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©2012 angelface195 – The Amazon Rain Forest

Mandy and James walked miles and miles in the raining rain forest. It was pouring as if someone took a pitcher and just dumped water on them. It was dreadful and Mandy wondered how they ever would find this damn plant. She was getting exasperated.

The Marines were a hardy bunch. They didn’t complain just trudged on determined to find the plant and make their President proud. Marcus was a whiz in the forest. He knew all the paths. Marcus had spent most of his life here and loved the rain forest. They were lucky to have him. Marcus was cheerful and would sing. Mandy was in awe of him.

They searched for hours. “We got it!” Yelled a Marine named Lawrence. He brought the plant to Marcus who looked it over and sighed. “Very close” he said. “But the leaves are longer.

The Marine looked dejected, but they kept on searching. They spent another night in the rainforest eating rations and Mandy was feeling waterlogged, but she knew she couldn’t go back until she found this plant. She missed her Mistress. Katherine was her responsibility and she wanted her to be safe.

The bandages were taken off. The President’s headache’s had subsided and he just had a dull ache in the back of his head. Grant opened his eyes slowly and it was like there was a film of Vaseline on his eyes. He could make out shapes, but he still couldn’t see clearly even with glasses. He could read if the paper were held nearly close to his eyes, but he could see.

Kate stood in front of him. Grant reached out to touch her and pulled her close. He could see her features better and kissed her lips. “Step one down and I can see your beautiful face.”

Kate wiped the tears from her face, “Yes, and they will find that damn yellow plant and get those bugs out your ear.”

Michael entered the room, “I haven’t heard from the team yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know. The Vice-President’s called and asked, if he were free. He really wants you to take your job back.” Michael smiled.

The President looked at Kate, “You can tell him, tomorrow at 7:30, I’ll take it back. Tonight, I plan to go home and get in my bed to sleep with this lovely lady. Tomorrow we will get that plant and Dr. Heart can do his magic. Baby,” He said taking Kate’s hand, “Let’s go home.”

Dr. Heart told the press that the President was returning home. Before all the glittering lights and cameras of the press Dr. Banyon said, “The President’s vision has improved somewhat and he will be resuming his normal duties. We are waiting for a rare plant to be brought back from the Amazon to continue treatment. The President was infected by a rare bug called El insect Durmiente aka The sleeping bug. We got out two of the bugs out, but we need to make a serum from the plant to get out the other two so we don’t have to do surgery. A team was sent to the Amazon to retrieve the plant.”

The press peppered the doctor with questions, but the White House closed the session and they didn’t get any answers. A doctor on ABC news discussed the type of bug and that the President should fully recover after they find the plant.

In Saudi Arabia, a Sheik by the name of Abdulla Rahimina was watching television. He saw Kate and he grew very angry. “She was mine. I paid the Senator good money for her. I want her. Look at how beautiful she is, how poised. She belongs here with me, with a lovely veil on her face so that I may only see her. Get me Kalif.” He said to a servant. Kalif was a tall, light skinned man with a beard and a mustache. “Kalif, go to Washington DC. and bring her here.”

“Yes Master I will bring her back with me or I will not return alive.” Kalif bowed and left.

The President, Kate, and Michael were driven to the White House. Michael got in his car and went home to his husband, while Kate and The President went to the Residence. It was evening. Vivian brought dinner to them and they ate alone.

The President called Constance to see how the children were and also to let her know he was better. He could walk without the cane. Grant could see what was very close up. Grant took his time.

He decided not to take anymore medication for the headache because it made him sleepy, but to wait and see what would happen after they got the serum. “I miss Mandy.” Said Kate. “I think she needs to be with us more. We need to find her someone to spend time with.”

“Yes, she needs a distraction. So after she gets back let’s ask her what she wants to do.” Grant said, “I want her to know that she will always be with us. She is going to move in with Michael and Eric, but she needs some stimulation. So we need to talk about her, but not tonight. Tonight I just want to be in your arms.”

Kate left him for a moment and changed into a black long negligee. She went on her knees and knelt by his chair. Grant stroked her hair. “Master, I’ve been a really bad girl.” He smirked, “How bad?”

