I didn’t know when I first started writing this, whether to make it a quick-read, or to tell the whole story. After getting into it I realized it is a GREAT story and merits the full telling. So here it is.

When my father died a little over a year ago, my wife Valeri, and I spent several days getting his house in order and ready to sell. He had been sick a long time and I had been emotionally prepared. We worked with purpose and as much humor as possible. In the process we ran across a box of old Penthouse magazines. That evening, after a good shower, pizza and a few beers, we sat in bed and looked through several of the magazines. Valeri, I believed at the time, was a little on the conservative side. She would not easily let her inhibitions go. So I was surprised to see her interest in the photos of these lovely naked ladies. While I found them admirable in so many ways, Valeri’s appreciation was a pleasant surprise. She made comments on their sexiness and on particular parts of their anatomy – the beautiful skin of this one, the perfect nipples of that one. She even said, “I wonder how it would feel to have a full Brazilian wax job like that. I mean a day later; I know it would hurt awful when it was done.” If she noticed the tent forming in my shorts, she didn’t let on.

We began reading some of the letters that people sent in. Some were outrageous and laughable. Others were exciting and sexy as hell. After I read one aloud that described a lesbian girl’s technique for providing oral pleasure to her mate, I saw that Valeri had become flushed. Beads of perspiration formed between her breasts and on her upper lip. I made a metal note of this as I kissed the dew from her lip. A moment later I felt a hand gentle slide over my tent. She had noticed my semi-erect condition, and she was turned on!

Then we read one letter from a women who had gotten her husband inebriated until he fell asleep on the couch. She slid him over unto the coffee table, bound him to it, and blindfolded him. She invited a few of her girlfriends over for coffee and “dessert”. He woke up, bewildered and confused. He only protested for a moment, though, as the women stripped him naked, took turns with him one at a time at first, then together. He totally enjoyed it, of course. But afterwards it drove him crazy because he never found out who the women were.

Valeri felt how rock hard I had become while reading this story. She said, “Wow, you really liked that didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said, just realizing it myself. “I guess so. It was pretty cool”. She got a little smile on her face and a gleam in her eye. I thought it was because she then slid down my body and started to lick and suck my penis. That’s what I thought then, in that brief moment where I could think, before her tongue swirled like liquid honey and her lips, incredibly soft and wet, made every other part of me grow weak.

She tenderly licked and ran her soft lips over, around, and up and back. She played me like a delicate new toy until I was begging to have her. She licked under my balls then gently sucked on each one. Then she clamped down on my cock with her lips and tongue and rode up and down my shaft with purpose. In only a minute or two she brought me to an amazingly intense orgasm, ejaculating with a force beyond that of my own power. Her mouth never relaxed its grip, until I was completely spent.

When my mind finally began functioning again, I opened my eyes to see her contentedly smiling at me. Emptied, and fulfilled, I could only smile back at her. I had no words. She slid up close, lay down on her side, and swinging her leg over me, placed her head on my chest. After a few minutes of just breathing, and wondering how I got so lucky, I thought about the Penthouse letter where the lesbian detailed the proper technique for perfect cunnilingus. My libido returned. I gently started touching her head and shoulders. Just lightly running my fingertips over her lovely skin. Then down her arm and onto her breast. Softly, barely touching. Next reaching down her side and along the crest of her hip to the end of my reach. I rolled her slowly unto her back, as she looked up at me with calm, deep liquid eyes. I sat up, and leaning over her, I kissed her hair. I kissed her lips, kissed between her breasts, and then down her beautiful belly to the thatch of hair that guarded her pussy. She moved her legs apart. I nuzzled her soft fur as I swung myself around and knelt between her legs. I bent her knees and pushed her legs up. Then reaching under her hips, I lifted her bottom up until her clitoris, cunt and anus were only a breath away from my tongue. I smelled her, savored her sweet aroma and let it fill my nostrils. Her clitoris glistened as it peeked out from its hood. Her labia, lightly covered in soft tawny hair, were full, moist, and puffed out with need.

She had the most beautiful anal bud, a perfect smooth pink star that moved in and out slightly with her breathing. I wanted to follow the instructions of the lesbian, but I couldn’t help myself. Instead, I applied my soft tongue to her bud, licking flat, back and forth. She yelped in pleasure with the first contact and moaned deeply as I continued; now moving in tiny circles around her anus. She moaned contentedly. I then began probing the little hole, forcing my tongue in as much as I could. Her moans took on a more shrill tone. After a minute or so I drew back and just looked at her. Her wet bud pulsed, opening slightly and closing. Her eyes were closed. Her tongue moistened her lips as her fist clenched the sheets of the bed. I let my breath, hot, moist and very close, expel over her pussy, moving slightly from her clit to her bud, teasing. She whimpered in anticipation. I wet my lips and clamped down on her clitoris sucking it into my mouth in one quick move. My baby shrieked and began to convulse in orgasm as I played my tongue over her captive organ. As her shaking began to subside, in a moment of inspiration I pressed my thumb onto her wet anus and she started her orgasm all over again. She had always reached orgasm easily, but this was surprisingly quick, even for her. I released my lip-lock on her clit and just gently licked it for a moment. Then I just held her there, with my breath caressing her bush.

My arms were getting tired of holding her up, but I hadn’t tasted that delicious cunt yet. I started licking her labia, softly sucking on one full lip through her pubic hair, then on the other. Each time I switched from one to the other my tongue brushed across her clitoris. And each time I did, Valeri interrupted her chorus of moans with a sudden, vocal, gasp. My arms ached, so I knew I couldn’t hold her up much longer. I changed tactics and plunged my face into her swollen vagina, trying to reach as deep as I could with my tongue. I tried to tease her clit with my nose as I tongued and licked in and out and up and down. She shuddered once, groaned long and low and began shaking uncontrollably. I ran my tongue and lips from her sweet anus to her protruding clit, penetrating as deep as I could into her tunnel each time I passed over it. My arms and shoulders hurt, my cock ached like it would explode, and she just kept on writhing in orgasm! Finally, as her shaking diminished, my left arm gave out, followed by the right. I tried to get a grip again but I couldn’t hold on. In the effort my finger ended up against her anus as I dropped her onto the bed. Without a moments thought, I pushed it in. She screamed and began convulsing again, though more briefly this time.

My head dropped face down on her navel. My one hand was trapped with a finger up her ass, and the other still underneath her butt. I didn’t have the strength immediately to lift myself up. So I lay there a minute, hunched over, with my mouth pressed against her stomach. As nice as it was, even with the salty taste of her sweat, I had to turn my head to the side to breath. She was breathing very hard, and her legs, still up in the air, were trembling.

I extracted my one hand from under her and pushed myself up. I was reluctant to pull my finger out of her beautiful bud, but couldn’t do anything else if I didn’t. So I gently slide it free, causing Valeri several quick, deep breaths. Her eyes remained closed. She was not ready to return from wonderland just yet. I held her legs, slowly brought each one down until they lay relax flat on the bed. I half lifted, half dragged myself from between her legs and dropped down beside her. Her anus was a new discovery. We had never had anal sex before. The magazine letters likely stimulated our sexual appetite, and I wondered if we had taken a step in that direction. That’s the last thought I remember until waking in the morning.

That was about a year ago. Now let me tell you about six weeks ago.

In an attempt to keep fit, I try to work out twice a week, jogging and then lifting free weights. On that particular Saturday, the day before my birthday, I had completed my five-mile jog, and was working with the weights. Since we both worked out, we had the weights, weight-bench, and other items set up in a room adjacent to the family room. I could see Valeri in the kitchen, on the other side of the family room, talking on the phone.

I was just getting to the point in my routine where I worked on bench presses. I put 180 pounds on the bar for the presses. I intended to do several reps at this weight and see how far I would get. I sat down on the bench and settled in. Valeri came in and leaned against the doorframe.

“How’s the workout?” she asked. “You don’t look too sweaty.” She had her teasing quality in her voice.

I positioned my hands on the bar, I grunted out some lame response, lifted and lowered the weight. The bar felt right and I began pumping in earnest. I had intended to keep each set to ten reps, but at eight it still felt good. I paused at the top of the press, then decided to press out a few more. In the third set I was really feeling the stress and my triceps had that good ache that says you are building strength. As I inhaled and started lowering the bar on the final rep of the set, Valeri leaned over me. Her long hair dropped in my face and I closed my eyes. But not before I caught the most delightful SEG spreading across her face.

“What are you doing?” I said between breathes. I knew she was going to do something to tease me. I started exhaling as I pressed the bar back up. I felt cold metal pressed against my right wrist, and almost immediately the same on my left. I then heard metal on metal sounds and felt a slight tug on the bar. My concentration was broken, so at the top of the press I cradled the bar. I saw that Valeri, my innocent sweet Valeri, had hand cuffed both of my hands to the bar. I smiled up at her and said again, “What ARE you doing?”

She smiled bright and wide, leaned over me again, and kissed me.

After a few moments she broke the kiss. With her lips barely brushing mine, she smiled warmly and said, “I…am going to have fun today!” And with that she held an awful smelling cloth over my mouth and nose. Before I caught on, before I could figure out anything to do, I was out cold.

