white man

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After a steak with baked potato, corn on the cob and all the trimmings, plus Cindy’s special coffee, Ken was ready for more and so was everyone else. Peggy wouldn’t leave his side all through dinner. Ken wondered how she’d feel Monday morning.

Damn!!, Ken thought, That was the one thing that was left uncoordinated. He would need a good night’s sleep too. He blew across a beer bottle to get everyone’s attention. “Would everyone please listen up? We’re all sorry, but all good things must end sometime. And we all have things to do tomorrow. So, At midnight the party is officially over. Everyone goes back to their own apartment. Whatever you choose to do during the week is by your own arrangements. Have a wonderful evening.”

Peggy looked at Ken. “Damn! I wanted to spend all night with you, Ken. That only leaves me 4 more hours with you”

Ken laughed. “What do you intend to do to me that could take more than four hours? I’m not God you know.”

“Oh, nothing too terrible. Just totally enslave you and make you mine.”

“I’m sorry, Love. I’m just not a one woman man and I don’t intend to become one. We can get together from time to time. Meanwhile there are a lot of good men for you to try out.”

“Relax, Mister. I was just teasing you. As you now know, I’m not ready to be a one man woman either. It is nice to have someone special to share things besides sex with though. That’s why I hope George can handle this situation okay.

“That’s why this lifestyle could become a paradise for all of us. The other girls will make sure that George gets his share too. They’ll keep him happy whenever you’re with anyone else. He’ll never have to feel cuckolded. Jane and I share like you and George. She’ll come back to my bed after you leave and I’ll love her as I did before. …that is as long as she showers and cleans herself first.”

Peggy playfully punched Ken’s arm and laughed. “Yeah, I don’t think George would be too happy over seconds either. I’m not sure how we’d ever do a threesome.”

“Please excuse me for a moment, Peggy. I really need to go take a piss before I bust a gut.”

“Don’t be long or I might have to start without you.”

A few minutes later, Ken came out of the bathroom with two wet facecloths and two clean bath towels. “There are more in the cabinet, once we get there.”

“Okay, enough stalling, Mister. Time will pass too fast as it is. Get your ass up on that bed and put a towel under you.”

“Yes, Mam!”

“Due to the shortness of time that you chose to put us under, I’m taking command of this situation. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mam!”

“Good, Now lie flat on your back at attention, Mister.”

“Peggy mounted astride Ken’s hips.”

Ken reached up to take her tits in his hands.

“Did I give you at ease, Mister?”

“No Mam!”

“You will remain at attention until I give you at ease. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mam!”

Peggy raised her self and guided Ken’s cock head into her hot wet love tunnel. Then she slid down over the hard juicing cockhead and took the shaft deep into her tummy. Within a thrust or two she was more than comfortable. With a soft moan she said, “At ease. Oh please just love me!” She began moving her ass in the most ancient and pleasurable of all motions.

Ken pulled her mouth down to meet his in a passionate lover’s kiss as he thrust his hard and eager cock deep and tight against her cervix.

“Umm, I love feeling you in me like this. You make me feel complete, satisfied, and happy. I wish we could be together like this forever.”

Peggy started thrusting a little harder and faster. Oh God! I’ve never felt like this before. Oh Baby, I’m cumming!”

“Oh yeah, Peggy. Atta girl! Cum on my hard and hot cock. Let me feel your lovely warm pussy juice flow all over me. I love it! Yes! Good girl! Stay up on that nice cum. Make it last a nice long time.” Ken was thrusting up into Peggy’s shaking pussy as hard and fast as he was capable of. The shaking gradually subsided and Ken drew Peggy’s limp body into his arms and held her snugly as her sweet little cunt reflexively squeezed and milked at his cock. Ken startled awake surprised to find that he had dozed off.

Peggy kissed his lips. “I loved just laying here watching you sleep and feeling your arms around me, and your beautiful cock twitching deep inside of me.” Now that you’re awake, I’m not ready to let you go. Peggy moved her hips and felt an answering twitch from Ken’s softening cock. A few more hip movements and the softening reversed. After a couple of gentle thrusts, that wonderful cock was hard and ready for more loving. “I want to feel you cum deep inside of me this time, Honey. I’m going to pretend that we’re making a baby together. I’m going to welcome your seed into my body and dream of the beautiful baby we could make and I’m going to love you as if it’s forever, even though I know it’s only for this short time that we have together. Oh God, yes. I feel you so close to the center of my universe. That’s it my love, climb with me to the stars. Cum with me, love.” Peggy was thrusting hard and fast now. “Yes, love, pump your beautiful cum right up into my womb. I want it in me.”

Ken matched Peggy’s thrusts in speed and intensity. He felt his testicles tighten.

“Yeah! Oh Yeah! …Oh! …Oh! …Oh! …Aahhh. Oh Yes, Ken! I can feel you as you ready to cum in me. I’m right with you, Honey! Oh God yes! I can feel you shooting it into me. Oh my God, It feels so warm and silky in me. Oh! Yes! Oh! Oh! Aiyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!


“Wow is right, Peggy. You are one very hot little lady!”

“I’m glad you brought the face cloths and towels.” Peggy cleaned herself, then laughed. “I couldn’t have made it to the bathroom without leaking all over the carpet.”

“Now you don’t need to go to the bathroom. We can take a shower together later. Come here.” “Not so fast, Mister. I need to go pee.” “Okay. Hurry back.”

Ken felt something soft, warm, and wet on his cock. Waking up, he realized that it was Peggy’s mouth and that he was hard again. Ummm, that feels like heaven sweetheart. Bring that hot little pussy up here where I can taste it.

Peggy broke her suction long enough to say, “Are you sure you don’t mind tasting your own cum?” “Why should I mind tasting it. You don’t. Besides, I love your pussy.”

“Mmmm, and I love feeling your mouth on her. Will you cum for me? I want to feel you cum in my mouth and taste you then swallow all you were able to give me.”

It took forty five minutes before Ken felt the cum building up in his balls. He lost track of the number of orgasms Peggy underwent, but every time he eased off after she came, it wasn’t long before she started building up to another. This time he slipped three fingers up into her pussy and rubbed her G-spot for a short while. Then as they both neared their peak, he removed his fingers from her pussy and pushed two of them into her ass.

Peggy screamed out loud as her orgasm hit her full force. Before she slipped past her peak she felt Ken’s cum spurt into her mouth. She pulled him deep into her mouth and eagerly accepted his cum swallowing as much as she needed to avoid wasting any of his precious fluid. As it dwindled to a stop, she managed to save some of it to savor in her mouth when she pulled away. Turning around to kiss Ken’s mouth, she shared it with him and he passed it back to her. I’ve never shared a man’s cum with him before. Most guys would freak out.

“LOL! I’m not most guys. I love sex. Most guys only think they do. I love holding a woman after sex too. Holding you close to me like this is like heaven to me.”

“Mmm, me too.” Peggy snuggled in closer.

After a few minutes of silent cuddling, Ken said, “We better go shower. I want to send you home to George clean and fresh so he’ll let you come over and visit me again. Also, I know Jane will do the same for me and I want to do my part for her. You can go in first. There’s a new toothbrush. toothpaste and mouthwash in the medicine chest. I’ll be in to help you wash your back in a moment.”

As soon as Peggy went into the bathroom, Ken leaped out of bed, stripped the sheets and pillowcases and threw them into the hamper along with the used facecloths and towels. He took fresh sheets and pillowcases from the closet shelf and remade the bed. He entered the bathroom as Peggy spit the mouthwash into the sink. “You can start the shower while I clean up. I’ll join you in a moment.” Ken cleaned his mouth and gargled with mouthwash. Then stepped into the nice warm shower behind Peggy’s gorgeous backside. Reaching around her, he took her tits into his hands and kissed her neck.

“Oh my God, Ken …Don’t you ever get enough…either? Oh dammn! You’ve already got me turned on again. Oh shit! Your cock is hard again.” “Good! I want to send you home nice and hot for George.”

If you don’t stop now, you’ll send me home full of your cum too.

“Okay luv. Just a good wash and dry job then. Hand me the shampoo.” Ken washed Peggy’s hair for her massaging her scalp very nicely in the process. The task wasn’t all work either. Her ass crack did a nice job of massaging his hard cock as well. Now hand me the shower head and bend over with your legs spread. Ken used the movable shower head to rinse her hair, then douche her pussy nice and clean.

“Geez, Ken, there are some things a girl can do for herself.”

“I know, but I messed it up so I’ll clean it up. Now hand me the washcloth and soap. Ken lathered the washcloth liberally and washed Peggy’s body completely, then he rinsed her.”

“Thank you, Ken. No man has ever done that for me before. Now can I do you?”

“Sure, but we need to finish up pretty soon.” Peggy washed Ken as thoroughly as he had washed her. “There, You’re all nice and clean for Jane now. I really envy her.”

Ken was toweling Peggy with a big fluffy bath towel. “Don’t. She knows I’ll never marry her, and she’s not happy about that. All she and I will ever be is friends with privileges”

“It’s none of my business, but why?”

“I won’t be any woman’s cuckold, and she has betrayed my trust in her. We can never have an exclusive relationship. …There’s a hair dryer and a brush in the cabinet under the sink.” Ken grabbed another towel and briskly rubbed his self dry.

When Peggy came out, Ken was already dressed in his shorts and T-shirt watching a late night show.

“You look nice. Sex really agrees with you. Let me look you over.”

Peggy slowly pirouetted for him.

“Good. I didn’t leave any marks on you.” Ken laughed. “Now get dressed before I mess you all up again.”

At five minutes to twelve, Ken put his hands on Peggy’s hips and kissed her lightly on her lips goodnight.

“Thank you for the most wonderful day of my life, Ken.”

Ken opened the door for her. “You’ll have many more of them Luv. Goodnight”

At exactly twelve o’clock, Jane walked in.

“Well, how was Arthur?”

“Never mind Arthur. What the hell did you do to Peggy?”

“We just had some sex, Why?”

“Because she’s in love with you, That’s why!”

“What makes you say that?”

“I met her on the way back. She looked to be in a daze and had stars in her eyes. She told me that I’d better take very good care of you, or she would.”

“Then maybe you better. She is pretty damn nice.”

“You rotten bastard! How could you lead her on that way. Do you need to break her heart too?”

“Look, Jane, I do my best for any woman I fuck. It’s up to them to control their own emotions. You too. She knows I won’t marry or enter an exclusive relationship with anyone. Besides, once Mark fucks her a few times she’ll be every bit as much of a whore as you are.”

“I’m sorry Ken. I guess I felt a little jealous. I never stopped loving you. Seeing you fuck Mary didn’t bother me. She’s just a bitch anyway, but Peggy reminds me of what I was.”

“Okay, forget it. So…How was Arthur?

“He’s coming along. Between Ruth and I we can make a pretty good lover out of him. He’s our current project. He’s got a 7 inch cock which is respectable enough, and he’s not too inhibited to learn. He has pretty good staying power. I told him to get some contact lenses so he won’t need to wear those ugly glasses. He’s not a competitive athlete, but he has a reasonably fit body. He swims a lot and is a qualified life guard and Scuba diver. He has a very nice tongue and can hold his breath for a long time. Despite his nerdy look, he’s a pretty regular guy. We won’t mind keeping him busy while Mark trains Tanya.”

“So, how was Peggy?”

“Mmmm, hot as hell. With her red hair and freckles, the guys at Lou’s place are going to love her. Right now, she’s more into making love but she a natural little fuck too. Mark will bring that out of her.” Ken got took off his robe as he spoke.

Jane followed Ken at getting undressed and climbed into bed with him. “I hope you saved a little of that for me,” she said as she took his balls in her hand.

“I think I just might have a droplet left for you, Jane, but you might need to suck it out of me. I may not have the energy left to shoot it into you.”

“You bastard, give me that cock. By the time I’m done sucking it, you’ll shoot.”

“Give me that hot little pussy. I’m going to make it nice and wet before I even think of trying to shoot a load of cum into it.”

“Oh my God, yes. Eat my pussy, Baby. Oh yeah, It’s still nice and hot for you. You can’t believe how nice your mouth feels on my pussy after someone elses cock has been in there.” Jane ran her fingers and palms over Ken’s crew cut blond hair. Mmm, You love sucking my freshly fucked pussy don’t you. I can feel it in your cock. Maybe I shouldn’t have cleaned it for you. I bet you’d love sucking the cum out of it wouldn’t you.”

“Forget that Jane. If I wasn’t confident that you cleaned it, I wouldn’t go near it.” Jane thought, “He lies throught his teeth, but his cock doesn’t lie. He’ll come around with a little gradual persuasion.” Jane began sucking harder than before.

“Ummmm.” Ken thought, “Damn, could she be right? I love eating her pussy so much I just might make a mistake sometime. Would that make me queer or less of a man? I don’t want to find out. Oh shit! She sucks so damned nice. What if I was presented her cum filled pussy while she was sucking me when I’m really horny. I might not even care. Damn, I love feeling her thrust her hot pussy into my face like this.”

“I want you in me now, honey. I need to feel you cum inside of me. I still love you, you know. …Oh yes. Mmm, it feels so nice. Yeah, fuck me hard, Baby. Yeah, I’m with you!”

“Damn it! I’m cumminnnggg! Uh! UH! Uh! Uh! Aaaahhh!” Ken pumped six loads into Jane’s grasping cunt before it slowed to a dribble. They kissed, then lay in each others arms for a while before Ken pulled Jane into a spoon and fell asleep with his cock tucked neatly into her ass crack.

At seven he was up. He quickly showered and dressed, then briefly kissed Jane before leaving for school. After a quick workout in the gym he grabbed a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich at the student union and arrived on time for a nine o-clock lecture. The day passed quickly. The two hours he spent at the library proved fruitful and a little practice would have him ready to work any test problems presented. A stop at the student union netted another couple that wanted to move off campus. After luring them into a light conversation about a swinging lifestyle and seeing some desire to satify curiosity, he invited them to a weekend party. As he walked back to the apartment, his cell phone rang. It was Lou.

“Hey there Handsome. Mary wants to know if you and Jane might spend the weekend with her and her husband, and a guest couple at their place. Between us, there’s five big ones for each of you in it.”

“I’ll need to talk to Jane.”

“I already did Ken. She’s for it. She’s already been with Mary’s husband. He’s the gentleman with the 12 inch cock. Their guests are very special clients of his business.”

“Any special times or wardrobe or other instructions, Lou?”

“9pm Friday night to 9pm Sunday. Dress casual but bring a suit just in case, also bring swimwear and a robe. Jane will bring some lingerie, a bikini, some sexy casuals, and a party dress. I’ll have the limo pick you up at the club, drive you there, and pick you up again Sunday. I understand that the deal they want you to help them win is a very large one. It will benefit all of us if you can make their guests very happy.”

“Of course, Lou, we’ll do our best.”

“Alma is really looking forward to tomorrow night. She sounded radiant and excited over the phone.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing her again, Lou. She’s a fine woman.”

Ken grabbed a beer from the fridge and poked his head into Mark’s room. “Hey Mark, which one are you editing now?”

“I’m just finishing up Tanya and me. Damn but she’s one hot little bitch . I was afraid she’d wear my dick off.”

“Wait till you try Peggy out.”

“Yeah, I can hardly wait.”

“Can you and Cindy handle the party this weekend? Jane and I are booked for the weekend with Mary and her husband.”

“That’s great! You’ve just walked into an inside track on surveillance systems for the very wealthy. Don’t act like a salesman but be sure to bring a few DVD’s with you. Especially one of me and Jane, me and Terry, and you and Tanya. Both you and Jane can attest that the girls didn’t have a clue that they were on camera.”

“Yeah, I was thinking along those lines too. I’m sure those homes are covered as far as actual security, but some fun surveilance might be of interest to them. Tomorrow night I have a date with Alma. I have a feeling that she might be able to help us too.”

“Is Peggy really as good as you said? Lou can use about ten more good girls. Us black guys sure do love white pussy, blonds and redheads especially.”

“Watch her in action on the video. Then you tell me. Her only flaw is lack of experience. She still makes love and hasn’t quite learned how to enjoy just plain fucking yet. Ken laughed. “Think you can teach her how to enjoy a good fuck just for the sake of a good fuck?”

“You bet! Hell, I taught Jane didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you sure did.”

“I’ll try to get the one of you and Peggy edited by tomorrow night. So you can drop a copy off with Lou. I have a first priority on fucking her before this weekend. I just want to give her and George a little time to get used to their new relationship first. By the way, Cindy’s doing the cooking for Mary’s little soirée.”

“You knew?”

“How would I not know? Lou is a close cousin, and Cindy’s my woman. Hell, I’d have guessed anyway. Mary and Jim are Lou’s best customers who are entertaining their best client. You know that Cindy is the best chef available and so do they. Do you expect that anyone less than Cindy would prepare the food for such an event? Both Mary and Jim know that Cindy makes a special coffee that makes a man’s dick hard and helps him cum a lot. Lou knows that they’d want that, as well as the best cuisine they could serve. Cindy’s got an open line of credit for the meal, decorations, wines, and bar stock. She also provides the kitchen and serving staff. Her fee for the weekend is ten thousand, Lou gets another five for loss of Cindy’s service and for providing you two. We’ll also get a thousand for providing the DVD’s. Oh yeah, you guys are going to eat real good this weekend.”

“Oh! I almost forgot, Cindy suggested that it might be a good idea for her and Jane to move in with us. We’d get separate apartments of course.”

“What would Cindy do about her house?”

“She won’t have a problem keeping it rented.”

“Who stays with who?” Mark laughed, “Does it make a difference?”

Ken laughed. “Not really except for knowing where home is and who belongs there.”

“Good, If you don’t mind I want Cindy.”

So maybe I should have explained things in the first chapter, sorry about that. MIT is fashioned after a script (the first time I’ve ever done something like this). There won’t be too many descriptions because I want the conversation and the emotions between the two characters to be the main focus of the story. Therefore, I leave clues in brackets to let you know what short-term actions have been done. If however the brackets continue to pose a problem, send me a message telling me whether or not you like them (with viable explanations) and according to what the majority has deemed, I shall either keep them or discontinue the idea and transform MIT from script to an actually novella.

Italics are thoughts and I’ll start putting a dash before David’s commentary if the two characters are communicating within said thoughts without actual dialogue. And as you know, dialogues are in quotes so no explanation needed. Now that you have a somewhat better idea of the story flow, I hope that you enjoy it. And please, don’t send me any negative comments pertaining to my character or my writing abilities. I’m not in the mood to read idiotic messages.

Thank you for giving my story your time. J Cassandra


I did. I dreamt about what could have been and woke up in a cold sweat. It’s been this way for the past two and a half weeks. My heart aches inside of my chest to the point where I scheduled a doctor’s appointment. He diagnosed me with heartbreak syndrome. It actually exists and is called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. It’s when you experienced something very traumatic that triggers the brain into releasing chemicals that weaken the lining of the heart tissue. He prescribed me beta and calcium channel blockers for the next two months and wrote me a work slip which stated that I could work only half the day in a stress less environment until my next checkup. My boss did me one better and gave me a two months paid vacation. We’re pretty close and she thinks of me as family. She told me to keep in touch and don’t come back until I’m feeling better.

My parents insisted that I stayed with them instead of keeping myself shut in at home. I said why not in the beginning, now I’m preparing to make a break for it. I can’t take it anymore. My parents are adorable, they won’t allow me to lift a finger; my siblings are great, whenever they come over to visit they treat me with care; but I’m about to go crazy! I need to do something. My mother won’t even allow me to knit. She keeps telling me to eat and take frequent naps and whenever my dad suggests that we go out for a light stroll, she eyes me as if I’ll have a heart attack as soon as I step over the threshold.

At least back in my own place I can have a heart attack in peace without being reminded every three hours that I should take a thirty minute nap. I’m not a baby anymore!

“Ana, have you finished your nap?”

Do you see what I mean? [throws pillow over head] I shouldn’t be this way. I know. My parents are only worried about me. I’m the only girl and I’m the youngest of six so no matter what I do, no matter where I go, no matter what I have accomplished in life, I’ll forever be the baby of the family.

“Ananda?” [motherly caresses]

“Hi Mom.”

“How did you sleep? Are you feeling well?”

[nods head]

“Do you want to come downstairs? I made your favorite cookies.”

I’m a selfish bitch. I admit it and I also admit that I’m wrong. “I’m sorry, Mom.” I hug her close, resting my head on her chest as tears stream down my cheeks.

“I know that you’re not happy being trapped here with me and your old man while your brothers enjoy their freedom, but if one of them were in your shoes, they would be going through the same thing. You know that, right?” [head nods again] “Mommy loves you, baby.”

“I love you too.” We make my bed together and I follow her down the stairs, the welcoming smell of banana chocolate chip cookies causing my stomach to growl. I’m actually hungry. I haven’t had much of an appetite, but for some reason I want to eat.

Oh Lord, what is he doing here? I don’t feel like seeing David. I’m not ready to see him. I’m afraid that he’ll take one look at my face and know why I’m going through this hell right now. It’s his fault. No, it’s our fault.

[A quick wave] “What are you doing here?”

“I called your parents and told them that I was coming to see you. Your mom made cookies for us.”

[Exchanged smiles] “Okay. Do you want milk with your cookies?” I follow behind my mother using her as an excuse to not really focus all of my attention upon him. I hate seeing the concern in his eyes and I feel awkward right now which I hope is not apparent by my choppy movement.

“Milk would be great.”

He’s standing a little too close behind me. I can feel his body heat and my hands start to shake. This is ridiculous.

“Why don’t you two go out in the living room and watch some television? There should be something on the tv.”

Sometimes I think that my mother looks at us and still sees us at the same age as when we were in middle school. We vacate the kitchen to sit on the couch in uncomfortable silence. [Clears throat simultaneously]

“So what’s going on with you? Are you sick?”

“I don’t know, David. Let’s see, I went to the doctor, he prescribed me some meds, and now I’m off from work and staying with my parents for two months. What do you think?”

[Aggravated sigh] “You know what, forget that I even asked. I don’t know why I wasted my time coming here to check on you when all you’re going to do is show your ass.” [Stands to leave]

“Wait! I’m sorry. I’m just cranky from my nap.” Did I just say that?

-Yeah, you just did.

[Side eye]

“So what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing!” That was a very quick rebuttal. I hope that he’s not offended by it. I don’t want to tell him why.


“David, I’m fine.”

“Who wants cookies?” I wish you guys could see how cute my mom is. She has this pink and white checkered apron on with a large tray of cookies and milk that she’s setting down before us. She gives David chocolate milk (his favorite) and me regular, then she pinches our cheeks and shuffles away after turning on the television for us. I use the interruption in our conversation to change the subject.

“My mom still makes the best cookies.”

“You got that right. These are so delicious.” [Groans of appreciation] “She should really consider opening up a bakery.”

“Really?” My mom does like to bake.

“Yeah, it could be a family business. She could do the baking, your dad could keep everything in order since he’s the big chief; your brother, Frederick could be in charge of the new hires because he’s always bossing someone around and thinks that he knows everything; Eddie could help with the pastry designs being a chef and all; Derek, could be the manager; Cleveland could be the interior designer; Barrett could be the supplier because he runs his own produce warehouse; and you could be the accountant.”

“You’ve got this all figured out, don’t you?” I couldn’t deny that it had a nice ring to it. My mom does spend an awful amount of time baking. She’s the baker and my dad is the cook. Plus both of my parents don’t have much to do since their retirement, not that they’re old or anything. They have both worked hard enough to take care of six children, put us all through college, and make sure that we made something of ourselves. We, as their children, decided that they should never have to worry about anything for the rest of their lives. We kind of bullied them to retire and just relax. We pay their bills, if they need something, they don’t even have to ask. That’s what good children should do: take care of their parents.

David had planted a seed in my brain. And on the bright side, if my parents become occupied with the management of a family business, they won’t have enough time to meddle in my love life. I’m liking this idea more and more.

“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong with you or will you change the subject again?”

[Chokes on milk] “Thanks for the napkin.” He’s staring bullets into my face right now and the awkwardness has returned. “Okay, all right, just stop your glaring. You know that I hate that. It makes me uncomfortable.”

[Impatient throat clearing]

“I was just experiencing a little bit of chest pain, but the doctor has given me medicine to take and he told me that everything should be copacetic after two months.”

“Two months?” [Quick pacing] “What type of chest pain are we talking here? Heart attack? Stroke? Irregular heart beat?”

“David, calm down. This is one of the reasons that I didn’t want to say anything to you. You’re going overboard.” My head is starting to hurt from him patrolling around the living room, but I will admit that he looks sexy doing it.

-I look sexy pacing around in concern? What is this woman thinking? Ananda is one of the healthiest people that I know. I have never even seen her get the flu in all the years that we’ve been friends. Does this mean that she’s going to die? Is she dying?

Fool, I’m not dying!

“What type of chest pain? Was it on the right side or the left? Did you experience numbing and tingling? Did—”

“David, cut it out. You’re starting to freak me out. Just sit down and finish your cookies before you make me toss mine.”

-My stomach hurts. I’m not hungry anymore. How could I possibly eat knowing that something is ailing her? Look at her just sitting there and picking out the chocolate chips like she has no care in the world. This woman…

“Are you going to tell me?”

“Nope. If it was truly serious then I would have, but there’s nothing to worry about. My parents are taking great care of me.”

-My parents are taking great care of me….sure. Why didn’t she tell me sooner? I know that I’m in the middle of constructing another gym over on Beltline, but she could have taken the time out to tell me. I would have been there for her.

-I don’t know what to do with her. Why am I the only one seriously concerned?

I don’t know, but all this unnecessary stress is not good for your heart.

-You think this is funny—

I do.

-She doesn’t have to worry about that chest pain putting her in a body bag. I’ll do it for her.

Yeah right.

“Tell me!”

“No, David, I think that you’re getting way too worked up. Are you going to finish those cookies? I’m really hungry.”

“You’re going to ruin your dinner.”

“That’s another five hours. I’ll be well and ready by the time it comes around.”

-Fine, she doesn’t want to say anything so I won’t force her. I’ll just ask her parents.

“Do you want some more milk? I’m going to get some.” I don’t wait for her response; I get up and head straight for the kitchen. Mrs. Lewis is working on dinner rolls. They smell delicious. Mr. Lewis is cutting up chicken to be washed and seasoned. Eddie definitely learned a great deal about cooking from his old man.

“Wow, setting up for dinner already?”

“Only the preparations, nothing big. Would you like to stay? Barrett is bringing home his girlfriend, for the weekend, and I’m sure that Ananda would appreciate the company tonight. ” [Large motherly smile] “I get to have my two babies with me. I can still remember dragging them out of each other’s cribs.” Ananda and Barrett are ten months apart. They are the closest out of all the others, enough so that we used to call them twins.

“Sure, Mrs. Lewis, I would love to stay for dinner.”

“David, we’ve been over this several times. My name is Stacy and this…” [points to husband] “is Quentin. You’re an adult now. You can address us as such.”

“Okay, Stacy.” That feels strange calling the man and woman whom I consider to be my second parents by their first names. That’s like me calling my dad Seongbin. He’d probably backhand me even now for thinking about it.

“So how are the clients? I bet you stay busy.”

“Clients? Oh no, Mr. Lew—Quentin, I don’t have clients anymore. I focus mainly on the management of the gym facilities, acquiring sponsors for our fitness merchandise, and the hiring of personnel. You know, the boring stuff. My days as a personal trainer are over.”

“I feel you. Ever since those kids of ours had us retire, Stacy and I have been twiddling our thumbs. It’s a godsend that Ananda is back home for two months. We’ve really missed having children around the house.” No wonder they were pressuring their kids to settle down. They were lonely. Not that they didn’t have each other. After all these years of marriage even a fool could see that they were still deeply in love, but there’s something that the happiness of a child brings that no one else can provide. I understand them perfectly.

“Speaking of Ananda, she refuses to tell me what’s wrong with her.” They stop their preparations and I hear a unanimous sigh.

“Her doctor said that she’s suffering from Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. She likes to call it heart break syndrome because it’s more romantic, but in a nutshell, if Quentin and I understood his explanation correctly, Ananda has been through something traumatic that is causing her physical pain. When we asked the doctor what it was specifically, he told us that she’s experiencing transient apical ballooning syndrome. It causes abnormal ventricular wall motion.”


“He assured us that it’s nothing serious that rest and medicine can’t handle. He also said that it’ll be helpful if she discussed whatever it is that’s causing her pain, but you know how Ananda can be. I swear she’s as stubborn as her father. The both of them are hard headed donkeys.”

“Hey woman!”

“Well, it’s the truth. If I were you, I would go in there and demand that Ananda tells us what’s wrong with her. Our baby is hurting!”

“Stacy, would you just calm down. You are being too emotional. As long as Ana is kicking and breathing she’s fine. She knows that she can come to either of us if she ever wants to talk. The more that we pressure her is the more she’ll clam up. You know this.”

“Anyway, David, it’s nothing too serious and we’re just going to take it one day at a time. She’s on sick leave from work and we have her here relaxing in a stress free environment. That’s all that matters.”

“Yeah.” Something is hurting her? What could it possibly be? Could it be me or something that I’ve done? She would have told me.

“Let me get you some more milk.”

I hand the empty glass over unaware that I was walking away until Stacy touches my shoulder to hand it back to me. I’m back in the living room with Ananda who, has eaten all of the cookies except one, is watching “Scary Movie 2.” She’s beautiful. So damn beautiful that it pains me to know that she’s hurting yet refuses to open up about it.

“I saved you a cookie. I figured I should be nice instead of eating all of it.”



I sit down staring blankly at the television screen. The motion picture is playing out however it passes by unnoticed as I continue to ponder Ana’s situation.

“David, you’re freaking me out. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. How are you feeling?”

[Eye roll] “Fine, I promise that if something is wrong I’ll let you know. What are my parents up to?”



“I guess it’s either keep themselves from fussing over you or fussing over you. Which one do you prefer?”

“The latter. Are you sure that you’re all right?”

“Why because we’re not arguing you think that something is amiss?” She sits back in the chair and bundles a pillow up on her lap.

“No, sorry, you just seem distracted. Is it work?”

[Shakes head]

“Are you going to tell me?”

“Nope, let’s just watch the movie.” I pull her close as we settle back into the couch and watch the ghost fool around with Tori Spelling. My curiosity is beyond piqued, but her parents are right. If I force Ana to open up, she’ll only shut right down. Not even fifteen minutes have passed since I sat down and she’s sleeping. I’ll just let her rest.

“Would you look at that, aren’t they adorable?”

“Barrett, let them sleep.”

“I’m not sleeping, she is.”

“No, I’m not.” [several big yawns] “I was merely resting my eyes.” My brother Barrett has arrived with his girlfriend. She’s cute, but she seems to be shy. I sit up straight pretending not to see the big glob of drool on David’s shirt. He has got to feel that.

“Resting my eyes my ass.”

[Smile] “Sorry about that. Why did you let me fall asleep?”

“You were tired.”

[Stretching] That was a great nap. I wonder how long I’ve been out. The clock reads seven-forty-five. It’s practically dinner time. I slept the entire afternoon. From the redness of David’s eyes so did he. “You still look exhausted.”

“I’m fine.”

He’s greeting Barrett and his girlfriend while I continue to stretch like a cat. I always had trouble getting up after a good rest. Eventually I join them and learn that her name is Marie. She is very soft spoken and smiles a lot. She reminds me of an adorable china doll. Fragile and beautiful. Our parents announce that dinner is ready and I, being the fat kid that I am, waste no time in heading to the kitchen. My mom always asks me how I eat so much yet remain in such good shape. Well, being the only girl and the youngest, aside from my childhood years where I wasn’t allowed to dress myself, I didn’t wear my first dress until my Junior prom, which is code for: I dedicated my life to being a tomboy until I miraculously discovered boys. I was a late bloomer, but it was well worth it.

