whipped cream

Thank you to everyone who ready my previous stories, especially to those who left glowing comments. There will be a chapter 4–the one I have been leading up to this whole time–and probably a chapter 5 too. These things take time to write, so have patience! In the meantime, enjoy this installment. Comments are always appreciated.

My rock-hard cock was shimmering with the juices that it had brought out from inside Sherry’s pussy. I watched it slide slowly back into her beautiful, slick hole. I grunted and she shuttered at the sensation. She grabbed my butt and pulled me forward to make sure I was in as deep as I could go. My pelvis met her butt, and I could feel every inch of her pussy surrounding my cock. God it felt so good!

I pulled out again and my cock sprung up, pointing higher than I could ever remember. I was that horny. I had to push it down to re-enter Sherry’s holy of holies. Once fully inside again I slowly pulled back, then reversed course and drove into her again. Her back arched and lifted up off the chaise section of the couch that she was laying on. Her beautifully large tits thrust up into the air, catching the earliest light of dawn that streamed through the wall of windows. My face hovered right over her tits as I knelt beside the couch. I bowed down and took an erect nipple into my mouth. Sherry squealed at this extra stimulation.

I started sliding my dick in and out of her hot pussy at a faster pace. Her legs were in the air, and I grabbed hold of thighs where they met her perfectly rounded hips. I used this to pull myself into her more forcefully. My pelvis began slapping her ass with each full immersion. Our breathing became heavier, and our moaning and grunting louder.

Sherry squeezed my ass a bit harder, and my lips put a bit more pressure on her enlarged nipple.

“Aww, fuck! Oh yeah!” I found myself saying between nipple squeezes. My dick continued to pound into her pussy.

“Yes Will! Fuck me! Fuckmefuckmefuckme! Fucking motherfucker!” Sherry’s tone of voice became higher and higher until it was a wordless, arrhythmic scream.

Such was the scene that I was replaying in my head as I put on my ski pants, alone in my hotel room. It was the first time I had been there in fourteen hours. All my gear was there—gloves, ski socks, helmet, jacket—dry but still hanging up. My ski boots leaned against each other by the door. A wet spot on the carpet was all that remained of the snow that clung to them when I removed them from my feet yesterday afternoon. It seemed strange that I had paid to spend last night there, but didn’t. It was almost like a teenager returning home eight hours after curfew.

But most teenagers wouldn’t have had as much wild, unrestrained sex as I had. In the last twenty hours, I counted ten orgasms between the two of us, four fingers used to please her, three incredible fucks, two blow jobs, one gondola, one public restroom, a million-dollar condo, and a bra in an aspen tree. That last part was what I was planning to do as I replayed my mental videotape of the fun we had earlier that morning.

We had woken up in her bed just before the morning twilight gave way to dawn. We had gone to bed relatively early the night before, having exerting almost more energy making love to each other than we had done skiing.

Sherry wouldn’t let me leave until I made love to her one more time. At first she wasn’t going to let me leave the bed, but I convinced her how badly I needed to pee. When I returned from the bathroom, she was blocking the doorway. Her legs were spread and arms raised so that her body made a big X. She was completely nude. Her milky white skin stretched over her sensuous curves, lifting her large tits to the point of perky perfection. Her head was cocked back, and she glared down at me with a no-nonsense, almost angry look. But neither her play-acting nor a full night’s sleep could wipe the irresistible beauty off her face.

“Fuck me now or suffer the consequences,” she commanded.

What choice did I have? I wasted no time. My cock was on its way up so quickly that by the time I reached Sherry and grabbed her, it was almost fully erect. We kissed each other so hard that our teeth occasionally clicked off each other. All our lust for each other came through that kiss. We moaned into each other’s mouths and left a sloppy ring of saliva around each other’s lips.

I lifted her up off her bedroom floor and held her by her butt. She wrapped her legs around my hips and helped position her pussy right above the tip of my now rock-solid dick. I could just barely feel her hot mound seeping its wetness onto my tip, then surrounding it. But I wouldn’t lower her enough to engulf me just yet.

“Mmm…please Will…mmm” Sherry eked out as our make-out session continued in earnest. “Fuh-mmm….Fuck me.”

I swung around and moved toward the nearest wall. Sherry’s back hit it with some force, but she didn’t even wince. She just grabbed me harder. The tip of my dick was still surrounded by her moist pussy lips. Using the wall for extra support, I spread Sherry’s legs wider and pushed the head of my dick into the tightest part of her opening. Sherry winced at that. I kept pushing past it, feeling every vein of my cock slide past every contour of her pussy walls.

Sherry immediately began a high-pitched panting. We had broken our kiss out of the necessity to breathe, and now the stubble on my left cheek was pressed up against her smooth, flushed left cheek. I let her weight press down on my cock until she was fully impaled. There was no way for me to be deeper inside of her.

“Oh God!” Sherry exclaimed.

“Aww, fuck yeah!” I agreed.

I began to gyrate my hips. My cock moved in and out of her as I pressed her up against the wall. She hung onto me for dear life with her ankles crossed over my butt and arms gripping my back. I began to fuck her faster and faster, finally finding the peak rhythm that I thought I could maintain.

But having sex against a wall is more tiring than most people think, even with a 5-foot-5 hottie like Sherry. After a few minutes of superhero fucking, my arms began to quiver slightly, indicating that they wouldn’t last much longer. So instead of waiting for them to slowly let Sherry down, I mustered what strength was left and began walking down the hall and into the sunken living room. Sherry was still wrapped around me, and her pussy was still wrapped around my cock. She had put on the squeeze down there, just to make sure I wouldn’t slip out.

But I did pull out when I reached the couch, only to push back in again after I had laid her down on the chaise.

Back at the hotel, my room had a musty odor to it, probably from the sweat drying off my gear overnight. I pulled my ski socks on, but they resisted going past my heel. I forced them over. My muscles ached.

The room was dark despite the brightness of the sun reflecting off the snow outside. There was a full foot of fresh powder on the mountain today. Some of it had fallen while Sherry and I made love to each other. That snow was quickly covered up by another layer that fell while we slept in each other’s arms, sweaty and smiling.

On any other powder day I would have gotten in line at the gondola by 7:30 in hopes of getting first tracks. But that didn’t seem to matter much now. It was 9:00 and I knew that the first gondola was now loading with the morning’s most enthusiastic powder-hungry skiers and riders. When they were reserving their spot in line, I was balls-deep inside Sherry’s pussy. That’s a trade-off I’ll take any day!

I tried to clear my head as I yanked the tongue of my ski boot forward and shoved my foot inside. I had never had so much sex in such a short amount of time, especially with someone so gorgeous as Sherry: A killer bod, a beautiful face, accented by dirty-blonde hair that only a real, girl-next-door could have, and when we weren’t having sex, we seemed to get along famously. All this, and she was four years older than me! She certainly looked younger than 34.

And 34 is how big I guessed her tits to be when I squeezed them as she lay on the chaise. I still had my mouth on one of them, adding to her physical stimulation. I flicked one nipple with my tongue. I rolled the other between my thumb and forefinger, while my other fingers pressed into the rest of her soft breast flesh.

My dick was still slamming into her pussy. Every time I bottomed out and our skin slapped together, I felt a little hint of heaven on my cock. Having it fully surrounded by her hot, wet, smooth pussy made me wonder how I ever survived without it. Every time I found it in me to increase my rhythm for a few seconds, Sherry’s yelps increased to match it.

I released her nipple from my mouth and leaned back up to watch my slicked up dick slide in and out. It was such a beautiful sight: Her hungry, glistening pussy lips enveloping my big stiff rod, taking its entire length, squeezing tight around it and leaving no room to spare. The opening just past her inner pussy lips was the tightest. It was there that I could feel the most pressure around my veiny shaft with each insertion. I increased my rhythm again and kept it at a high level. Our bodies were slapping against each other and my dick was getting about all it could take. Or so I thought.

Just then, Sherry’s screams indicated that a storm was coming.

“Ohmygod! Ohmygod! Ohshit! It’s coming! I’m cumming!”

Sherry squealed into my ear while her body writhed involuntarily. Her hips moved up and down irregularly, and I struggled to keep up my gyrations and follow her pussy. I propped my body on top of hers and commanded my pelvis to pound her pussy for all it was worth! My orgasm had started too.