Waking up was something that is not clear. It was more like a dream that gradually took on substance. Like swimming under water a long time, breathing just fine, but with your vision distorted and murky. It gets better as you rise to the surface. When you break the surface, this different world is a surprise, and your awareness, distant and lethargic, returns slowly. The first thing that I remember is sailboats, and rocking on the waves of blue water. Then I was hearing the song Blue Bayou. I watched the sailboats going by on the bayou, and then I was on the sailboat watching the bayou go by.

My body began waking too. I felt dead spots. Numbness from lying in one spot too long, and I tried to turn over. But I couldn’t. My legs wouldn’t move. I tried to reach down and rub my legs. My hand moved, but I couldn’t reach my leg. It was very perplexing, until my faculties slowly kick in. Realization in small doses started flowing over me. I couldn’t see. Everything was dark. I could move my legs a little side to side, but I couldn’t lift them. I could only wiggle my feet, but otherwise I couldn’t make them move. The same with my hands – I could move them around, raise them up and down and sideways, but my arms were anchored above the elbow.

Suddenly, I put it together. I was bound and blindfolded! The realization scared me at first. I struggled to pull away. I growled and I jerked my arms, I tried to force my legs free, but to no avail. I tried to move my head around and push the mask or blindfold off. I could move my head but the blindfold moved with it and stayed firmly in place.

Then some of the recent memories came back. I remembered the last thing I saw – the shit-eating-grin on Valeri’s face. She had done this. It began to fall into place. I could now tell I was lying on the weight bench. She must have put me to sleep with some clinical knockout juice, and tied me to the bench. I could half-feel, half-sensed my ankles were tied to the lower legs of the bench. I wiggled my legs again and confirmed it. I think my ass was half off the bench, but it was kind of numb so I couldn’t be sure. My arms were bound just above the elbow and straight out from my sides. Then I remember the handcuffs and being handcuffed to the weight bar. That was it! I was strapped to the bar, but not with handcuffs, with belts or…duct tape.

I tried my voice. I could barely hear it, kind of horse. I said, “Val?” But all I could hear was some country singer praising his truck. “Val,” I said again, with much more strength in my voice. But I couldn’t hear any response. I got ready to scream out as loud as I could when I heard her voice over the music, or in the music. Then I got it. I wasn’t just blindfolded; I had headphones fastened to my ears somehow, so all I could hear was the music. She must have mixed a microphone in through the tape machine, or a Karaoke machine some way.

“Hi baby. Are you comfortable?” came Valeri’s voice. “I tried to make you comfortable. Are you OK?” Her voice expressed concern, but also held the element of teasing or smirking in it.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’m having a problem standing up”.

That tickled her, and she let out a quick laugh, but I didn’t mean it to be funny. She said, “Yes, that is going to be a problem for a while. You see, I have tied you up.”

That made me chuckle. “Really!” I said. “Well, I don’t see, as you can see, I’m sort of blind, so you will have to explain this to me.”

“There is nothing to explain, actually,” she said. “I’m just going to have my way with you!”

But I got more serious. “Val, what’s gotten in to you? What is this all about?”

She responded quickly. “It’s about me having my way with you. Now I don’t want to waste your time, so is there anything I can do for you?”

Waste MY time. Was I going somewhere all tied up?

“Perhaps a drink,” she said, “different music, I have a nice selection? Do you need scratching anywhere?” Her voice was almost giddy, and as such, infectious. Yet there was a finality to her tone that told me I really had only the choices she listed. I ask for water and in a moment she held a straw to my lips. I drank heartily as I wondered what she had planned, what it mean to “have her way with me”. As it turned out, my sweet siren wife had a side to her that I could never have imagined.

“Let the games begin,” I pronounced. Bolero began to play into my captive ears.

It was hard to gauge the passage of time. I thought about what she was up to, and I reasoned it would end in something sexual. She may be somewhat conservative sexually, but she wasn’t shy in bed. I don’t know how long I lay there thinking, but I was suddenly aware of a light, cold object on the inside of my thigh. I felt a tugging on my jogging shorts. I’m not sure when realized the cold was a pair of scissors and my shorts were being cut away!

“Jees, be careful down there” I yelled, but in a moment my shorts were laid open and yanked from underneath me. My penis and balls were exposed with no place to hide. Before I could feel the change in temperature, my shirt fell to the blades of the scissors. I lay there bound, helpless and quite naked. Knowing the intimate love I shared with Valeri, and the anticipation of her “having fun with me”, it felt good.

But there are some things you just never really ever think about. So you don’t get it immediately when a nicely warm and moist cloud descends over you genitals. It’s all sensual and sexual. It is shear pleasure… until you realize it is a shearing pleasure, and the cloud is shaving cream! The truth was conveyed to me with the first drag of the razor down my balls! I had never felt that sensation before. But I knew immediately what is was! My whole body jerked with the realization.

“Whoa there Mike,” Valeri rebuffed me. “Settle down…or the boys in the locker room are going to start calling you Michelle”. I protested. I said it was not right for a guy to be balls BALD! I was angry, but I was also excited, and a bit curious. It was hard to mount a successful defense when a beautiful woman is holding your testicles in her hands. Still, I protested, but there was no response except the razor scraping away my pubic hair.

And that was it. For the next half hour or so, my cock was pushed and pulled this way and that, along with my scrotum and balls. It was quite a sensation, and not bad really, if I didn’t think too much about the “little boy look” I would soon be sporting.

Yet through the whole process I felt that there was something strange going on. Something that was not as it should be. It was hard to perform any serious deductive reasoning with my privates being lovingly handled, so I let it go — the whole shaving balls thing was quite strange to begin with — what did I expect?

As a finale, a lotion of some sort was enthusiastically rubbed in everywhere, with special attention given to my erection. My breath started coming in short pants, and I found myself groaning. Again something strange flashed through my mind, but it couldn’t hang on. My groans became a growl. Then, just as my balls began to tighten, the expert rubbing of my cock abruptly stopped! Sadly, painfully, I was not allowed to cum.

“Oh really?” I said, “You’re stopping now? Come on, I need to cum after all that fondling!”

The response I got was cheery “Now you are squeaky smooth and pretty,” in Valeri’s pleased-with-herself voice.

I didn’t know I was “squeaky smooth and pretty” but that little voice in my headphones pronounced me so, as Lionel Richie sang “Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady”. I’m not sure if that is irony, but all I could think of was the boys in the locker room laughing at my “lady trim”.

After several minutes, maybe more, long hair tantalizingly brushed over my chest. I could smell the hair, or thought I could. Something lightly touched my lips, and as I wondered what it was, it pressed down. I opened my mouth and sucked in a tasty nipple. I tongued it eagerly, as Valeri spoke again. “What would you like to eat?” she said, and proceeded to list choices as I sucked. Then she stopped, and said, “Never mind, I’ll pick for you”. And with that she popped her breast out of my mouth and was gone again. I was left wanting, my mouth not understanding, still forming an “O” in the air. I pulled instinctively…and futilely at my bonds.

I was left alone it seemed for what felt like a long time. It was probably no more than five or ten minutes. But time passes slowly when you are naked and bound. My thoughts wandered, but the whole time it felt like I wasn’t alone. No sound penetrated the headphones other than the music, no air movement, no vibrations of the floor or bench, just a silly sense of being watched. It made me wonder if Valeri was sitting right there, “having her way with me” in some unfathomable manner. I assumed she left me to get whatever food she decided I wanted, but I really had know way of knowing.

Then I did feel the slightest vibration, and a second later gentle fingernails dragged across my balls and flaccid penis. It didn’t stay flaccid. It pumped up by a third in anticipation. But the next thing I felt was something bumped my lips. It bumped twice more before I got that I was suppose to open my mouth. I opened it and a small round object was placed in. It was slightly warm, somewhat soft and wet. I wasn’t sure as I rolled it around with my tongue. I mashed down on it a little and a cool liquid oozed out. It was a grape. I chewed it up and opened my mouth for another. It didn’t come, and I felt pretty dumb lying there with my mouth open like a baby bird. I closed it.

I felt the bump again and eagerly played the game and opened my mouth. Again it was a grape, but it was warmer, and wetter. I chewed it up and again opened my mouth for the next one, but closed it again, not wanting to look silly. When I thought about that, I chuckled out loud. I was strapped to a weight bench by a 100 pound girl, stripped naked with shaved balls, begging for grapes — the looking silly ship had already sailed!

My lips were bumped again and I responded opening my mouth with a little pucker, like a kiss. The grape was placed on my lip and pushed in. The finger, of course, followed part way and I sucked on it as it withdrew. I almost immediately knew why the grapes were warm on the outside. The taste and smell on the finger was undeniably vaginal. So that is why it was so long between bites. The grapes were marinating in love juice.

I chewed it up again, smiling as I thought Valeri’s taste, and smell, were stronger, actually more tangy than usual. Laughing I said, “You need to go wash up a little baby, you’re pussy is more potent than usual.” At that point I thought I briefly heard a laugh. But it wasn’t how Valeri laughed, so it had to be something in the music. Another grape bumped my mouth almost immediately, and I formed my kiss lips again. Again the grape was place on my lips and pressed in, and again I suck on the finger as I pulled out. I must have cleaned the finger very well the first time because this time it wasn’t nearly as strong, and more sweet than tangy.

I received a few more grapes with the same routine, and each time the taste, smell, and finger were unique. I might have wondered about this, but the menu changed.

