Breeding season was always a bitch. Jasper knocked down another drink as he took in his surroundings. He wasn’t generally a fan of women – he preferred his fuck toys to be men, but breeding season came with the overwhelming urge to mate. He needed to fuck his cubs into some bitch, and unfortunately, she couldn’t be a werewolf. Women of his own species couldn’t carry cubs to term – they lost them at the first change. This meant that males had to outsource, and as the leader of the pack, he needed to find a woman to pump his cubs into.

It didn’t take long before someone caught his eyes – she was attractive, and young. Young enough that she probably shouldn’t be in the bar, but she had obviously gotten in with a fake ID. Or maybe she just knew someone she shouldn’t. Still, Jasper didn’t mind young – the late teens were the best for fertility, and it meant that she maybe hadn’t been used out too much.

He approached and reeled her in easily – he had a charming smile and he was handsome enough that he generally had his pick of the bar. At 6’3 and nearly 200 pounds of muscle, Jasper wasn’t someone that faded into the background. He bought her a drink, slipped something into it that would make her nice and pliable and asked if she wanted to get out of there so they could ‘talk’.

Her pussy practically melted at the thought of going home with him, Jasper could smell it. By the time he got her outside, she was already wobbly on her feet. She passed out at some point when he was driving her back to his house. Perfect.

“Wake up, little Amy,” Jasper said, slapping her face a few times. “Come on, it’s no fun fucking someone when they’re unconscious.” He had her in quite a bind – she was spread out over the table, her ankles tied to each of the table legs, spreading her painfully wide. She was naked and helpless, her arms tied behind her back, an open-mouthed gag keeping her mouth spread open so that he could fuck her throat whenever he chose.

She regained consciousness slowly, struggling and squirming in place. There was very little give, and she risked pulling her hip joints out of their sockets as she squirmed, but Jasper just waited her out. He had done this so many times that he knew it was best just to wait for them to tire themselves out.

“There’s my little slut,” he said, pushing her hair gently back from her face. “That’s it, you struggle. And when you’re done struggling, I’m going to fuck you.”

That just made her struggle harder, grunting with effort, her tits scraping across the table as she squirmed. The stimulation made her nipples hard, and Jasper laughed when he saw that. Finally, she tired herself out, breaking down and sobbing into the table. Stage one was complete.

Moving behind her, Jasper opened her ass up, taking a nice look. Amy’s asshole was pink and lovely, tiny and tight. It clenched as he looked at it, and he felt her struggle and resist for a few minutes before giving up again. Jasper dug his fingers into her cunt and pulled that open to get a look, too. “Nice,” he said. “Pink and pretty, just the way I like it.” She was still moist from earlier – he could smell her juices.

She quivered as he stroked his finger up and down her slit, teasing gently at her clit. Her thighs strained to close as she made incoherent, urgent noises, her gag making them completely unintelligible. Not taking any notice of her protests, Jasper slid his finger inside her, pausing when he felt a barrier in the way. He blinked – he hadn’t been expecting that.

“Huh,” he said. Then, he shrugged. “Well, if you hadn’t been acting like such a slut, you wouldn’t be here. Girls should know better than to dress and shake their ass at guys like that – it tells them that they want to fuck, you know? I guess, deep down, you probably wanted this. And if you don’t want this, then you should have thought about that before you went out dressed like a slut.” With that, he punctured her hymen easily, pushing his finger deep into her.

Amy screamed, squirming in place, her pussy clenching down around his finger. Jasper grinned and pumped it in and out of her a few times before raising his finger to his nose – he could smell the blood and her juices. Jasper groaned.

“Well, slut, I better get you all juiced up so I don’t rip your cunt open when I breed you,” he said, dropping down onto his knees.

Amy made grunting noises that could have been begging, but the gag opening her mouth up painfully wide stopped her from making any useful sounds at all. All she could do was grunt and groan like an animal – Jasper had taken away her power of speech, leaving only a hole to be fucked.

He spread her pussy lips open, getting a good luck at her juicy, moist cunt. Jasper rubbed his finger gently back and forth over her slit, teasing at her clit, feeling her quiver against him. He pulled the lips open further, exposing her completely to him, pulling her hips out so he could lean in and inhale the scent of her sex. Then, he went to work, lapping at her slowly. He took his time, enjoying himself, feeling her shake and squirm in his grip, fighting her bonds as he licked and sucked at her most intimate places. He sucked and prodded at her clit with his tongue, ignoring her grunts of protest.

It wasn’t long until the little button swelled out of its hood, exposed to his ministrations. He flicked his tongue against it, feeling her squirm and flex helplessly. By the time he slid his tongue back, she was dripping wet, her cunt pink and shiny and smooth. Jasper pulled her open and slid his tongue deep inside of her, tasting her. She jerked against him, moaning helplessly as he tongue-fucked her. By the time he was finished, she was quivering, her hands clenching behind her back as she writhed, her pussy molten and wet.

“Mm, see,” Jasper said, getting to his feet and wiping his lips. “You want it. I saw you, shaking your ass out there on the dance floor, trying to get guys to fuck you. You’re such a slut – you get wet so easily, even knowing I’m going to rape your pussy. And after I’m done with that, I’m going to rape your ass, too.” He slid two fingers into her cunt, stretching her out, feeling her clench around him. “But I guess knowing that you’re finally going to get fucked just makes you wet. I guess that’s understandable, seeing as it’s your purpose in life and all.”

Amy screamed, the gag making her words incomprehensible, his eyes rolling back in her head as her rapist finger-fucked her. Her toes curled, her hands curling into fists as he pushed a third finger inside her, really opening her up, making her cunt burn and her exposed, swollen clit throb. She didn’t want to be raped – she was a good girl. She had wanted to save herself for someone special, but now all of this was going to be taken away by a brute, and there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t even stop her pussy from getting wet, her shame making her flush deeply as she screamed for help.

“You can scream all you want,” Jasper said, fucking his fingers in and out of her slick, juicy pussy. “No one’s going to come and save you. In fact, there are ten men up there waiting for their turn.” He laughed, pulling is fingers free with an obscene, slick sound.

Her screams of horror turned into helpless sobs as she took in her situation – one man was bad enough, but there was a whole gang of them waiting to rape her. She flexed against the rope holding her, but all she succeeded in doing was hurting herself.

“We’re going to do whatever we want to you,” Jasper said. “I’m going to breed you like my bitch. You belong to me, now, whore.” He aimed himself at her hot, wet pussy, pushing the thick head past her slick folds. Jasper groaned, gripping her hips and thrusting inside in one brutal thrust, pushing eight inches of his cock into her at once before he bottomed out, leaving two inches outside of her and his cock pressed up against her cervix.

Amy screamed as pain ripped through her cunt. She moaned deliriously – she’d only ever fingered herself a little, and she’d never felt so full. He was so thick and so long, pressing up against something inside her that made her feel sick, filling her up completely with his cock. She clenched helplessly around him, her pussy sucking him in like it wanted him there, her body spasming helplessly, her clit throbbing demandingly.

“That’s it. You like that, don’t you, whore?” Jasper asked, starting to fuck her in long, hard slides. He pulled out all the way to the head every time he drew back, then shoved inside again as deep as he could, grunting with frustration at the fact that he couldn’t ram all ten, thick inches inside her.

Every hard thrust rocked her whole body against the table, making her clench. Her toes and fingers curled every time he bottomed out in her cunt. Jasper curled a hand in her hair and yanked her head up, breeding her in quick, merciless thrusts. She had never been so full in her life. She squirmed around his thick cock, whimpering helplessly as her nipples tightened and her cunt throbbed with a mixture of burning, aching pain and something else.

She came suddenly, spasming hard around his dick, jerking against the rope that bound her as he slammed inside of her repeatedly, not caring that it hurt. He didn’t give a shit if it hurt her to have her pussy pounded whilst it clenched around him. It was her own fault for coming just from being raped.

“Wow,” Jasper said, grunting with effort as he tried to force his cock deeper into her hot cunt, pressing painfully against her cervix. She shuddered against him, the last shivers of her orgasm ebbing away, replaced by searing pain. “I knew from the moment I saw you that you were a born slut. Seems like I pick ‘em well – anyone that can come from having their cunt fucked open and raped is pretty fucking messed up,” Jasper said. “I knew from the moment I saw you that you were destined to be a fucktoy. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you live your dream.”

Amy sobbed, making a series of protesting noises as she drooled through the open-mouthed gag. Was it just her imagination, or did he seem thicker? At first, she put it down to the fact that she felt swollen from the pounding he was given her, but soon, it became apparent that she wasn’t imagining it – the base of his cock really was getting thicker. Helplessly, she struggled weakly against her bindings as he impaled her, opening her up. The thickness at the base of his dick barely entered her, but it was enough to scare her.

“Nnn, I think you’d better take my knot, now,” Jasper said, grinding up against her, trying to force more of his knot into her. He grunted in frustration as the head of his cock smashed up against her cervix again, leaving the vital two inches of knot outside of her wet, pink pussy. The drive to knot was extreme and he groaned again. It was thickening slowly – easily the size of an orange, and before it was done, it would be the size of his fist. Jasper was a big man – he didn’t have small fists. If he didn’t get that knot into her soon, he would rip her open.

Rocking, he gripped her hips, forcing his cock forward. His strength was no match for her. He eased his cock deeper, forcing himself into her cervix. At the same time as the head of his cock slid past the tight, encasing muscle, his knot penetrated her, opening her up like she had never been opened up before, completely unlike a human cock. Jasper moaned – the ring of her cervix settled in right around his frenulum. Every movement he made stimulated him, rubbing his foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head of his cock. He pushed deeper, forcing the last of his knot into her until her pussy clamped around the base of his dick, the knot fully inside of her.

Through it all, Amy screamed. She screamed until she was hoarse, and still it didn’t stop. The knot in her grew, forcing his dick deeper into her cervix and opening her up until her toes cramped from curling. It grew easily to the size of his fist, maybe even a little more, ruining her pussy for good. At least for any normal man, anyway. Jasper would enjoy knotting his bitch again and again.

The werewolf’s dick was so big that it was virtually impossible to avoid her g-spot – the length of his cock rubbed against it every time he moved. Soon, Amy’s shudders of pain mixed with shudders of pleasure as she writhed and bucked against him, whimpering and moaning as he violated her, hurting her and making her pussy gush all at once.

“Fuck, your cunt’s so tight, slut,” Jasper moaned, rocking his hips. His balls tingled, drawing up tightly against his body. His muscles tensed and he pushed forward, trying to get as deep as he possibly could. He spurted hot come right up into her cervix, giving himself the best possible opportunity to produce pups from the bitch. Wave after wave of orgasm took him, his come erupting inside of her tight pussy. His orgasm was so much longer than a human’s, and he came so much more, gushing come into her for several long minutes, filling her womb completely with his seed.

Amy moaned and whimpered underneath him, jerking as he filled her so completely with his come. She was sure it wasn’t natural – surely no man could come that much. She could feel it filling her up inside, pressing at the walls of her cervix, trying to find its way out. She felt bloated and cramped and she gasped, struggling to get away from him. It seemed like it would never end.

Jasper finished with a low sigh. His hips jerked a few times before he settled, locked deep in his bitch’s cunt, his knot stopping even a drop of his come from escaping. He stroked his cunt’s hip, then slapped her ass hard.

“Not bad for a first fuck,” he said. “I can’t wait to sample that tight little ass of yours, now that I’ve ruined your cunt for life. I’m sure you’ll like that.” Jasper pulled open her buttocks and looked down, admiring her pink, tight little hole. “Man, that looks so tight. I can’t wait to bury my thick knot in there.” He grinned, spitting into his hand and forcing one finger into her tight asshole. With his knot locked in her pussy, it was extremely, extremely tight, but he forced it into her anyway as she writhed and screamed.

“Mmm, yeah,” he said, fucking her ass roughly on his finger. “That feels so good, doesn’t it? You’re lucky I want to keep you for my pups, or I’d fuck your ass without stretching just to see my knot drag your insides out with it. I’ve done that to plenty of girls – and men. Piss me off and I’ll do it to you. But don’t worry, baby, I’ll make sure to stuff it nice and full either way.”

Amy jerked and sobbed underneath him, pleading helplessly behind the gag. Drool trickled down her chin – there was a small puddle of it on the table. She couldn’t say a word to stop him; all she could do was lie there and take it. It felt like he was ripping open her ass, and that was just with one finger. She couldn’t even imagine taking the knot in her pussy up her virgin asshole. Her legs strained against the rope, making her legs burn.

Jasper just laughed at her frantic struggles. “Does that make you feel nice, baby?” he asked, forcing a second finger up her ass. He felt her clench around him. He could feel his knot through the thin lining between her ass and her cunt. He twisted his fingers around inside her, his cock throbbing eagerly at the thought of getting in that sweet tight hole. Unfortunately, he would have to wait until his knot went down before he got a chance to fuck her in the ass.

“Just wait until we start double-fucking you,” he said, pulling his fingers out of her ass. He laughed at the way her hole clung to his fingers like it wanted to come out with them. “One knot in your cunt and one knot in your asshole. I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking that we’d never be able to do that without killing you, but that’s far from true. You’d be surprised how much a bitch like you can take with the right motivation. The last bitch I had? By the time I was finished with her, I could double fist her asshole. It really was remarkable. Of course, she couldn’t hold her bowels anymore, so we had to give her an enema three times a day to keep her from dribbling shit, and the only way we could feel her loose cunt and ass was to have two knots in one hole, but hey, that’s what replacements are for.”

As he laid out what was in store for her, Amy could only sob. The funny thing was, he had only touched upon the very tip of the iceberg of what they would do to her – there were so many ways they would play with her, and Jasper would be keeping her for at least nine months, until his pups were born. After that, things would get gradually worse for poor Amy, until Jasper decided that the bitch was of no further use to him and went to get someone else as a replacement.

“Now, bitch, I’m bored. I always get bored with my knot up a cunt, but since I don’t want to rip it out of you and ruin your pussy forever quite yet, I guess I’m just gonna have to play with you.”

“Nnngh! Nnngh!” Amy grunted out behind the gag, shaking her head.

Jasper laughed and slapped her pussy, none too gently, making Amy’s body jerk. “I know, I know. You’ve already come twice. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you come lots and lots as a reward for being my fuck pussy.” He spread her lips open slowly, until everything was exposed to him, her tiny little clit poking out. Jasper rubbed his thumb over it.

“Nnnnn…” Amy spasmed. Just the act of being spread open was enough to make her pussy clench around his thick knot. It was almost like her body knew exactly what being opened up like that meant. Her clit started to throb and swell, her nipples tightening up again as she breathed heavily through the gag. Maybe he was right – maybe she deserved this. Maybe she was nothing but a whore for cock. Her body seemed to scream it.

“That’s it,” he said, spreading her open further. “I’m going to pump your little clit until it sticks out like a cock, you know that? Better for playing with. The bigger it is, the more I can torture you and the harder I can make you come with it.” Keeping her spread open, he slapped her pussy, making sure his palm made contact with her swelling clit.

Amy jumped and jerked, her toes curling helplessly. She could barely move, and despite the pain of it, she felt her clit swelling further with blood, peeking out of its hood further and further.

Jasper started to slap her cunt in a slow, steady rhythm – it was just the wrong side of painful, just a little too hard, enough to keep hurting her even as her cunt juiced up around his cock, her clit getting harder and more swollen.

Amy whimpered and sobbed behind her gag. It hurt, but her clit throbbed and her hips jerked every time he slapped her. She tightened her pussy up reflexively around his huge knot every time a slap landed right on her exposed, swollen clit. Within minutes, her pained whimpers turned into helpless moans as she wriggled and tried to push down into the painful slaps. Jasper had her cunt spread open with his fingers, her little clit fully exposed, his knot stretching her out painfully, and all she could so was squirm slightly and clench around the thick knot ruining her cunt for anything but wolf dick.

“Oh, you’re getting into it now, huh?” Jasper asked. He slapped her three times in quick succession, feeling her jerk, feeling her cunt tighten around him as her eyes rolled back in her head. Jasper knew the signs when he saw them. He stopped, toying with her, flicking his thumb gently over her clit as she shuddered for him. Pressing his fingers back, he laughed at the moistness of her cunt – his fingers came away slick from where he was prodding at her, his knot still joining them together. “Fuck, I’m knotting your cunt and slapping your clit and you still get all nice and wet for me, huh? You’re going to be a fun one to play with,” he said. “I know a masochist when I play with one, and I’m going to see exactly how much pain you can take before your cunt stops juicing for me. But not today. Today, I’m just going to rip your asshole open with my huge knot. Don’t feel much like anything more elaborate than that.” He laughed and slapped her again, spreading her open further, feeling her jump against him.

We all know we’re not the only scary things that go bump in the night. We’re just one part of the cornucopia of frightful things that would scare mere mortals shitless if they knew of our existence. From the bloodsucking vampires that we’re always feuding with for feeding grounds to the brain hungry zombies that are hilarious to wrap up in toilet paper. There’s one thing out there; however, that occasionally likes to bump into us.

It’s common knowledge that succubi are soul drinking demons that lure men with their seductive ways. One thing you may not know is that sometimes they get a taste for fur. The other thing to know about succubi is that they’re immortal. Well, almost. Sure you can cut off their head, rip ‘em to shreds with your claws, or blast them away with a shotgun, but you’ll just have to deal with them again in a few days when they raise from the depths of hell to get revenge. The only way to get rid of them for good is to make them cum. You heard me right. You have to bring them to orgasm. That climax of carnal pleasure temporarily binds them to the mortal plane. Kill them shortly after making them cum and you’ll have them out of your fur permanently. Problem is, no mortal is up to the challenge. Even most of us werewolves don’t have the stones for it. Well, tonight I’m mad and feeling lucky.

We’ve been having trouble with a particular succubus over the past month. Occasionally we’ll have one of our younger, more naïve pups killed by a succubus. It’s obvious. Their goofy smile, shriveled body, and rock hard cock, even when dead, are clear work of a succubus. We usually chalk it up to an accident, that the succubus didn’t know her victim was a werewolf. Four in the last month, though, that’s no mistake. This bitch is a fur fan.

Her last victim, a close pack-mate of mine, was a regular at this nightclub and was seen here right before his death. I’m here to catch the bitch in her own game and put her down for good. Don’t worry, I’ve come prepared. I’ve already had a handful of various boner pills washed down with a few ultra strength energy drinks with a little nose candy to top it off – the perfect cocktail for a night of fun. I also waited for a full moon so I can be at peak performance. I’m at the nightclub, scanning the crowd and watching the door for my hunter and prey.

I can feel the beat of the inner beast, wanting to break out, wanting me to go full wolf and rip all of these juicy mortals to shreds, wanting me to feast on their blood and flesh, but I’ve got a job to do tonight. I order my first drink and sip it slowly. The alcohol helps to quiet the inner beast. The party cocktail hasn’t kicked in fully so I’m as smooth as a criminal. A hot young redhead with perky tits walks through the door. Her short red dress clings to her lithe body. We lock eyes as she enters, her lips curling into a guilty grin as she walks right up to me, shaking her ass with every step. She sits at the barstool right next to me.

“Hey there cutie, how ’bout you buy me a drink?” Her voice is sultry and inviting.

Out of everyone in here, she comes right up to me. Maybe she knows what I am. Maybe this is the succubus I’m looking for. I turn on the charm and smile. Hey, I might be a bloodthirsty killing monster, but I clean up well. I pound the rest of my drink and turn to the bartender.

“Another whiskey on the rocks, and…” I turn and gesture to the sexy redhead questioningly.

“Make it two,” she answers.

This is a good sign. Out of all of my years of experience, I’ve never seen or heard about a succubus ordering a “girl drink.” The sexy redhead leans over me and “reaches” for her drink which is easily within reach. Her hand goes to my thigh for balance. The party cocktail is starting to kick in and makes me even more “gifted.”

“Ooooo…excuse me,” she says, pleasantly surprised. A big grin spreads on her face as she takes a quick glance at my package, which is starting to bulge against my jeans.

“It’s no problem at all,” I smile back proudly. “It’s so refreshing to see a woman order a real drink.”

We make a toast to real drinks and each take a swig. She doesn’t even flinch from the whiskey, another good sign. This sexy redhead definitely wants some of what I’ve got, but I have to make sure she’s my mark, mortal pleasures aren’t on the menu tonight. After a few minutes of flirty conversation, she leans in close and looks deep into my eyes, her hand on my cheek, stroking my 5 o’clock shadow.

“Wow, what gorgeous eyes you have.”

“The better to see you with,” I reply.

She smiles knowingly, her fingers stroking down to my lips, gliding over them back and forth.

“Oh and what soft lips you have.”

“The better to kiss you with,” I lean in and kiss her, slipping my tongue between her lips slightly. Her lips are sweet and soft. She kisses down my neck then up to my earlobe. She gives it a quick flick of her tongue then gently nibbles and sucks on it.

“Mmmm…and what tasty ears you have.”

“The better to, um, get you hungry for more…with,” is the best I can come up with in reply to tasty ears.

She pulls back and laughs at my awkward joke. She gets up and takes my hand.

“Let’s get out of here, I’m hungry for more,” she tells me as she leads me out of the club.

This has got to be her. It’s obvious that she’s pegged me as the big bad wolf that I am. That and she’s hungry for more. Yeah, like my soul. She leads me out to the parking lot to her car, a bright red Lamborghini Diablo. Of course. She tosses me the keys and answers my perplexed look before I can even ask the question.

“Well, my hands are going to be too busy to drive,” she smiles and hops over the door into the convertible.

“Alright, where to?” I ask.

“My place, 666 Hellview Terrace.” Wow, could she be more obvious?

“Hellview? Really? Hellview?”

“Did I say ‘Hellview’?” she chuckles naughtily. “It’s Hillview, 666 Hillview Terrace.”

“You take a right out of here, and get on the highway…” she starts to give me directions but I cut her short.

“Yup, got it,” I actually know where it is since it’s a familiar feeding ground of mine in the suburbs.

I hop in, crank up the car, and peel out of the parking lot. In no time she’s got her hands all over me, up under my shirt, running her fingers through my chest hair. I quickly work through the gears to top gear so I can have one hand free to get this succubus bitch hot. She kisses up to my ear and nibbles on it.

“Mmmm…you make me so hungry,” she whispers breathily into my ear.

She kisses back down my neck, and down my chest, lower and lower as I reach around behind her to grope and fondle her breast. She makes her way to my crotch, fondling and stroking my aching rock hard cock through my jeans. She unbuttons and unzips my jeans as she looks up at me with that same guilty grin. She reaches in and pulls out my dick from the prison confines of my jeans, gasping a little at the sight of it.

“Oh my, what big cock you have.”

“The better to fuck you with.” I look down and smile at her, she smiles back, sticking her tongue out, giving the head of my dick a quick flick.

The party cocktail is kicking into full effect. She starts to stroke my member, wrapping her hand around it, working it slowly up and down. I try to even the score by pinching her nipple, but her bra gets in the way. I can multitask as well as the next guy, but trying to undo a succubus’s bra with one hand, through her dress, while dodging traffic, is not going to happen. So I slide my hand down her side, to her thigh, then up her dress.

Perfect! No panties!

I glide my finger up and down her slit as her tongue twirls along the head of my dick. As she wraps her lips around my cock, slowly going down, filling her mouth, I plunge a finger into her, curling it up to rub her G-spot. This ends up being somewhat counterproductive, as the moan she lets out vibrates on my dick and drives me wild. She’s definitely got the advantage here, so I decide to put the pedal to the metal to get to her place as fast as possible. I have to remind myself that the goal here is to get her off before she can drain my soul. I plunge another finger into her wet pussy and finger fuck her as furiously as I can. Her head bobs up and down on my cock as she expertly swirls her tongue around it. The vibrations from the car seem to be having an effect on us both. Luckily she’s unable to deepthroat me due to the weird angle, but that doesn’t prevent her from trying.