Sherry wailed in a higher pitch than I thought she was capable of voicing. Her pussy spasmed around my cock, squeezing in pulses so fast it was almost vibrating. My orgasm built up so fast and went so high that I just couldn’t take it anymore! But I physically couldn’t stop fucking her pussy. I kept slamming her until the absolute height of my orgasm opened up the floodgates, and I released stream after steam of cum into Sherry’s quivering pussy. As I grunted through shot after shot, my semen raged out of my balls, through my dick, and deep into Sherry’s vagina.

With one more push of my hips and one more grunt, one more shot of cum transferred into her, and we gradually came down from our highs. Our breathing was that of a downhill racer having just crossed the finish line. The couch was littered with droplets of sweat. I collapsed on top of Sherry, and for the next few minutes she held onto me with her arms, legs, and pussy.

I was still replaying all of this by the time I walked out of the hotel room. The sunlight was blinding. I walked toward the gondola, three blocks away. My muscles were aching and I was already shaking from exhaustion. Doubts started to creep into my head about whether it was safe for me to ski the more difficult terrain that I relished. Sherry and I had skied our asses off yesterday, burned about 2000 more calories that night with our exploits, then humped until our muscles nearly gave out this morning. My walk was the stiff skiers’ walk of ski boots wrapped around feet, poles in one hand, and the other hand stabilizing skis that rested on my shoulder. I had to stop and rest for a moment with one block to go.

Another reason to stop was to wait for my erection to go down. I had a raging hard-on making a tent with my ski pants. The mental play-back of this morning’s fuck fest had gotten me all worked-up again. I was too tired and satisfied to care if anyone saw it. It just hurt to walk with it. Still, despite the exhaustion, despite the discomfort, I was smiling because I was about to go skiing on a powder day—something I loved almost as much as having sex—and especially because I knew I would see Sherry again.

Earlier that morning, sunlight was reflecting off the snow-covered mountains outside Sherry’s condo. It poured in though the wall of windows in the living room where we had recently finished having sex. She was making a quick breakfast for us before I returned to my unused hotel room to fetch my ski gear and head out to catch what was left of a powder morning.

Sherry still looked sexy, wearing nothing but a short, silk bathrobe that matched the amber wildflowers on the countertop island. Like her dress from last night, it was barely long enough to cover her ass.

“Are you going to tell Anneliese about all this?” I asked between sips of coffee.

Sherry laughed. “Probably, when I get home.” She laughed some more, and I began to think she was laughing at more than just what I had said.

Anneliese was responsible for bringing Sherry back from the brink of self-destruction when she was a teenager. She had spoken very highly of her, albeit briefly, at dinner the night before. They were still good friends and kept in touch.

“Do you live near her?” I asked.

Sherry smiled again. “Oh yes. Very close.”

“Still your guardian angel?”

“Mmm…It’s kind of a two-way street. In fact, I’ve been protecting her more often lately. That’s kind of why I stopped sleeping around and doing drugs. I found that I had something to be responsible for: her. Watching out for Anneliese was something bigger than myself.”

“Why? Was she in trouble, too?”

“Sort of, at first. And it was my fault.”

Sherry looked at me and giggled. I must have had a very confused look on my face, because that’s how I felt.

“Don’t worry,” she said. She placed her hands on my cheeks and gave me a peck on the lips. “You don’t have to understand right now. All that ‘she saved me, I saved her’ stuff isn’t the end-all, be-all of our relationship. We just enjoy doing everything together. And we trust each other with everything, so yeah, she will hear about this. Even if I tried to hide it, she would know something is up, and she’d get it out of me one way or another.”

“But you’re going to wait until you get home?”

“Mmm-hmm,” she confirmed.

“And where is home?” I asked as Sherry swung around and plopped a fried egg onto the plate in front of me.

“Gladstone Lake.”

“No kidding!” I replied, flabbergasted. “I live in Cedarwood West.”

“So we’re at opposite ends of the same metro area, eh?” Sherry glanced at me mischievously as she sliced a banana. “Maybe the fun doesn’t have to end here.”

My face must have lit up at this suggestion. Sherry looked back at me and giggled. I was elated at the thought of seeing her again. And it wasn’t just for the sex. I really liked this girl on a personal level. We had the same sense of humor, she was great at the sarcastic yet playful banter, and we both felt comfortable opening up to each other about our personal lives. Not to mention she was one of the few people who could keep up with me on the slopes (aside from the locals, who put me to shame every time they whizzed by me). She was a rare find. Intimacy aside, I rarely connected with anybody as quickly as I did with her.

It made sense, though: Better sex comes with people who can connect on a deeper level. And by God, our sex was fucking incredible! Yet I knew there was still much I didn’t know about her. I was eager learn.

“When are you going home?” I asked as I ate.

“Well,” she sighed, “My plans are to fly back early next week, but more often than not lately, my vacations have been cut short by some crisis at work.”

“Can’t you manage that from here?”

“I’ve tried. Laptops, telephones and video conferencing are great, but some jobs just have no replacement for physical presence.”

I looked up from my eggs, expecting her to explain more. “It’s a smaller company, and…I’m kind of an executive,” she said sheepishly before sliding a banana slice between her lips.

“Kind of?”

“One of the big ones. On top.”

“Not last night you weren’t!” I cracked.

Sherry threw a banana slice at me and scrunched up her nose with a playful sneer.

I started to count my fortunes. She was smart, had money, experience in bed, and was at the peak of her sexual drive, yet she was as playful as a college student and beautiful as a recent graduate. And I was her new sex toy. As she turned to put some cranberry juice back into the refrigerator, I looked at the curves of her bathrobe, directed very closely by the curves of her body. My cock twitched and I asked myself again whether I believed she was really as old as she said she was.

“So you’re leaving tonight?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I confirmed. It was day five for me, which was all I could get. “Are you sure you can’t ski with me today?”

Sherry had told me earlier that she had to ski with representatives from a potential new client today. She prided herself on the personal relationships she made with her clients, but none of them were sexual.

“How would I explain you to the DiMarco representatives?” she asked.

“I dunno,” I said as I finished my egg. “Tell ‘em I’m your new fuck toy and that this is how you roll at your company.”

Sherry looked at me sensuously. “How I roll?” she teased.

“Yeah, lemme show you,” I replied. I reached up under her bathrobe and grabbed her ass. She spun around and grabbed my hand.

Her first instinct was to stop me before anything got started, but the look of desire on her face hinted at an inner conflict. She wanted to give in, even though we were both still very satisfied from our last romp in the hay a half hour ago.

“Careful there lover boy,” she flirted. “If we start again you’ll miss all the powder and I’ll miss landing my new account.”

“Just don’t land them the same way you landed me,” I joked.

“Don’t worry,” she said, smiling. Her smile could make all of my worries disappear. “Just don’t forget to call me next week, right?”

“Right.” How could I forget? I almost called her as soon as I left her condo a half-hour later, just to hear her giggle again. But I decided that I could wait. Next week was only two days away.

I got on the gondola after waiting in line for fifteen minutes, then shared the cramped space with six other strangers. That’s what I get for arriving so late on a powder day. The light smell of sweat–from previous and current occupants–gave the small cabin some rough-edged character. I started thinking of the fun that Sherry and I had yesterday. What were the chances that this was the very same gondola car? Would the scent of sex still be there?

As the gondola’s path dipped below the tops of some nearby Aspen trees, I reached inside my right jacket pocket and squeezed the brassiere that I had swiped from Sherry earlier that morning. The bare branches of the tree passed by slowly. I could feel a grin forming.

The skiing was great that day: Bluebird sky, a foot of fresh powder, and just as warm as yesterday. But no Sherry. Her absence made a bigger difference than I could have anticipated. Each drop-off, each corduroy-groomed cruiser, and each leftover powder stash seemed less of a thrill without Sherry. The ski trip had lost just a bit of its luster. Enough to notice.

Why should it feel different? I asked myself. I started this trip on my own, and I had known Sherry for only one day now. There wasn’t even any guarantee that I would ever see her again, despite her request for me to call. How could I feel this way about anyone so quickly?

I tried to regroup and enjoy what was left of my vacation. But as much as I tried to focus on tackling a new double fall line, on carving the perfect turn and surviving moguls, I just couldn’t get Sherry out of my head. The situation did not improve when I decided to take another drop off of Lovers’ Leap where we first met. I didn’t hesitate this time. I jumped right off, landed it, and stayed upright through the run-out. I passed the spot where we fell on each other. It had been covered in a thick blanket of sparkling white snow, and then torn apart by dozens of ski tracks.

