white wife

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This is the fourth part of a story and may make more sense if you look at the other parts first. There is a brief recap at the beginning which makes it read ok alone.

There is two more to follow, part two was submitted at the same time so hopefully should be close by. The finale, where the shit hits the fan, is in the process of being written.

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WARNING: For my anonymous commenters, this story contains a wife cheating on her husband and enjoying it, if that offends you please save yourself the heartache and read no further.

I sat in the departure lounge waiting for my plane to Sydney, the butterflies were fluttering in my stomach as I contemplated what lay ahead for me this afternoon. I had come so far in the last six months, bought my marriage back from the brink of disaster and now I was possibly putting it at risk again.

Dave and my anniversary weekend had been anything but normal, I had slept with a stranger, a black American stranger while my husband watched. Well at first he had watched then when he saw me beg that stranger to cum in me, Dave had left. I made it up to him by giving him my virgin arse but then the next morning, for reasons I couldn’t quite explain; I had let that stranger, James, and his friend both take me. They even both had me at the same time, one in my pussy and one in my tight arse. Eighteen inches of black cock had fucked me to oblivion. When I came too I was alone in a destroyed bed with dried cum sticking my thighs together.

I didn’t notice Dave come out of the shower and have no idea how long he watched before leaving that second time. He didn’t return that night, the next morning I still couldn’t get an answer from his mobile, it kept going straight to voice mail. I packed up the room. He couldn’t have taken the car because the key was still in my handbag. I rang his mum and checked on the kids, also trying to work out if she had heard from her son but unless she was a very good liar I don’t think they had. I had to be out of the room in ten minutes so I rang down for a bell hop to get our bags and went down to reception.

I approached the reception desk to settle up any outstanding amount but was informed by the man there that our bill had been taken care of and the money my husband paid had been credited back to our credit card. He then said with a smirk.

” I hope you had a nice weekend!”

I was sure my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. I turned to find the man with my luggage waiting for instructions, I gave him the car keys and he went to fetch it. Just then Dave pushed through the entrance doors. He looked like he had slept in his clothes in a park, grass was stuck to his head,his eyes were bloodshot and he reeked of rum.

“How’s my little slut this morning?” he slurred, as he weaved a path towards me.

“Not in here. please Dave!” People were turning and looking at the disheveled figure staggering through the lobby.

“Why? You hoping to fuck someone else before we leave?” he said in a mocking tone.

Two big Maori security guys appeared and grabbed Dave, with one on each arm they turned him and began marching him back to the door. I followed behind, my head down trying to avoid the stares. Once outside the security guys let Dave go, he turned and gave them a mouthful of abuse then seeing me he changed his focus.

“So you got sick of the Americans and decided to take on some Kiwi’s this morning?” He sneered.

The taller of the two guards stepped forward and landed a short left hand on Dave’s chin, he crumpled to the ground.

“One more word out of you and the doctors will be wiring your jaw closed!” He said menacingly, “you don’t talk to a woman like that bro!”

He reached down and helped Dave back to his feet. He then “helped” him down the stairs to the car. Placing him in the passenger seat he put on his seat belt while whispering in Dave’s ear. I don’t know what he said but Dave didn’t utter another word. The rest of the trip home was uneventful, Dave either slept or stared out his window the entire trip, I tried to talk to him a couple of times but he just grunted. I didn’t blame him, if I’d have come out of the shower and found him having sex with two girls I would have been pissed off too.

Once home he took off inside while I went to get the kids, when I came back he was packing up his truck with his work clothes.

“Please don’t go!” I begged.

He turned to say something then stopped himself, turned back, got in the truck and drove away. I didn’t speak to him for two months after that. He went to live with his parents, I saw him driving around the farm but he never stopped. His mother came up to see me a couple of times wanting to know what was going on but I couldn’t tell her. The kids were always asking about him but I didn’t know what to say to them either.

Eight weeks after the anniversary my youngest child got a bad cold that turned to flu and just seemed to keep getting worse. I took her to the doctor but was held up and was not going to be able to get back in time to get the others off the school bus. I rang Dave not expecting him to answer but to my surprise he did. He must not have check the number before answering, not wanting to give him a chance to hang up I quickly blurted out.

“Could you get the kids off the bus? I’m in town at the doctors with Lilly and will be another hour at least.”

“Yes” was all he said before disconnecting.

I arrived home about two hours later, Dave’s truck was parked outside the house. I went in and found him making the others some dinner, I took Lilly up to her bedroom and put her back to bed. When I got back the kids and Dave were sitting at the dining table, he lifted his head and said.

“There’s some more in the oven if you want.”

“Thanks.” I said and we sat down for the first time in a long while to a family dinner.

When he had finished Dave stood and started heading for the door but the kids intercepted him and begged him for a story before bed. He relented and followed them up the hall to their bedrooms. I started clearing up the table. About ten minutes later I had just finished packing the dishwasher and was down on my knees on the floor checking its filter, he once again headed for the front door. He stopped with the door partly open, then softly closed it before turning and coming back into the kitchen, stopping just in front of me. I didn’t know what to say or do so I just stayed down there, Dave gazed at me for a minute then started to lower the zipper of his fly. He reached in and pulled out his manhood, holding it just behind its head he offered it to me without a word. I raised myself up a little, opened my mouth, and took it in. This was our first contact since that Sunday morning eight weeks ago and I was going to make him see what he had been missing.

I took his dick in my mouth as far as I could stroking the rest with my hand as it rose to erection. Once he was fully hard I let it slip from my mouth and ran my tongue around his head causing him to groan. I was teasing him holding it just outside my mouth when he grabbed my head forcefully and jammed his cock back into my mouth. Keeping his grip on my head he began thrusting trying to force it into my throat. I relaxed and let him have his way. He was basically masturbating with my head instead of his hand. His thrusting became more feverish then he let out a long sigh as he shot his load into my mouth and throat. I swallowed and kept sucking even as he softened until he withdrew from my mouth, put himself back together then turned and left.

This continued for another week, he would come for dinner, play with the kids till there bed time then fuck my face until he came down my throat. I wasn’t getting off but at least he was interacting with the kids and tolerating my presence. On the eighth day he walked in with a bag with his work clothes in it, the kids were ecstatic and helped him pack them away. That night we followed the same routine, after he read the kids their bedtime story he came out to the kitchen, pulled out his cock and I sucked him hard. Just as I thought he was going to blow he stopped, pulled me to my feet and bent me over the island bench.