We make it to her place in good time. The car stopping seems to get her attention somewhat.

“Hrmmmph?” is all she can get out with a mouthful of me.

“Hey, we’re here.” I tell her, running my hands through her hair.

She pulls off of me. A long string of spit between her lips and the tip of my dick shimmers in the moonlight. “Already? That was fast.” Apparently she was too busy to notice how fast we were going.

She opens her door and steps out. I do the same, not bothering to cover my bulging erection. It’s dark and there’s no one around, so fuck it. I follow her to the door and wrap my arms around her waist, pressing my dick against her ass and the small of her back as she fumbles with the keys to get the door open. We burst through the door, our hands all over each other, our tongues down each other’s throats. She tastes so good.

By the time we make it to her bedroom, our clothes are just a strewn path from the door. She pushes me back on the bed and pulls out a pair of handcuffs and a whip. At this point, I’m able to get a view of her entire body as she straddles me, leaning over to handcuff me to the headboard. She has a gymnast’s body, thin with perky tits and small bright red nipples, and yeah, the curtains match the drapes, a small bright red triangle adorning her otherwise shaved pussy. I could easily resist, but I need to be subservient and wait for my time to strike. She pulls the whip out and there’s that guilty grin again. She starts whipping me furiously as she grinds her pussy up and down the length of my shaft. I feign some worry and pain, but it just tickles. After a few minutes of that she straddles me and grips my rock hard cock, guiding it to her dripping wet snatch. She rolls her head back and moans as I slowly slide into her. She grimaces a little with the size, but after a short time she’s riding me hard and fast. She’s as fiery in the sack as her hair. After just a few minutes of riding me, she seems like she’s close so I prepare to finish the job.

As she arches her back and throws her hair back, screaming in orgasm, I go full wolf, my muscles rippling, my body covering in fur. Being lost in her climax, she is oblivious to my transformation. I easily snap out of the handcuffs, the sound getting her attention. She looks down in shock and horror, the color draining out of her already fair face. I pop claws and sink them deep into her abdomen, gripping her tight, leaning up and biting deep into her neck, blood spurting everywhere. As I feel the life drain out of her, I ponder how easy and familiar it is. Too easy. She doesn’t burst into hellfire, or sprout wings and a demon tail. Succubi always show their true form before killing their prey and definitely before they would cum. It’s at this point I notice the family photo of my victim with her parents. Succubi don’t have places in the suburbs and definitely don’t have parents. Well, shit…

As a werewolf I’m supposed to cover up my kills so as to not draw attention, and I’ve become quite good at it over the years. Tonight, though, I really don’t feel like it. I’ll let the local authorities clean up the bloody mess. A few days in the tabloids and this whole thing will boil over on its own anyway. I don’t have time to savor this kill so I concentrate and revert to mortal form, the blue balls and the inability to enjoy a fresh meal are doubly frustrating. A cold shower is little relief, but it gets the blood off. I gather my clothes, get dressed, and head back to the nightclub. The night is still young.

By the time I make it back to the nightclub, the place is packed. My inner beast is pounding to break free to fuck, kill and eat all these delicious gyrating bodies, and not necessarily in that order. The willpower required to keep my beast at bay is giving me a headache, but I must remain strong.

I head to the bar and order the strongest thing they have. The barkeep pours me a glass.

“Leave the bottle.”

“Sir, I can’t just…”

I cut him short and lock eyes with him, grabbing the bottle. “Leave…the…fucking…bottle…”

“Uh…uh…ok…sure,” the barkeep stammers and scampers away, leaving the bottle.

I down the glass and guzzle down a fair bit of the bottle. Ugh, this stuff could probably remove paint, but it helps calm me down. Time to continue the hunt.

The hours pass and I make my way to the bottom of the bottle with nothing at all out of the ordinary happening. Suddenly I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It feels like someone is watching me. I scan the crowd and catch a glimpse of a pale face with dark eyes. Our eyes meet and her black lips curl into a weird smirk before she disappears into the crowd. It might just be some weird goth chick, but it’s the best lead I’ve had so I get up and make my way into the crowd to try and find her.

I catch another glimpse of her, then another, every time she’s staring right at me. I keep trying to make my way to her, but every time I see her, it seems she’s just as far away. Just when I feel like I’ve lost her, I feel two arms come around me, hands coming up my torso to my chest.

I feel a soft breath on my ear and the smell of bacon and a bitch in heat permeates the air.

“Want to dance, big boy?” the combination of her soft touch, scent, and breathy whisper sends a shiver down my spine to my cock which jumps a bit.

I turn around slowly to get a look at my stalker. She’s about my height with help from her black high heels. Her long, straight, jet black hair perfectly frames her ivory face. Her little black dress hugs her sensuous curves. Her ample breasts seem like they could pop out at any moment. She has a simple silver cross necklace hanging around her neck so that the cross is nestled snuggly into her cleavage. I can feel the heat from the silver like a candle’s flame. As I look into her eyes it seems that I could get lost in them forever.

“Bring it on,” I reply, wrapping my arms around her lower back, pulling her to me.

We start to bump and grind to the music and the rest of the nightclub seems to fall away. I glide my hands up and down her arms. Her skin is soft and smooth. She turns her back to me and grinds her ass against my crotch. She lets out a soft moan and lays her head back against my shoulder as I bring my hands to her waist, pulling her to me. I inhale her scent deeply. Mmmm…bacon and a bitch in heat. It’s like breakfast in bed with a horny werewolf girlfriend. If you are looking to hook up with a werewolf, this would definitely be the scent to wear.

I kiss her shoulder, careful to avoid the silver necklace. I make my way up to her ear and gently nibble on her earlobe. She slips a hand behind her, under my waistband, and starts to caress my balls. I cup her tits in my hands and squeeze them firmly, growling lowly into her ear. My head starts to pound and I begin to see red. I pull away from this sexy temptress. My inner beast is howling and I don’t think I can keep it at bay much longer. She turns around and looks at me.

“You look like you could use a drink.”

I can only nod, feeling that if I open my mouth, I might accidentally eat someone.

She strides toward the bar and I follow. It seems that the crowd somehow moves out of her way as she moves. She signals a two to the barkeep and by the time I get there, there are two beers at the bar. As I reach for my beer, my date gets my attention and points over my shoulder.

“Hey! I think I know that guy!”

“Huh…” I turn around to see who she’s pointing at, but all I see is a crowd. I turn back around and look at her.

“Oh, nevermind,” she picks up her beer and takes a drink, motioning at my beer for me to do the same.

I pick it up and it looks like it is fizzing differently than a normal beer. I bring it up to my mouth then my nose picks up a hint of wolfsbane. I hesitate a moment and take another look at my beer. It doesn’t even look like as much wolfsbane I would usually take on a full moon to keep myself in control. I didn’t take any tonight because I wanted to be at the top of my game, but without it I think I’m going to lose it right here. I look over at my date and give her a quick smile before I guzzle down the whole beer. Ahhhh…that’s better. My head stops pounding, my vision returns to normal, and my inner beast quiets down.

Now that my head is a bit clearer, I start to put things together. My date seems to have only been interested in me. With the scent she’s wearing, it’s obvious she’s looking for a werewolf. Since she spiked my drink with wolfsbane, she’s familiar with werewolves. She can’t be a werewolf herself because she’s wearing silver and no werewolf is that smooth, even in human form. So I’ve narrowed it down. She could be a mortal werewolf hunter, a vampire looking for a little fun with a werewolf, or the fur fan succubus I’ve been looking for. Well, if she’s any of these, she needs to be dealt with.

My date leans over and kisses me, rubbing my hard cock through my jeans.

“So, you want to get out of here?” her smile hints at a night full of fun.

“Absolutely,” time to get to work.

She leads me out the door and up the street. I follow behind, enjoying the view of her ass shaking with each step.

“So, where to?” I ask, not caring exactly where we’re going.

“Oh, there’s a no-tell motel just up the way.”

“Sounds perfect.”

We make our way to the motel and walk up to the front desk. The overweight, balding clerk doesn’t even look up from the TV he’s watching or put down the potato chips he’s eating.

“Hey, we need a room,” I try to get the clerk’s attention but he just ignores me.

My date leans over the counter and turns off the TV. Her dress rides up and I get an excellent view of her bare ass and shaved pussy.

“Who the fuck do you think…” the clerk gets up, clearly agitated at his sudden TV interruption, but gets one look at my date and his jaw drops, speechless.

“Excuse me…” my date starts, staying bent over the counter, giving the clerk a clear view down her dress to admire her tits. The clerk can do nothing but stare. My date looks back at me and smiles, shaking her ass invitingly.

“We need a room…” my she continues, as I rub my hand up her thigh to her pussy, sliding a finger up and down her slit. She’s soaking wet so I plunge a finger deep into her. She grips the counter a little harder and moans.

“Mmmmm…single bed,” she finishes her request with the clerk.

Without a word, and without taking his eyes off my date’s tits, the clerk reaches behind him and grabs a key and hands it to her.

“So, you ready?” my date asks, dangling the key in front of me, smiling mischievously.

“Are you?” I reply and return the smile.

She laughs and leads the way to the room. In one fluid motion, she puts the key in the lock, turns it, and opens the door. She enters the room and tosses the key onto the dresser. I follow her inside and close the door behind me. She spins around and grips me by the collar of my shirt, pulling me to her. She kisses me deeply, diving her tongue down my throat. I groan into her and caress my hands down her back to her ass, squeezing it tight and pulling her to me.

Her hands go to the bottom of my shirt, and she starts to pull it up. I pull back and pull my shirt off slowly, flexing my muscles as I get it off.

“So, you like?” I smile proudly.

“Oh yes, very nice,” she replies as she caresses my chest up and down, her eyes feasting on my bare chest.

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your continued encouragement and comments. I’ve had fun with this. Here is the final chapter of Animal Lover.



Emmett rises with the sun, sounds of the waking den comes in through the broken door. Faces are occasionally seen, looking in briefly.

Lyssa yawns and looks at him as he leans over her. “Good morning.”

She checks her breath and winces, pushing at him. “I should brush my teeth and take a shower.”

“You smell good. You took a shower last night.”

“I feel gross, Em. Let me take a shower.” He reluctantly releases her and inhales deeply. “Breakfast is ready. Don’t take too long.”

Ten minutes later, she comes out, toweling off. At the closet, she drops the towel and pulls on a sweater. Turning to pull on her jeans, she squeaks when she realizes the door is still partway open and others can see her.

“God, Emmett.” He’s been watching her dress, smiling, and doesn’t understand why she’s concerned. “The door.”

“In case it’s escaped you, nudity is not an issue with us.”

“Then why do you even have doors?”

“We do like privacy, at times. We do, occasionally, have human visitors. I’ll have it fixed today. Come.” He holds out a hand.

They walk together to breakfast and Lyssa sits beside Emmett this morning, signaling a change to the other wolves. Lyssa eats a generous breakfast and Emmett eats like a starving man. Lyssa laughs at him.

“What? I’ve been on half rations for a week.”

As the meal ends, he stands and kisses her. “Where are you going?”

“Gotta catch up on work. I’ll come see you as soon as I can.”

Joanna walks up with a fairly young-looking couple. “This is Anna and Jeremy. Anna is the last human brought into the pack. They’ll answer your questions and tell you what’s involved.”

Lyssa colors thinking of the only times she’s ever seen them.

Anna takes her hand. “Come along, where we can talk. And, believe me, after a while, you won’t even notice such things.”

They walk into what looks like a family entertainment room. Joanna, Stephanie, Lyssa, Anna, and Jeremy sit down on comfortable seating. “Now, Lyssa, it’s been a while but I remember being embarrassed about everyone walking around naked. But, for us, it isn’t unusual to be seen that way, natural. Clothes tend to get in the way if you need or want to shift into another form.”

“Aren’t you cold?”

“No. We get that from the wolf.”

“Didn’t someone way you were changed 20 years ago? You only look like you’re in your thirties. You must have been a child.” Lyssa frowns in disgust. “Emmett told me how..”

“I was 25. Another gift from the wolf.”

“But, that would make you 45, you don’t look that old.”

“I’m 47, not that we really keep track. Here.” Anna hands over an old driver’s license.

Lyssa looks at the license, looks at Anna, and back at the license. “47?” Anna nods. “How old are you?” She looks to Jeremy.



Stephanie looks perplexed. “Let’s see, what year is it? Oh, right. That would make me 76.”

Lyssa’s eyes bug out. “No. Way.” She turns to Joanna. “Don’t tell me you’re 30 or something.”

Joanna smiles. “Nope. Fifteen. Roland is 47. Dad is 82 and Mom is, um, 84.”

“Wait. That would mean she was about 70 when she had you.” Joanna nods.

“How long do you live? How long can you have kids?” A pause.

“A long time, Lyssa. Wolves don’t have menopause.”

“OK. How old is he?”

Anna squeezes her mate’s hand. “Lyssa, you should ask him. Most of us don’t keep track.”

“But. But.” An exhale and she lays the driver’s license aside. “It can’t all be ‘gifts.’”

“There are restrictions. Keeping our secret. Keeping within pack range. Working to provide for or support the pack in some manner. Accepting the leadership of the Alpha pair. Understanding that much of what you use, or work with, or live in, is community property. We have few individual possessions.”

Lyssa’s hands suddenly go to her throat and she searches around her neck for the chain. Gone. She closes her eyes.

Joanna looks at her with concern. “Lyssa, what is it?”

“It’s gone.”

“What? What is it?”

Lyssa sniffles. “Just a stupid blue glass heart my father gave my mother, and her engagement ring. It was on a silver chain. I had it yesterday.”

Joanna takes her hand. “We’ll look for it, Lyssa. We’ll find it.” [Anton. Check the car Erich and Samuel came back in yesterday. Looking for jewelry. Silver chain. Blue glass heart. Ring.] [Certainly, I'll let you know.] [Maggie..] The requests are repeated.

“OK. We’re checking the car, the laundry, no one’s seen it in the house. We’ll check Emmett’s room.” She rises, pulling Lyssa up. “Anna, Jeremy, thank you, we may ask more of you later.”

“Wait. How do you know the car’s being looked at, or the laundry?”

“Emmett didn’t tell you? We mindspeak.”

“Is that what he meant?” Joanna looks to Lyssa. “When Emmett said he couldn’t talk to me from a distance, when he asked if I called to him with my mind. Are you all in each others’ heads? You read minds? Omigod.”

“Calm down, Lyssa. It’s not like that.” They start taking the stairs to the third floor. “You can talk to individuals or a few people at a time, depending on your strength and control. Dad can talk to the entire pack at once, he has to be able to, as Alpha. Mom, too. Since the pack has accepted Emmett as Beta, he can call out to them, too. Roland, too, as Alpha heir. We can’t talk as wolves, but we have to be able to communicate.”

“We aren’t in each others’ heads all the time, or even listening. It’s like a telephone call; they have to accept at the other end.”

“You may also have some ability to sense feelings through the bond.”

They reach the door to Emmett’s room, which is being fixed.

“OK, but how did I do that? Can you call me?”

“Emmett and Stephanie tried when they were looking for you. So it looks like we can’t connect to you.”

“Then how did I call to Emmett?”

“You really, really wanted him to find you.” Joanna looks around the room. “OK, couch, bathroom, bed. Anywhere else?”

“Um, no.”

[There is no jewelry of any kind in the cars. The Escalade is being repaired, we will check it as soon as possible.]

“Damn, I hoped it was there.”


“It’s not in either of the cars.”

There’s no evidence of ring, chain, or pendant in the bathroom.

The bed is pulled apart, nothing there either. Only a couple of dust bunnies under it.

Joanna’s pulling couch cushions off when Lyssa notices a couple of photo albums on a table. She walks over and places her hand on the top one. She takes a deep breath, and opens the cover.

It was true, she hadn’t lost everything. There were pictures of her, her parents, her brother and sister. “He said you told him to find the things I’d miss if I lost them.” Joanna smiles and nods. Lyssa drops the cover. “Thank you.” She gets a little teary.

“We’ll find it, Lyssa. We’re wolves, we hunt things down.”

Emmett comes to get her for lunch as she and Joanna are reassembling the bed.

He walks up behind her and she shrieks when he snakes arms around her waist and kisses the top of her head.

Joanna grimaces, “Ow. That hurts.” and shakes her head. “I guess she’s got one defense.”

“I snuck up on her, Jo. We should address that in her training.”

“Standing right here,” she elbows Emmett in the ribs and he chuckles.

“I’ve got an errand to run this afternoon. I’ve come to take you to lunch but I may be late for dinner.” He nuzzles her neck.

“We’re not alone.”

“MMmm.” He pulls her closer. “In case it’s escaped your keen notice, sweetheart, wolves are a very passionate bunch.” A noise startles both of them. Joanna laughs.

“Did you growl?”

“He’s just hungry. C’mon.”

After lunch he disappears again and Joanna and Stephanie take Lyssa to the training room. “I’m not in workout clothes.”

“No one will ever wait for you to change. Besides, we won’t be doing too much today. We need to show you some things, since you haven’t grown up as a wolf. And there are other things you should know, since you aren’t one.”

Stephanie models the stances and body postures of a wolf in various emotional states. She’s drilled until she knew them all, then a male wolf is called in and she is tested again.

Next comes discussions of standard wolf attack strategies against human form. And she is shown ways to guard against having her throat taken out, as well as some possible moves to fend off a bite.

She finishes that session with red marks on her neck, tired arms, and a sore butt.

As Lyssa dusts herself off, Joanna holds up a strip of cloth. “You’re not gonna tie me up and ask me to do that?”

“What? Oh, no. We’re going to blindfold you and see if you can figure out where we are.”

A chair is placed in the middle of the room and Lyssa is settled in it and blindfolded. “Now. I will stand still and Stephanie will move. And you will tell me where she is.”


“Listen. Smell. Feel. Alright, Stephanie, let’s get her range.”

Lyssa hears the click of claws on the floor. A little more time passes and Joanna says, “Where?”

Lyssa points to where she last heard claws, to her left, [Stephanie?], and is startled by a soft woof in front of her.


Joanna is amazed at how dull Lyssa’s senses are, any wolf pup would not have this much trouble in a game of blind man’s bluff. In a quiet room, she’s only able to figure out where Stephanie is about one time out of eight, and only when she’s relatively close by.

Tired, frustrated, Lyssa calls a halt. “I’m not any good at this. I’m not going to get any better. I’m only human.” A pause. “I gotta pee.” She unties the blindfold and stands.

Joanna looks at her, hands on her hips. “You’re not trying.”

Lyssa bristles. “I am. I’m not like you!” Stephanie begins dressing.

Joanna sighs. “OK. OK. It’s almost dinner time. Is there something you want to do?”

“I’ve been pretty much stuck inside for days. I wanna go for a walk.”

Joanna’s face lights up. “Yeah. Cool. Let’s go.” Stephanie starts pulling her clothing back off.

Several minutes later, the three women are outside, two in wolven form and one cold human.

Snow blankets the area, three or four inches deep, and a light snow continues to fall. Numerous tracks crisscrossed the area, a number headed toward the circle. Lyssa catches a glimpse of a couple of dark shapes flying through the woods together.

The cream colored wolf beside her whines and noses her hand.

Lyssa pats her head and scratches her ears. Joanna groans, then licks her hand and takes off at a run. Lyssa follows, walking on a well worn trail with a brown wolf walking beside her.

With the enthusiasm and energy of youth, Joanna frolics in the snow, running around in circles, coming up to Lyssa and bolting away again.

Lyssa lifts her face to the sky, catching a couple of snowflakes on her tongue and is practically bowled over by three gamboling wolf pups. Stephanie growls at them and they scatter, heading for the house.

After about 20 minutes, Lyssa looks around her, at the wonder of a winter wood, and wolves. She turns back to the house. It was beginning to get dark.

At dinner, neither Emmett nor Erich were there.

Joanna coaxes her into a movie and, between the darkness of the room and the limited sleep she’d gotten the night before, she fell asleep.

As the movie ends, Joanna nudges her. “Emmett?”

“Not back yet. You should go to bed.”

Lyssa trudges wearily up the stairs. Three flights seemed almost too much. “Where is he?”

“On a hunt. He’ll be back before morning.”

The door had been fixed and Stephanie stood beside it.

Lyssa is so tired she practically falls into the bed. Before giving in to sleep, however, she pulls on one of Emmett’s t-shirts.

She nestles into bedclothes containing Emmett’s comforting scent and quickly falls asleep.

Emmett slides into the bed beside her a little after midnight. He smiles to himself as she cuddles up to him in her sleep, noting she was wearing one of his t-shirts.

She stirs the next morning with light streaming in the windows and no Emmett beside her. The water was running in the bathroom. He must be washing up.

She walks around the room, looking at things. He didn’t have a whole lot of possessions which made the few items he did have stand out more.

The jawbone of a large animal with flat teeth. A picture of a group of wolves. She runs her fingers across the computer keyboard, looks at some of the movie titles. Action movies, big surprise.

She turns to see what he has in the bookcase when she sees something familiar.

She walks over to the table and puts her hand on the top of a photo album.

He’s come out to find her looking around his room. He stands quietly, watching her move.

The grey t-shirt she had pulled on was big on her but he can see the swell of her breasts. Her legs reach out below the hem, and he gets occasional glimpses of her ass and her pubic area, the hair there completely grown back.

His cock begins to stir as he watches her.

She saw the photo album and stopped, a hand on the cover.

He watches that hand tremble, as she opens the cover. Pictures of her, her parents, her brother and sister. All she had left of them.

He quietly greets her. “Good morning.”

She turns. He’s lounging against the doorjamb from the bathroom.

Naked. Tanned. Freshly shaven. Pink lines on his body from more recent wounds.

His cock, partly swollen.

Brown eyes. Those chocolate brown eyes, looking at her.

He enters the room and pulls something from the bedside table.

“I have something for you.”

She gapes as he walks over to her, the silver chain dangling from his hand.

He gently takes her hand and turns it palm up, then slowly lowers the chain into her hand. He closes her fingers over her palm and lightly kisses the top of her head.

Emmett then turns to his dresser and pulls out a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.


[Coming, Randall. Give me 5 minutes.]

Lyssa opens her hand, staring in wonder at the blue-glass heart and the engagement band of her mother.

The image gets blurry as unbidden tears spill onto her cheeks. He’d found them. She thought they were lost forever. He’d gone out, searched, and found them. For her.

She turns toward Emmet, who’s pulling on his jeans.


He turns to look at her, jeans over his hips, but undone. He takes a step toward her, his face a mask of confusion.


Tears are running down her face. He steps closer, unsure what she was agreeing to but wanting to comfort her. He wraps his arms around her and holds her tightly, using his hand to cradle her head against his chest. “I’m glad I found it.”

Her breath hitches, she clears her throat, and says again. “Yes.”

He now holds her away from him, by the shoulders, and looks at her. “Excuse me?”

“Yes, I’ll be your, your mate.”

Emmett gusts out a breath and kisses the top of her head. “OK. I’ll tell Randall.”

He turns to finish dressing.

She pads after him and clutches his arm, forcing him to turn back to her. Grabbing his shoulders, she pulls him down and kisses him.

He pulls away slightly and looks at her. “Lyssa, I..”

She kisses him again and her hands go to his jeans, pushing them down.

As they hit the floor she wraps her arms around his waist and pulls him more tightly to her. She can feel the swelling of him between their bodies.

When he gasps for breath she takes a step back and peels the t-shirt over her head.

He growls at the mark Thomas has left on her, then sweeps her up into his arms. He carries her over to the bed.

[Randall. I'll need at least an hour.]


