Hello, my name is Michael. What you are about to read may shock and startle you. However, if you are like myself, it may also excite you in ways unimagined, and give you hopes and dreams beyond your wildest fantasies.

My tale begins with a meeting; a sex-o-holic meeting for nymphomaniacs, to be blunt. It was the first and last one I ever attended, as the events that came after led to where I am currently.

“My name is Michael, and I love sex. The problem is that I can’t get off anymore without imagining in my head that I am a female and a complete slut. I can’t tell you how long it’s been going on, but it has ruined a few relationships, and I need a way to fix this.”

After everyone had made their rounds of stories and the group leader proceeded to counsel everybody on some techniques to avoid letting sex ruin our lives, we were released back into the world. All except me, that is. I was pulled aside as everyone was leaving by an interesting looking man whom I didn’t recognize from the meeting. He was about 6 foot tall, slicked black hair, and was wearing sunglasses. “I think I can help you much better than these meetings ever will,” he said very plainly as he shook my hand firmly.

He walked with me down the sidewalk and explained how he and his ‘colleagues’ were working on some experimental techniques for helping individuals such as myself. I quickly told him I wasn’t looking for a sex change operation, but he chuckled and said, “Oh, no, that’s not what I mean at all. If you’re interested, next week meet me at this address at the same time as this meeting was, and I’ll show you some of our work.” He handed me a business card with just an address and turned the corner to leave me clueless.

My curiosity got the best of me the following week and I found my way to the address listed. It seemed to be a legitimate science lab, very clean and professional looking. “Alternative Means of Assistance” said the logo on the front door, as I walked in to the reception.

Not two seconds after holding up the card I was given to begin explaining to the receptionist was I met by the same mysterious man from a side door. “Hello Michael! So glad to see you accepted my invitation. Allow me to show you around the facilities and let you see what it is we do here.”

I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least, but followed briskly behind the man as he headed for a door into the back. “Now, Michael, before I show you anything here in the back, I need for you to sign this confidentiality agreement. Obviously there are trade secrets here we don’t wish to give out just yet. He gave me a warm smile and a pen, and I signed the document without even bothering to read it. “Great!” he said, “and off we go!”

We walked through a back hallway until we reached a door marked “Test Chambers: Authorized Personnel Only”. Beyond the door were a multitude of doors, with numbers and charts on each one.

“Michael, you stated last week at the nymphomania meeting that you have a difficult time getting off without thinking that you are a female, in particular a slut or prostitute being used. What we do here is help people like you fulfill your fantasies in exchange for letting us monitor you during these episodes and use the data to make newer and better advances in the field of sex and satisfaction.”

I raised an eyebrow in wonder and suddenly felt this whole thing was a sham of some sort. That is, until we reached the first room.

“Meet Greta. That’s not her original name, because we keep that classified, but Greta is the name she has chosen for herself.” What was before me was a woman with tits the size of a recliner each, attached to a milking machine that was busy sucking milk from the enormous mammaries. She would have been on all fours, but her massive boobs kept her top half off the ground. Looking closer I could see a dildo the size of a horse’s cock pummeling in and out of her snatch at alternating speeds, and she seemed to be having orgasm after orgasm.

“Greta came to us because she could no longer find any joy in her everyday life, and had this wild fantasy of….well, this.” The man explained very plainly. My eyes were wide and glued to this woman in the throes of ecstasy. Was this for real? As if reading my mind, the gentleman continued, “What you’re seeing is real, it’s not a hoax. We truly do attempt to accommodate any and all fantasies, no matter how bizarre they might be. Shall we continue on?”

Gesturing down the hall to the next room, he led on. I was still in shock at what I had just seen, but at the same time I was very aroused and felt a very tangible excitement all over my body.

Opening the next door, the man led me into a slightly smaller room, with a man sitting in front of a computer watching porn. “He’s always a little zoned out on his activities, so if you’d like, please step closer here to see what it is we’ve done.” I moved closer to the side of the desk and noticed the man’s penis appeared to fold right back into his scrotum, which was the size of a honeydew melon. My eyes again went wide with wonder.

