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Chapter 5


Nicole awoke to the feeling of lightly feathered kisses on her shoulders. She held her breath as the lips drifted up the column of her neck, tracing its path with a hot tongue. The feeling was more than she could bear; the tongue had her entire body on fire.

She heard a soft shuffling noise before a pair of muscular arms encircled her. The hands attached to those arms began to caress her firm stomach, only to suddenly capture both her breasts, which fit perfectly in their palms. Then she was pressed against a warm chest.

Nicole stifled a moan as her pulse quickened and her heart raced at an alarming speed. She was completely taken back by her harlot behavior; she was not in the habit of sleeping with strange men, but she couldn’t lie to herself about enjoying their attention.

Truthfully, she was relishing it. Nicole couldn’t stop herself from admiring the men. She had always enjoyed looking at well-toned men. And these two Scottish devils were well-oiled machines, toned and full of sexual stamina, the kind of stamina that left a woman’s muscles sore in all the right places. The men were indeed dangerous, in more ways than she’d imagined. She had never felt such an overwhelming urge to surrender to someone, and two men at that, but it was an urge she dared not give in to.

“Let me feel our pussy. I have thought of nothing else.” The voice was low and husky. She felt a gentle bite on the lobe of her ear.

A thrill ran through her body as her pulse went into instant overdrive. Kieran. The last time she had seen Kieran was when she had attempted to wound him with a dinner plate, and yet, Nicole could feel his presence almost constantly. She was beginning to wonder whether she was going crazy. And wondering why this man haunted her thoughts day and night, like they were actually sharing one soul. It was unnerving to say the least.

Nicole could feel the stiff outline of Kieran’s cock nestled between the softness of her naked ass cheeks. Nicole remained still. He didn’t move either and she wondered, as time stretched, if he had fallen asleep. He moved at last and next thing she knew, she was being lifted off the bed by those large warm arms.

“How dare you! Put me down this instant,” she hissed, trying to pry his hands off her breasts. She tried to sound annoyed, but her voice was too husky, even to her own ears.

Kieran chuckled knowingly, slowly relaxing his hold and sliding one hand down to cup Nicole’s bare mound. “Warm and wet. I think a cock is in order, don’t ye?”

Nicole drew in a sharp breath as she wriggled and squirmed to break free of his tight grip. “Stop that!” she protested, feeling like a hypocrite.

“Stop the bloody fighting woman! It willna do ye any good.” Kieran was holding her tightly as she continued to struggle against him. Squeezing a nipple, he smiled smugly at her moan.

Nicole’s senses were on overload already and they hadn’t done anything. Lord! These men are going to be the death of me, she moaned inwardly, cursing her treacherous body.

“I am not going to stop until you release me.”

“Don’t ye sense the heat between us, Nicole? Don’t ye want to finish what we started?” he whispered before leaning in and gently biting her neck.

“I’d rather die first,” she growled, though she was acutely aware of the masculine chest pressed against her back.

“Sorry to disappoint, but I dinna partake in necrophilia.” He laughed then. It unnerved her and Nicole gritted her teeth in anger.

“Where are you taking me?” she demanded as he walked towards a door and kicked it open. It was the bathroom. It was large, with white marble tile.

“You may go now. I can manage on my own,” she said in a shaky whisper as he placed her feet on the surprisingly warm tile.


Nicole gasped a little, like she’d never heard the word. For several moments, she stood staring at him; the expression in his eyes confused her. They were surprisingly gentle, with no evidence of anger. His blue eyes held her brown ones, studying her silent scrutiny.

“Do ye need assistance with yer bath?”

‘Didn’t I already say no?’ she fumed inwardly, as she took a step backward.

Sighing loudly, Nicole dragged her eyes from Kieran’s in an attempt to gain control over her tattered emotions. She had never been so confused in her life. Squaring her shoulders, Nicole walked over, opened the shower door and without so much of a backwards glance to see if he had followed, she stepped in and closed the door behind her.

Feeling somewhat safer, she heaved a deep sigh of relief then turned on the water and adjusted the temperature to a pleasing level of warmth. She sucked in a sharp breath as jets of warm water cascaded down her body, lulling her into a more relaxed mood.

Nicole closed her eyes and sighed in contentment, the water felt so wonderful. As her body descended into utter calmness, she couldn’t resist the sexual feelings that suddenly rushed through her or the pleasurable sigh that erupted from her lips. Image of bodies entwined in various sexual acts clouded her mind. She became embroiled in the dance of debauchery, lathering her body, running her hands all over, her face, shoulders, breasts, arms, and between her thighs.

She as never felt for free before, as sexual. It was amazing. It was as if she were possessed.

Kieran watched Nicole, motionless, as she showered her smooth, firm body. He found himself staring at the way she lathered her hairless mound, unknowingly, or perhaps knowingly, tantalizing him. He closed his eyes and groaned; thinking about either sucking on or pushing into her sweet, wet, tight pussy was driving him mad.

Suddenly, Nicole felt the water shut off and she shivered, but she wasn’t sure if it was because of the cold. She turned and their eyes met, blue devoured brown, his were dark with desire and hers burned bright with uncertainty and confusion.

“Tell me something, my sweets.” The sound of his voice, deep and sensual, rattled her senses and caused juices to flow from her throbbing core. “Do ye torment me on purpose or do ye want to be fucked?”

Her face warmed with embarrassment and she sucked in a deep breath. Of course I do, she moaned inwardly, yet pretended otherwise by sucking her teeth.

“I’m going to kiss ye.”

Her hands came up to press against his naked chest. She gasped as she became instantly aware of his nudity.

“Why?” she asked foolishly, staring down at his erection jutting from its junction.

Kieran didn’t acknowledge her hands or the question, just stared down at her, his lips curled in a lazy smile. He reached for her and lifted her out of the shower. She said nothing as he dried her and then took her arm, leading her back into the bedroom.

There, he held her up with one arm around her middle as he lowered his head. Her legs trembled but she stood with his help. He grinned at her and his pretty blue irises sparkled merrily.

“So fucking sweet,” he whispered and then gently touched his lips to hers.

Nicole had never felt so satisfied in her entire life, with just a mere kiss. But once the afterglow had settled, she swallowed hard before asking the questions that had been on her mind ever since she woke up a week ago in some stranger’s house. “Where am I, really? And why did you bring me here?”

As if she were answering her own questions, her breathing became labored as the memories of what led her to be there flashed through her mind. Nicole lowered her lashes to regain some composure. She was usually good at problem solving, it was part of her job, but this was a challenging problem indeed and one she needed time to sort. She would just have to find a way.

“Do ye think us selfish, Nicole? That we only want ye for our pleasures? Only for a quick fuck?” Kieran’s booming voice jolted her from her thoughts. “Do ye, Nicole?”

When she didn’t respond, a low, irritated growl rumbled through his chest. Nicole’s head snapped up, her eyes widening in alarm.

“Uh, I really don’t know…I–I don’t know,” she answered honestly, but she really wished she could just throw caution to the wind and take what they were offering. But you don’t know them, an inner voice reminded her.

“Well, ye’d be wrong if ye did.” Kieran leaned forward and lightly bit her exposed shoulder, inhaling her sweet scent. He raised his head and his gaze roamed over her face slowly before he lifted her chin with one finger.

“Do ye have any idea how much we both want ye, our light? How we fantasize about just looking at ye spread out on our bed, naked, waiting for us to both fuck ye? Taking ye in ways ye have never imagined possible?”

He watched her squirm under his unwavering gaze. As her breathing became shallow, he could feel his heart begin to speed up in anticipation, lust and desire surging through his blood. He groaned and ground his hips against her, pressing his thick shaft into her belly.

“I — No,” she whispered nervously. Her body was suddenly tense as his sex organ brushed against her stomach, hot and alive, and a frisson of fear and desire curled through her belly.

“Well let me show ye,” he replied as he lifted her and carried her to the bed.

“Kieran, we shouldn’t,” she protested.

But before she could object further, Kieran laid her none too gently on the bed. Nicole barely had time to catch her breath. The only thing she could focus on were his eyes, they were dark, almost black, and so intense. He stared at her with an arrogant smile. Kneeling down on the bed, Kieran began caressing her stomach with both hands and then his hands drifted down and found her clit.

“Ohhhh,” she whimpered.

Feeling the engorged nub, Kieran swiped his thumb across it. At her shiver, he lowered his head and started sniffing; she smelled sweet and intoxicating.

“Kieran, what are you doing?” she croaked, her voice shaking. Was she frightened? She may have presented as afraid, but deep down, there was a part of her that was excited as well.

“Giving ye what ye need,” he said as he began to suckle her clit in earnest.