Not that being a tomboy didn’t have its perks. I learned all the tricks from my older brothers so that I wouldn’t be duped by older boys. They even taught me how to beat a guy at his own game. Their advice has come in handy many times for me, particularly when I was a freshman in college. The upperclassmen swore that we all had “fresh meat” written on our foreheads.

“So when did you get here?”

“Marie and I have been here for the past couple of hours. You two were snoring like there was no tomorrow.”

“Well, next time you should awaken us in a more timely fashion.”

[Snort] “Yes, your majesty!”

I pinch his cheeks until he calls out for Mom then pretend as if I hadn’t touched him. I set the table, take my medicine before my mom felt the need to remind me (which would have been embarrassing in front of Marie), then sat down to join everyone for supper. Everything is mouthwatering. Mom had made dinner honey butter rolls and most likely the apple pie that I smell. Dad handled the rest. Pressure cooked chicken marinated in his famous secret sauce that he refuses to share with any of us, but I’ve practically pieced most of the ingredients together: pine apple juice, honey, a dash of cinnamon, cloves, a pinch of salt, and a drop of either teriyaki or soy sauce. I’m not too sure, but it’s close. Every time I ask him if I’m right he just smiles and shrugs.

Then there’s white rice in which he adds a little of rice vinegar and sugar (tastes delicious!) and green beans sautéed in garlic butter. My dad should have been a cook instead of a cop. “Daddy this looks great. And Mom, I can’t wait to try your rolls. My stomach is already growling.” [laughter]

“Marie, I should warn you that my sister is a bottomless pit. We used to have food eating competitions and she would beat me.”

Barrett winks at me and I wink back. He’s being way too modest. He’s beat me a couple of times. We bless the food then commence dinner, there’s about ten minutes of agreeable silence before my father breaks it.

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“How was the game? Sorry I could not make it,” Zoya yelled at Shahid from the kitchen as she heard him come through the front door.

“We won 12-4. What we eating?”

“Congrats. Take a shower before you stink the whole house,” she said to him she taking the vegetables she was warming from the microwave and placing them on the counter. He poked his head into the small kitchen and smiled at his sister.

“Don’t burn the food, again.”

“Shut up or come and do it yourself. Did you sign up to take your SAT?”

“Yes. Three recruiters spoke to be today.”

“Really?!” She squealed with pleasure. “What schools?” She asked as she turned off the rice cooker and turned away from the dinner she was cooking.

“UGA, UNC, and Stanford.”

“I am so excited. Mom would be so happy. Do you know which one you would like to go to?”

“I think UNC, I like their Bio program.”

“I am so proud of you Shahii,” she said using the nickname she coined for him when they were kids. She walked up to him and reached up to give him a hug. “God you smell awful,” she said as she pushed his tall lanky body away from her and out the kitchen. “Shower and put your soccer stuff away.”

“Why you got to be such a pain?” He asked as he crossed to the only bathroom in the small apartment with his soccer bag over his shoulder. “Something is burning,” he screamed to her as he closed the bathroom door.

“Fuck meeee!” Dinner that night did not go as planned, but was eatable if you looked pass the burnt smell.


She finished her classes early on Friday, which was perfect so she could get to her interview on time. The appointment with the man in charge of the rich guy’s household, was in Decatur, where the condo was located.

She had dressed for the interview with Mr. Kabinov before she went to school, so she wouldn’t run late by having to go home to change. When she met with Erik that day for lunch he asked her what was the special occasion. She replied that she just wanted to look nice for a change, not wanting to explain to him that she was going for a job interview. She had told him she worked but never where or what she did, gratefully he never asked for more information. His respect of her privacy was one of the best things about her friendship with Erik.

Decatur had always been an interesting place to live. The square, which was the center of the city, there are shops, fine dining, bars, and even a museum, but outside of that a just few yards away there is an extremely affluent suburban life. Some of the richest and most successful people in Atlanta and all over Georgia lived in this area. Zoya lived a few miles away from this in an area most people would call the ghetto, also commonly known as government housing. Her neighborhood unlike downtown Decatur and surrounding areas was the exact opposite of wealth, the area screamed poverty. Their apartments were probably made in the 70′s, and rarely if ever did they get remodeled. Most of the people who lived there were low-income refugees, immigrants, and African-Americans. One of Zoya’s main goals for the future was to own one of the condos she was going to be cleaning for the next few months, and hopefully the rest of her college career.

As she entered the building, the doorman opened the door for her and smiled. She thanked him softly and walked up to the front desk.

“Hello,” she said to the woman at the desk. “I am here to see Mr. Kabinov.”

“Ok, may I see your ID please. Give me a second to call him for you,” she said picking up the phone. Zoya tried not to stare at her surrounding, but she could not help looking around as she waited. The furniture in the waiting room alone looked like it cost more than her and Shahid’s whole apartment, maybe even the whole apartment building. The art on the wall looked like it belonged in a museum and could pay her and Shahid’s college tuition with a good amount left over. Even the air in the room smelled expensive. The room was so large it made her feel small.

“Ma’am, please follow me,” the lady said as she got out of chair and moved down the hall. Zoya had to rush to follow behind her. She went through the glass door the woman was holding for her, and waited her for to provide directions.

“The sixth floor is where Mr. Bazin’s suites are. As soon as the elevator opens you will see double doors, go through them and Mr. Kabinov should be there.” I guess my new boss is Mr. Bazin. Stupid Zoya, just like you to go for a job interview and not even know who you are working for, she thought to herself.

“Thank you,” Zoya said as she followed the lady to the elevator. The woman used her ID to open the elevator and waved Zoya off. As she got on the elevator she pressed the sixth floor, adjusted her clothes and checked her lipstick as the elevator moved. On the sixth floor she got out, walked toward the double doors and knocked. A soft enter came from within. She opened one of the doors, walking in what she guessed to be the living room.

The first thing she noticed was how bright it was inside the room. She also noticed the short man sitting on the black couch in the middle of the room facing her. His graying mustache, his salt-pepper hair and the wrinkles on his face, gave Zoya the impression that he was in his late fifties or even early sixties. Zoya looked pass him and saw a glass door, that led to the balcony. The light from the waning afternoon sun gave the room a bright welcoming feeling. There was an unlit fireplace was in the center of the room with the two large black couches and a black love seat circling it. To the right of the room was another pair of double doors that led to other rooms in the condo while to the left there was a glass door that separated the living room and a large kitchen.

The man cleared his throat a few times, before Zoya finally looked at him with wide apologetic eyes. “Come on in young lady and close the door behind you,” the man waved Zoya in. Russian accent? Not noticing that there was a small set of steps that lead inside the room Zoya almost tripped on her heels as she moved toward the man. Catching herself in time before she fell on her face. She silently cursed at her stupidity and continued on toward the man, who had stood up, by now.

“Hello sir, my name is Zoya Khan,” she said she took his out reached hand and shook it.

“Yes, Tim said you were good for the job. Name is Kabinov. Please, take a seat,” said the man as he sat back on the coach. Zoya walked around the fireplace and sat on the opposite coach.

“So,” Mr. Kabinov said as he took out a pen and a black notebook. “What is it that you do Ms. Khan?”

“I am a student at Callaway University, I clean houses, babysit children and I also housesit,” Zoya rushed out. The man looked at her for a second and then smiled noticing the way she played with her hair bun and adjusted her clothes. He could tell she was extremely nervous.

“Relax, you are nothing to be nervous about,” he said as he leaned back on the couch. Zoya forced a smile and nodded at him.

“Now, you say you are a student. What are you studying?”

“I am studying Political Science and Economics.”

“How is your schedule? What do you do outside of school? And if you were hired when are you available to start?” As Mr. Kabinov asked question after question Zoya answered to the best of her ability, while at the same time praying to Allah that he hire her. After about 15 more minutes of asking questions non-stop Mr. Kabinov got up and told her to follow him.

“Mr. Bazin stays here during the week. Working for him can be hard at times, but also beneficial. He expects order and comfort in all of his households, once start your number one responsibility is to please Mr. Bazin. Your daily activities will include basic house cleaning, sending his clothes to and picking them up from the cleaners and getting him whatever he needs for the kitchen. He rarely eats here so it will be nothing extensive and he will most likely make a list of items he needs for you to get.”

“Does that mean I have the job sir?” Zoya asked as she followed him inside the first room he opened. It looked like it could be a music room or a room made for entertainment. There was a piano next to the one big window in the room. Another black coach was placed in the middle of the room facing a large TV. There were several shelves against the wall; some had several books while others had DVDs and video games.

“Now why would I be telling you all of these if you did not get the job,” he said as he walked toward another door waving Zoya’s cut-off thank you and walking inside a bedroom.

“All Mr. Bazin’s employees are expected to have honor in everything they do and to be at their best behavior at all times. Everything you see or hear while at one of Mr. Bazin’s residences shall not be spoken to the outside world. The room we were in was the music room. Sometimes if Mr. Bazin would like to entertain a small group of friends he would have it at this location. There is one extra bedroom plus Mr. Bazin’s room in this condo; the extra room is not used most of the time but it is to be kept clean and ready to be used at all times.”

The room was designed contemporarily but had no personal taste whatsoever to it. It had a king size bed and a chair next to the window. There were three doors in the room, the one they came through, one lead to a closet and the other was connected to the master bedroom.

“There are two ways to get to the master bedroom. As you see all the rooms are connected, so you can go through the rooms we just passed through or you get here by using a side door next to the kitchen. Why so many doors in a place such as this one? No matter, Mr. Bazin likes it here and that is all that matters.”

The master bedroom turned out to be the most interesting room in the condo. The huge bed and the fire place were eye catching and breathtaking. Zoya did not know anyone who slept in a room as large as this one; much less have a fire place in their room. The bed seemed to be larger than a king size and set so high that it almost reached her waist. She had never felt as small as she did today. At 5 feet 6 inches she always considered herself to be average and on certain occasions even a giant. Today however everything, except for Mr. Kabinov who came up to her shoulders, seemed to make her little as though she was the size of a small child.

The bed was already made with white sheets and comforter and was placed against the wall facing another balcony. Next to the bed was a table with reading glasses and a book. The room, like the rest of the condo had shiny hardwood floor. The only place that was carpeted was a spot a few inches away from the fire place. There was a large black chair and a foot stool next to the fire place. A few pictures were placed around the room, nothing personal, of places that she assumes to be in Russia base on the architecture of the buildings. Mr. Kabinov seemed to understand that Zoya needed a minute to look around; he left her and went inside the closet. After a few minutes he waved her to come in.

While Mr. Kabinov started to pull clothes and shoes from random places, Zoya took a minute to spin around the place checking out everything in the closet. There were rows and rows of shoes, suites, jeans and so many other things that Zoya could not take account of them all without feeling a little overwhelmed and underprivileged.

“Mr. Bazin likes everything to be in order, there is to be nothing out of place. In this closet he is usually the one to keep everything organized, but come in here every day and if anything is out of place ensure that you fix it. Every once in a while he might ask you to clear out his closet or put things in different places, but other than that keeping this place clean and dust free should be the only thing you have to worry about. The whole place need to be mopped three times a week, the windows must be cleaned three times a week, the bathrooms and kitchen must be cleaned every day, dusting should be done twice a week and once those two baskets are full you must go to the cleaners” he said pointing out the baskets.

“I or my assistant will check on the place twice in a week to make sure everything is good. You will be paid $500 a week twice a month. You will find an envelope on the kitchen table with your name on it two weeks from now. I know you have school, but you are required to be here every day. If there is no cleaning to be done just check on the condo and make sure everything looks clean and then be on your way. You must be done with everything by 7pm, which is when Mr. Bazin will be home on the weeknights. “

Zoya showed her understanding of her responsibilities with a nod of her head. They walked out of the closet and used another door to go out to the kitchen, where Mr. Kabinov showed her the cleaning supplies. There was a nice sized island kitchen that looked like something for one of those TV shows on the cooking channel. What does a man need an elegant kitchen for anyway. Most likely he does not know how to cook. She chuckled to herself thinking of last night’s dinner mishap.

“The place is never locked so you won’t need a key to get in. I will give the people at the desk your name so when you come in they will let you upstairs. People who work for Mr. Bazin might drop by, but other than them no one else is allowed in without mine or Mr. Bazin’s approval. If he has a guest who is not on the list in the front desk tell them to come back later or to make an appointment. Do you have any questions Ms. Khan?” Mr. Kabinov asked as they walked back into the middle of the living room.

“No Sir, I think I have everything.”

“Good, tomorrow will be your first day at work. If anything happens or you need to talk to me call me on my mobile,” he said as he asked handed her his business card. As he showed her out Zoya almost squealed with happiness. $500 a week I can pay the bills and focus on school without doing much babysitting or other house cleaning!!


On Saturday Zoya decided to go to Mr. Bazin’s condo in the late afternoon after she did the other house she cleaned and her homework. It was around 6:30pm when she finished cleaning everything in the condo, except for the living room. Usually when cleaning a house she had the whole house to herself, so she never had to worry about people hovering over her and checking on her progress, today was no different. Most people would have been bored spending three to five hours doing nothing except cleaning, but she enjoyed it. With her music of choice on blast she was free to move about and ponder about life, her future, or not think at all. The peace that comes along with solitude was the most enjoyable thing cleaning gave her.


He cursed in Russian as he got out of the car without waiting for his body guard Geo to park the car. It was already 6:50pm and he needed to be at his dinner meeting at 8:30pm. This meeting was not something he could send Boris or any of his other men to, this situation needed his personal appearance. Dmitry hated admitting that he needed anyone for any reason. He needed to represent himself and his businesses in the best light possible to the group of men he was meeting. And to do that he needed to show them the respect they so craved and meet with them himself rather than sending one of his men. If he had their trust and “approval” it would be less work for him. If he gets the smooth path of transaction he desired, he would not have to go through the trouble of going behind their backs and possible making unnecessary enemies.

Atlanta was fifteen minutes away. He needed to change ASAP and be on his way by 8pm. Without waiting for Geo to come in Bazin rushed to the elevator, replying to the greetings from the old man behind the receptionist desk. As the elevator opened on his floor he heard music coming from within. He did not remember Erik saying he was staying here for the weekend. No matter, he just needed to change, get some things and be on his way.

As he opened the first set of double doors he realized the music was in a language he never heard before. It got louder and louder as he moved toward the second double doors, and he walked in and looked around to see where the music was coming from. After a few seconds of listening to the music and looking at the small pink radio Dmitry gazed around room. Usually he was never the one to be surprised or shocked, but what he saw in his living room was out of the ordinary for him.

Her movements betrayed her dancing skills or lack thereof. Where she fell short of in skill she made up with the passion and carefreeness she put forth in her dancing. Her movements consisted of rolling her hips in tune with the beat of the drum sand moving her hands and head back and forth while she cleaned the glass door that lead to the southern balcony. She was a small thing, well compared to him she was. At 6’7 he considered most people small he had ever since he woke up one morning and realized he stood above most people. By his judgment the black girl who was dancing in his home, like it was one of the clubs he owned, probably weighted no more than 120 and could be easily taken down by the weakest of his men.

As she kicked her left foot out he noticed that she was wearing shorts that showed off her beautifully curved legs. Looking at them Dmitry guessed she did some kind of soft sport, most likely her dancing, that gave them that perfect muscle strength. Looking lower he saw that she was bare foot. Finding nothing interesting about her cute feet he looked higher to try and place her, but his eyes of their own accord paused before he could make it up to her waist. She had the most perfect behind he ever seen. It looked firm and he bet if he were to slap it, it would bounce like jello. With that ass even if her face was not pleasant to look at she could attract a lot of guys. As she moved her hips to the music Dmitry mentally shook himself and focused on the issue at hand. Who the hell is she? And what the fuck is she doing in my house?

Moving down the small steps he moved toward the radio and unplugged it with his foot. As soon as the music came to a halt she immediately turned around. For a second Dmitry thought she was going to faint in surprise or something silly that women sometimes did, shit like that pissed him off.

“What are you doing here?” he asked her as he moved toward her. She did not answer immediately, she seemed to still be in shock. She is beautiful, he though. She had dark chocolate complexion with full kissable lips and big eyes that expressed things she would not express with words. Her nose was just the perfect size for her face it was neither too small nor too big. She was probably in her early twenties it looked like. Too young, God she is going to be even more beautiful as she gets older.

“Do you speak English?” He said after taking a few minutes to take her frontal beauty in.

“Of course I speak English,” Zoya said as she continued staring at the beautiful dark haired man. He would not to be mistaken for a pretty boy she thought. The only thing soft about him Zoya could notice was his grey eyes and the way his voice made her feel, like heat was traveling down her whole body with every word he spoke. As he moved toward her his eyes captivated her. When he slowly came near her she almost backed away in fear of him and her reaction to him, but she controlled herself. As he looked down at her she noticed how tall he was and how fit his body was. Although he was not buff his body, from what she could tell that under the black t-shirt and jeans, he was pure muscle. He reminded her of a wild cat she once saw on a trip from her village to the capital. Like the cat, he was beautiful to look at but not someone you wanted to miss with. What do the Russians feed them to make them come out so gorgeous? Those eyes that voice, Mashallah! Realizing that she been staring his body longer than what was normally accepted she gazed back at his eyes and after clearing her voice she spoke up.

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* * * * * * * * * *

I was lying on the bed, not a stitch of clothing on me, flat on my back, booty on the edge of the bed, legs spread as far as I could spread them, my long straight black hair spread out across the mattress, while Billy was standing, his hands supporting my lower back.

Billy was just as buck-naked as I was, his muscles standing out, his skin flushed pink with arousal, his dick so hard the veins were standing out.

His voice deep and husky, he said, “You ready?”

“I’ve been ready, baby!”

He supported my back as he slipped his big fat white dick inside my tight velvety chocolate pussy.

“Aaahhhhh, shit!”

“Do you like that big white dick in your tight chocolate pussy?” he asked huskily.

“Ooooohhhh yes, baby, it’s soooo biiig!”

I licked my lips as I stared into Billy’s eyes. We held that pose for just a few moments. I knew he liked to just pause like that so he feel his dick inside my pussy. Feel us mated together.

I thought it was so sweet.

Then I reached up and ran my nails over Billy’s arms. That was my signal to him that I was ready.

He slowly moved his hips back. And then forward again. And back. And forward. Back. Forward. Back. Forward.

The bed springs started to squeak in time with Billy’s movements.

I bit my lower lip as I looked up at him. “Mmmmmm yeessss…. You fuck my pussy so good, baby….”

Billy didn’t say anything back. He just held me steady in his strong arms while we made love.

“Oh my god, that feels so fucking good! Don’t stop, baby….”

Billy growled out, “You…want me…to stop?”

I growled back, “You white mother fucker better not stop!”

Billy chuckled through his grunts. “Such…Language.”

I giggled as I moaned back, “You damn well better fuck the fucking shit out of this fucking black pussy!”

“Always. Ready. To please…”

“That’s a good boy! You always like this chocolate pussy!”

“Mmmm, yeah… so tight… so goddamned velvety…”

“Oh yes, I know, baby! Come on! Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it! Shit! Fuck my black pussy, goddamnit!”

I was grabbing handfuls of the sheets and squeezing hard, digging my nails in. I was dimly aware I haven’t broken a nail even once.

He grunted, “Oh man… feels so damn good.”

“Oh yes I know, baby! Feels so good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes. It. Does.”

Meanwhile, my back was arched so far I could see the bedroom door. I knew what was coming. Or who would be coming. Me, specifically. Billy, too, probably.

I was so close! “Oh, God… I’m coming, baby! …. I’m coming….! Aaaahhhhh!…..”

And then I collapsed back on to the sheets, still breathing heavily, chest rising and falling.

I gulped air. Then I looked up at Billy. “Oh, baby! How do you do this to me?”

“You’re just a nasty black slut for white cock, is all it is.”

I grinned at him. “For your cock, you mean. My cock.”

Billy grinned too. “I have to say, your language is getting filthier every time. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just pointing it out.”

I laughed out loud. “Yes, guilty as charged. You got me.”

Billy guffawed as he laid down next to me. “You wouldn’t happen to be feeling just a tad bit jealous, would you?”

“Jealous? At what?”

“Not what. Whom.”

“Why would I be jealous?” I stared at the ceiling so I wouldn’t have to look at Billy.

“Look, I’m not stupid, Yvette.”

Affectionately, a bit teasing, I replied, “I never said you were….”

He cracked a grin. “It just seems like you’re marking your territory a bit more than usual.”

Smiling and blushing all at once, I nodded slowly. “I…might have been wanting to make sure the world knows you’re my man.” I kissed him. “I always do that. What makes you think I’m jealous?”

“Well, this all started about the time I started at your company… and got my new secretary.”

“OK. You got me. I’m jealous.”


“Just because you spend all day with that beautiful secretary of yours. I’m afraid…of…”

Quietly, he said, “Afraid of what?”

“That…that you’ll stop thinking about me.”

Billy got serious. “Yvette Tamara James, if you seriously think that I would dump you for my secretary….”

Impetuously I took his hand and kissed it. “No, of course I don’t. I trust you, Billy. Maybe I don’t know how to show it, exactly, but I do completely trust you.”

He took my hand and kissed it back. “Actually I think it’s kind of sweet that you’re a little jealous.”

I blushed. “More than a little.”

“Is this a thing that black women do? Get passionately jealous every time another woman even looks at her man?”

“You are so perceptive. Just one of the many things I love about you.”

Billy sucked on my fingers, sending chills coursing up and down my spine. He loved to do that ever since I started getting my nails done glamour-length.

I closed my eyes for a second while he sucked on my fingers. “Mmmmmm…..”

“So, is it?”

I opened my eyes again. “Okay, yes, it is a black woman thing. We like to make sure the world knows our man is ‘our’ man and nobody else’s.”

“Well, like I said, I think it’s kind of sweet.”

“Oh, do you?”

“Hell, yeah! Before I met you, nobody ever got jealous on my behalf.”

“I’m glad to be the first. I just wish I was able to express it a little more freely at the office.”

A faint smile appeared. “Yes, well, this was one of the many consequences I had been afraid of, but at the time you told me there was an opening at your firm, I just went for it without a second thought. All I wanted was to get the hell out of my old job.”

“I have nobody to blame but myself. The road to hell is always paved with good intentions. I hope you at least like your new job.”

“Oh hell yeah. The new job is much more right up my alley, experience-wise. Plus I’ve been learning new stuff and meeting all the clients you guys have. Not to mention the sizable pay raise.”

I ran my nails through his short wheat-colored hair, smiling affectionately at him. “That’s good, baby. I’m glad to hear that.”

“The most important thing is that I think I have my work situation straightened out, at least.”

“Yes. It’s always important to feel some stability in your life. I just don’t want you getting too attached to your secretary, is all.”

“Yvette. Come on.”

“Don’t ‘come on’ me. We both know she’s possibly the most beautiful woman in the building.”

“Except for you.”

I blushed, despite myself. “You mean you don’t fantasize about her? At all?”

He shook his head briefly, taking my hand back. “Not when I have you here with me.”

That did it. I melted. “Oh, baby. I love you so much.”

“I love you, too.”

“Seriously, I totally adore you, baby. I absolutely do not know what I would do without in my life. I would be foolish to do anything to change what we have.”

“I know. Because I feel the same way.”

“I know you do, baby. Now come here.”

He climbed on top of me as I slipped my arms around his waist, kissing him as I raked my nails over his back.

Softly, I asked him, “Do you have to do anything today?”



* * * * * * * * *

It’s a good thing that this morning has been a busy one. I haven’t been tempted to call Billy and have a long sweet conversation with him about nothing.

But I’ve had clients in all morning. Important clients. Which is why I’m dressed up like I’m going to church, in a spanking white coat-dress and matching white patent-leather open-toed pumps, hair slicked back in a bun, but no hat, thankfully. There some elements of black style I would just as soon do without.

Finally at about 11:45, the last client left, giving me a few minutes to catch up on emails before lunch.

My secretary Tera Lee came in, dressed in a red satin short-sleeved blouse with a black satin pencil skirt with black suede Christian Louboutin open-toed pumps with sky-high rapier-thin six-inch stiletto heels, her hair also slicked back and pinned up in a bun, wearing a tiny little wireless headset. She was smiling. “Boy, finally, the last one, Miss James.”

“I know, huh, Tera. Any more clients today?”

“Nope. No more clients today.”

“Oh, good. Now we can catch up on our other numerous tasks for the day.”

She rolled her eyes. “Yeah, tell me about it.”

“What’s our schedule like for tomorrow?”

“We’re in luck. No appointments tomorrow.”

“Good. As soon as we’re on lunch break, call the sandwich shop and order lunch on me. I’ll pay for it.”

“Oh, that’s very nice of you, Miss James. Thank you.”

“Not at all, Tera. By the way, nice pumps.”

“Oh, thank you, Miss James.”

“Are they new?”

“Why, yes. I just bought them.”

“Are they Christian Louboutins?”

“Why, yes! I guess the red arch is a give-away, huh?”

“They look very pretty on you.”

“Oh, thank you. But these are my first and so far only pair of Louboutins.”

“I’m gonna have to see about getting you a pay raise when your next eval comes up. See if we can get you into Louboutins more often. He makes beautiful pumps.”

“I know! And with such a high heel too.”

“Yes. They are very sexy. And as my secretary you should look just as good as I do. Better even.”

“Why, Miss James, you’re too good to me.”

“I try, Tera.”

Suddenly, in the middle of our conversation, a male voice outside said, “Hello?”

Tera jumped slightly. Looking sheepish, she said, “I guess I’d better go back out front, huh?”

“That’s alright, Tera. See who it is.”

“Yes, Miss James.”

I sat back down behind my desk and started to read all the emails I had been sent so far today. It was a long list. But no sooner had I even cleared the screen saver than Tera came back in.

I looked up. “Yes, Tera?”

“Miss James, there’s a gentleman here to see you.”

“Great. Does he even have an appointment?”

“No, Miss James.”

“Well, who is it?”

“It’s Antoine.”

She didn’t have to explain who that was.

For a second I felt like the floor had been yanked out from under me. Antoine?! What hell was he doing here?

I pulled myself together and said, “Go ahead and send him in, Tera.”

“Yes, Miss James.” She went back out again and came back seconds later, holding the door for someone.

And then Antoine stepped inside. He was looking the same as I remembered him – stocky, beefy, somewhat paler skin than I, hairline receding slightly. Some time ago he had decided to get rid of the goatee he favored. I wondered, dimly, who had convinced him to do that. He was wearing a navy-blue suit and spit-shined black shoes. I was impressed despite myself.

Trying to be nice, I got up, came around, and gave him a brief friendly hug. “Hi, Antoine. I must admit, this is bit of a surprise.”

He smiled. “Yes, I thought it would be.”

Still a smug bastard, aren’t you, I thought. “Well, Antoine, I don’t know if my secretary told you, but it’s been a long, busy morning so please make it quick. We’re closing for lunch in a few minutes.”

His eyes widened for a second. Guess he wasn’t expecting this Yvette. Too fucking bad.

He said, “I wanted to introduce you to my fiancee.”

Well, I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting that, either. But I was so relieved at the same time, so I just said, “Sure. Is she out in the lobby?”


So I followed him out the door and out to the lobby. Reluctantly, but followed him all the same.

Waiting for us, sitting on the leather couch in the lobby, was the probably the most beautiful blonde girl I had ever seen. She looked like she had just stepped out of the pages of a Victoria’s Secret catalogue, wearing a simple long-sleeved black sweater, painted-on black jeans, and sky high black leather platform pumps.

She stood up and said, “Hi. You must be Yvette.”

Suprised, I just said, “Yes. I’m Yvette. And you are?”

“Oh, I’m Deborah. Just call me Debbie. Antoine and I are getting married! Did he tell you that?”

“Yes. He did. Congratulations.”

Oh my god, I was suddenly struck by an irrational need to pull this poor girl into my office, but then I figured, she’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.

Debbie meanwhile, just giggled and said, “Thank you!”

I got the feeling Antoine just brought her by so could make me jealous. As if that were possible.

But Antoine said, “Come on Debbie, we have to get over to the wedding planner’s office.”

She said, “I know, hold on a minute!” She turned to me and said, “It was nice meeting you!”

Being nice, I said, “And you, as well.”

Suddenly she leaned very close, dropped her voice and said, “I’ve always wanted to try chocolate pussy. Maybe we can get together and have lunch sometime.”

With a wink, Debbie stepped back and slipped her arm through Antoine’s. Arm in arm, they walked down the hall.

As soon as the happy couple disappeared into the elevator, Tera said, “I was so happy when you said you’d broken up with him.”

I smiled at that. “So was I, Tera. So was I.”

“Which is why I’m so glad to see you so happy with Billy.”

Again I had that sensation of having the floor yanked out from under me. “What?”

Tera laughed. “Miss James, I can put two and two together. I figured you were at least dating.”

“And just who else has ‘put two and two together’?”

“Nobody else that I know of. And the only reason I did is because we work together every day.”

Shit. I should have known someone would have figured it out. The whole damn building probably knows.

I stayed quiet for a long time.

Then Tera quietly said, “Don’t worry, Miss James. I won’t tell a soul. You’re the best boss I ever had.”

“Thanks, Tera. Now let’s see about that lunch, shall we?”

“Yes, Miss James.”

Meanwhile, I went back into my office. No sooner had I sat down, than my cell phone rang. Rummaging in my purse while the damn thing rang, I quickly snatched it up and pressed the green button.


“Hey, Yvette.”

My voice changed. “Hey, baby. What you doing?”

“Been kind of a busy day over here. Just thought I’d give you a call while I had the chance.”

“That’s sweet of you, baby.”

“What about you?”

“About the same. I’ve never seen so many people before lunch.”

Billy laughed. “I know the feeling. I’m afraid I’m having to have a working lunch. I won’t be able to come by today. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, that’s okay, baby. Tera and I are ordering lunch in. So I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Yeah. Speaking of which, I was wondering, I know it’s been kind of a long week, but what say we have dinner tonight at the Blue Parrot? My treat and everything.”

“Hmmmm, that’s a tempting offer. What say we have it at my place? That way we don’t have to have cab money.”

“Yeah, actually, that would be better. Six-thirty okay?”

“That would be fine, baby.”

“Cool. See you then.”

It wasn’t until the sandwiches had arrived and Tera and I were eating that it suddenly hit me. I stopped in mid-bite, the sandwich still at my mouth.

Tera said, “Miss James? Are you okay?”

I carefully swallowed. “Yes, Tera, I’m fine. Billy wanted to take me out to dinner tonight.”

“That’s sweet of him. Where?”

“To the Blue Parrot.”

“That’s where you guys first met, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It is.”


“Come on, Tera, let’s eat. We’ve got to open up the office in twenty minutes.”

* * * * * * * * * * *

What did that man have planned? I have to admit, it made me a little nervous.

It didn’t cross my mind at first. But now, when I thought about, Billy had to have something planned. Something big. I was afraid to go over the possibilites.

That comment about having a secure job, and then wanting to take me to the place where we first met, couldn’t be a coincidence.

I kept my thoughts to myself as Billy showed up right on time at six-thirty with dinner already done – a huge aluminum pan filled with chicken fettucine alfredo, along with a bowl of salad and a bottle of salad dressing.

He seemed oddly nervous as he came in, having changed to his favorite outfit – a black t-shirt and his faded blue jeans, with soft black shoes and his favorite black leather collarless jacket.