“So very bad. I used your dildo and fucked myself while you were in Peru. I had Mandy bring me to six orgasms in one night while you were gone.” Kate bowed her head.

Grant stood up and went into the bedroom. He took off his pants, shirt and underwear and put on his pajama bottoms. He took out the crop and opened the safe and took out a diamond collar and went back into the room and sat down on the sofa. “Crawl over to me Kate now!”

“Yes.” She said. “You forget yourself.” He said his voice stern. “I’m sorry, yes, Sir.” She crawled towards him. “Get over my knee and pull up that gown and you better not be wearing underwear.”

Kate knew he couldn’t see the smile on her face as she crawled over to him and got over his knee. His dick was growing harder by the minute as she pulled up her gown. The President felt the black silk panties. He smiled, she really wanted a punishment. “So panties.” He growled. “I’m sorry Sir. I’ve forgotten.” Kate said apologetically.

Grant ran his hands down her pantied butt and caressed the silk fabric. Then he slammed his hand down on her butt causing Kate to wince. She choked, “One, thank you Sir for spanking me.”

Grant dug his finger into her sex through the panties. She was very wet. Grabbing both sides he ripped the sides off of her and slid the panties down. Grant spanked her hard on her right cheek. Kate grimaced. It hurt, but she was soaked. She needed this spanking and so did he.

“Two, thank you Sir for spanking me.” Her voice was giving away her excitement. Grant slid the panties off of her and balled them up. With his other hand he pulled her hair and when she raised it back he thrust the panties into her mouth, “I’m going to spank you hard and then I’m going to ram my prick into that very wet pussy. No safe words, no talking, nothing. I haven’t forgotten how you flogged me in the attic and I owe you for that.”

Grant raised his hands and spanked Kate hard on both checks. He went from one check to the other. Her ass was turning pink. He picked up the crop and kept spanking. Kate was weeping, tears flowed. Her ass was burning and she knew it was probably red. Kate had been so wound up from all the worry, that now as he was spanking her ass, it was all fading. Her brain screamed, yes this is exactly what I need and he does it so good. Tonight she needed her Master to take away all the pain and anxiety she had been feeling about his illness. Yes she needed him to turn her ass red and fuck her hard.

Grant needed to do this. He had been so wound up about his illness and worried about whether she would stay or go. He loved this woman more than life. Grant knew that he would go to the ends of the earth for this woman. He would give up the Presidency, he would run away with her, he would do anything for her, even slit his own throat because he adored her and tonight, he loved her even more. He loved her because she was everything to him. She knew what he needed and she knew that he needed to be her Dom. She was his heart and soul and he would die for her.

Grant kissed her butt and rubbed it. He dropped her down on the floor carefully. “Get on your knees and take off that goddamn gown.” He ordered. She went to take off the gown. “Get on your knees and then take it off.”

She got on her knees and maneuvered so she could take off the gown. Her ass was burning. Grant picked up the crop and slashed her across the butt. She still had the panties in her mouth and groaned. He came up to her and took the black ripped panties out her mouth and shoved his dick in her mouth in their place. Grant fucked her mouth ruthlessly and Kate loved it. She had missed this Grant, the Grant that had taken her like this so long ago. He grabbed her head and pulled it back, “My little bitch, look at me while I fuck that beautiful black face.” She looked up at him and he fucked her face harder. His dick went to the back of her throat and she relaxed it for him so he could go in all the way. He held her there. When he released her, Kate took a deep breath. Grant withdrew his dick and slapped her face with it.

His dick was like steel. Grant almost came in her mouth, but he wanted that pussy. Really he wanted that ass, but he had promised to wait until they got married.

He got behind her. “Not a word, not one word until I’m done. Not a moan, not a word or I whip you with the crop. Do you understand me. Nod dammit!”

She nodded. It would be rough, just the way she wanted it to be. Kate steadied herself. Grant went behind her and to her surprise he kissed her butt. He licked between her legs. Kate shuddered. Grant picked up the crop and slashed her one more time and Kate opened her mouth to scream he slammed into her and put his hand over her mouth. He fucked her as he had never fucked her before and she came and came and came again. “I love you so damn much my Queen. I love you more and more every day.”