This time, instead of my lips being bumped, they were pressed, and a warm, mushy, almost liquid substance covered my mouth. It was chocolate pudding, served on a firm breast with a lovely nipple. I licked and slurped my way around that delicious orb until it was lifted away. But in a moment it was replaced with another serving, one that pressed a good bit harder into my mouth. Why should I mind? What a great substitute for spoons.

This went on for several feedings, sometimes mashing into my face and all around, sometimes held just about my lips or barely within my reach lifting my head as high up as I could. It’s hard to believe, I know, but I became tired of it, tired of pudding breasts. But I cherished my imagined image of Valeri’s beautiful perfect globes dangling over me covered in pudding. That would have to happen again when I had eyes to see.

“Ok, baby, the grapes and pudding were good”, I said in my most commanding voice. “But even a shaved blindfolded man need real food! How ’bout some meat!”

In a moment, over the chorus of Captain and Tennile singing “Muskrat Love”, or some equally stupid song, I heard “As you wish”.

Just as the music reached the peak and began down its crescendo, the softest, smoothest, wettest, pussy I’ve ever known descended unto my face. It was so unexpected, so perfectly choreographed in its simple one movement dance, that it held the magic of childhood awe and the mystic of a first time experience in unmatched pleasure. For the longest time I could not move. I didn’t want to move. The feeling of that warm flesh, the soft wet folds caressing my cheeks, nose, and mouth, was such an enthralling pleasure; I never wanted to leave that space.

Then reality set in and I had to tilt my head forward to take a breath. As I did, my nose pushed against a prominent clitoris. I felt that amazing flesh quiver and I inhaled deeply. I moved my nose back again, stimulating her clit and jammed my tongue into her wide-open vagina. She shuddered. The feeling of my mouth and tongue moving against her swollen lips, and clitoris was divine. That connection is so emotionally pure and physically intimate that it defies language to describe it. It is a communion beyond expression, an expression beyond communication.

I assaulted this treasure with slow, purposeful intention. My lips and tongue were my only tools, but I was the master, a craftsman, working as any serious artist, with every effort to achieve perfection. Sucking each wing of her cunt, caressing it in my mouth with soft, flat tongue, and nose occasionally circling her clit. Gently increasing the pace, but never forgetting to be gentle, until her body shook in orgasm. When it began to subside, I became aggressive, ceasing to be gentle with soft movements. I sucked each lip of her opening deep into my mouth and pulled it around and around. Then pulled on it until it popped out of my mouth and I seized the other one, back and forth, until finally going for her clitoris and sucking that with abandon.

I couldn’t hear her scream, but I felt it. Every muscle in her body, tensed in anticipation of the power building in her groin, suddenly shook violently as her second orgasm engulfed her completely. Wave after wave took her. Even the weight bench shook from the intensity. Her juices flowed over my cheeks and into my mouth. I was so proud, until her legs gave out and her vagina sagged hard against my face. Breathing was impossible under her, but I managed by turning my head to the side and pull my chin down. I took great gulps of the air, and with it, the smell of lovemaking.

I was rock hard. I hadn’t realized it until after she began to calm down. It had all been for her. God that felt good – that it was all for her, but now my cock ached.

She finally found her legs, and lifted herself off my head. That wonderful wet and soft pussy lifted away and was gone. It was good because I could breathe, but I missed the smooth flesh. She kissed me. Her hair brushed against my chest as her smooth lips press against my very wet lips, wet with her juices. Her hair brush over my face as she pulled away. It felt good, familiar. For a moment I was confused by an odd thought. Then it hit me.

“Hey!” I said, my voice a mix of enthusiasm and awe. “There’s no hair on your pussy! You shaved!” The realization astonished me. It was so out-of-character for her. Well, this whole thing today was so out-of-character for her — it’s like she was just being somebody else for the day, possessed. So strange. But…I had no complaints.

Her voice broke in over Aretha laying it down in “Respect”.

“No I didn’t”, she said, and then giggled. “I had a Brazilian!” She laughed again. “The bush is gone. The whole thing, sooo…. you can’t complain about your naked balls, or should I say…hairless balls.” She laughed again, and then I was alone, or it felt like it anyway. I heard only the music. Now it was Richie Havens cranking up on the Beatles song, “Here Comes the Sun”. Where did she get this mix?

The ache in my balls and cock slowly let up and my hard-on softened. I tried to reposition myself for a little more comfort. My cock flopped back and forth as I moved, then finally went limp.

Many thoughts went through my head, but mostly they came back to Valeri, amazingly smooth pussy, a Brazilian no less, and this whole sex adventure. The “Wow factor” was off the charts. I must have been alone quite a while because I fell asleep. I awoke to a wet, hot mouth sucking my limp penis.

Maybe it was the waking up, but her mouth was hotter than I have ever felt any mouth. With the strong tongue movements and the pulling from wet firm lips it did not take long for my raging hard-on to be restored. I could hear my groans. I needed relief so bad. I prayed that those expert lips would grant me release. I was being well sucked. Swirling tongue and soft firm lips stroke up and down my shaft. It was amazing. Each time that mouth descended down my cock it went further down than the time before. She had never done this before!

I don’t have the biggest cock on the planet, but I am a pretty good size, and for the first time in my life I was being Deep Throated. Her nose and lips were bottoming out against my belly each time those hot lips rode down my shaft. Her hand was on my balls as they began to draw up and tighten. I was going to blow my load. My cock was all the way down here throat. I couldn’t believe the feeling.

Just as I was sure I would unload in the next couple of strokes, the lips slid up my shaft and stopped. They did a last sucking kiss on my knob, and were gone. I couldn’t believe it. I cried out, “No, don’t stop now!” I pleaded. “God women, have a heart, get me off!”

No sooner were the words out then my face was once again smothered by pussy. I tried to scream “Not fair” into the pussy, but the words were so muffled by the soft moist flesh that I couldn’t even understand them myself. I automatically started licking and sucking, but I was so frustrated with this dilemma, and actually getting angry, that I didn’t notice that she tasted different again, and the aroma was different too. I didn’t notice the taste and smell until I realized that I was licking and sucking hair again. What was she doing? My mind reeled.

It was a relief when I felt hands on my penis. Then a hot mouth enveloped it and fingers messaged my balls and ass. I thought, “Ok, good, at least you’re getting back to my cock!”

The deep-throating process began again, giving me unbelievable pleasure. Still, there was something distracting, something more unbelievable hammering at my blood-starved brain. With limited analytical powers, with licking an impossibly fury pussy, with my engorged penis throbbing deeper down a throat, I tried to put explanation to these events. How could she do it? Women in my headphones sang about having two lovers that she loved “both the same!” I wasn’t really listening to it, but I guess on some level I heard.

The truth of my situation flared to light like a match striking fire. THERE WERE TWO WOMEN! I screamed my muffled scream up the vagina on my face, “My god, Valeri…”

But that’s all I had. I couldn’t get my mind around the reality of it. My cock swelled, my balls drew up, and all thought ceased. Instinctively I kept licking and sucking the strange fury cunt, but all awareness and attention was focused on my imminent orgasm. My Valeri, my Lady Deep Throat felt it too and plunged my cock as deep into her throat as she could and sucked with unbelievable strength.

It was the strongest eruption I have ever had, by far. I exploded!! The power of my seminal release was nothing less than a launch. Every part of my body gathered together for that sole purpose, and let go in unison. Wave after wave of such intense pleasure racked my body so deeply that it, somehow, was painful. Exquisitely painful! After forever had come and gone, I started settling down. Lady Deep Throat, whose fingers were dug tight into my ass cheeks, slowly withdrew her mouth from my still throbbing cock. This act provided sufficient stimulation to generate multiple after-shocks. I trembled again with another, though milder orgasm. I had never before had a double orgasm.

Clouds of passion and confusion, of sweat and pussies and breasts with pudding, all swirled like snapshots and strobe lights in my head. My breathing returned to normal, and only then could I gain any sense of the last few…what… minutes…hours. My sense of smell returned, and I caught a whiff of that strange vagina, it’s juices drying on my face.

God, what happened? Surely this all had to be a dream! It was as impossible as anything in a dream. I needed perspective. Go back to the start…when did it start. And this I did. I tried to anchor on getting out of bed this morning. Then having that firmly rooted in my mind I followed the sequence of the days events. They story unreeled like a movie in my head. It had all the detail, all the senses, sound and touch, smell and even sight. Except now, even though sight was stolen from me now, that in itself somehow made it real. The whole thing was real! Bazaar as hell, but real.

Another thing was real too. I said, “I have to take a piss” in my most demanding voice. I don’t know what I expected, but for a minute there was nothing. “This is no joke, I have to pee!”

The next thing I knew my penis was being grabbed and pull. It felt like a condom was being put on my limp penis. It was not a gentle struggle. I think my cock was refusing to be stuck into anything again today, but the assault team was persistent. When my handlers stopped and my poor penis fell back to my belly, there was something encasing my abused organ.

The joyful tones of my dear wife broke in to my musical world, ” OK, big boy, take your leak.”

“What… here?” I said. “In front of whats-her-name?” Then I laughed at my own silliness. Being bashful after what just transpired was nuts. I peed.

“What is whats-her-names name?” I asked as my bladder emptied itself into whatever was attached to my penis.

“Who’s name?” my captor replied.

