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Lights are out at my old man’s place, I’m not surprised. He probably fell in a bottle watching porn or some shit. Motherfucker broke my arm and kicked me out. Fuck him. He’s an asshole, not worth my time. I finished my cigarette and walked away from Kelly’s steps.

I borrowed money from his shop to buy Kelly that stupid CD player. I would have paid it back eventually. But I had to replace that damn walkman, though. I didn’t even mean to break it. She just freaked me out, you know. I’d open my mouth and try and say somethin’ nice and I couldn’t. All that came out was dumb shit and calling her names. Then she said all that shit about my dick and I just lost it. I’m not proud of what she made me do. So, I figured I’d make up for it.

It’s Kelly’s fault really; if she’d just agreed to go out with my boy, Jordan Scarlotti when he asked her out, nothin’ bad woulda happened. But Jordan said she was a ‘nigger bitch’ who thought she was too good for him. With Jordan being black, I had his back. He called me ‘honky’ and ‘cracker’ and ‘the man’ that’s just how we rolled.

Jordan’s dad, Dr. Scarlotti, owned a vintage Mustang, custom indigo blue paint job and it was flawless. He brung his car around my old man’s shop a lot cuz even though my dad told him not to, he drove it every day. That’s how I met Jordan, he’d always tag along. Even back then I was helpin’ out my dad cuz he couldn’t afford to keep an extra mechanic on staff when I could do the work for free.

My dad used to talk about Dr. Scarlotti when he wasn’t there. “Stupid nigger, always gettin’ uppity when they get themself some fancy ed-u-ma-cation. But thank God, for the jungle monkeys that don’t know shit about cars.” Then he would laugh.

Jordan was always a ‘love them and leave them’ type before Kelly. He got more action than a rock star, at least that’s what he told me. But then he went all nuts about Kelly. It became Kelly this, and Kelly that. He was driving me nuts with Kelly talk. What Jordan though was so special about the bitch, I didn’t see it. Okay, maybe she had a smokin’ body and a pretty face but she was way too smart for her own good.

Since I got left behind a few times cuz I don’t read so good, I’d been driving for a year by the time Kelly started at our school. Jordan dragged me to the diner downtown where Kelly’s mom worked. We went every day after school for months.

James Dawson ran the place. You could see he had a thing for Kelly’s mom. I mean her mom was always nice and everythin’. She smelled like Kelly, guess they used the same flowery shampoo or somethin’. Her mom was real easy on the eyes too. She even told Jordan he should ask Kelly out once. So maybe it was her mom’s fault.

I remember this one time her mom was talking to Dawson. Well she was somethin’ and that old horny guy was just eating up whatever she was servin’.

She walked up to the counter, leaned over it, grabbed a cherry from the sundae fruits, popped it in her mouth, stem and all, then like five seconds later remove the stem all tied in a tight ass knot. Hottest shit I’d ever seen a chick do outside a porn flick.

“Kelly’s failing her history class,” Kelly’s mom said, rolling that cherry stem between her thumb and forefinger. She pitched it on the counter, and then grabbed a new cherry while Dawson kept swallowing like he was thirsty.

He cleared his throat and asked, “Some boy sniffing around her?”

Kelly’s mom shook her head ‘no’.

“She can’t handle her class load and all the sports?”

Again her mom shook her head ‘no’.

“Well what’s the problem Carol, I know it’s not drugs or something?”

Carol finished her second cherry and did that thing with the stem again and then she said, “Just Kelly thinking again. My baby worries too much. She got it in her head that even though Mr. Harrison said that pop culture would be a part of the current events assignments, we didn’t need a television.

“Mr. Harrison felt bad about having to fail Kelly. When he called me to tell me she failed the first two assignments, he apologized. He said that it was usually the student’s favorite part of the class. He assigned them an hour of television to watch every night. Kelly used the TV guidebook instead of just asking me to buy her a television.” She laughed and popped another cherry in her mouth.

“That girl of yours,” Dawson said shaking his head. “Why didn’t she just go over to a friend’s house instead?” he asked.

“Well you know Kelly, her friends are books and books. I thought with her playing sports and all she’d start being more social. Like normal kids her age, dating and such. But no, Mr. Taylor told her eons ago that she could go to Harvard, Yale, or even MIT, if she worked at it. That meant I had to get her into a better high school where they offer AP courses.