In spite of herself, Nicole reached down and gripped his head tightly in her hands. She couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt and the more he sucked the wetter she became.

Nicole threw her head back on the bed when he slid one hand up between her legs and found her breast, twisting and pinching the nipple lightly.

“Ohhhh, Kieran!” she moaned and came with almost reckless abandon as he continued to pleasure her.

Kieran growled pleasurably as he lapped up Nicole’s juices. He had dreamt of this many nights. He had longed to taste her, to hear her scream his name as he took her. He knew Eyon must have worn her out, but he wanted her so badly. For now, she would just have to endure.

Lifting his head from between her thighs, he slowly traced a finger around the entrance to her pink opening, teasing it lightly before he stood up. His cock stood out stiff and proud in front of him.

“Do ye want it, Nicole?” he asked, stroking his rampant erection.

Nodding, Nicole immediately sat up. Feeling wanton and bold, she reached out and grabbed it, guiding him to the entrance of her sex. Slowly, while his eyes locked with hers, his pleasure at her actions evident in their depths, he began to push into her.

When Kieran had completely engulfed himself in Nicole’s tight heat, he began to fuck her gently and slowly, dragging out the sweet feeling, but her moans and active participation drove him to madness. Lifting her hips off the bed, he drove into her and almost immediately, her entire body began to buck and shake.

The moment Kieran felt her contract upon him, their eyes locked again and never strayed, as he claimed her.

“Ours,” he grunted possessively, “all ours.” He thrust deep, again and again. As his orgasm shot through him, he could feel his fluid rushing into Nicole, filling her with his warm semen. And for a moment, he felt lifeless as her muscles continued to milk him.

They stayed entwined for several minutes, as the feel of their orgasms faded. Nicole tried to pull away, but Kieran held her tightly, kissing her face and neck lightly as he eased out of her body. He could feel her pussy twitching with little spasms of pleasure. Nicole moaned as her pussy contracted involuntarily.

He grinned knowingly at her, feeling triumphant once again about her sexual desires for them.

“See, my sweets, ye belong to us. We aren’t letting ye go,” he stated with an arrogant confidence that irritated her nerves.

A soft sound escaped her throat as she braced herself on her elbows, directing her attention to him, her eyes blazing. “I do not!” she snapped.

Lifting a brow, he chuckled. “Little liar,” he accused, “Even now…”

Kieran didn’t finish his sentence before he felt a hard slap against his cheek. He pulled back, completely shocked. The silence that followed was deafening. Kieran stared at Nicole as if she were insane, before hastily disguising his disbelief.

Breathing heavily, the sting of the slap taking effect on her palm, Nicole blinked as tears welled behind her lids. Somehow, she managed to hold them in check. “I …” she stuttered.

Before she could start her sentence, she found herself pinned against the bed. Nicole shrieked in fright as Kieran’s strength left her unable to free herself from his grip, she felt like she was being held down by a boulder.

Kieran swore. He was angry, but he wasn’t about to hurt her. He pulled her face towards his and a pair of hard blue eyes studied fearful brown ones. The look in his eyes told her he was far from pleased. Nicole watched with wide eyes as his hand cupped her face. Surprisingly, he was gentle.

“Nicole,” he said in a firm tone, “dinna ever raise yer hands to me again. Do ye understand?” Kieran unclenched his jaw, as his anger slowly subsided.

“Yes,” she croaked. She gazed at his strong jaw; she wanted to touch it. Her hand twitched and when he saw it, his eyes lit up for a second.

* * * *

Behind them, the door opened and closed.

“Lovers’ quarrel?” Eyon asked, as he walked over towards them.

Kieran loosened his hold on Nicole and looked over his shoulder at Eyon. “We had a misunderstanding. It won’t happen again.” Cool, unreadable blue eyes looked back down at her. “Isn’t that so, sweets?”

She nodded, unable to speak.

Pushing his cloak off his shoulder, Eyon dropped it onto a chair near the side of the bed. It spread out like a black wing across the back of the chair. His thick black hair fell over his forehead, giving him a boyish look. ”Hello, my sweets,” he said, his intense green eyes looking down at her.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, her voice shaky.

Eyon grinned. “Ye didn’t expect me to miss this now, did ye?”

“Miss what?” she questioned, even though she had an idea of what he meant.

His grin widened. “Ye’re an intelligent woman, Nicole. What do ye think?”

Nicole’s face heated and her skin tingled with excitement as she breathed in his masculine, earthy scent. She pictured both men rubbing their strong firm hands over her body. Over her breasts and hips, their fingers traveling down towards her heated flesh, stroking her as she…

“Penny for yer thoughts.” A husky voice interrupted her wicked thoughts. Eyon was sitting at her side, giving her a look that she knew so well. Nicole was suddenly shy and the way both men were currently looking at her didn’t help any. She felt trapped, so she quickly sat up and pulled the bedding up to her neck.

Eyon smiled at Nicole. She was still being modest, even after what they had shared. He was intrigued. He reached over and pulled her nearer to him, leaning into her to whisper in her ear, “Miss me?”

His mouth was close to her neck and when he lifted his head and looked at her, Nicole turned her face away and blurted out, “I need to use the bathroom.”

Eyon chuckled softly. “Tell me, sweets, what are ye going to do?”

Nicole was happy he could not see her eyes, as they mirrored her emotions. “Uhhh… The stuff one does in a bathroom,” she replied with a hint of embarrassment.

Eyon laughed again, it sounded deep and guttural. He could smell Nicole’s alluring scent. It perfumed the air, making his gargoyle restless with want. After a moment’s hesitation, he let her go.

“Dinna be too long, Nicole, or we’ll come get ye.”

Nicole was too stunned to reply. She quickly slid off the bed and rushed into the bathroom, securing the latch on the door. Feeling somewhat safer, she relaxed and quickly relieved her bladder.

Nicole took a deep breath as her thoughts naturally turned to the men. If only she was able to resist them. Why do they make me feel so weak? Feeling a slight headache building, she took two painkillers that she found in the bathroom’s medicine cabinet and then had a quick wash.

When Nicole finally emerged from the bathroom, she could feel their eyes on her, just as acutely as she could feel her fluttering heart. She kept her eyes averted and wrapped the belt of the thick robe she had found in the bathroom more tightly around her waist. Nicole had seen men lusting over her before and even had a few fighting over her. Hell, even that stupid cow Devon had his friends watching her to see if she was cheating on him, though it turned out he was the one cheating, the ass wipe! But none of those men could hold a candle to the way these two men made her feel with the intensity of their gazes.

“Remove the robe, Nicole,” ordered Kieran.

“I will not,” she snapped.

“Why do ye still feel the need to be clothed?” Kieran continued, his voice demanding.

She was briefly stunned. “I do not feel that I need to explain this to you. Anyway, I see no reason for me to be walking around unclothed. It’s not practical.”

Kieran seemed to consider her reasoning. “If the situation were different, that would be true. But ye dinna really have a choice in this matter.”

Nicole remained just as she was and stated defiantly, “You both may chose to ignore this, but I am an adult and will do as I please. I do not need permission.”

She saw him almost smile. “Ye refuse to obey then?”

“I refuse to be bullied into undressing, based on your controlling caveman behavior.”

Eyon’s lips tightened as he interjected, “Then perhaps ye’d like us to do it for ye. If ye like it rough, we can oblige. Yer choice.”

That brought Nicole up short. “I don’t know what you’re insinuating,” she swiveled on her feet to head back to the confines of the bathroom.

But the men were expecting such a reaction, they knew Nicole would rather run away than admit her true feelings. Eyon moved so fast Nicole didn’t even see him coming. Before she could cry out, she felt her body being twirled around as he wrapped a corded arm around her small waist and hauled her body to his. His masculine, earthy scent filled her senses as she tried to pull away from him, but she wasn’t strong enough to break his hold. She attempted to slap him, but he caught her wrist in his hand and held it tightly.

“Quit struggling. If ye dinna remain still, I’ll spank yer bottom!” he vowed, his hand hitting its mark. The robe did little to protect her from the sting.

“Pig!” she hissed.

“I dinna want to fight with ye, Nicole,” Eyon growled in her ear. “If we had wanted to hurt ye, we would have done so by now.” He leaned closer to her, his breath brushing against her cheek has he spoke low. “Are ye hungry?”

Her eyes narrowed at his question. “Why?”

He took his time answering. “More mid-morning delight,” he finally whispered before capturing her lips with his.

* * * *

Nicole’s hands pushed against Eyon’s chest as she fought to get free. Bastard, she fumed.