Every time I turned around I thought I saw Sherry. I thought I saw her in that sleeveless fleece and sheer base layer. I thought I saw her curvy yet toned ass complimented by a tight pair of metallic blue pants. I thought I saw her large, round blue eyes and her thin ski-jump nose. A number of skiers made me do a double-take. But it was never her.

I took an early lunch break to avoid the crowds. The Mountaintop Hut was small, but mostly empty. I bent down to loosen my boot buckles and I felt a sharp pain on my left butt cheek.

“What the fu–” I whipped around. It was Sherry! She had pinched my butt and was now giggling.

“Hey cutie,” she said.

“Hey you!” We embraced and kissed for a brief moment.

“I saw you walk in, and I just had to follow you.” Our kissing resumed, and my hands soon found a sweet spot on the underside of her ass. I gave a gentle squeeze, but she gently pushed me away.

“Not now. The DiMarcos are right outside,” she said, turning to the picture window that framed the wooden deck. Five men, each looking to be in their mid-40s and each with three days of growth on their beards, were waiting for their burgers to be served up by a dread-locked line cook.

“So what? Let’s have a little fun before you re-join them,” I said as I pulled her back toward me. I kissed her again, and she didn’t resist. I was feeling bolder than usual, given all the semi-public action I had gotten from Sherry.

But she pushed back again. “Will, I’m sorry, I really want to but I can’t right now. They’re a bunch of Italian playboys with a lot of money. It’s all about flirting. If I land this account it will be because I made myself look available.”

“That’s how Hooters waitresses get such big tips,” I said.

“Yes, but it’s just an act. I’m not actually going to do anything with them.”

“You’re such a tease!”

“Shhh!” Sherry said with a finger on her lips as she backed away from me and out the door.

I watched her sit down at an aluminum picnic table with the five men. She produced a trail map from her pocket, unfolded it, and laid it on the table. The group pointed at various parts of the map as they talked. Sherry spoke playfully as the men flirted with her. She was being the consummate tour guide.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little jealous. Even though I had only known Sherry for 24 hours, I was really hoping that she was right about it just being an act. I decided not to stay at the Mountaintop Hut for lunch. I bought a couple protein bars that I could eat on a lift ride, then went back out to my skis. I glanced at Sherry, and she saw me, giving a quick wink. It was reassurance enough, for now.

Now it was time to carry out my plan. I headed straight for the Pioneer Express lift. I had to share a chair with two teenage snowboarder boys, but I didn’t mind. Of all the people on the mountain, they would most appreciate what I was about to do.

Every ski resort has a Panty Tree. Festooned with bras, panties and beaded necklaces, the arboreal Mardi Gras is a time-honored tradition. In theory, to throw something onto the panty tree was to boast about the previous night’s conquests. I had never actually seen anyone do it, but I figured that I had a lot of boasting to do!

Earlier that morning when Sherry was in the bathroom, I went into her top dresser drawer. I was a bit nervous since I wasn’t sure how Sherry would react if she caught me. Would she notice a missing bra later? Was I being a creeper? No. Just a bit naughty, I decided.

I selected a light green bra. What would she wear this with? I wondered. The straps had frilly edges. The cups were made of a thin, semi-transparent nylon. They seemed made to wear with a low-cut top, like they would just barely cover each nipple’s areola and allow Sherry to proudly display the top of her breasts, plus plenty of cleavage. The underwire must have given great support. I looked a the small tag: C-cup. I was right.

I started to imagine Sherry wearing only the bra. Just the thought of her large round boobs bulging out the top of those bra cups had gotten me excited. My dick began to grow. I envisioned her unclasping the bra, and myself bringing the straps gently over the edges of her shoulders. The bra falls to the ground. Sherry reaches up, arches her back, and runs her fingers through her crown of silk tresses. Her breasts thrust forward, twin peaks of feminine sensuality, and I can’t help myself: I reach out and take hold of them. Now my hands are the cups, gently kneading her smooth, bountiful flesh. My thumbs massage her nipples in small, circular movements. Sherry gasps and moans with pleasure. She pulls our bodies together, and my raging hard-on presses into her tummy. Our lips meet. They pour over each other, grasping, sucking, caressing every tiny ripple. Our tongues press into each other, then dance around each other in a warm, slick ritual of lust.

Just as I was wondering what to do with my full-mast erection, Sherry had started to come out of the bathroom. I quickly ran out of the room and down the hall, then stuffed the bra in the pocket of my leather jacket.

And now, as I rode the chair lift, I was ready to pull it out of my ski jacket pocket. The teenage boys next to me were having a mostly unintelligible conversation, grunting back and forth with each other until I proudly revealed Sherry’s bra.

“Whoa, dude!” one of the boys called out. “Where’d you get that?”

“Where do you think?” I replied.

“Dude, that’s hot! Did you get that off a girl?”

“Well he didn’t get it off a dude, you moron,” the second one chimed in. “You didn’t buy that at the store just to throw it on the tree, did you?”

“You kidding?” I replied. “You can’t cheat like that.”

“Yeah, that’s gotta be against some kinda bro code, or something,” declared the first boy. “So you got some action last night? Is she hot?”

“Smokin!” I nodded confidently.

“Man, that’s pretty big. What size is that?”

“C-cup. That’s C for cougar,” I said, toying with them. Sherry didn’t fit that mold at all.

“Yes!” both boys exclaimed. “MILF!” They were future frat boys if I ever met one.

The panty tree came back into view as we glided over the top of a low ridge. The boys gave me non-stop instructions on how they thought was best to throw the bra, so that it spread out and secured a spot on one of the top branches. The closer we got to the tree, the faster and louder they spoke. I gave the bra a good chuck, and it landed on the third branch from the top. The boys shouted and high-fived each other in celebration.

“Dude, that was awesome! You hit that shit just right.”

“You tha master playa, bro! Get some!”

What douche-bags, I thought. But I was glad to entertain them and become their alpha-male for a few minutes. I wondered if Sherry would notice her bra on that tree.

At the boys’ invitation I skied the rest of the day with them. They were no replacement for Sherry, but at least I had someone to hang with for a while. I didn’t mind getting some bro-time in. We hit some mogul runs, which is pretty rare for snowboarders. I praised their technical abilities, which they appreciated.

By four o’clock the boys headed to the base area while I caught the last chair on the Excelerator lift. I took one more run down the entire length of the mountain, nonstop, just as Sherry and I had agreed to do yesterday–right before we decided to have sex instead. I fantasized about our wild encounter in the gondola. It was the first time I had ever skied with a hard-on. Just like that morning, I didn’t even care if anyone noticed.

When I reached the bottom, I clicked out of my skis, reluctantly returned them to the rental shop. I changed into street clothes at the hotel where I had arranged for a late check-out. I packed up, drove three hours to the airport, returned the rental car, and caught the red eye back home.

* * * * * * * * * *

The ski trip was over. Adrenaline was in recovery mode. Now in the post-vacation lull, I wondered if I had seen Sherry for the last time. It’s one thing to have a passionate, lust-filled tryst while on vacation. When real life is the setting, things could easily become awkward.

We’re still the same two people, but the more familiar surroundings of home and work give a sense of accountability that stands in stark contrast to the carefree freedom of a good vacation. Nobody knows this better than Las Vegas. Hence the tagline, “What happens in Vegas…” I was jut hoping that what happened in the mountains didn’t end in the mountains.

I slogged through a full day of work. It was Saturday and the office was nearly empty, but I had a lot of catching up to do. This proved difficult as most of my thoughts were consumed with Sherry. I replayed our day of skiing together, our date at the Prime Steakhouse, and the quick breakfast we shared. She was beautiful and full of cheer in my mental videotape.

But also damned sexy. I visualized the blow jobs, the hand jobs, and all the pure, exquisite sex. I could see her mouth, and then her pussy, wrapped around my cock. I remembered the sensation of our pelvises hitting each other as I thrust inside of her, and I could feel myself taking hold of her bulbous butt as our orgasms took hold of us. God, I could just feel that orgasm ripping through me, causing me to squirt out stream after stream of cum into her slick, warm pussy!

It was a good thing nobody else was at the office. I would have had to spend a lot of time pulled close to my desk to hide the massive erection I was sporting.

I was eager to call Sherry, but I made sure to wait until next week. I even waited until Thursday night. It was so amateurish of me. She made me aware of that when she answered with: “Hi Willie baby! Wow, finally. What’s up with that?”

“With what?”

“You took so long to call! I was beginning to think I had done something wrong, like sleep with a real asshole.”

