignoring her soft growls of protest, he held very still, enjoying the feel of being engulfed in wet pussy. Then he walked her to the wall and braced he body against it as he began thrusting in and out of her soft core. Laila held his body tightly and gasped when she noticed a mirror on the wall above the sofa bed. She could see her pale limbs wrapped around his dark, muscular body, and the sight of his contrasting chocolate skin as it drove into her was intensely erotic.

Against her better judgment, she allowed her fangs to grow and bit down on the tender flesh of his shoulder. She didn’t go for the jugular vein, since that would cause him to bleed out in less than a minute. Instead, she sucked from one of the smaller veins in his shoulder, the hot blood coursing through her body, causing the previously cold flesh to heat and swell with the pleasure. He hissed with the sudden pain, but she could sense his pleasure intensify as his blood sang from the sensation.

Laila could feel her vision clouding with the red of her lust as his cock continued to pound deeply inside her body. Just before the blood orgasm came, he reached between their bodies, sensing her near explosion, and rubbed her now ultra sensitive clit. She released his shoulder and screamed her satisfaction into the night. Her lover rocked his hips in small sharp jabs, milking her tight cunt for every last trace of its shudders before he allowed her limp legs to fall to the floor and he pulled out.

Laila felt dazed, but quickly composed herself. She wasn’t quite full, the hunger still tinged her sight. She noticed immediately that her chocolate prey had not yet cum, his hard cock stood high, dripping with her juices. She advanced, shoving him hard onto the leather bed and wrapped her now hot lips around his pulsing head. The man gasped and wrapped his hands in her dark red hair. He held her still and thrust deeply into her mouth. His slightly curved cock easily slid down her tight throat as she sucked her own juices from his dark, meaty shaft. He didn’t know it, but Laila, being a vampire, didn’t need to breathe. Most women of his acquaintance pulled away when he pushed too deeply, or thrust too quickly for them to draw breath. Laila, however, allowed his cock to slide into her mouth until his tightly curled ball sac bumped against her chin. It didn’t matter how long he held it there, or how fast he fucked her pretty face, she simply stared at him with those gorgeous dark blue eyes.

He never even felt it as the tip of one long fang sliced through the vein running along his cock, and the blood slid down her throat with each thrust. He was too caught up in the pleasure he was feeling. As she swallowed more and more of his blood, she could feel a second blood orgasm rising, but tried to hold off. Cupping his fuzzy sac, she rolled his balls as he continued to fuck her face. When he groaned, his balls tightening and pulling up into his body, she let herself go, moaning into his flesh, the sounds vibrating his cock as his hot cum gushed to mix with the blood in her mouth. He held her face tightly pressed against him, her nose inhaling the musky scent of his pubic hair as his cock pulsed inside her mouth, and her blood sang with her own vampiric orgasm.

Finally, he sank down into the leather sofa bed, his body relaxing, and Laila pulled her mouth from his softening shaft. The wound began to close itself, and she spared just a moment to lick the last few drops of blood, before cleaning her lips of any trace. She hoped he didn’t notice the two fang marks on his shoulder in the morning. Wrapping her naked, sated body around his, she pulled a throw blanket over their bodies and cuddled, waiting for the deep breathing that signaled that her lover had fallen asleep.

Slipping stealthily from beneath the blanket, she stared down at his magnificent body, a mixture of love and regret on her face. She knew she couldn’t see him again. Being the lover of a vampire was just too difficult for most humans. With her sultry voice, she whispered the glamour in his ear that would ensure he never came to the Glass Armonica again. His brow knit, and his lips turned in a frown for a brief moment before settling back into a relaxed sleep. She pulled her halter dress back on then walked out the door, closing it softly. In the morning, he would awaken with hazy memories of the gorgeous woman who he hadn’t even bothered to ask for her name.