“The other women Val,” I said proudly. “I know there are two of you. You couldn’t deep-throat me with you pussy on my face. Or was that your pussy on my face and you didn’t really have a Brazilian?” I had only to taste my pussy soaked lips to know that the fury pussy was not Valeri.

“She giggled into my headphones. The giggle had all the bravado of the SEG I saw on her face at the beginning of all of this. She said, “So many questions. I’ll answer one. Her name is….. the Siren of Wind”, then she went silent leaving me with, of all things, Roger Miller singing “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport”. Did she plan the timing of this music?

I finished draining my pipes, and was happy when the devise was wrestled off my cock.

Valeri came on the headphones again. “Here, baby, take a drink of water,” and she pressed the straw to my lips. I sucked several sips. It tasted like pussy. Then she said, “Here take this too,” and popped a pill in my mouth, “Swallow”, she said giving the straw back to me, “Don’t chew”. I did and drank some more.

I was going to ask her what the pill was, when I suddenly felt a slippery finger sliding back and forth in the crack of my ass. After some soothing rubbing it stop on my anus and messaged in a circle around it, applying more and more pressure. I tensed up, but then the voice in the headphones whispered, “You had better relax that little port, don’t want it to get hurt”.

It wasn’t like I had options, and I didn’t want THAT to get hurt. I did my best to loosen up. The finger came back with more jelly and continued circling my “little port”. This went on only a moment before it slipped in. It wasn’t a new feeling, but it didn’t have Valeri’s touch, so I guessed it was the Siren of Wind up my ass. I broke out laughing at the thought. The finger paused, like it had been insulted, or curious about my laughter, but then wiggled around a moment and withdrew. Then it circled around then entered again. This play continued for a short while, maybe a couple of minutes, and I was getting used to it. Then two fingers pierced my anus. It made me suck my breath in, but the two fingers continued without hesitation. I have to admit it was pleasant. I started to feel aroused, a little. Then the fingers slipped out and were immediately replaced by something different – a dildo, or a butt plug, or…

I could only guess. I know it was larger than the fingers and seemed to have a part of it that was thicker than the rest of it. My captors just left it in there, stuck in or hanging out of my ass. It wasn’t being moved around so it was hard to determine much.

I seemed to be alone again. Alone with that “Wonderful Tonight” song, Eric Clapton I think. I wondered who the Siren of the Wind was. And what was Valeri thinking with this crazy thing she was doing to me. This is too wild for her. Tying me up, maybe. But to share me with another women, to watch another women put her vagina in my face, to watch me eat another women…that was not the Valeri that I knew. Maybe I was working too much, not being home enough, that drove her to this… this carnal conquest. I couldn’t figure it. And she had a Brazilian! A full-blown baby-smooth beaver! The thought just amazed me. Then she shaved me bald as an eight year old. She was something else. I wondered, was she stoned, or doing drugs? Was I?

Oddly, with nothing else going on, with no one touching me or making me eat anything or anyone, I was getting aroused. I guess having an unknown ass invader is more than just “nothing going on”, but I couldn’t believe that would make me start to have an erection. I tried to shift my position and it caused the “Invader” to shift in my rectum. God, I hope I wasn’t getting kinky and starting to love having my ass jacked! I could feel my balls pulling up a little, and my cock was rising up from the dead. Without thinking, I tried to reach down a stroke my cock, just to check on the feeling I was having. But my arms remain trapped, my hands only able to swing around from the elbow joint.

In a few more minutes there was no doubt. My penis was fully erect, and then some. I could feel the blood throbbing from the knob on down my shaft to deep in my body. The skin of my cock was tight, and I felt huge, pointing straight up. I also felt flushed and hot…and extremely horny.

Thinking I was alone I yelled out, “Val!”

“You don’t have to yell” the earphone said. “I’m right here watching you”.

“Something’s going on,” I said. “I have a raging hard-on”. Then I added, “And a missile up my butt.”

“Yes, I see,” came the reply. “We’ve been waiting, and watching you grow, baby. You’ve done a marvelous job”, she said mockingly.

“You’ve been waiting”, I asked. “For what? What are you going to do?”

“For the Viagra to kick in, of course.” Again she giggled. “And to answer you second question — everything!”

Viagra? Viagra! “You gave me Viagra?” I screamed. “It feels like I’m going to explode!”

“We will help you with that, baby,” my wife chortled. “Don’t worry”.

Don’t worry? I wasn’t worried. I was exploding. Why should I worry! Just as I started to yell again, the invader up my butt started vibrating. All the words for whatever I was going to say left my head. All I could think was that my ass was vibrating — way up there vibrating.

Something touched my lips. My recent programming took over and I opened my mouth. I started to lick, thinking I was being presented with another piece of womanhood. But my tongue touched something quite different. It was pushed gently into my mouth. I couldn’t really taste it, or smell it for that matter, not at first. Everything tasted and smelled like pussy. But apparently she was making sure I didn’t get hungry. It had a cake like texture, and after chewing for a short while I decided it was a brownie. It did have a taste, though still strong in the pussy flavor, but chocolaty, and I ate all of it.

Then warm, wet, softness engulfed my super monster cock, and slid slowly down. Slowly, teasingly, tongue rubbing-ly down, down, torturously down my cock. All I could think was “HURRY!!” The hot mouth took in all of me, I know I had to be deep down a throat, then it reversed direction and the sucking began as the mouth drew ever so slowly back. All the synapses that were my mind fired at once in unison. White lightening — the blindfold had kept my eyes in the dark. But for those few moments… minutes?… hours?…I don’t know…but for that span of time I saw white light! Then the amazing sucking mouth pulled off suddenly, releasing my cock with a force that had to create a loud POP, though I couldn’t hear it. I could only hear the blood pumping in my ears, my chest heaved and I gasped for breath. A hand grabbed my cock and in the next movement it was enveloped again. Not as soft as the mouth, but as hot and moist as before, it slid down until it bottomed against my bones. It was somehow different; it squeezed the base of my penis and released several times. It squeezed and slid up until only the head of my cock remained captured. The feeling was unbelievable. Then it relaxed and rapidly slammed down again with enough force that my groin felt like it was being flattened. The muscles tightened again, gripping my cock as tight as a hand, and made several shorts stokes up and down. Each time my groin was compressed. It held with that tight grip and slid nearly off again. Only the head of my cock was held. My thoughts were muddled, blurry, but it came to me that what was slamming into my groin were butt cheeks! One of them was riding with me up their ass!

That was a whole new world for me. Val and I had never done that before. We had played… a finger here and there, but not actually ass fucked. I didn’t know if we were doing it now! I could be sticking it up the butt of the Siren of the Wind! It wasn’t like I could stop and figure all this out. All my thoughts were fragments, pieces that blew through my mind like leaves on a fall day. Before I could wrap my head around this new realization, another set of butt-cheeks nestled down on my face. It took several moments for me to actually register that it was a set of butt-cheeks. With all the sensations I was feeling, true analysis wasn’t possible. Just that something warm, moist, and smooth, something definitely female pushed down on my face. I felt them push apart as they settled. They were too large and firm to be the tantalizing folds of labia, and as a rosy bud pressed against my nose – quit different than a clitoris — all doubt was gone.

I was on autopilot now. It was all sensory reaction. Stimulus and reaction. I stuck out my tongue without a though and rimmed that rosy anus. I licked and prodded with my tongue, poked it into the rose a deep as I could. At some point I concluded that it was Valeri on my face because I couldn’t feel hair when my tongue would be briefly presented with a taste of pussy, before that rose bud was slid back to receive more service. At first I felt good that it was Valeri. I wanted to please her.

But something wasn’t right. It didn’t taste or smell like Valeri. It didn’t taste or smell like Siren of the Wind either. I couldn’t think, couldn’t complete a chain of thought with the repeated slamming by the women’s ass riding my cock. I felt like I would come soon. I needed to come soon! Then the butt-cheeks withdrew from my face and were immediately replaced by smooth, very wet labia. The labia gyrated in slow circles, beckoning my tongue and lips. I could smell the fragrance of her, and I wondered if prolonged arousal could change Valeri’s sweet sexy odor of womanhood. I was wondering this when the circular motion brought my tongue and upper lip first to the clitoris, then a little further up the abdomen where I contacted hair. Just a little, a narrow patch, right atop the convergence of her pussy lips. It wasn’t Valeri. And it wasn’t Siren of the Wind either; she had hair over all of her pussy. As I licked and sucked, my mind, already in heavy overload, and my cock being ridden hard, I grasped the incredible truth, there were THREE women using me! No sooner did that thought take me, than the mystery pussy on my face let go with a torrent of juice. She flooded me — my face certainly, and my ears and neck, my nose and chin were copiously drenched in this magical vaginal nectar. As she shook with the spasms of orgasm, I drank her sweet juice like a man too long in the desert. All of which put me over the top.

I shot my load into the wildly banging ass that rode my cock! I groaned as my cock pumped an amazing stream into the hot, sweet, unknown, ass. With each slam against my groin, another torrent was ejected, and another deep body-aching pleasure-groan rose through my chest into the pussy still draining on my face. The ass slamming went on and on with my body jerking underneath.