“Well, you might have,” I joked.

“I’m so glad you called.” Music to my ears.

“So how did things go with the DiMarco playboys?” I asked. “Did they give you the contract?”

“The jury is still out. But it’s looking pretty good.”

“Well let me know if they say yes. We’ll have to celebrate together.”

“And if they say no?”

“We’ll have to get together so I can console you. Y’know: Massage you. Kiss you all over. Make it all better.”

Sherry laughed. “Hey, that reminds me. Y’know that tree under the Pioneer lift? The one with all the underwear?”

SHIT! She saw it! I winced. A broken “Uh…I…” was all I could muster.

“I was on that lift with the DiMarcos. I wanted to show them the tree because I knew they would like it. I even thought about telling them that one of the bras was mine, but then I thought that was making myself seem a little too, umm…loosey-goosey, shall we say?”

“Uh-huh.” Nothing more from me.

“Well, when we approached it I was a little surprised to see that if I had told them this, IT WOULD HAVE BEEN TRUE!” Sherry virtually yelled into her phone.

Fuck! I’m dead! “Uh…well, he he he. Really?” I forced a nervous laugh.

“Oh don’t play dumb with me! I checked all the clothes I brought with me on the trip, and a bra was missing.”

“Missing?” I muttered.

“Yeah, I think you know which one. I only have one green one. It was a low-cut push-up bra.”

I had completely underestimated Sherry. I had forgotten how smart she is, and it doesn’t take a PhD. to notice that a missing bra is hanging in a tree. How did I think I was going to get away with this?

And yet, somehow I didn’t feel threatened. Her tone of voice carried just a hint of youthful playfulness. Sometimes, with the right person, I can hear a faint smile through the phone.

“You threw it in the tree, didn’t you?!”

“Uh…no I didn’t,” I stated, my voice lowering to a playfully innocent tone, as if I was a relative of Kermit the Frog.

“Fuck you! Yes you did!” Sherry exclaimed with half of a laugh that belied her anger.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I sang.

“Liar! Ugh, you’re such an asshole. I can’t believe that my bra is on display for everyone on that mountain to see.”

“Think of it as a compliment: I was bragging on you. I needed some subtle way to tell the world about the goddess I had spent the night with.”

“Oh yeah, very subtle. EVERYONE CAN SEE IT!”

“I’m sorry, babe,” I finally relented. “How can I make it up to you?”

Sherry sighed, then very matter-of-factly: “You’re gonna have to be punished.”

“Well, uh…OK. What do you have in mind?”

“My place. Tonight,” she said sternly.

I was stunned and elated simultaneously. A small shock of adrenaline shot through me — the kind that anticipates something good happening. Somehow I kept my cool.

“Well, I dunno,” I said hesitantly. “I’ve got a pretty busy night. I’ll have to check my schedule and get back to—OK, I’ll be there!”

Sherry laughed, but quickly cut herself off, remembering that she was supposed to be mad. “I’m gonna text you my address. Mapquest it.”

“Want me to bring anything?”

“Hmmm….Oh, the possibilities!” My chapped lips started hurting from the size of my smile. “Just you, William,” Sherry finally concluded, then kissed the phone. “Just you.”

I felt like I had dodged a bullet. She might be genuinely upset, but ordered me to come to her house. It was quite a bold move, even for a relationship that had progressed immediately to sex as ours had. I was just hoping that she wasn’t going to involve any S&M stuff. I don’t get turned on by whips and dog collars.

My act of reconciliation was to buy her another bra–not just a replacement: A better one. So when I decided that I was not going to get any more work done that day, I drove straight to Christie’s, a local alternative to Vicotoria’s Secret. Their selection is just as sexy, but the prices are a bit more reasonable. To get more guys to come into the store without making them feeling like perverts, the store clerks are more flirty in both their outfits and in their dealings with male customers.

The entire store was full of hot panties, bras, flirty skirts, and lingerie all proudly on display. The walls, where not covered by racks of unmentionables, displayed murals of unrealistically sexy underwear models. They wore bras and struck poses that emphasized their perfect curves. I tried not to stare at the pictures or the store clerks, who all wore slightly less than the average young woman would dare to wear outside that store.

There only other customers in the store were a rather touchy-feely couple who didn’t seem to notice me. I made my way to what I considered the sexiest bras in the store. All were low-cut, and some were partially see-through, not unlike the one I had thrown in the tree. With all the implied sexiness surrounding me, I had to fight back the beginnings of an erection. I was successful.

“Those are pretty hot,” a female voice said to my right. When I looked at her I could have sworn she had jumped right out of one of the murals. But there she was in real life: Golden blonde hair curled slightly and falling down to her shoulder blades. It framed a perfectly rounded face with long eyelashes complimenting deep green eyes, and a smile bounded by shiny red lips. She couldn’t have been older than 20. I imagined she worked at Christie’s as a way to pay for college.

She stood tall, just a couple inches shorter than myself. A white, spaghetti-strap camisole was practically painted onto her torso. It was low-cut and two sizes too small as it hugged her perfect tits. She had broad shoulders that elegantly supported the spaghetti-straps of the cami. These were paralleled by blue bra straps which disappeared beneath the cami’s low chest line.

Her bra was either a push-up that came from the selection I was checking out, or her breasts were just naturally large and tantalizingly perky compared to her otherwise slim figure. Either way, the top third of each white globe was exposed to my vision. The canyon between them plunged down into the depths of that shirt.

Much of her midriff was bare, as the cami ended a few inches short of her skirt. Her tummy was flat, belly button pierced, and waist as thin as only someone in her late teens or early twenties could be. She wore a green flirty skirt that matched her eyes and just barely held onto the widest part of her hips. It only came halfway down her thighs.

From there, her legs took over. They were long and slender—just a bit longer than proportionally perfect. She wore a pair of low heels, so the muscle tone in her calves was slightly emphasized.

I gulped as I finished unabashedly checking her out. I had to fight harder to repress an impending hard-on. This girl exuded sexiness. She spent a moment sizing me up as well, then said, “She’s a really lucky gal.”

“Who?” I said, awakening from my trance.

“Whoever you’re buying for. Can she wear something like this?” The clerk picked up a black bra from the table nearby.

“Oh yes,” I confirmed. “But I’m not exactly sure what to get her.”

“You’re leaning toward a brassiere?” she asked.


“One that you might end up seeing on her?” she asked, cocking her head down at an angle and grinning mischievously. Her smooth, girlie voice was the epitome of youthful femininity.

“Uh-huh,” I said, proudly.

“Do you know her size?”

“C-cup. I’m guessing 34.”

The clerk locked eyes with me. A smile formed on her beautifully youthful face. “Let me gather a few items from around the store that you might like. I’ll be right back.” She spun around and the edges of her skirt flew up briefly. She looked back and said, “I’m Anna, by the way. Let me know if you have any questions.” As she walked away, the mini skirt bounced with every step off her butt cheeks.

As I exhaled deeply, I began to wonder if I should be ogling this young goddess. What if she was underage? I gulped at this thought, but concluded that Christie’s probably wouldn’t employ anyone under eighteen. Still, is she too young for me to be staring at her? I absentmindedly fingered some of the bras on the table in front of me while I took occasional glances at Anna making a lap around the store, picking up small articles as she went. I decided that it wasn’t wrong to look at her, but I couldn’t touch her. If she flirted a bit, I would flirt back. But nothing too heavy. It’s just her job.

“I was thinking maybe this,” Anna said when she returned. She showed me a few bras, holding them up on herself one at a time and describing the fit and support. It gave me an excuse to pay more attention to her chest. I certainly didn’t pay attention to her words.

“I’m a C-cup too, and I’m wearing that second one I showed you–the blue one. See?” Anna pulled down the top of her already low-riding camisole shirt to reveal the top corners of her bra cups, and more of the tops of her wide breasts. She must have been mere millimeters away from exposing her areola. My dirty mind was aching to see her nipples and the rest of those globes. I started imagining what they might look like, based on the large portion that I was currently starting at. They would likely be perky but not too pointy, and not fake. I wondered how big and how dark the nipples were.

“See, it’s not a push-up, but it still gives great support.”

“Uh-huh. I see,” I said, trying to be nonchalant but detecting a quiver in my own voice. My dick had begun to harden, and I was losing control of it.

Anna replaced the top edge of her shirt and reached for the bottom. She brought it up to expose her torso, which was tight and strong, but mostly flat and not rippled with muscles. I surmised that she must be an athlete of some kind. She brought her shirt up far enough for me to see the lower half of her bra cups.

