It was the strangest request anyone had ever asked of me. And definitely the most dangerous.

“What?” I asked again, slightly slurring my speech in my drunken condition.

He wasn’t as drunk and mostly played with his beer bottle. He showed very little emotion. “She’s all yours for one day.”

I stared at him, trying to comprehend. “You want me to use your wife? One day? However I want?” It was taking time for it all to sink in. I ordered another beer. “Why?”

“I’m punishing her,” he said with a shrug. “And I’m giving you a chance.”

I felt sick when he said that. I tried not to openly express how much I’m in love with Naomi. She was my best friend, my soul mate, my life. But she was also married when I met her. I fell in love with her carefree attitude, her optimism, her kind words, and of course, her beauty. We became friends quickly. We talked every day, told each other our secrets, and confided in each other about everything. Her husband knew about our friendship, but instead of being jealous, he befriended me, and we became a trio.

At first, she gave no indication that she was attracted to me at all. But over the past three years, we’ve had a few kisses after a few drinks. Minor slips. But we never did it. I respected her too much, and she was too in love with her husband. So, I watched, painfully, on the side.

Girlfriends came and went. She would always be there for me, especially after a bad breakup. Naomi never knew the truth about why I couldn’t keep a girlfriend. I couldn’t tell her that the reason was her.

I tried to put her out of my mind, but she was everywhere: in my dreams, when I was with another woman, jerking off. All I could do was be her friend and glare at her husband when he made her mad.

“What did she do?”

“I don’t think she appreciates me anymore. She’s been moody and snapping at me even with her collar on. You really don’t know how many times she’s been over my knee this month.”

But I did. She called me each time crying and seeking sympathy. It didn’t bother me. I knew the type of lifestyle they had. I actually spanked most of my girlfriends and have witnessed her husband spanking her many times. They started taking it further, with collars, bondage, and toys. She had to make sure she told me every detail. I hated that. It just made me want her more. “But why do you need me?”

“I’m letting you have this chance. Take it or leave it.” It wasn’t about punishment at all. His jealousy finally got to him. I could see the sorrow in his eyes.

“I can’t do that to you.”

“You will if you ever want to stay friends with her.”

We left the conversation at that. I went back to my apartment and threw a tantrum until I passed out. My ringing cell phone woke me the next morning. It was him.

“What, Adam?”

“Have you thought about what I said?”

“Yeah, and I think you’re fucking insane.”

“She’ll be ready for you here at eleven AM tomorrow. Do it if you ever want to see her again.” He hung up.

“Fuck you,” I said into the dead phone. I spent the rest of the day pacing and trying to accept what I had to do. I wanted her, but I also wanted harmony amongst the three of us. I wanted her happy, and that was with Adam, not me. I wondered if she knew yet. I wondered if she would even agree to it.

By 10:40 the next day, I was looking my best with several condoms in my pocket, sweating during the six mile drive to their house.

I pulled up to the curb and ended up at the front door. I didn’t knock and entered as usual. I went around the corner into the living room. Adam was standing in the middle of the room. She was kneeling, blindfolded, at this side. He gave me the “sh” sign with his finger.

My heart jumped when I looked at her. She was collared with a chained leash falling to the floor. Her crimson lips were parted and quivering. Her very blonde hair was in waves. She was wearing a black corset and tight black shorts. I saw her shaking. She knew someone else was in the room. No one knew about her kinky relationship except me.

“There’s a reason I had you dress up today, Naomi. I’m letting someone else play with you today.”She gulped and shrunk back. I was surprised she wasn’t protesting. “He will be your Master for the day. Do exactly what he says. He has full rights over your body. Don’t disappoint me.”

I could see the struggle within her. She was trying everything she had not to speak.

He walked away from her and said, “One day exactly,” to me as he hurried out the door. I stayed paralyzed for a full minute. I think she was trying not to cry. I had a job to do, as much as I would hate it and love it.

I knelt in front of her. She froze when she recognized my scent.

“You know who I am?” She nodded. I could sense the terror she was feeling, especially when she knew who would be using her. I felt that same fear. “For the next twenty-four hours, don’t look me in the eyes, no matter what.”

“Yes, Master,” she said. I didn’t want her to see that it was me fucking her. It was awkward, and it was only going to be worse afterward.

I had a rough plan on what I was going to do to her. I knew what toys she had and where she kept them. I knew about the equipment they used for play. I felt disgusted knowing so much. But I couldn’t move from where I was kneeling. I was paralyzed. So was she. Minutes were slipping away. I had to take advantage of the moment. She was my plaything. I could do whatever I wanted without her objecting or Adam slaughtering me.

Would she ever talk to me again? That thought made me stall.

Even starting off with a simple kiss was too much for me. If I couldn’t kiss her, how could I use her?

She gulped every few seconds. Her lips trembled. I stroked her face, petted her hair, touched her lips.

She never had a problem with me touching her before, but she stayed rigid. I thought talking would help. But I had to accept that she wasn’t my friend; she was my slave.

I had to get into character fast. I unclipped the leash and set it off to the side.

“My little slut, are you ready for me today?” I asked with as much authority as I could muster.

“Yes, Master,” she whispered.

“Good.” And again, I froze. I thought about what I wanted from her. I smiled wickedly. “Your husband often tells me how his little whore gives awesome blowjobs. And if I remember right, you’ve bragged to me, but never offered to give me one. That pisses me off a lot.” She bit her lips. “Prove to me how good you are.” I stood and dropped my pants. I positioned my semi-hard dick close to her face. “Start sucking.”

She held out her hand to find me. As she ran her hand up my leg, I shuddered, and my cock stiffened. Her hand gripped him tightly; she felt my length. I was serious when I said I was bigger than her husband. She stroked him a few times and started pumping. I closed my eyes and concentrated as her warm hand firmly gripped my member. My dick was soon coated in spit. Her tongue ran over the shaft leaving not one spot dry. She covered the tip and sucked gently. She took in more and kept a vacuum like hold on me, and with a pop, released me.

I couldn’t take the teasing. She licked me base to tip, all around, then took several inches in between her jaws. Her head rocked back and forth. Her hand found my balls and cupped them, tugging lightly. My senses dulled as I spaced out with my whole packaged being serviced. When her mouth left my rod, I came back to reality. Though only briefly.

Her hand pumped my cock as she took one ball at a time in her mouth.

Her tongue found my cock again. She lubed it up well with spit and pumped me through her lips, faster each time. My end was near, but she slowed the pace and took me all in until my tip touched her throat. The vibrations of her moaning were pushing me to the edge. She went back to jerking me with her lips around me tight. It was a hell of a release. She gulped down my cum and sucked me raw.

She sunk back down to her knees, wiping away the mess around her lips with the tip of her finger. I couldn’t think of how wrong that all was. I was relaxed, at peace. I was going to have to wait for the next opportunity to cum in her again. I wanted to focus on her needs. But my stomach was growling. I didn’t eat much because of the nausea. I pulled my pants up and crouched down.

“I’m gonna take off your blindfold. Don’t you dare look at me.” I removed the blindfold from her blue eyes done in heavy eyeliner and gold, glittery shadow. Her eyelids lifted, but her gaze was on the floor. “Make us lunch.” I moved to the couch and plopped down like I owned the place. I heard her leave and rummage through the fridge. I grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels, settling on a music video channel. The crappy pop song made me frown and reach for the remote again, but I waited it out for hopes of something better next.

A band we were both into came on next with their new song. I studied the guitar, making notes. I knew I was just as good as a guitar player as any professional. Who knew why our band wasn’t successful. We had me, the best guitar player in the city, an awesome drummer, and Naomi’s sweet voice.

She set two plates on the coffee table and folded her hands in front of her. “You may sit next to me.” With the plate in her lap, she ate quietly and only kept her eyes on the tv. I cut into the leftover lasagna, her grandmother’s famous recipe. Coming over to Naomi’s house always meant good food. Adam was lucky to have a talented chef for a wife.

I waited for the food on her plate to be cleared and handed her mine. “Put these away. Then come join me.”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered. By the time the next video was over, she came back to the living room.

I stalled again. Time was ticking away.

I had to see the beautiful body under those tight clothes. I had to test her pussy for moisture. I had to know she wanted me before I went any further.

I stood in front of her and hooked my thumbs in her leather shorts. I slid them past her thighs and down her ankles. Her black, lace panties came down the same way, exposing her bare cunt.

“Step out of them.” She complied. I ran my fingers over her smooth mound. With one, I stroked her clit. It sent chills down her spine. “You want it?” She nodded. “You want me to play with you?” A small, unintentional whimper escaped her lips. “Beg for it.”

“Please, Master…play with me.” She wasn’t acting. She gave herself up. She was craving my touch. I granted her wish and felt the slipperiness of her lips. I was barely touching her, but she shuddered over and over. It was time to prove to her my skills. I was going to make her come harder than any fingering she had received.

I slipped a finger in there, unmoving. Her eyes were shut tight. She wasn’t taking the teasing well. Her body sunk down to capture my other fingers. I slowly took advantage of her. I saw her lips quiver and her teeth biting them to keep from speaking. Two fingers entered her. I increased my speed. I got her clit sopping and swollen. The intensity was triggering her instincts to run. I put my arm around her back. I wasn’t going to let go until she came. She writhed violently under my grip. Her moans turned into animal like grunts. She clawed me, punched me, and screamed because I wouldn’t let her go. Her legs clamped together, but I kept my hand in her pussy.

We crashed into the wall. I still held onto her tightly, fingering the hell out of her. With nowhere to run, she struggled harder. Her breath came out in heavy gulps. Her hands gripped my shirt as she shook and screamed. Her body fell limp against mine. My hand was drenched. I kept pressing her clit until she had nothing left. Her head lay on my chest as she tried to capture her breath.

I set up the trap to punish her. I loved how it worked out.

“Did you enjoy that?” She nodded and moaned, her way of thanking me. “Did you ask me if you could come?” Her breathing stopped suddenly. I felt the tension in her build up. “Answer me!”

“No, Master,” she said, sulking.

“Hm.” I dropped my arm and held my two cum soaked fingers in front of her. Being careful not to look at me, she lapped up the mess and sucked it up. I dried the rest on my jeans. My mind sped with all kinds of ideas for punishments. The one that stood out the most was her bound, gagged, and whipped. And maybe with a few toys used on her. And my dick punishing her ass.

“Stay there.” I retrieved the blindfold and leash and applied both to her. “We’re going upstairs. You’re being punished for your selfishness. Does you Master just let you come whenever you want?”

As I dragged her up the stairs, I passed by pictures on the wall. Pictures of the band we’re so proud of. Pictures of the three of us on our adventures. Pictures of Naomi in a white gown next to her new husband, smiling on the best day of their lives. It made me nauseated looking at them. I ignored them the best I could.

We passed by “my room,” the guest room that I sometimes used when I was too drunk to drive home. It was then I realized how much I was a part of their lives.

We entered the master bedroom. I left her kneeling at the bed while I ransacked their closet. I pushed the clothes aside and found the equipment and toys that they carefully hid. Rope, chains, ties, and tape filled one box. Another had assorted handcuffs, bars, bed restraints, everything anyone could want for bondage play. I lifted the lid of another, the punishment box. I sorted through the paddles and floggers and chose a whip. The fourth box was all anal. Knowing where those toys had been, I didn’t dig into that one. The last one had everything else, her toys, clamps, etcetera. I went back to the bondage boxes.

I wished I had planned it out. I wasted time deciding on how I wanted her positioned. She waited patiently in her corset and bare abdomen. Then, I saw it in the back of the closet. It was the leather bench thing she told me about. I didn’t know how to use it, but I knew I could bend her over and secure her to it while I took her ass. I studied how it was rigged up, which clasps to use, and which restraints. I placed all of it in the middle of the bedroom.

“Come here, slut.” I grabbed her arm roughly and pushed her down into kneeling position. I didn’t know where the aggressiveness came from.

I undid the leash and cursed working my fingers around the tied corset, trying to get the damn thing off. The pale yet damn near perfect tits greeted me as I pulled it off of her. My hands were immediately upon them. I lost myself and my dominance. I was entranced by those huge knockers. I was becoming a slave to those things. I decided against the clamps. I couldn’t hurt those beauties.

Somehow, I got her naked body bent over with her arms and legs secured. I was too scared to use the gag. I needed her to tell me if I was hurting her. I stepped back to admire my work. I twirled the flogger around and gave the air a few good lashes. The only practice I had was with my kinkiest ex-girlfriend. That relationship ended when she wanted to switch roles. I wasn’t for exploring my masochistic side, if I had one. I would know, because the feel of the whip in my hand felt right.

Her little ass and pretty legs were begging for stripes. I promised to deliver.

I trailed the tails up her legs, across her pussy, over her ass. She shivered in response. I said nothing as I started in on her. She gasped at the first lash. I worked my way up and down her legs. She tensed as the flogger marked her pretty, unflawed skin. I watched the changing colors of the angry stripes covering her. I gave a full powered, back handed strike to her ass that made her jolt and cry out.

She moaned as if she were turned on. But I wasn’t ready yet. I needed more time.

“You’re going to stay there and think about what you’ve done.”

I left her in that position, whipped with a moist pussy. I sat in a chair behind her. Her holes were on display for me. I watched and thought of all the nights I couldn’t have that. Every incident of jealousy and flirtation came to mind.

She bounced a bit to loosen her muscles. I kept staring. Sometime later I realized I was stroking my dick, lost in my fantasies. The bulge got harder with each thought. I released the beast from my jeans and grabbed it. The image in front of me was helping me focus.

I stood, shed my clothes, and pulled out condom number one. I took lube from Naomi’s nightstand. I put the shield on with a good glob of lube on it. I caressed her hips. She started breathing a little heavier. I could see the juices dampening her pussy. I knew she wasn’t expecting me to take her ass instead. By the way she moaned, I could tell she wanted me to fuck her.

My tip entered the crevasse, centered in her hole. Her breathing stopped, and she cocked her head to the side. I could imagine the confusion on her face.

My dick slid in a little at a time with no complaint from her. The only thing coming from her was stifled moans. I was fully in and savoring every bit of my cock being constricted in her hole. I held on to her hips, closed my eyes, pulled out, and pushed in. Slowly, I took her. Each pump was too much for her to handle. She was enjoying it way too much.

“You like that, don’t you…you dirty, filthy whore,” I growled.

Her shaking stopped. I heard a small gasp, not a good one. I stopped too. I heard sniffling. I thought she was about cry. I had to think of a way to resurrect the good moment we had. “Stop crying!” I yelled. “You know you like it. Sorry, that makes you a whore. But you know what? I like you being my slut.” I went faster and reached for her clit. It was completely saturated. “You’re in so much trouble,” I said with a laugh.

She changed completely at my threat. She gasped and moaned as I rode her. I looked down at my dick sliding in and out of her. I came quickly. I sighed, moaned, and then went to the bathroom to clean up.

In my head, I heard myself say those words again. “You’re in so much trouble.” I said that every time she did something to piss me off. I would cross my arms and raise my eyebrows. She would giggle, practically daring me to do something about it. Every time, I backed off. Every little scolding I gave her turned us both on. It was the little sexual tease that we did to each other. I hoped it wasn’t obvious enough for Adam to see.

I went back to the room. She was still quiet. My abusive words haunted me. I had to make things better. My sadistic side went into hibernation for a while. I craved her as a companion, not as much as a slave at that moment.

I released her from the bench and helped her up. I took the blindfold off. She remembered my warning and kept her eyes down. My hand went to the back of her neck. I kissed her forehead. I felt her melt into my arms. I wanted to kiss her. But she wasn’t mine.

She stayed in my arms. I took in her scent, her favorite, vanilla. I rested my forehead on hers and tried to breathe. It was like the first time I met her, like I was falling in love with her again.

“Come with me.” I wanted to mean, ‘come with me forever.’ Instead, I led her to the shower. I turned it on and waited for the water to warm up. I took her arm and closed the door behind us. I put her in front of the spray. Her body relaxed under the warm water. After a couple of minutes, I took the showerhead down and rinsed her all over. With only a hint of a smile, she stood still. I put it back and took my time washing her. I took care with soaping her up, washing her hair, rinsing her off. I pulled her to the back of the shower and washed myself using Adam’s soap. I felt like I was becoming him.

When the water lost its heat, I turned it off. An instant chill fell on both of us. I grabbed a towel for her first and wrapped it around her shivering body. She obediently waited for me to finish drying myself. I helped her out of the shower and dried every part of her. I rubbed the towel lightly around her collar and used a washcloth to wipe off the raccoon eyes made from her smudged makeup. She looked even more beautiful than I had ever seen her before.

After using and humiliating Kelly in our hotel room, I had instructed her to wash up after being on the receiving end of a golden shower. She was then to meet me downstairs in the restaurant in 20 minutes.

Kelly sat down across from me in my booth 22 minutes later. She still had her collar on.

I checked my watch. “You’re two minutes late.”

“I thought I would be on ti…”

“You will be punished for tardiness. Is the butt-plug still in?”

“Yes master.”


After a light dinner, we got back to our hotel room. I ushered Kelly in. She walked to the center of the room, stripped down to her black heels and nylons, and assumed her position (on her knees, with her hands behind her head). I lay down on the bed.

“I’m going to close my eyes for about 10 minutes. Lay beside me.”

She crawled up next to me, and I fell asleep for about 10-20 minutes. When I woke up, she was asleep too. My arm was around her shoulder. I reached down behind her, and gently pushed on her butt plug. I continued as she woke up. Then I grabbed her hair and started kissing her. I started off tenderly, and ended by sticking my tongue as far down her throat as I could get it.

“Undo my pants and suck me off, slut.”

Kelly sat up, loosened my belt, and unbuttoned my pants. She bent over, took my cock out, and started sucking it. I put my arms behind my head and closed my eyes. It felt good, so I let her go for a while.

“That’s enough for now, slave. It’s time for your punishment. Assume your position on the floor.”

“Yes master.”

Kelly got down on the floor and re-assumed her position. I cuffed her hands behind her, gagged her, and put the blindfold back over her eyes. Then I stood in front of her, grabbed her by the hair with my left hand, and slapped her.

“Don’t ever be tardy again.”

I slapped her some more, each time a little harder than the last. When I was done, I removed her gag. A few tears trickled down through the blindfold.


“I am sorry master. I apologize for my tardiness. I will never be late again. Thank you for punishing me like the worthless piece of submissive ass that I am.”

I kneeled down to her level, and switched hands for gripping her hair. I put my hand up by her face.

“Good. One more to make sure you don’t forget.”

I slapped her once more, this time on the other side of her face, and she yelped in pain. I got up, and walked around her again. I was taking a moment to give her a little breathing space, and to appreciate what I had in front of me. Here was a desirable, submissive woman who was mine for the taking.

I put a pillow in front of Kelly. I then re-gagged her, gripped her by the back of the neck, and guided her down until she was face-down on the pillow, with her butt still up in the air. Then I took out my newest toy. It was a spreader bar. I’d been dying to try it ever since it arrived.

I spread Kelly’s ankles out as far as they would go. I put her left ankle through the cuff and tightened it. When I tightened the cuff around her right ankle, Kelly tensed up considerably. She probably didn’t realize what was happening until then.

I sat down for a minute to watch her, and to give her a minute to try and get used to her position. After she had seemed to settle a little, I got up.

I took out my laptop, and pulled up a BDSM video I had downloaded. I put the laptop in front of Kelly’s face and hit play.

The video was of a woman, bent over a table, getting whipped by a man in a mask while two other women held her down. She wore a pair of heels and a collar. The woman screamed loudly the entire time, begged her abuser for mercy, and offered increasingly ambitious sexual favors to stop the whipping. No one else said a thing.

As it played, I fondled Kelly. I started by playing with her cunt, and let my hands roam over her body. I played with her breasts, squeezed her butt cheeks, ran my fingers up and down the crack of her ass, and all over her body. I shoved my fingers as far up her cunt as they could go, undid her gag, had her lick them clean, and re-strapped the gag. I pulled out her butt-plug, re-lubed it, and shoved it back in as far as I could.

Kelly was getting mighty warmed up, but I wasn’t doing anything enough for her to come. She was really starting to sweat, though. I stopped the video, and sat there for a minute watching her.

Ankles spread apart and cuffed to a spreader bar. Ass up in the air with a butt-plug inside. Hands cuffed behind her back. Facedown on a pillow on the floor blindfolded and ball-gagged. She continued to twitch and sweat. Her cunt dripped onto the carpet.

I paused the video, and removed her blindfold. After waiting a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the light, I hit play on the video. I let Kelly watch it for about two minutes. As she watched, I uncuffed her hands from behind her, and pulled them down below her. I then re-cuffed them to the spreader bar.

After I was finished, I paused the video, and put her blindfold back on. I sat back for a few minutes, certain that the images were now burned into her mind.

Now that her hands were out of the way, I could get to work. I picked up my belt, and whipped it across her ass once. She let out a loud scream, even through the ball-gag. I pressed play on the video, and commenced whipping her.

She yelped as I whipped her, but it was nothing like her first scream. Her yelps of pain were muffled by the ball-gag, only occasionally rising in volume. I whipped her exactly 25 times, hard. Kelly tensed her body and strained at her bonds as I whipped her. Her yelps mixed in with the screams and cries from the video.

At 25, I stopped, paused the video again, and sat back in my chair for a minute. She was covered in sweat now, and still twitching.

I undid her cuffs to the spreader bar, removed her blind-fold and ball-gag, and commanded her to rise up to her position. She rose unsteadily to rest on her knees, and put her hands back behind her head. I stood in front of her. I was certainly ready to fuck her, but I wanted to clean off the sweat first. I also wanted to see just how far I could take her.

“I need to take a piss, slave,” I said.

I’m sure Kelly couldn’t believe my words. After all that whipping, I wasn’t going to fuck her, but instead I was going to piss on her again? An extremely anxious look washed across her face, as I’m sure she was considering her options.

“May I…may I offer myself as a worthless submissive bitch to be pissed on, Master?”

“Yes, assume your position in the shower”.

As Kelly got up, I lay down on the bed and closed my eyes. I had to concentrate for a bit to try and shrink this hard-on.

Kelly was in her position in the shower when I came in. I gave her another golden shower. I actually did have to go a bit, so it was probably a good thing I’d decided to urinate on her again. It would be easier to concentrate on fucking afterwards with an empty bladder.

After I’d finished pissing all over her, I held my cock in front of her face. She cleaned it. It felt good, so I grabbed her hair and used her mouth, running the tip in and out, and maneuvering her tongue around the shaft, balls and scrotom.

“That’s enough,” I said, as I pulled back.

“Stand up and turn around”.

I pointed for her to lean against the wall and spread her legs. I took her butt-plug out and dropped it. Then I spent a few minutes fingering her in the ass. She groaned a few times as I did this.

“Do you have anything you wish to say to me?” I asked, as I fingered her.

“Yes Master. Thank you for pissing on me like the submissive little fuck-toy that I am.”

“Good. Anything else?”

“Your fingers feel really good right now. Are you going to fuck me?”


“In my ass.”

“Is that what you want? An anal fucking?”

“Yes Master, I want an anal fucking. Please…please take me in the ass.”

I said nothing as I finger-fucked her.

“Please bend me over, and shove your cock up my ass, and butt-fuck me hard. Please master.”

“Are you asking because that’s what you want, or because that’s what you think I want?”


“You like taking it up the ass?”

“Yes Master.”

“The last time we got together was your first but-fucking, wasn’t it?”

“Yes Master.”

“You didn’t know you liked it yet, did you?”

“No master.”

“Did the idea turn you on?”

“A little, but it also scared me. The idea of being made to submit turned me on.”

“How do you feel now that you’ve had your first ass-fucking?”

“Turned on. I…liked being forced to take your cock anally like a slave. I think about it whenever I play with myself.”

“Have you told your husband that you like it up the ass?”

“No Master.”

“Why not?”

“I…I don’t think I could be dominated by him. It just wouldn’t feel right. We’ve been married too long and…I don’t think I could look him in the eye if he knew how much I like being humiliated. Taking a cock up the ass is a submissive act for me.”

I removed my fingers, and held them up by her face.

“I would like to see you lick these clean, but I draw the line at ass-to-mouth. For the time being at least.”

My fingers were so close that she could definitely smell them.

“However, I reserve the right to change my mind. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master. I will lick them if so ordered.”

I lowered my hand.

“Clean yourself up so that you may be of further use to me. You have ten minutes. When you come in, there will be something on the bed for you to put on. Do so.”

When Kelly came in I was lying on the bed. There was a pair of thigh-length rubber boots next to me. She picked them up, looked them over and put them on. It took a little effort. They were tight. I’d had to guess at her size, and had done fairly well, but I think thigh-length rubber boots would be a little hard to slip into no matter what the size.

After she’d squeezed into them, I had her stand with her hands behind her as I inspected her. She looked stunning in her boots and collar. I ran my fingers over her body, and squeezed and fondled here and there. I almost wanted to whip her with my belt again, but it was time to fuck her.

I ball-gagged her and pointed to the spreader bar. She got down on her knees, and put her hands underneath her. I cuffed her wrists and ankles to the bar.

I put a condom on, squatted behind her, and shoved my cock slowly up her cunt. She moaned with pleasure. After a few slow thrusts, I pulled out, and lubed it up. With her ass up in the air, it was a little tough to get the angle right for anal penetration. I had to pretty much stand over her. She was pretty loose from having a butt-plug in all night. I stopped after the tip was in, and then slowly shoved the whole thing in. Kelly’s whole body stiffened. Man, it felt great. I hadn’t penetrated a woman anally in 6 months, and was really missing it.