I think I left the planet. The entire sphere of my being was sensory. No time and space, no logic or comprehension, no shred of tangible earthly known form existed. Only sensory input touched me, and auto-response, quite outside of thought-control. I lost all sense of self. Like a shipwrecked sailor too long on a raft in the ocean, I floated in a delirious sea of pleasure.

When I finally came back to earth, to myself, I floated in on the lyrics of “Nights in White Satin”. I mused about who had sung it, until it was replace by something from Stone Temple Pilots, something with a driving beat, but I couldn’t place it. I thought to get up and try to read the CD case for the name of the song, but I couldn’t get up. I tried, but I couldn’t. I felt woozy. I was woozy. Then it came back to me, or at least enough of it did. I remembered I was tied up. My Valeri tied me up! But why?

My penis was hard. I had a woody. That was funny. I was woozy. I had a woody. I had a woozy woody. Ha! I was stoned. And I had a woozy woody! So funny.

Hey, I was stoned! My head was so light. My woody was so light. Ha ha!

Why was I stoned? Why was I stoned and tied up? Valeri would know. I would ask Valeri. Bet that was a weedy brownie. Where did she get this music?

Then I felt something touch my hand. It pressed into my hand. It was big, round, and soft and squishy-like. Like a breast. OH MY GOD, it was a breast! I had a handful of breast! And nipple too. Then my other hand had a handful of breast too. Not as big and not as squishy, but still nippled.

“Val”, I said, ” Your boobs don’t match,” and then I laughed. A voice, Val’s voice, came across the sea from very far away, “Those aren’t my boobs, baby”.

“That’s good,” I said, still laughing, ” ’cause that’s one weird set of Tetons”.

I stopped laughing. It suddenly came over me that I had two different boobs in my hands and they weren’t Valeri’s. I fondled them. I palmed them; I thumbed the nipples, which were as different as the breasts. The smaller breast had a pointed nipple, while the larger one had a raised areola and a huge, very hard center part. Then they pulled away from me.

Next my woody was grabbed. In a moment I felt legs straddling me, and warm, wet, softness enveloped my erection. My woody was in a pussy, I thought. Pussy woody, I mused. It felt so, so good. Then my left hand had it’s own warm, wet, softness pushed down on it. I felt the folds of another pussy. I cupped it, then turned my hand and stroked the lips, until I pushed a finger, then two fingers into the vagina. It squirmed against my fingers. I had to be stoned and dreaming because the next thing to happen was to have another pussy against my right hand, and I inserted two fingers into that vagina. “What a dream this is” I spoke to no one.

Fragments of the past few hours, or minutes, or days, I didn’t know, came drifting back to me. My wife and two of her friends were fucking the hell out of me! One was on my cock and two were on my hands, and they were using me anyway they wanted. Wow, any way they wanted. It all seemed good to me and my woody! I laughed, then stopped. Then laughed some more. So, even though I didn’t add it up right away. I wasn’t surprised when another pussy descended on my face. Why should my face be deprived? It was getting plenty of pussy today. What’s another pussy? What’s a fourth pussy?

It moved on my face with a gentle rocking action. All the pussies were moving in a gentle rocking action. Moving together. Moving in unison. A cornucopia of pussies, an orchestration, a choreography of cunts rocking and rolling to the peaceful pace of Billie Holiday’s “Why Not Take All of Me”! They did. I would have smiled at this…if I could have.

When the music changed, they all left me at the same time, and a moment later settled back again, all four. Each time the music changed, they changed. They were playing musical chairs on me – Musical Pussies on me! Ha ha! I could tell they were changing places because of the different tightness of each vagina on my cock, and different hair and wetness on my hands and face. In the third song I lost my load again, and on the fourth my face was drenched again. Then again on the fifth song. Even my hair was soaked to the skin with vag-nectar, vag-juice of love.

Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody played through the headphones. It all took on a carnival quality. The calliope went round and round and the music changed with the zebra and the horse and the unicorn and the flying pig passing by going up and down. Soon my hands got tired. My tongue and lips were worn out. I couldn’t do it anymore. Only my penis stood tall and strong. My Viagra cock. Ha, my Viagra cock-a-doodle-do-it again and again. It couldn’t be put down. The ladies gave up on my face and hands, but not on that tower of rock cock. I don’t know how many time I came, or how many pussies quivered and clutched my member in the throws of their orgasm. I had no control, and eventually no sense of it until it seemed like the calliope was slowing down, coasting to a stop. I was breathing hard. My whole body throbbed. But it was slowing down. I think I said Valeri’s name — “Val”? Then that cloth with the awful smell, that strange sterile smell, was pressed to my face. My darkness changed to a pale blue, and then I was out.

When I woke up it was to a stinging pain like my skin was being ripped off my arm. I opened my eyes to blurred vision. Light colors moving, beige and deep red spots. Moving, swaying. When I achieved focus, I found I was looking at my wife’s beautiful naked breasts hanging over me, her cherry nipples only inches from my mouth. I heard a cutting sound that was immediately followed by the skin being ripped off my other arm.

“Aww god”, I screamed. My arms had been duct taped to the weight bar.

“Hi baby”, came Valeri’s happy voice. “So you’re finally awake”

I didn’t know if I was still high or not, though my perception was that something surreal was happening. Or had just happened. Not really a dream-state, but I didn’t have the clarity of being fully alert either. My mouth felt dry and I licked my lips. The taste of vagina juice brought reality, if that’s what it was, crashing back down on me.

I don’t know exactly what I said. Something like, “Did all that really happened?” or maybe, “Did you do to me what I think you did?”

I got a kiss on my lips, and her biggest smile. I tried to put my arms around her but it hurt to move them. Everything hurt. I glanced around. No one was in the room except Valeri. Nothing was out of place, except the weigh bench I was laying on was now in the family room, in front of the couch where the coffee table used to be. They must have moved it, with me on it, from the exercise room when Valeri first put my under.

I looked down, and to my surprise, I still had a hard-on. It was leaning a little left, like it was contemplating a nap, but couldn’t quite make it yet. I had no pubic hair any more. Valeri knelt down to release my feet and took my penis into her mouth for one quick, wet suck, then let go. It immediately sprang to attention like a soldier on the front lines.

“Oh, good,” she said as she cut the tape away from the leg of the weigh bench. “You cock still has some life. I wasn’t really through with that yet”. She turned her head and smiled her SEG at me.

RIP! The tape tore at the skin of my ankle. First the left ankle, then the right. I was sure it tore half my ankle off, just muscle and tendon, and bloody insides left. It was amazing how painful it was. I let out another groan, and tried to pull myself up to a sitting position. Every muscle complained. The posts of the weigh bench bar cradle were in my armpits. I struggled to pull myself through them. I swung my body sideways and pulled on cradle bars to raise myself up. I needed to pee. I tried to stand up, forcing myself through the stiffness and pain, and almost fell. With much effort I walked to the bathroom hanging on to anything I could grab along the way. I realized it would a futile exercise to get this cock pointed down at the toilet. I made it to the bathroom and peed in the tub. God, the relief felt so good. Everything else ached, but the relaxed bladder was wonderful.

Done with that I moved stiffly to the sink and washed my face and hands with warm, comforting water. It felt good to move and I began to loosen up. I walked some more, feeling the stiffness slowly subside, as I did a high step, trying to force circulation back into all my muscles. Still, I hung on to things, not trusting my balance yet. As I did I watched Valeri pulling tape off the weight bench and cleaning things up. Her body was so…beautiful. So perfect. So naked. The movement of the muscles in her legs, the rotation of her buttock, and the bounce of her breasts, were all in such perfect harmony, marvelously flowing sinew and bone, like liquid honey moving under her skin. I realized my hard-on became harder, rock hard again. She bent over to pick up several towels from the floor, and that sweet round ass, with those perfect, waxed-clean pussy lips, was an overwhelming sight. I nearly swooned. I told her not to move with a very forceful voice. She didn’t, except to turn her head and look back at me looking at her. I just stared at the glorious, angelic vision before me. The perfect butt, heart shaped with full hemispheres tapering down to beautiful firm thighs. And right in the center, that soft pink perfect star. Below that, not a hair in sight, the fleshy swell of full labia, cleft deeply in the center. At the end of the cleft a bright pink button emerged. I swear I nearly had an orgasm just looking at her!

She smiled at me. Not a shit-eating-grin this time, not that laughing SEG she had given me so many times, but a smile that held passion, that recognized I was loving her with my eyes. A smile that spoke of warmth and understanding. I was filled with wonder at the beauty of nature’s greatest creation- this woman. At that moment my heart and body surged with equal parts of lust and love, anxiety and appreciation.

I moved up behind her and dropped to my knees. I began to slide my fingertips over the round globes of her bottom. I was caressing this vessel of beauty. Moving my fingers, then hands around the shape of her. Not just exploring, but absorbing, feeling the perfection and knowing the joy of its touch.

I touched the star that formed her anal bud and she moaned. My fingertips danced down to her folds and lightly kneaded her flesh while my tongue started drawing wet circles around her bud. My fingers found her clitoris and gently massaged, pressed and squeezed. Another finger found it’s way into her vagina. She was wet to the touch and my finger spread her juice over her pussy lips and clit. The scent of lovemaking was heavy in the air. My tongue began more aggressive ministrations on her anus. She swooned, and wobbled a little.