“It does have an underwire. See?” Anna traced a line around the bottom edge of her bra with her index finger. I had lost the battle to avoid an erection. My cock was pressing hard against my underwear, begging to be released. I couldn’t hide the bulge in my pants, so I surmised that Anna must have seen it. I couldn’t believe this young hottie was baring herself like this to me, but I was loving it.

Of course, I was conflicted. This girl had to be 10 years younger than me. I didn’t want to be the youngest dirty-old-man that had ever come into Christie’s. And even though I wasn’t technically dating Sherry, it felt like I was cheating on her a little.

“These are all the rage now.” Anna had put her shirt back down and was now holding up a pair of boy shorts against the front of her skirt. They were black lace and nearly transparent, with not much fabric to cover the butt. I confirmed with Anna that I liked this fashion trend.

“In fact,” she said, “I’m wearing something like these right now. Sit here.” Anna nudged me toward a chair nearby, and I sat. “I don’t know what your girlfriend’s size is, but it might look something like this.”

She put her hands over her head like a ballerina and began twirling around. Her skirt rode up enough for me to see a pair of black boy shorts hugging a butt so perfectly round that I could feel my cock jump. As she spun, I alternately got close-up views of her flat pelvis, and her muscular, bulbous butt, all covered very thinly by a pair of panties that were so thin that they could barely be called boy shorts. In fact, the lower ends of her butt cheeks poked out from beneath the lowest reaches of the panties.

My cock was aching. It was still bent down inside my briefs, and I longed to adjust it. Heck, I longed to release it altogether, grab Anna by the waist, and tear down her panties. I longed to bend her over, stick my dick in her pussy, and fuck her, fuck her, fuck her like there’s no tomorrow!

No! Stop that! I scolded myself. She’s too young for me, and this isn’t the time or place! I thought again about Sherry.

“That’s very nice,” I said as I stood up and gently took hold of Anna’s hips to stop her spinning. My hands rested on her bare skin. I could feel her perfect curves. She stared at me, looking stunned but excited. She took a deep breath which made her tits swell. It was all I could do to return my focus to my original mission.

I didn’t want Anna to feel rejected. “You’re a really great model for this stuff. I really just need a bra. A sexy, green one, hopefully.”

“Sure,” Anna said, eyes still piercing mine. She led me over to a very anatomically correct mannequin that wore a black, lacey bra that would have matched Anna’s boy shorts. The cups seemed to have been lopped off at the top with only the bottom half for support, leaving the top half of the mannequin’s breasts on display.

“How ’bout this one here?” Anna said, “It comes in green also. And look: the clasp is in front.”

As she said this, she reached toward a little hook between the cups, and with the dexterous flick of a single hand, the bra spilled open, revealing the mannequin’s plastic tits. They even had nipples, so it was easy to imagine the bra flying open to release Sherry’s large, proud mounds.

My cock started adjusting itself despite the confines of my briefs. It rotated sideways and inched up. Before I pitched a tent that everyone in the store could see, I said “Excuse me” to Anna, turned around, and quickly adjusted so my cock was standing straight up and free to be as big and hard as it wanted. I could feel every heartbeat pulsing though it, stretching the skin to its limit.

Anna giggled. “I think you like this one!” she said. She selected a light green bra from the table under the topless mannequin. “Meet me at the register.”

* * * * * * * * * *

My car’s GPS navigator led me to an upper-middle class suburb near a small man made lake. Sherry’s house was at the end of a cul-de-sac. For someone who I assumed lived alone, it was quite large. The facade was a two-story A-frame flanked on one side by a two-car garage and on the other with living space.

My heart was racing as I pulled into the driveway. My nerves had been building up momentum since I left Christie’s with the replacement bra. I found it a bit challenging to shift my thoughts from the gorgeous lingerie store clerk Anna and back to my lover Sherry. Would things be awkward between us? Would she just want to be “friends”? Would she break out the whips and chains to carry out my punishment? Or would we simply fall into each other’s arms, kiss, and make crazy love all night? That last possibility sounded best, but perhaps unrealistic. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

With the small pink gift bag in hand, I rang the doorbell. Nothing. I rang it again. Silence. Then I noticed the door was already open a crack. I pushed it open a few more inches.

“Sherry?” I called. No reply. I cautiously entered. The entryway was immaculate with small furniture pieces that looked like they were from Ethan Allen. I’m sure every house in this neighborhood has a similar entryway.

“Hello?” I could hear some rustling further in the house. I tip-toed a few feet further, where the entryway opened up into a large living room and dining area, both under a single 20-foot vaulted ceiling and open to the kitchen. Behind me, a lofted study overlooked the living room. Large windows on the opposite wall faced north toward a wooden deck, swimming pool, and a small, freshly mowed lawn.

“Sherry? It’s Will. You here? I brought you something.”

Just then I heard a soft churning sound. I turned toward the kitchen, and there was Sherry squirting aerosol whipped cream on her breasts. She was completely naked otherwise, and staring right at me. I don’t know how she got there without my seeing her, but I didn’t wonder for too long as she covered her crotch in whipped cream.

Her curves were on full display, the whipped cream leaving little to the imagination. Her hips were the most sensuous as she subtly swayed them back and forth. She had perfect curves for an adult: Wide enough at her chest to support her bountiful breasts, gently curving inward toward her waist, then flaring back out for her hips that could never be mistaken for an 18-year-old, yet could never be called chunky, then very gradually back in again as my eyes traveled down her well toned legs.

The erection that I had failed to suppress at Christie’s and that had finally subsided on the drive over here was now coming back so quickly that it was pulling on some pubic hairs. I winced and adjusted.

“Wow, babe,” I said. “That is so—”

“Shut up.”

I gulped. Was this the beginning of my punishment? So far I didn’t mind.

Sherry’s glare was intense, head cocked down, eyes looking up at me seductively yet sternly. She walked around center island in the middle of the kitchen that featured a range and eating space, and was flanked by bar stools. She propped herself to sit up on the countertop, then slowly laid herself down. She lay flat with her knees pulled halfway up to her chest, legs spread just far enough to tease with a view of whipped cream covering her pussy. The fluffy pillows of sugar on her tits only served to emphasize their size.

Sherry reached for a bottle of chocolate syrup nearby. She poured liquid chocolate on the whipped cream that was on her tits. Then, replacing the bottle, she picked up a maraschino cherry that was sitting on a small plate. She place that delicately on the whipped cream that was on her crotch.

Then she raised her arms behind her head to the far edge of the countertop. Her back arched, pushing her cream covered tits higher. Her butt stayed in contact with the tiles, and she spread her legs wide, emitting a throaty squeal as she stretched.

My cock lurched. I couldn’t just stand there and watch this show anymore. She was too hot! I dropped the bag from Christie’s, popped my shoes off, lifted my shirt over my head and began walking toward Sherry.

“Stop!” she commanded when I had almost reached her. She turned her head and looked at me again. This woman had a slightly kinky side that I didn’t know about, and I liked it!

“Do you want this?” she half whispered as she ran a finger through the top of her right breast’s whipped cream and sugar sundae. The finger then made its way to her mouth, where she sucked it clean in slow, circular movements. Her mouth finally released her finger with her tongue trailing off and giving her fingertip a little flick.

“Uh…Is this a multiple choice question?” I asked. “Or is it…fill in the empty space?”

My wisecrack went unrewarded. Sherry took a deeper scoop of cream and sauce from over her left breast. She repeated the finger’s cleaning. Then both her hands rubbed down her sides, over her hips, and down to her inner thighs. She closed her eyes and emitted a raspy moan as her hands led up to her treasure, and underneath the thick layer of cream. She was less than an inch away from rubbing herself off. Her back arched again, and my dick lurched again. It was entirely ready to shoot my seed into her as yet unseen love canal.

“It’s time for you to eat,” Sherry said in a husky but high-pitched voice. Then, slowly: “You don’t get the cherry until you finish the chocolate.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said. I had no problem complying with this. But I approached carefully. Sherry put her arms back above her head, ready to receive my adoration. I gently brushed my fingertips over her outer thighs, followed her curved around her waist, then hips, then beside her breasts. I leaned over and flicked my tongue over the cream and chocolate combo of her right breast. It was still cold. I flicked again, deeper this time. But like a Tootsie Pop, it only took me three licks to get to the center. I buried my mouth into the cream and my tongue brushed up against her nipple. Sherry gasped.