After pulling my pants down and ripping my undies off, he kicked my feet apart, stepped up and drove his dick into my pussy. Oh god it felt good! He lifted my shirt up exposing my bra, unsnapped the clasp letting my breast swing free. His calloused hands mauled them as he continued thrusting into me. Then as he got closer his hands slipped back to my hips as he tried in earnest to pound me into next week. I was giving it back to him as good as he gave it, moaning as the swaying of my breast caused my nipples to brush against the cool granite bench top. My orgasm was fast approaching when I felt his cum spurt into me. I ground back against him bringing on my own climax. We stayed coupled for some time his head rested on my back, then he stood up and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower start so I finished cleaning then went in myself after he had finished. I went to our bedroom after but Dave wasn’t there. I found him on the day bed in the office sound asleep. Oh well at least he was in the house. This continued for the next month and he fucked me at least once every day, even when I had my period. I think we did it more in that month than we had in the last three years.

I was sleeping in a little one Sunday morning when I felt the bed shift as somebody got in, from the force of the disturbance I knew it wasn’t one of the kids. This was confirmed when I felt an erection rub up against my bum through my nighty, it was the first time we had been in the same bed since the anniversary weekend 14 weeks ago. I rolled back against him feeling his hard body against mine as we spooned together, he gently lifted my nighty and leg as his cock found my wet opening. His hands gently caressed me as he slowly moved inside me, this wasn’t fucking this was making love. I disengaged from him and moved on top, my mouth finding his as his dick once again found my entrance. I rode him, working over his shaft with my pussy until he shot up inside me, our lips still joined together. About ten minutes later we were attacked by three small children who had just gotten up and we all snuggled under the blankets together Dave still held me tightly even as the kids bounced on us. I felt then that our marriage still had a chance.

It probably didn’t if Dave ever looked at my phone. There were messages there from James, the man who had had me twice, three and a half months before. They had started a week after that weekend and had continued every couple of days, he had wanted to know if I was alright and if there was anything he could do. I hadn’t replied until after a month on a particularly low day.

“What the f##k can you do from US?”

“In Sydney now, moved over for work.”

“U don’t have 2 worry, not pregnant.”

“Not worried just want 2 know u ok.”

My anger towards him subsided over time as he was about the only adult apart from one girlfriend that I had contact with, we would text each other every couple of days. I sent him one the day I gave Dave a blow job and then again when he moved back in but they had become less frequent now maybe once a week. They were never sexual, just idle chit-chat. He seemed genuinely pleased we were back together.

A couple of months later I heard from my cousin in Sydney who had recently had a baby. She had taken time away from her business but wanted to go back in to the office for a weekend to review how it had progressed in her absence. Her husband was working two jobs so he couldn’t help out so she was wondering if I could come and help her. I had always loved looking after my own children as little babies and as I would never be able to do that again I jumped at the chance. I tried to get Dave to come too but he said there was too much to do on the farm. My cousin sent me a return plane ticket. I was packing when my phone buzzed to say I had a text message.

“How u doing Jen, I been US for 2 weeks,” it was James.

“OK I’m going on a trip too.”

“Where 2.”

“Flying 2 Sydney, looking after cousins baby.”

I had pressed send and then thought maybe I shouldn’t have told him that. There was a break of five minutes then my phone buzzed again.

“Will u have time 4 a coffee.”

“Maybe, I don’t know that it’s a good idea.”

“Come on I’ll b good :)

“I’ll think about it.”

“How about I pick u up at airport?”


I was booked on the midday flight Friday, my cousin rang the night before to make sure I was still coming and to let me know she had a doctor’s appointment she had forgotten about so could I get a taxi to her house. Was it Karma? I don’t know, my first urge was to straight away text James but I didn’t. I slept on it, well, tossed and turned more than slept. Finally I decide I would get James to pick me up, we were two adults, surely we could interact without it being too awkward.

So here I was waiting for the plane when my phone rang, it was my friend Lisa. We had met when I worked at a child care centre in a neighboring town 10 years before. We had stayed friends after and kept in fairly regular contact, to celebrate our thirtieth birthdays we had gone on a trip to France for two weeks. Our husbands had been too busy to come, Dave was in the middle of harvest and Lisa’s husband Peter had just bought a new pharmacy that he was trying build up.

Recently we hadn’t been that close, two years ago Peter was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, he had had a stem cell transplant which had held it at bay. Then six months ago it had returned, the second time around it was extra aggressive and Pete only lasted another two and a half months. It had hit Lisa hard even though she had known from the start Pete’s disease was terminal. Dave had just moved back in so we went to the funeral together but left straight after. Lisa had been the only person that I had told about James, the anniversary weekend and the aftermath so we had been crying on the telephone too each other a lot in the last six months. In the last couple of weeks Lisa seemed to be getting back on top of things.

“Hi Lisa, how is it going?”

“Good, how about you?” her voice sounded hollow, I think she was on hands-free in the car.

“Great, I’m waiting for a plane.”

“Where are you off to?”

“Sydney, my cousin wants me to look after her baby for the weekend.”

“Ohhh, are we going to be catching up with anyone else while we are there?” Lisa said with a laugh.

“Get your mind out of the gutter, you naughty girl!” I scolded.

“Come on, while the cats away she might as well play?”

This had been Lisa favorite saying in France along with, “when in France you have to do a Frenchman”. She was much more open about sex than me and had slept with three different guys while we had been away. Lisa was a petite, blonde, blue eyed gym junkie, she complained about her small breasts but for her statue they were perfect. Not an ounce of fat but plenty of muscle to give her some curves, she could have had a different guy every night.

“We are not all sex-crazed like you,” I countered.

“You still haven’t answered my question, are you meeting up with the delectable James?”

“Well if you must know he is picking me up at the airport and taking me to my cousins.”

“I bet he’s taking you!” She said laughing.

“What have you been doing?” I asked changing the subject.

“Just dropped the kids off in Sydney at Peter’s parents for the weekend.”

“So you’ll be in Sydney too?”