“She knows how hard I worked to buy the house, and with sports all being pay-to-play. She’s trying to get any scholarship available. Maybe I would have come out better putting her in private school, I don’t know.”

“I don’t think so. It’s the best high school in the area. They boast the highest percentage of graduates. Most of the grads go on to top rated universities, too,” Dawson said. “You did the right thing, Carol.”

“I hope so. Anyway, she thinks I can’t come up with the money. I did, well almost. I saw a nice one at Mike’s pawnshop. I’ll get the little one though. I can afford it and that’s all she needs.” She smiled and popped another stem out of her mouth.

Dawson cleared his throat again. “Oh I forgot. I’ve been holding some tips for you. About a hundred dollars worth or so, let me just get that for you after work.”

Kelly’s mom popped her hip out to the side and then cocked one eyebrow up and said, “Well if you think I have some extra money coming that’s real nice of you, Mr. Dawson.” She winked and walked away.

Willie, the dishwasher, a black man closer to Kelly’s mom’s age than Dawson’s age, sidled up to him. Kelly’s mom was bending over to pour coffee for a table up by the front door of the diner. Dawson’s eyes were glued to her ass as he leaned over the counter for a better look.

Willie said, “It’d probably be easier to just ask her out, you know.”

“I did, I have repeatedly. Carol said ‘no’ but in the politest way possible. Kelly’s dad ruined it for any man, especially a white one. I’d break his neck if I could ever meet the prick. You knock up a Nubian Queen like Carol you marry that woman, not dump her. Marry her and hope like hell she never figures out you weren’t good enough for her to begin with.” Dawson sighed after that and then he glanced at Willie with a smirk on his face. “Don’t you have some dishes to wash?”

I thought Dawson was an idiot, that wasn’t what my dad said about fucking black women. Willie snickered and slapped Dawson on the back, “Sure thin’ boss man, whatever you say. Hey, it ain’t like she’ll date me either. I think Kelly is her whole world and she won’t make time for a man no matter what color he is.”

We stopped hanging out at the diner after that. All of it happened after Kelly turned down Jordan. But I felt bad about the way I was picking on her. I decided to start callin’ her ‘NB’ cuz I really liked that Nubian shit. I thought it was sorta pretty. But I didn’t tell Kelly I meant Nubian Beauty. I didn’t want to get any ripping from my boy, Jordan, for being lame or nothin’. I thought Kelly would ask me what ‘NB’ stood for but she never did.

Then not too long before all that shit went down with me and Kelly, Jordan and I went to a party on the south side of town. I already had a lot of friends over there. They all went to our rival high school. Most of them had parents like my dad, regular working Joe’s and all.

See the neighborhood Kelly and me lived in was all old folks except for pretty much Kelly’s mom, Kelly, me, and my dad. Our house used to belong to my grandma, his momma. Then she got sick when I was little, so we all moved in to take care of her.

It was a small place, only two bedrooms, but my dad fixed up the basement real nice. When grandma died we moved into the upstairs part. A big perk to living there was I went to really good schools, like the top ten in the state. I guess that kinda shit is supposed to be good if you’re planning to go to college or some shit.

I moved down to the basement again after my mom left us. I was only ten. It kept me out of the line of fire, now that my old man didn’t have his favorite punchin’ bag. It helped, but it wasn’t perfect. Sometimes he still beat my ass. But I hated my mom cuz she left me there with him knowing what he’d do to me. She’s such a fuckin’ cunt!

The party was a kegger and we were getting pretty trashed. Jordan didn’t really know the other kids, but he didn’t let that stop him from hitting on every skirt moving through the room. That’s how we started talking to Darla Taylor.

Jordan heard her name and asked if her father was the teacher that Kelly was so crazy about. Darla said that her father was the same dude, and that he must have done Kelly at some point cuz Kelly was the only thing her mother ever heard about.

Got to the point that her mom moved out and took Darla with her cuz her dad seemed hooked on Kelly, even though he denied it. Darla was so sick of hearing about little Miss Perfect Kelly.