I made circles around her breast, cleaning it of the whipped cream. It was sticky as I licked every square inch of her breast, spiraling inward toward the nipple. I held her squishy but firm breast in my hand as my tongue rapidly flicked her nipple. Sherry’s deep breathing and barely audible moaning indicated that she enjoyed this. I pursed her nipple between my lips and rolled it around. Then I got bold and lightly bit it.

Sherry shrieked, smacked my ass, and scolded me. “NO!” Then, after settling back down: “You owe me. Make this good.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I complied.

With a hand still massaging her right breast I started in on her left breast, eating away at the sugar in rows as if I was mowing a lawn. Her creamy white orb was slowly exposed. I gave the nipple an extra flick each time I passed over it. After the whipped cream and chocolate was gone, I went back with my tongue and flicked the nipple relentlessly as my hand kneaded her other tit. I kept rolling that nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

Before I knew it was happening, Sherry reached over to my pants and with a single hand worked at unbuckling my belt. Succeeding at this, she moved onto the button on my jeans. Then the zipper. She didn’t waste time feeling me up through my underwear. Instead she reached underneath and gripped my dick hard. I helped her by lowering my pants and underwear to the ground and stepping out of them. She now had the freedom to jerk my thick, hard dick around, adding to the sensations she was receiving from me.

By now Sherry’s deep breathing had become faster and her moans louder and more frequent. She was in a groove, loving the sensation I was sending through her mammaries. But it was difficult to really give her the smooth work-over that I wanted to, since her chest was now sticky with sugar residue.

I moved my face up toward hers. I hadn’t even kissed her yet. But before I could remedy that, a hand pushed my head back down her torso. She wanted more body work! So with each hand cupping a boob, I moved my face slowly past her twin peaks, kissing every inch along the way. I flicked my tongue in her belly button, and her tummy quivered. Then it settled down and resumed the up-down movement of heavy breathing.

I walked around to the end of the countertop and placed myself between Sherry’s legs. I grabbed her thighs and kissed them one at a time, gradually leading myself toward the last bit of sugar that separated me from her pussy. I slowly ate around the cherry, then underneath it, pressing it onto her now exposed pussy as I sucked in all the whipped cream. I notice the absence of any hair; She had shaved off her thin landing strip! Now there was just smooth, white flesh. I grabbed the cherry with my lips and rubbed it up and down her pussy lips.

Sherry’s moans and gasps increased more, both in pacing and in volume. I finally ate the cherry, flicked away the stem, and started giving her cunt the full treatment. I rubbed her clit with my tongue for a few minutes, then went an inch lower and gave her hole a rim job. Sherry’s moans suddenly turned into shouts of pleasure. My hands were still doing their best on her sticky tits. Her hands were running through my hair, motivating me to continue.

I repeated the clit and hole routine a few more times until she was quite worked up. Her juices were flowing quite freely now, so I brought one hand down. While my tongue worked at her clit, I inserted one finger slowly into her glory hole. I pushed it in as far as I could. Sherry cried out again. I slowly withdrew. Then I slowly pushed two fingers inside her.

“Oh yes! Ahh!” Sherry moaned. But she had no idea what was coming.

I slowly withdrew the two fingers. Then in one rapid motion I pushed in three fingers as far as I could, immediately using my middle finger to rub her g-spot.

“AAAHHH!!” Sherry screamed. Her voice echoed off the far wall of the living room. Her left hand slapped the countertop while her right hand held tightly onto my dick. She screamed again and again as I simultaneously massaged her tit, licked her clit, and assaulted her g-spot. It was a lot to keep track of! I had to really concentrate.

But I didn’t have to concentrate on my three-ring circus for very long. Sherry let go of my dick and grabbed the edge of the countertop. Her screams became more staccato until they were quick, high-pitched yelps. Her hips started bucking, which pressed her pussy further into my face. I pressed my fingers into her so hard that I hoped I wasn’t hurting her. I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers as her climax topped out.

Then Sherry let out one long “Fffffuuuuuccckkk!” Her hips jerked erratically as her orgasm slowly subsided.

“Oh my God! Oh my God. Oh wow!” she said in rhythm with her breaths. She pulled my face forcefully up to hers and we kissed like we had been waiting ten years to kiss each other. Our lips wrestled and our tongues played. Her hands resumed running through my hair. She kept my face pressed onto hers, ensuring that our labored breathing would need to come through our noses.

Finally we broke off and caught our breaths.

“You like countertops, don’t you?” I asked, referring to the last time I had eaten her out. Sherry nodded. “You’re all sticky and sweaty now,” I noted as she sat up and got down off the countertop. I put my hands on her waist and motioned for her to bend over the countertop. My cock was throbbing. I could see it jerk up slightly with each heartbeat. All I wanted to do was sink it all the way into Sherry’s sugary pussy and hump, hump, hump her! I was so horny and ready to do her doggy-style.

But she would have none of that yet. She faced me and declared, “It’s time for you to clean me.”

She led me across the house. I watched her round yet fit ass shake the whole way. My cock pointed at it like a homing device. We entered the only bedroom on the first floor. It was large enough for a king sized bed, a small desk, and a love seat next to the window that overlooked the back yard.

Sherry led me right past all this and into the bathroom. It was also rather spacious, with two sinks and a stand-alone whirlpool bathtub. The shower occupied one the corner near the window. It had two, completely transparent glass walls and two showerheads—one high and one low. The tiled wall jutted out on one side to make a shelf that was wide and low enough to sit on.

Sherry turned on the water, which came out of both showerheads. It warmed up quickly, and we entered. I kissed Sherry again and pressed my body up against her. We slowly spun around to let the warm water coat our naked bodies. Then I tried to turn Sherry around for another attempt at doggy-style. I should have been more patient.

Sherry swung back around and grabbed my dick with painful force.

“NO!” she scolded again. “You must wash me.”

She looked at me. Her eyes glimmered with small droplets of water on her eyelashes. By now, her entire body was shimmering in warm water, her hair darker and matted against her head and neck. I reached for a bottle of body wash, and she loosened her grip on my dick. Naturally, I started with her gorgeous tits. Those large but firm mounds of soft flesh jutted out from the rest of her body. Each nipple dripped a steady flow of water. They were too inviting to ignore.

My soapy hands slid over her skin so easily that I had to actually concentrate on not letting her tits slip out of my hands as I squeezed them. Sherry closed her eyes and enjoyed the rubbing. She felt up the muscles in my ass as I worked. I rubbed down her belly across her pubic area, and over her pussy. I didn’t go inside this time: I didn’t want any of the body wash getting up inside her. Instead I continued down her legs, all the way down to her feet.

Then I lathered up again and reached around to wash her back. I headed down and grabbed both ass cheeks firmly with both hands. She responded in kind, and we ounce again found ourselves pressed up against each other, locked in a passionate kiss.

I washed her for the next ten minutes or so, making sure that her tits and ass were by far the cleanest they had ever been. I even scrutinized those areas of her skin at eye level, using my tongue for the final inspection.

“You’ve done well,” Sherry said. “And now you will be rewarded.”

That was the best punishment I’ve ever had! I thought. Sherry kneeled down in front of me. My rock-solid cock stood nearly straight up, right in front of her dripping wet face. She looked up at me briefly, flashing her large blue eyes at me. She flicked the tip of my cock with her tongue. My cock lurched. Another flick, and another lurch. Then she took the entire head into her mouth and massaged the ridges.

I was in heaven. My knees started shaking almost immediately. Sherry took my cock deeper into her mouth, pressing her tongue against the underside of the tip—my g-spot. Her lips squeezed my shaft in an undulating rhythm. She took me so deep into her mouth that the tip of my cock was soon stimulated by contact with the back of her throat.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I had to sit down or risk falling down. As I did so, Sherry looked up at me again. Her mouth was wrapped tightly around my cock as she studied my facial expressions to see what I liked.

My climax was not far off. I could feel it start to come from far away. It got closer and closer. And closer! Oh God! This was going to be a BIG one!

Then Sherry released me and backed away. It took a few seconds before I was able to speak.

“Wha…What the fuck? I was almost there!”

“I know,” Sherry said, standing up.

“That felt so good. Why did you stop?”

“Because, you’re still being punished.”

Shit. What have I gotten myself into? I thought.