She didn’t want to feel his warm lips on hers. So kept her lips sealed. But he had other ideas. His fingers moved, slowly caressing the side of her breast in a way that sent a jolt of awareness through her body. At her gasp, he slid his tongue inside of her mouth and she opened liked a petal.

Although Nicole’s body screamed at her to surrender, she stood quite still during Eyon’s ravishment of her mouth. She wouldn’t let them dictate to her what they thought was best. She wouldn’t let them do this to her, this was not the Victorian era. Breaking the kiss, and what a kiss it was, Nicole took a deep breath before saying, “I don’t know what planet you guys are from, but this is Earth. We have laws against forcing people.”

Green eyes widened, perplexed. Good, she thought, it’s about time.

“Do ye really think we care? Ye can continue fighting; it matters not,” Eyon declared.

“Animals,” she spat. Nicole wasn’t prone to fits, but these men and the whole situation had utterly shoved her over the edge.

His hold tightened and Nicole resisted a wince, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. “Tread very carefully, Nicole.” His green eyes sparkled dangerously.

“Whatever,” she replied coolly and with a hard shove at his chest, she made enough space between them to move away from him.

As Eyon abruptly released her, she took a step back and fought hard not to grin at gaining one over on him. Despite her words, Nicole shuddered at the fury evident on Eyon’s features, dark and foreboding.

“It would seem like our mate is adept at being untruthful,” Kieran said sardonically.

Nicole swung her gaze away from Eyon to him. He was lying casually on the bed, now wearing black track bottoms, his long, lean legs stretched out.

Christ, it should be a sin to look so hot. Blonde locks fell askew in disarray, yet the man managed to look like he’d just steeped out of a magazine.

Nicole bristled at his mocking smile. Seething with anger and humiliation, she squared her shoulders and mustered up as much courage as she could.

“Who are you to call me a liar? You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the ass,” she spat out, her voice dripping with venom.

So what if they sensed her need for them, didn’t the word ‘no’ mean anything? She guessed not. She decided to continue to resist. They hadn’t even considered how they had disrupted her life, the selfish bastards.

A tense silence ensued. Kieran chuckled, but it lacked humor. Their mate was, after all, a human. They knew human women lacked discipline. Nicole seemed to believe that using her acid tongue would deter them, but her resistance had only fueled their desire for her. They had started wondering what fully possessing her would be like. It was a welcoming thought, so they continued the verbal sparing.

“Since ye are obviously new to all this, Eyon and I are inclined to be lenient. Nevertheless, my sweets, this is the last time ye’ll defy us on this matter,” Kieran spoke coolly, the laughter gone.

Nicole snorted. Who the hell do they think they are?

She didn’t hear him, hadn’t even sensed his movement, but suddenly Eyon’s fingers closed around her wrist as Kieran got up off the bed. Nicole stiffened and glared at Kieran as he walked casually over to them.

“Stay away from me!”

She felt Eyon’s hold loosen on her arm and finally he stood back. Nicole yanked her wrist free only for Kieran to take a more forceful grip on her hand. The mocking smile was back on his lips. “Today, Nicole, ye’ll be fully taken as ours.”

Nicole felt the jolt in her pussy. This was unreal, how could she still feel so sexually aroused? Why did her body long for this, for these men to possess her? Something was wrong, it wasn’t natural. It was as if she wanted completion, a complete domination of her body and soul.

There was just one thing. She was afraid.

Kieran looked down at the offending garment Nicole wore. His fingers itched to tear it off. Dinna worry, sweets. I’m going to fix that very soon.

Nicole ground her teeth together to fight off the anger and sexual desire that were boiling in her blood, as she struggled against his hold.

“I think we have delayed this long enough,” Eyon interrupted impatiently. He leaned toward her and spoke softly into her ear. “Let me explain it to ye, Nicole. Ye belong to us. We dinna want to fight with ye, but if ye continue to defy us, ye’ll regret it.”

Again, Nicole felt shivers of alarm at his words. What could be worse than what she was enduring?

He spoke to Kieran in rapid Gaelic and Nicole watched in stunned disbelief as the robe was ripped off her body like it was made of flimsy material, exposing her to two gleaming pairs of eyes. It left her stark naked and the men seemingly transfixed, as if they were seeing her naked for the first time, staring at her body in awe.

“We can’t,” she moaned, looking down at her feet, embarrassed, “Not again.”

“That’s where ye are wrong, my sweets. Yer body will always want us,” Kieran groaned huskily as he reached down and cupped a breast.

She moaned and closed her eyes as he began kneading the firm flesh and Eyon, not to be denied, start to paint a trail along her collarbone with his tongue.

Nicole opened her eyes to watch as Kieran’s lips descended to her other exposed breast, and moaned aloud when they clamped over her aching nipple. She stiffened as their hands began to explore her body.

“I know ye’re aching for us, Nicole. Stop fighting it,” Eyon stated in a deep, erotic whisper.

She was deposited unceremoniously on to the centre of the bed. Nicole didn’t even remember when they had started moving, let alone how they had reached the bed. She blinked in confusion at Kieran and then at Eyon. They both stood like statues on either side of her, eyeing her speculatively. She heard Eyon saying something to Kieran in their native tongue.

Eyon looked at Nicole’s naked body in both awe and delight. “She is such a little wildcat in bed and has so much passion behind that cool facade and flippant tongue. She is going to be such a pleasure to tame.” He smiled anticipating the moments to come.

“Aye, even though she sought to fight us every step of the way, I know she wants us. I, too, can’t wait for her taming to fully begin. God’s teeth…the woman drives me to pure madness. With a delectable little puss like that, I am not surprised,” Kieran said, as he remembered Nicole’s taste.

Nicole watched with wide eyes as the two men slowly undressed while staring at her. She swallowed a lump of fear at the hungry looks in their eyes; it was as if they wanted to devour her. Her attention went to the lower part of their bodies. How the hell would she accommodate two? She could just barely manage one. Nicole looked from Eyon to Kieran and back again. She bit her plump lower lip with indecision.

“Nicole, we will never hurt ye. And we’ll fit. Ye won’t regret it, sweets,” Kieran promised as he came closer, recognizing the fear on her face.

Eyon remained silent; he was too aroused to say anything. He edged closer to Nicole. Then their hands fell on her body, rubbing her shoulders and squeezing her breasts, rolling and teasing her chocolate nipples until they grew rock-hard. Nicole found herself quivering and throbbing, their every touch sending unbearable jolts of arousal through her weakening body.

Nicole wanted so much to resist, but it was becoming harder and harder. Hands were everywhere; no part of her body was left untouched. Kieran slid a large hand up her thigh and strong, calloused fingers found her wet, swollen flesh. He used his middle finger to gently rub her clit, circling it, pinching it, until Nicole rocked her hips and moaned.

Kieran’s blue eyes grew darker as he looked at her. The knowing smile that had been there before grew serious. “Look at me, Nicole,” he said, his voice was gentle, yet firm.

She forced her eyes open. He gazed into them for a moment, and then his eyes took on a possessiveness that had her transfixed. “We will not tolerate yer defiance, Nicole. Ye are Mistress here now, even more so after our combined mating. However, what seems to have slipped yer mind more times than not is that we are the masters of yer body and mind,” Kieran growled as thick fingers slammed into her pussy.

She cried out, her body shaking. He gave her a knowing chuckle and thrust deeper. “God, Nicole, why do ye think to deny us what’s rightfully ours?” he demanded, leaning over to bite the side of her neck.

“Ye are ours, Nicole,” Kieran’s deep masculine voice whispered in her ear, his warm breath tickling her earlobe. Anticipation of what was to come flashed through her.

“Yes.” She sounded surprised by her own acknowledgment.

Eyon leaned over and pressed his lips against Nicole’s opened ones. His tongue pushed forward, exploring her mouth, lazily massaging and tasting. Nicole moaned against his lips, abandoning herself to their attentions, their passions, and their sheer possessiveness. She took his hand and moved it down to the wetness between her thighs, to join Kieran’s thrusting digits. He growled in mock outrage and kissed her harder.

“Yes,” she whispered as his fingers found her clit. She loved it. But she loved it even more when Kieran lowered his head to her breast and began biting and sucking her firm nipples.

Suddenly, Eyon broke the kiss to allow Kieran to position her to his liking. As they moved, Eyon quickly captured her lips again in a heated and hungry kiss, before sitting back and watching as Kieran slipped his slick fingers from inside of her and then sucked them one by one.

“I enjoyed that most thoroughly, sweetness. Ye look so beautiful in the throes of passion,” Kieran murmured.

“Aye, beautiful indeed…Take her,” Eyon whispered, “I want to hear her screams.”

Nicole watched as Kieran hooked his arms under her knees and slid her to the edge of the mattress. Open and exposed to his gaze, she turned her head in embarrassment.