He lays her out on the bed then stands there, looking at her.

She puts the necklace on the nightstand and she reaches an arm out to him. “Please.”

He gets into the bed beside her and, putting his nose to her neck, inhales deeply. “What are you doing?”

“Getting your scent. And covering you in mine.”

“Haven’t you already done that?

He then takes her face in his hands and kisses away her tears.

He finds her lips and kisses her gently, as if he’s still afraid of her. And they spend time exploring each others’ mouths.

He then kisses her chin, nips along her jaw, and traces his tongue along her collarbone. Lower, he licks around her right breast, finds the nipple peaked and suckles on it, lavishing attention on the breast that Thomas had mauled. He kneads the other, flicking the nipple on that one with a fingernail, then pinching and rolling it.

Finally, he drops his head lower, tasting her skin as he went.

He concentrates on her navel, while his hand strokes her inner thighs, her labia.

His mouth drops to her mound, and his tongue flicks against her clitoris. She grabs his hair. “No. Emmett. I want to feel the rest of you there.”

He comes back up. “Sweetheart, are you sure you want to do this now? Once I start…”

She puts a hand to his face. “I know. I want you to.”

He looks into her dark brown eyes, searching for any evidence of hesitation or distaste. “Alright, then. I will mark you during our mating.”

That scares her a little, but she nods. “OK.”

Decided now, he positions the head of his cock at her entrance and begins his first push in.

He groans, moving slowly, allowing her to adjust to him, and assuring himself he wasn’t hurting her in any way. He had to be careful, as strong as he was, not to lose himself completely. Once he had fit his crotch to hers he waits briefly, then begins the rhythmic dance of the sexes.

He had waited long for this day and he could barely believe it. His manhood was snugly sheathed in the warmth of his mate.

The bite would hurt, of that he had no doubt, but, if she were on the pinnacle, the pain would mix with pleasure. And, although it was true he had been with other females, it had been some time. He hoped to help her rise to that level of pleasure.

He starts moving slowly and she sighs at the feeling. Then she opens her eyes, looks into his, and smiles.

Grabbing his head, she pulls it down to kiss him. He continues to pump into her, long strokes, shorter ones, and begins to increase the tempo. He nips at her ear, laves the hollow of her throat, nibbles along the edge of her jaw.

Oh, she felt delightfully full. It felt so good to have him inside her.

As he moved, she felt a rubbing against her clitoris. And she groans at that.

She could feel the heat of him, radiating, keeping her warm. She could feel the sweat begin to rise on her body. So, she opens her eyes and smiles, watching him move above her, as he was watching her.

She takes his head and pulls him down for a kiss. Then she lifts her knees and wraps her legs around him, pulling him deeper, closer, so she could feel every inch of him.

He groans; she moans.

Deeper. She was taking him deeper.

He was fully enveloped in her warm, wet tunnel. And he would gladly have continued on that way until they both peaked.

But, in order to do this properly, he had to get her in another position. And soon.

So, he pulls out, to a sound of dismay from her, and flips her over.

He pulls her hips back and plunges back into her inviting pussy.

“MMmmm.” A sound of pleasure from her.

He snakes an arm around her waist to stroke her clit. He feels the muscles in her lower abdomen start to tense.

Almost there. She was almost there. Just a little bit more.

And then, he leans down to her ear and says the three words guaranteed to frighten anyone. “Don’t be afraid.”

She opens her eyes, and they go wide, seeing grey fur sprout on his arms, feeling fur against her back, a claw, a claw?, flicking her clit. She half-considers trying to crawl out from under him.

He kept moving, kept flicking her clit, nothing hurt. Trust. She had to trust him. So, she went with it.


Was it her imagination, or did he feel bigger?

She grabs a mouthful of pillow and moans.

As he seats his knot in her he notices her chewing on the corner of a pillow and moaning.

He licks her ear, her neck. “Let it out. Howl for me.”

He drives faster, flicks that claw over her sensitive bud faster, and she tenses.

As the muscles around his cock spring to life, she cries, “Emmmmmetttt!”

His balls tighten and, as he begins to spurt into her, he sets his jaws where her shoulder meets her neck and bites down.

Her pussy milks him as he tastes her blood.

A swipe across the wound with his tongue and he picks up his head, and howls.

Everyone in the den knew then that Emmett had taken his mate.

Emmett pulls them over on their sides, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her tightly to him as the fur on his body recedes. He brushes hair away from her face and kisses her cheek. Quietly, he asks, “Lyssa, my mate. How are you?”

Lyssa swallows and reaches over her shoulder to touch his face. He kisses her hand. “Good.”

She starts to twist to her back and he wraps his arm around her more tightly. “Mmm. No, sweetheart. We’re stuck this way for a while.”

“What? Why?”

“My knot has us locked together. And we’ll stay this way until the swelling goes down.”

She reaches down, to where their bodies are joined. She feels of the swollen area at the base of his cock. “Wow. How’d you get that in there?”

He chuckles in her ear, nibbles on it. “You were very wet, very slippery, my mate.” He squeezes her. “My mate.”

“Oh, Lyssa, I love you. I’ve waited so long for you.”

“Emmett, I..” He waits for her to finish. She takes a deep breath. She felt safe, warm, loved. “I love you.”

He feels relief at her admission. He hadn’t realized he had gotten tense as she paused. She could have agreed simply because she was stuck here, with nowhere else to go.

He squeezes her tight and kisses her again. “I’ll make you happy, Lyssa.”

She lays there, quietly, in his arms and he tenderly touches the wound on her neck. “Does it hurt much?”

“Not right now.” Another pause. “When does it start? The changes?”

“Within a day or so, I suppose. Hmm.” She twists her head, to look at him. “We’ll see how Anna can help you through the transition. I’m going to ask Natalie to look in on you.”

“And, then what?”

“We’ll start introducing you to the others and find out where you fit in the pack.”

He starts to doze when he feels her tense slightly. “What is it? Does something hurt?”

Her voice is quiet, “I’ll have to see him everyday, won’t I?”

Another kiss. “Probably not. But you will see Thomas from time to time. He won’t dare come anywhere near you now.”

“So, no more bad thoughts, dear heart. We’re together and I love you. We have our whole lives in front of us.” He kisses her again and nuzzles her neck.

After more lessons on wolf life and etiquette, Lyssa picks at her lunch. She gets feverish in the afternoon and retreats to their room.

Anna and Natalie start sitting with her. Emmett and Joanna check in on her periodically. The aspirin she demands has no effect on her fever.

She drinks water and asks for chicken soup and ginger ale, eating lightly.

Emmett wrinkles his nose upon returning to their room when he completes his work for the day. “What’s going on? She smells wrong.”

“Great. I feel like hell and smell funny. You did this to me.”

Natalie brushes the hair from Lyssa’s fevered face and hugs her briefly. “A consequence of the transition.”

He frowns, he hadn’t thought her scent would change. “Thank you both. I’ll take over, now.”

The women pick up and leave, giving her a brief kiss before they go. “We’ll be back in the morning.”

Emmett takes her to the shower and helps her wash up before re-installing her in the bed. He works at the computer for a time before crawling in with her. She first pushes him away, “You’re hot.” and later cuddles closer to him.

Early in the morning, he’s dreaming of a hunt, bringing a deer down, blood. He could smell it. Lyssa rolls.

He shoots upright, throws off the bedcovers, and grabs her. [Wade. Anna. Natalie. To Medical.]

Pounding feet are heard converging on the Medical ward.

[What is it?]

[She's bleeding.]


Emmett zeroes in on the source; Lyssa bats at him, “Stop.”


Wade and Natalie arrive as Emmett looks stricken. Anna’s calm voice comes into their minds. [Emmett, ask her if she's having her period. If so, she's fine.]

Emmett takes Lyssa’s face in both hands. “Lyssa, are you having a period?”

“Yeah, I guess. What day is it? Why the hell did you bring me here?”

“You’re bleeding, I thought..”

“Normal for humans. Once a month.” She sounds cranky. “Can we go back to bed, now?”

“Thank you, both. I’m sorry to have interrupted your sleep.” [Thank you, Anna, you were right.]

As he carries her back upstairs, “Overreact much?”

He sighs. “I had no reason to expect bleeding. You might have warned me.”

“I haven’t been watching a calendar. I lost track.”

“Alright. How long does it last?”

“Normally, three or four days.”

The second day she is achy and feverish and spends the day under Natalie and Anna’s care, trying to get comfortable and napping.

The third day sees fur sprout up on various parts of her body, claws, the beginnings of a muzzle. As expected, she would be a chestnut-colored wolf.

That night, her period ends.

In the bed together, she rolls up to him, face in his chest, and inhales deeply. She then sits up, pulls the covers off him and starts sniffing all over his body.

He cracks open an eye. “What are you doing, sweetheart?”

She nuzzles his neck. “Why is your heart pounding?” She moves across his body, sniffing armpit, hands.

He smooths her hair and smiles. “It isn’t. You’re just beginning to hear as we do.” She sticks her nose in his crotch. “And, apparently, smell as we do.”

“Mmm. You smell good.”

“Thank you. So do you. Now, come back up here and get some more sleep.”

She looks up at him and he sees the glint in her eye.

Her hand goes to his cock and she strokes it, lightly.

He takes her shoulders, pulling her up his body. “We should wait until you’re finished with the transition.”

“I feel fine. You smell so good,” she whines and starts to pout.

He kisses her forehead. “You’re not in control of your change yet. We don’t know what your reactions will be.”

“But it would be fun to find out.” She runs a finger down his chest towards his crotch.

He grabs that finger, kisses her hand. “I could hurt you. Dear heart, we’re going to wait. We have plenty of time.”

She pulls away from him. “Sure, you bite me and say I smell funny.” Her lip trembles. “You don’t want me anymore.”

“Lyssa, listen to me. I just want to make sure you’re well enough..”

She gets out of the bed. “Just a fragile little human, right? Maybe you should have left me in the woods.”

He gets up and reaches for her, his hand barely brushing hers. [LEAVE ME ALONE!]

The outburst rocks him back with its power.

Stunned, he allows her to pull a blanket off the bed and curl up in front of the fireplace.

When he hears her heartbeat slow and she falls into sleep, he then moves over to the fireplace, laying down and curling up behind her.

He wakes and kisses her in the morning before heading to breakfast.

Natalie and Anna greet him at the door. “She’s a strong sender. I wonder what her range is?”

“She’s not in control today. Her emotions are running rampant. Be careful.”


The women shake their heads and enter the room as Emmett heads for the stairs.

Lyssa is sitting up, blanket pooled around her waist. “He’s acting like I’m unstable or something.”

“Why are you on the floor?”

“We had a fight.”

“We heard. About what?”

“What do you mean, you heard?”

“I think you woke the entire complex when you yelled at him early this morning, as well as just now.”

“But, how? I thought you had to let me talk to you that way.”

“You’re yelling,” Anna says, “it’s hard to ignore. You’ll need to learn to modulate your sending.”

Lyssa’s eyes are hard as she stands, looking at the two women. [I AM NOT YELLING.]

Both women wince and Anna shoots back [YES, YOU ARE.]

Lyssa’s eyes go wide. “Ow. That hurt.”

Anna smiles. “Exactly. You don’t have to put that much power into it and you’ll learn to direct it. Right now you’re broadcasting to the entire complex. It’s painful and disruptive.”

Natalie speaks up. “We’re gonna wait a bit and then go to breakfast, if you’re up for it. Then we’ll go into the bunker and practice your sending.”

Lyssa stands, grumbling, and walks over to the closet to dress.

“Other than that, how do you feel today?”

“Fine, except for the fact that Emmett doesn’t want me. I don’t know why I let him talk me into this.”

“What do you mean, doesn’t want you? Of course he does.”


Natalie shoots Anna a look. “I’ll get her to the bunker. Will you bring some food?”

“Sure. Meet you there.”

Emmett winces and several males chuckle at her last broadcast.

[Too much for you, Em?]

[Maybe the itty, bitty human hurt him.]

Emmett growls at his hecklers.

Randall looks to him as Ariel smiles. “She’s a powerful sender, Emmett. We’ll have to test her range. Perhaps she would be able to contact the neighboring packs if we needed to.”

Emmett grinds his teeth. “Randall, it’s not funny.”

Randall claps him on the shoulder. “My friend, it is. A bit. Still, power like that, if she maintains it, could be of use to us.”

“As you well know, we must take advantage of all our assets, when needed.”

Emmett relaxes a little and nods.

The bunker was away from the main house, a reinforced panic room of sorts. It would cut down on the force of her sendings until she got better control.

Lyssa fidgeted during practice but, thankfully, learned to tone the volume of her sending down relatively quickly.

She scratches at her legs, arms. “Why do these clothes itch so much?”

“Take them off, if they’re bothering you.”

“But, I..”

Lyssa watches the other women strip down and, shrugging her shoulders, follows suit.

“Now. Let’s try it with your eyes closed and we’ll move around the room.”

Lyssa sighs. “OK.”

Suddenly, Natalie says, “Don’t open your eyes.” Lyssa hears the door open, and close, as someone else enters the room.

“Who’s there?”

“You tell us who it is. What do you hear, what do you smell? You should be able to identify us all by scent.”

Lyssa listens, smells. “Like you.”

“How, female?”

“Yeah, I guess. But different, kinda familiar.”

The unknown wolf comes to stand before her. “Lyssa, you’re naked.”

“Joanna!” She opens her eyes and looks down at herself. “Yeah, I guess I am. The clothes were bothering me.

Joanna throws her arms around Lyssa. “You’re becoming one of us.” [How do you feel?]

[I hear you!]

“Good. Better than earlier,” Joanna laughs. “Still kinda loud though.”

“Sorry. I don’t mean to…” she starts to sniffle.

“It’s OK, Lyssa. You’re learning; you’re changing. Everyone recognizes that.”

“But he wouldn’t touch me this morning..”

“Lyssa, he loves you. He’s probably making sure you’re better.”

After calming her down, practice resumes. Figuring out where each of the women were in the room. Sending to them, individually and collectively.

They break for lunch, Lyssa puts her clothes back on. As they leave the bunker Joanna suggests she call Emmett.

[Emmett? We're going to lunch, are you coming?]

[Certainly, sweetheart, I'll be there in a couple of minutes.]

“Did he answer?”


“How did he sound?”

“Huh? Sound?” Lyssa contemplates the question. “Good. He sounded good.”

“Did you pick up any feelings through the bond?”

“No, not really. I guess. I don’t know. The feeling was, um, kinda warm and, I guess, soft.”

Emmett meets up with the four women and hugs and kisses his mate. “How goes the practice?”

“It looks like she might be an empathetic sender, Em.”

“I’m not surprised.” He cups Lyssa’s face and brushes her cheeks with his thumbs. [I love you, Lyssa. Don't ever doubt it. You're doing well. I'm so proud of you.]

Tears well up in her eyes. “I, I.. Thank you.” She hugs him and puts her head against his chest. “I’m sorry. For earlier.”

“Things will settle down. It’s alright.”

She goes heavily carnivore at this meal, eating a lot of meat. Her nose begins to elongate, her ears begin to point, and her arms become furred.

A couple of the younger pups snicker but are promptly taken to task by others.

Emmett watches her with a smile on his face.

With Lyssa essentially well, and mobile, Anna and Natalie leave to resume their normal duties. Emmett goes back to work. This afternoon, Joanna and Ariel take up further training. Pack history. Pack rules. Responsibilities of pack members and, specifically, pack females.

Lyssa is paying less than strict attention as she starts pulling at her clothes again. She also starts staring out the window.

Suddenly, she stands, pulls her clothes off, shifts to wolf woman form, and heads for the front door. Ariel quickly changes and takes off after her, Joanna hot on her heels. [Emmett. Outside, now. She's on a run.]

A mile out, Lyssa picks up her head and sniffs, scenting the air. [Wait. She's on a hunt.]

The reddish and cream-colored wolves back off as a larger grey wolf overtakes them. [Thank you, Ariel, Jo.]

Nose up, she scents the air again, and takes off.

Emmett lopes along with her, allowing her to lead this, her first, hunt.

Against the snow, a snowshoe hare that has not completely grown in his white winter coat, is visible.

She freezes, then gets down low to the ground and creeps forward. But a chestnut colored wolf has little chance of remaining unseen in winter’s snows. Impatient, she leaps up too early and the rabbit bolts.

Lyssa is right behind it as it dives into its hole. She shoves her muzzle in the hole, digs at the entrance, and howls in frustration.

Emmett walks over to the other side of the tree and sticks his nose in another hole. Lyssa leaves her hole and starts over to see what he’s found. [No, sweetheart, watch the other hole.]

She huffs and trots back over as the rabbit shoots back out.

There’s a short chase before she bowls it over, then snatches it in her jaws.

The neck snaps with a satisfying crunch and she tastes its blood as Emmett trots over. She looks up from her prey and growls at him as he sits, watching her.

[I'm not going to take your kill, Lyssa. I only wish to congratulate you on your successful hunt.]

She lays down with the hare between her forepaws and begins to crunch away at her prize.

She licks the blood from her muzzle, stretches and stands.

He walks over and rubs down her side. [Up for a run, mate?]



The grey wolf and the chestnut wolf run through the show covered woodland. Emmett allows her to explore for a while, then shows her a couple of places he likes to go. After a time, they return to the den.

A couple of days later, Lyssa has mostly come to terms with her werewolf abilities and she and Emmett are visited by the Alphas. Emmett looks a bit nervous.

“Lyssa, you look well. You appear to have come through the transition rather smoothly.”

“Yes, thank you. I feel good.”

“Good to hear. Now, we need to finish the process.”

Confused, she looks to Emmett. He says, “You need to be accepted into the pack.”

“Oh. OK. How do we do that?”

“This evening you will come outside to the circle where the pack will be asked to accept you.”

“Oh. OK.”

Darkness falls and the pack begins to collect in the entryway.

Randall, Ariel, Emmett, and Lyssa stand on the balcony overlooking the entry.

“My pack. Tonight we meet to greet a new pack member. Emmett has mated Lyssa. What say you?”

A half dozen voices call out, “Show us her strength!”

Ariel takes her arm, “Come with me.” Ariel strips, shifts, and heads out the open front door. Lyssa hesitates, looking at Emmett with alarm.

He smiles nervously. “It’s alright. Go on.”

He follows her out to the circle. [You need to fight Ariel. Just do your best. You don't need to win.]

Ariel stands to one side of the circle. Randall and Emmett stand on a high point outside. The rest of the pack surround the circle. Emmett is nervous, quivering.

The chestnut wolf stands on the opposite side of the circle, tail tucked, unsure.

Once the pack members have assembled, Ariel begins stalking Lyssa.

Lyssa turns with her, watching her, then yelps and skips away when Ariel rushes her.

Emmett settles on the overlook, head on his forepaws, watching. This wasn’t good. While the pack would never expect her to win, she needed to show some fight.

Lyssa’s mind is racing. What was she supposed to do? Emmett said fight, but she didn’t know how. Ariel had been doing this forever. Would Ariel kill her? ‘Show us her strength.’ A test. It had to be some kind of test.

A half familiar voice enters her mind. [You're larger than she is. Use that.]

As Ariel comes at her again, she still retreats, but stands her ground a bit longer.

Joanna has been holding her breath when she notices a change in Lyssa’s stance. Her long, fluffy, chestnut-colored tail extends.

Ariel turns, noticing the change, as Lyssa charges her. She’s startled, and, while Lyssa doesn’t knock her down, she does shove her sideways.

Ariel twists and takes a few steps away, then rounds on Lyssa again, teeth bared.

Lyssa, up against a large rock, leaps up onto it then jumps down onto Ariel.

Clumsy, Lyssa still manages to rake a couple of teeth down her shoulder.

A few howls go up at the drawing of blood and Lyssa is distracted, Was it over?

No. Ariel knocks her down and Lyssa gets a slash on the shoulder as Ariel takes her throat. [Submit.]

Ariel’s voice in her mind has her lying dead still as howls go up around the circle.

As she lays there, Ariel above her, she hears Randalls voice. [Well, my pack, Wyeth wolves, do you accept this female?]

The howls go up again and Ariel releases her.

As Emmet heads down to Lyssa, Ariel runs to her own mate.

[Lyssa, mate to Emmett Forester, is accepted as a Wyeth wolf.]

Ariel rubs against her mate’s side, flicks her tail, and takes off. Other pairs of wolves romp off through the snowladen landscape.

Emmett sniffs his mate, who’s sitting in the snow, panting. [YOU COULD HAVE WARNED ME.] Several wolves turn to look at them.

[Quietly, Lyssa. I could not... You had me worried, but you did well.]

[She had me on the ground in 30 seconds. What's good about that?]

[You drew first blood.] He licks her shoulder, [How do you feel?]

[Like I'm not done yet. Like I need to do something else.]

[You see what the others are up to?] Emmett’s face now holds a wolfish grin.

Lyssa stands, flicks her glorious tail, and takes off. They romp through the woods, running, pouncing, past numerous pairs of wolves going at it in the snow.

Emmett herds her back to the circle, where she stands. He sniffs her backside, then licks it. Lyssa is fairly vibrating with anticipation, How could it feel to be fucked as a wolf? Something had her crouching a little and cocking her tail to one side.

Emmett’s cock has rolled out from its sheath and is dripping. He’s been waiting for this, his first time taking his mate as a wolf.

He grabs her ruff, climbs over her, and plunges into her waiting depths.

Lyssa turns her head slightly and braces herself for her mate’s thrusts.

He felt warm on her back, fur against her own, as he hammered into her.

She gives a low moan as he pushes his knot home and howls as he empties himself into her. His howl follows hers.

“I’m on my way to see some of my clients. They are closing a deal with a company they just bought and want me to be there to over see it.” said Grant Avery talking on his cell phone.

“Mmmmhmmm. It’s Martin Sears. He is like family to me and well I have been his lawyer ever since I passed the bar. So I told him I’d help out with that.”

Grant was more than a friend to Martin, he was part of Martin’s pack. Grant too is a lycan. Martin helped Grant get into law after high school. Being a young lycan and not too sure of his future, Grant took Martin’s advice and got accepted into one of the country’s prestigious law school. Martin had encouraged Grant, along with Luke, to pursue their goals. He stood by as these cubs, which were like sons to him, grow and mature into the handsome, smart, successful men that they are now. Grant was a little bit older than Luke and was a big brother figure to him. He helped Luke deal with his coming out, as he himself is gay.

After finishing law school, Grant got offered a job in the city. He loved the aspect of being on his own an having a high paying job. He excelled at his law firm, being the youngest lawyer to win every case in one year. His bond to his pack was always strong and he loved every single one of them dearly, but at the same time he wanted to find himself. He didn’t want to move with the pack after they bought land in the nearby town. Martin let him stay in the town house by himself. The town house also stood as the primary sanctuary for the pack. It was a big house with many rooms to spare when other lycans packs came into town. But Grant wanted his own apartment. He was definitely independent and self assured. It was only now that he came down, not only to close the business deal, but to catch up with the pack.

Driving with the windows rolled down, Grant was still on the phone talking to his colleague. He wanted to get through the meeting fast and head back home. He was intrigued with the town but he wanted to be back in the city.

“Remind me Keith to have those papers drawn up for the McAlester family when I get back into the office. That is going to be one messy…” Grant was stopped mid-sentence when something grabbed at his senses. A slight, yet sweet smell danced in Grant’s nose. He didn’t know where it was coming from.


-You there Grant…hello?

“Sorry Keith, I…uh….uh…what was I saying?”

-You were saying how the McAlester case was going to be a messy one.

“Oh yeah…right.”

“Keith let me get back to you shortly ok?” Grant said as he hung up his cell phone.