I stood up and began rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her rear. Holding it at the base, I guided it from her clitoris gently up to her beautiful bud. I pushed just a bit at her bud and saw her bud contract, then push out. I slid my penis down slowly to her labia, pushing them apart, wet-slippery apart, moving slowly until I contacted her clitoris again. It had grown; thrusting further from it hooded shelter. I pushed passed it, rubbing my shaft along it as much as I could, then, drawing back, began the process again.

I did this several more times, luxuriating in every soft, wet, physical sensation. Valeri was moaning with each passage over her clit, and after a while, shivered in a mild orgasm. I move cautiously, not rushing her pleasure. I once again push my penis through her labia, but this time pausing over her vaginal entrance, moving the tip around those lovely full pussy lips. I caressed her opening that way trying to prolong her orgasm. Then I slowly pushed in until with one long continuous stroke until I was completely buried in her. Just as slowly I drew out again. I hand-guided my cock back to her clit, and back to her anus again. I returned to her tunnel and pushed easily in, still very slowly to full penetration. Valeri whimpered and I moaned. I thrust in and out several times and withdrew. I rubbed my cock against her clit again. Then back to her sweet bud.

“Was that you who stuck my cock up their ass toward the end there?” I asked as I moved my cock around her perfect star. She didn’t answer, but her little bud pulsed in and out. It push out hard when my penis pushed against it, and she moaned deeply. I pushed against her little hole several times, each time she echoed with a moan. She was very slick and wet from our combined juices.

I press once more, but this time I continued pressing. Her bud pushed out and in an instant I entered her. Valeri moaned so loud, with such a deep growl, that I thought I had hurt her, and I quickly pulled out.

“What are you doing?” she yelled immediately. “Stop teasing me!”

“I thought I hurt you!” I exclaimed. “You make a…”

She cut me off, “Don’t talk. Just do it.” It was an order. It was a command. Who was I to argue? I lined my cock up again with that pulsing, eager bud and pressed against it once again. There was almost no resistance. I slipped the knob of my cock past the firm muscle of her anus and she moaned with that same guttural deep voice. Her sphincter clamped down on my penis and made me moan right along with her. I pushed slowly in. It was sensational. I never felt anything so tight and so hot! I pushed gradually in until my groin pressed against the cheeks of Valeri’s butt. I held us together there, lost for the moment in the pure physical feeling, in the knowledge that I was buried in Valeri’s beautiful ass. This had been a day of unbelievable happenings, unimagined feelings and sensations. This moment, perhaps because it was just the two of us, perhaps because of its overwhelming intimacy, was the most wonderful and moving of them all. My revere was apparently shared.

Valeri said in a horse voice, almost a whisper, “It feel like you’re cock is so deep in me that…I can’t describe it, I can’t believe it.”

I began pulling out and she began to alternately tighten and relax her muscles. I couldn’t believe it either. When I was almost all the way out, when the head of my penis was half exposed, I reversed and push back in again. Both of us started a regular routine of moaning. It grew louder as I increased my rhythm.

Valeri couldn’t hold herself up any longer with me pushing against her. We duck-walked a few steps and she grabbed the weigh bench for support. Our pace continued to increase until I was slamming into her, our bodies making a slapping noise in chorus with my grunts and Valeri’s groans. I exploded moments before she did. I lost all coordination and thrust into her wildly. She bucked, and pushed back, until neither of us had anything left.

Valeri collapsed to her knees and her breasts dropped to the weigh bench, yanking my penis out as she dropped. I dropped to my knees and fell with my head against her sweating ass. My cheek was pressed against her cheek. Her bud, just inches in front of my eyes, was still open wide, pink and red descending into darkness down that tunnel where I had just unloaded. I watched as her well used bud pulsed and slowly closed.

I could do nothing but marvel at all that had taken place as I tried to catch my breath. Valeri spoke first.

“I could feel your sperm shoot into me, I didn’t know it could be like that,” she said, her breathing still somewhat labored. “It was amazing. And, to answer your question — no, that was not me, not my ass you fucked earlier. I don’t think I will tell you much about this day, but I just want you to know, what we just did was the first and only time I have done this. But I don’t think it will be the last”. I looked at her. There was that familiar, lovable, SEG again.

“So why won’t you tell me about today? You tricked me, KNOCKED ME OUT, shaved my crotch bald, used and abused me. You owe me! So out with it, give me all the sordid details, women!”

“No chance, Man!” she replied in kind. You were well rewarded for your… services. So just forget it. You get no information!” She was laughing at my plight.

I sat up, but not before licking her rosy bud one last time. She shuddered. I badgered her to give me details, names, and describe what took place, but she refused, laughing with delight as I continued to pester her. I had a pretty good idea of what went on, being that I participated completely, but I was really curious, and especially about who the other women were, and how many there were. My best guess was five. But Valeri would say nothing. I just didn’t know.

I had gathered together with a group of male friends recently. We all knew each other well and had played golf that day. Over drinks afterward, someone asked the question of the group: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done with a woman?

I didn’t take the question seriously, but Charlie immediately piped up with his story. When he had been about eighteen, a neighborhood lady of about 40 seduced him during his first summer home from college. Over a period of three months or so, she taught him how to please her. She liked to be eaten out with him alternately licking in and around her hole, and sucking her clitoris while Charlie ran his index finger in and out of her ass. I smiled and wondered if Charlie replayed that scenario over and over with his wife.

Someone else piped in with a story of sticking various food items up a woman’s cunt and eating them out of her. Soon everyone looked at me expectantly, and I told the first story that popped into my mind, although I realize now it was not the kinkiest thing I had actually done. That will come later.

The story that popped into my mind was one that happened during the years between my undergraduate degree and when I met my wife. I had sex with a vast amount of women over those years. My roommate and best friend at the time, Max, and I had gone on a float trip down a local river with a large group of friends and their friends. A girl we hadn’t met before, who was strikingly beautiful in her bikini, was openly flirting with both of us all day, preferring to float with us as a little group of three rather than floating with her girlfriends.

After about a four-hour float, a lot of sun, and a few beers, we invited her over to our apartment. She gladly accepted, and rode with us to our place. She sat in between us in the front seat, and I openly put my hand on her bare thigh and rubbed up and down, getting very close to her pussy. No objections from her, she just smiled and went right on with the conversation.

When we got to our place, we popped open a few beers and sat down in the living room. We were still in our swimming trunks, and she was still in her bikini. I sat next to her on the couch, and put my hand back on her thigh. I moved it to the inside, and this time when I rubbed up and down her leg, I didn’t stop when I got to her pussy. I ran my fingers over the thin material and she tensed and said, “Oh! I was hoping you’d do that in the car”. While my roomie watched me slip my fingers underneath the material and find her wet slippery pussy, she spread her legs to give me better access. After a few minutes of this, I was getting pretty hot, and she was getting scaldingly hot.

“Let’s go to the bedroom”, I told her. She immediately agreed and stood up and grabbed Max’s hand.

“You come, too”, she said as she grabbed my hand as well. Max and I just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. We went into my bedroom and she lay down on my bed. I laid down on one side of her, and Max on the other. I made out with her briefly, and then she turned her head to Max and made out with him for a while.

While she and Max were kissing, I reached underneath her and unhooked her bikini top. She arched her back to give me access, and once I had it unhooked I pulled it away to reveal her beautiful creamy C-cups with pink, erect nipples.

I started to kiss and lick her breasts while she made out with Max. Max reached down and put his hand under her bikini bottom and I could tell from the way she was moving that he was fingering her. She was moving her hips to meet his hand each time he thrust his fingers into her and I could hear her moaning into his mouth as I hungrily sucked, licked, and nibbled at both her nipples.

She got up on her knees and pulled her bikini bottoms off, then untied Max’s trunks and pulled them off him, revealing his stiff cock sticking straight out from his body. Then she turned to me and pulled my trunks off as well. She laid me down on my back and started kissing me again, and then started kissing her way down my neck, and my chest, and my stomach. She was on her hands and knees facing me as she moved her body towards the foot of the bed so her face would be at my cock-level. I could see Max behind her, standing at the foot of the bed and rubbing her ass and gliding his fingers over her soaked pussy.

She kissed her way down to my cock and took it in her mouth. She was hungry for my cock, no doubt.

As she sucked it and licked my balls, I heard the tell-tale sound of a condom wrapper being ripped open, and I looked up to see Max moving in behind her as she sucked my cock.

With her ass in the air, Max put his cock against her pussy and pushed it all the way in one stroke. She started moaning on my cock as she licked and sucked in a frenzy. She pushed back against Max on the outstroke of my cock in her mouth, then pulled away from him as my hard dick slid back into her mouth and down her throat. Max was fucking her pussy while I was fucking her mouth.

I could tell that Max was getting close and he finally came with a loud grunt. I think she came at the same time, but it was hard to tell because it seemed like she was just having one long orgasm after another.

Max pulled out of her and she flipped around so her round ass was facing me. She started rubbing her moist pussy on my cock as she licked Max’s sheathed deflating cock. She pulled the condom off him with her teeth, spit it on the floor, and then politely asked him if he had another one for me. I could feel her wet pussy against my straining cock, and I wanted to slip it in so badly, but I knew well enough to wait for the condom.