“No such luck, I’m driving home now. We might have a buyer for the shop so I want to be around during the negotiations.”

“That’s a shame. I would have like to have met up with you.”

“You will be too busy meeting that big black dick,” she said cracking up laughing again.

“My flights being called so I’ve got to go, you rude girl,” I said, exasperated at her one track mind.

“What’s poor Dave think of this?” She asked.

“He probably won’t even notice I’ve gone, too busy with his farm!”

“So he knows who’s picking you up?” Lisa needled.

“Err, no…, but he’s only giving me a lift,” I mumbled.

“Alright Jen, I’ll stop teasing you now. I’m coming to a hilly part where my phone always drops out, have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” she said laughing again.

“Well that doesn’t rule anything out,” I replied but I think she was already disconnected.

It was an uneventful 45 minute flight, after landing the butterflies in my stomach got worse. I was the last one off the plane, as I came through the arrival lounge door I spotted James straight away. He was scanning the people looking for me in the crowd that had already exited, his eyes swiveled back to the door where I was standing. On seeing me he smiled then lifted his hand and waved, I made my way over to him. Stopping short I held out my hand to shake his, he took it then leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I could smell his expensive cologne and I noticed several women casting glances at him.

“How was the flight?” He asked still smiling.

“Fine,” was all I could get out I was feeling seriously flustered.

“Any other luggage to collect?”

“Yes, one more bag, they said it would be at carousel 10.”

“Let’s go then,” he said taking my arm and guiding me through the crowded lounge toward the baggage claim area. As always we had to wait, we made small talk about the weather then the bags started to appear, I pointed mine out and he went to grab it. I studied him as he went. He was in his early forties I think, still in great shape. He wore an expensive looking lightweight wool suit that accentuated his broad shoulders and narrow waist. After getting the bag he led me to his car, a black BMW, a sleek sporty one. He put my bag in the back then turned to face me again.

“You look great, have you lost some weight?”

“Yeah, a little,” I replied dropping my head self-consciously. Dave hadn’t even noticed, I hadn’t felt much like eating after “that” weekend and had lost a few kilograms then when Dave moved back in I had started to exercise again. I was almost back to my wedding day size although my boobs were still bigger.

James placed his finger under my chin and lifted it so I was looking at him.

“You really are a pretty girl,” he said.

“You said you were going to be good.” I said softly, conflicting emotions tearing me up inside.

“Do you want me to be?” He asked stepping closer, his presence overpowering me.

I didn’t reply, I simply lifted my arms encircling his head, bringing it down so our lips met and we kissed. We kissed for a long time.

Breaking away he asked. “When do you have to be at your cousins?”

“Not for a couple of hours, she got a doctors appointment,” I replied breathless.

“We can be at my apartment in twenty five minutes.”

I reached up dragging him down for another kiss then said. “Let’s go!”

It was a mad dash through the traffic. His apartment overlooked Bondi Beach, a conversion of two apartments into one on the top floor of an old low rise. From my limited knowledge of Sydney real estate it had to be worth at least 2 million. The two top floor apartments had their own private lift so as soon as we were inside it we went at each other. When the doors opened in his apartment I was topless and his trousers were around his ankles, he shuffled out unbuttoning his shirt, I threw my shirt and bra on the floor and stepped out of my skirt. Pushing him back against the nearest wall I sunk to my knees and grabbed hold of that ebony shaft. I marveled at its size and weight, stroking it, feeling the blood pumping in, causing it to grow further still. The big plum shaped head gave up a drop of pre-cum that I slowly licked off, and then with a groan I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking. With all the practice I had had with Dave in the last six months I now knew my way around a cock and I set about showing James my new talents.

“Oh fuck yeah, suck it baby! Get on down that fuck stick!” he growled as I slurped on his manhood.

“You’ve been practicing for this big dick haven’t you? You’ve been dreaming about this black cock!” James hands were running through my hair as he encouraged me to go further, I had about four or five inches in my mouth but that was as far as I could go. I backed off raising his stick to give me access to his balls, I licked and sucked them even going further and nibbling the area between his swinging ball sac and his anus.

He lifted me up and changed places so my back was to the wall, kicking off his shoes and trousers he moved back between my legs. With his hands he lifted me up so his cock was at my entrance, I reached down and pulled my panties to one side then he lowered me onto his pole.

“Oh fuck, so big,” I groaned as he stretched me again. I didn’t remember it being this big, it was on the edge of being painful as he continued to feed inch after inch into me. Finally I felt my clit come into contact with the base of his dick, he was all in. James didn’t rest there, we had built up too much of a head of steam, he started working me up and down that ebony wand with his hands, lifting and dropping me.

“Fuck you’re so tight,” he moaned as he picked up the pace. I was way ahead of him having already cum once as he long dicked me. My legs were wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck, hanging on for dear life as he fucked me towards another climax. I started working my butt and my internal muscles bringing another groan from James as he increased his pace again.

“Give me your cum baby, I want your cum, fill me up. Make me your slut!” I cried in his ear, just as he stiffened and I felt him squirt his sperm into me.

I dropped my legs down and slipped off his cock, then crouched down to take it back into my mouth and sucking it clean. He was staying hard as I pulled up off the top and licked my way down the length of him.

“Come on,” he said pulling me back to my feet. “Let’s take it somewhere more comfortable.”

He led me through an open plan living area through a door to the main bedroom, it was dominated by a king sized bed with four large steel posts at its comers. The eastern wall was all glass looking out over the Pacific Ocean with a narrow balcony on the other side.

He lay me down gently on the bed, and then climbed in beside me.

“Now we can take our time,” he whispered, as he kissed my face and played with my nipples. ” I got a little carried away before.”

“I don’t care, just give me that dick!” I said fiercely as I tried to pull him on top of me.

“Good things come to those who wait,” he replied, moving down to take my nipple in his mouth.

“Fuck waiting!” I said as I pushed him back and climbed onto his chest.

Sliding down I felt his cock head at my pussy, I sat up trapping his head between my pussy lips and began moving backwards and forwards along his shaft, coating it in our combined juices. James hands moved to my butt cheeks, he kneaded and squeezed them as I teased him. Finally he had had enough. He stopped me, lifted me slightly so his cock-head engaged fully with my cunt then pushed up impaling me.