Sherry pulled me up. We pressed up against each other again, grabbed each other’s butts, and kissed like horny teenagers. I could feel my cock at maximum hardness press into her tummy. She turned around bent forward slightly, and lifted one foot onto the shelf beside her. This opened up access to her dripping wet vagina from behind. I reached under and rubbed it, letting my finders slide inside her outer lips, but not dipping inside her love tunnel.

She stuck her ass out at me further, indicating that she was ready for the main event. I reached around and held onto her tits while the tip of my dick found its way to the entrance of her pussy without any guidance from my hands. It knew exactly where to go by instinct. I teased her outer lips with a few short rubs, then began to press into her.

Tonight wasn’t any different. The drinks weren’t different. Pretty much every day of his life was planned out and it was shaping up to be incredibly boring. Spencer honestly didn’t know why he let things get so slow in his life and his breakup was over 6 months ago and counting, yet he just wasn’t interested in looking for that perfect someone.

Tonight was going to be about an average girl. He would pick up a less than gorgeous woman, go back to her place and get his rocks off. Spencer wasn’t looking for spectacular and taking another swig from his beer he turned slightly in his chair at the bar to face the rest of the establishment.

To be honest, he’s never really looked around the joint. It was pretty drab with cheap lamps on the booths and the dim light did well to cover the dust and dirt that hadn’t been cleaned. But the beer was cheap and it was close to his apartment. Shrugging, Spencer surveyed the room and his eyes fell on a woman sitting alone. As he gave her body a once over she made eye contact with him and smiled. Paying her tab with cash, she got up from her seat and came over to him. Suddenly, she leaned in close, her perfume a little too sweet, and whispered in his ear “let’s go to my place” before putting her lips on his ear lobe and sucking gently.

Perfect, Spencer thought.


Looking around her place, Spencer realized her apartment was something you’d find in a cheap romance novel. The woman had so much color in the room it looked like a box of crayola crayons gang banged her walls. There was no real flow to the space. Kenzie, which he discovered was her name on the way over, had clothes everywhere, art hanging on the walls or stacked messily on the floor. He couldn’t even locate her kitchen which was something Spencer should have expected because Kenzie didn’t seem like the cooking “type.” If she had an oven she probably used it for storage.

The couch he was on was very plush and made of a deep lavender leather which had an “old age” odor. Spencer wrinkled his nose a bit in disgust and was glad when Kenzie came over and started to unbutton his shirt. She leaned in close enough for him to kiss each of her enormous tits, but he resisted, eager to see what she was up to. The last time he had sex the woman was aggressive and demanding, which he found hot but this time it appeared Kenzie was in the mood to go slow, very slow by the way his buttons were coming undone.

Kenzie pulled Spencer’s shirt off slowly and bunched it up into a ball and tossed it over her shoulder. Spencer made a mental note of where it fell in case he had to make a quick exit and while he was distracted, Kenzie had materialized a silk leopard print blind fold and was quickly tying it around his head forcing him into a false darkness. Soft music came on in the background and he could hear Kenzie moving about the room. He heard the sounds of drawers opening and closing, bags rustling, the refrigerator door slamming shut and he could be wrong but the soft clanging of chains being set down on a hard surface was also heard.

That can’t be right, Spencer thought to himself. After a few minutes of waiting he was starting to get nervous and began running a list of possible scenarios in his head. It was a few more minutes before Kenzie came over and took Spencer’s hands which he had folded previously across his chest out of nervousness. Finally on his feet and not sunk into the smelly couch, Spencer felt soft kisses on his skin. They started along his jawline and moved down the side of his neck. He could hear the soft giggles Kenzie made caused by his soft five o’clock shadow. Spencer wasn’t amused but tried to guess where she would kiss him next.

Spencer liked the feeling of her soft brown and blonde locks touching him as her kisses moved down his chest before stopping at the soft skin of his stomach right above his belt. Spencer could tell that Kenzie had changed out of her mini dress and pumps and had slipped on something silk and very soft. Kenzie started taking off his belt aggressively, pulling it hard to release it from his pants and Spencer had to adjust his balance in order to maintain his footing. She ran her nails along his skin, raking them across his belly and testing his hip bones with her teeth as she pulled down his jeans and left them around his ankles, which he had to admit felt fantastic.

Kenzie looked up at Spencer’s face while she was knelt down in front him. His jeans were around his ankles and his bright smiley-faced yellow and black boxers made Kenzie laugh out loud. Pulling them down caused Spencer’s semi-hard cock to spring forward into her face. She had to admit she was surprised at how gorgeous his cock really was. It was the perfect length to maximize her needs and she was really looking forward to unleashing Spencer’s artistic side tonight. She set up a table in her bedroom and put every toy, vibrator, bondage piece, gag, blindfold, a set of furry handcuffs she had on her dresser. And to satisfy his sweet tooth she threw in some chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Content with her spread, she went over to fetch Spencer. Once his pants were off and she was properly knelt in front of his exposed cock she reached up and took it in her fist, squeezed gently. Starting a steady rhythm she began to stroke him quickly, her fingers moving against his skin roughly, her body moved nearer to his and Spencer moaned, arching his back and putting his hands on his hips for support. Then she took him into her mouth, pressing his length against her tongue and to the back of her throat.

Slow. Yeah right, he thought, feeling his erection slide into her warm mouth.

Spencer went for her out of instinct, suddenly craving what she seemed to be offering up to him on a silver platter, but she stopped him. She reached up and untangled his tight hold on her hair then took her tongue and swirled it around the head of his erection a few times, bobbing her head. A few more moans out of Spencer and Kenzie was rising to her feet. She pressed him towards her bedroom guiding him gently backwards with her palms on his shoulders. It wasn’t an easy task for him considering his pants were still around his ankles. She smiled as his erection brushed against the soft fabric of her robe while she guided him.

Kenzie kissed his lips ever so softly and with a pathetic groan of impatience, Spencer lurched for her again. Except she didn’t let him get anywhere near her body. Instead, she untied the blindfold. Spencer gasped when he saw the sex “spread” Kenzie created on the top of her dresser. There were kinky toys and furry things he had only heard about.

“Relax Spencer. I’m letting you be in control.”

Spencer could only stare at her in disbelief and breathless anticipation. “What do I have to do?”

“Well, I want you to make my body into your own personal piece of art and then I want you to fuck me.” She whispered.

Spencer didn’t really know what to expect from all this. He assumed she had a screw loose, but then he took a look at the equipment she had at his disposal and his inner pervert suddenly knew exactly what to do with her.

He wasted no time in closing the gap between them. In a smooth rush, his tongue entered her mouth and he was finally able to penetrate her. His whole body went stiff and after a few moments of thrusting his tongue into her and possessing her. Spencer left her mouth and moved down her body. Her robe was open to her waist, the swells of her breasts showing. Kenzie yanked the lapels apart and in the silence she met his stare. Seconds later he was staring at her pink nipples, lust all over his face as he pressed it between the soft flesh orbs. Kenzie ran her nails through his hair as he nuzzled her.

“I want to kiss you here,” he said as he rolled her nipple between his fingers. “All right?”

She nodded and licked her lips. “I’m all yours doll,” she gasped.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Either that or do it harder.”

“How about I do it a little more?”

“Yes, please. A little…more.”

He worked her with his tongue and mouth, playing with her nipple, driving her until her knees started to go weak. Kenzie let him take her hand and lead her over to the bed. Once she was standing near it, he shut and locked the door behind them. He didn’t know if she had a roommate and he wanted no interruptions. Then he pulled the sash of the robe she was wearing and stripped the silk from her shoulders letting it fall into a pool around her toes. Spencer stroked her long, silky hair and took a deep breath.

“Spencer?” Her voice was erotic in the quiet of the room. At some point the music stopped playing and spencer realized if he let her keep talking he would most likely chicken out and disappoint her. He pressed her into a sitting position on the edge of her bed. Sliding his hands up her smooth thighs he warmed her skin with his. Pushing her knees apart he spread Kenzie’s legs, wide. Going over to the dresser he collected a small pair of scissors and returned to her core. Snipping off her black underwear he left her bare. The scent of her wafted up into his nostrils and with a pathetic groan Spencer slipped one finger inside of her. Tight, wet, hot, she enveloped his finger. He began to move in and out in a slow, pumping rhythm, he could tell she wasn’t going to last long.

Slowly leaving Earth, Kenzie realized it was the first time anyone had ever taken such care to pleasure her. She wanted to weep that he would make her feel this way.