Catching the scent even harder, Grant stopped in front of a little café. He closed his eyes and took in another breath, trying to distinguish the smell and where it was coming from. Looking to his right he saw a young man walking along the sidewalk. He stood to be 5’10 and had dark hair and eyes with light complected skin. His inner wolf recognized the scent coming from this young man. A deep breath escaped from the lycan and he immediately turned his car off. Walking towards the young man, Grant’s heart began to race. He has never been in love before, but now love was filling his body. He had to meet this man.

“Excuse me sir, I was wondering if you happen to know where Smith’s Realty is?”

“It’s down by Oaklawn Street. I work there.”

“I’m Grant Avery.” Grant said as he extended his hand.

“Calen Ortiz.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Ortiz.”

“Likewise, but you can call me Calen. I am the assistant manager at Smith’s. Can I help you with anything Mr. Avery?”

“I’m here to help close the deal with my client Martin Sears. I have never been here before and I’m a little lost. By the way, you can call me Grant.”

Eying the young man, Grant couldn’t help but stare at him. He was drawn to him like a magnet. His dark brown eyes had a look to them, as if they could see deep down into Grant’s soul. It was almost an odd feeling. Seeing the lips on the young man, Grant wondered what they would taste like. He felt a surge in his crotch. He had to snap out of it now.

“Well Grant, I’m heading to the office after I run these errands. Like I said, go to Oaklawn Street and you will see it.” Calen was intrigued with Grant. He was very handsome and tall with rugged features. He estimated Grant to be in his mid to late 30s with very light graying hair among a sea of dark brown hair. His skin was tan but not too much. His goatee and beard matched that to his hair. He was handsome to say the least and Calen was a bit smitten by him.

“Actually I won’t be in just yet. I have to call a colleague back. But I will see you after awhile Calen.” Grant flashed a smile at Calen. Calen smiled back and quickly went on with his business. Grant took in another deep breath to savor the smell of Calen. He felt another surge in his cock making him go weak at the knees. No one has ever made Grant feel this way. A new town and now a new mate; what more can a lycan ask for?

Grabbing for his cell phone, Grant called Keith back.

“Sorry about that Keith. I had to get off the phone because I saw my client and had to speak of him real quick, but yes remind me to have the papers drawn up for the McAlester family. Also I will need you to fax me the other legal documents that I need. After the meeting I will call you and give you the fax number to my clients office so you can send it to me there.” Grant knew the he lied to Keith, but he didn’t want to up and say he found the love of his life walking down the sidewalk.

No one in Grant’s law firm knew about his secret condition. Grant was close to his colleagues, but kept a distance from them when it came to his personal life. They knew he was gay but it was never an issue to them.

“Ok that sounds good Keith and will talk to you later on…bye.”

Hanging up his cell phone, Grant headed straight to the little café down the corner. The aroma of Calen still lingered and played with him. Sitting at a table, the waitress came by taking his order. Grant sat still and replayed the moment of meeting Calen. He knew instantly Calen was gay due to his inner wolf recognizing him as a mate. A lycan’s inner wolf is never wrong when it comes to recognizing a mate. A smile slowly appeared on Grant’s face just as the waitress came by with his order. He slowly started to eat and planned his next move.


“I’d like to thank everyone for being here. This is truly exciting and sad moment for me. I have ran this business since it’s inception 25 years ago and have been blessed with many wonderful agents; past and present, who have made this company what it is today. It is now that I feel a new chapter in my life has to begin. As many as you know, my daughter gave birth to her first child and I want to dedicate my time solely on her and the baby. So with that said, I’ve decided to retire and sell the company to an individual who I know will take it to a new level.” said Lisa Haven standing in front of her employees and the new staff. It was a long and hard process getting the company to where it is now and felt it was time to move on and concentrate on family. She was impressed with Martin’s business savvy ventures and knew he was the one to own Smith’s Realty.

Luke, Melania, Marco, and Martin sat on the opposite side of Smith’s staff. Luke was fidgeting in his seat eager to see Calen. He wasn’t there and wasn’t sure if he was going to make the meeting. The last few days felt like a lifetime. Luke impatiently waited for the day of the meeting to arrive and now here he is, sitting with Martin, Melania and Marco with no Calen in sight. Melania noticed his worrisome look and grabbed his hand to help calm him down. Luke responded with a smile as the meeting went on. He thought fate was playing a cruel trick on him. He remembered what Martin said about being in love and how everything is against you, but how sweet it will be when they both finally meet. That was the only thing that helped him keep his sanity.

“I’d like to introduce everyone to Mr. Martin Swears. Not only is he the new owner but will temporarily co-manage the company with Melania Cortez.”

Both Martin and Melania stood up and acknowledge everyone at the table.

“I would also like to introduce Lucas Jarreau who will be the new Projects Manager along with Marco Cortez.” both stood up and greeted everyone at the table.

Just then Calen walked into the staff room. Everyone there looked his way as he walked towards his seat by Lisa.

Luke froze in his seat as the scent of gardenias filled him. There was Calen, his Calen, in the same room as him. Melania looked over at Luke and noticed his expression. She put her hand on his leg to help him snap out of his staring mode. Now sporting a mustache and goatee, Luke can still see traces of the young rescuer on him. His heart pounded rapidly in his chest. His inner wolf pacing, wanting to jump out and claim Calen right then and there. Luke took in a deep breath and put his attention back onto the meeting.

“Glad you could make it Calen.”

“Sorry, there was a long line at the post office and it took a while,” Calen said as he put his briefcase down and took his seat right across from Lucas.

“Melania told me she met you and Natalie a few days ago.” Lisa said as she welcomed Calen.

“Yes we met her at the café and introduced ourselves to her.” Calen softly nodded at Melania who responded with a smile.

“She told me you were very welcoming to her.” Lisa replied back.

“And this is Martin Sears. You talked to him a couple weeks ago.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Sears.”

“Likewise Mr. Ortiz”

Both men smiled and nodded at each other.

“And have you met the other two Calen?” asked Lisa pointing out Marco and Luke.

“No I haven’t met them yet.”

Standing up, Calen reached over and introduced himself to Marco. Luke felt the nervousness build up inside of his stomach. These weren’t butterflies; more like eagles flying inside.

Luke rose.

“Calen Ortiz.”

“Lucas Jarreau,” responded Luke as she shook Calen’s hand.

Luke swallowed hard as Calen’s scent filled him up once again. He now has Calen’s scent on his hand. Luke’s mind spun around, not knowing what to say next.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Jarreau.”

“It’s nice to meet you too Mr. Ortiz.” Luke responded slowly shaking Calen’s hand. Calen gazed into Luke’s pale blue eyes. There was an essence of familiarity about them that he couldn’t place.

“You can call me Calen.”

“And you can call me Lucas or Luke.”

“Both men nodded and sat as the meeting continued.

“Ok everyone has met. So with that being said, I would like to say a huge thank you to my staff once again. You all have worked so hard for me over the years and I am truly grateful; especially to you Calen. I have seen you grow from an intern, to secretary, agent and now assistant manager. I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished.” Lisa said all this trying to hold back tears. Calen blushed with the compliment that Lisa gave him. It had been a long time since someone gave him kudos for doing a good job. Luke saw the redness on Calen’s cheeks and wanted to feel their warmth. Calen walked over towards Lisa and gave her a big hug and thanked her. The group of people at the meeting all applauded and the meeting was over.

After the meeting was done, Calen walked to his office to start his day. The staff was conversing amongst each other and Lisa approached Luke and talked about some of the properties as they walked to her office.

“We have two properties in escrow right now; a residential home at the end of town and a lake house. The residential home is pretty much in good shape. We do plan to add a porch to it. The lake house however, really needs some work. I have the blue prints for it in my office and will give them to you before I go. You might want Calen to approve them first.”

Walking in the hallway, Luke could smell Calen. It was so intoxicating, so addicting. He needed to see his mate again. Lisa handed over the plans and told Luke where Calen’s office was. Walking over to his door, Luke closed his eyes and deeply inhaled his mate’s scent once again.

So addicting.

“Come in.”

Luke slowly opened the door and poked his head in to see Calen was busy. Calen was at his desk typing on his computer. He looked up to see Luke.

“Oh hey Lucas, how can I help you?”

“Lisa gave me the blue prints and the financial papers and said to get your approval for them.”

Luke walked towards Calen’s desk. Calen stood up and walked over towards Luke.

“I hope you aren’t too busy. I just wanted to get a move on with the projects Lisa told me about, but wasn’t sure with the meeting and all.” Luke handed the paper work to Calen. He could again see the young teen in his man; same facial features but with more facial hair and glasses. Calen was handsome in the lycan’s eyes. Calen took the documents and sat at his desk. He gave a quick glance over them and signed them.

“And here are the blue prints for the lake house.”

“I was talking to Lisa about the floor plans for the patio. I think they bay window she wanted to put up is too much of an eye sore. What do you think Lucas?” Calen said looking at the plans.

Grabbing the plans and turning them to him, Luke took a glance.

“I think we need to re-do the whole outside wall. Instead of having the bay window, we can put double glass framed doors, and have them centered to match the deck.”

Turning the plans around, Calen studied them to see if the double doors would work with the patio.

“Hmmm…I think you are right Lucas. That way the people can see the lake and the deck from inside the kitchen. Not to mention it will add value to the house.”

Pleased with the agreement from Calen, Luke smiled, his heart pounding.

Soon; very soon!

Glancing up, Calen’s eyes met up with Luke. The pale blue eyes were too familiar to him, but he didn’t know from where.

“Have we ever met before Lucas? You seem oddly familiar…”

Realizing he used the “oddly”, Calen tried to retraced what he said.

“I don’t mean that you’re odd, it’s just that…um…you seem familiar to me but I can’t place it.” Calen fumbled with his words. Luke could see Calen’s cheeks turning red again. This was too adorable to the lycan. He wanted to crank out a smile and touch his face, but again he had to restrain himself and his inner wolf. But he knew he couldn’t tell Calen the truth yet.

“No I don’t think we have met before, but maybe we have crossed paths at one point.” Luke responded smiling.

“Probably…,” added Calen as he tried to hid his red cheeks. He found Luke to be very handsome. His build, his faded hair cut, neatly trimmed beard, mustache and goatee, his pale blue eyes and his smile. He couldn’t help but wonder if Luke was gay or straight.

“Have you lived in Grand Creek long?” asked Luke.

“I’ve been here for 6 years now; moved out here from Granger after I graduated from college. But I’m originally from Terin.”

“I’ve been to Terin, but it’s been a few years though.” Luke didn’t want to give too much away.

“Really…maybe it was back then that we crossed paths.” said Calen.

Oh if you only knew!

“I guess it could of happened.” Luke replied.

A moment of silence went by. Both didn’t know what else to say. Calen started at his hands while Luke eyed him. Luke would look away the moment Calen made eye contact. He didn’t want to stare down his mate, but at the same time he couldn’t believe he was sitting in front of him. All of the years that have passed are now a distant memory.

“Have you been in real estate long Calen?”

“Been in it for 6 years now. And you?”

“Going on twelve years or so. I started right out of high school. I got my license and started working with Martin with the other agency he owns.”

“How long did you work there?” asked Calen

“Twelve years.” answered Luke.

“Oh gosh, DUH CALEN!!!” Calen said as his cheeks began to turn red…again!

Luke smiled at Calen’s reaction. He knew he was making Calen nervous and in a way, he liked it. This made him feel that maybe Calen is taking and interest in him. But he didn’t want to push his luck with him. Luke caught another scent.

A knock at the door.

“Come in.”

“Hi Calen, I hope its ok to come in, we met earlier today…”

“Oh yes Grant, how are you? Let me introduce you to…”



Both men walked towards each other and hugged.

“You two know each other?” asked Calen.

“Yeah we both grew up together.” answered Luke.

“Well I’m a bit older than Luke, but yes we did grow up together. I had moved away to the city a few years ago and haven’t seen this guy for awhile.”

After pulling away from their embrace, Calen invited Grant to sit down. He knew that Martin’s lawyer wanted him to over look the contracts of the hand over and sign them as well.

Both Lycans sat at Calen’s desk. Unbeknownst to each other, both started to stare Calen down while he read the contracts. It wasn’t til Luke looked over and saw the look Grant was giving Calen. He knew that look.

“Ok the contract has been signed and dated.” Calen handed them over to Grant.

“So you and Luke are getting a move on with work?”

“Yes. I didn’t want to wait and Calen said we could.” Luke answered.

“Well that’s good. Better to get things started with rather than put it off.” Grant winked at Calen.

Calen gave a slight smile. He thought Grant was a good looking guy, but he wasn’t drawn to him like Luke. But he didn’t know if they were gay or not and at this moment he didn’t want to know. Both of them had smiled excessively towards him, but Grant flirted more. After being cheated on, mistreated and used by his last three exes, Calen would put a stop to any kind of relationship.

“I agree, work seems to never end around here, but it’s how I like it.” Luke replied.

Another moment of silence passed by. Grant’s thoughts raced in his mind. He was strongly attracted to Calen. His aroma of sweet smelling scent filled him up more. He was even more intrigued that Calen was going to be manager soon. After talking to Lisa and Martin, Grant found out about Calen making a name for himself as a top sales agent. He liked this a lot. Not only was Calen attractive, but he was moving on up. Grant thought Calen would look so good by his side.

“Well I need to go and talk to Martin again, Luke it was nice seeing you and will catch up with you when we go to Martin’s.”

“Calen, it was nice seeing you again as well and hope it won’t be the last!” Grant hook Calen’s hand and winked at him.

“Likewise.” Calen responded.

This didn’t sit well with Luke. He knew he had to somehow get his scent on Calen again. He needed to make it known to Grant that Calen was his. Now wasn’t the time or the place to do so. He would have to wait til they all meet up at Martin’s.

Closing the door, Calen and Luke sat at the deck, trying to remember where they left off.

“So where were we?” asked Calen.

“Oh yeah…twelve years with the other agency; why did you choose here?”

“I just got tired of the city life. I like rural areas a bit more and also the property values, along with bigger commissions, prompted me to change.” answered Luke.

“Yeah…I hear ya on the rural areas. Grew up in the country myself and well I can’t picture living anywhere else. Plus I like the quietness of it all.”

Wanting to get straight to the point, Luke asked where he met Grant at. The way Grant was looking at Calen played over and over in his mind. He loved Grant as a brother, but knew now that boundaries have to be set. He knew Grant was a playboy and there was no way he was going to let Grant flirt with Calen.

“I was doing my errands and he drove up along the sidewalk and asked for the directions to the office. Told him who I was and gave him the directions.” Calen said.

The night was crisp and cold but clear. The night of the full moon at winter’s solstice was here. In the darkness a shadow was seen to move only for a moment. It had begun…..

As I waited patiently in the clearing they began to appear, slowly at first then in groups of two or three. Soon the night air would be filled with the sounds of laughter, singing, dancing. Much later the sounds of copulation would be heard as the couples retreated into the shadows for the annual mating rituals. The survival of our race depended on these annual rituals. Without them our race would wither and die. This was the only night of the year we allowed ourselves to consume the blood of humans. However appalling it was to consume human blood, it was essential to replenish our life force, the only way to remain immortal, the only way to remain fertile.

There were those around the world sympathetic to our plight, as well as those that would just as soon see us dead. Those humans sympathetic to our cause willing provided us with our yearly blood rites. They also helped provide protection for us throughout the year. Those that hunted us would not stop until we were completely exterminated. After the night was over we would spend the remainder of the year in hiding fighting for survival. This is as it has been for the past thirty centuries.

At that time we numbered well into the thousands, now our numbers have diminished to a mere six-hundred and sixty-six. Some among us believed this to be a most auspicious number. They said this was the year we would rise again to our rightful places in the world. I was one of those who believed. How very wrong we were. This would, in all actuality, turn out to be the final night of freedom for the Ashmarian Werewolves.

My name is Elensar Ad Vaal Bellensaria. I am, or was, the Grand Sire to the Ashmarian Werewolf clan, from the destroyed kingdom of Bellensaria. The following is the tale of our final hours of freedom and the events that led to our downfall.

As I raised my arms over my head and prepared to speak, a hush fell over the gathering, “Welcome! Welcome brothers and sisters! Gladness fills my heart to see you all here this night! Long have we suffered, long have we strove to survive! Tonight marks the beginning of our revival! The beginning of a return to the world we once ruled! Ahhooooh”!

“Ahhooooh!” howled the pack.

When the howls subsided I continued,” The night is young, as is our human feast! Arrhoowl!! The time is here, the time is now! Are… you… ready?! “

“Ahhoooh,” the pack answered.

“I say again: ARE…YOU…REAADDYY?!”

“AHHOOOH”, the pack roared.

“Then let’s get freaky deaky!”

“Freaky Deaky!” echoed the pack.

Thus the rituals began. The bands started playing; the dancers started dancing slowly at first then progressively faster until a frenzied crescendo was reached. Our human feast was ushered in and divided out among the crowd. My mate and I chose a slender young blonde female to share. My mate always had a bad habit of playing with her food before she ate. We separated ourselves from the pack to enjoy our feast in private.

“Come child, let us play,” my mate whispered to our blonde sacrificial lamb as she used her claws to pop the buttons on the girl’s blouse. I circled behind the girl and slipped her shirt off as my mate relieved her of her shorts. The scent of fear coupled with excitement exuding from the girl was almost intoxicating. We took our time pleasuring the blonde while resisting the urge to feed until the point that she reached her climactic peak. As the convulsions of ecstasy coursed through her veins my mate and I sunk our fangs into the girl’s jugulars and drank our fill; stopping just before the child passed out to ensure she was not killed. With the taste of human blood still on my lips, I released the blonde and took my mate into my arms kissing her with such passion I thought I saw fireworks. The time was right, the time was now. I could feel it in my veins, we would rise again. With that thought foremost in my brain I entered my mate knowing the night was ours.

During our throes of passion I did not hear or sense when our outer security forces were taken over. In fact, I did not become aware of it until the entire clearing was surrounded by floodlights. We were undone. We were surrounded by those that would have us dead. I had been fortunate to have taken to the woods with my mate during our feeding and mating. As I watched from the shadows of the forest, my brethren were systematically slaughtered along with their human concubines. I don’t know how many survived. My mate and I turned to flee only to be turned back again and again by more forces hunting us.

She and I got separated that night during the confusion of trying to escape. I have not been able to locate her, but I sense she is still out there somewhere. Until the day we are reunited I will continue to search out those that survived and track down those that slaughtered my people…..We will rise again.

This story begins back in time a bit to set the introduction and story plot of a U.S. Navy Seal Team against a werewolf. I did a bit of research on the time period and geographical make up of the area. Having said that all names and actions of the characters are totally fictional and they should be taken as such. Predjama Castle is real however and is needed for Geographical purposes later in the story line. This is my first Werewolf story so please be gentle on the feedback. A huge thank you to Mickey for editing and advice, get some sleep now girl.

Spring 1895, Crook’s Creek Pub, Predjama Slovenia.

The pub didn’t have many lights on but Baldomr could see the Mayor of Predjama, he was getting drunk — again. He was talking loud to the others at the table about the rail system he was trying to have routed near town. It would be good for the economy of the growing town; he stood to receive many kickbacks from greedy men like himself.

Andrejcek Crojemic prided himself on how wealthy he had become since taking over as the Mayor. He squeezed his way in when his predecessor died suddenly in his living room chair. Baldomr always believed that Andrejcek had something to do with it. Baldomr despised the man because of his better than thou attitude and the fact that he married Nevanka, his first true love.

Nevanka was a vision of beauty, shoulder length blond hair, and piercing blue eyes. Her breasts were small, but they fit her tiny frame perfectly. She had a caring demeanor and always took time out of her day to help others.

Baldomr loved her but she was always too busy to notice he existed. The thing that puzzled him was why she would marry a greedy pig like Andrejcek Crojemic. The loud conversion near the other end of the bar broke Baldomr out of his thoughts.

“I tell you boy’s when I get that rail system here; I might just run for a spot in Parliament. That’s how famous I’ll be,” Andrejcek told the others.

“You might want to go there and rule the country, but what will Nevanka say? She doesn’t seem the sort to hang around lavish parties like those stuck up prudes that are up there already,” one of the men told him.

“If that bitch knows what’s good for her, she’ll do what I tell her to do. She knows where the meal ticket is. Maybe if she hung around women that knew how to please a man, she’d be a lot better in bed. The only thing that woman knows how to do is spread her legs and lay there,” Andrejcek told them.

Andrejcek leaned back in his chair and finished off his beer. He slammed the mug down and motioned for the bar wench to come over. He stared at the heavier set female as she swayed through the crowd, her overly large breasts swinging from side to side. Andrejcek had an urge to bury his face in her soft flesh while he pounded his cock into her.

When she reached the table, Andrejcek reached around and grabbed her ass. Knowing that this was part of her job as well, she leaned forward and allowed the Mayor to stare at her exposed cleavage.

“What can I do for you Mayor?” she told him.

“First off, you can get me another beer. Then when you come back, you can suck my cock like the good little whore you are,” Andrejcek replied as he ran his tongue over her tit flesh.

“You know Mayor that if you want that we have to go upstairs,” she replied. She felt her stomach turn at the stench of his breath.

“You wait whore. When I own this pub, you are going to suck me on a daily basis. Then you can show my wife how it’s supposed to be done,” Andrejcek said loudly for the entire room to hear.

Baldomr couldn’t stand to listen to this putrid fool any longer. Finishing his drink, he pushed the empty mug across the bar and stood up. This caught Andrejcek’s eye and he turned to stare at Baldomr. Andrejcek knew that Baldomr had feelings for Nevanka and he never missed an opportunity to rub it into the ancestral founder of Predjama. When Baldomr passed close enough to him, he let loose with his badgering.

“Are you leaving so soon Baldomr? Why don’t you sit down and have a beer with me and my friends here. I’ll let you know how that sweet little slut Nevanka is in bed. I might even tell you how tight her pussy is,” He told Baldomr.

“I don’t drink with pigs, I eat them,” Baldomr said, trying to keep his temper.

“Speaking of food, I think I’ll go home too. I need to feed Nevanka some hard cock,” Andrejcek told him, as he grabbed his crotch.

“I can’t imagine that she gets much to eat with your small dick,” Baldomr replied as he turned to leave.

Andrejcek didn’t like to lose so he stood up and tried to swing at the back of Baldomr’s head. Baldomr’s reflexes allowed him move away from the punch, which caused Andrejcek to lose his balance. He toppled face first into the nearby table, spilling the drinks that were sitting there.

“You know if you’re going to pick a fight, you really shouldn’t drink so much,” he told Andrejcek as he tried to free himself from the wreckage.

“You bastard!” he screamed as he grabbed his bleeding nose. “When I get home I’m going to fuck that bitch in the ass, just to spite you!” Andrejcek screamed at him.

Baldomr ignored him as he left the pub. He knew men like him ran rampant in the growing region. The one thing he couldn’t do was to become angry. His ancestors had taught him well about the repercussions of losing ones temper. He was to use his gift, as they called it, wisely and never take it for granted or for personal gain.

Baldomr knew Andrejcek would be at the pub for a little longer, mending his pride along with his face. He decided to pass by and say hi to Nevanka. It wouldn’t be wise to stay long as to where her husband would see him there.

When he approached the house, he could see Nevanka through the window mending one of Andrejcek’s shirts. Reaching the door, Baldomr knocked softly so as not to startle her. When Nevanka opened the door and realized it was Baldomr, she quickly looked around to see if her husband was in sight.

“Baldomr it’s nice to see you again but I don’t think you should be here. You know how jealous Andrejcek can get,” she said nervously.

“I won’t be long. I was on my way home when I thought about stopping in and checking up on you,” he replied with a smile.

“Well I’m fine. I was just doing some mending before heading off to bed. I need to get some things from the store tomorrow. Maybe I’ll run into you there while Andrejcek is off with the railway people,” she told him with a smile.