“That’s it! Take me!” I urged him on, ” take my cunt! Make me your slut!”

I can’t believe what I was saying, I have never said these things to my husband. James set up a steady rhythm, I was riding that pole for all I was worth as I felt a big one approaching. It started in my thighs then moved up, my breasts were tingling, James hands are everywhere, and then it bursts inside my head. My muscles clench, my head went back as I screamed and still James kept driving that beautiful cock home.

I come to and we have changed position, I’m was on my back, legs hooked over his elbows as he continued feeding me more dick. My breasts bounce about in time with his thrusts and I started moving my hips in time as well, pushing up to meet him.

“Oh yeah! Here it comes again! He exclaimed as he blasted another load deep inside me.

He let my legs down and laid down beside me, I rolled towards him throwing my leg across his and rested my head on his shoulder. I start to lightly scratch his chest, tracing the defined muscles of his abdomen, God this man is well put together.

“I guess we had better get you to your cousins,” he said.

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” I enquired with mock indignation.

“Hell no! But I don’t think you want to tell your cousin you’re late because you were riding your black lover’s dick.”

“Yes I suppose your right,” my god, he called himself my lover. Did that mean he didn’t want this to be a one-time thing?

“Well lover, you had better direct me to the shower. I would like to tidy up a bit otherwise my cousin might just guess.”

James took me to the shower and we showered together washing each other, as you would expect he once again rose to the occasion. We got out and he took me, bent over the vanity as he had in Canberra six months before. After having another shower this time alone, I got dressed and we headed back down to the car. On the way I looked at the time on the dash.

“Shit! Is that time right?” I asked a little shocked


“So we have been at it for three hours?”

“I wish we could have longer but you’re always running out on me,” he said half joking.

“I’d better ring Sue she will be getting worried.”

I rang my cousin and she had been just about to ring herself, I explained I had been shopping and had lost track of time and that I was in a taxi on my way now. We drove in silence for a while then James asked.

“When are you going back home?”

“I’m on a flight Sunday night.”

“Can we meet up again before then?” He pause, “maybe I could pick you up and take you to the airport?”

I was confused. I didn’t know what to say. I was a married woman with kids, what did he want with me? Surely he could have his pick of girls in Sydney. They are always doing stories on the tabloid TV shows on the “man drought”.

Did I want to? The sex was fantastic, incredible, but was that enough to risk everything? Was it just the thrill of an affair? Was he a sicko who was going to invite all his friends over to gangbang me? Or perhaps was I just a slut, if he had asked me two hours ago as he pounded me on his bed I would have said yes instantly but now I was back in the real world.

“I’m not sure … err… probably not. Ummm look I’m confused, why me?”

“I like you Jen, your sexy, smart and sassy. I’ve thought a lot about you these last few months.”

“Surely you have other women chasing you,” I replied

“Yes I do, but maybe that’s the problem I’m not chasing them!”

“So as soon as you get me hooked you will dump me for the next conquest!” I said a little angrily.

“Look Jen, I’m not pressuring you. I like you and want to spend more time with you. Think about it over the weekend and let me know, OK.” He said as he placed his hand on my knee.

“Alright, Sue’s house is in the next block, stop here and I’ll walk the rest of the way.”

He pulled over and parked, we looked at each other then he leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Bye Jenny” he said

“Goodbye James” I replied then I got out and walked to Sue’s house.

I knocked on the door and Sue answered.

“Sorry Jen I didn’t hear the taxi drive up,” she said peering past me up the street.

“He took me the long way around so I told him I wasn’t paying the full amount. He got shitty and dropped me off a couple of blocks back.” I hoped I didn’t look to guilty.

“Where are all the shopping bags?” She enquired, as she led me down the hallway to the living room. I began to think she suspected me.

“Only window shopping, you know us poor farmers can’t afford rich city prices!” I said putting on a slow country drawl.

Sue laughed and the questions stopped, she introduced me to her new baby Erin and explained her routine for tomorrow. I rang Dave after dinner but he didn’t seem interested in talking, probably reading porn again so I went to bed. The weekend was uneventful, Erin was the perfect baby sleeping lots any waking to feed. I didn’t even get to play with her much. I did housework most of the time, getting Sue’s place spick and span.

I tried Dave again on Saturday he wasn’t very talkative again and on Saturday night he appeared out of breath. He explained something about just being back from chasing a sheep that had got out on the road. I got the shits with his one word answers and disinterest. I told him Sue wanted me to stay Sunday night so she could take me to dinner for looking after Erin. He didn’t seem to care, as soon as I got off the phone to him I rang the airline changing my flight from Sunday night to Monday lunchtime. Next I sent a text to James saying I would be at his place at 6pm Sunday night. He replied straight away saying he would be ready and waiting.

Sue’s husband arrived home at 5.30pm on Sunday night and offered to drive me to the airport as Sue was still at work but I told him not to worry I would order a taxi. He looked relieved, he had just pulled a double shift and I don’t think he wanted to head back out into the traffic.

* * * * * * *

When I got the text from Jenny telling me she was staying and spending Sunday night with me I let out a yahoo and jumped in the air. That attracted a bit of attention in the foyer of the Ritz -Carlton! They had already been giving me a sly glance as I walked to the lifts with a tall leggy blonde on my arm. I was doing my Saturday night deliveries to clients, Shannon was gong to the 18th floor to party with a young Saudi prince. I would go up with her, collect the fee and then leave, coming back when time was up. I hoped the prince liked what he saw and would keep her all night so I didn’t have to come back till tomorrow. Looking at Shannon I didn’t like my chances. The reason we had already been getting looks was she was dressed like a street walker. What is it with young girls of today?

As expected the prince wasn’t impressed, I would be back here in three hours. I rang Tyrone to tell him I wouldn’t be able to work tomorrow night he was pissed, but bugger him. I only had four months to go before he took over completely, about time he got used to the workload. He may not be to busy if he didn’t get some classier talent. High rollers like girls with a little bit of style that they can pass off as a girlfriend, albeit a young one.