“Gary here wanted to live a life where he could look at pornography every waking hour, and his reserves of sperm would never run out, allowing for multiple orgasms. What we’ve done is fixed his penis so that with every ejaculation, the sperm empties back into his large scrotum. You see, he also used to use saline injections to make that larger, but we drained that and what you see is full of his sperm alone. As for going to the restroom, well, we simply diverted the tubing to the rectum. Problem solved!” He said with a very proud smile.

Moving into the next room, I pinched myself just to make sure I wasn’t actually dreaming all of this. The room was more like warehouse, with a gargantuan woman lying down, pussy pointed directly at us. I was so taken aback I didn’t even notice the man standing to the right, who then walked by on his way to the gigantic pussy carrying a 8 foot long dick.

“These two are Mark and Janine, a couple from Connecticut who shared a common fantasy in a way. She wanted to be a giantess, and he wanted to have an enormous penis. They work very well together, especially when he climbs up in there and makes love to her cervix. Fantastic.” Said my guide. He seemed so excited and yet professional about all of this, and my mind was simply reeling.

We left the warehouse and moved into a small reception area in the rear of the building. “Now Michael, I know this is a lot to take in so quickly, but I would like to offer my services to you. You will be compensated, and if you aren’t satisfied with the results you are free to go about your business as usual, of course taking care not to share what you’ve seen here with others.”

“What exactly are you offering?” I pried. I was truly curious at this point the many things that were apparently available through modern science that I had no idea about. “I can transform you into the slut you’ve always wanted to be, and you can be used, abused, and fucked as much as you’d like. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, we can always revert you back to your former self and be on your merry way.”

At this point my hard-on wouldn’t let me say no even if I had wanted to, so I quickly signed the documents placed in front of me. I was then taken to a locker room, given a gym bag full of slutty clothes, as well as a medical gown to start the procedures off. When I got to my designated room, there was a staff all clothed in white with medical facemasks ready for me.

The man who had brought me in was one of the staff and he greeted me as I entered. “Hello, Michael, if you’re ready to begin, please lie on this table and place your feet in the stirrups. I did as instructed and was given a mask to breath from temporarily. “There is an agent in the air you’re breathing that will help move things along, as well as give you a euphoric sense of well-being.” I was already feeling the effects.

I don’t remember a lot of what was done, as I was highly drugged and off in my own world, but when I came to I was lying in a comfy bed and I felt different. As I sat up I felt the weight on my chest shift. Looking down I marveled at two lovely and pert C-cup breasts. I whipped off the covers and saw that the rest of my body matched. I was a gorgeous slut and I was horny as hell.

As if to fill my desire, two large men entered the room, completely nude, and sporting very large erections. They should have disgusted me, since in my mind I was still a male, but my body was taking over, and I could feel the juices start to flow between my legs. Unsure of what to do, I just sat in the bed and stared at their large pricks as they walked over to either side of me.

One of the men picked me up easily and turned me to face the other one. Instinctually I put my hands and knees down, and I was now face to face with a giant cock. Immediately I latched on to it and began sucking as best I could, trying to fit as much in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and started shoving me further onto his cock, making my eyes water. It seemed my gag reflex was gone, though. Thank goodness!

The man behind me grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart, aiming his cock at my sopping pussy. With a couple of thrusts, he was all the way in me and I was breathless. Here I was, playing Chinese finger-cuffs with two large men and loving every moment of it. As soon as some of the pain in my cunt faded I began to rock back and forth in time with both men, gagging down as much meat as I could with every stroke.

The man in front of me began grunting and pulling my face even harder into his groin. I could tell he was about to cum just before he grabbed both sides of my head and thrust violently down my throat. I could feel the warmth of his load deep within my stomach. He then pulled out and left me open mouthed and swaying from the fucking my pussy was taking.