I started to fuck her slowly, and built up speed very gradually. I didn’t want to come too soon, and I easily could have if I didn’t pay attention. She was really moaning about halfway through the fuck-fest, so I reached down and fingered her clit. It didn’t take long for her to come. It was a long, loud orgasm. She was screaming through her gag as she pulled at her cuffs. During her third orgasm, I felt my own coming on. I fucked her as hard and fast as I could, and shoved it in deep as I came. Easily the best orgasm I’d had in 6 months. I kept my cock buried as I came, and then gently thrust it in and out while I was still sensitive. Kelly was still moaning from cumming.

I finally exited her ass and took off the condom. I removed Kelly’s gag and shoved my cock into her mouth.

“Clean it.”

She licked it obediently.

“Thank me.”

“Oh god! Thank you Master! Thank you for fucking my ass so hard! I really needed that. I haven’t come like that since the last time you butt-fucked me. Thank you, sir.”

After uncuffing her, we relaxed for a while together on the bed. After about 45 minutes she spoke without permission.

“Master, I have to get going soon. “

“I did not give you permission to speak.”

“I know, but I have to be home soon.”

“Get on your knees. I am going to punish you, and use you one more time.”

“Yes master.”

Once she was on her knees, I grabbed her roughly by the hair and slapped her a few times for punishment. Then I treated myself to a nice, long, indulgent blowjob.

As Kelly dressed afterwards, I gave her a sealed envelope with this letter inside:


If you are reading this note, then you have once again pleased me. We will resume this tryst once more in the future if you so desire. However, know that the next time we get together, I shall test your limits further. You will be farther out of your comfort zone that you ever have been. There will be activities involved that you may not be initially comfortable with, nor even enjoy. But they shall be required. You will have one opportunity for refusal, and only one.

As per my last instructions, you are required to write up an account for tonight’s session and post it on Literotica, following the same rules as before. I shall be looking for it.


Your Master

As Sharon drove down the road, she reviewed her misgivings about returning to work at a bar again. The pay was good with all the tips that she received and her big boobs and long blond hair had always been assets that drunken men appreciated. But the constant barrage of lewd suggestions and grabby hands got so old after a while.

This particular place had certain other memories that she’d rather forget (see The Bar). The activities that had taken place that night were never mentioned again by the owner and Mr. Ice Blue Eyes. A thick envelope of cash every once in a while certainly made life easier too.

Still, she just needed a break from her vanilla lifestyle occasionally. This last call to tell her that she was needed and there was some “bonus” money waiting for her made her realize that working at the dollar store was getting old and she was ready for some new excitement in her life.

So as she pulled into the parking lot, a mixture of feelings washed over her, both excitement and a twinge of fear for what might be waiting for her. She just knew that the two of them had some new scheme going.

Bev greeted her warmly as usual. She was just such a nice person and seemed so out of place running this redneck metal bar. Mr. Blue Eyes was sitting in his usual spot emanating a combination of calm and intensity.

“We’re so glad to have you back, Sharon. Everyone has missed you so much.”

“Well, thanks, Bev, I appreciate that; I just had to have more regular day hours while Mom was recuperating.”

“That’s understandable. Here, this is probably the last of it, but I hope it helps with some expenses.”

The white envelope felt so thick as she put it in her purse. “Once copies of these DVDs hit the internet, people stop buying them and the money dries up until you make a new one,” he said.

“I don’t think I want to do that again. Once was enough.”

A quick smile was all he gave her although those blue eyes twinkled in amusement.

“That’s not why we asked you back,” Bev said. “I really want you back since you’re such a great server and the customers love you.”

“Well, thanks, that’s really nice to hear.”



“We do have a private party using the place this weekend. You don’t have to do anything except serve them drinks and food like usual. But they may party a bit and we thought you’d be able to handle it better than some of the other girls.”

“I don’t have to do anything, but serve right?”

“Exactly, they just want a pretty girl to wait on them and it will be men and women so they should behave just fine.”

“Ok, sounds fine.” So Sharon worked that night like usual and enjoyed taking care of her old customers once again. The tips were great and the week passed quickly until the day of the private party.

Sharon arrived early and had worn her tightest tank top and shortest skirt to encourage a nice bonus for her good service. Bev let her in and asked her to come to the office for a minute.

Her friend was sitting at the desk quiet as usual, but she could feel a slight frisson in the air.

“Look, you don’t have to do anything except serve these people. But they’ve asked for something extra and I told them I’d ask you about it. They wonder if you’d serve them topless. They’re offering a cash bonus of $500 if you do it.”

“Shit, I fucking knew it. I just knew this would happen.”

Blue Eyes interrupted, “If you don’t want to do it, that’s fine, they just asked and we’re passing it on to you. They have their own women with them and they just want the atmosphere of the club to have a little extra sexual atmosphere. I expect there may be some sex going on among them, but there’s no reason for you to get involved.”

“Exactly,” Bev added, “They’ve been warned and if they bother you in any way, you just walk away and if they try to stop you, we’ll be out there to give them a love tap with a club or something to make them behave. We have an extra bouncer on the door and he’s just a second away if you holler.”

Shit, Sharon thought. This always happens: her mechanic just told her this morning that she needed new brake rotors for her car and it might cost $400 to do it all. Well, hell, she had certainly shown her tits for nothing before so how could it hurt?

“All right, just no touching!”

So a small group of men and women slowly entered the bar, less than a dozen people altogether and things went smoothly. They drank, they ate, they eventually started touching and feeling each other up until a dark haired woman started undressing her thin blond companion.

People stopped what they were doing and paid more attention to this couple’s activities.

The blond was eventually naked and lay back on the table to allow her companion to kiss and suck her hard nipples. Fingers were buried in the blond’s crotch as the other women took turns kissing and fondling the blonde’s perky breasts.

Sharon had forgotten what it felt like to be part of group of sexually charged people. Her own nipples got hard and she could feel herself getting damp too. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see some of the men take items out of one of the large bags that had been brought in and attach leather cuffs to chains dangling from the ceiling. Apparently, they knew what to expect next.

She started when she felt a soft touch on her leg from a woman sitting next to where she was standing with her mouth open and watching. The hand moved slowly up her thigh until it touched her hot and wet cunt. It felt so good so she just leaned over, pulled her top up and offered her tits to be suckled. The wet warmth of the other woman’s mouth sent such a nice shiver down her body.

Sharon could hear herself moan as she dragged her skirt above her waist and allowed those fingers to probe and tickle her cunt. She could also see the naked blond being led over to the waiting cuffs and was fastened tight to them with her hands high over her head.

By now Sharon’s partner had dropped to her knees and was digging her tongue into Sharon’s snatch. So she just grabbed her by the hair and held tight as she watched a rather wicked looking single tail whip being handed to the dark haired tormentor and then she raised her arm back and with a swish landed it across the poor blonde’s back.

The whip continued to snake across the woman’s body. Thin red welts were left behind yet no sound came from her. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to really enjoy the whipping that she was receiving. The other party goers were undressing and enjoying each other. There was lots of fondling, touching, kissing, licking and sucking going on. Sharon had lain back on the table to allow her companion better access to her cunt and finished undressing. She kept watching the whipped blond as she enjoyed the attention that her pussy was getting.

“Are you enjoying what you’re watching?” Sharon looked down at the woman between her legs. “It looks exciting, but I’m afraid it would hurt too much.”

“Nah, Karen is really good at understanding your limits,” the woman said. “We’ve all been there and trust me the excitement overwhelms everything else and just gets you higher. Come on, try it.”

Sharon couldn’t understand why she wanted to do this. It seemed so wrong to be abused like this in front of a crowd of strangers yet her cunt was hungry and it felt like this would help satisfy it.

So with a nod of her head, she was led over and quickly the dark haired woman fastened her wrists to the blond so they were face to face. At first it felt awkward then the blond leaned over and started kissing Sharon’s mouth, gently at first then with more passion with lots of tongue.

The first strike of the whip hurt, but a warmth began in Sharon’s cunt as well. She could feel the other woman’s breasts pressed up tight and her own nipples responded. She leaned back a little and could feel her nipples rub against the blonde’s and it felt great. The sting of the whip was lost in a swirl of sensations and sexual excitement. Her mind wrapped around the fact that there was an audience watching her being whipped and humiliated like this and it just felt so good.

They kissed and rubbed their breasts around each other’s chest and enjoyed the feelings this stirred. It went on for several minutes until they both felt frustrated in their hunger for real sexual satisfaction.

Finally, it ended and Sharon was removed from the shackles. The blonde stayed where she was and the dark haired woman knelt between her legs and stuck her tongue into the gushing hole waiting for her. Her fingers started digging into the blonde’s crotch too and as Sharon was forced to kneel she could see the beginnings of s serious fisting under way.

Two of the men had undressed and their rather large cocks were standing straight out waiting for her ministrations. So one went into her mouth while she stroked the other and teased it with her hand to stay hard for her.

Occasionally, she glanced over and noticed that the blonde had one fist in her pussy and her asshole was being fingered rather seriously too.

But Sharon had her own concerns to worry about. The two men swapped places once in a while taking turns skull fucking her furiously while she played with the other’s cock and balls.

Finally, they grew tired of that and together they lifted her up and impaled her cunt on one of the dicks. They both held her up while she was fucked hard. By now the blonde had a fist in both her holes and her moans were echoing around the nearly empty club. She spasmed and jerked trying to get away from the stretching that she was enduring, but she was also slamming her body down on the huge intrusions in her holes.

Sharon could feel the head of the second man’s cock placed at the entrance to her anus and then began to feel it slide in and move against the cock in her cunt. Slowly, but firmly he continued to push until he was fully in her ass and they slowly started fucking her holes in and out until their balls were slapping against her crotch and each other’s nut sack.

Sharon felt incredibly full and the sensation was terrific, she knew it wouldn’t take long before she came. She looked over at the two women and as she watched the blond started screaming her orgasm out as she gyrated her hips around the two wrists stuffed inside her. Sharon felt her own orgasm starting at her toes and work up her body quick as a flash from this incredibly nasty turn of events. As she wrapped her arms tight around one man’s neck the other furiously fucked her ass and she felt the flood of sperm fill her. In seconds, the other cock grew larger before emptying itself in her cunt and that was all it took as she expressed herself vocally from the huge rush of pleasure that flooded her senses…

“I told you it would work out as planned,” Blue Eyes said as he looked over the computer and the images of the two women being comforted by everyone. Only a few of the participants knew there were HD video cameras placed in the ceiling and elsewhere to capture the action.

The blond was still having some sort of convulsions from the sensory overload she had just experienced although Sharon seemed to be coming back to earth. “She never even noticed Susan walking around with the camera taking footage.”

Bev frowned a little as she said, “Yeah, maybe, but it still feels wrong to not to tell her or ask.”

“Probably so, but I think when she sees her share of the cash advance from the Arab for this she’ll feel better. I’ll handle it and talk to her, it will be fine.”

“Yeah, you always have a way with words, don’t you?”

Blue Eyes laughed as he turned the camera feed off. “I’ve got other ways to communicate too. Come over here and sit down for a minute.”

Bev giggled herself as she locked the office door and walked over to him. Mmmmmm, yes, magic hands indeed!

Gray had a stiff erection as he witnessed the transformation of submissive male to a more than passable female; it was not the transsexual form that excited him, so much as the crushing dominance of the women in their complete remodelling of the male persona, and the profound pleasure they showed in destroying the will. As Elsa whimpered like the girl she now was, Hope strutted to the door with a broad smile, and the entourage followed, Constance at the fore, eager to witness Granger the purpose-made cuckold.

Hope smiled at the matronly woman in tightly corseted uniform who stood by the door which led to the room where Granger was receiving special training. The woman grinned back with a pleased look.

“Your timing is perfect, Beatrice has just been mounted and is enjoying the attentions of one of Madam Butterly’s escort males; I’ll show you into the viewing area.” Ella smiled wickedly at Gray, and ushered him in before her, after the other women; they stood behind a latticed screen, the women chuckling and sneering to ensure Granger knew he had an audience as he knelt leashed with erect cock, further humiliation ensured; he was held by a stern assistant who smiled toward the lattice screen from the other side. Granger watched and twitched as the buxom Beatrice mentioned by the uniformed matron, lay on a bed and was being fucked vigorously by a muscular and eager stud. She smiled at Granger who knew his services would soon be required, as the stud’s thick cock slid in and out Beatrice’s stretched cunt. Ella whispered to Gray as his cock pulsed at the performance.

“I may have you take the place of Granger at home one day; I do so like to have cock this way on occasion, from a random, rampant young male of course; it helps me recharge my natural feminine side, and when I’ve come, the actions which follow confirm my true position amongst males.” Gray guessed what was to come, but dare not dwell on what was to happen, until he actually saw it; the idea of watching Ella fucked by another male excited him, but he was unsure about believing what may follow. The stern assistant giggled and sneered down at Granger, keeping his leash tight as the stud began to pant and moan, his thrusting now rapid and urgent; Beatrice lifted her legs high, displaying a sweet asshole which squeezed and dilated as her cunt gripped in ecstasy at the thick cock which shone like a greased pole as the two moved toward a very pleasurable climax. Beatrice did her best to focus a stare on Granger, through half-closed eyes, her face wearing a stupefied grin; the physical ecstasy she was about to enjoy would be eclipsed by the haughty act of sheer dominance she would indulge in when the stud had shot his hot seed into her. She pulled her legs back and shrieked in pleasure as the stud’s stiff and well-girthed rod pressed her cunt to a satisfying orgasm, he grunting as though shot by a rifle as his semen burst from his cock; the evidence of his delivery appreciated by the women, his standing position at the foot of the bed allowing a view of Beatrice’s cunt and asshole through his legs. Granger’s cock bobbed as he saw the cream trickle down to that sweet asshole, the stud spending freely as he thrust in his own ecstasy. Gray’s cock matched Granger’s as he gaped open mouthed through the lattice; just seeing a shapely woman fucked was excitement enough. As he watched, Ella’s hand curled around his waist and rubbed his stiff cock which bulged through his trousers.

“Now she’s had her pleasure, you will witness a male’s true position in life.” The stud slowly drew his huge cock from Beatrice’s messy cunt, sated and panting to get his breath back. He smiled with pride as he looked at the ample cream he had delivered, Beatrice’s whole body heaving as she recovered, her skirts around her middrift with white thighs exposed and semen dripping pearly white from her pink protruding sex. She snapped her fingers and pointed the stud to the wall; though not naturally submissive, he had been well paid for his enjoyment and did as he was ordered with a smile. She then smiled and turned her attention to Granger, who waited impatiently with erect cock, she wagged her finger at him and he was brought to her amid appluase from the unseen female spectators to enhance his humiliation. Beatrice pointed to her well-used cunt as he quivered on the leash.

“You have learned to savour other men’s semen from the results of masturbation in your time here, now you shall taste it as it should be served; still warm and from the work of a worthier male. This will be your main task in life when you leave here, an asset to the enjoyment of cuckoldry; you shall now savour the taste of cunt garnished with cream, as a worthless male you will enhance a woman’s pleasure. Lick my cunt and asshole clean, and don’t you dare miss a drop; any hesitation or poor work will not be tolerated and will allow me the pleasure of caning you; clean me up.” Granger’s leash was released and as the women and the stud sneered with pleasure, he bent and took in the scent of cunt semen for the first time. Beatrice buzzed with renewed sexual arousal as his tongue swept the length of her slimy cunt and took in the exposed salty semen. Granger’s cock dribbled as the unseen women clapped again as he sampled the salty mess left by the stud’s pleasure. His balls tingled with submissive pleasure as he gratefully lapped at the blob which was diffused with the sweet tang of her soft asshole, Beatrice sighing as she enjoyed her dominance over him; her cunt ready to be pleased again as the servile Granger indulged her spiteful need to humiliate. His anus tingled as that humiliation was felt in the extreme, licking another man’s mess from a dominant woman’s cunt as an audience enjoyed his shame; his cock remaining stiff with every lap of the juiced and used cunt he was cleaning obediently, its mixed aromas and tastes helping to ensure his submissive excitement.

Constance yearned to have her cunt licked as she watched Granger lap at Beatrice’s slippery slit and asshole, as she put him firmly in his place; she was very pleased with his progress and he would be tasting Grace Charnforth’s cunt very soon. Ella continued to rub the bulge in Gray’s trousers as they watched Granger’s humiliation; she would have him lick her as soon as they returned home

Agnes Fairchild put on her sternest face as Judge Henry Latimer was led by a smirking maid into the ante room to meet her and six other very mature ladies, all dressed in black. His cock had bulged all the way to her house, and now stiffened as he relished the ritual which would follow; the chubby but attractive maid was in her late thirties and oozed feminine authority, despite her standing. She was perfect for the purpose of her darkly satanic mistress; king or pauper, he was just another male to her, and he was assured of his place below her as she told him plainly to follow her. His balls tingled as he walked through the darkly decorated house; the pictures in the hall were all portraits of stern looking women, looking down as if in judgement themselves, and the smell of femininity assailed his senses as he had been led into the ante room. Grace nodded at the maid, retaining her stern countenance and adding to the sinister atmosphere of the dark room.

“Thank you Agatha, you may now check that all is in order in the suspension room, and await our arrival.” Latimer’s cock stiffened as the sneering maid left, with the pleasure of having him know that she too would witness his humiliation; a mere maid would watch a renowned pillar of society suffer his weakness at the hands of women. Grace now turned her stern attention to him, his anus tingled as the prim woman dressed in black silks and velvet looked down her nose at him; her firm breasts jutting in her tight top, her slender waist held tight by a corset which accentuated her wide hips; emphasising her femininity and the ultimate power of womanhood. Her mature cunt tingled in anticipation of having this male at her complete mercy; one who routinely sentenced criminals to death in daily life, and who had developed a strong desire to feel their pain. He had ‘died’ at her hands before, but each time the scenario changed, each time as thrilling as the first. She sneered wickedly, making his anus tingle excitedly in awe of the supreme woman.

“This time you shall be sentenced before a jury; you will not be shown clemency, I guarantee it, you are an evil man and have taken full advantage of your privileged position in sentencing others. You will now be judged, sentenced, and will be punished accordingly.” Grace’s cunt bulged with pleasure, as he gaped, his cock stiff as he enjoyed the drama; her haughty dominance was absolute, and made her words seem a reality. She took him round the alcove into the room itself, and gasped at the atmosphere created by the scene; six mature women in black, sat three each side of a large table, at the head of which was a large chair in which Grace would sit. On the table at his end, where he was made to stand on a polished oak box, was a short white silk gown; a suitably tailored death shroud, and in front of Grace’s chair was a black silk cap. The women’s breasts heaved pompously as they surveyed the accused, their cunts tingling as they imagined him on the rope they would have him hanged with. Grace tapped the table with a small gavel, taking his eyes from the schoolmistress-like women.

“Before we sentence you to death, you will be prepared for the gallows prior to our reaching a unanimous verdict; the outcome is inevitable, you are a male and will meet the rope, but we shall ensure you admit your guilt before we have the pleasure of watching sentence carried out, and seeing your humiliation as you spend your seed in the throes of death. You will remove your clothes now!” Latimer baulked a little and blushed visibly as two of the women rose from their seats and strutted toward him with stern severity, their mature yet shapely figures seemed to enhance their dominance; one supervised Latimer in the removal of his clothes, now smiling as she viewed his portly body, taking his clothes and placing them out of sight. She returned and laughed openly as she surveyed his small but erect cock.

“You’ll not have any further need for those clothes; we shall burn them with your corpse.” His cock rose as the second woman took the white silk gown and placed it over his head; the soft feel of the silk made his balls tingle, it only came down to his waist, leaving those balls and his now rigid cock on display. The humiliation was sublime as he stood naked but for the white silk before seven women; the sweet scent of the woman who placed it over him was as overpowering as her dominance, her satisfaction in reducing Latimer to this level was noticed by him; her nipples expressing themselves through the black fabric of her tight top.

“There, you are ready for the gallows which await you; what a spectacle you shall make for all those witnessing your death.” She returned to her seat and Grace began the proceedings.

“Henry Latimer, you are charged with committing many heinous acts against defenceless people, crimes for which you will pay the ultimate price. You will answer all questions with the truth. Is that understood?” Latimer felt seven pairs of eyes burn into him as he answered.

“Yes Madam Grace, I understand.” Latimer quailed a little, his cock bobbing stiffly as he had a vague recollection of at least two of the stern women who would now reverse the position he usually held; his mind went back to dinner parties he had attended, the stern auburn haired woman with severe glasses smirked knowingly as she caught his glance. His balls tingled as he suddenly recalled a wine-fuelled dinner occasion where he had been bragging of his power over the lower classes in condemning many to the gallows; a dignitary seemed to only respond or ask questions when it was deemed appropriate, his partner was a mature and seemingly insignificant woman with auburn hair, dressed in pink and white. It was now apparent she had been in control of him. She fired the first question at him, as his stood elevated on the box with his cock excited and exposed in utter humiliation.

“After sessions at which you have sent victims to the gallows, do you masturbate?” This was considered a very base act in the society he found himself in, and he shivered as the women enjoyed his discomfort.

“Yes… I have sometimes masturbated at the memory of some of those occasions.” The auburn haired owner of the dignitary sneered with satisfaction. Her mature cunt bulging as she stroked it below the table.

“So, an admission of pleasure at the misery of others. I think you know my verdict; I shall take special pleasure in seeing you hang.” Latimer swallowed hard, though this was merely play-acting the sincerity of her words made his cock stiffen; he knew she would truly love to see him actually snuffed, he wondered what masochistic pleasures the dignitary suffered at her hands. One of the equally mature and erotically attractive women from the other side of the table, one whose voice also jarred something within his memory, posed the next question which had his anus tingling with genuine fear.

“You remember Judge Giles Blandish, who was notorious for hanging women and who mysteriously took his own life, by that very method? Some of his more pompous associates believing that foul play was involved, he being found naked and suspended in woodland with his hands and ankles tied; we have it on good authority that a good quantity of his semen was found at the scene. Many women read of his demise with much satisfaction, the company you now face being no exception; have you ever been guilty of condemning a woman to the gallows?” Latimer’s cock perked at the thought that Blandish may have suffered a delicious execution at the hands of women, and he trembled at the woman’s question; he was sure he knew her, or of her. He was also gripped by fear, as he had sentenced a ‘baby farmer’ guilty of disposing of infants, and a husband poisoner, two of several which sprang to mind, to the rope. The women studied the humiliated male with contempt as he struggled to answer; they were of course very aware of the facts.

“Yes… I… I have been guilty of sending women to the gallows.” The women in black looked upon him with studied disgust, and the prim and confident woman who had posed the question heaved her ample breasts with a look of justified pleasure.

“Then you shall face the noose yourself, I will have great pleasure in witnessing your demise; yours will not be the first life I’ve seen ended by the rope. I had the pleasure of identifying the body of Giles Blandish; as his widow it was my duty, a duty which confirmed my freedom to live on the wealth he left me, I had great difficulty in concealing my pleasure to the authorities in attendance. I have made it my business to enjoy the punishment of males ever since.” Latimer’s cock now dribbled as his mind spun in a frenzy, these women knew him and his mind was opened to suggestions made by the widow of Blandish; he began to believe he would stay on the rope this time, and he could see his thoughts were apparent to the women, who thoroughly enjoyed his torment. After answering equally damning questions from the other four stern women, all resulting in their affirmation that they would have the pleasure of seeing him swing, the elegantly dominant Agnes slowly reached for the black silk cap.

Latimer’s cock poked rigidly upward, stiffer than it had been in thirty years, as he stood naked but for the white silk shroud, sweetly humiliated before the seven women and waiting to be sentenced to hang. Agnes licked her lips as she slowly placed the black cap on her head, the black velvet gloves she wore emphasising the promise of death. The six other women watched him intently, all sitting as stiffly as they could whilst nursing their mature cunts, in full enjoyment of the exquisite drama.

“Henry Latimer, you have admitted your crimes and your guilt has been confirmed by six women. You are thoroughly deserved of maximum punishment, and will be taken immediately to the gallows and hanged. Your execution will be carried out by women, witnessed by women, and enjoyed by women.” The women stood and filed up to Latimer, who was escorted behind the graceful form of Agnes, down to double doors at the other end of the room; the doors were opened from the inside by the stern maid who had met him at the front door. She wore a pleased smile edged with contempt as she viewed the shrouded male, and took great pleasure in pointing to the grim structure within the high-ceilinged room; Latimer’s anus tingled with fear as he viewed the gallows for the first time. He had been hanged by Agnes before, but never from this grandiose apparatus; the tall wooden structure was fitted with a trap-door and the white silky noose hung invitingly from a menacing beam projecting from an upright some twelve feet high. His cock stiffened and wept pre-cum as his stomach turned at the feel of the wooden steps up to the platform. Agnes’s cunt tingled with acute pleasure as she had the quivering male stand behind the noose, looking through it, as two of the mature women; Blandish’s widow, and the dominant wife of the dignitary, gleefully assisted in binding his ankles and tying his wrists behind his back. Secured and helpless, Latimer’s balls pulsed in urgent need of orgasm. Agnes and the women taunted him as he faced a black curtain through the noose, which separated the room.