“That sounds wonderful. Maybe we can stop at the diner and talk over a cup of coffee,” Baldomr said.

“Sure, sure, now I don’t want to sound rude, but you should go now before Andrejcek comes home,” Nevanka told Baldomr as she looked over his muscular shoulder for her husband.

Baldomr said goodbye and turned to return to Predjama castle. He felt sorry for her having to act this way. He knew that Andrejcek was mean spirited and probably hurt her mentally and physically. Baldomr had a hard time believing that she was in love with him. How could any woman as lovely as Nevanka love a monster like the Mayor.

Baldomr paused in his thoughts, a monster like that. Baldomr never thought of himself as a monster, he was just different from the rest of humanity. A soft breeze stirred the air as he neared the castle. As he took a deep breath, he could smell Nevanka’s perfume, even though he was a few hundreds yards away. He couldn’t wait to see her tomorrow and talk awhile, it looked as if she too could use some friendly company.

While Baldomr was thinking of Nevanka, she was finishing up with her mending. She also was thinking of someone. Nevanka wished she could have invited him in and sit, but that would have brought havoc in the home of the Mayor. Many times before Andrejcek had seen her talking with other men, and as innocent as it was, he still took offense. Having another man in the house would have been far worse.

She was still thinking of Baldomr when Andrejcek slammed the door open. Startled at the sudden crash, she jumped, causing her to drop his shirt. As she looked up, she could tell he was drunk, like always. This time though, he had a bandage across his nose, and his shirt had blood all down the front. Someone had gotten mad and finally stood up to him. He leered down at her as he walked forward, and as he did, he was unbuttoning his pants.

“I’ve had a bad night so you’re going to make me feel better,” Andrejcek told her coldly.

“Please don’t. I haven’t been feeling well and I really should rest,” she said as she picked up the discarded shirt.

“Listen woman, I’ve had just about enough of you saying no all the time. Now open that pretty mouth of yours and start sucking my cock!” he screamed and pulled his small cock out.

“Andrejcek, I’ve told you before that I don’t like doing that. You always hurt me when you pull my hair,” Nevanka said and then started to stand up.

Nevanka didn’t even have time to protect herself as Andrejcek backhanded her across her high cheek boned face. The force of the blow was so great that she toppled out of the side of the chair and landed on the floor. Andrejcek quickly reached down, grabbed a fist full of her silken hair, and turned her face towards him.

“I’ll only tell you one more time. I want you to open your mouth and suck me off, and you better fucking swallow it all,” he said as he tugged her head back.

“Please don’t,” she said meekly

“Wrong answer,” he screamed and slapped her on the uninjured side of her face.

Nevanka could taste the blood that was filling her mouth. There was no escape from his temper when he was drunk. Whoever broke his nose really pissed him off and he gave every impression that he was going to take it out on her. Tears were streaming down her face as she opened her mouth and began sucking on his dirty cock.

The rape continued for hours into the night. She knew he was drunk and wouldn’t be able to cum for some time. As she lay naked on the bed, her torn clothes beneath her, Andrejcek forced her to say the things that only common pub whores say. When she wasn’t convincing enough he would pull her nipples away from her milky white breasts. She was dying inside as she performed every vile act of sex he could think of. Nevanka realized that the longer it went on, the more it would change her forever.

********** The sun was just coming up over the rolling hills of Slovenia. Nevanka busied herself with fixing Andrejcek’s breakfast. The only good thing about today was going to be him leaving to talk with the railway owners. It was supposed to be a good day, with her and Baldomr visiting for a while, but now that wouldn’t be possible. One side of her face was now black and blue and her right eye was swollen shut. She couldn’t imagine the sight she must present.

“I have to leave soon. Is my food ready yet?” Andrejcek asked as he entered the small kitchen.

“Yes, I just finished it. Go ahead and sit down and I’ll bring it over to you,” Nevanka said without looking at him.

Nevanka brought over the plate of ham and eggs along with a cup of black coffee. As she set the plate down, Andrejcek ran his hand over her ass and slapped it hard.

“I’m going to be gone all day so I’m going to need some relief before I go. Why don’t you get busy with your first chore while I enjoy my breakfast,” he told her.

“Yes Andrejcek,” Nevanka said softly.

“I think tonight I’ll bring home one of the whores from the pub. She might be willing to teach you how to do things. That way I might actually enjoy having sex with you,” he said as he laughed under his breath.

Nevanka reached up and pulled the straps of her modest dress down, letting it pile up around her feet. She then knelt down between his legs and opened his trousers. As she pulled his short, stubby cock out Nevanka could tell it was still sticky with juices from last night.

Andrejcek had told her repeatedly that it was the job of a wife to keep her husband satisfied and the job of women is to provide that act, no matter what. Nevanka felt like throwing up as she slid the putrid penis into her mouth. The words of her husband rang through her mind as she serviced him. “This is what a wife does to keep her husband satisfied.”

Someone else who was having breakfast was Baldomr. He sat in the large dining room as Cilka brought in the large plate of steak along with a bowl of sliced potatoes. Cilka was the servant that lived in the castle along with him. She was plump and really just average to look at, but she could cook like no other in the area.

“Thank you Cilka. If you keep feeding me like this, I’m going to get too fat to sit at the table,” he told the older woman.

“Oh Sir, it’s a pleasure to cook for you. I have never worked for a nicer man in my life. Speaking of fattening you up, when are you going to settle down and have a wife that will feed you like this?” Cilka asked.

“Cilka, I couldn’t find anyone who treats me like you. Hell I can’t find my shoes by myself,” Baldomr said with a chuckle.

“They are over by the front door for you Sir,” she replied as she turned to leave her employer to his meal.

“Exactly! See what I mean Cilka!” Baldomr yelled as she disappeared out of sight.

Baldomr sat quietly as he ate, but his mind was in an uproar. He wished he could make the morning go faster so he could visit with Nevanka. He hardly got any sleep last night because he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Her flowing hair, the way she seemed to glide when she walked. He could look into her eyes and lose himself and her smile never seemed to go away.

When he finished eating Baldomr gathered up the dishes and headed for the kitchen. He found Cilka there kneading some dough. The things she did for him on a day-to-day basis astounded him and he would always take care of her as long as she wanted.

“Cilka do you ever stop cooking and baking?” Baldomr asked as he set the dishes down.

“Now Sir, you know better than that. You are supposed to leave them for me to gather up. How could I keep my head up in town if they ever found out that you help with the dishes,” Cilka told him sternly.

“I promise I won’t tell a soul. I know how to keep a secret,” Baldomr said as he put his arm around her shoulder.

“I have to go into town today. Is there anything I can get you while I’m there?” He asked his housekeeper.

“Well if you find someone dark and mysterious, I’ll take two,” Cilka replied with a laugh.

Baldomr shook his head and laughed with her, then, turned to leave. The day was a little chilly but it was normal for this time of year, so he grabbed a light coat and his hat and started for the diner. He had a little trouble buttoning his coat because he was so excited about finally sitting down with Nevanka and chatting.

It took Baldomr a short time to reach the diner; it seemed he was walking faster than normal. He took a seat close to the window so he could see if Nevanka had made it to the store yet. There were people walking all through town as the morning went on. Some going to the store, some heading into the new bank, then Baldomr saw a couple of men dart into Crooks Creeks Pub.

‘I guess if you don’t like to shop with your wife, there’s always an escape,’ he thought.

Baldomr had been at the diner for over an hour. He was thinking that he had missed her, and maybe he should head over to her house then something caught his senses. He could smell her before she came into view in the busy street.

Nevanka was wearing a modest dress that flowed around her like a fog. A grey hooded cloak surrounding her frame hid most of it. Something appeared strange to him as he fixed his vision upon her.

Nevanka wore the hood up and pulled down over her head slightly. It was cool enough that pulling the hood up would be normal, but that is not was intrigued him. As Nevanka passed by others on the street, they looked at her as if to say good morning but then would turn to look back at her as chat quickly between one another. Baldomr normally would see them stop and chat with her, mainly because she was just that pleasant to talk to, but not today.

Reaching the store, she disappeared inside without turning to look towards the diner. Perhaps she was going to do the shopping first then come over, but that would seem odd to sit here with a large basket of produce. As Baldomr mulled over his options of what to do, he noticed that as patrons left the store they also chatted quickly with each other. What was supposed to be a very nice day was turning out to be very peculiar.

After only a short time in the store Nevanka exited the store and headed quickly back down the street. She never even acknowledged the diner where Baldomr sat waiting for her. The large basket she carried was only half-full and she hugged it to her body as if to protect it from someone.

Something was wrong and Baldomr had a sense of apprehension wash over him like a bucket of cold water. He threw some money down on the table and darted out the door. As he neared her, his concern grew even more.

“Nevanka, wait up a moment,” he said loud enough for her to hear.

Nevanka turned her head slightly to the side. The movement however was not enough to see Baldomr behind her. “Please…I have to get back to the house,” she replied.

Baldomr wondered if he did something wrong as she quickened her pace down the street. He quickly closed the distance between them and softly grabbed her arm to slow her down. As he did, Nevanka stopped in tracks and groaned in response to his touch. Even though he was strong and had a very powerful grip, he didn’t think he grabbed her that hard. Baldomr’s heart sank and the lump in his throat made it difficult to breathe as Nevanka had turned to face him.

On one side of her once, beautiful face was a small bruise on her cheek. The other side of her face was totally black and blue and her sparkling eye was swollen shut.

Baldomr could tell from the size of her bottom lip that she had endured a lot of pain before the beating ended. He also understood that Andrejcek was drunk and angry last night, more than likely taking his embarrassment out on his wife as promised.

“It’s not what you think Baldomr, there is a reasonable explanation on what happened,” Nevanka quickly told him.

“You’re right there is, you have an ass for a husband,” he shot back at her.

“No you’re wrong. I…I fell down last night. I slipped actually,” Nevanka said as she placed one hand on his chest, trying to calm him down.

As Baldomr looked down, he saw her bruised and lacerated knuckles. They showed signs of defensive wounds that could only come from trying to fight off an attack. Even now, close to the turn of the century, it was still within reason for a husband to discipline his wife. He didn’t agree with it, but what made it worse, is that it had happened to Nevanka.

“You slipped?” Baldomr asked.

“Yes. I spilled my tea last night after you left and I slipped,” Nevanka told him, trying to smile even with bruised lips.

“I see. After you got up, how many more times did you slip?” he sarcastically asked.

Nevanka couldn’t carry on the lie any longer. “You have to realize Baldomr, it was entirely my fault. He is my husband and I have to obey him. If he wants to do things at the end of the night, then it is my obligation to do as he wishes. That’s what women are for,” Nevanka told him as she lowered her head to hide the tears.

“You can’t be serious! You are not property! What ever happened after I left, it seems it took a long time to break you,” Baldomr snapped back at her. His anger was reaching a point of no return.

“I don’t need your blessing on how I live my life! Now if you don’t mind, I have chores to get done so please get out of my way!” she screamed.

Nevanka shoved him out of the way and ran off down the street towards her house. Baldomr looked out of place as he stood in the center of the street watching Nevanka disappear out of sight. It had been quite some time since his anger reached this level. He knew he had to calm down but he couldn’t go back to the castle in this state so he turned around and headed in the direction of Crook’s Creek Pub.

Dusk, 7 miles East of Predjama.

Andrejcek Crojemic was on his way back from the meeting in Stockholm. He was confident that the deal to get the railway diverted to Predjama was in the bag, at least it had better be. He paid off the director with almost everything he had, even the money left over from mortgaging his house to the city. If it went through, he was in a position to make a fortune. If for some reason that shifty little politician didn’t come through, he would surely lose everything.

Andrejcek’s horse started to shy away from the brush that lined the dirt road. He pulled the reins over, trying to get the horse to stay on the road. It was getting dark and he couldn’t afford to have his horse stumble and go lame. If he did, Andrejcek knew it would take forever to get back, and he needed to continue his retraining of Nevanka. Before long, she would be the sluttiest wife a man would ever need.

“Come on you stupid horse, get back on the damn road. There isn’t anything but squirrels out there,” he told his horse.

It took only a few more strides before he headed away from the brush again. “Damn it. Get your ass back over there or I’ll slap you fucking silly!” Andrejcek screamed.

As Andrejcek raised his hand to slap the horse’s head, his horse whinnied and stood up on its hind legs. The movement was so sudden and violent that Andrejcek had little time to grab the horn of the saddle. As he landed hard on the ground, the horse was in such a panic that he accidently stepped on Andrejcek’s thigh. He screamed out in pain as the bone snapped cleanly in two. The wounded Mayor could only grab his leg and look on as the horse darted off in the distance.

Andrejcek tried to stand up, he found it difficult, but finally succeeded. He looked over towards the brush and thought that maybe he could find a tree branch to help him hobble home. As he hopped towards the thick brush, he heard a low noise. Andrejcek stopped where he was and turned his head, trying to better define the sound in front of him. It didn’t take him long to figure it out. A deep angry growl emanated from the darkness.

Slowly, as if the animal was trying to scare him even further, the creature stuck his head out. Andrejcek tried to scream out in fear as the huge head of a wolf appeared, but couldn’t. Andrejcek had seen many wolves in his time but nothing that compared to this. As more of the creature emerged he could tell it must be a mutant of some kind, this thing was almost the size of a black bear. The paws alone were as big as a human head with what appeared to be razor sharp claws.

Andrejcek tried to take step back, but his injured leg wouldn’t allow it and he fell to the ground. He saw the creature’s overly large canine teeth and knew he was going to be savagely torn to pieces. As the wolf approached, it seemed it was moving with a purpose, almost as if he was not just deciding on killing him, but how. The creature stopped with his head hovering over his chest and Andrejcek could feel the wetness of the creatures drool.

The creature stared into Andrejcek’s eyes as if trying to read his mind. When Andrejcek looked back at the wolf, it appeared the creature was thinking. Pondering on the decision to kill him or not. Maybe he could reason with it to spare his life. Was it possible to rationalize with a wild animal?

“Please leave me alone. I’m not here to hurt you so please go back where you came from,” he said.

The wolf circled around Andrejcek’s head and he thought the tactic worked. Suddenly the wolf swung his large paw at his arm, slicing his jacket sleeve along with the flesh it was covering. Andrejcek grabbed his injured bicep and pressed tightly. When he screamed out for help, the wolf looked up into the darkening sky and howled loudly. Andrejcek thought the beast was mocking him. As if to say, ‘go ahead and scream, no one will hear you.’

The large brown creature moved toward Andrejcek’s uninjured leg and looked into his eyes again. With lightning speed, the beast sunk its teeth into his knee, puncturing the artery and shattering the joint. To accent the injury, the wolf clawed his thigh to shreds. As the Mayor lay wreathing in a puddle of his own blood, the wolf moved the other side of his body.

‘Oh God! This wolf is toying with me. Like it’s enjoying taking its time’ he thought.

It turned its head toward Andrejcek’s groin and released another deep growl. Andrejcek lifted his head up and starred at the huge beast. Dragging his inevitable death out was agonizing as if it had a vendetta not just with humans, but him personally.

“Come on you stupid fucking mutt! Get on with it or go back and hump your bitch!” Andrejcek screamed.

The animal turned its head to look at the injured man lying on the ground. Andrejcek was a little confused as he watched the animal start to tremble. It was almost as if it was part human and it just became very angry. The wolf roared with an intensity of which Andrejcek had never heard. In one swift move of its paw, the beast swiped at Andrejcek’s groin.

The sharp claws removed his cock and balls, along with opening up his lower abdomen allowing his intestines to spill out onto the dirt road. Andrejcek screamed out in agony as his genitals flew over his head and landed on the other side of the road. He tried to move away using his one good arm but the wolf put his paw on top of his broken leg causing him to screech out again. The wolf lowered its heavy head until it was just inches away from his face.

“I don’t deserve to die like this,” he whimpered as the beast opened its jaws and removed Andrejcek Crojemic’s face off his head.

********** Nevanka sat on the modest couch awaiting the return of her husband. She had the top buttons of her dress undone allowing her breasts to hang out. This was the way she was told to be when he got home and after last night’s rape, she didn’t need to be told twice. Her face was emotionless as she wondered where he was, he should have been home hours ago.

She didn’t see the erotic nature of sitting like this. Even though she was a beautiful woman, how could anyone get an erection from looking at her? Her face was still badly bruised and her lips swollen, and the oral sex that she was forced to do this morning didn’t help matters any. Nevanka was lost in her thoughts so the sudden knock on the door startled her. Quickly buttoning her dress, she opened the door to find the old man who ran the livery stable.

“Good evening Mrs. Crojemic,” he said as he tipped his hat in respect.

“Good evening. My husband is out right now. You’ll need to come back in the morning if you need to speak with the Mayor,” she told him as she put her hand to her face. ‘I must look hideous, please leave. I’m ashamed enough already,’ she thought.

“Well miss that’s what I came to tell you. A few minutes ago, the Mayor’s horse showed up at the livery without him. He was covered in sweat and jumpy. Something must have spooked him pretty good to be in that kind of shape,” the old man told her. He tried hard not to stare.

“Oh. Thank you for coming over and telling me. I’m sure he’s fine; he’s a very accomplished rider. I’ll tell him you have the horse when he gets back,” she replied.

The man tipped his hat and turned to leave but stopped. He turned back towards her and looked at her with a sad face. “Miss, if it means anything I think what happened to you is wrong. No matter what you’ll always be pretty to me.” Nevanka closed the door and leaned back against it. If she were a hundred times stronger, she still would not have stopped the tears from flowing down her battered face.

She finally pulled herself together and went back to the couch. When she was comfortable, she unbuttoned her dress again and pulled it to the side. If he came home now and she wasn’t ready, there would certainly be hell to pay. As she waited for her abusive husband, the words of the old man ran through her mind repeatedly. ‘He was just being polite. No one would ever want me again now that I look like this,’ she thought to herself.

There was another knock on the door. Nevanka opened her eyes and noticed the sun was shinning through the kitchen window. ‘Oh no, I must have fallen asleep. Where is Andrejcek? He should have been home by now,’ she thought.

The knock came again, but harder this time and Nevanka raced for the door. When she opened it, she saw the town constable standing on the front porch. His eyes traveled down and he blushed a bit. Nevanka looked down and noticed her breast were visible from the open dress. She had totally forgotten that it was open waiting on Andrejcek to come home.

“I’m sorry, please excuse me. I was um, just getting dressed,” she said quickly as she pulled the garment closed.

“Excuse the intrusion Mrs. Crojemic. I was wondering if I could come in and talk with you?” he asked as he averted his eyes to the side of the house.

“Yes, Sir. Please come in and sit down,” Nevanka told him, then quickly went into the bedroom to make her face more presentable.

“Would you like something to drink? I don’t have any coffee fixed yet but I could bring you some water,” she called out to him.

“That’s not necessary Mrs. Crojemic. I just have a few questions for you,” he replied as he studied the interior of the house.

When Nevanka returned she took a seat next to the officer and quietly stared at the floor. She tried to keep the damaged side of her face away from him.

“Mrs. Crojemic do you know when the last time you saw your husband?” he asked.

“It was yesterday morning. He went to Stockholm to discuss business and he didn’t come home last night. The stable master came over and told me his horse must have thrown him,” she told him as she raised her head and looked at him.

“I’m sorry that I have to be the one to tell you this. Your husband was found dead early this morning. He was discovered about seven miles outside of town,” he told her, then reached for her hand.

“What happened? Was he robbed?” Nevanka said softly.

“No Nevanka. From what the riders who found him said it appears that some wolves or wild dogs attacked him. That would explain why his horse got spooked and bolted,” the constable told her.

“Do I have to identify the body?” she asked quickly.

“Nevanka I’m afraid no one can identify the body, it’s pretty ripped up. To be honest, I almost got sick just listening to him describing it.

“Then maybe it wasn’t Andrejcek. Maybe it was someone else,” Nevanka tried to reason with him. “They found his wallet. It was Andrejcek Crojemic,” he informed her.

Nevanka had a blank stare, as if she was in shock. “I’m really sorry for your loss. This is the part of my job that I hate the most, so if there is anything…,” he said quietly.

“No. I think I really want to be alone right now, thank you for coming. Please let me know when to collect his body,” Nevanka whimpered.

“I have a few men on their way right now. They should have him to the undertaker later this afternoon. If you prefer, I could come over and escort you over there,” the constable offered.

Nevanka shook her head in agreement but turned her gaze to the floor. The dispirited officer got up and went to the door. When he was safely outside, he turned back towards the door and wondered. How in the world could a woman feel saddened for a husband that was a manipulative bastard like the Mayor?

While the battered wife sat in her home wondering what to do, Baldomr sat at the dining room table picking at his lunch but not really eating. The voice of Nevanka still rolled through his mind from yesterday. Her words hurt him immensely, but he couldn’t be sure if it was to pain him or protect her? Just then, Cilka walked in to collect her dishes.

“Sir, I am never going to get my chores done if you just keep picking at your food,” she said sternly as she placed her hands on her hips.

“I’m sorry Cilka, I guess I’m just not hungry,” Baldomr said, pushing the plate away from him.

“If you don’t mind me saying so Sir, you haven’t been the same since yesterday afternoon. Then you go out last night and it seems it’s worse now. Where did you go out to?” Cilka asked politely.

“I had to help a friend with a problem,” he told her but continued to stare off into space.

“Were you able to help him with his problem?” she asked.

“It wasn’t a man, it was a woman,” Baldomr replied quietly.

“Oh, I see,” Cilka responded with a bit of happiness.

She picked up the plate of untouched food and then looked down at her employer. “She must be something special to have you tied up in knots like this,” she told him and then quietly left the room.

Baldomr didn’t hear her, his thoughts were of his Father. ‘Use it wisely. It should never be used for personal gain,’ that’s what he said a million times. Baldomr wondered if he’d done the correct thing. Did he use his gift for personal gain or was it to save Nevanka from a life of abuse? Did he let his ancestors down by losing his temper, or make them proud that he disposed of a despicable man?

Baldomr felt torn inside as he battled with his thoughts. He wanted to go see Nevanka, make sure she was all right but he couldn’t. He was the cause of her new pain so it wouldn’t be right. He got up and decided to visit the pub; maybe he could find his answers at the bottom of a few beers. Grabbing his hat, he headed out into the bright sunshine.

When Baldomr reached the edge of town, he looked over towards Nevanka’s house. What he saw caused him to catch his breath quickly. The town’s constable was leading Nevanka down the street. She had a black cloak on with the hood pulled over her head. The way she was holding on to his arm proved that she was aware of what become of Andrejcek.

Baldomr followed behind them on the way to the pub and saw that they went into the undertaker’s house. He was sure that dead body of the Mayor was in the back, being prepared for the funeral.

“I hope you’re ok Nevanka, please forgive me,” he whispered as he strolled into the pub.

Baldomr was in the pub for just an hour when he had enough of the early afternoon drunks and whores. He left the pub and looked over at the diner, he saw Nevanka sitting by the window with her hood held tightly around her head. Taking a chance, he walked towards the little diner to speak with the woman who filled his thoughts. When he went inside, he stood by her table and looked down at her covered form.

“Hello Nevanka, would you mind if I sit down,” he asked in a soft voice.

Nevanka looked up and saw that it was Baldomr. She quickly shifted in her seat and pulled the hood closer to her face. She shrugged her shoulders indicating that she didn’t really care one way or the other. When he sat down, he motioned for the server to come over.

“Would you be so kind as to bring me a cup of coffee please,” he said to the plump server.

When she left he turned to his tablemate. “I would like to apologize for my behavior yesterday. You were right when you said it was none of my business. I hope you can find it within you to forgive me,” Baldomr told her. There was a small pause as if she was deciding whether to accept his apology.