He slammed into her and her back bowed and he pulled her into his lap and held her. She turned her head so that he could kiss her. “I’m sorry baby that I hurt you.” He said stroking her neck. She was silent. He smiled, “Please baby speak to me.”

“This was incredible. This was the best. Thank you baby. We both needed this. We both wanted this. Please finish baby. Please Master let your submissive come again. I need to come baby.” Kate got back into position on her knees and Grant kissed her butt then slammed into her. He fucked her hard, twisting his hips just so and played with her clit. Kate was so close and he kept pounding away at her. His dick going deeper and deeper and she met him thrust for thrust as he twirled her clit with his thumb. Finally he just pulled back and groaned, “Shit, Kate baby, I’m cummmming.”

Kate felt him spilling into her and he held her sore ass. Grant released her and lay his head on her back. He eased his dripping cock from her and Kate turned and cleaned him with her mouth.

Grant stood and scooped her up into his arms. He took her to the bed and laid her down. Reaching into the drawer, Grant took out the vibrator. First he went between her legs and licked their mutual juices from between her legs, then he turned on the vibrator and thrust it inside her as he sucked on her clit. Kate was going wild with the vibrator inside her and his mouth on her clit. She came again, this time very hard screaming. Kate was so loud that Grant thought the Secret Service would come running.

Kate nearly fainted from the intensity. Grant held her. Finally he turned off the light, gathered Kate into his arms and kissed her face. “We belong together.” He said kissing her forehead.

“Yes we do. I love you Sir.” Kate said kissing his chin. “I love you my Queen.” He said. They fell asleep her head on his chest, his arms around her holding her close.

In the morning, Grant’s vision was a slight bit better and up close he could see her features more clearly. At 7:30 am he walked into the Oval office, he was officially President again.

In the rain forest Mandy and James were slugging through mush and watching out for snakes. The snakes were unlike snakes anywhere else, they were huge. Marcus also told them about piranha in the river. Mandy hated this assignment and prayed that she would get back alive. She and James were both afraid they would never see Washington again.

Mandy sat down on a log, her rain jacket soaked and she saw a field of yellow plants that were almost hidden. She walked over to them. They were under a tree whose leaves covered the plants. The water dripped around them. Mandy yelled, “I think I found them.” Marcus and the Marines came running with James following close behind.

A big grin showed on Marcus face, “We are going home.” He announced. They took nearly all of the plants, about fifty and packed them in their dirt and took them back to the jeep. It took another day and a half before they returned to the medical facility. Marcus was going to be leaving with them to make sure the plants were cared for properly and arrived safely. He had never been to Washington DC and was looking forward to it.

The moment they were on the plane, Mandy called Michael. “We have the plant and we’re coming home.”

Michael smiled, “Thank God. Are you and James all right?”

“Sir, please don’t ask me ever to come back to this god forsaken place again. It’s not in my job description.” She said and Michael laughed. “I promise never again.”

James added, “And that goes double for me or I’ll quit.”

Michael called Dr. Heart and Dr. Banyon, the plant would be theirs in two more days.

The President was informed and he was happy, but he still didn’t know if it would work. So Grant kept his focus on the country.

Kalif arrived in the United States and met with six men. They took up residence in a house in about twenty miles from the White House. They started planning how to get Kate and take her out of the country.

Audrey was very busy helping Kate with the wedding. She was her liaison between Colin and the press. Isabella’s salon was on lock down and the dress was locked in a vault. She was taking no chances and asked the President for secret service to guard the dress. It was done. Kate met with Audrey to go over the day’s duties. “Audrey, I’m sorry that James had to go on this mission.” Kate said sympathetically.

Audrey sighed, “So am I. We are really getting very close and Miss Morgan I think I’m falling in love with him.”

Kate hugged Audrey. “I’m so happy for you. I’m sure he feels the same way. When he returns you take a day or two off and spend some time with him. I’ll talk to the President about giving him a few days off.”

“Thank you Miss Morgan, but I don’t want time off until after this wedding.” Audrey said seriously.