Jordan figured Mr. Taylor was a perverted creep, if he’d let a student come between him and his family. He decided we shouldn’t say anythin’ back at our school about what Darla said though, cuz it seemed kinda fucked up. Besides, we lived in a pretty small town and everyone knows everyone else’s business already.

For example, Mrs. Taylor was running for town whore right behind Darla. So we really couldn’t trust what that skank said. Even Jordan said he hit that one weekend. He bragged that it was a threesome and everythin’. But, I stopped believing all of Jordan’s stories by then cuz even though he said he got lots of tail, I never really saw him with a chick.

When Kelly and me got into it, I was hanging out in the library taking a nap cuz my dad didn’t have any cars in the shop so there wasn’t anythin’ to do. Besides the school was always warmer than our house cuz they actually used the heaters.

When I got up from the couches after taking a long ass nap, I saw Kelly workin’ on the computers. She didn’t even see me so I walked up to her to say ‘hi’. I went over and bumped my hip into her chair and she went flying. Oops!

I usually forget that I’m such a big guy, well tall and bulky muscles and stuff, makes me a bit clumsy. But I did get a look at her blue panties while she was on the floor. She was so mad, I just started talking shit. She’s so fuckin’ cute when she’s angry.

Then Kelly pretended to ignore me and turned back to that damn computer, so I grabbed her walkman. I followed her trying to get her to take it back. She was wearing her cheerleading skirt, I thought I’d get to see her panties again if I could just get her to jump up and down a bit, but she wouldn’t bite.

Then I tried to return it, because she wouldn’t jump up. I dropped the walkman and was about to trip and I took a step. I crushed the thing. I didn’t mean to do it, but then she started saying stuff about my dick. I was already hard as a rock thinkin’ about her panties, so I had to show her that I was packing. Can’t let that kinda shit stand, you know.

Then her hand was strokin’ me, and I was so hard and about to go off in her hand. I pushed her hand away so I didn’t cum, but then she looked so beautiful, flushed, and pretty. I just kissed her and it was so fucking hot. I said somethin’ about Darla being right, I don’t know why. It was just what I thought of, and she gave me a nut shot and I went down.

She called me a rapist and ran away before I could say sorry. She was right, I planned to fuck her before that nut shot. I tried to fix it and bought her the nicest portable CD player I could find.

I even bought her a CD copy of the tape she was listening to, Roberta Flack, never heard of her before then. I thought that I’d give it to her, figured I’d come up with somethin’ to say by then. I picked the lock on her locker, put the player in it, and didn’t come up with anythin’ that day.

I planned to do it the followin’ day but by then my dad figured out I’d taken the money and tried to beat my ass for it. He broke my arm, and I busted his nose and put him through a glass table. He told me to get out. After, I got my arm fixed up at the hospital, I slept in my car that night. No big deal.

I went by Gordon’s shop the next day. Gordon’s place is the only black owned place downtown. I knew how much it would piss my dad off if I worked there. Gordon said he didn’t think he could hire a guy with one arm and no references as a mechanic. I was about to try the garage one town over, but he told me I could sweep up the place if need be. Fuck it, I needed a job.

I’ve been there ever since. Gordon even let me use his storeroom as a place to sleep until I earned enough to get an apartment in a shithole complex on the south side of town.

I went by Dawson’s for dinner a few nights ago and that’s how I heard about Kelly’s mom dying and shit. I didn’t have a suit or nothin’, so I didn’t go to her funeral. I wanted Kelly to know that I felt bad about her mom dying and all. Then before I could knock on the door it opened and she’d fucked that old guy Mr. Taylor, creepy bastard!

I would have been happy to never see Kelly again. But she brought her car into Gordon’s after hours about three months after her mom’s funeral.