I wore a light brown oversized sweater, my left shoulder bare, with a pair of my own favorite jeans, no shoes, my hair down for once.

I met Billy at the door and helped him carry the salad to the kitchen counter.

He puffed, “Thanks.”

“Baby, you didn’t have to go through all this trouble. It must have taken you a couple of hours to make all this.”

“No trouble, Yvette.”

And no mention of why he was doing all this. At least not until we were halfway through dinner.

I observed, “Usually we have dinner at your place.”

“I know. I thought it would be a nice change for you to sleep in your bed tonight, is all.”

“That’s very sweet of you. And considerate. I have to say, you’re spoiling me here.”

He chuckled. “By the way, Monique said Tera had told her how Antoine had dropped by.”

“Oh. That.” I rolled my eyes. “Yes, he came by. To introduce his stupid fiancee. Why?”

“Nothing. Just wondering why he popped up out of nowhere like that.”

“You and me both. But don’t worry, even if he had wanted to get back together, it wouldn’t happen.”

“You never talked about him very much, but I kind of got the feeling you two weren’t exactly compatible.”

I swallowed my bite of salad and then laughed. “Yes, you could definitely say that. Not compatible at all.”

Cautiously, I thought, Billy said, while twirling pasta around his fork, “Now, us, on the other hand…”


“I think we are pretty compatible, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes. I would say that. Definitely.”

I suppressed a smile. He was definitely leading up to something. I just didn’t know what.

I forced myself to be patient. He would get to it when he would get to it. Preferably tonight.

I was eating a bite of pasta when Billy suddenly put his fork down, wiped his mouth and got up.

“Where are you going?”

He smiled. “Forgot something. Be right back, don’t worry.”

He didn’t go very far. In fact he picked up his jacket off the couch, found a pocket and dug something out of it.

My heart started to beat very fast.

Then he came over to the table, took my hand and stood me up. “Billy? What’s come over you?”

It wasn’t until I felt the cold metal that I realized he had taken my left hand, and very gently slipped a ring on my ring finger!

It was a pretty ring, silver, with a solitaire gem on it. I couldn’t have cared less at that moment if it was diamond or cubic zirconia.

He was giving me a ring!

I looked down, in shock. Then I looked into his eyes.

“Billy? Baby?”

“Yvette, let’s get married. I feel like I’m finally ready to take the next step with you. I hope you feel the same.”

I laughed and then threw my arms around his neck. “Yes! I would love to get married! Are you kidding?”

Billy chuckled, right before I kissed him on the mouth.

I lightly brushed his face with the back of my hand, as I looked at the ring. “I knew you were leading up to something, when I realized you had wanted to take me to the place where we first met.”

Billy smiled. “Yep.”

“How long have you been planning this, you sly devil?”

“Not very long at all, actually.”

“Well, you’d better get used to spending more time at my place, huh?”

He cracked a genuine grin. “Yeah. Guess so.”

I kissed him again, tenderly touching my lips to his. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too, Yvette.” He swallowed, clearly relieved that I had said yes. “Now that that’s done, we can have more dinner.”

Giggling, I sat back down at the table.

With the departure of Don Alonzo Puertocarrero I was to continue the campaign in Mexico alone. His departure was a relief. Now no one in the expedition was more high born than I, and so no one could countermand my orders. Even so I had argued with him when he said he was going to depart. He was foolish to leave. Fortunes were to be made here in the New World. Why toady at the courts? So much more could be made in this strange land of gold and flowers than in Madrid or even Vienna.

At his departure I was given his slaves. They had been given to us as war booty and, as the noble, he had been given the choice slaves. Most of these native slaves were good only for menial service, but one of his slaves was exceptional. She had been baptized Maria. She was a looker with smoky eyes and a voluptuous figure and she was remarkably clever. She had even begun to master our language. Such a woman would be valuable. The people in this land were subjugated and they were angry at their ruler. All they needed was a spark and a leader to rise up. I was to be both, and she would help me communicate.

I had her called into my tent. She entered with the confident step of a native woman. I was momentarily taken aback. I had remembered her as good looking among the natives, but in civilized dress she was stunning. Her tits stood firm and high barely kept in by her dress. She had high cheek bones and a proud, upturned look. All these natives did, even the slaves, yet they all responded to whips the same as a European peasant. I was sure it wouldn’t come to that.

“You asked for me?” she said. Her accent was still thick, but it was charming.

“Yes, I need to tell you that your master has returned to Spain,” I said.

“He left me?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“I am to be…” she hesitated unsure of the words. “You eat my heart?”

“No, we don’t do things like that,” I said, trying to conceal a smile. Her concerns were not unreasonable; the Mexican really did horrible things like what she had described.

“I am happy,” she smiled with relief.

“I am your master now,” I said.

“Good,” she said with a firm shake of her head.

“Why do you say that?” I asked, “Did Don Alonzo mistreat you?”


“Did he beat you?”

“No, he was not bad master, only I think you are more man. I like you,” she turned bright red after she said that. “I mean, I am not bad woman but…” She wanted me. Our priests had filled her head with the virtue of chastity, but that couldn’t hold back her primitive desire. I ended her confusion by taking her into my arms and kissing her. She tried to pull back for a moment, but her lust was too strong. She kissed me back, our tongues explored one another’s mouths. I swept her off her feet and carried her to my bed roll. We tumbled to the ground and together we continued to kiss. Her hand raced lower towards my hose. She eagerly lowered them and gasped as my cock sprang free. She sat up and stroked it in her soft hand and smirked at me before placing her mouth upon it. It was heavenly as she bobbed up and down. She would come up and run her tongue along the rim of the head and then continue with her sucking. I don’t know if Don Alonzo taught her how to do that; if so he should have been a whore master for she was marvelous. Soon she had coaxed the cream out of me. She eagerly swallowed my seed. She looked up at me and smiled as she was finished.

“That was nice,” I murmured.

“Nice?” she repeated. “Could I have some nice?”

It was so charming to hear her speak that way that I could not have resisted even if I had wanted to. I raised her dress over her hips and saw her cunt. It had thick lips that were covered in a heavy black pelt. I gently rolled my tongue across her slit. I worked my way slowly at first. She let just a little whimper as my tongue worked its magic. My fingers worked into the depths of her womanhood. She moaned in appreciation. Soon she was thrashing about until she grunted out her own climax.

She lay sprawled out in rapture upon the roll for a few minutes. Then her eyes blinked open and she asked “Is that all?”

“Not if you don’t want it to be,” I said and motioned her to turn around. I swiftly removed her dress and my own clothes as well. She was gorgeous unclothed. Those tits that I had fantasized about were right in front of me. They were firm and brown with dusky red nipples. They were a far cry from the creamy breasts with rose colored nipples the high born ladies of Spain had and the whores of Spain tried to imitate, but hers were perfectly lovely. Her dark red body was rugged; she was a gorgeous savage. I felt as though we were primal beasts, raw and one with nature. I assaulted her tits. I worked one nipple with my fingers while my mouth attacked the second. She delighted in having her tits sucked. Her nipples grew hard almost immediately and her breathing became ragged. Within minutes I had grown rock solid. I drove my spike deep within her. She was tight, but soaking wet. I plowed deep within her and she began to whimper again. I continued to thrust into her with full force. She began screaming something out in her strange, guttural tongue. That sent me over the edge and I climaxed deep within her. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me further in.

Eventually I grew soft and collapsed next to her. We lay side by side for a few moments. I whispered, “I should set you free for that.”

“Did you not like nice with me?” she asked. She sounded worried.

“I liked it very much.”

“Then don’t send me away, be my master. We can have nice every day.”


He holds my hand as I drift in and out. His gentle kisses rain down on my flustered cheeks. Sweat coats my burning skin. His strong arms pull me to him. He whispers something that in this state, I cannot hear. He rests his head in the slope of my neck. His sweat drips from his brow; it ran down the valley between my breasts. His eyes locked on the droplet of water. My have yet to focus, they flutter. My mind can’t concentrate. That feeling was too intense, tremors of the aftershock rush through me. He tightens his hold on me. My thighs quiver, my apex pulsates. The wind blows through my open window, my body stiffens. My body rocked at is light laughter; he fills my heart with joy. He turned my head. Our eyes lock, it’s only us in the world. No words no to be spoken to know the love we feel. It’s like lightning arching between us.

So beautiful, so wild, so amazing.

His lips grabbed mine. Our tongues fought for dominance. In the end, my exhaustion took over and he won. He eventually raised off of me and I felt abandoned; his heat leaving me quicker than expected. The passion in his eyes let me know this was far from over. He gave me that look and I knew I was about to get it. It was exciting, but I was too tired to appreciate it. He grabbed my weak thighs in his hands. He crawled down my body; kissing a path of fire everywhere his lips met my skin. Every kiss set my core ablaze. I trembled, it was going to happen. I couldn’t stop it. I grasped his hair, hoping to deter him.

No such luck. Apparently, he took my anxious clutching as a challenge. He was a man who enjoyed the chase.

He bent his head down to my swollen nether lips. His tongue separated them. The feeling that came next was so strong; it stole the air from my lungs. I gripped the sheet under me; I needed something to hold me to this earth. This eruption of pleasure consumed me with every flick of his warm thick tongue. At this point any rational thought left me and I was screaming out like a woman possessed. He looked at me, our eyes were magnetized. It only increased the fire in my veins as we connected. His tongue circled my love button, my body began to quake. He locked my hips in his huge hands, keeping me from escaping his ministrations. The moans I hear came from both our mouths, I gasped for air. The pressure was too much and I exploded. The dam was broken and my juices poured out of me. He greedily lapped up my most feminine essence, like a man dying of thirst. His sounds of enjoyment set me in again and another wave of release washed through me. I couldn’t handle anymore, but he refused to listen. The gentle swipes of his tongue on my extremely sensitive regions kept that climax on a constant eruption. I came too much, too hard, I was losing my mind. I tried pulling his head away, but he thought it was encouragement. Damn, his stubbornness! I couldn’t seem to breathe, it seemed too complicated a concept to master. I was floating above sanity. One last time I came to his giving, and then everything faded to black. The last things he uttered were, “I love you…”

The incessant ringing of her cell phone alarm alerted her to what time it was.

“Great! Six am and no work today! I love forgetting to fix that reminder.” she thought. Stretching her arms high above her head, she reached over to the nightstand to shut off the god-awful screeching. After the silence enveloped her, she realized it had happened. Again. “How could I be so stupid? Dammit!” she absentmindedly patted the cool sheets beside her. As if trying to feel a little of the warmth his body provided her during the night. To finally justify his presence actually being there…and not just her restless imagination.

“I am literally the dumbest person alive,” she mumbled to herself, while getting up to head to the bathroom. “He said he wouldn’t leave me anymore…why does he always do this to me?” After relieving herself, she crawled back into the cold sheets of her bed. Gently grabbing her plush pillows, she sighed. The tears spilled helplessly from her tired eyes. Rolling over, she chided herself again and again, crying profusely, demeaning herself, and asking why he doesn’t actually love her the way he claims during sex. Eventually, she fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

It had been a long time and I was tired and lonely. It was supposed to be a little get together and I had to go. It was orders, from the family and I had to go.

Another meet and greet bullshit, with a lot of horny women and getting groped while dancing to music I hated with people I could care less about.

My name is Delano and I am thirty three years old. I am working in the family business and we build things, big things, really big things. We can rebuild a small country if need be. We are a smaller version of Bechtel, Fluor, Parsons, the Washington Group and Halliburton. Make that a much smaller version. But we can rebuild a very small country if we had to.

That is soup to nuts rebuild. Not only can we design the infra structure we can actually build it and do the calculations to make it useable for the next fifty to a hundred years. Think about everything your town has, from power plants to the wires into your home. Don’t forget sewers, every inch of pipe that make them up, pumping stations, the pipes inside of your home; fresh water treatment plants, and that does not even begin to describe everything in your little town. You can see roads but what about the cables under the ground, the tools to make all that stuff and then install it and the people. Do you have any idea the different kinds of equipment it takes to build a town of fifty thousand? Then think of a small country of a million or so people.

When you do a job like that you need to train local people to keep it running. So now you see just a miniscule part of what we have to do and when I say we can rebuild a small country you get an idea of how big we are.

Now don’t think we are just some big money Republicans that rip off the people, nothing would be further from the truth. We are good clean old fashioned Democrats. And in a minute I will tell you why.

Now we got our money the old fashioned way, we stole it and inherited it. My last name is Wilson, and believe it or not we had this old fuddy-duddy who was a college professor, also named Wilson, Woodrow Wilson and he did a lot for us.

He was one of the leaders of the “progressive movement.” Now that sounds really great, if you call going backwards progressive. You see, the crux of the thing is that you get to depend on “Government” and government gets to depend on your money by stealing it, which is really pretty cool for my family. With all that money the government gets it uses a big chunk for paying off its supporters, like my family, and gives more to its own employees, and some of what is left goes back to “the people.” In this case “the people” means those who vote for us. We are heavily involved in what is called ‘Public works” too. See how well that works for the party in power? Both parties have picked up on it.

You see, up until Uncle Woody got into office the United States had to pass bond issues to fund projects, but Old Woody changed all that, along with congress. Now they could spend money they did not have, and no funding was actually necessary and we could pay after we bought, and use standard revenue sources. Uncle Woody came up with deficit spending.

Then Ole Woody hit on the income tax and we were off and running. Now you probably wonder why “we” were off and running. Well there was no longer the need for bond issues; the government just spent money it did not have.

But it gets even better. Uncle Woody passed the Federal Reserve Act. Now this one was really great. First it was a fifty/fifty deal where half the stock was owned by the Federal Government and fifty percent by private stockholders. Bet you did not know that, you probably thought it was government. Later FDR, a great Democrat, moved it to 100% private stock ownership, but with a government board. But we don’t care about the board. You see my family has some of that stock. You can look all you want but you will never find a list of stockholders.

Now here is the really sweet part. The Federal Reserve prints money; money that is really the money of the taxpayers. By doing this the Reserve controls the flow of commerce. Now the Reserve takes the money it has just printed and which belongs to the taxpayers and loans it to the nation’s banks. The banks pay the money back to the reserve with interest. The United States acts like it has borrowed money from the Federal Reserve when the Federal Reserve does not actually lend any money to anyone, it just prints the stuff. The money they pay back goes back to the taxpayers but the interest, well that goes to the stockholders of the Federal Reserve and the interest charged to the U.S. Government by the Federal Reserve for not actually borrowing anything, that go to the reserve too.

So you see, my family and a few others, make money by lending money we don’t have to banks that give us great terms and in some cases are actually owned by us, and the interest on the loan, which is an obligation of the United States and not just the bank, goes into my pocket. Damn I love being a Democrat. And we have not even begun to deal with the national “Ponzi Scheme,” Social Security, or the income tax.

We were never supposed to collect social security. The average person died at 55 when it was passed but you could not collect until you reached 65. By the time that the population got close to 55 they would have been paying for forty years and it was a “win-win” for the government. They got to play with the money and never have to pay it out. It took fifty years for you people to find out they spent all the money. Boo bad.

Uncle Woody also dumped the anti discrimination laws for the federal government, returning to segregation in federal buildings, and the military. Hell, Uncle Woody also supported the Plessey vs. Ferguson decision of separate but equal in order to get southern votes the second time he was elected president.

Damn, I love being a ‘Progressive Democrat” as it means instead of a king you get to bow down to the government, which has been part of my family for a hundred years.

My family even lives a little like the old south. I mean there are no slaves but I grew up with a Mammy. No she did not breast feed me, but she was always there for me, like a real mother. We had more money than god and were waited on hand and foot.

But we did work. Our little bit of heaven was construction and a big part of the family, while rich, still worked with their hands in construction. I learned to drive a Cat before a car. And when I talk about a Cat I don’t mean a Bob Cat, I mean a fucking 115 Ton Cat. Today I still consider the little 30 ton models to be equivalent to sports cars in the Cat world. We have a whole shit pile of them around.

Enough about me and my family; I have to meet and greet but I don’t have to like it, but I do have to do it. No I don’t tell them I own part of the company because that is part of it too. I am just a worker there for the company, middle management, yea right.

So there are a lot of people around and I am moving through the crowd and I feel it. Sort of that slimy feeling you get when you touch a snot encrusted snake. Ok there is no such thing but you get the feeling I had.

“Hello Del” Beth said.

“Hello Beth” I responded while trying to keep whatever I had in my stomach from rushing up and blowing chunks all over her.

“You’re looking good Del.” Beth said.

I just look at her and say nothing.

“Del, it has been ten years. Can’t you say something to me?” Beth asks.

I smile. “I bet you are glad you did not catch one of those penicillin resistant strains of STD’s?” I said.

“Ok Del, I understand. I am looking for my family heirlooms and my family jewelry. It has been ten years, I figure you are over your mad and can give them back now.” Beth said.

“Beth what did you find when you came back, two months pregnant, from your little fuck fest with my former best friend? Did you really think I would just marry you and say what the hell, I will raise your bastard?” I responded.

“Del, Del, Del. I was young and stupid. Brad was charming and I was lonely. You were away for so long and I need some companionship. We just got carried away.” Beth said.

“Beth, I was gone three months. You were fucking him before a week was over. But what did you find when your little fuck fest was over and you came back to where we were going to spend the rest of our lives?” I asked.

“You know damn good and well what I found, I found nothing. No house, no anything. All the plants were gone, the house was gone, even the four acres of top soil was gone down to four feet. Even the swimming pool and Jacuzzi was gone. Very funny! Now where is the antique furniture I had moved into the home? Del, some of that furniture was three hundred years old. My jewelry went back hundreds of years too. I want all those thinks for my kids. You know I have three.” Beth answered.

“Yes you have three kids with Brad. Oups, you only have two kids with Brad. Oups, you don’t even have that do you? I’m real sorry about the divorce. I thought you and Brad were perfect for each other; a cheating slut and a no good cheating back stabbing best friend. You were perfect. So how do you think that video got on the net? Do you think it was that good looking blond sex god that got your motor running and then you had to take on all the rest?” I asked.

“How did you know about Sven? Sven was not even in the video. And I don’t know where all those guys game from. And how did you know about Sven?” Beth asked.

“Sven was a lucky guess.” I said with a smile.

“Ok asshole you set me up. Now where is my stuff?” Beth demanded.

“Let me tell you what happened first. I took a nice little thirty ton Cat and just scraped the place off the planet. I mean I was a little pissed that the home I built for us to be married in and then start a family in was actually a place where you started a family without me. So I just took the little kitty and scraped the place and put it into those large transporters. I even took the dirt down to four feet. I also killed every plant there by filling the place with tons of salt water.

“Well all that debris was taken to one of our sites and I dug this large pit with a 115 ton Cat; it was twenty feet deep. it was ok to do because the soil was clay and held up well. Then everything went into the pit. I used a mixture of dry soap and fuel oil and a few other things and flooded the pit. Most people know the mixture as napalm. It burned for a full day and then we took the big kitty down and messed things up again and did it one more time.” I said with satisfaction.

“Ok asshole what did you do with the stuff you took out of the house?” Beth said indignantly.

“Beth, I never took anything out of the house. I knocked it down as it stood. I never went inside when I found out what you did. What was in the house ended up in the burning pit. Then I went and checked myself back into the hospital. I was still in pain but I was feeling better.” I told her.

“Gone?” Beth gasped. “All gone? That was my family history, everything of value was in that house, everything that said who my family was, and who I was, and who my kids are. And you are saying that it is all gone?”

“Things, is that all you care about Beth; things? Beth, Brad was my best friend for most of my life and he is gone. I think I miss him more than I miss you. Hell, I know I miss him more than you, but that is not all that hard. And what did you do for Brad? Well the first kid you could pass off as his, it was half black. And the second kid you could do the same because he was half black. But the third kid, pure white, that one you could not pass off. So Brad divorced your cheating ass and got DNA tests and the first two were not his either. He waited until the 61st day after the divorce was final so there was no chance of an appeal. Then he killed himself. He made sure there was no way you could get a widows share of anything. He wrote me a letter saying how sorry he was and what he was doing. He begged me to forgive him. I got the letter after he died and yes I forgave him, he had been my friend for more than twenty years. Him I forgive, but only because he is not alive to hate anymore. You killed my best friend, you killed my friendship, you killed my ability to trust women and relationships and all you fucking care about is things. Well too fucking bad! When you are dead I may forgive you too, why don’t we put that to the test, you up for it Beth?”

“Well Beth, this has been a pleasant little talk, but I have things to do. Let’s do this again. If you have your day planner lets pencil in the day after the ‘Rapture.’ Will that work for you? Or maybe we can push it out to say, when the sun goes super nova, which ever happens last. That will work for me.” I said.

Beth actually fell back into an empty chair. She had just learned that all of her family heirlooms, furniture, jewelry, collections, all of it are gone. She must also have realized that the time for filing a lawsuit was long past. Lastly, she realized I knew everything.

About that time a man came up that I recognized as one of the hotel managers for events. “I don’t pay you to sit with the guests, get off you butt and start cleaning up.” He said in a soft voice I could hardly hear and I am sure no one else did. He never quit smiling and looking pleasant.

“I should have felt great but I didn’t.” Del thought.

I saw him across the room. He was about five foot ten or eleven but definitely not six feet. He had on a black suit, probably Armani and it fit perfect. Instead of a tie it was an open collar white shirt. Not open like chest hair and gold chains, just casually opened at the top button. I would put his age around thirty three or so, about my age. In his hand he carried a black Stetson hat which fit in with the plain black leather boots he wore. Those boots had never seen a scuff and that hat did not know what sweat or dirt was. That did not mean he was not a working man, it was just that he knew when to dress up and when not to. I would put his weight at a little under two hundred, maybe one ninety. He looked like a man that worked hard doing physical labor. He was well muscled, you could tell as he moved but it was not gym muscles but work muscles although he looked like he knew how to move the weight around.

His hair was short, maybe a seven clip on one of those electric hair trimmers. You could tell his hair was utilitarian in cut. He did not cut it that way to look good but because he needed it short. That did not mean he did not look good with short hair, he looked damn good. And he had sort of olive tan skin, from working outside a lot.

But it was his eyes. They were hazel, just gorgeous hazel and clear. Looking into his eyes it was like looking through clear water in a lake where you could see the bottom and think that all you had to do was reach down a little and touch the sandy bottom but when you asked you were told the water was thirty feet deep, the bottom just looked so close because the water was clear.

I was admiring him, what the hell I am single and I can check out men. My name is Synde and my friends call me Syn. Yes I know that you pronounce it “sin.” Ok you guessed it, I am black.

When I was born the local hospital was famous for giving black women shit names for their kids. My name was supposed to be pronounced “Sa-File-Us.” It was to be spelled “Syphilis.” Evidently one of the doctors took pity on my mother, who was not very sophisticated, or educated. She was a wonderful hard working woman and did her best to raise me well but she was not well educated. But when you consider it, Syn is one hell of a lot better than Syphilis. She had lived here for a long time but moved away and I did not come back permanently until I finished my first college degree about ten years ago.

I moved over to listen when I saw him tense when this white woman got close to him and then touched him. And his eyes, that hazel disappeared completely. His eyes turned grey, cold lifeless grey as he looked at her.

Ok I was curious. Hell I was nosey. I wanted to know what was going on so I listened and I heard it all. What a bitch to do that to her man. Damn; and what she did to his best friend, although I felt he deserved it. But did he ever get back at her.

When the conversation was over I just had to make a comment.

“You were right. If anything you should have done more to her and you would still be entitled to owe her more pain.” I told him.

I never expected his response. If anything those beautiful eyes that drew me to him stayed a lifeless grey.

“Stay out of my business. It does not concern you.” Del said while still turning to see who interrupted his private thoughts.

“Look, I’m sorry. I just heard and wanted you to know – -.” Syn was saying when she was interrupted.

“Look lady, you writing a fucking book about my life? Well be sure to kiss my ass before you leave and that way you can make it a love story.” Del said.

Now I was mad. I just wanted to be nice. “I got a title for that book.” I told him. “Being Nice to an Asshole Will Still Get You Shit On.”

I was watching her talk to me. Mocha Bean, she was the color of a Mocha Bean. In case you haven’t seen Mocha Bean, it is a dark glossy rich brown, not the light color mocha people usually think of. I never actually saw anyone that color but I heard of it. We were eye to eye when she spoke to me, so she was tall, at least with heals on. She had golden brown eyes that just glowed and they were slightly almond shaped. Those beautiful eyes were rimed with thick eye lashes and perfectly shaped brows. Her face was not fat but not thin either. Her skin was perfect; not a blemish or imperfection. She had a thin nose, large lush lips and long flowing black hair that that spilt half in front of her shoulders and half behind. On her worst day you would say she was only beautiful. Tonight she was a goddess.

Her last comment almost made me laugh, but I could not stop myself from smiling, just a little.

I took her by the arm as she started to walk away and she turned and looked with a cold glare at my hand on her arm. I did not remove it but I relaxed a little.

“It’s been a tough night, sorry for the comment. Can I buy you a drink?” Del asked her releasing his hold on her.

“This is a fully hosted bar, that is hardly an offer.” Syn said.

“I know.” I told her. “That would mean we have to go someplace else where I would have to pay.” Del added.

I smiled at him. He was good-looking in a rugged sort of way. But he was white and I don’t date white guys and frankly he had more problems than I wanted to deal with. It was obvious that ten years after a split he was still damaged. Hell it appears he hired a damn guy to seduce her and then get her into a gangbang that he filmed just to ruin her marriage. Then there was that take the house down and burn it with all the contents inside of it. The man was a mental case, no doubt about that.

This was not the guy I wanted to spend more than three minutes with, now I am sorry I ever listened and more upset at myself for ever speaking to him. But still, he was good looking and there was that certain something that drew me to him.

She turned and walked away. I had a chance to look at her, all of her. Damn she was fine. She was about my age but wow. She had huge tits. I mean a double D would be small for her in a bra size. She had a small waist and a hot ass that had a nice curve to it but not a shelf.

She had on a short dress that was above the knee and she had the same perfect skin, if you can judge through those nylons she wore. I wondered if they were pantyhose or thigh highs. Looking at that tight dress I can tell it is not pantyhose and not a garter either but thigh highs is looking pretty damn good.

And she is not wearing an industrial strength bra, you could tell. She had on a very fancy French lace thing, that was strapless and I could see the pattern through the top. I was getting hard looking at her.

I walked around to find some of my girlfriends. I knew that Tray would be here and I wanted to see him. We had been lovers a few years back and I was anxious to see how he had changed. I had not had a lot of men but of those I had been with Tray was the top of the list. That was one of the problems; he was at the top of a lot of lists, Syn thought.

What the hell, it was a good way to kill a Saturday night. I was good looking, successful, had a killer body and huge tits and well educated and I hated every man that tried to hit on me. I was a fantasy for most of them and when I thought about it all they wanted was to hit my pussy, suck on my tits, blow their loads and forget the knew me until the next booty call. I intimidated most men.

Syn: “Barbara, what have you been doing? It has been a long time girlfriend.”

Barbara: “Just the same ole same ole. I have been looking at Tray though. He is looking mighty good. Think I will go over and talk a little. See ya.”

“Well that ends that for the night,” thought Syn. “Tray was a dog and would hit the first bitch in heat he found. I don’t know what I saw in him. Maybe it was just, hell I don’t know.”

“Syn, Syn, what is going on?” Janice asked. “I see that Tray is here. I also see that Barbara is already over there on her hands and knees wiggling her ass for him.” She added with a laugh. Janice already knew about Tray.

“What were you talking to that white guy about? It sure looked intense. Damn he is fine looking but sister he is trouble. Did you see that white girl get pissed and walk away? He must be a real jerk. Looks like he is hefting a nice package though,” she added. We both looked and it was looking good, even if well hidden. Men can spot a good set of tits from a mile away and women, we can see the package at the same distance.

Both women laughed. They worked together and had bonded years ago. They had known each other since their last year of college and were pretty knowledgeable about the other. Janice was not as high up in the company as Syn was but they both were in upper middle management and everyone knew that Syn was destined for big things.

Syn was an economist and did projections that always appeared to be right on. Her information helped the company chart its way through the sea of misinformation that could sink a mid size company when planning future markets.

The women talked for a while, checked out the guys danced a little. Then Del came over and asked Syn to dance. She turned him down flat.

“Maybe I got off on the wrong foot with you and I am sorry. Let’s start again. My name is – -.” Del offered, but he was shot down from the get go.

“I don’t want to know your name. I don’t want to know you. I don’t want to talk to you and I sure as hell don’t want to dance with you. Go away and leave me the hell alone.” Syn interjected as Del was trying to get something going.

“Damn girl, that was intense.” Janice said as Del walked away shaking his head. “Still he is not a bad looking guy. I would have danced with him.”

“The thought of that pompous white asshole putting his pasty white hands on me makes my skin crawl. I can’t stand his type.” Syn said.

Their evening went on but Del kept an eye on Syn. Del did not dance, he never did. Syn danced with a number of men, all black. She moved like a snake through water. Her undulating movements on the dance floor were sensual without being obscene. It was like she was dancing but not actually there with her partner. She was not sending the signals most guys would understand as “I am available.” To Syn it was just the joy of dancing. Even Tray came over and danced with her and Janice; Barbara made sure that she was always close by.

Dancing with Tray brought back memories for Syn, but when he pulled her close for one dance she seemed to stiffen and backed off slightly. She knew that Tray wanted her but something told her that their time had passed. Tray was a player and at thirty three she did not need a player, even one with a big black cock.

In the end Tray left Janice and Syn to move off with a smug Barbara, who was satisfied that tonight Tray was hers. He may be gone in the morning but for one night Barbara was going to get what she needed and that was a big black cock.

Barbara did not understand this race mixing shit. These white women that just had to have a big black cock; well that was not going to happen tonight. Big black cocks were the property of black women and as a black woman she was taking a black man out of the mix.

Hell, there were enough white men around. Even that urban cowboy in the Armani suit and the boots was not bad to look at. Even though he did not try to show it like Tray did, you could tell he had a nice bit of manpower going for him, if you like white cock. Well you white bitches there is a white man for you, the brother is mine, at least for tonight, Barbara thought.

It was Monday morning when Syn and Janice met up at work. “Damn Syn, what happened to you? One minute you were there and then you were gone.” Janice asked.

“I went for a drink” Syn said.

“Went for a drink? Damn they were serving free drinks at the mixer. Where did you go for a drink?” a worried Janice asked her obviously distraught friend.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Syn said.

“Oh my God, Tray came back after he dumped Barbara and you went off with him.” Janice said.

“I told you, I don’t want to talk about it.” Syn said.

“Come on girlfriend, spill it. This is Janice you are talking to. It was Tray wasn’t it.” Janice demanded.

“No it wasn’t Tray, and I don’t want to talk about it.” Syn said with finality.

“Oh shit. Wilson showed up and you went off with him. Syn he is the biggest dog on the planet. He will fuck anything. You can’t have done that. You have to think more of yourself than that. And you might be trying to cover it up but you are moving funny. Please tell me you used a condom with Wilson.” Janice said with concern.

“No I did not go anywhere with Wilson. I went for a drink, ok? Now leave it at that.” Syn said. Her irritation and her distress increasing.

“Come on Syn, I know you. You are pretty upset so spill it. I want to help.” Janice said.

It was almost a whisper and Janice could hardly hear it as an almost penitent Syn said it again. The third time Janice asked her to repeat it, although not much louder, with the other times Janice was able to make out the word.

“Cowboy.” Syn said again but still softly.