“You are going to give a very special show today; there are many people here who want to see you hang. That cock of yours need not worry, you shall have more than sufficient time to spend while you enjoy the rope.” Latimer was now truly in fear for his life as the widow interjected.

“I trust I have bound your ankles securely; I did this once before for someone else, the feeling of bondage will enhance your pleasure as you come for your audience no end.” His cock jutted as the two women in black left him alone on the trap with Agnes, each going one way to join two of the others who stood with solemn satisfaction, three in a row either side of the gallows. His bowels were close to giving out as Agnes took great time and received immense pleasure in slipping the silky noose over his head, fastening the slipknot centrally behind his neck. Her legs slipped together in the moistness of her arousal as she walked to the back of the platform, taking the other end of the white rope in her black gloved hands and pulling it tight. Latimer grunted as she heaved on the rope and hoisted him to tip-toe on the trap, binding the rope to ensure his neck did break when the trap was released.

“There, we shall have no accidents, it would spoil everyone’s day if you you were dispatched long drop fashion; we want to see you enjoy the rope and please us with your suffering. You see, I have an extra special treat for you this time.” Agnes nodded to her maid who stood by the partition curtain, with a smile she took hold of a cord and walked aside, opening it. Latimer gasped and his exposed cock bobbed as an audience of twenty or so more women sat in chairs around a huge bed applauded; a mixture of obviously dominant women with the spiteful tools of their exquisite trade, more women he recognised as wives of those he’d entertained, and others he vaguely recalled from court sessions. All there to witness his divine humiliation as he waited, prepared in his short white shroud, noosed and bound. Agnes’s cunt tingled as she glowed in her element, in absolute control of a male’s destiny; the exceptional thrill of hanging males was something she never tired of, and her expertise in the art was greatly appreciated by women such as those now in the audience, some having witnessed her humiliations before, many in attendance for the first time and eager to see the portly naked judge hang. Latimer’s cock boned as his shame at being witnessed by so many, teasing his sense of submissiveness further than ever before; he watched his mistress strut to the lever, which had been sited so as to allow the condemned an all too clear view of its application, she stood proud and dominant as she faced Latimer and slowly wrapped her black-gloved hands about the handle which would deliver him to the rope in earnest.

Chapter 7 – Trouble Stalks Kathy

Three months later, unbeknownst to us, Donnie had gotten out of jail. He was really pissed off at Kathy for turning him in. He tried to find her at her apartment but we had left no forwarding information there or with the post office. After about a week he changed his tactics and went to the college. It took him about three weeks but he finally followed Kathy all the way back to my apartment.

It was a Wednesday evening, I could tell something was wrong the instant I stepped into the apartment. Kathy wasn’t there to take my coat. I softly closed the door and the first thing I heard was the sound of a whip striking something or someone. My skin tightened with the adrenalin rush that hit me. I sat my backpack on the floor, took off my windbreaker and silently move toward the bedroom where I heard a voice say. “Thought you could get away slut. You’ll never get away”

Another whip stroke and a muffled moan made me move faster. I was almost at the partially open bedroom door. Thru the crack I could see Kathy tied to the bed with bleeding whip marks on her back. I could also see a ball gag in her mouth, which explained why she wasn’t screaming louder.

A hand with a whip in it came back ready to strike. I slammed the door open and grabbed the wrist holding the whip and kicked his knee sideways. He screamed and started falling to the floor. As he fell I twisted his wrist so I ended up falling on top of him. I planted my elbow in his solar plexus, that knocked the wind out of him. I twisted the arm with the whip up behind his back and rolled him onto his stomach. I kept twisting until he started screaming again. I wanted to hurt the bastard. I wanted to hurt him bad. Then I was at a loss for what to do next. He was bigger than I was and Kathy was still tied to the bed naked.

He started cursing and threatening me. I had him down but couldn’t do much from my position lying on him. He couldn’t do much either his knee was ruined and I was putting a lot of pressure on his shoulder.

He continued to scream obscenities at the top of his lungs. “You mutha fuckin’ asshole. You stole my slut. I’m just getting her back. You have no right to interfere with me disciplining my slut.”

I rolled toward his head lifting and putting more pressure on his shoulder. Ignoring his renewed screams, I said, “Kathy isn’t your anything. She’s my girlfriend, she’s my submissive. You’re not welcome here and you certainly not welcome to attack her.”

Shortly there was a pounding on the apartment door. “Police open up!”

I yelled, “Be right there. We have an intruder.” I pushed up, gave one last wrench on his shoulder and took off for the front door as fast as I could. I quickly opened the front door just as Donnie limped to the bedroom door. The officers rushed in. One of them took me into the living room as Donnie is yelling that I assaulted him. The other officer, a woman, approached Donnie but didn’t get close enough for him to reach her.

The officer sat me down where he could watch me and also cover his partner. “Okay what’s going on?”

I took a big breath. “Officer, this is my apartment. I live here with my girlfriend. I got home from work about thirty minutes ago and found this man whipping her. She’s in the bedroom tied to the bed naked. I grabbed his whip hand and kicked his knee. When we fell I fell on top of him and wrenched his arm. I didn’t know what to do from there. I had him down and under control but couldn’t get up myself. When you knocked I decided it was better to let you in and handle things so I jumped off him and opened the door.”

“Who is he?”

“Sir, I really don’t know. He was screaming about Kathy being his slut. I can guess that it is her previous boyfriend. He was in jail for stealing her car and trashing it. I think he also whipped her but she didn’t report that. Would you please get her some help?”

He nodded. “Stay right where you are.”

He got up and talked with his partner. I could still hear Donnie cussing and screaming at the police officers.

The two officers walked over toward me. The female said, “I want you to come to me and turn around. I’m going to cuff you for now. Do you understand?”

I nodded and said, “Yes ma’am.” I stood up slowly and walked to her, turning around when she ordered. She cuffed me and made me kneel. Then she and her partner approached Donnie.

Donnie proved that he wasn’t very bright, as the officers got within range he screamed and took a swipe at them with the whip. He hit the male officer in the face which enraged both officers. They jumped Donnie and slammed him to the floor. He was cuffed in nothing flat and they weren’t gentle. Donnie screamed several more times and he spewed a foul stream of invective that never seemed to end as they hauled him into the kitchen.

The policewoman entered the bedroom and started cursing when she saw Kathy tied to the bed. Her vocabulary was almost as extensive as Donnie’s. She called for backup and an ambulance, took pictures then cut Kathy loose from the bed. I could hear her talking with Kathy while her partner watched Donnie. It was like they had forgotten me.

The female officer brought Kathy out wrapped in her bathrobe. As soon as Kathy saw me she pulled loose from the officer. “Ian what have they done to you. Oh my sweet master.”

The female officer grabbed her and sat her on the couch. “What do you mean master? Are you alright? What is this guy doing to you?”

Kathy wouldn’t answer her she just kept saying, “Ian, oh I’m so sorry. Ian please forgive me.”

I finally spoke, “Kathy, answer the policewoman’s questions. I’m alright. Now obey me and answer her questions.”

Kathy let out a sob and nodded, “Yes Ian.”

The female officer repeated her questions. “Kathy, what do you mean calling him master?”

Kathy looked at her. “I’m a submissive. Ian has agreed to be my dominant, my master. He is really good to me. He is really good for me.”

“How is he good for you? How is he good to you? I don’t understand.”

Kathy gave a half smile. “He gives me structure. He gives me purpose. Before I met him I was almost flunking out of college. Now my grades are excellent. Ian gives me the structure I need and he gives me joy.”

I could tell that she was worried about Kathy. She said, “Kathy I’m Lila, are you alright? We can get you to a shelter so Ian can’t find you.”

Kathy teared up. “I’m so much better than alright with Ian. He completes me. I don’t know if I can explain it any better. I don’t want to get away from Ian. I want to stay with him.”

Lila continued, “Kathy, what about the old whip marks on your back. How can you say that Ian is good to you if he whips you like that?”

“Oh, Ian didn’t whip me. He’s never put a mark on me. Donnie did that before I met Ian. Ian moved me when I couldn’t pay my rent and let me live here with him. Ian has never hurt me. He’s punished me when I did something wrong but he’s never hurt me. Ian fixed the restraints on the bed so they wouldn’t hurt me. Donnie put them back to the kind that hurt.”

Lila sighed and changed her questions, “Can you show me how Ian ties the knots so they don’t hurt?” She gave Kathy a piece of rope.

Kathy took the rope and tied a bowline knot with a loop for her hand. She slipped her hand thru the loop and pulled on it. “See it doesn’t tighten up and hurt like Donnie’s knots. It doesn’t hurt when I’m tied down.”

“Why does Ian tie you down Kathy?”

“Usually it’s a game. It excites me. Most of the time he gives me a massage with oil. God that feels so good. He is so gentle. Sometimes he tickles me first. But most of the time it’s just a massage. It feels so good.”

Lila nodded. “Okay, anything else?”

Kathy nodded, “Could you let Ian go? He saved me. Donnie was whipping me and Ian saved me.”

“How did Donnie get in Kathy?”

Kathy’s lip started quivering. “He… He was behind me. When I opened the door he pushed me in and closed the door behind him. He hit me and I guess I passed out. When I came to I was naked and tied down with the knots that hurt. Then he started whipping me. I screamed but the gag kept my screams from getting out. Can I ask; how did you know to come?”

Lila smiled, “The screams. Donnie’s screams. The neighbors called us because of Donnie’s screams.”

“Ian, saved me again. He stopped Donnie from whipping me.”

“Kathy, can I ask how you met Ian?”

Kathy wiped the tears out of her eyes and smiled. “He… he ran me into me with his bicycle. He was in a race. I tried to cross the road when I shouldn’t have. There was a pack of them together. Ian was at the back and hemmed in. He couldn’t swerve and he was going too fast to stop. You can still see the scars on my knees.” She pulled the robe up and showed Lila her knees.

Lila smiled at Kathy. “If he ran over you how did your knees get skinned up?”

Kathy smiled back at her and giggled. “We think I jumped at the last second. I went over the handlebars and knocked him off his bike. I landed on top of him. All except my knees.” Kathy giggled again, “You should see his backside. He got it much worse than I did.”

Lila smiled, “I see, I guess that’s sort of funny but how did that get you together?”

Kathy got a faraway look, “When we got up, Ian sat me on his bike and pushed me to the clinic. With my knees walking was right out. I loaned him my sweater to cover his rear end. After we finished at the clinic he pushed me all the way to my apartment. We talked all the way. When he got me home he rode all the way back to his motel to get his car and drove back to take me to a pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled. We spent the next few nights at my place. That’s the short story of how we met… Can you please let him go?”

Lila smiled and nodded, “Okay, I’ll let him go.” She came over and uncuffed me. She sat me on the couch. Kathy came over and sat beside me. She took my hand and just held it.

Lila said, “Kathy how did you get those scars around your wrists?”

Kathy looked down at her feet. “Donnie tied the ropes to make me hurt. Then he beat me so I’d pull on them. They really hurt and made the scars. I also have scars on my ankles.”

“But Ian ties you up why do you think the scars are from Donnie?”

Kathy looked up at me and smiled. She turned to Lila. “Yes but he used the ties that don’t tighten up. They don’t hurt. Besides, I had the scars before I met Ian. Donnie caused them.”

“What did Ian do to you when he tied you up?”

Kathy giggled, “The first time I was so afraid. It was stupid. I had nothing to fear. Ian took some massage oil and gave me a wonderful tender, loving massage. I can’t tell you how much I trust him now. I trust him with my life.”

Lila changed tacks. “Kathy you didn’t report Donnie’s abuse. Why not?”

Kathy looked back down at the floor. “I was afraid of him and ashamed. Donnie told me that you would never hold him and he would punish me for it.”

“I understand. Will you press charges against him this time?”

She looked up at Lila then to me. “Yes. Yes I’ll press charges against him. I have Ian to protect me. Just like he did this time. I realize now, that if I’d pressed charges against Donnie last time he’d still be in jail and he wouldn’t have got to me this time.”

Throughout the entire interrogation we could hear Donnie in the kitchen cussing up a blue streak. Lila asked, “Can you get dressed? We need to take you to the hospital.”

Kathy turned pale and looked at me.

I said, “Not until Donnie is moved. He doesn’t get any nearer to her. Is it alright if I go get her some clothes instead?”

Lila nodded. “Yeah that would be better.” She raised her voice. “Jeff, Her boyfriend is coming to get some clothes for Kathy.”

Jeff’s voice drifted in from the kitchen, “Okay. Let him come.”

I went to the bedroom and picked up a skirt, some panties, a blouse and sweater along with her shoes and took them back to the living room.

Lila looked the clothes over and said, “No bra?”

I looked her in the eye. “I saw her back. A bra will hurt and I don’t want her hurt any more.”

A small smile flitted across Lila’s face.

Kathy said, “Thank you Ian.” She turned to Lila. “See why I trust him. He protects me.”

I turned my back so Kathy could dress.

Lila cocked her head and turned toward me. “Ian as I understand it you and Kathy live together. You’ve seen her dressing many times so why turn your back now?”

I smiled. “To keep from embarrassing her.”

“Is she embarrassed every time you see her dress?”

“I don’t think she is, you’d have to ask her but usually we are alone. She doesn’t dress in front of strangers.”

Kathy came up from behind and gave me a hug. “He’s right you know. I like being naked for him but I was embarrassed until he turned around. When he turned around he drew your attention too. So no one was watching me dress.” She took my face in her hands and gave me a soft lingering kiss. “Thank you Ian.”

Lila looked at Kathy and looked at me. “Yeah he did distract me. It’s pretty special that he thought about doing that for you.”

Kathy beamed. “He’s always doing things like that for me. I think he’s awful special.”

Donnie’s voice drifted in from the kitchen. “Slut you’d better remember what I told you last time. I’ll get out and really beat you if you press charges against me.”

Kathy shivered and wedged herself under my arm. I had to work to keep my weight off her wounds.

Soon, the ambulance and another set of policemen arrived. Donnie was hauled off in the ambulance with Jeff watching him. He had been read his rights. Lila left taking Kathy to the hospital.

The other two officers were pretty rough with me. They cuffed me and shoved me into the back of their car. They roughed me up for about half an hour trying to get me to confess to whipping Kathy. I ended up in the holding cell at the police station with a black eye and a split lip.

I spent about four hours in the holding cell before Lila showed up. I had to fight to keep from grinning when they brought me out. Lila was giving the Desk Sergeant hell. That was nothing compared to the berating she was giving the two who brought me in and roughed me up.

One of them said, “What’s the big deal? The shit beat the crap out of Donnie.”

Lila exploded, “First you stupid ass, he was protecting his girlfriend from Donnie! Donnie is an arrogant, egocentric, foul mouthed, abusive asshole. You should see what Donnie did to her back. Better yet, you should have someone whip you like that.” She threw some pictures at him. “Take a look at what your pal Donnie did to her. Second, your actions leave the department open to a huge lawsuit. When will you two morons ever learn?”

I was quickly processed out and Lila personally drove me to the hospital. She apologized the entire way.

At the hospital, after they patched me up, Lila took me to see Kathy. Kathy was turned away from the door laying on her stomach when we got to her room. I could hear her softly crying as I entered the room. I knelt beside the bed. “Kathy what’s wrong,” I asked.

She jerked and turned toward me. “Oh Ian. You’re here!” She drew back a little and asked, “What happened to you? Donnie didn’t do this did he?”

Lila answered for me. “No there are a couple of dumb-shits on the force. They were supposed to bring Ian here to be with you but instead they beat him up and stuck him in the holding tank. That’s where I found him when I went looking. I was sure he would be here unless something, like those jerks, happened to him. I was right.”

Kathy put one arm around my neck. She looked at Lila, “Thanks for rescuing him Lila. I was being stupid and thinking he was repulsed by my back.” Then she started crying again.

I said, “Yes Lila, I can’t thank you enough.” Then I leaned in and gave Kathy a soft kiss with my tender lip.

I heard Lila say, “I couldn’t do anything less. I saw how much two you care for each other. I saw how much you protect her Ian. I wish I could find a guy like you.”

Kathy pulled back a little and looked at her. “Lila he’s mine. You’ll have to find your own master.” She gave Lila a quick smile and then kissed me again.

That caused Lila to giggle a bit. About that time the nurse came in to shoo us out. I was getting ready to leave when I looked at Kathy and her face was close to panic.

Lila, I asked, “Where is Donnie?”

“He’s two rooms down the ward from here. Why?”

“Is he cuffed to the bed? Is there a guard?”

She looked puzzled, “The answer is ‘No’ to both.”

I looked at the nurse. “I’m not leaving while that bastard is loose. I know he’s hurt but that won’t stop him if he’s determined but I will.” I pulled the chair over by Kathy’s bed and sat down.

The nurse sputtered a bit and said, “It’s against hospital policy. It’s not right, you could take advantage of her.”

Lila snickered but it was Kathy’s reaction that got the nurse’s attention.

Kathy said, “Oh please!”

The nurse’s next move was to have Lila to get rid of me. “You’re a cop. Get him out of here. Arrest him or something.”

Lila looked at Kathy and me. Then she turned back to the nurse. “Normally I would but I happen to agree with him. You see the whip marks on her back. Those were done by the man two rooms down. I’m not sure why he isn’t restrained but I was there shortly after Ian rescued her. I saw how much he cared for her. He got her clothes. He wouldn’t let her use a bra because it would hurt her. He distracted me so she could have a semblance of privacy while she dressed. I’m not going to throw him out. I am going to find out why Donnie isn’t properly restrained and guarded. Until then he stays.”

The nurse spun on her heel and left.

I asked, “Lila can you stay for a few more minutes while I use the toilet?”

She nodded so I left. When I returned she and Kathy were deep in conversation, talking a mile a minute. Just as I entered the room a pissed off police lieutenant pushed past me.

“Sargent Conners what is this bull about allowing the guy who beat this girl out of jail?” He then turned recognizing me. “And bringing him here to torment her.”

Lila stood up. “Sir what are you talking about?”

The lieutenant pointed at me. “Him. What is he doing out of jail and here.”

Lila said in a very calm voice. “Lieutenant, I don’t know what you mean. Mr Laird didn’t do anything wrong. He’s her boyfriend.”

“Not according to the report. This asshole.” He pointed to me. “Beat this poor girl and then beat up her boyfriend. He’s just down the hall.”

Lila’s eyes flared but her voice was steady. “Sir whose report did you read?”

He looked puzzled. “Johnson and Boyd’s report. What does that have to do with anything?”

She gritted her teeth, “Sir, Jeff and I were the responding officers. Johnson and Boyd were called in as backup. Mr Laird is her boyfriend. It is his apartment, confirmed. The man down the hall is a former, emphasis on former, boyfriend. Donnie Boyd forced his way into the apartment while Mr Laird was out and assaulted her. He stripped her naked and tied her to a bed then whipped her bloody.” For emphasis Lila pulled the sheets down so Kathy’s back could be seen. “Mr. Laird defended her and protected her. That’s why I brought him here. You haven’t seen my report or Jeff’s because we’ve been busy trying to straighten out the mess made by Johnson and Boyd. Like why her attacker isn’t at least restrained and is only two rooms away from his victim. Lieutenant, I will be looking to see if Donnie Boyd and Hal Boyd are related. Something about this case stinks.”

The lieutenant took a step back, “So you and Jeff are the arresting officers. Well that explains some things. The Sergeant O’Conner was pretty upset with the chewing out you gave him. He only had the one report. That report is written up as if Johnson and Boyd were the arresting officers. Now I want the two of you to step out into the hall. I want to talk to the young lady alone.”

Lila said, “Yes sir… Sir, I’ll apologize to O’Conner.” She gathered me and we left closing the door.

After about ten minutes the door opened and we both went back inside.

Kathy said, “Ian would you hold me?”

I went to the bed and sat in the chair. I held her hand, stroked her hair and gave her a kiss.

The lieutenant said to Lila, “I owe you an apology. You were absolutely right. I’ll have Mr. Boyd restrained and I’ll get to the bottom of this.” He turned to me. “Mr Laird, I apologize for going off half-cocked. There is something funny going on here and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.”

I held out my hand. “Apology accepted lieutenant. You might want to know that Sargent Conners had been really professional and really great throughout this.”

He nodded, “Your girl told me.” He left.

In about thirty seconds there was a hubbub in the hall. The lieutenant’s voice could be heard from down the hall. “And where has he gone?”

It seems that Donnie had been spirited out of the hospital.

I stayed the night with Kathy. She was released the next afternoon with more antibiotics. We filled the prescriptions and went home. I had the locks changed and neither of us went anywhere alone. Kathy came to work with me and I went to class with her. Strangely this closeness didn’t seem to cause either of us problems. When Kathy had classes I spent the time upgrading my knowledge. Kathy did her homework while at work with me and we talked a lot. This synchronized our sleeping and eating schedules so it wasn’t a problem. Kathy was getting straight A’s in her classes and my boss had noticed the improvement in my work. I actually got a bonus for one of the projects. Early on I asked if I could work straight mid shifts until things calmed down. My boss agreed quickly, mid shifts are not the most popular shift. I ended up working four days on and two days off so the mids rotated thru the rest of the crew. I found that even mid shifts were easier to take if the schedule was steady.

This schedule went on for about two months. One day I noticed Lila sitting outside our apartment in a car and invited her in. When we got inside I asked her, “Is this official or something else?”

She blushed, “This is unofficial. They are still looking for Donnie. The lieutenant was really pissed when he learned that he is Hal Boyd’s brother. Hal is off the force, he has a job as a mall security man. Jackson was suspended without pay for a month. He was reduced in rank to patrolman and is on probation. You shouldn’t have any problems with those two. I’m just worried about Donnie getting to you and Kathy so I spend some time on an unofficial stakeout.”

I was floored, “What about your family, boyfriends, girlfriends? I mean you have a life too. I mean thank you from both of us but you don’t have to do this.”

Lila smiled, “I really don’t seem to have a life outside of the job. I’m really sorry about what you went thru because of Jackson and Boyd. Both Boyds.”

Kathy giggled, “We’ll have to find you a good nerd to hook you up with. Being alone sucks.”

Lila raised and eyebrow, “Why a nerd?”

Kathy blushed, “Because nerds really pour the energy into a relationship that it needs, at least Ian does. Because I want you to be as happy as I am.”

Lila looked at me causing me to blush. “Soooo, you’re really happy are you?”

“Yes ma’am I am.”

“Are you still a slave?” Lila asked.

Kathy grinned, “Oh yes ma’am.”

Lila turned to me. “Make her strip. I want to see her wounds.”

My jaw dropped a little but something told me that Lila’s interest was a bit more than professional. I shut my mouth and softly said, “Kathy, stand and strip for me.”

Kathy stood and answered, “Yes Master.” She looked me in the eyes and quickly stripped to nothing but her choker. Then she walked to me and knelt in front of me.

Lila watched this with her mouth open. “Shit I didn’t really believe it. Kathy aren’t you embarrassed?”

Kathy just watched me until I said, “Answer her question Kathy.” I reached out and stroked her hair.

Kathy turned her head to look at Lila, “Yes ma’am I’m embarrassed but my master told me to strip. I trust him completely. He wouldn’t hurt me or let me be hurt.”

Lila got up and closely examined Kathy’s back. She could see that there were going to be some permanent scars but that Kathy was fully healed from Donnie’s abuse. “Well I can see that Ian isn’t abusing you.”

“No ma’am. He’s been so wonderful.”

I said, “Slave put on your blouse and skirt and come sit on my lap.”

Kathy smiled at me, “Yes Master,” and moved to do as I’d ordered.

Lila sat back down. When Kathy came to sit in my lap she curled up with her head on my shoulder. I whispered, “Kathy you are so special. You’re such a good girl. You make me proud.”

Lila broke in, “How does she make you proud?”

I smiled, “For one thing she obeys me without hesitation. You saw that. She is a wonderful cook and housekeeper. You can see that from the apartment. She is also a straight A, Dean’s list student. That is a lot to be proud of.”

“Nothing about sex?”

Kathy blushed as I spoke, “That’s private but I think we have a very good loving sex life.”

Kathy looked down, “Ma’am that’s an understatement. For me our sex life is fabulous.”

Lila raised one eyebrow. “Really?”

Kathy nodded, “Oh yeah. Ian is wonderful. He does so well when he whips me.”

Lila exploded, “WHAT? HE WHIPS YOU!”

Kathy sat up. “Please let me explain.”

Lila had her jaw set and was glaring at me but she nodded and growled. “Go ahead.”

Kathy slid off my lap and knelt at my feet. She thought for a moment and said, “Ian whips me, mostly with a riding crop. Sometimes it is for punishment but mostly it is for pleasure. He gets me so hot. So excited sexually that I think I’m going to explode or catch fire. I mean it still stings but he caresses it and somehow it excites me. When he does let me come it is incredible! You saw for yourself that he doesn’t leave any marks. He doesn’t do any permanent damage, even when he punishes me.”

Lila sat with her mouth partially open. “Tell me about the punishment. What happens when you are punished?”

Kathy smiled. “Well first Ian always tells me what I did wrong. He has a few rules and he has been very consistent. I always know what the rules are before I’m punished for breaking the rule. There are no surprises. I know when I’ve done something wrong.”

Lila interrupted, “What if he makes a new rule?”