“I’m the one who should apologize. I realize that you were just concerned for me, but please understand that I was also trying to protect you. If you had gone to the house to confront him, he would have had you arrested. I guess that doesn’t matter any longer,” Nevanka said still looking away.

“What do you mean it…” he started to say, but was interrupted with the arrival of his coffee.

When the woman left, Baldomr turned back to Nevanka. “What do you mean it doesn’t matter any longer?” he asked.

“Andrejcek is dead. He died last night on his way home. The constable said it must have been wolves or maybe some wild dogs. That’s why I’m in here; I was too upset to go home and needed to think,” she told him without looking at him.

“I’m sorry for your loss. If there’s anything I can do, anything you might need help…” he said but stopped when she turned to look at him.

“You seem to be under the impression that I’m grieving, far from it. Take a good look at me; do you think I could grieve for a husband that would do this? Besides, why are you sitting here talking to a monster? Hell, you could have any single woman in town, and probably some married ones too. Me, I don’t think I’ll ever be normal again,” she told him.

“Nevanka, I didn’t mean to upset you it’s just…”

“I know you’re just being kind to me Baldomr. The strange thing is, you don’t really have to. I’m a woman, and women are good for one thing. Pity isn’t it,” she added and then looked away.

Baldomr looked at her in shock. He wondered how could a caring woman, who wouldn’t hurt a soul, become so cold overnight? Her late manipulative husband must have done something so horrific that maybe she was right. Maybe she would never be normal again.

“First off Nevanka, I wasn’t trying to pity you. You can be sorrowful for someone and be empathic to things that have happened to them but you cannot pity them. They can only do that to themselves. Second thing is, you have some injuries. Some of them are in the inside and they take time to heal. The ones on the outside are easier to fix,” he told her.

Nevanka slowly turned and looked at the man who was trying to make her feel better. “The ones on the outside are easier to fix?” she asked him. The battered wife slowly pulled the hood down and Baldomr suddenly realized he did the right thing. There were large bruises all over her neck, but what made it worse was the deep human bite mark along her shoulder.

I need you to come with me. I know just the person who can fix you up good as new,” he said with a smile, trying to make her feel at ease.

“I know, I should go to the doctor but I’m embarrassed and I spent most of my money on the undertaker,” she said as she pulled the hood back over her head.

Baldomr threw some cash on the table and reached for Nevanka’s arm helping her up. When he did, she grimaced in pain. He apologized and helped her stand up, then led her to the door. When he extended his arm for her, she just shook her head.

“I don’t mean to sound unappreciative, but I don’t want to give people any more to talk about than they already do. I’ll just walk beside you,” she told him quietly.

They quietly walked back to the castle. Baldomr felt like he should say something but didn’t really know where to start. He couldn’t figure out what hurt her worse the people staring at her or the wounds themselves. When they arrived at his door, he opened it for her and allowed her to go in first. When he closed it, he looked around quickly.

“Cilka, would you come here please,” he said loudly as the sudden sound of his voice made Nevanka jump.

“Yes Sir. What can I do for…” she said but stopped short when she noticed he had company.

“Oh I’m sorry; I didn’t know we were having company. Sir, you really should tell me when you’re bringing guests over,” Cilka said as she wiped her hand furiously in her apron.

“Sorry about that Cilka, this is Nevanka. She could use some of your special help, if you know what I mean,” he told her.

“Oh I see. What seems to be the problem dear?” Cilka asked as she stepped closer.

Nevanka paused for a moment, and then slowly lowered the hood off her matted blond hair. Cilka gasped in shock as the wounds came into view. She didn’t know what to say to the woman who was visibly shaking.

“I slipped on my tea,” Nevanka said quietly.

Cilka’s face quickly turned to that of understanding. “That’s what they all say dear. Women now days need to find something else to slip on,” she told her, trying to calm her fears.

She held Nevanka’s hand and led her to the kitchen while Baldomr went to his study. He knew that Cilka was better than any doctor was and didn’t need his help. When Baldomr sat down in his high backed leather chair, he closed his eyes and thought about the recent events.

Adam Dawson and Kevin Dvorska stopped dead in their tracks and looked at each other. After a few moments, they looked over their shoulder and looked back at Kristine.

“All I ask is for ten minutes to explain myself, after that you can leave if you want,” she said.

“Ok, have it your way — for now. After ten minutes if I’m not satisfied, you’re a corpse,” Adam told her.

“Please follow me gentlemen,” she said, as she walked past them to the front door.

Kristine led them inside the castle and after they cleared the front door, she hung a sign on the front that indicated the tours were canceled for the day. She closed and locked it, then looked at both of them.

“What I need to show you is upstairs,” she told them.

Kristine brushed past the two Seals and removed a thick red rope from the staircase, and then went up. Adam had an instinct to get his Sig out of the sedan but decided against it. The CIA operative was no match for two trained killers.

The blond haired woman went down the hall and stopped in front of a large oak door and looked back to see if they were following her. To their credit, they separated with Kevin staying a few feet away and Adam moving behind her.

“Welcome home Mr. Dvorska,” Kristine said in a whisper to Kevin.

When she walked into the room, Adam and Kevin followed her but were on hyper alert, just in case something went bad. They entered a large study filled with books from the ceiling to the floor. Kevin wondered how someone could gather that many books and still find use for them.

When Adam saw that it was just a study, he decided to put an end to the fun and games today. The mission was an utter failure and the CIA operative was as useless as Johansson, even on his best day.

“Kevin, go start the car and point it out of here. I’ll do what needs to be done and then I’ll meet you at the front door in two minutes,” Adam told him.

“That’s very kind of you Mr. Dawson, but before you kill me for no reason, I really think you should look behind you and meet Mr. and Mrs. Baldomr Purgstall,” Kristine said with a shit-eating grin.

When Adam turned around, the only thing that kept him from struggling for breath was the intense training that every Seal goes through. It’s a reflex that keeps you calm when presented the unbelievable, no matter what the circumstance.

“Holy fucking shit,” he muttered under his breath.

“You go ahead L-tee, I’ll do it,” Kevin said as he glared at the tour guide.

“Turn around Kevin, I think I know why she’s acting this way,” Adam uttered out.

When Kevin turn around, Kristine knew she was safe from being killed and thrown into the caves.

“Holy — mother — of…” Kevin muttered.

“Now you understand why I was so taken aback with you, Kevin — Dvorska,” Kristine said.

Kevin looked at the painting with disbelief. The painting had to be over a hundred years old, and it still looked as if he himself was standing with the beautiful woman in a bright red dress, along with their son. This had to be a trick, some sort of hoax that she was playing on him, it just wasn’t possible.

“It took me a lot of years to track down the great, great, grandson of Baldomr and Nevanka. I never really knew how I’d act when I finally got to me you,” Kristine said.

“Kevin that really looks like you in one of those old time photo shops back at Virginia Beach,” Adam told him.

“Yeah it does L-tee, but that’s not me and none of this is real. I’m endangering the mission and we need to leave. There is one thing we need to do and that’s to take out…” Kevin said, but he was interrupted by a sudden breeze that flowed through the room.

They all three thought it was strange that the air would rush into a totally closed room, but when Kevin turned around to face Kristine for an answer, a large porcelain vase flew off the mantle above the fire place and smashed on the floor at Kevin’s feet.

“As I said in the tour gentlemen, Predjama castle is haunted. To be perfectly honest with you, that is the first time they have ever broke anything. It was either a welcome home Kevin, or they really want you to keep your temper for some reason,” she said as she moved to pick up the pieces.

“Um — I don’t mean to sound rude or anything Kristine, but what the hell is going on?” Adam asked.

“Well let me just pick up these last few pieces of this very expensive vase, and then we can go down stairs and calmly talk about it. That is if I have a reprieve on my life Adam,” she said as she stood up.

When they finally made it down stairs and to the kitchen, Kevin and Adam both took a seat at the small breakfast bar in the corner. Adam looked around at the small kitchen and wondered how much of it was from years past and what was updated.

“Would you gentlemen care for a drink, or something to eat? I make a mean steak and eggs with a Bloody Mary,” Kristine said as she opened the refrigerator door.

“Water if you have it and then some answers,” Adam said.

Kristine pulled two bottles of water out of the door and moved over to sit with the two Seals. She handed one to Adam and one to Kevin who refused to even touch the bottle. He stared at her with very angry eyes. He knew he couldn’t change form and risk having his team leader know what he really was, so all he could do was glare at her.

“Ok Adam, some answers. As I indicated earlier, I owe my life to Kevin’s grandparents. Marta and Toncek Dvorska helped my grandparents, Titiana and Dario Sekerija escape to America after being tortured by some SS Major. Well at least they ended up helping them at the end. My grandmother told me the story when I was very young, and it has captivated me ever since,” Kristine said.

“Wait a minute. I was informed that you grew up here in Predjama,” Adam said.

“I did. After my grandparents passed away my father moved us to Slovenia, and we settled here in Predjama when I was eight. That however is not the reason I’ve been researching the Dvorska’s,” she told him.

“You see, here in Slovenia, property is property forever. Even though the state took control of Predjama castle, if a true living heir of the last known owner ever laid claim to the property, they would have no choice but to relinquish the castle to him or her,” Kristine said and then looked over at Kevin.

“Kevin, do you remember ever getting letters in the mail saying that you were the rightful heir to Predjama castle?” she asked him.

“Yeah, but I thought it was some sort of scam. Send some money to us for legal fees and we’ll send you the papers for the Brooklyn Bridge. That’s why you’ve been acting funny around me, because I’m the heir of Predjama castle?” Kevin asked.

“Well of course, why else would I be so taken aback with you Mr. Dvorska?” she replied with a puzzled look.

“You said something about a captivating story about his grandparents,” Adam said.

“It’s not about his grandparents; it’s what supposedly happened before they showed up with their son Luka. You have to understand that she was very old when she told me this so I don’t know how much is true. They were being questioned about the whereabouts of the Dvorska’s from an SS Major. She never knew why they wanted them, just that he was very insistent on finding them,” she said.

“Did your grandparents ever tell you a story about a large wolf?” she asked Kevin.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Kristine,” he lied, even though he knew the story well.

“Anyway, it seems that sometime during the questioning a pair of large wolves broke into the house and started fighting each other. Finally at the end, my grandmother shot one of them, but she said it was like shooting a piece of steel. One of them finally killed the other and then she told me she fainted. That’s when Marta and Toncek Dvorska showed up with their small son, Luka,” she told them.

“If you ask me, it sounds like she might not have been all there at the end Kristine,” Kevin said to her.

“Maybe, but if it wasn’t for your grandparents getting them out of the country, they surely would have be killed by the Nazis because they worked for the underground. My mother would not have been born and hence, I would not exist. I know that part is true,” she told Kevin.

“Holy shit Kevin, you own a fucking castle. The guys are going to shit themselves when they find out,” Adam exclaimed as he took a drink of water.

“It doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to my father, and even if it did, I don’t want it. I have a home in the teams and that’s where I’m staying. Now can we please get off the subject of my heritage and focus on Radovan Valenta and Pete?” Kevin asked in an annoyed tone.

“Ok Kristine, now that I don’t want to kill you, what’s the latest Intel on Valenta?” Adam asked.

“As of last night he was still in town. Follow me upstairs and I’ll show you to your room, it’s the best spot to set up an observation area. After you’re settled in, I’ll take you to the comm set and you can check in with your command,” she told them and then led them out of the kitchen.

“Kevin, I’ll go check the room. You go and get the gear out of the car, but leave one of the Sigs inside just incase,” Adam said and then followed Kristine up stairs.

When the two of them entered the large room, Adam couldn’t help but stare in awe and wonder why Kevin wouldn’t want to own this place. He walked up to the large bay window and peered down at Predjama.

“Wow you weren’t kidding about the view, it’s fantastic,” Adam told her.

“Yes indeed, fantastic,” Kristine whispered as she stared at his backside.

Adam turned his head to see what she was looking at. When he figured it out, he smiled inside and felt his cock start to harden again.

“So does anyone else help you with the tours?” Adam asked her.

“I’m sorry, what?” she replied quickly, knowing she just got caught staring at his body.

“I asked if anyone helps you with the tours or do you work alone?” he repeated as he looked back out the window.

“Um — no I work here alone and keep tabs on things in and around Predjama. It’s just me and the ghosts,” she said with a little laugh.

“Hate to tell you this, but I don’t really believe in ghosts, however I can’t really explain how that vase got broke,” he said and then went over to check the bed.

“I didn’t believe at first either, but lately the activity has picked up tremendously. Lights dimming and gusts of wind when the windows are closed. Something strange that happened a few nights ago really made me nervous,” she said as she shivered slightly.

“You’re a CIA operative, you’re not supposed to get nervous,” he told her.

“I was almost asleep and although I couldn’t make it out very well, it sounded like someone was screaming in pain. Scared the hell out me,” Kristine admitted.

“Probably just a draft coming through the cracks in the walls, this place must be loaded with them,” he told her, trying to calm her down.

Kevin entered the bedroom carrying all the equipment and bags. After setting them down he went to the window and looked out and surveyed the area.

“Wow Kristine the view is fantastic,” Kevin said.

Kristine glanced quickly at Adam Dawson and blushed brightly. Adam had to try really hard not to laugh at her awkwardness, as he picked up his bag and began getting his clothes out.

“Um — I need another water, I’ll be right back,” she said and then quickly left the room.

Adam looked over at the little table next to the door and laughed softly. Kristine’s first bottle of water was still sitting there — unopened.

“What is it Adam? Did I say something wrong,” Kevin asked.

“No Kev, you didn’t say anything wrong. I do agree with you though — the view is pretty damn good,” Adam told him, but he wasn’t referring to the town below.


It was noon in Predjama and neither Kevin nor Adam had seen the Serbian Intel officer. Adam began to wonder if he was even in town anymore. He realized that there was a possibility that he might have left sometime during the night and they had missed him. The only way to find out for sure was to go into town and check it out.

As Kristine entered the bedroom, Adam’s train of thought was broken. He silently scolded himself for allowing himself to be distracted by her presence, but he knew that you’d have to be dead not to notice her.

“Well gentlemen, any luck?” she asked as she took a sip of her water.

“No, nothing yet. Are you sure he’s still in town?” Adam asked.

“I saw him with one of his bodyguards over at Crook’s Creek last night having a drink,” she told him.

“Is there a place in town to have lunch? We might have to do some reconnaissance of the town to be sure,” Adam said.

“Yes, a small diner across the street from there. The food isn’t as good as mine, but it won’t kill you either. You can say your doing some background research on the town while Kevin takes pictures,” Kristine offered.

“Sounds like a great idea Boss. I don’t know about you, but I’m damn near starving to death,” Kevin said as his stomach started to rumble.

“Yeah, I can see you’re just withering away on this mission,” Adam said mockingly.

Just then the lights in the room began to flicker quickly and then went really bright and stayed that way for a few seconds before returning to normal.

“Be careful L-Tee, you don’t want to piss off great, great grandpa and grandma,” he said with a chuckle.

“Stow it Dvorska. As old as this place is, the wiring must be hundreds of years old,” Adam said

“Alright you two, let’s go get something to eat before you really do piss off Baldomr and he breaks something else. Kevin, bring a couple of cameras with you. I’ll call my friend that Valenta is supposed to be staying with and invite her to join us,” Kristine said.

Adam grabbed the silenced 9mm Sig Sauer and stuck it behind his shirt. If he was going into town, he wasn’t going unarmed. He then turned and followed Kristine down stairs as Kevin strapped on two cameras, one of them with a telephoto lens.

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky as the three undercover operatives walked the short distance into town. People were moving about in the streets, and stopping into the few stores that were there. Kevin took a lot of pictures of the residence of Predjama, as Kristine answered questions about the town and history.

As they approached her friend Clara’s house, Adam could hear the shutter on Kevin’s camera going a hundred miles an hour, as he tried to capture ever angle of the modest size home. While snapping away, Clara exited the home and glared at Kevin for taking her picture.

“Excuse me, but please don’t take photos of me or my home,” she said in an annoyed tone.

“Forgive me Miss, I was just taking…” Kevin started to say.

“It’s alright Clara. I would like you to meet Adam Dawson from National Geographic and that is his photographer Kevin,” Kristine said quickly as she tried to calm her fears.

“Gentlemen, nice to meet you, but I still don’t want you taking pictures of me or my home,” she said sharply.

“Yes Miss, I’m sorry to have offended you,” Kevin told her as he put his camera away.

“I’m sorry, what was your name again?” Clara asked the young Seal.

“Oh, it’s Kevin, Kevin Colbata,” Kevin lied.

“Come on Clara, let’s go get something to eat, I’m starved. Mr. Dawson offered to pay,” Kristine told her, as she grabbed her friends arm.

Kevin walked up to Adam Dawson and whispered in his ear.

“That’s really big of you Adam, buying us all lunch,” Kevin said quietly.

“Yeah, real big of me — dumbass,” he replied.

As the group now headed for the diner, Adam Dawson studied the new arrival. She really didn’t look like much, even though he knew she was Valenta’s informant. Clara was slightly overweight and short. Adam guessed maybe five feet tall, if that. Given his training, he could see why Valenta would have chosen her. More than likely, he was the first man to have showed any interest in her.

When they reached the diner, Kevin took a couple of shots of the front, which brought another cold look from Clara.

“Don’t worry Clara, I didn’t get you in the picture,” Kevin said to her.

“Hey Mr. Dawson look across the street. It’s a little pub or something,” Kevin said excitedly.

Adam, Kristine and Clara turned to look across the street as Kevin snapped away again.

“That Mr. Dawson, is Crook’s Creek Pub. It’s one of the oldest pubs within a hundred kilometers of here. You really should visit there sometime while you’re here. There is a lot of history in there and I’m sure you and Kevin could get something useful for your documentary,” Kristine told him.

“Yeah maybe, but first lets eat. I think I heard someone was starved earlier,” Adam said and then followed them into the quiet little diner.

After taking a table in the back, a cute little server came up. Adam thought she couldn’t be more than 15 or 16. If that was the case, then this must be a family owned diner and they have their kids working here.

When she stood at the table and looked at Kevin, she blushed a little bit and took the drink orders. The small act of shyness and bright red cheeks did not go unnoticed by Kristine as the young girl left.

“You better be careful Kevin, I think you have a secret admirer. She was checking you out,” Kristine taunted him.

“Mr. Dawson, tell her to quit picking on me,” he whined.

“You’re over 18, do it yourself,” Adam said with a laugh.

“Oh speaking of secret admirers how’s that hunk you’ve been seeing? Has he proposed yet, or does he just want to be lovers forever,” Kristine asked her friend.

“That’s great, you’re getting married. When’s the wedding? I’d love to have some shots of a wedding at the castle,” Adam quickly interjected.

“We’re not getting married Mr. Dawson, at least not yet anyway. He said he love’s me but he’s not ready to settle down yet,” Clara told him.

“I wouldn’t worry Clara; I’m sure someone like you will be able to convince him. Men just need more time to figure out what they have,” Kristine said and then looked at Adam.

“And some men don’t even know it when it’s right in front of them,” she said with little doubt to what she meant.

It was Adam’s turn to shy away as the comment hit its mark. Luckily for him, the young server came along with the drinks, and even though Kevin was the furthest away, she placed his drink down first. Once everyone was served she pulled out a small notebook and took the food order. Adam and Kevin really didn’t know what to get so he had Kristine order for them.

“Kevin’s got a girlfriend, Kevin’s got a girlfriend,” Kristine teased.

“We have a saying back in the States, 15 will get you 30. I think I’ll pass on the trip to prison if you don’t mind,” Kevin said flatly.

“You know I was just thinking,” Adam said as he tried to change the subject.

“A great angle to the film about the castle would be how they inspire love and stuff. They have a romantic charm that filters down to the people who live around them, or something along those lines. Maybe I could sit down with you and your boyfriend Clara and take some notes. I promise Kevin won’t take any pictures,” Adam said.

“Oh that’s a wonderful idea Adam. Maybe after lunch we can all go back to your house and talk awhile. What do you say Clara, wanna be in his story?” Kristina added.

“Maybe, but it will have to wait. He had to leave town for a few days on business, but afterwards if you wanted to, I guess that would be ok. You must promise not to take pictures though, he really gets upset when you try to take his picture,” Clara confided in them.

“That would be just fine Clara; we can stay a few more days here. You should know Clara that my company will compensate you and, I’m sorry, what is his name?” Adam asked.

“Um — it’s Radovan,” she said.

“Yes well, we will compensate you and Radovan for any interview you give, after all it’s only fair,” Adam added.

As the group ate their lunch, they chatted about Predjama. Even though Adam and Kristine keep trying to bring up Radovan into the conversation, Clara consistently moved away from it. She either was too shy about being in love, or he had told her not to discuss him to strangers. One thing was sure to Adam Dawson, the interview would be the perfect opening to capture Radovan Valenta.


Chief Bob Holiday sat at his desk going over pictures of the area around Predjama castle. Hopefully when he picked up his Lieutenant, he’d have the package and some extra baggage in the form of Pete Newman. Holiday’s thoughts were interrupted when Petty Officer Davidson from Navy Intel entered the room.

“Hey Chief, got a minute?” he asked.

“Sure Davidson, what is it?” Bob replied as he put his photo’s down.

“You know that phone tap you had us put in, well we went through some of the tapes from this morning. There’s something that I think you better listen to for yourself,” Davidson told him.

“You think you got a nibble on the hook,” he asked as he stood up.

“No not really. I think it ate the damn thing and the lines on full drag now,” he said as he followed the Chief out the door.

When they got to the secure room, Davidson punched in the code to enter. They moved over to one of the large computer consoles, and the Petty Officer pulled up the voiceprint and pressed play.

“Where is he God damn it! I need to talk to him.”

“Martina I’m sorry, he is still in Predjama, but if it’s important I can get a message to him.”

“You’re right about that you little bitch, it is important. Kevin Dvorska and his team leader, Adam Dawson, are in Predjama as we speak. I don’t care if you have to whore yourself out to the whole Army, but get that fucking message to him — now!”

The recording ended and Bob’s anger grew proportionally stronger inside him. His team leader was correct about something being not quite right about Martina Duval.

“Did you get a trace on the number and who she called?” Bob asked as he tried to keep his temper.

“Sure did Chief. It’s registered to a small office building in Tuzla Bosnia,” he said.

“Bosnia! That little bitch is working for the Serbian Army!” he yelled a little too loud.

“You want us to pick her up and bring her in!” the young sailor asked.

“Hell no, let’s not tip our hand just yet. Besides, your main focus right now should be getting word to Lieutenant Dawson and getting him the hell out of Predjama. He’s been compromised,” Bob said, and then stormed out towards Neil Hawkins office.

1900 hrs, Predjama castle, Predjama Slovenia.

Adam Dvorska sat in the down stairs study looking around at all the really old artifacts that decorated the room. Kevin was busy upstairs checking the weapons for the third time since they got back from lunch. His motivation was, if Valenta was gone for a few days then they might have a chance to look for any sign of Pete. It was also that Kristine made him very nervous.

“Oh there you are Adam,” Kristine said as she pulled the red rope aside.

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind me being in here, I just wanted to sit and look at all the old artifacts. I must say it’s really a fabulous collection,” Adam said as he got off the 16th century love seat.

“No by all means go ahead, but please don’t touch anything in the room, most of the items are priceless,” she said as she took his place on the love seat.

Adam walked over to a small mantle above the fireplace and examined a stunning amulet. It was about two inches in diameter with strange symbols craved around the outside. In the center of it was a bright red stone that appeared to be a ruby of some sort.

“What is this Kristine? It looks to be hundreds of years old,” he said as he examined it.