“Did you go to the fitting for your dress.” Kate asked. “Yes and thank you it’s lovely. I am honored to be a bridesmaid at your wedding.”

“Barbara should be arriving tomorrow. She’s planned some kind of crazy party which I am looking forward to.” Kate said excitedly.

“My lips are sealed, Miss Morgan. Your sister has some fun things planned.” They spend the rest of the morning going over Kate’s schedule for the week. After today they were on Wedding Countdown. It was 10 days until the wedding.

Kalif and his men knew they could do nothing until after Kate returned from her honeymoon. So they would put all their planning into where she would be. It might take a month, it might take a year, but Kalif had never let his Sheik down and he would die rather than fail.

The plane touched down at Andrew’s Air force Base and the military personnel along with Marcus, James and Mandy gathered the plants and took them to a research facility where Dr. Heart and his crew were waiting. It would take a day or so to make the serum and then try it on the President.

Barbara arrived ready to play. She was staying at the White House and everything had been arranged for the bachelorette party to be held on Saturday, a week before the wedding. The President would be having a get together with Michael and some of his college buddies and a few other friends. Nothing rowdy, but a celebration which would take place at the club house across the street from the White House which was mostly used by ex-Presidents. There would be good food, great alcohol and entertainment from Michael Buble, Stevie Wonder and Beyonce. There would be no strippers here, but a few Victoria Secret models would show up to wish the President well on his upcoming marriage. Scarlett Johannson and Kim Kardashian had also been invited.

The night of the parties, the President had dinner with his children. Kate had been busy all day with Barbara and now it was party time. Before they left for their respective events, The President spent some time alone with his bride-to-be. “I don’t know what Barbara has planned but I hope Michael won’t be bringing any strippers across the street.” She admonished. Grant laughed, “No strippers and I should ask the same of Barbara. She is a wild child your sister.”

“Trust me, I know and I promise to behave.” She kissed him.

“Mandy will be returning shortly.” He said, holding her closer, “I think tonight, she should just be with you.”

“I agree. Will you be sleeping across the street?” She asked unbuttoning his shirt and kissing his chest.

“If you don’t stop this, we won’t be going anywhere.” He said swatting her behind. “Say it.” She said, “And then I will behave or I’ll just tease you until you say it.”

He squeezed her shoulders and tilted his head, laughing. “I didn’t want to mess up your make-up and your hair.”

It was her turn to laugh, “Fuck the make-up. We live in the White House and there is someone to redo all of this, so say it.” She says squeezing his dick.

The President bursts out laughing. Kate squeezed harder, “So now you’re laughing. I guess I’ll just get ready.”

Grant put his face back together and says, “Mouth, Kate.” She kneels down and he bursts out laughing again. She starts to laugh and he kneels down next to her still laughing. They laid on the carpet and held each other.

Kate stroked his face, “No matter what happens, we are still getting married a week from tomorrow. I adore you.”

He kissed her, “And I adore you. Nothing and no one will stop me from loving and marrying you.”

They kissed and Vivian knocked on the door to bring in some hors d’oeuvers and champagne. “come in” Kate said and the surprised look at seeing the President and Kate on the floor on Vivian face was priceless. Kate and Grant both went into gigantic laughter all over again.

©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved –

Chris Nolan has decided the time has come for him, Jason and Lois to pack up and move to Washington DC. It was time for phase two to begin of his plans to blow up the White House.

The confirmation hearing was going exceedingly well. In fact much better than anyone thought and in no time at all Jesse Richman was confirmed to be the next Justice to the Supreme Court. Michael watched this all with amusement. He knew that Quincy would attempt to blackmail Jesse. At the swearing in Michael watched Quincy closely and could see the look of glee on his face. Michael couldn’t wait to slap that look off Quincy’s face.

Quincy was in love – again. He was in love with Alicia and wanted nothing more than to please her. He knew that in order to do that he had to let go of all the other women in his stable of young things because his mistress ordered him to. He only wanted her. Alicia would snap her fingers and he would fall down on his knees. She beguiled him, mesmerized him, hypnotized him and made Quincy weak in the knees. The moment Alicia walked into the room the Senator would hold his breath. If she didn’t look at him, he would sit and wonder what he had done to anger her. If she glanced his way, his dick would instantly harden. He had taken her to dinner, offered to buy her an apartment, offered money, a promotion, anything to make her happy.