She ripped open the condom, spun around and rolled it down my cock, then climbed on. She grabbed my member and positioned it right at her wet opening, then just sat down on it. I felt it slide all the way in and stop against her cervix. She moved up, so just the tip was in, then sat down again on it with a thud and a moan. Soon she was riding me like a bucking horse and Max came up behind her on his knees, straddling my shins, and started rubbing her tits from behind her while he pressed his chest against her back. I watched as he squeezed her firm breasts and tweaked her nipples as she rode me. My cock was feeling like it was going to burst and when she started coming again, I let go and had a fucking cataclysmic orgasm that seemed to last forever. I remember thinking the top of my head might have actually blown off.

This went on for over four hours, with both of us taking turns fucking her. She couldn’t get enough fucking and she couldn’t get enough cock in her mouth. At one point, we were all resting, with her laying on her back with her head on my pillow, me sitting on the bed next to her, leaning my back against the wall, and Max on the other side of her, laying on his side with his head in his hand, cocked up on his elbow.

As we chatted, I saw her hand slide down her belly, and soon I became aware that she was stroking her clit. Just chatting away with us with her hand between her legs, playing with her clit and fingering herself. Finally with her other hand, she reached over and started playing with my flaccid cock. It began to respond, and she turned on her side and put her head in my lap. She got her mouth up to my cock and started to lightly lick it. Then to my amazement, I saw Charlie climb down the bed and put his head between her legs and start licking her cunt. I thought it was a little weird after we had both fucked her a couple of times, but we had been wearing condoms. They would have been in a sixty-nine position on their sides, but she was facing away from him and sucking my cock instead of his.

It was obvious that she was really getting off on Max sucking her pussy and licking her clit. My cock had gotten nice and hard, and she started really going at it as she started coming from Max’s ministrations. She was like a wild animal, coming and coming, and sucking hungrily and greedily on my cock. All at once, I felt my orgasm coming, and with a growl I pumped my third load of the night down her throat.

Charlie rolled her over on the bed, rolled a condom on his cock, and slammed his cock into her. She immediately started coming again and I sat against the wall and watched my best friend bang the girl mercilessly. And she just kept begging for more and more all night.

I think we both fucked her once more that night before we drove her to her friend’s house. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world, and I never felt like it was weird to be naked around Max. I don’t think our bodies ever touched that evening and there was no unease between us.

I think Max got together with her a few more times after that, but that one night had been enough for me and I moved on. To tell the truth, I can’t even remember her name.

As I said, I realized later that it wasn’t the kinkiest thing I had ever done. I’ll tell that story here, but it will take some leading up to it.


I was in graduate film school in L.A. and living in a Spanish-style courtyard apartment building where all the doors to the apartments faced into the courtyard. There was an extremely attractive woman living across from me, about my age. I would see her frequently and smile and say hello. She had a boyfriend, who I saw coming and going often. He was a biker type, very rough around the edges. She didn’t look the type, though.

At one point I realized that the biker guy wasn’t coming and going anymore so I started chatting her up when I’d see her at the mailbox. She was an aspiring actress, I learned to very little surprise, trying to make it in Hollywood. I told her I was a screenwriter getting my Masters at USC. She raised her eyebrows and said we should have a beer sometime and compare notes. I smiled.

It should come as no surprise to the reader that we ended up in bed together at her place a week later, with only a very hasty beer having been drunk. In the beginning it was all pretty standard stuff, a lot of kissing, a lot of petting, a little oral, and then intercourse. I did notice, however, that she was a woman who got very, very wet during sex. Wet to the point that the sheets had a huge wet spot and both our pelvises, thighs, and stomachs were gooey and slick by the time we finished.

She would say things to me that I thought might be hints, but I wasn’t sure. One thing I remember is that she told me I was different than a lot of the guys she had been with. I was gentle with her. Funny thing is, though, she didn’t give any indication that she liked gentle better than rough. It was just a comment. I got the sense, though, that she was wanting more than our pretty vanilla way of doing things.

We fell into a pattern of “if I’m not doing anything, and you’re not doing anything, let’s fuck!” It was so handy with her just across the courtyard. On about the sixth time we got together, I had had a few beers with friends and came home and knocked on her door. She answered with a glass of wine in her hand, and I could tell it wasn’t her first. She pulled me in and immediately starting making out passionately with me, pulling me to the bedroom.

She pulled back the bedspread and covers of her bed and we lay down on the sheet and fumbled with each other’s clothes as we locked our mouths together, tongues finding each other, passions running high. She must have been fantasizing about something before I arrived because she was hot, hot, hot!

We got our clothes off and she immediately went down on me and started licking and sucking my cock, taking it into her mouth and occasionally opening her throat so I could get my short and curlies up against her nose. The feeling was incredible as I had never been deep-throated before, and my level of arousal was soon matching hers. When I wasn’t penetrating her throat, she’d be licking and sucking the head while she grabbed my shaft and moved her hand up and down it. It was fucking turning me on to run my long, hard cock down this gal’s throat, have her wank me a couple of times, then run my cock down her throat again.

I was getting dangerously close to coming, which I didn’t want to do, because I was having so very much fun! I decided to return the favor, and moved down to the bottom of the bed and pulled her legs apart. She was the first girl I’d ever been with who shaved her pussy, as that was still not quite in vogue. I was running my tongue up and down her slit, stopping to lick and nibble her clit about every third trip up her juicy cunt. And it was juicy!! It was as if she was leaking oil or something; she was just incredibly wet, which turned me on even more. It let me know I was really getting to her.

I started to concentrate more on her clit, licking it up and down, flicking it side to side with my tongue, and sucking on it, pulling it away from her with suction, then letting it pop out of my mouth. I added some digital stimulation, putting first one, then two, then three, and finally four fingers up inside her and running them in and out while I began lashing with my tongue at her clit. I could feel her building up to her release, and finally she let out a huge moan, I felt her muscles clamp down on my fingers, and then I got a huge surprise. She drenched my face with spray that came from her pussy.

At first I was just shocked. This was 25 years or so ago, and I had never heard of a woman squirting. It came as a complete surprise. Then she sprayed me again as the second wave of her orgasm hit her. I truly did not know what had happened, and as she came down from her orgasm she began apologizing, saying how she should have warned me that she squirts out cum if she comes really hard.

I didn’t say anything. I was so turned on, that I just crawled up on top of her, put my cock up against her opening, and drove it in to the hilt. I rammed it so hard I could feel the breath being pushed out of her. I began pounding into her savagely. I grabbed her hands and pinned them to the bed above her head and slammed into her as hard as I could over and over. She started coming again, almost screaming from the punishment I was giving her, pumping more of her cum-juice into the mess we were slithering around in. My face was dripping wet, and our bodies were bathed in our sweat and her juices. She finally pulled her hands free and grabbed my hair and pulled my face away from her.

“Come in me hard!” she cried, looking me right in the eye.

That was all I needed to push me over the edge. With a mighty grunt I started pumping my load into her. First one pump, then another and another until I felt I must have no more liquid in my body. With each squirt my body would spasm with pleasure and I would grunt or groan as she looked me square in the eye.

When I had come back down to earth I was aware that we were basically lying in a big puddle on the bed. She asked me if I wanted to take a shower with her, and I agreed. We got up and she stripped the bed. I noticed that she had a plasticized mattress pad. She had planned ahead. Once we were in the shower, she told me she hoped she hadn’t grossed me out. She told me that she’s always been that way, and it’s been a problem for some guys.

I hadn’t really had time to process, but I told her what came into my head first: that for some reason it had really turned me on.

“So you don’t want to stop seeing me?” she asked, looking at me hopefully.

“Not at all, I said.” Whereupon she went down on her knees in the shower and brought my cock back to life so she could finish what she started when we first lay down on the bed. Amen!!!

The next day, all I could think about was getting back to her that night for a repeat performance. I hadn’t thought much about her if I wasn’t with her up until then, but I had found the experience of having my face sprayed with her juice so erotic, so strange, so lewd, so forbidden, that I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

I began to leave school early to get home. I couldn’t get enough of having sex with this damp, swampy woman. She wouldn’t always spray; she had to come really hard for that to happen.

One night we went into her bedroom, and I noticed a vibrator/dildo on her bedside table. She acted embarrassed, and apologized, but as I was going down on her, craving that moment when she would spray my face, I felt something go tap-tap-tap on the top of my head.

“Use this,” she said, holding out the dildo. So I removed my fingers from her cunt and reached to take the dildo from her. She pulled it away and smiled. “Let me turn it on for you.” With that, she twisted the bottom piece and the dildo began to hum. She handed it to me, and I went back to work. I nibbled and sucked on her clit and slowly inserted the dildo into her sloppy-wet cunt. I ran it slowly in and out a couple of times, then during one slow withdrawal, I continued to run it up to the top of her pussy and rubbed it lightly against her clit. She moaned and I felt an increase in her juice output immediately. I repeated, sucking and licking her clit, fucking her with the dildo, then letting the vibrations work on her clit. I picked up pace and I could feel her getting closer. I kept it up without stopping, finally concentrating the vibrator on her clit. She was ramping up to a huge orgasm.

All at once she grabbed me by the ears and held my face about four inches from her cunt. As she cried out, a tremendous spray hit my face. I was shocked by the force of it. It was as if she had suddenly turned on a fire hose. She held my face in place by my ears as she sprayed over and over again, losing a little force with each round. The fuck I got after that was in direct proportion to the force of her orgasm. She was an animal, as was I.