“Look at me, Nicole,” Kieran commanded. She obeyed.

“How beautiful ye are!” He gazed at her for a long moment before she allowed her hips to arch up to meet him.

And, for the second time that morning, Nicole screamed as Kieran’s massive erection speared into her wet, sex-slicked, and more than willing womanhood. She met his lunges with a force of her own as he began to take her with long, fast strokes.

“Oh God,” she whispered in a husky voice, wrapping her legs around his hips, “This feels so good.” Nicole grabbed the hands that held her hips in a tight grip.

Kieran growled and increased the depth and tempo of his thrusts until his whimpering mate trembled on the verge of climax. He watched her come until she was quivering with exhaustion. Nicole moaned with unfulfilled passion. Her body continued to pulse with Kieran’s shaft anchored deep within her, unmoving, but still firm and unspent.

Eyon leaned against the headboard and stroked his cock as he watched, never taking his eyes off of Kieran fucking their mate. The beauty of Nicole reaching her climax was a magnificent sight to him.

Nicole, still in the throes of desire turned to him, panting hard, eyes dark with lust. “Eyon, I need you. Please,” she whimpered as her pussy continued to spasm around Kieran’s shaft.

Eyon moved, displaying his obvious satisfaction that Nicole had voiced her needs. He was pleased that she was accepting her fate, accepting that she was theirs.

“Roll her onto her side,” he growled impatiently at Kieran.

Before her body or mind could recover, Kieran slowly pulled out of her suctioning core and placed her in the centre of the bed. Then he rolled her towards Eyon.

* * * *

Nicole found herself pleasantly sandwiched between two hard bodies. She knew what was going to happen. She felt her nipples tighten even more when their erect members touched her heated flesh. Kieran’s erection prodded her from behind, while Eyon’s rubbed against her stomach.

“God, I can’t wait to be inside ye. I want this so bad,” Eyon murmured.

Nicole shuddered as she suddenly felt hands running along the cleft of her bottom. Her eyes flew open. “I’m afraid,” she spoke aloud, finally acknowledging her fears. She knew she sounded helpless and pathetic, but she couldn’t help it.

Physical desire, along with a desire to protect, overwhelmed both men at Nicole’s confession. They enfolded her smaller form in their arms. Eyon reached out and cupped her face. “We understand. Ye have nothing to fear, sweets. We want ye to know us in every way. I want ye to tell us if it hurts too much. Okay, sweets? We’ll stop if ye want us to.”

Eyon stared into her eyes and then his lips brushed hers in the gentlest, most delicate of touches. Soft though it was, the kiss conjured strange, almost electric, tingles in her skin and sent a rush of heat sizzling along her nerve endings. Several times, he slid his mouth across hers, the softness of his lips nuzzling gently.

Meanwhile, Kieran was kissing her neck and shoulders, his hands moving all over her body. All the while, he whispered in her ear about how they wanted and needed her. “Ye’ll enjoy it, Nicole,” he said, biting her earlobe.

“Okay,” she groaned and then opened her lips to give Eyon free access to her mouth.

Oh, God. Am I going to regret this? Two men! Should I? Shouldn’t I? Maybe just this one time… I did agree, didn’t I? No turning back. Nicole couldn’t believe she could become so aroused again after the vigorous attention her body had been receiving from the men. By rights, she should have been bone tired.

For the men, it had been a revelation to hear that one word. She trusted them, wanted them. The sure knowledge that they would finally take her together made their balls tighten in anticipation. They could almost visualize it, a cock sliding into her from behind as the other took her from the front. Their dicks twitched and ached with anticipation.

The rich aroma of her musk filled the air, mixed with the sweet scent of vanilla. It was intoxicating. Eyon continued to kiss her deeply and very, very slowly, gripping her face to hold her more firmly against his lips. Her mouth was a wet, open flower that surrendered to his tongue. He felt her shiver. Her hips were pressed to his own by the force of Kieran’s hand as it kneaded her plump bottom. Eyon smiled at Nicole’s trembling as Kieran thrust his fingers into her and began fucking her from behind.

Nicole gasped and quivered helplessly when she felt the digits enter her core. She whimpered with need as Kieran sped up his pace. Her hips bucked against his hand, begging for more.

Eyon reached out and captured a breast, squeezing the firm, round globe, as her lips parted on a soft sigh. He grinned wider when Kieran’s finger plunged harder into her sopping core. Eyon watched Nicole’s face and knew she was near.

Not yet, he thought. They intended to take things slowly. They had all night and he was going to use as much of it as he could.

Between Eyon’s hands on her breasts and Kieran’s fingers inside her, Nicole was incapable of thought. It was mind shattering. Could someone die of too much pleasure? What a way to go. Nicole moaned in regret as she felt Kieran’s fingers suddenly leave her. She whimpered, her hips moving backward, desperate for him to put them back.

“Be patient, Nicole.”

The sound of Eyon’s voice sent a sweet thrill through her.

Eyon looked to Kieran. He knew Kieran’s face mirrored the dazed look was on his own. Neither could speak, only nodding when they were ready.

“Relax, baby,” whispered Kieran, caressing her bottom.

Nicole heard Kieran say something to Eyon, though she knew not what, since it was in their native tongue. A few seconds later, she heard the distinctive sound of a tube opening. She gasped when a cold liquid suddenly hit her skin as Kieran liberally coated her anus with the lubricant.

“I know it’s cold. Sorry, sweets, but we have to make ye nice and ready,” he whispered before he began to slowly caress her puckered opening.

Nicole gasped and spread her legs wide. “P–please don’t. Oh…”

“Ye’re so going to love this,” Kieran purred, “Open yer legs wider for me.”

Nicole obeyed. Eyon’s fingers nudged her thighs even further apart, seeking out her wet core, and finding the entrance, he thrust forward. Nicole accepted the invasion, groaning as Eyon’s palm hit her clit. Then Kieran thrust a finger inside her anus and she cried out in both shock and pleasure.

Eyon quickly captured her cries with his lips as he used his other hand to caress her hair, her cheeks, soothing her. Nicole moaned and pushed back against Kieran. Eyon continued to distract her, allowing Kieran to take his time to do what he wanted. She sucked Eyon’s tongue as he gladly took what she offered, mapping her mouth with the muscle. He sucked lightly on the pink tip of her tongue, doing his best to give her as much pleasure as he could.

Kieran, sensing that she was more relaxed, removed his fingers, and before Nicole could even feel the loss, the head of his shaft prodded against her anus. She gasped as the bulbous head pushed inside. Blindly reaching out in front of her, she grabbed onto Eyon’s arms.

“That’s it, baby,” whispered Kieran, caressing her bottom as Eyon continued to kiss her. Eyon broke the kiss as Kieran spread her ass cheeks and began to thrust and thrust. She felt a finger flick her clit and she came instantly.

“Oh God.” She bucked forward and then back. Both men held her as she began to shake, howling and mewing like a dog in heat. The men shuddered at the sensation.

“Are ye okay, Nicole?” Eyon asked, looking at her teary eyes.

She had never experienced anything so pleasurable in all her life and was too dazed to even answer. Her chest heaved, trying to find enough air to stay conscious. She was that near to passing out.

“Are ye too tired to continue?” Kieran asked.

Unsure how to respond, Nicole closed her eyes and started chewing her bottom lip in earnest.

Eyon watched a visibly shaken Nicole absorb Kieran’s words. Softly, he added, “There is no rush, Nicole. Just relax and let us do the work.” Eyon paused and waited until she looked at him. “We have ye. Just let it happen.”

Opening her legs wider, Eyon slid his shaft inside her as far as he could manage. Nicole gasped at the sudden invasion. This was all new to her. She had never done anything like that before, plus, she’d never been with any man as well endowed as they were. Their sizes and, lord, the way they used them, were simply out of this world.

They felt Nicole stiffen. Kieran gently began running his tongue up and down her neck as he held her tight. Eyon re-captured her lips and began nibbling and sucking the bottom one.

“Christ’s teeth, Nicole ye are so fucking tight,” Kieran hissed, as if in pain, withdrawing his shaft halfway out her back passage.

“Oh Lord,” she cried out as Eyon’s mouth left her lips and found her nipples.

Eyon groaned in pure pleasure when the hot, tight sheath of her core slowly swallowed his cock. Eyon lifted his head from her breast just long enough to explain. “After we take ye, Nicole, ye will treasure the fluids filling yer body. No other man will ever dare touch ye. Yer only thoughts will be of us and of being with us. Yer body will ache and burn with the need for our cocks to fill it.” He ended with a possessive and demanding kiss.