Alicia played with him like her very own little chew toy. After dinner, she took him to her home where she flogged Quincy, she whipped him and he begged for more. His only solace was between her thighs licking and lapping at her sex. He could not get enough. His biggest thrill was when she allowed him to put his big cock inside her. Alicia would wind her legs around his hips and control his fucking. He could only cum if she let him. She put his dick in a cock cage and held the key. He worshiped her.

One night after Quincy had eaten her pussy and she had allowed him to stroke himself, Quincy told her he loved her and would do whatever she asked. He asked her what he could do to make her happy. Alicia smiled sweetly, “I want to become your wife and for you not to get rid of me like all those 25 year olds. If you can give me this, then I will be yours.”

Quincy was beside himself with joy. When he returned home, his happiness turned to worry as reality set in. In order for him to get divorced, he would have to give half his fortune to Penelope. He had to find another way.

He bought Alicia jewelry and a huge diamond ring from Harry Winston. He bought her another car and again offered her a house, but she refused him.

After a week of this, Alicia stopped taking his calls. She sent someone else to deliver papers to him. For three weeks, she refused to see him and Quincy went crazy. He phoned her, he texted her and had people follow her. He drove his car to her house and sat outside. With his binoculars’ he saw Jesse’s wife Natalie enter the home and drop to her knees. He wanted to be there as he saw Alicia lift up her skirt. Licking his lips Quincy knew her taste and her scent. He wanted it to be only him that ate that pussy.

Unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his cock, Quincy stroked himself. His cell phone rang and he answered it. It was Alicia. “You know what I want. Give it to me, then I am yours.” She hung up. Quincy moaned and came all over his hand.

Chris, Jason and Lois moved into a rented house and started preparing the bombs that would go into the underground tunnel of the White House. They would wait until there was a big event where they could go in unnoticed. Jason, a whiz with a computer had already managed to get him and Lois clearance to work at the White House. Lois was hired as a maid, while Jason was working in the kitchen as part of the cleanup crew. It seems the last guy, someone named Stanley had suddenly quit.

Chris had drawn a diagram with where the tunnels were. It was Jason’s job to make sure that the tunnel they picked hadn’t been closed or sealed up.

Senator Quincy Washington didn’t know that his car was bugged, his office bugged and his cell phone all bugged. He didn’t know he was being followed and as he was watching Alicia, others were watching him. The men in the dark sedan were laughing as they heard Quincy climax after his phone call with Alicia.

Michael Worthington got daily reports. His plan was coming together. The Supreme Court was about to hear a case about abortion. Quincy was waiting for this moment and so was Michael. He made his blackmail pitch to Jesse. The new Justice asked for a few days and looked horrified. After Quincy had left, he took the tape that he had made to Michael. Michael smiled at Jesse and said, “Gotcha.” He and Jesse laughed.

Quincy asks Penelope for a divorce. His wife at first laughs then goes into a rage. “I heard that you’ve been fucking that Alicia bitch. Is she why you want to divorce me? We’ve been doing very well with our arrangement.”

Quincy paces back and forth. “Dear Penelope.” He came close to her, ‘I will give you half of everything, just give me my freedom.” He says softly. Penelope smirks, “There is no fool like an old fool.” She says and leaves. The moment she is in her car, Penelope calls a top Washington divorce attorney.

Quincy sees Alicia in the hallway of the Senate. “Please talk to me. I’ve asked Penelope for a divorce. All I want is you.” Alicia grins at him. “Tomorrow night come to my house, we will spend the night together and as soon as you are divorced we will marry.”

Alicia goes to the Oval office to see Michael Worthington and the President. She is surprised to see Kate there with baby Teddy. Kate kisses her. “I know you have a meeting. I just wanted to pop in and say hello. Teddy and I are going to visit Eric and the twins. I’m sure Eric could use some adult conversation.” Alicia holds the baby, kissing his fat cheeks, “He’s so handsome.”