Suddenly I felt the warmth from my stomach move up and into my chest. I grabbed my boobs and was amazed at how good they felt. As the warmth grew, I thought I could feel my tits expanding as well, and it was absolutely breathtaking. I came extremely hard, which pushed the other guy over the edge and he dove deep into my snatch to release his sperm. Again, after he was done, I felt the warmth moved into my breasts and they started to grow. I was up to a D-cup now, and loving the weight hanging beneath me.

Two more men and one woman entered the room, each carrying a case. They set them down on the floor and opened them up. Each was filled with toys of various shapes, sizes, and colors. The woman instructed me to put on a slutty outfit from the gym bag I was given earlier, and report to her.

I rummaged through the bag and found a nice black corset that made my boobs look huge, some lace thong panties, a garter set, and red heels. I was then told that my make-up was already applied as permanent, so I wouldn’t need to bother with that.

I stood in front of this stern-faced woman, and was a little anxious as the two men moved around me and began attaching something to the bed. “You will call me Mistress, and you are my slut. My boys and I will use you to the extents your body will take. On the bed!” I quickly went over to the bed. “Lie down on your back.” She barked.

As I lay down, both of my hands were strapped to the sides of the bed, with enough movement to wriggle, but not enough to touch myself. Two men placed a device at the end of the bed, but I couldn’t see over my boobs in the corset to tell what it was. All the wondering was getting me more hot and bothered. I had no idea what was to come.

I felt something placed at my asshole, and my legs were currently being drawn up high and out by straps to the tops of posts on the bed. With a quick squirt of some lubricant and a shove, there was a butt plug inserted in my ass. I gasped at the initial pain, but it quickly subsided and I just wanted cock.

Sure enough, one of the first to men I encountered was soon between my legs, shoving his large cock deep into my cunt. The added pressure of the plug was making the sensations fantastic, and I was moaning like there was no tomorrow.

The headboard of the bed was removed, leaving my head hanging off the edge of the bed. It was a nice open target I found out for the other men. One came up and began to face-fuck me vigorously while the other two placed their cocks in my free hands to stroke. I was now filled in every hole, a dick in each hand, and I was in heaven.

The man in my pussy came first, filling me up once again with his seed. As I was concentrating on the warmth spreading to my chest, the butt plug was removed quickly and replaced by a larger one. Again I gasped at the pain, but it was overridden by the sensation of my boobs growing against the constraints of the corset.

The man in my mouth retreated to take a stab at my gaping pussy while the woman took his place in front of me. She knelt down and instructed me to eat her pussy out while she played with my tits. It was a bit of a stretch to try and get down to her pussy, and that only put more pressure on my boobs trying to escape.

Soon the corset was ripped away and I felt my heavy jugs fall free. Mistress then attached suction glasses to each of my nipples. “Every time you make me cum I’ll give two squeezes on the ball for your lovely nipples. With that I attacked her cunt and she soon was coming with full force on my face.

When the ball was squeezed I felt my nipples rush with blood and expand, making them very sensitive. The man fucking my pussy was pounding hard now and with every jerk of my body I could feel my nipples twinge.

When she stood up off of my face, my nipples were an astonishing six inches long each, and bright red. As the man in my pussy exploded with orgasm, I watched my tits grow and pulse with joy. They were bordering on an E now, and those nipples made them look amazing.

I was picked up and flipped over so that I was now kneeling next to the bed, with my tits squeezed beneath me. Mistress returned to the front of me with an enormous dildo and said, “This is going in your ass, but first I’m going to lube it up with that gaping wet pussy of yours.”

The dildo was indeed gigantic, as it spread my pussy wider than it had gone before. I grunted with the pain over the cock that was shoved into my mouth. She picked up speed and was soon ramming the dildo with no abandon into the depths of my shaft. I felt like someone was punching me on the inside, stretching me on the outside, and I didn’t want it to stop.

When she pulled the beast from my snatch all at once I gasped and whimpered because I felt empty. I could feel the air going up into the void left by such a large object. That was until I felt the head of it at my asshole. My eyes grew wide thinking about how in the hell that was going to fit in such a tight place.