Across town Del was at work and talking to one of his brothers. “Del you are looking relaxed. Bet you got yourself some this weekend. Come on bro, give it to us.”

“You know I don’t do anything and tell. Hell I don’t even tell if I don’t do anything. I don’t confirm or deny. But yes I am relaxed this morning, read into that what you want.” Del said and he walked away from his brothers with a smile. He had to go to the doctors today. He needed that test, it was a promise even if he did not say, “I promise.”

“The cowboy, you had a drink with the cowboy? That is not all you had with the cowboy. Having a drink does not cause you to walk funny.” Janice said.

The conspiracy was afoot. Like two conspirators in the dark trading secrets Syn told her everything.

Syn: “He had asked me to dance, you remember that. But you did not hear that before he had asked to buy me a drink and I told him no.

“Well the night was wearing on and Tray left with Barbara and even Wilson had some woman with him, it was a white woman. Serves the black cock slut right; she will probably end up sharing that little experience with her husband and then it will be divorce court for sure.

“So when cowboy asked me to dance and you were gone I did. He was a good dancer and I liked the feel of being in his arms. Maybe I was just feeling sorry for myself. When the dance was over he brought me back to the table and said he would be back and find me even if I was dancing with someone else.

“Well I am not sitting on my hands waiting for some white man to talk with me so I was out dancing. Cowboy walked out on the dance floor to where I was and bold as brass he cut in. My partner was a little miffed giving me up to a white man but I was not giving him the signals he wanted because I would move back when he moved into me. Cowboy moved me into him, not obviously or obscenely, but with an assuredness I was unprepared for.” Syn said.

“Our drinks are ready. Can we leave now?” Del said. When Syn related this to her friend she did not know his name but called him cowboy.

Syn: “I smiled and told him yes. I was looking into his eyes and they were that clear hazel that is so sexy. I was not sure where we were going but I let him take me by the hand and as we passed the table I picked up my clutch bag.

“We went to the elevator and got in and he used a card to activate it.

“I did not know they had a key club lounge/bar here.” Sys said.

“It is special, I am sure you will love it.” Del responded.

When they got off the elevator they were inside of a penthouse with a view of the city.

Syn: “He pulled me to him. I molded my body into his and he kissed me. I had never kissed a white man before and I did not know what to expect. There was a fire in his kiss and his lips touched mine. I parted my lips, I don’t know why I did but I did, just a little, and his tongue just flicked into my mouth.”

“Come, let’s have that drink” Del said as he took her hand and walked her into another room.

Syn: “He took me into a different room, a huge bedroom. By the side of the bed there was a bucket of iced Champagne, two crystal flutes, strawberries, chocolate candies and whipped cream. He pulled me into the room with him, even though I was hesitant. Then he put his arms around me, we molded our bodies together and he kissed me again and I would have done anything with him at that moment if he had pressed ahead; but he didn’t.

“He opened the bottle but did not let it pop, saying he wanted to save the bubbles for us, and poured me a half glass and handed it to me. It was sweet. Then he dipped a strawberry into the cream and fed me a bite. He was again holding me with one arm around my waist and I could feel his own passion as he then took a sip of champagne from my glass.

“He tried to kiss me but I pulled away and sat on the bed. I could see the outline of his cock and I ran my hand over it. He just looked down and smiled at me. He did not leer; it was just a nice smile.

“I can’t believe I did this but I undid his belt and then his zipper and his pants fell and I could see it. I pulled his boxers down and saw my first ever white cock. It stood right up and almost hit me in the face. I felt like such a slut at that moment and then looking up I saw that face and knew it would be ok. He did not look at a slut he looked at me with something different in his eyes.

“I reached over and held it up and put my lips to the pink head. Janice, you would not believe how hot it was holding that pink cock in my brown hands. Then I got even more turned on watching that white cock getting closer to my lips until it pierced my red lipstick painted black lips. I ran my tongue over the head and then let it sink into my mouth, and it was the hottest thing I ever experienced. To see that white tube just disappear into my lips was so hot.

“His hands went to my head but not to hold me or to face fuck me but to stroke my face with the back of his hand, and run his fingers through my hair with his other hand.” Syn finished for a minute. Just saying what happened to Janice was getting her hot.

“Syn, what got into you? How could you act like that?” and then with a chuckle Janice added, “How did he compare to Tray?”

“There is no comparison between him and Tray at all. Not even close.” Syn said.

“Ok, well that is too bad. It sounds like you had a good time anyway. Even if he is not the same size as Tray you must have found him to be as good as Tray.” Janice added with hope she was right.

“Wrong again, Janice! There was nothing even remotely that compared with Tray, not even technique.” Syn added with a bit of a grin.

Janice noticed the change in facial expression and was beginning to understand.

“Look, Tray is almost eight inches and not too bad on width. Let me just say that I had the head and two inches of that pink cock in my mouth, which was open as far as it would go, and I could still see pink cock above and below my hand as I jacked him off while sucking his cock. As for width, well that cowboy’s cock never let my fingers to touch my thumb and that is some girth. He was as thick as I have ever seen.

“And when it comes to using that equipment, Tray does get the job done, like a battering ram against a wall, but that is all he is, a battering ram. I did not mind when we were a couple, but there were days I wished he was a little more concerned about how he was using the equipment on me rather than him trying to prove himself the biggest around every time we had sex. Now I know he isn’t the biggest and definitely not the best.

“Now cowboy, he could definitely batter the walls down but there were times I was just full, deliciously full, pleasantly full, and comfortably full. But I am getting a head of myself.” Syn added with a huge grin.

“So I have a mouth and a hand full of white cock and he is taking off that jacket and shirt. He just tosses them aside as if Armani means nothing to him and while I am working that beautiful cock of his he manages to step out of his boots and pants and even his boxers. He does look a little silly in black sox though.

He has a nice tight body, well muscled and not much fat. He does have a few scars but they look sort of manly, like he is a warrior or something like that. He is not hairy but rugged looking. When he moves you can see the muscles ripple, and it is not because he is trying to make them do it. He is not even paying attention to it. He is a man who knows he is a man and does not think about it; Tray, despite his age, is a boy pretending to be a man.

“I am working that white cock like it is my new best friend. I jack him slowly and keep running my tongue over the head. I even dart my tongue into his piss hole; it is like a fire hose opening. When this bad boy starts shooting there is going to me one hell of a mess.

“Now I realize he is not touching my face or hair. He has taken the straps off my dress and I did not even realize that I must have moved one arm and then another so the top falls to my waist. He handles my strapless bra by himself and soon I found out he was definitely a big tit man.

“My breasts are so large that I never get those hard nipples that men love but he loved the way mine just puffed up and he began to gently massage all of my breasts, holding them up and feeling their weight. He played with my nipples too, running his short nails over them and enticing their further expansion and increasing their sensitivity.

“As he was doing this I was getting even hotter and sucking that hard fat pink cock and pumping even faster. He was dripping so much pre-cum that I had to keep swallowing. I looked into his eyes and I saw that look. Not the, “I’m fucking your face bitch,” but a look that said “I understand, I feel the same way, and something else, something I did not understand but did not fear or object too. It was, well it was reassuring, and it was like this is the way we should be.” I hefted his balls, his cock got even bigger and I knew then there was only two ways to get it out of my mouth, and they both required it getting smaller and softer.

“I could cause pain, say by biting his cock hard and it would get smaller fast or squeezing his balls hard and causing pain and smaller and softer would immediately follow. He was not hurting me, I was excited by it. Then I realized there was another way and I chose it. I massaged his balls, jacked him harder, ran my tongue over his pink head and sucked like a kid with a milk shake through a straw, gently nibbling at his cock head and he came in my mouth. I kept sucking, swallowing, stroking and massaging and he kept cuming.

“By now he had caused me to have a tit orgasm and we were both moaning. Soon his cock started to get a little smaller and a little less hard, and I have always been a neat person so I made sure he would not drip on my dress by sucking all of that lovely hot white man cum from his cock. It never went completely down.

“I have to admit that I never had a man give me an orgasm from just massaging and working my breasts but he knew what he was doing. Not all men like breasts that look like huge watermelons but cowboy sure did.” Syn finished.

“Well don’t stop there Syn, what the hell else happened?” Janice asked.

“Then he bent down and kissed me. It was a hot wet tongue kiss that went on and on as he was now almost kneeling by the bed.” Syn said.

“You mean he kissed you after you let him cum in your mouth? He did not make you wash your mouth out, brush your teeth or anything like that. He actually kissed you? You did not make him kiss you, he just did it; cum breath and taste and all?” Janice asked.

“Janice, you have no idea what this man can do and did do.” Syn replied. “And Janice, he loved doing it to.”

“Well I will if you tell me.” Janice said with a laugh.

Across town Del was talking to his doctor. “Doctor I need you to draw some blood and get me an emergency scan for all known STD’s as well as HIV and AIDS. And doctor, I need them within the next three hours. I don’t care about the costs. I know that some require longer periods just because they do, but I want what I can get immediately and I don’t want to wait for a lab to get around to it. I will pay to be first in line.”

“Del, I have known you for a long time and I am a family friend too. You can tell me anything and I will keep it confidential too, I have to. Are you afraid you might have done something to get infected?” the doctor asked.

“Del laughed. No, it is just the opposite doc. I want to show someone that they don’t have to worry about me, not the other way around. Call when the results are done and I will pick them up. But doc, be sure to make it fast. What do you guys call it, STAT? Make it STAT doc.” Del said.

“So what else happened?” Janice asked.

“Soon he was on his knees and I was looking down at him as I sat on the bed. He lifted my skirt and I had to raise myself a little so he could. I was still not sure what he was going to do. I was a little disappointed that he did not kiss or suck my breasts.” Syn said.

Del: “I lifted her dress; I wanted to see those long brown legs. She was wearing thigh high nylons with just a touch of color, her color. They made her legs glisten. I ran my hands up her legs.”

Syn: “He was running those light hands up my thighs and soon he gently moved my legs apart. I was embarrassed at first. I sucked his cock, let him cum in my mouth and now I was sitting on a bed topless with my huge brown tits and puffy nipples hanging out and he was going to look at my pussy.

“His hands reached the juncture of my legs and he caressed my center over my panties, what little of them there was. They were tiny French cut thongs, just a hint of material to them; very soft and sexy. It did not make much difference now, they were drenched and soaking with my own juices so when he moved his hands up my hips to pull them down I was relived. My panties were so wet they were uncomfortable. He actually lifted both my legs high to get the panties off and really opened me to his view.

He moved me easily, he was that strong but I never felt like I was being manhandled. It was a calm confident strength, it was just how he moved, how he did things. Like I said, he was a man who knew he was a man.

“His head moved close to my furry pussy. I don’t shave myself but I keep it trimmed and neat.” Syn said.

“I know he could smell me, I could smell me. Both my legs were in the air and he kept them high moving my panties over their length and his face closer to my pussy as he did it. It was like my pussy was a magnet for his face. The more he saw the closer he came to it. First one side of my thing was over my shoe and off and the other he let hang on my other leg; that even looked sexy to me, being partially dressed and naked at the same time. Now when I lowered my legs they were on his broad shoulders.

“Janice I just can’t tell you enough about his killer body. There was not an ounce of fat on him. He was rock hard but not ugly weight lifting hard. And when he rested my legs on his shoulders he was running his hands all over my thighs, inner and outer and even my ass.

“You know what I would really love right now?” Del asked Syn.

“Janice I was panting when he asked me that question.” Syn said. “What, tell me what.” I almost yelled to my cowboy. “I just hoped it was nothing to nasty, but hell I would have done anything, but I could not believe what he asked for.”

“He dipped his face to within an inch of my hole. I could feel his hot breath on me, feel my pussy hair move when his speech.” Syn told Janice.

“Your inner thighs against my head and holding it.” Del said.

“Janice I was looking at him when he said that. I almost came when he told me. Then I saw his white face looking at me. His eyes were full of passion and a desire to give me pleasure. Janice I screamed in my first pussy orgasm of the night as I saw my black thighs encircle his white face and felt his lips on my pussy.” Syn told her friend. “And he was just starting to give me pleasure.”

“I felt Syn’s thighs come in contact with the side of my face and I dipped into her chocolate pussy, letting my tongue slide into her slit. I heard her scream and felt her juices pour out and I sucked them in. Their taste was intoxicating. I began to add to the length of that orgasm by continuing to stimulate her.” Del said.

“Then Janice, he sucked up all my girl cum, like I did his. He did not pull away but continued to rub my slick pussy all over his face, coating himself with the essence of my passion and taking care to lick and suck his way over my soft pussy hair until he came to my black slit. He nipped at it and then sucked it again and kissed it and began all over again, taking care to touch every bit of my pussy.

“I could also feel those hands move up my thighs, and then he slowly caressed my stomach. I am not a small girl and he took a lot of time with my belly. I am not fat but I am not one of those pencil thin cheerleaders either. I could see his eyes looking at my body as I looked at him from above. Then his hands moved up to my breasts. Now I could see in his eyes what he saw in mine when I first got a good luck of that huge white cock. He had touched by breasts before and maybe he got a better view of them as he kissed and knelt in front of me but now he had the perfect view. I was on my back and they looked Mocha Bean brown and full and firm, with my darker nipples puffed out to their maximum, or so I thought at the time. He would get them even fuller.

“Admiration is what I saw. I was not a freak, or slut, I was a proud black woman with a real woman’s body. His hands tried and tried but failed to hold onto my entire breast, much like I failed using only one hand to hold onto and reach around his ivory cock.

“I thought for a second about that little blond bitch that irritated him so much. Five foot two, B breasts, skinny, and white; but he is here with me. He could have had her and he said no. I said no and he kept up until he got me.

“‘He got me,’ that thought flashed through my brain. Then he sucked my clit and all rational thought went out the door as this was the best orgasm of the night, at least up until then. I remember pulling his head into my pussy and screaming something and going crazy.” Syn finished.

“Damn Syn, what do you think hit it that time?” Janice asked.

“Well for a minute I thought it might be that he chose me over some little white girl. But then I realized, he was the best pussy eater I have ever had.” Syn answered with a grin.

“And how many pussy eaters do you have to compare with?” Janice looked at her and asked.

“Just one; just the cowboy. I don’t really think I need anyone to compare against.” Syn answered.

“Then the next thing I knew I was tasting my own pussy. Cowboy had moved up and was kissing me, and managed to move me onto the bed lengthwise without me even realizing it. Of course to get that close we had to almost be belly to belly. I had not really realized where his cock was until I felt my lips parting. I moved not to get away but to get it inside of me.

You know that I am a big girl, down there. Other than you and my gynecologist no one knows that. I never went after a man because of cock size. I enjoyed sex with who I was with, even though it is not all that many men. Tray could do it for me some of the time. That is why I think he broke it off. I think he realized that he was not getting it done every time, as if any man can. Men and their egos; it did not really matter to me, I just wanted to be loved and Tray just wanted some big tits to hold while he fucked me.

“But the cowboy had not problems at all. He stretched me wide open. And I mean he was even gentle about it. Soon he was deeper and fuller than I can imagine. Not even my gynecologist got where he got that night and she knows what she is doing. Come to think of it the cowboy knew exactly what he was doing.

“He fucked me long, hard and slow. Kissing me he moved from my lips to my face and neck and then my breasts and back again. He kept moving those white lips of his and I don’t know about anyone else’s experience but this man knew what he wanted to do with a big set of brown tits and he did it. I was having an orgasm but I was not sure if it was my breasts or pussy that caused it.

“We spent almost an hour at it now and then I got a little antsy. I said something about not knowing how to really fuck a woman. Before the words were out of my mouth I was on all fours and he was fucking me good and hard for behind. This man had some control. But I got to him.

“I was about ready to pass out when my pussy went into spasm, a giant spasm, and he grabbed my nice wide hips, held on for dear life and buried himself so far inside my pussy that I felt his balls banging my clit and then he erupted inside of me. Even after that blow job he just kept pumping out them little white sperms. They ended up deep inside of me and with that expanding pink head down there he was going to fight to keep as much inside as possible. So there I was; my face on the bed sheets, my ass in the air, a brown pussy full of pink cock and gallon of little white sperms swimming around inside of me and then it hit me.

“He did not use a condom. He could have given me something. I could be pregnant. What the fuck did I do?” Syn finished.

Now Janice looked scared. “Well what did you do?”

“I asked him if he had anything and he said he was clean. He had some medical work done a few months ago and nothing was wrong with him, they do blood tests all the time. He told me he had not been with anyone since then. He said he would get tested again and then send me the results. What the hell could I do?” Syn said.

“Well you could take the morning after pill. You could get a doctor’s check up.” Janice said. “So what did you actually do?”

“We had some more strawberries and cream. Well more cream than strawberries. Actually he sort of put the cream on my pussy and ate it off of me and sort of out too. He called it the finest chocolate and cream he ever had. And I decided that I might want to try some of that, so I spread it on his cock and licked it clean. Soon we were in a long sexy 69 and when he was hard, which was pretty fast all things considered we faced each other and he lifted my leg and slid into me.” Syn said.

“Syn, would you like to be on top? That way I can look up at you and you won’t have to worry about me being too heavy.” Del said.

Syn continued. “So I accepted his kind offer and moved on top of him. It was wonderful because I could control how deep and fast. It also allowed me to see exactly how he got such a good handle on my breasts. He worked them like a master. When they hang down my puffy nipples get even fatter and he made love to them as I rode his cock. We ate chocolate as we were still joined and even drank champagne that way. It was sexy and relaxed and erotically enjoyable. I was moving up and down on his cock and sliding front and back and side to side against his body as he was in me. I got to control everything. I can’t imagine anything better. There is just something so wonderful about being with him.

“We made love all night long. We slept, woke in the night, made love again, this time he was behind me with his cock inside of me and kissing my neck and caressing my breasts and stomach and pussy and then back again. We both fell asleep with him still inside me.

In the morning we made love again and then we took a shower together and made love again. He did not cum every time but he sure stayed hard. He made sure that I got off each time he entered me. Like I said, he was a man.

I got dressed to leave and he pushed me over onto the bed and told me to squeeze and put his head between my legs. He ate me for a half hour until I could not hold his head and I was numb with all the orgasms that I had. When I could not stand it anymore more he kissed and licked all around my pussy and then helped me up. I went to put on my thong and had to laugh. I was so open that there was no way that little thing was going to help. I let it fall to my knees, caught it and took it off and gave it to him. I expected him to do something obscene like lick it or smell it but he just kissed it and put it on the pillow. He had the biggest smile on his face when I left, like I had made him so happy.

“It was only after I got home around noon Sunday that I began to worry. First, I did not know his name. Second I might be pregnant. Third, what the hell was I thinking of letting him literally screw me all night and most of the next morning. I have been taking cool baths all day Sunday. But even though we made love all that time I am not as sore as a thirty minute session with Tray. Actually I feel empty without cowboy, and I don’t want to feel that way.” Syn ended.

Telling the story about her weekend and answering all of the questions took most of the day. Syn was still worried and considered getting the morning after pill. They were still in the office with the door closed when the intercom buzzed letting her know there was a letter waiting for her.

The courier came in and handed her the envelope and got a signature. She opened the envelope and smiled. She read the brief note.

“Syn: I don’t want you to worry so here are the early test results. I know you called me cowboy a few times and you don’t want to know my name so for you I am cowboy. I will be in touch. With affection. Cowboy.”

The lab results were negative for everything. She handed the results to Janice, the note she kept to herself.

Syn felt happy and was not bothered by her fears of catching something that would affect her entire life. Little did she know how wrong she was in her belief.

Janice and Syn were both giddy for the day and the week. By the beginning of the second week they were both anxious; cowboy had not called. By the end of the month still nothing. Cowboy was now just some asshole in their minds.

It was in the sixth week that cowboy showed up. By then both women decided he was a piece of shit and both hated him. Syn ignored him when he approached. She walked right past him with her head in the air. Cowboy was not dissuaded at all. Attempts to call were rejected. More attempts at personal contact were rebuffed by simply ignoring him.

Soon Syn made a new discovery, she was pregnant. She was hurt and angry. Now she needed a little time out so she decided to accept an invitation she had gotten to attend a special dinner for local successful business women sponsored by one of the civic organizations she belonged to. As a special treat each unmarried woman was to be escorted by a young officer of one of the branches of service. If they were married arrangements would be made for the woman and her husband if he could attend. It was to be a very posh affair. Her military escort would pick her up at seven o’clock Saturday night.

Syn lived in a very exclusive building. She had a beautiful view of the city and there were only two units on her floor and she owned one of them. In all the years she was there she had never met her neighbor but that was not unusual, she hardly knew anyone in the building. This was not a singles establishment where it was to be party central. These homes were for established people who wanted privacy and not crazy loud parties. Her unit was almost three thousand square feet and she assumed the other was about the same size. Their doors were on opposite ends of the building and it was set up in such a way as to maximize peace and quiet. The elevator was equal distance between the two doors and you could not even hear it when it was in operation. As it was the top floor of the building this elevator only went to that floor, by specific design.

Looking at the invitation she saw that it was a Lieutenant Colonel Wilson who was to be her escort. Probably some old fart but it would be fun to get out, even though she could not drink.

Precisely at seven o’clock someone knocked on her door. She actually had a bell but no one ever came up and rang it. Come to think of it no one ever knocked. She rarely had visitors. She actually wondered who it was. Security would always prevent anyone from entering. But after years of being safe she just opened the door.

She was not just shocked, she fainted. Luckily she was caught. When she came too she saw the smiling face of cowboy.

“What, what are you doing here?” Syn asked.

“Well you would not talk to me so I could explain, and this was the only way I could make it work. And before you ask, yes this is a real event and I am your real escort.” Del said with a smile. “Del is my name. Delano Wilson and tonight I am LTC Delano Wilson, at your service and your escort.”

Syn did not say anything at all. She got her coat and just got into the limo and was silent. Del knew enough not to say anything at all. She was not mad, not really, but she was confused. He looked like a real soldier, medals and all. It had now been more than seven weeks since they met and she was seven weeks pregnant. Soon she would start really showing; already she was getting thick and her breasts were beginning to hurt a little. “Damn, this sucks.” Syn thought.

Del knew his way around being an aid. He was at Syn’s side and offered her a drink and she declined. Del wondered why. He took care of her coat and brought her a sparkling water, which she accepted. He kept her glass full of sparkling waters with lime or lemon.

After the full bar, at which Del drank nothing alcoholic and neither did Syn, they were seated. As part of the evening each of the ladies and their escorts were presented. The lady was identified and a brief paragraph was read about her status in the community as well as her accomplishments and then her escort was identified and his military accomplishments were mentioned. A husband that escorted his wife got the same mention.

Then it was time to introduce Synde Collins and her accomplishments including her PhD in economics, books and articles she had written and her work with the community. She stood and smiled.

“She is escorted tonight by a local boy, Lieutenant Colonel Delano Wilson. Colonel Wilson is a graduate of West Point and he participated in the initial actions in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger. Later he was dropped behind enemy lines in preparation for the invasion of Iraq. While behind the lines he and his team were to provide intelligence for the First Infantry Division as they entered Iraq from the north, through Turkey. That did not happed as Turkey prevented them entering Iraq. Colonel, then First Lieutenant Wilson, kept his men active in collecting intelligence and made arrangements with the Pashtun forces in Iraq for supporting the invasion and preventing some Iraqi divisions from fleeing north into Turkey.

“Colonel Wilson has made many return visits to the “sandbox” as the troops sometimes refer to Iraq and has just returned from an emergency assignment which lasted just over a month into the vacation playground know to the world as Afghanistan. While there he managed to get a second award of the only medal no one really wants, the Purple Heart.

“Colonel has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, second only to the Medal of Honor. As mentioned he also has two purple hearts, two bronze stars with “V” devices for valor, a number of Army commendation Medals also with “V” devices. He made us promise not to go through all of them as a condition of his volunteering to assist this function.”

There was applause and others were introduced. Del did not care about the applause; he cared only about the feeling of the woman looking on with surprise, his dinner companion.

“I’m sorry but I could not tell you. I am a reserve officer and they called me and I had to go. Lives were in danger. I had been to Afghanistan many times and I was needed. I wanted to tell you but I could not. Please forgive me.” Del said.

“Take me out of here.” Syn said.

Del escorted her to the door and outside into a foyer that was unoccupied. It was there that she began to sob. She held onto Del with all of her strength. Del held onto her with as much passion and love. In fifteen minutes it was over and he escorted her to the ladies lounge where he patiently waited outside for her return.

Like all ladies she reemerged afresh and looking beautiful. All of her fears were put to rest, except one and that would wait for another day.

It was a wonderful evening and the escorts took those in their care home. Del did not leave Syn alone that night and he and Syn made love all night long. She was concerned with his wound but it was minor, almost completely healed and not remotely life threatening. This night their love making was gentle and loving, just what they both needed. When she awoke in the morning she was alone. This made her sad and a little angry with Del and herself. She remained a little morose until she heard noise and then a voice.

“I’m not all that good with this but I gave it a try.” Del said as he came back into the bedroom with a tray full of food. He left and returned with another tray.

‘Now who do you expect to eat all of this?” Syn said with a little smile. “What do you have a group of soldiers out there to eat what we don’t?”

“I can see you are going to need training. We have squads, teams, platoons, companies, battalions, brigades, divisions, corps, and Armies, but we don’t have ‘groups.’ You would make a lousy Army wife not knowing that. I can see I am going to need to train you.” Del said.

Syn was a little taken aback but did not say anything more about the wife comment. When Del realized he said it he did not mention it again.

It was the next week that Del took Syn over to where his house used to be. He told her he had just had new topsoil put on and was thinking about building a new house there and wanted to have her ideas. It was a pleasant idea and they spent the next week doing the basic designs for the grounds.

Each night they spent as Syn’s home and made love. Not a day went by that Del did not tell Syn that he loved her and would love her for the rest of his life. She was the first woman he had said he loved in over ten years and there was just something that made him want her to know how he felt about her. It was like he was afraid she would forget that he loved her. Despite his love he knew that there was something else and he had to wait to say what he really wanted to say.

“You’re too funny, John,” Nora said trying to control her laughter. Nora was feeling the happiest for the longest time. Or since she could remember for that matter. When she came downstairs, she was treated to a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and strawberries and crème which were prepared by John. The meal was very lighthearted and he made her laugh nearly the entire time. Nora realized that they had been sitting at the table for over an hour, and knew that John must have things to tend to that day.

She stood up and smiled warmly at him, gathering her plates. “Alright, I think it’s time to take care of all of these dishes. You worked hard at making the meal so there is no way I’m letting you clean up.”

“Just a few more minutes,” he answered winking at her.

“No, no, no. You said that five minutes ago. Now I know you need to go into town to tend to business.” She came around the table to reach for John’s plate. She was caught off guard, though when John’s hand grabbed her wrist. Gently it traveled up her arm and back down again, letting go reluctantly.

“Thank you,” he said. He was looking at her as if he wanted to say more, but did not.

Nora smiled at him shyly, and then turned towards the kitchen with the dishes.

In the kitchen she filled a large basin with water she had heated and then proceeded to wash the dishes. As she cleaned, her mind began to wander to other things. Her thoughts immediately turned to the sketch-book in the bathroom. So, he had been thinking about her. Hmmm, and quite a bit from the looks of those drawings! She couldn’t help but smile. Maybe he really didn’t care at all about the woman who had visited for dinner. He certainly hadn’t drawn any pictures of her! Feeling in good spirits, Nora began singing one of her favorite songs and swaying her hips as she finished up the cleaning. Minutes later she was interrupted.

“You have an excellent voice.”

Nora nearly jumped out of her boots to find John standing just a few feet away from her. She had thought he would have left for town already.

“John,” she gasped. “You scared me. I thought you left. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been singing knowing you were nearby!” Playfully she threw the dishrag at him.

Having good reflexes he caught it quickly and tossed it into the basin. “Think you could get rid of me so easily?”

“You need to get to work my dear,” she giggled. “Now if you will excuse me, I think I’m going to go straighten up the dining room.” As she attempted to walk past him, he immediately blocked her way.

“That can wait,” he answered, backing her up against the counter. His hands rested on the counter on either side of her, blocking her in. “You’re beautiful…you know that?”

“Thank you,” she whispered, not sure of what else to say.

“There’s so many things I want to do to you, Nora. I’m very sure you know exactly what I mean when I say that…don’t you?”

Playing innocent Nora shook her head. “I’m sorry John. I…I don’t quite know what you’re talking about.” Suddenly she was feeling quite warm.

A grin spread across John’s face. “No, I think you do, sweetheart. You were looking at my sketch-book while you were in the bath, weren’t you. And don’t lie. I realized I had left it in there the day before, and thought I should move it incase any of the slaves were to clean in there. Well, I went upstairs before I came in here, and what should I see but prints on the book that had to have been left by wet hands. Can you explain?”

“I didn’t mean to,” she answered quickly, knowing she was caught. “I was just curious as to what it was. But I just looked at it very quickly and…”

“Did you touch yourself when you were looking at it?” His hand moved up her right arm and then came to rest on her breast. He caressed it lightly and then allowed his fingers to stroke it back and forth, feeling her nipple already hard and at attention. Nora shook her head. “Tell the truth, sweetheart,” he ordered her in a sing-song voice. John slowly began to unbutton the front of her dress down to her stomach. Beneath she wore a pink chemise. John leaned forward and took a hard nipple through the material into his mouth, causing Nora to moan. Reaching downward he pulled her dress up to her stomach. His hand slipped beneath her knickers to find her pussy beginning to ooze juices. He stroked her plump lips and then slowly began to circle her exposed clit.

Nora cried out, holding his head to her chest. Between the feeling of the silky material and the wetness of his mouth against her nipple and his hand between her legs, she nearly thought she would scream, but refrained from it, knowing that someone may run into the kitchen to investigate. She stroked John’s long dark hair, not wanting him to stop. Grudgingly he pulled away his hand and his mouth and asked her again, “Did you touch yourself when you saw the drawing of us fucking?”

“Yes,” she answered, lifting her head high to look him squarely in the eye. Nora realized that she shouldn’t be ashamed to admit this to him. She also knew it was about time she quit playing shy and let him know how she felt. “It made me wet looking at the picture with the two of together.” She reached up and put her hands around his neck and stood on tippy toe to get closer to him. “Truth is,” she said, leaning upward and biting his lip gently, “there are many things that I want to do to you too.”

John groaned and wrapped his arms around her. “Wench,” he said before taking her mouth in a savage kiss, his tongue thrusting within the depths of her mouth. Hungrily Nora kissed him back and was so caught up in the moment that she almost didn’t notice when John swept her off her feet and picked up into his arms. He began to carry her off, but to where, Nora could care less, as long as she was with him. He carried her up a flight of stairs, all the while still exploring the heat of her mouth with his tongue. Before she knew it, Nora was thrown down onto a bed of what she realized must have been the master bedroom.

“Baby, take off your clothes,” he ordered as he began to unbutton his shirt at the foot of the bed. John needed to feel her skin against him more than anything else at the moment. His fingers trembled as he began to take off his clothes as he watched her unbutton the rest of her dress. “So fucking sexy,” he thought to himself as he watched her come down to just her knickers, chemise and stockings. He slipped out of his underwear and watched in anticipation for her to take off the rest of her clothes. She did it without shyness or hesitation and was soon as naked as he. For moments they both stood still, examining the other’s aroused body, John still standing at the foot of the bed and Nora on her knees in the middle of his sheets. John couldn’t believe she was his. Her caramel skin looked delicious, especially against the contrast of her dark brown nipples that stood out proud, begging for his touch. Her stomach was flat leading down to a patch of dark curls. Her hips and ass were curved quite nicely. Nora was equally pleased by the sight of John. He was quite rough looking with his piercing dark eyes, his hair that hung down, and with the stubble across his face. But he was incredibly sexy. He had a muscular body and was arguably the most masculine man she had ever met. Though she had not seen many cocks, she knew that his was on the large side. It had hurt her the first time, but now she knew it would give her nothing but pleasure.