The President says, “Yes, looks like her mother.” Alicia looks at Grant, “but Mr. President he has your eyes and your smile.” Grant grins.

Michael kisses Kate’s cheek, “Eric has been talking about this visit all night. He’s looking forward to your visit. I’m sure I’ll hear all about it. A word of warning though, Eric is going to try to get out of you what you’ll be wearing next month for the State Dinner with the Prime Minister of Canada.”

Kate laughs, “I haven’t decided what designer I will choose so maybe I’ll ask him. I’ll bring the sketches.”

“He’ll be thrilled.” Michael smiles broadly. Kate kisses her husband on the lips, takes the baby from Alicia and leaves for her visit with Eric.

Alicia sits down on the sofa next to Michael while the President sits across from them. She tells him everything. This was the nail in the Senator’s coffin. Michael has planned everything to a tee and Grant is once again awed by Michael’s brilliance. Therefore, tomorrow night would begin the take down of Senator Quincy Washington. Phase 2 is complete.

The next evening Alicia is dressed in a long black dress split thigh high. She is wearing crotchless red lace panties and red leather boots. She is carrying a braided whip. Her hair is out. She looks powerful, sexy and dominant. She is Mistress Vixen – her alias and she can’t wait for this night to be over. The Senator has become her annoying little puppy dog and is getting on her last nerve. It is time to end this. It is time for Alicia to take her life back.

Quincy arrives promptly at eight. He is dressed in a very expensive black suit. He has been instructed to strip to his underwear and wait on his knees at the door. Alicia knows he will be prompt. Hidden behind her window she watches as he strips. She is trying hard not to laugh but she has a feeling that the photographers hiding and taking pictures are probably laughing their asses off.

Alicia lets him stand outside for ten minutes then she opens the door. She places a collar and a leash around Quincy’s neck. She waits to give the photographers a chance to get this photo then picks up his clothes and throws them inside. Alicia yanks on the chain and the Senator crawls behind her. She pulls the leash, Quincy follows her up the stairs to the playroom where Alicia has him stand, strip completely naked, and she restrains him on the cross by his wrists and legs. He is completely under her control. Quincy is quivering with excitement. She was his. She takes off the leash but leaves on the collar and also takes out a blindfold from her pocket, places over Quincy’s eyes and says, “I want you to tell me why you’re here.”

“I’m here Mistress Vixen because I love you and I want you to marry me. I asked my wife for a divorce because you are my love.” Quincy says sincerely.

Alicia asks sternly, “Are you my little puppy dog? Will you obey me and do as I ask?” Quincy nods and Alicia hits him with the whip making him groan. “Use your voice.” Alicia orders.

“Yes Mistress I’m your little puppy dog. I will do anything you ask.” Quincy says proudly because he knows that he will be rewarded. Hopefully she will let him fuck or at the very least eat her pussy.

“Will you do anything I ask?” says a male voice that has entered the room. Quincy freezes. His dick that had been erect was slowly deflating. He knew this voice and knew that he had been set up.

The voice was Michael Worthington. Taking a crop from the table Michael proceeds to use it expertly on the Senator until Quincy is begging and crying. His dick however is again hard. “So you like this. Well let me tell you what’s going to happen and then maybe you’ll get some relief. I have photos, a video tape and audio of this entire night. I have many photos of you and your depravity. I loved how you stripped down and got on your knees. I really got excited when Alicia put the collar around your neck and led you in like the dog you are. The photographers were laughing their asses off of you Senator in your tidy whities.”

Quincy’s face turns blood red. He is mortified. “What do you want Michael.” He says defeat etched in his voice. His voice cracks and tears are streaming down his face. He is tied and cannot even wipe the tears and snot from falling.

“Well, first I plan to whip you for a while for my pleasure. Then I plan for you to suck my dick and take it up your ass and then I will tell you what I have in store for you.” Michael states matter-of-factly. He is relishing this.