Anyway as I said, not my problem, I rang my favorite restaurant on the beach strip close to my apartment. They were full tomorrow night but they squeezed me in for a late table. I’m sure we could find something to do while we waited. I had two hours to kill before my first pick up so I went home and started making the place presentable. My old partner rang while I was changing the sheets. We still spoke regularly, he was now happily married in Philly, his wife was expecting their second child. We were shooting the breeze about nothing in particular.

“So what are you doing?”

“Well if you must know, I’m changing the sheets.”

“You trying to impress someone?” He chuckled, “One of your girls need reminding why she is in the business?”

“No! She’s not a working girl!” I realized my denial was a bit too strident. “She’s just someone I met a few months ago.”

“It’s that MILF isn’t it? The one you fucked I front of her husband.”

“Bastard! Have you been spying me.” I laughed

“You talk about your little text friend all the time, and when you do I can hear the smile on your face.” I was silent for a bit.

“Come on James, surely you’ve noticed your mood improve when you’ve heard from her.” He laughed again, “perhaps you should goggle limerence when you get off the phone.”

“Don’t give me any of your mumbo jumbo, I’m not in one of your therapy sessions!” Tim had done a degree in Sydney before he left. Hewas now running a little relationship counseling practice in his suburb.

“Don’t shoot the messenger man, it’s just great to see you getting out of the business and finding a nice girl.”

“I think I’ve told you she is married with three kids.”

“Yeh, what ever, love does weird things sometimes,” he sounded a bit melancholy.

“I’m not like you, I’ll be a bachelor till I die. There are far to many women who are yet to experience me. It would be a crime against humanity!” We both laughed.

We chatted for a bit longer than said our goodbyes, I was still thinking about some of the things he said while I made the bed. When I had finished I looked in the mirror at myself.

“No way man, she is just a great lay. I’ll get sick of her soon enough.” I said to myself. Sure I was right, I think.

The next day at five I was like a cat on a hot tin roof, I couldn’t sit still. I went out on the balcony to wait but it got too much. By five thirty I was out the front of the building, I told myself I was just getting some air. Yeah right!

At six I was getting worried, by quarter past I had my phone out debating whether to call. 6.20 I rang, it took six rings for Jenny to answer.

“Hi James,” she said brightly, “I coming I just had trouble getting a cab!”

“No problem, I was late home myself.” I lied, “How far away are you?” I cringed at how clingy this all sounded. There was some muffled voices as she asked the cab driver.

“About fifteen minutes the taxi driver said.”

“Great, I’ll have time to have a shower.”

“Make sure you scrub your……….” the phone went garbled then dropped out. You goose, I thought as I went inside to go to the foyer toilet. Now I have to wet my hair to make it look like I’ve just showered.

I was back outside after five minutes, at fifteen I had my phone in my hand again. I was just about to press redial when a taxi swung out of the traffic and parked in front of me.

I opened the door, threw the driver a fifty, then helped Jenny with her bag. In the lift I took her in my arms and kissed her. I reveled in her taste and smell as she kissed me back with a ferocity to match my own. Once in my apartment we started ripping at each others clothes on our way to the bedroom, our mouths continually searching for each other. By the time we hit the bed we were both nude. We fucked for the next hour before our passion subsided.

“What’s for dinner?” Jenny enquired, her head rested on my chest.

“Well I’m not going to subject you to my cooking! So we are going out!”

“I hope it’s not to far or they have a private room with a bed, I don’t want to waste time eating!”

“You will need to keep your strength up for the rest of the night.”

“I suppose so, what time?”

“Nine,” I said stretching.

Jenny looked up at me with a devilish grin. “That gives us an hour.” Her hand snaked down to my dick, “Got any ideas of what we could do?”

I laughed then groaned as Jenny moved down and took my hardening cock into her mouth. After round three we dressed and went for dinner, the place emptied out quickly as it was Sunday night but we took our time. The degustation menu was nine courses with matching wines so it couldn’t be rushed. Then a slow walk along the esplanade next to the beach, my arm around her shoulders, Jenny’s around my waist. We were back to my apartment around midnight.

There was a message from Tyrone on my phone, I’d left it behind so we wouldn’t be disturbed. I don’t what was wrong with the guy, he couldn’t tie his shoelaces without instructions lately. I got Jenny a glass of water then went into the office to sort things out.

When I came out I went looking for her, I found her on the balcony outside the bedroom, she had changed out of her dress and slipped on one of my t-shirts. I stopped inside and studied her, she had no underwear on, her nipples stuck out as she stood in the sea breeze. It occasionally caught the bottom of the t-shirt lifting it showing her bare butt. I could feel myself getting aroused again, but there was something else, a strange disturbance inside me. I needed to be close to her to feel her touch, hear her laugh. Maybe I would search for the definition of limerence, but not now, now I needed to follow my urges.

I went out on the balcony, moving behind Jenny I placed my arms around her, my forearms covering her beasts. She moved back pressing herself into me, reaching up behind my head to pull it down so I was nuzzling her neck.

“Feels like someone’s waking up,” Jenny whispered as she wiggled her bottom against my crotch.

“You could wake the dead baby,” I replied.

Jenny eased my arms from around her, leaning forward, hands on the railing, she pressed her bum back harder against my cock, still caged inside my pants. Then she began slowly moving her arse up and down further arousing me. I reached forward caressing and massaging her back, neck and shoulders, running my fingers through her hair.

“Take me James! Take me now!” Her tone was urgent, I stepped back to move back inside but she stopped me.

“No! Here! Now! Fuck me where I stand!”

I freed my member and stepped back up to her, guiding myself into her until I was fully embedded. I stayed still as Jenny worked herself into a frenzy, rutting back at me while working my shaft with those glorious internal muscles. I lifted the t-shirt up so her tits swung free in the sea breeze then grabbed them squeezing her stiff nipples.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Pound me Jimmie, I’m cumming!”

I let her breasts go, with one hand I grabbed her shoulder, the other a fist full of hair as I began slamming into her spasming cunt.

“That’s it! Don’t stop! Don’t ever stop! Arhhh! Arrhhh! Arrhheeee!”

Jenny’s pussy grabbed me even tighter and I started pumping my cum into her. Once I had stopped I withdrew and Jenny’s legs buckled, I scooped her up, carrying her into the bed. I laid her down after kicking back the covers, then lay down beside and held her close. We slept, waking only when the sun streamed in as it rose over the Pacific Ocean the next morning. I got up closed the door and the curtains to shut out the sun and the noise from the traffic below as the city rose from its slumber. We made love again more slowly this time, exploring each other, taking our time. Jenny came with me in her pussy, then she asked me to stop.