Both men moaned at the unbelievable tightness they were experiencing, her orifices held them like a vice. After they had allowed her enough time to adjust to their combined sizes, Kieran, who had withdrawn his shaft slightly so Eyon could fully enter her, grabbed her hips and pulled her along his length.

“Impale yerself on me, sweets.” He groaned as she acquiesced. The men inhaled sharply, the scent of her juices had reached them. It was stronger than before, making them even hotter. “Give us yer hot, tight, and sweet little body. All of it.”

Then they began a synchronized dance, moving in unison, retreating and filling her again and again. Eyon ground into her core and Kieran was just as relentless.

“This is good ass,” Kieran murmured, biting and sucking her neck as he pounded into her.

Helpless under their onslaught, Nicole moaned in reckless abandonment. She grabbed hold of the Eyon’s head, causing him to slowly leave her breast and look into her passion-filled eyes.

“God, ye are beautiful. How we adore ye and everything about ye. Yer body is so wet, so tight, and all ours.” His hands gripped her hips then, increasing the pace of their thrusts.

Nicole screamed in her mindless passion. “Oh please, harder- Please,” she pleaded, thrusting her hips backward, enjoying the sensation of two cocks. She heard a grunt of approval and smiled.

“Do ye want to come again, Nicole? Do ye?” Kieran demanded, biting her neck.

How could she resist such an inviting question? “Yes!” she yelled as her fingers dug into Eyon’s shoulders.

She felt Kieran grip her hips tighter, holding her to him as he thrust into her again and again. She fought the impending climax, wanting to savor it, but the men’s sensual words and Eyon’s hands caressing her ass and back, weakened her resolve. She wriggled her bottom, trying to force Kieran to move faster, as an overwhelming need took over.

“Shit. Don’t move, sweetness,” Kieran panted, trying to hold her hips still, but to no avail. “Christ’s teeth. Shit. Fuck it.” He withdrew and slammed back in.

Nicole couldn’t stop the fire. “I am coming!” she screamed.

“Good. Dinna fight it,” said Eyon. “There’s more where that came from.”

It erupted like an earthquake. Her stomach heated and tightened as she coated Eyon’s cock with her hot juices and her ass clamped down on Kieran’s cock. She felt Kieran shudder violently behind her and regretted that she couldn’t see his face.

Eyon groaned and Kieran gasped as Nicole’s inner muscles worked their shafts. And with a rhythm born of long practice, they continued work her as one. “No more,” she cried, as the two pushed her into a state of sexual frenzy.

“Yes.” Both were unrelenting in their quest. Nicole’s head rolled from side to side in time with her moans as the sensations built again.

“Christ’s blood! Shit!” the men shouted together.

As they thrust into her to the hilt one last time, their bodies rigid, jaws clenched, as they emptied their balls into her tight holes. The spurt of their semen into her body triggered a second orgasm. It seemed endless, her muscles clenching as their warm heat flowed through her. She screamed their names as her vision began to blur. She stared into Eyon’s fathomless eyes, now dark with passion, as the darkness closed in quickly. She slipped into unconsciousness.

They continued to leisurely pump into her, savoring the feeling of her clenching ass and pussy.

* * * *

“Isn’t she a beauty?” Eyon ran his index finger along the swell of her hip. Kieran silently agreed, as he also trailed a finger over the soft, but firm, flesh. A needy moan came from Nicole’s throat.

“What happened?” Nicole asked as she slowly opened her eyes and looked into Eyon’s green ones.

“Ye were a bit over-stimulated,” Kieran answered with a grin, stroking her from behind.

“Yer body is still hungry for us, baby,” Eyon whispered as he glanced over at Kieran.

Kieran chuckled. “Wait until ye’re inside her ass. It’s so tight and hot inside. I could feel the blood rushing from my shaft to my head.”

Eyon moaned in reply, the thought sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout his body. Shit, no wonder Kieran had looked so dazed and out of his fucking mind. He ran his hands lightly over her buttocks and Nicole responded by opening her legs for him with a soft moan. It was an obvious sound of desire and his cock twitched.

Plunging one hand between her thighs, Eyon stroked Nicole’s wet flesh, his fingers teasing the hard nub between her puffy labia. Dazed by this unexpected continuation of their earlier encounter, Nicole could feel her juices begin to flow freely. Her hips strained to meet his hand and he indulgently thrust his fingers into her slippery entrance.

A finger lightly trailing along the back of her knee tickled her, while lips kissed and sucked her shoulder. She knew that Kieran was working his way upward. Eyon, meanwhile, had his hot tongue on her neck, almost tickling the skin at the base of her skull, and causing shivers to ripple outward through her body. Eyon and Kieran were both working the heated flesh between her thighs and their strokes pushed her higher. Abruptly, they stopped and she was rolled over onto her back.

A groan from deep inside her body escaped Nicole’s lips as Eyon continued to thrust into her blazing inner flesh. She felt lifeless and confused by her body’s reaction to their touch. Despite feeling spent, she nevertheless shrieked as a violent orgasm swept through her.

Breathing unevenly, Nicole slowly opened her eyes a tiny bit and watched the two men. Nicole had only had sex with two other men in her whole life and neither had ever given her such pleasure. These two, Lord… The one thing she could say was that, in bed, they were definitely compatible, but there was more to a relationship than sex. Relationship? Was that what she wanted?

Minutes later, each propped on one elbow, Eyon and Kieran watched their mate. Both men felt as if they could have stayed in their current position in perfect bliss for the next hour. Nicole was curled up in a ball, under the covers, tendrils of her hair stuck to her slightly damp forehead. Despite that, she looked so cute with her long, delicate eyelashes fluttering against her smooth skin. She looked angelic, innocent and nothing could be further from the truth.

Eyon reached out and stroked the damp hair back from her forehead. It was more of an excuse to touch her than anything. He cupped her cheek and brushed his thumb lightly over her skin. “Ye okay? What are ye thinking?”

“That this is all so strange,” Nicole replied, a sad look entering her eyes, “but it seems right. I think.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “No regrets then?”

“No…” Her eyes were downcast as she looked away and the men couldn’t be sure of what she was thinking.

Silence filled the room as the their eyes locked onto Nicole. Eyon took in the lovely contours of her delicate features while Kieran once again reminisced about the taste of her sweet juices. They both couldn’t help but think about how lovely she was and they couldn’t tear their eyes away from her.

There was a knock.

“Enter!” Eyon bellowed.

Nicole stiffened and burrowed beneath the bedding as the door silently opened. She blushed as her eyes met the timidly smiling face of Alana, who bowed and murmured apologies as she came into the room. In her hands, she bore a tray laden with food and various types of delicacies.

“Good morning, my Lairds, my lady,” Alana greeted them.

“Place the tray over there, Alana.” Eyon nodded towards an empty table.

“Yes, Laird Eyon.”

“I will be preparing your favorite for dinner, Mistress,” stated Alana as she placed the tray on top of the table. She turned and smiled affectionately at Nicole, who smiled back with the same warmth.

“I’ll be back for the tray later, my lady,” Alana said and then scurried off to start preparing dinner.

A few moments passed before Nicole felt the mattress shift beneath her as the men moved off the bed to put some clothing on, but not before kissing her firmly on the lips, one after the other.

“Come and eat before it gets cold,” Eyon commanded gently.

“Okay,” Nicole replied. Hurrying from the bed, she rushed to the bathroom, where she did a quick tidying up. As she opened the door to exit, Nicole was met by Eyon, who scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the table.

“Thank you.” She turned and met his smiling eyes.

Nicole was sat comfortably, eating the food Alana had brought just minutes ago, thinking about the men and what she had seen…again. If only there was some way to find out who or what they were. It wasn’t fair. She almost wished that she hadn’t seen it, so she wouldn’t have had her inquisitive desires awakened with no way to release them. Still, she could ask.

Sighing, Nicole snuggled into the blanket and enjoyed the taste of homemade croissant, soft and succulent on the palate. She could still recall Eyon’s eyes, how they had darkened in passion when he had entered her and kissed her and…shit, this wasn’t the time to think about that.

Curse them for being the hottest hunk of Scottish masculinity she’d ever laid eyes on. And, bloody hell, that sure turned her on in a wickedly hot way. Though she’d rather give them her acid tongue before admitting it to either of them, even if they could probably tell by just looking at her. She just needed to keep her wits.

Eyon and Kieran watched Nicole silently as she ate, noting the way she glanced at them when she thought they weren’t aware. They couldn’t help but smile at their memories of how she had felt in their arms as they took her. They were not surprised that she had responded so well. But, despite that, they needed to be one step ahead when it came to their feisty mate.