Finally Nora broke the ice, giving John a wicked smile. “I’m getting cold over here by myself. Won’t you come and warm me up?”

“I’d be happy to oblige,” John answered with a wink and began to crawl on the bed until he was behind her. He stroked the tops of her arms and licked her left earlobe. “Tell me what you want, baby,” he whispered to her. His hard manhood pressed against her back.

“I want you,” she sighed, leaning back against him.

“Tell me where you need to be touched.” He began to kiss her neck and could feel her pulse beating faster.

“You know.”

“Tell me,” he ordered her.

“I want you to touch me…between my legs,” she answered. She spread them without even being conscious of it.

“I guess you do,” he chuckled, as he noticed her readily expose herself to him. “Let’s see what we have here.” John moved his hands from her shoulders down her light brown body. One hand rested on her hip and the other moved between the lips of her sex, gently exploring. “So wet,” he whispered to her. He didn’t even need to put his fingers into her tunnel and already could find the slick juices spilling from her.

Nora moaned, and began to tweak her own nipples. “Put your fingers in me John,” she pleaded.

“Now baby,” he said, nipping at her earlobe, “that isn’t very lady like of you.”

Nora turned her head to look at the man behind her. “Would you prefer to have a lady in your bed instead of me?” she asked, arching her eyebrow.

“Not one bit,” he answered her, bringing his lips forward to crush down on her own. Determined to please her, John put two fingers within her depths. She was tight, but they slid in quite easily due to her slick passage. He decided to take advantage of the fact and allowed a third finder in, which was quite a stretch. Nora moaned against his mouth, spreading her legs further apart. As John kissed her and stroked her with his fingers, he thought about what an erotic sight the two of them my look like at that moment and knew he would be sketching a picture of it the next time he had a chance.

Nora tore her mouth away from his, breathing hard. “Oh, John,” she cried. “You’re going to make me cum. Go faster!” Instead, he slowed down the pace. Then to her disappointment, he completely pulled out. “John,” she gasped, “what are you doing?”

“I’m about to make love to you, baby,” he said, bringing his fingers to her mouth. “Taste yourself. Taste how ready you are to be fucked.”

Nora looked at the fingers he held in front of her face, amazed at how much they were covered with her juices. She didn’t even know she could get that wet. She then leaned forward, taking the digits into her mouth, eagerly sucking the juices off. John took her chin in his hands and turned her face towards him so that he could kiss her and taste the cum that lingered in her mouth. “So sweet,” he said as he pulled away. “Later on I’ll fuck you with my tongue and get to taste those sweet juices first hand. But for now, I think this pussy needs a big cock to please her. Lay down, baby.”

Nora did as he told her, laying on her back with her head on top of the soft pillows, expecting him to take her missionary style. “Nora, lay on your side,” John instructed her. “I want to take you from behind.” She was not quite sure what he meant, but did as she was told. John followed her, lying down beside her. Nora could feel his throbbing dick pressing against her bottom.

“John…I’m not quite sure how…”

“Don’t worry baby,” he reassured her. “I’ll do all the work.” He lifted her top leg so that it rested on top of his own and provided him access to her womanhood. He guided his cock so that it was outside of the opening of her cunt. “I’m going to put my cock inside of you now,” he told her gently. “Tell me if I hurt you at all baby, and I’ll stop right away.” He wanted her to feel safe with him and to know that she could trust him completely.

“Okay John. Put it in me.”

John slid his cock about an inch into her wet depths and then paused, waiting to see if she would protest.

“Keep going,” she groaned, pushing her bottom closer to his body, causing his manhood to slide further into her.

“Damn,” he whispered. He couldn’t resist thrusting his remaining length within her. In and out he slowly stroked within her, but Nora was not about to let him do all the work. She thrust her hips back and forth, her bottom smacking against him. He looked down at their bodies, hypnotized by the site of his white body pressed in the most intimate way against her brown skin.

She turned her head to look into his glassy eyes. “Kiss me,” she whispered. Their mouths met and tongues intertwined. Nora’s first time had been upsetting, but this time, she felt far from that. Never in her life could she have imagined that sex would feel quite like this. John was so long and thick and stretched her to the limit, but it felt like the perfect fit. She could feel a pulsing within her and after each passing moment she wanted more and more to reach her peak, but once she reached it, she wasn’t quite sure she could handle it.

John had been with many women over the years, but never had he had one like Nora. He knew he was the only man she had ever been with, but with him, she was performing like an expert. Most women he had the experience of being with lay completely still. But not Nora. She was not afraid to show the passion she was feeling as her hips moved with his.

“John…I think…I think I’m about to cum,” Nora cried out.

“That’s it, baby. Give it to me,” he encouraged her. “I’ll come with you.”

Together their hips began moving faster and faster as John’s hard cock plunged within her wet cunt. Nora bit the pillow beneath her in an effort to calm her screams when she was ready to orgasm.

“No, baby,” John scolded her upon seeing what she was doing. “I want to hear you. I want to hear how good I’m making you feel. These are thick walls and everyone’s downstairs,” he said with a laugh. “Be as loud as you want.”

Nora couldn’t take it anymore. She threw her head back and a loud cry escaped her throat as she came. “Aaaah, gawwd! John, I love you.”

Furiously John pumped within her. He kissed her on several spots across her neck and whispered into her ear, “I love you too, Nora.” Moments later, John spewed his semen into the womb of the beautiful brown woman in his arms.

Together they collapsed further into the bed in the aftermath of their orgasm. John pulled out, turned Nora around to face him and then wrapped his arms around her. “That was wonderful,” he said, kissing the top of her head. “Sex has never felt that good before…I can’t even explain it in words. Was it good for you?”

“Of course,” Nora said with a smile. They lay together for several moments before Nora finally spoke in a quiet voice. “Where do we go from here?”

“What do you mean?” John asked, stroking her curly hair.

“I mean you and me in general. What’s going to happen with us?”

“Baby, nothings going to happen. We’re both going to be here together…don’t worry about a thing, ok?” He told her, giving her a smile of encouragement.

“But what if you get tired of me. Or what if I become…um…pregnant?”

“Nora,” John answered, stroking her body gently. “Don’t worry about a thing. I am not going to get tired of you. I’ve been with a lot of women in my life. But you sweetheart, you are special. I knew it from the moment I saw you walk into the saloon. I know I acted like a total ass then,” he spoke with a grin across face. “But you’ve put up with me and my nonsense. I regret what happened our first time, but I won’t ever scare you or hurt you again. As far as you getting pregnant…well, let’s face it, it’s bound to happen, don’t you think?”

“Yes,” said Nora nervously.

“Well, I’ll take care of you both. I have lots of money and another mouth to feed won’t be a problem. I’d never cast you or our baby away. I’ll love you both. Do you trust me?”

“Yes…yes, I do John,” Nora answered with certainty in her voice. She smiled back at him. Finally she knew she had nothing to worry about and that John truly loved her and would take care of her always.

Keep this in mind; there is some very serious shit in this one.

This is fiction, not reality. Like reading HG Wells, or Dickens, or even Homer and no I don’t mean Simpson, I mean Homer as in the Iliad, so suspend credulity, because if this was a library you would be in the FICTION section.

Just in case you missed it, this deals with interracial relationships in the antebellum south so you are going to see the word nigger quite a lot; if that disturbs you, too fucking bad. This is a love story about a white man and a black woman, so get over it.

If any of this offends your sensibilities then why the hell are you on a sex site?

There is sex but I could just have easily written it without it, but it is an erotic site so I put it in.


Keep this in mind; there is some very serious shit in this one.

Mammy’s Black Coochie

The love of a southern white boy

Now most, make that none, of you don’t realize what is was like in the antebellum south. It was luxury in a way not many other than royalty in Europe imagined. It was beauty and grace and terror. Now if you were not a slave but a slave owner it was beauty and grace and if you were a slave, well you were sort of in deep shit.

Lots of slave owners were just cruel pieces of shit but the worst were the ones who were nice. You see they made slavery seem nice. It made the slaves feel like they were being taken care of and not slaves; they lied to them with a smile but if you did not smile back they showed you the power they had over you.

Now back then the institution – even that word makes it sound acceptable – the institution of slavery had its own rules and language. You were a slave owner but your slaves were niggers. Even the niggers called each other nigger. They found some records going back to Jamestown and it showed a shipment of “niggers” in the 1690’s. Somehow the word was a bastardization of the Spanish for black, so as a class they became niggers and it even morphed into a proper name, as in “nigger get your black ass over here.” It was not right, “it is just the way it was.” “Just the way it was” is a way to pass something off that was wrong, by blaming someone else long gone, for the wrong you do today. And the word “Slave” came from what the Vikings called the Slavs that they took and sold to support the Viking way of life. Funny that a word that now is associated with blacks in fact had its origin in what white Vikings called other white people from central Europe; and the penalty for disobedience used on black slaves was originally used on white slaves. Shit, we fuck everything up with that “Just the way it was” bullshit.

Since this is a story of my life, I am going to tell you that this is just the way it was, but that did not make it right and even I knew that. Later I would go to a place on the “grand tour” that you folks today already know about. They would have a similar saying, but it would be in German. It was in an old but no so important city in Bavaria called Nuremberg. The German equivalent became “we were just following orders.” It did not make what they did right then and it did not make what we did right as I tell you about my life, but it “was just the way it was,” at least for some people.

To be a young white boy you were called Master, and I was Master Lawrence. Not Massa, like the Master of the house was called, but Master, and that still applies today in the south. If I was there and alive now I would be called Master Lawrence, even though there was no Massa, and my family did not own slaves. My mail would be properly addressed to Master Lawrence and I would still get it. That is just the way it was and it is. When I was a young boy I played with the nigger children and ran around and jumped into the river naked and fished and laid on the bank of the river and talked about the clouds and well, I did everything that every country boy got to do. Try reading Huckleberry Finn to find out what it was like to have fun in the summer. But when the day was over I became Master Lawrence again and I dressed in fine clothes and lived in the big house and they, the nigger children that I played with every day, put on rags and lived in the slave quarters; their time for entertaining the young white Master was at an end when I said it was. This was a strange relationship because the minute Master Lawrence became Massa those childhood relationships ended and those who were my friends became my property and there was no longer any friendship. If necessary a Massa would use the whip on a man that played with him as a friend when he was just a boy. Some shit isn’t it?

There were even black slave owners but once Virginia passed it’s laws equating race with permanent slavery, and preventing teaching niggers to read and write, and making it against the law to free a slave unless they immediately left the state, all those black slave owners just went away. I don’t know what happened to them, but they were from my childhood. After I became an adult I never again heard about black slave owners.

I am telling you about this so that the rest of my life makes some since to you. But I digress, so let me continue with my younger years.

So in a way I kept them from work but only for a while. Niggers were not cheap and had to be worked constantly to justify the investment. Food, clothing, shelter; even their health was taken care of, even if they were not well taken care of. But back then none of it was taken care of, and medical care was primitive even if you were rich. Then you had to work them harder to justify the expense. Then you needed overseers, an entire industry was built around slaves and it was damn expensive, especially when you think of the luxury they had to support and the style that the slave owning class was living. There were the punishers and chasers. We worked them harder and harder and to justify the expense but they wore out and worked less and less; so they were punished more and more and they became injured and disheartened and worked less and less. Then new niggers were needed and they were even more expensive that they last bunch, especially since the United States banned their importation almost as soon as it became a country but it was not effective until 1807. There was this fiction that was used to get around that but slaves now cost more and they had to be taken care of and they had to work more and more to justify what was being spent to buy and feed them and they worked less and less because they were beaten more and more. Hell even I could see this was not working very well; but I kept my mouth shut. That is why I decided never to own slaves and would instead become a capitalist, but they did not call it that back then; yea right.

Like all rich white boys I had a Mammy. I loved my Mammy and she was like my black mother. She was the source of life for me. I sucked her big ole black tits for milk when I was a baby, because my white mother would not dare to be seen with a child on her tit. Funny that a drop of black blood in your body made you a nigger, but you could feast for years on the fluid of Mammy’s tits and you were still white. And when I was bad Mammy would spank me but not hard. If I needed a really hard spanking she would beat the shit out of one of the nigger kids I played with because I was not to be beaten. I grew up calling her Mammy and called my mother “Mother” and I never got them confused.

Now the first pussy a good southern man see’s is probably black and it probably belongs to his Mammy. He sucked her tits for milk and when he was an adult he expected to have some good black coochie to play with but not his Mammy’s, she is special. She is almost white as far as he is concerned. When he became Massa he would beat the shit out of the niggers who disobeyed him but would cry in shame if his Mammy showed even the slightest disappointment in him.

Now I did see her coochie by accident the first time and I would look at it when I could catch her. When she went to the river and washed, I would sneak down and look. I liked that shiny black slit and that curly hair, it was a wonder to me, but she was my Mammy and there was just something that put me off on doing her; but I never quit thinking about nigger coochie. And I saw the young woman’s coochie too, all smooth and black, when we went swimming at the river, because we all swam naked, and I know I could have had as much as I wanted but I wanted to go away and learn how first. I mean I wanted my Mammy to be proud of me; even if she was the only nigger I wanted to be proud of me. If I got some black coochie I wanted my Mammy to think I did it right.

[Mammy: “He was ok as far as a white boy is ok. He could have been worse and here I was feeding him from my body. I guess I loved him and he loved me, but there was a line, he was white and I was a slave. But the nasty little bastard kept following me around and looking at my coochie, even when I washed at the river. If I could I would have smack the shit out of his little white ass, but then I would get the cat and would half bleed to death, if not actually die. Damn I hate being a slave. I have been bred like an animal so that I would produce milk to feed some white stranger’s child. I don’t even have a choice about who I have sex with, and if they are white, I have to open my legs and pretend I love it. Damn I hate being a slave.”]

Part of my training to become Massa included me having a nigger of my own to lord it over. So for my fourteenth birthday my father, the real Master of the house told me to pick one out. The word went out that Master Lawrence would pick a nigger for himself. It was not expected to be a good day for that nigger. First slaves did not do all that well. They were usually harshly treated because the young Master did not know what he was doing. I took a female slave, Eugenia was her name. She was Mammy’s daughter and Mammy was not happy about it; but I had known Eugenia all our lives and I had a method to my madness. Well so much for never being a slave owner.

[Mammy: “At first I was upset that Master Lawrence took my daughter, Eugenia, for his first slave. This is the same little shit that would watch me as I washed my coochie in the river. This was not a good thing for anyone. But I could tell he was not going to hurt her. They had fed on the same tit, and he was a little angry when I had her and that she was using ‘his’ Mammy’s tit for milk. At first I thought he might try to hurt her, he was that angry but after a while he seemed to just be curious. It was not hard to remember that he was only three and he had never seen a baby before and not a black baby anyway. He would just squat down and look at her and sometimes would gently touch her with his finger. After a while she would just smile when she heard his voice or was able to see him enough to identify him. Soon he was being protective of her so maybe it was a good thing he took her. At least I don’t think he would ‘share’ her with his friends and brothers. Eventually my baby would come to learn she was his property, like she just learned today, and as property he could do with her what he wished. It will be a hard lesson; there is a great difference between a childhood friend who is white and that same friend owning you.”]

On the day of presentation I was given her hand and told that I now owned her, she was mine. I was also given a paper and it was registered at the county hall of records that she was now mine and she was my responsibility. She was made to recite that she was my nigger now and that she would be mine until I released her. She was only eleven and I did not want her branded yet, so I chained her with my mark. She wore a slave chain around her neck with my mark on it so everyone would know she was mine. But she was mine so I also had to take care of her. I had to work her so she was productive and make sure she was cared for and healthy too. My father made me pay, out of my allowance, for her food and clothing and shelter. I earned my money by working the plantation; ok it was not slave work, but I had to learn how it was run. But I got to charge the plantation for the work she did for it.

[Eugenia: “I was now officially his. I don’t really know what is going to happen but I have heard some very bad stories about first slaves and especially girl slaves. I know he has known to all my life but that can change in an instant. I can be beaten or even killed for anything I do wrong. But still, would Master Lawrence do anything like that to me? You can’t be sure with white people. I am still owned, and that much is the same. Mammy is not happy with this but she can do nothing about it. I am afraid but I don’t know what I am afraid about; just afraid.]

A sick nigger was not a working nigger so like mother had to do when there was sickness in the slave quarters, I had to go down if Eugenia was sick. I had to make sure she had enough food to eat, and enough clothes to wear to be healthy. I quickly learned that she cost more than she made for me. Being a slave owner sucked but not as bad as being a slave.

So there were a few times when there was fever going around and Mammy would come and tell me and I would go down and look after Eugenia. I had to use cool compresses on her forehead and spoon feed her broth just like mother did when the fevers broke out. I always thought it was strange that mammy did not look after her own daughter but since she was my nigger I had to do it. Mammy said I had to learn to do it. This slave ownership thing was not working out financially. I could do better if I worked Eugenia harder but we get back to that thing I originally said, she would become too tired, would get sick, not work, then I could beat her and she would work less. If anything this reinforced my belief that an idiot thought this system up. Then I realized that this was going on for thousands of years and no one really thought it up, they just did it. And then we get back to “it is just the way it was.”

Then there were the two times my nigger almost died. Now you have to understand my mind set. I grew up with her, played with her as a child and when I took her for my slave it was because I was older but I also had a child’s understanding of relationships. I wanted to be a good Massa and that means being a good Master first. Twice she had the fever real bad. The first time it got bad I took her in my arms and carried her almost a mile to the river and then I got her naked and me too and I carried her into the cold running water. I remember I was crying because I thought I was going to lose her. I was freezing but if I let her go then she might float out into the main part of the river and drown so I had to hold her until her fever went down. It was hours. My Mammy sat on the bank and just shook her head but she did not seem angry. Her temperature went down and I saved her life and almost got sick myself. But when she finally cooled down and I looked into her eyes I knew that she understood that I was the one who saved her. I told Mammy to go to the big house and get me some blankets and she did and I carried my nigger home, her home in the slave quarters, with a blanket around us. She was my nigger and I needed her to get and stay warm. My father charged me for the blanket. If it had been for me he would not have cared but it was my nigger who got it so there was a charge.

[Eugenia: “I can’t remember how it started. It just seems that Master Lawrence was being very good to me. I was his practice nigger, but he was very good, but he had always been very good to me. I do remember the fever, the first time it was really bad. He tried to get me to drink but I kept throwing up. I felt bad that the food was wasted, there was so little of it. Then he put cool water on me but I was burning with fever. Mammy had gotten him but she had others to work on and I was his nigger. When the fever got too high he actually picked me up and walked almost a mile to the river carrying me in his arms. He was always strong. He was talking to me but I could not understand what he was saying, just that his voice was soft and kind. My entire body hurt but I tried not to complain. When we got to the river he stripped down and did the same to me, just like we did when we were little kids. He carried me into the river. I remember that he was crying but I don’t know why. He had to hold me there in the shallows so I would not be swept away. The cool water made me feel better. I was just so hot and I could see him shivering as he held me close. He even poured cold water on my face and hair. He would talk to me so soft and low, right into my ear. Finally I relaxed and fell asleep. The next thing I remember was being in bed and my clothes were on a nail but I had a new blanket over me. I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me. He was worried but his face was so kind. I knew then that he had saved my life and I would have died without him.”]

But this was not the last time I had to save her. It happened again when we both got sick and despite my illness I carried her back to the river this time to save us both. This being a slave owner was a lot harder than I thought it would be and expensive too.

There are two kinds of slave masters and I was the worst sort because I was kind. I made slavery seem palatable. I did not beat her and/or rape her, I was kind to her, I protected her, I gave her false hope that life would be good for her when she only had misery to look forward to. She worked with Mammy because I wanted her too. My father thought it was a good use of my nigger because she would not be wasted in the fields too early, that would come later, and house niggers were good to have too. I was not sure what to do with my nigger so I let Mammy train her. Her life was mine to do with as I saw fit and I told her to do what Mammy told her to do and to learn about raising babies and taking care of them, one day I would come back and get married and she would care for my children.

I went on to school in Atlanta and then New Orleans for a little French culture and lastly I went to Europe for refinement. Back then, before all that unpleasantness, we did that tour of Europe to round us out and to whore around where respectable southern women would not see us doing it and be offended and then they could feel ok about marrying us in the south. After all, a good southern man did not want some Yankee Bitch with no breeding, what he wanted was a good southern woman, a gentlewoman.

When it was time to leave to further my education I went to Atlanta first and saw the whores but they bothered me. I did keep coming back to the plantation to check on my nigger and Mammy said she was doing fine and learning all about birthing babies. I would talk to her and maybe bring her a dress or something. Nothing fine, she was a nigger, but that way I did not get charged by father for his giving her clothes.

[Eugenia: “Master Lawrence would leave to go to the big city and learn to become a man. I cried when he left, I really missed him. Mammy told me to not get my hopes up about anything, and she could see what I was going through. Mammy told me that at most Master Lawrence would use me like other white men used niggers, and that was all I could expect with my life. She told me to quit being foolish and quit thinking like a fool. I was his property and I would never be anything else. I did not care what I was to him as long as I could be near him. He must think of me better than that, he keeps coming home to check on me and brings me things that the other slaves don’t have. Mammy says he is getting ready to use me, but I don’t care.”]

Then later, as part of my schooling, I went to New Orleans and learned French and fucked French whores. They were probably not any better than those in Atlanta but they sounded better in French.

Between running off and whoring in Atlanta and New Orleans I would come back home and look after my nigger, she was my responsibility. I had to make sure she was learning and make sure she was well. Niggers are expensive. When she got older I would bred her and she could become a wet nurse. I learned you got to start them tits running by breeding them. A few times when I got home she would not be well and I would go down to the slave quarters and care for her. Mammy would smile and tell me how to do what I had to do.

She was my property and like my horse or my cow she had to be cared for. I was learning about the cost of a slave and being made to understand that I had to quit thinking of them as human, they were just property to be used as I saw fit.]

Then I went to Europe and got refinement and a taste of real classy pussy; or so I thought. Let me tell you that those French whores are great. They can take a young man and turn him into a real man in just a few hours and give them a month and damn; and they did it with all the class of a courtesan. The whores taught me how to please a woman and how to get pleasure doing it. Back then I thought that my pleasure was the important thing, women could look after themselves. That is where I developed my tastes for women and that is where I decided what I wanted to do with my life.

Now one thing I was always able to do was fight, ok and drink and one more thing, play poker. It was part of my education, along with whoring. Oh to be southern, rich and white in the 1850’s.

So now I am twenty and ready to be a man and act like it. I go back to our plantation and take my place as the man who will one day own them all; ok not really, I had an older brother who would get it all but I can pretended.

By this time I have been away, off and on, for about five years, and things are different. But my taste for black coochie has not dimmed. In fact being in Europe so close to Africa I got to indulge in my chosen pussy like a drunk indulges in drink. And that new African black pussy was clean too. Instead of getting sick and dying like a drunk does; I got the taste and I wanted my own black pussy.

I was greeted by Eugenia, who was now seventeen, when I got home. She was doing well but she looked shabby so I bought her a new dress. Damn she was pretty and built too. My nigger should reflect her Master’s wealth; and I had wealth, but no one really noticed yet. I had played poker, won some land, made some new friends, and got an idea what I wanted to do with my life and it was not farming or running a plantation.

While I was home I did get introduced [?] to a woman and even engaged; it would have been nice if I had been involved in either of those two events. The “introduction” consisted of my attending a gathering of other rich young whites that Connie was present at. I never actually talked to her, but I was at the same geographic location at approximately the same time. The second son and a second daughter was a perfect match according to someone someplace. The “engagement” consisted of her father congratulating me on my up coming nuptials in a year or so, after I made my fortune in the north. Until then it was expected that I would not actually make contact with his daughter. That was going to be difficult in that I did not even know what she looked like, so I could actually break his trust and be talking to her and not even know it. They were new to the area and she was not one of the girls I grew up with. It is funny how arranged marriages are usually for the benefit of everyone but the two getting married.

[Eugenia: “I was so happy when he came home. I was jumping up and down and he brought me a present too. He had been gone for so long and I just missed him so much. I actually prayed that I would get the fever again so he would take me in his arms and carry me to the river to sit in the cold flowing water. Then I found out that he was engaged and the other niggers on the plantation started to make fun of me for feeling like I did about my master. But white people are funny, they say they do things and they don’t. He is never going to marry that white woman!”]

While in Europe I won some land in Canada, Québec, to be more specific, around a place called Montréal and some in Ottawa too; damn I love to gamble. By this time there had been some major changes and the Mississippi was now open to the great lakes, via the Illinois and Michigan Canals to the Chicago River. There was some building going on up there in the Canadian north and a man in Paris gave me a few good ideas and introductions. So it was to Montréal I was going. I decided that I would trade whatever I had left of an inheritance to my brothers, one of which was older and the others younger, for some more seed money. Plus I wanted one more nigger. Daddy offered me one of the big black bucks but I wanted Mammy. He thought I was stupid but I told him a buck was not what I needed, I needed some house niggers. Finally I signed the papers that made Mammy my property, and I did the transfer and a few days later she belonged to me. Everything took a long time to arrange, a year if I remember correctly, but finally I was close to leaving; and I was never going to come back, but no one knew that but me.

[Mammy: “What the hell is that crazy white man doing trying to take me? I don’t want to go up there. He is taking Eugenia too. I don’t know if I want to leave but as long as he is taking my daughter I can’t be too upset. It does not matter how upset I am, I am his nigger slave now! Damn I hate being a slave!”]

There was to be building in Canada, lots of building, and I had a government contact to build railroads. Not the huge ones, they were already taken, but little ones. Narrow gauge railroads, I built what was needed. You wanted a narrow gauge engines, and rails, and everything you would need and you needed to pack in on wagons and take it anywhere, I was your man. Initially had them built in France and shipped over for assembly; later that would change and we would manufacture them here. There was land to explore and develop and when the narrow gauge was not enough they went to the big guys. My market was too small for the big boys but even they bought my product to speed the transfer of their huge stocks to a building site until they were up and running. I always knew enough not to try to swim with the big fish and I was too small for them to want to eat anyway; unless I made a pest of myself. But that was in the future. For now all I had to do was give some of those obscene gambling winnings to a few officials in France and Québec and I had the contract. You wanted a narrow gage you had to buy it from me. Yes it was corrupt, but it was the way it was done and I intended to provide a good product to justify my continued payments to corrupt officials so that I could make enough money to continue to pay corrupt officials. You get the point.

Now we, that is the “royal we,” decided to go up the Mississippi by riverboat because this was to be my last view of the south. I was never going to come back and I wanted a grand good-bye tour. So we went down to the Gulf of Mexico and then through New Orleans and up the Mississippi to the great lakes. It was a slow and casual way of travel but in luxury. Who is “we,” why its Mammy and Eugenia.

[Eugenia: “Master Lawrence took us on some long tour of the south. He had been back about a year and I was now eighteen and he was twenty one. We were his niggers, Mammy and I, but he got us the best accommodations you could get for a nigger. He even bought us new clothes, we were not field niggers, and we were house niggers. I am not really sure why he is bringing us along but as long as I am with him I am happy. He takes us everyplace he goes and tells the white folks that we are his niggers and we go where he goes so that his needs are taken care of, that way we can even stay in his rooms with him, but not eat with him, that would be wrong.”]

On the way up there was a little problem with Eugenia but I took care of it. Seems some man wanted my nigger and since she was my property we had to discuss it like gentlemen of the time did, we discussed it outside. Mammy had come into the gentleman’s area saying someone was trying to rape Eugenia. Now she was my nigger and I took affront that someone would try to take what was mine. There were a lot of people watching the duel. I called him a thieving coward and the son of a whore; and he replied that he wanted satisfaction, struck me with his glove in the face saying he now “demanded” satisfaction. Since I was challenged I had my choice of weapons and I had Mammy get my dueling pistols from the cabin.

I had the pistols because I had fought 8 duels in France, they take offense at everything. I never told my parents about it but they probably found out anyway. I had killed five and severely wounded the other three. I had no second to act with me so I borrowed someone who appeared to be a gentleman because I only had myself and my weapons. It was his choice which of my two pistols he wanted to use. He wanted to back out but he had tried to steal from me and I could not allow that. He would either admit the truth of my statements or fight; I knew he would never admit what I said was true. In the past I might not have shot to kill but this was egregious, it concerned my Eugenia, and I did shoot in the air, the forty feet it took for the ball to go from my weapon into his head. Actually I was aiming for his chest but the damn riverboat took a bit of a bounce. It seemed like such a waste to me, but I did not force him to try and rape Eugenia, that was his own stupidity.

[Eugenia: “It was early in the day and an old white man grabbed me and tried to take my clothes off. He wanted to have sex with me and I was fighting with him. Mammy went and got Master Lawrence and the man stopped. I was afraid and crying and I never left Mammy’s side. Words were exchanged between Master Lawrence and the other white man and the other man hit Master Lawrence with a glove in the face. Mammy went and got a box that had guns in it. Master Lawrence killed the white man to protect me. As long as I can remember Master Lawrence always protected and cared for me.”]

That night Mammy and Eugenia slept in my quarters as I was concerned for their security. There was a bit of a problem but I told the captain after killing a man I might need some female company and my niggers would do just fine. As a gentleman he understood my need for a woman after killing, it is a man thing.

Actually I did not want a woman, I wanted to cry. I had taken life again and I was not happy about it. I wanted my Mammy to hold me but if I left Eugenia alone someone might get to her and I could not have that. Mammy understood and she and Eugenia came to me to help.

We dined together in the cabin and Mammy and Eugenia served all of us. It was strange but acceptable that I would eat with my niggers under these conditions. When it was time to sleep there was only one bed and a settee in the sitting room. I told Mammy and Eugenia to use the bed but Mammy said she was too big to share it and decided that the bedroom would be better for two thin people rather than her, Mammy could sleep on the settee and Eugenia and I would sleep in the bed. Mammy told Eugenia to go into the bedroom and get into bed and to take off her clothes so she would not make me look bad the next day by dressing like a field nigger. She also told her to wash up like for Sunday Mass, so as not to embarrass herself. Mammy was always looking out for me that way.

[Mammy: “I have to be the dumbest nigger in the entire world. Why didn’t I see this? Why did I allow it to happen? There is no way to protect them, no way at all. That stupid white boy is in love with Eugenia and I can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. This is not a good thing. They will have a life of misery if she tries to be more than someone for him to have sex with. She has to learn her place, she is a slave. I blame myself for allowing this to happen. Why the hell didn’t I see it coming? The best I can do now is to protect them as best I can but they are going to do what they are going to do. If Eugenia wants him she will have him. God it will kill her when she learns that it can’t be! Let her have some pleasure, her life will be hard enough soon enough.”]

I went into the sleeping quarters and undressed, did my toilet, followed by putting on my sleeping gown. When I got into bed I found that Eugenia was naked. She was facing the wall, away from me. The bed was narrow and I had to sleep on my side but I wanted to touch her. I faced her back and put my arm around her, expecting her to flinch and try to move away, even if I was her Master. She did no such thing, she moved back into me. When she felt my clothes she reached back and lifted my dressing gown and slid it over my body, ok I helped some, and tossed it onto the floor and spooned back into my front. She said not a word.