Kathy answered, “The first two or three times he just warns me and tells me the rule again. Like I said, I know the rules.” Lila nodded and Kathy continued. “Anyway, Ian lets me know the rule I’ve broken. If I’m not sure we talk. He will listen to me and tell me if I’m right or not. Then after we agree I’ve broken a rule he whips me. He decides how hard and how many strokes I get. After the whipping is the best part…”

Lila interrupted again, “What do you mean the best part?”

Kathy smiled and sighed, “After the whipping is over Ian holds me and tells me it’s over. It’s forgiven and forgotten. He tells me I’m a good girl and a good slave. He washes the tears from my face and he rubs ointment into the whip marks. Ohhh that feels good. After that we usually go to bed and just cuddle.”

Lila looked at the two of us and whispered, “Wow! … Can I see a whip?”

I nodded and went to the bedroom. I could hear Lila and Kathy talking.

I pulled the crop out of our toy drawer. As I started back to the living room I saw someone skulking around Lila’s car. I called out, “Lila please come here and leave the lights off.”

Lila and Kathy both came in and I pointed out the guy. I was startled now there were two guys at the car. One was under the car on the driver’s side. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed 911. Kathy got out the camera and took a short movie of each of them.

I wasn’t getting anywhere with the 911 operator. Suddenly Lila took the phone from me. She said, “This is Sergeant Conners badge number 77433. We need two units on a silent call immediately. Yes I’ll talk to you until the units get here.”

The two men took off before the patrol cars arrived. I noticed that one of them was limping and mentioned it to Lila.

The officers that responded to the call checked Lila’s car and found that the brake lines had been cut. We went back inside and downloaded the video from the camera. Kathy had used the zoom to good effect. It was a little grainy but the video clearly showed the Boyd brothers. Hal was the one who was under the car, presumably cutting the brake lines.

The two officers who responded called in and put out an APB on Hal and Donnie.

Lila was a little shaken by having her brakes tampered with.

Kathy whispered, “Ian we should ask her to stay in the guest bedroom. She looks like she needs someone close tonight.”

I nodded and whispered, “Good call.” I straightened up and said. “Lila we would like you to stay in our guest room tonight. That way we won’t worry about you.”

Kathy said, “Please. You can’t get your car fixed until tomorrow at the earliest.”

Lila sighed and her chin quivered just a little. “If you’re sure I’d really like to stay. I’m a little shaky thinking about what could have happened if I’d tried to go home.”

Kathy hugged her. “We’re so happy to have you.”

I went and got all of us a drink. We sat and talked for about an hour with Lila getting more and more antsy.

Finally she couldn’t take it and whispered. “I … Ian could … would you show me how you … you use a crop to pleasure Kathy?” She blushed furiously.

I looked at Kathy and could tell she was getting excited. I nodded. “Yes, I think we could do that. Kathy go get the crop and put on a night gown and a thong.”

Kathy stood and softly said, “Yes master Ian.”

Lila looked even more uncomfortable. “You mean she’s going to do it?”

I smiled and nodded. “Yes she is. I think it’s exciting her.”

Kathy returned and I could see her breasts gently swaying under her thin nightgown. She was grinning as she knelt and presented the crop to me.

I whispered. “You are such a show off.”

Her smile widened and she nodded. “Yes master, I am.”

I ordered her. “Bend over the arm of the couch and raise the hem of your nightgown over your hips.”

Kathy did as I ordered and she oriented herself so her ass was pointed toward Lila.

I stood to one side and started by popping her on each cheek.

Kathy said, “One master, two master.”

Then I caressed her ass and gave her two more strokes. Kathy continued to count and I continued to caress her ass after every two strokes.

After ten strokes I said, “Kathy recover.”

She stood up and I pulled her into my arms. “Kathy you are so perfect. You are such a good girl. I’m so proud of you.” I sat down on the couch with her cuddled in my lap.

Lila hesitantly asked, “Kathy can you tell me how you feel?”

Kathy smiled, “I feel good. Really good. My ass is warm and a little tender but I’m really horny. I just feel really loved and cared for.” With that she snuggled down and gave me a kiss on my neck.

Lila blushed again. “May … may I see your bottom?”

Kathy giggled, “Sure. You can even touch if you want.” She pulled her nightgown up off her ass again and waited.

Lila hesitantly moved over to kneel beside the couch. She looked Kathy’s ass over carefully and then she gently felt her ass.

When she pulled her hand back Lila said, “Jesus that’s warm.” Then she giggled, “And you said you’re horny?”

Kathy giggled back, “Yeah and it’s getting worse the more I cuddle with my master.”

I cleared my throat. “Kathy hold that thought. It’s time for bed. Get our guest towels and a night gown.”

Kathy kissed me. “Yes master then I’ll be in to bathe you.” She slid off my lap and went to get the things.

I said goodnight to Lila and went to our bedroom.

When Kathy came out with the towels Lila asked, “You bathe him?”

Kathy smiled and giggled. “Oh God yes. It is such a rush. Then he bathes me. Sometimes I think I’ll go insane he makes me so horny but he always finishes me off. I have the best orgasms. … I’ll apologize now if we are too loud.”

Lila took the towels and night gown and closed the door on the guest bedroom. She thought to herself. “I just hope I’m not too loud. Jesus that made me horny too.” She climbed into bed and slowly her hands went to her breasts. She thought about the spanking and started to pinch her nipples as she remembered Kathy bent over with the crop striking her ass and Ian caressing the blows. Her pussy was starting to get wet. Not just moist but wet. It got worse when Lila heard Kathy and I in the shower thru the wall.

I admit we were a bit loud. We weren’t used to having company. Kathy was very horny after the exhibition. I think having an audience increased her excitement, she was practically quivering when we got to the bedroom.

Kathy stripped off the night gown as soon as we entered the bedroom. When I turned around she was kneeling at my feet. I said, “Kathy could you get us some water?”

She popped to her feet. “Yes master, at once.” and she skipped out the door without putting on the night gown.

I started to get ready for bed when Kathy returned with two glasses of water and, interestingly enough, the crop. She quickly sat them down and stepped up to help me unbutton my shirt. She leaned in very close and said, “Master that whipping really, really turned me on.”

I picked up my glass of water and took a sip. I set the glass down and gently pulled her hands behind her back. “I can tell.” I whispered. Taking both of her hands in one of mine I picked up the glass and started running it over her whipped ass.

She gasp, “Oh God master. Oh God, oh God, oh God!”

I leaned forward and kissed her. She groaned into my mouth and started writhing against me.

I released her and took another sip from my glass. “You may continue undressing me.”

She sucked in a big breath. “Yes master. My pleasure sir.”

She slowly undressed me with lots of hands sliding over my chest, arms, back, legs and crotch. She was kneeling and she sucked my cock just once then finished taking off my shorts.

In the shower, I started playing with her ass. Kathy had become quite a fan of ass play.

Soon she was panting. “Ian please fuck my ass. Please master, please fuck my ass.”

I used soap as a lubricant and started loosening her ass with one finger and then two.

Kathy groaned, “Oh God yes. Make it burn master. Make it burn!”

I added a third finger and I could see the flush on her face. She became incoherent and started pushing back against my intruding fingers. I used my other hand to soap my cock and brought it to her ass as I pulled my fingers out. Kathy pushed back hard impaling herself on my cock.

“Oh God yesssss!” she hissed. She started swiveling her ass in small circles as I moved in and out fucking her.

I rinsed the fingers that had been up her ass and washed them thoroughly before grabbing her breasts in both hands and starting to play with her nipples. She really started slamming back into me when I pinched her nipples.

I ran my hand down and started to fondle her pussy and slipped two fingers in it.

Kathy started sobbing. “Oh God fuck me master, fuck me. Oh God make me come. OHHHHHHHHHH!”

I thought I felt a draft but I was concentrating on Kathy and bringing her off. I was grunting and Kathy was sobbing. We were slamming into each other with the slap of wet flesh pounding together. I started coming and that pushed Kathy over the edge. When we finished I was so weak I could barely stand. My cock slipped out of Kathy’s ass and she turned around to hug me.

She said, “Oh Ian I needed that. Thank you. You were perfect.” She glanced up and her eyes flew wide. “Lila,” she gasp.

I turned still holding Kathy and there was Lila peering at us with wide eyes thru the open shower door.

I said, “Lila could we please finish and we’ll come out and talk it over?”

She blushed furiously, “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” She turned and ran from the room.

We finished washing quickly and toweled off. We both donned bathrobes and went out to the living room to talk with Lila.

Lila was sitting in the chair literally wringing her hands. When we walked in she started babbling, “Oh God I’m so sorry. I know it was unforgivable. I … I don’t know what came over me. I … I … I don’t know what to say.” She blushed bright red again.

I spoke softly, “Lila I won’t say it’s alright but I’ve been more embarrassed. What drew you to the bathroom?”

She blushed even more. “I … I heard … heard Kathy moaning. At first I thought she was being hurt. Then when I realized she was being pleasured. I couldn’t pull myself away. I’m so sorry.”

Kathy was sitting in my lap and she gently squeezed my arm. “May I say something master.”

I nodded. “Yes. Go ahead.”

“Lila go ahead and ask anything.”

Lila’s blush began to renew itself. “Did he… did you… did you really enjoy him fucking you in the ass?”

Kathy got a slightly dreamy look on her face and snuggled into the crook of my neck. “Oh yes. I didn’t used to like it. With Donnie and the others it hurt so much. Ian, my wonderful master, loosens me up beforehand, it still stings a little but with the cropping before hand I was so horny it drove me to an incredible orgasm. I’m hardly even sore. Just enough to remind me of how good it was.”

Lila’s eyes were wide. “But it’s supposed to hurt like hell. What about the danger of disease?”

Kathy smiled again and snuggled closer. “It does hurt. It hurts terribly unless you are properly prepared. I gave myself an enema earlier to clean myself out. That makes it much safer. Ian is wonderful about loosening me up and lubricating me so it doesn’t hurt. When it’s done like that it’s wonderful.”

Lila shook her head. “You enjoy being whipped. You tell me that you like anal sex. I … I don’t know what to believe.”

I softly said, “Lila, these things are not for everyone. They need a lot of trust. Trust between Kathy and I. Most of it on Kathy’s side. I have a huge responsibility. I have to look after her. I have to order things to make her happy and to give her purpose and most especially to keep her safe. I do it because the rock bottom truth is that I love her. I never imagined that I could love anyone as much as I love her…” I was interrupted by Kathy kissing me.

When she let me come up for air, she said, “Oh Ian I know I love you but I never expected you to loved me. I mean you’ve been wonderful to me but I never imagined.”

I kissed her to shut her up. When the kiss stopped I said, “Lila it was a bit of a shock seeing you standing there but I’m not upset and I think my little submissive here is a bit of an exhibitionist.”

Kathy blushed a bright red but she said, “You’re right master Ian. I am. I got a real rush when I saw Lila watching us.”

Lila blushed with Kathy. “Oh God. I have a thousand questions but I don’t know how to ask. Every answer seems to give me a thousand more questions.”

Kathy whispered in my ear, “Ian whip her and we’ll see if she likes it. If she does finger her to an orgasm. I’ll help. I’ll suck on her tits and clit.” Then she giggled.

I thought about it and whispered back. “Ok go get the crop.”

Kathy slid off my lap to get the crop. I said, “Lila, we think your problem is that all the answers are theoretical. I think you need some first hand knowledge.”

She stared at me and said, “And how do I get this first hand knowledge?”

Kathy came back with the crop. I said, “You take off your night gown and lay over the arm of the couch like Kathy did earlier.”

Lila gasp and blushed furiously and said, “Kathy isn’t enough for you?”

Kathy answered for us. “Lila, I asked Ian to do this for you. How will you find out if you don’t experience it? I asked him because I like you and I trust Ian with my life. I know he won’t hurt you.”

You once said to me, “Begging isn’t sexy…” I disagreed, but chose to save my rebuttal for another time.

You had also said you trusted me enough to tie you up, maybe torture you a little. I knew that if I wanted that to get really interesting, I’d have to build that trust. Everything about you calls to my dark side; but that’s not somewhere you can go all at once.

I was very patient, and finally you’re ready to take the first ‘next step’. You think you’re just coming over for another athletic Playtime; an antidote to a very stressful week. The moment you walk into my cottage you see that tonight will be different. It’s ‘toes into the deeper water’ time.

There are straps hanging from the beam above my bed. And pieces of leather with buckles on the table. I offer you a shot of tequila, and you panic for a moment. I’ve never done that before. I smile. “Be brave,” I say, as I rise up on tiptoes to kiss your neck.

Peeling the blanket off my bed reveals a furry tiger-print sheet. I climb up onto the mattress and kneel in the middle, knees spread, sitting back on my heels.

“Undress, and I’ll give you a massage. You look tense.” I’m trying not to smirk. You strip to your boxers and begin to climb up next to me. “Really? You’re suddenly shy?” I’m teasing you, because I know you’re nervous.

I pull you close and wrap my arms around you, kissing your cheek, your neck, stroking your hair, gentle and sweet, soothing you. You lay face-down on the sheet. It’s so soft and furry, it tickles your skin. I pour oil along your spine and start to massage you gently at first, increasing the pressure as you relax. You love that I work out, it makes my hands so strong.

I knead your shoulders, run the heels of my palms up and down your erectors, squeeze your lats and obliques… you realize that a knowledge of anatomy makes for a superior back-rub. As I’m massaging your back, I’m straddling you and rubbing my panties against you.

You become aware of what I’m doing, and you start to get hard. I produce a strip of black satin, and blindfold you. Your boxers disappear. Your hands are still free, but you feel slightly less sure of yourself, less in control. I go back to massaging you and you relax again.

The ruffled edge of the little lacy thing I’m wearing starts to tickle, as your sense of touch sharpens to make up for the loss of sight. I stretch out on top of you, brushing your ear with my lips as I ask “Are you ready?” You swallow, and nod. “You can opt-out at any time. Say ‘I’m done’ and everything stops, ok?” You nod again.

I ask you to kneel as I was earlier, knees apart, sitting on your heels. With your hands in front of you, I buckle the leather cuffs around your wrists. Clipping the cuffs to each other, I feed a cotton rope through the clip. As I pull the rope, your arms are raised above your head. I keep going until you are almost pulled off your heels; arms up straight, torso stretched.

I drop down onto the floor and stand back to admire you. My god, you’re beautiful. My head swims.

“Click…” I take a photo. You actually glow in the candlelight; it’s a stunning shot. I remove your blindfold to show it to you. Your eyes widen, seeing yourself trussed up this way. I smile.

“You’re mine, now.” I stroke your cheek softly, and reach for the whip that was hidden under the pillows. Skin so beautiful can take some red marks. I stand on the mattress in front of you, bending down to kiss you once more. “Say ‘I’m done’ and you’re free, remember?” You nod one last time. I put your blindfold back on, and the whipping begins.

Three sharp cracks in quick succession. They sting, badly, but they don’t actually hurt. I let you catch your breath and I do it again. Three on your abs, three across your back, breathe, repeat. A few on your thighs and ass. How I love to watch your muscles jump. And the little red marks are so pretty.

I increase the force. Now it actually hurts a bit. Your breaths get shorter, ragged. I stop, and hold a glass of water to your lips. You sip, and I stroke your hair. I put the glass down and kiss all the little red marks. I’m obsessed by your abs, they intoxicate me.

You calm down and become aroused by all the gentle kisses on that magic stretch of skin below your bellybutton. I pull back, and the whipping resumes, harder this time.

Just when you look like you might be done, I stop, covering you in kisses again. Everywhere but your lips. I put a ball gag in your mouth instead, and fasten it behind your head.

“I won’t whip you when you can’t speak,” I say, and you nod. Kneeling in front of you, I kiss and stroke every inch of you from collarbones to pubic bone. You’re aroused again. I kiss your inner thighs, then suck your balls into my mouth. I reach under you and cup your ass and pull you up off your heels, and lay down under you. I wrap my hand around your cock but I don’t move it at all, I just suck your balls down further into my mouth. You rock your hips slightly, trying to get some friction from my hand. Ah, there it is… the thin end of the Begging wedge.

My other hand steadies you, and my tongue starts to explore. Licking your inner thighs, back towards your butt. Your knees are still far apart; I have full access. I tickle your butt with my tongue and you jump slightly. I apply a little more pressure with my tongue and it doesn’t tickle any more… it feels good all the way deep inside. Your hips rock again, and this time I let you. Teasing you with my tongue, letting your shaft slide in my oiled fist. This could be over too soon if I’m not careful.

I stop, and wriggle upright to remove your blindfold. I turn you ninety degrees and you see yourself in a huge mirror. It’s… confronting… seeing yourself tied up with the ball gag in your mouth. I go down on all 4′s, and begin again, stroking and kissing your abs, sucking your balls, stroking your butt with my fingers. You push your hips forward. Finally, I put your cock in my mouth. I move my tongue and lips so slowly, it’s agonizing. You’re sucking on the ball-gag. It’s intense, the sensation of having your mouth open and full, knowing I’m having a similar experience…

It’s too much for me. I’m fingering myself and I want to cum. I take you to the edge, and stand up. Your eyes are wild. You almost cum into the air. You can’t believe I stopped.

I remove your gag and trace your lips with my fingers. They’re wet, and taste of me. I let you suck on them and you draw them all the way into your mouth. You’re hungry for me. “Please,” you whisper. “Please.”

I slip a cuff onto each of your ankles, and unhook your wrists from the rope above. Then I attach one wrist to each ankle, so you’re leaning backwards, holding yourself up with your hands on the bed. Back on all 4′s, I put your cock in my mouth and start fingering myself again. You can see it all in the mirror. It’s a visual feast.

“I want to taste you… please … please…” Ahhh, now you’re begging for real. It is sexy. I reach my hand up and put my fingers in your mouth and you suck on them hard. As I pull them out, you ask for “More… please,” and I stand and straddle your face. I’m so wet, as you start to lick me my juices run down your chin and my legs tremble. I steady myself with a hand against the wall. Oh my god, you’re so good at this. I try to hold off, but I can’t. I give in and cum loudly. I step back and kiss you, your face drenched and delicious.

“Sometimes begging gets you everything,” I say, and I kiss you again.

The strain of leaning back for so long is making your abs twitch, which just turns me on more. I let you shuffle yourself backwards, and put a pillow behind your head so you can lean against the wall.

It’s your turn. I slide under you, starting the same way, your cock in my fist, licking up your thighs and sucking your balls, taking my time even though I’m dying for you to cum. Exploring your butt with my tongue, teasing you, making you wonder how far I’ll go. My hand starts to move more, stroking, squeezing, fingertips circling the head of your cock in unison with my tongue circling your butthole. You’re feeling it and watching it in the mirror and it’s just wild in your mind.

I’m hungry for you. I shift so I’m on my knees in front of you and your cock is in my mouth. Everything is so slick that when I press my finger against your butt it slides smoothly in. Your cock jumps against my tongue and I think you’re going to blow right then. It’s an impressive act of will that you don’t.

My ass and soaking pussy are facing the mirror so you can see everything. Finger, fist, tongue, lips, all moving together. It’s so intense you can’t breathe. I can feel your orgasm building.

My attention is focussed solely on your cock in my mouth. I tighten my lips and my fist is squeezing the base of your shaft. Your hips start to buck and I let you drive from here. I feel pure joy in that moment when your cum shoots up through your shaft and into my mouth. I wrap both hands around your shaft and squeeze gently, coaxing every last drop out of you.

You’re shattered. I unhook your wrists from your ankles and let you stretch out on the furry tiger sheet. I kiss all those little red marks again, and rub your shoulders.

“See? Begging can be very sexy indeed…”

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Adjusting to the life of a slave was different. I would say difficult, but I guess my mind set made it easier in a way. Since I was determined to survive, I didn’t concentrate on being unhappy. I made up my mind to make the best of this.

Christof made making the best of my situation easier. He came almost every day at lunch. He kept to his word and never treated me like a slave. We became fast friends. I felt bonded to him in a secret way.

I did have to just verify one more time that escape was not an option.

I cornered Fuji and asked about the odds of escaping. She was furious I talked to her about it, but she was informative. There wasn’t a good chance of getting away.

The whole of the planet kept slaves, if I escaped here I would be taken by someone in another village. She didn’t know how to work the portals even if I could get to one. Besides that, portals on Earth rarely worked and being in one that was forcibly opened would probably kill me. Her advice was like Rose’s: Learn to live like this and stop thinking of escape.

I’d decided to survive and escaping home was not an option. My mind was set. Now I just needed to know what to do to make the most of this world.

Staying where I was seemed safest. Christof would defend me. Master Damien and the rest seemed unduly interested in my health. I had to be exactly what they wanted, so they would feel no need to be rid of me.

The duties my Masters had told me were mine were very simple. Daily sex was all they ever asked. It was my duty to be ready and to provide a healthy body for them to release into.

I was knew I was more than a sex toy, so I tried to be industrious.

I attempted to clean the apartment once, just out of habit. They chastised me and the posts were threatened for daring to step outside my role. There were men that cleaned the rooms during the day, my owners didn’t need or want me to do that.

Instinctively, I knew they wanted more. There was some part of our relationship I was missing. Whatever that was I had to find it.

My obedience and zeal had nothing to do with a love of slavery. I hated what I had become, weak and subservient. The desire to fully please them came from a selfish place. Happy Masters would not sell their slave. The worst nightmare I could imagine involved the nameless, faceless creatures that would own me next.

I started to watch my Masters. Any time we were together I paid all of my attention to them. It became my all consuming desire to provide whatever they needed. The only way to do that was to figure out what they wanted.

Even Christof wasn’t helpful. He told me the same thing the girls did. The men wanted sex; provide it, stay healthy, and they would be happy.

I don’t think they realized how intently I was watching them until a chuke game one late afternoon. They were playing with a group of men that did not own slaves; I was by myself in the tent. It allowed me to really watch the game without distraction.

The men worked together, but the part they all played was different. Master Kein darted between the larger players to move the different balls; he was difficult to catch. He tossed to Master Damien who made a giant pass to the other side of the field. Master Evan retrieved the ball and moved it with surprising accuracy to Christof. Master Bane knocked down the men in Christof’s way and after a rapid sprint, they scored a point.

The other men on the field didn’t seem to have the diversity of talent my men did. My owners were each very good at what they did and unbeatable together. I really got into the game, even booing loudly over what I considered unfair interference.

Master Evan loped over to me and crouched down.

“Why are you making that noise?” he asked.

“That man,” I said pointing, “got in Master Christof’s way and tripped him. He wouldn’t have been able to stop him otherwise. That wasn’t fair.”

Master Evan panted for a moment watching me.

“Master Christof could have run that pass across the field before anyone caught him, but that man cheated and tripped him,” I pushed.

Master Evan seemed stumped on what to say for a moment. He settled on telling me not to watch the other men and to only watch them.

“I only want to watch you all, Master Evan. You’re much better than the other men,” I told him honestly. “In fact, your aim with the ball is far superior to any other man on the field. It’s very impressive. I enjoy watching you play.”

He cocked his head to the side and looked at me for a moment before standing.

“Only cheer for your Masters,” he called back as he made his way to the field.

When the game was done I was sure my owners had won. The other men grumbled as they walked past the tent. I looked at the ground and smiled to myself. It had not looked like it was much of a contest.

“So you are an expert at chuke now, Ciara?” Master Damien asked sitting on the grass in front of me and then sprawling out on his side.

“Tripping Master Christof-” I started to say and Master Bane laughed.

“You were not offended when I tripped Rue, Ciara,” Master Kein said.

“That was different,” I argued. “He wasn’t going to make it past Master Bane anyhow.”

“And why was he not going to make it past me?” Master Bane asked sitting and watching the scenery absently.

“Nobody makes it past you when you have a mind to stop them, Master,” I said pulling at the filmy covering over my right breast.

A finger was lifting my chin and now Master Bane was watching me intently.

“Explain,” he ordered simply.

Master Bane’s eyes were boring into mine and I was afraid to look away.

“You are very powerful, Master Bane. When you block the other men, they always fall before you,” I stammered.

“So I am the best chuke player?” Master Bane asked grinning.

I didn’t want to agree or disagree, so I went back to playing with the coverings over my breasts and made a non committal sound.

“You didn’t answer my brother, Ciara,” Master Kein said crouching on my other side.

“I really don’t know enough about the game to make such a judgement. It looks like you all play better than the other men,” I said feeling brilliant.

“That was evasive, Ciara,” Master Bane said looking up at the sky. “Tell me which of us is the best chuke player, in your opinion.”

I panted and my gaze went from man to man. Master Bane turned his head to watch my discomfort and his grin widened. I felt like prey again.

Now they were all staring at me with those predatory faces on. This was a game and one I was sure to lose. It seemed wrong to choose one over the other. Instinctively, I knew it would get me into trouble.

“You are the perfect team. I don’t know who is better,” I stammered and they started to close in on me.

“We said choose, Ciara,” Master Kein whispered in my ear, “or we put you at the posts for your disobedience.”

My eyes darted around and I found their feral smiles and narrowing eyes. Even Christof seemed to be enjoying the current fun. I hated the posts and I knew who would be the one dragging me up to them when the time came.

“Master Damien,” I barked out.

He was the one who doled out the punishment for the family. If I had to choose, I’d choose the one that was going to be my punisher. Perhaps he would be lenient.

The men turned to look at Master Damien who was still sprawled out on the grass.

“It isn’t wise to lie to us, Ciara,” he purred.