“Stay just where you are,” he said to her. She settled into her position on the bed, relaxing completely as he slipped his finger from her heat. Kenzie watched him walk back to the dresser and exchange the scissors for a black leather corset with red trim. It came with a matching riding crop that she couldn’t wait to have struck against her backside. Holding her breasts up she let Spencer tie the corset around her middle. She filled it out quite nicely she thought to herself, but the look of lust on his face satisfied her growing hunger for him. I can wait, she thought to herself.

The riding crop came next. Kenzie got off the bed and turned around. Her hands landed squarely on the mattress, her ass bent right at his waist. Spencer hissed as he stepped up to her body, his sexual needs cutting through his creativity. The riding crop came down hard. Kenzie screamed out in surprise and balled the comforter in her fists. Game over, he thought, watching a red mark form on her left cheek.

“Don’t stop. You want me,” she said. “And I want you to take me.”

He rubbed his cock against the soft flesh at the back of her legs. He swung the crop down again before thrusting his hips forward and grinding himself against her. Her moan of satisfaction cranked him even higher. Kenzie loved the little bursts of pain she felt because they meant she was as hungry for it as he was.

Another smack of the crop on her ass caused her to bite her lower lip and groan in excitement. Spencer had her turned over and under him in a smooth flash of movement and vicious impatience. There would be time to savor her body later. Now was all about raw sex.

Spencer honestly didn’t know he had it in him. He thought this would be a quick thing and he wouldn’t get attached. This woman was something unexpected. She was messy, dressed like she had nothing to hide and liked him. She just wasn’t what he wanted, but his body was telling him something else. He was going to fill this woman completely and it wasn’t going to be gentle. Part of him wanted to walk away and keep things uncomplicated, but looking down at her body and smelling her scent was too overwhelming. Enough thinking damnit, he thought.

While he worked her breasts out of the corset with his mouth. Her hands moved roughly over the flesh of his back as he linked his forearm behind one of her knees, stretching her leg up, and plunging himself into her body. He heard her gasp at his powerful entry, and her sticky slick heat grabbed onto him. With an awesome surge of energy, he propped himself up on his arms and pounded into her, taking her hard, drilling her. Her bed’s headboard banging against the wall to the beat of his thrusts. Kenzie grabbed onto his straining wrists, trying to hold herself in place through his onslaught.

She had never had this happen before. It was like a caged animal was loose and she was powerless to stop him. Kenzie didn’t really know Spencer all that well and she knew he wasn’t in it for commitment, but she was seriously surprised at how great she felt as he fucked her. Drenched in sweat and her head spinning she took it willingly and her body demanded more. She was too far gone to try and hold herself in place so she forced her other leg up and to the side, positioning it on his hip but she couldn’t get the angle right. Trapped under his weight and strength she dropped her leg and held on for dear life, getting lost in the sensation of his hard thrusts that penetrated her deeply.

Spencer pulled out of her. Her core made a soft popping sound as he left her body. He grabbed her waist and turned her over on her stomach. Taking her hips he lifted her ass up to his slick erection and reaching out. He grabbed her shoulders, pulled her body back and pushed into her deeply. He picked up the crop again and flung it down onto the soft curve of her ass. Spencer began to fuck her from behind in a quick rhythm continuing to smack her ass with the crop between thrusts. He was gearing up for an explosion. He thought about how much he wanted to come all over her body as he watched her breasts sway with their movements. He came violently, filling her up and pumping into her, his orgasm going on and on until Spencer realized she was coming right along with him.

It was the most perfect orgasm she had ever known. She was so completely full of his juices that she felt them begin to run down her inner thighs. She was a stretched, swollen and sweaty mess when he finally pulled out of her and collapsed on the bed next to her. She didn’t even bother getting up to clean herself, she just curled up next to him.

Spencer ran his hand across her huge tits as he felt his erection subside slowly. She was so wet when she came he couldn’t stop unloading into her. The sight of her swollen ass was an overwhelming combination when mixed with her swaying tits and the sound of their bodies smacking together. His cock twitched a little when he thought about it.

Kenzie sighed when Spencer touched her. She took his hand and brought it up to her lips, sucking the finger he had slid into her. They both fell asleep a tangled spent mess.


A few hours after dawn Spencer woke up. There was a sea of soft brown and blonde hair spilled across his chest and bicep and Kenzie was curled up closely with her arm around his waist. Smiling to himself Spencer suddenly had a great idea. Peeling her body off of his he slipped from the bed and went over to the dresser. Picking up a pair of black fluffy handcuffs, a thick vibrator and grabbing a cold can of whipped cream from the refrigerator, he was able to finally find in the daylight, he returned to the bed. He took Kenzie’s wrists and tied them together using the headboard as an anchor.

The new position Kenzie was being rolled into forced her to grudgingly open her eyes. Spencer had her tied down to the bed with her legs spread. She looked down at her body and saw the evidence of their action last night. Her sheets were ruined and her body was stained and bruised. And here was Spencer, kneeling beside her and jerking off a few inches from her face

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? Thought you might like some breakfast.”

“You’ve got to be joking,” she exclaimed laughing softly.

Shaking the can of whipped cream Spencer told her to open her mouth as he continued to stroke himself, letting his cock grow harder.

“Is this all I get?” she questioned after swallowing a mouthful of cream.

Spencer reached down and brought her largest vibrator into her view. He was going to make this girl scream his name and then he was going to fill her mouth with his cum. Switching the machine on, Spencer moved and straddled her left leg and pressed the tip against her core. Moving it in soft circles he teased her hole getting it nice and wet for when he thrust it inside of her.

Kenzie looked up at Spencer and could tell the moment he planned to shove her vibrator inside of her because his lips curled into a slightly evil smile. She didn’t have much time to think about it because she suddenly was stretched and filled with a cold piece of plastic. Relaxing her body, Kenzie let Spencer have his way with her. He started jerking the vibrator in and out roughly causing her to adjust her body in order to accommodate the violation he was performing on her. He was much more confident this morning and she couldn’t help but moan, loudly.

Spencer put the vibrator in his right hand and his cock in the left. Slowly he worked up a rhythm where both of his hands completed one stroke in sync. He was now jerking himself off in the same pattern as he was filling her hole with her vibrator. Getting a little worked up, Spencer decided to untie her hands and turn her over. Moving quickly he had her ass in the air and was running his fingers from the nape of her neck down the spine of her back over her puckered asshole and stopping at her warm core. Slipping a quick finger inside to test how ready she was, Spencer lined his throbbing cock with her pussy.

Kenzie didn’t know what to expect but she knew it was going to hurt. Last night was about satisfying his sexual urges and this morning was going to be about exploring his dark side and she couldn’t wait.

Spencer slid his cock into her. He didn’t expect her to swallow him to the root but her tight pussy pulled his body forward slightly causing his to rebalance himself. Picking up the still humming mechanical cock, Spencer turned it on full blast and shoved it violently into her asshole. He put his palm over it’s base and held it deep in her ass, his fingers gripping her flesh roughly holding it in place. Spencer was surprised her ass was big enough to take it all in one thrust, but that thought wasn’t as important to him as filling this woman with pain as well as pleasure.

Kenzie screamed out in sheer pain. Nothing in her life had felt so badly and tears began pouring from her eyes. She actually heard herself ask him to stop. But as soon as the word “stop” left her lips he started thrusting into slick swollen pussy like a madman. His violent thrusts caused her to brace herself against the mattress, holding her body in place and her ass at his disposal, as she cried during this painful invasion.

Spencer knew she was in pain, but he honestly couldn’t stop himself. He needed to punish this woman’s body and he didn’t know why. Something about her made him want to fuck her into two separate pieces. Her body pressed against his and he felt her trying to cause him to lose his balance. Spencer was determined to show her this pain was actually pleasure in disguise. Searching with his free hand he was able to find the riding crop tangled in the sheets and pulling it up he held it above his head and let it crash down on her backside with a loud and terrible crack.

Kenzie was going to cum. The outcome was evident with each and every thrust of Spencer’s thick cock. Her juices started flowing heavily and when she felt the crop on her ass cheek her stomach started to tingle and she knew she was getting close. The vibrator in her ass felt less painful with each thrust and there was an amazing feeling when Spencer’s cock entered her and slid across the thin skin between her pussy and asshole. She was double penetrated and her pussy was gushing like mad. She moved her head to the side and looked under her body where her juices were flowing down her legs and dripping onto the sheets. She could also see Spencer’s ball smacking hard against her button and with one final crack of the crop she screamed his name at the top of her lungs.

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