[Eugenia: “Oh God, let him love me, please God, let him love me!”]

I began to nuzzle her neck. And then I was kissing her neck while my hands explored the unfamiliar landscape of her body. She made little noises as I went from her arms to her hip and over her leg; which she even raised and spread her legs so that I could feel it all. She was warm and smooth and soft, as only a young eighteen year old girl can be. She moved and literally vibrated into me as we touched. Her smell was intoxicating, as I was an experienced man and knew a woman’s scent.

She responded to everything I did by showing pleasure. Her breasts were small, like you would expect on a young girl, and so very firm. Her nipples began to show excitement and puffed out at my exploration. I kept my touch light, just using my fingertips. It was an exploration of adoration. I was burning with my own desires for this lovely girl I had been watching all of her life. I had saved her life and protected her for this very purpose, this very time. I moved my body until there was no space between us and she felt my passion pressing into her high tight ass. She even wiggled so that my cock would sit between her cheeks. My kissing never stopped and soon she moved and turned slightly so that her lips could receive their share of my attention but my cock stayed between her ass cheeks. By now I was nibbling as well as kissing and her large lips received their fair share of my toothy attention. It was our first kiss, her first kiss.

[Eugenia: “Then there was the first kiss. I had never kissed anyone before. I had wanted him to kiss me for years; for him to treat me like a lover. I wanted him. I will have him! Oh God I love him!”]

Her mouth was open and my tongue darted in to run over her lips and teeth. She bit down, catching the little snake that had just entered her, holding it in her grasp, turning her head more and then allowing it to be released as her lips joined with mine so the little snake could not find an escape but move forward further into her mouth.

We were kissing and biting and nipping at each other as she followed my lead, or were both of us following what nature demands? My hands had changed from finger tips to palms and full hands. Her breasts, her flat but soft stomach and into the sparse thatch that covered her center of pleasure. She immediately spread her legs for my discovery of her more inner pleasures and allowing my spreading of her oily discharge over her nether lips and entered her pussy with my fingers. Then I discovered it.

“You are a virgin?” I asked her.

“Yes. Mammy never let anyone touch me, black or white. She said I was your property and I would be found like I was left, untouched by any man. Mammy even fought with your brothers and some of the older and bigger men, but in the end I was your nigger and no one could touch me without your permission. You will be my first.”

[Eugenia: “I looked down as he spoke to me; questioned me. I could see his white hands clearly as they explored my black body. I saw and felt my nipples puff up as he touched them, and I was frantic with a fire I had never felt before. I saw the space between his fingers begin to fill with my dark breasts and even my nipples looked like black caps in his white hands. Then down over my stomach, again spread fingers caused white waves on a black sea, until he reached the source of my heat. His fingers again played with my black coochie, the button standing taller than the width of his fingers, he gave it a little caress and even a light pinch, and I shuddered and trembled. I saw his fingers disappear as he tentatively entered me, white disappearing into blackness. Then he stopped when he touched my maidenhead. He retreated but still used those beautiful white fingers to spread my glistening oil over my now fully engorged lips and sparsely haired coochie.”]

I kept up touching her and working her up in excitement. Her kissed became more demanding and loving at the same time. Her pleasure point stood higher as it engorged with her building passion. My hands knew what to do as did my lips. Where I had just been a passive student of how to give pleasure before now I was a Master instructor, playing my lovers body to give her pleasure. That was important, the most important, to give her pleasure. Her kisses became deeper, and I could feel her skin getting hotter and her love bites more and more exciting.

[Eugenia: “He was doing things to my body that no one had done before. I knew what happens, I lived in the slave quarters, but no one said it would be like this, no one warned me it could ever be like this. Every touch, every new feeling, it was driving me crazy with desire. Oh God please let him love me as I love him!”]

Suddenly I felt her mound begin to quiver and I gave a pull to her love button, a very light pull, her breasts were wet with perspiration and my pulling on her nipples caused my fingers to fall away as I pulled her nipples out and I held her lip with my teeth, ever so gently, and the combination of it all was enough to give my lover her first orgasm at the hands of another. She moaned loudly and shook as her pussy went into a spasm of pleasure. As her body relaxed I released my grip and my kisses became soft and endearing, my hands now stroked to induce calm rather than heated passion. She looked at me with such longing, such love, as I have never seen before. And yes there was continued passion in those eyes. Our kisses changed too, they were deeper but with less rushed passion.

[Eugenia: “What did he do to me? Oh that feeling, I have to feel it again. I need to feel that again, but with him. His lips locked to mine, his possessive touch. I am his forever. Please do that again.”]

“Relax my love” I said as I stroked her and kissed her face. She had now turned to me and I finally touched her back as I held her, stroking all the way down to her small, firm and high butt. I felt her calming but I refused to let her go, refused to desist in my kisses, kisses that touched all of her face, her eyes, and her nose, her cheeks, ears, and lips. The small return movement of those lips by a very tired and a little confused lover created such passion in me, passion that I never knew before. Her body now molded to mine front to front. Her arms were around me, over my shoulders, pulling my head into hers, my lips to her lips, as our kisses became more intimate.

[Eugenia: “Love, he called me ‘my love.’ He is so tender, this is not what I have heard and seen. This is more, this is so much more. I want to feel all of him touching all of me. And the kisses; those are just so wonderful. Love, he called me ‘my love’.”]

“You are not yet satisfied” she said to me. “I can feel you. I have not done anything like this with anyone, but I am not blind nor am I deaf; I have heard what the men and women say and see what they do. I want to do that with you now, is it wrong that I want to do it?” With that she began to move down my front, kissing and even stopping to kiss and then suck my nipples. I knew her ultimate goal and was wondering if she was going to get there.

She finally reached a very hard cock. “I know it is supposed to go in my mouth but I don’t really know what else” she said.

I pulled her back up and kissed her lips. I took her finger and put it into my mouth, “Suck gently” I said as I demonstrated. “Now move it in and out of your mouth my love. Run your tongue over it and all around.” Again I showed her. She took my hand in hers and returned the demonstration. She complied. “You know something will come out from it, don’t you?” She said she did. “It is the stuff from which babies are made. You will not get pregnant by swallowing it, but that is up to you. You may let it shoot out of me, you may let it into your mouth and spit it out, or you may swallow it. There will be a lot of it. It will be salty and very hot. If you swallow, just keep swallowing as it shoots out, it will stop soon enough. It is up to you.”

She said nothing and returned to her target. I saw in the dim light her first tentative licks at the head. Saw her taste it and smile and look up at me so lovingly and then saw her black lips touch then expand to cover the helmet. I felt the suction, saw her take more into her mouth, felt her tongue play with its new toy. I took a sudden deep breath as the sight and feel of it. She looked at me with concern and then realized it was pleasure she was causing and returned to her self appointed task. I watched my white cock appear and disappear into her mouth passing through those black full lips. She now held it up, feeling its width and length. She pulled her head off and I bent down and she rose up, we kissed, I fell back to watch her. Her eyes never left mine as she became more than a little practiced at pleasing my body. Her little black hand was wrapped around my white cock, I could see slender fingers stroking. I could feel her tongue playing over the helmet then removing her from covering me she used her tongue to lick up and down the shaft. Those eyes they never left mine. There was such fire in them. She was claiming me, I could see it. She was making me her slave. She was making herself my woman and in so doing induced me to live as her man, and now her slave. It did not take much longer, watching my white cock move in and out of her black lips did it for me. I saw her eyes get larger as my cock expanded for its explosion. Her surprise when the first blast hit followed in quick succession. Saw her cheeks start to bulge. “Just swallow precious, just swallow” I told her, and she did. “Again” I told her and smiled as I caressed her hair and cheek. When the shooting was over, she smiled and gave me a clean up suck and smiled. She was very pleased with herself and I was pleased myself.

[Eugenia: “This is the first time I have ever tasted a man. It is strange, salty and slick, it is not as bad as I have heard others say. Maybe it is not what but who that matters. I love him, I want to please him and this pleases him as much as it pleases me. I see my black hands on his white flesh, and I feel his heart beating as I join briefly with him. I see the look in his eyes. This is not what I have seen with others and the women in the slave quarters. It is his eyes that call to me and I love him. I will be with him forever as his slave if necessary but I will never leave him.”]

I pulled her up to me and started to kiss her. She gave me a strange look and asked what I was doing. I kissed her and forced my tongue into her mouth, she kissed me back the same way. “I thought you men did not do that?” She said. “I heard men telling the women that they should clean their mouths and calling them vile names and telling them they were dirty nigger whores. Why are you kissing me?”

I told her that “I am kissing you because you are my lover; because you took me into your mouth and I cannot be angry for your doing something so open and loving for me. You did as an act of love what others make someone else do for their own selfish pleasure. Why would you think I would insult you for a loving act, given by you as a gift to me, by refusing to kiss you? You will find that I am going to do a lot of things you may not understand; most of which I think you will like, but if you don’t then we will not do them again. I will never hurt you, I want to give you pleasure; as much pleasure as possible.” Then I began to move down her body.

[Lawrence: “How can I tell her how I really feel; how my life has been connected with hers since my earliest recollection? How I would do anything for her. How my life with her is just starting if she will have me. How can I tell a slave that I am in love with her?”]

She looked at me with eyes open in surprise. My suckling at her breasts, kissing and licking around the nipple then nipping at it and then sucking it in resulted in a low moan and her hand on my head. She was greatly surprised then I moved down. “Here, here is where my baby will live inside your body” I said as I kissed her stomach. “Here is where the evidence of our love will be seen by the world.” I kissed every inch of her stomach. Then I proceeded lower; around her thighs, and then between, as my hands continued to caress and excite her flesh. My lips moved toward the center and I spread her legs until they were wide and bent at the knees to increase their spread. At first she held them together but my words changed her. “It is ok my love, it is where we will one day join, it is no different than what you did. Look at me, as I looked at you. Do I look anything but happy at being able to do this with you, my love?” She let me spread her legs and I began to kiss and lick around her inner thighs until I got up to the place of pleasure. I had yet to touch her coochie with my lips but I was young and could not hold back. I licked from hole to clit in one upward movement, my tongue sliding up the length of her slit then gave a suck to her clit. She literally screamed in pleasure then stopped herself. Looking down at me she smiled and laughed. I smiled and continued to lick her pussy. She again found my head and put her hand on me holding me in place. I lavished my attention all over her pussy and tickled her maiden head with my tongue. I sucked a little of her pussy juice out of her and nipped and bit around her slit, lavishing kisses on her sex. I noticed her hair was curly but soft and fine; there was not much of it. I made her cum again and again, by sucking on her engorged clit as well as her entire pussy.

[Eugenia: “He says such things to me. I want to believe them, I want to believe him. He gives me such pleasure, and I have seen women in the slave quarters acting like I feel, but when the men leave they act like nothing happened. I cannot feel that way, I love this way I feel and those feelings are true and not forced. But will he want me forever, will he keep me or he change his mind, will his hot breath cool, when he is done? Will I be his nigger or his woman or, I can’t even think about it, I can’t even ask for it. Will he seek me out as a wife with whom he creates life by an act of love? I must dare to ask, I must dare to know.”]

When it was over I came up to her, taking time to bestow abundant attention to the orbs which in the future provide sustenance for our children. Then my lips were on hers. I could tell she was surprised by the taste. Again the look of question fell upon me. “Yes, I love your taste. I will spend a lot of time doing it. I want to smell you on me.” I kissed her again and we played with our tongues, joining our sexual essence in the crucible of your kisses.

She needed a rest as did I. I held her and caressed her and soon she was on her back in the crook of my arm, but she then turned to look at me. “Do not lie to me my love. [Gone were words of Master Lawrence – I was her lover and she addressed me as such] Do not tell me you love me and lie. I can be whatever you want me to be. I can watch your children and take care of your white wife. I can love your children as if they are mine. But do not lie to me, because that would be so cruel to me. I have waited all my life for you. I was yours before you ever owned me; and I am yours forever, please don’t be cruel to one who loves you so.” She spoke so eloquently for a slave girl of eighteen. She knew her heart.

This is where I became the cruelest slave Master, and this is where I gave her the words that gave her hope for perceived freedom but I was only giving her continued slavery, she just did not know it. They were true words, I never lied to her, but what goes with them is a life time being bound to me; chains much stronger than iron. “You will watch over my children. You will feed them with your body, and you will love them as your own. These things you will do for the rest of your life. You will be my slave forever; there will be no breaking my chains. When we land in Montréal we will find a priest and we will marry. You will be bound to me forever and those bonds will never be broken. My children will be our children. I have known you from the beginning. At first I was upset that you stole my Mammy from me and then I began to love you. You were a friend, a good friend.

“Then I began to feel even more for you. I began to love you, not as a man loves a woman, but love just the same. Then it became stronger. I learned how to love a woman so that I could come back and love you. In my travels I have known women, white and black, but they were all you, everyone one of them was you. I moved away from my family so I could be with you; not with a slave, but with you as my woman; as my wife.

“I tell you now, something very important. On the day we left I recorded your freedom. You and Mammy are no longer slaves. You need do nothing out of obligation.”

[Eugenia: “I am free? My mother is free? My lover has given me the gift of freedom and he seeks to chain me to him with bonds of love.”]

She looked at me and asked if I thought she was a fool. “I saw you loved me the first time you came to the slave quarters just before the other white men came. You spoke with me and told Mammy that you were going to show me some owl chicks. We left and did not come back until after the other white men had their fun and left.

“Then it happened again, and again you came into the quarters, bold as brass, and came right up to Mammy and me. Again you had a reason to take me away, this time it was kittens. You did not return me until it was very late indeed. The white men had left already and I was safe.

“At first Mammy questioned me about what you did and when she learned what was happening, she approved and made sure that the house slaves always mentioned it around you, if they knew there was going to be “visitors” to the quarters. They did not tell you, they just talked about it in front of you, pretending not to see you.

“Your brothers and their friends seemed to make a lot of trips there at night, but you were always there before them.

“When you chose me to be your first slave Mammy was afraid that you intended to use me but when you didn’t she approved, we both knew you loved me, but life is full of lovers that never fulfill that love. Mammy protected me from everyone, and she did it for you and for me. But you never failed me, and tonight, as a free woman, I give myself to you.”

I held her tight, the chains that I had just forged for her had a double clasp; I was now a slave to her as she is to me. See what my kindness earned me, bonds of love, chains every bit as strong as the strongest steel.

“Now you see why I did not want to take your virginity from you here. I want you to be where it is special for you.” As I said this and had been talking with each other she began touching my cock, which was again standing hard and wet with pre-cum that her small hand was spreading all over the shaft. Her fingers spread the slick oil over the head again and again.

She rolled over onto me. “You are special, this place is special, and this time is special. You have asked me to marry you, and you defy your family, your land, your heritage, even your blood, all to marry me.

“Then this is what I choose on this special day” she said as she got on top of me and began to kiss me rubbing her coochie all over me until my cock was even harder and made wetter with her desire. “This is what I want” as she put the head to the black channel to her passion. Rocking back and forth, her nipples scraped my chest, and my cock felt an inch of me entering her body. Then she began moving so that my cock would slide in and out of her place of passion, slowly she took more and more into her.

[Eugenia: “I have fear; I am afraid. How badly will it hurt? Is he lying to have me do this? He can’t be lying; it is my choice and not his. I will be his wife and I will be his woman. I need to do this, I crave the feeling of him joining with me, and my body demands it.”]

I knew my part in this dance, although never with a virgin. I kissed her lips, her breasts, and neck. It took all the resolve I had not to just push into her as hard as I could. I nibbled her ears, as my hands roamed over her body and then over her ass, that magnificent high black ass. “I want you, and I want to be your first and your last. I never want anyone but me to touch you, to enter you. You will be my one and only virgin and you will be my last lover. There will never be another after you.” She moved ever closer to becoming a woman, my woman, and then there was a pause, a grimace crossed her face, and then she moved so that I would move deeper into her and then she stopped. The grimace turned neutral and then into a smile, and my look of concern turned into a smile with hers. I pushed her away and up and she questioned me with a tilt of her head. Then she understood as more and more of my white cock was engulfed in her black hole as she now sat back down on my cock. She looked down to watch it enter her just as I was doing.

She gave me the most wanton look of lust that I have ever seen; no whore ever looked like that. She sat down, as my white hands held her black breasts, her nipples puffing out through my fingers. I was massaging them and once in a while I would close my fingers causing my nipples, for I now considered them mine, to get even fuller. She was rocking back and forth, and I could see her rising passion and she was impaled on my fleshy staff. I felt her quake and vibrate; I saw her mouth open wide as she gulped for breath. “Take my baby” I told her as my cock started to expand, she could feel it, and I know she could. She smiled and whimpered and kept moving up and down, forward and back. Her movements guided by unseen forces. When she reached the point where I knew she was past turning back, I moved quickly to turn her to her side and then on her back. Nature does so much for us, she tells us how to make copies of ourselves, and it is always there, within us. I felt her legs wrap around me and her ass lift off the ground. Her lips and tongue found mine, and now we were joined in the perfect circle. Her pussy spammed over and over and my cock expanded even more. As she hit her first orgasm, on my white cock, the black pussy I had wanted for a decade became the most loving vessel for my sperm. We shook and yelled into each others mouths.

Finally her palsy of passion ended and she dropped and relaxed. I held her tight to me and rolled her again so that she was on top, my softening cock still forming a plug. I caressed her back, I told her she was mine forever and that I would continue to make love to her but from now on it would be as my only woman. I was to be her only man she responded. The first and the last, we would love until death. Such promises are easy to make in the throws of passion but hard to keep in the coolness of day and light. We kept them unto death.

We slept and woke still joined. “My belly will grow large and I will have you children” she spoke. “Will you still love your fat woman?”

“I will never “not love” my pregnant woman, my pregnant wife. You are black and I am white but that is of no moment between us except that the color difference might be found exciting. But you are my woman and nothing less; you can never be anything less. I love you and you will be my wife and I will be your loving and devoted husband.”

Mammy seemed to know what was going on, it was not hard to figure out; the cabin smelled of fresh sex. In the morning we fucked for the sheer enjoyment of coupling together, learning of the passions that drove us, exploring those passions and each other in the light of day. We were sometimes moving hard against each other, sometimes softly, but always loving, as it always would be.

[Mammy: “Children always think they are the first to learn and do things, ignoring the fact that their parents obviously did it before them. There is no doubting what is going on. He is really a good boy and I know he loves Eugenia; and that is all that matters.”]

Mammy came in later with our food and was not confused in the slightest by our current state of affairs. She had told them I would dine in today and everything was prepared with that in mind. I was breeding her daughter and Mammy just smiled. It was not the smile of resignation of things she wished were not so and did not have the power to change, it was a smile of joy and I would know, I had lived for that smile for many young years before this day.

“Mammy” I said. “I have already told Eugenia, but now I must tell you. You are free. Just before we left our old home I filed the documents showing that you and Eugenia were now free women. You may do what you want and go where you want.”

[Mammy: “Did he say we are free? Would he really tell me that? Does he mean it? This cannot be a cruel joke; he is not that sort of boy. Oh my baby, my white baby, he has freed us.”]

“Mammy, there is one more thing that you must know about Eugenia and I. I am going to marry your daughter as soon as we land and I can find us a Priest.”

Oh Master Lawrence don’t lie to your Mammy. Tell me the truth; don’t lie to me. Eugenia and I are free? You are going to marry Eugenia?

It was here that I had to stop her. “I am never again to be called Master Lawrence. You are to call me Lawrence and I will call you Mother because you are the mother of my wife.

“Ma- – - Lawrence, I will do as you ask, because you ask it, but I am Mammy, your Mammy, and I was from the day you were born. I loved you and fed you and I know your love for me and Eugenia. But if I am free as you say then I tell you as a free woman I am not changing my name, to you I am Mammy, your Mammy.”

Around noon Mammy told us to clean up so that she could change the sheets and air out the room; we both obeyed more from habit than anything else. Water was brought in and for the first time I washed my woman. She was a little sore but I was careful, my experience helped. Then more water was brought in and I was cleaned by her. We kissed and felt each other. It was glorious for us both. I wanted her again but she said she was a little sore and I told her we would have the rest of our lives. She smiled and kissed me again. I hugged her small black body to my larger white one. Mammy came into the cabin and looked at us and made a clucking type sound, and told us to dress and then she left; she would never quit ordering us around, and we would never quit following her orders. We laughed at Mammy knowing she was smiling when she saw us.

I put on my clothes, Eugenia just her shift. She and Mammy took off the old sheets, and there was dried blood on them. Eugenia looked at me as she and Mammy removed them and ran her hand down her stomach and stopped at her mound, as if remembering and savoring that moment. She raised her eyes to mine and smiled, I smiled back knowing she is mine forever.

I took a stroll on the deck, getting some fresh air. I did not go into play cards or smoke a cigar. I walked to feel the new life surge through my body. I was greeted with more than a little respect by men who saw what a southern gentleman would and did do to protect his property. Little did they know that I did not give a rats ass about property, it was nothing to me. I did what I did to protect my lover, if only a lover in the future tense, but my intended lover and wife just the same. The women looked at me with disdain, they knew I had been with Eugenia, they could see it, or maybe smell it. I was with her not just in the darkness of night, or down in some unknown place in the slave quarters, just to ease my uncontrolled passions, I was with her in the revealing light of day, were everyone would know, and where they did know. I did it without shame and they knew that too. They did not have to see us together to know we were now one.

While I was gone Mammy and Eugenia talked about being free and being in love. Mammy knew a lot about love and talked freely to Eugenia about it. Mammy searched Eugenia’s heart and learned she had loved me for as long as she could remember. Mammy told her about my sitting there when Eugenia was just born, entranced by her and softly touching her with his finger to see if she was real. Mammy would tell her stories about us as babies.

I had food brought back into our rooms. A black man carried it into the rooms. I could see in his eyes his objection to my coupling with this beautiful woman, this beautiful black woman. All would look at us with distain, even other blacks. Mammy broke my thoughts and kicked him out with a sharp word and an even sharper look.

We spent the day together and in the cold darkness of night, when all were asleep we ventured out, for the very first time, into the outside. I would have walked with her during the day but I wanted that event to be very special. Walking the boat, hand in hand, stopping to look at the moon, turning and kissing, this was precious, a very precious memory. Meeting but a few on the decks, they paid us more attention than they would have, had we both been white.

The next day we were in Montréal, Québec. We were met at the boat by my agent. The house and everything was ready. I had not let my time abroad go to waste. I had a home ready, and the manufacturing was in place, I even had workers. I was still amazed at what money could do, even at a distance. He was a little surprised when Mammy and Eugenia got into the carriage with us, instead with our belongings, but he was French and understood, or at least did not openly question. On the way to our new home I saw a church and ordered the carriage to stop. We all went in and I spoke with the monsignor. I presented documents showing that Eugenia was a free woman, as was her mother, Mammy. I produced the records showing her baptism in the Catholic Church all of us attended. I paid to dispense with the posting of the banns and we were married that day, that very moment. As yet Canada was not the country it became and Montréal, Québec was still operating under the Code Napoleon and there was no prohibition against mixed marriages as Napoleon had a thing for black women too. The marriage was duly posted in the records of the parish. My agent was surprised but he did what he was supposed to do.

When we entered our new home it was with Eugenia as my wife and mistress of the house. It was not as large as we would ultimately need, but of a respectable size in a proper setting. This was the first day we were outside together, the day of our wedding; it was entitled to be a day of firsts.

It was a typical overdone home. It had three stories and five bedrooms and servant’s quarters. It was a typical upstairs/downstairs event. We had staff that took care of the cleaning and keeping the household running. Needless to say they were taken aback at my “colorful” family. They were all white and some decided that leaving would be best. My agent was embarrassed but Eugenia did address them all and told them that she understood that working for two who had just a month before been slaves might create some problems and that any who wanted to leave might do so without any animosity or harsh treatment when references were provided. I was taken aback myself. My wife was even more articulate and understanding that I had realized. It appears that I fell into the same trap as many others did and still do. Eugenia was in fact well read because our slave state did not preclude teaching niggers to read and read she did. She was a black rose that was coming into her own. She was beginning to open into a full bloom of womanhood and was going to be a force to be recognized with in our home; make that her home. She was now mistress of the house. She was only eighteen, but years of being on the other side of the power of a household taught her many lessons.

To a person the staff decided to stay but there would be some other changes and they were “Mammy.” She would do what she would do and she and the staff got along well as long as they did what she wanted. Mammy knew exactly what she wanted in a household.

What was clearly amazing is all of this took place in French. Mammy was a Creole and spoke a very strange and exotic French and Eugenia had learned from her. Eugenia picked up on more traditional French with ease, and became fluent quickly. Mammy never changed and while I had difficulty understanding the staff understood. I never knew that Mammy spoke Creole, having been born as such and lived in that environment before she was sold to my daddy as an adult.

Women are strange creatures and can speak some language that men are not privy too. Mammy and Eugenia communicated with the staff and a balance was immediately established. Eugenia was the mistress of the house, but old habits die hard and my beloved and I knew that Mammy was still Mammy and we bowed to her rule without pause.

That night my wife, I love how that sounds, Eugenia my wife, the mistress of the house and my heart, and I made love for the first time as husband and wife. She had one more virgin hole to give me and gave it freely, after making herself ready. As a slave she had seen it all and had paid attention on how to please a man. She pleased me to no end. We made love all night long.

The next day my agent provided a woman to see to my wife’s clothing needs as well as Mammy’s; and everything else that the household would need. Mammy went along too, she was still protective. My bride beamed all day long as did I. No one except my staff as yet knew she was married to a white man, or that I was married to a black woman. But things being what they were, Canada was not yet a nation, and would not be until 1867 and even then only as a dominion of Britain.

Our lives moved with dispatch. There were many places to visit and a household to run. Mammy ran the house and our lives, as she had done for as long as we could remember. Eugenia may have been my wife but Mammy was still Mammy.

We had workers, not many at first but more and more as time went on. Most of them were French, so speaking French became a necessity. I was lucky to have learned in France.

But one of the first things we had to do was notify my family. I knew they would just love knowing that Eugenia and I were now man and wife and I entered upon my obligation with gusto and great pleasure. I wanted to share my happiness with them; I just could not stop myself.


Dear Father and Mother;

I have some wonderful news for you and I am sure you will share in my happiness.

I have found love and a wife. My heart is hers forever and we were married upon our arrival here in Québec and consummated the marriage immediately thereafter. I know you will be pleased to know that we were married in a Catholic Church by a Priest; that was important for us. I would have delayed to ask you to come to the joining of our two families, but the distance and time would have made it difficult if not impossible, we needed to marry immediately, our love is that strong and demanding.

I am sure that you will be overjoyed to welcome my beloved Eugenia into our family. I am sure you remember her with fondness.

Your loving son


To this letter I received the following reply some months later.



You must be mistaken in your communication, there is no son, brother, or brother in law, named Lawrence associated with this home or family.

It was signed by my brothers, their wives, my sisters and my mother and father.


I was so pleased with their response that I put a notice of marriage into the local paper by announcing the marriage of Lawrence and Eugenia and that Lawrence was the son of – - – and I listed the name of the plantation and my parents name. I also noted that I was the brother of – - – and listed all my brothers and sisters including in-laws. I paid to have the paper sent to every plantation and church in the area where the plantation was located.

I was later notified by the paper that I was a vile dog and needed to be horse whipped and it would be so if I ever returned to the locale and that the paper would not, in the future, ever accept another announcement from me.

To my father in law to be and his daughter two letters were in order.



I am pleased to inform you that I have taken to heart your warning that I was not to be with your daughter until our marriage. To this end I have married Eugenia, my former slave and now a free woman and my loving wife. I trust that this permanent absence meets with your approval.


Lawrence – - –


Connie received the following:

Miss Connie

I am sure we at some time actually met, but for the life of me I don’t remember when. As our marriage was arranged without my consent you will probably now be happy to be free to follow your heart.


Lawrence – - -


I later learned that all of the slaves got a good laugh over it all; although some were scandalized most were amused and wished us luck.

Life went on and we even made a few trips to France and England to deal with supply and manufacturing issues. My bride always came with me as did Mammy. By this time we had a daughter, who we named after my mother. I know you might think this strange but after the letter from my old family we decided to build some bridges to see if they would cross them or burn them down. Since my old home town paper would no longer accept notices from me I was forced to publish the notice of our daughter’s birth in the Atlanta Weekly and send copies to all of the prominent families in and around our plantation, and I did not forget my parents and my siblings or their friends. It was just like the wedding announcement but with the birth of our daughter being announced instead of our marriage. I made sure the announcement pointed out that our child was named after my mother and they now shared names. I just knew they would want to share in the joy of the birth of a granddaughter/niece/cousin.

Evidently they did not react as I expected and actually took offense and now the Atlanta paper would not accept any future announcements. I got another curt letter from the old family. They did not even address me my name or title.


This is to inform you that you have defamed this family by attempting to connect us with a half nigger. You are not a member of our family and neither is the nigger you married or your bastard nigger daughter.

There was no signature, just a copy of the article announcing the birth.


I thought they would be pleased. We even went into Maine to have our daughter born as an American. A few years later we did the same for our son, who I, in an attempt to once again build a bridge over the chasm that developed between my old family and I, named our son after my father. As had been my habit of announcing this great news I contacted a newspaper in Charleston, South Carolina and had the announcement published. Again the list of individuals to receive this good news was the same as before. But despite my attempts to build a bridge we were thwarted once again. I was again the recipient of news from the paper that they would no longer accept announcements from me. My old family did not even contact me.

We were on our way back from France when we got the news, the nation was at war. We were boarded by an American naval vessel and I was told that my slaves were now free. I asked the captain of the American Marines if in his house his wife was the slave or was he the slave. He laughed and said if anyone was the slave it was him. I turned to Eugenia and told her that I did not want to be free and I was still her slave. She kissed me on the cheek, patted my cheek, and told me I was an idiot, but she would keep me despite that. The captain left us and our family alone and we went back to our home.

Things in Canada were a mess because of the war and sympathies ran with both sides. Everyone around loved my wife, she was always giving to the poor and needy. Her training about giving birth made her someone to come to if a doctor was not available. She and Mammy took over when called and not one baby was lost. She and Mammy were the same in Maine, and they were sought and consulted about helping mothers in childbirth when doctors were not available. They were respected and loved by everyone who knew them.

I did have a meeting with some southern men who commented on my place of birth and my duty to my state. I handed them the letters I had received from my family and the announcements which preceded and followed those announcements. As they talked to me my children were brought to me by my wife. They got up and left without saying another word.

My father sent me a letter advising me of the current troubles and reminded me of my duty to home and family. I sent him a copy of the letter he had sent after having it transcribed by a service. I also sent him a lithograph of my family and I, and there was no more loving representation lithograph if ever there was one. He never responded.

In 1863 my sisters in law and my sisters showed up at my door. The plantation was gone, burned to the ground. The fever had taken my mother and father and my brothers and brother in law were currently missing and presumed to be dead. We would never hear from them again; probably lost to some far away mound of earth; I gave them a place in our home. They were nasty to my wife and children, calling them niggers and other words I now found to be insulting and abusive.

The next day I moved them out to an acceptable but not upscale part of the city. They were given one house, money for food and some luxuries, but no servants. They had brought a few slaves with them, and I removed them from their service. One was a very old man and it was obvious he was not well. I remember him around the plantation for years. I put him into a small house close to ours and Mammy and Eugenia and I took as good care of him as possible. He was dying, that much was obvious. I felt it was my obligation as the only male representative of the family alive to take care of him in his last days. He became peaceful and happy for the last two days of his life. We were with him when he died. Mammy kissed him on the forehead and smiled. “He was a good man and you Lawrence made him very happy in his last days. He died knowing that his daughter was happy in her marriage and was loved by her husband and that his grandchildren were truly free.” That was all that Mammy said on the topic but it was enough.