“I’m not lying,” I squeaked. “You aren’t as fast as Master Christof or as crafty as Master Kein, but your arm is stronger than Master Evan’s.”

“Although my aim is better,” Master Evan said.

“Well, the conversation was to strength, not aim,” I said bravely defending my point.

Master Bane smirked and twirled a blade of grass in his fingers, “What about me slave? How does Damien stack up against me?”

“You don’t throw the ball enough for me to tell,” I said desperately. “I get the feeling you’d rather be knocking the other men down rather than fight over the balls.”

The men considered me quietly for several moments. They seemed lost in their thoughts as the sky slowly darkened over us.

I started when I saw Master Damien had moved and was motioning for me to get up. Rising to my feet he bent and scooped up my kneeling place.

“You are correct, Ciara,” he murmured. “We are the perfect team.”

The next day at the Keepers, Christof came to feed me. We walked around outside and I plopped myself down in a clearing.

“What’s with your brother’s obsession about me picking the better player last night?” I groused. “I don’t like being forced to pick between you all. It seems like it will just get me in trouble with the others.”

“You got their attention when you told Evan he had the best aim,” Christof said settling beside me. “They didn’t know you could tell the difference between them.”

I sat and looked at Christof strangely.

“There are lots of differences between you all. How would they think I don’t notice the differences between them?” I asked.

Christof handed me the bowl of food and sat beside me with his hands folded over his knees.

“We are all Damien’s family,” he said simply taking a bite of food from the bowl.

“You are five different men. Each of you is unique. Why would they think I can’t tell the difference between them?”

“We are a family, Ciara,” Christof said as though that should make the entire point.

“You are five individuals in a family,” I amended confused.

Christof chuckled and encouraged me to eat.

“It is so curious to me how you see things,” he said brushing the hair away from my face. “To anyone else we are only Damien’s family, a single unit. I know my brothers and I know there are differences between them. No one else really notices them that way. We all play a part of the family. We are all Damien’s family.”

“It’s hard not to see you as five different men,” I pondered.

“They like you to see that. I like you to see that,” he smiled and looked suddenly shy.

“You are very hard to confuse you for one another,” I told him, “especially you.”

Christof seemed pleased and our lunch continued with quiet thoughtful conversation.

I swam out my hole in the grate that afternoon and thought about it. That something I had been missing about my Masters. It was so obvious I had missed it. They wanted me to notice them.

My head bobbed up and I took a breath before diving again. They liked to be appreciated for their differences. It made sense.

That single thought gave me a plan and a purpose. They liked to feel special, so I would give that to them. Their happiness was the key to my survival and I was determined to live.

In the bathhouse that night I washed Master Damien as usual. He seemed to like me to rub along his lines, so that’s usually how I organized myself. I ran my hands over his chest and back softly massaging and cleaning. He was so well proportioned.

“Do you have an arm you favor, Master Damien?” I asked as I scrubbed down his left forearm.

He had been sitting with his eyes closed. Opening them, he looked quizzically at me. His expression seemed to be warring between curiosity and irritation.

“There is no end to your questions,” he commented, “and no, I do not prefer either of my arms. They work equally well.”

That explained why he was built so equally. He didn’t preferentially use one arm when he trained and fought. My attention moved to his fingers and I cleaned each one.

“The callouses are thicker on this side,” I said running my thumbs over his left palm and fingers.

“Yes,” Master Damien said looking slightly uncomfortable, “but I am trained to use both hands,” he insisted.

“But you prefer to use this one,” I whispered watching his face carefully.

His features hardened slightly and I looked away. I hadn’t meant to anger him.

“Wash me, Ciara,” he said, “and no more questions.”

Well, I had tried and I made up my mind I would try again. Evidently some things they didn’t want me to notice.

It was still on my mind when they put me to bed that night. I curled up on my side between Master Damien and Master Evan. There would be mistakes, I soothed myself, but they wanted me to notice them, so I should continue.

I started when I felt Master Damien wrap around my back. He pulled me flush to his chest and was breathing into my ear. When he spoke his breath tickled.

“My brothers know I prefer my left arm to hold my sword,” he whispered into my ear. “No one else has ever seen that.”

“Yes, Master Damien, I apologize,” I said softly.

It wasn’t really the appropriate response, but I wasn’t sure what was.

He was silent behind me for a short while, but he didn’t release me.

The arm across my middle shifted and he started to lightly pluck at my nipples. I bit back the moan in my throat as he fondled my chest.

“I find,” he said low into my ear, “my left hand to be more accurate for detailed work…like this. Other men have no such preference. My brothers have no preference.”

Squirming under his ministrations I grasped at his arm and felt the play of muscle beneath my hands.

“You are very talented with both of your hands, Master Damien,” I whispered.

The chuckle rumbled from his chest and into mine and that tormenting hand thankfully ceased it’s chore.

“Go to sleep, Ciara,” he said tucking the blankets around us.

I sighed and settled down quite satisfied with myself. Master Damien wasn’t angry I had noticed, perhaps it would even make him happy I paid them that much attention. Tomorrow I would continue at the task I had set myself. It was a plan.

It was strange, but it was the little things they liked me to see. They wanted me to notice the details of their lives and personalities. It was like they wanted me to read their minds and react to whatever they were feeling.

I understood why the girl in the restaurant had been staring at her owners. It was the only way to keep up with them. With five to look after, their changing moods and desires, absolute attention was necessary.

Once I learned what the men needed to be happy with me, life settled into a rhythm. Being at my new home in the compound was consuming, but I enjoyed my time at the Keepers. It was my time to relax. Most days were like that: relax at the Keepers during the day and please my owners at night.

My musical talents made me very popular when I was at the Keepers because the other girls really liked to dance. Fuji told me we would probably end up entertaining our men together. Her men loved to see her dance and she wanted to make them happy.

Fuji said I should dance, too. She started helping me practice while someone plucked at a stringed instrument. It seemed the right thing to do, although dancing embarrassed me.

I did have some experience. Mom and I had taken a belly dancing class for exercise one year. It was one of those New Year’s Resolutions about losing weight. I’d never been particularly good, the teacher said I was too shy. I loved the feel of the moves, though.

When I showed Fuji belly dancing I thought she’d hit the roof she was so excited. We worked on it every day, since I started to practice I got a lot better. I wasn’t as shy about my body and that made a difference, too.

Still I preferred to dance with just Rose and Fuji. They thought my modesty was kind of silly. Considering what was expected regularly of me when I was home, I knew they were right. Modesty was something I no longer had the luxury of.

At home, I was the embodiment of sex. For the men that owned me, I was a living, breathing sex doll. It was obvious I was their favorite toy.

My owners were meticulous in caring for me. I had my daily vitamin drink, which I had heard them say was expensive. They washed me with the finest soaps and rubbed my body with creams, so my skin was soft and pliant.

Thanks to their care I looked like a different girl. My hair was healthy and shone in the light. Even my palms, which had stared out looking so bad, were now satiny to the touch. They spent money and time on me the way no one ever had.

My care did not stop with that. Although my outfits were mostly gauze and see thru, I had a limitless supply of them. The room they stored their clothes was now packed with my flimsy ornamentation. Every day I was dressed up in a different outfit and paraded around like a prize. They took good care of me and were proud I belonged to them.

They shared in all my care and my use, except Christof. He seemed to keep to himself and didn’t fit in with the other men. The difference was most apparent during sex. He didn’t use me with them.

Christof never took part in the wild group sex I was the focus of. He would wait and watch quietly, deferring when they asked him to join in. It upset my other owners, but they couldn’t seem to talk to him about it.

Instead, Christof would awaken with me in the middle of the night and ‘take his time’ as he said. He was so sweet and gentle; it was like he was my boyfriend. We spent hours on the chaise cuddling, talking, and sometimes making love. What we did was always my choice and I loved Christof deeply for giving me that. My time with him at night was my favorite time.

Lunch was my second favorite time of the day. Most afternoons Christof came to feed me. We had completely given up eating in the lunchroom and instead walked in the forest. It had become so common the Keepers left my kneeling pad in the courtyard and I waited for him just inside the wall.

Just like at home, Christof didn’t treat me like a slave, but like an equal he could talk to. When we were alone together, we were just friends. I fed myself from the bowl and usually chose what direction to walk in. He just accompanied me as I explored different places in the forest. Christof just seemed to need someone he could relax around.

I got comfortable with Christof. He encouraged me to talk about home and listened curiously to all of it. Stories about my prior life intrigued him. How humans lived together, males and females in the same place, it amazed him.

Christof never minded my questions and told me all about this world. One day he showed me how to hold a sword. I had to use a branch, I couldn’t even lift his sword off the ground. We played ‘warrior’ with the branches frequently.

“Who do you fight with?” I asked swinging my branch the way he had taught me to.

“Lighten your grip,” he instructed before answering. “Too tight a hold and you lose maneuverability.”

Once I had fixed my hands and released my death grip he answered my question.

“Men from the other villages close by. Sometimes there are raids and men come to take things from the shopkeepers. It is our job to protect them,” he told me. “We patrol around the surrounding area to keep the raiders out.”

“Sounds stressful,” I commented wrinkling my nose.

“It’s fun!” Christof laughed. “I love it when the other men come. We train hard to best them. The skirmishes are exciting. My brothers also look forward to them.” His face darkened and he looked different suddenly, “We enjoy fair battles we can win with skill and strength. ‘They’ are not all like that.”

I tried to ask about the last comment, but Christof distracted me. It was an odd comment and I wasn’t sure who ‘they’ were. He didn’t want to talk about it, though. Instead, Christof asked about my mother. He knew he could distract me by asking about her.

I rarely spoke to him long about my mom. The subject made me too sad and I would cry. I could never resist talking about her, so despite the tears that came, I spoke freely.

As I talked, I remembered the good and the bad times. That still confused Christof greatly. He had never understood family the way I described it.

His family was his brothers and they got along perfectly. I told him how my family kicked me out of my bed and sometimes ate all the food. I explained the unkind remarks and the many beatings they had given me. The idea of having a family that hurt you or couldn’t be trusted baffled Christof.

I talked a lot about my mother and her struggles with alcohol. He didn’t really understand that either, but he listened. Even with all her failings she was still my mother. The more I talked about mom, the more I missed her.

Christof didn’t understand missing a mother, the mothers here dropped the sons off after they were very small. The men that raised them were called Child Keepers. He did say he knew what it was like to miss someone. He often spent so long consoling me we were late back to the compound.

We agreed about other things and that was kind of cool. When it was just us he was sympathetic to my argument that I wasn’t an it. If my sex didn’t matter they would have bought a male earthling.

“I have female parts,” I said stubbornly making him laugh. “Your inability to put a child in me doesn’t mean I’m not female.”

He said he didn’t care if I said that around him, but it would make his brothers upset. I grumbled a little, but agreed with him. It would have to be our little secret.

I adored Christof and I did everything I could to show him that. As much as I could I talked to him about romance. He allowed me to hug and kiss him. Soon, he started to hug and kiss me without any prompting. It made me feel nice and normal for a change.

However, the more I got to know Christof the more he worried me. I could tell something was eating at him. Finally I decided to ask him about it, I just had to take the chance. Gathering my courage, I took a good guess about what might be bothering him.

“You might get mad at me, but I just wanted to know. Did the women take you?”

He sighed and took a piece of food from the bowl for himself. “Yes, I was sent by the Administrators to patrol a section along the mountains. My brothers and I were ordered to split up to cover a larger territory. The big one picked me up and flew off with me. She took me and kept me for a long time,” he answered. “She and her sisters needed female children and I seem to make those most of the time.”

I shuddered, “It must have been horrible. Were you able to talk to your brothers about it?”

He laughed and started to hit a bamboo like tree that was sitting next to us, “My brothers know nothing of my capture and, for the record, I was only treated poorly the first several days. During that time I was kept in a cell by myself, but she moved me to a place with other men after a very short while. She had decided to keep me in the mountains long term.”

“How did you get away?” I gasped.

“I thought I could escape from them. Finally, the woman in charge told me they owned me; I would never escape. The only men my brothers and I found were men they released because they no longer needed them. I still tried to get away, that’s when she beat me. I was miserable.” His face fell as he talked.

“She wanted me to live and be happy. My owner, Nu-reeh, said they had decided to take my brothers to be with me, the Administrators would send them on a job like I had been sent. I stopped being able to get erections; the thought of my brothers living that way upset me and I told them that,” he sighed.

“I told them if they sent me back, I would do what they wanted. I would keep to an increased coupling schedule, give them as many girls as they needed. They just couldn’t do that to my brothers.”

“The women told me if I did as they asked they would leave us alone. They told me to explain the new rules to my brothers. If I started trouble, the women said they would destroy me.”

I sat in stunned silence

“Your brothers will protect you, Christof,” I said pulling him to face me.

“They can’t protect me. No one here can protect anyone. We are owned by the women. We live at their discretion. I am as much a slave as you are. When they find I will no longer perform for them I will be deemed useless. They will destroy me,” he said starting to walk back the way we’d come.

“Well, you’re not useless, you can have sex with them. You have sex with me all the time,” I said trailing after him trying to process.

“You don’t understand, Ciara. I was raised to believe I was free, but they let me see the inner workings of our world at least a little of it. I listened to the other males they keep in the mountains. They control everything.”

“The women mine and sell the ore that make us a rich planet. They mark us when we are born, put us with others they sense we will get on well with. As we grow, they watch us to make sure we do the job they set out for us. The Administrators and the General talk to them and hand their edicts down to us,” he continued at a brisk pace back talking angrily. “I cannot preform for them, I cannot live like this. Let them destroy me.”

“Wait a God damned minute,” I said stopping.

Christof turned to look at me quizzically. “You are speaking the wrong language, Ciara,” he said.

“I’m cursing you,” I shouted angrily in his language, “I’m sorry it’s not good enough for you, but sometimes that’s how it is. You can’t just lay down and die because you don’t like it. How would you feel if I said that to you? I am a slave, I was raised free, and I’m doing just fine. You can’t leave me. I care for you. Your brothers care for you,” tears were streaming down my face by now. I knew a coupling was coming up for them. “You have to talk to your brothers,” I cried to him. “You have to do what you are supposed to. Please, don’t leave me.”

We were almost back to the compound and I could hear the other Warriors. The voices were coming toward us. I dropped my head as they came through the brush.

“Christof,” I heard one say, “we heard shouting. Is everything as it should be?” the man asked.

“Yes, all is well. Come Ciara, your mid day meal is over. You must go back,” he said addressing me.

He went to take my arm and I moved away from him and stalked toward the compound. A masculine chest I didn’t recognize was in my face a moment later.

“All does not look well, Christof,” the voice in front of me said.

“It is an earth slave, Basin. These things happen,” Christof said taking my arm and leading me away.

The rest of the afternoon stunk. I swam out my private hole and spent hours in the deep water outside the inlet. I barely was back in time for the evening bell. The other girls asked what was wrong because I was acting so off. I told them I missed my family. Which come to think of it I really did, that made me more upset.

My owners took me to the bathhouse and I was unusually quiet and subdued. I couldn’t believe Christof had decided just to give up. Life without him would be unbearable. He was the only person in my life that I felt loved me and I wasn’t enough for him.

Master Damien noticed my mood and asked me about it at dinner. I also told him I missed my family. He forbade me to think of them. He said if they had cared for me in the right way I would not have been enslaved. That made me feel worse.

I knew he was right, my family hadn’t cared for me. At home I had been a burden and in the way. They were only too glad when I left and lived at that dingy motel. I bawled at the table and couldn’t stop. Nobody had every loved me.

“I have had enough of this,” Master Damien finally said scooping me up. “You will preform your purpose now.”

He carried me toward the bedroom. I really wasn’t in the mood for that and struggled hard. They seemed to find my efforts amusing, that infuriated me.

I screamed and cursed at them in English, I didn’t know bad enough words in their language. Flailing my arms and legs I struck out at them, but they were faster than me and just grabbed the writhing limbs.

They lay me on the bed and opened my legs wide. I screamed that I would pee on them if they got near my sex. Master Evan laughed at me.

“I have tasted your fluids before. They are not objectionable to me,” he said settling between widely spread thighs. “Although if you leave water on the bed, we will make you stay in it until morning, even then we may not see fit to clean it off.”

My eyes got wide when he said that and I allowed them to spread and restrain me. I didn’t want to sleep in a puddle of urine.

“Should we use the bindings?” Master Bane asked holding both hands above my head. “I find this better,” he continued using his other hand to torment a nipple.

“No bindings tonight then,” Master Damien said holding right leg as Master Kein held the left.

Master Bane forced my face toward his and I closed my eyes.

“Open your eyes, Ciara,” Master Damien said calmly. “We wish to watch you respond.”

I wouldn’t answer him. I would not open my eyes. Let them do what they wished.

Tonight, I would not be participating. For all I cared they could put me out at the posts.

It would just prove to me what I really meant to them.

A hand pinching my nose and covering my mouth surprised me so badly I opened my eyes to see what they were doing. Master Bane grinned cheekily down at me, removing his hand.

“They are open now, brothers,” he said as Master Evan started licking my dry center.

His tongue felt so good, his lips were warm and soft caressing each inner fold. The hands holding my legs weren’t still either. Master Kein and Master Damien were rubbing my calves and the bottoms of my feet in slow, steady circles. Master Bane’s free hand weighed each breast as his fingers played over the tips. Despite my best efforts I started to relax. My body was responding like they knew it would.

“Stop,” I cried to them looking around, “please, you don’t care about me. Please stop this. Get the oil if you want. Just use me and have sex with me.”

I struggled against their hands again and it was of absolutely no use.

“When have we not cared for you?” Master Damien sighed as his hand ran down the back of my leg to caress my buttocks.

Master Kein followed Master Damien’s lead and soon they had pulled me open to further allow access to Master Evan’s searching tongue. Master Evan licked and nibbled at the sensitive skin between my anus and my vagina for several minutes. It tickled a little, but overall felt very good. I wanted him higher or lower and tried to move my hips to get him to choose a direction.

Lost in the sensation I shut my eyes again. Master Bane chuckled as he commanded me to open them.

“The centers indicate it is ready now, brothers,” he said looking deeply into my eyes.

“What centers, Master Bane? What are you talking about?” I moaned.

Master Evan had chosen to go lower. I knew now he wouldn’t get sick tasting my ass, but it still made me feel sexy and dirty all at once.

“We know your responses, Ciara. Your body has many ways of telling us when it is ready for us,” Master Kein answered as Master Evan climbed up my body.

“How is it you believe we do not care for you?” Master Evan asked slowly grinding his hips against mine. “We feed you and bathe you. Every day we make sure you get enough activity at the Keepers. Each night we bring you pleasure while we use you for your purpose,” he said as he eased the head of his cock into my opening.

The fullness entered me a little at a time. I groaned and bit my lip in an effort not to feel the pleasure of it. He leaned down and licked at my ear and I arched into him.

He pulled back and pressed forward, grinding his pelvis against mine. An involuntary moan stole past my lips. He was so big and so long, it was always almost too much.

I couldn’t argue with him. The steady motion of him sliding in and out of me was too much to ignore. I moved my hips to meet his thrusts, but was otherwise held immobile on the bed.

“Tell me, Ciara,” he commanded, “explain to me how you are not cared for.”

“It’s not about the things you do,” I struggled to explain with panting breath. “It’s how you feel, Master Evan. You feel nothing.”

Master Evan slid a hand into the hair at the nape of my neck and pulled my head back slightly. He placed his lips over my fluttering pulse for a moment. “Right now I feel your racing heartbeat due to your excitement. I feel your slick walls gripping me.”

“I feel the flush of arousal on your skin,” Master Bane said reaching between Master Evan and I to fondle a nipple. “I feel the blood rushing to the tips of your breasts.”

Master Damien and Master Kein agreed that they felt the same things. I obviously had no idea what I was talking about. I felt fine, better than fine, in fact.

I wanted to argue with them. They had it all wrong, but Master Evan was making it difficult. He bucked against me, plunging down with enough force I felt pinned to the bed.

Master Evan’s teeth started to grow and I watched with fascination. His hips continued to grind into mine for several more minutes before he found his release.

Master Evan switched with Master Damien and they allowed me to wrap my legs around his waist. Master Damien explained he felt the smooth muscles underneath my skin. The ones I got by swimming in the ocean each afternoon.

“While we go to protect the village every day we leave you in safe place. We care for you even when we are not with you. The Keepers provide you with companions, entertainment, and exercise. You feel healthy,” he explained.

That wasn’t the point of what I had said. However, I had been so close to orgasm when Master Evan was above me. Master Damien had a way of moving that brought me back to the peak and left me teetering on it. He pushed his hips in a tiny circle each time he bottomed out inside of me.

The climax tore through me and I tried futilely to free my arms. My Masters just stroked my sensitive skin and praised me for taking the pleasure they offered. They didn’t let me loose, however.

I wanted to hold Master Damien still with my legs, but they were separated and held by Master Evan and Master Kein. I couldn’t stop the quaking tremors that rocked through me each time Master Damien ground down on me after that.

He didn’t stop moving until he swelled and exploded inside of me. I sensed each little burst coating my inner walls. I was so sensitive, so stimulated. Master Damien removed himself and leaned down to nibble on my breasts.

“You have never felt this good,” he said bringing his face beside my ear, “this cared for. That is why you do not understand it and it upsets you.”

I couldn’t disagree with him, because I didn’t remember the argument anymore.

Master Kein slipped between my legs and felt the oil being pushed and rubbed into my tight dark hole. The plug had been removed before the bathhouse, as it always was. I stretched around Master Kein’s fingers, bucking my hips against his hand. I craved these sensations now.

I knew the stretch and the cramp, they were always followed with the deep pleasure. Master Kein knew I liked it. He pushed the head of his long tool into the tight opening and then withdrew completely. He repeated several times. Shifting my hips up I sought to stop him from pulling away from me. I begged him with my eyes, not willing to say it out loud.

“We have taught you to feel pleasure here, where you only expected pain,” he said pushing his entire length into me. “This feeling was our gift to you, to enjoy each time we ask it of you.”

I moaned and let my head roll back. My eyes were shut as he slid in and out of me. It was a sinful indulgence. One I had been told multiple times on Earth was wrong and dirty. The knowledge that it was forbidden made it sweeter and more potent.

“Open your eyes, Ciara,” Master Bane commanded. “We wish to watch you respond.”

I opened my eyes and focused on the man above me. Master Kein’s beautiful face contorted with his pleasure and I was glad it was me that caused it.

My mind felt dulled and clouded. When Master Bane took Master Kein’s place, I left my arms where he had put them. There was no energy left to resist them.

Master Bane used his fingers to spread fresh oil around my well used backdoor. He slipped into me easily. He stretched and filled me to bursting. As he towered above me, I crashed into my second climax around his shaft.

Once he had finished with me, Master Damien picked me up.

“How do you feel, Ciara?” Master Damien asked me as he carried me to the bathroom.

I was a little hazy on how the conversation had turned out this way, but I knew the answer he wanted. I felt sure I wouldn’t be up for another round of convincing.

“I feel cared for, Master Damien,” I told him.

Once I was clean and dry I took my place on the bed between Master Evan and Master Damien. I was tired, but still worried. The men had no such concerns and fell fast asleep. I lay still and waited for the middle of the night when Christof usually woke to walk me to the bathroom.

Looking in Christof’s direction for the hundredth time, he was finally looking back at me. I got off the bed and he followed me. In the bathroom I pulled him down to my level and begged him.

“Please, go to the coupling,” I whispered in his ear, “just try for me. They don’t understand me like you do. I couldn’t survive without you, please.”

He sighed and his hair fell in his eyes. I pushed it back and looked at him beseechingly.

“I will try, Ciara,” he said stroking my shoulders.

The next twenty days were hell for me. The coupling was getting closer and closer. I was worried Christof wouldn’t go, worried he wouldn’t be able to preform, and worried the women would take him again.

As often as he came to the Keepers I talked to him about it. He always said not to worry, he would go. I didn’t believe him. The look in his eyes was one of defeat. Christof just wasn’t going to argue about it, but he had chosen to die.

Overall, I wasn’t sleeping and could barely eat. Now when they fed me too much I vomited on the spot; I just couldn’t hold anything down. To make matters worse, I was jumpy. Master Evan thought that was funny initially, but tired of the game quickly.

The only benefit I noticed was my hips were slimming down. My tummy was flatter also. I didn’t have a mirror to look in, but I could feel it. My panels hung a little lower, too.

I’d never been so stressed it made me lose weight before. Usually I had the opposite problem. Unfortunately, another problem arose also. The last problem made my owners pay attention to everything.

Master Evan pulled me onto the bed and went down between my thighs one evening. He loved to taste me and I really enjoyed it also. Master Damien was caressing my neck and Master Kein was nibbling at my breasts. After several minutes Master Evan stopped and propped himself up over my belly. I ran a hand lovingly through his long hair.

“What’s wrong?” Master Damien asked him looking up.

“I don’t know, brother, but it is not responding as it usually does. The taste is different and there is no lubrication,” he said continuing to watch my face.

“No matter, Master Evan,” I tried reasoning with him, “use the oil.”

“I have seen illness in the eyes brothers. Look at them, they rest farther back,” Master Bane said from across the bed.

“No, no, no,” I argued trying to pull Master Kein back to my breast and pushing on Master Evan’s head, “everything is fine. I just need more time. Use the oil if I’m taking too long Masters.”

