white chick

Jessica is in a nightclub, dancing away in a circle of her friends in the middle of a crowded dance floor. Suddenly she feels a large hand touching her hip. She turns to see a tall, light skinned black man. Jessica peels away from her friends and starts to dance with the stranger. They move progressively closer as they gyrate. Jessica runs her hands over his muscular torso, large biceps and defined pectorals.

As the songs pass by, their warm, energetic bodies come together in an embrace. As their dancing slowly fades, they meet each other with a deep, passionate kiss. His hands caress her back and hourglass figure, moving slowly down to her firm, round ass.

They continue to dance and kiss and before long he tells her he wants her to come back to his place. Jessica breaks off from him to go and bid farewell to her friends. She follows him out of the club, into a taxi and back to his home.

Pawing at each other as they enter his home, they move without delay to his bedroom. He wraps his strong arms around Jessica and kisses her. His hands are all over her as he slowly peels off her dress, letting it fall to her ankles.

Jessica is stripped to just her red lingerie. He puts his hands on her hips and slowly, inch by inch, pushes her over to the bed as they continue to kiss.

Jessica’s heels bump against the edge of the bed and she trips down on to the bed into a sitting position. Biting her bottom lip, she puts her hands onto his hips as he stands in front of her. Caressing his rippling abdomen, she works her way down to the front of his trousers and unfastens them.

She reaches inside them and down into the top of his underwear, then pulls out his long, thick cock. Gasping, she excitedly wraps her hand around it and strokes it along its length as it rapidly stiffens.

Jessica gently licks at the tip of his cock before taking it slowly into her mouth. She sucks on his dick as he unbuttons his shirt and slips out of his trousers and underwear. Naked, he pushes her down onto her back and she lifts up her legs, resting her feet on the edge of the bed.

As Jessica spreads herself on the bed, he moves in between her knees and hooks his thumb into her panties. Pulling them to one side to reveal her beautiful pussy. He strokes it gently with his thumb, discovering that is sopping wet. He pushes his thumb inside and Jessica hums with delight as he pleasures her.

She tells him she wants him inside her. He removes his thumb from her pussy and puts it into her mouth. She sucks on it slowly as he eases the tip of his cock into her. She groans around his thumb as he moves deep inside her.

He quickly picks up the pace and begins to fuck her hard and furiously. Jessica gasps soon turn to shrieks of delight as he pounds into her with strong thrusts of his big black cock. Jessica’s body tenses and her breathing becomes urgent as she cums hard.

Smiling, he pulls his thumb out of her mouth and takes his dick from her pussy as he stands up in front of her. Recovering her senses, Jessica reaches for his outstretched hand and he helps her back to a sitting position. Dutifully, she wraps her lips back around his glistening dick as she pushes a stray strand of hair back from her face.

He lets her blow him for a while before he pushes his cock slowly into Jessica’s throat until he can go no further. He slides out of her mouth and helps her to her feet. Turning her around, he bends her over and Jessica plants her palms onto the bed.

He grabs her hips as Jessica arches her back and pushes her ass back towards him. He slides his dick back into her and returns to fucking her frantically. His hips slap forcefully against her ass as he pushes as far inside her as he can go.

The pace slacks off as he changes to long, powerful strokes into her. He fucks her relentlessly until he pulls out too far with one stroke and misses as he tries to re-enter. Instead his dick slides up and over her, in between her ass cheeks.

He grabs her ass with both hands and pulls it apart. Jessica sighs with pleasure as he slides the shaft of his wet cock back and forth over her sexy ass hole. She looks over her shoulder at him, pouting and urging him on.

Standing up straight, he grabs his cock and positions the tip of it against her ass. The wet tip of his big black dick slips into her with ease. Slowly, he moves the tip in and out of her. Back and forth he continues until he starts to push further inside.

He starts fucking her again with slow, deliberate thrusts. Each one entering her further until his cock begins to slide almost all of the way inside her with every push.

Suddenly there is a ringing sound as his cell phone is being called. He comes to a stop with his dick half way inside Jessica’s ass hole She slowly sways her hips from side to side, working her ass onto his big, black cock.

He pulls himself out of Jessica and stoops to the floor to retrieve his phone from his trouser pocket. He presses the green button and lifts it to his ear.

“Hey. No, man. I’m busy right now.”

Jessica turns and drops to her knees in front of him.

“Yeah! Some sexy little white slut I picked up at the club.”

With her hands on her thighs, Jessica opens her mouth and guides his dick into her mouth with her tongue.

“Well she’s sucking my dick right now, but I think I’ll have finished with her by the time you get here.”

Jessica slowly moves her mouth down his long shaft, forcing him deep into her throat.

“Yeah she loves the black dick, don’t you? You think you could handle a couple more of these?”

Her heart racing at the idea, Jessica pulls back and lets his dick fall out of her mouth. She tells him that this is exactly what she wants, before running the flat of her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock.

“She says she can’t wait for you guys to come over. I think you’ll like her.”

He ends the call and throws the phone down onto his crumpled clothes. He moves over to the bed and sits down on it.

Jessica stands up and pulls off her panties. She walks over to him and straddles his lap. Guiding his dick back into her ass with her hand.

She grinds her hips into him as he reaches round and unhooks her bra. She pulls it off over her head and thrusts her firm tits into his face.

Their excitement grows as Jessica pushes her ass hole down over his black dick. The bucking of her hips grows wilder and more frantic as they both reach their climax. Jessica’s comes first and is an even stronger sensation than before. Her body collapses over his muscular torso and he holds her in his arms. However as soon as she regains her strength he orders her to climb off him.

She does so and gets onto her knees before him, pushing her tits together over his cock and rubbing him with them. Just as she senses he is about to cum, she clamps her lips around the head of his cock and takes all his spunk into her mouth.

Just as she swallows the last drop, she hears the doorbell ring.

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