As to my old family, when they complained I told them if my accommodations did not suit them they could return to the plantation. They and their children shut up fast. Then I told them that they would address my wife as “Sister Eugenia” and their children would call her “Aunt Eugenia” and if they did not do as I ordered they could care for themselves. They would address my children as “Cousin” or “Nephew” or “Niece” as the relationship warranted, followed by my child’s name. My children and wife would follow the same rules in address. Twice a month there was a required family dinner, in which all of the salutations would be as I required. Eventually we came to an understanding and my old family would address my real family in the appropriate way, even when they met outside of the home. Eugenia was the kind of person who warranted respect just by being herself.

When the troubles down south were finally over my extended family decided to remain in my care and did so for a number of years.

Eugenia and I continued to love each other in all the naughty ways that a man can love a woman.

When I was forty I came down with a fever and almost died. As I had done in the past Eugenia did with me then. In the cold running water of a small river I was held until my fever was reduced to nothing of a dangerous nature. My wife almost got sick doing it but she would not let the kids hold me, she did that herself, she did not intend to let me go. She sat in that cold water and held me until the fever went down.

Two things happened from that event. My bond with my wife grew even deeper. The second was I lost most of my family and gained a son in law. My sisters in law as well as one of my sisters, joined together in a law suit to have my children and wife declared ineligible to inherit due to the miscegenation laws and the fact that my wife had been my legal slave at the time of marriage and therefore our children were the children of slaves and could not legally take as heirs. It was total bullshit but it had, due to some legal requirement, to be filed while I was still alive to give testimony. The records from the county down south had been destroyed but they forgot that I had copies of all of the documents setting them free. Thinking I was dying they filed and I lived. Oups!

They had made their decision and had to live with it. I dispossessed them, gave them passage back to the area of the plantation and wished them luck.

But there was one major problem and that was my nephew. He had been born about the time our first daughter was born. Neither had married and each seemed to like being alone. We thought that was the way they were, but they, in fact, hated being alone, they also hated being with everyone else, except each other. They were married shortly after the rest of the family left. Yes they were first cousins but what the hell. He became like a son, and my family accepted him without question, evidently they knew more than we did.

It was strange that my wife and I had more problems than our children did. They were what are called mulattos, and they seemed to be accepted, where Eugenia and I still had some problems. I sold the business, our children having taken their own paths, and we relocated to the south of France and the north of Italy where history has already formed a link between our two races. My sister as well as our two joined children absented themselves with us. They would return to Maine to have their children, American citizenship was still something to be desired.

This is a LW story with some interracial stuff as well as some incest. Be prepared. I even tossed in some unneeded and gratuitous hot nasty fucking that is not necessary for plot development or explaining anything other than this is a porn site. You will be given notice and can skip ahead.

This story concerns a cheating wife, incest, interracial, payback, murder, and lots of pregnant women and babies. I just love pregnant women and babies. Oh, in case I forget, there is also straight sex, anal sex, oral sex, a little incited force, but not rape.

You have been warned.


My Little Man

If you do it I won’t love you anymore!

My name is John Franks but for the last fifty years people have called me “Little Man.” Not all people, just a few. I guess it depends on what you compare something too, if it is little or not.

Marge and I were not what people would expect. She was six foot five and I was five foot nine. She wore three and four inch heels and I wore flat shoes. That is it, shoes, I just wore regular shoes. I never tried to look as tall as she was, but more of that later.

We met in college. She was going to college and I was cleaning the college. I worked maintenance. She got a degree in business administration and I got a new floor to mop every day.

It is not that I did not have smarts, or that I had no ambition, I had them both in abundance. I worked on the campus so that I could use things; like their shops and labs, the library, computers, things like that. I had keys to everything and I made good use of them.

I got to study for free and got paid doing it, so what if I had to mop a few damn floors. As an employee of the college I did not have to pay for classes either; so I took advantage of that too. I worked cleaning all night and took early morning classes. But what I really liked to do was look for things that were for sale or free. I loved to buy and sell things. I started out small and looked at what was cheap and then looked to see where I could unload it. I did not have to make much, just more than what I paid. Colleges are always offering things for sale and there are always things posted in the lunch and break rooms so all I had to do was match them up. Damn I love capitalism. Buyers and Sellers of the World Unite! I was that uniting force. I mean what would happen to the workers if there was not a way to actually do something with what the workers made. What a great system. Someone from the economics department rarely got into the break rooms for the language department; or things like that, I moved around and knew what was happening between different departments.

Buy low, sell high, it is the American way. Look for something no one finds of value, get it and sell it to someone who would find value in it. It is a rule that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I m sure there are all sorts of sayings about it but I have used up my allotment of plagiarism.

If you don’t want something, someone, someplace will want it! Ok I had one more in the can, but I don’t remember reading it anyplace so I might as well use it now.

I soon had a nice little business going on and the college was my main resource for information. Information was the most valuable tool in buying and selling. I also got to read the trash and knew what was going to be bought and sold. The economics and business departments were involved in some pretty shady things and I just tagged along, buying here and there as the information allowed.

It turned out that working for a college that had some high rollers as graduates as well as some pretty smart professors who still helped them; that was advantageous for me.

They discussed potential deals in e-mails and of course the professors printed them out and never shredded them. They talked strategy and tactics in research and development, in manufacturing and even distribution. It was all there to read, if you had access to the information and I did.

I played it cool and did not hit on every deal. I just stayed under the radar. It was not insider trading for me, I was not an insider; I was an investor and the trash man, and reading trash is legal.

I was making some pretty big money but no one knew who I was. I established some foreign investment accounts and they were the traders, even if I was the one to call the shots. A library computer was all I needed for my company to buy and sell. I also used the campus computers and I was again invisible. I also had one laptop I used for business and only one. Once every six months I took the hard drive out and destroyed the computer; and I bought a new one. Anything that could be used to track me was destroyed after six months; I never sold any of the laptop computers or their components.

Once I got the foreign accounts set up, and operated through Eastern European and Arabian countries, I was home free. I had my own server off shore and I could access it and have it send out orders and e-mails, anything. From that time on I could do as much as a million a month, and strangely enough, that is under the radar for a foreign investment firm.

I met some people in college that were here and also under the radar. They would joke about eating white steak because it was not available where they lived. I came to learn that white steak is pork. They would also drink grape juice, as in wine, also not available where they were from. I learned much about finance from them, for their part of the world. We did business together and got used to each other in our early years together. They needed someone here and I needed people there. We became our own little trading group. We became good friends as time went on. They did not seem to care that I also worked cleaning up because they understood the value of information.

I met Marge at a mixer and I was in love from the moment I first saw her. Remember, I said she was six foot five and I was five foot nine and we looked crazy together. I told her I was a janitor and she did not care one bit. We danced and for some reason she liked me. I am still unsure why. I was still going to college and cleaning it too. I was not far from a degree in international trade relations but she did not know that.

We dated and that looked funny together too. I got my degree by the time we finally set a date for our wedding. I don’t know why I bothered with the degree because it never made me a cent. I made more money picking up trash than using my degree. Her family did not like me and they were not happy at my station in life or anything about me. From what I know they did not like anyone. They were pretty harmless.

We got married and that looked, well it looked like I married up, as in six foot five, because I did. Maybe it was because I always had money, not a lot of money, just a little more than most, that she married me. But I really don’t have a clue as to why. I lived alone and did not above my station, and by that I mean under the radar.

After we were married I got a job working for a foreign investment firm working part time from the house, it gave us a little extra money because I was still working at the college too. You guessed it, I hired myself, but I left no tracks. It was just a way to bring in more money for my family. I did not want to just tell her I was loaded, I wanted Marge to feel we grew together.

Marge got a job too and we began to grow together. My working at home and at the college did not seem to hurt our relationship.

She always called me her “Little Man.” I did not mind one bit, I knew why she did it. She always said it with love or at first anyway. I had no problem with my size because I was little, and she had more than a half a foot on me standing barefoot and almost a foot in shoes. She would ask me if I would like to 61 with her – - you know 69 minus 8. It was our joke.

What I wanted most in the world was to have an adoring loving wife and children, lots of children. I had grown up an only child and I just loved kids. She told me she wanted children but something just stopped us. At the time I did not know what it was, but I was willing to wait for a large family.

I thought we had a pretty good sex life and that she had no problem with my size, but apparently she did.

Two years after we got married we had Jenny. Not much of a wait for the first one, but it was the others that I really had to wait for. But then I learned that it would never happen so I just let it go.

But still I took the best possible care of Marge. Back rubs, foot massage, shoulder massage, hand massage, oil treatment for stretch marks, before they became stretch marks; I did it all. I even sang to my baby in her mother’s stomach. If Marge wanted it, or thought she wanted it, or had a brief thought she might think she wanted it, she had it. The woman carrying my baby was a princess, no; she was a queen to be worshiped. Still there was something strange that I felt, but then again I had never actually lived with a pregnant woman, so maybe I just read her wrong.

My god I was in love all over again. I was there when she was born and there when she was washed, I washed her. I looked into her eyes when she first opened them. I almost had a fight with the doctor so I was the first face she saw when she opened those beautiful brown eyes. You cannot imagine how that kind of love affects a man. I was the first heart beat she felt when I put her to my chest. There was only a little problem with me seeing her at the hospital, but I got that taken care of and I could hold her when ever I wanted. I almost lived in the hospital holding her.

Our family life went on but my wife seemed to not like me as much as she did before she had Jenny. Marge would work late, leaving me to take care of Jenny. It was not unusual that I would have to get the girl next door to come in and sleep when I went to work at night. I paid extra so Jenny would always sleep in her own bed and in her own house. I talked to the parents of the girls next door and they agreed to the arrangements, I even gave her a private room. Her parents got a key to check on her when they wanted.

When I brought up wanting more children Marge was uptight and angry with me and said that one was more than enough and I would have to make do with Jenny. I knew she was right.

Our love making became non existent. There was some sex, but you would not call it love. I tried to rekindle our love but I was not successful. She went from despondent to downright hostile. 61 was no longer a number for us. Sex was just fucking, if there was any at all. She did not actually care anymore. I realized that I did not care either. When I knew I was losing her so I prepared for the event; by this time in our life I knew she was gone. But still I tried, for Jenny if no other reason.

We went out and she would spend her time dancing with other men. I wanted her to be happy so I took her out and I tried to make her happy. She would no longer dance with me. By that I mean she would refuse to dance with me but would dance with other men. She would rub up against other men on the dance floor and embarrass the hell out of me. She told me more than once, after rubbing against some six foot eight guy that she really liked a bigger man; that she thought she might like to try a bigger man. Soon our nights out were limited to me sitting and watching her seductively dancing with other men; and that was only when I was allowed to go with her.

I put up with it only because of Jenny. But even then I prepared and put my plans into action. Some would require more than a year to develop and put into action.

Even when we went to her company events she humiliated me. It was her and other men dancing. I was beginning to be a joke to everyone around but I allowed it to happen because I loved Jenny so much. Then there was even more than dancing and the kissing and rubbing and fondling.

Then at one event I noticed that she would be with one particular man, and she had danced with him on other occasions and at other places. It was like he knew where she would be before I ever did.

Let me tell you this was a big man. He was about thirty while Marge and I were twenty eight. He was taller than Marge, wore expensive clothes and was as black as night.

It did not take too long until they completely ignored me when we happened to run into him when we were out. First it was disappearing for an hour or two during the evening. After the next few times it was for a day. We would go to a dinner restaurant and she and Gregg, that was his name, would just disappear and a few hours and at later times I would get a cell phone call telling me they had plans until the next day and I could just go home. I put up with it for Jenny, but not for much longer.

Then one night she and Gregg just left me at a restaurant and I told her:

“If you do it I won’t love you anymore!”

It had taken five years for her to kill everything but she did it. She killed every emotion I had for her except for hate and a burning desire to punish her; deprive her of everything she wanted in her life, everything she thought was important and do it to everyone that helped her. Now I am sure I know what to do and what it will take.

It is called PPPPP – or the 5P’s. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. I properly prepared.

Then they left and I got a laughing call that they were going to Jamaica and would be there for a week and to be sure to pay for dinner. I was also told to be a good little boy and take care of the house and Jenny. She even told me to make sure I washed the floors and did the laundry. Then she and Gregg laughed and hung up on me. You don’t get tickets for a week and pack everything and have it ready on the spur of the moment.

It was that message that got me to strike back.

Five days after that message I called them in their hotel. I made sure it would be at a time when they were in their room alone. I guess she could have been pulling a train but I did not think so; not yet anyway.

Marge answered the phone with a “What do you want little man?” after I told her who I was; she did not recognize the number. And there was not a bit of love or respect in her voice when she called me “little man.”

I spoke: “Are you both together? — Good. Put me on the speaker. Am I on the speaker yet? – - I am, good. I have Jenny with me. I also have Gregg’s wife and daughter. They are completely in my power. I am going to kill them all, slowly. I intend to make sure that you will never recognize what is left. When I start to kill them I will keep them alive for as long as possible. I want you to think about the pain they will suffer because of what you did to me.”

Gregg’s wife: “Gregg what the hell did you do? He has Tisha and me and he is going to hurt us” she says with tears and fear in her voice. “Oh God Gregg what did you do to him?” Then it was, “Stay way from my little girl” she screams at some unknown assailant. “Stay away. She is just a little girl.”

Then Gregg hears the cry of not only his wife but his daughter. It was a piercing scream proceeded by the word “Daddy” and followed crying of Gregg’s wife waling “Oh God No, Please God No!”

After a few minutes of listening to Gregg and Marge yelling and screaming I brought Jenny into the mix.

Jenny: Then the cries of the girl, Jenny, are heard “Mommy, help me; please help me” followed by crying. Then more cries of Jenny are heard, “No daddy, no, please no daddy.”

Then there was silence and the sound me walking from one room to another and the sound of a door closing.

“I told you what would happen. I told you I would not love you anymore. Now you have lost everything. One day they will find bones someplace and will call you to see if they belong to your daughter or your lover’s wife and daughter. I can tell you for sure that it will be on “Unsolved Mysteries” more than once. They are all dead to you, and you will never have them back.

“But I promise the change from their life to another existence will be slow, like a glacier moving over the solid rock and the tundra. Painfully flow. I will see how long I can keep them alive as I get my revenge.”

“And I can tell you I am a superstitious man, and I know that the gods will curse me if I kill a virgin. But don’t worry about me, because they will not be virgins when they die.” Little Man said.

Then the line went dead.

Marge and Gregg were in shock. There were calls to their homes which did not get any answers. There were calls to friends to check their homes, which resulted in everything looking normal but no one being home. The first day of the nightmare, a nightmare that would last the rest of their lives, had just begun. They would not even have to sleep to enjoy the fruits of their disrespect; the nightmare would play in their heads during the day too.

And he was right; they were on “Unsolved Mysteries” more than ten times. There was a search for them but nothing ever came from it. Part of the problem is that they had no evidence of anything wrong or illegal other than Marge and Gregg saying what they heard.

Gregg and Marge tried to recover but it never completely happened. They went to the police and then to private investigators, but nothing. Oh yes they had clues and they had “paid informants” but they were useless. Their nightmare went on and on.

They were slow in getting information and no one knew exactly when and where everything happened. Gregg and Marge had been happily fucking their brains out for five days when they were contacted in the hotel room in Jamaica. So where the call originated from was just not something they could find out. Eventually it was traced to a cell phone, a throw away with international calling, and no one knew where it was used from although it was purchased someplace in Oregon, thousands of miles away. It was never used again.

Her Little Man never took a cent from any account, and did not take any clothes. He left his wedding ring cut in two on their dresser.

Those haunting and pleading voices were known to those hearing them. Marge knew her Jenny, her five year old baby and Gregg knew his five year old Tisha. He had heard her cry many times, what parent had not? And Shanda, his wife, he knew her voice and recognized the emotion, in it. There was no doubt in their minds that Little Man took them and killed them. Oh god, he made sure the little girls were not virgins before he did it. He promised they would not die virgins.

The years would pass and still on the anniversary of that day, they would remember just what the price was for their adultery. But they had come to lie about it; to make money off of it. The lies became their identity.

After the fifth year Marge filed for divorce on grounds of abandonment and it was granted. What judge would not grant such a request from a grieving mother? She was allowed all of the assets she could locate, Little Man left records showing everything she knew about; but nothing about his real investments and wealth. Each asset was spelled out in detail so there would be no doubt as to what she was entitled to. This meant, of course, that anything not listed she did not get title to. She was also granted custody of Jenny, but the order would have to be served before a warrant could be issued for any crime, much less kidnapping.

Disappearing with a custodial parent before any court order was issued or before any action was even filed, much less served, was not a crime and no personal jurisdiction was ever obtained over Little Man.

Investigators looking for “Little Man’s” employer came up with a blank; no one could tell where the company was he worked for or where the money came from. The computer he had been using at home was left as it was. Every expert that looked at it found nothing at all on it. Their checking account information, calendars for bill paying, credit card statements. He never even cancelled the credit cards; he just left. “Little Man” did take his laptop computer, old habits die hard.

Gregg filed to have his wife declared dead after seven years and then had himself officially declared a widower, collecting her insurance as her surviving spouse. He tried to get the double indemnity portion of the policy but the insurance company said there was no evidence of foul play. Gregg wanted the money so he had to wait the extra years and not file for divorce and lose the insurance money.

Both would have nightmares nightly, listening to the cries of Jenny and Tisha and Shanda, and letting their imagination determine their cause.

Marge and Gregg now had a new identity; they were crusaders for parent’s rights. “Little Man” misunderstood everything. There was no affair between her and Gregg; they were just friends. It was an accident they ended up at the same place. Marge just needed a break so she ended up at the hotel that Gregg stayed at because he had previously mentioned it to her.

Little Man was a racist and hated black people, he always did; and he just hid it from everyone. This was just an excuse to kill a black man’s wife and daughter. Little Man was an animal and would badger his wife and daughter constantly. Marge lived in fear of Little Man. How could he kill his own flesh and blood? The story and the “facts” grew as time went on. There were interviews and each one caused their celeb to grow and the story to expand.

Little Man was an abusive husband and struck his wife for no reason. He was always threatening and scaring Jenny and she was deathly afraid of him. No she did not go to the police because he threatened to hurt her daughter if she told anyone. She was constantly afraid for her life and that of Jenny.

Gregg had been a friend who provided some comfort in her time of great need. That was all he was; a friend who she could count on for protection if needed. It was innocent. It is amazing how the press just took a pass on reporting evidence of infidelity because they liked the message and how black Gregg looked standing next to white Marge in photographs.

Years passed, and then a decade then another decade, and still the nightmares came. Gregg and Marge got married and became a couple for “rights of parents.” They denied any adultery or it being the cause of the loss of their families.

After almost twenty years people began to believe that Little Man and the rest were dead. “Little Man” took on the same mystic proportions as D.B. Cooper. Probably in the great northwest, in the middle of no where, where dastardly deeds can be done and no witnesses save the trees and the scavenging animals, who dispose of death to create life, would know the truth, of where the bodies were buried.


“Come on Little Man, you need to go and deal with this. Once it is over you can settle down and not hide anymore.” She said.

“Now come here and love on me some. I need my Little Man inside of me, you can do it baby, give me one more; just one more baby, come on Little Man, give your woman one more baby.”

We both knew that was not possible. She was almost fifty and no way was she able to get pregnant again, but it was fun trying. She wrapped those long legs around me and those long arms, she was almost seven feet tall, and I was enveloped in heaven. Yes I now had a thing for tall women; what can I say. It was strange that I did not have that desire until I met Marge.

Then there was a noise at the door.

“Daddy what are you doing?” the voice of a young adult female asked.

“Daddy is trying to make your mother pregnant.” Little Man said.

“Come on daddy, she is too old, don’t wear her out. Come over here and do sissy and me. Come on daddy, make us pregnant. The young adult female voice said.

“Hush” daddy’s woman said to the girls. “You leave your daddy alone, he is busy with me. When I am done you can play with daddy, but right now it is my Little Man and Me. And besides you girls are already pregnant. You can’t get pregnant again until after you have the baby. Haven’t you learned anything.” she said with a good natured smile but with authority.

“Yes daddy, but it is my turn, your have to do me first, sissy got to go first last time.” a second young adult female said.

It was a little while later that Little Man spoke to everyone.

“Babies, it is time we had a long talk about our future. So let’s talk some” I said to the women. “I have to go and settle this. There are places I want to go and I can’t do it with a damn price on my head.”

“Little Man, what the hell do you mean ‘places YOU have to go’ you are going no where without us, all of us,” my Queen said.

“She is right daddy; you can’t go without all of us.” The young woman said.

“My Loves, I would never go anywhere without all of you. You are my family and my lovers and my girls. I am nothing without you. When I talk of me doing something I am including all of you, all of our children, you are part of me, without you there is no me. When I say I am going someplace it always includes all of you.” I told my girls.

“Thank you daddy” my daughter said, not just for her but for all of them.

It was time to get everything out in the open. I arranged for a trip for all of us. We went into France and had a meeting. France had extradition treaties for many things but not for what I did. I had some contacts with INTERPOL and got some things handled and then I got ‘Unsolved Mysteries” into the mix. It was time they got an exclusive.

Gregg and Margie were flown to France for a special “Unsolved Mysteries” show. They were required to relive their night of horror about the kids and wife being killed for perceived, but totally innocent, conduct. They cried at the unfairness of life and the cruelty of a man who would kill a wife and two wonderful little girls, one of which was his own flesh and blood, a daughter who he pretended to love, but then killed, just for revenge of a slight that never actually happened. They did not forget to give the phone number and web site for giving donations to the business that provided them with a good life.

When their bullshit was over Shanda came out from behind the curtain and Gregg almost stained his pants. “Shanda, Shanda, are you Ok, where have you been? Oh baby, I love you so much, I missed you, are you ok?”

Needless to say Marge was not happy with the “I love you so much” shit as well as the rest of it. Her discontent was evident on her face.

“What the hell do you care you cheating piece of shit? You sure did not care one bit when you were screwing that white whore you married.” Shanda said.

“We have been places where no one would see our faces, so we were all safe and secure. We never had any worries. Little Man knows how to take care of his family.” Shanda continued.

Shanda was an imposing figure. Remember she is almost seven feet tall, black, and even at fifty years of age, she still looked, and was, strong and athletic; which was strange considering what was going to be divulged next. She was not as she was at thirty, but the extra weight, the stretch marks, the little extra stomach pouch, they were put on their with love, and I loved every pound, every stretch mark, every one of them. Every one was not an imperfection it was an outward showing of her love for me.

Then, from behind the curtain, out came eleven children, of varying ages, the eldest two being a set of twin girls, age nineteen. You could see their mother in them. They were all over six feet; but no where near there mother’s seven feet. But these children were half white and half black and you could see it. They were beautiful women, and the other girls and boys, were too, with perfect mocha skin. Shanda made beautiful babies. The boys would be heart breakers too. They lacked their mother’s height, they all did, but were still imposing even at their young age and they would still be tall enough to look down on someone “only” six feet tall.

Then from behind the curtain, appeared Tisha, obviously pregnant, with two other children with her. She was twenty five now. Gregg started to move toward her but she backed up and the security people did their job, and got between them.

The children Tisha had with her were also half white. They looked up at Tisha and said “mommy?” with a questioning glance, as if confused about what was happening. The oldest was about six and the youngest about three. Actually the youngest was inside of her.

“Tisha, don’t you recognize me? I’m your father, baby. It’s your father.” Gregg said.

“You’re not my father. You are a sperm donor that fucked my mother, and that is it. You were a lazy piece of crap when we lived with you. Mother kept you in booze and clothes and you did nothing but lay around the house giving orders. The best thing that ever happened to us was when you were cheating, at least you were not home eating our food and yelling at us. Just stay away from us. Stay away from me and my children; you are nothing to them and you are nothing to me. If not for the kindness of someone else we could have easily been killed because of what you did.” Tisha answered.

Now Tisha joined Shanda and her children on the huge wrap around couch designed for all of them and this meeting. Gregg and Marge sat on two comfortable chairs in front of them, although from their posture they were not at all comfortable.

Marge is soon overcome with emotion. Marge was crying and asking for Jenny. And soon Jenny came out from behind the curtain, and like Tisha she was pregnant and had two other children with her. Both her children were about the same age as Tisha’s children except hers were obviously white, like she was. But you could see that all the children had the same father. They would be over six feet but none of them would match their mothers’ height. Both Tisha and Jenny were at least six foot five inches and their children would be over six feet when grown.

There was no live audience present, this was a closed set but there was a closed circuit audience’s and they were making appropriate noises which was audible to the source of their emotions as well as the general viewing audience. This setup gave the participants a feeling of confidentially which was exactly what Little Man wanted. It was also live; something like this was too good to pass up when it came to revenue. Raw emotion sells, especially when accompanied by scandal.

Lastly I came out, the Little Man himself. From Gregg and Marge there was nothing but gums and teeth in their yelling and cursing.

I [Little Man] just smiled and walked over to Shanda and she looked up from the chair and gave me a wonderful warm and loving kiss, sexy but not obscene, holding the back of my head and looking up to kiss me. Yes loving is how you would describe it.

The children with her all asked for daddy to kiss them and he did, kissing and hugging each of the children that were obviously Shanda’s and his. They were a little afraid and their father being there comforted them and let them feel safe. Even the teenagers felt a little pressure from the event. The pregnant twins got a special kiss from daddy.

Then I, ["Little Man,"] walked over to Tisha and she gave me a wonderful kiss and the children got kisses from their father, which would also be me. While Shanda called me “Little Man,” Tisha called me daddy, much to the dismay and anger of Gregg. Everyone but Shanda called me daddy, for what became obvious reasons, as even the ones I did not father called me daddy.

Jenny did not wait for me to get to her; she rose and came to me with the two little ones in tow. She was over six foot five, like her mother and father. “Daddy” she said as she planted one hell of a kiss on me, tongue and all, bending over to do it and obviously not the slightest bit hesitant or embarrassed at kissing me. Her little ones demanded equal time and asking for a receiving a hug and kiss from their daddy even as their mother, Jenny still hugged and held onto me. No I did not toss a tongue at the little children.

Marge could not stand it any longer. She broke free of her minders and ran to Jenny all the while accusing me of having sex with my own daughter. The sound resonated through the studio and to the closed circuit and live television audience. It sounded like a bull whip cracking. Marge’s head turned to her right causing her body to twist in the same direction as result of the slap from Jenny.

“You lying cheating piece of garbage” Jenny said. “Daddy is not my biological father. And he has known about it from the second day of my life. How could you do that to daddy? That hospital I was born in does DNA testing to prevent children from being mixed up. Daddy was the first to hold me, the first to breathe on me, the first to wash me clean. His face was the first I saw when I opened my eyes. Daddy said it was true and so did you when we talked about my being born. Don’t you remember them taking yours and daddy’s blood at the hospital days before I was born? That was for the ID card that all fathers and mothers got, so that they could visit their child and not worry about some stranger kidnapping them. Your and daddy’s card had your DNA profile on it and the computer matched it with my DNA for each visit. Did you know they almost arrested daddy because when he came to see me and hold me because his DNA did not match mine! They thought daddy was a kidnapper. He has known since the second day of my life that he was not my biological father and he always treated me as his daughter! He has always known that you were a piece of adulterous scum. He only stayed with you because of me and you had to make his life even more miserable by getting fucked when you were supposed to be out with him. You humiliated daddy and I hate you.

“And no, daddy did not tell me. I went on line and was able to look at my medical records under that stupid mandatory medical computer records act. Anyone could see my records, stupid law. But my records were there along with a note allowing daddy to see me even though his DNA did not match mine. Daddy never said a thing and he did not even know until now that I knew.”

I [Little Man] sat on the couch watching the pandemonium going on around. I was sitting on a really big wrap around couch and all the children were all over me and next to me, laying on me; especially the younger ones. All of this made them feel a little insecure so they came to their font of security and love, they came to their father. My women sat on other parts of the couch, protecting our children from the side, letting our little ones sit next to their daddy. I was surprised at what Jenny said, I never knew she knew.


I remember that day. I went to see my daughter and using my pass for the first time I was stopped by security and taken into a side room and the police arrived. I was accused of trying to kidnap a child and when they looked into the hospital records they saw I checked Marge in, that I signed the admission forms, and that I was the one to pay the bills. I helped to deliver Jenny and I was her father. I demanded and received the DNA profile on Jenny.

A few days later I had the profile on the father and knowing Marge I just poked around a little and found him. I did not have to hire anyone, it was only me, but I worked at the university and had access to many things. People were always leaving computers on; or passwords where we could find them. He was your standard issue Arian, about six foot eight, blond, good Germanic stock, as Hitler would say.

Needless to say he was easy to follow and he bragged about everything. I was just in the background, I blended in. I always wore a disguise of some type. Nothing overt, but enough that my actually features were somewhat obscured. He had been fucking my wife from damn near the first day I married her. He was the one that got away but she was a decent fuck so when her parents, the ones who hated me, did not want any runts in the family, they offered him the right to breed my wife and the cunt took the offer with gusto, after all she loved him, I was just a filler for when he was not around. Shit I thought she at least loved me a little, guess not.

The idiot was actually bragging about fucking her and cucking me. I heard him mention that since I wanted a large family he was going to do his duty and step up and give them to me. His friends laughed.

A few days later he disappeared and no one ever heard from him again. A Taser, some fifty gallon sealed vats, a child’s rubber blowup pool, some bleach, and a few hundred gallons of used battery acid, bought in small quantities at different times from all over the state, was all I needed. Oups I forgot to mention the carving knives bought at some swap meet in the middle of no where.

Yes I could have threatened him and forced him to leave and then he could just ignore me and maybe kick my ass and ruin my revenge. No this was never about a fair fight, he took a run at my woman, hell she was never my woman, but he fucked her behind my back and was going to continue to do it, so a little “behind his back” was fair play as far as I was concerned.

One night he was walking to his car and bam, he was gone to the world. He got a ball gag in his mouth, plastic tie straps on his arms and legs and into a side door van he went. The van was not stolen but would be gone in a few days.

At first he cussed and threatened until I had a little accident. I even told him who I was and why I was doing it. He said he was going to tie me down and make me watch him breed my wife. When he was done he was going to make me such his cock clean and then fuck my ass. My straight razor slipped and I made a little cut the entire length of his cock. Oups! I put him on a plastic chair in the middle of the child’s pool and dismembered him while he was still alive. The ties kept him from bleeding out until I got a bucket under him.

There were a few other cuts and now he was yelling from pain and not really threatening me anymore. I kept him alive for three days. I cut his cock off and ran it over his mouth. Then I cut his balls off and made a joke of putting his cock in the sack as he watched. When he passed out I gave him a shot to wake him up, but no pain killer.

I cut his hands off and then his feet; no running away or trying to untie your self I told him. The plastic ties kept the blood from leaving his body too soon. Then it was lower legs and forearms. I cut his face and his torso, and I pulled some of his skin off and then gave him a shot to wake him up. I would wake him up and let him see me toss his body parts into a vat of acid. After three days he was a head on a torso and then he just died for no reason.

The blood, the body parts, everything, was put into the 50 gallon vats; even his clothes and mine, everything that would be dissolved. I used five vats and 250 gallons of sulfuric acid and then I closed them up and moved them to the location where the holes were.