“That Adam is probably the most notable item in the collection. No one knows how old it is, but it is rumored to have been handed down for generations in the Purgstall family. It’s made of pure silver and before you ask, yes, that’s a very rare ruby in the center,” Kristine said.

“What are these strange markings around the outside?”

“I wish I could tell you, but everyone I’ve shown it to is baffled, well except for one old lady in town. She took the tour once and when she saw it, she went nuts. When it was over she asked if she could get a closer look at it. Well she got closer and told me it was ‘The gift of the wolf’,” Kristine said as she got up and joined him.

“The what?” he asked with a baffled look.

“The gift of the wolf. She didn’t tell me anything more than that because she suddenly became frightened and ran out of the room. You have to realize that these people have very strange customs, and still believe in some of the old myths and legends,” Kristine said.

Kristine was about to get into some of the old tales about monsters and demons that are said to have been real, when Kevin walked into the small study. He didn’t know it, but it was the same study that his great, great grandmother stood in when she decided to take a chance on finding true love.

“Hey Boss, I was wondering if it’d be alright with you if I poked around a bit at the top of the cliff. I might be able to get a trace on what happened to Pete. Maybe go down to that pub and ask around a little,” he told his team leader.

“Sure thing let me get some flashlights and we’ll see what we come up with,” Adam replied as he walked towards him.

“It’d be faster if I went alone Adam. I can handle myself if anything comes up and I know what I’m looking for. If I find anything out I’ll come get you,” Kevin said.

Adam thought about it for a moment. His point man was a very gifted individual, and he made sense about being able to go faster alone. If there were any more clues out there, he was sure to find them. Since Valenta was out of town, the danger was minimal.

“Alright, but take the Sig with you just in case. Oh hey Kev, you gotta check this out. This amulet was passed down in your family dude,” Adam told him as he pointed to the mantle.

Kevin walked up to the mantle and stared at the priceless artifact.

“It’s called ‘The gift of the wolf’, and that’s a ruby. You’re rich Kev,” Adam said.

Kevin knew exactly what it was, his father showed him a picture of it once. He wanted to tell his teammate what it really was, but he couldn’t inform him about the Lycanthrope Medallion.

“I told you before, this place and these things belong to my father if he wants them. My place is in the teams — Sir,” Kevin told him.

As he turned to leave, the lights began to flicker again and then turn really bright.

“It seems that Baldomr and Nevanka don’t agree with you Kevin,” Kristine said.

Kevin turned his head to look at the beautiful operative. By the look on her face, he could tell that she really believed this place was haunted with the ghosts of his dead ancestors.

“Yeah whatever, I’ll be back in a few hours L-tee. I’m gonna hit Crook’s Creek first, see if I can get a line on where to start in town.”

“Ok, just don’t over do the drinks, and watch your six,” Adam told him.

Kevin Dvorska walked out of the room and the lights returned to normal. Adam adjusted his eyes again and shook his head clear.

“You really should get someone to check that out before the place catches fire,” he told her.

“Maybe some day, but right now I could use a nice glass of wine. Would you care to join me Mr. Dawson?” Kristine asked with a smile that would melt ice.

“I don’t think a few glasses would hurt anything. Just as long you don’t get me drunk and take advantage of me,” he said as a joke.

“I try never to make promises Adam, there too hard to keep,”


Peter Newman’s head was slumped down as he looked at the dried blood covering his legs. It was hard to see due to one of his eyes being swollen shut, and the other barely able to open. He was sore and dehydrated from the constant shocks and beatings that his capture inflicted on him. He was actually a bit relieved that he could rest a bit after Alex left.

Pete struggled with the restraints for the umpteenth time but to no avail, there was no getting loose.

“Ah my Seal friend is awake, good evening fuck you. Did you sleep well?” he asked him.

“You might as well forget it — Viljem, you might as well just kill me and get it over with. I’m not telling you shit,” Pete said without looking at him.

“Excellent! We are making progress fuck you. All this time you knew who I was, but you didn’t let on. Excellent,” Viljem Kordic told his captive.

Peter Newman’s stomach turned as he realized he made a tactual error on divulging the information. He had to try and turn the tables back to his advantage if possible.

“That’s right, I do know who you are you sick son of bitch. You’re Viljem Kordic and you get off on killing women and children. I bet it was real difficult to grease that ten-month-old baby in her crib,” Pete told him.

“Ah yes, it was most difficult, most difficult indeed. As a matter of fact, it really spoiled the rape my men were committing on her mother at the time. She seemed to be very distraught after that,” Viljem said.

“I wouldn’t get used to the idea of breathing. I have a feeling a few of my friends will pay you a visit in the middle of the night and solve the problem,” Pete said bravely.

“Oh do you mean Kevin Dvorska and — what was his name — Adam Dawson? Are those the friends you speak of? Have no worries fuck you, I only have use for you for a short time longer,” Viljem informed him.

“Fuck you.”

“I am past our names, and since I am in a generous mood, I will permit you a small treat. Would you care for some water? I realize it has been some time since you drank,” his captor said.

Pete finally looked up at him. If he could just get a drink, it might help him regain some strength and maybe get out of here. As Pete looked on, Viljem Kordic opened the bottle and held it over his mouth.

“You look dreadful, we should wash some of that mess off your face first,” he said as he began to pour the liquid out.

When it washed over his open wounds, Pete screamed in agony as the rubbing alcohol burned like nothing he’d felt before. He tried to turn his head and get clear of the burning substance, but Kordic held his hair tightly. As Pete continued to scream, the sadistic Viljem Kordic smiled.

“It seems you do not approve of my hospitality fuck you. I would love to stay and discuss this with you further, but I must go meet your friends and properly welcome them to Predjama,” he told the helpless Seal.

As he threw the empty bottle on the ground, his hand was in perfect position. When the closed fist backhand connected with Peter Newman’s temple, the pain of the alcohol was suddenly gone. The world went black, as the Navy Seal Officer slumped unconscious in his chair.

“I will see about getting you some company very soon. Sleep well fuck you,” he said and then walked towards the entrance of the cave.

Rome International Airport.

Flight 1198 had just pulled up to the international terminal and began the debarkation process. The first class passengers filed out slowly as they made their way to the customs counter. The elder gentleman was third in line, and patiently waited for his turn.

He was in turmoil as the feelings coursed through his aged body. His head told him he should have stayed home, but his heart had led him to Italy. Suddenly, another customs agent signaled for him to come over.

“Passport please,” the agent said.

“Here you go,” the elderly man replied.

“It seems Mr. — Dvorska, that this is your first time in our wonderful country. Are you here on business or pleasure Sir?” the agent asked.

“A little of both, I’m in the real estate business and I was looking for some properties up north,” he lied.

“Well everything looks in order with your documents. Please enjoy your stay,” he told Luka as he stamped the passport.

“Thank you, I’m sure I will. By the way, could you tell me where the car rental is in the airport?” Luka Dvorska asked as he put his passport back into his jacket.


Adam Dawson sat in the large leather chair in the lower study sipping his glass of wine. Kristine had her shoes off and was curled up on the antique love seat. Since it pulled her skirt a little tighter, Adam could make out every detail of her shapely legs. He was looking hard at them when Kristine cleared her throat to get his attention.

“You know, it’s the kindest form of flattery when you stare at a woman like it was your last meal,” she said with a little laugh.

“Um — no, I wasn’t staring at you; I was just thinking that’s all. I get like that sometimes, stare off into space and think,” he said, trying to explain being caught.

“Oh I see. For a moment there it looked as if you were staring at my legs, I must have been mistaken,” she told him in a pouty voice.

“No, I mean, if I was going to stare at you it’d be your legs. Yes, definitely your legs,” Adam told her quickly.

“Um — what’s it like for you to be a CIA operative?” he said as he tried to change the subject.

“It’s ok I suppose. I really don’t have much of a social life if you know what I mean. The only social life I do have is always undercover so it’s not real, for me any way. What about you, is it exciting to be a Seal?” she asked.

“Yes and no. I like the teams, but it’s always so secretive that the divorce rate in the teams is pretty high. I guess we’re in the same boat,” Adam said as he took another sip of wine.

“So there’s no Mrs. Dawson waiting at home with warm cookies for the kids?” Kristine said as she stretched her legs out.

“No. No Mrs. Dawson.”

“Oh I see,” she replied and then stood up and faced him.

“Would you like the — what do you Americans say — 25 cent tour?” Kristine asked as she smoothed out her dress.

“I’d love to. I’m kind of a history buff. I majored in it at Ohio State,” he said excitedly.

“Then by all means, follow me Mr. Dawson,” Kristine said as she brushed past him.

“By all means indeed Miss Duka,” Kevin replied with a smile and then followed her upstairs.

At the top of the stairs they took a left turn, and headed down the hallway away from his and Kevin’s room. Adam was amazed at the woodwork and architectural design of the castle, but even more at the alluring figure that led the way.

They stopped at a room at the end of the hall, and Kristine pulled a red rope aside and opened the door. Adam was stunned when he entered and saw the large canopy bed. There was an antique desk and mirror in one corner along with numerous old items like hairbrushes and oddly enough a small black doctor’s bag.

“Wow — this is amazing!

“Thank you. I’ve been working on this room for a while now as an addition to the tour. If I’m not mistaken this was the housekeeper’s room. I found some aprons and cleaning supplies in here when we first started the renovation.” Kristine told him as he looked around.

“What’s with the doctor’s bag in a housekeeper’s room?” he asked.

“We believe her name was Cilka, but there weren’t enough documents to prove it. It was said she was a very fine midwife, so we kept the bag here,” Kristine told him.

“I got to hand it to you Kristine, you’re a hell of a researcher,” Adam said as he looked around the room.

“Um — if you’ll excuse me, the little girl’s room is calling me. Please feel free to look around, these things are ok to pick up and look at,” Kristine told him and then walked back down the hall.

Adam nodded his head and walked over to the large window and looked out. The lights flickered around the town below, and he could make out some people walking around in the moonlight. As he turned towards the bed, he couldn’t resist pushing down on the comforter. When his hands kept sinking into the bed, he knew what it was.

“Holy shit, a genuine down feather mattress!” Adam said with surprise.

Adam faced the window and slowly sat down on the bed. His weight made the mattress sink lower and fold itself to his lower body. The feeling was exquisite as he closed his eyes and thought about sleeping in here tonight.

Just then he heard the door close and Adam immediately jumped off the bed and turned around. When he saw Kristine standing against the now closed door, he felt as if all the air rushed out of the room.

For a split second, everything in his body froze except his heartbeat, which was now racing faster and faster. Kristine knew he was startled by the way he was acting. This couldn’t be the first time he’d seen a vibrant naked woman leaning against a solid oak door.

“I was wondering, would you like to have sex with me?” Kristine asked the stunned Navy Seal.

He was shocked beyond words. She said it like she was asking him if he wanted some cookies before bed.

“Um — maybe I — um — gave you the wrong impression — Crystal…” he stuttered.

“It’s Kristine Adam, remember” she replied with a little laugh.

“Huh — oh yeah — Kristine, sorry. I — um — don’t think it’s a good idea to get — um — involved when we’re on a mission,” he tried to say but still found it hard to breathe.

“Your mission is on hold for a few days, and I’m not asking you if you want to get involved. I’m asking you if you want to have sex with me?” Kristine said as she walked over to the bed.

“You need to know something Adam. My job here prevents me from having any kind of relationship with a man. He’d want to come over all the time and maybe start asking too many questions about where I go. My cover would be shot and I’d be forced to kill him or leave,” she told him as she leaned against one of the thick pillars of the bed.

‘Where’s the fucking air in this room?’ he thought.

“Yes — um — I can see how that would be a problem,” Adam told her.

“You on the other hand already know who I am, and you’ll be leaving in a few days. I haven’t had a man in some time now and to tell you the truth, I’m getting tired of — how should I put this — taking care of it myself,” Kristine said as she slowly moved in front of him.

“That is a good — um — point, but Kevin will be back soon and he could…” Adam started to say.

“Is it because you don’t find me attractive?” Kristine said in a sultry whisper.

“Are you fucking kidding? A guy would have to be dead to not find you attractive,” Adam quickly blurted out.

Kristine ran her hand up Adam’s leg and rested her palm against his beating cock.

“It most certainly feels like you’re very much alive Adam. Kevin said he won’t be back for a few hours so the question still stands. Do you want to have sex with me?” she said as she pumped his cock a few times.

Adam lost the fight within him as he pulled her smaller body against his and kissed her. Kristine continued to jack his cock as her tongue started a battle with his inside her mouth. Soon she broke the kiss and stepped back towards the soft bed.

“Screw the foreplay, I need sex. Get out of those clothes — hurry,” she said with a wanton passion.

Adam deliberately took his time unbuttoning his shirt as Kristine lay back on the bed. When she was fully on it, it surrounded her like a warm white cloud. When Adam had his shirt off his muscular upper body came into view, and Kristine spread her legs and began stroking her baby smooth pussy quickly.

“I thought you said you were tired of doing it yourself?” Adam asked.

“I am damn it, but I’m so…” Kristine said but stopped short of saying something.

Adam knew he had to take control of the situation. That little fact escaped him since she shut the door a few moments ago. He unbuttoned his pants, and once again, took his time.

“You sounded like you wanted to say something but stopped, why,” he said with a little smile.

“Because it’s been a while and I don’t know when I’ll get laid again. I want to do everything I can think of and that includes…” Kristine said as she stared at his crotch.

“Go ahead — includes,” Adam whispered and then pulled his boxers off.

“Oh the hell with it. Including using the foulest fucking language I know. I’ve always got to be polite and courteous around people, but right now I want…” Kristine uttered quickly as she reached up and pulled her nipple hard.

“You want what?” he asked as he stepped forward and stood at the side of the bed.

Kristine stared at the hard bobbing cock just a foot away and licked her lips as if she was starving. She was breath taking, as she moved her one hand faster against her pussy. Adam thought if she ever made it to Virginia Beach, she’d cause a lot of accidents on the road from people looking at her.

“No, I can’t,” she replied as she tossed her head back and moaned.

When Adam ran his hands along the inside of her legs she shivered. Another thought came to him, maybe the castle was haunted and she was fighting off some kind of possession.

“Why don’t you just come out and say it so you can get it off your chest, which by the way is an incredible sight,” he said as he pushed her legs back a little bit more.

“Oh God damn it! I want to be a fucking cock sucking, cum swallowing, ass fucked slut! I want it in everyone of my holes, and I want to be flooded with so much hot fucking cum that it runs down my God damn legs for days. I want you to grab my hair and face fuck me. I want to choke on your cock, until I fucking puke down my chest!” Kristine screamed.

Adam could tell she was ready to explode any moment as the words flowed out of her mouth. If he didn’t help her get off soon, she was going to rip her nipple off, and he couldn’t have that.

With speed that even surprised him, he quickly pressed his open mouth against her soaked pussy and shoved his tongue in as far as it would go. He then pulled her hand away and replaced it with his rougher one.

As his thumb found her clit, he quickly pressed down and pistoned his tongue in and out with quick strokes. He was literally fucking her with his tongue.

“OH MY FUCKING GODDDD!” Kristine screamed out.

The thrashing woman quickly got his head in a scissors lock and held him there against her. It really wasn’t necessary, because Saint Peter himself couldn’t pull him away. The pressure was increasing as her climax neared, if she didn’t cum soon, Adam might really get injured. That’d be hard to explain to his teammate.

‘Hey Boss, what happened to your head.’

‘Nothing Kevin, I was just eating out Kristine and she clamped my head so hard my brains are leaking out now, I’ll be fine. Do you have cotton balls to make the ringing stop?’

Kristine’s screaming became more urgent, which brought him out of his thoughts. She must have been building this up for years as she egged him on with harsh language.

“Eat me, eat my fucking cunt. I’ll do anything you want, but get me off in your mouth,” she told him as she rocked her hips up.

Adam had to do something, and quick, so he removed his sore tongue to rest up and inserted two large fingers inside her. He would have moved his head up and sucked her clit but it was effectively held in place. After a few moments of finger fucking her gushing pussy he removed them, much to the displeasure of the panicking woman.

“No — please Adam — put them back in. Put them back in my cunt!” she screamed at him.

Adam shoved his tongue back in which seemed to suffice somewhat, she at least stop screaming at him. Thinking he was going to suffocate soon, he decided on another course of action.

With his fingers being thoroughly soaked, he placed one wet finger against her tiny rose bud and slid it past the second knuckle. This got her attention and she released his head as Kristine grabbed her thighs and pulled them back.

Adam took a deep breath as he was freed and then moved his mouth up to her clit. Even though his tongue was getting tired, he flicked it a few times and then pulled it into his mouth and applied suction.

“Hurry I’m — getting — I’m gonna…” she started to say but stopped to take a breath.

“Shove it all the way in! Hurry, all the way up my ass!” she told him as she started trembling.

Adam did exactly as he was told and pushed his finger in as far as it would go and then pulled it out. Then he placed another finger next to it and quickly fingered her very tight hole. She was trying to say something, but now everything that came out of her mouth was gibberish and he couldn’t make it out.

“I — now — fuck — that does — almost — gonna…” she spat out.

Adam looked up her body and saw she was tossing her head quickly from side to side. She looked like something out of the Exorcist movie. Suddenly she looked at him; her mouth was open as if to say something and her eyes were as big as golf balls. It appeared she wasn’t breathing. Just then her hand shot out and grabbed a large pillow and pulled it over her mouth.

It started as a light tremble in her hips and the slowly moved down her legs. He could make out whimpering sounds from under the pillow as it grew stronger and stronger. Soon her whole body was convulsing, and then Adam heard something that would probably stay with him forever.

It was a good thing that the pillow was there, as the blood-curdling scream escaped her lips. It was so load and distinctive that, unrestrained, it would have brought the whole damn town to the front door to investigate.

As Kristine lay there quivering, Adam finally climbed up on the down feather mattress and joined her. When he was comfortable, he reached over and held her to him and began stroking her once soft hair that was now matted with sweat and tears.

“Try and clam down Kristine. Breath, breath, that’s it calm down now,” he whispered to her softly.

“That was — how did — oh my god I…” she managed to say.

“Take it easy Kristine. You look like you’re going to have a heart attack, and that would be hard to explain to my superiors,” Adam told her.

“I don’t care — I’ll — oh damn — I’ll die happy,” she told him as strength slowly came back to her.

“You must have been storing that up for sometime now. That seemed like quite an orgasm you just had,” Adam said and then kissed the top of her head.

“Oh God Adam, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to let that out. It’s always so much stronger when you’re not alone,” she replied.

“Then I’m glad I could help you get it out of your system,” he said with a little laugh.

“That’s were you’re wrong Adam. It’s not out of my system — yet,” she said as she raised herself up and looked at him with gleaming eyes.

“Why do I have a funny feeling I’m about to find out what it’s like to be raped by a woman.”

“Please don’t think badly of me — please. Very few times in my life, has there been a chance of being able to act this way. Men always want to get attached, or they think I’m crazy and get scared off and then I’m left hanging,” she told him in a sad voice.

“Hey calm down, I was only joking Kristine. You’re an absolutely gorgeous woman, and a man would be a complete fool not to allow you to let loose every once in a while,” he told her quickly.

“So you’re not going to get scared off?” Kristine asked him.

“I’m a Navy Seal, I don’t get scared off,” he told her, and then kissed her deeply.

She returned the kiss and reached down to his hard cock. She jacked it a few times and then felt the pre-cum on the large head. She quickly put her palm in it and massaged around the tip. Adam couldn’t help but moan deeply into her mouth.

He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. That gleaming look of possession had returned and he wondered if he’d live to see the morning.

“That was a nice kiss. I could taste my — cunt juice — on your lips,” she said in a seductive voice.

“I hope you enjoyed your — cunt juice — as much as I did,” he told her, letting her know it was ok to let go.

“What can I do for you Adam? Do you want to fuck my — cunt? You wanna shove that big cock up my snatch and then use my body to jack yourself off with?” she said as she jacked his cock faster.

“All that sounds — oh damn Kristine…” Adam muttered.

“I’ll let you fuck my ass Adam. I’ll let you fuck my ass while you pull my head back. Wanna dump a load of cock cream up my shit hole?” she asked him as she brought her hand up and licked it.

“Oh fucking Christ, that’s good cum. I wanna suck you off! I want to wrap my lips around you thick cock and let you fuck my face,” she said, as she returned her hand to his cock.

“You keep this up and I’ll end up shooting that cum on your damn arm. Shit you’re a hot woman,” Adam told her as he fought to regain control.

“Tell me you’re going to do it. Tell me you’ll fuck my throat raw and then shoot that load of cum straight into my stomach. Say the words Adam — please,” Kristine pleaded with him.

Navy Seal or not, Adam Dawson was still a man. He’d be a fool to let a once in a lifetime chance go to waste. He did the only thing a man could do in this situation.

“Now that you mention it, yeah, I’m going to shove my cock in your slutty fucking mouth. Then I’m going to keep pushing your head down till you gag on it. I’m going to cum — oh fuck Kristine — so much that it’ll be leaking out of your abused throat and all over my empty balls.”

A small shiver ran through her body as he described the blowjob. Kristine quickly lowered her mouth down to his cock and in one swift move, buried her lips down to the base and held the tip of his cock in her throat.

Adam couldn’t help but shudder at the tightness of it. She remained there for a few more seconds and then repeated the act. When she hit bottom again, she allowed her tongue to slid past her lips and tickle his full balls.

“Holy, fucking, Jesus Christ Kristine, that feels amazing!” Adam moaned out loud.

Kristine bobbed her head up and down on the now slimy cock as she massaged his loaded nut sack. She realized there was something missing and reached back to grab Adam’s hand. As she placed it on the back of her head, she moved his fingers into her hair and made them into a fist.

Adam knew what she was doing, and although he would never hurt a woman, he pushed her head down and held her there. He pulled her up by the hair and did it again, then felt her whimper around the leaking cock. This made him nervous and he pulled her all the way this time.

“Oh, oh fuck — do it again,” she pleaded as drool ran out of her mouth.

“Do what again?” Adam asked in dismay.

“Force me down, make me do it — hurry Adam.

Adam placed both hand on her head and grabbed her hair roughly, then placed her mouth over his cock. When he did that she reached between her legs and began rubbing her hairless pussy franticly.

“You like to suck cock, then take it you — slut,” he growled at her.

Kristine let out a low moan as she hovered over his cock. She couldn’t moan for long, as the invading cock was forced into her delicate mouth and then into her throat.

“Holy shit, I can’t believe this,” Adam said to himself.

Adam fucked her mouth like it was a female pussy. The power of control rushed through him like a tidal wave, and he had to consciously remind himself that this was sex and not a forced action.

“Kristine, I have to stop, I’m going to…” he said as he pulled her up to take a breath.

“Don’t you dare stop God damn it! This is the best I’ve had in years and you better see it through — you fucking pussy,” she told him as she stared at his cock.

Adam took the insult to heart and grabbed her hair tighter. When he looked down he saw he hand flying across he pussy, she was turned on by this. He only had one thought, ‘why in the fuck wasn’t this woman with someone? Men would kill people for a woman like this.’

“Fuck you slut, you talk too much,” he yelled at her as he forced her head down.

“You want used? Try this slut,” he told her as he forced his hips up and her head down.

Adam felt another inch slip into her throat as she began gagging. He couldn’t help it as the moaning vibrations caressed his cock and he shot the first strand of cum directly into her stomach. He quickly grabbed the other pillow on the bed and held it over his face and began a long, hard, and very loud scream.

After shooting strand after strand of hot, thick cum into her belly, he felt Kristine tap on his leg. Adam released her hair and she was able to pull away from his cock. When Kristine took a couple of deep breaths, she wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand and then began to lick the juice off of it.

“I have to be honest with you Adam,” she told him as she licked.