“It is losing mass,” Master Kein noted touching my hips. “The vomiting is not normal and it is not passing. I have talked to Basin and his brothers, they also keep an Earth slave. This one is ill.”

“Call the healer,” Master Damien said sitting up.

I couldn’t beg them out of it and my solution of using the oil was ignored like it didn’t exist. They wouldn’t listen when I told them women on earth sometimes needed a little help. I begged them to use the oil.

Since my purpose was now on hold, I felt real fear. I wasn’t sure they would keep a slave that was not responsive; that seemed important to them. I followed Damien and tried to coax him back to bed. My terror wasn’t lost on him and he stroked my head as we waited for the Healers.

“You will not stay ill, Ciara,” he soothed. “We will care for you and you will be better. My brothers and I do not wish to worsen your malady by forcing your use.”

I wasn’t sick; I knew that much. Without spilling Christof’s secret, there was no way to explain that. It wasn’t clear to me what they would do to fix a non existent illness. Wow, how I wished they had listened to me and just used oil. The healer’s advice was disgusting.

At the next meal after my usual vitamin drink the first thing Master Bane offered me was a slimy green worm about six inches long. It wiggled in his fingers as he held it. I backed off of my kneeling place and stared at it from the wall.

“Master Evan, that’s not funny,” I said addressing the most playful member of the group. If this was joke it had to be his idea.

“Ciara,” Master Damien chastised, “it’s not a joke. These are very good for humans. It will stop the illness and the weight loss. Kneel back down and take your sustenance.”

I continued to watch the thing move around and refused to move back to my place. Out of habit I was shaking my head ‘no’. At least they finally understood what I meant when I did that.

“Ciara, if you do not kneel down and take your meal from my brother I will hold you down while he puts it into your mouth,” Master Evan threatened.

I continued to refuse and Master Evan had me around the waist before I could blink. They laid me across the table and I screamed at them, in English I think. They did exactly what they threatened and it was positively the worst experience I have ever had.

They force fed me the worms. Master Damien pried my jaws open as Master Evan and Master Kein held me down. Master Bane chewed the worm and then spit the chewed up remains into my mouth. They would hold my mouth closed until I swallowed. By the third worm I swore to them I would eat anything they wanted. Christof asked them to let me try again.

Shaking head to toe I kneeled down and took three more of the disgusting worms. It was like eating blood mixed with rubber. Afterward Master Bane fed me the slime from the bowl they had been in. I gagged on it, but took it all. The salty ooze was also supposed to have healthful properties.

After the worms I was asked to eat a little of the meal they were having. Fearing it would be delivered like the first two worms if I refused; I took all they gave me. Master Kein commented what an effective way to feed me that had been and I just glared at the floor. I couldn’t stop the question from popping out in response.

“Why can’t they at least be cooked?” I asked to no one in particular.

“Who are you speaking to, slave?” Master Damien asked pleasantly.

My eyes got wide as I realized my dual mistakes. I hadn’t addressed them as Master and I was asking too many questions.

“I’m sorry, Master Damien. I was wondering why the worms can’t be cooked, Master Damien?”

“The creatures lose the nutritional content when they are cooked. They must be eaten the way you just did. We will feed them to you frequently. I do not suggest you argue with us about this again,” he stated.

“Yes, Master Damien,” I answered him defeated.

The next day the men were scheduled to leave for their coupling and I was a wreck. They took me downstairs and gave me to Fuji’s Masters. They would be my Keepers while my Masters were away. Master Damien quietly told me to behave for them. I heard the threat in his voice.

Fuji was excited I was there with her. She said she had asked her Masters to get us a set of drums so I could play and she could dance for them. It was hard not to be happy spending time with such a perky person.

We sat and talked quietly while her Masters got ready for their day. A commotion outside got everyone’s attention. Fuji’s Warriors opened the front door and asked a passing man what the problem was.

The man said Christof had refused to go to the coupling again. The General had been alerted. I panicked and bolted out the door.

I felt Fuji’s Warriors behind me and one of them grabbed me. I screamed bloody murder and fought him.

“I have to talk to him!” I screamed at the man holding me. “He will die if he doesn’t go. Please, Keeper, let me speak to him.”

Shockingly the man dropped me and let me go. I felt him follow me, but he didn’t interfere.

I ran as fast as I could up the stairs to our dwelling. There was a swell of Warriors outside the front door. I wove between them and dashed into our apartment. Master Damien, Master Evan, Master Bane, and Master Kein were standing in the main room looking frustrated. I could see Christof in the bedroom.

Master Damien yelled at me to stop and come to him. I ignored him and rushed into the bedroom, pulling the leather door cover closed. The last thing I saw was my Masters’ faces go from shocked to furious. I didn’t have long.

“Christof,” I panted, “you promised me. Don’t do this. We all need you. I need you. Think of me, you can get through this. Life is awful sometimes and you have to work through the bad parts to get to the good parts.”

“Ciara,” he said looking a little stunned, “shouldn’t you be downstairs? How did you get up here?”

“Doesn’t matter, I love you. Please just accept your life isn’t what you thought it was, but it’s still good. There are still things you need to live for. You won’t win or prove anything doing this-”

I stopped talking when Master Damien’s enraged face appeared in the door way.

The covering to the little room was thrown back and Master Damien stalked toward me. I remembered Andre and cringed. “It was worth it Master Damien,” I heard myself say. “Some things are worth a beating.”

“I will not touch you, slave,” he ground out, “the General will take a lash to your back until we feel you have had enough,” his face was indescribable it was so angry.

“Not now, brother,” Christof sighed from behind me, “we don’t want to be late for the coupling.”

Uncertainty flitted across Master Damien’s features. He hadn’t been expecting that. Christof strode out of the room and called to his brothers to hurry up. Master Damien stood watching me for several long moments. I didn’t back away, but I flinched when he reached for my arm. He passed me back to Fuji’s owners as we walked by them on the walkway.

As we went downstairs I chanced a glance up and saw my Warriors talking with the General. I watched them finish their conversation and head out the wall of the compound. With all my staring I got the attention of more than a few Warriors and they started toward me. Fuji’s owners forced my head back down as they escorted me back to their apartments.

The Keepers compound was subdued that day. Rose had seen the General administer one lashing and she didn’t want to talk about it. All the other slaves looked at me with a mixture of shock and pity. Fuji paced around and prayed in her native language.

All their concern was nice, but it didn’t change anything. I would be beaten, probably within an inch of my life and Christof might still not come back. When the lunch bell rang I was glad for it. At least no one could talk about it for the next little while. I was wrong.

Fuji’s Masters came to feed me and all the Warriors were talking about the morning excitement. Christof’s refusal to go and the reason for it, my strange behavior, and exactly what a beating from the General would entail. I had no appetite, so it didn’t really matter when they fed me the worms.

“Eat up, slave,” the Warrior feeding me laughed, “you’ll need the strength to heal once the General is done with you.”

I started to retch a little and held it down. Getting sick wouldn’t make this any better.

After lunch the Keepers took us to the beach. Straightaway, I went into the water and scooted through my secret hole. I spent the afternoon diving deep outside the inlet. If I was going to be lashed I doubted I would be enjoying the water anytime after that.

When I went really deep I felt a strong current. I always managed to stay just above it. It was exciting and distracting to let it pull me a little. The fun almost made me forget the horror that was coming, almost.

Fuji’s Warriors came and picked us up and transported us back to the Warrior’s compound. They poked fun at me and made little comments; I didn’t let it bother me. There was a good reason to act like I had this morning. I’d take the lashing if it meant that I got to keep my friend.

We went to the bathhouse as a group, but I wasn’t asked to wash anyone. I just sat on the little steps by my Keepers and kept my head down. That didn’t mean I didn’t get attention.

Groups of Warriors would come over intermittently to inspect me. They didn’t touch me, thank goodness. They watched me and tried to get me to respond to them. Most commented on my scene that morning.

I was relieved when we finally left the bathhouse; perhaps my day was finally over. That was not to be. Fuji’s owners wanted to see her dance, she had promised them.

The men had little drums in the apartment, like the ones I played every day. Dutifully I played the drums with a sensual, wild beat. Fuji moved her hips and swung her wispy hair every which way. Her owners looked like they were in heaven.

It wasn’t surprising when one of them got up and threw her over his shoulder. I could see the erections grow as Fuji had danced. Sex was the obvious outcome, but Fuji’s reaction was unexpected.

My calm, demure friend screeched and fought the Warrior who held her. I’d never seen Fuji fight. She cursed him in their language and said she wanted to finish her dance. My hands were stopped in mid air over my drums.

Her owners laughed and started walking toward their bedroom. One of them pulled me to my feet and followed. I was too stunned to resist him. The large man thrust me onto a kneeling place inside the room and went to join his brothers on the bed.

The men held Fuji down to the bed and she continued to scream. One man got between her legs and started to lick her feet and suck her toes. Two other men held her arms and played their fingers across her cool skin. I didn’t want to watch my friend get raped by her men, but I knew I couldn’t stop them. In defeat, I dropped my eyes.

All too soon the screaming from the bed turned to moans. I chanced a glance up and saw Fuji writhing in the hands that held her. She looked like she was in the throes of ecstasy as a man with long dark hair grunted and thrust into her. She squealed beneath him and protested, but it didn’t sound real. Her hips moved in time with his and I could hear the wet slapping they made as they joined.

The men passed her around, but whenever they let her go, she started to fight again. She wanted to dance and they were a series of words I couldn’t understand. I’d never seen this side of Fuji, not that I really wanted to.

She was restrained and ravished by every one of her men. I wouldn’t have thought to ask if her kind could orgasm, but by the sounds of it she did, over and over again. The scent of pungent sex filled the air and I tried to ignore it.

Eventually, everything quieted down. They wiped Fuji with a cloth and gave her a long drink. Once they were done, I watched them tuck her exhausted body into the covers.

One of the men came over and brought me to the bed. He forced me to lay down, which I wasn’t comfortable doing at all. I tried to sit up and he got behind me and pulled me down. He brought my back flush to his front and wrapped strong arms around me.

“No more running,” he said pulling me tight to his body as the covers were draped over us.

Inside me was a panic. I imagined all the horrible things these strange men could do to my naked body. Much to my dismay I’d seen what they’d done to Fuji and I did not want to be next.

After a while the sensation of fear faded because nothing was happening. The man holding me sounded and felt like he was just going to sleep. I lay still and listened to the man’s breathing, slow and even. I felt his staff behind me, it was completely flaccid. There was absolutely no danger of this man being interested in me. The worry melted away and I sunk into the strange embrace.

We rested like that for a while before he spoke again. “I don’t know what you did this morning, slave,” he whispered quietly, “but it is why we let you go and I’m glad you did it.”

A murmur of consensus went around the bed. It did make me feel a little better that the Warriors weren’t all mad at me. I yawned loudly and started to slide toward sleep.

Sleeping with strange men should have been impossible, but I felt oddly safe with them. Master Damien would not have left me anywhere I would get hurt. That was abundantly obvious now. I slipped into a sound sleep almost immediately.

I woke in the middle of the night like I was accustomed to doing. As I was restlessly trying to back to sleep with a full bladder, the man next to me woke up.

“Slave, what is wrong?” he asked sounding concerned.

I told him and he walked me to the bathroom. Once I was done he walked me back toward the bed.

“They will have to punish you, you know,” he said softly before we entered the bedroom. “Such defiance cannot be left alone.”

“Yes, Keeper,” I answered dutifully.

“I do not understand what you have with Christof, but it must be important. He needs to share his bond with his brothers, though. It is essential,” the man said as we laid down.

I was so tired the comment didn’t make any sense. Before I fell asleep, I wondered if I should ask the man what he meant. Unfortunately, the thought was lost as I drifted off again.

Fuji’s bright eyes were in my face when I woke up. She was bouncing happily around the bed teasing me about being so deeply asleep. I let her lead me to their bathroom, where I received my morning cleaning, my entire morning cleaning.

It was bad enough that I had to accept the enemas and the plug from my Warriors, this was so much worse. I was blushing from head to toe and wishing it wasn’t happening. Fuji touched my face as I lay over her Warriors lap and asked why it was that color. I shook my head and looked away while her Warrior laughed.

“Earth slaves think this is embarrassing, don’t you slave?” he asked me finishing up.

“It’s where I make waste, sir. On earth only dirty men would touch it,” I said shifting around.

It always took me a while in the morning to get used to the plug. They had removed it before we went to the bathhouse the night before.

“Hmm,” he said lifting my chin, “are we dirty men, slave?” he asked.

“No, sir,” I stammered out terrified.

The rest of the morning meal consisted of the Warriors discussing whether they were what I called ‘dirty men’. I was terrified they would tell my Warriors, who were mad enough as it was.

“Please Keepers, I didn’t mean it that way. Please, don’t tell Master Damien and his brothers,” I begged.

“If you were to behave the rest of the time they are gone, we may forget to tell,” one of them offered.

I nodded and pleaded with my eyes. Fuji interpreted and told them that meant ‘yes’. I kept forgetting.

When we got to the Keepers I couldn’t wait anymore to ask her. I pulled a confused Fuji aside and asked her, “Why do your Warriors hurt you at night? Are you all right?”

Fuji bounced around and laughed, “They weren’t hurting me, they just like it when I fight them a little. Native coupling for them is very violent, they have to battle the woman they are mating with. It makes it more real if I fight them. You worry too much, Ciara.”

She told all the girls about my concern. I made a mental note that Fuji can’t keep a secret. Rose and Tamia agreed with her. Even Shi who was usually quiet agreed, the Warriors liked a struggle. Fuji did make a point to say they only liked it when they were not fresh back from a coupling.

That conversation was quickly replaced by Rose’s fretting over the lashing. Rose’s family on earth had hit her with a belt and she talked about breathing through the pain.

“I’m not sure if it’s better to scream or if there is a set number of lashings,” she mused pacing back and forth.

“Why would screaming make a difference?” I asked her.

“Do you remember the posts?” she asked incredulously. “Your Warriors watched you the entire time, they stood out of sight. They choose who went up after you, if you panicked too much they tell their friends to stop. Your Warriors will never cause you pain directly, they will only ever be the one to stop it.”

“That is so weird,” I mused remembering that awful night.

The torment had only stopped when one of my Masters called a halt to whoever was harassing me. The torture had ended with Master Damien and his brothers taking me home and caring for me.

“Right, so I don’t know if it would better for you to panic and have your men call the General off or if there will be a set number of lashes,” she said back in planning mode. “If they want to see you scream, you need to wail. If there are a set number of lashes, you need to control your breathing and get through it. Your Warriors will feel better about you if you act strong, I think.”

We spent the rest of the morning practicing what I would call Lamaze breathing with Rose. She seemed so mature, but she didn’t look any older than me. I asked her finally.

“Rose, how long have you been here?”

“Well, what year was it when you left Earth?” she asked me.

“March 28, 2011 was the day they took me,” I answered.

Rose’s eyes misted over a little and she took a deep breath. “Well, it has been quite a while then. They took me in March of 1956; I was twenty then.”

I sat and stared at her in shock. I did the math quickly in my head. Rose didn’t look or act like a seventy year old woman. She was calmer than I was, but otherwise was like a teenager.

“Things work different here,” she said stroking my hair, “just breath.”

“But on Earth…” I stammered.

“You mustn’t talk about it,” she warned cutting me off. “They do not like us to speak of our home planets. We must only think of our Warriors now.”

The lunch bell was a much needed distraction when it finally rang. I went in the lunchroom to look for my little pad, but it wasn’t there. I rushed to ask the Keepers and they pointed to the courtyard. I nearly didn’t make it to my place before the Warriors started to come in. I guessed the Keepers did not know my Masters were gone.

One of Fuji’s owners stood in front of me a moment later. He motioned me up and picked up my kneeling pad. Confused, I followed him out the gate into the forest.

Eventually, he found a spot Christof and I frequently stopped in. The man lay my kneeling place on the ground and proceeded to feed me. He sat on a stump in front of me. It was a place I liked most of the time, now I felt a little edgy.

The man cleared his throat and pointed out a yellow plant clinging to the soil. It grew sparsely around the trunks of the larger plants.

“That,” he told me, “is called a pana plant. The leaves can be used to make a calming tea. The shopkeepers collect and prepare it. The preparation is complex. It is very expensive to buy.”

He offered me a bite and I took it looking up at him strangely.

“Christof told me he talks to you and tells you about this world. He said you are curious and ask many questions. My brothers and I wish to be a happy slave when your owners return. If this practice makes you happy we will continue it,” the man said matter – of – factly.

I swallowed and took another bite, still not quite understanding this strange happenstance.

“Ask me questions,” he demanded.

I had to grin at him. He had the stance of a fighter waiting for a physical blow. Knowing how much Master Damien hated questions, I could only imagine how this man felt. Here was a mighty Warrior stuck with the most annoying babysitting job on the planet.

“Could you tell me about you and your brothers, Keeper?” I asked shyly.

The man grinned and relaxed. He didn’t mind talking about his family. My curiosity was strange, but it was a topic he adored.

He and his brothers had originally lived across the sea, a long way away. They were sent here by the Administrators when he had just reached Warrior status. He told me about the other village when I asked about it.

Fuji’s owners had not been happy in the other compound. There was another family there they fought with constantly. When they were just boys they could be kept apart, but as adults they had the freedom to seek each other out. It had been a constant battle between the two groups.

This village was better, he told me. The men were more agreeable and less temperamental. He liked the other Warriors. While he enjoyed fighting with the bandits, discord in the compound was unpleasant. The Administrators had been good to them and sent them a nice place.

I pondered this strange piece of information. The Administrators worked for the women. The women must have not been happy this man and his brothers were upset. They moved them so they would fit in better.

The whole story was very paternalistic or in this case maternalistic.

As we got up to leave he looked at me quizzically, “I do not understand, slave. Have you been made happy?”

I looked around the little forest and remembered my friend. Being here made me feel closer to him. “Yes, thank you Keeper, I enjoyed my mid day meal.”

We went back to the compound and I thought about Christof. I hoped he was doing well. Worries started to crawl around my brain, I stumbled over a root because I was perseverating on him. The Warrior I was with steadied me as he looked in my face.

“I have a sense for things, slave. I know you are worried about Christof. He will be fine. I do not understand what has happened to him. You must stay well while your Warriors are gone. I know humans become ill when they worry,” he said leading me back to the compound.

“Yes, Keeper,” I answered dutifully.

I went into the ocean as usual in the afternoon. I slipped through the grate and explored the deep water. The pull of the current was phenomenal deep down. I got caught in it and it pulled me a good way out. I made it back through the grate just as the Keepers were starting to pull everyone together. I chastised myself for almost getting caught.

As I pulled myself out of the water Fuji screamed. I jumped back and stared at her. All the girls were staring below my waist. I looked down and saw a bloody gash down the front of my right thigh. When I had gotten caught in the current I had slipped against a rock ledge, I didn’t realize I was cut that badly. The wound was pouring blood.

The Keepers lost their minds, to put it simply. I was carried, despite my objections, back to the compound. They cleaned the jagged cut and started to apply a thick paste over it. Usually the men that cared for us were calm and distant; now they were nearly hysterical.

When the Warriors arrived I saw why. I jumped in between the two groups because Fuji’s owners had drawn their blades in anger. They were approaching the Keepers with deadly intent.

“Please, it was my fault,” I begged with hands extended, “I’m really clumsy,” I begged.

They looked like Master Damien looked the last time I saw him. I was trembling in fear. It kept escaping my attention I was someone’s property and they didn’t want me damaged.

“Slave Keepers,” the leader of Fuji’s owner addressed the other men, “show us how to care for this until we get it to a healer.”

The wound had started to drip blood the minute I stood up. The daytime Keepers showed Fuji’s owners how to clean a human’s wound and packed it with the thick cream again. My whole thigh was wrapped tightly in a piece of cloth. I wasn’t permitted to walk to the transport pad and was carried like a child.

Healers came to see me and didn’t mention we were already acquainted. Much like on earth they used something to numb the area and then used a needle to close the wound. Thick cream was applied over the top again and my leg was wrapped.

I was laid on the bed and fed my dinner there. By now, my leg was really starting to throb.

“Keepers, I’m very sorry, but is there anything for the pain,” I whispered looking down. I doubted there was and they still looked furious.

The man from lunch returned into the room with a small tub of foul smelling goop he spread over my chest. At first I thought the smell would nauseate me and then I didn’t care. My leg didn’t hurt and I was so tired.

They let me lay down and one of Fuji’s men lay next to me. I watched his face and it seemed to distort like in a carnival glass mirror. Reaching out, I wanted to touch his eyebrows, which appeared to be walking across his face.

After my third thwarted attempt to touch him, my wrists were tied to the beam in the center of the bed. I didn’t really care and drifted to a weird dream filled sleep.

Fuji woke me up cautiously the next morning; her cool fingers were drifting over my face. Once I was up her owners carried me to the bathroom. The men sponged me off and let me relieve myself. They placed me carefully back in the bed afterward. I was glad to get out of my full morning ‘cleaning’.

“We get our own Keepers this day,” Fuji whispered to me. “My owners don’t want us to go back until you are well. They say your Masters may kill the old Keepers, anyway.”

I groaned and tried to reason with Fuji; she didn’t really see a problem with their logic. Her Masters didn’t want to listen to me and found my reasoning obtuse. Master Damien and his brothers would punish the Keepers as they saw fit.

Fuji and I spent the day on the bed playing card games. She brought in the little drums and we played with those too. The Keepers we were left with regularly put the smelly stuff on my chest, so I also slept a lot.

When the Healers showed up to look at my leg I was really surprised. It was completely healed. They removed the stitches and placed a thin sheen of cream over the scar.

By my standards the line was almost invisible, but when the Warriors saw it they all clucked their tongues. They commented how large a scar it was and how it marred my skin. Panic overtook me as I realized my owners may not want me if I had a new flaw.

“Are they going to get rid of me now?” I asked Fuji’s owners while fussing over the thin white line.

It didn’t make me feel any better when her Warriors told me there would be another buyer if that was the case.

I was judged well enough to walk and followed them down the bathhouse. They didn’t want me in the water and left me in their alcove. I found a deck of cards and played what I considered a game of solitaire.

I kept my head down, but there were a steady stream of men that walked by appraising me. Several commented amongst themselves what they would bid if Master Damien was agreeable. The scar was present, but it would not overly detract from my use they believed.

Perhaps my owners wouldn’t want me with this new scar, I feared.

Fat tears were running down my face when I felt a finger lift my chin. I resisted the finger and closed my eyes.

“Ciara, why are you making tears?” I heard Christof ask, sounding concerned.

I bounded up and threw my arms around his neck. He tensed and I felt his brother’s hands pull me away. I sobbed my apologies and dropped to my knees in front of them. I heard Master Damien sigh as he stood me up.

“There was no kneeling place beneath you, Ciara. Come and wash me,” he said.

I looked at my owners and was shocked at their appearance. They were definitely worse for the wear. Jagged marks ran across their chests and there were several obvious teeth marks. Master Kein walked with a slight limp favoring his right side. None of them ran into the pool, they all entered slowly.

I took up the rag and the bar and gently cleaned Master Damien. He didn’t want me anywhere near his privates, so I just skipped that area. I cleaned each of the men the same way. They seemed to just get relaxed with me touching them and then I would hit a sore spot. I was as gentle as I could be with them. Even Christof flinched when I cleaned his neck.

“Show me where you were injured, Ciara,” Master Damien said sounding tired.

I stood in front of him while he sat in shallow water and let him examine the leg.

“I’m sorry Master Damien, please don’t get rid of me,” I begged.

“We have already told you we will not sell you, Ciara. You must learn to listen to us,” he sighed brushing his fingers over the scar.

“Will you kill the Keepers? It wasn’t their fault. I was playing around and was clumsy. Please don’t kill the Keepers, Master Damien,” I continued quietly.

“They allowed you to be injured, Ciara. I have every right to exact the price from their hides. They are well compensated to keep you safe while we are away,” he said examining the mark.

Master Damien didn’t sound like he wanted to listen to anymore from me, so I stayed silent. He motioned for me to sit beside him and I did quietly. The water stopped just over my thighs and I played with my new scar under the surface. I was distracted from this when Master Evan lay down across the seat and placed his head in my lap.

Tentatively, I stroked his hair, which he had thrown between Master Damien and I. He seemed to relax in the water and I brushed his face with my fingertips. I felt something nudging my shoulder and I turned my head. A man’s hairy leg was right behind me, his toes were touching me just barely. Master Damien grabbed my head and forced it back down when I started to look up.

“Damien,” Master Evan said quietly, “it appears Andre has yet to learn not to touch what is not his.”

I recognized Fuji’s Warriors by their voices approaching us. They weren’t happy either. I rolled my eyes and shook my head wondering if Andre and his brothers would ever learn.

Master Damien had stood up and turned to face Andre. The rest of my Warriors were all also standing around me. Andre was busy insinuating they hadn’t really been to a coupling, they didn’t look bad enough. He even threatened to bring the General down to inspect them.

If they had lied, he told them he would take me the first chance he had. My Warriors may have paid money, but they hadn’t earned the right. In fact, they weren’t tough enough, he said.

I made a little exasperated sound and kept my head down. This guy was such an idiot. Next thing I knew I felt hot breath in my ear.

“Did you say something, slave?” Master Damien asked me.

