Arell lets out a low cry, a sound so full of love and passion. It is the call of his love to Ker tu, the one they had once cried together.

The woman turns towards the window, and hisses. She immediately crouches on all fours, looking through the open window. Arell leaps, and lands inside the room, landing mere inches from his lost mate.

Flashing green eyes stare into golden brown ones; fear and excitement fill the room. With body-wracking shudders, Arell begins to transform in front of Ker tu. Dark fur-covered hide begins to split down the panther’s back; the human form emerges through the parted hide. The discarded fur-laden hide turns to dust as Arell begins slowly to stand before Ker tu.

Ker tu stares, horrified, at the nude man before her, her memory now becoming something more than a dark shadow. Watching Arell’s transformation has triggered a flashback of her past.


The Hunter’s shot, her falling to the ground, and seeing Arell and her daughters being placed in cages.

Her last fleeting vision…that of Arell’s grief-stricken face, as Ker tu lost consciousness.

She had awakened in a cage as well, her shoulder wound bandaged and cared for, but she was no longer in panther form. Ker tu remained with the hunters until her wound healed, then she was sold to a carnival as a freak of nature. When she didn’t transform again, she was released from the carnival, with only her name and no knowledge of her past. The carnival owner, Bill Henderson, had told her that she was suffering from shock-induced amnesia. He allowed her to stay and work in the mess tent, earning her way across the United States.

In 1991, she had met a man that made her finally think she could put down roots and have a family. They bought a house in Creal Springs, Illinois and were married. Shortly after, he had entered the Army, and went off to join the fight in Desert Storm. He had been killed during one of the night bombings.

She now lived alone, with her little mutt of a dog, working at the local restaurant, waiting tables. Ker tu had felt strange yearnings over the years; always wanting to be outside during the nights of the full moon, as if waiting for something to happen. Each time, she would feel restless and hungry, as if she were experiencing a desperate need for competition. Ker tu accepted these as moon madness, and just went on with her life.

But now she remembers!


Arell looks longingly into Ker tu’s shocked eyes. Tears of pain and love, fill Arell’s eyes as he speaks. “Ker tu, do you remember me?” he pleads. “Please say you remember!”

Ker tu’s hand covers her mouth in disbelief as she stares at her long-forgotten love. Her body begins to shake violently, her mind racing. “Can this really be true? Has he found me, my Arell, my beloved mate?” She nods her head slowly and begins to cry. “Yes, I remember you, my darling Arell,” she whispers, as she rushes into his arms.

They stand there, clenched tightly in each other’s arms, softly crying. Arell pulls back and looks into her emerald eyes once more, looking over her sweet face. How wonderful to be with his love once more.

“I have thought you dead all these years. Where have you been; what happened to you?” Arell asked, with a frown creasing his worried brow. “I searched for your body. I thought the hunters had taken you for the hide. I found our daughters, Lea and Sier; they are back home in Honduras. They have families of their own now,” he said, kissing her face and quivering lips.

Ker tu smiles. She is glad her Pride has survived. Taking Arell’s hand, she leads him to the edge of the bed and sits down, watching him as he sits, also. Ker tu tells him of how she had awakened in the cage and that she never took the panther shape again. She also told him of her dead husband, and how she had come to live in Illinois. Touching his face filled her heart with such love that she felt it would burst wide open.

“I never told you, Arell, the depth of my love for you. I was taken before I could. I love you, Arell, and I wish to be your mate once more.” Leaning into Arell’s embrace, they kiss, softly at first, then deeper, as years of separation and love take over their bodies.

Arell leans forward, and sliding his arms under her, picks up Ker tu and lays her on the bed. Lying down beside her, he takes her into his arms, kissing her once more. Their mouths forge tightly against one another, moaning as their souls entwine, as they had years earlier. Seeking hands roam over heated flesh as they reacquaint themselves with each other. Passion flares with the hurried caresses. Arell replaces the hand he has laid upon Ker tu’s breast with his mouth, tugging and suckling the erect rosebud.

Ker tu’s back arches in mindless pleasure, her body aching for Arell’s touch. His hand slides over her trembling tummy to the sweet part between her thighs. They part for him, offering access to his intruding fingers. Arell moans deeply as his fingers find liquid heat, knowing Ker tu wants him so much. This fires his desire to the highest plateau.

Wanting to taste her, his lips leaves hers, with a sexy smile; he slides to the end of the bed and positions himself between her open thighs. Her heady scent drives him wild, bringing out his primal desire for the pleasure he wants to give her.

A gasp leaves Ker tu’s open mouth as Arell’s sweet tongue begins to tease and play with her already erect clit. Slowly he moves his tongue around the clit, then down to her dripping tunnel.

Ker tu’s hips move, trying to achieve increased contact with Arell’s teasing tongue. She watches his head as it moves in little bobbing circles; her fingers slide thru his hair, pulling him harder against her hungry need.

Arell can feel her passion beginning to peak. Sliding two fingers deep into her clenching body, her butt lifts off the bed as the first intense climax explodes deep inside her. Ker tu’s cries of pleasure spur Arell’s attention, his tongue lapping each luscious drop of her cream. Arell purrs deep, his need escalating to a fevered pitch. With a growl he sucks Ker tu’s clit hard, and moving his fingers faster, brings her over the edge for a second orgasm. Ker tu screams and bucks hard against Arell’s mouth, holding his face fiercely against her twitching clit.

Ker tu, exhausted and very sated, releases Arell’s hair and lies back onto the pillows. Her eyes, glazed in passion, watch her lover climb up her body, till his face is above hers. Arell’s face is covered in Ker tu’s juices; his tongue slowly extends and licks around his mouth, his eyes closing at the sweet taste of his mate.

Kissing Ker tu deeply, he purrs deep in his chest. She answers with her own purr, wrapping her arms about his shoulders. His need is great, almost beyond his control. Again he pulls back, and stands on the bed at her feet, Arell reaches down and turns Ker tu onto her knees, roughly pulling her towards him. His large catlike cock slides further out of it’s sheath, dripping with pre-cum.

Raising Ker tu up off the bed, he enters her, plunging deeply in one harsh stoke. With deep slow strokes, prolonging the pleasure, he moves inside her craving body. Leaning forward, Arell bites down on Ker tu’s left shoulder, holding her still as he ravishes her hungry body.

Ker tu’s body, filled to the brim and feeling such wild abandon, begins to change. Long talons emerge from her fingertips, and her teeth elongate. Her cries become deep, rough growls, as do Arell’s. She can feel his claws digging into her hips as he repeatedly pumps hard into her changing body.

Arell’s tail appears, and swishes around his legs as his climax builds inside him. He cries out as the first spasm speeds thru his cock and splashes deep inside Ker tu. His body jumps at every twitching spurt of his seed. Their bodies, covered in sweat and black fur, now finish their transformation. Two panthers recline on the bed where humans once were.


Marion Daily News–Oct.28, 2004

Still no clue as to the disappearance of local woman Ker tu Holmes, her home found neatly kept except for her bedroom, where blood was discovered on the bed, as well as deep cuts in the sheets and bedding. Authorities found two sets of large catlike footprints outside the bedroom window and surrounding property.

Honduras, Nov. 30,2004

Barge workers claim to have seen two panthers jump overboard near the coastline, late last night. One worker stated that he had heard screams, like those of a woman, several times throughout the short voyage from Panama. Upon investigation, no proof to the worker’s allegations were found.

Twin panther’s screams were heard in the jungle that night.

The King and Queen reign again!

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