The Senator hangs his head. Michael keeps him hard by whipping him until Quincy begs for mercy. Alicia helps Michael release him and Quincy falls to his knees the blindfold still covering his eyes. Max enters the room. He lifts the Senator up and places him gently on the bed. Max helps the Senator to his knees as Alicia helps Michael undress. Michael lies at the top of the bed. “Open your mouth Senator.”

Quincy, who has never sucked a dick in his life, opens his mouth as Michael grabs his head and thrust his very hard dick into the Senator’s mouth. Ruthlessly Michael fucks his face while Alicia spanks Quincy’s white butt until it is bright pink. Max undresses and begins to lube his big black dick.

Alicia puts on surgical gloves and lubes the Senator’s butt hole. She whispers in his ear, “You are a disgusting piece of shit. You were never going to get me.”

The Senator can’t say anything, but he is thinking of what a fool he is. How he allowed Michael and Alicia to get the best of him. From behind him, Max is grinning from ear to ear. He is looking forward to taking this virgin ass. Michael removes his dick from the Senator’s mouth. This is going to be excruciating and Michael doesn’t want Quincy to bite his dick off.

Michael lifts off the blindfold. The Senator blinks and looks at the triumphant look on Michael’s face. “This is going to hurt and you deserve it for everything you’ve done.” He says as Max puts one hand on the Senator’s hip and the other on his dick. He places his cock at the opening. The Senator tenses and clinches his asshole. He turns his head and sees Max. Max moves slightly so that Quincy can see the size of his dick. Before Quincy can protest, Alicia holds his ass open and Max slams his cock all the way into Senator Quincy Washington’s ass.

The Senator screams. Max stills then starts fucking in and out savagely. Quincy nearly passes out as Max keeps on fucking him. The Senator’s ass is so tight on Max’s dick it’s almost painful. The Senator is begging and pleading for Max to stop. “Please, I know I’m bleeding. Please this is too much. Oh God! It’s burning me. Please stop.”

Max ignores him and keeps on fucking and Michael grabs Quincy’s head, “Suck my cock and swallow every bit.” He says and pushes his cock into Quincy’s mouth. Now Quincy is double fucked. Alicia watches and plays with her clit just within the Senator’s line of vision.

Michael cums in Quincy’s mouth and holds his nose so that he is forced to swallow every drop in order to breathe. Max keeps fucking. His dick is feeling very happy in the Senator’s ass… Quincy begins to feel something he has never felt before. His dick is betraying him and once again he is hard. Harder than he has ever been. “Please,” Quincy moans. Alicia laughs, “Max is good isn’t he?’

“Please what?” says Max in his baritone voice. Quincy says nothing and Max hits him on the right cheek hard. “Answer me dammit.” He hits him again on the left butt cheek.

Michael is watching the Senator’s face and he can see how hard Quincy’s dick is. He can see how much the Senator is enjoying his ass fuck. The old boy loved it. “Please fuck me. Ram that black cock in my ass.” Quincy heard his voice say the words and he couldn’t believe it but that black cock was doing very nice things to him.

Max grins, “I aim to please.” And Max goes to town slamming in and out of the Senator’s ass. Quincy starts to stroke his dick, but Alicia grabs his hand and restrains first one then the other. Quincy is at their mercy and as Max brutally fucked him, without being touched the Senator cums hard.

Alicia pushes Quincy’s head down so that Quincy has to lick up his semen from the sheets. Max is still fucking him and Quincy’s dick is raising its head again. Max is relentless and Quincy is enjoying it. He is moaning and groaning and as Max, pulls back nearly all the way and slams forward so that his balls touch Quincy’s ass, Quincy cums again. Max finally lets loose and it feels as if a gallon of semen has been shot up Quincy’s ass.

The Senator is exhausted. Max and Alicia untie him and he falls into the bed on his stomach, semen on his body, but he doesn’t care. His ass is bleeding and very sore. But Quincy knows it’s not over. Michael is now sitting in a chair legs crossed gazing at him in amusement. He has changed into a suit. He looks very much in control as the President’s Chief of Staff. Michael looks like a man who has won.

“You are going to make sure that women in this country permanently have the right to choose. You are also going to make sure that gays have the right to marriage. You are going to do whatever I tell you and then some or the photos; videos and audio will be released. TMZ I’m sure would love all of these.” Michael says calmly with a smirk on his face, holding up a video camera.