“That was the most enjoyable blowjob I’ve ever given in my life,” she told him.

“Holy shit Crystal that was amazing.”

“Wow, you are wiped out. It’s Kristine Adam,” she said with a giggle.

“Fuck! Why do I keep doing that?” he muttered.

“I’m not Cilka so I couldn’t make a diagnosis, but if you ask the curator of Predjama castle I’d say it was the lack of blood flow to the head. The bigger head that is,” she said with a little bit of pride.

Kristine jacked his spent cock as she roamed his body with her eyes.

“I have a question for you Mr. Dawson,” she whispered.

“Oh shit, this is gonna suck,” he mumbled.

“What do you want to do for round two? We’re far from done and that’s only one hole you’ve used,” she said and then took his spent cock back into her mouth.

Crook’s Creek Pub.

Kevin Dvorska sat in the corner table of the dimly lit pub. From the looks of it they haven’t changed the décor in a very long time. He waited a little bit to see if there were any servers working the tables, but when none came, he stood up.

Suddenly from around the corner the same young girl from the diner appeared with a tray. As she scanned the room for any new orders, her eyes locked with Kevin’s and he smiled at her. When she got closer, Kevin could tell she was blushing and she had a huge smile on her face.

“Hello,” she said as she averted her eyes from his.

“Hi there again beautiful,” Kevin replied with a little charm.

Kevin quickly realized he shouldn’t have done that, as she turned three shades of red. She must have a huge crush on him to be that shy about being called beautiful.

“Um — would you like something to drink Sir?” she asked, but still didn’t look into his eyes.

“My name’s Kevin and a cold beer would be fine,” he told her.

“Very well, I’ll be right back — Kevin,” the young woman giggled and walked to the bar.

‘Yep, she’s got it real bad that one does’ Kevin thought.

As Kevin began scanning the room for any signs of danger he noticed that the patrons here pretty much kept to themselves. There were mingled conversations about the weather and this year’s crop. The conversation that did interest him was one between an elderly man of about sixty and a younger woman in her mid thirties.

“I told you not to move down there Eva. I knew there would be trouble with those Serbs,” he told her.

“I know Poppa. How many times do you want me to say I’m sorry and I was wrong?” Eva told her father.

“One thing is for sure Eva, the war will slowly progress north and Slovenia will be engulfed in another war. More than likely, the women and children will be raped before they are killed,” he said and then took another drink of his beer.

“That’s why we need to start another one of those underground railroads, like they had during the big war in ’43,” she told him.

Kevin was interrupted from the conversation as his little admirer sat his beer down on the table. He could tell the little girl, a young woman really, was extremely shy as she fidgeted next to him. When he pulled out more money than he needed, he handed it to her but held on to one end.

“Sorry beautiful, you only get a tip if you tell me what your name is,” Kevin said with a bright smile.

She blushed and thought about it for a moment while biting her lower lip. Kevin thought she looked so cute and she’d make some guy very happy in about ten years.

“It’s — it’s Alina,” she basically breathed out instead of speaking, and then ran away with the generous tip.

Having teased the young girl enough, he turned his attention back to Eva and her father. It seemed they had no use for the Serbs, and maybe they knew of something happing around here that would lead to Pete.

Kevin Dvorska was a young werewolf by any standard of measure, so his senses were not as developed as say someone who was older and more experienced. One thing was for sure, when the man wearing black pants and jacket appeared at the door, Kevin knew who he was. Maybe the correct thing to say was — what — he was.

When Viljem Kordic locked eyes with Kevin, he spoke in a voice even lower than a whisper. He knew even at that tone, Kevin would hear every word.

“Please don’t get up Mr. Dvorska. If we both change here in front of all these people, you know I will not permit them to live to tell about it,” Viljem said.

Kevin made no reply as he put his hands on the table and sat still. His anger was swelling inside him as the werewolf who murdered his friends approached and sat down. Kevin tried to control it with every part of his being, but found it difficult.

“Finally, after all these years, I get to meet Kevin Dvorska. You truly have no idea how long I’ve waited for this Kevin. You don’t mind if I call you Kevin, do you?” Viljem asked.

“Fuck you,” Kevin said quietly.

“I think you are mistaken young man. Fuck you — is the name of your friend that you are looking for,” Kordic said with a laugh.

“Is Pete still alive?” he said and then quickly knew he fucked up.

“So it is Pete! Thank you for that small bit of information — Kevin. The only thing he would say when I asked him his name was — fuck you.”

“No he got it right — Viljem. What do you want with him?” Kevin said as he fought to control his anger.

“You misunderstand Kevin, it has nothing to do with — Pete — it has everything to do with you,” Kordic told him.

Kevin was about to say something when Alina walked up. She took one look at Viljem Kordic and quickly moved closer to Kevin.

“Hello my dear. My, such a lovely young woman as our server, I feel honored. I’d like what my friend here is having, a cold beer please,” Viljem said with a smile.

Alina looked at Kevin for the first time tonight, but this look was not of admiration — it was fear.

“It’s ok Alina, get the man a beer, he won’t be staying long,” he told her, but never took his eyes of the experienced werewolf.

“Thank you Kevin, that was very kind of you,” he said as Alina ran off.

“So what do you want with me Kordic? I’ve done nothing to you — yet,” Kevin asked.

“That’s another thing I like about you Americans, direct and to the point. You do not — how you say it — beat around the bush,” he replied with a laugh.

“Fuck you and your humor. What do you want?”

“I wish it was something more warrior like, but simply put — revenge,” he said just as Alina was setting down his beer.

“Thank you sweetheart, I must say you’re breath taking,” he told her as he put some money on the table.

Alina quickly picked it up and then looked at Kevin. He gave her a wave of his hand, indicating she should leave them alone. As she darted off again, Kordic sniffed the air deeply and then looked at Kevin.

“She finds you very attractive Kevin. I’m sure with a little coaxing you could have her tonight. Can’t you smell it on her, or are your senses not as developed as mine for a werewolf,” he said and then took a drink of his beer.

“Fine you know what I am, good for you,” he said and then leaned across the table.

“But if you harm one hair on her head, I’ll change right here and rip your fucking heart out and feed it to you just before you die,” he told him as he momentarily lost control of his anger.

Kordic sat his beer down on the table and stared at the young Seal. His plan was working perfectly. He knew the younger werewolf lacked the ability to control his anger and that would be his undoing.

Now for a wedding and a little twist. Life never goes exactly to plan, and the last chapter was nice and mellow. This is my partner, Wolf’s favorite chapter so far. Can you guess his favorite line? Hope you enjoy it. Please comment and vote!


“Angie, if you take the cakes out, I can get a shower in before people start to arrive,” said Vivien.

“Alright, but I still think you should wait just a little. Once people start arriving, you aren’t going to have time to breathe, let alone frost a cake.”

Vivien looked at Angie. It was only 2pm, but they’d been busy since 7am. “You’re probably right. No one is due until 5pm at the earliest right?” Vivien asked.

“No one except Rose. We aren’t sure when she’s arriving, or how. George forgot that bit of information,” sighed Angie.

“Alright. I’ll plan on showering at 4pm. What else can we do?” Vivien asked looking around.


Both women laughed as they tackled the pots and pans that had accumulated. Vivien checked on the cakes and then started running water for dishes. Angie wiped counters and moved food in the fridge.

Ninety minutes later, Angie ran upstairs to shower while Vivien dived into Andrew’s bathroom. It was still steamy from Andrew’s shower. “Are you going to have time to get your hair dry?” Andrew asked.

“Yes! Just. Get dressed, because you look too damn good nude and I’d hate to be late to my own wedding dinner because we were having mad passionate sex!” laughed Vivien as she climbed into the shower.

“Our luck, the terrible trio would walk in,” called Andrew from the bedroom.

“You know, that visual works better than a cold shower,” called Vivien over the running water.

Andrew smiled. He pulled his suit out of the closet. Dark gray wool, silk shirt, and the waistcoat his mother had made for his father. It was embroidered Roma style, with brightly colored wools and silks. It was only slightly faded, considering it was over fifty years old. Andrew pulled the waist belt in the back as tight as it would go. His father had been a bigger man across the chest. Andrew slid the chain over his head and made sure it rested over the tie and outside the waistcoat. He brushed his hair which swept his shoulders in spite of the trim Vivian had given him. Andrew took a look in the mirror. Satisfied, he headed for the living room to make sure everything was in place.

Vivien was drying off as Andrew left the bedroom. She towel dried her hair and combed it into some semblance of order. Her curls had a mind of their own. “Maybe Angie can tame it,” she said out loud. Stockings, a matching bra and panties set, slip and then the dress. The dark green silk flowed over her body. Looking in the mirror, she barely recognized herself. One errant curl hung right in the middle of her forehead as she slipped on the dark brown shoes. Earrings and her chain completed the outfit. She almost reached for her bottle of perfume and thought twice about it. She left the bottle and went to go look for Angie to help with her hair.

“Vivien, are you going to leave your hair like that?” Andrew asked as Vivien entered the kitchen.

“No! I’m looking for Angie. I can’t get this to stay in place,” Vivien said as she tugged the wild curl.

“Come back to the bathroom,” said Andrew. They walked in and he dug through her basket of barrettes and found the silver one he’d made her a while ago. With a few twists, he wrapped the curl in with a few others and clipped it to one side.

Vivien looked in the mirror. “Oh. Andrew, you can do my hair any day!”

Andrew laughed. “I have to admit that having long hair myself makes me a little more resourceful. Now let’s see if any guests have arrived.”

The living room was awash in people. George and the trio were there. Sandy had Jesse manning the door. Peter, Lisa and a woman Vivien didn’t know were standing by the big picture window. She was slightly built, but was still muscular in appearance. Her dark hair was shot with silver and her pale complexion was set off by a navy blue suit in an older cut. Andrew walked straight over and enveloped the woman in a hug. Then he walked back over to Vivien with the woman.

“Vivien, this is my sister, Rose,” said Andrew.

“Hello Rose. It is very nice to meet you,” Vivien said.

“It is ver nice to meet you,” Rose said. Her voice was smokey and her eyes were a brilliant blue. “Is ’bout time that Xander find a mate.”

“Xander?” Vivien asked puzzled.

“Xander is what our mother called him. His full name is Aleksandr Andrew Davis,” Rose said with a smile. “Is good to see you wear Mama’s treasure.”

“How could I do any less? I just wish it fit me better,” said Andrew.

Rose put her hand on her brother’s back and felt the gathers. “Ah, well. I wouldn’t want to cut it.”

“Nor I,” answered Andrew. “I am so glad you were able to come though. George has a thousand questions about the family.”

“He’s been doing the family genealogy,” said Vivien. “I’ve been trying to help him with Internet searches.

“George, he need that book, belong to the women of the family. I think Caroline’s line has it,” said Rose.

“Ah, That may be difficult. I don’t know if we even know anyone of that line,” said George coming up behind Rose. He towered over the small woman.

“George, you damn big man,” said Rose, trying to cover the fact that he’d startled her.

“Thank you Rose. It’s so good to meet you at last,” said George taking her hand and kissing the back of it.

Rose blushed slightly. “And who this pups belong?” she asked pointing her chin towards Ivan, Joe and Sara.

“These are the Duke and Penny’s. Duke is Ginny’s brother. Parents were Jonathan and Margaret,” said George. He pulled the three up to meet Rose.

“Hellow,” said Sara. Ivan and Joe just nodded.

“Hello,” said Rose. She crouched down to their eye level, and let her eyes shift. The three of them broke into giggles and smiles. Then they ran off to see who else came in the door.

“That was interesting,” said George.

“They pack already. She will be one good bitch,” said Rose. “I remember their Grandmama Margaret. She two years younger than me,” said Rose. “You missing lots of family history?”

“Yes. We only found out about a large section due to the death of Brian Davy less than a year ago,” said George.

“Only a year ago? Damn! He live long. He disappeared mid 70′s I think. Whole valley, whole family look for him damn long time,” said Rose. “How you find him?”

“By accident. Come by tomorrow and we’ll talk,” said George.

Rose nodded. “Sorry we talk so long your day,” she said to Vivien.

“It’s okay. First off, I’ve never seen those three react that way, and the history stuff is fascinating to me,” said Vivien. Andrew then moved away with Vivien to greet more people.


“Now that everyone is seated and before we begin to eat,” Andrew said trying to call the room to order. “I’d like to thank all of you for coming. I think this is even a larger gathering than for Luc and Meg’s dinner, which amazes me.”

“It certainly is!” laughed Peter. “More food too.’

Laughter rippled across the room. There were over thirty people seated in the living room, and all of the children except the twins on the front porch.

“As many of you have pointed out, I took my own sweet time to find a mate,” said Andrew. “Granted, with all the newly mated pairs in this family, I consider myself lucky to find Vivien.” He raised his glass towards Sam and Lewis, another late blooming couple.

“So are we! She finally brought a smile to that dour face of yours!” teased Cal.

“Nah, that was just the rictus caused by all the Frisbee catches,” called Jeff. He and his wife Martha were perched on the couch as Martha was eight months pregnant.

“Hey! Those Frisbees have been the best thing this family has had for entertainment since George fell through the floor,” laughed Ysabel as she teased her twin.

“I’d like to get a word in here edgewise,” said Andrew over the laughter.

“No! Why start now?” said Luc. “You realize that your life will never be the same.”

“I’d hope not!” laughed Andrew. The humor had been crazy all evening.

“Yeah! Cruising the AKCwebsite for new dates is not productive!” laughed Kevin.

Andrew put down his glass, and just laughed. Earlier they’d been opening the gifts brought by people and Kevin, Cal, and Peter had asked to have their’s opened first. It had been a sliver spray painted Frisbee mounted on a frame. The plate at the bottom read, “Best in show. AKC 1st Place”. It had led to any number of bad jokes.

“On behalf of my baby brother Xander, I’d like to welcome Vivien to the family,” said Rose with a smile.

“To Andrew and Vivien,” said everyone as they held up glasses of wine or ale.

“And thanks to all of you for such a warm welcome to the family. I know I wasn’t everyone’s favorite person at first and that I had to earn your trust and respect. Thank you for giving me a chance,” said Vivien.

“Thank you for making him happy,” said Ginny. She smiled and blew Andrew a kiss.

“I’d like to thank our cooks for the feast,” said Lisa. She and Rose had been visiting and Lisa was trying to be more social. A chorus of ayes, yeses and hurrays filled the room. People settled down to eat. Unlike all the social dinners Vivien had experienced, her new family thought nothing of eating seconds, or bites off other people’s plates. Kevin and his partner took turns tossing bites of ribeye into the air and caught them in their open mouths. The platters of meat emptied and soon it was time for the desserts.

“I’ll grab the cakes if you’ll get the plates,” said Angie as they tried to make some order of the chaos.

“Alright. This has gone so much better than I expected,” said Vivien.

“May I help?” asked Ginny.

“Of course,” said Vivien. “And thank you so much for giving me a chance.”

Ginny hugged Vivien. “I may be a bitch, but if you make Andrew happy, how could any of us be nasty towards you?”

“Thanks Ginny. It means a lot to me. Here are the plates and dessert forks.”

Ginny took the plates and headed towards the living room. People had cleared the tables and Vivien sat the big sheet caked on the cleared space. Angie brought in ice cream and cookies. The trio had made them. Andrew and Vivien stood up to cut the cake while Angie, Patrick and Ginny refilled glasses.

“Before we cut the cake, I’d like to…” Andrew started when Jesse came into the living room all flustered.

“Uncle Luc! I tried to stop…” was as far as he got before Vivien’s parents and older brother Eric stormed into the room pushing the young man aside.

“Vivien! We came to talk sense into you and discover a wedding party. How dare you marry that man without at least telling us!” said Roger.

“Oh Vivvie,” Emma said in an annoyed tone.

“You are just such a disappointment,” said Eric at the same time his parents spoke.

Andrew moved swiftly to where his in-laws stood. “First of all, I would appreciate if you would tone down your voices. This is a family celebration, and there are children present.”

“I have nothing to say to you. It is my daughter that I am concerned about. She screwed up once before marrying some idiot without thinking. She has made the same mistake again. I intend to remove her from this house if I have to call the police,” said Roger.

“Dad, please leave. You weren’t invited, because I knew exactly how you’d react. You made your opinion of Andrew very clear last time you were here,” said Vivien as she walked up next to Andrew and wrapped her hand in his.

“Oh Vivvie! Does he have you bamboozled? Are you under the influences of drugs?” asked Emma.

“Mom, enough,” said Vivien. She couldn’t believe her parents had shown up.

“Sis, you are such a looser. Marrying a man almost as old as Dad. What in the hell were you thinking?” said Eric.

“Eric! Shut up!” said Vivien, who was acutely aware that the room had gone very quiet. “I want you all to leave now.”

“We aren’t leaving until you come with us. This is not a good situation. You should have come home with us last week. That damn dog of his peed all over our car!” said Roger, his face going red over his cardigan and white shirt.

That remark caused a ripple of laughter to flow over the room as everyone realized what really happened.

“I don’t find destruction of property funny!” said Roger even louder. He stepped forward to grab Vivien’s hand to pull her out of the house.

“You weave my Aunty Twizzler alone!” said Sara from next to Roger’s leg. The two boys were beside her with their little fists clenched.

“What? Go away you little pest!” said Roger shoving Sara as he tried again to move to grab Vivien. Eric saw what his father was trying to do and did grab Vivien.

“Let go of me!” cried Vivien twisting in Eric’s grasp.

“ENOUGH!” Growled Luc, Andrew and George all in one deep sub-vocal shout. The room reverberated with the sound.

Luc moved forward as Andrew removed Eric’s hand from Vivien’s arm. George glowered over the three people after picking Sara up off of the floor.

“Roger, Emma and Eric. I had hoped to welcome you into my family, but the disrespect you showed to Vivien during your previous visit showed me that it was a wasted effort. Your gate crashing of our mating dinner further proves my disdain for people such as yourselves. I love your daughter and know it is reciprocated. I do not have Vivien under any influences except love. If you can’t live with that, then I would ask you to leave now and never grace our threshold again. I am not only a silversmith with a decent income, but the family shaman. Priest if you like. I am the peacemaker. I will have tranquility at my mating dinner and in my house,” said Andrew in a quite sub-vocal tinged tone that sent shivers across everyone’s skin.

While flustered, Roger tried to stand his ground. “I can’t believe you would do this to your family Vivien.”

“I’m in love Dad,” said Vivien.

“Vivvie, why is that dog wearing a dress?” asked Emma.

Vivien blinked, turned and saw that Lisa, Rose and Kevin had shifted. “Oh Shit!”

“That’s because we’re werewolves, said George. He smiled and let his canines show.

Eric pissed his pants, Emma fainted and Roger stood there with his mouth hanging open.


“You know, they really are very nice once you get to know them,” said Anne as she patted Roger’s hand. “It was a shock to me too. Meggie is such a smart woman and I was sure she would never find a husband, but Luc is wonderful. So attentive to the twins and such a good provider. Do you know he owns his own company? It’s Alpha Wolf Tech. I really shouldn’t have been surprised that he was a werewolf, what with a company named Alpha Wolf, but then again, you never know these days. Oh, and it was your son-in-law Andrew that lead me to asking if there was something different, You know, I read all those Urban Fantasy novels, the ones about werewolves and vampires and I just knew that there was something mysterious about him.”

Roger looked over at his wife who was being checked out by a Dr. Hayes, who was here with his wife. Eric was sitting on a chair in a pair of borrowed sweat pants. He was still trying to take it all in. Lewis and Peter were standing nearby to make sure things stayed calm.

“You see, they aren’t the bad guys. Not biters. You can’t catch it like the flu or rabies. It’s genetic and you see, Meg had those beautiful babies and when they grow up, they’ll shift just like Luc or Ginny. I can’t wait to see them. And then there’s Sara. I’m amazed she didn’t take a bite out of your leg. She really is very protective of people she likes. Joe and Ivan are her little henchmen. She baked the cookies you had earlier too. So sweet of them. Wolves can’t have chocolate you know, so they make peanut butter cookies. It was the lack of chocolate that made me curious too. You know, what celebration doesn’t have chocolate? Really, it’s almost un-American,” Anne rambled on.

“Roger, would you like a cup of coffee?” Ginny asked.

“Yes. And some aspirin if you have any,” he replied. He was in a state of shock, and reality was beating his brain into a pulp.

Ginny nodded and walked towards the kitchen.

Ginny found a cup and poured the coffee. “Vivien, how does your dad take his coffee?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him drink coffee. Black I guess.” said Vivien. The last hour had been surreal.

“I’ll take cream and sugar out to him,” said Ginny. She left the kitchen with a tray of cups, and coffee.

Vivien watched her go and then curled back into Andrew’s chest. “Oh Andrew, I’m so sorry,” she started to say for the third time.

“No, this isn’t your fault. Nor is it Jesse’s for not stopping them at the door,” said Andrew looking over at Jesse who was trying very hard not to cry. Andrew ruffled his hair.

“No, but this is one hell of a way to meet the in-laws,” said Kevin. He too was wearing borrowed clothes.

“Yeah, but not the proffered method,” said Meg. She was smiling as she heard her mom still talking a thousand words a minute. Both twins had slept through the whole gate crashing incident and were still asleep.

“No, but damn. What a way to end a party,” said George. His shirt was torn at the armholes and the collar was torn nearly all the way off. Angie had tried to get him to take it off, but he wouldn’t.

“Well, I hope Lisa is okay,” said Patrick. He was making more coffee and hot water for tea.

“She’s upstairs with Rose. The two of them were giggling when I checked on them earlier,” said Andrew.

“Giggling?” asked Vivien.

“Yes. Rose said she hadn’t had such excitement since the dog catcher picked up Ross,” said Andrew.

“Ross?” asked Patrick.

“Rose’s twin. He’d been running through Calgary scaring cats and got caught,” said Andrew with a smile. That brought well needed laughter to the kitchen. After George had growled that there were werewolves in the room, and the three Sunbery’s had reacted in predictable fashion, there had been mild chaos. Most of the family had rallied around Andrew and Vivien. Some left with cake in hand, while others moved upstairs to change clothes. Eric had been sent to the downstairs bathroom to clean up and Jeff saw to Emma who had knocked her head when she fainted. The trio had been bedded down in Vivien’s old room and in a brilliant move, Luc had asked Anne to talk to Roger.

“I gave your mom a cup of coffee too Meg. I didn’t want her to run out of steam,” said Ginny with a wicked grin.

“That Ginny. She’s the real head of the family. The pack is a matriarchal family unit you know. She is the descendant of that wolf that died up at the bed and breakfast a few months ago. Well, come to think of it, all the shifters are except maybe Rose and Andrew. That’s your new son-in-law. Or whatever they call the relationship. They sometimes marry like we do. Other times, they just mate. The wolf has to agree to the relationship as well as the human side. Of course, sometimes they don’t agree. Andrew and Ginny were originally suppose to be mates, but their wolves just didn’t get along. So, it was very lucky for Vivien to meet Andrew after Ginny and Patrick mated. There have been a lot of matings recently. Mostly shifter to human. Do you realize that other than your family, that there are only four or five other humans in this house? That’s a 4 to 1 shifter versus human ratio. Not exactly as it is in the wider world, but there are far more than you’d expect. They aren’t all wolves either. Apparently, Brian, that’s Ginny’s Great-great-grandfather, met a tiger shifter in Vancouver, BC. He was Chinese, so tiger does make sense. Lewis knew him too. That’s Lewis over there. He’s mated to Sam, who of course is human. She lived with Brian for over ten years. Not that kind of relationship though, more landlord and tenant. She runs a Bed and Breakfast and now Angie, who is also human runs it with her mate, George. He’s the big one, with the cute fangs. The Bed and Breakfast is where Andrew and Vivien are going on their honeymoon.”

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