“I’m a little sore down there, I’m not used to your size.”

“Thats ok, I had my fun,” I pulled out, rolling off her.

“Don’t worry, I want to try something else,” she said rolling on her side and pressing her bum towards me.

“Are you sure? I… er.. I don’t want to hurt you.” I replied as Jenny reached back and grabbed my dick, bringing it up between her arse cheeks.

“I’ll let you know if it hurts,” she assured me.

“Wait up,” I rolled back to the bedside table and opened the drawer retrieving some lubricant. I thoroughly coated my head and shaft then rolled back, Jenny grabbed it again.

“Yes, that might help!” She said, “now just let me take my time.”

Backing up further she had my head at the entrance of her bum, wiggling and squirming Jenny tried to get it in but she wasn’t having much success.

“When I tell you give it a push,” she said, her frustration coming through in her voice.

“OK now, ….. Oh sweet Jesus that’s big!” My head was now wedged inside her, she rested then began working herself down the shaft. About half way down she stopped.

“You’ll have to help me now, just work in and out a bit but take it slow.”

I did as she asked, my god it was tight, each time I pushed in she gave a little squeak. I was getting close, the heat and the tightness were having an effect on me. My movements became more forceful, I was three quarters in when I lost it, blowing inside her arse.

“Was that ok?” Jenny whispered after I had pulled out and she had turned around.

“It was great but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want too.”

“You don’t know me that well, but you should know. I don’t do things I don’t want to do!” She kissed me, ” With a bit more practice I think I could enjoy it!”

It was many years later, after our Second Honeymoon in Jamaica, that my wife and I were going through some tough times. She had moved out, and I was packing tons of stuff up bringing it over to our storage unit. I just didn’t want too many reminders around the apartment, and was getting down to basics.

I loaded the car with some boxes, and drove over to the self storage center. I thought to myself, it’s been a long time since I had to come here since it was mostly the wife’s stuff in the unit. I brought the boxes up to our unit, and noticed there was more here then I remembered. Everything covered with a thick coat of dust, obviously nothing was touched here in years. Probably since her mother sold her house in Florida, and my wife had to take the rest of her things since Mom had no storage room anymore.

I looked around shifting boxes to make room for what I was going to add, then noticed a box marked “Wedding”. Feeling nostalgic I brushed off the dust and flipped open the folded over flaps.

“Cool!!” I actually said out loud. Inside on the top were the extra shot glasses we had made for favors. I always wanted enough glasses to play a game of Martini checkers, now I could.

I looked deeper into the box, under all the saved wedding stuff were two shoe boxes. After pulling all the invitation responses, extra cheap sunglasses, matchbooks, and cocktail napkins out I took the lid of of one shoe box. Jammed in the box was probably twenty spiral notebooks, all were obviously written in. I thought to myself funny place for some old school stuff, and picked up the top notebook opening the cover. The first page was dated, it was from way before I even met my wife, and I started to read.

I just can’t tell anyone about all this. It’s all so exciting, but I have to get it all down. I thought maybe I could tell Nancy, but I don’t know if I should.

Nancy is her younger sister, and yes she is the little sister from my other stories / experiences.

I just can’t stop going over his house. To suck that amazing cock that I love so much, and taste his cum. To get fucked by that big black cock, and for him to cum filling my pussy up until it overflows the cream dripping down my legs. I know it’s wrong, cause he’s married, but I don’t care. His wife left anyways, so he needs his relief. It’s so exciting when he fucks me, I’m soaking wet just thinking about it right now. God, I wish James black cock was in my little pussy right now.

Well, my cock was hard as stone just reading that first little bit of writing. I closed the notebook, putting it back in the shoe box. OK, that was interesting I thought, now what’s in the other shoe box I wondered. Never one to wonder too long I popped the cover off. It was filled with blank VHS tapes, and smaller camcorder tapes. The only markings on any of them were numbers, and the labels were dated.

So, after careful consideration of the ramifications of what I just found, I decided this whole big box comes back with me. I hurried out of there before reading anymore, for fear of my hard cock erupting in my pants.

When I got back to the apartment I was anxious to read more, even though those tapes were calling to me to play them. I got on my bed with the shoe box full of notebooks, and reopened the top book.

There is no way I can wait to cum until tomorrow, when I can sneak back over after Mom goes to work. I need some hard fucking now, all I can think about is cock, his black cock pounding deep inside me. Faith was so right, older men are so much better.

Faith is one of my wife’s best friends, she was even in our wedding party. She is a very attractive blonde, with long hair and an awesome smile. It’s too bad she puts on too much makeup, and wears frumpy clothing most of the time. I’m sure her body is great since her ass looks fantastic in some jeans.

She was right about it all, especially about black men and there big cocks. James has a friend Ray that was over yesterday, and I saw his cock. I did more then see it though, it made me feel so dirty, so slutty, so out of control when I sucked Ray’s cock. He was bigger then James, bigger and thicker.

I should write it all out from the beginning though, I want to remember it all. That’s why this separate journal, this is my “Slut Diary” that no one can ever see.

She went onto write about the first time she saw James cock in the bathroom, how she watched him shoot his cum all over her. Then the next day how she went over to his house and he fucked her little pussy filling her with cum for the first time. She went into great detail, much better then when she described those experiences while getting me all worked up by stroking my hard cock off.

So, yesterday I went over to see James. I knocked on the sliding glass door late at night, only in my shorts and a t-shirt that I tied in a knot between my breasts to show them off. Before I went over I did my hair up and makeup, the white t-shirt showing my hard nipples poking out.

He slid the door open, and I stepped inside running my hand across the front of his shorts to tease that cock.

“What’s up sexy?” he said looking at my hard nipples.

I was melting, so wet from the excitement of just being next to him again. I was gonna get fucked so good, please let him want to fuck me again.

“Not you .. yet.” I teased him getting close to him rubbing the bulge in those sexy shorts. “I’m gonna have to fix that.”