Ashley’s head is on a plush pillow and her eyes are fixated on the large mirror on a dresser facing the bed. She stared with her mouth wide open at the reflection of a her ever-wetter pussy being fucked senseless by a somewhat chubby and short and dark Asian man with thick gold-rim glasses and straight black hair. His thin legs are obviously strained while his face was contorted by his raging lust and the sexual gratification the beautiful pale American executive’s well-lubed love hole is providing to his stiff little rod.

Ashley still cannot believe how aroused she is and wondered how her body betrayed her modesty. She is taken by an overwhelming sense of shame at the thought of cheating on her husband with a man who is dark and short with a fat tool that left her panting for a more satisfying cock. Just then Wang’s dick is engorged with blood one last time and climaxed inside her while grunting noisily like a tennis pro at about to serve a 100+ mph ball across the court to his opponent. He then slowly withdrew his rapidly deflating dark meat from well-used pussy of the pretty American’s vagina taking her cute pink lips with it as he went. For a moment, he admired his cum mixed with her gooey juice slopped on his cock and then laughed at the trail of this same mixture dripping out of her love hole and down her perineum. That’s when Ashley noticed Johnny had left the video camera running on auto and had approached her with a huge erection in his pants and he was barely able to contain his glee as Wang summoned him closer. Johnny looked at her in a way that clearly showed that he now will have the pleasuring of ravishing Ashley’s young alabaster Caucasian flesh for as long as he desires.

“She is tight as a virgin, I tell you!” Wang whispered in Johnny’s ear as he gave his subordinate the go-ahead to do what he wants with the pretty American and he is going to pleasure himself again by watching the whole thing from a few feet away.

Up to this point, sex has always been a private part of Ashley’s life. Her conservative upbringing ensured that much sexual tension would build up before she sought release, via a quick and explosive orgasm, either through the efforts of her deft fingers or that coupled with vaginal intercourse with her husband in the privacy of her bedroom. Yet the savage fucking she got from Wang’s small tool has left enormously aroused and eager to be satisfied despite her trepidation of committing adultery with yet another Asian man and sense of shame of feeling like a whore trading sex for a business deal.

Unlike Wang, Johnny was much younger and more handsome and gentler as well. He began by quickly kissing her forehead as if to reassure her what is about to happen will be enjoyable for them both. He then nibbled her ears for a moment while leaving a trail of kisses from her cheek down to her porcelain-colored 36C tits. Ashley’s arousal is apparent for all to see with her dainty pink areolas sticking straight into the air and he wasted no time to begin fondling and then began to suck and lightly bite her left nipple which drove her insane with what seemed light bolts of lightning channeling through every part of her body.

Johnny then shifted his attention to her taut and pale legs and started to kiss and lick the exquisitely sensitive areas on the insides of her thighs. He then pushed her legs apart at the knees which opened up Ashley’s dripping pussy to his view and his tongue began to slowly trace a circle around her pussy lips. He started to slowly pick up the pace and flicked his tongue around her pink fleshy lips

“Oh my goodness,” Ashley moaned out loud, “that feels so good. Keep going!”

Johnny slowly picked up the pace and then he delicately pulled her lips aside to reveal her inner labia and love hole still plastered with Wang’s cum mixed with her own secretions. He then briefly paused and then showered slow and tender kisses all around her clit and Ashley began to squirm in pleasure which grew more and more violent as waves of orgasm radiated from her private parts to the rest of her body from head to toe. While she was caught in her own dream world, Johnny surreptitiously removed his slacks and boxes and left his 6-inch Asian penis sticking straight into the air in search of its target.

Then Johnny surprised her by getting up and leaving her all alone in bed and leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Let’s get do a 69!”