Quincy nods and looks up, “you son of a…” He starts to say and Alicia shushes him, “Now, now Senator no name calling. I know you wouldn’t want your wife, soon to be ex-wife to get a hold of these. She already has half your money. Would you want her to take it all? Would you want her to deny you access to your children?”

Quincy reddens from the top of his baldhead to the soles of his feet. If the Press gets wind of this, he would have nothing. If Penelope gets wind of this, she would not only take everything, but also his kids. She would make him pay for being so stupid. Quincy spoke, “I will do all that you ask.” He is defeated.

“Good boy. My work is done. Max will wait while you dress and leave. Don’t ever come here again. Alicia will be delivering messages from me. You are to answer her when she speaks otherwise don’t talk to her.” Michael orders and stands up. “Alicia, Max, I leave the illustrious Senator from the great state of Mississippi in your hands.” Michael smirks and leaves the room.

Senator Quincy Washington returns home very sore. Alicia and Max help wash and dress him. Max gives him some Tylenol and drives him home as Alicia follows in Max’s car. The Senator gets home and has his maid run him a bath. Once in the tub, for the first time, in a long time Senator Quincy Washington from the great state of Mississippi cries. He cries for being a fool, he cries because he really still loves Alicia and he cries because he is now under the thumb of Michael Worthington and the President of the United States. When the Senator goes to work the next day he looks as if he has aged 20 years.

Michael returns to the White House that night and immediately reports to Grant. Phase 3 has been done. The President and Michael know that this is only the first part of the Senator’s downfall. He has to pay dearly for all that he has done to Kate, Constance, Barbara and the treason he has perpetrated against his country.

Barbara is leaving in a few weeks for Madam Claude’s. Eric will be her sponsor while she will be bonded to Alicia. The Madam had made a few changes to the plan. Barbara spends time with Patrick and her children then flies to Washington to visit Kate. The two sisters enjoy their time together. They have lunch, shop all with the Secret Service in tow. Barbara spends some time with her nephew/god child. In a few days she has to leave. The President has arranged for a private plane to take them to Paris. Eric is upset about leaving his children, but Michael has promised him he would not work late and the Nanny has promised to take photos and call everyday of the three days Eric will be gone.

Little Teddy is loved by his siblings. He seems to have a special bond with Constance’s son Tommy who is just a few months older. Connie and Kate are friends. They spend a great deal of time together with the children. Melody, Samantha’s daughter often joins them. She is a beautiful little girl who loves to laugh, giggle and play peek-a-boo.

Little by little, Kate resumes her job as First Lady. She hates being away from Teddy for too long, but she has a job to do. When she is away, Connie comes to the White House and reads to all of them. She doesn’t miss being First Lady and is happy in her life as Tommy’s wife, Samantha’s lover and an advocate for women. She speaks all over the country about incest and abuse. Connie is fulfilled.

The Senator to his chagrin is forced to do what he didn’t want to and roe v wade becomes the law of the land. The gays are given the same rights as heterosexual couples and the NRA is stripped of a great deal of their power by the government. Part of the country is in an uproar, but most of the country is celebrating. Michael Worthington, The President and the country have won a great victory. Phase 4 is complete.

It is several weeks before the Prime Minister of Canada is arriving. Kate is spending a great deal of time preparing for the event.

Penelope Flax Washington receives the first photo on a Saturday afternoon. She has just come from the beautician. Penelope has also had a manicure and pedicure and is waiting for her masseuse to arrive. She opens up her computer and sees a message, which she thinks, is from her husband. She opens it and sees the photo of her soon to be ex-husband with a young girl who looks about fifteen.

Her maid, Sharmaine comes into the room and hands her an unopened manila envelope that is addressed to her. Penelope tears it opens and finds five more photos of the same girl with her husband in various sexual positions.

Penelope curses, then calls her lawyer. After a brief conversation, she tells him that she doesn’t want half Quincy’s money she wants it all. When the masseuse arrives, he finds a very tense Penelope waiting for him.

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