“Baby, I got a friend coming over soon. He will be over any minute.” as he cupped my breasts teasing my sensitive nipples.

“Then we better get started.” I giggled as I went down on my knees pulling his shorts down setting that big black cock free.

His cock tasted so good, as I licked it up and down. His scent was so manly when I inhaled it my pussy would twitch, and I was getting even wetter. I suck his cock in deeper and deeper, trying to get as much in as possible. I wanted to please him so bad. I had to have his cum, yes more cum was what I needed.

My spit dripped from his cock, as I sucked his balls stroking him with my hand. My t-shirt was getting wet from my dripping spit, but I didn’t care. I tried to throat him like Faith had told me too, and gagged on his thick cock. Spit running down my chin, my shirt was soaked with it. I backed up a bit to catch a breath, looking at that beautiful big black shiny monster.

James grabbed his cock with one hand stroking it, and rubbed his balls with the other. I wanted to see his cum, and got right under his cock with my face. When I looked up at him in the eyes his cock exploded. I opened my mouth wide my tongue out, and felt the first splash hit my top lip and drip into my mouth.

So hot, so salty, so sweet, so thick his cum was so good. I felt so dirty, so slutty, so completely happy to get that cum. I closed my mouth around his throbbing cock as his cum continued to fill my mouth, and swallowed what I had already wanting more.

His cum dripped from my chin now, the sweet smell of semen filled the air. I breathed it in as I undid the knot to my shirt, then cleaned of my chin with it. He smell of his cum was so powerful, so erotic that I shivered on my knees. Now I knew what Faith meant about being “Cum Drunk”, this must be how that feels.

I needed a drink, and a wet wash cloth at this point, I gave myself a bit of a break from stroking my hard cock. I went over to our little bar, grabbed my bottle of Jack, and headed to the kitchen to get a glass when the phone rang. I let the answering machine pick up, not wanting to be bothered with anyone or anything. It was my wife’s slutty friend Gail, she was the one that she went out with some nights trying to help Gail. I never knew women had “Wingmen” too, until my wife but it made sense.

Funny thing was Gail was leaving a message for me. She had to know my wife moved out, they were very close. I was just thinking she was trying to be nice, when her message started turning towards a different direction.

“I know this is tough on you, and I just wanted you to know I’m here for you.” Gail said. “You don’t have to be alone, we could have a drink and talk somewhere. Or you could come over some night, and I’ll make us dinner. I really do know how to cook.” her emphasis on the “really” and the “cook” words had special meaning obviously.

Clearly Gail was looking to get some cock, while she is a very attractive woman, I wasn’t looking to complicate everything by tossing one of my wife’s best friends a good hard fuck. Of course I was thrilled with the option though, as remote a chance as it may have been. While listening I pounded down the triple I poured, then filling back up as I headed back to the bedroom.

When I stood up I grabbed my shirt pulling it off over my head, wiping his wet cock with it. Then slid my shorts down showing him my naked ass as I walked to his bedroom looking back.

“We should hurry if you friend’s coming over.” “Come fuck me on your bed.” “Come fuck my tight little wet pussy.” “Come fuck it deep, and come fuck it hard.” “Just come in here and fuck me.”

James was shocked by the way I was talking, but it was turning him on I could see his cock was still hard. I really am into the dirty slutty talk, it gets me so turned on. It gets me so wet. I climbed up on the bed, on my hands and knees, looking back I wiggled my ass at him.

“You want to talk like a little white slut, then I’m gonna treat you like one.” as James pulled me back by my hips to the edge of the bed.

Then he pushed my back forcing me down grabbing my wrists pulling them together against my back. I turned my face to the side to see, but when I felt his cock against my pussy lips I just closed my eyes and enjoyed feeling his big cock slowly sliding inside of me. I was so wet from the excitement of sucking that big cock of his, and getting all that cum. he started to pump me going harder and harder, forcing me into the bed.

“You just love that cock don’t you?” “You love that big black cock in your little white pussy don’t you?” “Say it slut, tell me your a slut for my big black cock.”

I was cumming all over his cock, and I felt helpless. Even his words pounded me hard, like his cock was doing.

“You love that, don’t you?” “I can feel you cumming on that big black cock.”

My pussy was squeezing his cock, and I could feel every ridge and vein on his stone hard dick. I just kept cumming as he pounded me, and could barely get the words out.

“Yes I love that big black cock.” “Yes I’m your little white slut.” “Use me. Use me anyway you want I’m yours.”

I felt him slide back out of my pussy, I felt so empty with his cock out of me. Then I felt him pushing his cock head against my butt hole, he was wiping my juices on it with his cock.

“You better believe it slut.” “This is my fine ass to fuck.” “Your gonna love it too.” “Just like when I fill that tight little white pussy.”

It was so sexy, so dirty, I am such a horny little slut. I always played with my butt hole with my fingers, but never had anything as big as his cock in there.

“Yes. Fuck my ass James.” “I want to feel you explode deep in my ass.”

I felt his cock head push it’s way in past the tight ring. I came again when it popped inside, and I gushed for the first time in my life. It was so amazing, it was draining, and I knew I needed it more.

“More, more, more.” was all is could mumble as I gushed. The biggest orgasm I ever had washed over me, it left me breathless.

James took it as I wanted more of that big cock of his, and started to fuck my ass with deeper strokes. He was right, and I pushed back to meet his thrusts. I was lost in constant orgasm, and helpless to stop it even if I wanted to. I was like a rag doll under him, as he pounded that thick cock in my ass. I’m a slut, and enjoying my ass being fucked by a black man’s huge cock. A man I never laid eyes on before a few days ago, a man I would now do anything for just as long as he kept giving me that big black cock.

He stopped halfway inside me in mid stroke frozen, and I tried to look back at him when I felt it. I closed my eyes as I concentrated on this feeling deep inside me, he was cumming in my ass. I could feel every throb, every spurt as he fired his load inside me. I backed up trying to get the rest of his cock in me, but he pushed me into the bed letting go of my wrists and grabbing my hips. I never felt anything like this before, his cum filled my insides.

He was buried deep inside my ass, staying there until his cock softened. Then pulled back, that thick cock sticky with his hot creamy cum. It came out of my hole with a pop, and I could feel it clenching trying not to let his load leak out. I collapsed on my side on the bed. James made his way to the bathroom attached to the bedroom, and I heard water running too weak to raise my head even.