Just my dumbass luck, right?

~~~~~ Kelly


I’ve never understood the mechanics of cars. My car kept making a weird noise so I pulled into Gordon’s Garage after work one day.

The man behind the counter had his back to me. He said, “We’re closed,” without turning around.

I asked if I could drop off my keys and explained about the noise my car was making. I asked if I could have someone look at it in the morning while searching my purse for my cell phone.

I figured I could call Mr. Taylor for a ride. I really had to stop calling him Mr. Taylor. I knew his first name but I called him Mr. Taylor most of the time because I got into the habit over the years of my knowing him as my teacher, not my lover.

“I can take a quick look at it. Sounds like a loose belt from what you’re describing,” the mechanic said.

I found my cell phone on the bottom of my purse, pulled it out, opened it, and pressed the send button. My phone dialed Mr. Taylor. “Hey Kelly. What can I do for you?”

I loved that about Mr. Taylor. He was always ready to do anything I asked of him, except for the sex stuff. I discovered with him that I did not need to give him sex, he was just happy I was around all the time. He was always pestering me about returning to college though. Maybe he wanted me out of his hair so to speak.

I was not withholding sex to be cruel. Mr. Taylor just didn’t like what I liked sexually. He loved me too much to hurt me. As attractive as that made him to me, I needed my sex a little naughtier than he was willing to give me. At first I’d given in, I slept with him, correction I fucked him, it was never the other way around.

After he took my anal virginity, he cried. He was just a softy, and I wanted to return his love so I tried to calm down about my needs in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, wherever we could have sex we did at first. The more the sex became vanilla and gentle the more I hated it. I needed physical pain. I just couldn’t get off on being held and tender kisses. Usually I thought of Aaron Surry to climax when I was with Mr. Taylor.



“Ok, well the mechanic said he’s going to take a look…Uh huh, I’ll just…If it’s no problem…I’m at Gordon’s on…Right of course,” she said. Kelly went to hand me the keys without looking at me and they dropped to the ground. “Ok, I’ll just call you back if I need a ride,” she rushed off the phone to bend over and pick up her keys.

Her heart-shaped ass flexed against the tight blue skirt she was wearing and I could see the edges of her thigh highs. Then she stood up, turned around, and saw me.

The first thing to flash in her eyes was panic and then anger and then somethin’ I couldn’t name. Fuck. Her hands were shaking as she gave me the keys. She opened her phone ready to call whoever back.

“It’s no problem. I can just take a look. I can have you out of here in a second or two.” I wiped my hands on a rag trying to clean them up a bit. “I meant to tell you, that is, I stopped by to say that, I’m really sorry about your mom.”

I walked towards her car not waiting for her answer. I was just hoping she wouldn’t call whoever back. She followed me after a while and was watchin’ my every move as I popped the hood and looked at her engine.

Yup, loose fan belt. Simple enough to fix, but it would be a little longer than I’d let on. She could have brung the car back in the morning. Instead, I lied to her and offered her a ride home.

“I don’t think so, I’ll just call my friend back,” Kelly said. She blew a few loose strands of black hair back from her face. Her hair was back in this tight bun thing, a librarian look, totally hot.

“Who’s your friend?” I asked a little disappointed but I tried to play it cool like I didn’t care.

She frowned at me, “You’ve met him. Mr. Taylor. The man you punched when you stopped by my house.” She put her hands on her hips.

“Right, the short bald dude. Used to be a teacher of yours right?” I asked shutting the hood to her car.

“Yes, but that was ages ago,” she fingered her phone nervously, but she still hadn’t called him back.

I figured it was now or never. “It’s no problem to give you a ride. Where are you headed anyway?”

“Shady Arms Apartments on Cla…” she started.

“Claymont,” I finished for her. “Yeah I know it. I live there too,” I gave her my best smile hoping that she’d accept. I decided she was probably a real good fuck, and I had a few fantasies about fucking her up the ass. “Kind of pointless to drag the old man out of bed when I’m already going to the same place.”

She snapped her phone shut and slipped it in her purse. “Okay, fine. Whatever.”

Even though I’d been hoping for it, I was surprised that Kelly agreed so easily. I took her keys and attached them to an invoice and then grabbed my own keys. I raced around locking up as quickly as I could. I was hoping she wouldn’t change her mind. She didn’t and she was waiting outside in front of the shop when I finished.

“Ready NB?” I said, after walking her to my car. I opened the passenger door for her. That’s when she slapped me. She started to slap me again but I caught her wrist. “What the fuck, Kel?”

Her eyes were blazing as she tried to pull her wrist away from me, “You bastard. Son of a bitch!” I moved back before she could knee me again and then it hit me what she thought I meant.

“Oh shit! No, wait Kelly calm down, I didn’t mean that. God please, let me explain.” She landed a kick to my shin, but I had started laughing at my own stupidity.

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