With some serious pushing and effort, the head of the dildo slid past my entrance and at the same time buried my face into the groin of the man in front of me. He came hard into my stomach, and my breasts pushed outward against the bed beneath me.

Mistress attached the base of the dildo to a harness she had put on, and instructed that mirrors be placed around so I could watch my ass get fucked by such a giant cock. I really couldn’t believe the size of it once it came to view around me. She began slowly to rock the head of it little by little into my ass.

My entire body was tingling and going numb from the sensations, and the orgasms wouldn’t stop flowing. Once the beast was halfway in, she began to quicken her pace and pull further and further out before burying it back in.

Once again a cock was placed in front of me to suck and I wasn’t going to refuse. I had gotten used to the sensation, and preferred when they grabbed my hair or the back of my head to thrust into my throat. I could feel it scrape along the ridges in my throat as well, and relished at how deep I could take such massive pricks.

This continued on for a while until Mistress had buried her entire 12 inches of massive dildo into my ass, and my tits were now bordering on the size of basketballs, straining against the bed beneath me.

“Get up and ride this dick. I grow tired of doing the work. “Mistress snapped, and pulled from my depths. Once again I felt very empty as she climbed up on the bed and lay down, pointing the head up to the sky. “I want you to face me.” She said, so I climbed above and began lowering my pussy to the waiting toy. “Not in your pussy, slut! I want it in your ass!”

I repositioned myself and with two strokes dropped my entire weight onto the dildo. I had to catch my breath for a second, and Mistress went quickly to work sucking hard on my long distended nipples.

One of the men climbed up and faced me, placing his large cock between my tits. It seemed larger than the last time he fucked me, and when I looked over the other men were busy with a few devices of their own enlarging their cocks to match the size of the toy in my ass.

The three of us rode up and down like this for a few minutes, breaking up a sweat, and covering the tops of my tits and my face with amazing amounts of sperm. As the man removed himself from my tits, I could also see that his scrotum was now the size of a decent melon. All of it filled with sperm just for me.

“Now, slut, take it in your pussy!” Mistress said with devilish eyes. I pulled off in one motion on shaky legs and plowed my gaping crotch down over her toy. As I did so she groaned with delight and I heard a click. She had activated a vibrator within the toy, and it was obvious she was getting a lot of pleasure from it as well.

I didn’t go up and down on the toy for a while just grinding back and forth feeling the sensations of the depths of it and the vibrations rocking me to the core. One of the men came over with 4 large needles. Two were syringes filled with a yellow liquid and the other 2 appeared to be piercing needles.

First he plunged both syringes into both of my breasts simultaneously and emptied the contents. It was painful, but not enough to cancel out the pleasure I was receiving. He then pierced both nipples in 3 spots each down their long, 6-inch length.

I could feel pressure starting to build in my boobs, and they began to feel very tight. Mistress bucked her hips violently as she began to cum very hard and bite down on my now very tender nipples.

To my surprise, milk began flowing from all of the holes in the nipples, and washed over her face and body. She lapped it up as fast as she could. This relieved some of the pressure, but now my boobs were demanding a lot of attention.

One man had finished enlarging his penis to the size of the dildo within my cunt, and his testicles now hung almost to his knees. He sloppily smacked it against my face and told me to slobber on it, then used the spit to ram it up into my open and awaiting asshole. It was still wide open from the last fuck, and it wouldn’t have taken him much to get all the way in, but then I had another object within me pushing back.

The pain and pleasure of having two enormous cocks in me as well as my milk being sucked heartily from both tits was driving me wild. I began not to see straight and everything started to wobble in my vision. As another cock was placed in my mouth I passed out.

I don’t know how long I was out or what was done to me while I was out, but I awoke lying in the same bed, a machine attached to my now bed-pillow sized tits sucking the milk from them. The man who had brought me here was standing beside me.

“I must say, that was a very intriguing session you had. We learned quite a bit from your reactions and your body’s signals. I’ll let you rest some more, but once you’re all set, we’ll see about setting you back to normal and sending you back to your normal life.

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