Johnny instinctively placed his cock over Ashley’s mouth and went right back to prodding her pussy with his tongue. At first the green-eyed beauty simply stared at his uncircumcised charcoal-black cock only an inch or two from her face and then quickly stuck out the pink, wet tip of her tongue and started to lick the dark foreskin backwards to reveal a pink head. Then Ashley slid it effortlessly into her mouth and tried swallow the shaft as far as she could. Wang got very excited at the sight of this exquisite prim American executive’s creamy face next to Johnny’s swarthy cock with its bright pink glans shorn of its foreskin being revealed by the back-and-forth movement of her mouth. She slurped and moistened his dick with her saliva and repeatedly licked up from the bottom of his shaft to the glans and back again. Soon she began to engulf it as much as she could and sucked it so that her cheeks became quite sunken in while her beautiful pink, thin lips caressed Johnny’s hanging balls.

It is by now clear that Ashley is no longer a reluctant participant in these erotic games and was eagerly reciprocating sexual favors with the Asian man who is giving her the most sensual pleasure in her life. Not that is saying much for the prudish Ashley who has only given a handful of her lovers the privilege of doing what Johnny is doing now. Wang can see that Johnny’s cock stiffened and began to drip with pre-cum and a milky thread of it began to run down her chin. He knows that if she keeps this up Johnny would have to spurt his Asian seed in her throat soon. Incredibly, she also spread her trim and alabaster thighs and parted the folds of her sticky lips and exposed the wet pink of her pussy to Johnny’s tongue. This is all too much for Wang and he masturbated while watching all the goings-on between his subordinate and this incredibly hot white woman now thoroughly at their mercy.

However, Ashley was pleasantly surprised when Johnny began to rub the tip of his index finger against her opening and then her clit. Johnny soon slid one and then two fingers into her and made them glisten with her pussy juice mixed with Wang’s semen all the while treating him to an obscured view of a beautiful Caucasian woman’s feminine treasures up close. The fleshy pink labia and clit were remarkably an effective aphrodisiac since they are always varying shades brown in Asian women and few of them having swollen lips and clit that protrude as much as Ashley’s. Better yet, they are in plain sight unlike Asian women who tend to keep them covered with bushy pubic hair. His nostrils are also assaulted by the unmistakable musky scent of a woman in heat as well as lingering traces of her expensive perfume. As Johnny skillfully masturbated the beautiful brunette, her taut abdomen clenched and her body shook as pulses of electricity from her clit coursed through her body and she let out a low animal groan of ecstasy.

With remarkable self-control, Johnny refrained from climaxing in Ashley’s mouth and pulled his dark pole out of her mouth though her pink lips were reluctant to let it go. Ashley began to writhe in pleasure and moaned “Mmmmmm” and then unexpected shouted “Uhhhh…. Ohhhh Goddddd….FUCK ME PLEASE!” even as she trained her green eyes at Johnny finger-fucking her. Her arousal was palplable as her breathing became ever more tortured and erratic. Johnny could scarcely believe how the conservative and proper businesswoman from Nebraska has been transformed into a lust-filled slut driven solely by her biological needs in a matter of minutes.

Johnny thought he was in heaven and smiled since Ashley is the first white woman for him. As a bonus, she looks very much like the actress of his dreams, Anna Kendrick. And white females are indeed more sexually liberated and responsive like what he has seen online. For none of dozens of Chinese women he’s fucked has never reacted the way Ashley just did as a result of the prevailing repressive attitude about sex, a remnant of the puritanical mores of earlier Confucian times. Even Japanese AV (for adult video) actresses grimace and wail throughout their performance unlike western pornstars who actually seem to get into what they are doing and enjoy themselves while they are at it. He then suddenly withdrew his fingers and left a void in Ashley’s swollen soft inner lips. Her face had the look of an animal in heat and was practically begging him to take her then and there. Her hands were grasping onto the edge of the bed to brace herself against the violent tremors running through the length of her porcelain-colored body. It is clear he has pushed this stunningly beautiful white woman to the edge of insanity with sexual desire and satisfaction and is badly in need of release.