Nicole had proved to be an apt challenge, an exciting addition to their lives, and a welcome change from the typical activities of their life. She was a beauty, no doubt about that, and she would take some taming, of that they were sure. But they were as sure of their own desires as they were of their enchanting mate’s and they required total submission from her.

Her eyes were closed, as if she was in a world of her own, but they knew better.


She jerked, jarred from her confused thoughts. The firm sounding tone in Kieran’s voice concerned her, as if he understood what was taking place in her mind.

“What are ye thinking?”

She pushed the now empty plate away and folded her hands in her lap. “Do I have to share my thoughts also?” she asked calmly, “I am thinking of nothing, if you must know.”

Nicole saw his smile and felt his amusement. “Ye are lying again.” His voice was gruff. “Do ye have a problem with being honest?”

Nicole shrugged. “I do not. Not that it matters to you two anyway.”

She watched as Eyon eased off the bed, walking over to stand by the window and look out. He turned and stared at her for a moment.

“Nicole, we understand that this is all new to ye, but we have no patience for insolence. The sooner ye accept this, the better it will be,” Eyon stated coolly.

Nicole returned his stare, trying not to show her inner fears. “Better for whom?” she shouted, ending the short truce between the three of them. “Bloody cheek.”

Kieran approached her and leaned forward, his eyes dark with anger. “Ye like playing with fire, Nicole,” he stated, “but will ye enjoy the burn?” He reached out and pulled her from the chair.

“Let me be,” she hissed as he pulled her towards him. He closed his eyes, enjoying her feeble struggles. He wasn’t deterred. Kieran MacThomas had never been bested by a man and certainly never a female. His mate would not be the first. He found Nicole delectable in her current state of anger and he had a ready cure for that fire. The result would be their ultimate satisfaction. There was a granite shaft between his thighs that he could use to douse her flame.

“If ye think ye’ll best us, Nicole, ye are more addled than I thought,” he declared, laughing. Kieran was amused. “Have we ever told ye how lovely ye look when angry, sweets?” He grinned as he carried her towards the bed.

Feeling defeated, Nicole stopped her struggles and sighed. “Look, you’re both handsome and all that. I am sure you both can find somebody willing.” A brief look of guilt crossed her face.

“Ye have something against handsome men?” Eyon chuckled as he turned from the window. He still wore his smile as he walked across the room and sat beside her on the bed.

“What does it matter? I am but a prisoner. Who cares what I think?” she replied softly, refusing to allow their amused looks to make her feel even more stupid than she did already.

The humor left Eyon’s face to be replaced with the quiet watchfulness that was always there whenever she caught him looking her way. He held her eyes for a moment longer before dropping his head as he answered, “Tell me, Nicole, do ye want us to care?”

She had no reply, but then he was speaking again. “I suggest ye get some rest. Ye’re going to need it.”

His suggestive remark wasn’t lost on her, but she still remained quiet. Nicole lowered her lashes; she refused to look at them, knowing her face was a mixture of arousal, embarrassment and anger.

Nicole didn’t know they could smell her arousal, smell the juices flowing. She didn’t see the satisfied smiles that spread across their faces. For several long moments, she didn’t move, and with their hard bodies sandwiching her, she could barely breathe. The silence was making her nervous.

Nicole stiffened when Eyon’s hand touched her thigh. She jerked and slapped his hand away. She heard his sharp intake of breath at the same moment. His jaw was set, so firmly clenched she could see the strain in his face. She quickly looked away.

“Nicole.” She didn’t turn toward him.

He sighed. “Look at me.”

With seeming reluctance, Nicole turned her head to face him again. “What?” she whispered.

He leaned down and took her mouth with a sweetly gentle, but passionate kiss. He slid his tongue softly over her lips, seeking permission to enter. When she opened up to him, he groaned, sliding his tongue into the moist recesses of her mouth. Eyon sucked and nibbled her lips as he gathered her close, until she was perched on his lap. He slowly disengaged his mouth from hers and then gazed into her eyes.

“Ye have no idea what ye do to us, do ye, baby? Why do ye continue to fight us? Ye belong to us.”

“You’ve both been misinformed,” she stated.

“Misinformed?” Kieran repeated as he reached over, taking her from his cousin’s lap so he could feel her in his arms again.

She closed her eyes and shivered. Nicole could feel the hard bulge of his erection against her backside. She pulled away from him so she could gulp in some much needed air.

“I can’t deny the attraction I feel for you both, but this obsessive madness needs to stop.”

Kieran didn’t answer right away; instead he just stared at her. Nicole gave him an irritated look until he finally spoke. “It isn’t an obsession to want to be ye,” he drawled seductively, with an arrogant look on his face.

Stop looking so smug! You’ve lost, and you know it. She so wanted to get up and slap that damn look off his face, but she didn’t dare. “Of course you’d say that. I suppose that’s why I am being detained like a prisoner.”

Kieran continued to stare at her, his face impassive, not giving a clue to the emotions churning inside him. “No arguing with ye there, sweets. I can see that. Stubborn as hell, ye are.” He reached up and tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

Her pulse went on instant overdrive as her pussy contracted on its own. She shivered. Lord, what are these men doing to me?

“I am not stubborn. I…I am not a mule,” she answered, finally getting some semblance of control over her raging emotions.

Kieran sighed. “Do ye fear us, Nicole?”

She wanted to ignore his question, but honesty prevailed. “Well, a little bit.”

She didn’t want to be so obvious with her feelings, but Lord, were they making it ever so hard, which increased her unease.

“It’s natural, but ye have no need to fear us,” he replied.

“Aye,” Eyon agreed. He didn’t want Nicole to fear them. They wanted her to be happy and remain where she belonged, in their arms.

Nicole snorted and lifted a trembling hand to brush away another stray lock of hair from her forehead. Of course they would say that, how the hell could they understand how she felt? Turning to Eyon, she said, “Then why are you both treating me like this? Like I have no say in the matter?”

A slow smile crossed his face. “I know it may seem like a lot to take in, but I know ye feel the strong bond between the three of us.”

Their feelings for her were intense and they couldn’t exactly blame her for feeling unsure, but they had to convince her to give this relationship a chance. Besides, it wasn’t like they were going to take no for an answer, she was too important to them.

She hesitated a moment and took a breath. “Yes. Oh- I-I don’t know. I guess,” she answered. What was the sense in lying? Eyon would only prolong the discussion.

The men exchanged glances before nodding in understanding. There was hope. They looked down at their mate, taking in every detail of her lovely face, from her pouting lips to her large brown eyes that held shadows of doubt now that the conversation had taken on a different course.

Eyon reached out and gently traced a finger over the curve of her exposed shoulder, resisting the urge to push her down on the bed and plunder her sweetness. “There are things that we cannot tell ye, at least not yet. And we require nothing of ye that we cannot give in return. But, what I would ask from ye…when we do tell ye what ye seek to know, please view it with an open mind,” he said as he began gently massaging her shoulder with his fingers.

Nicole’s eyes were as wide as saucers. “Keep an open mind?”

Something told her these men were keeping secrets, secrets she intended to find out. She sucked her teeth. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the annoyance in their expressions, but ignored it. She could rile them whenever she wanted. It was empowering…and funny. Then she sobered. “You know what the saddest part is? Neither of you have even asked me what I want.”


“That’s my name,” she replied sarcastically, not bothering to look up at Eyon.

“Look at me, baby.”

She hesitated briefly and then turned her head to look over at him. Nicole trembled as those green eyes studied her. “That couldn’t be helped. So let’s move on. An open mind, can ye do that?”

What the hell? Just like that, no thoughts spared for her feelings. Nicole took an inward breath for courage. Sure, they were large and intimidating, but they did say they would never harm her. Her heart was in her throat, but the adrenaline allowed her to feel courageous and in command. Squaring her shoulders, an action that made the men chuckle, Nicole eyed them stonily.

“I saw Kieran’s eyes that night and yours earlier. Was I seeing things?” she blurted instead. What happened to courage?

It was apparent by the look in his eyes that Eyon was surprised by her question. What? Did he think she had forgotten? She wasn’t about to let him back out of answering the question that had been plaguing her thoughts for days now. Nicole thrust her chin out, giving her the appearance of a defiant teenager.

His expression became unreadable. “No, ye weren’t.”

Eyon wasn’t sure if saying more would upset her, and the last thing he wanted to do was make her afraid.

“I knew it!” she yelled. Pushing away from Kieran, she jumped up off the bed.

“I knew I wasn’t crazy,” she exclaimed, slowly backing towards the door.

Kieran and Eyon had watched in disbelief when Nicole had jumped up. They didn’t bother trying to stop her because she had a right to be alarmed. They just hoped it was temporary. They were both willing to do what was necessary to see that Nicole remained with them.