He was cleaning off his cock walking back towards the bed, when we heard the doorbell ring. He tossed me over the warm wet wash cloth before walking over to the doorway. It smelled like semen, and I got excited all over again.

“Clean yourself up quick, take a shower, grab one of my shirts, and come down to meet Ray.” he grinned over at my naked spent body.

I rolled onto my stomach since my butt hurt, but that was so hot. I rubbed my pussy some in the shower, making myself come again thinking of what I just did with him. I dried myself off wrapping my hair in the towel, and went over to his closet. I found a plain old dress white shirt, and put it on. It was huge on me hanging down lower then a dress I had recently bought, then looked myself over in the full length mirror. I buttoned up just not all the way to show some cleavage, and left the two bottom button undone to show some leg.

“Your such a slut.” I said out loud just only myself to hear it. “A dirty white slut for big black cock.” I was turning myself on talking like that again, and was getting shivers my nipples hard.

I walked into the back room and James was on the couch that faced out to the sliding door, he said meet my friend Ray he has heard all about you already. Ray was on the chair to the right of the couch he reached over and put the beer he was drinking on the coffee table in front of him as I sat on the couch next to James. I noticed the television in the corner was on now, and I gasped as I saw a young pretty blonde white girl sucking a big black cock while stroking with her hand another equally huge thick black rod. I couldn’t speak, and my eyes were glued to the television.

“James told me you are head of the neighborhood welcoming committee.” and they laughed as I watched in amazement as this girl devoured those two black monsters.

“Damn James, she is as hot as you said Brutha.” he said leaning back in the chair adjusting that very large bulge in his jeans.

I went to lean back against the back of the couch, and the shirt rode up exposing my pussy until I crossed over a leg.

“This can’t be real, all you guys can’t be so big.” trying to divert attention away from the fact I just flashed his friend.

“I don’t believe it.” and stared back at the scene going on the screen.

“Go on Ray, show her that big cock you got in there.” James laughed. “She wants to see it I can tell.”

Before I could say anything Ray stood up sliding his jeans down, there was a huge tented out pair of boxers coming towards me. I started to protest, but no sound came out of my mouth as Ray pulled down those boxers. Out sprang that huge thick cock, it was inches bigger then James cock. I couldn’t do anything but stare at this monster, his huge ball sack hanging down with balls that looked like they were the size of oranges.

He stroked it to complete hardness, as I watched and yes my pussy was dripping wet. It was so beautiful, so hard , so thick, and just inches from my face and lips. I’m sure those balls were just full of hot creamy cum, more sticky sweet cream for me to taste.

“Go on slut, suck on that his cock.” as I thought it was Ray talking, but it was James voice I heard.

“You know you want too.” his talk was so sexy.

So I leaned closer and took Ray’s cock head into my mouth, while I reached up with both hands grabbing his shaft and balls. My pussy quivered as I took more of his cock in my mouth, I gagged on his monster cock and when doing so I orgasm-ed.

“We need to get this shirt off you, no need to mess it up.” James unbuttoned it and took it off me leaving me naked as I tried to catch my breath. Ray pushed the coffee table away from the couch, he kicked his jeans and boxers away.

“On your knees and get to work on my cock slut.” Ray said as he pointed to the carpet in front of him.

I didn’t even bother to look back at James, and did as Ray commanded. In seconds I was slobbering all over that beautiful black cock. Then I’m sucking his cock wantonly, working it with both hands again. I’m such a slut for this big black cock, for any big black cock. I squeezed my legs together and came again just from working over his cock. His pre-cum leaked into my mouth from my sucking, his taste was so good. His balls were close to his shaft now tight in there sack. I took one of them into my mouth, and sucked on it hard as I jacked his big cock with both hands. Slippery from all my spit, it shined in the light of the television.

“Damn, you want that load don’t you slut?” he grabbed my hair, and Ray pushed me back. My hands came off his cock when I went back, and he stroked himself. I tried to move to get that cock back in my mouth, but he held me back by my hair. I was so turned on, my hands went to my pussy, fingers slid in easily, I rubbed my hard clit with the other hand.

“Yes, please let me have that load.” “I want that hot load.” “Let me swallow your hot load.”

After that I was cumming uncontrollably then, my tongue out, mouth wide open to catch his cum. He fired the first shot into my mouth, it was a huge wad, and I swallowed fast. My tongue back out in a flash, two ribbons of cum shot inside my mouth. I swallowed again, and watched that beautiful cock throb letting fly a stream of spunk as I opened my mouth just in time to catch it. It was so thick, so creamy, and tasted so sweet. My pussy convulsed on my fingers, and I was again cumming. My mouth was being used,and I loved it. I was being held in place inches from that black monster, and I loved it.

Finally then Ray loosened his grip on my hair, and I dove back with my mouth on that cock to catch the cum dripping out now. I didn’t need to touch my pussy, I was just wanted that cock, and needed the rest of that sticky load.

I was worshiping that still hard cock licking it, and running my hands all over it when Ray picked me up from under my arms. I was like a little toy for these black men to use, a cum craving slut toy. He placed me in the chair he was sitting just minutes before.

“Man, I got to fuck this little white pussy of hers.” “I need to see if it’s as tight as you say Brutha.” “I know you told me she would suck my cock dry, but ..”

I spread my legs as wide as they would go when I felt his cock head rubbing against my pussy lips. It pushed inside me when I shifted my ass on the chair, James was watching, but I was so lost in pleasure In forgot he was even there. James just groaned as he stroked his big hard cock, his shorts on the carpet in front of him.

More of his cock squeezed inside my wet tightness, the second big black cock today was sliding inside me. I loved it, and gave in to the sheer sluttiness of it all. I held my legs up under my knees looking down I wanted to see that cock sliding inside me.

I saw my juices on his big cock, as he slid in and out slowly. I heard my juices squishing around his cock, as he pumped in faster. I wanted that whole cock in me.

“Fuck that tight pussy Ray.” “See how wet your big black cock has made my pussy.” “Feel how my little white pussy grabs your cock.” “Give it all to me Ray, all that cock.” “All that cum, fill that little white pussy.”

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