Johnny now leaned over her and positioned himself between her splayed legs and rained kisses all over her face, neck, creamy breasts with each erect pink nipple getting plenty of attention and then to her alabaster pubic area. Ashley is body is now flushed all over and her chest is heaving with deep breaths. As Johnny wandered down to her pubic area which is covered by a very sparse light brown that is bikini-thong waxed, he began to explore her swollen clit and perfectly shaven slit just like that of a young girl in puberty and slipped two of his tanned fingers into her wet vagina again. He soon encountered an obstruction that shocked him but he soon figured out its significance. It is remnants of Ashley’s hymen left mostly intact by her husband’s pencil-wide 4-inch pecker and somehow survived Wang’s shallow assault. He thoughtfully withdrew his fingers for he was reluctant to destroy what’s left of her maidenhood with anything but his dark penis.

And he began to position himself accordingly which afforded Ashley a nice view of his circumcised cock which curved a bit leftward like a banana. She was amazed by both the length and girth of his tool and she never thought Asian men could have such awesome packages which was just as well since she never really thought they were all that manly or attractive. But now she now feasted her green eyes on Johnny’s pitch-black cock tinged with purple veins in anticipation of the triple taboo act that she is craving: she is happily married, he is going to fuck her without any protection and most disturbingly, he is Asian and she has been taught and believed that interracial sex, especially between a white woman and a darker man is wrong if not outright sinful! Yet she is now too aroused to resist and she doubts whether it is even possible that she might be a willing victim of all this sexual perversion. The thought of having a penis almost twice as wide and two inches or so longer than husband’s both excited and frightened her.

“Take it easy and be gentle with me since I have never had anyone this huge!” Ashley pleaded as the pretty, innocent, young white executive prepared herself for Johnny’s entry as he poised his 6-inch cock at the entry of her hot tight white pussy. He slide his fingers out of her snatch and sniffed them for the exhilarating scent of her arousal and teased her by sliding his pink cockhead along her slit and then around her clit. After seemingly like an eternity for Ashley, he eased the delicate head of his fat dark cock against her dainty pink lips. He grabbed her by her waist with both hands and forcefully pushed his glans quickly into her soaking pussy.

“Ohhhhhh myyyy Goddd!” screamed Ashley as her head leaned forward involuntarily to watch the invasion of the massive mushroom head of Johnny’s dark cock into her most private parts but her face was flush with pure lust while her jaws dropped and gasped in awe. Johnny winced slightly since her pussy was far tighter than he believed it ought to be after the savage fucking she got from Wang and all the foreplay designed to get her ready. Then Ashley’s face quickly changed from one of pain into one of pleasure as her young white pussy began to loosen and meet him stroke for stroke as she arched her back upward and sucked in the entire length of his dark dick. In the heat of it all and with one thrust, Johnny pierced her hymen permanently and took the most precious gift Ashley can offer to any man.

Ashley’s eyes began to roll and she lost all sense of propriety and control as she fucked Johnny for all she is worth. She then began to yell “Oh that feels good! Don’t stop fucking me with your DARK cock!” in her high-pitched voice over and over again as she watched his dark one-eyed monster slither in and out of her with abandon. She could not believe the words coming out her mouth. All the while, she is moaning in the most erotic fashion that he has ever heard. Johnny pushed his cockhead hard and deep and repeated made contact with her cervix and g-spot which made gave her face both a pained and ecstatic look as she pushed down to meet his dark rod of steel. He seemed to reach places her husband can never reach and he held his cock there momentarily so his cock twitched deep inside next to her g-spot of this gorgeous young white woman with impeccable fair skin and she came again.

Ashley totally lost it as her head shifted from side to side and she screamed, “Right there…..that’s it…. I’m cumming all over your Asian cock! Ahhh…..oh my God….fuck!”