“What ye saw that night, and today, was not a result of ye being drunk. Our eyes do in fact change colors, Nicole,” Eyon explained as he turned away from her,

“They usually change based on our emotions at the time, although we can change them at will.”

Nicole shut her eyes, as though she was to block out his words. “What’s wrong with you? Are you both ill?” she asked, panicking.

“No, Nicole, we’re not ill. We were born this way.”

Nicole didn’t know what to say. What kind of person had eyes that glowed red and then turned black? She stood rigid, in a state of confusion and looked towards the door. The only escape route.

“Do not fear us,” Kieran pleaded, all arrogance gone as he observed the conflicting array of emotions flickering over her face.

Her head snapped towards him and she pinned him with an icy stare. Kieran held out his hand and let it immediately fall to his side as Nicole backed away further from them.

“I demand a phone call,” she declared.

Kieran’s brain screamed in frustration and judging by the look on Eyon’s face, he fared no better. Nicole was pretty angry. They watched her as she stood there, spoiling for a fight. Sure they could force her to comply, but fucking her senseless would only serve as a temporary respite.

Eyon’s voice broke the silence. “Nicole, I know ye dinna trust us right now, but just give us a chance to explain. We know it’s a lot to take in, but we can make it better.”

She so wanted to believe them. They were looking so handsome, staring at her with concern and worry, spilling their feelings. Damn, they were making it hard. She quickly looked away to collect her tattered thoughts. She took a breath, trying to steady her pounding heart. “Well, explain then. What is it?”

“Our eyes can change color.”

The response made no sense, Eyon knew that, but he wasn’t about to elaborate. Little did he know, Nicole wasn’t about to be satisfied with that. She looked exasperated. Kieran smiled at Nicole’s expression, if the situation wasn’t so serious, he would have laughed.

“You don’t say?” she whispered sarcastically, her gaze never leaving Eyon’s.

“Damn,” Kieran growled, “Come here to us, Nicole.”

Kieran decided to change the course of the discussion. It was not a good time to get into it. If it took fucking her to keep her quiet, well so be it.

“Why?” She watched him through hooded eyes. He looked so manly and sexy. Do not give in, she told herself.

“I will come to ye then.” Kieran rose from the bed and began walking towards her.

“This is crazy.”

“No, Nicole, it’s not.”

She didn’t bother to move or say anything as strong arms surrounded her waist and lifted her off the floor. She sighed in defeat and wrapped her arms around his neck as he walked them back towards the bed. She looked over at Eyon. Although he hadn’t moved from his position, sitting on the edge of the bed, she had a strong sense of connection with him, as if he was caressing her.

“Bring her to me.” Eyon’s passion filled voice had her pussy creaming, coupled with Kieran’s large hands, cupping and squeezing her bottom as he laid her gently onto the bed.

“But we haven’t finished talking,” she moaned, trying to pull away from Eyon’s hands as they moved to reveal her heated flesh for their touching and viewing pleasure.

“Not now, Nicole,” Eyon groaned huskily as he reached down and cupped her breasts.

She almost gave up resisting when he began to knead the firm flesh. But Nicole decided not to give in so easily. Not even a mind-blowing orgasm would make her forget. At her insistent pushing, Eyon reluctantly lifted his hands.

“Ye like it very much when we take ye to bed. Am I right?” he smiled at her glare.

“Of course I do.” She wanted to contradict him, but honesty forbade it. Besides, he bloody well knew she did, based on her reaction to them. She knew they were being evasive in their answers to her question. Sighing, she glanced from one to the other. They both had the characteristics of men to whom command was familiar, but no outright haughtiness was apparent in their bearings. They were dignified and rather reserved in manners, but also downright domineering and controlling.

Well, if they thought their pretty looks and hot sex could deter her, they were wrong. Slowly, she counted to ten and looked at both of them. Their expressions were perfectly calm, only the flaring of their nostrils gave away their desire.

“So, what do you mean when you say your eyes change with your emotions?”

“Ye want to discuss this now?” Kieran asked, his voice a deep rumbling baritone.

“No, next week. Of course now! We have more important things to discuss than having sex,” she replied stubbornly. Rolling her eyes, she sat up.

“And if we decide otherwise?” Kieran’s grin held a hint of challenge. Women, they were never satisfied until they had the upper hand. Lucky for her, they loved her. Being with her was like being re-born. They could deny her nothing, except letting her leave that was.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she snapped. Her eyes narrowed as Eyon reached out and cupped the side of her face.

“Remember what I said earlier, Nicole. Keep an open mind.”

Whatever, she thought, twisting her face away.

She turned to look at Kieran when he said, “Do ye believe in myths and monsters?”

She shook her head, torn between screaming and laughing, but she did ask the question.

“Nicole?” His voice was gentle as he lifted a hand and gently touched her shoulder, but at her tight look, he released her.

As Kieran’s hand fell away, she shuffled away from him only to come in contact with Eyon’s thigh on her side. She pushed at it, but it was like trying to move a boulder, so she gave up. “Of course I do.”

Both men stared at her in stunned disbelief. “Ye do?”

“Of course not!” she snapped, “Do I look stupid?”

What the hell’s wrong with this man, asking asinine questions?

Sighing, Kieran smiled humorlessly. “What do ye know of gargoyles?” His question sounded hollow and distant.

Nicole averted her gaze. It was official. They were crazy. Hot like fire and crazy as hell. Suddenly her thoughts became clear, as she remembered the manuscripts, the picture, the drawings, and all those documents the men had in their library. Was this part of their delusions? She had read that a person who suffered from schizophrenia sometimes presented with grandiose ideations.

Nicole closed her eyes, perplexed. Eyon was so serious, but tender, Kieran was quick to laugh, but possessive. Could she live like that? How could something feel so right, yet so wrong? Conflicting emotions plagued her mind.

The men watched Nicole. Though they weren’t touching her, they could sense her inner turmoil. Nevertheless, she belonged to them, whether she liked it or not. Besides, she was the one who wanted to continue the conversation. Kieran looked at Eyon. Eyon nodded. They both reached out and gently touched Nicole’s hands.

“Nicole, are ye…okay?” Kieran asked.

Her eyes snapped open. “What?” she replied inanely.

“Earlier, I asked ye a question, Nicole. Do ye believe in gargoyles?” Kieran looked her squarely, unblinking.

Not knowing how to respond to the question, she shrugged and laughed. But neither man thought it funny, so she tried to make light of the situation. “Oh, come on. Do you?”

Far from amused, Eyon replied in a clipped voice, “We do.”

Her brow furrowed as she frowned, baffled. “You’re both crazy,” she said. Her expression made it clear she thought they were indeed nuts.

“Have ye ever seen a gargoyle?” Kieran continued.

“What kind of a silly question is that?”

Eyon nodded slightly to indicate that she should answer it anyway. “What has that got to do with my earlier question?”

“Be patient, Nicole. We’ll get there.”

She sighed inwardly, deciding to play it safe. The last thing she needed was to be at the mercy of two mentally disturbed persons. Feeling at a disadvantage, in fight or flight mode, Nicole pushed her body into a more comfortable position. With an inward curse, she softly answered, “No.”

Both men exchanged knowing glances. They could see the confusion written all over her face. More than anything, they wanted to make things right. She was their future.

For centuries, there had been humans that had tried to wipe out their race from existence, planting a seed of hatred and mistrust. Hopefully with Nicole by their side, they could repair some of the hurt. It would take time, of course, but time was what they had.

Sighing wearily, Eyon looked at his mate. They needed to end this, maybe much sooner than they had anticipated. “Well, let me show ye. Look up at me, Nicole.” Eyon’s voice was gentle, yet firm.

Slowly she met their gazes, but not sure what to expect, she kept silent. Nicole watched Eyon as he got off the bed. She studied him, unblinking, as he watched her. Eyon was certain Nicole was going to scream and run at any moment. He had seen many do the same thing, would she be any different? This thought almost caused him to abandon his plan. Taking a deep breath, he hunched his shoulders over and let loose his wings.

Nicole blinked once…twice…three times when she saw the wings flapping. They were a shimmering dark silvery grey, with wide claw-like feathers, and his eyes had taken on a dark color, almost black. Nicole allowed herself to stare like an open-mouthed simpleton.

“Where do they come from?” she asked, her voice full of wonder, as she gaped at the stunning and magnificent wings presently before her. “Are they real?”

Nicole was more fascinated than frightened. Eyon didn’t respond, nor did he break their eye contact. He stood erect and it was as if he was made of stone.