“No, Master Damien,” I answered honestly, “I was just frustrated and blew my breath out loudly. I’m sorry, Master Damien.”

“Why are you frustrated, slave?” he asked me sounding menacing.

“You already beat him once and he’s still harassing you. I just wondered how many more times you have to turn him into a bloody mess before he gets the message, Master Damien,” I said trying to keep the tremor out of my voice.

Master Damien was angry and I didn’t really want any attention from him when he was mad.

He laughed though and stroked my cheek. Master Damien addressed Andre with humor tinting his voice, “My slave seems to think you aren’t learning your lesson, Andre. You may bring the General if you so choose, we will speak with him. I fear it will only serve to make you look a fool, though. If you require me to repeat the lesson my slave is referring to, I would be happy to. It would be a pleasure anytime,” he finished.

I heard Andre turn behind me and leave. Master Damien watched for a moment and then sat back down in the water. He pulled my ear right to his lips and warned me, “Do not speak to other men, Ciara. You do not like the consequences.”

“Yes, Master Damien,” I answered him relieved his voice just sounded stern and not angry anymore. I did not want to be strapped to the posts again.

The men played around in the water for a while. The talked to several other groups of Warriors about the coupling. Andre hadn’t been lying, evidently they didn’t look that bad. The women had been less aggressive.

The stress had come when they swooped off with Christof, but they returned him fairly shortly afterwards. From the way they were talking, I knew Christof hadn’t told them what had happened. I hoped he would take me to lunch the next day and talk to me about it.

We went upstairs a little while later. I was given a drink and we headed for the bed shortly after. The men laid me in the bed between Master Evan and Master Damien. I looked at the ceiling and tried to relax. Pretty soon, I was sound asleep.

I woke myself up as usual in the middle of the night; I had to pee. Most of the time Christof would walk with me to the bathroom. I looked over at him tonight and he was dead to the world. A frustrated sigh escaped me a moment before a hand clasped over my mouth.

Master Damien was eyeing me and rose out of the bed motioning for me to follow. We went to the bathroom and he let me relieve myself. He cleaned me and I headed for the bedroom. Master Damien stopped me and led me down to the living room. He took a seat in front of my pad.

As I kneeled down, I noticed how tired Master Damien looked, worse than before we had gone to bed. I doubted he had slept. He leaned toward me and spoke quietly. I had to listen really hard to hear him.

“I think my brother, Christof, has told you what happened to him. He has probably told you why it upsets him so. It is important he shares that information with my brothers and I,” he said seriously.

“We share a solemn bond. There can be no walls between us. Any walls represent weakness, that weakness will be exploited until we are destroyed. Andre is only the first to notice our vulnerability. It will continue and it will get worse.”

“I know I could force the secret from you. I could break you before my brothers awaken at the moon set,” I shuddered and agreed with him internally, but he continued. “That would solve nothing. I need my brother to trust us again. He must share what upsets him. I have seen the emotion you have for Christof; you do not wish to see his end. It is your responsibility to help him, that is why you are here. He must rejoin my brothers and I. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master Damien,” I answered him but he must have seen the uncertainty in my eyes.

“If you do not wish to leave us, then you must make this right. Andre is correct. He will take you if we are not strong enough,” he said.

I shuddered and followed him back to the bed. I finally fell asleep, but was restless the remainder of the night.

I was startled awake just before the sun rose. I’d been dreaming of Andre’s malice filled face above mine. To my left Master Evan’s bright eyes were open and he was appraising me. No one else was awake. I glanced to my right, even in his sleep Master Damien looked exhausted. I turned my head back and Master Evan was right in my face. I could feel his warm breath on my cheek.

“The day will bring you pain, Ciara. Let me bring you pleasure first,” he said slipping his body over mine and dropping between my thighs.

I’d never been treated to his tongue as I woke up and it was surprisingly exciting. He licked from my knees up to my center and spread me open. His warm, wet mouth took its time to explore. He sucked each labia into his mouth and tasted them until they were plump and sensitive. Now, in their hairless state, it was easy to watch them flush as I became excited.

Using his big thumbs he peeled my lower lips apart and started to stroke my ripening cunt. Lazy laps at my entrance soon had me panting and twisting my hands in the sheets. I didn’t want to wake everyone up, but I wanted his mouth up a little higher. I reached down to grab his head and found my wrists bound to the pole at the center of the bed.

“He won’t like to be grabbed after spending the last two day cycles with our women,” Master Damien explained as he idly drew patterns over my chest.

“I’m sorry I woke you, Master Damien,” I panted.

I tried to ask him if he wanted to go back to sleep and couldn’t manage it. Master Evan had started to suck and flick my clit with his tongue. Wantonly, I dropped my legs open and pressed myself into his face.

Master Damien found a nipple and began to pinch the tiny bud. The tissue puckered under his attention. Driving me wild would, as usual, be a group effort.

“I would like to see ornamentation on these as well,” Master Kein said languidly stroking the other breast.

As I watched he started to pluck, pulling the nipple to an erect state.

“Master Kein,” I panted out, “that would hurt.”

I couldn’t get anything else out as Master Evan had started to nibble on my clit. His fingers slid just inside my entrance before retreating. It was making me crazy.

“I have seen rings that hold a tiny replica of the Warrior’s crest. They would stand so proudly here and here,” Master Bane said stroking my left and then my right tit.

Master Damien was stroking down my sides, tracing the line of each rib. “It would not hurt for long, Ciara. The lashes on your back will hurt for longer,” he said.

I was so crazy with Master Evan’s tongue the idea of being whipped and pierced for their pleasure suddenly seemed erotic. Thrusting my soaking pussy into Master Evan’s face I screamed as I came. It was in English, but I begged them to fuck me, to pierce me, and to whip me.

I came down from my high slowly. The men were all lounging on the bed talking. Master Evan sat between my spread legs, so I couldn’t close them. My arms were still stuck to the post above my head. Straining my head I looked around to see Christof peering back at me. His eyes looked haunted.

Christof reached forward and released me from the post and rose from the bed. “Come, Ciara,” he said, “you need to be cleaned.” His voice sounded a little dull.

I unwound from Master Evan and was confused. They had never just given me pleasure before. It was always a build up, never the main event.

Master Evan grabbed me as I got off the bed and pulled me back down. “You didn’t say ‘thank you’, Ciara,” he said smugly. “And, I’d like to know what you were saying when you climaxed.”

“Thank you, Master Evan,” I said, “I was saying that I felt good.” I smiled and hoped he’d believe me. He didn’t look like he did and almost said something. Lucky for me Christof came around and grabbed me to pull me with him.

I was right, Christof was acting strangely. He cleaned me and gave me my usual morning treatment, sans the plug, but he didn’t really speak to me. Once he was done and we were alone, I touched his face and he flinched.

“Christof, what’s wrong?” I asked him in a whisper.

He pulled me close and spoke into my ear, “The General will hurt you today. I can’t stand it. I’ve begged my brothers, but you ignored them in front of the other Warriors. They won’t let it go. I can’t help you. I’m so sorry,” he finished and released me.

I took a chance to do what Master Damien had asked me to do. “It’s time to stop keeping this secret. Your brothers will help you if you let them. If they had known, you could have talked to them and not needed me to come get you,” I said quietly.

Christof looked at me, but didn’t respond.

We walked out and took our breakfast quietly in the main room. Much to my displeasure my entire meal consisted of those nasty worms. I could think of few worse ways to start the day.

I was dressed oddly. A single leather panel was draped over the apex at the front of my thighs. Otherwise, I was left nude. I assumed that was so the General had access to my entire back for the punishment. A full body shiver encompassed me when I realized that.

Gretchen had promised me that if I lost my bet in regards to my sister, that I’d be whipped with an Australian stock whip. And since I lost that bet and since Gretchen isn’t the sort to let me wriggle out of anything, I soon found myself in the basement, naked and tied to a bondage device that Gretchen called a torture tower.

Now, the way Gretchen had me bound to this thing left me with my back facing towards the wooden bondage device and my breasts and belly exposed for the whip. The main part of the tower is a wooden, vertical post about seven feet tall and there’s an eyehook ring at the top of the post. Gretchen used some rope and tied one end of it to the eyehook ring and the other end to the leather wrist restraints that I was wearing. Because of the height of this eyehook ring and the relative shortness of the rope, I was forced to keep my hands high above my head. Gretchen also used a spreader bar to bind my ankles far apart, which caused me to spread my thighs obscenely wide and expose my pussy for all to see. The spreader bar was attached to the base of the tower, but approximately two feet in front of the main part of the tower. As a result, my pelvis was thrust out much further forward than my upper body and seemed as if I were offering my pussy up for punishment.

This bondage position was an uncomfortable one, especially for my inner thighs, but when I complained about the discomfort, she just said, “Nobody ever said that the life of a slave would be an easy one. You’ll just have to suffer.” Then Gretchen went upstairs and left me alone in basement, naked, bound and helpless.

I wriggled as much as I could and tried to get comfortable, but the human body just wasn’t designed to hold a position like this for long periods of time. After a few minutes I was really feeling the strain in my pectoral and inner thigh muscles. A few minutes after that I noticed sweat breaking out on my brow, underarms and torso.

Due to years of ballet training I’m somewhat used to stretching my muscles and holding them in difficult and painful positions, otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to do this.

After what seemed like an hour (but what Gretchen assures me was no more than twenty minutes), Gretchen came back, holding the stock whip, however she wasn’t alone.

At first I didn’t recognize the woman that had come into the basement with Gretchen, but I recognized the name as soon as Gretchen said it. “Diane, you remember Officer Ryan, don’t you?”

“Officer Ryan,” I gasped. “How could I ever forget?”

Officer Ryan had given me a very enthusiastic body cavity search at the airport back in Europe. Her fingers were very strong and I came all over her hand. It was actually one of the best orgasms of my entire life.

“I’d shake hands,” I said, “but I’m kinda tied up at the moment.”

“Oh my,” Officer Ryan exclaimed, “is she always this playful?”

“Not always,” Gretchen responded. “I think she’s trying to impress you with how tough she is and how little all of this fazes her. When it was just me in the room with her, she was complaining how uncomfortable it was to be tied in that position.”

I forced a smile to my face and tried not grunt at the strain of holding my difficult position really took its toll on my muscles.

“So, Officer Ryan, are you going to be staying with Gretchen and me for a while?”

Officer Ryan gracefully sauntered over and placed her hands on my breasts that were helplessly exposed and thrust in her direction. I trembled at her touch. I was so helpless and vulnerable the way Gretchen had me fixed, there was any number of very painful things Officer Ryan could do to my naked body right now and I was helpless to defend myself.

But rather than hurt me, Officer Ryan allowed her fingers to gently drift across my breasts, tracing lazy circles across the surface of my skin and causing my nipples to swell up and harden when her fingers gently slid across the areola of each nipple.

“Well, you did invite me to stay with you if I was ever in America,” Officer Ryan responded. “I’m assuming that the offer still stands.”

Officer Ryan rolled my nipples between her fingers, causing blood circulation to increase to my exposed nipples and causing me to breathe more rapidly. Then when my nipples were very swollen and erect she pinched them. The pinching was hard and painful and caused me to cry out, but then Officer Ryan went back to gently fondling my breasts and nipples. My arms and legs trembled uncontrollably as she did these things to my helpless body and made me pant like I had just run a five mile race.

God, I loved the way this woman handled my breasts! She was making me feel tingly all over. I hoped against hope that Gretchen would allow this woman to fondle and pinch my helpless, naked body rather than whipping me. I could feel an increased heat building in my exposed pussy and moisture forming on my swollen labia.

“YES,” I said, perhaps a bit louder than I meant to, “Please stay as long as you like! I’d love to have you here in our house!”

“I rather thought you would say that,” Gretchen responded. “After I’m done whipping you, you can help Officer Ryan unpack.”

I groaned at the word “whipping” and then Officer Ryan stepped back.

“Sorry, Slave girl,” she said, “but I have no intention of standing between a slave and her whipping. Whippings are important. They help to remind a slave of her status.”

I knew the first blow was coming and tried to brace for it. I wanted to seem brave; especially with Officer Ryan watching; but a split second late the biting sting of the stock whip spread across the stretched skin of my abdomen and ribcage, missing my breasts by inches.

“GHAAAHH,” I screamed in both pain and shock. It was much more painful than a spanking, and even the whipping I had received at the punishment park didn’t hurt this much. Of course that whipping had mostly been on my back and buttocks.

The next blow was like liquid fire and it was laid across both of my breasts.


The next two blows landed across the taught skin of my inner thighs. The pain was so sharp and stinging, I was certain that I was bleeding, however when I dared to look there was no blood, only angry pink lines where the whip had stung my skin.

“AHHHHHGAAHHH,” I screamed so hard that my throat was raw, but I couldn’t keep silent. My body was no longer under my control. I could only react to the pain; I couldn’t make my body obey.

The next blazing cuts came down across my belly and felt like more liquid fire.

There were six of them.

I howled in pain and could feel the hot moisture as tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Do you see that?” Officer Ryan asked, “She’s crying. Those are real tears.”

“I see it,” Gretchen replied. “I love it when she does that. Tears make me know that I’m doing it right. If she doesn’t cry real tears I feel like it’s not a real punishment.

I tried to beg for mercy, but my throat was tight and I couldn’t seem to form the words, and then Gretchen swung the whip up and in between my outstretched thighs and I actually heard the THWACK of the whip hitting my pussy a split second before I felt the pain.

“GHAAAAAAAAAAWGH,” I screamed as the most delicate, intimate petals of my flesh were abused with Gretchen’s instrument of punishment. I sobbed uncontrollably and struggled to close my legs together.

“Remember back in Sessia,” Gretchen said, “A girl named Jacki wanted to whip your pussy. You turned her down. Well, as your mistress I’ve decided that you need to experience a pussy whipping and see what it really feels like if you’re going to be a good slave.”

I struggled to pull myself together and think of a verbal reply that might convince Gretchen not to hit me there again; when without warning; she hit me there again.

Again I screamed and struggled in my bonds, but neither action helped me in the slightest. My poor, abused, swollen pussy just got redder and more tender and raw with pain.

“Remember your dream about the women’s prison?” Gretchen asked. “In that dream your pussy got whipped by the warden. And your pussy was soaking wet after your woke up from that dream.”

Then suddenly the whip shot up between my legs and a fresh biting sting pained my defenseless pussy. I reacted predictably with more screaming and more useless struggles.

“On some level I think you truly WANT for your pussy to be whipped. You’re just too afraid to admit it.”

Gretchen was probably right about that…especially about the fear part. But rather than reply to what she said I just screamed when the whip struck me and then sobbed afterwards.

And just like in my dream there was a heat and a tingling sensation deep inside of me as my pussy was whipped. Unfortunately no matter how much that sensation grew I never reached climax. I screamed louder and louder as my poor abused pussy was more acutely pained, but the erotic heat that was growing between my legs never reached critical mass.

Finally after the last cruel impact of the whip smacked wetly across my tender, swollen labia, Gretchen dropped the whip and moved in much closer.

I was sobbing and trembling in my bonds and covered in sweat. My vision was blurry with tears and I was totally uncertain as to what Gretchen was going to do next. I flinched as Gretchen inserted two fingers into my tender pussy. I gasped and tried to get away, but in my bondage I was totally helpless to do anything other than be Gretchen’s plaything.

“You want this,” Gretchen said sternly, “Don’t even try to deny it.”

The fingers went in deep and sharp pains mixed in with carnal pleasures. I squirmed both in pain and wanton sexual need. I trembled and flinched and made whimpering sounds and Gretchen’s strong, forceful fingers found all the right nerve endings and forced a roaring climax out of me, causing me to scream once again and getting hot, sticky fluids all over my thighs and on Gretchen’s fingers as well.

“Wow, that was beautiful,” Officer Ryan said with a tone of admiration and awe.

My legs were still spread obscenely wide and Officer Ryan stared unashamed directly at the reddened, moist, swollen folds of my labia with a reverence normally reserved for religious artifacts or priceless works of art.

She gently touched my swollen, abused pubic lips and I whimpered in pain.

“Wait right here,” Officer Ryan said with some urgency, “I need to go get my camera.”

Where was I going to go? I was tied up and completely helpless! I couldn’t walk away from my current position if my life depended on it!

So, of course I stayed where I was and waited for Officer Ryan to return, which she did about five minutes later. I hadn’t moved a muscle while she was gone. My thighs were still spread obscenely far apart and my pelvis was thrust forward as if I was offering it up for inspection…or abuse…or whatever.

When Officer Ryan returned, she had a camera with her. She proceeded to take pictures of my punished nudity; focusing mainly on my poor, swollen pussy; but also some wide-angle shots that showed my entire body in its bound and helpless state.

“So beautiful,” she said admiringly. “You really have no idea how sexy you look right now.”

Then she traced her fingers gently across the whip marks on my breasts, making me whimper and flinch. “Some of these whip marks are worse than others,” she informed me. “Did you realize some of these are welts?”

I sobbed and replied, “No, Mistress, I was not aware of that.”

“You’ve got a small one here on your breast,” she said, taking inventory, “And two longer ones on your abdomen. You’ve got one on your ribcage, one on your left thigh and three on your right thigh.” Then she ran her finger gently across my inner thigh, making me yelp in pain as she touched one of the welts.

“None on your pussy, though,” she said.

“I didn’t hit her nearly as hard there,” Gretchen said. “I know what a delicate piece of anatomy she has between her legs. I didn’t want us to risk losing use of it.”

Gretchen touched me down there and I whimpered in pain. “She’s still plenty tender there, though. You needn’t hit her very hard there to get her attention.”

“There are a lot of nerve endings down there,” Officer Ryan said in agreement, and she proceeding to take more pictures of me as I sobbed and whimpered in pain.

Eventually they untied me and sent me upstairs. Officer Ryan’s luggage was already in the living room. Apparently she had arrived while I was tied up in the basement, but before my whipping began.

“Take her bags to the spare room,” Gretchen commanded, “and help her unpack.”

Officer Ryan only had four bags, but it’s hard doing manual labor right after a brutal punishment. Most of my body was still in pain, and I hadn’t gotten the blood circulation going properly in my arms and legs yet and I really didn’t want to move at all. Gretchen helped speed things up by taking off her belt and smacking my naked bottom when she thought I was moving too slow.

Most of her bags contained clothes, but there were also odds and ends such as makeup, a comb, a hairbrush, deodorant, a razor, shaving cream, shampoo…..and of course her handcuffs.

“I’ll have to use those on you, soon,” Officer Ryan informed me.

“When?” I asked.

“Soon,” Officer Ryan informed me, “But first I need a shower, and so do you. You’re all covered in sweat, and I just spent fifteen hours on a plane. Let’s go, slave!”

I was herded off to the bathroom and soon I was helping Gretchen and Officer Ryan get undressed. Once all three of us were naked, I was shoved into the spray of hot water and Gretchen and Officer Ryan took turns soaping me up and then rinsing soap off of me with their bare hands or with a washcloth.

Towards the end of the shower, Officer Ryan had me stand with my hands up against the shower wall and my legs spread far apart.

“Are you going to frisk me?” I asked. “That’s the police frisk position.”

“Just do it,” Gretchen commanded. “Officer Ryan is a guest in our house. I expect you to keep our guests happy. Now get your ass into position.”

I did as I was ordered to do and left my ass and pussy in a very vulnerable position. Officer Ryan actually purred at this and then fondled my tender pussy for a few seconds and then positioned her hand in between my ass cheeks and stabbed one of her fingers firmly into my asshole and plunged deep into my ass. And once her finger was as deep as it could go, she wriggled it around in there.

“Oough,” I exclaimed.

I’ve had fingers up my rectum before, but I’ve never gotten used to them. There are just so many delicate nerve endings up there; and anything shoved into that remote territory, feels so foreign and invasive.

“Has this cute, tight, pink hole of yours ever been fucked before?” Officer Ryan asked.

“Just once,” I replied, my voice sounding strained as I tried to remain composed while Officer Ryan continued to wriggle her fingers around in my tight, delicate hole.

“Well, I’m going to fuck it again, before I go back to Sessia. What do you think of that, Slave?”

I gritted my teeth and panted and tried not to contract my sphincter muscle and replied, “Whatever pleases you, Officer.” My voice sounded strained as I said it.

Then she speared a second finger into me and I whimpered helplessly as she wriggled her fingers and then spread them apart, stretching my tight sphincter muscle painfully wide open.

“I love it when she makes that sound,” Gretchen said. “Will you make that sound when Officer Ryan fucks you up the ass?”

“I can almost guarantee it,” I said, my voice strained and my breathing labored and my arms and legs fighting to maintain the humiliating position I’d been ordered to maintain.

She withdrew her fingers slowly from my tight anus and I felt relief for a few short seconds. I had just enough time to take a deep breath and appreciate the sensation of my asshole not being violated when Officer Ryan brought her hand down hard on my naked buttocks.

I yelped in pain, but somehow managed not to break position.

“Get out of the shower, Slave,” I was ordered.

I got out and then was ordered to kneel on the bathroom rug with my knees far apart and arms behind my back with my wrists crossed.

I complied with Gretchen’s orders, humiliated at the way this position left my breasts, my erect nipples and my poor, aching pussy so obscenely on display.

“She looks good that way,” Officer Ryan said, “her yummy parts and nice and exposed, and available to the touch.”

My face felt hot at this comment. I was certain I must be blushing. I made a little whimpering sound and thought I might actually start to cry, I felt so helpless and abused.

“I don’t look the way she’s looking at us though,” Gretchen said. “With those sad eyes, it’s almost like she’s begging us for leniency.”

I started to tremble and tried to think of what I should say in response to this. Then Gretchen barked out an order and said, “Eyes downcast! You’re to look down at the floor until I tell you otherwise!”

I looked down and continued to tremble as hot tears slid gently down my face. I made soft sobbing sounds that were so restrained that even I could barely hear them.

I raised my eyes slightly and I could see Gretchen’s and Officer Ryan’s beautify legs. They were perfect, athletic, sexy legs and I wished I could grab them in my hands and plant kisses on them with my lips, but as a slave I couldn’t do anything like that without my mistress’s permission.

Then I looked back down at the floor, while Gretchen and Officer Ryan grabbed some towels and dried themselves off.

At one point I heard the sounds of moaning and I looked up slightly. Gretchen and Officer Ryan’s legs were close together and one of them was rubbing up against the other. I couldn’t be sure who was who as both Gretchen and Officer Ryan have fantastic legs and hips and buttocks. Also neither one of them has tan lines. I just caught a quick look and then I lowered my eyes again.

Eventually I was ordered to stand up.

Nobody bothered to towel me off, so I remained wet from the shower. Apparently it was another reminder of my inferior status.

“We’re going to play a game,” Officer Ryan told me as we exited the bathroom. “You’re going to be my prisoner. I’ve never had a prisoner that was mine for a whole day and was completely under my power. My job description never allowed it. But today I can do whatever I want with you.”

This announcement made me somewhat nervous. And it didn’t calm me at all when she produced handcuffs and snapped the cold metal tightly around my wrists, trapping my arms behind my back.

“They’re a little tight,” I complained. “They’re biting into my wrists. If you don’t loosen them, they’re going to leave bruises.”

“So, they’ll leave bruises,” Officer Ryan replied. “You’re a slave. People should expect to see bruises and other marks on you. Isn’t that right, Gretchen?”

“Bruises, whip marks, handprints on her ass, that sort of thing,” Gretchen confirmed.

I miserably wondered who would be seeing the marks on my skin and then Officer Ryan announced that it was time for a body cavity search.

She started with my mouth, ordering me to open it wide. At first she stuck her fingers deep into my mouth, pressing down my tongue and forcing my jaw to stretch wide open. I gasped and practically gagged at the intrusion as she filled my mouth and touched the back of my throat with her strong, insistent fingers.

Then she withdrew her fingers and I panted, trying to catch my breath. While I was panting, Officer Ryan announced that in order to be thorough in her body cavity search she’d need more specialized equipment.

And at that, she grabbed my face and stuck her tongue in my mouth. French kissing me and exploring every inch of my mouth’s interior with her tongue.

French kissing is always erotic, but when I’m naked and helpless and my hands are bound behind my back with tight, metal handcuffs, it’s ever more so.

Victoria was aroused as never before having witnessed the harsh and permanent treatment of the male; she knew the newly castrated wretch would be looked after, put to good use by one mistress or another and displayed as a novelty, his permanent humiliation assured he would now know and enjoy new life at the hands of women. The crowd applauded as Sylvia Rennes feet were kissed by the male who had shot his load in excitement; his mistress now made an appointment with the purple goddess which would ensure he would not do the same again. The male cowered with erect cock as Sylvia teased his exposed balls with a cane; their contents would be enjoyed at a future cocktail party.

Eric was taken home to Cherie’s, his cock rigid as he knew he would be thoroughly dominated by his rampant mistress that evening. He was paraded around the room before the many mirrors countless times and summarily thrashed regularly before them; Victoria seemingly receiving an almost supernatural power from the black leather cat-suit. Eric was party to her ecstasy and spent several times as he was made to believe that his mistress may have his balls removed before returning from the trip; at one point she stood dominantly over him with whip in hand and made him masturbate before a long mirror, laughing deliriously as he gratefully shot his wad at his own reflection as she towered behind him in black leather; his semen dribbling in duplicate down the mirror. Eric brought her off several times by licking at her glorious camel-toe through the leather; her bulging cunt pulsating in its exquisite confinement. Despite having spent several times, Eric’s cock was instantly rigid once more when the time came when Victoria eventually conceded she must remove her outfit; the delicious scent of her hot sweaty cunt and anus had him fully erect in an instant. Victoria took great pleasure in ensuring he licked the sticky crotch of the leather thoroughly clean, before he was allowed to refresh his mistress, which he did so eagerly; their relationship was now fully assured and set in stone. Eric was truly owned by Victoria, her domination of him was eternal.