Johnny began to pump her in nice long slow strokes and all the while checking out the beautiful earrings, expensive diamond on her platinum wedding band, beautiful French manicured fingernails and chiseled nose so unlike the squat noses of Asians that he detests. The wedding band gave him a rush because he knows he’s cuckolding the husband of this hot white girl. Wang did him a favor by leaving her lacy bra in place (above her heaving breasts) and her black stocking held up by a white garter belt and suspenders which turned him on enormously ever since his teenage days when he was first exposed to western soft-core pornography. So did the stark contrast between his olive skin and her pale skin as Asians have a fetish for white women with their pale skin that is so prized in all Asian cultures. This is truly a once-in-a-life time opportunity and his mind began to spin as he realized how few Chinese men will ever get a chance to do what he is enjoying right now.

Johnny decided he needed to fuck her even deeper and raised her legs over his shoulders so her knees wrapped around his neck so he could reach parts of her never accessed by any man before, including her husband or Wang. That’s when Ashley shouted, “Ahhhhh, that’s the spot. Harder and faster!” at the top of her lungs before he covered her mouth with his tanned hand.

Johnny could sense her vaginal muscles tighten and squeeze his cock as she came once again. Her delirious screams and a peek at her beautifully painted pink toenails afforded by her sheer black thigh-highs and her “slut” heels (so unlike the open-toed sandals with heels much preferred by Asian women that he’s accustomed to) sent another surge of adrenaline through his body and more blood into his engorged cock. Then suddenly he balls tightened and shook as he approached his own climax.

Perhaps sensing it, Ashley begged, “Please don’t cum in me! Pull out now! I’m not on the pill and I might get pregnant!” The thought of possibly impregnating this fiendishly desirable white exotic creature sent him over the edge and even more determined to ignore her wishes as he pushed his dark manhood into this sex-crazed white slut one last time and spilled what seemed like gallons of his gooey, warm, salty and pungent Asian spunk deep inside and all over the fertile crevices of Ashley’s nearly-virgin white pussy and screamed, “Ohhhhhh yeah…..I’m going to cum deep in you!”

Johnny then pulled back from his conquest and slid his cock from Ashley’s well-used pussy and his eyes gleamed as he saw a trickle of his cum mixed with her love juice running down her perineum. His ego got an enormous boost when he watched her stretched out in exhaustion with a sheen of perspiration all over her body for Ashley is an amazingly beautiful woman and was no less than after being so savagely raped. This is all the sweeter since he knew that she has never shared her feminine treasures so intimately with anyone besides her husband and until about an hour ago.

Johnny then commanded her to turn and get on all fours which she duly did because the preceding half-hour has turned her mad with hunger for more cock. This left her slightly puzzled since she only allows her husband the missionary and cowgirl-on-top positions. But doing so left her delectable creamy rear fully exposed and she arched her back and offered herself to him yet again as she figured he wanted to do her doggy-style. Johnny traced circles around her pussy with his still-stiff cock while admiring her thigh-high stockings and her dangling pumps and without any warning grabbed her hips firmly and pushed inside her again, this time not where she expected it but a little higher into her pink pucker hole just above her spent and sopping pussy!

Ashley let out a loud scream and her face was a mixture of pain, shock and pleasure when Johnny pushed himself inside her again and her head drooped forward as her face became covered by her hair. He wormed his cockhead into her slowly and then began to thrust his cock into her with vigorous strokes as her boobs swayed and buttocks wobbled in response to the pounding she was receiving. He slapped her butt when she pleaded for her to stop and wrapped his hands around her boobs and pulled her body back towards him as if he owned her and a small dribble of Johnny’s seed leaked deep up her anus within a couple of minutes and thus completed the deflowering of her virginal anus. Just then Ashley came again and screamed “Oh Gawdddd!” again and spasmodically squeezed out last drops of Johnny’s jizm from his over-extended balls as his cock deflated.

Then they both lay in bed exhausted and recuperating when Wang approached and said, “Bravo! But for you to get the contract, you must bring that pretty blonde interpreter of yours, Nicole, tomorrow. You hear me?” That is when Ashley realized her nightmare has only gotten started and she began to agonize about whether to sacrifice yet another innocent young white girl to these lecherous Asian men on the altar of profits in pursuit of this all-important contract.

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