Their mate was strong. Both men were surprised she wasn’t screaming and fighting to get away, but then again, it could be a delayed reaction. It had been so long since they felt so at peace. They had longed for someone to share their lives with, now they had Nicole. Their kind needed to be mated. It ensured the healthy continuation of their race. Eyon looked over to his cousin, who was surprisingly quiet and then back to Nicole’s panic-stricken face.

Nicole began to panic. Was she unwell? Was it a dream? The gentle movement of the wings snapped her from her thoughts. “Am I alright?” she asked, her voice quaking.

“Of course ye are.” Kieran finally spoke, and Nicole, somewhat enchanted, didn’t protest when he reached out and took one of her hands in his. “We understand yer fear.”

“Really? I thought gargoyles feared no one, with their super strength and policeman attitudes,” Nicole quipped, still looking on in awe.

Kieran laughed and she stared at him as his handsome face lit up. Nicole knew then that she cared for them. She turned and looked back at Eyon and the smile on his face warmed her entire being. She no longer saw them as crazy, but as men with desires and longings, just as others had. Could she be falling in love with them? Should she stay? If only it was that simple. She was taking it surprisingly well. Maybe she was in shock?

She looked on in wonder as Eyon, in gargoyle form, walked over to them.

“Are you really a gargoyle?”

Nicole’s eyes were drawn to his muscular chest of their own volition, traveling down to his tattered trousers. His erection was straining against them, leaving his cock clearly outlined, and what a cock it was. She licked her lips and his gaze followed her pink tip.

Eyon moved closer to her. “Ye’re still in doubt, despite these?” He flapped his wings. He sounded the same, although louder, and due to the change, a hollow voice boomed at her.

“A little,” she replied, mesmerized by his onyx-colored eyes, “But at the risk of sounding like a child, can you fly?”

Eyon nodded and took her free hand in his. “I know it is quite a lot to take in, but the best place to begin is by understanding our history.”

She glanced from one gorgeous hunk…man…gargoyle, whatever they were, to the other. She wanted to be ravished by them both. At least she knew they were good lovers, but was that enough?

Then Eyon began talking again, almost to himself. “All those stone figures of gargoyles ye see perched on top of cathedral were just used as protection to ward off supposed evil spirits. We were, in fact, Guardians of the human race, fighting along side them in battles.”

“This is all so strange!” It sounded like a spin off from Lord of the Rings, fascinating stuff. “A nice cup of tea would do just about now,” she grumbled.

He smiled and continued. “We were young lads when the Vikings came.” He looked over at a pensive Kieran. “I remember it as if it were yesterday. We were both hidden, as were other children, protected by magic. Rather than revealing the spells they had used to hide their children, our mothers sacrificed their lives, as did most of the other females. The Vikings wanted us as their slaves, to fight their wars. Our fathers were away fighting for our King at the time of the invasion…” he trailed off bitterly and closed his eyes.

“I am so sorry for your loss,” Nicole whispered, looking from one grief-stricken man to the other.

Kieran lifted her hand and kissed the back of her palm, his eyes reflecting all he had lost also. “Thanks, but dinna be. It was many centuries ago.”

Both men emitted a soft growl of pleasure when Nicole said, “And now you have me.”

She blushed at their pleased looks. For several minutes, they remained staring at each other. The men watched their lovely mate, each struggling with the need to push her down on the bed. Instead, they climbed in beside her, wanting to feel her between their bodies. Her body, though covered, was driving them insane.

They wanted her to stay with them, so they needed to take things slowly, but it was damn hard. Now that they had found her, the need to be with her was overpowering. For the past week, they had avoided temptation by keeping busy with clan matters. But despite their best efforts, they couldn’t help but daydream about her, much to their brethren’s amusement.

The memories made Eyon chuckle. He looked over at a smiling Kieran and knew he shared the same thoughts.

“What’s so funny?” Nicole asked, rubbing an unexpected itch on the side of her neck.

Eyon’s sharp eyes zoomed in on the fading bite marks their fangs had left on her neck. “Does it hurt?” His fingertips rested gently on the side of her neck.

She frowned as she fingered the bite marks and then smiled with affection. “No, I think it is cute.” She looked from Eyon to Kieran, shyly.

Delighted by her response, they smiled in unison. This outspoken honesty was hardly what they expected; yet in another sense, they were not surprised. Nicole was a fascinating and enchanting woman. Looking at her small hands, clasped in their larger ones, confirmed what they already knew, that she cared for them. This thrilled them to no end.

Nicole’s face suddenly became pensive. She asked fretfully, “Are you both alone then?”

“There are few of our kind still in existence. Most of our kind died in our stone state or out of grief, due to the loss of our females,” Kieran answered. He didn’t want to tell her that they had committed suicide.

He heard Eyon sigh and turned his eyes towards him. He could see the pain on his cousin’s face as he now sat immobile on the bed. Kieran knew it was equally hard for Eyon and it saddened him. Eyon, for all his stubborn disposition and determination, was rarely open with his feelings. They had both wanted to seek justice for the death of their mothers, although they were young lads at the time, and would have done so if not for the intervention of Eyon’s father.

For centuries Kieran had ached with pain, hurt and anger over it. It had taken quite sometime to overcome the pain. There had been times when he’d been so desperate to feel his mother’s touch, to hear her say that she loved him, as she often would. But now he would have his own family, his own sons, to love. If only his beloved mother was still around to see it.

As Kieran took over in telling Nicole about their history, Eyon let his mind wander. It was his father who had found them. It was days, maybe weeks later; they had all lost count of time. His father’s words penetrated his mind as he held him tightly. ‘Ye ‘ave survived, my son, to fight another day.’

Furious and grief stricken, his father had sworn revenge, killing all that crossed his path, until it was foretold by a Seer that he would have a new family. The pain had caused his father, Laird Callum, to reach out to a local female Seer. She informed him that his son and nephew would one day mate with a human and this would ensure the continuation of the race, his bloodline, as well as mend past hurt and pain.

This appeared so improbable to his father, who had taken on such hatred for humans to escape the hurt, that the matter was referred to a greater authority, the Gargoyle Council. The Council had corroborated the Seer’s story, but the matter was still universally discredited in the clan. Humans were considered the enemy. The clan would have never allowed a union of this nature, until now. Nicole unconscious caress of his hand pulled him from his thoughts.

Eyon looked at her tear-filled eyes as she listened patiently while Kieran painfully relived the last five centuries. She had no idea the impact she was about to make on the men’s lives. Eyon’s felt a tightening in his chest when he saw her tears. He observed the strain on Kieran’s face and knew that her tears affected him also.

“Do gargoyles still hate humans?” she whispered.

As soon as the words left her lips, Nicole wished she could call them back. But Kieran was already answering. “We will never hurt ye. So ye have no need to fear us.” He used a hand to wipe her tears. “Nicole, dinna cry. Ye’ll make yerself sick.”

“It is a sad story.” She smiled as he wiped away her flowing tears.

“Yes, but restrain yer tears, sweets. It was a long time ago. We bear no hatred anymore.”

“I believe you, I don’t know why, but I need some time to take all this in. It’s not every day that you find out gargoyles do exist and you’re the mate of not one but two…”

Kieran placed a hand to her lips, halting her trembling rush of words. “We both intend to love ye together. We also want ye to remain with us.” At her blush, he grinned.

“I…” Nicole found herself unable to speak, her eyes locked on the smoldering expression defining Kieran’s face. This was something the men obviously thought through. “I… how long?”

Kieran chuckled and in sync, both men got up and straightened their large forms. Eyon had returned to his human form.

Kieran reached down and gathered Nicole into his arms. “Forever, Nicole,” he replied.

He slowly bent his head to kiss her lips, but she pulled back and stated, “Forever is a long time. What if I want to leave?”

At her words, a spark of anger sliced through them. Nicole could practically see their jaws grinding. She gulped as Eyon reacted. He turned her head towards his, cupped her face in his huge hands and looked into her eyes. Nicole felt flushed and breathless, her heart fluttering in her chest.

Eyon’s eyes were dark and as cold as hardened steel. “Never,” he growled.

Nicole shuddered at the harshness in his tone; it had an edge of near violence that said this was not debatable.

“Do ye care for us, Nicole?” Eyon’s question got Nicole’s undivided attention as her heart pounded loudly in her chest.

They sensed that she did, based on her reaction to them, but they needed to hear it from her lips.

“Do ye care for us, Nicole?”

Eyon asked the question again, a question Nicole couldn’t seem to answer. She felt frozen and she shifted uneasily as she pondered her feelings. The silence lingered on as they waited for her answer. Her mild reeled with things to say, but nothing came forth. She wanted to say ‘Yes, I care for you both, I may even love you,’ but the words remained lodged in her throat.

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