Both had started this trip with little true expectations; Victoria’s recently acquired boldness, and Eric’s courage in revealing his true feelings had brought them together, changing their lives beyond recognition.

With the end of the trip looming, Victoria told Eric what was required of him on his return; his balls tingled with submissive pleasure as he was told what he would do without question; he would resign from his job, sell his house and apply the equity to her bank account, he would then be affirmed as her slave, companion, and servant and his life would be determined by her pleasure. One of his first tasks would to be to assist her in re-designing her house to suit the needs of a naturally dominant mistress; any trace of her old life as a humble middle-class housewife would be eradicated forever. Eric would pander to her every need and know permanent humiliation, being on hand to serve at all functions, a permanent reminder to his mistress and all women who attended Mistress Victoria Cavendish’s residence, that all males are inferior and will know their place.

One of the final treats for Victoria before they ended their trip to the beautiful and female dominated St. Tropez, would be a final trip to Madam Pompidou’s leather boutique; as Eric knelt naked and leashed at his mistress’s side while she and the other ladies discussed the many orders they would place – too much was required to attempt to take home on the plane- Victoria licked her lips as she tugged on Eric’s leash to ensure he took in what was being discussed; his mind was now firmly enjoying many fantasies which would no doubt become reality, about being dominated on his return home. His ears pricked up when the leather tightened against his throat.

“Of course Eric will have the pleasure of choosing the whips and floggers, while I arrange suitable harnesses, gags etc. for him. We shall all enjoy watching him purchase the order and thank Madam Pompidou for providing the things that will be used to educate him, and ensure his total obedience. I shall have him kiss her feet before we say our farewells till the next time we’re here; I just can’t get enough of her beautiful leather outfits, some of my old friends will be astounded when they see me walking Eric in one.” She and the other women laughed in an ironic, derisory way at the thought; Eric’s bell-end glistened in the hot sun as his cock stiffened at the way he imagined it; the humiliation would be exquisite, being seen to be owned by such an obviously dominant and commanding female in public; Eric did not laugh, he was yearning for the situation.

Madam Pompidou was looking particularly mischievous that afternoon, as she covertly opened the rear section of her exquisite leather boutique to the women and the slave owned by one of them. She had a full length shawl on which was for front-shop purposes; Eric’s permanently semi-stiff cock rose as she smiled at him in stern fashion as she removed the covering shawl. Her elegant body was criss-crossed with a beautiful leather lattice top, her flesh expressed erotically between the multitudes of thong-like leather straps, soft leather caps confining her ample breasts; her nipples hardening as she noted the slave’s interest in her lush display. Soft short black leather panties expressing equally her gloriously mature camel-toe, thigh length leather boots with tall heels, extending her shapely legs to the maximum, and completing the picture of an elegant and very dominant woman. She put her hands on hips and smiled down at Eric who had been told to kneel and wait until he was required to choose the items he would be punished with.

“Oh, I could so whip your slave right now! I’ve not had satisfaction for weeks and have a willing cur lined up to receive my wrath tonight – I’m as horny as hell!” Eric swallowed hard and was as jealous as he was shocked by her frank remark; this woman was delicious and the tease of being threatened with the whip from her, was as cutting as actually receiving it. His cock poked rigidly up in the loose leggings Victoria had chosen for him to wear as he watched the lattice work goddess strut over and join her customers as they laughed. Eric knelt and watched in obedient silence as his mistress and the women tried on various supple leather outfits in the deliciously scented boutique; the sweet scent of leather permeated the atmosphere, a scent which would render any submissive erect, such was its promise of domination from the whips and outfits which created it. Victoria looked over at him frequently, with a menacing smile as she pulled at various harnesses and gags, imagining scenarios and what her slave would look like in them. Eventually the women sat and observed whilst drinking coffees ordered in by Madam Pompidou, as Victoria summoned Eric to her so that he may choose the whips and floggers he would be chastised with. Her neatly shaven cunt bulged in the satin panties she wore as the other women witnessed her absolute control over Eric.

“I think it would be fitting if you choose seven items of control, one for each day of the week, as you will not go any one day without some form of education; be it from me or one of the many guests you will encounter and serve when we return home.” Victoria’s already open and hotly aroused cunt oozed and tingled as she spied a particularly ornate cat-o-nine-tails. The women smiled with glee as she took command, even of his choice.

“You’ll choose that one first; I shall enjoy chastising you before company with that one. When you have made your other six choices, and you’ll be quick about it, you’ll take them over to Madam Pompidou, add them to our order, and thank her for providing them, as we had previously discussed. You will then kiss her feet to acknowledge your worthlessness.”

Eric was anxious to complete the task and get close enough to smell Madam Pompidou’s soft scent, as this would be his last opportunity to do so on this visit, but choosing six whips, crops and floggers from the array of wicked instruments available was not easy to do quickly; each implement was as menacing as the next, and he was aware of Victoria’s eyes upon him, he did not want to displease her. He made the bold move of choosing a long and punishing looking whip, two flexible short and stinging horse whips, a multi tailed flogger adorned with beads which would make him wince, and two crops; one stiff and unforgiving, the other more supple and likely to splay on impact, providing exquisite pain. Victoria gave a gentle smile of satisfaction at both his required promptness and his choice of delightful implements. Madam Pompidou hurriedly finished her coffee and strutted urgently to her serving counter, to meet Eric, sternly pointed in that direction by his mistress. Victoria tingled as Madam looked scornfully at the completely submissive male; she remembered having seen her apply her delightful expertise in customer service and satisfaction before. Eric’s cock was now rigid and patently obvious in the loose leggings as he passed the luxurious leather punishers to Madam, his balls tingling as he now enjoyed her womanly scent, tinged permanently with the essence of leather. Even her graceful hands strengthened his erection as she handled the whips and noted the order. She smiled wickedly at him as he recited what he’d been commanded to say by his owner, like a small boy before his headmistress.

“Thank you for providing these beautiful things which will allow my mistress to educate me.” The women were delighted with his honest admission as he then knelt in readiness to kiss the delectable shop owner’s feet. His eyes could not resist staring longingly at the delicious camel-toe before him; her mature cunt outlined to perfection in the soft leather. This did not go un-noticed by Madam and the other women; males were so weak and so easily controlled by the promise of womanly scents and essences. She held his head closer still to her delicious slit.

“You are lucky to have such a generous mistress, allowing you to choose which toys you will be pleasured with. Mind you, I’ve seen what an obedient slave you are. You’d like to kiss my feet now, wouldn’t you?” Eric tore his eyes from her bulging womanhood, and looked up at the smiling assertive woman.

“Yes Madam Pompidou, I would be honoured to kiss your feet.” She smiled and pointed down, giving her accession to his wishes; his mistress and the other women chuckled as he bent and readily kissed the toes of both magnificent boots. Madam was genuinely touched by his humility, which gave her great satisfaction; as he completed the liberal kissing, he went to stand, trying very hard not to look at her beautiful womanhood. Madam Pompidou held his head firm once more though, and kept him kneeling.

“You are a very sweet slave, and I understand that I’ll not be seeing you for some time. Perhaps your Mistress will allow me to have you help here in the shop one day next time; perhaps when she’s entertaining a real male. I’m sure the novelty of a leashed and submissive male to fetch and carry, and maybe provide other favours for our female customers, would boost sales no end.” Eric’s cock was fit to burst at the thought, Victoria smiled at the idea.

“Eric would be honoured to be of service; we’ll be back again in a couple of months’ time, I love it here in St. Tropez, and a friend of mine called Marcel will fit in nicely with your idea.” Eric’s balls tingled as he thought of being made to clean-up after a day’s humiliation at the hands of women he’d never met before. Madam held Eric’s head closer to the superb cunt he could not keep his eyes from; he inhaled as hard and as discretely as he could, hoping to get a whiff of her feminine essences. Madam chuckled.

“It’s agreed then. You’ll put in a good day’s work for me and will be paid in kind by our customer’s. If it’s OK with your mistress, I’d like you to have a little memento of what’s to come, to remind you of me when you’re away.” Victoria nodded her approval, regardless of what the memento was. Eric gasped as Madam eased the soft leather panties down to the tops of her boots, exposing her gloriously aroused and sticky cunt; the scent of which had Eric close to orgasm, his cock making a patch on his leggings as pre-cum oozed out. Madam smiled sternly down.

“I shall allow you to honour my boots once more, while you take in my scent; they are a little dry though, I think an application of cream, followed by a grateful tongue is in order; you may masturbate for me, and then lick my boots clean of your mess. That should help you keep me fresh in your memory.” The women laughed as Eric wasted no time in dropping his leggings, and gratefully stroking his stiff cock as Madam held his head up to her sweaty cunt; Eric tried to hold back for as long as possible as he sniffed and snorted as the delicious heavenly crack, the women laughing as he openly disgraced himself. His head span and the whole world seemed to distort this way and that, such was the intensity of relief as he shot spurt after spurt of sticky white cream onto the black shiny boots of the dominant shop-keeper. Madam chuckled and pulled his face tight into her crotch as his spurts receded. The women poked and jeered at him to encourage his perfect cleansing of the boots. As he licked the salty mess from the supple leather, he felt as though he had been re-born; his life would never be the same and he was so glad of it.

This story is written in second person perspective. If you find you do not like second person perspective, please do not skip to the end and give this story one star. Instead, please enjoy the version that is written in third person perspective: “Training A Pet”

Note: No animals were harmed in the writing of this story. ;-)

Training a pet is a serious business. It all starts with proper selection. You can comb through prospective pets on your own, hoping to stumble on that perfect prize, but sometimes it is better left to the professionals. If you want to be assured of a quality pet, the best place to go is Purrrfection.com. There, you can be assured that not only will your pet be of the finest quality, but you will have a wide enough selection to choose the one that fits your tastes purrrfectly. For the less computer savvy, there is always the option of going directly to the site’s headquarters to sample the pets in person, but the website is interactive, and worth trying first.

When you log on, the first thing you will see are the adorable faces of available pets. Their pointy little ears and bushy tails curled around soft, ample cheeks. Your pet may be staring you in the eyes already, and if not, then it’s time to use the site’s search engine. There you can choose all manner of custom features. You can pick blond hair, black hair, brown, red, the choices are endless. After choosing a rich, auburn red, a gorgeous kit stares back at you from a pop up window. The face changes to a purring kitten as you select a DD bosom. She’s beautiful, but not right.

When you darken her skin tone to a rich tan and select bright green eyes, the stunning young vixen with the hot, sultry gaze nearly takes your breath away. Adding a few minor details, such as short stature and dainty feet, the vixen continues to fit the bill, her photo matching each new selection. Without a doubt, this is the purrrfect pet. Clicking on her photo, it enlarges, giving you a better view. Her silky ears match her hair exactly, and the tail curled between her legs lies nestled against a bare, shaven pussy. Clicking the select button is easy, now all you have to do is wait, impatiently, for your pet to arrive.

You receive a text confirmation on your phone. Yep, there’s an app for that! She’ll be delivered in two days. Now it’s time to get all the necessary supplies. Although the website offers plenty of accessories to go with your new pet, a personal touch always brings better results. In a local shop, you find exactly what you need: a beautiful gold plated collar, with embedded crystals and tiny tinkling bells. It comes with matching wrist cuffs and anklets that are simply too irresistible to pass up. Just imagine your beautiful new vixen crawling around your home in the lovely jewelry. Strong but beautiful chains accentuate the jewelry. It is enough, for now, best not get carried away.

A regular leash, food and water dishes are best found at the pet store. Something simple, but elegant, for the lovely creature, engraved with her name: Zorra. Coming home, everything is ready, particularly the bedroom. The scene is titillating. The large crate in the walk in closet has been lined with soft cloth. The custom chaise at the foot of your bed has already been set up. The plush pillows and blanket look inviting, but you know she’ll probably be spending even more time in your own bed. The wrought iron headboard with candle sconces, matching footboard, provide a convenient place to hook the new chains when she needed to be punished.

The waiting is difficult, but at least the date is a Saturday. You will have the whole weekend to enjoy your new pet and begin her training, and never have to wear anything but your comfy robe. Finally, there is a knock at the door, and a man with a clipboard stands outside your door. Beside him is a petite young woman covered from head to toe in a dark, black, hooded cloak. She looks like she can’t be older than twenty, if that. One eager signature and you are now the proud owner of a delectable female fox.

The delivery man hands you her leash, a plain, black leather strap attached to a plain chain collar. She follows you demurely into your home, not speaking a word.

“Take off your cloak, Zorra.”

She is startled, at first, to hear her new name. She does as ordered, however, the black material slithering down her body to pool at her feet. She is completely nude, as expected. Still, the sight is exciting. She is even more perfect in person. Her round, high breasts are topped with light, brown nipples. Long legs flare to wide hips, then narrow to a petite waist. Her tan is perfect, no lines, even on her smooth, sensual pussy. It’s too irresistible, her skin is begging for your touch.


She drops to her knees before you, her thighs spread, her manicured toes resting on top of one another. She gazes adoringly into your eyes, her chest heaving in excitement, and perhaps a little fear. It is your first meeting, and her master hasn’t even touched her yet. That is soon rectified.

Her hair is like silk. The soft, black tufted ears are woven perfectly into her locks, allowing you to pet her between them, around them, with no hindrance or worry that they would move. She leans into your caress, batting her long lashes and sighing in pleasure. As you move your hand down to caress her skin, she arches her back, lifting her ass to twitch the tail that is nestled firmly in her ass. The plug gives her enough control that she is able to wag it in appreciation of your gentle touch. Wrapping your hands around the long swatch of fur, you feel a moment of surprise that it is identical in texture to her silken tresses. Wiggling the tail in her ass elicits a short bark of excitement. Your pet leans forward to rub herself against your legs, moaning softly.

“No. Not yet.”

Tugging her leash, she pads softly behind you, disappointment, and curiosity at war in her gaze. In the dining room, she is shown her food and water dish, set next to a kneeling pad that is within easy reach of your own chair. Knowing she may be hungry and thirsty after the long trip, you open a bottle of mineral water and pour it into her dish. Eagerly she begins to lap it up, her bottom wiggling her tail enticingly at the same time.

Finding the right food to feed your pet is a challenge. Feeding her what you eat doesn’t feel appropriate, especially since your diet consists of a lot of take out. Considering the huge responsibility, it only seemed right to change your own habits as well. This pet would not only bring you pleasure, she would help you to be a better person. The small, private owned café down the street caters. Their food is always fresh and always delicious. After talking with the manager, it was easy to arrange a meal service that would include healthy foods for you and food dish worthy foods for your pet. Cooking just isn’t in your schedule.

Cracking open one foil container, you use a measuring cup to scoop out a small portion of the delicious smelling casserole into Zorra’s second dish. Her stomach growls audibly, and she eagerly eats it all, licking the bowl clean. Although watching her eat is delightful, it is time to adorn her in her new collar and cuffs. Just as she finishes, the plain collar is removed and the beautiful tinkling collar is put in its place, the heart shaped pendant with the huge Chatham emerald dangled from her slender neck. The ankle and wrist cuffs go on as well. She stares at the beautiful, costly jewelry in appreciation. Hooking one of your simple braided leather leashes to an inconspicuous loop on the collar, she rises quickly at a gentle tug. Leading her to the large mirror in the dining room, she is allowed to look at herself. The full impact of her collar and cuffs is delightful, and she coos and awes at herself, casting grateful glances at your reflection.

Before she is entirely finished gawking at herself, you tug her collar, the tinkling of the bells ringing through the house. The gentle sound isn’t overpowering, and it gives you a stronger sense of control. You would always know where she was, what she was doing, or if she was still. She could never hide from you. Every aspect of her life will be known to you and of your choosing. The power is intoxicating as you show her the house. When she tries to sit on the plush sofa, a sharp yank is enough to pull her onto the soft rug instead. She whimpers softly and you stroke her head lovingly.

“No pets on the furniture. There are rugs or kneeling pads in every room for your use.”

She pouts, slightly, her full lower lip jutting in a pleasing fashion. You sense just a hint of defiance in her stance as she leans against the couch, almost half on it. Time for her first lesson.

She squeals in surprise and fright when you yank her collar so that she is standing on her tippy toes, nose to yours. Her green eyes are wide in apprehension and her body quivers, the bells betraying her unease. One of your hands slips over a breast and the fear starts to drain from her gaze until she feels your fingers pinch a nipple cruelly. The yelp of surprise is soon followed by a piteous whimper as the other nipple is given the same treatment. She tries to push your hands away, instinctually.

The chains you purchased are in your robe’s pocket. Looping the longest strand through her collar and then the two wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs, she is quickly subdued into a kneeling position, her face pressing against the shag rug and her arms bound to her sides and held tight against her ankles. Her lovely ass wiggles in desperation.

“M-m-master! Please! Your pet is so so sorry! She won’t do it again! She is only fit for the floor!”

You can feel a smile tugging at your lips. She got this lesson fast, but it is not enough. Memories are best remembered when they involve more than just emotions, but the senses as well.

“Yes, pets are only fit for the floor, unless their Master says differently. You would do well to remember that, and I will help you, so that you don’t forget.”

She begins to relax. She can’t see your face, can’t see the growing excitement from watching her bound body quivering beneath you.

“Yes master. Thank you master. You are a kind master to help your pet with her training.”

When your hand connects with her soft, ample bottom, she screams in surprise and pain. A perfect, pink hand print forms on her delicious ass as the skin ripples with the force of your blow. She whimpers again, shrinking into the floor. One of your hands gently caresses her other cheek, sliding across her skin to take hold of her tail, wiggling it sensually and eliciting a sudden gasp of pleasure. She likes it when you play with her ass, moving the plug in small circles, pushing and pulling it only enough to rub the inside walls of her rectum. Just as you feel her pleasure beginning to mount, you place another well aimed slap, your hand connecting almost perfectly with the blazing skin of your prior mark. Her whole body jerks, her ass tightening in surprise as she cries out again. She sobs once.

“Will you go on the furniture without my permission again, little Zorra?”

She doesn’t have time to answer as your hand connects again, the ripples of her skin moving down her thighs and up her back. You are no longer gently wiggling the tail, but aggressively fucking her ass with it. Every time she begins to catch her breath, your hand swoops down to slap her ass as a reminder of your power over her. Finally, she doesn’t try to resist, her cries of pain turning to shrieks of pleasure as her ass begins to squeeze the pounding plug in delight. Switching sides, your hand smacks the unblemished flesh of her other cheek. She whimpers and moans, finally, after three more strokes, she begins to beg.

“Oh master, master! Fuck my ass! Please, more! Punish your pet! She was naughty, so naughty! Ooooh! Aaaaah! Yes, yes, yeeessss!”

Just when you can feel her beginning to teeter over the edge and into orgasm, you stop all movement. She lies there, panting, with satisfaction just beyond her reach. Petting her back, she trembles, arching into your touch and whining softly. After a few minutes, your calm stroking begins to relax her body and she sags wearily into the floor. After unhooking her chains, her shy pouting is amusing. All signs of defiance are gone, but it is clear that her wanting is not diminished. Sitting on the couch, you decide it’s time for a break in the house tour. Leaning back against the cushions, you tilt your head back and take a deep, relaxing breath. You feel your pet’s face rub against your leg and you stroke her lovingly. She inches closer, and you watch her surreptitiously from hooded lids. You have given her no specific commands besides stay off the furniture. She has been punished for her mistake. Now, would she perhaps, apologize?

Zorra inches ever closer, slowly, until she is kneeling between your thighs. At first, she simply rubs her soft cheek against your skin, her hands remaining entirely on the floor, and she is careful to keep her body off of the sofa. When you do not object, she becomes bolder, planting small, feather light kisses against the inside of your knee, and slowly drawing nearer to the apex of your thighs. She flicks her tongue to taste your skin. It is difficult, but you control your breathing and reactions to appear unmoved. The growing arousal beneath your robe, however, will soon become impossible to hide. When her lips reach the fabric of your robe, she pauses.

“Will Master allow your pet to open your robe so that your pet may apologize for her naughty behavior?

At first, you don’t answer her, pretending to contemplate her request. She resumes licking and kissing your thighs, her movements becoming heated, her breath coming in short pants as her she becomes more aroused. Finally, you relent.


The one word is all she needs. She quickly unties the robe and pulls it open, exposing your body to her gaze. Her mouth forms a small “o” of surprised delight as she takes in the well formed shape of you. She misses nothing in her sweeping gaze. Rising up to her full kneeling height, she leans against you, planting kisses and licks along your neck and collar bone, sliding her tongue down to lick and suck on a nipple. You can feel yourself growing more aroused as she nips you with her lips, careful of her teeth, and sucks firmly on the hardened peak. Her hands slide over your stomach and chest, caressing every inch. After devouring one nipple, she eagerly suckles the other, wiggling her bare body against your own, the bells tinkling with each movement.

Petting her head, you push her down, her tongue darting out to lick your stomach as it passes. When she tries to linger, you wind her silky hair firmly in your hands and press her between your thighs. Her soft, wet mouth covers your flesh, licking and sucking with soft slurping noises. She hums in pleasure as her mouth devours you, slipping hot and wet across every inch of skin, dipping into every crevice.

Still holding her hair firmly, you thrust into her mouth, pushing her to take you faster and harder. She struggles to keep up with your demanding pace, her nails digging into the soft carpeting to still herself from pushing your hips away. Her gasping, choking breaths are stimulating as you feel yourself building, sliding against and inside her silken lips. Finally you cannot hold back any longer and gush hot cum onto her lovely face. She licks her lips, sucking the juice from them, smiling widely.

Patting her head affectionately while you catch your breath, you decide this is the perfect moment to explain the rest of the rules.

“Zorra, listen carefully and I will explain the rules of the house to you. First, as you have already learned, there are no pets on the furniture, only the rugs and kneeling pads. If you wish to kneel somewhere that a pad or rug isn’t available, you may ask to retrieve one from the nearest room. If I give you permission, you must always remember to put it back.”

Zorra nods in understanding.

“Second, while I am home, you must always be on your hands and knees, unless I pull you up. When I am gone, you may stand, but you may still not use the furniture. I have cameras in my home, and I will check them periodically to make sure that you are doing as told.”

She responds to your stern look with wide eyes.

“While you are home alone, you will perform certain chores. Some of them are simple, like cleaning the house or reading a book or paper I have left for you. Others will be somewhat more challenging. One of these chores is training and toning exercises. You will be given a DVD with yoga techniques which you will practice every morning after I have left for work. In the late afternoon, you will practice from a dancing DVD. When I have friends over, I expect you to perform what you have learned to entertain them.”

She continues to listen intently, sitting back on her heels, her large breasts covered in sweat and cum.

“You will have a schedule posted on the refrigerator with any special instructions. It will also let you know when you can expect to be fed and when you may use the restroom. In addition to the tail plug, you will also be wearing a set of exercise beads inside your pussy. They are never to come out except when you eliminate, and I expect you to then wash both and douche yourself thoroughly, in both holes. You may not use the restroom at any other times of day. If you have an emergency, you may send me a page and I will call you, at my leisure, and you may ask permission. There are sensors on the doors to the bathroom that will let me know how many times you have gone in or out, plus I can watch you on the cameras.

Also, you are not allowed to masturbate or give yourself any form of pleasure. The beads may make you want to cum, but you must resist. Only Master may give you pleasure. Some of my friends may want to touch you, and if I give them permission, it is alright, but only after. You may not speak in their presence, either, even to ask me for permission. When they are here, you are simply an animal, to be used as I see fit. When we are alone, you may become a speaking animal, but may not refer to yourself as an individual, only as my pet and property.

You do not need to work or get an income. I will provide for you. Your sole purpose in life is to please your Master, nothing else is required. If you please me well, I will treat you gently, if you make mistakes, I will punish you, so that you will learn better. Also, I will be getting paperwork to change your name legally. You will not have a last name; you will simply exist as Zorra.

The only freedom you will be allowed is on the Internet. If you wish, you can have a Facebook page, or blog, which I will monitor. If you post anything I do not care for, you will be punished.”

Zorra watches you intently as the rules of her new life are laid out. She chews her lip thoughtfully. You think she might have questions, but you do not ask for her thoughts. Instead, you stand, knocking her to the side with your body, still holding her leash. She scrambles to follow as you lead her to the bedroom. Stopping in front of the bed, you sit on the chaise.

“This is your bed. You will sleep here, since the bed is furniture, and you may not use it unless I allow.”

She looks at the comfortable cushions appreciatively, then her eyes fall on the cage, easily seen through the entry of the open doorway to the closet. Her trembling is easily felt through your hold on the leash. Smiling wickedly, you explain its purpose.

“Sometimes, when regular punishment has not been effective, or if I do not have time to punish you properly, I will need to put you in the kennel. There is a water bottle, but nothing else.”

More explanation isn’t needed. She would likely try almost anything to keep from having to go into the kennel. You will find a way to use it anyhow. The bars are wide enough that she could stick her arms or legs through, but not any other part of her ample body.

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