After that, we fell into a rhythm. I’d stop by her place, we’d have a beer or two, then she’d leave the room and come back in holding the dildo. She would smile, hand it to me, then take me by one of my ears and lead me to the bedroom. She’s strip the bed down to the sheet, I would undress her, then myself, and I would go down on her with the dildo. At the end, she would hold me by the ears, placing my face directly in front of her cunt, and spray me with her cum. Then I would be in charge, and give her a rough, hard fuck.

But that’s not the kinky part. Not yet. Two more things happened that shaped our sexual relationship. First, as we were taking a shower after a particularly great fuck, she mentioned that being in the shower with me suddenly reminded her of when her first boyfriend took a shower with her. He was a little bit older, and while they were showering, he had told her that some women like to get it in the ass. While he was telling her this, he was soaping up her back, then butt, and started to soap up her butthole. She said she had braced herself against the wall and bent over slightly and that he had penetrated her, eventually getting himself all the way in, and pumping a big load of cum up her ass. As she was telling me this, she was soaping up my dick, which responded both to the mental image she was conjuring up and to her ministrations.

She turned, ran the bar of soap up and down the crack of her ass a few times, then bent slightly and braced herself against the tiled wall. I moved in behind her, found the tight rosebud of her ass, put my cockhead right up against it and gave a little push. Nothing. “Use more soap,” she said. “And start with your finger.”

So I grabbed the soap and soaped up her rosebud and pushed my index finger in. She gasped, and I felt a twinge in my cock. I moved my finger in and out, and with the other hand soaped up my hard cock. Again I put the tip of my cock against her rosebud and gave a little push. I felt some give. I pushed a little more, and I felt the tight ring of her sphincter pinching the end of my cock. I gave another little push, and suddenly slid in about half way. She grunted and spread her feet wider apart on the tile floor, gaining better balance. I withdrew slightly and pushed forward again, this time going a little deeper. She groaned. I withdrew again and then pushed myself all the way in. She came on the spot.

I was in a splendid mood. My day had been great. I had received praise from my boss at work and a steady job position now lay very close within my reach.

I walked in the door, and could tell by your whole body posture that you were annoyed. I said “Hi,” and went over to kiss you. You turned your head away from the computer and gave me a quick kiss before giving your full attention to the creatures on the screen.

I sighed and considered my options. I was in too good a mood to let your annoyance get to me. I went to the kitchen to get myself a rum and coke, since it was Friday. I felt the rum warming up my insides and the sensation going all the way to my pussy as it always did. I grinned to myself and knew that I wanted your attention, one way or another. I finished my drink and went back in with you.

I stood behind you and started to massage your shoulders, but you were not relaxing. Then I bent down and started to give your neck small kisses and you asked me to please stop. I didn’t feel like stopping at all, and started to nibble on your earlobes. You asked me again to stop, and I whispered, “No”.

You said to me, really annoyed, that if I didn’t stop and caused you to die in the computer game you were playing, you were going to spank my ass. That comment went straight into my pussy and I could feel it getting wetter just at the thought of your strong hands making my ass red.

I continued to kiss and lick your neck and earlobes. I let my hands run over your chest and opened up your shirt. I ran by hands through the soft hairs on your chest and pinched your nipples lightly. I could feel you getting distracted, even though you kept asking me to wait a few minutes. And just as I looked up at the monitor, I watched your character fall to the ground and the portal space consumed you.

You cursed and said, “Damn you woman, you’re going to pay for this!”

You got up and pulled me over to the couch where you sat down. You told me to lie on your lap with my ass raised. I hesitated, and you quickly replied, “Now! I warned you what was going to happen.”

I did as you said and felt you pull down first my pants, and then my black panties, leaving my ass cheeks totally exposed to you. I started to breathe heavier and was now very horny.

You pulled off your belt and, gathering my hands on my back, used the belt to tie them up. Now your hands were concentrating on my ass, caressing it gently. I enjoyed the sensation, closed my eyes and pushed my ass up towards you. Suddenly I felt the first slap. I let out a noise that was a mixture between a sigh, a moan and a scream. You kept spanking my ass just hard enough to leave red marks on it, while telling me that was what happens when I didn’t do what you told me to.

My whole body twitched for every spank that landed on my ass, and I felt the heat that my skin now contained. You stopped, rubbed my cheeks with one hand, letting the other hand slide between my legs to my pussy lips that were dripping wet with pussy juices.

I moaned out loud as you buried two fingers deep inside of me, but I had enjoyed the pleasure too soon, because you followed up on the finger movements with spanks on my ass. For each slap, you pushed your fingers all the way inside of me. I enjoyed a strange sensation of pain and extreme pleasure at the same time.

You told me to move and kneel down in front of you with my back to you. You untied my hands and, pulling off my shirt, you then took off my bra. You then told me to lie on the coffee table, face down. I got off your lap and lay on the table, bent over so that my knees were barely resting on the floor and my body on the table. You tied my hands behind my back yet again. You pulled my pants and panties all the way off, leaving me totally naked. I felt the cold surface of the table and my nipples hardened as I lay on them.

I heard you unzip your pants and knew that you must be pulling out your wonderful cock. I felt your hands on my ass again, and you gave both my cheeks a quick hard slap each to freshen up on the redness there. You spread my ass and aimed the head of your cock at my pussy. In one swift move you thrust hard inside of me. I screamed as I felt how big you were when pushing into me. Then I noticed the roughness of your jeans on my ass cheeks. You had not taken your pants off, but simply unzipped them and let your cock out. This turned me on beyond belief. Me lying naked and tied up, while you were still fully clothed and fucking me doggy style. I was moaning out loud now.

The pain from your big cock inside me had transformed into an amazing good feeling of being filled up and fucked hard.

You grabbed my hip with your right hand so you could thrust harder, and then used your left hand to pull up my head by pulling my hair. This allowed you to hear all my moans louder and more clearly, which I knew turned you on. You continued to thrust harder and faster inside of me and I came close to cumming. You pulled your cock out of my pussy, and told me to turn around. With difficulty, due to my hands still being tied, I turned around so I was now on my back on the coffee table.

You had sat back on the couch, and now told me to put my legs up on your shoulders. As I did so, you lifted up my ass so that you could now bury your face between my legs. Your tongue flicked over my clit before you slid it deep inside my pussy. Your thumb rubbed my clit while your tongue was fucking me. This was too much for me to bear, and I came in a shuddering orgasm, making my whole body shake. You continued to lick my pussy lips and clit until I had calmed back down. You then helped me sit up and untied my hands. You told me to go get the big Mr Happy. I got up and went to the bathroom to find one of my beloved dildos.

I came back and saw you watching me as I walked towards you. The only thing that was naked about you was your big cock sticking out of your jeans. What a sight! I sighed and handed you the dildo. You told me to lie on my back on the coffee table yet again.

You handed me the big vibrator and told me to play with myself. I smiled and turned it on. I started by pushing it hard against my clit as I enjoyed the buzzing sensation. I used the other hand to pull on my nipples, as I loved having done. You told me to quit messing around and push it inside of me. It was quite large, about the same width as you, and yet I had to use both my hands to push it inside of me. I did it slowly and then waited on you telling me what you wanted me to do.

You told me to fuck myself with the dildo, so I started to move it slowly in and out of my dripping wet pussy. After a short while you grabbed my hand and pulled Mr Happy out of me and told me to lick it clean. I brought it up to my lips and started licking it from top to bottom before swallowing as much as I could of it. I could hear you moan.

You told me to put it back in, and this time you helped me push it in as far as it would go. You pushed it in and out of me a few times, and urged me to lift my legs towards my head. I lifted them and held one of them in place by using the hand that wasn’t busy fucking myself with the dildo. You grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them with your hands. You slapped them a few times before moving towards me and then slowly starting to force your cock into my ass. I squirmed as I felt the pain. You did not let this stop you, and continued to push it in, until you had all of your cock inside my ass, all the way to the base of you. You leaned up towards me, with your arms stretched and hands resting on the table next to me. By doing this, you also forced my legs further down towards me, so that you got even easier access to my ass. I felt the fabric of the clothes you were wearing on my legs, pussy and ass. I moaned out loud and closed my eyes.

You started to move your cock in and out of me, while the dildo was filling up my pussy, buzzing away happily. You told me to let it go and put my hands along my side. I did, and you grabbed my wrists with your hands, so you now had me totally pinned down. Every time the dildo moved out of my pussy a bit, your body pushed it in as you fucked my ass hard. I was now moaning and screaming out loud. Not with pain this time, but in pure ecstasy.

I pushed up my loins towards you and met your every move, forcing you to fuck me even harder. I was now the horniest I had been in a long, long time, and my movements up against you became more frantic, faster and more intense.

We were fucking each other with force and extreme desire. I yelled out for you to fuck me, to keep fucking me hard. I yelled your name, and continuously moaned, “Yeah!” I heard you groan just as I felt my own orgasm roll over me yet again. The muscle spasms, which the insides of me made while I came, were enough to put you over the top. As you gave me a few hard thrusts, I heard you groan loud and felt your hot cum fill up my ass.

You calmed down, and bent down to give me a deep kiss. Then you whispered, “Now I have to get my corpse, darling!”


Thanks to Zebra for helping me with the editing of this story :-)

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