We were at a mining site and the barrels went into a vent that went almost a mile but at an angle. I knew where the mine I wanted to use was and that it was abandoned and in the middle of no where. Someone might find them in a hundred years. After all the barrels went down and quit bouncing because they reached the bottom I put three bounds of c4 into a triple thick rubber ball, dropped it down and half way to the bottom detonated it, now the hole was sealed.

The chair and anything not subject to sulfuric acid went into the van. The van went into a metal crusher and the metal block went into a blast furnace. All done!

There would be no more children.

When he disappeared, that is when Marge hit rock bottom. She did not bemoan the loss of our marriage but the loss of her lover, her breeding bull, well that was different; and nothing I did made the slightest difference to her.

The parents would take a little longer. Them I did not kill, I destroyed financially. I waited and then the next year was the beginning of a severe financial crisis for Marge’s parents.

It cost me three million dollars in seed money but it was worth it. I got an office set up and had a shill go into the Country Club where Marge’s dad [Mr. Norman] was the BMOC – Big Man on Campus. My shill kept talking about this great investment guy he had and how much he was making and he even showed people his certified check for his return. It took almost six months until we had half a dozen members of the club as investors and they started getting checks.

One of the investors asked for his money back when he called the broker while still at the club. Within one hour a messenger delivered a cashier’s check for the full amount. Then two more asked for their money and they got a check hand delivered within an hour. There was a lot of talk about it and when one of the men called back and asked to reinvest his money with the broker again he was told that was not possible as once you leave the group you are never allowed back in. Soon all three were trying to get back in and the answer was the same.

Now I had Mr. Norman, that asshole. He wanted in and I let him. It was not that simple but the details are not relevant here. It took more than a year to get him to beg borrow and steal every penny he could. Why not, I was paying 40% on invested money, oil futures you know. What crap! When I had everything I could get from him the bottom fell out.

I kept all of his money and that of his friends. Then I had a letter sent to the investors telling from a “clerk” who found out this was a scheme between the business and Mr. Norman. The “clerk” then included letters to Mr. Norman, thanking him for helping to get his friends involved in the scam and that his cut was in his special numbered account in Switzerland, and of course I gave the account number and yes there was money there.

When it was all over Mr. Norman was broke, was in Federal prison for Fraud, his wife had a breakdown and then a heart attack that killed her. Mr. Norman met some new friends and his new name is “My old white bitch,” and all that cost me was a few grand to a few old women with sons in the joint.

I got all my money back, the investors all sued Mr. Norman, and the Swiss account had about half of their money in it, the Norman commission for his masterminding the investors involvement in the scam.

Six months after Normal went to Federal Prison the other investors got checks on a Montenegro Bank for the rest of the missing investment, less the obscene “interest” which they had already received. Me, I got to break the balls of a man and wife who helped fuck up my marriage, stole my child from me, and got him put into Federal prison too.

Everything included I made close to fifteen million dollars, everything that Mr. Norman invested, that money I kept for myself. It would make a nice college fund for my children.

Marge lost her parents and her lover and I decided I was going to take everything that she loved and desired away from her too, until my vengeance was complete.

Well enough reminiscing about the old days.


Yes when each of my children came into the world I was the first to touch them, the first to be seen by them, the first to breathe on them. I was in their DNA, just like I was in Jenny’s DNA, and Tisha’s DNA, if only emotionally with them. I was a very happy man with my large loving family.

My time with my pregnant women was bliss for me and I tried to make it wonderful for them. Marge knows how I act with my pregnant woman, even if the slut cucked me with another man, there is no way she can fault my treatment of her when she was pregnant when I thought it was our child. My universe revolved around my women and our children and I did everything possible to make them understand how much I adored and loved each of them and the child we created together. I took care of them with back rubs and foot massages, warm oils and rose water baths. I made sure they knew they were special for me.

Some girls want to go out and party and some want to have a “girl’s night out” where they can get hit on by strangers and maybe a little strange action. My girls want to be with me and each other; they want to be with our children, the same as I do. Mothers are the natural teachers of the generations and there is no greater calling.

But I did not live in a hole in the ground. We went out as a family to many things. Dinners out, travel, plays, special schools. We did not live in the Middle Ages, I wanted my family educated and I made sure they were.

No one forced them to live like we do. I would have preferred to let Jenny and Tisha go to school and find a nice man and marry and then choose to have children or not. They chose life with Shanda and I and they knew what they were getting into. Shanda let them into our life as a partner but she is the senior partner and no one forgets that, not even me. After all, I was her property, she claimed me that night almost twenty years ago. She gave me the choice of being hers or not and I chose to be hers. It was her decision about the girls, not mine. But we can talk about that later.

“Guess you are going to have to give the insurance money back Gregg,” Shanda said with a chuckle. She was referring to the life insurance money Gregg got after he had Shanda declared dead after seven years.

“But the phone call, the crying?” Gregg asked.

“Faked” Shanda said. “We made the recording before you got the call. We were already out of the country when Little Man called you. We were out of the country and safe and secure. He never hurt any of us because it is not in his DNA to hurt anyone, except an enemy and we were not his enemy. He saw us as victims, and he took care of us.

“Ultimately he loved us, all of us. All of these children are his, he is their father. How does it feel Gregg to know the man whose wife you were fucking has been breeding your daughter and your wife for almost twenty years? Actually he did not start with your daughter until she was eighteen but he got me right away. I can’t have any more children, twelve is more than enough, but your daughter, she calls him daddy and not you, is a little breeding machine for her new daddy. The man you turned into a cuck is breeding my grandchildren with your daughter. Now you have to admit that is pretty funny.

“When he came to us and told us what was going on and offered to take us away we were angry and confused. Then we were afraid of him but he never did anything to hurt us. We quickly realized that he was not a danger to us. We came up with a plan to record what you heard. We decided to hurt you by taking away that which you at least said was most important to you. Notice I said ‘WE’ because we thought of it. The children were told it was a play and they got to act in it. It took two days but we got it right. You of course were a little occupied by having sex with someone not your wife. By the fourth day I knew what Marge had given up and Little Man knew what you had tossed away in abandoning your family. We were out of the country and that fourth day all I could think about was Little Man.

“Your conduct had eliminated any obligations I had under my marriage vows and even without hearing from him, I turned those promises over to Little Man.

“When he showed up a week after he talked you to two, I could not believe how happy I was. Jenny and Tisha became friends almost immediately, more like sisters. When Little Man showed up and after we had a party to celebrate all of us being together, I took Little Man into our rooms. I set up house like I would for my husband and me, his wife. I gave Little Man a bath, and of course I had to be naked to do it. He shaved off that awful beard, and made sure his nails were short. I then I made Little Man mine. No one had ever claimed him like I did and I still do. On that first night we made the twins.



Gratuitous nasty and immoral sex scene unnecessary to the story development or plot but what the hell this is a sex site. Skip down if you don’t want to read it. Look for the ——– line and you have passed it.

As we talked in the interview my mind went back to that first night together. It was our time and I would never share it with anyone but I remember it like it had just happened.

First after I washed MY Little Man I got a good look at him. He was obviously pleased with my body. I don’t know if he had ever had any fantasy about black women or even if he had ever had a black woman, but part of him was more than ready for one that is for sure.

“Have you ever wanted a black woman Little Man” I asked him.

I saw him wince at the name. It was time he learned it was now my name for him and I would wash away the pain he associated with it.

“I’m not her, Little Man, I am never going to be her” I said as I knelt before him and took my first big fat white cock in to my mouth. I let him know I liked it. I was panting as I stood and kissed him, after a few minutes of sucking his cock good and hard but not letting him cum, telling him he was my first white cock. I thought to myself that I just sucked a white cock, a married white cock. I don’t know which of us was more turned on. My married black lips had sucked a white married cock.

“From now on you are MY Little Man” I told him. “From this time on you are to be my ONLY man for the rest of my life. I thought I had someone but he was a cheating piece of shit. You had someone and you found out the same thing. Neither of us cheated even then. Tonight I am ready, and tonight I give to you everything I gave to another. Tonight I will give you a baby. You will be my first white man, my only white man. You will be the last man I will ever have, so be careful if you tell me you accept my offer of love.”

I looked at her body, she was gorgeous, and was my age but again taller, much taller. She was bigger than Marge in many ways. Her breasts were maybe a “C+” or maybe a “D”, but who can tell for sure with a woman that large. And did she have legs, legs so long and so strong and so black. She was thin, with a tight stomach, even after a baby, and a high tight ass. She reminded me of a runner. I could see every inch of her slick black pussy. And she sucked my cock. Not to get me off but to do as she said; to claim me, to possess me.

Eventually she took my hand and we walked still wet into the bedroom. I was hard from that nice little wake up suck she gave my cock during our bath and from her running her hands over my body as she cleaned me. Even when I shaved and we brushed our teeth and all of the other things intimate people do with each other being present, she kept touching me.


I watched him shave and I could not keep my hands off of him. I was looking down at him and he was looking over at me. Yes that is it; I was looking down at him, not down on him. There is a difference you know. One indicates perspective, at him, the other, ‘on him’ indicates derision and contempt. It would never be the latter as it would always be the former.

As he moved I kept touching his body. I marveled at the look of his white body being covered and then uncovered by my large black hands. I would move all over him, showing part of him there and then the blackness of my hands putting him into a shadow of black.

I stood behind him, my breasts framing his head. I would bend down and kiss his neck and I even bit him. He acted like I was not even there, ignoring me, but his hard cock told me he was faking the ignoring part. It actually pulsed with every act I did. I could see him look at me in the mirror as he was pretending to use all of his attention to shave. When my hand moved down his front, from a well muscled chest to a hard stomach and then lower, to that wonderful piece of hard meat sticking up demanding my attention I saw, for just a moment, his eyes following my hands, his sharp intake of breath as I engulfed his white cock with my black hands, the low moan of passion and then the slight smile of pleasure at my moving to be the owner of him. He had never been claimed like this before and never would again. Then it was gone and then his face was blank again, but I knew. I knew he was mine. Such a little thing, caressing him, but he needed to know he was not alone, that he was desired, that he was now mine.

I moved on him as a man usually moves on a woman. “I am going to own you Little Man.” I said as I bent to cup his balls with a free hand, still holding his cock with the other. I licked the side of his face, but he did not turn to greet me because he was going to make me work for it. I moved my face around and licked his lips. Again he did not respond, but he did not pull away. Still holding his cock I covered his white lips with my larger black ones. Everything about me was bigger than life; at seven feet I had bigger hands and feet, longer legs, bigger tits and yes bigger lips. Being black my lips would already be big but now they were huge compared to his thin white lips. I forced my tongue into his mouth. He did not fight me yet. I tasted his toothpaste, as I forced first his lips and then his teeth apart, slithering like a black snake into his mouth. I smiled to myself as his cock twitched in my hand.

I took him into the bedroom. If I was going to claim him I was going to make sure he knew about it. I sat on our bed and pulled him between my open legs. I wanted him to see my open pussy, I wanted him to see how wet I was. I wanted him to smell my passion.

I moved him to me, my legs spread so wide. He had to bend down as I pulled his lips to mine. I wanted him to look down at me, but not on me. My lips were on his as my hand pulled his head down to me. I let my tongue enter his mouth until he had to respond with his own. I bit his tongue, not hard enough to draw blood but hard enough to hurt. He did not pull away and pushed his face even closer to mine, crushing my lips, spreading them out over his.

Then he moved away and bit me. He actually bit my lips, many bites, and then nibbles, and then kissing all over my lips. I looked to see his white face merging with my black one.

His white hands looked small as they hefted the largest black tits he had ever held. It did not matter if they were the largest ever, just as long as they were the largest for him.

“Come on Little Man” I said as I pulled him back onto the bed with me. “Let’s see what that big white cock can do to me.” I pulled him by his dick as I moved back onto the bed, forcing him to come with me. This would be a straight vanilla fuck, cock in cunt. I brought him to me. “Give it a little push Little Man” I told him and we both looked has his white tube invaded my black pussy.

We both were panting as inch by inch he moved first in and then out, watching his white cock getting a glossy sheen as my juices coated it. “From now on Little Man this belongs to me.” I pulled him all the way into me. It was obvious that he was not a pump and dump kind of man. That was a bonus for me.

He would change up speed and depth and then the angle of his entry and then the angle of his departure. He was working my pussy like a master. Soon I was panting as my first orgasm was beginning to hit. That is when I saw it, the look. My Little Man had this look, this superior look. He had taken control from me. He lifted my legs so he could get deeper into me and he began looking for and then finding the right spot. His lips found mine and then it was his tongue snaking into my mouth. It was his teeth biting me.

It was MY Little Man laying claim to my black body, glistening with sweat. His lips and teeth on my breasts, his bites on the ends of my nipples, but it was me who screamed into his mouth as a giant orgasm flowed from the little quakes I had been feeling. I could feel the smile on his face. But that would soon be gone.

My pussy was spasming and I know what a hot wet spasming pussy can do to a hard hot cock. I pulled him deeper into me. My arms wrapped around Little Man and my long black legs followed. My lips were all over his face and mouth. Then I found his ear. I could feel that all I was doing was causing his cock to get bigger, I knew he was trying to hold back, but I had a secret weapon, beyond my hot body and wet pulsing pussy, I had my mind and my voice.

“That’s it Little Man. You know you want to. You know you can’t hold out. You want that fat white cock of yours to get bigger, to fill out every inch of my black pussy, to make sure none of your white cum can escape from my chocolate pussy. I know what you want Little Man and I and going to give it to you. I am going to give you what you crave.”

His movements increased in speed, depth and strength.

“Come on Little Man. Do it, you know you want to do it, take it, can you handle it Little Man? Are you man enough to handle it, to do it? If you are, now is the time Little Man. Tonight I am ovulating, so Little Man, if you are man enough to do it, go for it, put a white baby into my black pussy.”

I knew that would get him. I heard his moan at his final push and felt the blinding heat shoot out of the tip of his cock deep into my pussy. And the strange thing is I was not kidding. I wanted him to knock me up. I wanted him to breed me and I told him so.

“Do it Little Man, breed me. Make me pregnant with your baby. I can handle it, I want it. Do it, breed me.”

The words, the passion, the situation, the raw emotion that flowed from both of us, caused me to go into another orgasm as he kept filling my pussy until I could feel it dripping out of the sides of my pussy. I don’t know how long we came but finally I could feel him starting to slow down and then get softer and smaller.

“You are not even close to being done white boy” I told him. I pushed him off of me and by the time his back was on the bed my lips were around his cum covered cock. I could see him looking as I sucked like back alley street whore, looking to make that extra buck from some unknown John. Our eyes met, he looked at me and put his hand on the top of my head. Now I really did feel like a whore.

Soon he was hard again. “Come on white boy, I own you. Little Man you are not even close to finished yet” I told him as I quickly straddled him and dropped down on his newly hardened cock.

“Fuck this black pussy white boy” I taunted. “Can you handle a hot black woman white boy or is my black body too much for you? Is my hot black pussy too much for that big white cock that I just sucked hard?” His upward thrusts met my downward ones. I was in control again. He pulled on my tits for me, pinching the nipples. I had to bend a little to kiss him but leaning right over and letting him suck my tits was a perfect match. He began to work every inch of my now hanging breasts. It was getting to me again.

“Little Man, Little Man, what are you doing to me Little Man?” I cried. “Oh God, Oh God,” I kept mumbling as Little Man began to cause the hardest orgasm I had ever felt. Who was claiming who?

The ebb and flow between possessor and possessed moved between us. First one was possessed then the other.

I sat back up, my pussy full to overflowing as I rocked back and forth, my clit rubbing his cock hair. I was cuming so fucking hard, no man had ever done this to me, but it is not like I had a lot of men. Men did not like to be with a woman so much bigger than they were. Even my husband was shorter than I was and he had a complex about it. But not Little Man, he did not care one way or another, he just kept fucking me as if he was ten feet tall, and with more confidence than any man I ever had.

Well I did tell him to knock me up, so what should I expect. What ever it was, I should have expected it was not getting pregnant by a married white man, when I was still married to a different black man. And it was not what was happening right this second that I had ever foreseen as part of my future.

“Oh my God” I said again as the orgasm tore through me, making me wetter than I thought possible. I felt the juice come sliding down onto his cock. “I’m squirting” I said and I looked down to see girl cum spewing out of my pussy. “My God you are making me squirt.” I told Little Man.

My orgasm went on and on and I closed my eyes to bask in the glory of the physical pleasure. Then there was movement and I was empty. I looked down, still squiring only to see Little Man moving himself, sliding on his back down under me. The next feeling was his mouth on my pulsating pussy. “Ahhhh” was all I could get out as another squirt and orgasm hit me.

I had never had a man go down on me. Black men don’t eat black pussy and if they do it sure as hell is not something they enjoy. Little Man was feasting on black pussy and drinking everything I could give him. His cum, my cum, it did not matter to him. It was too hot for me to even contemplate.

Now I sat back up and with my knees on either side of his head I told him to eat me, I ordered it. “Eat my pussy Little Man. Yes, that is right Little Man. You are my pussy slave now Little Man.” I was thrusting my pussy into his mouth. “Lick, suck, kiss, every inch Little Man” I demanded knowing that it was his desires and not my demands that were now controlling both of us.

But again the ebb and flow changed. Now he was holding me by my waist, holding my pussy to his mouth. I was sweating, and water was running down my body, but so was Little Man. His hands roamed over my slick black body, and still he ate my pussy, still he followed my commands to eat me, or I was following his desire to tell him to eat me.

Then I needed to stop but he would not allow it. He held me in place, and continued to force orgasm after orgasm out of my now tired body. He had to hold me up so I would not fall over. My stomach was twitching from the constant orgasms I was experiencing. “Who is controlling who” I asked myself as Little Man ate me, licked me, sucked me, and nibbled at a clit already swollen and beaten at the same time.

Finally Little Man let me fall to my side, completely exhausted. I rolled onto my stomach, looking for rest. I had won, or did I? But I was not to be allowed to rest. The battle wore on.

Little Man was on top of me. My ass was one of my better features. Firm, with just a bit of a bump that made my dresses fit perfect. He was on my ass and I could tell his cock was still hard and was sitting in the crease to my ass. I tried to stay down, tried to prevent his hands from reaching my breasts, sore from more attention than they had gotten in the last five years. I kept my pelvis to the bed, my clit and pussy ached from use. Yes, the passion would make my getting pregnant easier, and I did not lie about that.

Then I felt his face close to mine. I turned and looked at him and saw the lust in his eyes. He allowed a little of the cum he had collected eating me to fall onto my lips, and I licked them clean and then licked his lips, which he refused to open. I tasted my own pussy for the first time as I forced my tongue into his tightly closed lips. But still I got another taste. I wanted more.

He was humping against my ass as he tried to enter my pussy, and soon the wet from my pussy allowed his cock head to enter. He was back on his heels and rocked his cock into me and I could tell he was allowing some of our slick “fuck juices” to fall from his mouth and onto his cock and my ass. He had lousy aim. He rubbed it into my ass, adding to the shine as my sweat made my skin shimmer.

Then I felt his thumb, it was on my asshole. I looked back ‘Don’t” I said with a smirk on my face and anger in my voice. He paid little attention to what I said or how I said it. “I said DON’T and I mean it” I told him again. Again he paid me no mind.

He let the remainder of my cunt cream drop onto my ass and then he pulled that hard cock out of my pussy and put it to my butt hole and pushed.

“I told you NO!” I said. Then I made a big mistake, I taunted him. A man who had been made a fool of by a woman he had married and I was stupid enough to taunt him. “What you get tonight you can keep forever, but if you ever think you might want it, you better get it tonight or you are never going to get it. And I can tell you right now you will never get ass from me Little Man.”

The fight was on. I did not intend to give him my ass; he intended to take it and expected me to fight him to save it. He held me down and pushed into me but I kept moving. Try to put a pencil into a hole made by the same pencil in a moving piece of paper, you can’t do it. The only thing you can do it hope the person holding the paper will get tired of moving it before you get tired of trying to stop them from moving and put the pencil into the hole.

In other words it is a test of strength and endurance and the will to win. I taunted him at every missed opportunity. Every time he had that fat cock head against that little brown hole and I moved, sliding it off its target I taunted him. A few times he just pushed into my slick pussy. I would laugh at his bad aim and moan at his bad aim. Then I realized he did not miss, he put that cock exactly where he wanted it, into someplace slick with juice.

Then he found his target and tried to get a brown wreath around his helmeted head. Once he did, it was all over for me. I was exhausted, first from all that cuming as he fucked me and then from all that pussy eating and now this, his raw power and the will to make me his; to dominate me, to make me understand that I was his property. It was his will to have me that I succumbed to.

The helmet popped into my ass and he stopped. I pretended to fight but I wanted it to be over without my looking like I had just surrendered. But he would have none of that. As he kept pushing into me I kept pushing up over him. Soon he stopped but I did not. Before I realized it he was deep into my ass and I was moving back and forth fucking him.

Damn! I just realized I was fucking him! I felt him hunched over me and I turned to look into his face. It was not victory I saw, it was not lust or passion, although there was a little of that. What I saw, that I had never seen before, was love. I moved to kiss him as he did it to me.

“What are you going to do with it now Little Man? So you got your cock in my ass, what can you do with it? Show me what you got Little Man.” I told him.

He began to fuck my ass but he wanted more and I knew it. I had some body lotion by the bed and he reached for it and began to smear it on his cock as he ass fucked me. The hurt went away and all I began to feel was the pleasure of his cock entering me.

“Now what Little Man, show me what you got! So you got you fat white cock in a black virgin ass, what else you gonna do for me? I again taunted.

Then he reached down and around and now with a cock up my ass he added first two then three fingers into my well fucked pussy. The pleasure of two holes being used was exciting. But when he began to spank my clit with his thumb as he fingered my hole and fucked my ass I went over the edge. And just to add some additional pleasure he hefted one of my large breasts, and then pulled the nipple down as he squeezed my clit. He drove me over the edge and he was still hard and going strong and I was into orgasm mode.

His stroked were long and hard but not fast. But I wanted more, I needed more. My Little Man was one hell of a cocksman.

“Take it my love, you earned it, it is yours.” I told him. His stroked were long and hard but not fast.

Soon I was blabbering and shaking and I felt the hot spurts of cum shooting into my no longer virgin ass and just like before I was squirting pussy cum all over the bed.

Panting we both collapsed. There was one hell of a wet spot, it covered both sides. He went onto his back and with great strain I was able to get out of bed and walk into the bathroom. He had a contented smile on his face. I had cum leaking out of my ass and pussy. I came back and with a warm washcloth I washed his cock and then dried it for him. He just sat there looking at me with a smile on his face. Not a smirk but a smile, a contented smile. This was a man who had not been properly cared for I said to myself.

I left the door open as I cleaned myself up. I know he could see and hear me and I could see him looking, his hands behind his head, smiling. I had to use the toilet, and thank god he could not see that. I would have to get some products to keep my ass ready for him, I thought with a smile. I took shower because I wanted to be clean for him before returning to bed. He was still there looking at me.

Leaving the light on and looking into his eyes I took some oil and applied it to my skin. My deep black color shined and I was proud of my skin. He had rolled over onto his side, his head resting on his bent arm. I took great pleasure to see how he reacted to how I rejuvenated my skin and I made sure it was slow and sensual. My breasts, my pussy and even my ass hurt, I was a well fucked woman, but the pleasure I got from him looking at me, admiring me, desiring me, made all that hurt go away.

By the time I walked slowly out to our bed his manhood was no longer lying on his thigh, but was again hard and demanding.

He was still looking at me as I looked down at him, again not on him, but at him. I saw his cock and was drawn to it. This time I did not intend to miss out as I had the previous times. I licked and sucked his white cock; my eyes pleading with him. He understood and put his hands on either side of my head and moved into my sucking mouth. I played with his balls and even slid a finger into his ass, turn about you know.

“Little Man, My Little Man, cum in my mouth” I panted. “Make me eat your cum. Remember what I said, if you ever want it again you have to take it tonight. You got my virgin ass tonight Little Man, and my pussy, don’t let me have to go without being able to suck you off and drink your cum for the rest of my life.”

Well that set him off. He got a virgin ass, I had given him a show of oiling my body and now I told him I wanted to be able to drink his cum, and that was all he needed. Holding me in place I drank what was left in him. It was a good thing he did not cum the second time he fucked me and waited until he had my ass. Three times in this short of a time was great work for him and me.

“I love how you cum tastes” I told him as I swallowed it all. Then I moved up and kissed him and then kissing each other we held each other and went to sleep. I woke in the middle of the night and I was holding onto his now hard cock. I stroked it a little and seeing he was awake we kissed again.

I moved my leg over his and put the head into my pussy and let him push it in. I told Little Man, “MY cock goes into my body and anytime it gets hard that is where I expect to find it.”

He rolled me over onto my back and gave me a nice slow fucking until I had a few mini orgasms, then we rolled back onto our sides, face to face, and I began to laugh. He asked me why and I told him “If I had known this was going to happen and how good a lover you are I would have guided Gregg’s cock into your wife myself and then had a car and driver waiting for you to leave her.” Little Man looked at me like I was crazy.

“Gregg was a lousy fuck, and never made love to me. You are the best fuck I have ever had and the best lover too.” Shanda told him.

He rolled me over onto him and with his cock still inside me. I was able to put my head over his shoulder and neck and kissed him. Yes I was taller than he was and I could leave my head on the pillow too as I laid over his body. His face was next to my neck and he kissed on me as he slowly rocked into my pussy. He used me like a black blanket and for the rest of the night, waking only to rock back and forth to keep my pussy wet and his cock heavy or hard and at times a digit in my ass. He was such a nasty white boy. He would be my man and I would be his woman. No, that is not right; I was his woman and he was my man.

Early in the morning he began fucking me again. Then he switched to making love. Tender and gentle, squeezing out as much love as he could. We took a shower together again and had to brush our teeth a few times. Way too much cock and cunt breath going on. When we took the shower he made sure I was getting a good clean pussy, he did the tongue test. And seeing how good a test it was I used the same one to make sure his cock was clean. He did not cum that time, a man only has so much cum but he sure got hard and did me doggy in our shower.

From that time on I was his.

It was difficult to always have time, with two little five year olds around but still we managed to make love and to be with each other. At times I would be behind the counter bent over and talking to the girls as the watched TV and Little Man would eat me out. Or he would talk to the first and I would suck him off. I was not allowed to wear panties and like I originally told My Little Man, if he was hard I wanted him inside of me.

At times he would even be behind me with his cock buried in my pussy as we talked to the children, who could only see us from the waist up. Jenny said she and Tisha looked like we did and she would put her head next to Tisha to show a black face and a white one.

“There is only one thing you get to do with that thing without asking me, and that is taking a piss. That cock is mine and I expect to tell you when and where you get to use it.” He smiled and slid it into my dripping pussy.

Little Man managed to keep his hard cock into his woman, every chance he got, which was apparently quite a bit as she gave him eleven children, twelve counting Tisha.



That was our first night together, Shanda continues.

“I have to admit to a little buyer’s remorse in the beginning. It was about a month into our stay at a place where we did not know anyone. I had some trepidation and yes some fear too. Then Tisha came into the bedroom in the middle of the night. She said she was scared and I told her to come into bed with us. She crawled up the middle of the bed but instead of coming to me she crawled onto Little Man and said ‘Daddy I had a bad dream’ and he just held her and told her it would be alright. He kissed her like parents do for their children, comforting her. He had a big smile on his face, he was truly happy. Then Jenny came in and without saying anything crawled up on Little Man and said ‘Hold me too daddy’ and he did. They went to sleep in his arms as he sat there beaming at his daughters. I knew then that I had made the right choice.

I leaned over and said ‘got room for one more?’ and when he nodded yes I told him I was pregnant. No more remorse. I had made the right choice. And one turned into two when we found out it was twins. Both girls began calling me mother about the time they both called Little Man ‘Daddy.’ Eight months later the twins were born. Over the next almost twenty years I had a total of eleven, twelve counting Tasha, children. Actually most of the kids came early and fast, and there are three sets of twins.”

“Yes our daughters have their claims too, but he is mine, all mine, and I share with my daughters but only them. Tisha and Jenny chose him as their mate and it pleases me that they did.

They wanted to be with their daddy and they talked to me about it. It was strange that our children wanted to be wives to daddy but they were now adults. I let them talk to me about daddy and I did not want Little Man to have sex with anyone but me; I did not want to lose him. I was over forty and unable to have any more children and thought he might leave me for my own daughter or his own.

Then I understood something. He had always loved them and it never hurt us or me. I wanted him to love them and he wanted them to love me. This was a step in that direction. Should I worry?

When we told daddy he said NO! He belonged to me and not his daughters. Little Man, my Little Man, promise himself to me and only me. I had told him that he was my property and I would say where his cock went.

A few days later Little Man gave Tisha a rose water bath and we dressed Tisha all in white and lace. She was lovely and virginal. I took Little Man’s hand and walked him to a room I had prepared for them. It was fresh and clean with a bed made for sex. I made sure to put some towels down too; she might be a squirter like me. I then led Tisha to the room and handed her black hand to Little Man’s white one. I kissed my man and Tisha; I loved them both. “Don’t come out until you make me a grandmother.” I told them. This was her fertile time and Little Man was damn potent. Three days later they came out smiling.

That night Little Man came into my bed and made love to me, many times. I knew I had not lost him. The next night Tisha joined us in bed.

Little Man: One week later I took Jenny’s virginity and she made Shanda a grandmother too. Then I made love to Shanda and Tisha alone. The next night Jenny joined us and the four of us have slept together and loved together ever since.

I never forget what Shanda told me. I was her property and I would only share my time and body with her, and now our daughters, but only because she said so.

Talking to Gregg and Marge they were told:

“Daddy has given me two babies and one on the way, just like my sissy here” Jenny says, pointing to Tisha. “We are more than sisters, we are daddy’s lovers, and we are going to give him even more children. All daddy ever wanted was to be loved and to love his family. He wanted to have lots of children, and we are all going to do that with Daddy.

“But daddy showed his love for us in other ways. He read to us every night. He comforted us when we had bad dreams or we thought we heard noises. When we fell down it was daddy who we ran too. Even when Daddy had other children, he never waivered in his love for us, or for them.

“He taught us his business and we are his heirs. Can you imagine that he just took us as children, we have no DNA with him, and he said, ‘After mother’ that is what he calls Shanda to us, ‘after mother you are my hope for the future, those that I will depend on to care for the rest of the family.’ That is true love.”

“And Gregg,” Shanda said, “after being pregnant with “Little Man’s” babies I have to tell you that you don’t begin to measure up to him. He loves his women being pregnant. I was never just a hole for him. He lavished attention on me like a queen would get. I never felt fat or ugly, nor did I feel abandoned. He never looked at other women or for other women. I was his woman. And during that time he was caring for me and giving me his love, he took care of my daughter, she now his daughter too, as if she were his own. Both of his daughters were treated like little princesses, just like he does with the younger ones now.

“And no, he never did a thing to hurt them or have sex with them until they became adults at eighteen. Actually it took them almost a year to convenience everyone to go with it. Little Man was the hardest one to get to go along. Even then he left them alone, making plans to sending them to special schools, where they would be safe. They came to his bed because they wanted too. They asked me first and I said no and over one year or arguing it became a yes and then they just did it. His love for them never interferes with his love for me and our children, all of our children. He cares for all of us; that is his job. To care, protect and provide for us.

“He does what we like to do because he gets pleasure out of seeing us happy. And in turn we get pleasure out of seeing him happy.

“Gregg all you are is a self centered pig who never helped me during my pregnancy or with my daughter after she was born. Little Man is twice the man you are and always will be.”

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